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  Craft Velo Shorts - Women's Club Ride Apparel Montcham Short - Women's Giordana SilverLine Bib Shorts - Women's Pearl Izumi Journey Short - Women's 2XU Recovery Compression Sock - Women's Giordana NX-G Bib Shorts - Women's Louis Garneau Beeze Long-Sleeve Jersey - Women's Gore Wear Base Layer Thermo Long Sleeve Shirt - Women's 2XU Mid-Rise Compression Tights - Women's Giordana Vero Pro Short - Women's ION Seek Tank Top Jersey - Women's triple2 Deel Solar Organic Cotton Tank Top - Women's Louis Garneau Power Wool Jersey - Women's SheBeest S-Cut Jersey - Women's Mavic Sequence Thermal Jacket - Women's Giordana Fusion Long-Sleeve Jersey - Women's Pearl Izumi Select Pursuit Tri Tank Top - Women's
  Craft Velo Shorts - Women's Club Ride Apparel Montcham Short - Women's Giordana SilverLine Bib Shorts - Women's Pearl Izumi Journey Short - Women's 2XU Recovery Compression Sock - Women's Giordana NX-G Bib Shorts - Women's Louis Garneau Beeze Long-Sleeve Jersey - Women's Gore Wear Base Layer Thermo Long Sleeve Shirt - Women's 2XU Mid-Rise Compression Tights - Women's Giordana Vero Pro Short - Women's ION Seek Tank Top Jersey - Women's triple2 Deel Solar Organic Cotton Tank Top - Women's Louis Garneau Power Wool Jersey - Women's SheBeest S-Cut Jersey - Women's Mavic Sequence Thermal Jacket - Women's Giordana Fusion Long-Sleeve Jersey - Women's Pearl Izumi Select Pursuit Tri Tank Top - Women's
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Brand Louis Garneau Club Ride Apparel SheBeest Giordana ION Louis Garneau 2XU Pearl Izumi Giordana triple2 Pearl Izumi Giordana Gore Wear Craft 2XU Giordana Mavic
Fit regular form-fitting regular - regular regular - regular compressive regular semi-fitted regular Slim - compressive Compressive form-fitting
Manufacturer Warranty 1 year 30 days 1 year 1 year 1 year 1 year 1 year lifetime 1 year - lifetime 1 year 1 year 30 days - 1 year 2 years
Material [body] AirFit 2.0, [panels] AirFit Mesh ActiveAir mesh SWIC microfiber, [bib straps] LoPro 0, 190 mesh DriRelease (85% polyester, 15% cotton) Polartec Power Wool PWX Compression, 105D/K [main body] 88% nylon, 12% Lycra, [bra] 83% nylon, 17% elastane Power Lycra 75% organic cotton, 25% recycled cotton [body] 100% polyester, [liner] 92% polyester, 8% elastane microfiber polyester spandex blend 92% polypropylene, 8% elastane 80% polyamide, 20% elastane PWX FLEX, Invista Lycra synthetic 100% polyester
Recommended Use cyclocross, gravel, road cycling mountain bike cycling cycling trail cycling recovery triathlon road cycling casual, lounging trail riding road cycling commuting, cross-country, hiking, road cycling, road running cycling running, fitness road cycling road cycling

Craft Velo Shorts - Women's

Every once in a while, we want to take a step back from all-over color and trendy patterns and roll out in a simple, classic kit. Craft takes care of the first half of the setup with its women's Velo Shorts, which bring Craft's renowned comfort and construction to any ride. Made from soft, breathable fabrics, the Velo shorts whisk moisture away in a flash to keep you comfortably dry and stylish even on the warmest of summer days.

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Club Ride Apparel Montcham Short - Women's

When you head out on a ride, you don’t want to be disappointed halfway into your descent by a chamois that just isn’t sitting right. It’s enough work already to blast your way over root-lattices and up vertical walls of dirt; an ill-fitting chamois has no place on the trails. If you’ve already got a lineup of your favorite baggies, the Club Ride Apparel Montcham Women’s Short makes the perfect companion for any of them.

The Montcham's streamlined mesh construction allows it to sit cleanly under your baggies without moving around, and a wide, supportive waistband lays flat as you shift in the saddle. According to Club Ride, the plush, multi-density chamois that lines the Montcham works best for rides less than three hours in length. It’s designed to cushion and support you on bumpy fire roads and rocky ascents while resisting odors and preserving your freedom of movement.

