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  Frabill® Arctic Fire Tip-Up TL Designs Ice-Fishing Tip-Down Eagle Claw In-Line Ice Reel HT Enterprises The Original Polar™ Tip-Up Fenwick® HMG® Ice Rod Beaver Dam Original Tip-Up 13 Fishing Black Betty 6061 Ice Reel Cabela's Ice Hole Cover Frabill Pro Thermal Insulated Tip Up HT Enterprises Night Star Tip-Up Light Tuned Up Custom Rods Inferno Ice Rod Automatic Fisherman® Snapper
  Frabill® Arctic Fire Tip-Up TL Designs Ice-Fishing Tip-Down Eagle Claw In-Line Ice Reel HT Enterprises The Original Polar™ Tip-Up Fenwick® HMG® Ice Rod Beaver Dam Original Tip-Up 13 Fishing Black Betty 6061 Ice Reel Cabela's Ice Hole Cover Frabill Pro Thermal Insulated Tip Up HT Enterprises Night Star Tip-Up Light Tuned Up Custom Rods Inferno Ice Rod Automatic Fisherman® Snapper
Brand Frabill Cabela's FENWICK Frabill - HT Enterprises 13 Fishing TUNED UP CUSTOM RODS Eagle Claw Beaver Dam HT Enterprises -

Frabill® Arctic Fire Tip-Up

  • Hassle-free, hi-vis design
  • Durable, lightweight molded poly base
  • Tapered rails for easy positioning and removal
  • Molded-in 19" ruler
  • Pre-lubed with Sub-Zero low-temp lubricant
  • Ice fishing is hassle-free with the FRABILL Arctic Fire Tip-Up. Lightweight and easy to handle, it's the ultimate live bait presentation system for game fish under the ice. Its durable molded polyester base features tapered rails that settle easily into snow or slush, and come out with just a tug. The molded-in 19" ruler along one side allows you to measure your catch instantly. All moving parts are pre-lubed with Frabill Sub-Zero lubricant to ensure smooth operation in temperatures down to -60°F. The spool shaft itself is removable for easy maintenance whenever needed, and the large-capacity metal spool features dual counter-balancing crank knobs, allowing a fish to strip off line effortlessly prior to the hookset. Dual trip settings allow you to adjust for differences in bait size or wind speed. High-vis design includes a 17-1/2"H flag shaft with flexible bright orange flag and orange base.
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    TL Designs Ice-Fishing Tip-Down

  • Simply flip open, attach the clip to your rod and start fishing
  • Ultrasensitive design shows even the lightest strikes
  • Durable metal frame withstands years of use
  • Upgrade your ice-fishing season with Tip Downs from TL Designs. Ultrasensitive design shows even the lightest strikes. Setup is easy – simply flip open, attach the clip to your rod and start fishing. Durable metal frame withstands years of use. Made in USA.
    • Standard Blue For most ice-fishing applications.
    • Big Red – For larger setups targeting big fish.
    • Clips – Extra clips let you easily switch between combos.
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    Eagle Claw In-Line Ice Reel

  • Teflon drag won't freeze
  • Smooth 4+1 ball-bearing design
  • Durable nylon frame
  • Eagle Claw In-Line Ice Reel creates less line twist than other reel types. Teflon® drag won't freeze in frigid temperatures.  Smooth 4+1 ball-bearing design. Durable nylon frame construction for long-lasting use. Freespool-release button. Retrieves 15.75'' of line per handle rotation.

    We are disassembling an Eagle Claw inline ice real first thing v2. This is simple this knob here there's a spring under. It sees there is a small spring well on the tools. That I'm using for this are going to just be I'd like to use a pic not. Everybody has a pic at home but. This is for me to get in. And move small parts. When your fingers just too stubby. And big to get into the Mario's a no delicate pair of pliers. Any fires would do I suppose but there's. Some pretty small screws. That you're gonna want to grab into they're going to need a small Phillips head screwdriver. And we're gonna be put in. Some Treville sub-zero grease in there so there's. This sitting off to the side. They could say I already done. Once before here so. We move along relatively quick next up is. This not being held on here we'll loosen. This bracket keep all your parks organized so you're gonna have to put. It back together on your own I'm going to just use my pick just to grab. And start turning them not. It actually turns them up for you. And loosens all right got to get a little closer to the camera here. And I'll take the handle off. You have this fruit free reel. Or the drag wheel you have to remove the reason. Itake apart this side first is reason having the spool on here kind of holds. All the gearing in place so. You can spin that off of their otherwise the whole thing likes to spin on. And save you a bit of time. And trying to figure. That check out off spin. All the way up and into our hand underneath here also be aware there's a washer which then.

