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  Quiksilver 4/3 Syncro Plus Chest Zip LFS Wetsuit - Men's O'Neill Psycho Tech 5mm ST Boot - Men's Billabong 3/2mm Furnace Absolute Back Zip Full Wetsuit - Men's O'Neill Psycho One 4/3mm Chest-Zip Full Wetsuit - Men's Billabong 5mm Furnace Carbon Ultra Glove - Men's Patagonia R1 Lite Yulex Long-Sleeve Top - Men's Rip Curl Dawn Patrol 3mm Round Toe Bootie - Men's Billabong 4/3mm Furnace Absolute Chest Zip GBS Full Wetsuit - Men's Rip Curl Flashbomb 5/4 Hooded Chest-Zip ST Wetsuit - Men's 7TILL8 Surf 3/2 Back-Zip Fullsuit - Men's Quiksilver 4/3 Monochrome GBS A-Zip Steamer Wetsuit - Men's XCEL 4/3mm Drylock TDC Full Suit - Men's Patagonia R1 Lite Yulex Front-Zip Spring Suit - Men's XCEL Hawaii Comp 4/3MM X TDC Wetsuit - Men's Billabong 3/2mm Furnace Absolute X Chest Zip GBS Full Wetsuit - Men's Vissla 7 Seas Hooded 5/4/3 Long-Sleeve Wetsuit - Men's
  Quiksilver 4/3 Syncro Plus Chest Zip LFS Wetsuit - Men's O'Neill Psycho Tech 5mm ST Boot - Men's Billabong 3/2mm Furnace Absolute Back Zip Full Wetsuit - Men's O'Neill Psycho One 4/3mm Chest-Zip Full Wetsuit - Men's Billabong 5mm Furnace Carbon Ultra Glove - Men's Patagonia R1 Lite Yulex Long-Sleeve Top - Men's Rip Curl Dawn Patrol 3mm Round Toe Bootie - Men's Billabong 4/3mm Furnace Absolute Chest Zip GBS Full Wetsuit - Men's Rip Curl Flashbomb 5/4 Hooded Chest-Zip ST Wetsuit - Men's 7TILL8 Surf 3/2 Back-Zip Fullsuit - Men's Quiksilver 4/3 Monochrome GBS A-Zip Steamer Wetsuit - Men's XCEL 4/3mm Drylock TDC Full Suit - Men's Patagonia R1 Lite Yulex Front-Zip Spring Suit - Men's XCEL Hawaii Comp 4/3MM X TDC Wetsuit - Men's Billabong 3/2mm Furnace Absolute X Chest Zip GBS Full Wetsuit - Men's Vissla 7 Seas Hooded 5/4/3 Long-Sleeve Wetsuit - Men's
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Brand Patagonia XCEL 7TILL8 Billabong O'Neill Billabong Quiksilver Billabong Rip Curl XCEL Patagonia O'Neill Quiksilver Vissla Billabong Rip Curl
Manufacturer Warranty lifetime 1 year limited lifetime 1 year 1 year 1 year 1 year 1 year 3 months 1 year lifetime 1 year 1 year 90 day 1 year limited lifetime
Material [body] 85% Yulex natural rubber, 15% synthetic rubber, [external face fabric] 88% recycled polyester, 12% spandex, [lining] recycled polyester [face fabric] Japanese limestone nanoprene, [lining] Thermo Dry Celliant (TDC) Boost material (neoprene, fleece lining) [fabric] neoprene, [lining] Furnace Quick Dry, [core] Superlight Foam TechnoButter 2 neoprene [face fabric] AX1 Superfelx 250 Jersey, [lining] Furnace Quick Dry, [core] Superlight foam F'N Lite neoprene, Dry Flight lining [body] AX1 Premium super-flex neoprene, [lining] Furnace Quick Dry, [core] Superlight foam neoprene [face fabric] Japanese limestone nanoprene, [lining] TDC Black [body] 85% Yulex natural rubber, 15% synthetic rubber, [external face] 88% recycled polyester, 12% spandex, [lining] recycled polyester Technobutter 3 (100% neoprene), Technobutter3X (100% neoprene) F'N Lite neoprene, 92% nylon, 8% elastane 100% superstretch neoprene [outer fabric] Glide Skin neoprene, [inner fabric] carbon fiber Furnace Quick Dry thermal lining, [core] Smart Foam [face fabric] neoprene, [lining] E5 Flash lining
Recommended Use surfing surfing surfing surfing ocean surfing, river surfing surfing surfing surfing surfing surfing surfing surfing surfing surfing surfing, diving surfing
Seam Construction flatlock, glued triple glued and blindstitched, Fusion X seam tape GBS, hand taped [external] GBS, [internal] machine-applied stretch tape fluid seam weld [external] twin needle stretch blindstitch, [internal] bonded stretch tape LFS (liquid flex seal) [external] liquid welded, GBS, [internal] stretch tape - sealed and Fusion X taped GBS, internal spot taping at high stress areas - GBS (triple glued and blindstitched) Triple-glued, blind-stitched - glued and blindstitched
Thickness 1.5mm 4/3mm 3/2mm 3/2mm 4/3mm 4/3mm 4 / 3 mm 3/2mm 3mm 4/3mm 2mm 5mm 4 / 3mm 5/4/3mm - 5/4mm
Water Temp 65-75F 52 - 58F 55-62F 58-68F 58F+ 53 - 60F 53 - 61 F 58-65F - 49 - 58F 65-75F - 51 - 58F 46F+ - -
Zip - semi-dry chest zipper with magnetic closure back back F.U.Z.E. chest-zip chest chest chest - water-tight chest zip with magnetic closure front - chest chest - chest

