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  Merrell Vapor Glove 4 Shoe - Women's Nike Odyssey React Running Shoe - Women's Flylow Jessi Shirt - Women's The North Face Progressor Hybrid Tight - Women's New Balance 10v1 Minimus Running Shoe - Women's The North Face Ventrix Light Fleece Hybrid Hoodie - Women's Black Diamond Notion SP Pant - Women's Adidas Solar Glide ST Boost Running Shoe - Women's Skida Alpine Headband - Women's Alo Yoga Coast Legging - Women's Topo Athletic Runventure 2 Trail Running Shoe - Women's Altra Superior 3.5 Trail Running Shoe - Women's Nathan VaporHowe 12L Hydration Vest - Women's Prana Large Headband - Women's Prana Momento 7/8 Legging - Women's Alo Yoga High-Waist Seamless Lift Legging - Women's Stoic Colorblock Legging - Women's Under Armour Streaker 2.0 Racer Tank Top - Women's Adidas Outdoor SuperLite Prime II Cap - Women's Marmot Romona Tank Top - Women's Bjorn Daehlie Ridge (Effect) Full-Zip Pant - Women's Mountain Hardwear Kor Preshell Pullover Jacket - Women's Adidas Outdoor Response Tank Top - Women's Altra Duo Running Shoe - Women's Arc'teryx Norvan SL Running Shoe - Women's Altra Hiit XT 1.5 Running Shoe - Women's Adidas Outdoor High Rise 3/4 Tights - Women's Alo Yoga Barre Long-Sleeve Top - Women's Salomon Comet Breeze Tank Top - Women's Under Armour Armour Fly Fast Crop Tight - Women's
  Merrell Vapor Glove 4 Shoe - Women's Nike Odyssey React Running Shoe - Women's Flylow Jessi Shirt - Women's The North Face Progressor Hybrid Tight - Women's New Balance 10v1 Minimus Running Shoe - Women's The North Face Ventrix Light Fleece Hybrid Hoodie - Women's Black Diamond Notion SP Pant - Women's Adidas Solar Glide ST Boost Running Shoe - Women's Skida Alpine Headband - Women's Alo Yoga Coast Legging - Women's Topo Athletic Runventure 2 Trail Running Shoe - Women's Altra Superior 3.5 Trail Running Shoe - Women's Nathan VaporHowe 12L Hydration Vest - Women's Prana Large Headband - Women's Prana Momento 7/8 Legging - Women's Alo Yoga High-Waist Seamless Lift Legging - Women's Stoic Colorblock Legging - Women's Under Armour Streaker 2.0 Racer Tank Top - Women's Adidas Outdoor SuperLite Prime II Cap - Women's Marmot Romona Tank Top - Women's Bjorn Daehlie Ridge (Effect) Full-Zip Pant - Women's Mountain Hardwear Kor Preshell Pullover Jacket - Women's Adidas Outdoor Response Tank Top - Women's Altra Duo Running Shoe - Women's Arc'teryx Norvan SL Running Shoe - Women's Altra Hiit XT 1.5 Running Shoe - Women's Adidas Outdoor High Rise 3/4 Tights - Women's Alo Yoga Barre Long-Sleeve Top - Women's Salomon Comet Breeze Tank Top - Women's Under Armour Armour Fly Fast Crop Tight - Women's
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Brand The North Face Adidas Under Armour Nike Altra Prana Adidas Outdoor Alo Yoga Adidas Outdoor Marmot Altra Arc'teryx Bjorn Daehlie Stoic Altra Salomon Prana Alo Yoga Flylow Alo Yoga Skida Under Armour Merrell Mountain Hardwear New Balance Black Diamond Nathan Topo Athletic Adidas Outdoor The North Face
Claimed Weight 11.2oz 8.8oz (size 8) - [single] 6.94oz [single] 8.9oz - - - - 3.2oz 8.2oz [size 7.5] 5.6oz - - 5.3oz 3oz - - - - - - [pair] 8oz 3.4oz 6.3 oz 12.5oz [with bladder] 12oz [size 7] 7.4oz - 7.4oz
Fit slim - relaxed - - - - form-fitting form-fitting semi-fitted - - regular form-fitting - slim fitted semi-fitted regular form-fitting - form-fitting - standard - regular - - slim form-fitting
Manufacturer Warranty lifetime 6 months limited lifetime limited 1 year 1 year - 30 days lifetime lifetime 30 days limited - limited lifetime 30 days limited lifetime 1 year 30 days limited lifetime - - limited lifetime limited lifetime lifetime limited lifetime limited 30 days lifetime lifetime
Material [body] 92% nylon, 8% elastane, DWR coating, [hood, side panels, sleeves underside] 100% polyester, [insulation] 60g Ventrix - polyester - - 53% hemp, 42% organic cotton, 5% spandex polyester nylon, spandex climalite (88% polyester, 12% elastic single jersey) 47% nylon, 43% polyester, 10% elastane - - 100% polyester, DWR treatment 85% polyester, 16% spandex - [front fabric] 85% polyester, 15% elastane, [back fabric] 89% polyester, 11% elastane 76% recycled nylon, 24% Lycra 95% modal, 5% spandex 94% nylon, 6% spandex Slimming Ultimate Performance Fabric, Airy Micro Mesh [outer fabric] MAX-Dri (92% polyester, 8% spandex), [lining] Polartec (100% polyester) HeatGear (87% polyester, 13% elastane) - Pertex Quantum Air (20D nylon ripstop, DWR coating) - 98% cotton, 2% elastane synthetic - Climalite (synthetic) [face fabric] 79% nylon, 21% elastane, [thigh panels, seat] 89% nylon, 11% spandex
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Merrell Vapor Glove 4 Shoe - Women's

You want to feel the trail, but you don't really want to feel the trail. That's ok, Merrell's Women's Vapor Glove 3 Shoe will make sure you get a barefoot feel without the pain. This lightweight shoe will have your feet thanking you as you run through the dogwood and elms, sharp sticks and pebbles glancing off the toe-protecting Vibram sole. Constructed with vegan-friendly materials, you can become one with the woods just as your feet become one with these shoes.

