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  Louis Garneau Supra Sleeveless Baselayer - Men's 100% R-Core DH Short - Men's Club Ride Apparel Vibe Jersey - Men's Fox Racing Attack Pro Short - Men's Assos SS.centoJersey_evo8 - Men's Troy Lee Designs Skyline Short - Men's Club Ride Apparel Fuze Short - Men's Yeti Cycles Montezuma Wind Pant - Men's Louis Garneau Optimum Mat Tight - Men's Castelli Raddoppia Jacket - Men's DAKINE Boundary Short - Men's 7mesh Industries Strata Tight - Men's Fox Racing Ranger Dri-Release Short-Sleeve Jersey - Men's Twin Six Du Nord T-Shirt - Men's Giordana Fusion Thermal Bib Knicker - Men's 100% Celium II Glove - Men's Mavic Essential Thermo Bib Tight - Men's Giordana G Shield Bib Shorts - Men's De Marchi Corsa Short Sleeve Jersey - Men's 100% Ridecamp Short - Men's triple2 TUUR Merino Shirt - Men's Fox Racing Tecbase Pro Short - Men's Santa Cruz Bicycles Dash Long-Sleeve Trail Jersey - Men's Alpinestars Tahoe WP Jacket - Men's
  Louis Garneau Supra Sleeveless Baselayer - Men's 100% R-Core DH Short - Men's Club Ride Apparel Vibe Jersey - Men's Fox Racing Attack Pro Short - Men's Assos SS.centoJersey_evo8 - Men's Troy Lee Designs Skyline Short - Men's Club Ride Apparel Fuze Short - Men's Yeti Cycles Montezuma Wind Pant - Men's Louis Garneau Optimum Mat Tight - Men's Castelli Raddoppia Jacket - Men's DAKINE Boundary Short - Men's 7mesh Industries Strata Tight - Men's Fox Racing Ranger Dri-Release Short-Sleeve Jersey - Men's Twin Six Du Nord T-Shirt - Men's Giordana Fusion Thermal Bib Knicker - Men's 100% Celium II Glove - Men's Mavic Essential Thermo Bib Tight - Men's Giordana G Shield Bib Shorts - Men's De Marchi Corsa Short Sleeve Jersey - Men's 100% Ridecamp Short - Men's triple2 TUUR Merino Shirt - Men's Fox Racing Tecbase Pro Short - Men's Santa Cruz Bicycles Dash Long-Sleeve Trail Jersey - Men's Alpinestars Tahoe WP Jacket - Men's
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Brand Assos Mavic Santa Cruz Bicycles Louis Garneau Yeti Cycles DAKINE Giordana De Marchi triple2 Fox Racing Twin Six 100% Alpinestars Giordana Club Ride Apparel 100% 100% Castelli Troy Lee Designs Fox Racing 7mesh Industries Fox Racing Club Ride Apparel Louis Garneau
Fit regular form-fitting regular form-fitting relaxed regular form fit semi-fitted regular tailored (slightly slimmer) Regular relaxed loose form-fitting loose regular - semi-fitted relaxed form-fitting Form-Fitting relaxed regular form fitting
Manufacturer Warranty limited lifetime 2 years 60 days 1 year - limited 2 year 1 year 2 years - 1 year 1 year 1 year 21 days 1 year 1 year 1 year 1 year 1 year 1 year 1 year 1 year 1 year 1 year 1 year
Material 63% nylon, 20% polyester, 17% elastane [face fabric] 86% nylon, 14% elastane, [insert] 52% nylon, 32% polyester, 16% elastane synthetic [body] Signature Mat, Quantum; [panels] mesh [face fabric] polyester, spandex, [lining] fleece, [panels] Windblock (polyester) 100% polyester, DWR treated Super Roubaix AZ bi-layer jacquard polyester 100% merino wool TruMotion 4-way stretch cotton/poly blend 600D polyester [membrane/laminate] fully taped waterproofing, [face fabric] 100% polyester Mititech Thermoroubaix, [reflective accanets] Pixel 95% polyester, 5% spandex poluester, DWR coated stretch mesh [face fabric] Gore Windstopper X-Fast, DWR treatment, [side panels] Thermoflex 95% Coolmax polyester, 5% Lycra, DWR treated 4-way stretch mesh (80% nylon, 20% elastane) Thermoroubaix, DWR treatment Drirelease (85% polyester, 15% cotton) RideDryWear Supra Filo 2
Pockets 3 rear, 1 zip - no 1 thigh, 1 internal waist 2 zippered hand, 1 zippered rear zippered thigh - 3 rear, 1 rear zippered - 2 zippered hand - 1 zippered side 2 hand - 2 hand, 2 rear, 2 zip 1 zippered cargo, 1 hook-and-loop cargo, 2 hand - 3 rear, 1 zippered rear 2 zippered hand - - - 1 zip chest, 1 zip rear -
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Louis Garneau Supra Sleeveless Baselayer - Men's

Even a mid-summer day can have its temperature variations, especially if your route runs through shade-dappled canyons and winding climbs, and having a Louis Garneau Supra Sleeveless Baselayer hiding under your jersey can make all the difference in staying comfortable. Its lightweight fabric breathes easily to usher moisture out and away to keep you cool and dry over the miles while a sleeveless profile pairs with any number of sleeved or sleeve-free jerseys.

