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  Giro Seyen MIPS Helmet - Women's Bern Brighton EPS Helmet - Women's Giro Cartelle MIPS Helmet - Women's Giro Ember MIPS Helmet - Women's Bell Stratus MIPS Helmet - Women's Bern Lenox EPS MIPS Helmet - Women's Mavic Echappee Trail Pro Helmet - Women's Sweet Protection Dissenter MIPS Helmet - Women's Fox Racing Flux Helmet - Women's Bern FL-1 XC Mountain Bike Helmet - Women's
  Giro Seyen MIPS Helmet - Women's Bern Brighton EPS Helmet - Women's Giro Cartelle MIPS Helmet - Women's Giro Ember MIPS Helmet - Women's Bell Stratus MIPS Helmet - Women's Bern Lenox EPS MIPS Helmet - Women's Mavic Echappee Trail Pro Helmet - Women's Sweet Protection Dissenter MIPS Helmet - Women's Fox Racing Flux Helmet - Women's Bern FL-1 XC Mountain Bike Helmet - Women's
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Brand Fox Racing Giro Bern Bell Sweet Protection Bern Mavic Giro Giro Bern
Fit Adjustment 300-degree retention system Roc Loc 5 Air MIPS Boa fit Float Fit Occigrip Turn Dial buckle closure Ergo Hold SL Retention System Roc Loc 5 Roc Loc 5 BOA system
Impact Foam Varizorb multi-density EPS foam EPS EPS EPS EPS EPS foam EPS 4D EPS EPS EPS
Manufacturer Warranty 1 year 1 year 1 year 1 year 2 years 1 year 2 years 1 year 1 year 1 year
Recommended Use trail cycling cycling, skiing, snowboarding, road cycling cross-country, enduro, trail mountain biking cross-country, enduro, trail road cycling trail, all-mountain cross-country
Shell Material polycarbonate polycarbonate ABS In-Mold (polycarbonate) polycarbonate (in-mold construction) ABS Hardshell - In-Mold (polycarbonate) In-Mold (polycarbonate) polycarbonate
Ventilation 14 Big Bore vents 25 Wind Tunnel vents passive 18 vents Digitally Optimized Ventilation, Superficial Temporal Artery Cooling Channel vent holes Clima Flow large vents and airflow channels 26 Wind Tunnel vents 14 vents 18 vents
Visor adjustable visor - yes no yes - yes no yes, P.O.V. Plus adjustable
Certifications - CPSC CPSC, EN1077B, EN1078 CE EN 1078 CE EN 1078, CPSC 1203 ASTM F 2040, EN 1077B, CPSC, EN 1078 - - - CPSC, EN1078

Giro Seyen MIPS Helmet - Women's

Giro's Seyen MIPS Helmet combines a touch of European flair with extended protection for the sides and back of the head, all tucked into a slim design that doesn't look bulky atop your head. Combine this with the added protection of MIPS technology and you've got pretty impressive helmet that doesn't cost a fortune.

Using their In-Mold construction process, Giro fuses a tough polycarbonate shell to impact-absorbing EPS foam while inside the mold, creating a lightweight yet strong helmet with extensive ventilation and minimal bulk. On the inside of the EPS liner, Giro incorporates their Roc Loc 5 Air MIPS retention system for a highly adjustable fit that stays in place and is comfortable on longer rides. By integrating MIPS with the retention system, Giro improves the overall fit without sacrificing the ability of the MIPS system to disperse rotational forces in the event of an angled impact.

Giro incorporates 25 Wind Tunnel vents that channel incoming air over your head while pushing hot and stale air out, helping the Seyen MIPS stay cool regardless of how hot it is outside or how tough the climb is. Additionally, the CoolFit anti-microbial padding effectively manages sweat to further aid in keeping you cool, all while resisting odor build-up over time.

