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  O'Neill O'riginal Short-Sleeve Spring Back-Zip Wetsuit - Men's Billabong 5/4mm Furnace Absolute X Chest Zip Hooded Wetsuit - Men's Matuse Hoplite 3/2 Full Wetsuit - Men's Billabong 3/2mm Furnace Absolute X Chest Zip GBS Full Wetsuit - Men's Billabong 4/3mm Furnace Absolute Chest Zip GBS Full Wetsuit - Men's Rip Curl Flashbomb 3/2 Chest-Zip Full Wetsuit - Men's Quiksilver 3/2 Syncro Plus Back-Zip LFS Wetsuit - Men's XCEL Hawaii Drylock X 3/2mm Full Wetsuit - Men's Matuse BC Vest - Men's Patagonia R1 Lite Yulex Front-Zip Long-Sleeve Top - Men's XCEL 4/3mm Drylock TDC Full Suit - Men's XCEL Infiniti 4/3mm Wetsuit - Men's O'Neill Psycho-Tech Fuze 4/3 FSW Full Wetsuit - Men's O'Neill Heat RT 5mm Boot - Men's Quiksilver HLine 3.0mm Plus Split Toe Boot - Men's Billabong 2mm Absolute Comp Long-Sleeve Jacket - Men's
  O'Neill O'riginal Short-Sleeve Spring Back-Zip Wetsuit - Men's Billabong 5/4mm Furnace Absolute X Chest Zip Hooded Wetsuit - Men's Matuse Hoplite 3/2 Full Wetsuit - Men's Billabong 3/2mm Furnace Absolute X Chest Zip GBS Full Wetsuit - Men's Billabong 4/3mm Furnace Absolute Chest Zip GBS Full Wetsuit - Men's Rip Curl Flashbomb 3/2 Chest-Zip Full Wetsuit - Men's Quiksilver 3/2 Syncro Plus Back-Zip LFS Wetsuit - Men's XCEL Hawaii Drylock X 3/2mm Full Wetsuit - Men's Matuse BC Vest - Men's Patagonia R1 Lite Yulex Front-Zip Long-Sleeve Top - Men's XCEL 4/3mm Drylock TDC Full Suit - Men's XCEL Infiniti 4/3mm Wetsuit - Men's O'Neill Psycho-Tech Fuze 4/3 FSW Full Wetsuit - Men's O'Neill Heat RT 5mm Boot - Men's Quiksilver HLine 3.0mm Plus Split Toe Boot - Men's Billabong 2mm Absolute Comp Long-Sleeve Jacket - Men's
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Brand Billabong Quiksilver XCEL XCEL Rip Curl O'Neill Billabong Matuse O'Neill Billabong Matuse Billabong O'Neill Quiksilver XCEL Patagonia
Manufacturer Warranty 1 year 1 year 1 year 1 year 3 year seams, 1 year materials 90 days 1 year 1 year limited 1 year 1 year limited 1 year 1 year 1 year 1 year 1 year lifetime
Material Superflex 250 neoprene 92% nylon, 8% elastane [neoprene] Nanoprene Lite Japanese Limestone, [lining] TDC, [lower body] ThermoLite [face fabric] Japanese limestone nanoprene, [lining] TDC Black E5 neoprene FluidFlex neoprene, FluidFlex Firewall lining [face fabric] AX1 Superfelx 250 Jersey, [lining] Furnace Quick Dry, [core] Superlight foam Geoprene UltraFlex [outer fabric] AX1 Premium super-flex neoprene, [chest and back lining] Furnace quick dry thermal lining, [core] superlight foam Geoprene, Hydrasilk [body] AX1 Premium super-flex neoprene, [lining] Furnace Quick Dry, [core] Superlight foam Technobutter 3, Technobutter Firewall F'N Lite neoprene (92% nylon, 8% elastane), Warmflight thermal fleece, Warmflight Far Infrared Japanese Limestone Nanoprene [body] 85% Yulex natural rubber, 15% synthetic rubber, [exterior face] 88% recycled polyester, 12% spandex, [lining] 100% recycled polyester
Recommended Use surfing surfing surfing surfing ocean surfing, river surfing surfing surfing surfing surfing surfing surfing surfing surfing surfing surfing surfing
Seam Construction flatlock Liquid Flex Seal triple-glued and blindstitched, FusionX tape sealed and Fusion X taped GBS - [external] twin needle stretch blindstitch, [internal] bonded stretch tape - - [external] liquid welded, [internal] machine applied superflex neo tape - [external] liquid welded, GBS, [internal] stretch tape Fluid weld - stitch-free power seam, FusionX triple-glued, blind-stitched, internally spot taped seams
Thickness 2/2mm 3, 2mm 4/3mm 4/3mm 3/2mm 5mm 4/3mm 3/2 mm 2mm 5/4mm 1mm 3/2mm 4/3mm 3mm 3/2mm 1.5 mm
Water Temp 69F+ 56 - 64F 49 - 58F 49 - 58F 59F+ - 53 - 60F 55 - 64 F 68-75F - 70 - 75F 58-65F 54-68°F - 56 - 64F 65 - 75 F
Zip back back X2 chest water-tight chest zip with magnetic closure chest-zip - chest rear back zip chest, internal GBS zipper barrier back chest chest - upper chest full-length with corrosion-proof Salmi zipper