  • A lightweight sleeveless cycling baselayer
  • Fast-drying, moisture-wicking fabric
  • Streamlined fit tucks stealthily under a jersey
  • Flatlock seams minimize chafing
  • Item #LGN00GE
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    100% R-Core DH Short - Men's

    You'll be glad you're wearing the 100% Men's R-Core DH Short before dropping into wicked downhill courses with intimidating rock gardens, massive jumps, and steep roll-overs. This relaxed-fitting downhill short features rugged construction of 600D polyester for impressive durability when you're thrashing them on a regular basis. Stretch-mesh ventilation and laser-cut perforations rapidly expel built-up perspiration and body heat, meaning you'll feel utterly cool and confident during stressful downhill runs in warm weather.

    To maintain a secure fit, the R-Core's adjustable ladder buckle dials it in, so you won't have to worry about these shorts slipping down as you ride. There's a zippered security pocket for storing your riding essentials within quick reach. Additionally, you'll appreciate the rear stretch panel for full mobility when you're getting rowdy on blistering downhill runs.

  • Dedicated downhill short with rugged construction
  • 600D polyester fabric for durability and lightweight feel
  • Rear stretch panel for uncompromising mobility while riding
  • Mesh ventilation and laser-cut perforations for active cooling
  • Adjustable ladder buckle for a dialed fit without 'em slipping
  • Zippered pocket for storing essentials within quick reach
  • Item #OHP003G
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    Club Ride Apparel Vibe Jersey - Men's

    Regardless of if you're rocking some agro singletrack or a mellow spin to a Sunday lawn party, strike the right tone with the Club Ride Apparel Vibe Men's Jersey. The Vibe's mellow snap-button style and western cut give it a chill countenance on warm summer spins, but it’s the RideDryWear material—a staple in Club Ride's understated line—that keeps the jersey literally cool.

    RideDryWear is a breathable, moisture managing synthetic blend that doesn't do much to keep cooling air at bay. It's not ideal for mid-winter fat biking, but it does lend itself to a summer time bout of bicycles and backyard barbecues. For days spent playing vintage lawn games, the Vibe's UV protection helps ward off harmful rays; for those late nights when a ride led to a bar led to a regretful tab, reflective details will help catch light so other road users can see you while you're seeing yourself home.

