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  DAKINE Ski Sleeve - Women's Intuition Luxury Liner - Women's Demon United Flex-Force X Top D3O V2 - Women's Ortovox Free Rider 22L S Backpack DAKINE Leanne Pelosi Team Mission Pro 25L Backpack - Women's
  DAKINE Ski Sleeve - Women's Intuition Luxury Liner - Women's Demon United Flex-Force X Top D3O V2 - Women's Ortovox Free Rider 22L S Backpack DAKINE Leanne Pelosi Team Mission Pro 25L Backpack - Women's
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Brand Demon United Intuition DAKINE Ortovox DAKINE
Manufacturer Warranty 1 year - limited lifetime 5 years limited lifetime
Material Lycra, mesh Intuition foam (closed-cell EVA foam) polyester 420D nylon 600D polyester
Recommended Use mountain biking, skiing, snowboarding. winter sports skiing backcountry skiing, backcountry snowboarding, freeride / powder skiing, freeride / powder snowboarding backcountry skiing, backcountry snowboarding travel

DAKINE Ski Sleeve - Women's

If you don't have a ski box or rack, stash your skis and poles in the Dakine Women's Ski Sleeve Single Bag and avoid trashing the interior of your vehicle. A full-length zipper makes it easy to pack your skis and poles, while a removable strap makes carrying the bag to and from your car a breeze.

  • Protect your skis and car while traveling with this sleeve
  • Tough fabric shields car seats from sharp ski edges
  • Easy-carry handle and full-length zipper
  • Accommodates one pair of skis up to 175cm long
  • Item #DAK013O
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    Intuition Luxury Liner - Women's

    If your liners are starting to feel like they're losing a bit of their luster, throw them out and show your feet some love with the Intuition Women's Luxury Liners. For years, Intuition has been the standard in heat-moldable liners due to the fact that they're made with Intuition's own closed-cell EVA foam, which offers exceptional warmth that is lighter than most stock liners. An antimicrobial treatment along the inside of the liners helps to reduce any odor-causing microbial growth from taking hold, so you won't have to worry about them stinking up the back of your rig after back-to-back days on the mountain. 

  • Intuition foam (closed-cell EVA)
  • Tongue-style liner
  • Lace closure
  • Heat-moldable
  • Antimicrobial lining treatment
  • Item #INU0003
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    Demon United Flex-Force X Top D3O V2 - Women's

    Reduce the price you pay to play in the Demon Snow Women's Flex-Force X Top D30 V2. Constructed from Lycra and mesh for breathable four-season stretch, it features heavy-duty D30 foam padding at the elbows, shoulders, and back, and Sas-Tec padding at the collarbone, wrists and ribs. Soft and flexible with normal movement, D30 hardens on impact to form a rigid, protective shield for superior safety. Hook-and-loop forearm straps customize the fit at the elbows, silicone-beaded wraps do the same for the wrists, and mesh panels extend from the wrists to the ribs, providing excellent ventilation. The X also offers the options of easily accommodating Sas-Tec's CE chest protector insert and seamlessly integrating with Demon's neck brace for full-coverage security. With a snug, shaped fit overall, it's athletic protection without ungainly bulk, for full-flex, full-featured performance.

  • Lycra with mesh panels
  • Zip-front athletic fit
  • D30-padded shoulders, elbows and back
  • Sas-Tec padding on forearms and ribs
  • Mesh side panels
  • Neck brace compatible
  • Elbow straps
  • Silicone wrist wraps
  • Item #DEM000B
  • What's up guys over a demon here to do another product review today we're going to review our. Brand new women's flex force pro xd 30. Long pants now the cool thing about this. Is specifically designed for your winter sports so whether you're doing skiing snowboarding or just you know sledding. Whatever you want this is going to be the product that's going to keep you warm and protected so the first thing we. Did on this was make it out of a material this very lightweight very breathable but it's going to give you that extra base layer so this is designed to be used right underneath to put on your underwear then you put this on the put your snow pants on so let's. Start with some of the technical features first off you're going to have a nice draw tight string here this is a. Ladies cut so it's going to fit you nice and tight it's not going to make your. But look big your hips look big is going to squeeze you nice and tight and it's going to give you the protection where you need but you're not going to be able to really tell you're wearing it and neither does anybody else you're going to have some good hit protection along here on both sides you're going to. Get your thigh protected on the. Back side you're going to get rid your. Buck protected nicely with these two foam pads here then you've got a nice big piece of d3o in the middle that's going to get you protected now the cool thing about the way we do d3o we have. The d3 on the outside to protect you from the ice and the snow and on the inside we use a nice five millimeters. Really cushiony foam so you're actually sitting on and resting on a phone so. When you hit the ice or the snow you're not going to feel a sharp pain right thing you're going to hit the foam that's going to absorb the impact while the d3o and the backside absorbs it and. Keeps it from bruising you and then really caused me a lot of pain it's going to keep the walk in the next day also what we have been some knee pads which are really nice you can see on the. Back they've got velcro straps so depending on how long your legs are or what not you don't really have to worry about you can always vote your knee pads in the right place, and they'll stay there so that is the new women's plus force x-pro d3o by demon. Check it out now thanks.

