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  Burris Eliminator® III Ballistic Laser Scope
Nightforce® NXS Riflescopes Nightforce SHV F1 Riflescopes Burris Riflescope with Fastfire III Sight Trijicon® ACOG® Ballistic Reticle Scopes Vortex® Razor HD Gen II Riflescope Nightforce Benchrest 42 Riflescopes EOTech EXPS Sight with G33 Magnifier Combo BSA Tactical Weapon™ Series 4 x 30 SKS Scope and Mount Kit EOTech G33.STS Magnifier Leupold® Mark 4 - 30mm Rings - Matte Leupold® Mark 4 1" Matte Steel Rings - Medium
  Burris Eliminator® III Ballistic Laser Scope Night Owl 5X Nightvision Monocular Nightforce® NXS Riflescopes Nightforce SHV F1 Riflescopes Burris Riflescope with Fastfire III Sight Trijicon® ACOG® Ballistic Reticle Scopes Vortex® Razor HD Gen II Riflescope Nightforce Benchrest 42 Riflescopes EOTech EXPS Sight with G33 Magnifier Combo BSA Tactical Weapon™ Series 4 x 30 SKS Scope and Mount Kit EOTech G33.STS Magnifier Leupold® Mark 4 - 30mm Rings - Matte Leupold® Mark 4 1" Matte Steel Rings - Medium
Brand Trijicon Burris Night Owl Nightforce L3 EOTECH Nightforce L3 EOTECH Leupold BSA Burris Leupold Vortex Nightforce
FOV Low/ High @ 100 yds. (ft.) 28.9 / 36.6 / 36.8 100-32 - 17.5-4.7 / 27.6-7.3 / 12.1-3.1 - 6.7-2.3 - - 23 26 - 7 - 37.8 - 6.25 25.1-7.4
Length (in.) 8 / 5.8 / 7.3 11.3 7.75 15.1 / 14.7 / 15.2 - 17 - - 8 15.8 - - 14.8
Objective Diameter (mm) 30 / 32 / 32mm 24 - 56 / 50 / 56 - 56 - - 30 50 - 50 50
Power 3.5 / 4 / 4x 1-4 5X 5.5-22 / 3.5-15ZS / 5.5-22ZS - 12-42 - - 4 4-16X - 3-18X 4 - 14X
Reticle Green Crosshair / Green Chevron / Red Chevron w/Target Reference System Ballistic Close Quarter - MOAR / MOAR / MOAR - NP2 DD - - Mil-Dot X96 - EBR-2C MRAD MOAR-T-Illuminated
Weight (oz.) 14 / 10.5 / 16.2 17 - 31 / 30 / 34 - 36 - - 12 30.4 - - 30
Eye Relief Low/ High(in.) - 3.5-4.0 - 3.7 / 3.9 / 3.9 - 2.9 - - 4 3.8- 4.1 - - 2.8 - 3.1
Tube Diameter - 30mm - 30mm / 30mm / 30mm - 30mm - - 1 in. - - 34mm 30 mm

Burris Eliminator® III Ballistic Laser Scope

Burris combined outstanding optics with pinpoint laser rangefinding and precise trajectory compensation in the sleek design of the Eliminator III Ballistic Laser Scope. Range your target and use the lighted aiming dot for a perfect hold over on your target at any magification. No other riflescope combines this level of quality, technology, accuracy, repeatability and effectiveness. With proper practice, this optical instrument will greatly increase the distance at which you can make an ethical shot. The scope comes with tables listing thousands of cartridges and the types of bullets in popular calibers from .17 Remington to .50 BMG made by most major ammunition manufacturers. First, decide if you want to work in meters or yards. Next, find your load on the provided tables or Burris’ Internet site and locate the corresponding drop number. Then program your drop number and ballistic coefficient into the Eliminator Laser Scope. The Eliminator III provides over 1,200 yds. of range compensation, increased magnification of 4X-16X power and accuracy at any magnification. The X96 reticle provides freatures no other scope can match. Provides not only the lighted aiming dot for your target range, but also windage reference dots for accurate shooting in a variety of wind conditions. Ergonomic activation buttons are shooter-friendly. Parallax adjustment from 50 yds. to infinity for precise bullet placement and optimum optical resolution. It’s waterproof, shockproof, fogproof and withstands the toughest hunting conditions. Elevation and windage adjustment with 1/8" clicks at 100 yards. It functions reliably in temperatures from -15°F to 140°F. Scope is powered by a single CR-123 battery (included).

 Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

The Burris Eliminator 3 is the. Most advanced rifles good today as the distance been factors the shot angle. And the ballistics of your cartridge presenting a lighted adopt about Bertha told over the innovative reticle provides. Is a method for calculating when hold of. It will greatly increase your ability to make an accurate. And ethical long distance shot Oliver saw hooks are covered by the unconditional forever warranty the Burris Eliminator 3 delivering extreme accuracy dream ranges.

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Night Owl 5X Nightvision Monocular

Big-light gathering lens in a sleek style that can be easily held in one hand. Image intensifier tube provides 500X ambient light amplification. Powerful infrared field of illumination is 35-ft. diameter at 100 feet. Field of view is up to 39 feet at a distance of 100 feet. 5X magnification. Requires one CR-123/3-volt lithium battery (not included). Generation 1 Nightvision. Imported.
Dimensions: 7-1/2"L x 2.23"W x 4"H.
Weight: 16-oz.

Due to popular demand from our varmint-hunting customers, we have found some of the best nightvision riflescopes available. Cabela's does not condone the use of these products for illegally taking big-game animals after legal shooting hours. Check local game laws for legality in your area.

 Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

You 2 grand oh here. Iwanted to do a quick overview on an item real quick today. We picked up recently showed in our find videos. It is the night owl exigent 21. Or two by I guess is. What it's actually called. This is the lower end model. They sell this was like 120 to 140 somewhere in there depending on where. You can get 150 dollar models in fact. Some of them go up to like 200 bucks but. All of them were under 200. Iwant to say it was like the. Most expensive one was in 180 999 plus tax so. It might be a little over 2 by the time it's. All said and done but I've seen them for like 175 for the best model. That a of the x-gen anyway the night owl carries. They carry some really. You know upper stuff upper level equipment but then you're getting into like thousands of dollars. You know what I mean the cheap ones are like eight. Or nine hundred so this is a digital viewfinder it's a monocle obviously but it's. All digital it runs off infrared same technology. That runs the camera. We did a video on it's the same concept there is a red light on. That comes out of this right here not very bright. And from what I've been told animals cannot detect. Idon't know if that's true. Or not but I've been told by a lot of people including people from the company. You read their review other people's reviews on. And then you read what they say on.