  • Minimalist shoe for a barefoot trail experience
  • Breathable construction for cool forest runs
  • Protective footbed and Vibram sole wards off rocks and thorns
  • Lace these up to get that glove-like fit
  • Treated with M Select Fresh to ward of lurking odors
  • Item #MER00MR
  • Hey guys welcome back in this video I'll. Be unboxing and trying on the vapor. Glove 3 by merrill. Okay that's a nice little guide to. Starting barefoot the shoes look pretty. Spectacular i mean vibram sole very. Lightweight fabric it arrived pre laced. Which some people may like some people. Don't i appreciate it okays very thin tongue. Shrim li thin but with a nice cushion. Now for the flex test not as flexible as. Maybe the vibram five fingers. But that's because of the articulation of the toes. I like the toe cap in the front this is. Very well-designed a little bit of the. Plastic that ice i have seen on the vivo. Barefoot primus lights which provides. For more stability and protection of the. Shoe less roll out a roll from this very. Soft fabric seems to have been well. Glued around the edge of the sole. Well immediately i can tell you that. These are very well-made shoes well. Constructed it has all the pain points covered not much lateral play on the. Foot so let's talk about the fit of the. Shoe the shoe has a wide enough toe box. For my feet they aren't the widest toe. Box but they aren't narrow by any means as you can see here okay so you get a. Lot of wiggle room in your toes as well. With the sizing is true to my. Size these are 11 and a half they fit. Well they fit even better with socks on so yes with that i would say that whatever shoe that you we're currently in conventional shoes you can buy the exact same size in these shoes we're. Gonna take it outside but first let's do. Some lunges let's do some squats let's see how they hold up in the gym the. Weighted lunge is a perfect exercise to. Test the stability in the field of shoes. Felt very stable i wasn't a wobbling in. The shoe had great lateral. Support and i appreciate that these shoes are turning out to be a phenomenal pair of shoes okay now that. We've given it a little trial in the gym let's take it outside and let's see how it performs on the road okay so i just. Took a run around the building not even. 400 meters and i have to say that i was. Pleased with the performance of the shoe yes it's definitely not a long run it's. Not four miles that would probably give me a better understanding of how the shoe feels but. At first glance or our first feeling for that short run i would say that they're exceptionally made I've worn these for. About a week so far and i found that. They are pretty impressive in a variety. Of exercises where their weight training. Running just overall agility movements i. Found them to be of great quality in. Construction and design a lot of nice. Features on the vibram sole actually. Creates has a toe cap which prevents you. From basically hitting your toe on many items or by a jump rope i found that the. Tongue was cushioned and when doing long. Runs that it allowed for more comfort. Than probably a standard tongue that had. No cushioning at all also along with the upper half you have these elastic laces. Which again give and take. Or get contract when they are under. Stress and so it allows you to have more. Flexibility for your upper foot when. Running it doesn't feel like you are actually constricting it that there is. More mobility to be had if you've. Reached a limit in your movement so that is good but that's good. For running but not so good for dead. Lifting and squatting now i found that i. Was able to dead lift and squat with. These shoes fairly well i they again the. Sole provides for great grip it's well. Made you know vibram makes five fingers which. Are known for having a great soul as well. And they make soles for a large majority. Of the footwear manufacturers. Conventional and minimalist so it's. Great to have a nice quality sole to. Walk on and also it's very flexible and. Because of the way the upper has been. Designed with this fabric mesh and a bit. Of the plastic reinforcement that we've. Seen on other shoes like the vivo barefoot primus light that it is a. Fairly lightweight and comfortable shoe. Again this shoe is made mostly with. Comfort for running in mind again the padding around the ankle is phenomenal. And well constructed there are no poor. Designs on the shoe i find that this. Shoe contains all the reinforcement. At the usual choke point when you look. At certain parts such as the extra. Stitching around many of what would be. Weaker points or stress points on shoes. So i found that they this shoe is well. Designed and well-thought-out and for. That give it a thumbs up if you are in the market for a bit of a mid-priced. Because i bought this about $60 it. Ranges from 60 to 80 depending on the colors that you choose and the of your feet on amazon if you're looking. For a mid-range a mid-priced shoe with high quality this. Is definitely a great choice if you liked the video press the like button and consider subscribing thank you very. Much You

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    Nike Odyssey React Running Shoe - Women's

    The Nike Odyssey React Running Shoe was built with comfort to lasts as long as you can run. Its lightweight, textile upper is breathable to keep your feet comfortable as the miles start to add up while inside the shoe, a stretch sleeve hugs your foot for a locked-in, sock-like feel. A heel shelf stabilizes the back of your foot through each stride to help prevent your heel from rocking as your foot lands while the rubber sole provides reliable traction across urban surfaces so you can run confidently.

    While the shoe's construction ensures comfort, its the Nike React foam that really makes the Odyssey stand out from other road shoes. This cushioning technology responds to the impact of your step by snapping back for high energy return and an incredibly bouncy feel. Nike React is also incredibly durable with testers reporting that the cushioning still feels like new after logging roughly 300 miles so you get that brand new shoe experience with every run.

