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  Assos SS.skinFoilSpring/Fall_s7 Body Insulator - Men's Pearl Izumi Quest Splice Bib Short - Men's 2XU Elite MCS Compression Tights - Men's Yeti Cycles Enduro Short - Men's Fox Racing Ranger Short - Men's Sportful Fiandre No-Rain Pro Bib Short - Men's Sombrio Shore Shirt - Short-Sleeve - Men's Club Ride Apparel Mountain Surf Short - Men's SUGOi Midzero Zap Tight - No Chamois - Men's Pearl Izumi ELITE Escape Bib Short - Men's Castelli Sorpasso 2 Bib Knicker - Men's SUGOi Evolution Bib Short - Men's Yeti Cycles Enduro Short - Men's Giordana Sosta Winter Vest - Men's Sportful Italia Short-Sleeve Jersey - Men's POC Raceday Aero Jersey - Men's Nalini Marmotte Bib Short - Men's Castelli Milano Track Jacket - Men's Yeti Cycles Mason Short - Men's Craft Hale Graphic Jersey - Men's
  Assos SS.skinFoilSpring/Fall_s7 Body Insulator - Men's Pearl Izumi Quest Splice Bib Short - Men's 2XU Elite MCS Compression Tights - Men's Yeti Cycles Enduro Short - Men's Fox Racing Ranger Short - Men's Sportful Fiandre No-Rain Pro Bib Short - Men's Sombrio Shore Shirt - Short-Sleeve - Men's Club Ride Apparel Mountain Surf Short - Men's SUGOi Midzero Zap Tight - No Chamois - Men's Pearl Izumi ELITE Escape Bib Short - Men's Castelli Sorpasso 2 Bib Knicker - Men's SUGOi Evolution Bib Short - Men's Yeti Cycles Enduro Short - Men's Giordana Sosta Winter Vest - Men's Sportful Italia Short-Sleeve Jersey - Men's POC Raceday Aero Jersey - Men's Nalini Marmotte Bib Short - Men's Castelli Milano Track Jacket - Men's Yeti Cycles Mason Short - Men's Craft Hale Graphic Jersey - Men's
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Brand Giordana Sportful POC Castelli 2XU Craft Sportful Club Ride Apparel Castelli Pearl Izumi Pearl Izumi Assos Yeti Cycles Yeti Cycles SUGOi Yeti Cycles SUGOi Sombrio Nalini Fox Racing
Fit slim form-fitting form-fitting (runs small) form-fitting compressive Form-Fitting form-fitting loose regular regular form-fitting form semi-fitted regular form-fitting loose form fitting regular form-fitting loose
Manufacturer Warranty 1 year limited 1 year 1 year 2 years 30 days limited 1 year 1 year lifetime lifetime limited 1 year - 30 days - 30 days lifetime 90 days 1 year
Material [shell] polyester/spandex blend, DWR treatment, [lining] merino wool, [front lining] mesh No-Rain Thermal 4-way stretch 3D with mesh inserts and Coldblack technology [front, knees] Thermoflex Core2, [thighs, back of legs] Thermoflex [front panels] 70D PWX Flex, [rear panels] 105D PWX Weight, [stretch panels] Invista Lycra 100% polyester DryPro synthetic cotton/polyester blend [body] 88% nylon, 12% elastane, [mesh] 80% polyester, 20% elastane [main body] 46% nylon, 38% polyester, 16% Lycra elastane, [accent panels] 88% nylon, 12% Lycra elastane, [mesh bibs] 80% polyester, 20% elastane 82% nylon, 18% polyester stretch polyester four-way stretch MidZero - Evo Plus custom stretch fabric Lycra Sport synthetic
Pockets 1 rear - 3 rear - - 3 rear, 1 zipper 3 rear 2 hand, 2 rear, 1 zip 2 zippered hand - - - 1 zippered back, 1 zippered thigh 2 hand, 1 cargo zip 1 rear zippered 1 zip rear - 2 chest, 1 hidden side - 2 hand
Recommended Use road cycling cyclocross, road cycling road cycling road cycling cycling, running, fitness gravel, road cycling road cycling mountain bike casual road cycling road cycling cycling enduro enduro, trail cyclocross, road cycling, road running, trail running mountain bike cycling mountain bike, cycling, casual road cycling cross-country, enduro, trail
Chamois - Total Comfort Pro - yes, Progetto X² Air - - - no - Tour 3D ELITE Escape 1:1 - - - no no RC Pro - ergonomic bi-elastic pad of high-density foam yes, EVO

Assos SS.skinFoilSpring/Fall_s7 Body Insulator - Men's

Maybe the Assos SS.skinFoilSpring/Fall_s7 Body Insulator has a handle that will tie your tongue in knots, but it's not actually that complicated if you break it down. Allow us: SkinFoil is Assos' name for its body-hugging, temperature-regulating baselayers, which are constructed with no visible seams to eliminate chafing and enhance mobility. A blend of nylon and polyester moves moisture quickly away from your skin, and the compressive fit helps support muscles to decrease fatigue. SS stands for, reasonably, short sleeve, which is pretty self-explanatory, and Spring/Fall denotes — ready? — the seasons in which the midweight skinFoil is designed to excel. Finally, the s7 suffix indicates that the skinFoil is part of Assos' newest line, which takes the already legendary Assos ethos to the next level.