It about from the company its detectable by humans. You know humans of course is going to see a red light but animals don't seem to detect. If you're looking for a good a wildlife viewfinder. You know with night vision. This isn't too bad not a lot. Idon't think there's. Any actual you know. You can adjust it zooms in. Idon't think there's. Any zoom on it but it's perfect for I mean no light situations. Where it's just pitch-black which we're going to do a test on. It in a minute for you guys. And show it works what we're going to do is I'm going to switch over cameras keep my phone on my camera. That viewfinder is just big enough. Or the lens to fit inside. That viewfinder so we're going to run. What happens we can get a good video out of. It we're just going to go in the bathroom. Where it's already pitch-black it's still light outside right. Now it's early well it's not early but it's still light outside, so we're just going to do.

It inside and then eventually we're going to do a test outside with. This thing we're going to take. It out with us next time. We go out to the property. And we're going to do. Some tests out in the out in the woods. And just see how well. We can navigate the woods with. This thing things like. That places already know. You know pretty much. Where everything's at it's not going to be. Anything you know we've never done before but I'm really anxious to try. This thing outside I mean I've done. It around the yard but. Iwant to get out with. Some distance you know. How far out you can see. That good stuff which a good reviewer would have. That information on hand but. Iam NOT a good reviewer, so I'm not positive. What the fil division is. That crap it doesn't say so there are. Ithink four different settings on. This thing for different light levels so it's going to drain your batteries on the highest level but. Even in the complete darkness in the bathroom.

Ifirst tested this thing I had. It on the first setting and could see clearly like. Ididn't have any trouble seeing at. Idon't know I think it's pretty cool we're going to skip to the test. Iwas hoping there was like a product information sheet. Icould just show so. You guys can get all the info but. Iknow my camera is not going to pick. That up maybe it is so. You can get all the info off of. It there or as much as. They actually have it does come with a little carry bag. You can see underneath. It there something right there. Idon't think there's. Anything over here besides regular instructions so there's the frame per second there's the frame rate on. If you're curious about. That come on there we go so it's third power full power half power full power. And then you can adjust your frame rate on.

Iguess there's a little bit of lag in. It I'll tell you zoom across an area you're not going to see. Everything in that area you're going to have to go slowly to be able to see. Where real thing for it to pick. Everything up, so we're going to switch over canes. And go whip this up in there. What happens, so we'll be back alright, so we're in the bathroom. It is pitch-black in here. You can't see anything as. You can see I can't see. Whatever you're gonna have to bear with. Me my bathroom is a disaster right. And the whites both been working a lot of hours. And just haven't had time to do. Anything I have a wooden house. All wood house no foundation it's like a hundred-year-old home. Or replace the beam under the bathroom. We redid the bathroom. And eventually the house settles for the wall cracked.

And that's what I'm going to try to pick up on here the crack in the wall. And a show where the tall fell off. Ihave to replace all the tile on the back of the bathtub we're not. All over just cold pieces but let's see. This works okay its kind of picking it up there. You can see the tile there's. Where the Shelf hangs. Itook the Shelf down. Ihave to replace that crack. All the way down that back wall it's. All green wall — not drywall so it's not a big deal but. You can see the candles my wife's little decorations there's the cabinet's. And again it's pitch black in here. Ican't see anything without looking on the camera — the viewfinder it's pretty cool that's picking it up on the camera.

Though at least you can see. How detailed it gets right there so. This is a really cool little knife isn't monocular we're going to do a test with. It outside eventually. And again it will cut off. You can see there it's starting to cut off already. You got to press the button to get. It to come back on that's just to save batteries so. You forget it don't stay on. And ruin the battery pretty cool. Though for you know 120 to 150 bucks depending on what model. You get again there's no zoom on. Anything I don't take their's two different focuses. Ifocused on both end before. Istarted this video so. You have to adjust the front. One first and then. You adjust the back. You have to hold down the button to turn. And on for a few seconds so kind of cool little item. Ijust wanted to come to a quick test.

And kind of overview on. It that's going to be. It for this one thanks for watching YouTube.

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Nightforce® NXS Riflescopes

  • Supreme, tactical-proven reliability
  • Hand-aligned, mil-spec-bedded lenses
  • Aircraft-grade aluminum-alloy body
  • Glass-etched illuminated reticles
  • Select models have ZeroStop absolute-zero-return turrets
  • Nightforce NXS Riflescopes are among the highest-quality riflescopes available – that's why front-line military marksmen, law-enforcement personnel and competitive long-range shooters around the world depend on them. Water, sand, dust, heat and cold are no match for these precision instruments. Every aspect of a Nightforce scope is tested, proven and tested again by a battery of extreme-conditions trials. Each lens is perfectly matched, aligned by hand and mil-spec bedded for the highest possible optical performance and durability. All air-to-glass surfaces receive a broadband multicoating that exceeds stringent military abrasion-resistance specifications. Machined from solid bar-stock aircraft-grade aluminum alloy, Nightforce scope tubes are significantly thicker than other riflescopes for optimum optics protection and consistent, reliable performance. Even the titanium turret-adjustment springs are precision cut and painstakingly polished. Glass-etched illuminated reticles are standard on every Nightforce scope. Unless specified, scopes have 1/4-MOA adjustments. Select models feature ZeroStop™ for resetting adjustment turrets to absolute zero after sight-in. All NXS scopes (except 1-4X and 2.5-10X) feature Hi-Speed elevation and windage adjustments, now twice as fast. Limited lifetime warranty.
    • NXS 5.5 – 22x50 MILR.
    • NXS 8 – 32x55 MOAR-T.

     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

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    Nightforce SHV F1 Riflescopes

  • 90-MOA total elevation travel and 70-MOA windage
  • Ideal magnification range for hunters
  • Outstanding precision to varminters
  • F1 model has first focal-plane reticle
  • With extended range capability, a magnification range ideal for almost any hunting situation and outstanding precision, Nightforce SHV F1 Riflescopes are an excellent choice for hunters, target shooters and law-enforcement personnel alike. 90-MOA (26.3 mil) total elevation travel and 70-MOA (20.4 mil) windage allows you to accurately dial in long-range shots. Elevation and windage are finger-adjustable. ZeroSet feature allows for a rapid return to zero. Exposed elevation turret for quick, easy adjustments in the field. Capped windage turret prevents accidental adjustments. 4X-14X variable magnification for use in a wide range of field environments. Zoom ring is easily adjusted with one hand. 50mm objective lens allows superior light transmission. Parallax settings are marked in yards, and while field conditions can cause variations in exact yardage, the SHV's marking gets you closer to the crispest, clearest image possible more quickly. Side parallax control is adjustable from 25 yds. to infinity without moving from shooter-ready position. Fast-focus eyepiece. Illuminated reticles. Uses a CR-2032 watch-style battery (included).

