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  Arc'teryx Aptin Short - Men's Saucony Freedom ISO 2 Running Shoe - Men's Under Armour Fat Tire 3 Trail Running Shoe - Men's Mountain Hardwear Photon Zip T-Shirt - Men's Altra Lone Peak 4.0 Trail Running Shoe - Men's La Sportiva Wildcat 2.0 GTX Trail Running Shoe - Men's Vuori Tradewind Performance T-Shirt - Men's Adidas Pureboost Element Running Shoe - Men's Pearl Izumi Flash Insulator Run Jacket - Men's ExOfficio Give-N-Go V-Neck T-Shirt - Men's Nike Breathe Rise 365 Long-Sleeve Shirt - Men's Nike Dri-Fit Miler Long-Sleeve Top - Men's Altra HIIT XT 2 Running Shoe - Men's Dynafit Vert Wind 72 Jacket - Men's
  Arc'teryx Aptin Short - Men's Saucony Freedom ISO 2 Running Shoe - Men's Under Armour Fat Tire 3 Trail Running Shoe - Men's Mountain Hardwear Photon Zip T-Shirt - Men's Altra Lone Peak 4.0 Trail Running Shoe - Men's La Sportiva Wildcat 2.0 GTX Trail Running Shoe - Men's Vuori Tradewind Performance T-Shirt - Men's Adidas Pureboost Element Running Shoe - Men's Pearl Izumi Flash Insulator Run Jacket - Men's ExOfficio Give-N-Go V-Neck T-Shirt - Men's Nike Breathe Rise 365 Long-Sleeve Shirt - Men's Nike Dri-Fit Miler Long-Sleeve Top - Men's Altra HIIT XT 2 Running Shoe - Men's Dynafit Vert Wind 72 Jacket - Men's
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Brand Altra Vuori Under Armour Saucony Nike Nike Altra La Sportiva Arc'teryx ExOfficio Mountain Hardwear Dynafit Adidas Pearl Izumi
Claimed Weight 10.6oz - - [single] 9.1oz - - (single) 12.2oz 14.15 oz 6.2oz - 4.3oz 2.5oz - 12 oz
Manufacturer Warranty 30 days - limited lifetime - limited limited 30 days 1 year limited - lifetime 2 years 6 months lifetime
Recommended Use trail running running, training, yoga trail running road running, training road running road running, trail running road running, training trail running trail running - hiking, fitness, running road running, trail running road running running
Fit - regular - - standard standard - - regular semi-fitted active athletic - regular
Material - 89% polyester, 11% spandex - - Dri-FIT (100% polyester) 86% polyester, 14% cotton - - Fortius DW 1.0 (87% nylon, 13% elastane) - Stretch Grid (polyester) Dynashell Ultra Light Miniripstop (nylon) - 100% polyester

Arc'teryx Aptin Short - Men's

Whether you're running your favorite trails in the foothills behind your house or you're exploring the desert on a weekend getaway, you'll enjoy the versatility and comfort of the Arc'teryx Men's Aptin Shorts. Designed for performance, these unlined shorts are made from a lightweight stretch fabric to provide unhindered mobility as you explore your limits. A media pocket inside the right hand pocket keeps your phone secure as you run and features a cord port so you always have access to that playlist that you can't run without.

  • A versatile short designed for trail running
  • Fabric is durable and provides plenty of stretch
  • Laminated hems reduce seams and enhance durability
  • Longer inseam provides more coverage as you move
  • Elasticized waistband with drawcord closure
  • Item #ARC00N3
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    Saucony Freedom ISO 2 Running Shoe - Men's

    You'll never be on the fence again about going for a run again with the Saucony Freedom ISO 2 Running Shoe. Your joints can rejoice in the 4mm drop that encourages a natural stride and distributes the impact force of the road. If force distribution wasn’t enough, energy return cushioning really ups the comfort. Designed to have the shoe rebound as your foot leaves the ground, this  technology creates a lively sensation that improves the consistency of cushioning during your run for happier joints and muscles. The plush cushion together with the ultimate comfort from the sock-like fit of the Isoknit upper make you crave the run.