  • A chill jersey fashioned after a western shirt
  • Synthetic material breathes, wicks, and banishes moisture
  • Additional ventilation under the arms aids cooling
  • Fits like a casual shirt but stretches to move in the saddle
  • Two zippered pockets secure personal effects
  • UV protection and reflective details for day and night
  • Snap-up wester shirt rides comfortably but blends in off the bike
  • Item #CLB003B
  • Hey my name is mike i'm one of the founders of club ride were based up in sun valley idaho we've been around since 2008 pumping out really cool clothing for your biking experience really stoked. To be here at interbike this year and talk about the three categories or collections of clothing that we put together for 2014 we have a few different styles we have our sun valley collection which is really mountain inspired had that vision one day riding up a big hill in sun valley that we needed something more individual more cool more eclectic than what was traditionally out there so that's line that line has been growing ever since that 2008 day we have another collection. Called the open road so anything 700c that's not race so if you're doing adventure touring gravel road anything. Fat tire 700c our open road collection. Works really really well for that application then we have a sub 5 collection and that's really exciting for us that's our everyday lifestyle on off the bike you know you're just super comfortable in this in this product line and then you can be experienced life in any capacity so you riding two wheels you're getting into the library you're getting into the bookstore wherever your destination might take you the the sub 5 collection is going to work super well in in that environment alright so the go. West style raven black has our air to flow system on the front side here so it's quick zip down control the venting let a lot of air flow in you get off you go to the pub afterwards it's completely concealed underneath these super cool pearl snaps on the back side of all the go s jerseys we have our double long. Pole zipper system so throw your energy bar your keys your wallet on the back side and then a media port running from the the back of the storage pocket up to. The the back of the neck run your cables to your earbuds and away you go so this. Is the go wes style a must-have for any cycling collection got super super nutty this year wanted to create something really fun and playful brought this. Classic western design put it on the top yoke of the birch pure west shirt so a. Really fun piece nice color venting system all the way down the side again with the pearl snaps and the air to flow system underneath fun fun print enjoy. Your day on a bicycle in the pure west. Another staple to anybody's riding outfit is the new west style some fun colors for this year in the royals. Again we have the double back pockets for storage full venting system all along the sides the royal color we have. The fig which is nice and subtle browns and blues and the ale brown with a nice light blue color and a fun one this year is the mantis greens mantis with the. Birch top so the new west style you got. To check it out from club rod it's one of my favorite pieces is the bolt shirt the bullet we played around with this. Western look made this asymmetrical line going down this at the front of the garment clear acrylic pearl snaps to give it a lot of fun features it does have our air to flow system underneath fully vented single back pocket design. This is the pure west and three really cool colors another staple to your. Riding piece fun for this year is the. Vibe shirt this is part of our sub 5 collection so around town on the bike. Off the bike going into the pubs into the work into your school's the five shirt big snaps up front venting under. The sides single back pocket and of. Course you have to have your reflective so you don't get taken out by a driver on this busy city streets so the vibe couple colors in this fremont brand new. For this year you got reflective on the drive side and with the traffic side of the garment again the big or bfg snaps if you can figure out what that is no. Zip system on this because you could stop and button up your own shirt fun little bike graphics and by cart really subtle on the back side with a single back pocket again with the reflective this is the new fremont from club ride. Some really cool pieces in the open road. Category this is the precincts so the precinct is made with the pt fabric so recycled plastic bottles who are doing what we can fun really rolled over european-style neckline here triple snap. Up the front so you can open that up with a clear acrylic pearl snap back. Neckline here some reflective on the back side of course we had to throw in our asymmetric curve to make a club ride single back pocket with long poles if ur. Two really cool colors in the black and the royal blue looking for something a little bit more simple burnside might be your man lots of graphic elements on this with full reflective this is the. Fuse short royal blue really cool accent fabrics we don't like velcro here. So we're using this cam adjustment system to keep everything nice and tight against the body on the flight control. Accident fabrics down here really nice cross country riding short quiet fabric. So you can't hear that over your guns and roses cranking in your headsets wear it all day long royal blue and here's your enduro outfit right here bad royal. Blue flying downhill number one riding. Short right here surf trunk inspired a. Little bit longer than inseam contrast colors slim under the karate so you're not catching the saddle every time you stand up and crank up that hill side pockets are for vince as well a couple. Of different colors media ports all sorts of stuff going on in the mountain surf really killer short for all-mountain cross country rides i live in the pit stop stretch cotton super. Comfortable all day long tons of bike. Dna going on here got your place for your cell phone that sits on the back side of the leg so it's not hidden your thigh when you're riding no crack back do your friends a favor no crack back as a way to go reflective on the belt loops gus it under the crotch super. Comfortable works in a variety of clothing applications the pit stop super. Inexpensive too so it has to be a staple in your outfit 2% like rests a great. Recovery on this we have the ray which is a slim fit jean so your urban nights out on the bike you got to wear the ray looking for something a little bit more comfortable you got some bigger thighs like me you got to go for the woody the. Woody is a relaxed fit jean again you have your gusset under the crotch reflective where you store your cell phone reflective on the back belt loop. To cool denim pants from club ride the. Ray and the wood image we're going to. Move into some women's pieces here i'm showing you the band era style bend air. Has been through a couple incarnations i'm super psyched for this year lots of really fun colors a nice knit fabric that's going to really be soft on the skin some fun little inserts with accent. Fabrics a couple different prints again. If you can see it up close it's our bike colts are printed with the wheels and cogs all shooting throughout the garment a couple different styles and colors and the lead and the lemon bubble. Really fun riding shirt for the gals this is a super cool piece part of our sub 5 collection for women imperial. Neckline big term pretty simple in its application it's a lot of different ways you can run this all the way across you start off on cool morning you want that sophisticated look you have an imperial neckline up here you can drop it down to one side secure it on just one really cool fancy open it up you got that athletic look on the side fun little snaps going on here it does have a zip system underneath so no billowing no showing skin when you don't want to athletic little cuts on the back side. For open darts and then a storage pocket. On the back so this is the laurel shirt we have that in two different colors in the classic baroque print and then the shadow solid really beautiful piece another one for women this year is the motion open neckline peas little classic. Babydoll t scallop shoulder line here with the accent fabrics fun little accents with the stitch lines drop in pocket in two different colors the jade. In our brooke print again one of my. Favorites for gals again it will pull over chicken soup for the body right here nice and comfy natural handfield fabric super quick dry wicking upf 20. Contrast stitching fun little print back here again with our bike dna we got to have it where in the bike culture drop in really really functional pockets back here with some ruching on the sides so it hides any unflattering parts of the body that you want to hide fun short for. Women this year the freedom short knee length classic counts tooth plaid print. Stretch fabric again you have your reflective back here place the store your cell phone get ride all day walk all day off and on the bike in the freedom short dsg for women does come. With a removable liner a little pleated skirt here so we do have this with a. Storage pocket on the side has an adjustment system so you can control the fit on the front nice and easy access. Through the back through the zip system the dsg skirt for women in a couple. Different colors the joyride capri. Really cute pant for gals riveted all. Throughout give it a nice classic look fun little back-end here with the long pole zips a lot of stitch lines going on giving it a really neat look the scallop back edge with the stitching and the binding giving it some fun features for. The joyride capri nice pant for women the new women short for this year is the. Eden short and it's a denim like short but very technical a little bit of stretch going on here so it's nice and movable when you're on the bicycle the sides have an open adjustment here so you can control how big you want the leg. Again the backside here we have a nice long pull zipper that hides inside of the usable back pocket the sweatband on the the waist so you can keep the sweat off your body two different colors again. We have the light caravan and the raven just want to show this to you and like a nice little outfit this is cool summer. Time going out style right here club ride style and i want to show you something i'm pretty excited about and it's underwear well it's commuting underwear really so what i wanted to do. When we put these together was design something for the light commute or your light ride now if you go out for an hour on a bike you really don't need a big expensive chamois liner that's gonna be bulky under your cross if you do get off the bicycle or if you're going for that commute for three or four hours you're on the bike for 15-20 minutes you're off the bike in the library or the bookstore so there's no reason to have a big chamois under your butt so i wanted to create a couple pieces i work well in those environments this is the johnson for men so it's an athletic pair of underwear so quick dry wicking on the. Fabric itself fits really nice around the skin accented with some extra venting the really key to this is the minimalist chamois pad so we developed this piece as a 1 or 2 mm chamois pad so. It just cuts the edge off your commute so whether you're riding for an hour at that lunch ride on the mountain or commuting to work or often on the bike on a saturday the johnson might be your. Your your answer to any pains and issues. You might have we also have the jewel jewel is a female cut here again really. Standard women's cut again we threw in the accent stitching with that 2 millimeter pad underneath fits really nicely for that that short ride so check. Out the jewel in johnson if you're looking for the answer for this short ride not big chamois you really don't. Know what's even there if you have to sit down the office for a couple hours so the jewel and johnson bike club ride you got to check that out a couple pieces i'm pretty excited about for this fall winter a club right or flannels we use a hollow-core yarn technology it's like a fiber optic cable it holds the air inside the yard itself keeping it nice and warm it's quick dry really breathable have some great color options with a harvest and the odyssey couleur works well with our club ride jeans or even a pair of shorts i've been riding in sun valley early spring in these things or it's a great all-mountain piece or just that urban commuter the. Urban relaxation off and on the bicycle so the jack here has the venting underneath the arms are really breathable when your arm zipper on the handlebars the fun pearl snaps here that show the colors through the acrylic pearl then each piece does have a back. Pocket for some lightweight stores so throw your keys your credit card your wallet take off for the day in the jack shirt to complement that we have the women's jill of course we have the jack and jill the jill shirt we have two. Different color options here we have the divine plaid again fairly fun accent. Materials here with the grays and the pinks and the yellows in a hip side storage pocket lots of fun nights out. With the jill and then this solid piece. Here again we have our bike dna with this graphic up top a little patch working in a sense we have the the brown burnout material accidental blue fabrics carrying over the graphic on the back side so check out the jack and the jill by club ride this fall a couple vests. Going on for both men and women this is the cross fest fully ruched down the front of this it's a fun style reflective all the way down both zippers. Woven material up top so abrasion resistant with a nice little bit of accent then a single back pocket pull here so you can store your goods inside we also have a men's version here that. Works well in a couple different outfits that i'll show you the contrast blue stitching again with the blue inside. Breathable material on the outside giving a little bit of stretch really soft a nice hand feel on the fabric it. Is resistant so it'll take the the wind away the the moisture way definitely not. A rain jacket but definitely for that water resistant day and then a storage pocket on the back side if you're looking for a really cool outfit for the day you know you got your blues and your blues you want to throw in another piece here you got your full outside riding. Outfit here from club ride so check it out club ride apparel based. Out of sun valley idaho born in the mountains designed for on and off the. Bike technical materials great fashion and style has to be part of your collections to go to your local bike shop ask them to get it if they don't look for us online at thanks a. Lot.

