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  Blueseventy Reaction Full Wetsuit - Women's Pearl Izumi Attack Short - Women's Santini Emma Short - Women's Gore Bike Wear Power Lady Gore Windstopper Short-Sleeve Jersey - Women's Sportful Loto Jersey - Women's De Marchi Knickers - Women's Castelli Competitive Cyclist Club Jersey - Women's
  Blueseventy Reaction Full Wetsuit - Women's Pearl Izumi Attack Short - Women's Santini Emma Short - Women's Gore Bike Wear Power Lady Gore Windstopper Short-Sleeve Jersey - Women's Sportful Loto Jersey - Women's De Marchi Knickers - Women's Castelli Competitive Cyclist Club Jersey - Women's
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Brand Pearl Izumi Gore Bike Wear Blueseventy Castelli Santini Sportful De Marchi
Fit compressive slim - Regular form-fitting Form-Fitting form-fitting
Manufacturer Warranty lifetime 1 year 2 years 1 year - limited 2 years
Material Transfer (88% nylon, 12% elastane) [shell] 87% polyester, 13% elastane, Gore Windstopper membrane, [lining] 100% polyester Yamamoto neoprene Stratus Plus 2-layer [main fabric] 80% polyamide, 20% elastane, [secondary fabric] 80% polyeser, 20% elastane synthetic microfiber 85% polyamide, 15% elastane
Recommended Use cycling road cycling triathlon road cycling road cycling road cycling road cycling
Zip - full-length full-length back full-length - Full-Length -

Blueseventy Reaction Full Wetsuit - Women's

Every advantage matters when you're fighting for position in open water, but the most expensive wetsuits can cost as much as a round-trip ticket to the other side of the world. If you want to keep your pennies in your travel fund while still gaining a swim advantage this year, invest in the Blueseventy Reaction Women's Wetsuit. Sitting just below Blueseventy's top-of-the-line Helix, the Reaction costs half as much but still delivers significant improvements to buoyancy and body positioning compared to more entry-level models.

Part of what separates higher-end wetsuits from their more entry-level siblings is the type and arrangement of neoprene used. For the Reaction, Blueseventy employs thinner Yamamoto neoprene on the arms and lower legs, which improves mobility in the water compared to less expensive, uniform wetsuits. Along the core, hips, and lower torso, Blueseventy uses a 4-5-4 design to put your body in an efficient "downhill" swimming position. This, coupled with the wetsuit's upper body flexibility, encourages more powerful strokes and reduces energy loss and fatigue.

  • Gain an edge this tri season without taking out a loan
  • Updated design is more flexible for improved mobility
  • Durable neoprene construction improves buoyancy and glide
  • SCS coating reduces friction and improves glide
  • Split V02 chest panel accommodates lung expansion
  • Full-length zipper helps you get through T1 quickly
  • Legs can be cut up to 6cm to the right length for you
  • Item #BLS001K
  • Hello I'm john deaf cat and today I'm here to talk about our reaction full suit the reaction is the top-selling suit in the blue 70 line it is certainly. The best value for the dollar in our line it is an extremely high-end suit at a medium level price point the reaction. Is made completely of yo mama of 39:7. Rubber and is fully ses coated it is built on a four or five for buoyancy profile meaning it is four millimeters in the chest five millimeters through the core of the suit and four millimeters at the bottom of the lake the arms are a super thin 1.5 millimeter. For maximum flexibility additional. Features of this suit include a split chest panel to make it easier to breathe and s flex panels on the side of the. Suit to both aid in getting the suit on create a better fit and aid in body rotation in the water.

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    Pearl Izumi Attack Short - Women's

    The versatile Pearl Izumi Women’s Attack Short is designed for those of us who like to ride everything – and who prefer do so without spending a fortune. The Attack Short made with Select Transfer fabric, which features excellent moisture wicking properties to keep you dry and comfortable. The Attack also offers a unique eight-panel anatomic design, a wide waistband, flat-lock seams, and silicone grippers on the legs to deliver added comfort and support. In addition, reflective elements are placed throughout the Attack to ensure visibility in low-light conditions.