  • The however, whenever, and wherever training and road shoe
  • 4mm drop evenly distributes impact force, encourages natural stride
  • Isoknit upper has sock-like feel giving flexibility where desired
  • Plush cushioning has high energy return for even cushion during runs
  • Durable Tri-Flex outsole delivers optimal traction
  • Classic lace closure completes road shoe aesthetic
  • Saucony was founded in 1898 in Pennsylvania
  • Item #SAU00BS
  • You So I've had the sakuni or saucony. Whichever way you want to see it freedom. I saw twos for about three months now. However i haven't added them in the. Rotation so i added them in yesterday i didn't have them in the rotation just because i wasn't sure if i would prefer them a lot more to the freedom wands and i had a stockpile of the freedom ones i didn't want to jump the gun and move. On too soon and then not want to use the ones that I've got so my thoughts based. On doing a bit of a tempo run today so i did twelve and a half miles in tall. Where i run at a four-mile section. Temple had a 800 be a jog recovery then. Did another three-mile tempo just to put. Then through the paces in a faster run and then today i run 24 miles and yeah. So first impressions initial thoughts. The shoe feels very similar to the. Freedom ones which is great the noticeable things for me are the heel so. The heel cup feels a lot more cushioned. There has done in the freedom ones and. There's physically if you look at the shoe you can see its part of that war as is the tongue initially that just. Feels a little bit strange cuz you're not you know used to that sort of that. Cushion there but that wasn't a bad point it didn't affect my ruin and it. Was just it wasn't really noticeable to be totally honest other than the first. Sort of I'd say ten minutes then you've got the amendments to the crystal reversal see you've got some parts of. The soul that's been cut away the outer and i think this is to improve flexibility of the shoe and potentially drop a little bit of weight or maybe. Just account for the extra cushioning they've got into the put a little bit more ever running the sole just to give it a little bit more of a push feel so i. Think by cutting those little bit hearts all out the potentially reduce the. Wait a little bit and improve the flexibility but again wasn't really noticeable i felt the same on. As it did the freedom ones which is not. Bad thing because i love that you it's my initial thoughts are the changes that are there don't really have much of an impact from my point of view and like i say the initial part of the run you'll. Notice at the heel cup is extra padded and that might feel a little bit loose to you but I'm sure if you tie your shoes differently you can nullify that the heel cups a little bit firmer as well than the ones people complain that it would collapse a bit well i never really had that issue to be honest i don't know if it affects heel strike is more than it does people who run mid foot a four-foot maybe that's a. Consideration i don't know but i never had an issue with it but it is a little bit firmer in the twos but again no real impact for me personally and then in. Terms of running with the shoe just feels as good as it always has done so i use my freedoms pretty much for everything i even do some trail races and the freedoms of its a dry deer because the grips just tremendous the. Grip is so good and the crystal rubber soul is it's so durable as well so I've. Run 800 miles in my last pair of freedom. Ones and to be honest that could keep. Going i could keep running in them I'm just conscious of the fact that my mileage is. Quite high and a lot of the time my minimum runs for the week are ten miles and when you've put this all through 800. Miles is it wise to keep pushing it and pushing it and pushing it I've kept them. Because if I'm doing shake out runs or. Anything before race is where i think I'm just going to go out and do three miles to a few strides the day before a big wrist I'll probably just throw them on because like i say the feel absolutely fine I'm just conscious of the fact that i don't want to push the boundaries too far and potentially end up injuring myself where. There that's champions or car problems. Or whatever it may be i find out in the past four different shoes so I'm just conscious of that well that. Quite comfortably go on and running those something in the freedom tubes. Are gonna be exactly the same i think it'll be good for at least 600 miles so. You get your money's worth and talking. Of money's worth as well the if you look in the shops at the moment certainly in the uk