  • A temperature-regulating base to get you through shoulder seasons
  • Nylon and polyester blend move moisture away from your skin
  • No visible seams makes for a chafe-free fit
  • Compressive construction is ideal for supporting muscles
  • Body-hugging fit is ideal for layering under your go-to jersey
  • Item #AAS004M
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    Pearl Izumi Quest Splice Bib Short - Men's

    You've finally settled on your first road bike, and after weeks of debating carbon vs. aluminum, road vs. gravel, and choosing between countless extras, you're ready to just take your sleek new machine out on the roads already. Clipless pedals have you a little hesitant, as do the strange new padded shorts your friend just informed you you'll need to buy. The padded shorts may sound strange, but trust us — you'll need them. We'd recommend starting off with Pearl Izumi's Quest Splice Bib Short. Occupying a decidedly palatable price point, the Quest features a more forgiving fit than some of the top-tier race kit from Pearl Izumi, and has everything you'll need to get comfortable with your newfound hobby.

    Pearl Izumi chose a classic eight-panel construction for the Quest Splice, equipping it to follow your body movements in the saddle without feeling restricting. Each of the panels is comprised of a supportive nylon and elastane blend, adept at wicking moisture away from your body continuously as you ride to keep you cool as you develop cadence and adjust to the mechanics of your bike. A classic mesh bib provides further support to your waist and upper body, smoothing the transition between short and jersey, while a Tour 3D chamois acts as a faithful barrier between you and the saddle. Multi-density foam cushioning provides relief and support to key areas, without feeling like an unyielding shelf as you pedal.

  • A capable entry-level bib short for road cycling
  • Supportive, moisture wicking fabric panels in a slim fit
  • Flexible mesh bib allows for airflow
  • Cushioned chamois absorbs impact
  • Reflective accents enhance visibility
  • Leg grippers gently hold leg hems in place
  • Item #PLZ00CN
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    2XU Elite MCS Compression Tights - Men's

    2XU is one of the true pioneers of compression clothing for athletes. Its newest athletic tight, the Elite MCS Compression, takes compression to the next level with its revolutionary Muscle Containment Stamping system, which targets specific, high-risk areas of your legs and protects them while increasing your overall power and performance.

    The Elite MCS compression Tight is made with Invista Lycra for exceptional fit, support, and recovery. High-filament yarns quickly pull moisture away from your skin and move it to the outside surface of the fabric. The antibacterial fabric helps to manage odors and provides UPF50+ sun protection. Flatlock seams throughout its construction eliminate chafing and irritation. A drawstring waist offers a secure, adjustable fit.

    The big story here, however, is Muscle Containment Stamping. MCS specifically targets muscles, tendons, and fascia groups that are commonly damaged during high-impact workouts. This revolutionary fabric support system focuses greater compression power to wrap precise areas and reduce muscle oscillation and damage. You’ll find this targeted compression in both the quads and the calves. Front panels are built with 70D PWX fabric, while the rear panels use powerful 105d PWX fabric for added support for the hamstrings, glutes, and calves.