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    Fox Racing Attack Pro Short - Men's

    The Fox Racing Men's Attack Pro Short is designed to comfortably fade into the background, much like the surrounding trees and dramatic scenery when you're earning your turns for the plunging descent that follows. And that's a good thing, considering you'll be opening it up at high speeds where second guessing your riding apparel could lead to costly mistakes in the form of faltering around corners or falling over jagged rocks.

    Much like a souped-up version of your favorite baggies, the Attack Pro Short is a bit more streamlined for discerning enduro racers and all-mountain riders. Welded construction enhances its overall flex and freedom, complemented with the uninhibited pedaling and descending capabilities of TruMotion 4-way stretch fabric.

    The ratcheting buckle along the waistline keeps the Attack Pro nice and secure, regardless if you're jostling down brutal rock sections or flying downhill at scary-fast speeds. For optimal cooling, laser-cut ventilation holes keep you from overheating on the warmest summer outings. Plus, the zippered hand pockets offer convenient storage for your trail snacks and smaller riding accessories.

  • Streamlined short for enduro and all-mountain
  • Welded construction maximizes flexibility
  • TruMotion fabric with 4-way stretch
  • Ratcheting closure at waist for security
  • Ventilation holes circulate air inside
  • Zippered pockets offer secure storage
  • Item #FXR01W6
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    Assos SS.centoJersey_evo8 - Men's

    There are typically two options for jerseys: Race and Club. While race-fit jerseys typically get lavished with the industry's latest trends—long sleeves, matte fabrics, clean cut and welded cuffs and hems—club fit kit tends to be left out. Assos is defying that business-as-usual model with its Men's SS.centoJersey_evo8, which combines all of the features of a top-tier race jersey with a fit that's a bit more accommodating around the midsection.

    The implications (and enormity) of this aren't immediately clear unless you've found yourself in the situation where you wanted the high-end features but were forced to size up in order to fit into the jerseys. The trade-off is that sizing up with those jerseys makes the body fit, but it means things like the clean, cuff free arms and tidy, minimized collars become sloppy, flappy expanses. Not so with the SS.centoJersey.

    It imports all of those features (we can't praise the clean finish of the arms highly enough) to a model that fits those of us who are a bit more of an Ullrich in springtime than a skeletal Contador in the third week of July. In fact, if the SS.centoJersey reminds you of the SS.campionissimo, that's no accident; the former's aesthetics, material feel, and finishing details are all largely based on the latter. There are some key differences between the two, but they're subtle and they're less about reducing quality than about achieving that aim of pro-level construction in a jersey cut for the rest of us.

    Those key differences are in the material and the collar. The material features a different blend of synthetics in order to provide more stretch for bodies that are, admittedly, not in peak grand tour shape. (Yet.) This stretch peaks around the midsection, where most of us non-pros can benefit from the added give. The collar is cut lower, which brings the jersey more in line with the industry's typical take on jerseys and also frees up your throat for important things like, you know, breathing. And that's important for endurance athletics.

    The pockets surface Assos' obsessive attention to detail in a way that you have to put hands on to really appreciate. First, the obvious: There are three open pockets and a fourth, zippered pocket. Most brands—even those that self-stylize as "luxury"—hit that point and call it a day, but Assos goes well beyond. The pockets are a robust material whose perforations allow ventilation, and this material is anchored to a full back panel of two-way stretch mesh that gives horizontally but not vertically. Assos is daring you to load the pockets up with bananas, CO2, spare tubes, and cobblestones pried from northern France's Napoleonic-era farm roads traversed during a sportive following the route of a spring monument. The jersey's construction prevents droop, so the weight of your granite souvenir won't send your pockets down to rest on your saddle.