you can pick them up for between 70 and 80 pound which is obviously a massive reduction in our rp which initially was a 140 i believe when the. Freedom one's came out which when i first. Bought that i was like wow this is a really expensive shoe and am i going to. We buy and if i want to get four or five hundred miles out of these realistically am i gonna know if l do afford to. Constantly keep switching and yeah so. That was a consideration but i do so many miles that in reality for me the cheaper that actually buy in a different. Shoe with a lower rp because i just do so many miles out of them that. Price tag wasn't really an issue and then over the last soviet months the price has really come down so you can pick up the ones now I've got a few pairs for 66 pounds and you can even. Pick up some of the sort of less than. Favorable colors in the twos for about. 75 pounds now in the uk start fitness. Online they've got a choice of the ones on the twos for anywhere between 70 and. Well the goal that we have is with all the colors all the way up to like 125 i think it is at the moment but you can pick up a pair of white which is the ones that I've got as you know we've seen em for 73 pounds i think up here 73. 75 something like that see ya you can pick them up at a. Reasonable price and like i said it's your opinion of them the feel of the. You are personally run in them for track. 5k trail races all the way at the marathon so i did 24 miles a day and a. Brand new pair of shoes which had only done 12 miles and that was yesterday and. They felt absolutely great so come on company about that so all in all i would. Say it's definitely a buy for me and i. Will continue to buy freedoms at the. Moment I'm not overly fussed with this the ones are the twos so if I'm gonna. Pick up the ones cheaper sick i pick up the ones for 70 pounds and the twos with 80 or 90 I'll pick up the ones purely and simply just because i will throw so many shoes at the minute that am it just makes sense for me to buy the ones but if the same price i. Will just go ahead and buy the twos the. Only noticeable thing the only real. Complaint I've got for the freedom ones. Is if you've run in the wet in your shoe. Gets soaked the insole slides around all. Over and i mean slides around all over to the point where you are running in. See you at the track your insole is sliding across your shoe and you can feel your foot moving across to the sidewall of the shoe which is not great. I did a i did a bit of reiki and the. Lakes on a wet day when i run about 20. Miles it wasn't anything fast but it was a really wet day so there was a lot of sorts of running through puddles and. Really wet trails and the chute the. Insole was just a nightmare so i ended. Up basically the insult. Crumbled and moved right forward so my. Heel didn't have actually had an insole it's a for me that's its not the oh. Breaker by any means but it's just a pain like i say I've had a track as well where it's a really wet day and it's puddles on the track and when you're doin laughs and you go through the pull time after time eventually soaks through and then your foots just. Sliding all over the place which is not great I'm sure if you've got like orthotic insole if you need those. Or if you just buy different insoles in. General anyway that's probably not an issue because I'm sure you can get insoles i have got maybe like a rubber. Sort of base so there's so there's a lot more friction there so that the door move around as much but like i say I've. In freedoms alone I've probably done. Five or six thousand miles since up all. The ones so yeah i haven't really got. Any complaints because twice I've had issues with the insoles sliding around like i say was when my shoes were soaked. Through socks was soaked through that. Was the only real time I've been either one I've been outrunning them when they do. Get wet and an absolutely fine i think it is just when it gets soft right through but yeah i definitely recommend. Then and in the minute when you can pick. Then up with 70-pound it's its a complete no-brainer they're all are cheap weather and like the boost variance from a ddos and. Then of course you've got all the night the different shoes from night which you could pick someone's at bottom prices but not with the same technology so yeah. For me it's a no-brainer i definitely. Recommend it like i say I'm not affiliated but if you gold chain office star fitness that tends to be where i pick my shoes are from a Louisville shop undergo an online presence so it's a no. Brainer for me really support local business so I'll see you guys in the next one.