  • Compressive tights for improved performance
  • Invista Lycra provides support and improves recovery
  • Compressive fit reduces vibration and enhances fit
  • Muscle Containment Stamping system targets compression
  • UPF 50+ protects your skin from the sun's harmful rays
  • Flatlock seams eliminate chafing for extra comfort
  • Item #TXU002C
  • Hello there my name is bo chef sue and i review all sorts of fun fantastic things for you so you can make an educated decision before in fact you know if you. Don't know if a product is right for you so these are my humble opinions on the. Elite mcs compression type now really. Strange thing happened i open these up and look at what was in the box these. Types yeah i didn't purchase these this. Week's knows that no I'm just kidding. These are different tights these are the. Actual tights that did show up in the box gotcha um but no this is purposeful. I actually want to show you them off of. My body first beforehand because i can't really show you this really fascinating feature of these when you reach inside and kind of turn them inside out you can. See that there's this pattern right. Here and it's its a bit of rubber type. Material that is sewn in its like. Embedded into the actual material itself. And this little mesh stretchy part these. Actually target major muscle groups so that would be the quad area right there and if you were to reach way down to. Sort of where the calf area is and flip it inside out you'll also see that there's the same amount of targeted. Compression for the calf area as well so. You don't see this on the outside you can kind of feel the ribs a little bit but on the inside um that's what's going. On their's a lot of technology including like this soft little area right at the. Ankles to kind of prevent it from hiking up have you ever worn compression tights and you're always trying to pull them down because they're hiking up as you're. Working out and things like that now on to the actual review with me wearing them now i am wearing them right now i. Am 6 165 pounds i got the medium tall i. Believe if you're over 6 1 medium tall. Would be good these are the only compression tights i have ever gotten any tights for that matter that. Actually reach all the way down to my. Ankle all the tights I've ever gotten go. Only to about here because I'm a somewhat tall lanky sort of fellow thank. You so much you engineer who put these. Tights together they actually fit now. They're a little tight to put on obviously because they are compression tights but once you do get them over your foot then you can kind of shimmy them all the way up and once they're on. It almost feels like you're not wearing anything they're that comfortable shh. Before you weirdos get really weird i am happily married sorry taken this is kind of what they look like full body length like so if i had a. Sort of jog in place like that you'll see that they do not restrict at all and. Very nice and rotate like this rotate. Like this martial art kick they're. Over there back again kick oh last point. That I'd really like to make note of and i didn't even read this on the box they have an adorable little pocket. Which is kind of tucked in right in this. Region and i don't know about you but i. Absolutely love it when there's a little pocket there so that you can put your house key or your car key or a credit. Card when you go out on your run brilliant of course you don't want to pocket like on the actual things but the. Right there tuck it in and you're good. To go absolute 5 out of 5 stars product. If in fact you are serious about being. An athlete taking care of your large muscle groups in this area absolutely. Pick up a pair awesome bang for your buck my name is bo shep sue and i hope. That you've enjoyed this small little demonstration and a few little things why i personally like these compression. Tights i look forward to reviewing more fun fantastic things here across. You.

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    Yeti Cycles Enduro Short - Men's

    When you're rolling up to the starting gate, performing your pre-race ritual, and visualizing your line ahead, it's critical to properly prep yourself. Double check your tire pressure, your helmet, and make sure you've decked yourself out with the Yeti Cycles Enduro Shorts for durability you can rely on when the lines get a little hairy, but a lightweight feel that doesn't hold you back. The Enduro Shorts make performance their utmost priority, with stretch polyester fabric that moves with you when you pump down steep rock faces, and a slimmer, race fit that won't snag when you cut it a little too close to tree branches.

    The shorts carry through with last year's strategic paneling of stretch and supportive fabrics, giving you what you need just where you need it. Wicking material makes up the bulk of the shorts, to keep you dry when the pressure is on, and extra-stretch is given to the back panel for total comfort on the bike. This year the shorts received an update with an additional pocket, giving these low-profile shorts a spot to stash a multi-tool in case you're riding self-supported and need to go to town on a quick trailside mechanical. The waist features low-profile tech webbing to help you dial in the perfect fit, while silicone grip hits both sides of the waistband to lock your shorts in place, and keep your jersey from sliding up your back when you're hammering down the trail, chasing down the podium.

  • Let your aggro out with these enduro race shorts
  • Race fit keeps a slim profile for serious business on the trail
  • Extra pocket added this year for stashing your multi tool
  • Stretch panels help ensure a race fit doesn't mean poor pedaling
  • Adjustable waist with silicone grip stays up while you get down
  • Respectable UV protection reduces time spent slathering on sunscree
  • Item #YTI009F
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    Fox Racing Ranger Short - Men's

    The Ranger Shorts are among Fox Racing's most popular items because they're the shorts that so many of us cut our own trail teeth on. For 2018, Fox improved the formula, updating fit and pushing the fabric into a new realm of stretch and durability. The result is a more pedal-friendly platform that's still every bit as happy to tackle trails from Vancouver's famed North Shore to Moab's rocky mesas.

    The Ranger still sits right at the knee, with ample room to pedal and stretch out without it being baggy like a gravity-specific short, but the waist is updated with an external adjustment strap in the front. That fit is now easier to dial on the fly, even if you can only spare one hand for waistband fiddling.

    Despite the changes, a few things return. Fox's Rider Attack Position (RAP) construction—though updated here—is patterned to promote fluid movements while pedaling and descending, ensuring you're flexible while riding across technical terrain. The Ranger Shorts also still include a detachable liner with the same EVO chamois for a plush, shock-absorbing feel across jarring bumps and rugged outcroppings.

