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  Yeti Cycles Vapor Hooded Pullover - Women's Assos SS.JerseyLaalalai_evo - Women's Gore Wear C5 Gore-Tex Active Trail Hooded Jacket - Women's POC Resistance Enduro Light T-Shirt - Women's Yeti Cycles Enduro 3/4-Sleeve Jersey - Women's SUGOi RS Pro Bib Knickers - Women's De Marchi Leggera Jersey - Women's Castelli Rosso Corsa Pave Glove - Women's Louis Garneau Air Gel Ultra Glove - Women's Craft Hale Graphic Jersey - Women's Pearl Izumi Pro Bib Short - Women's Troy Lee Designs Skyline Short with Liner - Women's Louis Garneau Equipe Bib Short - Women's Terry Bicycles Signature Jersey - Sleeveless - Women's Club Ride Apparel Bandara Jersey - Women's ION Scrub AMP Long-Sleeve Jersey - Women's
  Yeti Cycles Vapor Hooded Pullover - Women's Assos SS.JerseyLaalalai_evo - Women's Gore Wear C5 Gore-Tex Active Trail Hooded Jacket - Women's POC Resistance Enduro Light T-Shirt - Women's Yeti Cycles Enduro 3/4-Sleeve Jersey - Women's SUGOi RS Pro Bib Knickers - Women's De Marchi Leggera Jersey - Women's Castelli Rosso Corsa Pave Glove - Women's Louis Garneau Air Gel Ultra Glove - Women's Craft Hale Graphic Jersey - Women's Pearl Izumi Pro Bib Short - Women's Troy Lee Designs Skyline Short with Liner - Women's Louis Garneau Equipe Bib Short - Women's Terry Bicycles Signature Jersey - Sleeveless - Women's Club Ride Apparel Bandara Jersey - Women's ION Scrub AMP Long-Sleeve Jersey - Women's
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Brand Louis Garneau De Marchi Assos SUGOi ION Club Ride Apparel Troy Lee Designs Gore Wear Yeti Cycles Pearl Izumi POC Yeti Cycles Craft Terry Bicycles Castelli Louis Garneau
Fit form-fitting slim form-fitting form-fitting regular regular regular regular regular form-fitting, semi-compressive relaxed regular form-fitting athletic - -
Manufacturer Warranty 1 year 2 years limited 30 days - 1 year 1 year 1 year 1 year lifetime 1 year - 30 days 1 year 1 year 1 year
Material [face fabric] 75% nylon, 25% lycra, [side panels] 75% polyester, 25% lycra, [straps] 76% polyester, 24% lycra, [lining] 82% polyester, 18% spandex microfiber [front and sleeves] Stabilizator S7 Knit, [panels] Sens Classic Tex, [back] mono-stretch type .220 Ultra Aero, Firo, Tri Force ] DriRelease 86% polyester, 14% cotton, [sleeves/back] 100% polyester 97% polyester, 3% spandex 87% nylon, 13% spandex [membrane/laminate] Gore Tex, [shell] polyamide, [lining] polyester French terry Italian PRO Transfer (46% nylon, 38% polyester, 16% Lycra elastane) 91% polyester, 9% elastane polyester/lycra blend [face fabric] 100% polyester, [sleeves] 70% polyester, 30% elastane C-Dry polyester (83% nylon, 17% spandex) [back] Cool mesh [upper] AirFit mesh, [palm] GTEX synthetic leather, Ergo Air X-Vent ventilation
Recommended Use road cycling cycling cyclocross, gravel, road cycling cycling cross-country, cyclocross, downhill, enduro, trail cross-country, trail enduro, trail cross-country, enduro, trail casual commuting, cross-country, road cycling mountain bike mountain bike road cycling cycling cycling road cycling
Pockets - 1 zippered rear, 3 rear 3 rear, 1 zippered media - 1 zippered 1 chest, 1 hidden rear zippered 2 zippered rear 2 front zip pockets, 1 zippered on sleeve 1 front kangaroo - - - 3 back, 1 zippered back 3 open rear - -

Yeti Cycles Vapor Hooded Pullover - Women's

You've spent the last few hours crushing climbs and railing descents, and you're counting down the minutes until you're back at the trailhead and off to the taqueria all cozied up in your Yeti Cycles women's Vapor Hooded Pullover. Its soft terry fabric and relaxed fit make it the perfect companion for lounging by the fire at camp, setting up your bike before hitting the trails, or curling up on the sofa in full recovery mode with a good book and mug of hot cocoa.