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    Under Armour Fat Tire 3 Trail Running Shoe - Men's

    Even though the Under Armour Men's Fat Tire 3 Trail Running Shoe looks like it's ready to tackle an underwater obstacle course, it's actually built for activities that go far above sea level. The seamless, bootie-inspired upper provides a secure feel as you navigate tricky terrain, while the L6 Boa closure gives you a pressure-free, personalized fit. The OrthoLite sockliner not only cushions harsh impacts, but also keeps those post-play odors at bay. Then, the Charged Cushioning midsole and rockered design attenuates shock and propels your foot forward to allow you to make the most of your stride. 

  • Uniquely designed trail running shoe for comfort and grip
  • Boa closure gets the fit secured in seconds
  • Breathable synthetic upper keeps your feet feeling fresh
  • Charged Cushioning midsole offers maximum cushioning
  • OrthoLite sockliner is odor-resistant and impact-absorbing
  • Michelin rubber outsole has Wild Gripper lugs for traction
  • Item #UND01WQ
  • What's up guys matt ross fresno's calm today we're checking out the under armour horizon rtt trail running shoes. These guys right here you guys been asking for some trail running shoe reviews we're finally getting around to it and this one's pretty cool under armour launched the horizon trail rain line of shoes earlier this year which i believe is comprised of four different skus, and they also recently announced a mountain running series which is just a bunch of two day trail events that they're hosting around the country, so they're making the big push in a trail running and just the outdoor market in general, so we thought we'd run through what we like what we don't like about the rt ts which seems to be the model that under armour's just been marketing the most it's its the flagship product in the line so let's get to the video Okay so first up as usual let's talk. Price the rt t's come in at a hundred and ten dollars so yes expensive, but we have seen more expensive trail running shoes out there in fact there are a couple of other models in the horizon lineup that come in above that 110 dollar price point either way if you're in the market for trained shoes I'd recommend checking out our website rizzo's comm the link is right here on the screen or just open up a new tab check it out for yourself we all the time are posting awesome deals on trail running shoes from all the big brands chances are we're going to save you some money okay so let's get into what we like about these shoes the first being their overall comfort level for shoes that are supposed to be tough that are going to get beat up a lot these shoes are pretty darn comfortable the charge cushioning and evi a mid sole. Definitely do their job i was pleasantly surprised with the overall comfort they're super durable I'm definitely not worried about these breaking down at all the upper is made of a tough synthetic material it's still pretty pliable you can just tell from the first touch it can take a beating it's also got a pretty decent bumper that will help protect the front of the shoe issues also have great tread and traction the bottoms are comprised of five and a half millimeter lugs very sticky they. Can easily handle all kinds of different terrains however the layout of the lugs is not multi-directional so these aren't the most conducive for trails that require a lot of lateral movements which leads me into a couple other items that i think could be improved on these shoes the biggest negatives for me had to be the setup around the heel i don't know what it was but the heel just kept slipping in and out i know you're probably saying matt you're a moron you probably got the wrong size i can assure you i did not my. Toes pretty much darn near touch the front of the shoe and i even had four different people check just to make sure as well lock down could also be a little better it just it's just not as good as i was hoping for it seemed like every five to 10 minutes i was stopping to adjust the tongue and then reese inch the laces to get that nice lock down feel. So the heel issue coupled with the so-so lock down just not a good combo for me as. You can see here on the screen ended with a twisted ankle and a few laughs and jess other items you probably want to know the archie t's come in and around twelve ounces so not terribly. Light they do have a seven millimeter drop, and they do fit true to size and the last thing I'd mention here is that they're a little stiff out of the box it takes couple runs for you to break them in and even then there's still kind of fairly. Stiff compared to other trail runners and that's it for this review i don't know as you guys can probably tell I'm just kind of lukewarm on these shoes if they definitely have some positives but just i wish the heel la khan was a little bit better I'll probably just end up using these kinder of general hiking shoes moving forward but hey i want to hear from you guys comment down below make sure you subscribe see you guys next time what's up guys he painted paint ring in. The house if you want to see the behind the scenes of r is nose check out our snap chat one of your our latest deals check out facebook and twitter and then if you want to see some cool pictures and visit what's going on right now check out our Instagram wanna see another video like this going on the screen.

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    Mountain Hardwear Photon Zip T-Shirt - Men's

    Whether it's your daily neighborhood run or a two-week trek in the woods, the Mountain Hardwear Men's Photon Zip T-Shirt will never hold you back. Its long-sleeve design fights off the chill when you set out on the trail early in the morning, while the highly breathable fabric keeps you from overheating during tough ascents. It also wicks sweat and dries rapidly to fend off heat- and comfort-robbing moisture, and it is engineered with stretch to allow easy movement when you're moving fast or shouldering a heavy pack. If things get a little stuffy, unzip the front panel for an instant burst of cooling airflow.

  • Technical tee for running, hiking, and backpacking
  • Stretch Grid fabric wicks sweat and dries quickly
  • Mechanical stretch for easy and comfortable movement
  • Quarter-zip for quick ventilation
  • Item #MHW00VY
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    Altra Lone Peak 4.0 Trail Running Shoe - Men's

    Whether you're getting up at sunrise to get in a quick trail run before work, or to hike until sundown and do it all again tomorrow, the Altra Lone Peak 4.0 Trail Running Shoe is there to help you maximize your performance on the trail. Newly updated with a more durable upper and a grippier sole, the 4.0 builds upon the reliable performance of previous models, which have become favorite of everyday trail runners and thru-hikers alike.

    The redesigned upper is more durable than any of its predecessors, so it can hold up to everyday abrasions on the trail and withstand longer miles, which helps with its growing popularity as a backpacking and thru-hiking shoe. The sole represents the biggest update—its MaxTrac rubber offers better grip and more durability than previous versions, with a more aggressive TrailClaw lug pattern to help you grip the trail in any conditions, wet or dry. You've also got reassurance against sharp rocks and other trail hazards, thanks to the StoneGuard rockplate, which has been updated to more directly map the skeletal structure of your foot, giving you the same protection as before with more natural flexibility.