  • Responsive road running shoe for logging extensive miles in comfort
  • Lightweight textile upper keeps feet breathing on warm afternoons
  • Stretch sleeve lining hugs foot for a locked-in, sock-like feel
  • Nike React cushioning responds to step impacts by snapping back
  • Durable React foam can still feel like new after roughly 300 miles
  • Heel shelf stabilizes back of foot to help prevent heel rock
  • Rubber outsole provides reliable traction across urban surfaces
  • Lace closure offers classic running shoe aesthetic and custom fit
  • Item #NKE01VR
  • Hey sneaker friends today I'm going to talk about the nike odyssey react so. This is the second nike running shoe to come out that has the react foam inside. It now I'm hoping that they improved all. The issues with the epic react let's find out i ordered the odyssey on nikes. App i paid 120 dollars for it and i ordered a women's size 7 and a half i do not feel like these fit true to size they are extremely tight in the mid-foot. I don't like how it looks and i don't. Like how it feels so i do recommend probably going up a half size it will be. A little bit long but i think the mid foot will be just much more comfortable a couple of the major things you're gonna notice about the odyssey is the outsole now i got an all-black shoe but. You can tell by the finish that they added extra rubber this is a rubber piece this is a rubber piece and it seems like the heel is also extended forward so for everyone that was worried. About the mid sole wearing away and not having good traction they've put more rubber on the bottom now the rubber thickness is about two millimeters maybe closer to two and a half this rubber so thin it's very hard to measure and the hardness of it is about 70 so it is similar it's its a. Good durability it's a nice hardness the mid sole the hardest of missile is about. 40 that was about the same as the epic react i didn't feel under foot any difference between this and the epic react my epic reacts a little more worn in so it does feel a little sloppier the. Major thing that i noticed in the mid sole is on the medial side this black. Ran they had they extended it down and. That's for stability so that i can't. Perceive it just yet but after i put more miles on the shoe I'm sure that might be noticeable in the shoe being a little bit more stable this shoe has an engineered mesh upper so there's no fly. Net in the shoe whatsoever so it's engineered mesh it has a bootie in it. That provides a tongue which is you remember from the epic react it's very difficult to get into this shoe is easy to get into there are no issues getting into the shoe but once you have it on this mid foot area is so thick and. So tight that i found it very uncomfortable i only ran a few miles in. This shoe because it was just way too tight around the mid foot one thing. You'll notice on the odyssey is the heel counter it is firmer and more rigid than. The epic react the epoch react heel counter is a little bit soft and you can tell that they firmed it up a bit in this shoe it's still an internal heel counter, but they do have this skin on. The outside showing it's also a bit shorter, so they brought in the heel counter a little bit you can see it has a bit of a sharper angle right here the. Sock liner in the odyssey is identical. To the epic react just super thin molded. You're not really getting much out of this a little bit of cushioning but protection from the strobel and the strobel stitch now you'll notice the strobel in the shoe you can see the holes in it so that is an upgrade from the react and that is typically done so holes are cut into the strobel so that you get less weight so it's a weight reduction technique and so you notice in. The odyssey you do have that you don't have that in the epic react if we take a look at the weight of these shoes the. Right weighed 191 grams and the left. Weighed 185 grams now that's six grams. Difference between the two shoes which is surprising for performance running that's a little more than I'd like to see now if we remember the epic react the epic react weighed in at 186 grams. And 187 so I'm not sure what to think of. It because this left shoe was 185 so basically the same weight as the epic react but the right was 191 and having a. Look at both of these shoes this shoe to. Me it would seem like it should weigh significantly more than the epic react. But I'm gonna cover that off in my next video where i compare the odyssey to the react directly alright well that pretty many covers it for the odyssey this was. A pretty quick short video let me know what you guys think if you got these shoes and if you've tried them yet how you like the tongue basically engineered mesh upper with a. Little bit more stability in the rear foot versus the epic react okay. Have an awesome day.

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    Flylow Jessi Shirt - Women's

  • Technical shirt for working out and daily adventures
  • Lightweight, wicking material with added stretch
  • UPF 50+ protects your skin from the sun
  • Heathered appearance adds a bit of texture
  • Curved hemline for a flattering aesthetic
  • Item #FLG00BQ
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    The North Face Progressor Hybrid Tight - Women's

    From sessioning the top-rope section of the climbing gym to centering yourself in the yoga studio, push yourself just a little further in the Women's Progressor Hybrid Tights. The North Face constructed these tights to breathe as you train, and even gave them stretch-knit panels to ensure that you can take advantage of your full range of motion. For maximum comfort, the seams in the most vulnerable places have been bonded to reduce chafing, and the wide waistband sits flat against your hips to eliminate digging in whether you're wearing them alone or with a harness.

  • Performance tights for climbing and training
  • Stretchy panels encourage your full range of motion
  • Wide waistband sits comfortably on your hips
  • Waist pocket holds your key or lip balm
  • Item #TNF04AS
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    New Balance 10v1 Minimus Running Shoe - Women's

    If you want to feel closer to the trail this season when you head out to work on tempo and cadence, consider adding the New Balance 10v1 Minimus to your rotation. After a few years of changing up fit and feel, New Balance took this slipper-like shoe back to its roots, embracing the flexible design and minimal uppers that made it so popular when it was first introduced.

    Now featuring a friendlier 4mm drop and some subtle EVA cushioning, the Minimus isn't quite as committing as its zero-drop predecessors. With a little extra cushioning, the shoe provides more comfort on longer runs and offers a less drastic introduction to minimal shoes for runners making the transition from more traditional options. Along the top of the foot, the shoe's original forefoot wrap adds security to an otherwise flexible, open design that accommodates straighter feet best, while a Vibram sole underneath your foot takes care of traction on rockier, more technical terrain.

  • Feel the trails as you train in this low-profile shoe
  • 4mm drop blends a minimal feel with a touch of cushion
  • Airy, breathable uppers provide a sock-like fit
  • Vibram outsole and subtle lugs add grip on rocky trails
  • Odor-resistant treatment keeps unsavory odors at bay
  • Item #NEW00IM
  • Hi I'm elle with ultra calm and these. Are the latest in minimalist shoe design from new balance the wt 20 minimus trails. Running shoe working with proven technology new balance design the wt 20. To create the best near barefoot trail running experience possible the high tech design is built around the. Proven durability of a vibram outsole mated with a flexible act of a mid sole. The minimalist upper includes synthetic wraps designed to offer tendon like action in support of the four and mid foot areas traction comes from the. Unique pattern on the rubber sole that delivers enhanced ground feel the stitch. Tongue keeps dirt out and the contoured sole rolls over irregular terrain features with ease weighing in less than 6 ounces wearing the wt 20 is like. Wearing nothing at all but better if you're looking to push your running performance to new levels the wt 20 will. Open the door to the nearer barefoot experience with just the right amount of support ultra calm your source for. Everything outdoors.