  • A stylish cycling helmet packed with features and value
  • Sleek design provides extensive coverage without excess bulk
  • In-mold construction creates a durable, well-ventilated helmet
  • Roc Loc 5 is highly adjustable for a comfortable, secure fit
  • Integrated MIPS can help disperse rotational impact forces
  • Wind Tunnel vents channel airflow to keep you cool
  • Anti-microbial padding manages sweat and odor
  • Lightweight straps and slim buckle are comfortable on the skin
  • Item #GIR00K6
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    Bern Brighton EPS Helmet - Women's

    Although the sleek, clean lines give the Bern Women's Brighton EPS Helmet a look reminiscent of skate and snow helmets, its thin ABS shell lined with EPS foam create a burly lightweight lid that performs in any season and on any terrain. This certified helmet, like others, is designed to crack and absorb gnarly impacts when you take a hard spill riding your bike in the mountains or the streets, while the liner and multiple vent holes provide a cushy, breathable fit and feel for all-day comfort. Plus, the buckle closure provides you with an easily customizable level of snug security, and the smooth shape of the thin ABS hardshell is just begging you to cover it in your favorite stickers.

  • Clean style meets reliable protection in this favorite
  • Thin ABS hardshell with EPS foam for lightweight safety
  • Multiple vent holes promote the circulation of cool air
  • Buckle closure keeps the fit perfectly customized
  • Item #BRN004B
  • You. Sup ladies have i got the helmet for you. Right here this is the burn brighton bike helmet it's got a really core skate. Inspired look that's going to be the. The Best style for riding around the city or riding around your neighborhood it's got a clean profile on it with our shine line right here which separates the top from the bottom of the helmet which results in a really low profile look so this helmet isn't going to look like a big goofy dome on your head it's got an adjuster on the back which really brings the helmet into back of your head which results in a really great fit as home it's not going to go anywhere on your head it's got a visor on the front here. Which is kind of track inspired style flips up and down so you can rock it. Either way you want and yeah check it out the burn brighton bike helmet here at the house boardshop.

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    Giro Cartelle MIPS Helmet - Women's

    You've finally been convinced by your own curiosity and wise instincts to give mountain biking a try. Well done. Whether you're coming from the road side of things or not, having a dirt-specific helmet is helpful, as it'll give you more protection along the back of your head where you're more likely to get whacked by a tree branch or rock. If function ranks highest on your list, check out the Giro Cartelle MIPS Helmet. It meets the same safety standards as higher priced helmets, sacrificing slightly on weight to meet a more friendly price point.

    In addition to a solid, lightweight In-Mold shell, the Cartelle also comes with the added protection of MIPS. MIPS, or Multi Directional Impact Protection System, refers to a thin basket added to the helmet's interior, which rotates slightly upon impact to absorb some of the dangerous rotational energy generated in certain crashes. It's not fail-safe, but it's a lot better than helmets of five years ago were. Understanding that trail riding includes a whole lot of climbing, Giro carved 14 vents into the Cartelle, making sure you'll have consistent airflow while you sweat. Spin the dial of the Roc Loc 5 fit system to hone in on the exact fit you want with one hand, and enjoy a plush, breathable ride with Coolmax padding along the helmet's interior.

  • Enjoy tacky trails safely with this budget-friendly helmet
  • Deeper coverage ideal for trail or all-mountain riding
  • Durable shell pairs with energy-absorbing MIPS technology
  • Wealth of vents ensure you stay cool and dry on climbs
  • Visor shields against the sun and works with goggles
  • Padding and one-handed size adjustment for comfortable fit
  • Item #GIR00DK
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    Giro Ember MIPS Helmet - Women's

    If rolling hills, small country lakes, and wide open spaces are what get you out the door when it's time to ride far more than splits, course records, and training plans, the Ember MIPS was made for you. Based on the design of Giro's pricier Synthe helmet, the Ember caters to those who demand functionality from their gear, without strict constraints on weight or budget.