    Apart from updates, the shoe boasts Altra's classic foot-friendly design. A wide toe box lets your feet splay natural for comfort and increased performance, while the Zero Drop platform allows for a more natural and low impact stride. Specific to the trail you've got a protective rubber toe cap with drainage points for wet days, and integrated gaiter compatibility to help keep out trail debris.

  • A favorite of trail lovers adds more durability and grip
  • Redesigned upper is more durable for trail abrasions and hard miles
  • Lugged rubber outsole offers grip on wet rocks and dry trails alike
  • Protective rock plate follows natural foot shape for greater flex
  • Rubber toe cap offers forefoot protection from unexpected rocks
  • Front drainage ports prevent water build up from unavoidable puddles
  • Compatible with Altra gaiters to keep small rocks from sneaking in
  • Wide toe box and Zero Drop Platform promote a healthy stride
  • Item #ATR004M
  • This is the ultra running men's lone peak. 4.0 low rsm trail running shoe it's an. All conditioned version of the award-winning lone peak with vamped up protection against rain snow and mud as. With all ultra models the shoe has a zero drop platform unlike most running. Shoes which have a higher heel and a forward can't the height of the heel and the forefoot of ultra shoes are identical this is intended too basically. Provide your feet with a neutral platform that allows them to perform at. Their best this can take some getting used to so if you're trying 0 drops for. The first time be conservative with initial mileage until your feet have adjusted the shoes foot shape cut is. Also unique to ultra our feet tend to be. At their widest just before the toes and this design provides room for toes display and react to the terrain beneath. Then that wide toe box has always been music to my ears waterproof event fabric. In the shoes upper does a fantastic job of keeping feet dry while still providing breath ability to keep you from overheating and sweating on the inside. Overlays in places that are prone to abrasion and wear increase the shoes. Durability the design of the tongue. Helps to keep out debris you can add. Additional debris and weather protection by using ultra gaiters they are sold. Separately but they connect easily to the shoes thanks to the system of gator trap attachment points relative to other. Options i consider the shoe moderately cushioned. It's evie a missile strikes a nice balance between comfort and weight another nice feature is the shoes integrated stone guard which offers additional underfoot protection against. Sharp rocks roots and inconsistent terrain the rubber outsole uses multi. Directional lugs and has a tacky surface that provides great traction on trail or off a great option for wet weather and. Challenging conditions it's the ultra running men's lone peak 4.0 low rsm call. Us with your questions or visit our store at back triage comm subscribe to stay tuned and. Follow us for the latest in outdoor gear great deals and trail knowledge we're. The gear specialists at back country edge. Awesome gear amazing service see you on. The trail.

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    La Sportiva Wildcat 2.0 GTX Trail Running Shoe - Men's

    You want freedom, and for you that means running where and when you want to run. With the weather-resisting La Sportiva Men's Wildcat 2.0 GTX Trail Running Shoe, you can do just that. In rain, snow, or sleet, this shoe has you covered in its Gore-Tex Extended Comfort Footwear waterproof, breathable lining. And its breathable AirMesh upper wicks away moisture for added cool comfort. Loads of cushioning support and absorptive lugged sole will save your joints on rugged terrain; and sticky rubber grips onto road or rock.

  • Stretch Gore-Tex Extended Comfort Footwear lining is waterproof and breathable—guaranteed—to help keep foot dry, cool, and comfy
  • Trail Cage and AirMesh upper with UreTech reinforcements breathes on those long, damp runs and provides durable, foot-hugging support
  • TPU Transkinetic heel stabilizer secures foot in back for exceptional control
  • Durable MEMlex, soft 2.4mm LaSpEVA midsole, and nylon-molded Flex Transfer shank give tons of impact-reducing support for all-day action
  • Sticky, aggressive, and lightweight FriXion AT rubber outsole provides sure footing on the road or trail
  • Impact Brake System X-Axis absorbs shock to reduce body strain, and its opposing slanted lugs grip into steep terrain uphill and downhill
  • Item #LSP0245
  • This is the men's la sportive wildcat 2. Point 0 gtx trail running shoe it's a full-featured shoe that will handle everything from running on muddy trails to scrambling on 4th class terrain the. Breathable gore-tex lining gives you the snug fit and waterproof protection as a. Really well cushioned mid sole to take the sting out of rocky terrain for fast hiking mountain running an all-around tough terrain I'd go with the wildcat gtx. You.