     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

    For the guys looking to get in the production class of a PRS match. You have a thousand dollar rifle Ruger precision rifle $1250 scope. That will get you in the production class. You don't need to upgrade. Anything you can go out of the box with the Ruger get. It in a 6-5 Creed moor. This up night force shv front focal plane it's dynamic. It gives you a choice of reticles its mil-mil. You want MOA for 214 is fine for competition believe. Me you're going to be moving around in a PRS style match so. You want to be dynamic so. Something to look at. This package here can get. You in a production class of a PRS event welcome to snipers hi today we're going to give. You a review of the new night force shv 4 to 14 by 50 front focal plane scope. This is the front focal plane version of their shv which was released in as a second focal plane. More of a lower-cost hunting style scope here.

    They created a crossover hunter tactical scope features a mill. Ihave a mill are radical as well as mill based elevation adjustment. You can get either way Mills. Or MOA as I said 4 to 14 by 50 front focal plane we've had. This scope for a little over a month. And a half several times a really good results. It pairs really well with the Ruger precision rifle. This scope is MSRP at 1250 so it's for the crowd. That can't afford the $2000 plus scopes which is a lot of people out there designed to compete with the vortex PST line. Now I've read all about. What people said in the forums. Everything the 14 power they'd like to see. More of a 5 to 20 and night force is listening but. This scope really easy to get behind really good glass. Ilike the parallax adjustment on here with the 14 power scope. Ihad crystal-clear picture. All the way out on the parallax is really response responsive really good illuminated reticle.

    You have the on/off illumination as. Isaid Mill our reticle in. This version this also has a zero set feature. Once you've zero your right foot bring the turret down to the zero mark over here underneath the turret cap. You have the hash marks. That tell what revolution you're on. Igot sixteen mills out of. This setup 20 Moas rails zero MOA base. Iwas able to get sixteen mills out of. It which is really good for a scope at. This point sixteen mills get. Than enough out there. We tested what a tall target. We tested it on a four-foot ruler. Now we've done this a couple times. We go back and forth a lot.

    Iwent through a lot of rounds with. This rifle a lot of rounds with. This scope on/off and the first time. Itold target tested. Ihad 13 mils for the forefoot which is just shy of the 48 inches then as. Iwas finishing up I went back. Ihad about a twenty twelve point nine come to find out their scope was starting to slip in. These rings now the rings were torqued down in. This mount I ran into a couple issues with. This mount on and off the cross bolts the front. One spun I went to put. It back on it wasn't fitting right so there was movement in. This cross bolt these were torqued down. Ihad movement thereafter. You know a lot of shooting of well over two three hundred rounds.

    That the reticle started to can't on. It was the rings of. That loosened up took. It back put all together resi rode. It out five hundred yards took. It put a thousand yards the numbers matched. All back up so I want to say. If you're in that price point. This scope is a really good option for you it's not overly expensive it's got good features the four to fourteen for. That crossover hunter is a good compromise for guys to be perfectly honest in the competition setting our competition setting I don't much shoot over fourteen. Ididn't have a problem engaging targets five hundred out to a thousand. And plus um like I said really good sight picture with. This really easy to get behind fast adjust on the reticle focus so there's a really lot of good options with. This shv crossover hunter so. What does that mean well it's a little bit lighter.

    Than your typical tactical attacker. Something of that nature so you're saving a little bit of weight with a rifle like. This doesn't really matter no probably not but with a hunting style rifle. That little bit may save you're going up. And down those hills so consider. This night force I think it's solid with the NX s style turrets it's got really good glass in. It great features I was able to come back. And forth with and had a real good result on target with.

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    Burris Riflescope with Fastfire III Sight

  • Be ready for any shooting situation in any light
  • Fullfield TAC 30 riflescope offers rugged performance
  • FastFire III red-dot sight for super-fast target acquisition
  • P.E.P.R. mount provides 2" of forward scope positioning space
  • FastFire III with a 3 MOA red-dot sight included
  • You’ll be ready for any shooting situation in any light with this combination of sights and mounts. This combo includes a Fullfield TAC 30 riflescope or MTAC 30 riflescope, a FastFire III with a 3 MOA red-dot sight and the Proper Eye Position Ready (P.E.P.R.™) rail-equipped mounting system with integrated top rails. P.E.P.R. provides 2" of forward scope positioning space and is engineered for M-4 and AR-15 platforms. Fullfield TAC 30 reticle illumination intiated by pressure switch. MTAC 30 reticle illumination initiated by a radial illumination dial. These riflescopes offer rugged and reliable performance for precision target engagement when it counts. It has TAC-2 low-profile, precision-adjustable tactical knobs and a crystal-clear view at all ranges. Each riflescope features HiLume index-matched multichemical multicoated lenses delivering 99.8%+ light transmission per lens surface.Double internal spring tension, steel-on-steel precision adjustments, hand-fit zoom assemblies, one-piece outer tubes, quad seals, 24-step nitrogen purging and Forever Warranty. You also receive a FastFire III™ red-dot sight for super-fast target acquisition in any light. The dot is always in focus and properly aligned for superior accuracy. It’s also the only fully waterproof unit in its class and weighs a mere 1.6 oz.

     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

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    Trijicon® ACOG® Ballistic Reticle Scopes

  • Built to exact U.S. Special Ops Command specs
  • Dual-illuminated reticle
  • Bullet-drop compensation on most models
  • Fiber-optic and tritium illumination for bright aim point
  • Trijicon's ACOG series was built to the exact specifications of the U.S. Special Operations Command for use by all elite U.S. forces. Tritium/fiber-optic illuminated reticle automatically adjusts the brightness without batteries. Rugged military-grade forged 7075-T6 aircraft aluminum alloy. Multicoated lenses provide superior clarity and light-gathering capabilities with zero distortion. Shock-resistant. Dry-nitrogen filled for fog-free performance. Large eye volume for quick short- range target acquisition. Broadband anti-reflective lenses.  Manufacturer's limited lifetime warranty. Made in USA.
    • TA01NSN Trijicon's most popular ACOG model. Ranging reticle allows for bullet-drop compensation out to 600 meters without any manual adjustment. Reticle appears black in day and glows amber in the dark. 4x32 with an amber crosshair reticle pattern and .223 calibration.
    •  TA31RCO-M150CP 4x32 USMC Rifle Combat Optic with red chevron reticle and Target Reference.
    • TA11H-G – 3.5x35 scope with green horseshoe .223 ballistic reticle with TA51 mount.
    • TA11J-G – 3.5x35 scope with green crosshair .223 ballistic reticle with TA51 mount.
    • TA31F – 4x32 scope with red chevron .223 ballistic reticle wand TA51 mount.
    • TA32RCO-M4 – 4x32 BAC Rifle Combat Optic with red chevron reticle for the USMC M4 and M4A1 with thumbscrew mount.
    • TA31F-G – 4x32 scope with green chevron .223 ballistic retical and TA51 flat-top mount.
     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