    MIPS, or Multi Directional Impact Protection System, refers the a thin basket added to the helmet's interior that moves slightly upon impact to absorb some of the brain-damaging rotational energy generated in certain crashes. Together, MIPS and the Ember's In-Mold polycarbonate shell back up your brain in the event of a crash, without weighing you down during the majority of the time when you're safely upright. One-handed fit adjustment and a ponytail-compatible design ensure you're able to secure the fit you want without wasting valuable ride time, and a strategic arrangement of 26 vents keep air moving continuously throughout the helmet to prevent overheating. Plus, the Ember's aesthetics purposely match Giro's 2017 apparel collection, so if you're into coordinating, you're in the right place.

  • Ride safely without overthinking in this sleek helmet
  • MIPS technology absorbs rotational energy in certain crashes
  • Wealth of vents keep you cool and dry on warm, sunny rides
  • Air-Fx padding adds cushion and comfort for long rides
  • One-handed fit adjustment lets you dial in the right feel
  • Item #GIR00DJ
  • Good day and welcome to food works this. Is the gyro ember purple helmet and you. Probably haven't seen one of these in the flesh before because these are quiet. Unique inside we've got a bit of fluffy. Protection kind of muffs for your ears. There will give you lots and lots of. Warmth even on the coldest of these look. How comfortable that is girls isn't that nice beautiful now one of the other. Features on the seller is the venting at the top the section up here you can. Remove these bits of venting which is. You look at them down there you can now see that they've got sort of white bits. On the inside where we go to the inside. Somehow we can just pull these bits out. Like this very simple and now you can. See right the way through the helmet if you look carefully you'll see there's a finger poking through pink helmet. Back to the script we also have on the. Back of the helmet a lovely as you can. See pink bit to the helmet i think. That's pink is it I'm actually a california oh and there's also a gobble. Holder here which has a nice groove to stop the goggles from riding up you. Wouldn't want your goggles to ride up. Whilst wearing a pink helmet well the. Other interesting part for this helmet is the adjuster for the inside it's a very simple adjustment can you see how that's closing in the inner sleeve to. The helmet well that's what makes it a nice tight fit and obviously if your. Helmet must read i eat otherwise it. Would fall off and i think we've. Probably seen enough of this to a poor. Helmet just trying to undo very simple. Undo mechanism here which is really simple to do notice the chinstrap as well. Which will help to keep it from coming off mid activity most important bit of a. Lot is the price and this time, and we've. Got the price the right way up 8999. Yours for a lot less than that by. Clicking the buy it now buttons.

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    Bell Stratus MIPS Helmet - Women's

    It's no coincidence that Bell named the all-new Women's Stratus MIPS Helmet after the cloud that rests above all others in the sky because it's designed for women who want to stay protected while adding as few grams as possible to their overall setup. It does so while inheriting many features from the top-tier men's Zephyr, so the Stratus occupies a similarly elevated echelon as its cloud namesake. An aerodynamic shell shape suits the Stratus well to weekend races, but if you're a recreational cyclist who'd prefer to enjoy the scenery rather than ride for time, you'll still benefit from this helmet's low weight and high functionality.

    While you're out on the roads, a durable Fusion In-Mold polycarbonate shell protects against stray pieces of gravel and direct impacts, while inside, MIPS technology in the form of a thin inner liner addresses oblique impacts. This inner basket rotates slightly upon impact to absorb brain-damaging rotational energy created in certain crashes.

    With Bell's Float Fit dial, you'll also be able to adjust the helmet laterally and vertically for a safe, secure fit around your head, and the adjustable No-Twist Tri-Glide straps on either side of the Stratus stay in place so you don't spend your ride tugging them back in place when you should be concentrating on the roads. As you pedal along exposed roads in mid-summer heat, you'll appreciate the Stratus' 18 vents, which are positioned to give you a welcoming cool breeze as you ride without impacting the helmet's aerodynamic efficiency or protective properties.