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    Ortovox Free Rider 22L S Backpack

    There are a lot of ways things can go wrong in the backcountry, so cover as many safety bases as possible with the Women's Free Rider 22 Short Backpack by Ortovox. In addition to having an easily accessible compartment for your avalanche rescue gear and deployable hemet net for your brain bucket, this innovative pack sports a built-in back protector to shield your spine from harsh impacts. This particular version of the Free Rider 22 is a bit shorter in design, providing an ideal fit for females and smaller males desiring less bulk and greater mobility.

    The SPS Flex Back Protector offers extra insurance against bad falls, and it's totally flexible when you're skiing and riding at high speeds, as to not impede critical movements. Best of all, it's good for multiple or successive impacts, meaning you won't have to replace this pack after taking a nasty fall on the mountain. Plus, it's TÜV certified for extra peace of mind, so you know it'll perform when you need it most.

    Besides the front-access pocket for quickly grabbing your shovel and probe, there's a zippered top compartment for stashing a compact puffy jacket or spare gloves. You'll find an A-frame ski carry, as well as diagonal ski/snowboard carry configurations for approaching steep lines where you need to boot up. External loops conveniently attach to ice axes and trekking poles, allowing you to scale technical ascents and cross glaciers en route to your line. Plus, it's fully compatible with hydration reservoirs, complete with tube routing for on-the-move drinking.

  • Streamlined backcountry pack with extra back protection
  • Front compartment for quick access to probe and shovel
  • Shorter design is ideal for females and smaller males
  • SPS Flex Back Protector softens crashes on the mountain
  • Zippered upper pocket fits a spare puffy or gloves
  • A-frame ski carry and diagonal ski/snowboard carry
  • Hydration-compatible design with tube routing
  • Ice axe/trekking pole loops and helmet carry
  • Item #ORT007F
  • This is the otter box cross rider 2020. Litre bag, and they've made lots of updates compared to previous years it's. Got everything in there that i could want to go touring with, and so we'll just take time to go through each. Of the features so first of all in our. Front pocket we have a deep pocket. Including a zippered one for all. Valuables included in there is a helmet. Net as well this is for when you've got. So many things in your bag you can attach your helmet onto the outside which will save space and mean that it's out the way in my main pocket we have. Access to the main space there's a space. For shovel and a probe and it's as well. Compatible with a water hydration system there's a hole at the top and cleverly. They've also added an insulated shoulder tube which should make sure that your water isn't going to freeze if you are miles away from civilization this main. Pocket can also be accessed from the. Back meaning it's a lot quicker to. Access any of the tools that you might need there's another little compartment. Here for any other important bits that you don't want to get lost in the main pocket when we talk about straps it's. Got the across the chest strap with a whistle it's also got a really strong. Waist strap with a really handy pocket. Here for quick access once you're touring and at the front we have all of these as well so if you've not got a lot in your backpack it's gonna help. Bring it nice and tight which makes it easier for walking obviously the. Attachment for the helmet can go on here as well there's also a strap here for ice axes, and they've also included both. A diagonal and a vertical and ski strap. Holders so depending on whether you. Prefer to have them diagonal not complete personal preference but you're not limited to one way with this backpack comes in at just. 850 grams so it's on its own with plenty of space it still. Shouldn't be too heavy by the time you filled it's a very comfortable backpack thanks to the padding that you. Can see on the back and on the side straps and on the shoulder straps so if. You are going quite far away it's going to be a really comfortable backpack it's available from many retailers including. Snow and rock in seven different colors at the price point of one hundred pounds.

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    DAKINE Leanne Pelosi Team Mission Pro 25L Backpack - Women's

    In a world where products for women are just shrunken male products painted pink, Dakine brought in backcountry daredevil and snowboarding extraordinaire, Leanne Pelosi, to help design the Team Mission Pro 25L Backpack specifically for lady shredders like herself. This pack's narrow, longitudinal construction helps to create a stable ride and comes fully equipped with key features, like the padded waist belt, to ensure successful runs through the park or in the backcountry. And with additional backcountry-centric components, like the multiple snowboard carrying options and shovel-specific pocket, this pack is practically begging to be taken out of bounds.

  • A winter pack with backcountry and daily life capabilities
  • 25L with two organizational compartments
  • Two-way snowboard carrying options and diagonal ski carry
  • Padded waist belt helps to secure pack to body
  • Compatible with DK Impact Spine Protector
  • Fleece-lined goggle compartment helps prevent lens scratches
  • Insulated hydration sleeve keeps water from freezing
  • Rescue whistle included on sternum strap
  • Item #DAK01EK
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