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    Vortex® Razor HD Gen II Riflescope

  • A rugged tactical scope optimized for AR and similar platforms
  • Illuminated reticle with hold points for various ranges
  • Exceptional clarity, light trasmission and edge-to-edge sharpness
  • Waterproof, fogproof, shockproof performance
  • Backed by Vortex’s unconditional lifetime warranty
  • Find the Vortex Optic that is right for you.  Learn More Button

    Whether you’re looking for a fast, close-range optic or a precision, long-range scope, count on Vortex’s Razor HD Gen II Riflescopes for consistent shot placement and flawless clarity. Engineered for optimal performance on the AR and similar platforms, the illuminated reticle delivers precision aiming in all light and weather conditions. ArmorTek® scratch-resistant coating and XR-Plus fully multicoated lenses withstand tough use at the range and in the field, keeping your scope functioning like new for years to come. Each scopes’ larger tube is stronger and offers wider adjustment latitude than scopes with 1” tubes. Built from a solid block of 6061-T6 aircraft-grade aluminum and sealed for waterproof, shockproof, fogproof performance. Illumination is powered by a single CR-2032 battery (included). Backed by Vortex’s unconditional lifetime warranty.
    • 3-18x50/4.5-27x56Precision accuracy and holdover for long-range applications. First-focal-plane reticle scales in proportion to zoom, ensuring accurate holdover at all magnifications. L-Tec locking turrets prevent accidental adjustments while zero-stop elevation turret lets you easily dial back to your zero. 34mm main-tube construction.
    • 1-6x24 – AR-optimized for competition and close-range shooting. Large-dia. capped turrets ensure easy elevation and windage adjustments. Second-focal-plane reticle with illuminated center dot.

     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

    Welcome to another new video on our YouTube channel. This time about the vortex razor HD 2nd generation. And the model has the magnification range between 45 and 27. And fifty-six millimeter objective lenses so. All the way to 27 it starts at 45 as. You probably know vortex is an American company which experienced rapid growth in last couple of years. They are known for great customer care. And great warranty conditions. And also that the products offer great value to price ratio. This razor HD scopes the second generation are targeted at premium tactical segments of optics. They are made in Japan there are the products with the highest quality. That vortex produce produces at the moment. And is there you could say a big leap forward in quality in customers in. Everything since this rifle scopes are really expensive for vortex they're still less expensive.

    Then the competition but there are the. Most expensive products vortex sells. Or have ever sold this particular model is a meant for long range it's a fully tactical model. All the features you can imagine on a tactical scope. That means it's really robust its reliable. It has a great tactical turret which are lockable. You can pull the turret up. Now it's unlocked when it's pushed down it's locked. It offers reticle illumination ridiculous in the first focal plane which is also lockable let's see here the illumination system. You walk it back in the parallax adjustment which goes. All the way down to 32 yards it's made fully out of metal also the fast focus. And the magnification ring our boat made fully automate. All the reticles reticle sub tensions.

    And clicks are always matched so. These scopes are always. Either mil-mil scopes with the mil clicks. And mil sub tensions in the reticle. Or MOA that means MOA click MOA reticle so basically the turrets also have a zero stop. And unlock them five clicks below zero the reticle stops so basically. All the features you can imagine. You can find by this scope. It also has all the special coatings. That means the coatings which protect the outer surfaces of lens's from scratches from dirt dust water. And so on these coatings are called automatic armor tech really great future senses protects the scope from. You from views and from wear. It also features apochromatic lenses which give really good optical performance. And HD glass that means with higher density. And because of this reason a better optical resolution.

    And fewer aberrations less optical defects so it's a the best vortex ever made in terms of optical quality also in terms of robustness. And so on but it is 36 centimeters long. That means it's a really big scope. It weights almost 1400 grams. This is really a lot. One of the heaviest scopes on the market. This is the price you pay for all. These features this quality. It comes with a sunshade a special tool for resetting the turrets are called el Tec turrets. Ipersonally think they are. One of the best on the market. You also get a the VIP warranty card cleaning cloth. What is really nice a reticle manual which gives. All the information about reticle sub tensions. How to use these tactical reticles. This is great since there are a lot of producers of tactical scopes out there. That don't share the information on the same level as vortex. You buy a scope then. You have to go to the internet to search for reticle sub tensions with vortex.

    All the sub tensions in. One book you also get a manual which gives. All the information. You need how to use. This scope I talk a little bit. More about the radicals there is only first focal plane reticles available there are only first focal plane reticles available in normal style like here. Or also Horus articles. Or similar to Horus etiquettes so. You have a the moment limited choice of — rheticus only in. This scope — reticle styles. You can choose MOA scope. Or mil-mil that means. That reticle sub tensions can be. Either in mils or in MMOs. It depends on the clicks. And it's always matched. You always have the same clicks with. And the same reticle sub tensions the reticle is illuminated. However the illumination is only meant for low light use it's not visible during daytime which is normal.

    This scope has a really high magnification range so. You don't need the daytime bright illumination like. You know like in a wide-angle scope for tactical applications the turrets are really interesting since. This is a multi turn turret with locking system. It can also be reset to zero. One zero your rifle with. This tool it has zero stop like. Ishowed before it has a really nice indicator of the turn. You have a hundred clicks in. One turn that means 10 mils. You reach the second turn. You can see this indicator pops out here. And in the second turn then. You go from the second to third turn the same thing happens so then. You can go almost the full third turn the scope case 34 mils of travel which is really a lot so.

    You don't need a real amount with a. It which is tilted 420 Moas. Something similar because the scope has enough elevation for any kind of range. Ialso have to tell. That the clicks are really nice crisp as. You can see the locking system is really its reliable. And it's its robust the clicks are crisp. They are nicely audible. And together with all the features. These are one of the best turrets on the market at the moment. Ireally like them they are so hard to turn. And really big and robust side there. It can also be locked. And also can be reset to zero. It also has the same feel as elevation so. Imake a short summary. Iwould say this is a great product from vortex a really premium tactical scope. You can feel the high quality as soon as. You touch the scope. It also has all the great features. It is really nice that it's a matched scope with same clicks. And reticle mill new scope to build code is also really high the nice feature. You can see is everything is made out of metal no rubber anywhere.

    It has a great price point. Though it's the most expensive product from vortex. It is still roughly 20% cheaper. All European scopes. Or similar scopes made in Europe so. You get a great quality / price. Ihave just tested it a little bit but. Ican see it is definitely optically the best product vortex has ever built so. This is definitely great. Ican see only one downside. That it's a little bit heavy. Everything else for this price point it's a really a great choice thank. You for watching if. You will need any additional information send. Is an email visit our web page to find additional information. Or use comments on this YouTube channel.

