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Top 8 good saltwater spinning reels

Choosing your next saltwater turning reel can be an overwhelming assignment:

  1. How would you tell if model An is superior to display B?
  2. Will the reel you like handle the fish you are focusing on?
  3. Is it accurate to say that you are getting a decent arrangement?

These are nevertheless a small amount of the 100's of inquiries I envision are moving around in your mind. Give us a chance to make it somewhat simpler for you by disclosing what to search for, which highlights are an "absolute necessity have" and how to contrast one reel with another.

At long last, we will give you our decisions for the best alternative in four of the most mainstream classifications.

The reel is a standout amongst the most significant parts of your angling rig, and the one you select decides if you have a full creel or void snares.

Your reel gives in excess of a spot to hold your line – it likewise helps with throwing and recovering that line and gives the influence expected to arrive your next trophy. As should be obvious, having the correct reel for the activity is imperative.

Despite what you are angling for, you need a reel fit for taking care of the handle that you're going to utilize and the fish you may snare.

When looking for saltwater, you likewise need to ensure your reel is up to the expanded pressure it will be presented to – both by the fish and the earth.

Top 8 best saltwater spinning reels

Ball bearings 14+1 3+1 5+1 3+1 10+1 4+1 4+1 -
Brand Shimano Shimano Shimano Shimano Shimano Shimano Shimano Shimano
Gear ratio 6.2:1 4.8:1 5.7:1 4.8:1 6.2:1 4.6:1 4.9:1 4.8:1
Item code STL14000SWBXG BTR8000D SRG5000SW BTR6000OC TP14000SWBXG SP5000SW SOC8000SW TU4000CI4
Line retrieve per crank (in) 53 36 38 35 53 38.2 37 30
Max Drag (lb) 55 20 22 20 55 22 27 15
Mono line capacity (#test/yd) 12/555,16/360,20/260 14/295,17/250,20/195 10/240,12/195,14/165 10/300,12/265,16/170 12/555, 16/360, 20/260 10/240, 12/195, 14/165 12/345, 16/250, 20/185 8/240,10/200,12/160
Powerpro line capacity (#test/yd) 50/400,65/315,80/240 40/295,50/290,65/180 20/245,30/225,40/175 30/245,50/210,65/130 50/400, 65/315, 80/240 20/245,30/225,40/175 40/340, 50/265, 65/215 15/270,20/190,40/145
Weight (oz) 24.3 21.7 16 19.2 22.9 16 - 12.7



True durability to tackle nearly anything in the salt best describes the new Shimano Socorro SW spinning reels. Equipped with long-lasting Hagane gearing, the Socorro reels give anglers the strength for both inshore and offshore action, and with X-Ship Technology, they offer the ultimate in smoothness and power. Fish with confidence. Socorro SW reels are ready.



"Absolute power" is the aim of New Stella SW. We are using our latest and most innovative technologies to complete the "SW-X Concept" which takes this new generation Stella SW to an all new level for Anglers.



The new Baitrunner OC gives you the confidence of a legendary drivetrain and auto-return Baitrunner feature as well as better castability, better line lay, less backlash, wind knots or tangles, less friction on the line, larger, more comfortable grips, a higher max drag as well as a wider range of Baitrunner settings than its predecessors.



For serious saltwater fishing action, the all-new Twin Power SW spinning reels fuse Shimano technology for a reel with overwhelming power, durability and reliability to tackle any situation in any condition. Within the Twin Power SW series, anglers will uncover Shimano HAGANE reel design concept for the ability to fight big, powerful fish with confidence.



The new Baitrunner gives you the confidence of a legendary drivetrain and auto-return Baitrunner feature as well as better castability, better line lay, less backlash, wind knots or tangles, less friction on the line, larger, more comfortable grips, a higher max drag as well as a wider range of Baitrunner settings than its predecessors.