  • A soft, cozy hoodie for post-ride relaxing
  • Light and soft terry fabric has just the right amount of stretch
  • Breathable and lightweight for chilly mornings at the trailhead
  • Classically casual hoodie styling
  • Item #YTI00A0
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    Assos SS.JerseyLaalalai_evo - Women's

    The SS.laalaLaiJersey_evo Lady Jersey features everything we have come to expect from the Swiss cycling tailors at Assos. Leading-edge materials, exceptional aerodynamics, and superior aesthetics blend to create a jersey that we are quick to get into the wash after a long spin since we are so eager to wear it on our next ride.

    Elevating the SS.laaLalaiJersey_evo to its vaunted status is the primary material, Stabilizator S7 Knit. It delivers unrivaled temperature regulation and is featherweight but very strong. The material feels similar to a fine microfiber which sits very soft on skin and is quite unlike any material we've felt on a jersey before. Despite its unconventional touch, it still does a fantastic job of wicking away sweat and keeping us cool on exposed, sunny climbs.

    The jersey's cut in Assos' women-specific racingFit, which is moderately tighter and slightly more compressive than the regularFit and comfortFit options. It might feel slightly more restrictive out of the riding position, but in the saddle, it feels like a second skin and results in improved comfort and less drag. A slim central zipper means a perfect fit doesn't translate to a long struggle to get it on, and it also allows for easy temperature regulation. Further climate management is handled by the Sens Classic Tex fabric, which features on the side panels. It reacts to conditions by drawing moisture away from the skin when you need to keep your cool, or uses the moisture to insulate with a thermal layer next to your body when needed. Assos recommends paring the jersey with either the SS.skinFoilSummer_evo7 or SS.skinFoil_Spring/Fall_evo7, depending on conditions, but we're fine without a baselayer on the hottest days.

    One of our favorite features of this jersey is the collar construction, which features a double layer of fabric for an ideal fit and frictionless comfort. It's also finished with a patented stabilizer element to help while zipping and unzipping the jersey on the fly. Pockets are strategically placed on the rear to offer the most convenient access for food making eating on-the-go easy. A vertical reflective strip on the center pocket is added for extra visibility. In addition to the three rear pockets, Assos equips the jersey with a zippered security pocket that features routing for headphone cords up the inside of the jersey. A wide, secure elastic hem ensures a frictionless fit while riding and adds an additional reflective strip. The bonded zip, sleeves, and waist help refine the fit, offer improved aerodynamics, and do not rely on elastic grippers to prevent movement. The result is a jersey that stays in place where it need to yet doesn't restrict movement.

  • A peerless cycling jersey for racing or dedicated training
  • racingFit is tailored for the performance-minded cyclist
  • Body material is durable, soft to the touch and wicks moisture
  • Bonded seams improve comfort and fit while reducing friction
  • Pockets are placed to make grabbing a mid-ride snack easy
  • Item #AAS008E
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    Gore Wear C5 Gore-Tex Active Trail Hooded Jacket - Women's

    Be ready for all day rain showers and ridgeline thunderstorms with the Gore Wear C5 Women's Gore-Tex Active Trail Hooded Jacket. This trail-ready barrier from the storm is hungry to ride in Mother Nature's worst conditions, with a Gore-Tex membrane that shields you from sideways rain and whipping winds while you push through the roughest miles. Cut for the bike, it moves with you while you ride, so a storm doesn't result in a quick bail out to the car, and instead just means you'll be the first to get your tires on the tacky hero dirt once it passes.