Quiksilver 4/3 Syncro Plus Chest Zip LFS Wetsuit - Men's

Those cold sets rolling in off the California coast require something a little more adequate than a rashguard, so suit up in the Quiksilver Men's 4/3 Syncro Plus Chest Zip LFS Wetsuit before plunging into the Pacific. Its F'N Lite neoprene keeps you warm without restricting movement or weighing you down, and the Dry Flight lining reflects heat back to your body for increased comfort—without the need for a thicker neoprene. Plus, LFS sealed seams keep cold water from rushing in, so you stay warm even when you're duck diving or wiping out. The liquid-taped GBS seams are also super-stretchy, so you're not sacrificing mobility for warmth.

  • Lightweight fullsuit for cool to cold waters
  • LFS seam construction allows total flexibility with zero leakage
  • Chest zip takes the zipper off your spine for increased comfort
  • F'N Lite neoprene is packed with air cells for lightness and increased warmth
  • Dry Flight lining conducts heat back to your body
  • Glideskin neck seal provides a smooth feel with a watertight seal
  • Ecto-Flex knees pads protect your knees and your board
  • Item #QKS02WN
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    O'Neill Psycho Tech 5mm ST Boot - Men's

    Keep your feet warm when paddling out on chilly days with the O'Neill Psychotech 5mm RT Boot. Made with Technobutter 3 and Technobutter 3X neoprene, the bootie hugs your foot and ankle allowing for a responsive fit that doesn't restrict mobility. The 5mm thickness and taped seams work together to block out water while still holding warmth, so you can enjoy the waves when the water is down to 44 degrees Fahrenheit. The sole is also fitted with a grippy texture so you can keep traction on your board as you catch wave after wave.

  • A neoprene bootie to keep your feet from freezing in the surf
  • Technobutter 3 and 3X provide easy mobility in the boot
  • Surf in cooler water down to temperatures to 44 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Hook-and-loop strap on shin and arch keeps a snug fit while surfing
  • Taped seams lock out moisture for a durable and watertight fit
  • Grippy sole provides traction on board for responsive maneuvering
  • Easily pull the bootie on or off with a convenient heel pull tab
  • Item #ONE01AF
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    Billabong 3/2mm Furnace Absolute Back Zip Full Wetsuit - Men's

    For full-body warmth on chilly days you've got the Billabong 3/2mm Furnace Absolute Back Zip Full Wetsuit. Designed with new Furnace Quick Dry thermal lining in the front and back torso, this suit offers targeted heat-trapping, quick-drying and quick-draining performance, and tons of stretch to ensure that nothing holds you back when you're on the board. The thermal lining works with a light foam core to retain your internal body heat, while GBS seams seal out cold water to make sure that warmth keeps up. The ultra-mobile Superflex 250 neoprene and strategically placed seaming give you uninhibited movement, while the wallet-friendly price point makes sure that you don't have to be raking in contest winnings to afford this quality suit.