  • A jersey that combines a comfort fit with performance details
  • High-stretch Lycra allows a more expansive mid-section fit
  • Laser-cut, lie-flat sleeves sit long and flat without pinching
  • Reinforced back panel eliminates pocket droop
  • Zippered security pocket eliminates the risk of lost keys
  • Rear elastic hem anchors fit with silicone grip print
  • Reflective pocket strips up the safety factor in low-light conditions
  • Assos logo zipper pulls add the final touch to an endurance jersey masterpiece
  • Item #AAS007H
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    Troy Lee Designs Skyline Short - Men's

    When you're out for a solo expedition searching for far off ridgelines, make sure you take the Troy Lee Skyline Shorts along for the ride. Crafted from Coolmax polyester with just a touch of lycra, the Skyline shorts are designed to move with you while you chase down the sun for one last mile of singletrack before setting up camp for the night. They come equipped with their own removable liner short with a supportive TMF pad that cushions your sit bones for long miles on the trail, but can be swapped out easily for another liner, if you're on a multi-day excursion. Both the liner and short are built to be breathable, with perforations in the foam of the chamois to pull away sweat while you ride, and keep air moving. The shorts also are equipped with a hook-and-loop adjustment on the waist, so dialing in your fit won't cause hold ups when you're blurry eyed and searching for what pocket you stashed your instant java in while you're getting geared up for day two.

  • Ride into the clouds with TLD's top trail shorts
  • Coolmax polyester wicks away sweat and breathes
  • Lycra gives shorts 4-way stretch for mobility
  • TMF padded liner cushions sit bones and breathes
  • New micro-waffle backing is extra comfortable against skin
  • Stay dry in light showers with DWR treatment
  • Zippered pockets give you a spot to stash essentials
  • Reflective logos help with visibility if your ride takes you to road
  • Item #TLD015I
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    Club Ride Apparel Fuze Short - Men's

    The Club Ride Fuze Men's Shorts may be built specifically to crush miles of singletrack without a hiccup, but unlike other high-tech riding shorts, you may find yourself wearing these on social outings as well. That’s because our friends in Sun Valley put tons of effort into making sure that Club Ride’s shorts are casual, so you won’t think twice about the wicking synthetic construction or thoughtful seam placement.

    Club Ride builds the Fuze shorts out of a mid-weight fabric. It's a synthetic blend chosen because it’s abrasion-resistant, stretchy, and has excellent wicking properties. While its durable face and UV protection keep external elements away from your skin, its interior helps usher moisture out and into the wild. In other words, it fights to keep you cool and dry when you’re working up a sweat. And since it’s UPF30 rated, it blocks harmful UV rays, keeping you protected.

    Though Club Ride tends to keep things relatively casual with its cycling shorts, the Fuze is finished with two saddle-specific features: a gusted crotch and a removable liner. You’re unlikely to notice the seamless crotch gusset, which is a good thing, because it enhances both comfort and durability. You also probably won’t notice the removable Gunslinger liner, which uses breathable PowerMesh fabric and a CoolMax chamois to keep saddle sores at bay—something you'd definitely be aware of without that insert to run interference.

  • Mountain bike shorts for the social cyclist
  • Removable liner incorporates a chamois
  • Mid-weight material resists abrasion and UV rays
  • Rear yoke extends coverage while you're hanging off the saddle
  • Wealth of pockets for securing personal effects
  • Reflective details help keep you visible during late returns
  • Item #CLB003H
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    Yeti Cycles Montezuma Wind Pant - Men's

    Brave the chill and stay toasty through cold trail rides in the Yeti Cycles Men's Montezuma Wind Pants. Constructed from cozy, fleeced fabric with Windblock paneling, these pants fend off the elements to keep you warm over cold trails. Their relaxed fit won't constrict or get in the way of the ride, and tapered legs mean you don't have to worry about getting the hem caught in a chainring. An elastic waistband features an interior draw cord for an adjustable fit, while zippered side pockets let you stash some snacks. To cap it off, Yeti incorporates zippered side vents for temperature regulation control when the sun comes out and the trail kicks up.

  • Pants for cruising over trails in chilly weather
  • Windblock panels deflect the elements
  • Fleece lining is soft and warm against your skin
  • Tapered legs stay away from your chain
  • Drawcord waistband customizes the fit
  • Zippered vents increase airflow at the sides
  • Item #YTI009Z
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    Louis Garneau Optimum Mat Tight - Men's

    For cyclists who try to maintain fitness year round, winter poses a pretty obvious dilemma. Winter roads are often un-rideable unless you have a fat bike, so even the most bike-centric of us will often branch out into cross-training in order to avoid the indoor trainer. Louis Garneau's Optimum Mat Tights are, well, optimal for those situations. They'll serve as running tights during cross-training on bright winter afternoons, but while the roads are clear in late fall and early spring, they'll also ride just fine over your favorite pair of summer-weight cycling shorts. Either way, they provide protection against cold air without risk of stifling you.

  • Chamois-free tights for cross-training in the cold
  • Light material provides coverage without stifling
  • Mesh inserts behind the knees boost ventilation
  • Drawstring waistband cinches down the fit
  • Flatlock seams reduce the irritation of training in the cold
  • Pockets provide discreet storage for keys and gels
  • Reflective elements help keep you sparkly in dim conditions
  • Item #LGN00HO
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    Castelli Raddoppia Jacket - Men's

    There are few things the truly embody the joy of riding a bicycle more than rolling through beautiful farmland as giant snowflakes float through the bright, crisp air around you. Take in the views in the warm comfort of your Castelli Men's Raddoppia Jacket, listen to the light crunch of fresh snow under your tires, and enjoy the blissfully muffled quiet and peace that marks the official changing of ride seasons.