    Pearl Izumi includes the Race 3D chamois, which uses variable-density foam and breathable four-way stretch fabric to help you power through long days in the saddle. The Race 3D has been pre-shaped for an anatomic fit and does an excellent job managing moisture.

  • Select Transfer fabric
  • Eight-panel anatomic design with wide waistband
  • Flat-lock seams
  • Silicone grippers
  • Reflective elements
  • Race 3D chamois
  • Item #PLZ1090
  • So this is our part of our new line for. Spring 13 these are ultra shorts we. Actually just want the outdoor industry award in Friedrich's art in europe for. This short our split short is a little. But shorter inseam than our ultra short which I'll show in the minute but really the key feature of the short especially for adventure racing in any long distances your gel fast pocketing in the. Back so these little pockets here fit a. 3-ounce gel fast really easy to access. And we actually have a utility patent on the construction here on the back the. Patents really on the angle of where it sits in the body it's kind of what we call the sweet spot it's on the side of. Your glutes but kind of in that hollow before your hip bones so it's really important with the placement so it's comfortable for the runner also another. Cool feature is most companies place pockets kind of on top of the shell of the shore and it tends to bounce around. Especially when you're moving hiking big. Kind of rocky sections going downhill and these pockets are built into the. Liner so when i flip the shore inside out you see the pockets are right here. So this is compression fit to your body. So you'll actually see this black part. Being exposed which is part of your. Liner this whole top part fits very tight to the body to really hold those gel foss securely against your body. Another really cool feature for kind of. That shape free comfort as we welded the. Hand finish so basically it feels like you're naked it you have no kind of fabrics or scenes or irritation a lot of times you'll see a lot of seams with the threads and the. Short on the back it causes chafing especially in between your legs we've. Taken that traditional kind of inseam out that can also cause irritation so. It's one large pattern piece so really. Thin stream line with a nice split on. The side the fabric and the liner is. Also what we use a minerality fabric so. You'll see there's an embossed pattern minerally dries fifty percent faster. Then normal performance polyesters as. Well as its anti-odor and antimicrobial. So this is the shorter and see we as well. Offer a longer inseam those looking for. A little bit more compression it's kind of two-in-one short, so we actually. Don't wrap the entire shell around we. Finish it before the inseam construction. Just so you don't have any shaping or bunching up in between your legs while running so definitely much longer. Inseam compression around your muscles. And then it does have our same patent. Pending utility construction across the back for your gel class a nice large. Pocket in the back you could actually stop some of our vests and lightweight jackets, and they'll fit in this back pocket so those are two ultra shorts for the. Season the split shot and then ultra short.

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    Santini Emma Short - Women's

    Regardless if you're a seasoned veteran of the cycling world or completely new to the sport, there's nothing that'll stop an otherwise idyllic ride faster than irritation and chafing. That's why Santini crafted the Women's Emma Short with a lightweight, supportive fabric and women's-specific chamois that fends off irritation as you rack up long miles on the road. Another key feature is the widened waistband, which distributes pressure across a wider surface area for blissful comfort during long hours in the saddle.

  • Supportive cycling shorts reduce irritation on the road
  • Lightweight, form-fitting fabric stabilizes muscle groups
  • Women's-specific chamois for pressure relief in the saddle
  • Wide, elasticized waistband won't pinch sensitive skin
  • Made in Italy with premium fabrics and exceptional detail
  • Item #SAN00AL
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    Gore Bike Wear Power Lady Gore Windstopper Short-Sleeve Jersey - Women's

    If the entire cycling industry could agree on one company that knows wind-blocking gear, Gore Bike Wear would be the obvious choice. Gore's impressive lineup of lightweight, breathable fabrics anchors kit made by a plethora of other brands, so it only makes sense that Gore itself would have its own take on a wind- and water-resistant jersey for the shoulder seasons. When misty skies and steady spring breezes await you on your road rides, reach for the Power Lady GWS Jersey.

    Built with a Gore Windstopper windproof, water-resistant exterior, the Power Lady doesn't feature any additional insulation that might cause you to overheat on a mild day. Its breathable polyester lining takes care of moisture transfer, and the exterior layer still remains breathable as it blocks the elements. Whether you're out on your first spring ride of the season or have been toughing out challenging conditions all winter, the Power Lady GWS will shield you through the wet and windy season in breathable comfort until the sun shines at last.