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    The North Face Ventrix Light Fleece Hybrid Hoodie - Women's

    Featuring a hybrid design that combines a stretchy and breathable fleece fabric and lighter-weight Ventrix insulation throughout the body, The North Face Ventrix Light Fleece Hybrid Hoodie is a versatile layer for everything from backcountry skiing to shoulder-season climbing sessions. The smooth and stretchy fleece boosts breathability and mobility on the sides and under the arms, while Ventrix insulation keeps your core comfortably warm. When you work up a sweat on the trail or skintrack, TNF placed small perforations through the upper back for ventilation and comfort. Meanwhile, micro-elastic at the cuffs and hem provide a snug seal against cold weather, while thumbhole sleeves ensure easy layering when you through a shell on over it. You've got all that, plus a DWR (Durable Water Repellent) coating and warm-when-wet insulation to ensure that sudden snow showers don't ruin your day in the mountains.

  • Light, breathable hybrid jacket for active pursuits in cold weather
  • Ventrix insulation provides comfortable warmth that won't pack heat
  • Stretchy fleece panels boost comfort, breathability, and mobility
  • Perforations in the back allow for airflow during strenuous ascents
  • DWR coating sheds light rain and moderate snowfall to keep you dry
  • Thumbhole loops make it easy to pull on an outer shell
  • Zippered pocket keep important gear, nutrition, and maps secure
  • Item #TNF04W5
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    Black Diamond Notion SP Pant - Women's

    Make your back-flags seamless with the Black Diamond Notion SP-an organic cotton pant with just enough stretch for bouldering and sport climbing. On more technical climbs, the elastic cuffs keep pant legs secure around the ankle to hone in on knobby granite footholds and reinforced knees protect your skin from cheese-grater rock on less-than-graceful sequences. Once you've reached the chains and lowered, the comfort on the wall is matched on the ground—the Notion SP will make you feel like you're lounging in sweatpants between burns.

  • Cotton climbing pant ideal for long days at the crag or gym
  • Elastic cuffs allow for precision footwork on techy climbs
  • Drawcord waistband adjustable for multiple wears between washes
  • Reinforced knees for scrappy climbing on coarse rock
  • Updated design includes harness friendly pockets
  • Item #BLD00WI
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    Adidas Solar Glide ST Boost Running Shoe - Women's

    You love to take long runs in the evenings after work in the adidas Solar Glide ST Boost Running Shoe to clear your head and breath the fresh air. This shoe was designed to carry you long distances and keep you comfortable at the same time. The 10mm drop is perfect for moderate heel strikers so you feel supported, your stride is comfortable, and you can focus on clearing your head from a long day of meetings.

    The engineered mesh upper is breathable and was built with flex-fold ribs that were inspired by NASA spacesuit gloves giving you ultimate flexibility while you rack up the miles. To keep you supported during your long runs, a dual-density Boost cushioning is present in the medial side and provides energized stability while a Solar Propulsion Rail supports and guides the foot through each stride. Even the tongue of the shoe provides support by extending down around the foot. Often, long runs bring you into some questionable terrain, even if you're sticking to pavement. In this case, a Stretchweb outsole flexes naturally to provide a spring in your step while Continental Rubber gives you superior traction so you can stay on your feet.

  • Stability shoe for the long distance road runner
  • 10mm drop is compatible and comfortable for heel strikers
  • Mesh upper with flex-fold ribs inspired by NASA spacesuit gloves
  • Dual-density boost cushioning provides energized stability
  • Solar Propulsion Rail guides and supports the foot
  • Solar Fitwing Tongue surrounds foot for supportive feel
  • Stretchweb outsole flexes naturally for an energized stride
  • Continental rubber provides superior traction
  • Item #ADD00PY
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    Skida Alpine Headband - Women's

    You love fresh powder almost as much as you love weekend brunch with the gals—luckily you can wear your Skida Women's Alpine Headband to either. The soft fleece lining keeps your ears toasty while you sail through icy cold smoke, and the brightly colored print is sure to score you some compliments at the bar when you're indulging in a post-shred Bacon Bloody Mary.

  • A cute headband for chilly days on the slopes
  • Poly-spandex fabric wicks moisture to keep you dry
  • Soft fleece lining is super cozy
  • All Skida products are handmade in Vermont
  • Item #SKD0003
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    Alo Yoga Coast Legging - Women's

    Leave no dawn un-Sun Saltuationed and no dusk meditated upon with the Alo Yoga Women's Coast Legging. Designed with a moisture wicking and quick drying fabric, these stirrup tights provide full-coverage comfort while the strategically placed micro mesh on the thighs and back-of-knee ensure extra breathability and a slimming silhouette. So whether your journey takes you to the far reaches of the northern California coast or to the southern spots of the Florida Keys, the Coast Legging encourages unrivaled performance and style.

  • High-rise
  • Moisture wicking
  • Quick drying
  • Mesh panels
  • Item #AYG0024
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    Topo Athletic Runventure 2 Trail Running Shoe - Women's

    You trail run to find solace, strength, and your happy place. Take your run to the next level in the Topo Athletic Women's Runventure 2 Trail Running Shoe. This 0-drop shoe allows your gait to drive and the spacious toe-box design allows your toes to spread without restriction, combining to give you one of the most natural runs you can get while wearing shoes. Lightweight cushioning absorbs impact, and Topo included a flexible ESS rock plate to protect your foot from contusions without limiting mobility. The outsole has multi-directional traction that sheds snow and mud as you run, and heel-braking lugs so your foot can find purchase even on steep descents.