O'Neill O'riginal Short-Sleeve Spring Back-Zip Wetsuit - Men's

Pairing classic style with modern technology, the O'Neill Men's O'riginal Short-Sleeve Spring Back Zip Wetsuit checks all the right boxes while still leaving you with money leftover. Crafted entirely from UltraFlex neoprene, this wetsuit delivers superior feel, flexibility, and reliable warmth in cooler waters. Wind-resistant chest and back panels do their part to defend against those heat-sapping breezes, while the strategic seamless paddle zones keep you operating smoothly on the paddle out to the line-up. Plus, O'Neill gave it a back zippered entry that stays out of your way when you need to focus on what's ahead of you.

  • Stretchy, warm, and affordable wetsuit for cool-water comfort
  • UltraFlex neoprene moves as you do and defends against the cold
  • Seamless paddle zones ensure a full range of motion
  • Back zip entry adds a comfortable fit
  • Item #ONE018F
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    Billabong 5/4mm Furnace Absolute X Chest Zip Hooded Wetsuit - Men's

    The Billabong Men's 5/4mm Furnace Absolute X Chest Zip Hooded Wetsuit keeps you prepared when the best swell of the year decides to arrive in those cold winter months. Utilizing premium materials and advanced construction with Billabong Furnace technology, this suit offers the warmth of a thicker suit in a lightweight package.

    The AX1 SuperFlex neoprene provides the optimum blend of thermal retention, flexibility, and durability. Chest and back panels are lined with Furnace Quick Dry to trap and retain heat, keeping you warm even in the coldest temperatures. Light foam in the core offers high-performance thermal retention and is made from upcycled car tires for an eco-friendly construction. The cinch-up hood keeps your brain from freezing as you dive under the breakers, while durable knee panels help reduce discomfort on the board. Sealed and taped seams keep cold water out and are strategically placed to maximize flexibility and comfort, so you won't have to quit before the best set of the day rolls in.

  • Shred big waves all year long in this cold weather wetsuit
  • Furnace Quick Dry lining traps heat to keep you warm in cold swells
  • Flexible neoprene allows a full range of motion on the board
  • Foam core provides thermal retention to ensure you don't lose warmth
  • Watertight seams keep water from seeping in and sending you home
  • Visored hood eliminates brain freeze when you go under
  • Minimal seams allow for maximum flexibility and comfort
  • Item #BIL02TT
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    Matuse Hoplite 3/2 Full Wetsuit - Men's

    The threateningly dark, gray skies above the ocean have finally lived up to their ominous looks and unleashed the rain. But that's okay, while the crowds scamper for the safety of their cars, you bob up and down in the now-empty line-up as snug as a bug in a rug in your Matuse Men's Hoplite 3/2 Full Wetsuit. Built to handle waters ranging from 55-64F, this suit is exceptionally light, comfortable, flexible, and tough to handle some of your heaviest sessions in the surf.

    Made from the incredibly innovative Geoprene (which is actually made from limestone, hence the name GEO), this suit's material is over 30% more water-impermeable than petroleum-based neoprene suits, far less water-absorbent for a lighter and quicker-drying performance, and offers 400% greater stretch than your own skin for an unbelievably flexible design that never gets stretch marks. Geoprene is naturally warmer than neoprene, so less of it needs to be used, resulting in not only a lighter design, but also a far smaller impact on the environment when manufactured. And don't worry about a single scratch destroying the suit's integrity, Geoprene rubber has a uniform microcell structure that, when scratched, allows new independent concave cells to be exposed for continued functionality and warmth.