  • Stay comfortable on the trails in this versatile liner
  • Form-fitting cut follows your body movements in the saddle
  • Chamois supports for rides up to three hours long
  • Odor-resistant microfiber for longevity
  • Highly breathable fabric and chamois regulate moisture
  • Item #CLB0035
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    Giordana SilverLine Bib Shorts - Women's

    The nice thing about so many manufacturers making technological advances in their pro-level designs is that some, like Giordana, adapt those advancements to apparel with a more accessible price tag. That's exactly what Giordana did with the SilverLine Women's Bib Shorts, which still feature a practical cut and functional fabric construction that leave them well-suited to everyday training.

    Giordana depends on a soft, breathable microfiber to make up the SilverLine's main body fabric, constructing it in a contoured fit that will follow your body movements in the saddle without being restrictive. The lie-flat bib straps are something we're seeing more of in cycling shorts, and Giordana adds its own version to the SilverLine, giving it a less irritating fit while you're bent over in the drops. Woven elastic lines the leg cuffs to ensure they stay put as you move around in the saddle, and the bib straps' minimal shape sits subtly underneath jerseys, wicking moisture away as you ride with a smooth, forgiving fit.

    The SilverLine Bib Shorts are lined with Giordana's Cirro S-W chamois, a hardworking one-piece insert that provides a mix of relief and support as you ride without inhibiting your ability to pedal and move around. It's also designed not to hold onto moisture, and continuously wicks to lessen the likelihood of chafing and irritation. After your ride, it rebounds to its original shape, already anticipating tomorrow's miles.

  • Everyday training bib shorts for dedicated cyclists
  • Soft material manages moisture with a lux feel
  • Contoured body follows your legs through the pedal stroke
  • Women-specific chamois adds targeted comfort and support
  • Gently compressive leg bands reduce pinching
  • Item #GIO004Q
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    Pearl Izumi Journey Short - Women's

    The Pearl Izumi Women’s Journey Short offers excellent versatility and comfort with its unique run-inspired design. The Journey is made with a lightweight, quick-drying polyester and has mesh side panels for improved ventilation. Pear Izumi uses an elastic waistband with snap-closure to secures the fit, and includes a center back pocket to carry your small item while you’re out on the trail.

    The Journey Short features a detachable liner with the Women’s MTB 3D Chamois. The chamois uses Minerale 37.5 polyester with embedded carbon particles that is designed to disperse moisture to enhance evaporation. The MTB 3D is pre-shaped and features Pressure-Relief Tech to increase circulation, delivering the support and comfort you need for longer riders.

  • Lightweight, quick-drying polyester
  • Mesh side panels
  • Elastic waistband with snap-closure
  • Center back pocket
  • Detachable liner with the Women’s MTB 3D Chamois
  • Item #PLZ006H
  • One of the biggest areas of focus for us. When designing and developing the mountain bike short collection was making sure the fit was totally dialed. In we know that if you're short falls down or doesn't fit quite right while you're pedaling your experience is not going to be great, so we spent a lot of time working with riders fitting these shorts to make sure that we've got the best fitting product on the market out. Shorts all have internal hook-and-loop. Waist adjustments so you can dial in that perfect fit when picking materials for a mountain bike short making sure that it has just. The right amount of stretch is really important because mountain biking is a dynamic activity you are moving around a lot more on the bikes and you are in a road bike the divide short is our. Lightweight cross-country michele short that's going to have a really lightweight breathable fabric with a finish that helps move moisture away. From your body so you can be really comfortable on those warm days out. Summit short is a lightweight taylor trail short that offers durable water. Repellent finish on the outside our launch short is one of our longest inseam shorts it's got durable water. Repellent finish on one of our most robust fabrics it also includes a. Removable chamois liner out elevate. Short is our longest inseam short with our most robust fabric it's got a durable water repellent finish and it's designed to fit over knee pads one of my. Favorite things with our mountain bike short collection is that we really do have a wide variety of shorts i found. Myself using all the different shorts on different dates depending on the type of trail ride that I'm looking to do whether it's going from the bike park to the ah

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    2XU Recovery Compression Sock - Women's

    Whether you've just completed a long training ride or finished the competition with a PR, pull on the 2XU Women's Recovery Compression Socks to aid your recovery. Constructed with graduated compression panels, these socks promote circulation through the lower legs to relieve tired and sore muscles. An anatomical design with padded zones at the heels and balls of the feet offers comfort whether you're padding to the kitchen for a second helping of food or relaxing on the couch.