  • Mountain bike shorts for trail days the world over
  • Updated RAP fit further enhances pedaling and movement
  • High-stretch body material keeps your days restriction-free
  • Pockets for trail essentials and the all-important snack
  • Removable liner with chamois lets you decide how deep you want to go
  • Item #FXR02GM
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    Sportful Fiandre No-Rain Pro Bib Short - Men's

    The Sportful Fiandre No-Rain Pro Bib Shorts get their name from No-Rain Thermal material, a stretchy, insulating fleece-lined material that consists of ThermoDrytex Plus that's been hit with Sportful's nanotech water repellent treatment. Though it isn't enough to keep you dry in a sideways-blowing monsoon, it'll hold off normal precipitation no problem. No-Rain Warm is also insulating and very breathable, so if you get too hot on a climb, these bibs will wick away moisture before you freeze on the descent. Of course, the fact that these are shorts means that you can pull on or take off leg warmers as the situation on the road changes.

    There are a few differences that set the Pro version apart from the standard model, including the chamois (which we'll get to later) and the bib straps. The Pro's bibs are Sportful's lie-flat design, which reduces transitional ridges beneath your jersey. They're also mostly perforated, letting the breathe and ride light so-as not to interfere with thermal layering.

    Like the full-length version, the Fiandre No-Rain Pro Bib Shorts feature Sportful's Bodyfit Pro cut, which is the same fit that the likes of Nibali and Contador wear while training and racing. Some cold-weather gear fits like thermal underwear, producing slack that lets the chamois or the seams get out of place and causing havoc from the waist down. You'll appreciate the proper fit and compression of this cut, which keeps everything right where it's supposed to be and supports your thighs, waist, and lower torso.

    The Fiandre Pro bibs also feature an upgraded insert: the Total Comfort (TC) Pro instead of the standard Fiandre bibs' Bodyfit Pro chamois. Both were designed for professional use, but the TC Pro is for those who prefer slightly less padding. It also features extended flaps to ease the transition between insert and shorts, helping to prevent irritation during the long training rides of early spring.

  • Rainy day bibs for spring racing and fall maintenance miles
  • Keeps the chamois dry in light drizzles and road spray alike
  • Light insulation keeps your engine warm without overheating
  • Minimizing seams minimizes risk of watery ingress
  • Race fit won't sag or shift during races and intervals
  • Raw-cut leg bands and lie-flat bibs maintain a sleek fit
  • Reflective details help keep you visible in low-light conditions
  • Item #STF0065
  • So let's take a closer look at the. School for gem that no rain I'm sure this is. Basically a sir designed for spring and autumn. Conditions sometimes keep you a little bit warmer than a regular like short and. That's because on the inside of the material here we've got something which is quite fleecy sometimes called a rib a. Tight fabric and that will keep you a little bit warmer in cold condition this is all designed for winter so you know when the conditions get cooler around 10. Degrees or a little bit lower it will keep you warmer basically know what's different about this short compared to other thermal shorts is that it has a treatment applied to the fabric this is regular like herb but it has something called a no rain treatment on the outside not designed to be waterproof. But it is designed that if you get caught in a shower and it rains it'll. Bleed up on the surface and then it will run off over a long period of time or in. A serious deluge it will absorb the water but it is designed to keep you more comfortable and drier if you do get. Caught out at a shower now up top here we've got a mess yoke and shoulder. Straps and that's designed to breathe really well so that if you are pushing and putting in some efforts and you've got a base layer underneath and you've got another layer on top it will still breathe on the legs here we've got some pretty thick silicon leg rippers and. Lots of silicon dots from there which will keep hold of your legs and keep hold of your leg or knee warmers as well the other thing we've got is some reflective detailing here on the inside. We've got sport falls body pro seat pad. Now this is quite thick and they call it. Their long distance seat pad designed to. Keep you comfortable over long distance riding and it's got different thicknesses across the seat pad I've. Also got here a castelli nano flex bib. Type as well know the material here. Between the nano flex and the no rain is practically identical it's same. Thickness same way both fleece-lined and. From the exterior they look exactly the same as well now castelli is kind of. Premium brand but sportful is the sister. Branch of castelli what this means is that it is possible i think to be to get a good bid site with some rain. Treatment on the top very comfortable for a slightly lower price than the castelli brand. So one of the reasons i bought their no. Rain big show's is by example weather conditions like this today actually so it's about five and a half degrees it's pretty wet and as you can see the short. The water is speeding up really nicely. On the short and that's because of the. Water repellent treatment on the shore and the shorts are also nice and warm so. Although it's only five and a half degrees quite windy quite rare. Inculcating bring maintain and they dry. On the way there short key p dry they. Are going to keep me that we warm up the code for there is a spring it's only about nine degrees and I'm home today by. Pair of leg warmers wealth, but they start a nice warm actually in the shorts. Text via well insulated and they're. Protected from the wind which is great I'm also quite slow traded by today to a quarter percent would be a little bit cooler i was working a bit harder and on. The warmer still so and pat the I'm going nice and steady and interning to bring these shorts are nice and warm. How comfortable of these shorts and well. They've got probably the thickest seat pad of the big shorts or good. Types that i own and sportful described. The pad as their long distance seat pad. I think it's called the body fit pro and i have a written a short over a century. Ride or anything like that yet most of the roads i tend to do this time of year being late winter early spring tend to. Be around 50 miles in distance something like that and but so far as those rising. Sun comfortable one thing i will say is that at this time of year again my. Training runs tend to be slower and one. I'm going slower and putting in less effort do you feel more discomfort than to notice that any pain or anything a. Little bit more than if I'm putting in solid effort and actually so over. Those longer rides that have been slow and steady i haven't really felt any significant discomfort so on the comfort. Rating i think now right up too actually. They rate pretty highly. Here's my conclusion on the big shot the. Reason for buying them is that i wanted some shorts that would work across a. Range of conditions i wanted a flexibility and to be able to use them in dry conditions wet conditions cold slightly warm up you. Name it and the benefit of wearing shorts is that you can use them with knee warmers always leg warmers whereas. If you're just wearing bit tights when you go out in them and suddenly it warms up you might get a bit too warm and you've got no opportunity to try and kind of change that and adapt to the temperature similarly you might go out in bit knickers the three-quarter length and you might be too cold in them because the conditions change you get wet whatever so I'm pleased to say the. Shorts do that for me it's kind of like. Wearing garbage earthy and that so many. People will wear these days it's a jersey but it's got the wind and rain protection to keep you dry or warm. Across a range of conditions if you can apply that principle to the top half well i wouldn't use the same logic on the bottom half and so far the shorts definitely been comfortable it's a great seat pride in there they've kept me warm, and they even kept me warm when I've been out in wet conditions and there's wind blowing on wet legs as well they. Are cheryl isn't there keeping the rain off, and they also offer a saving over. More expensive version for example those from castelli and so i can pretty much. See these shorts becoming a staple piece of gear for me actually and yes i can. Recommend them.