    The key to this jacket's ability to weather the cold is Castelli's use of Gore Windstopper X-Fast thermal fabric, which offers warm protection against the elements of winter, and a lighter Thermoflex fabric on the sides for a balance of warmth and breathability. Large reflective paneling and logo placement across the jacket adds aesthetic interest and impressive visibility to other road users in dreary, low-light conditions.

    Castelli recommends this jacket for ideal warmth in temperatures ranging from 32-50 degrees Fahrenheit, but we'd happily pair it with a jersey and base layer in colder temperatures without any concerns.

  • A cycling jacket to fend off the winter elements
  • Gore Windstopper membrane keeps you rolling in foul weather
  • Thermal inserts boost breathability without compromising warmth
  • Streamlined fit minimizes the flap of excess fabric
  • Three rear open pockets and a zippered pocket stow essentials
  • Reflective paneling increases visibility to others
  • Item #CST00D8
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    DAKINE Boundary Short - Men's

    Built to charge from rolling singletrack to chunky all-mountain lines, the Dakine Boundary Short is lightweight and ready to shred. They're built from DWR treated polyester that sheds water and mud, while letting cool air in constantly, and still maintaining a knack for standing up to rogue branches and abrasion. To keep durability a priority, Dakine's designers equip the shorts with welded seams that hold up to rigorous riding, and stay out of the way to avoid chaffing, while still maintaining lightweight construction for easy pedaling. On the hottest trail days you'll appreciate the attention to detail in the Boundary Shorts, with inner leg mesh that lets cool air in constantly, and wicking fabric that pulls away sweat to keep you dry. To top it all off you'll find a zippered side pocket for stashing your valuables, and interior waist adjustment tabs to dial in the perfect fit for a day on the bike.

  • Lightweight baggies for rowdy trail days
  • Breathable and light polyester wicks away sweat
  • Mesh inner leg boosts breathability when the temps skyrocket
  • Stand up to stray branches and bailouts with durable construction
  • Stash your valuables in a zippered thigh pocket for safe keeping
  • Dial in the perfect fit with adjustable waist tabs
  • Welded seams are light, durable, and prevent chaffing
  • Unlined, so you can add your favorite chamois to your kit
  • Item #DAK014U
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    7mesh Industries Strata Tight - Men's

    Hit up those chilly rides in comfort with the Strata Tight from 7mesh Industries. Its constructed without a chamois and is designed to be worn over 7mesh's MK2 or Foundation bibs as a cold weather layering system.

    Its unique gClip connection works with its bibs or you can use the supplied lightweight removable suspenders to attach them to the tight allowing you to choose your level of support and comfort on those long base mile days. Enjoy smooth pedaling comfort with its refined cut and micro stitched seams that minimize bulk and the possibility of chafing.

    The DWR treated Thermoroubaix offers cozy insulation and keeps road spray and light rain from dampening your spirits. Generous gripper elastic leg bands keep the tight in place throughout your ride, and its large reflective details on the back of the legs provide welcome visibility to other road users.

  • Cycle comfortably in chilly weather in this versatile tight
  • Form-fitting cut meant to be layered over a liner short
  • The gClip at the back attaches to 7mesh bib shorts
  • Removable suspenders allow you to choose your level of support
  • Brushed Thermoroubaix fabric insulates and repels water
  • Reflective details help you stand out on dim roads
  • Item #SVN001F
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    Fox Racing Ranger Dri-Release Short-Sleeve Jersey - Men's

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    Twin Six Du Nord T-Shirt - Men's

  • A handsome, cycling-themed t-shirt
  • Black, yellow, and bone white printed graphics on a military green shirt
  • Super soft poly/cotton material wicks and breaths
  • L'Étoile du Nord means "The Star of the North" in French, it's the state motto of Minnesota, where Twix Six calls home
  • Item #TWI00EA
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    Giordana Fusion Thermal Bib Knicker - Men's

    Simple and effective, the Giordana Fusion Bib Knicker is a winter riding essential thanks to its warm, comfortable, and durable design. This new and improved version of the Fusion bib tight features Mititech Thermoroubaix, an innovative brushed loft material that works wonders in the heat-retention department while also providing lightweight, soft, and moisture-wicking comfort when you really push yourself in the saddle.

    The paneling pattern offers a body-hugging fit and supports your muscles to prevent fatigue from setting in too early, while the aloe vera-infused Cirro Chamois smoothes out harsh chatter from the winter-worn roadways you'll find yourself riding on. Soft elastic straps and a micromesh back form the upper to gently hold everything together, and Pixel reflective accents at the calves bolster your visibility for those low-light conditions that usually come along with the colder months.

  • No-frills winter cycling knickers for warm comfort
  • New winter-weight material traps heat while wicking sweat
  • Form-fitting design supports muscles where you need it
  • Reflective accents help you stay seen by motorists
  • Aloe vera-infused chamois absorbs impact and vibration
  • Micromesh back and soft elastic straps ensure comfy support
  • Item #GIO00BQ
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    100% Celium II Glove - Men's

    The 100% Celium II Gloves are for riders who really don't want to be wearing gloves, but who recognize the benefits of optimal grip, tactile control, and sweat-wicking comfort. It's designed to keep your hands comfortable in hot weather with its perforated Clarino palm for high levels of breathability, plus slip-free grip with silicone overlays along the palm and trigger fingers.