    It is supposed to be like. It would be for cushioning your drag against your reel here okay so. Everything we can taken apart on. That side let's flip the reel remove the cap be careful there is an o-ring that's in between the stem here. And also the cap that we're taking off there's an old ring owning is important. When our gloves are hitting it. And the snow is hitting it in water's head. It keeps a lot of that from getting inside beat spool there's a lot of. That ice beside that could potentially get inside of. This pool you can see right here. We have the we have an old ring that's sure. You can see that in the camera there. It was a whole ring right there it's real easy just to insert the loop in here as I've done try to hope. It gets around inside of there but that's not the case as. Ifound out so I need to take off.

    This plastic shroud be careful not to lose. Any of the small pieces. All right have all loosened up. Iwant to carefully lift. Idon't know I can use my fingers. Idon't want to lose. These small screws here we're gonna take. That we're gonna set. That off the side as well just jumping ahead here inside. You lift that up you'll see the rest of the gearing now. You can see everything got gooped up before. Ijust tried insert. And grease in there without taking the cover off. Ineed to get greased on inside of these there's a gear cog here that's attached to. This piece you turn with your real handle there's no grease inside here. And also I'm guessing there's a bearing system. Or sleeve inside of there as well to kind of help. It moves freely that could potentially be dry dryer Lube is not like.

    It should be in there so to get in there's. These small screws there's four of them right in there. We go maybe that'll pick. It up a bit it's a crummy camera so let's get. This out here and I'm actually gonna just tip. That screw out and number four. And I'm going to remove. This with my pliers pieces flying everywhere. You know we'll set all off the side along with my small screws here okay next up want to be pulling this out. You can see what I am actually pulling over here. He flips up gently Snyder down to the side okay on. This piece I just pulled out a bunch of grease on their piece. Ijust pulled out there is a sleeve. It sits over there and there is a washer too. That goes on top of. That sleeve I got dog here in my reel.

    Anyone else have a lamp there. You go alright so right here watcher goes up here. This sleeve goes up on there. All rides inside of bearing. That is inside of there. It looks pretty dry so. Iam going to loop that up I'm going to lube up my shaft. That the sleeve is going on to. And the outside of the sleeve make sure. All the points of contact are going to be lubed up so. That hopefully come. This winter time on the ice my reel retrieve will be back up the part. And I'll get another good season out of my Eagle Claw inline ice real system is very good to use. It can still create backlash. You always have to manage your line on the ice.

    You know don't don't pull out of here too quick. It does ain't like a. It acts like a bait caster there's an adjustment for your for. Each bait or refer. You know did say you're aligned. Ilike to pull my line out yeah. Imight be able to set. That just enough to. When I'm pulling my line out. It actually has a little bit of tension so. That the line doesn't just back roll on itself like it's happened in the past but is their awesome little reels don't let them go to waste. And hope this video helps.

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    HT Enterprises The Original Polar™ Tip-Up

  • Guaranteed not to freeze
  • Detects light or heavy strikes
  • Durable high-impact polymer
  • An underwater tip-up that's guaranteed not to freeze. Its flag wire is set at a slight angle, so it can be placed on either side of the trip shaft for light or heavy strike detection. Line guide makes paying out and retrieving line easy. Durable high-impact polymer construction.
    Colors: Pink, Black.

    What I've got here is a polar tip up so it's called an underwater tip up. And what's nice about. This design is that it's guaranteed against freeze up there's a tube mechanism here I'm folding out there's a shaft. That runs in here from the trip mechanism down to the spool. And that's encased in a freeze proof lubricant so no matter. How cold it is no matter. What happens the trip on. This flag car switch. Whenever a fish bites turns the trip pops the flag up will not ever freeze up which is wonderful.

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    Fenwick® HMG® Ice Rod

  • High-modulus graphite blank ensures strength
  • Tapered construction for moderate action
  • Stainless steel guides with aluminum-oxide inserts
  • Custom-designed, AAA-grade cork handles
  • Boasting tapered construction and a high-modulus graphite blank, Fenwick's HMG Ice Rod has the sensitivity needed to detect the smallest bites and enough backbone to pull lunkers out of the ice. Black stainless steel guides with aluminum-oxide inserts reduce friction for less wear and tear. Custom-designed, AAA-grade cork handles ensure hand comfort and a sure grip. Twist-lock reel seat secures your reel in position.