  • Stay toasty on chilly days in the water with this back-entry suit
  • Furnace Quick Dry lining keeps you warm and dry on the board
  • Superflex 250 neoprene stretches 250% its usual resting state
  • Light foam core retains internal warmth without restricting movement
  • GBS seams ensure that cold water doesn't sneak in and ruin your day
  • 3/2mm neoprene is ideal for water temperatures in the 60's
  • Great performance at an affordable cost keeps more folks in the surf
  • Item #BIL02TX
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    O'Neill Psycho One 4/3mm Chest-Zip Full Wetsuit - Men's

    It's an ironic twist of fate that the best waves come at winter's peak when the water's cold. But life dictates that you gotta get after it when the getting's good, therefore you might want to invest in O'Neill's Psycho One Men's F.U.Z.E. 4/3 Full Wetsuit. The Psychotech incorporates the F.U.Z.E. chest-zip closure, which enhances ease of entry and improves stretch and mobility for unimpeded surfing performance. It also includes an external key pocket with loop, so you don't need to worry about losing your car key while harvesting swell.

  • Stay fluid and mobile while surfing cold waters
  • 4/3mm TechnoButter neoprene stays warm down to high 50s
  • F.U.Z.E. chest-zip closure makes entry and exit easier
  • TechnoButter 2 retains 30% less water than other neoprene
  • Seams welded to reduce chafing and enhance durability
  • External key pocket wi/ loop reduces parking stress
  • Super seal cuffs keep the water out of your sleeves
  • Item #ONE015O
  • well we're here at the O'Neill psycho 2r at the Oceanside south side of the pier and the boys have been trying out some of the new suits one of the other

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    Billabong 5mm Furnace Carbon Ultra Glove - Men's

    Easier than tugging a full furnace along on a surfboard, the Billabong 5mm Furnace Carbon Ultra Glove is there with fireside warmth for your frosty fingers when you're plunged in frigid waters. Its thick 5mm neoprene keeps your hands away from the icy tide, while Furnace Quick Dry thermal lining offers next-to-skin warmth that dries and drains quickly to keep you comfortable and dry when you're out in the surf. A Smart Foam core ensures thermal retention to make sure your precious heat won't be escaping, and a high density palm print lets you keep a solid grip on your board in the water.

  • Get toasty warmth in cold waters with this wetsuit glove
  • Furnace Quick Dry lining keeps your hands warm when temps drop
  • Foam core traps the heat in so you won't lose any warmth
  • Palm grip ensures a steady hold on your board in rough waters
  • Inner lining dries and drains quickly to keep you comfortable
  • 5mm neoprene is designed for waters in the high 40's and up
  • Item #BIL02U1
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    Patagonia R1 Lite Yulex Long-Sleeve Top - Men's

    The newly updated Patagonia R1 Lite Yulex Long-Sleeve Top delivers the same eco-friendly construction as its predecessors, but now features even more stretch and comfort at a reduced weight. The 1.5mm Yulex natural rubber blend provides insulation against cool spring waters, and does so without the harmful effects that come with traditional neoprene. Patagonia attributes its use of Yulex rubber to a whopping 80% decrease in CO2 emissions during the manufacturing process compared to standard neoprene-based wetsuits. It's also sourced from a Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified rubber plantation in the highlands of Guatemala, giving Patagonia total oversight over the production process in order to maintain the highest degree of environmental and social responsibility—all without deforesting sensitive ecosystems.

    And there's more to love about this top than its planet-benefiting construction. A flexible and quick-drying recycled polyester lining lends easier movement and greater comfort while you surf, while the flatlock seam construction reduces chafing within the tight anatomical fit. A rubberized waist gasket with an adjustable waist and cord-lock help keep the water out and your top in place, ensuring that you won't be fidgeting with your fit as the day's best wave passes you by.

  • Eco-friendly wetsuit top for cool spring surfing
  • Yulex natural rubber delivers sustainable warmth
  • Updated design is lighter, stretchier, and more comfortable
  • Recycled polyester lining lends stretch and quick dry times
  • Flatlock seams prevent chafing during long surf days
  • Rubberized waist gasket with adjustable cord keeps your fit secure
  • Item #PAT02WD
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    Rip Curl Dawn Patrol 3mm Round Toe Bootie - Men's

    From first light to sunset, the Rip Curl Dawn Patrol Round Toe Booties will keep your feet functioning in the cold. Constructed entirely from glued and blindstitched Superstretch neoprene, they're snug, strapless, slip-on booties with a sensitive, griptastic E4 Flight Super Soft rubber sole for board feel and performance. Additionally, they'll keep your toes protected from potential hazards that come with surfing such as glass, coral reefs, or urchins.