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    Sombrio Shore Shirt - Short-Sleeve - Men's

    The Sombrio Men's Short-Sleeve Shore Shirt has your entire day covered in style. It features casual styling and stealthily techy fabrics that transition seamlessly from morning commutes to office-worthy attire all without missing a step. Small touches such as reflective graphics and a rear bike light loop help improve visibility to others, while front chest pockets and a hidden side pocket let you keep small necessities within easy reach.

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    Club Ride Apparel Mountain Surf Short - Men's

    From shredding heavies to shuttle loops on bare resort turf, Club Ride Apparel's Mountain Surf Men's Shorts are built for dedicated play. Or dedicated lounging. Whatever your aim, they'll follow you from beach to peak with a lightweight synthetic that pulls moisture from your skin and dries fast to alleviate exertion-induced, center-back racing stripes on days when the weather and your commute both run hot. A seamless, gusseted crotch encourages crazy legs whether you're spinning up a hill or embarrassing yourself at a seaside dance party.

  • Multisport, abrasion-resistance shorts at home at rest and at play
  • Synthetic material manages moisture and dries quickly
  • Gusseted crotch and adjustable waist ensure an active fit
  • UV protection and reflective details handle all light conditions
  • Multiple pockets include secure storage for things you can't afford to lose
  • Item #CLB003D
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    SUGOi Midzero Zap Tight - No Chamois - Men's

    When Old Man Winter's favorite foods are cookies and milk, and yours are too, it's important to fight the easy winter weight gain with cold-weather training. Deck the halls — or, we suppose, your legs, with the Sugoi MidZero Zap tight with no chamois to bang out all kinds of winter training to keep you on your A-game when all you want is to stuff you gullet with peanut butter cookies.

    Sugoi puts their best foot forward with their MidZero fabric that offers supportive 4-way stretch to move with you and stay comfortable for whatever your training beholds. Take them trail running for warm support through the roots and rocks, or throw them on for a road run and they'll illuminate under headlights to keep you visible to cars. They skip a chamois, in order to boost their multi-sport versatility, but they can easily be layered with your favorite chamois to hop on your bike for a winter ride.