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    Beaver Dam Original Tip-Up

  • 23" pine base provides stability over wide holes
  • Freezeproof lubricant for fail-safe operation
  • Aluminum tube bearings deliver smooth action
  • Freezeproof, wind-tested and reliable, Beaver Dam's Original Tip-Up is ready for a lifetime of use. The 23" pine base provides stability over wide holes. Seamless steel tube is filled with a freezeproof lubricant for fail-safe operation. Aluminum tube bearings deliver smooth action. The spinner trigger has tapered and straight trips for a wide range of baits. When the heavy-duty spring is released, the fabric flag stands at 17.5" for easy visibility. A windproof, rod-cradle design ensures strike-signaling consistency. Brass spool and line guide. 150-ft. line capacity. Made in USA.
    Original Clear Tip-Up, Tip-Up Red/Black, Tip-Up Red with Red Flag, TIp-Up Jolly Roger, No Trespassing.

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    All right you guys just a quick video here to help. You guys distinguish. Some things about Beaver Dam tip-ups. One of the questions. Iget asked a lot is. How to tell how old there. Ican't really have a definitive way to age the Beaver Dam tip-ups the. One thing that's going to stand out immediately is the older ones typically have a much darker finish on. This guy here these other two. You see here are brand-new last year for my son Nolan. He got them for Christmas he's just started ice fishies age 7 but there's. Some subtle differences between the two brand-new ones. One is brand-new they're. Both brand-new out of the box last year but. One is brand-new one is called. What people advertising if. You go on eBay something you'll see new old stock advertised. And I'll show some of the differences to look for in new stock versus new old stock versus maybe. Something that's a little. More vintage I'm gonna guess. One is probably 25 30 years old. Ipicked one up at an estate sale yesterday actually. And just judging by the amount of barn dust. And the type of line. That was on the spool it's got to be 25 years old. More so we'll pick this up I'm gonna try to get. It real close look at the spool for you guys so. You can see you can see good.

    That a shake the line feeder spins completely free on there so that's. One thing to look for another thing to look for is I'm gonna zoom right into. That spool it's pitted it's old it's been in the water a bunch. And then it's at a barn for a long time not being used as well so but the big thing is there's no distinguishing markings on. That spool the only thing. That identifies this as a beaver dam obviously is the Arctic fisherman logo Beaver Dam Wisconsin well look at the new spools here as. Izoom in on it you'll see. That rubber o-ring that just kind of keeps the line feed in place. You can see on the newer models they've actually stamped Beaver Dam ice fishing right into the spool. Now to distinguish brand-new versus brand-new old stock here is.

    Something else you're gonna want to take a look for the first thing you're gonna see is blatantly obvious it's no longer bronze it's just a bare metal color the other thing that's gonna tip. You off immediately is the bottom of. That spool I'll zoom in on. You can see that one's actually held in place by a nut that's. Something that happened. Ibelieve after uncle Josh took over Beaver Dam tip-ups I'll show. You the new old stock bottom just so. You can see what I'm getting in here no nut to hold. One in place that's actually soldered on there. And the biggest difference. Both function identically ultra-smooth same exact tip up the only difference comes in later. You have to service. And real Outre cate them with the old new stock you're gonna have to heat up.

    This solder in the center. And actually melt you can pull the shaft out get the old grease out of there. And go ahead and put your new grease in there on the new ones it's much simpler you're just gonna go ahead. And take a little tiny socket wrench in there. And you're gonna undo. One off you're gonna find there's. One behind that you're also going to have to remove but it's its just a much easier process in general. Because then you don't have to resolder. You just reassemble. Everything give them a quick spin in a way. You go but anyways guys. That helps it comes to maybe identifying the age of. Some of your tip up obviously the darker finishes are gonna be older.

    And you'll see the difference in the lion guide obviously. And there's no stamping on the spool whatsoever but hopefully. That guy's helps you out I'm gonna make. Another video later on that'll teach. You guys how to go ahead. And relocate the old ones. You got to get the solder off their hope. That helps you guys out a little bit see.