  • Stay safe as you push the pace in this cycling helmet
  • MIPS technology aims to minimize injury in certain crashes
  • In-mold shell dissipates direct impacts
  • No-twist side straps stay securely in place
  • Multiple vents keep air moving consistently as you ride
  • Float Fit dial allows for quick, precise fit adjustments
  • Item #BEL00BP
  • Pez fans how are you. Pez here with a quick review of the bell. Stratus mips equipped helmet I'm wearing. One right now so this kind of falls into. Bells line it's going to be the next one down from the zephyr which at the time. Of this review it's pretty hard to get helmet but what they do have available is this one the mel stratus essentially. It's the same shape as the zephyr the. Main difference is the foam construction. Side whereas the zephyr features their densities a foam on to absorb impact the other to really protect your head this one has got a one density of the. Foam padding inside but other than that most of the features are the same and I've been writing them in italy for about the last week and some really hot days so temperatures have been up around 28 29 30 31 degrees really humid I've. Had a really good opportunity to test this thing and see how much this thing cools me off and even keeps the head working it does a pretty good job i got to tell you obviously the vents on this thing are really big so there's lots of. Space for air to get through inside here. What's more important than just having a bunch of big holes on the top of your helmet is how they channel that air through the helmet to get to europe to. Cool your noggin off one thing belle does is they've got these little air. Vents in the front here that basically. Scoop air above your brow and then shoot. It through inside screws they've got. Some pre deep channels cap there's one. Right there you can see how there's there's room. Underneath these parts of the bracing of. The helmet for air to flow and that's blowing air the air brushing over your head that's what cool things off things and then just makes you feel a lot better those channels are designing here to run that air through the helmet through the front and out the back so. While it's moving over top of your head it's cooling things off and i think this. Does quite a good job of it now other neat features on this helmet things i think you're gonna like is well obviously the yellow that yellow liner. Inside is mips the mips equipped so it's slide you're going to slide on your head. When you have an impact so that your. Head doesn't there you go you have just. A little bit of movement in there that's the kind of thing it's going to instead of having to tell me stick to your head when you hit the ground it's going to slide around a little bit and absorb more impact less stress on your neck generally it's a it's a better safer. Designed and pretty you know we're seeing these all over the place and now it's becoming a fairly standard feature on all that's definitely worth checking out and i think it's worth riding with i think it's a great feature to have shooting straps and a retention system. They've got a nice big easy to operate. Adjuster on the back this goes back and. Forth it's got nice got a good feel to it good tackle sort of qualities it's good. Hard clicks so you're not little partying around and it's not flipping open on it on its own or being squished on its own you've got to get your fingers back there and make you just want you can also do this thing which really will pull finger gloves so. I'm using the fitting system through the. Winter as well so i can totally attack to that very nice little feature and finally the straps they've basically. Done a really nice job on designing the. Chinstrap to lay flat against your head so even when this thing is buckled up on. A lot of helmets you're going to get this is going to open up when you're riding and kind of catch a little bit of air these do a pretty job of not doing that designed not to do it but it works a lot better than pretty much most other helmets I've seen, so we're doing a great job on that what else home you know foam. Lining inside it's fairly minimal but the whole idea here is that the air needs to flow past your head and once you start putting foam inside the helmet it's going to stop that flow of air so. This thing is all about getting the air flowing through your hair keeping it. Cool while you're riding offering a lot protection it's a pretty cool time i comes in a four or five different colors white grey blue there's a neat. Kind of yellow neon one they've also got a sort of more colorful line three or. Two or three options in that which is really cool there you have it available you can buy them online from the website of bell helmet calm or at your favourite. Bike shop who's obviously a good stockist all right thanks take care safe. Riding and keep the noggin safe get a. Good helmet yeah. And there.

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    Bern Lenox EPS MIPS Helmet - Women's

    Stay protected while dripping with style in the Bern Lenox EPS MIPS Helmet for Women. With a lightweight combination of EPS foam and a thin ABS shell, Lenox soaks up impacts and takes the brunt of big hits. Its loaded up with MIPS technology that sits in between the pads and EPS, rotating in the event of an oblique impact to disperse the rotational forces for added protection. But what sets this helmet apart further is its street-ready style that's ready for your commute, but transitions into winter with the switch of a liner (sold separately) for slopeside shredfests in the snow.