  • Geoprene construction
  • Built for waters 55-64 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Rear zip entry
  • Item #MSJ0003
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    Billabong 3/2mm Furnace Absolute X Chest Zip GBS Full Wetsuit - Men's

    You're trying to tell your friends that there's a killer wave coming in, not a "K-k-killer w-w-w-wav-v-ve." Stop shivering and start shredding with the Billabong 3/2mm Furnace Absolute X Chest Zip GBS Full Wetsuit. Ideal for chilly early and late season waters, this fullsuit offers toasty warmth and plenty of mobility. Furnace Quick Dry thermal lining in the chest and back traps body heat to keep you warm on the board, and also offers quick draining and quick drying performance. The Superflex 250 neoprene offers insane stretch, up to 250% its resting state, to ensure that absolutely nothing will hold you back as you rip huge off-season swells. The thermal-retaining foam core keeps all of your precious heat inside where it belongs, while the liquid-welded seams work on the opposite front, keeping cold water securely shut out with a reliable watertight seal.

  • Keep shredding in chilly waters with this toasty fullsuit
  • Furnace Quick Dry lining traps body heat to keep you warm
  • Superflex 250 neoprene gives you unrestricted mobility on the board
  • Liquid welded seams deliver a dependable watertight seam seal
  • Lightweight foam core retains warmth and moves with you in the water
  • 3/2mm is recommended for water in the high 50s and low 60s
  • Item #BIL02TR
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    Billabong 4/3mm Furnace Absolute Chest Zip GBS Full Wetsuit - Men's

    New to the Billabong lineup and aptly named, the 4/3mm Furnace Absolute Chest Zip GBS Full Wetsuit keeps you warm on the waves when said waves have been chilled by winter weather. This full body wetsuit features an incredibly stretchy construction, giving you full mobility to paddle, charge, and ride waves from dusk to dawn, and it's lined with a super toasty insulation. This double knit jersey lining creates air pockets that trap your body heat, and works in conjunction with a foam core for enhanced thermal retention in those chilled swells. The seams are blind-stitched and lined with a machine-applied pressure-bonded stretch tape, which further locks your warmth in and prevents flushing. The face of the suit features a high stretch jersey that's hook-and-loop resistant and boasts low water absorption, which keeps wind chill to a minimum when it comes time to take a stand and carve the big one.

  • Full body wetsuit for catching waves in the winter surf
  • Strategically placed seams are blind-stitched and pressure-bonded
  • Premium super-flex stretch jersey keeps you dry and moving free
  • Double-knit Furnace jersey lining traps body heat and dries quickly
  • Foam core offers 250% stretch and high thermal retention
  • Chest zip entry system provides easy changing
  • Item #BIL02TW
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    Rip Curl Flashbomb 3/2 Chest-Zip Full Wetsuit - Men's

    Tried and true, the multiple award-winning Rip Curl Men's Flash Bomb 3/2 Chest Zip Wetsuit is trusted by pros and Joes alike thanks to its extremely light, flexible feel and rapid dry time. Based on the beloved, initial Flashbomb, this version has been updated with E5 neoprene to make it 30% stretchier and 20% lighter that the original. The E5 Flash lining uses two layers to transport water to the outside of the suit so it dries rapidly, meaning you can hang your suit up after the morning session and have it be dry by the time the afternoon sets roll in.

    Stitchless seam technology provides improved stretch and durability, and E5 internal seam taping, combined with the liquid-taped internal seams practically eliminate water entry without limiting mobility. Additionally, the E5 neoprene has a high warmth-to-weight ratio to make it feel like you're wearing a thinner suit than you actually are. The Hydro-lock collar prevents flushing when you duck dive, while the three-hole drainage system allows any water that does get in to escape. Not to mention, the stash pocket secures your keys so you don't have to risk leaving them on shore, or in the hands of morally dubious locals.