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    13 Fishing Black Betty 6061 Ice Reel

  • 6061 CNC-machined-aluminum construction
  • Integrated fender design
  • Dead stick alarm system
  • Five stainless steel ball bearings
  • The 13 Fishing Black Betty 6061 Ice Reel is the best take-along ice fishing reel. The 6061 CNC-machined-aluminum construction and 2.7:1 gear ratio work together to make your time on the ice memorable. Integrated fender allows you to pencil grip the rod without resting the palm of your hand on the spool. Dead stick alarm alerts you when the line is being pulled. Carbon drag plus five stainless steel ball bearings and instant anti-reverse for a smooth performance. Available in left- or right-hand retrieve.
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    Cabela's Ice Hole Cover

    Made of durable closed-cell foam, this 12.5"-dia. cover slides securely under standard-style tip-ups to keep the hole from freezing.
     Cancer and Reproductive Harm-

    Cabala's eye sleds and covers our ice sleds have made of highly durable polyethylene the utility sled has two built-in bucket holders the large sled has three out regulars. And large sled covers fit their corresponding sleds adjustable cinch cords zippered side entry points Cabala's ice LEDs. And covers lifetime guarantee only at Cabala's.

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    Frabill Pro Thermal Insulated Tip Up

    Prevent frustrating freeze-ups with this insulated tip-up. Round 10" design fits over the hole and keeps ice and snow from clogging it. Super smooth action fools the lightest biters. Includes minnow clip, large capacity spool and a small built-in tackle compartment. Apply now

    HT Enterprises Night Star Tip-Up Light

    When the fish hit make sure you're ready! Simply attach the HT Night Star Tip-Up Light to the flag apparatus of your tip-up and instantly know when you've got a bite. This reliable dual-strike light lets you choose either hi-viz green or ultrabright orange as your indicator and works with most tip-ups on the market. Powered by one lithium battery (included).

    Another innovation from the tip up experts at HD enterprises it's a revolutionary tip up light. That actually illuminates your entire flag wire. Now just like other tip up lights from the flag in a horizontal position it's off. Whenever the flag pops up to a vertical position the light comes on. And you've got two options. Either have a flashing light. Or a continuous light. And again it's not just the flag. Or a small light it's the entire flag. Where that's with any kind of night fishing at. One tip up light you're gonna want to try.

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    Tuned Up Custom Rods Inferno Ice Rod

  • Solid-graphite blanks in finely tuned actions
  • Stainless steel insert stripper guides and single-foot fly guides
  • Custom Tennessee cork handles with composite-cork butt caps
  • Tuned Up Custom Ice Rods' Inferno Ice Rod brings value to anglers who refuse to sacrifice quality. Solid-graphite blanks outfitted with a stainless steel insert stripper guides and single-foot fly guides resist freeze-up to allow smooth line flow. Custom Tennessee cork handles with composite-cork butt caps and hook keepers allow perfect balance for any ice reel. Ultralight action features an orange tip that works like a spring bobber. 

    Images depict the “style” of the rod handle and may not fully represent the actual length.
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    Automatic Fisherman® Snapper

  • Automatically sets the hook
  • Replaces a standard ice-fishing tip-up
  • Allows you to use your rod and reel to control fish
  • Includes a bobber and trigger-adjusting tool
  • The Automatic Fisherman Snapper replaces a standard ice-fishing tip-up, automatically setting the hook, putting you in control of the fight with rod and reel in hand. Adjusting to fit any ice rod from 20" to 55" long, the durable Snapper comes in high-visibility orange and includes a bobber and trigger-adjusting tool.
    17.5"L x 2.5"W x 2.5"H.
    Wt: 1 lb.

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    Hi there I'm Doug from Milwaukee trophy trout fishing and today. Iwant to do a little instructional video on how to set up an automatic a lot of my clients have asked. Me for this information. Ifigured I'd I go about setting out the product for different applications. Iuse as well as you know trout fishing northern fishing pan fishing a. Few of the little hacks. And modifications that I've figured out over the years so. Igot a brand-new automatic fisherman kit here got the base unit rod reel. Everything and I'm going to show. How to set this up okay for all intents and purposes. And for saving time. This brand-new drought. And real society that I've already got I'll show. How your pretty good. Everything it's the exact same draw in real. That comes with the unit first step swinging the side here. And take our trigger off our little trigger tool here so. What we're gonna do is yeah two different holes here. You can use the top hole. Ilike to use with shorter odds 33 inches. And shorter and look longer. Or the bottom I use for my log arrives at 34 inches a longer basically. What we're going to do is take the lock nut off a trigger here might have to lose. This tool sometimes those things are in their pretty good almost got. All right there we are so with. This kit came the 33 medium heavy rod, so I'm gonna set. This base unit up for the 33 medium heavy so. That means I'm using top bolt.