  • Weather shoulder season rain and wind in this jersey
  • Water-resistant and windproof fabric ideal for spring rides
  • Slim fit with extended rear hem moves with you as it shields
  • 3 rear pockets easily stash spare tubes and CO2
  • Reinforced hem eases zipper closure
  • Gripper elastic prevents jersey from riding up
  • Multiple reflective accents improve your visibility on dim days
  • Item #GBW009N
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    Sportful Loto Jersey - Women's

    Sportful, an Italian manufacturer of cycling and sports apparel, doesn't outsource its fabrics. In fact, its mills have been a family affair since 1946. To that end, you'll find true Italian style and quality imbued in all of its cycling gear. The Loto jersey is no exception.

    Sportful uses technical fabrics to construct the Loto jersey. For the main body, a soft knit microfiber quickly moves moisture away from your skin to the surface of the jersey. From there, it evaporates leaving you dry and fresh for the duration of your ride. The shoulders get a high-stretch fabric allowing for freedom to move in and out of the drops without the fabric bunching or having the jersey ride up over your hips.

    The jersey features a form-fit designed for a women's frame. It's not merely the smaller version of a men's kit and tapers in more at the waist. A full-length zipper allows you to customize the amount of ventilation you receive and to help hold the jersey from riding up, a wide silicone gripper elastic band was placed at the waist. Three back pockets finish off the jersey.

  • A stylish short-sleeve jersey for the female road cyclist
  • Breathable microfiber materials maximizes wicking properties
  • Silicone gripper elastic secures waistband position
  • Full-zip design allows for venting and easy on and off
  • Form-fitting cut is a bit forgiving for freedom of motion
  • 3 rear pockets secure ride essentials
  • Item #STF009Z
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    De Marchi Knickers - Women's

    Keeping the knees happy is key to enjoying your cycling experience and the mid-weight and quick-drying De Marchi Women's Knickers work great in cooler transitional seasons such as spring and fall. Trapped perspiration never leads to a comfortable riding, so De Marchi employs Roubaix fabric for rapid drying while still providing effective insulation. It designs the knickers to perform best in temperatures ranging from 41 to 59 degrees Fahrenheit. A wide waist band reduces pressure across your stomach and prevents slipping throughout your ride. Articulated legs work with you throughout the pedal stroke.

    An effective barrier from road noise and your saddle, the N-Dura chamois by Elastic Interface provides female-specific support, with high density foam and a textured, anti-bacterial surface. Ultimately, this chamois smooths out fatiguing vibrations that transmit through your saddle while the ventilation allows it to breathe exceptionally well to reduce perspiration build-up and the chance of chafing.

  • Mid-weight cycling knickers that let you focus on the ride
  • Extends coverage below the knees for shoulder seasons
  • Roubaix material wicks sweat and breathes
  • Anti-barterial chamois features high-density padding for comfort
  • Wide waistband provides a flattering, secure hold
  • Item #DMA009K
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    Castelli Competitive Cyclist Club Jersey - Women's

    Enjoy racking up the weekend miles on the roads while showing other riders where your allegiances lie with the Women's Competitive Cyclist Club Jersey from Castelli. And as you breathe the fresh air and burn off those extra calories, its Stratus Plus two-layer fabric will pull moisture away from your skin so you'll stay drier and cooler over the course of your ride.

    Castelli gives this jersey a slightly more relaxed fit than many other jerseys in its lineup so you get a slim and tailored silhouette that still gives you room to breathe and freedom of movement. Other details include the set-in sleeves that provide a classic, yet modern look and a low-profile collar that offers coverage for your neck, without feeling constrictive or causing irritation. A full-length zipper lets you rid pent-up body heat on longer climbs while the 3 rear pockets provide space for food, phone, and tubes. Finally, rear reflective tabs help you remain a little more visible in low light.

  • Competitive Cyclist styled jersey for long ride comfort
  • Stratus Plus two-layer fabric rapidly wicks moisture
  • Mesh accent panels enhance ventilation as you ride
  • Regular cut has a more forgiving fit than race kit
  • Traditional 3 pocket design provides ample space for fuel
  • Item #CST00Q0
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