  • Serious stretch and reliable warmth for chilly swells
  • Stretchy Freeflex neoprene supports dynamic movement
  • E5 neoprene in arms allows greater mobility
  • E5 Flash lining traps heat and enhances dry time
  • E5 taping strengthens stress points and enhances stretch
  • Tough S-Flex knee pads absorb impacts and reef cuts
  • Magnetic stash pocket keeps your key secure
  • Item #RIP00V4
  • Dit is de vijf 3-chip fles bron van rip wil een van de beste wetsuits wordt. Gemaakt voor de winter gelijk zien we. Juist het alle flexibel kunnen hier. Materiaal van rib groen verwerkt geen adem meer op de schouders dus hij extra flexibel en je voelt je. Extra lekker op de borst en productie. Met symbool aan mee op grind firewall sinds soort rubberachtig neopreen wat. Niet meer volzuigen met water dus als er veel wind staat met koud is heb je veel langer natuurlijk beter warm zeg maar we zien het is een chip entry systeem technisch kunnen onder dus je. Onder is ook nog wetsuit als ik hier water binnen zou schieten bij je nek was je dag volg nog eigenlijk nog meer gebeurd gaat het 4 door de drempels en. Je achter rode dwingen ons mee naar buiten zonder je lichaam aan te raken dus dat is een hele lekkere gadget zien. We gelijk bij de mouwen en bij de benen. Hebben we nee ook geen versterking die. Door wetsuit een beetje bij elkaar kwijt dus als je graag wat foto's die de water niet meer binnen ook heel erg lekker van de winter of het maar 5 graden is en dan zien we overal over na de van de buitenkant is deze. Wedge met hem mee op rengelink wit seal. Afgesloten dit is een heel erg goed afgesloten wetsuit als lanna vinger kan kijken zien. We dat die de google geschild is want ook hier ligt een neopreen teentje over. De naden heen en de hele wet soupers van de binnenkant met de dit profiel is leiding verwerpt dat is dit windveld je wat je over passie het is een soort botsen en wat. Nog doet het is water wacht wijzen dus tussen jou en je park ligt eigenlijk nog maar laagjes weet een beetje dat warm je heel erg makkelijk ook wil je eigen lichaam smaken dus dit is een van de warmste en westen wetsuits voor de winter heb je nog meer vragen van ons altijd bellen of stuur ons een mailtje naar souk el harby vinden naar.

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    Quiksilver 3/2 Syncro Plus Back-Zip LFS Wetsuit - Men's

    Summertime dawn patrols in southern California calls for zipping into your Quiksilver 3/2 Syncro Plus Back-Zip LFS Wetsuit, grabbing the fish board, and running out to the water to catch the first big break. With a 56 - 64F temperature recommendation, this wet suit is ideal for early morning and late sunset sessions throughout the long days of the summer season. Designed to keep you warm, the Syncro Plus is equipped with naturally-warming limestone, a wind and water-resistant Thermal Smoothie, and WarmFlight Far-Infrared thermal lining that helps generate and maintain natural body heat. And with a lightweight neoprene material and Ecto-Flex knee pads, this full-length wetsuit feels like second skin as you swim, paddle, and carve. A two-point adjustable neck collar and full-length back zipper creates a comfortable fit that ensures minimal flushing.

  • Wake up and get after it with this summer-time wetsuit
  • Lightweight neoprene reinforced with naturally-warming limestone
  • Infrared thermal lining helps generate and maintain body heat
  • Wind and water-resistant finish works to block out cold elements
  • Extra-flexible knee pads enhances your range of motion
  • Adjustable neck collar maximizes comfort and minimizes flushing
  • Full-length back zipper makes dressing and undressing easier
  • Item #QKS037A
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    XCEL Hawaii Drylock X 3/2mm Full Wetsuit - Men's

    You can't travel to the tropics as much as you'd like, but the Xcel Hawaii Men's Drylock X 3/2mm Full Wetsuit helps you feel like you're surfing in the tropics whether you are or not. Designed for 56 - 64F waters, the Drylock X actually feels lighter than it should; its Japanese Limestone Nanoprene fabric is surprisingly light because Xcel's innovative Celliant Black liner that reflects your own body heat back your way. Add gaskets at the wrists, ankles, and collar and you're ready to surf some cool waves feeling like you're getting a tan on warm sand.

  • Full wetsuit designed for surfing in 56 - 64F waters
  • Japanese Limestone Nanoprene is light, soft, and warm
  • Celliant Black liner warms you up without weighing you down
  • Drylock wrists, NexSkin ankles, and Glide Skin collar gaskets
  • Waterproof chest zipper with magnetic seal locks water out
  • Item #XCL005X
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    Matuse BC Vest - Men's

    The BC Vest, or Bell Curve Vest from Matuse is designed with front and back bell curve paneling. This construction ensures the vest stays securely in place when the surf's going off. Not only is a wetsuit vest that locks down in a heavy wave safer, but also warmer to keep you comfortable through big summer swells.