    And typically with a 33-inch rod you're gonna want to leave up about anywhere from a third to a half of an inch of thread poking out behind the nut. And see a I have my trigger installed. Ihave about a half of an inch sticking out behind the not here the next thing to do is going to be a set your trigger I'll use the robbie Kane with the semi-trailer. Now the triggers not gonna be right. And right out of the box you're gonna have to play with. It a little bit one thing to remember is never put your face above. This rod that comes off it's gonna whack. You it's not gonna feel. One thing a quick tip. Ilike to do was like to take my rights in. This is automatic fishing rod so. These are guaranteed for life. You can bend them here.

    He ain't gonna break them. Icould take my rights have been bend. It out just a little bit. And you'll see why I hear. That's because it just matches up at the trigger a little bit better. That in there let's start working on setting the trigger we're gonna try. And find out actually. That one's pretty close right there. You can adjust you take. This little tool here. You can adjust this pin back. And forth times my finger here. That straw now to go over. What I got going on here. Ihave 10 pound fluorocarbon line. This is a place set up, so I'll show. You exactly what I do for pike my main line ten pound fluorocarbon off between the first.

    And the second eyelet. Iput the little balsa bobber. That comes supplied with. Now the bolsa bomber weighs a little bit. It works better for larger bait like medium to large shiners. And suckers and stuff like. If you're paying fishing you want to use the lighter boom bobber. That comes with your unit off of there. Istraight up my stopper bobber. One of the greatest things ever invented here keeps your whole from well doesn't keep the wolf from free zone so keeps your line from freezing in the hole freeze around. You can still grab the rod. And fight the fish and it'll the whole freezing overall prevent the product from working I put.

    Itied a little barrel swivel honor of course. You see my weight well barrel swivel helps to keep. This fluorocarbon from stretching and twisting up with your fighting fish off the bottom of the fluorocarbon line. Irun a 40 pound fluorocarbon leader which comes to a number-10 trouble hook a lot of. You guys I know like to run bigger troubles. Iprefer the smaller travel hooks my personal flavor so there. He goes we're set that's driving our bass. Now loop our line over the end of the trigger so. One of the fish pulls on. It's gonna set it off at night you're fishing stuff so basically. We got our trigger adjusted correctly we're set up. Everything the purpose of. This bobber is to allow the fish to grab your beat. And have some run with. It before it sets off. You don't have this bobber soon as. That fish makes any type of pull against your line against. This trigger here it's going to snap off with pike fishing walleye fishing and crappie. Ilike to have a little bit of extra run for.

    That fish so the fish can catch. You on the bait a little bit get a little bit deeper in their mouth. You sometimes know a pike. They like to play with. It just seems to help for better hookups. You can take all the way down to the base. You want I have to plot. Some extra line here. Now you've got about two feet of run line. That the fish can take. You gotta flip going about down. This way you got about. Another foot going down. This way it's that fish can run for two feet under the ice before. It sets off this device. And then once your line gets tight wow. You got him right there the hook is set the fish is on you'll notice you're a guard.

    And people hear of your hammer fall. When you're out there on the ice hopefully you'll look over to be able to see. That your hammer fell on the ice. Now you're not done so that's my basic northern pike setup. And I'm gonna show more setups. Ilike to use with the automatic fisherman save time I've already got other bases. That are subtle cutter rods. And reels about this here is my panda shut up. You grab one thing real quick. Now let the pan fish set up. You notice a couple things are different number. Ihave a longer rod in here so my trigger gets out in the second hole number two. You screw this not on for the longer rod in the bottom hole.

    You don't want this much thread sticking out. You want to keep it about a quarter inch. This one's already adjusted to the sensitivity of. This rod everything this is my crappie setup so. Some six pound co polymer line on here. Iopted for a yellow just to make. It a little bit easier to see. You can use whatever line is preferred there. It comes down to a line to line not here. That goes down to I got four pound clear fluorocarbon leader. That runs about two. And a half three feet never my split shot weight. And on the end of I am running I want to say. This is a size 12 yeah I'm katsu an octopus hook. You can use whatever ice Jake. You want this is just. What I was fishing with last.

    One other modification. Ilike to do these automatic fisherman is. You look the bottom of the hammer base. Ihave a little screw screwed in right here but. That screw does is it keeps. That hammer lean slightly back so. That way no matter you got a little snow buildup on the ice. Whatever the hammer isn't just gonna sit there. If the unit triggers it's going to drop matter. What because it's already kind of leaning. That was what I do is. Iset my line in trigger Murad on the right on the pin line. And trigger what I've done here is. Itook a little bit of 18 gauge aluminum wire. You can pick this up at. Any old hardware store um. It through my bobber. And bring it up and bend.