    Crafted with a Gore-Tex membrane, the C5 Active Trail Hooded Jacket keeps the wind and water where you want them — outside. This membrane helps keep water beading and rolling off, while actively wicking away moisture on the inside, so a long climb through punchy switchbacks doesn't leave you with cold sweat on the way down. The membrane is sandwiched between two layers of polyester, making up Gore's signature Active Fabric, keeping the shell lightweight and easy to toss in your hydration bag when the weather clears up. Active Fabric manages to maintain a softer and quieter feel than some other shells, so you don't have to hear it rustle constantly while you ride.

    Cut for hours on the bike, the jacket has an active fit, with enough room for your favorite thermal jersey underneath, but not so much that it's flapping in the wind when you're barreling down the trail. It features a close fit collar that keeps air from sneaking down the neck, wave-cut ergonomic sleeves, and a hood to keep the elements out, with magnets that keep its fittings secure while you ride. The waist is equipped with an easy to use elastic draw cord to keep it cinched down during downpour, and the cuffs can be taken in with hook-and-loop tabs for a snug seal around your gloves. The back prioritizes visibility, thanks to reflective piping and logos, to help you stay seen when you're heading from the trailhead to your favorite local brewery for your post-ride pilsner and calamari.

  • Style meets weatherproof with this bombshell jacket
  • Gore-Tex membrane keeps water and wind at bay
  • Cycling specific fit stays comfortable in the saddle
  • Active fabric is softer and quieter as you ride
  • Adjustable hood cinches down in the cold without hindering vision
  • Ample pocket space for stashing your gadgets and gear
  • Adjustable hem cinches down to keep water out
  • Stay visible in low light with reflective piping and logos
  • Item #GWR001L
  • Hello there my name is tom Randall from gear mashers and today we're checking out gore's vortex shake try jacket trail. Running jacket so let's get going. You and me Take it like a melody. All right so I've been training with this jacket now for past few weeks love. The jacket for those who like to layer. Up this is like the perfect jacket vortex of course you don't have to worry about rain and stuff like that getting your soaked what's neat about the jacket I'll sort of go over each individual item here so first off we'll just start. With the sleeves have a little bit of a give to them they have. This other material beyond just the gore-tex material that allows you to sort of open it up so for example i have. My watch here it's a lot easier to get to the watch a lot of the jackets will have a velcro or something pairs that you have to untie velcro these eating just sort of pull up and then you can get to your watch and then starting from the top here we have a zippered pocket. And so the puckett's perfect like i have. A go pro battery sitting in here but i. Will Usually put like a house key or something like that in the top pocket that's perfect for that i wouldn't put a phone in here because this is a running. Jacket and the way they designed it is. To be more of a minimalist jacket so. There's the only pocket you're going to have on the jacket is over here on the left you got a hawk over there and now. Next one of the functions i think's really cool is it has two zippers these. Are the ykk zippers so you can zip from. The bottom going up so if you're getting. Hot or something like that you can do that or of course you can zip it down to. Let air in and if you're really hot and. You don't want to take the jacket off you can sort of put the zippers together and now you got a lot of air flow into the jacket the materials super light they call it shake dry and so essentially what they've done is they have the gore-tex material but a lot of the gore-tex material outfits out there. Have an extra layer on the top and what happens is when that layer gets wet or moist it makes the jacket a little bit. Cooler with this shake dry they eliminate that upper material and so. You're essentially just having the gore-tex and then the shake dry stuff now with the shake dry pretty much you. Just shake the water off your jacket beads on your jacket and you just shaking off and that's sort of neat then. The hood let me take my hat off here so. With the hood they have this little. Little layer of material that fits. Underneath so when you have the hood on. It it's a little bit harder to blow. Off i guess and so that's sort of neat. Feature and it also keeps the rain from. Getting into your face then on the one. The bottoms here they have these bungee. Cords that you can tighten the fitting, and they have it on either side they. Also have a bungee cord on the back of the hood you can tighten up the hood as. Necessary but that's pretty much it with the jacket it also oh obviously if you're running at night or something like that it has some nice reflective material and it. Goes down the side so it's a 360 type. Reflective tape and then on the inside. Of the jacket it's all fully seemed so. They have the seams going along any place that maybe water or other moisture. Could get into the jacket this is all taped up so which is super nice. They don't recommend using this jacket. With a backpack just because it's not really designed for that it's designed for running with minimal gear. You know you could probably use like a water bladder or something like that on the back but not like backpacking its. Not really designed for that but i really like the jacket and i don't know what size is this i think it went with size large which is perfect. Let's see here up no i got an extra large okay so what i found with the gore. Products is you probably want to if. You're on the cusp of going say large. Extra-large definitely go with the extra large i went with the extra large because i want to use this jacket to layer up so typically I'll wear three. Layers so I'll wear like a base layer and then actually have another gore product that i wear that really like. On top of that sort of mid-layer and then the jacket now as far as the. Temperatures that you'd use a jacket in anything above 60 the jackets going to. We probably too hot so i would say the. Jacket is probably perfect for 30 to 55. Degrees maybe depending on what you're. Have underneath but the other great. Thing is it is light the pocket at. The top here acts as a stuff bag as well. So you can stuff the whole jacket into. The pocket if you need it to and again. It is a minimal jacket so there's not. Much else you got for it there's no hand. Pockets or anything like that sometimes. I think when i was out there running it would have been nice to have a hand pocket especially if i started getting a little hot like i would a lot of times run with gloves and so it would be nice. To be able to stuff some gloves in the pocket but other than that really like this jacket it sells for 299. Dollars which can be expensive but you. Figure of shoes these days are running. Good shoes at least or running about 120 to 150 dollars so you know this jackets. Gonna laskey multiple seasons whereas a. Pair of running shoes you know if you're running a lot you'll wear those things out pretty quick so anyway check out. Gear masters com that's a website where i post a lot of this stuff also please. Hit the subscribe button that helps me get products like these and mores been especially nice to me send me out all. Sorts of stuff cycling equipment and now some running gear as well so anyway thank you so much and have a great day.