  • Shoes for trail running with your natural gait
  • 0mm drop for a natural strike
  • EVA midsole absorbs shock with each impact
  • Rock plate protects your foot
  • High Traction outsole sheds snow and mud
  • Roomy toe box for natural articulation
  • Heel-braking lugs for traction on the descent
  • Gaiter-attachment point secures debris defense
  • Item #TPA000W
  • Rivers here san francisco running company for ultra running magazine joined by tony post the founder of topo athletic they are how old are you guys. Now five years no we're just a couple years old okay mark a little over two years okay cool you guys have really I'd. Say progress the line i think you guys are growing at a pretty good clip now we. Now have you in the store we brought in your new lightweight trail shoe that mt2. Eight and a half ounces in the men's. Nine so real lightweight some good flex. What you guys are really doing design wise is still a good tight fit in the. Heel and the instep but doing much more. Of an anatomical slightly wider toe box really how the foots actually shape yeah i think that's really one of the unique things about the mt two is that i. Like to have a roomy toe box your toes can spread and splay but a lot of times in a shoe like that you have a shoe that fits a little sloppy in the back the level of security to feel fast and. Nimble i think you still need to feel really connected in the back half and through the waist and the shoe so i like that sensation that puts you know tight security through here but lots of room up front so your toes. Better sense of control yeah i was blown. Away by how light this is he's dog great trail tread can handle couple miles of road no problem but you. No really good grip underfoot but it. Was really to me like how light this loves specially the level of cushioning 23 millimeters in the heel 20 in the. Forefoot so you're doing a little bit of moss that's three millimeters millimeter you're not completely stuck into a zero. Drop and you're right building you know also about traditional shoes and the 12 millimeter right everything for us is really between that zero and five millimeters that's where we have put everything so this kind of falls in the middle of that is a three millimeter cool and you guys have a full range of. Shoes I'm kind of at the other end of the spectrum you have something definitely more protective yeah so this is a this is a shoe so the one we were looking at was the m22 this is a shoe called the hydra venture it has some similar characteristics so. Again some kind of platform 23:20 but in. This case you can see inside here you can see the that it's got a rock plate. Actually molded into the mid sole the. Rock plate itself sorry to slide out a. Frame yet is really cool the rock plate itself has a flex screw here molded tpu. Like material through here so you don't have rocks or roots x-raying up through the sole we open it up in the mid foot so you have a little bit of torsional flex so it doesn't force you to roll an ankle or twist doesn't add a lot of weight. This shoe still comes in at about nine ounces one of the key characteristics in. This shoe this is a waterproof shoe we use a vent waterproof membrane here the. Membrane is actually laminated directly. To the mesh so unlike you know some. Waterproof shoes you'd build a full bootie yep and you cement that bootie to. The effort can make it a little hard well in this case the upper is actually quite supple and soft so it allows the foot to still move and work in a natural way well and it also makes the shoe lighter so again coming in at just barely over nine ounces an issue for. Shoe that has a rock plate waterproof technology with the same fit characteristics you described in the mt so this shoe comes in at a. A Hundred dollars suggested retail in one. Thirty on the water place yeah and that's what i was also surprised with was the price point is so competitive a. A Hundred dollars — i think like in our store i think that's going to be one of our least expensive shoes and but as well. Probably the best value churko probably expected live with a huge outdoors i hope so you know i think there are ways that you can make shoes and deliver a great value without always having to have you know some shoes. Require higher price points are because there's so much there but i think that our responsibility is to make sure. We deliver a variety of price points and that you always have a shoe that's an entry level shoe that helps people get into the sport and then as they progress you know then they can work their way up the ladder enjoy running thanks.

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    Altra Superior 3.5 Trail Running Shoe - Women's

    Forget about customer feedback falling on deaf ears: the designers at Altra heard you all loud and clear, and as a result, updated the Women's Superior 3.5 Trail Running Shoe. The Superior 3.5 touts not only more accurate sizing, for a more comfortable fit and feel, but also features a stronger, more durable upper to assure added longevity and structural support. Meaning, you're able to forget about that sloshy, washed out feeling that you might've incurred in the past. Additionally, the outsole now features a slight flare on the lateral side to provide better traction, stability, and braking. The EVA midsole, complete with A-Bound and InnerFlex technology, provides shock attenuation, energetic transitions, and a cush feel underfoot, while the TrailClaw outsole promotes rip and grip in all sorts of conditions. And, not to mention, the StoneGuard rock protection safeguards your foot from all sorts of trail-side obstacles, so you can focus on the objective at hand.

  • Altra's popular Superior trail runner with an even burlier upper
  • Reinforced upper increases shoe's ability to withstand wear
  • Air mesh upper dries quickly after creek crossings and muddy trails
  • 4-Point GaiterTrap technology keeps hitchhikers out of socks
  • Toe box is designed to allow for natural toe splay
  • DuraTread sole with TrailClaw clings to loose, rocky trails and scree
  • Fully cushioned midsole with Zero Drop technology
  • Item #ATR0044
  • This is the ultra men's superior 3.5. Trail running shoe trail runners racers. Ultra runners and even fast packers will. Love the lightweight performance that this shoe offers extra toe room a zero. Drop platform and a modular design are a few of the many features that come along. With this shoe the biggest thing that comes along with the ultra shoes is the foot shape toe box this is so much. Different than what you get with essentially all other trail runners the. Toe box is significantly wider than your typical aggressively tapered trail. Runner but the shoe still keeps a nice snug heel and a narrow mid section so. Your foot isn't sliding around the toe room is important so that your foot can expand and splay out on each strike so. That you get the most comfort and rebound out of each stride with the. Upper you get beefed up synthetic materials for increased durability ultras also built a four point gator. Trap for use with their trail gaiters which are sold separately there's a. D-ring at the base of the laces a velcro. Attachment at the back at the heel and two loops on either sides for securing. That gator the middle of the shoe is also unique ultra builds there. Shoes on a zero drop platform that means. There's no difference in height between your heel and your forefoot this is. Meant to encourage a more neutral stride the idea is to land more on the front of. Your foot instead of on the heel over time transferring to this method will. Help reduce fatigue and less frequent injury due to less impact on your joints. The superior is known for being a lightly cushioned shoe so it's not gonna. Give a lot under the foot it's designed for the fast and light type of runner who's already running likely in. This zero drop style ultra gives you the. Option of adding a stone guard plate to. Protect the mid sole as well it's a slightly stiffer material that's just gonna beef up the protection that you'll get under your foot if you're shedding as many ounces as possible simply leave. It out the outsole is all. Deraa tread rubber outsole with this trail claw design this gives you nice. Directional traction that will adapt to many different terrain types there are a. Few different densities of rubber in the bottom so you'll have stiffness where you need it and softness where it makes sense the tread is also a bit more flared toward the edges so you get really good stability from the shoe as. Well these shoes are definitely a step. Up for a lightweight trail runner or racer they give you enhanced durability without skimping on the excellent toe. Space or cushion that you should expect from ultra definitely designed for the. Experienced runner these are the ultra men's superior 3.5 trail runners thanks. For watching if you have any additional questions about the gear that you just saw feel free to visit back country edge comm to get in touch with me or one of. Our other gear specialists we have detailed product descriptions and specs. And often for a lot of our products we have additional bonus videos and if you. Like what we do here on youtube please subscribe.