    It with a pair of pliers so. What I can do is I can just flip. That bobber on that line. Idon't have to have. It little sense of their. Idon't have to have. It with my line run through. Ican just hook and you'll notice. This to work right now it's the same thing as with the pipe setup no technical difficulty here I'm actually gonna have to set rule like I'm going to set a little heavier for instructional purposes. Everything back to one here the rod I'm using here. This is an automatic fisherman rod. This is the 35-inch light action rod no they've got. Everything adjusted a little bit. More stout here hopefully. Ican finish this tutorial yeah much better okay so.

    Ican just hang this bobber on my line. And simply leave for crappies. Idon't like to give them too much run. This works well for crappie perch. It types of pan fish. Ilike to set my slack bobber about at the top of the hammer. You can see it gives. You about 10 inches worth line. They can pull now the neat thing about. This is with the hooks. When the fish pulls. It sets the device off. It throws the bobber off so. You don't have to worry about the bobber beyond. Where you're fighting your fish. All your hammers down. You got your pan fish on there. You can fight your fish on rod. And reel just like you would. You were doing it this just gives. You extra opportunities to set up live bait. And do dead sticks and whatnot to try to get on crappies perch blue gills. Now I'm gonna show what I like to use out there on the Milwaukee Harbor.

    And the tributaries. Wherever I'm at fishing for trout as. Ihave my automatic fisherman bass here. And of course I'm a trigger set up just like described. Ihave my screw in the bottom of my hammer. One other modification. Idid was I went to local hardware store. And bought some 10 gauge wire. And I've been too kind of into a horseshoe shape there's. This isn't thi. This is eighth of an inch. Itook a 1/8 drill bit. And mashed and drilled holes into the hammer here. It just took a hammer. That does is it allows. Me to run my blue tips tip up lights an automatic signal sender on my automatic fisherman so. We see it's there's no light on. Nothing and when the hammer Falls the light comes on. It alerts I have a fish not only by seeing the light but. It alerts me on my cell phone as well. And lets these numbered. It comes up in my phone as an automatic number. One just pops I don't know. That rod set up and right come out of the shanty.

    Iknow right where to go. Idon't have to look around. One thing you guys got to remember is don't be afraid to drill into. These bases are made extremely well. You can come up with an idea for a modification like whom. Ihave here by all means go for it my basic setup I'm running here for 4 trowels. This is going to be automatic fisherman 38 medium light rods. Ilike the longer rod for the trout. Ilike the lighter action. It works like a good shock absorber. When the Browns get to shaking their head. It works like a shock absorber. Than their eye going straight. And getting slack in your line. It helps keep pressure on the fish you'll notice. One thing you not do here is. Ido not run a slack line bobber. When fishing for a brown trout. Some people do some people don't. Ihave better luck without. And the reason for that is simply. Because the Browns they put a hold of your bait.

    If they can sense a anything's wrong will spin. All that's why tip ups typically don't work very well. Everybody using automatic hook setting devices out there so. Once again I have my ten pound fluorocarbon line I'm running a 2000 series River spinning reel by six gill fishing what I prefer to run. It comes to the big trout. These reels are extremely smooth. They hold up well automatic fisherman reels work great — I'm use those for years. Igot a lot of them in my collection so then. You must I stopped a bobber. What I like to put a bullet weight above my swivel. Once again I'm writing this we'll just like before. Iput a bullet was down there. It oh so the skinny end is up. That way when you're fighting a fish your sinker won't get hung on the edge of the hole.

    It closes and it's just. One of those little things. Ilike to do this for a peace of mind. And hopefully it does help. Me catch extra fish. Or two over the years I'm coming off the swivel. Ilike to run six pound clear fluorocarbon leader approximately a foot. And a half to two and a half feet somewhere there. You don't want to get real long as a leader. If you're down in your knees fighting a fish. You have to still be able get your rod up. And land the fish nice fish you're big. You can't just snatch. It through a hole like. You do a bluegill or a crappie. You have to ice them on. One here once again. Iwell actually this is a little bit smothered well 'v must add trouble book. Ido have a stinger hook on here which. Idon't always use those but sometimes I'll run a little stinger. And basically you know is I'm gonna set. Everything up here this works just like. Everything else I've showed. You set your rods at the nerd get your line through the trigger. Now you're how to stop your bobber would be in the hole listen your fish come tonight.

    And the unit goes off the hook is set I'm setting my signal to my phone time.

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