Top 7 inexpensive Climbing Footwear for Ladies

Top 7 Climbing Footwear for Ladies

Probably difficult to narrow down the many options to the only best pair of sneakers for climbing. Our experts examined dozens of pairs before making a selection of climbing shoes specifically designed for women.

These boots were tested on a variety of stones: from a sandstone, breaker to smooth granite boulders. To evaluate the effectiveness of each of these models, we had to cling, bend our knees, take a step back and heel all over the western part of the United States. We also appreciated their overall comfort, ease of use and running-in period, as well as their sensitivity, fit and durability. To learn more about our findings, read on.

  Black Diamond Momentum Lace Climbing Shoe - Women's Arc'teryx Arakys Approach Shoe - Women's Scarpa Mont Blanc Pro GTX Mountaineering Boot - Women's Boreal Salsa Shoe - Women's Boreal Dharma Climbing Shoe - Women's Arc'teryx Konseal FL Approach Shoe - Women's Scarpa Mescalito Shoe - Women's
  Black Diamond Momentum Lace Climbing Shoe - Women's Arc'teryx Arakys Approach Shoe - Women's Scarpa Mont Blanc Pro GTX Mountaineering Boot - Women's Boreal Salsa Shoe - Women's Boreal Dharma Climbing Shoe - Women's Arc'teryx Konseal FL Approach Shoe - Women's Scarpa Mescalito Shoe - Women's
Rating ★★★★★ ★★★★★ ★★★★★ ★★☆☆☆ - - -
Brand Scarpa Boreal Arc'teryx Arc'teryx Boreal Scarpa Black Diamond
Claimed Weight - [pair] 1lb [pair] 1 lb 2.3 oz 1 lb [single, size 5] 1lb 6oz [single, size 38] 11.5oz -
Closure - hook-and-loop lace - lace lace lace
Lining - yes 4mm OrthoLite 3D Adaptive Fit Lite liner Air Net (PU) recycled polyester -
Manufacturer Warranty - limited limited limited limited 1 year lifetime
Midsole - anti-deformation EVA foam EVA EVA, [insert] TPU EVA medium flex
Recommended Use - bouldering, climbing training, sport climbing climbing, hiking bouldering, approach, gym climbing casual, sport climbing hiking sport climbing
Upper Material - microfiber ripstop mesh seamless one-piece ripstop nylon 1.8mm suede -
Sole - - Vibram MegaGrip Vibram Light Approach with MegaGrip rubber Boreal Street (rubber) Vibram Dynamis LBT/ Megagrip -

Black Diamond Momentum Lace Climbing Shoe - Women's


Although newer to the climbing market compared to other shoes, the Momentum Climbing Shoe is already commonly seen at the gym due to its all-day comfort constructed for beginners, which is why Black Diamond wanted to also offer the Women's Momentum Lace Climbing Shoe. Lace-up versions of climbing shoes can offer a more precise fit for narrower feet. Everything else about this shoe, from Black Diamond's Engineered Knit Technology to the NeoFriction sole, is just like the same shoe that's already a best-seller.

  • Climbing shoe fine-tuned for all-day comfort
  • Flat last and neutral asymmetry ideal for vertical climbing
  • NeoFriction rubber has a moderate flex suitable for beginners
  • Knit upper enhances breathability and reduces stretch
  • Item #BLD00QR

Well hello there welcome to gear up. Again and my name is Aaron and this is. My living room in case you couldn't tell. We're not gonna do a tour today check. Out the new face tracking yeah so today. We're gonna talk about another quick. Update on the black diamond momentum. Shoes remember these guys deliver as promised.

So, I plan for another week with. This and it still doesn't smell that's. Pretty sweet now it is a little bit lighter than my previous evolve shoes and my evolve shoes are weighed in 304 grams. These guys are 277 grams. Get rid take so it is lighter but not by. Much it doesn't make a difference they're roughly the same size so take it for.

What it is the rubber the more fun with it. I feel like it needs to soften up a little bit I hope it soft enough softens. Up last week I mentioned that smearing is really great on tiny holes I kind of. Am on the fence on that statement now. Again because the more climb with it there are a couple of problems I did elevenses on slabs where I just had to smear the wall, not a whole and so just and the wall was kind of rough at my gym and this.

Rubber is kind of stiff compared to evolve and I'm not sure if it just. Needs to wear in or something it just doesn't spread as much if you know what I mean it's just not as soft and when I press it against the wall I'll show you a video clip of me at a gym at some point but when it presses down. Against a slab wall, not a whole mind you.

I'm just trying to get some friction in this doesn't so that's the downside I found out as well. That the rubber is Toro's rubber in case. You're not familiar with their at South Korean company that's making really great shoes black diamond makes these. Shoes in the same factory in China as Patara, so they shared the same rubber. Whatever that means other than that i. Find these shoes still good it's still. Kind of pinching my left big toe from. Time to time well quite a bit actually my right side seems to spread out some.