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    POC Resistance Enduro Light T-Shirt - Women's

    While you're ride mates sweat it out in all-season jerseys at a midafternoon trailside snack stop, you're cool as a cucumber sitting in the shade with your POC Women's Resistance Enduro Light T-Shirt. Its light, summer weight fabric wicks moisture away and dries fast to keep you comfortable in the heat, while smooth surfacing resists abrasions from elbow pad straps and trail debris to ensure the fabric survives to ride another day.

  • A summer weight trail t-shirt
  • Soft fabric wicks moisture away and dries quickly
  • Abrasion resistant surface plays well with body armor
  • Relaxed fit allows full freedom of movement
  • Item #POC00A0
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    Yeti Cycles Enduro 3/4-Sleeve Jersey - Women's

    The Yeti Women's 3/4-Sleeve Enduro Jersey delivers lightweight, moisture-wicking performance for singletrack junkies and enduro racers. Its lightweight, stretchy blend of polyester and Lycra wicks moisture off your body for rapid evaporation when you're hammering lung-busting ascents and ripping blistering fast downhills. 3/4-length sleeves add a bit of extra coverage and protection without stifling you when the mercury rises throughout the day. Add in sublimated graphics and a slim, race-specific fit and you get a jersey that's extremely stylish and super comfortable.

  • A stylish and highly functional enduro jersey
  • Moisture-wicking fabric dries quickly
  • 3/4 length sleeves provide extra coverage
  • Streamlined fit minimizes excess fabric
  • Item #YTI005Z
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    SUGOi RS Pro Bib Knickers - Women's

    The RS Pro series is Sugoi's best-selling collection of cycling bottoms, and the RS Pro Women's Bib Knickers are the flagship of the fleet. They've been a classic for years, but Sugoi updated them for this go-round with new fabric designs that make the RS Pros even more breathable, comfortable, and supportive.

    Sugoi claims the RS Pros are the most comfortable knickers in the world, a quality attributable primarily to the fabric architecture. The RS Pros feature three fabrics—wind-dodging Ultra Aero, durable Firo, and supportive Tri Force—without sacrificing their trademark comfort or breathability. All these fabrics are cut in ergonomic panels and joined with flatlock seams to prevent irritation, so you can spend hours in the saddle without worrying about chafing.