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    Nightforce Benchrest 42 Riflescopes

  • Extreme precision for competitive benchrest shooters
  • .125 MOA (1/8-click) adjustment
  • Hand-aligned, mil-spec-bedded lenses
  • Aircraft-grade aluminum-alloy body
  • Glass-etched illuminated reticles
  • These are among the highest-quality riflescopes available. That’s why front-line military marksmen, law-enforcement personnel and record-holding competitive long-range shooters around the world depend on Nightforce riflescopes. Built for precision benchrest shooters, these scopes have 56mm lenses for superior long-range resolution, adjustable objectives for parallax-free viewing from 25 yds. to infinity and true .125-MOA adjustments. Water, sand, dust, heat and cold are no match for these precision instruments – every aspect of a Nightforce scope is tested, proven and tested again by a battery of extreme-conditions trials. Each lens is perfectly matched, aligned by hand and mil-spec bedded for the highest possible optical performance and durability. All air-to-glass surfaces receive a broadband multicoating that exceeds stringent military abrasion-resistance specifications. Machined from solid bar-stock aircraft-grade aluminum alloy, Nightforce scope tubes are significantly thicker than other riflescopes for optimum optics protection and consistent, reliable performance. Even the titanium turret-adjustment springs are precision cut and painstakingly polished, and the coil-spring plunger-return system maximizes tracking accuracy. Glass-etched illuminated reticles are standard on every Night Force scope. Limited Lifetime Warranty.

     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

    Is a night force model c10 for this is their bench rest 12 to 42 power with a 56 millimeter objective the NP are two of the native reticle. And on the other side of the box very hard to see but. It says Made in Japan okay let's dig in well initially. You got the scope comes with the styrofoam end caps to help keep. And transport got a manual. Few other little things. Any type of optics you want to use a cloth design for optics that's not going to damage. It to clean it so it's nice. That night force included the wrong little cloth cleaning microfiber thing that's nice came with an allen key I'm guessing that's to adjust the turrets good instruction manual from night force the owner's manual looks like. This is specific to their competition. And bench rest models that's nice and check. It the help for stickers. Ithink with any type of optics. Or firearms if you're paying more. Then fifty dollars just throwing a sticker it's fun for us to show. Some brand loyalty it on our saves. Or somewhere else I love stickers but. This has four of them so. This passive long one-night force with the logo just a small night force the night Force logo. And I'm guessing some sort of white. One for a window something so that's pretty darn cool.

    That before sticker is. That's the most I've ever seen. This scope itself looking at the side of the tube. It says night force 12 to 42 power by 56. And on the bottom it says made in Japan which is really nice. Iwas reading some reviews. Somebody actually claimed there was made in China well that's not the case for this. This is made in Japan box says. And the scope says this July 2017 paid about 1350 for it so it's not cheap definitely not cheap scope tube. Iwould call this kind of semi gloss black it's not really matte. And it's not really gloss it's a semi-gloss. It feels like most other scope tubes smooth very different from the night force.

    And XS scopes those just feel like. Nothing else they feel like solid tanks. One it's chunky feels perfectly sturdy but not quite the same night force but. Nothing wrong with this at the back here. You have a quick focus eye adjustment for a diopter corrector. You also have this very nice screwin ladies catch. Ilove screwin lens caps they're aluminum very nice and. They screwin the only thing to be careful with. You screw all the way in. You don't want to go too tight. You can actually start to adjust your diopter. It will move I just put. It on snug it up just the tiniest bit so dust doesn't get in. And I'll set this scope magnification range is actually very smooth not stiff at. All but firm enough. That you're not going to accidentally move. It has markings indicating 42 times 35 30 power 26.

    And then RR is the ranging setting it corresponds to 22 times. Because the reticle is a second focal plane reticle it's a minute of angle style reticle. And it's only accurate at 22 power which is indicated by the R then. You have 20 times 18 16. And 12 very smooth very nice solid feeling all metal the scope has a glass edged reticle it's minute of angle style. It is illuminated so. This is the illumination dial it's currently off. And then you'll hear a click. Now it's on it indicates from 1. All the way to-- let's see. What we got 1 up to 10, but they're not actual clicks it's infinitely variable so. You wanna just the tiniest bit. You can it's not actual 10 illumination settings it's infinite. It doesn't get terribly bright but it's. Ithink acceptable for what it is. And then you go back on choose to off. You get a nice little click it's smooth.

    One is stiff but it works perfectly fine. These are the turrets they're capped target style charts no other style came in the box so. What you get, and they're beautifully machined feels like aluminum so smooth they're eight 1/8 minute of angle turrets. And they're real nice. Idon't think anybody's gonna complain about. These turrets they have extremely positive clicks essentially no slop they're not terribly fine there's enough movement between clicks. And very easy to read love. These the same thing with the elevation unscrew. This is aluminum turret cover. You couldn't ask for anything better especially in a target scope they're perfect. You screw back the covers you're screwing down against a rubber washer to help try. And keep out water and dust so that's pretty nice here's. Another angle looking at the turrets. You can see the lines turrets perfectly match up the lines with the indications. And depending on what revolution you're on there're little lines to indicate.

    That the scope has adjustable parallax which. You would need for scope of. This style it's an adjustable objective. You grab the whole thing and adjust. It again very smooth not terribly stiff. It indicates below 25 I'm guessing around maybe 20. Even closer and then. You adjust it up that's 25 30 35 there's a lot of movement initially for these ranges 40 50 then. You start jumping up. We get to 75 a hundred 200 300 400. And infinity there's a nice system works good at the front of the scope. We have a sunshade and screwed into the sunshade is. Another lens cover very nicely done nice aluminum. Ilove screwing caps. And then you have say roughly two. And a half inch sunshade. More gift that comes nice sunshade. It has milled recesses still pretty reflective.

    You can see you can see. How much it reflects light but it's a sunshade nonetheless. You wanted you don't want to run the sunshade. You can directly screw in the lens cap. We to the objective has lock but be careful. You don't frustrate. It so totally up to. You want to use the sunshade. Or not let's give you a better look at. Some objects. This is the objective. You can see some green reflection the lenses are multi anti-reflective coating so. You can see green reflecting back there a lot of green. This area you can start to see. Some blue reflecting some multi-coated. We go down to the eyepiece. You get the same sort of deal so green.

    Or selection there along with. Some blue reflections let's see. Ican pick that up the anti-reflective coatings remind. Some older lenses. It reflects back a fair amount of light it's not it's not. You know terribly tactical. You will see scope reflection off the scope um but. Iwill say with the sunshade on. Idon't really get much glare so glare is not really a problem. Any time I've ever looked through. Now we're looking behind the scope is looking at a white piece of paper. What you're seeing right. Now the blue stuff has a reflection coming from the back. And block off that okay. Now we're still looking through the scope is currently at the minimum magnification of twelve times. And I'm just going to zoom. What we're doing here is we're looking for reflections within the tube.