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    Vuori Tradewind Performance T-Shirt - Men's

    It may not look like it, but the Men's Tradewind Performance T-Shirt is the most technical tee in Vuori's line. This is not an accident—Vuori purposely designed this shirt to deliver maximum active performance while maintaining casual style that keeps you looking good while you run, train, or do yoga. The lightweight fabric is extremely stretchy for unrestricted mobility, wicks sweat away from your skin, and dries quickly. It's also constructed with micro-perforations to enhance ventilation, so you stay cool through your toughest workouts.

  • Seriously technical performance with laid-back looks
  • Fabric is extremely stretchy and quick-drying
  • Micro perforation enhances breathability and ventilation
  • Flatlock seams are smooth and won't chafe
  • Item #VUO001F
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    Adidas Pureboost Element Running Shoe - Men's

    The last thing you want when you're in your groove and flying through city blocks is to be taken out of it by discomfort in your running shoe. For a smooth and comfortable ride on all of your urban adventures get the Adidas Pureboost Element Running Shoe.

    Key to this shoe is a Boost midsole that stays soft but gives you lots of energy return for an energized stride. The upper is made from a stretchy circular knit for maximum freedom of movement and adaptive support, while a Stretchweb outsole provides plenty of grip and lets your foot flex naturally with the midsole for better performance at speeds and a greater comfort level. The outsole also has added support in the heel to reduce impact during your landing phase, letting you grind out long miles without mounting discomfort. You've got a lock down fit and a wider forefoot to help provide natural support during quick movements, so you can round quick corners and skirt sluggish pedestrians with ease.

  • A lightweight running shoe with energy return and natural support
  • Boost midsole stays light and maximizes comfort and energy return
  • KCircular knitted upper allows freedom and adaptability to movement
  • Stretchweb outsole provides grip and allows the foot to flex
  • Added outsole support on the heel gives you a smoother landing
  • Lock down fit provides support for quick movements around corners
  • Item #ADD00Q3
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    Pearl Izumi Flash Insulator Run Jacket - Men's

    Don't let the winter months sideline your running habit—run through the year's coldest months with the Pearl Izumi Men's Flash Insulator Run Jacket. The Flash is insulated throughout the body with Primaloft insulation to keep your core warm, and it has a weather-resistant polyester fabric throughout the rest of the jacket to combat wind and moisture. Two zippered hand pockets give you a place to warm your hands or stash a few energy gels on those longer runs. Reflective details provide an extra touch of visibility when light is limited.

  • Polyester
  • 40g Primaloft synthetic insulation
  • Regular fit
  • Zippered handwarmer pockets
  • Reflective details
  • Item #PLZ00AD
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    ExOfficio Give-N-Go V-Neck T-Shirt - Men's

    When you only have four weeks to cover nine countries, travel light and wear the ExOfficio Men’s Give-N-Go Short-Sleeve T-Shirt. Its moisture-wicking, quick-drying, and odor-resistant properties make this V-neck tee the ideal shirt to travel, and the lightweight and stretchy fabric ensures that you stay comfortable when you take a day hike up into the mountains or explore a beautiful lake on a stand-up paddle board.

  • Stretch nylon fabric
  • Silvadur odor-resistant treatment
  • Breathable and quick-drying
  • Semi-fitted
  • Item #EXO00B0
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    Nike Breathe Rise 365 Long-Sleeve Shirt - Men's

    The Nike Breathe Rise 365 Long-Sleeve Shirt is the perfect running top for those days when it's too cool to leave your house in a short-sleeve, but you know that about five minutes into your run you'll be overheating in anything else. It's got the coverage of a long sleeve shirt to keep you warmer in spring and fall temperatures, but boasts tons of breathability and moisture-wicking performance to help you stay cool, dry, and comfortable while you run. Zoned mesh ventilation delivers added breathability to key areas, ensuring targeted airflow that'll help you enjoy the long-sleeve coverage without wishing you'd worn something else.