  • Neoprene booties for warmth and protection in cold water surfing
  • 3mm thickness keeps your toes warm through the winter swells
  • Glued and blindstitched seal minimizes water intake for warmth
  • Strapless slip-on style minimizes pressure points for comfort
  • Sensitive E4 Flight Super Soft Sole provides great board feel
  • Item #RIP00W8
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    Billabong 4/3mm Furnace Absolute Chest Zip GBS Full Wetsuit - Men's

    New to the Billabong lineup and aptly named, the 4/3mm Furnace Absolute Chest Zip GBS Full Wetsuit keeps you warm on the waves when said waves have been chilled by winter weather. This full body wetsuit features an incredibly stretchy construction, giving you full mobility to paddle, charge, and ride waves from dusk to dawn, and it's lined with a super toasty insulation. This double knit jersey lining creates air pockets that trap your body heat, and works in conjunction with a foam core for enhanced thermal retention in those chilled swells. The seams are blind-stitched and lined with a machine-applied pressure-bonded stretch tape, which further locks your warmth in and prevents flushing. The face of the suit features a high stretch jersey that's hook-and-loop resistant and boasts low water absorption, which keeps wind chill to a minimum when it comes time to take a stand and carve the big one.

  • Full body wetsuit for catching waves in the winter surf
  • Strategically placed seams are blind-stitched and pressure-bonded
  • Premium super-flex stretch jersey keeps you dry and moving free
  • Double-knit Furnace jersey lining traps body heat and dries quickly
  • Foam core offers 250% stretch and high thermal retention
  • Chest zip entry system provides easy changing
  • Item #BIL02TW
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    Rip Curl Flashbomb 5/4 Hooded Chest-Zip ST Wetsuit - Men's

    You don't let the cold winter waters of the Oregon coast stop you from getting in on those beautiful waves. In Rip Curl's all new Flashbomb 5/4 Hooded Chest-Zip ST Wetsuit, you'll stay warm thanks to its 100% E5 flash lining. This lining is lightweight, stretchy, and most importantly, super warm to keep your entire body comfortable. Two engineered layers funnel water rapidly out of the suit while you surf so you can focus on the waves, not your shivering limbs. In addition to warmth, the Flashbomb piles on the features to keep you mobile out on the surf. In addition to the stretch lining, external aquaban tape and internal E5 flashlining tape in the arms up the durability of the suit while providing insane flexibility for unrestrictive paddling past the break.

  • Lightweight and extremely warm wetsuit for cold water surfing
  • Chest zipper style provides easy entry and exit with low-bulk
  • E5 Flash lining through entire suit delivers ultimate in warmth
  • E5 Flash lining tape in the arms provides fast drying stretch
  • External Aquaban+ tape increases the integrity of the seams
  • Magnetic stash pocket on the leg has a key loop for convenience
  • Glued and Blindstitched seams keep suit durable and flexible
  • Item #RIP00VT
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    7TILL8 Surf 3/2 Back-Zip Fullsuit - Men's

    Step easily into the 7Till8 Surf 3/2 Back-Zip Fullsuit for a warm and comfortable dip into cool waters. Whether you're on the board or going for a long diving session, you'll love its handcrafted quality and easy back-entry design. An inner fleece lining keeps you warm and repels water to keep your core body temperature up while you're in the water, while four-way stretch neoprene and a large-panel design give you comfortable and unrestricted movement whether you're paddling to catch a big one or exploring new depths. The GBS seams are hand taped, with an added layer of flexible neoprene tape to ensure that a leaky suit won't send you running in just when the swell's getting good.

  • A custom brand delivers ready-made quality with this cold water suit
  • Stretchy neoprene offers uninhibited movement for long surf sessions
  • Inner fleece lining repels water and offers close-to-skin warmth
  • GBS seams are reinforced with neoprene tape to keep water shut out
  • Back-entry design for an easy on/off and broad shouldered surfers
  • Adjustable neck collar lets you easily adjust tension and fit
  • Internal batwing prevents water from sneaking in the main zipper
  • 7Till8 recommends this suit in waters between 55-62F
  • Item #VTL0003
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    Quiksilver 4/3 Monochrome GBS A-Zip Steamer Wetsuit - Men's

    The Quiksilver Men's 4/3 Monochrome GBS Chest-Zip Steamer Wetsuit is a great option for colder water conditions when performance can't be sacrificed for insulation. The Steamer is packed with air cells that work in tandem with its WarmFlight thermal lining to retain warm air and increase the amount of time (or number of waves) you're in the water. Plus, the Flush Lock 2.0 seals keep excess water from washing into the suit, maintaining the well-earned heat and keeping you focused on the next set, instead of your cold core.