    That create stray light. You can see around the edge there is light reflecting within the tube. This is at the maximum magnification of 42 times but near the actual image itself not really. Anything I'm going to go backwards not too bad. Now we're looking through the scope at a white background. What the reticle looks like it's a second focal plane reticle so. It doesn't change with magnification we're currently at 12 times. It is correct for ranging at 20 to power vertically. You have three full minutes of angle. And horizontally you have four minutes of angle currently the illumination is off it's looking at a pretty bright background. And I'm going to turn. And count off one two three four five six seven eight nines. And ten times this is the illumination setting it's currently at maximum illumination.

    You can tell even at max it's not. That bright this is made for really dim light. Ishut off the ambient lights. You can start to see the reticle illuminating and. Ican turn it down to nine eight seven six five four three twos. And then off I shut off. All the lights now it's very dim in here. And I'm gonna put the illumination on I'm increasing it. And there comes in increasing it. More MORE and that's from illumination the whole reticle illuminates it's currently dark outside. II couldn't ever imagine taking a shot. This light any darker. This the camera magnifies. It a lot, so I'm going to look at. This little hatch fence illumination is currently off. And I'm just going to gently increase. It clicks on increasing it there.

    It becomes just barely noticeable keep going now it's very noticeable. And that's maximum right there so right around here whoops sorry about. That is an illumination setting of eight so again the illumination is not very bright. And it's certainly not early daytime bright but. It is enough especially. We crank it up to ten it's enough to see the reticle in dark light. And especially against a dark background hanging at the maximum magnification of forty-two times looking at a house about 70 meters away. This is a door frame of. That house and I'm looking currently at the screen. Now with the reticle being black against the back round. That is also black it might be a little bit hard to see but. This scope has illumination it's currently off I'm going to turn. And go up to the maximum illumination setting of 10. And that's maximum so. You can see when it's daytime out yeah the illumination is not very bright right. Now we're looking through the scope.

    It had the minimum magnification of 12 times. Ihave parallax set at 70 yards which. These objects are roughly at camcorder is set to manual focus. And manual brightness kind of pan around. You get to see what the image looks like at 12 times the image is very flat not really. Any blurring on the edges the biggest complaint. Ihave is that the field of view is relatively small but. This should give you an idea by 12 times besides the field of view it's pretty good not the sharpest I've ever seen but pretty good. And I'm going to just start to zoom in okay. This is 16 times 18 times 20 times. This is 22 times the ranging setting 26 times.

    You can definitely start to see the purple fringing now big time 30 times 35 times. And the last setting which is maximum 42 times. When you're not looking at very contrasting objects it's not terrible but then. You go to a contrast the object. You really notice. That purple fringing near well for most magnifications. Both purple and green fringing and then. You start to go above 30 maybe 35 times. It pretties much just becomes purple fringing I'm going to work my way back down as smooth as. And that's minimum 12 times we're currently at 42 times looking at a very contrasting subject. You can see the amount of purple fringing we get. And slightly move the scope. You can see different levels of purple fringing and I'm just barely touching it so. Iwould say it's very noticeable let's go down to 30 times.

    That was maximum at 42 here's 30 the amount of purple fringing is about the same but. Because you're not magnified quite as much. It doesn't look as big but it's still there. Imean check that out not good. And that's probably the biggest detractor of. This scope it's just the amount of purple fringing okay let's see I'm gonna go down to about 22. Or 20 times about their no it's not terrible but. You still see it but not terrible. All the way down to 12 times 12 times is actually good. Ihave no complaints about. This optically except for the lack of field of view but 12 times is nice but I'll be honest with. You there's a lot of other skulls that'll do 12 times nice so. What you're buying this for is the higher magnifications just keep in mind. You do go to higher magnifications you're gonna get significant purple fringing below about 30 times.

    You also get green fringing and after about 30. That goes away it just becomes. All purple that's what I seem to have noticed so right here. Idon't know you can notice. Any green fringing or not is. It the end of the day no you'll still be able to take your shots but. If you're looking for the best of the best optically then. This is not it okays I'm looking at a house that's about 130 meters away currently at 12 times so the minimum magnification. You can see the field of view is not too good. This is only 12 times the field of view is not. That great so there is a door there's a little flagpole holder a light the roof let's just work our way up, so I'm going to jump up to 20 times okay that's about 20 times okay I'm going to do. Another jump up to 30 times that's about 30 times the grass the door the flagpole holder.

    You guys can appreciate just. How hard it is to keep. This still it's extremely hard. While trying to hold. And that's just that third time's let's go. All the way up to 42 there's the flagpole holder the door your ass. Idon't know that is here. Ihave the scope mounted on a cz 452 rifles it's using utg epi shock high profile rings. These go from the 11 millimeter dovetail on the rifle to the 30 millimeter tube of the scope has a 56 millimeter objective so. It was a little bit of a problem mounting it to. This rifle you can see. Ijust barely clear. That piece of metal. And again this is using high profile rings because of the large size of the objective. And having to use large rings on the style of rifle you're going to get a very high ie placement. You have a regular stock. That doesn't have say an adjustable cheek piece. It might not work too well for you.

    This rifle here I do have an adjustable cheek piece. And I'm able to elevate. Ilook straight through the scope but. You know keep that in mind. Ithink you're really going to want. You want to get this scope. You have to have some adjust ability to get your eye up there. Ilook through the scope the first thing. Inotice is actually just. How small the sight picture is it's extremely small relatively speaking especially for a 30 millimeter tube. And a 56 millimeter objective very small sight picture so. That was a little bit disappointing above about 32 times magnification the image really starts to degrade. It gets a little washed out gets dimmer not very crisp looking a lot of color fringing it's still usable but it's. Nothing to brag about below 32 is it's not terrible.

    And especially below 25. You don't get a lot of color fringing and it's pretty nice. You know in conclusion. Idon't know what to think about. This scope what it's intended but. It doesn't do it spec Julie. You know if you're paying 1350 1450 in the US that's a lot of money. Iwould expect pretty top-quality there are other scopes. That are much this is the older style there bench rest. They have a new competition line which has IDI glass I've heard a lot of people say. They look through both of them there's not a lot of difference which is surprising to. Me then of course there are. Some Schmidt & Bender field target tubes.

    What else some March scopes. And I'm sure there're others there are a lot. More money and yeah maybe. You do have to pay that amount to get the real top quality optics oh. You know I don't know. What to think about. Idon't know if I'm gonna keep. Or not it's a lot of money. What it says it just doesn't do. You know beautifully so. Idon't know anyways. This little show-and-tell was helpful. You have any questions on the scope. Imight be able to answer feel free to contact. And I'll do my best to get back to. You have a wonderful day guys buy the night force has less field of view. And has quite a bit. More purple fringing the Weaver is fixed at 36 times. One can adjust from 12 up to 42. You want to dial down.