    To construct the bibs, Sugoi used its Mobil Mesh fabric, which is supremely stretchy and breathable. It also endowed the RS Pros with its renowned Pit Stop quick-release technology, which lets you quickly disconnect the bibs for easy hassle-free breaks to answer the call of nature. The finishing touch is the Women's Formula FX chamois, which provides flexible and breathable protection for your sensitive areas, letting you spend more time in the saddle with less discomfort.

  • Innovative bib knickers serve up breathable, supportive comfort
  • Multiple fabrics wick moisture, breathe well, and support
  • Form-fitting design keeps the performance fabrics close to skin
  • Stretchy, breathable chamois cushions and protects
  • Pit Stop tech allows for hassle-free bathroom breaks
  • Ergonomic fit and flatlock seams eliminate painful chafing
  • Item #SUG00E0
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    De Marchi Leggera Jersey - Women's

    One fact rises above the rest: the Women's Leggera Jersey is an unmistakable specimen of De Marchi craftsmanship. Merging comfort-driven details with graceful flair on the road, this hot weather jersey features a slim, contoured fit for a refined look and feel, sans the suctioned sensation. Meanwhile, the microfiber fabric is lightweight and quick-drying when you're riding through oppressive summer heat.

    Additionally, the Leggera features UV-resistant color options, discouraging the absorption of light and its consequential heat. The full-length zipper allows you to release excess body heat when you're suffering through extended climbs or pushing your aerobic threshold during training rides, while reflective details enhance visibility to passing traffic when you're finishing up after sunset. Additionally, the Leggera features three roomy pockets along the backside (as well as a zippered option) for storing spare water bottles, riding jackets, and nutrition.

  • A blessedly lightweight jersey for hot weather cycling
  • Microfiber fabric wicks away moisture and dries quickly
  • Raglan sleeves promote full mobility
  • Full-length zipper provides on-the-go ventilation
  • Multiple pockets keep necessities close
  • Reflective details enhance visibility
  • Item #DMA007T
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    Castelli Rosso Corsa Pave Glove - Women's

    The cycling world houses widely varied opinions about the necessity of gloves, and while some people can afford to go glove-free, we're firmly in the camp that a couple of little tan lines are a small price to pay for having intact palms should things jump sideways. In addition to their palm-protecting peace of mind, the Castelli Women's Rosso Corsa Pave Gloves add gel padding to minimize pressure points for a boost of long-mile comfort even if the road takes you from Paris to Roubaix.

  • Half-finger cycling gloves with an extra dose of padding
  • Mesh panels provide cooling ventilation
  • Gel inserts reduce road noise and chatter
  • Grippy silicone prints glue palms to hoods
  • Pull-tabs make for easy removal
  • Item #CST00H9
  • All right welcome to AOSIS today we've got a little unpacking and a first look. There was of course a classic gloves. These are large he wants the only short. Fingered glove I've bought something. Sticks a piece of cardboard okay here we. Go so what if i go right, so we've got. The logo number one that's actually just it looks like as he printed on to is the. Swept white three is the tab to take. Then off so let's get to these. Treasury tag something so that comes away the gloves themselves right say hi. First up padding on the farm and pretty. Much everywhere look at that padding it's quite thick as you can see and this. Is like a suede ea material here's the tab to pull them off, and they're on your hand and to read the. Holes they're nice little grip. There little grippy bit to help pull them on and as we turn over the other. Side embroidered castelli embroidered. Prosecco say and this is the heat the. Heat transferred and logo there. That looks like a little man smiling. Like this actually that and this top. Section is stretchy and it's also got my. Finger in there you can see it's also like a mesh so that'll keep you. Back of your hand carl I'm just gonna put this form on these are large i think. The first few times the weight of the medium, and they better than eventually. But so that's something i like on and as. You can see when you have fists there. The mesh allows the air to your home to. Breathe and I'll just pick up the glove. So when you so it's on the bend points. There you see ya got some threads to. Lose there but that's pretty much the. Same with all new stuff you have a. Little thread yeah i can just pull that. All the way out it's just a thread attached for nothing, and so we've got. Sweat wipes on the thumb there here more. Of a sweat wipe you can see the material they're trying to give you a place up. That going around close over the. Underneath that is like a grippy rubber. Eprint on the one that yeah it's like a. Grippy rubber eprint that is some pretty. Substantial padding i would have liked. It to extend into that day as well but. And that's what it looks like. Let's take it off you use this cool he. Says not be around to take it off revenue often comes so I've got the. Labels what's the washing how much could do you. No please do not iron do not dry clean hang to dry do you not use softeners. It's pretty much and we got a. Temperature their handles cold okay say. Translate to stuff on your washing machine made in china fucka standing. There I'll be yeah as i said the only. Only short fingered gloves i bought. Castelli I've got power work for when i. Go on the spinning bike he's my new pair. For the road for this summer and as they. Get older i just transfer them over to. My spinning bike so as always we'll give them away got. The fancy yeah thing with the bowl let's turn around — gloves are gonna. Weigh in at 47 grams the right glove is. 23 the left glove is 23 which should. Equal 46 but it does in the equals 47. What a strange world we live in. 23 and 23 is 47 interesting so that's a. Little look these rosso corsa classics i. Think I'll be kind out of a label um. Thanks for watching stay tuned and we'll. Have more videos for you up shortly on. Clarice house take care thanks for watching bye.