  • Warm tights for all of your winter training needs
  • MidZero offers 4 way stretch with thermal regulation
  • Zap reflectivity adds high visibility to your run or ride
  • Elastic waist band with low profile draw string stays secure
  • Rear zippered pocket to store keys or ID
  • Lined crotch gusset boosts comfort and durability
  • Item #SUG00DG
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    Pearl Izumi ELITE Escape Bib Short - Men's

    There's nothing that gets you back into the swing of riding after the gray, wet days of early spring quite like a new kit. When you return to the roads after months of indoor workouts, do it in the Pearl Izumi ELITE Escape Bib Short. This redesigned everyday short will give you a comfortable start to the season without blowing your upgrade budget for the summer. With a host of smart new tweaks this year, the ELITE Escape boasts a sleeker, cleaner aesthetic than ever, as well as fit details adopted from top-tier kit.

    We're especially impressed with the new ELITE Escape 1:1 Chamois. No longer just a single, multi-layered block of foam, this reincarnation features a floating top sheet and a lithe construction that keep the chamois moving with you as you transition from standing to sitting. This significantly cuts down on the likelihood of chafing, especially during those first, often uncomfortable few weeks back in the saddle. As you marvel at just how long it's been since your legs have seen the sun, raw edge leg openings sit softly, but securely, against your skin with subtle silicone printing, while the breathable Lycra blend fabric provides a fit that will feel as supportive for early season muscles as it does for leaner late season ones.

  • Escape the indoors with this redesigned everyday short
  • Form-fitting silhouette and Lycra blend supports muscles
  • Classic 9.5-inch inseam ideal for training rides
  • Updated chamois reduces weight and likelihood of chafing
  • Airy mesh bibs wick moisture as you ride
  • BioViz reflective accents improve visibility in low light
  • Item #PLZ00I0
  • For years, we have been engineering speed and torque roading now we've taken this. Person for speed and applied it to. Engineer one of the most sought-after features inside ray comfort starting. With an adventure mindset we overhauled and enhance the escape shorts for men and with tested for two years over more. Then 5000 hours and 2,000 drives the. Result we've engineered epic comfort.

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    Castelli Sorpasso 2 Bib Knicker - Men's

    From crisp autumn mornings to breezy spring afternoons, the Castelli Men's Sorpasso 2 Bib Knicker provides essential insulation to keep you riding comfortably through chilly transitional seasons. Castelli recommends it for temperatures ranging from 50 to 60 degrees, making it ideal for transitional seasons when it's not cold enough for thermal winter apparel, yet it's much too chilly for standard cycling shorts.

    ThermoFlex Core2 is placed along the front panels and knees for extra insulation from heat-robbing breezes and cool temperatures that would otherwise leave you shivering. To promote flexibility, Thermoflex over the thighs and rear legs for fluid pedaling motion. Castelli then employs a multi-density Progetto X² Air seat pad to soak up jarring oscillations that would otherwise cause fatigue and chafing. This premium seat pad is lined with four-way stretch, seamless fabric that conforms to your every move without creating irritation issues.

  • Essential insulation from chilly breezes and cool conditions
  • Bib Knicker keeps you warm in temperatures of 50 to 59° F
  • ThermoFlex Core2 adds essential insulation along frontside
  • Thermoflex along thighs and rear legs for added flexibility
  • Progetto X² Air seat pad soaks up fatiguing vibration
  • Seat pad with four-way stretch, seamless top fabric
  • Item #CST00IT
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    SUGOi Evolution Bib Short - Men's

    Sugoi is famous for packing loads of useful technology into its consistently affordable offerings. Evolution bib shorts are a perfect example of how Sugoi earned this reputation. The Evolution has been evolving for years, and this latest edition is the best yet.

    The Evolution bibs made their name by being more than just a comfortable chamois supported by breathable fabrics. This latest generation of the bibs employs the latest version of Sugoi's EvoPlus fabric, a highly stretchable polyester and spandex blend that also provides a compressive effect for supporting the muscles and fighting their fatigue. No fewer than eight fabric panels, combined with flatlock seams, serve up a precise and incredibly comfortable fit. Inside, the excellent RC Pro chamois can still be found, which balances the jobs of evacuating moisture from your skin while also supporting your sit bones and relieving your soft tissue of the unneeded pressure that can ruin longer rides.

  • A comfortable, budget-friendly bib short
  • Stretchy, supportive fabrics provide comfort over long miles
  • Moisture-wicking chamois protects without excess bulk
  • Powerband leg grippers comfortably hold hems in place
  • Item #SUG00C4
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    Yeti Cycles Enduro Short - Men's

    Even if you're dodging startled dog walkers instead of course tape, the Enduro Men's Shorts are Yeti Cycles' way of confirming that every day should be ridden like it's race day. Especially when it is actually race day. The Enduro has a slim, race-specific fit, so it's not exactly ideal for hanging out—more like hanging off, as in off the back of the saddle while testing new lines with no time to spare.