  • Lightweight helmet for cycling or snow adventures
  • Reduce rotational hits with MIPS technology
  • Thin ABS shell is lightweight and tough
  • EPS foam absorbs impacts
  • Dial in the perfect fit with Boa system
  • Passive ventilation keeps air flowing over your head
  • Compatible with winter liner (sold separately)
  • Item #BRN004Z
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    Mavic Echappee Trail Pro Helmet - Women's

    You fancy yourself to be a bit of an escape artist, maybe not in the way a magician might, but you've got a knack for busting out of the city on a whim and escaping deep into old-growth forests, pushing up switchbacks of aspens, or whipping through desert singletrack where giant saguaro cacti cast towering shadows across the trail. Its best to pair your inner explorer with outward protection to match, which is why Mavic has crafted the new Women's Echappee Trail Pro Helmet.

    This trail ready helmet gives you coverage with a tough external shell, and in-mold EPS 4D impact foam that absorbs shock from big hits. Its fit is rather adaptive, so it works for riders with all different shaped noggins, thanks to Ergo Hold SL for adjustability, and Live Fit technology that packs in XRD foam that contours to you. Sometimes you'll catch some heat when you're escaping, so the helmet is equipped with huge Clima Flow vents and airflow channels that keeps air flowing throughout for evaporative cooling while you ride. Against your scalp is Mavic's 37.5 fabric, a material designed to use active particles to reduce humidity, and absorb heat from your head, and while we're not sure how the science works behind it, we'll do just about anything to drop the temperature a couple of degrees on the sweltering days, so we can stay more comfortable when we're hammering up tedious fire roads.

  • A tough and durable helmet for escaping into the mountains
  • Absorb impacts with lightweight 4D EPS foam
  • In-mold construction keeps shell and EPS bonded without weight
  • Clima Flow provides you with large vents and air channels
  • Special internal fabric absorbs heat and sweat from your scalp
  • Dial in the perfect fit with LiveFit technology
  • Cover yourself from sun or showers with built in visor
  • Item #MAV00JX
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    Sweet Protection Dissenter MIPS Helmet - Women's

    Sweet Protection is here to tell your noggin it can remain comfortably situated and reliably protected while pedaling up long fire roads, then plunging downhill at high speeds, at least when it's wearing the Dissenter MIPS Helmet. This helmet is upgraded with MIPS technology to reduce the rotational forces from an angled impact, should you take a nasty spill on the trail. In-Mold construction keeps it exceptionally lightweight and well-ventilated, so you'll remain comfortable through hours of continuous trail riding.

    Besides its upgraded MIPS technology and lightweight, well-ventilated feel, the Dissenter MIPS dials in a secure, ultra-comfortable fit with Sweet Protection's Occigrip retention dial along the backside of the helmet. Soft silicone pads distribute pressure to alleviate pressure points when you're cranking it down tightly atop your noggin. Additionally, you'll find a shatter-resistant visor that does a great job of shielding your face from harsh sunlight and trailside brush.