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    Nathan VaporHowe 12L Hydration Vest - Women's

    This isn't your first ultra. You've gotten past the "but why"'s you receive from strangers, as well as the grueling training schedule, so your upcoming 50-miler inspires excitement, not dread. If your hydration system is lacking in a few areas, upgrade to the Nathan VaporHowe Hydration Vest to make sure the midsummer sun and dry air don't get in the way of your runner's high now, and when you run that 100-miler next summer.

    As its name suggests, the VaporHowe was designed in partnership with a certain professional ultrarunner. Whether you're familiar with Howe or not, know that she made sure the breathable vest came with a tailored, close fit that limits bouncing at all costs. You're no stranger to the loss of sanity a jostling, sloshing hydration pack can bring as the miles stretch on, and Nathan took fit seriously with the VaporHowe. It holds its plump 1.8-liter bladder firmly in the rear portion of the vest, ensuring you stay hydrated on race day when temperatures soar and aid stations are miles apart.

  • Tackle your next ultra fully hydrated with this run vest
  • Includes space for flasks and a 1.8 L hydration bladder
  • Tailored, women's-specific fit stays in place as you run
  • Adjustable sternum straps provide a customizable fit
  • Multiple pockets can accommodate iPhone 6 Plus and run fuel
  • Compression straps streamline the fit and hold gear in-place
  • Reflective accents help you stay visible on evening runs
  • Item #NAT003D
  • So the for later vapor how is a pact. That i used when i want to be light and fast and i use it in 50k 50-mile races. It's got the bottles on the front, so they're easy to fill up in a race where. You've got an aid station every couple miles it's nice and light so it's not. Overkill for a 50k so anything from an. Hour to two hours I'm using for later. Pack and i usually carry with me water. In both of the bottles a couple gels and then usually some dog treats for my dog and you know i can comfortably fit all of that and it still feels really light almost like i don't have anything on so. I plan on using the 12 liter vapor howl. And a lot of my longer races this season. Particularly utmb ultra-trail du mont. Blanc is a race in xi amen a france and. It's a hundred miles and they require. You to carry quite a bit of gear you know just because you're out in the mountains literally all day and all. Night the 12th liter pack comfortably holds all the gear i need and i plan. To use it for that race and in the training runs leading up to that race as well so one of my favorite things about the 12 liter pack is its ability to. Carry a lot of gear yet it's still low-profile you know you have that ability to take a lot with you but you also have the ability for the pack to stay light.

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    Prana Large Headband - Women's

    Spending all of class trying to shake your bangs out of your eyes while holding Warrior Two for what feels like eternity is no way to welcome calmness into your life. Instead, invest in the Prana Large Headband and keep flyaways and bangs from interrupting your vinyasas. The soft, stretchy piece can be worn wide or cinched and its blended fabric will wick moisture while adding style to our studio attire.

  • Soft headband keeps the flyaways out while you practice
  • Stretchy hemp, organic cotton, and spandex blend wicks moisture
  • Subtle prints and rich colors enhance your studio style
  • Item #PRA000F
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    Prana Momento 7/8 Legging - Women's

    The Prana Momento 7/8 Legging gets its name from the ankle length cut it boasts—just a touch shorter than full-length. It also features an ultra-light feel that's perfect for summer days at the gym or yoga studios with the heat pumping. The Luxara fabric is stretchy yet supportive, and features a mid-rise waistband for a comfortable, secure fit.

  • Performance leggings for training and yoga
  • Supportive stretch fabric provides breathable comfort
  • Smooth-fit waistband equipped with hidden key stash
  • Triangle coolmax gusset offers reinforcement and mobility
  • Flatlock seams reduce chaffing and irksome hot spots
  • Item #PRA01DP
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    Alo Yoga High-Waist Seamless Lift Legging - Women's

    Alo Yoga's High-Waist Seamless Lift Leggings are made for hot yoga classes and intensive circuit-training sessions. Thoughtfully made with super-lightweight and soft fabric, this full-length legging keeps you cool during intervals, while the moisture-wicking technology keeps you dry and comfortable from the first breath to savasana. A four-way stretch construction and a high-waist design keeps you engaged and moves with your body as you sprint, jump boxes, and transition through poses.

  • A seamless legging that continues to sculpt as you sweat
  • Super-lightweight and soft fabric is ideal for high-heat workouts
  • Four-way stretch construction moves with your body
  • Moisture-wicking material made for intensive workouts
  • High-waist design works to keep you engaged
  • Item #AYG00AI
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    Stoic Colorblock Legging - Women's

    The Stoic Colorblock Leggings feature a soft and stretchy build that performs well whether you're wearing them in the yoga studio or pairing them with your favorite flannel for a relaxing day at home. The synthetic blend works hard to wick moisture away from your skin during a workout, while serving up a buttery-soft touch that's oh-so-comfy on the couch. Mesh panels at the ankles add bonus ventilation, and colorblocking details give the leggings a stylish boost.

  • Backcountry Exclusive
  • Performance tights for yoga, training, or everyday style
  • Brushed poly blend offers buttery soft, breathable comfort
  • Flatlock seams ensure a smooth, chafe-free fit as you move
  • Mesh panels provide additional ventilation during a workout
  • Colorblocking style pairs well with a post-yoga latte
  • Item #SIC00GU
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    Under Armour Streaker 2.0 Racer Tank Top - Women's

    The Streaker 2.0 Racer Tank Top is suitable for most physical activities, and is cute enough to wear out afterward too. Under Armour built this top with synthetic material that wicks away perspiration to keep you feeling fresh, and gave it a mesh rear panel to ensure you can get plenty of airflow. From the cinched racerback to the scalloped hemline, this top has obviously been constructed with style in mind, but doesn't sacrifice performance, as it's designed to ensure you can move freely throughout your workout.