  • Securely fitting wetsuit vest for warm water surf sessions
  • Eco-friendly Geoprene construction keeps you comfortable
  • Strategic panels ensure a secure fit in rough seas for safety
  • Matuse blends style, sustainability, and performance in its products
  • Item #MSJ001K
  • This is the mateus one millimeter vest. It's a smooth skin in the front chest. Area smooth skin in the back it has a. Drawstring to tighten it up in the back it also has a board connector in the. Front so what you do with this is you. Use the string on your board shorts and tie it so it doesn't write up on you it comes in small medium and large and. Extra-large these run a little small so. If you're a large make sure you get an extra large and there are a $95 check it. Out if you have any questions email us or call us at the shop.

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    Patagonia R1 Lite Yulex Front-Zip Long-Sleeve Top - Men's

    Surfers have traditionally relied on neoprene wetsuits to keep them warm and agile while paddling out and catching swells. Unfortunately, neoprene poses a major environmental problem by requiring the use of petroleum and toxic chemicals throughout production. Eliminating this harmful impact, the Patagonia R1 Lite Yulex Front-Zip Long-Sleeve Top replaces neoprene with Yulex natural rubber. This bio-based rubber maintains the same warmth and stretch characteristics of traditional neoprene, but with a drastic 80% reduction in CO2 emissions throughout the wetsuit's production process.

    This 1.5-millimeter wetsuit top is an ideal choice for the surfer seeking extra insulation from chilly morning waves and breezy conditions. The full-length front zipper allows for painless entry and exit without bending like a contortionist. Triple-glued, blindstitched seams prevent water from seeping inside and chilling your core. The seams are internally spot taped along high-stress zones for greater durability. There's also a fused waistline for a low profile fit.

  • Performance wetsuit top sourced from natural rubber
  • Yulex natural rubber delivers sustainable warmth
  • 1.5mm thickness is best for 65 to 75ºF water
  • Full-length front zipper for quick entry and exit
  • Triple-glued, blindstitched seams for a watertight seal
  • Internally spot taped along high-stress areas
  • Fused edge waist creates a low-profile fit
  • Corrosion-proof Salmi zipper
  • Item #PAT01WN
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    XCEL 4/3mm Drylock TDC Full Suit - Men's

    You don't have to sacrifice performance for warmth when you're off surfing in colder waters when you have the XCEL Hawaii 4/3mm Drylock TDC Full Suit. Designed to be more eco-friendly, to fit like a second skin, and to retain as much of your body heat as possible, the suit will keep you comfortable and performing at your best when you head for the waves. The suit is constructed with 100% UltraStretch Japanese Limestone Nanoprene that is more eco-friendly than its standard petroleum-based neoprene counterparts. Additionally, this nanoprene is lighter, softer, and warmer for extended comfort while you surf.

    XCEL designed the suit to fit like a second skin to keep you confidently mobile in the water. In addition to the UltraStretch nanoprene construction, the suit is equipped with a new sleeve design for increased range of motion, back knee flex grooves to eliminate bunching, and an engineered design to keep the fit as perfect as possible. For warmth, the suit is lined with TDC, XCEL's proprietary mineral based fibers that reflect your body heat back to you for warmth in cold waters. Finally, Drylock wrist seals and ankle and neck seals minimize flushing and water intake so you stay comfortable in 50 degree waters.

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    XCEL Infiniti 4/3mm Wetsuit - Men's

    If you're taking some deep, anxious breathes while eyeing up the breaks at Far Rockaway in December, know that you can trust the XCEL Hawaii Infiniti 4/3mm Wetsuit to perform, even when you're ready to jump ship. Constructed with XCEL Hawaii's warmest lining ever, this suit uses a TDC lining that recycles your body heat back into infrared energy to deliver maximum warmth and enhanced performance. Additionally, this suit's extra comfy and Nanoprene Lite Japanese Limestone uses softer foam and a tighter weave textile for less water absorption, better durability, and maximum stretch. The hydrophobic and fast-drying Quick Dry lining lessens your time spent soaking wet, which improves warmth and overall performance.