    You get a lot of mirages on the Weaver. You can't you're stuck at 36. Where is one yeah you can go down to 25 2012. You want I thought okay well the Weaver is fixed power may be giving up. That variable magnification. Ican get similar optics but for much less the Weaver was about $420. Whereas the night force was about 350 no 1350 that's a big difference the night force is about three times the price. Both are made in Japan the night force is much bigger. This is the Hubble Space Telescope. It feels it in weight it's about at least twice as heavy I'm gonna put. These on the scales. And actually see what it comes up as the night force has additional features like illumination which. Ilike the turrets on. This is different but they're nice. Both come with screwin caps which. Ireally like the big difference between the Weaver. And the night force the Weaver has a very slow turn diopter corrector.

    And it's lockable this is a fast focus. And it's not lockable as far as. Ican tell I screw in. This lens cover I don't screw. It in very tight I do then I'll actually be turning the diopter corrector. This is a 30 millimeter tube. Whereas the Weaver is one-inch so the night force is a little bit bigger in the tube. This has less mounting space for rings but still fairly a lot of room the Weaver has. This has a 56 millimeter objective worse the Weaver has just the 40. This has slightly better antihero of coatings. Because it's a quite a bit larger objective. You let in a little. Lighter the night force looks just a tiny bit brighter but the biggest difference is in clarity the colors on the night force are so much.

    More vivid it's night. And day the weaver it's like. You have a like a thin sheet of gray paper you're looking through it's so hazy at times. You have perfect lighting conditions it's not terrible but. You have bad lighting conditions its pretty terrible the Weaver is not illuminated reticle it's a thin fine crosshair which is fine for target shooting but. If you're shooting against dark targets black targets very hard to see the field of view on the Weaver is quite a bit better the Weaver claims it's a 36 power. Ibelieve it is but the field of view would be comparable to. This night force at about thirty times that's. Where the field of view is about the same so yeah keep. That in mind the night force image is a little bit brighter the eye box is not as for not as critical on.

    This night force I think that's just down to a slightly bigger exit pupil size the eye placements not as critical. You can move it forward. And back a little bit. More left and right a little bit. More the turrets on the Weaver are extremely fine extremely precise no slop. They feel like Schmidt & bender turrets the turrets on. This night force are very different there're large spaces between the clicks essentially no slop but. Ikind of prefer on the Weaver it's so fine. You have to be extremely careful counting or. You have to really look finally. One it's much of much. More obvious so I like the turrets on. It doesn't really matter but. These are actually machined aluminum turrets. They just they look real fancy compared to the other ones which are kind of just painted black with. Some orange liquor you have a lot of glare the Weaver image quality deteriorates fast. You get lots of reflected light. And that's even with the sunshade. This night force does a much better job of controlling glare.

    Idon't really notice much problem the image in the Weaver it's got a lot of stray reflected light close to the image. That helps contribute to the great washed out colors on. And an overall like haze it's like you're looking through fog. Most of the times compared to. Where it's crisp vivid. You get a lot of purple fringing the night force is probably just a tiny bit better clarity. And sharpness wise I kind of got by with a 36 power fixed. It had similar optics for about a third of the price. Iwas really hoping it would have worked out but sadly just doesn't do. It for me optically. Iwould still much prefer to stick with. It is three times the price.

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    EOTech EXPS Sight with G33 Magnifier Combo

  • Provides multiple sight options for a variety of shooting situations
  • 3X magnifiers allow quick transition from close to long shots
  • Waterproof and fogproof
  • Quick-release for fast removal and remounting
  • Tactical situations and related competitions demand the capability to engage targets at both close and long ranges. Holographic sights are perfect for close-quarters encounters where fast target acquisition is essential, but they lack the magnification necessary for precision shots beyond 100 meters. EOTech's EXPS Sight with G33 Magnifier COmbo takes care of this problem. These Holographic Weapon Sights (HWS) are favored by elite military and law-enforcement units and are renowned for their durability and ability to function in extreme conditions. Adding a 3X magnifier lets you transition quickly from close-in to long-range shots. Waterproof and fogproof with an integrated dovetail adapter for use with quick-release fixed rail.

    • G33/EXPS3-4 Combo – Provides a solution for engaging threats in close quarters, then quickly transitions to a 500-meter targeting or surveillance system and back again. Instant transition is achieved through a quick Switch-to-Side (STS) mount that offers a simple, quick disconnect feature to remove the magnifier and base. This durable, nightvision-compatible system offers wide field optical performance with superior light transmission for visibility in extreme low-light conditions. The EXPS3-4 is configured with a ballistic-matching-reticle image for the M4 carbine. The battle-tested circle/dot reticle is offered along with a series of four 1-MOA aiming dots that are vertically aligned and calibrated specifically for the ballistic drop of .223 caliber ammunition for target distances in meters of 300, 400, 500 and 600.  Use of a single transverse CR-123 battery reduces the sight’s length. Average battery life at brightness level 12 is roughly 600 hours. It’s compatible with Generation 1-3+ nightvision systems (tandem operation). A shortened base only requires only 2.75" of rail space. Battery cap and latch are eliminated and replaced with a simple O-ring, tethered cap for better sealing. Side buttons aid operation. Nightvision compatible with an adjustable, locking, quick-detach lever for easy attachment and removal. The unit comes with a G33 magnifier to help you distinguish individual aiming dots more easily. This short, light magnifier provides fast transistions from 3X to 1X. Features tool-free azimuth adjustment, larger field of view and an adjustable diopter for improved, precise focusing.
    • G33/EXPS2-2 Combo – Optimized for true both-eyes-open shooting for transitioning from optics to open sights. The 7mm raised base offers easy access to iron sights and excellent operation of the side-mounted buttons. Both units have adjustable, locking, quick-detach levers for swift removal and remounting. The 3X magnifier works with all HWS units, features a reticle with a 65-MOA circle containing two 1-MOA aiming points, and can be flipped over to the side when not needed. Power from a single transverse CR-123 battery powers the unit for up to 600 hours on brightness-level 12 setting and shortens the unit to require only 2-3/4" of rail space. Battery cap and latch are replaced by a simpler O-ring and tethered cap for superior sealing.
    • G33/518 Combo – Two-dot reticle with a unique pattern that provides four usable aim points. Easy to see with or without magnification. Side-mounted buttons on the magnifier minimizes the amount of rail space required for mounting. Integrated, adjustable quick-detach lever allows both components to adapt to all rail tolerances. Water-ressitant design is submersible to 10 ft. Powered by two AA alkaline or lithium batteries for up to 600 hours (alkaline) or 1,000 hours (lithium). 9.2"L x 2.2"W x 2.8"D. Wt: 23.9 oz.