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    Louis Garneau Air Gel Ultra Glove - Women's

    Rough backroads and long miles on the bike can sure put a hurt on your hands, but Louis Garneau aims to take the sting away with the Women's Air Gel Ultra Glove. Garneau claims that the Air Gel Ultra Gloves feature more gel padding than any other glove on the market, so you can count on them to absorb those vibrations from harsh potholes and gravel roads alike. The gloves feature a whopping 5-millimeters of anatomically targeted Biogel padding placed around the palm to help keep the blood flowing and prevent numbness, while Ergo Air X-Vent allows air to keep flowing freely through your palm, so padding doesn't have to equal sweaty paws. Since durability is a must for long hours on the bike, the palm is made with GTEX synthetic leather that holds up to the abuse.

  • Ultra-cushioned gloves to take the sting out of the road
  • 5mm of Biogel padding absorbs vibrations from rough rides
  • Let your mitts breathe wit help from Ergo Air X-Vent on palm
  • Durability is taken seriously with Gtex synthetic leather
  • Easy on-and-off thanks to finger pull tabs
  • Breathable back of hand lets sweat escape
  • Item #LGN00M0
  • (light music). If you're looking for the most padded, most comfortable and most enabling glove on the market, . The air gel ultra glove is for you. With more folks seeking adventure through multi-surface. Routes across the world, we wanted to ensure there was a glove that offers better protection to the hands and more comfort throughout the day. It's patented, progressive padding offers up to eight millimeters of gel padding on key areas and are strategically placed throughout the palm. To alleviate friction points and pressure areas that cause hand fatigue, discomfort, numbness and pain. The patented ergo air x-vent ventilation system. Follows the natural movements of the hands to avoid bunching while simultaneously allowing air to flow through the glove thus keeping your palms sweat free and comfortable. Lastly, the palm is made with our proprietary gtex synthetic leather, and we've equipped the gloves. With our proprietary patent pending finger pull system. That allows the gloves off super easy. Ride in comfort and lead those handlebars in style. (light music).

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    Craft Hale Graphic Jersey - Women's

    Dive into cycling season in sleek style with the Craft Hale Graphic Jersey. This refined top offers an ergonomic design, perfect for miles in the drops, and specialized climate zones that target cool, breathable mesh in your underarms and sides to wick away moisture and keep your core comfortable, and aerodynamic fabric on the front and shoulders for slicing through the wind. The jersey is finished off with all of the fine details you'd expect from craft, like a silicone drop-tail hem that locks in place and keeps you covered in your attack position, and soft cuffs that keep your look clean, and comfortable. Three deep back pockets offer a spot to stash a spare tube, tire levers, nutrition, and tools, while a zippered pocket secures your cards and valuables, so you're ready to go when you hit your mid-ride coffee break.