  • Breathable long-sleeve running top for in-between temperatures
  • Soft synthetic fabric wicks moisture to keep you drier as you run
  • Zoned mesh ventilation provides targeted breathability
  • Curved back hem maintains coverage during running motions
  • 360-degree reflectivity keeps you visible on low-light runs
  • Item #NKE01WY
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    Nike Dri-Fit Miler Long-Sleeve Top - Men's

    The Nike Men's Dri-Fit Miler Long-Sleeve Top has become beloved by runners over the past few seasons. Its Dri-Fit fabric manages moisture effectively by wicking sweat and drying quickly. Nike added a mesh panel along the back to drastically increase ventilation where it counts.

  • Long-sleeve version of Nike's running top
  • Dri-Fit fabric wicks moisture, dries quickly, and breathes
  • Back mesh panel provides targeted ventilation
  • Item #NKE01X0
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    Altra HIIT XT 2 Running Shoe - Men's

    High intensity interval training involves a little bit of everything, and luckily for you Altra designed the versatile HIIT XT 2 Running Shoe with running, jumping, and lifting in mind to give you an all-around training shoe for whatever the day's workout throws at you. In its second iteration this shoe adds more durability and flex for greater all-around performance and a more comfortable feel when running. An updated lacing system provides greater stability when making quick lateral movement and enhances support during lifting sessions. Speaking of lifting, this shoe features Altra's PowerSole system, which lets you remove the insole for more stability and a closer-to-the-ground feel when engaging in squats and deadlifts. The FootShape toe box also helps in this regard, letting your feet splay out naturally for a stronger stance, while the ZeroDrop platform helps deliver a natural stride during quick sprints. 