  • Boost your recovery with these compression socks
  • Graduated compression fabric to promote circulation
  • Padded zones for maximum comfort
  • Vented toe panel offers enhanced breathability
  • Anatomical design for improved fit
  • Item #TXU005T
  • Everything i do is pushing my body to its limit trying to win medals for. Australia is what pushes me i always put. A hundred percent my apparel boarding every time we're out on the water every time and pull every time i mean jim when. You're on patrol that's a hundred percent focus physically and mentally it's a very strenuous job. And when starts I'm really tough where. I'm going to break i really try to just focus internally so distract me from the pain as a vision impaired paralympic. Cyclist and alpine skier my legs and my greatest tool i always look at the saws. And cuts I've got on my feet and it really just shows the hard work that i put in my whole body will be pulsing. There're toxins at my muscles it's about. Out after a big session it's about. Finding your edge what you wear can help. You recover a lot i know that i need to. Change myself and push myself further than i ever thought possible i want to. Be fast in the water so i can win I'm always looking for a competitive edge ice baths and compression regenerate my. Muscles to do it all again the next day. Recovery is the most important thing. You that edge being able to perform at. Your best day in day out. You.

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    Giordana NX-G Bib Shorts - Women's

    The NX-G Women's Bib Shorts are the pinnacle of Giordana's 2018 collection, and it represents the overhaul the brand gave to its line of apparel. These bibs are part of Giordana's new collection, dubbed Next Generation, that aims to situate its products around specific types of cyclists and the type of riding they do. With that in mind, the NX-G features the most aggressive compression and fit in its lineup to accommodate cyclists who train and race extensively providing lightweight and breathable support that moves with you over long hours in the saddle.

    The NX-G's stretchy, soft compression fabric is designed to withstand the demands of long rides and repeated washings that follow. Giordana uses its 1on1 Paneling System to craft each leg of the shorts, using only one piece of fabric secured by a single low-profile seam on the outside of each leg for a minimal appearance and it significantly reduces the likelihood of chafing. The compression added to the fabric helps support hardworking legs and glutes as you pedal, and continues into the V-shaped waist and U-shaped back areas of the shorts. These are designed with the goal of providing as much support as possible when you're stretched out reaching for the bars.

    As the fabric's progressive, gradual compression continues along the entire length of the shorts, Giordana was able to forgo the added weight of leg grippers in the NX-G, resulting in clean, uninterrupted leg hems that hug your quads without the need for sticky grippers or too-tight elastic. The laser cut and turned bands are slightly longer helping to provide additional support. The bib straps also received their own careful attention on the NX-G with the hope of being more comfortable while out of the saddle climbing as well as seated. Stretchy and airy, the bib straps give more in the front than they do in the back for a more natural fit, sitting to the outside of the chest with a minimal, breathable design.

    We'd be remiss if we didn't acknowledge the luxurious Cirro S-W chamois gracing the NX-G. The crowning jewel of Giordana's redesigned line of inserts, the NX-G features plush, ample cushioning arranged along a perforated chamois that's cut expertly close to the body so it can continuously breathe as you ride. As a final touch, it's infused with Aloe Vera to provide a cooling sensation while you ride and is known for its antimicrobial properties.

  • Next generation bib short worthy of pro-level racing
  • Compressive fabrics provide muscle support over long miles
  • Materials quickly transfer moisture to the surface to dry
  • Seamless, mesh uppers sit outside the chest for a better fit
  • Longer, laser cut and turned leg bands grip without constriction
  • Cirro S-W chamois provides comfort over the longest rides
  • Item #GIO00A3
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    Louis Garneau Beeze Long-Sleeve Jersey - Women's

    From February to May, cold gives way to damp gives way to cool. Dressing for the first part is easy: winter jackets and windproof tights; however, the end of that transition can get tricky. Louis Garneau's Breeze Long-Sleeve Women's Jersey is built for cool—but no longer frigidly cold—temperatures of late spring. It provides the cover of a light arm warmers, but it isn't so heavy that you'll be stifled or stuck wallowing in clammy chill after a prolonged effort. For those years when winter seems to hang on well into March, the Breeze also serves as a moisture-managing midlayer to help pull sweat off of your skin and push it out into the cold, dry air.