  • A colorful top with sleek fit for summer miles
  • Ergonomic cut is comfortable and aerodynamic
  • Drop heat on climbs with mesh sides and full-zip front
  • Silicone grippers lock your hem in place
  • Deep back pockets offer room for all your gear
  • Keep valuables secure in zippered stash pocket
  • Item #CRA00GH
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    Pearl Izumi Pro Bib Short - Women's

    Long days in the saddle call for the Pro Bib Shorts from Pearl Izumi, keeping you comfortable for the duration of the ride. Crafted with highly technical fabrics and a refined fit, the Pro Bib Short simply disappears and lets you focus on the road ahead. Pearl Izumi outfitted this bib short with its supportive, breathable, and women's-specific PRO Escape 1:1 chamois and ultra-soft Italian PRO Transfer fabric creating a short that will be your go-to throughout the season. Up top, the wide, laser cut bib straps sit softly against your body, resisting twisting and binding for a comfortable, supportive fit. Raw edges at the hems create smooth transitions from the short and your skin and it looks as good as it feels. Finally, leg openings get a printed silicone gripper to hold them securely in place throughout the ride.

  • Classic bibs short with race-day fit, comfort, and functionality
  • Contoured fit follows your body movements in the saddle
  • Italian PRO Transfer wicks moisture continuously to keep you cool
  • Women's specific chamois smooths out harsh road chatter
  • Laser-cut bib provides support while helping you stay dry
  • Soft, breathable PRO Escape 1:1 chamois cushions while moving with you
  • Silicone leg grippers keep the openings in place
  • BioViz reflective elements help you be seen in low-light
  • Item #PLZ00QO
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    Troy Lee Designs Skyline Short with Liner - Women's

    Carrying on its prowess as Troy Lee's balance of performance and comfort, the 2019 Skyline Short with Liner is ready to slide right into your wardrobe for a summer of shredding. This year you'll find that the shorts are built with the fit you're familiar with from the Skyline, with free range of motion and comfort, but with a new fabric that's softer, and features better moisture management to keep you cool while you ride. Throughout the shorts you'll be stoked to find that Troy Lee opted to include Coolmax technology, offering the pinnacle of breathability and wicking potential to help you stay comfortable when you've got a little extra perspiration from pushing up a steep climb. A TLD AIR Comp liner with TMP 4-Hour chamois tops the shorts off, providing you with support on the saddle side of things with multi-density foam to soak up jarring hits from the trail, and it's easy to remove and wash, so you can swap for another chamois when you're hitting the trail day in and day out.

  • A trail-hungry short built for comfort and support
  • New fabric is softer and boosts breathability
  • Fight the heat with added Coolmax technology
  • Athletic fit moves with you while you ride
  • TLD Air Comp cushions your sit bones from harsh trails
  • Adjustable waist lets you dial in the perfect fit
  • Zippered pockets keep your snacks and gadgets secure
  • Item #TLD01FO
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    Louis Garneau Equipe Bib Short - Women's

    We've seen so much progression in the cycling industry over the past decade, from refined carbon fiber, to electronic shifting, but an often overlooked aspect of progression is in the wardrobe. Aerodynamic fabrics are proving themselves over and again to reduce drag and elevate speeds, and refined moisture-management sytems add extra comfort to the longest miles we spend on the bike. Take Louis Garneau's Eqipe Bib Short for example. These compressive bib shorts combine lycra-heavy fabrics that hug your muscles for support, and aerodynamic panels to reduce the effort you've got to put out when you're riding into the wind on your first double-century and craving any bit of forgiveness you can get.

    The Equipe Shorts reach high compressive levels using lycra fiber Powerband fabric for its construction. This lightweight, highly breathable fabric contains more Lycra than basic knits, providing a better hold and moisture transfer. By strategically wrapping compressive panels around your legs, the shorts support your muscle groups and keep the harsh effects of road vibration at bay. This translates to helping you ride longer, stronger, and with less fatigue.

    Garneau achieves its aerodynamic fit in the Equipe Shorts by using pre-shaped panels and flatlock seams. The 4-way stretchability distributes pressure evenly around your waist. Another small, but often overlooked design characteristic that Garneau incorporates into the shorts is the seamless inner legs, which reduces bunching, and the chafing caused by excess material. For comfort on long rides, Garneau incorporated its acclaimed Motion Airgel chamois. This insert was constructed with perforated gel inserts and an antibacterial fabric. This material is used to combat odor and elevate moisture management next to your most sensitive anatomy. Its ventilated for additional breathability to keep you dry. The inclusion of Beveled Edge Molding memory foam provides you with friction-free comfort throughout your longest rides.