So I hope it's its wearing in and i. Hope it's not because I'm using a size. To be small or something but that would suck adjustability is great all the bell. Crows you know just you know typical velcro shoe breathability really helps when you're picking a rest in between and to you know why you've been laying in such now an interesting quirk about this. Weave that I found out is more stared at. It reminded me of my placemat in mine. Kitchen this is from IKEA and look at that material and look at that design it's about the same if you're interested. This is the snob pig it's for people who. Are big snobs so that's my update for.

This week for this shoe and stay tuned. For next week when I'll give you more information hopefully and find out more after climbing with this in this for. Another week before I do one month. Wrap up on this thing well that's it for. This vlog thanks for watching and don't forget to subscribe below to support my channel you guys have been awesome and watching and supporting me and being. Patient as I make really crappy videos but I'm trying to get better and hopefully, I have better content don't. Forget to thumb up if you liked it and thumbs down if you pronounce Yukia as Ikea you've. Been doing it wrong all this time google. It trusts me I'm right. That's it signing off.

Arc'teryx Arakys Approach Shoe - Women's


The Arc'teryx Women's Arakys Approach Shoe eliminates the need to bring along a pair of climbing-specific shoes when you go for lunch break gym climbs and quick after-work boulder missions. This innovative approach shoe is made for crossing technical terrain, but more than holds its own when bouldering, doing single-pitch climbs, or tackling quick routes on the gym wall.

The air permeable ripstop upper is tough, yet breathable, and a stretchy Adaptive Fit Lite liner conforms to your foot to eliminate hot spots, reduce break-in time, and provide a more secure fit. It also sports a collapsible heel so you can wear the Arakys as a laid-back slipper when you're on belay.

The leather footbed allows barefoot comfort, while the EVA midsole cushions your step when you're hiking to a faraway crag for a bigger climbing mission. Vibram's Light Approach outsole provides sure-footed grip on muddy trails and granite walls alike, and the MegaGrip rubber compound offers the right blend of durability, flex, and rigidity needed to handle everything from quick climbs to long approaches.


  • Seamless ripstop upper
  • Collapsible heel
  • Adaptive Fit Lite liner
  • Leather footbed
  • EVA midsole
  • Vibram Light Approach outsole with MegaGrip rubber
  • One-hand closure with memory buckle
  • Item #ARC00HZ


Scarpa Mont Blanc Pro GTX Mountaineering Boot - Women's


The most classic and iconic ascents in mountaineering require a pair of boots that will handle everything that snowfields, vertical ice, and rock throw their way. Taking its classic alpine boot and incorporating a few modern innovations, the Scarpa Women's Mont Blanc Pro GTX Mountaineering Boot delivers everything you need to make your next adventure into the alpine a success.

For added security, the boots are fitted with integrated gaiters with a double-snap closure. The boots themselves features micro-pulley hardware for an easily achieved secure fit. The upper is composed of a 3mm suede Perwanger along with S-Tech fabric. Backed by a Gore-Tex insulated Comfort membrane, the boots are completely waterproof.

The stiff Total Traction midsole provides the solid platform needed when working up mixed routes, while the Vibram sole is both automatic and semi-automatic crampon compatible. The boots utilize Scarpa's Sock-Fit DV construction, which provides stretch-mesh Schoeller softshell fabric in the tongue, PU ribbing, and decreased instep volume, resulting in a nimble feel that disperses lace pressure across the tongue for fit that will remain comfortable from sunup to sundown.


  • Gore-Tex Insulated Comfort lining
  • 3mm Suede Perwanger HS12, S-Tech fabric upper
  • Integrated gaiter with double snap closure
  • Scarpa Sock-Fit DV construction
  • Standard lace closure with Ribs technology
  • Pro-Fiber 20 insole
  • Total traction midsole (PU, TPU)
  • NAG last
  • Vibram Total Traction sole
  • Automatic and semi-automatic crampon compatible
  • Item #SCR001P


From technical albinism to grueling mountain expeditions the Montblanc pro GTX is our most versatile. An alpine boot that provides exceptional protection and performance in snow ice. And mixed alpine terrain the upper is. Fully constructed with a super tough leather featuring an integrated gator with a double snap closure that is.

Designed to keep snow and debris out of the boots while you're navigating routes in extreme terrain and weather conditions the mont blanc pro gt x has a. Gore-tex insulated comfort lining that. Provides ultimate protection from cold and damp weather keeping your feet warm dry and comfortable a Vibram outsole. Delivers maximum support traction and. Torsional stability in a variety of. Environments and conditions while the reinforced toe provides increased. Protection and durability when tackling technical features the mont blanc pro. Gtx features sock fit construction.

Reduces bulk and enhances fit and is. Complete with micro pulley hardware which provides an effortless closure for. Days in the harsh elements when quick Fitri adjustment is needed this boot. Integrates modern features for alpinists who want to explore high above treeline in warmth and comfort top-of-the-line. Materials and a sturdy design come together perfectly creating a performance boot built to last as you ascend to new heights.