  • A cycling jersey for the cool temperatures of spring and fall
  • Manages moisture to avoid accumulation of chilly sweat
  • Underarm mesh further reduces the risk of a damp ride
  • Multimedia routing for a soundtrack on tempo rides
  • Reflective details add visibility on ever-shortening days
  • Silicone grip hem maintains fit
  • Angled rear pockets for easier access while wearing knit gloves
  • Item #LGN00IA
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    Gore Wear Base Layer Thermo Long Sleeve Shirt - Women's

    The Base Layer Thermo Long Sleeve Shirt from Gore Wear is an excellent option when you need long-sleeve protection but it's not blustery enough to warrant full Windstopper protection. It's designed to sit next to your skin for cozy comfort and to keep heat in. It also transfers moisture exceptionally well keeping skin dry and preventing that dreaded clammy feeling.

  • A thermo long-sleeve base layer for winter insulation
  • The long back offers extra protection and prevents gaps
  • Minimal flatlock seams reduce friction
  • Thermo-stretch functional fabric sits next to skin for cozy warmth
  • Item #GWR006I
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    2XU Mid-Rise Compression Tights - Women's

    They'll definitely require a serious pants dance to get into, but once you have the 2XU Mid Rise Compression Tights on, you won't want to take them off. With graduated compression from PWX FLEX fabric, the hardest working muscles of your legs will receive wraparound support to decrease muscle oscillation, which often results in fatigue and soreness. Compression also has been shown to improve circulation, helping your quads, hamstrings, calves, and glutes flush out lactic acid recover faster than they would on their own.

    You can certainly use these compression tights as post-workout recovery wear, but we'd keep them on for any type of running or fitness workout, as the breathable fabric and wide waistband suit the tights well for a range of workouts. 2XU worked to ensure that the construction of the tights helps you maintain freedom of movement, which has been a criticism of some compression clothing, and the Invista Lycra that comprises the main body of the tights maintains breathability and while continuously wicking moisture away from your skin as you sweat.

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    Giordana Vero Pro Short - Women's

    The birds are singing, flowers are blooming, and spring is finally here after a long winter on the trainer. We think there's no better way to celebrate than to saddle up on your trusty steed, and bang out some sunshiny miles on the road. The Girodana Vero Pro Shorts are eager to come along on the ride, offering you a compressive fit that hugs your muscles gently while you hammer down on the pedals charging up hills draped in blossoming cherry trees. These shorts start out with Power Lycra construction to wrap around your legs with a gentle stretch with strategic panels to move with you comfortably, and flat-lock seams that stay out of your way to reduce chaffing. Carrying comfort to their top and bottom, the Vero Pro Shorts use a yoga-style waist band that comfortably fits around your waist, staying in place without cutting in, and 4-centimeter bands at the bottom that feature a silicone-free grip, preventing slipping and rolling on the legs.

    While a comfortable over-all fit is critical with cycling shorts, most of us will agree that the point of contact with the bike —the saddle— is where we need the most support. Giordana takes care of your sit bones with the Cirro chamois, dialed in specifically for women's anatomy, with channels to alleviate pressure, and tapered padding that cushions you from rough and long rides. The Cirro chamois is infused with Aloe Vera in its soft microfiber face fabric, which has been known to have cooling properties that enhance comfort.

  • Cycle into spring with these compressive shorts
  • Power Lycra construction hugs your muscles
  • Strategically placed panels support you
  • Yoga-style waistband enhances comfort
  • Silicone-free 4cm grippers secure shorts in place
  • Cirro chamois alleviates pressure and supports
  • Aloe Vera infused chamois cools and promotes healing
  • Item #GIO00AL
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    ION Seek Tank Top Jersey - Women's

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    triple2 Deel Solar Organic Cotton Tank Top - Women's

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    Louis Garneau Power Wool Jersey - Women's

    Made with a soft blend of merino and synthetic fibers, the vintage-looking Louis Garneau Women's Power Wool Jersey keeps you naturally warm, even in wet and cold conditions. The channeled construction of merino wool on the inner face allows maximum sweat-wicking performance while preserving your body heat, and the smooth polyester outer face works exceptionally well when layering under a jacket in colder conditions. Mini-stitching throughout improves this garment's overall flexibility without restricting movement, while the reflective accents give your outing extra visibility when the sun starts to go down.