  • Flattering tank for training and casual wear
  • Synthetic material wicks away moisture and dries quickly
  • Mesh rear panel enhances breathability
  • Cinched racerback keeps the fabric out of your way
  • Scalloped hemline adds a sophisticated touch
  • Relaxed fit provides plenty of space to move
  • Item #UND02KE
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    Adidas Outdoor SuperLite Prime II Cap - Women's

    Tackle your most rigorous training or race days in the Adidas Women's SuperLite Prime II Cap. Its flexible knit fabric conforms to your head for a reliable fit, while also offering breathability so you don't overheat, even when you're nearing mile 20.

  • Keep the sun at bay with this comfortable cap
  • Knit fabric offers optimal fit and breathability
  • Adjustable back strap works for a variety of head shapes
  • Item #ADA00AJ
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    Marmot Romona Tank Top - Women's

    Whether your Saturday mornings consist of neighborhood jogs, sunny yoga studios, or forested mountain trails, the Romona Tank Top brings comfort, performance, and sun-protection to the table. Its poly-nylon blend is both breathable and durable, with Nanowick Technology imbued into the fibers for enhanced quick-drying, sweat wicking comfort in warm weather. It features a semi-fitted cut that reduces bulk during active pursuits, and can easily be layered beneath another shirt if the morning starts out cool and misty. Flatlock seams ensure chafe-free comfort beneath your pack, and the shirt tail hem offers extended coverage whether you're bending to dig in your bag or reaching for downward dog.

  • A versatile tank top that's great for all your summer adventures
  • Lightweight, breathable fabric works hard to wick away sweat
  • Bias-cut design offers elastic, fluid motion as you move
  • Stretchy construction delivers unrestricted mobility on the trail
  • Racerback cut leaves your arms unencumbered in the yoga studio
  • Incorporated sun protection defends against harsh UV rays
  • Semi-fitted cut delivers low-bulk performance that's easy to layer
  • Item #MAR01QN
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    Bjorn Daehlie Ridge (Effect) Full-Zip Pant - Women's

    The Ridge (Effect) Full-Zip Pant from Bjorn Daehlie is designed to keep you mobile and protected from the elements while cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, or cold weather running. Its windproof, water-resistant construction protects you from chilly gusts and light moisture from snow flurries while you play. Articulated knees keep you mobile as you run or ski and the full-length zippers make it easy to get in and out of the pant during and after activity.

  • Softshell performance pant for active, cold weather pursuits
  • DWR treatment beads and repels light moisture from snow flurries
  • Windproof construction provides protection from alpine gusts
  • Articulated knees enhance freedom of movement for running or skiing
  • Full-length zippers allow an easy on and off after warming up
  • Regular fit allows layering over shorts for cool weather running
  • Item #BJO0042
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    Mountain Hardwear Kor Preshell Pullover Jacket - Women's

    Perfect for those cool spring runs where you don't want to run without some coverage, but don't want to wear something that'll pack heat, the Mountain Hardwear Kor Preshell Pullover Jacket offers an ideal balance between weather resistance and breathability. It's made with Pertex Quantum Air, an ultralight fabric that resists wind and water, but maintains air-permeability to keep you comfortable during your most high-intensity workouts. Light rains and moderate winds won't get to you, and you'll keep up a comfortable temperature even when you're working hard. Plus, you've got a deep chest zipper that offers added ventilation when you really start to work up a sweat. And if you decide that the weather's mellowed out enough to run without a jacket, you can stuff the jacket into its own hand pocket and for easy storage in a pack or pocket.

  • Lightweight pullover for coverage and protection on cool spring days
  • Ripstop fabric offers breathable protection from light wind and rain
  • Stretch construction ensures smooth mobility as you run and hike
  • Jacket packs into its own pocket for convenient storage
  • Quarter-length chest zip lets in cooling airflow in warmer weather
  • Item #MHW019J
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    Adidas Outdoor Response Tank Top - Women's

    The Adidas Outdoor Response Tank Top is designed to keep you cool and comfortable during warm weather activity. It features Adidas's Climalite fabric that wicks moisture and dries quickly to keep you cool during high output while its large armholes allow full range of motion while you're running. Its racerback design offers you a sporty look while reflective details finish the look and help keep you visible when you're out past sun down.

  • Lightweight tank for cool comfort in warm weather activities
  • Climalite wicks moisture and dries quickly for cool comfort
  • Reflective details help keep you visible in low light conditions
  • Racerback design delivers a track-inspired aesthetic for style
  • Large armholes allow a full range of motion through each stride
  • Item #ADA00FV
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    Altra Duo Running Shoe - Women's

    The Altra Women's Duo Running Shoe has that uncanny combination of maximum cushioning and minimum weight ideal for long races. Its Zero Drop platform places the heel and forefoot at the same distance from the ground for a natural alignment, and the injection-molded midsole works with the blown rubber sole to provide Altra's most cushioned ride. The sock-like upper has better snugness around the metatarsal area and a wider toe box to splay toes more comfortably. Altra added a nubuck pillow tongue and a DriLex lining that wicks moisture and ventilates for quick-drying comfort.

  • Running shoe maximizes cushioning and minimizes weight
  • Fully cushioned Zero Drop platform allows a low-impact landing
  • Injection-molded midsole with blown rubber sole solidifies comfort
  • Sock-like upper with metatarsal mapping and a wider toe box
  • Item #ATR0043
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    Arc'teryx Norvan SL Running Shoe - Women's

    Inspired by athletes needing lightweight, higher performing shoes when moving between climbs, Arc'teryx designed the Norvan SL Running Shoe to tackle technical trails and push the limits of mountain running. High performance comes from a specially designed sole system that transfers your weight forward and releases your energy forward for speed and agility as you climb, run, and scramble across high alpine trails. Ultra-breathable uppers keep your feet cool on fast transitions and the Vibram MegaGrip soles ensure you have reliable traction across both wet and dry technical trails.