  • Full wetsuit that helps you not miss a set on cold days
  • F'n Lite neoprene traps air to keep you dry, warm, and happy
  • WarmFlight thermal lining adds additional warmth for cold days
  • GBS seams are extremely flexible while boasting minimal water entry
  • Internal seam tape ensures all seams are water tight
  • Flush lock 2.0 stretch seals additionally keep water out
  • Ecto-Flex knee pads boost comfort while you wait out a lull
  • Item #QKS03CO
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    XCEL 4/3mm Drylock TDC Full Suit - Men's

    You don't have to sacrifice performance for warmth when you're off surfing in colder waters when you have the XCEL Hawaii 4/3mm Drylock TDC Full Suit. Designed to be more eco-friendly, to fit like a second skin, and to retain as much of your body heat as possible, the suit will keep you comfortable and performing at your best when you head for the waves. The suit is constructed with 100% UltraStretch Japanese Limestone Nanoprene that is more eco-friendly than its standard petroleum-based neoprene counterparts. Additionally, this nanoprene is lighter, softer, and warmer for extended comfort while you surf.

    XCEL designed the suit to fit like a second skin to keep you confidently mobile in the water. In addition to the UltraStretch nanoprene construction, the suit is equipped with a new sleeve design for increased range of motion, back knee flex grooves to eliminate bunching, and an engineered design to keep the fit as perfect as possible. For warmth, the suit is lined with TDC, XCEL's proprietary mineral based fibers that reflect your body heat back to you for warmth in cold waters. Finally, Drylock wrist seals and ankle and neck seals minimize flushing and water intake so you stay comfortable in 50 degree waters.

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    Patagonia R1 Lite Yulex Front-Zip Spring Suit - Men's

    Warm spring waves are much more enjoyable when you have the flexible and eco-friendly protection of the Patagonia R1 Lite Yulex Full-Zip Spring Suit. Unlike traditional wetsuits, which are made with energy-intensive, petroleum-based neoprene, this suit harnesses the power of Yulex natural rubber in order to decrease environmental impact without compromising performance. In fact, this updated version uses a newer Yulex construction that's lighter, stretchier, and ultimately more comfortable than Patagonia's previous Yulex suits. The result is the same reliable insulating properties as before, with improved movement on the board and in the water. A stretchy and quick-drying recycled polyester lining also works to increase mobility, while GBS seams ensure a watertight seal against cool water. The front-zip design makes it easy to slip in and out of, and the short sleeve-and-leg design makes it perfect for warmer conditions.

  • Performance spring suit with a durable eco-friendly construction
  • Yulex natural rubber provides a cleaner source of insulation
  • 2mm thickness is ideal for 65-75 degree waters
  • Triple GBS seams provide a durable seal against the tides
  • Front-zip entry makes it easy to take on and off
  • Internal spot taping at high stress areas increases durability
  • Recycled polyester lining offers quick dry times and easy stretch
  • Solution dyeing uses 86% less water than traditional dyeing
  • Item #PAT02W9
  • totally redesigned for 2018 and now 20%. Stretchier than its predecessor our men's r1 yulux front zip full suit is a high-performance neoprene free wet suit. Built to keep you warm and comfortable in ocean temps 60s 65 degrees Fahrenheit. 16 to 18 degrees Celsius torso and. Thighs use three mil rubber with a high stretch fast-drying 95% polyester 5%. Spandex inverted micro grid thermal. Lining that minimizes weight dries fast and offers excellent flexibility arms. And legs use 2.5 middle lines with high. Stretch fast drying 100% recycled polyester jersey a floating front zip. Opening keeps things flexible through the shoulders minimizes flushing and makes it easier to put on and take off all external seams are sealed and all. Seams our triple glued and internally taped knees and ankle cuffs use super. Tex material for abrasion resistance and increased durability and this wet suit is. Made in a fair trade certified facility which means the people who made it earned a premium for their labor we make it with 85% Euler natural rubber and 15%. Synthetic rubber by polymer content this. Warm stretchy and durable alternative to. Neoprene performs the same but reduces co2 emissions by up to 80% in the manufacturing process the natural rubber. Was developed by patagonia's partners at Euler and shack and is derived from sources that are forest stewardship council certified by the rain forest alliance the. Face fabric is 85 percent recycled polyester and 15 percent spandex both. Face and lining fabrics are solution dyed which uses 86 percent less water. Then conventional dyeing and laminated with water-based aqua a glue that's free from harmful volatile organic compound in 2016 we went all-in on. Natural rubber wet suits and 2018 sees us. Continuing to improve that natural progression by delivering superior stretch warmth comfort and durability. Without any of the downsides of using neoprene in our men's r1 ux front zip. Full suit.