    Strategic stretch and paneling arrayed to accommodate pedaling ensure that, even though they're not timed, you don't waste too much energy fighting your shorts on the climbs. A silicone treeline helps keep the back up, so there's less risk of exposing your assets while you're getting sick. Unless, that is, you want to. Then by all means, troll your friends with a midday moon by letting the waistband out—just be sure to pack an extra gel in the zippered pocket. You don't want to bonk on the ride home when the offended parties leave you stranded at the trailhead.

  • Enduro mountain bike shorts for the agro among us
  • Race fit is all business on the trail, even when you're not
  • Stretch panels help ensure a race fit doesn't mean poor pedaling
  • Adjustable waist with silicone grip stays up while you get down
  • Zippered rear pocket holds race fuel or secures your house key
  • Respectable UV protection reduces time spent slathering on sunscreen
  • Item #YTI005R
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    Giordana Sosta Winter Vest - Men's

    When you're about to head out for a long fall ride with your ride crew and the weather tips towards the unpleasant, the Giordana Men's Sosta Winter Vest is the piece you should be running back into the house to grab. Crafted with all of Giordana's signature class, the Sosta takes its inspiration from the Italian word for "pause". Referring to those rides that allow you to stop and enjoy expansive views, midday coffee breaks, and conversations with old friends, the Sosta collection aims to mitigate challenging off-season weather to keep you out enjoying an off-season pace for as long as you can.

    Giordana starts with a three-layer polyester/spandex shell, complete with a DWR treatment, to repel rain and block wind on unpredictable summits. The lightweight fabric continues to breathe as it shields, ensuring you don't overheat mid-climb. On the inside of the vest, a layer of merino wool regulates body temperature, insulating when you first start your ride and keeping you cool and dry as you heat up. We thoroughly appreciate Giordana's addition of two rear vertical zippers, both of which are positioned to allow you to access the pockets in the jersey you're wearing underneath the vest. Reflective accents help you stand out to motorists on dim, overcast days, and an extra mesh lining at the front of the jersey helps improve breathability where you need it most.

  • Prepare for inclement weather in this classic, versatile vest
  • Slim fit allows for easy layering over a thermal jersey
  • Windproof, waterproof shell shields against rain and wind
  • Merino wool lining regulates body temperature as you ride
  • Two rear zippers provide access to jersey pockets
  • Reflective accents keep you visible to motorists
  • Item #GIO005N
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    Sportful Italia Short-Sleeve Jersey - Men's

    Taking inspiration from Sportful's Italian cycling roots, the Sportful Italia Jersey evokes nostalgia with its vintage aesthetics. Designed with the very same fabric as Sportful's Tinkoff-Saxo Jersey, DryPro fabric provides a precise fit with excellent moisture-wicking properties. Mesh side panels keep you totally dry and comfortable on strenuous training rides and extended tours alike. Moreover, you'll appreciate the full-length YKK zipper and generously sized rear pockets.

  • A cycling jersey for everyday training and abuse
  • Regular fit for those of us who don't resemble a WT climber
  • Mesh underarms up the ventilation factor
  • Three rear pockets secured with an elastic grip hem
  • The Italian tricolor is one of cycling's most iconic images
  • Item #STF009G
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    POC Raceday Aero Jersey - Men's

    Extreme aerodynamics don't matter for casual cyclists and weekend warriors, but when you're putting tons of time and plenty of money into training and racing, the seconds start to count a little more. POC developed the Men's Raceday Aero Jersey to help you slice through the air with unparalleled efficiency, saving you valuable time and reducing effort so you'll have more juice left for the final push.

    Designed in WATTS lab, POC's aerodynamics laboratory, the Raceday Aero uses a carefully chosen blend of fabrics to reduce wind resistance to the lowest possible level. The back and shoulders of the jersey, where most drag occurs, are made from a dimpled blend of polyamide and elastane, which allows the air to slide by with minimal disturbance (golf balls are dimpled for the same reason). The fabric at the front, neck, and lower back is woven to increase breathability, while mesh panels at the underarms provide increased ventilation and allow uninhibited movement.

    Loose cuffs can act as air brakes, so POC ensures the Raceday Aero's are made from a sleek, cool, and form-fitting blend of polyester Coolmax and elastane. They fit snugly and don't trap heat inside the jersey. The jersey is also treated with Coldblack, a heat-reflective technology that resists heat buildup, even when you're wearing dark colors in strong sunlight. The front zipper allows for additional ventilation, and built-in UPF 50+ sun protection keeps your skin safe. Finally, because aerodynamics can't come at the expense of convenience, POC includes three rear pockets, including one with a small zipper, so you can keep bottles, snacks, and your phone within easy reach when you're out for a training ride.