With its known durable design to handle the salt, the new Spheros SW spinning reels offer even more angler confidence with new Shimano 'SW Concept' features. In sizes for off the beach, inshore action, and blue water use



Lightweight and the power to stop big fish. Not a sentence you are used to hearing! Seemingly against the laws of nature. Thunnus takes a page from our Bicycle division using Carbon materials in high impact situations. Thunnus CI4 is a response to all the anglers out there in love with the ease of use and functionality that wanted the reel to shed some weight. Thunnus CI4 is up to 7 ounces lighter than its predecessor without sacrificing any power. Quite the opposite!! Due to new drag systems for the Main Drag and the Baitrunner drag Thunnus CI4 is the most efficient live bait spinning reel on the market with unmatched adjustability for fishing any bait in any condition as well as the smooth stopping power that this generation of Thunnus will be known for.



One of our latest additions to the Offshore Spinning line up dedicated to the Blue Water angler. Saragosa SW features Propulsion Line Management System, Paladin Gearing, Waterproof drag and Shielded A-RB bearings. Tackle the toughest species and conditions with elegance and power. Up to 44 pounds of drag to stop even the meanest offshore fish.

Significant Choosing Factors

  • Line Capacity

Saltwater can mean profound water and long runs, significantly littler species can hurry away when given a wide open getaway course.

A fundamental component in any quality reel is the capacity to hold enough line to confront these difficulties without seeing your battle arrive at an end since you get spooled.

By and large, you will need to search for a base limit of 300 yards. Regardless of whether you are utilizing an interlaced line, the limit will one day become the contrast between a trophy and a fish story.

  • Interlaced Line Compatibility

An interlaced line offers numerous focal points that the saltwater fisherman wishes to have. So it is significant that any reel you consider is equipped for utilizing this just as a monofilament.

While practically any cutting edge reel can be spooled with a plaited line, the best incorporates extraordinary highlights intended to exploit this frill, for example, those that: limit slippage safeguards without holes in which the line can end up tangled or caught parts sufficiently hearty to withstand the cutting intensity of this line when under strain.

  • Weight

Purchasing profound water trolling rig? Forget about it! Go with the greatest metal model accessible since it will go through the majority of the day in a holder in any case.

Be that as it may, on the off chance that you are purchasing a turning reel, odds are, it will commit additional time in your grasp than anyplace else. Additionally, there will come an occasion when you need to cast, recover, cast and recover from the time you leave the dock until you return hours after the fact.

At the point when this occurs, each additional ounce you hold or swing will tally. A lighter reel will make it a lot simpler to take advantage of your day and apparatus, simply don't forfeit solidarity to lose a couple of ounces.

  • Consumption Protection

One of the best contrasts between your freshwater and saltwater reels is the capacity of the last to withstand the unforgiving condition that they experience.

Continually, for quite a while, your reel will be presented to salt which is both destructive and grating. A decent reel will be explicitly intended to withstand being covered with a salt splash and dunked in seawater without thinking twice.

  • Drag

This is the mechanical, movable erosion which decides the measure of obstruction expected to pull line from the reel. It is imperative to choose a reel with a most extreme drag sufficiently adequate to tire, turn and in the long run land the biggest fish you are focusing on.

Most specialists concur that a drag rating more than 30-40 lbs does small viewing achieving its expected undertaking as the fisherman's arm quality at that point turns into the feeble point. Be that as it may, a higher drag rating can show more prominent insurance from blasts of speed or quality.

  • Course

Daiwa SALTIGA metal rollers. The moving inside pieces of your reel requires security against the harm brought about by metal on a metal pivot. Economical or lighter weight models use bushings however this typically results in lower resistances and unpredictable activity.

Quality reels use metal balls which give a smoother activity, particularly when under the burden. The more course accessible demonstrate a superior activity.

  • Rigging Ratio

The riggings in your reel demonstration in a similar way as those on a multi-speed bike by expanding the power created with each turn of the handle.

A low apparatus proportion will be simpler to turn however will require unmistakably more swings to recover a similar measure of the line as a reel with a higher proportion.

A proportion of 4:1 demonstrates the spool will turn multiple times for each full pivot of the handle.

In like manner, a proportion of 6:1 demonstrates a quicker recovery with the spool turning multiple times for every revolution of the handle.

  1. The lower gear proportion is most appropriate for jigging or live covering snare.
  2. The higher apparatus proportion is better when you are recovering draws at quicker speeds or endeavoring to cover substantial zones while hunting down fish.