    Lightweight and durable, the FusionX seam tape on the interior keeps your precious warmth in and water out, while the neoprene panels are glued and pressed together (then blindstitched) to serve up a fully sealed construction with exceptional flex. Plus, inner Nexskin seals at the wrist and ankles, which is a thin band of liquid neoprene, form a superior seal to help minimize flushing. And with back knee flex grooves, Duraflex knee panels, and a minimal seal design, this suit focuses on allowing for maximum flexibility without compromising its integrity or fit and function. Finally, rounding out the Infiniti, the extra-wide crossover neck and X2 zippered chest entry are designed in a way that makes taking it off and putting it on a breeze.

  • Wetsuit ideal for colder late-fall, early winter surf sessions
  • Light, soft, and warm Japanese Limestone neoprene enhances feel
  • GBS construction keeps water out and warmth in
  • Chest zip entry and cross-over neck makes for easy entry
  • Thermo Lite lower body traps your body heat for maximum warmth
  • FusionX tape delivers seam protection against heat pressure
  • Back knee grooves and Duraflex knee panels enhance overall flexibility
  • XCEL Hawaii was founded in Sunset Beach, Hawaii in 1982 to meet tough surf conditions
  • Item #XCL007R
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    O'Neill Psycho-Tech Fuze 4/3 FSW Full Wetsuit - Men's

    Zip up the O'Neill Psycho-Tech Fuze 4/3 FSW Full Wetsuit before hitting the water to ensure you are warm and covered for the duration of the session. The 4/3 thickness lends itself well in cool to cold water and can even fluctuate into warmer temperatures with ease. This versatility is provided by the combination of the Technobutter 3 and Technobutter firewall fabrics that combine to keep water out, move with you, and trap air for impressive warmth. Meanwhile the F.U.Z.E chest entry makes for easy in and out while also keeping you dry and feeling loose so that you can focus on that right hander you have been dreaming of.

  • Full wetsuit that thrives in a wide range of water temperatures
  • Technobutter 3 fabric is strong, hydrophobic, and durable
  • Firewall layer traps air against the skin for excellent warmth
  • F.U.Z.E chest entry makes for quick and easy entry and exit
  • Fluid seam welds are watertight, durable, and ultra flexible
  • Double seal collar keeps water out so that you stay warm
  • External Key pocket with loop keeps your goods secure
  • Item #ONE018S
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    O'Neill Heat RT 5mm Boot - Men's

    Frigid waves and rocky coastlines won't deter you when you're wearing the O'Neill Men's Heat RT 5mm Boot. Lightweight and stretchy FluidFlex neoprene won't burden or restrict your feet, and the flexible rubber sole maintains board feel so you still feel like you're in control.

  • Protect your feet from frigid waters
  • FluidFLex neoprene is light, stretchy, and warm
  • GBS seams with internal taping prevent water entry
  • Flexible rubber sole provides grip and protection
  • Round toe design retains more heat
  • Item #ONE014D
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    Quiksilver HLine 3.0mm Plus Split Toe Boot - Men's

    Pull on the the Quiksilver HLine 3.0mm Plus Split Toe Boot via the handy back ankle pull loop system and get mentally prepared to slash, air, and crush the shoulder season swell. The F'N Lite neoprene outer and WarmFlight insulation provides lightweight warmth well suited for waters between 51° and 58°F, while the hydrolock ankle seal and Liquid Flex seal seams prevent leakage for enhanced warmth.

  • Warm and comfortable surf bootie for shoulder season swells
  • F'n Lite neoprene boosts warmth while remaining lightweight
  • Warmflight insulation traps air against skin for warm performance
  • Liquid Flex Seal taped seams offer next to skin comfort, no leakage
  • Back ankle pull system and GBS seams make for easy on and off
  • Hydrolock ankle seal secures the bootie for extremely rough waves
  • Suggested water temperatures of 51°-58°F for best performance
  • Item #QKS03JT
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    Billabong 2mm Absolute Comp Long-Sleeve Jacket - Men's

    The water may be warm, but constant coastal breezes are making life in just your boardshorts pretty chilly. Add the Billabong Men's Absolute 2mm Jacket to the mix to stay comfy in the lineup without the need for a full wetsuit. AX2 Superflex neoprene and strategically-placed seams maximize mobility to keep you feeling free in the water, and wind-resistant panels at the chest and back prevent gusts from stealing all your core heat. Plus, it adds sun protection to keep you from getting burnt to a crisp on bright days.

  • A long-sleeve surf jacket adds warmth to the summer surf
  • Super stretchy neoprene provides unimpeded mobility
  • Contour collar and flatlock seams guarantee chafe-free comfort
  • Back zip ensures easy on and off if the weather changes
  • Item #BIL033H
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