     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

    biotech is there a better red dot out there well. Idon't think so having a cycle through the Trijicon tier 24 in point t1 Bushnell T rs25 every time. Iput an EVE taking my gun. Ifeel like everything's gonna be alright I'm coming home again. Any better he'll take user for several years. Ijust wanted to share. What I've learned number. When you're mounting the red dot sight be sure to press down. And forward when you're mounting onto the rail so. One sure that the EOTech zero. You get to zero will not move on. You for most users I recommend the Reiser model the riser models give. You a lower one third co witness. That translates to is. You mount the gun you ever have to move your head as much so you're looking just straight a target mount the gun. And the red dot is there for the older standard a 65 reticle which is the single MOA dot surrounded by 65 ml a circle. Iprefer 200-yard zero fifty. Or zero is just as good as well but. You have a BDC reticle which is like the exps 34 over the five sevenI'd recommend a 300-yard zero the new exps. And HBS series run on a single cr123 battery. This gives you about 600 hours of battery life. You need I would go back to the older double battery. Irecently started to run the new EOTech g-33 magnifier behind my exps 2-0 model.

    Iunderestimated how much. Iwould really like his unit. This is a very good unit has very good glass has good eye relief. And the flip mount on. It is excellent I think the two biggest cons of. This setup is number. One it's heavy it's about 24 ounces about 11 ounces for the EOTech 12 ounces for the magnifier you're gonna feel. You move in and gonna round number 2. And it's expensive so like we've talked about the Aimpoint magnifier set up before it's comfortable. That it's about $1000 is. It g-33 magnifier worth the extra price difference tell. You the truth I don't think so. Because the vortex is actually a very good magnifier for the money. It has actually longer eye relief. Than the g-33 it's about the same weight the price difference is huge. You know you're talking about 230 for the vortex. And approximately 450 for the g-33 so it's up to.

    You that's it fellas hopefully help. And I'll see you guys next time.

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    BSA Tactical Weapon™ Series 4 x 30 SKS Scope and Mount Kit

    Specifically designed for tactical-style weapons, the BSA® Tactical Weapon™ Series features a tough one-piece tube configuration. It has push/pull locking turrets and a quick focus. The TW4X30 has included mounting hardware that is compatible with AR's, SKS or any rifle equipped with a Weaver-style rail. The scope is perfectly suited for semi-autos and rifles that accept compact-designed scopes. Multicoated optics provide optimum light transmission. Features 4X magnification and a 30mm objective. The FOV at 100 yards is 23 feet, with a 100-yard parallax setting. The scope measures 8" and weighs 12 oz. with 4" eye relief and a mil-dot reticle. Includes two-piece Weaver-style ring mounts, AR-style carry handle mount, SKS mount and a lens cloth.

     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.
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    EOTech G33.STS Magnifier

  • 3.25X magnification lets you transition quickly from short- to long-range shots
  • Waterproof, fogproof and rugged
  • Fixed quick-release rail mount
  • Holographic Weapon Sights are favored by elite military and law-enforcement units, and are renowned for their durability and ability to function in extreme conditions. Adding a 3.25X magnifier lets you transition quickly from close-in to long-range shots. Waterproof and fogproof with an integrated dovetail adapter for use with quick-release fixed rail. The G33.STS is a short and lightweight magnifier that dramatically increases accuracy without sacrificing speed to get on target. It has an improved mount, providing faster transitions from 3.25X to 1X. Features tool-free azimuth adjustment, a larger field of view and an adjustable diopter for improved, precise focusing.
     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

    What's going on guys Schoolcraft five six seven. And ten be giving you guys a product overview kind of little unboxing of the product. Ipicked out this is an EOTech 233 magna cartas as. You can tell by the title I've had previously two of these so. These would be my third. Ibought a g20 three recently with a mount with a spring-loaded mount. That not didn't work so. Ihad to return I picked up. One of these previously. Idid have a g-33 magnifier in black so here. We have the product registration. And then here we have the warranty card the manual as. You can tell this has a lot of new logo stops I'm assuming this was made in the later years as opposed to being an old magnifier here. These screws here you have two sets of screws. One for the regular amount of. You use the riser which. Iplan on doing here. We have no so here we have the southern don't need a riser. This is for using if. You run in the exps. Even the EOTech five three you're gonna need to use. It aligns a little bit. More properly and then the magnifier. Iwanted to go with the tan as opposed to the black.

    Ido have a tan he XPS that's. Where I'm running I'm just to kind of swap. It put a little bit. Because last time I did the black magnifier so the way. Ilike to do I like to flip. It to the right just. Iam a righty it's a little bit. More convenient for me. Ishould be using lock tonight, but we're not gonna for the sake of the video simple install as well. Even have luck tell. Iwould like to lock site. This down but I do not have. One thing to is that the amount is black. And the Reiser's black but the magnifier itself is tan which. Idon't really have a problem with. Isee why they did and here. We go it's installed so just like. That it's ready to go on the mounts really nice and Kris just a little information. All those on I bought. This off eBay and bought from a pawn shop that's. What the guy had his eBay store listed as.

    Ithink about the name but. It was in really good condition. That only the box the case. It came with was like Miss smelt latch but that's not a big deal but. It looks to be an extremely good condition. Even think this thing was. Even mounted there's like no scrapes on. Everything looks really nice on. This so I'm really excited to use. This I'm gonna go get. This situated with my gun. Everything but I'm pretty happy like. This is my third magnifier. You know I don't really use the magnifier too much it's. More just for looks but. Ireally do like the way. These things look I like the. Ihave used these a couple times. You know it's just it's a it's a really nice feeling just to kind of have. That range and be able to use. One of these things, so I'm probably put lexan the front just to prevent. Any damage to the magnifier itself but that's not really too much.

    Ican say on that so hopefully. You guys enjoy any questions. Or comments leave them down below thank.

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    Leupold® Mark 4 - 30mm Rings - Matte

  • Legendary Leupold quality
  • Constructed with exacting tolerances
  • Matte finish
  • Experience vastly superior optical quality  Learn More Button

    When you invest in top-notch tactical optics, it doesn't make sense to skimp on rings. These 30mm steel rings are built to precise tolerances and are strong enough to secure your optical equipment in harsh conditions. Matte finish. Made in USA.
    • Medium
    • High
    • Super-High

     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.
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    Leupold® Mark 4 1" Matte Steel Rings - Medium

  • Proven Leupold quality
  • Fits scopes with 1" tubes
  • Precision steel construction
  • Experience vastly superior optical quality  Learn More Button

    Precisely constructed to ensure optimal tolerances, these 1" steel rings will secure scopes with 1" tubes and provide a stable sighting platform. Matte finish. Made in USA.
    Available: Medium.

     Cancer and Reproductive Harm- www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.
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