Boreal Salsa Shoe - Women's


Your morning might consist of a leisurely walk down to the coffee shop, but your afternoon will most certainly consist of a steep scramble up to the crag—you can't go wrong with the Boreal Women's Salsa Shoe for days like these. Combining casual comfort with mountain-ready ingredients, this hybrid approach shoe has a breathable mesh lining to keep your foot cool and comfortable in the afternoon heat and a versatile rubber sole that's capable on everything from concrete to loose scree. 

  • Versatile shoe for the trail or everyday wear in town
  • Breathable mesh lining promotes breathability
  • No-sew nylon upper reinforced with rubber toe cap
  • Boreal Street sole with shock-absorbing EVA for comfort
  • Item #BRF001O

Boreal Dharma Climbing Shoe - Women's


Developed with plenty of input by Boreal's world climbing team, the Dharma Climbing Shoe is designed for the hardest, steepest sport pitches. It features a steel toe profile and asymmetric last, maximizing power when you get yourself in sticky situations, with a supportive midsole for unmatched edging performance. The 3D molded heel ensures reliable heel hooks, with Zenith rubber for super sticky control when micro holds are your only way up.


  • High performance climbing shoe for sport, bouldering, and indoor use
  • Cambered shape and asymmetric last maximizes power at the toe
  • Super sticky Zenith rubber sole provides high-performing grip
  • Synthetic upper ensures a comfortable fit with minimal stretch
  • Steep toe profile and molded heel piece great for hooking
  • Innovative Wrap Rand offers control and support in tight situations
  • Elastic tongue and 3-strap closure provide a secure, comfortable fit
  • Item #BRF001F


Arc'teryx Konseal FL Approach Shoe - Women's


The Arc'teryx Women's Konseal FL Approach Shoe works for fast, light approaches without sacrificing comfort, stability, and confidence-inducing grip. Weighing less than a pound per pair, it has all the elements you need for a technical day in the mountains.

A Vibram rubber sole makes the shoe durable while also providing great friction on rocky surfaces where you need it. When you're trucking through a scree field, the midfoot chassis provides stability and the raised sidewalls work to protect your foot from the loose rocks.

After you've been on your feet for a few hours with some weight in your pack, you'll really begin to appreciate the shock-absorbing EVA foam midsole and the thick molded insert. Moreover, to prevent that sloppy, insecure feeling of an ill-fitting shoe, Arc'teryx designed the laces of the Konseal FL to be integrated into the shoe for an extremely precise, customizable fit.


  • A lightweight shoe for technical approaches
  • Raised sidewalls and TPU chassis provide stability and protection
  • Rubber toe cap keep feet safe from rocks
  • Vibram sole grips granite slab
  • Gusseted tongue keeps debris out
  • Foam midsole keeps feet comfortable by absorbing shock
  • Lacing system is integrated for a precise fit
  • Item #ARC00T1


This week's pick of the week is the. Arc'teryx conceal approach shoe the conceal is lightweight but still offers exceptional support and protection a. Vibram mega sole grip and front and rear lugs mean excellent traction in mud and. Dirt more rounded bumps on the sole provide traction on the rock it has a very.

Precise fit so excels at climbing especially scrambling moves where precision is key a tpu midfoot chassis. And evi a foam midsole provides. Stability on uneven terrain giving you confidence a gusseted tongue helps. Prevent debris ending up in the shoe and four millimeter thick authors liked 3d. Molded insert pads the bottom of yours. Foot for comfort the arc'teryx conceal approach shoe is the ultimate shoe if you're looking for something lightweight that still offers maximum protection нou.

Scarpa Mescalito Shoe - Women's


Scarpa equipped the Mescalito Shoe with everything you need to get into difficult to reach alpine destinations efficiently. The Vibram rubber sole gives sticky traction when traversing a steep rocky incline while you follow rock cairns once the trail disappears. The suede upper adds an element of durable comfort when the trail reappears and works with the rubber toe and to resist abrasion when you end up kicking the occasional rock along the trail. Customize specific pressure points of the shoe by utilizing the lace-to-toe design and maximize performance during particularly difficult sections of the approach.


  • An approach shoe for hiking into remote alpine areas
  • Vibram sole provides traction over sketchy sections of rock
  • Suede upper adds bombproof durability when scrambling up scree fields
  • Rubber toe and resists abrasion during alpine approaches
  • Lace to toe construction creates performance fit on long hikes
  • Item #SCR007A



After a number of days of research, discussion and testing of the sneakers, we awarded awards to shoes that will be the best of the greatest and also have exceeded our expectations.

But remember that what is ideal for one woman could cause severe discomfort in another.

We advise that you study our selection and make your own selection of what fits you and can work best for you personally. Don't be afraid to check on all types of unisex inside our men's review. There are lots of decent shoes that aren't contained in certain female versions.