  • Vintage style meets modern warmth and performance on the road
  • Polartec Power Wool fabric maintains warmth in wet conditions
  • Regular fit allows room for layers and mobility
  • Fabric breathes well, wicks sweat, and fights odors
  • Reflective accents increase visibility on the road
  • Rear angled pockets stash tubes, snacks, and water
  • Item #LGN00CQ
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    SheBeest S-Cut Jersey - Women's

    Slip into the audacious appeal of the SheBeest Women's S-Cut Jersey before cashing in on your riding fortune of luxurious, yet daunting, winding country roads and seemingly ceaseless expansive horizons. This jersey proves that form and function can coexist, pairing stunningly good looks with soft, moisture-wicking SWIC fabric. This elastic-free fabric features UPF 40+ for optimum UV protection under bluebird skies. Enhancing its feminine sensibilities, S-Cut princess seams provide a chic, tailored aesthetic. Other design-savvy features include a 12-inch zipper for extra ventilation and three angled pockets for one-handed access to riding gear and nutrition.

  • A jersey with gravitas and demurely dashing looks
  • SWIC fabric wicks away moisture and dries quickly
  • Fabric is also elastic free for enhanced comfort
  • UPF 40+ rating safeguards you from sun's rays
  • Flatlock seams prevent chafing or hot spots
  • Item #SHE000J
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    Mavic Sequence Thermal Jacket - Women's

    Mavic scores points in both warmth and style with the Women's Sequence Thermal Jacket, providing a warm winter cycling jacket that is windproof, water-resistant, and ideal for getting out and putting in the miles over the winter months.

    Key features to look for in a jacket if you plan on staying comfortable and motivated when the temps drop are great insulation and protection from the elements. The Sequence Thermal provides superior warmth, wind protection, and breathability thanks to a high-stretch three-layer fabric. A DWR treatment protects the jacket from spray and repels water rather than soaking through, dampening your base layer and spirits.

    Materials are only one part of the equation and equally important is fit. New bonded sleeve cuff construction fits snugly to your wrist improving glove overlap keeping the wet and cold out and your body heat in. If the tempo reaches race pace or the temps warm up, the stay down zipper lets you dump heat efficiently. The pro-fit helps you slice through the wind by reducing bulk and feels great while on the bike. An ergonomic collar with fur lining and snap closure provides extra protection from the cold without irritating your neck.

    Ensuring that you'll get noticed in low light is the highly reflective all-over print that becomes visible when illuminated by headlights. Three back pockets and an additional 1 zip pocket provides ample cargo room for carrying extra gear and food while enjoying the base miles.

  • Take on winter rides with this excellent winter jersey
  • High-stretch three-layer fabric keeps you warm
  • Pro-fit follows your movements without constriction
  • Full-zip allows for ventilation
  • Bonded sleeve construction prevents wandering cuffs
  • Item #MAV00IO
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    Giordana Fusion Long-Sleeve Jersey - Women's

    Get in some quality late or early season rides with the Fusion Long-Sleeve Jersey from Giordana. Offering thermal insulation on those chilly days, you'll be in good hands as you transition into or out of the cycling season.

    While we're enjoying the landscapes, our bodies enjoy the Fusion's thermal construction. It eschews the windproof, water-resistant qualities of its heavier jacket counterpart in favor of just the right amount of insulation for temperatures hovering around the 40 to 55-degree Fahrenheit mark, depending on your personal cold tolerance and base layering.

    In the event that we've jumped the autumnal gun and pulled the Fusion on to early, the jersey's breathability and full-length zipper help us overcome discomfort in temperatures at the high end of that range. It's finished with three rear pockets, a fourth, zippered pocket, and reflective piping to catch the light on brightening spring mornings and slow autumn dusks.

  • A thermal cycling jersey for chilly but not cold temperatures
  • Lightly brushed fabrics insulate, wick, and breathe
  • Relaxed fit allows for easy layering
  • Four pockets, one of which zips for security haul riding essentials
  • Reflective piping catches the light on either end of shorter days
  • Item #GIO00CU
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    Pearl Izumi Select Pursuit Tri Tank Top - Women's

    If at first you don't succeed...well, you know how the rest goes. With the Pearl Izumi Women's Select Pursuit Tri Tank Top, however, there is no try, there is only do. Constructed from Pearl Izumi's SELECT Transfer Dry Fabric, this tank dries quickly whether it's wicking away sweat when you're on land, or improving T1 comfort. An internal shelf bra provides support, and uses breathable fabric for additional comfort as you run or cycle. One envelope pocket along the rear offers a spot to keep energizing fuel when you need a boost, and reflective hits promote visibility if your race runs late.

  • Performance tank for all stretches of a triathlon
  • Breathable material provides quick-drying comfort
  • Next-to-skin fit glides easily through air and water
  • Rear pocket offers storage for race essentials
  • Reflective elements keep you visible in low-light conditions
  • Item #PLZ00EJ
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