    Redesigned for 2018 with a low-profile cuff, the Celium II remains secure without inhibiting movement when you're laying your bike into a sweeping turn and popping off natural hits littered alongside the trail. It prevents blisters with a padded thumb overlay, which comes in handy on fast descents when you're holding on tight. As a bonus, it's equipped with tech-thread fingertips, so you can snap pictures, change tracks, and swipe through map tiles on your smartphone.

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    Mavic Essential Thermo Bib Tight - Men's

    Train throughout the winter, and hit the spring season in the best shape you can be in. The Mavic Essential Thermo Bib Tights are the low-bulk layer you need to keep yourself warm on those chilly training rides. The brushed, synthetic material feels soft against your skin and encourages moisture to move away from you to keep you warm and comfortable as you pedal. Flatlock seams ensure that you can move without chafing while the stretchy construction prevents the tights from restricting your motion. The Essential has an Ergo 3D Elite chamois to provide improved shock absorption and cushion without cutting off airflow, thanks to its pre-shaped, multi-layer construction.

  • Thermal tights for winter training
  • Synthetic material manages moisture
  • Ergo 3D Elite chamois cushions and absorbs shock
  • Ergonomic bib design for riding-position comfort
  • Silicone ankle grips secure the hem position
  • Flatlock seams for comfort in motion
  • Reflective highlights improve visibility
  • Item #MAV00L7
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    Giordana G Shield Bib Shorts - Men's

    You're wanting to stay in shape all winter and put the hurt on your buddies come spring, but if you aren't prepared for fall showers and cool temperatures, an afternoon ride is more like playing a game of chance with Mother Nature. Avoid cold, soaked bibs with the Giordana G Shield Bib Shorts. Made to keep you cozy and dry, the G Shield Bib Shorts will prevent rain storms and cold winds from ending your ride early.

    Made from the Super Roubaix AZ fabric, the G Shield Bib Shorts have a soft, brushed interior for warmth. This microfiber has the stretch of your favorite summer shorts, with the addition of insulating warmth and an efficient moisture transfer. Super Roubaix AZ is treated with Acqua Zero, which bonds with the fabric on a nano level, to give the shorts a water-repellency that won't absorb water after a few hours in the saddle. Instead, the fabric keeps water and cold temperatures from permeating the fabric and silicone-lined seams.

    The stretch, breathability, warmth, and water-repellency are what set the G Shield Bib Shorts apart, but their construction is what will make them your go-to bibs. Using the least amount of seams possible, Giordana designed the panels to form an anatomically contoured race fit. Giordana also used PowerNet Mesh uppers to keep you cool and to transfer moisture when you're working hard in the saddle.

    Reserved for top-level shorts and bibs, the G Shield Bib Shorts come with a Cirro O.F. insert—a multilayered chamois that's made to keep you comfortable and protected during long rides. The top-layer is made from a nylon microfiber that's been infused with Aloe Vera during construction. A natural defender against bacteria, Aloe protects and heals the skin while you ride. The mid-layer is a 4mm, waffled memory foam that manages moisture by circulating any dampness to the outside of the pad for evaporation. The bottom 8mm foam layer is bonded with an ultra-fine protective liner. The Cirro O.F. insert stretches like elastic, and it conforms to your movements on the bike for protection where your shorts interact with the saddle.

  • A weather-resistant bib short for cold weather rides
  • Soft, brushed interior provides warmth
  • Acqua Zero treatment repels water
  • Supportive Cirro O.F. chamois
  • Silicone grippers hold hems in place
  • Reflective accents increase visibility to motorists
  • Item #GIO005K
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    De Marchi Corsa Short Sleeve Jersey - Men's

    Efficiency is king when you're moving at a brisk cadence and the De Marchi Corsa Jersey is intended to be as streamlined as possible for this very need. Ever up to the task, De Marchi's designers met their goal using Italian materials that work to support your torso, move moisture away from your skin, and keep drag to an absolute minimum. De Marchi recommends it for grueling training rides in spring and summer or as a lightweight, moisture-wicking base layer in cooler autumn and winter months.

    For the construction, De Marchi uses a special jacquard bi-filament polyester fabric with an airy composition and low overall weight. This material breathes better than most and it rapidly transfers moisture away from your skin to the outermost layer for rapid evaporation. The fabric stretches in order to support your upper body and arms while in the saddle, and it's constructed with De Marchi's anatomical fit for mobility without irritation.

  • Streamlined jersey for training hard in spring and summer
  • Sleek, minimally styled jersey keeps drag to a minimum
  • Jacquard bi-filament polyester rapidly wicks moisture
  • Bi-filament fabric breathes well and is extremely soft
  • Four rear pockets, including one secure zippered pocket
  • Reflective piping along the rear for better visibility
  • Integrated chin saver prevents scratchy irritation
  • Item #DMA009Z
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    100% Ridecamp Short - Men's

    Finding gear that looks as good as it is comfortable can be challenging, but it's a task 100% has never fallen short with, and pieces like the Ridecamp Shorts reaffirm it. These simple, but sleek baggies offer clean lines that don't get in the way, and a comfortable fit that moves with you in the saddle. They're built for blasting berms and boosting rollers, thanks to a 2-way stretch polyester construction that doesn't restrict your motion, and holds up against scrub oak and rock wall scuffs. 100% treats the fabric with a generous DWR coating for the inevitable mud splatter, keeping water rolling off so you can stay fresh if you've got post-ride plans and don't feel like wasting time with a wardrobe change.