    To keep the weight of the Norvan SL as low as possible, the Arc'teryx designers fused the TPU upper, midsole, and tongue together to create conformity and reduce weight while still keeping the shoe comfortable for your runs. The shoe's superlight design is complimented by its packability. Collapse the heel and stow them in your pack or attach them to your harness with the clip in points. Although the Norvan SL is incredibly lightweight, the quality of the shoe isn't sacrificed. In fact, you can still expect an anatomical open structure, an extremely breathable mesh upper, and the Vibram MegaGrip soles with 3.5mm lugs for reliable traction as you speed between climbs and push the limits of mountain running.

  • Superlight trail shoe to push the boundaries of mountain running
  • 7mm drop and sole system transfer weight forward during each stride
  • Air-permeable stretch mesh uppers form to the shape of your foot
  • Ultra-lightweight forefoot TPU plate protects against trail debris
  • Collapsible heel and clip in points allow for storage until needed
  • Superlight EVA midsole sheds grams without sacrificing performance
  • Vibram MegaGrip soles grip into technical terrain while you run
  • Arc'teryx always pushes the limits of innovation for its products
  • Item #ARC00YD
  • (intense offbeat music) — with the norvan sl, our goal is really to create an ultra lightweight shoe with excellent traction, without compromising performance. (dramatic offbeat music). Partially inspired by climbers that want to go as light as possible throughout the day. We really look at every single element of the shoe. Upper material is the eva mid sole, . In addition to the rubber to try to make it as light as possible. (intense offbeat music) there's no plastic heel counter or heel cut. That makes it nice and pack able if you want to put it in your pock. The polyester provides the strength in terms of tension and tpu on top of that. Provides really good abrasion resistance. It's hydrophobic, meaning it's not gonna absorb moisture or water throughout the day. and it's a very open construction so it's extremely breathable. Incredible traction for a really lightweight package. (intense offbeat music).

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    Altra Hiit XT 1.5 Running Shoe - Women's

    To help you battle through high intensity interval workouts, Altra designed the Women's HIIT XT Running Shoe. Altra's first crosstrainer, the HIIT XT features a Quick-Dry Air Mesh upper to keep you cool when your heart rate is sky high, and the wrap around rubber midsole is ideal for rope climbing, lateral traction, or handstand pushups—if you dare. Plus, they're so comfortable you might not even want to change into your post-gym sandals after your workout.

  • Comfortable sneakers for running or training
  • Quick-Dry Air mesh breathes during high intensity workouts
  • EVA soles for comfort on long runs
  • Rubber sole holds traction while you’re crushing sets
  • Zero drop for a natural feel
  • Item #ATR004X
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    Adidas Outdoor High Rise 3/4 Tights - Women's

    Reach for the Adidas Outdoor High Rise 3/4 Tights for your next training session. Constructed with Adidas's climalite fabric, the tight wicks moisture during high output to help keep you cool as you run or train. Its high-rise cut provides additional coverage as you bend and stretch while the built in gusset enhances mobility for a comfortable and natural range of motion as you train.

  • Performance tights for comfort during high-output activity
  • climalite fabric wicks moisture for cool comfort in high-output
  • High-rise cut with mesh waist gives added coverage for stretching
  • Built in gusset enhances fit and mobility for added comfort
  • Inner pocket on back left holds your keys when you're out running
  • Item #ADA00FN
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    Alo Yoga Barre Long-Sleeve Top - Women's

    A layering favorite of the studio and beyond, the Alo Yoga Barre Long-Sleeve Top elevates your warmups with style and comfort. Its ultra-lightweight material with soft, ribbed sleeves keeps you comfortable while you get your blood flowing while the wrap design and ballet-inspired neckline deliver a studio to street style.

  • Warmup top with elevated style and comfort for the studio
  • Ballet-inspired neckline offers studio to street style
  • Versatile wrap design can be tied in the front or back
  • Fabric is ultra-lightweight for comfort in the studio
  • Ribbed, extra-long sleeves are soft for added comfort
  • Item #AYG00BQ
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    Salomon Comet Breeze Tank Top - Women's

    Whether you're running, hiking, or climbing, the Salomon Comet Breeze Tank Top will help keep you cool and comfortable on warmer days. The top is constructed with Salomon's AdvancedSkin ActiveDry fabric that wicks moisture during high output to keep you cool. This fabric is also lightweight and breathable for enhanced comfort in hot temperatures. Wider shoulders enhance comfort when you're wearing a pack and the slightly longer cut adds coverage when you're bending, moving, and stretching on the trail or in the gym.

  • Light tank with performance for active pursuits in warm weather
  • Breathable fabric wicks moisture for dry comfort in high-output
  • Polygiene treatment helps to repel odors for lasting freshness
  • Wider shoulders enhance comfort when you are wearing a backpack
  • Longer cut adds coverage when bending, moving, and stretching
  • Item #SAL01NC
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    Under Armour Armour Fly Fast Crop Tight - Women's

    Under Armour designed the Armour Fly Fast Crop Tights for your running pleasure, dealing out comfort and performance in equal measure. They're made with a lightweight fabric called HeatGear, designed to wick sweat and dry quickly for dry comfort during arduous runs, while incorporated stretch guarantees easy movements every step of the way. Strategically placed mesh panels dump heat once you really get going, and the fabric has been treated to ward off funky odors if you stuff the tights into your gym bag for the rest of the day. The wide, flat waistband is equipped with an eternal drawcord for securing the perfect fit, and a zippered pocket at the hip offers a secure stash for house key or ID.

  • Performance tights designed for running
  • Lightweight fabric delivers moisture-wicking comfort
  • Four-way stretch ensures full mobility on your patrol
  • Zippered pocket offers a secure stash for small essentials
  • Anti-odor treatment keeps the fabric smelling fresh
  • Reflective logo adds an element of safety to late night runs
  • Wide waistband with drawcord provides secure, adjustable fit
  • Item #UND02KG
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