  • Training shoe designed to meet the needs of any HIIT workout
  • Updated lacing system offers more support for quick movements
  • PowerSole system keeps your lifting stance closer to the ground
  • Durable and flexible design boosts performance for any exercise
  • FootShape toe box offers a natural toe splay while lifting
  • ZeroDrop platform helps promote a low-impact running stride
  • Cushioned EVA midsole gives you comfortable underfoot support
  • Item #ATR005A
  • What's going on guys it's joel here with this many reviews as possible and today we're doing the review of the ultra hit xt alright so this is probably the most. Anticipated true review that i never even thought i would be doing the ultra hit x t's kind of came out of nowhere and took pretty much everybody by surprise so I'll choose a smaller brand, but they have a really big cult following in the running world their shoes always have a zero drop and a wide. Toe box that they call the foot shape toe box so now let's go over a few of. The things that make the hit x t's what they are starting with the upper as you. Can see the x t's are unmistakable and. That could be in a bad way or a good way. Depending on whom you are I've heard it from both sides people think these are good-looking shoes and people think that they are ugly shoes I'm gonna have to. Say that they're not the greatest-looking shoes in my eyes but. You know beauty's an eye of the beholder if you like the way that they look then go for them otherwise the upper and the. Hit x t's is a mesh upper that has. Pretty much one-piece construction throughout the whole q until you get to. The back where there's just a little bit of stitching there are pu overlays. All over the upper there's a hardened. Toe cap in the instep of the shoe there is also a guard for rope climbs inside. Of the heel part there is a heel counter. It's really tough back there the ankle. Collar has a ton of cushioning so if you. Like to have cushioning back there or you have problems with having skinny ankles the hit x t's will definitely fit. Your foot pretty well the tongue is nice. And padded i really like the tongue i don't really like anemic tongues the lacing system nothing special the laces. Do come untied I'm not a huge fan of the. Laces and i think that the laces that are. Supplied are a little bit too long as well the insole of the shoe is 5 millimeters the total stack height with. The insole is 24 millimeters without the. Insole it is 18 millimeters for some reason and you can definitely use it. Without the insole there is a turn in stitching so that it is comfortable to. Wear without the insole but there's. Going to be a lot of room inside of the shoe if you take the insole out so i just have to warn you there that unless. You have a wide foot or a fat foot that you should probably just keep the insole in so of course like all ultra shoes the hip xts have a zero drop platform which. Means that there is no height differential from the heel to the toe of the shoe there's also the foot shape toe. Box which gives the pit xts a really. Really wide platform when i think zero drop shoes for some reason i think minimal issues which the hit x t's are definitely not there's a lot of books to. The shoe once again very wide platform. Overall there's a lot of cushioning in. The ankle collar and the shoes are a. Little bit tall so if you're looking for a minimalist shoe the ultra hip x these. Probably are not gonna be what you're looking for now when it comes to sizing your hit x t's i felt that these shoes. Run small so i would go ahead and size. Up half a size from your normal training. Shoe size so typically i wear size 10 for the ultra hit xts i wear a size 10. And a half i also have a pretty normally shaped foot and inside the shoe i did not feel that they were overly wide or anything they felt okay to me but if you have a really narrow foot i would probably not recommend the hit xts so. The first day i got the hit x t's i had a little bit of difficulty training with them i had just come off the review from the 195 s from in evades and those are much narrower shoes than these are running felt clunky and i was basically. Tripping over my own feet when it came to clean and jerks though when i hit my. Squats i finally felt the beauty of the hit x t's in there really wide platform and extremely grippy outsole power. Delivery is excellent on the issues despite having such a tall mid sole stack but i didn't. Notice a huge difference when i was using these with or without the insoles so once again i would still recommend that you just cut the insoles in now the more and more i use the hit x t's i got was more accustomed to the wide platform and i started to really like. Training in these shoes these are excellent olympic weightlifting shoes i. Personally like to work with a zero drop shoe and just having that and the wide. Platform of the shoe i felt extremely. Confident in my lifts landings were extremely stable power delivery was very. Very good in the hit x t's as well so. While i still think distance running in the hit x t's is a little bit clunky due. To the sheer size and weight of the shoe. I think that the width of the shoe allows for a really powerful stride i did some 100 meter sprints in. The hit x t's and i ended up around 15. Seconds every time which was pretty good I'm not the greatest of runners but I'll. Take that as a win now another thing that really helps out the running performance of the hit x t's is despite the way that they look they're actually really flexible shoes so despite. The hit x teens being really flexible shoes the area that i think they struggle at the most is going to be your cliometric movements or anything that requires you to be a little bit more agile on your feet doing bur pees in the hit x t's is really uncomfortable not. Only due to the size and weight of the. Shoe but also because the toe cap is. Unnecessarily stiff so when you get up you hit your toes into the front of the shoe it's really uncomfortable though these shoes are also very responsive shoes box jump rebounding is kind of chore too they just feel a little bit heavy and clunky on your feet double unders are actually okay due to the flexibility of the shoe but once again the toe box is kind of stiff and. If you're running your toes into the shoe it is kind of annoying now the hit x t's get a lot of things. Right but the best part about the issues is the fact that they only cost $100. Which puts them in the lower echelon of training shoes the only other ones that are in the same category are going to be. The speed tr 2.0 the jj twos and the nike met con dsx. Rappers personally i think the only one that contends with the fedex t's is. Going to be the speed tr to pointy nose now if you're gonna choose between those two shoes i think it really just comes down to your foot shape if you have a wider foot then you're probably gonna. Want to go with the hit x t's but if you have a narrower foot then you're probably gonna want to go with the speed trs as far as i know the hit x t's are ultras very first training shoe and i have to say that they are a very impressive first effort they're not. Without their faults but no shoe is so if you don't mind the way that they look or you just don't care you're looking for a high-performing training shoe that. Only costs $100 then definitely check. Out the hit x keys make sure you go up how to size though if you guys have any questions about these shoes feel free to leave them in the comment section and as always guys please hit that like button subscribe and thanks for watching.

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    Dynafit Vert Wind 72 Jacket - Men's

    When you're following dusty mountain switchbacks along exposed ridgelines, you can usually follow the simple rule of "The higher you run the windier it gets." That's why you'll be glad you brought along the Dynafit Vert Wind 72 Jacket when you finally reach that blustery summit. Coming in at an insanely low weight of only two and a half ounces, this ultralight running jacket will keep you protected from cool blasts of mountain air while still maintaining a lightweight, barely-there feel. Plus, it's water resistant to shed light rain when overcast days break out into a drizzle. Ventilation zones add a touch of breathability, a snug-fitting hood delivers added coverage from the elements, and a self-storage pocket lets you tuck your jacket away when calmer weather returns.

  • Ultralight running jacket for runs on blustery mountain trails
  • Light yet durable shell blocks the wind on breezy ridgeline runs
  • Water resistant fabric keeps off light rain when the weather turns
  • Jacket stuffs into its own pocket when the wind dies down
  • Snug-fitting hood stays in place while you run for reliable coverage
  • Reflective strips keep you visible when you run the road
  • Ventilation zones help increase airflow when you're working hard
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