  • Balance comfort and performance with these endurance bib shorts
  • Reduce fatigue with compressive fabrics that hug muscles
  • Four-way stretch mesh bibs let your skin breathe
  • Long-distance chamois absorbs harsh vibrations on big mile rides
  • Wide, lie-flat leg grippers maintain fit without constriction
  • Flatlock seams reduce chafing during long rides
  • Reflective logos help keep you visible in low-light
  • Item #LGN00MZ
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    Terry Bicycles Signature Jersey - Sleeveless - Women's

    There are summer days where we'd rather sit inside the refuge of air conditioning, instead of riding over asphalt that's radiating warmth like a steamy sauna. For these days when your inclination is to sit beside your AC unit, the Terry Bicycles Women's Signature Jersey keeps you pleasantly cool and comfortable as you ride through summer heatwaves. For additional cooling, the full-length zipper smoothly operates to release excess warmth when you're cranking away at a rapid cadence.

    The sleeveless silhouette boosts airflow in areas where you're heavily prone to sweating, in turn keeping you cooler and drier than with a traditional jersey. C-Dry polyester actively pulls sweat off your body, which facilitates evaporative cooling as you begin to perspire. Added spandex allows this athletic jersey to conform to your body, all without restricting critical movement. And because many riders choose to wear earbuds for musical motivation, the rear pockets feature a cord port for seamless headphone routing.

  • Lively style for sweltering summer rides
  • Sleeveless silhouette prevents overheating
  • C-Dry polyester wicks sweat for rapid cooling
  • Added stretch for unrestricted movement
  • Three rear pockets with cable routing
  • Item #TRY002K
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    Club Ride Apparel Bandara Jersey - Women's

    When you're getting ready to hit the trail for some hooping-and-hollerin' on the dirt, don't forget to bring along Club Ride's finest cowgirl-inspired jersey — the Bandara. This classic western styled jersey brings the class of pearl snaps and a collar to the trail, but doesn't skimp on the tech that keeps you going for hours. It's built from Club Ride's stretch-woven fabric that offers free range of motion, all the while wicking away sweat. And if that's not enough, it features mesh panels down each side to elevate breathability and keep you cool when you're crushing climbs to earn descents that have you yelling out a yee-haw!

  • Hit the trail in this western-themed top
  • Pearl snaps make for easy on and off
  • Stay sun safe with UPF50 protection
  • Fabric stretches, wicks, and dries quickly
  • Stay cool with mesh underarms and sides
  • Keep your essentials safe in hidden zippered pocket
  • Item #CLB0053
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    ION Scrub AMP Long-Sleeve Jersey - Women's

    When fall days have you charging up chilly, shadow-casted trails, or early-season lift laps get you feeling a little too brisk, reach for the Ion Scrub AMP Long-Sleeve Jersey for an extra hit of warmth that wicks and works with you to keep you comfortable on the trail. The Scrub AMP Long-sleeve is cut relaxed, and moves freely with you when you're on the bike so you don't feel restricted when you're tail whipping off of rollers or gunning it down rooty lines. It features unique construction with a DriRelease polyester-cotton blend that feels as soft as your favorite cotton tee, while providing superior ventilation and quick drying properties to keep you comfortable. The sleeve and back are made from a polyester jersey designed to keep moisture moving away from your body so that you can stay comfortable and warm. On the back hip you'll find a stash pocket that's perfect for your lift pass or cards, and an integrated lens cloth to freshen up your specs after a muddy lap in the park.

  • A tech-tee jersey hybrid for park laps and cool days
  • DriRelease front panel breathes and wicks sweat
  • Super breathable polyester sleeves and back
  • Relaxed fit for free range of motion on the bike
  • Integrated lens wipe keeps your specs spotless
  • Back hip pocket secures your pass and cards
  • Item #INB002F
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