  • High-performance cycling jersey for race day excellence
  • Woven stretch fabric with dimpled surface reduces drag
  • Coolmax fibers help wick and disperse sweat for cool comfort
  • Coldblack technology reduces heat buildup from direct sunlight
  • Mesh inserts enhance breathability
  • Race fit is streamlined for maximum efficiency
  • Elastic cuffs minimize drag
  • Three rear pockets for easy access to gels
  • Item #POC00BJ
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    Nalini Marmotte Bib Short - Men's

    The Nalini Men's Marmotte Bib Short offers ergonomic, body-hugging support for a wide variety of road cyclists, regardless if you're a competitive racer or an emerging cyclist simply out for exercise and breathtaking scenery. Lycra Sport fabric provides compressive support across your muscle groups, allowing you to push farther and faster without succumbing to premature fatigue on the road.

    The Lycra Sport fabric allows for unencumbered mobility, so you can pedal swiftly without restriction holding you back. It's great at regulating your body temperature with Nalini's MOA Mantodry finish accelerating evaporation of sweat, which promotes an evaporative cooling effect as you push yourself on the road. Plus, it's rated to UPF 50+, ensuring you won't burn up while you're cycling under the scorching-hot sunshine.

  • Unwavering support for pushing yourself on the road
  • Lycra Sport for compressive muscle stabilization
  • MOA Mantodry finish speeds up evaporation of sweat
  • UPF 50+ ensures protection from searing UV rays
  • Smooth flatlock stitching won't irritate skin
  • Microfiber elastic bottoms with silicone grip
  • Central-back opening for improved ventilation
  • Bib straps lie smoothly against your skin
  • Item #NAL003J
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    Castelli Milano Track Jacket - Men's

    The Milano Track Jacket is a casual jacket for cooler days, blending an unobtrusive style with traditional Castelli branding that makes it a good companion for post-ride endeavors and everyday wear. The fabric is fleece-backed for warmth and features rib-knitting on the cuffs, waistband, and collar to trap in body heat and block cold temps. The full-zip regular cut is functional for layering, with a woven Scorpion patch and embroidered Castello logos to give it that classic Castelli style.

  • A casual jacket for cooler temps and everyday wear
  • Fleece-backed fabric keeps you warm on brisk days
  • Rib-knitting blocks drafts while preserving body heat
  • Two zippered hand pockets for storage or warming hands
  • Embroidered logos and iconic scorpion patch embody classic Castelli style
  • Item #CST00OT
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    Yeti Cycles Mason Short - Men's

    Workhorse mountain biking shorts with casual style, the Yeti Cycles Mason Shorts handle long days on snaking singletrack with breathable comfort and durable resistance. The lightweight, stretchy fabric allows you to move freely on the trail, while mesh throughout wicks sweat away from your skin and keeps cool air circulating through. Hidden waist adjusters secure an exact fit whenever you want it, and the multiple pockets stash your sunnies, maps, snacks, and cash.

  • Trail-ready bike shorts with laidback style and tough design
  • Lightweight, stretch fabric moves with you in the saddle
  • Moisture-wicking performance keeps your skin comfortably dry
  • Adjustable tabs help you customize the fit
  • Multiple pockets carry along small essentials
  • Item #YTI00BX
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    Craft Hale Graphic Jersey - Men's

    Get this riding season started in style with the Hale Graphic Jersey from Craft. Featuring a sublimated print on technical fabrics, this stretchy jersey has a great fit in the saddle and breathes well while wicking moisture to keep you cooler and comfortable on those long rides.

    Highly elastic fabric is utilized at the sleeves and is finished with a raw cut on the ends for a seamless transition to the skin improving comfort and aerodynamics. Underneath the arms are body mapped mesh inserts that run the length of the sides for active cooling and further moisture management. A full-length zipper allows you to easily dump heat on the climbs while the 3 open rear pockets and additional zipper side pocket hauls riding necessities.

    The Hale Graphic Jersey is available in 5 sizes between Small and XXLarge and available in the colors Blaze/Lime, Black, and Black/Haze.

  • A great looking jersey designed to keep you cool and dry
  • Polyester fabric wicks moisture and dries quickly
  • Highly elastic to help support muscles
  • Body-mapped mesh panels prevent overheating
  • The sublimated print is long lasting and lightweight
  • Four total pockets along the back, one with a zipper closure
  • Soft, raw cut sleeves are comfortable and aerodynamic
  • Item #CRA00GL
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