  • Tough and ready shorts for all-mountain endeavors
  • 2-way stretch polyester moves with you in the saddle
  • Shed mud and stay fresh with DWR coating
  • Stretch-mesh fly with adjustable snaps dials in fit
  • Ample pocket space for keeping your gummy bears at hand
  • Stay seen in low light with reflective accents
  • Item #OHP00A9
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    triple2 TUUR Merino Shirt - Men's

    Not every day in life is spent on the bike — some days, in fact, are spent on the sidelines as a spectator to the sport. This can cause some confusion for those of us who typically adorn ourselves in various pieces of kit whenever we're around a bike, and it leaves us a little baffled as to what to put on when attending an event. Triple2 aims to make it easy for us with the TUUR Merino Shirt for Men. This casual-styled top offers a merino-polyester mix that keeps us feeling at home with moisture-wicking and odor-fighting goodness, but with a fit and fashion that's more suited for casual endeavors. That isn't to say it won't pass on the bike as well, though. This casual piece packs in the tech you need for a casual afternoon spin, and even offers a buttoned back pocket for keeping your card secure when heading on a coffee ride.

  • A merino and poly top for casual days on or off the bike
  • Merino wool actively fights odor and wicks moisture
  • Polyester adds a boost of durability and comfort
  • Modern fit pairs with cycling shorts or jeans alike
  • Buttoned back pocket secures your essentials on the ride
  • Item #TRX0004
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    Fox Racing Tecbase Pro Short - Men's

    Slide the Fox Racing Men's Tecbase Pro Short under your favorite pair of baggy shorts and hit the trails with confidence, knowing you'll stay comfortable all day, and protected just in case you take a spill. Made from premium Italian 4-way stretch mesh, these liners are designed to sit stealthily under any pair of outer shorts to add moisture-wicking comfort and muscular support to your ride. Additionally, they feature impact padding on the hips to keep scrapes and bruising to a minimum if you slide out on the trail. Bonded construction with taped seams ensures long-term durability and an irritation-free fit, while the silicone thigh grippers keep the shorts from riding up when you're barreling through rugged terrain.

    The Tecbase Liner Shorts include Fox's Pro chamois, which was developed in conjunction with the chamois experts at Elastic Interface. High-density foam inserts placed in key pressure points cushions your sit bones during long days in the saddle, while an airy base layer ensures breathability and dries quickly when you're working up a sweat. And unlike many liners, it does all of this without feeling bulky, ensuring you can move freely on the bike without any sacrifices to comfort.

  • Mountain bike liner shorts offering comfort and protection
  • 4-way stretch mesh offers muscular support and breathability
  • Impact padding protects you from slide-outs and tumbles
  • Pro chamois cushions your sit bones without feeling bulky
  • Moisture-wicking properties keep you cool, dry, and comfortable
  • Bonded construction with taped seams for durability
  • Silicone grippers keep the shorts in place in rough terrain
  • Made in the USA using high-end Italian fabrics
  • Item #FXR032F
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    Santa Cruz Bicycles Dash Long-Sleeve Trail Jersey - Men's

    Rep your favorite bike brand out on the trail with this long-sleeve jersey from Santa Cruz. The simple logo and rich colors are right in line with the smooth aesthetics of their bikes, an easily-recognized style that captures the hearts of riders worldwide. Captivating style meets functional materials with the Dash Long Sleeve Trail Jersey.

    The long sleeves are great for trails with encroaching overgrowth, shielding your arms from abrasive scrub oak or dreadful poison ivy. They also add some coverage for cooler spring and fall days. The jersey is suitable for summer use as well due to the moisture-wicking main fabric and breathable mesh side panels that work together to keep you cool and dry if the temps start to rise. Humid days or long climbs can fog up your glasses so Santa Cruz integrates a microfiber lens cloth on the inside of the hem to keep your eyewear clear. Lastly, a taped collar limits chafing and irritation around your neckline so you can focus on enjoying the trail in comfort.

  • Rep your favorite bike brand with this long-sleeve trail jersey
  • Long sleeves shield your arms on overgrown trails
  • Synthetic materials wick moisture to keep you dry and cool
  • Integrated microfiber lens cloth to wipe foggy sunglasses
  • Taped collar improves comfort by limiting chafing and irritation
  • Simple logo and rich colors mirror aesthetics of Santa Cruz bikes
  • Item #SNZ00KB
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    Alpinestars Tahoe WP Jacket - Men's

    When it comes to days of adverse weather, Alpinestars knows you’re just about as enthusiastic about spending hours on the trainer as we are — we’d rather listen to tornado sirens than the incessant whine of a fly wheel. That’s why the Tahoe WP Jacket was built — no, not to replace sirens, but to keep you outside when the weatherman is hunkering down inside with hot chocolate next to the fire, and conditions look formidable at best outside.

    To keep you going through the harshest elements, Alpinestars crafts the Tahoe WP jacket to be completely waterproof, thanks to a combination of taped seams and a membrane that keeps moisture on the outside during downpours, but allows for perspiration to breathe on long climbs as well. The jacket is built with a burly hood that slides over your helmet with ease to help your noggin stay dry, and zippered pockets that keep your gadgets safely stowed away from the showers.

    Because we know you sweat even when it’s chilly out, the Tahoe WP Jacket is equipped with zippered side vents that let perspiration evaporate while you’re working your way up long climbs, and a polyester fabric that has a knack for wicking. The jacket offers a loose fit with plenty of room for layers when the temps dip and you’re braving snow-packed trails, and a mid-length back that keeps you covered when you’re in riding position.

  • A jacket to take to the trains in snow, sleet, or hail
  • Waterproof construction keeps you dry in downpour
  • Zippered vents let heat escape on climbs
  • Helmet-compatible hood keeps your noggin dry
  • Stash important goodies in two zippered pockets
  • Relaxed fit with drop-tail hem keeps you dry with room for layer
  • Item #APN01GR
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