  • Lightweight, well-ventilated trail lid
  • In-Mold construction keeps it light and tough
  • MIPS dissipates rotational forces from impacts
  • Occigrip retention system with micro-adjust dial
  • Shatter-resistant visor blocks sunlight and brush
  • Intake and exhaust vents for cool-wearing comfort
  • Soft silicone pads alleviate wearing discomfort
  • Item #SET003T
  • My name is johnny we're here at a outdoor retailer snow show we're at sweet protection it's a norwegian company that's kind of just launching our snow helmets here in north america for 2018 we have the switcher just won. The espo gold award it's an advanced. Hybrid shell construction which means that it's part in mold and part she'll offer some unique protection. We like to balance rigidity with. Elasticity to dampen the energy of the impact we have multiple different densities of foam eps foam on the inside. We have a close working relationship with mips technology we believe in. What they're doing we have some unique one-turn ventilation. System audio ready retails for 219 and. Then to 49 for the mips version okay tell me what mips is a. Multi-directional impact protection system so a lot of impacts are linear. Right so a linear kind of direct on so mips solves for rotational impacts so a. Lot of a lot of the impacts that you hit when you hit snow or rocks or whatever it might be it might not be directly straight they'd be from the sides so what mips is a low friction layer. Between your head and the helmet that. Slides and allows for some of that. Rotational energy to get transferred to the helmet and not to your neck. And award if the advanced technology and. The attention to detail we recommend me to replace your helmet every three to five years due to uv breakdown yeah awesome and we've got some. Yes some nice colorways there you go but these one so you've got. A mips and a knot men non mips version correct yes so the ones with the shiny. Or the myths i know what you're looking for with the mips versions is you're looking for this little yellow dot okay that's kind of their trademark sign so are you going to be sacrificing safety if you've got a non mips version we. Believe in the technology yep and we. Think that it's worth you know save twenty or thirty bucks on your jacket or your socks and throw down for mips. Because it's technology that's data-driven and proven it's not subjective like how its key fields or snowboard fields its mips and collecting. Data on rotational forces for over twenty years, and they're experts and, and we believe in what they do i. Mean projectors kind of the high end for. Well it's because we're we're users we. Like to say we make products for people who really use them and it's its it's a. Very sort of data-driven business like you can actually measure the results we've had some good independent third-party testing that that shows that what we're doing is pretty unique, and we take head safety. Seriously yeah sweet protection calm.

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    Fox Racing Flux Helmet - Women's

    Slip on the lightweight, well-ventilated Women's Flux Helmet by Fox Racing before pedaling up a long, drawn-out climb, then descending at high rates of speed with precipitous drop-offs and tight corners on the way back down. This newest version is redesigned with a lower profile fit and Fox's Varizorb multi-density EPS foam, which provides targeted impact dispersion where you need it most. Another upgrade, the backside of the helmet features an internal cage, which reinforces the helmet along some of the most sensitive areas of your noggin, should you suffer a nasty crash on the trail.

    Besides the upgrades in functional protection, 14 Big Bore intake and exhaust vents ensure you remain utterly cool and comfortable, even during long climbs and rides in sweltering conditions. The Flux Helmet dials in a secure, head-wrapping fit with its 300-degree retention system, which dials in a micro-adjustable fit with its rear dial. Additionally, you'll find an adjustable visor that keeps the sun off your face and keeps vegetation from poking your face on thick, brush-lined trails.

  • Fox's best-selling trail lid updated with a low-profile fit
  • Varizorb multi-density foam for targeted impact protection
  • Internal cage at backside for added crash reinforcement
  • 14 Big Bore vents keep your head utterly cool and dry
  • 300° retention system provides micro-adjustable fit
  • Adjustable visor blocks vegetation and sunshine
  • Item #FXR02IT
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    Bern FL-1 XC Mountain Bike Helmet - Women's

    Take on mountain bike adventures from lowland deserts to the high alpine forests with Bern's FL-1 XC Mountain Bike Helmet for Women. This classic cross-country inspired helmet features featherweight in-mold construction, bonding impact-absorbing EPS foam with a hard polycarbonate shell to take the brunt of hits. To keep you comfortable, Bern equips the helmet with a Boa system that is easy to dial in to a perfect fit, while 18 large vents pull the breeze to your scalp to keep you cool on toasty climbs. A hard, but removable visor is purpose built for keeping your eyes out of the sun on scorching summer days, but pops off for road miles, or low-light days where you welcome every extra ray that hits the trail.

  • A cross-country staple for protecting your melon
  • In-mold polycarbonate takes the brunt of impacts
  • EPS foam absorbs and dissipates forces from hits
  • Dial in the perfect fit with Boa retention system
  • 18 air-hungry vents let your scalp breathe
  • Removable visor is ideal for shading hot sun
  • Item #BRN004Q
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