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    XCEL Hawaii Comp 4/3MM X TDC Wetsuit - Men's

    Excellent swells aren't reserved for warm waters. When you're out catching monsters in colder swells, reach for the XCEL Hawaii Comp 4/3mm TDC Wetsuit. Insulating Thermo Dry Celliant fibers from neck to ankle transfer your body's natural heat for extra warmth on those dawn patrol sessions. Its limestone based nanoprene is softer, lighter, more flexible, and more eco-friendly than its neoprene counter parts for a more comfortable, next-to-skin fit. Nexskin seals and a Glide Skin collar help prevent flushing while triple glued and blindstitched seams durably keep water out. Finally, the suits high performance stretch from the nanoprene, chest entry, one piece front and back panels, and back knee flex groves keep you mobile as you kickflip, tube ride, and sushi roll.

  • Wetsuit with stretch, warmth, and a minimal environmental impact
  • Nanoprene is lighter, softer, and more eco-friendly than neoprene
  • TDC neck to ankle delivers quick drying performance and warmth
  • Triple glued and blindstitched seams are strong and water tight
  • Fusion X tape reduces seam irritation and chafing for added comfort
  • Semi-dry zipper has magnetic closure to help prevent suit flushing
  • Articulated back knee flex grooves prevent folding and bunching
  • Durable ankle, wrist, and neck water-tight seals prevent flushing
  • Item #XCL007J
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    Billabong 3/2mm Furnace Absolute X Chest Zip GBS Full Wetsuit - Men's

    You're trying to tell your friends that there's a killer wave coming in, not a "K-k-killer w-w-w-wav-v-ve." Stop shivering and start shredding with the Billabong 3/2mm Furnace Absolute X Chest Zip GBS Full Wetsuit. Ideal for chilly early and late season waters, this fullsuit offers toasty warmth and plenty of mobility. Furnace Quick Dry thermal lining in the chest and back traps body heat to keep you warm on the board, and also offers quick draining and quick drying performance. The Superflex 250 neoprene offers insane stretch, up to 250% its resting state, to ensure that absolutely nothing will hold you back as you rip huge off-season swells. The thermal-retaining foam core keeps all of your precious heat inside where it belongs, while the liquid-welded seams work on the opposite front, keeping cold water securely shut out with a reliable watertight seal.

  • Keep shredding in chilly waters with this toasty fullsuit
  • Furnace Quick Dry lining traps body heat to keep you warm
  • Superflex 250 neoprene gives you unrestricted mobility on the board
  • Liquid welded seams deliver a dependable watertight seam seal
  • Lightweight foam core retains warmth and moves with you in the water
  • 3/2mm is recommended for water in the high 50s and low 60s
  • Item #BIL02TR
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    Vissla 7 Seas Hooded 5/4/3 Long-Sleeve Wetsuit - Men's

    For some reason, Mother Nature only tends to give up the goods when she's angry, so instead of taking the day off and crying in your camper van, pull on the Vissla men's 7 Seas Hooded 5/4/3 Long-Sleeve Wetsuit and hammer down on the mid-winter swell. Vissla's high-performance super-stretch neoprene is extra elastic to support dynamic movements in and out of the water, and an interior thermal lining helps retain heat and insulate your body from the brutally cold waters. The chest-zip entry is easy to get on and also includes a self-draining gasket that prevents cold water from penetrating into the interior, and triple-glued seams 86 even the tiniest amounts of seep-through moisture. All cuff seals are liquid-taped to create a better bonding seal with your skin, plus, the 7 Seas includes a secure key cord so you can stash your car key in the suit and stop worrying about the gear pile you left on the beach all alone.

  • A wetsuit for ocean and river surfing in cold waters
  • 5/4/3mm neoprene good in water conditions down to 46F
  • Thermal hollow fiber lining air cells boost lightweight comfort
  • Glued and blind-stitched seams cut leaks and boost warmth
  • Hood wi/ visor keeps sun out of eyes and head warm
  • Liquid taped seals mitigate cuff and ankle flushing
  • Chest zip entry is self-draining and improves ease of entry
  • Key cord is secure so you don't lose your ride home
  • Item #VSL0066
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