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  Oakley® Split Shot Polarized Sunglasses Arnette® AN4245 HardFlip Polarized Sunglasses Oakley® Fuel Cell Polarized Sunglasses Costa® Whitetip Polarized Sunglasses Beretta® Performance Shooting Glasses Beretta® Dedicated Metal-Frame Shooting Glasses Sunglass Hut® HU2004 Sunglasses
  Oakley® Split Shot Polarized Sunglasses Arnette® AN4245 HardFlip Polarized Sunglasses Oakley® Fuel Cell Polarized Sunglasses Costa® Whitetip Polarized Sunglasses Beretta® Performance Shooting Glasses Beretta® Dedicated Metal-Frame Shooting Glasses Sunglass Hut® HU2004 Sunglasses
Fits Size M/L Large - - M/L M M/L
Frame Color Tortoise Polished Black - - Matte Black Black Matte Black
Frame Material Nylon Plastic - - Plastic Nylon O Matter
Lens Color Brown Prizm Shallow H2O - - Gray Gray Gray
Lens Material Polycarbonate Polycarbonate - - Polycarbonate Polycarbonate Polycarbonate
Brand - Oakley Beretta Beretta Ray-Ban - Oakley

Oakley® Split Shot Polarized Sunglasses

  • High Definition Optics for crystal clear vision and impact resistance
  • HDPolarized to minimize glare
  • Plutonite lens material offers top UV Protection filtering
  • Prizm technology enhances color, contrast, and detail
  • Lightweight O Matter frames with detachable retainer system
  • Engineered to be the ultimate shades for your on-the-water lifestyle, Oakley's Split Shot Polarized Sunglasses are outfitted with tons of tech, including a detachable leash. Great for fishing, boating, waterskiing, and much more, these are the first Oakley sunglasses with an Integrated Retainer System™ to keep them secure and ready for action, either on your head, on your hat, or around your neck. High Definition Optics® meet or exceed American National Standards Institute testing for optical clarity, visual fidelity, and impact resistance. HDPolarized tech minimizes glare, plus Plutonite® lenses deliver top UV protection (filters 100% of all UVA/B up to 400nm and some harmful blue light). You also get Prizm™ technology – a revolution in lens optics built on decades of color science research, providing unprecedented control of light transmission resulting in colors precisely tuned to maximize contrast and enhance visibility. O Matter™ frames with Unobtainium® nose pads maintain their grip through sweat and moisture, and the Three-Point Fit holds lenses in precise optical alignment while eliminating pressure points. These Oakley Polarized Sunglasses fit best on medium to large faces and come with a water-resistant case with attachment clip. Made in USA.
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    Arnette® AN4245 HardFlip Polarized Sunglasses

  • Progressive design with function, quality, and polarized protection
  • Contemporary take on classic Wayfarer sunglasses shape
  • Durable injected propionate frames
  • Lightweight polycarbonate lenses block 100% of harmful UV rays
  • Polarized lenses block 99.9% of glare
  • Part of the latest collection from Arnette, the full-rim Hardflip Polarized Sunglasses offer active guys progressive design with maximum functionality, top quality and polarized protection. A contemporary take on the classic Wayfarer® shape, the Hardflip's durable injected propionate frames offer a standard fit that looks great on round, oval and heart-shaped faces. Arnette's lightweight polarized polycarbonate lenses block 100% of harmful UV rays and 99.9% of blinding glare for better contrast and a clearer view. Manufacturers two-year guarantee. Imported.

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    Oakley® Fuel Cell Polarized Sunglasses

  • Blocks 100% of all UVA, UVB, UVC rays and blue light
  • Durable, lightweight Plutonite
  • Exceeds ANS IZ87.1 impact resistance
  • Oakley polarized sunglasses lenses in the Fuel Cell glasses were awarded the highest ranking in an independent study. It's no wonder Oakley's technology is chosen by those whose lives depend on their gear, including members of the Navy SEALs. To meet their uncompromising standards, Oakley achieved unrivaled optical performance by bonding the polarizing filter at the molecular level so there is no visual haze and no optical distortion. Made with adhesives and thermal shaping. Plutonite®, Oakley's proprietary polycarbonate lens material, inherently blocks 100% of all UVA, UVB, UVC and harmful blue light. Durable, lightweight Plutonite provides startling optical clarity with Oakley's High Definition Optics and protection against high-mass and high-velocity impact, exceeding the ANSI Z87.1 performance requirements of the American National Standards Institute. A Hydrophobic™ permanent coating maintains a smudge-resistant barrier against skin oils, lotions and sunscreens, and it even repels dust. Imported.

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    Hey guys stable cubed here today. Iwant to talk about the Oakley fuel cell so the Oakley fuel cell is an icon in the Oakley sunglass community. Because for a lot of good reasons. You look at it came out during. That time for that generation. When Oakley was at its peak. When Jim Janna rd was still running the company. And during that time. They were coming out with a lot of frames. That like people were wearing I feel like. Icouldn't walk around anywhere in the city without seeing a pair of fuel cells gas cans. Or flak jackets so this was just. One Oakley was booming so during. That time Oakley was coming out with a lot of names. That had to do with vehicle parts like the gas can fuel cell oil rig. Iforget any other ones I'm sure. Idid let me know in the comments below anyway during. That whole generational time so. This is a classic it's been stinking around for a. Iknow people say that the classics are like the eye shades. Or like the ex metals. Iwould still put the fuel cell in. That classic bracket as well, so we're going to look at for fuel cells today. Ihave a lot but I figured I'm just going to show.

    You too flashy ones. More subdued and then I'll let. You two decide which. You like and then at. Some point later I'll do a collection overview. And to show all my fuel cells but today I'm just going to focus on four so the first thing to go is but a fuel cell is. It has very thick arms, so they're very streamline arms but the arms are very thick so you're going to get a lot of light coverage from here. And also the top and bottom here I'll try them on for you. This is a custom pair with. This supposed to look like rust but it's not really metal rust with fire radium. You got icons it's supposed to have. That like radioactive symbol on. Either side slightly different but.

    This is a custom pair so. One of my favorite flashy ones. Iwant to just go around town. And be like good to. Me I'm wearing something weird on my face. This is a great pair for. That for people to look at. Me the nose bridge is a good size so actually get out my nose bridge is a little bit narrower. Ithink the most people but so here's. Someone who has a large nose bridge. This is actually going to give. You a lot of room so fuel cell is great for. That also you have a large head. This is a good frame for. It has good wrap you look here is good rep but it's not too extreme. How does it kind of like get in between reps not quite as Extreme as a bat wolf but it's not just like a whole rut were just flat. Either so it's kind of like a good medium, so I'll show. Another flat sheet here. This is a fuel-cell multicam with emerald lenses.

    This is really cool. This is part of my favorite right. Ilove emerald lenses by the way in Rome like just makes. Everything looks super cool. It likes light blue hue to. Everything so everything just looks calmer. Fresher this multi cam has like a standout look to. It but it's also kind of subdued in a way. While being flashy as well. You like the multicam look it's in right. This is really this is a really cool pair so. Something I want to talk about is comparison of the fuel cell to the gas can so. This up here is the fuel cells of the gas can. Idecided to show you guys. These two these are very close in frame style so the fuel cell. And gas can are basically cousins of. Each other the reason why I picked. These particular frames is they're also very close actually in the way. They look they're something called ghost text so. You look closely at. This frame says Oakley. All over and like silver writing looks like.

    Someone edged all over. Or like graffiti all over. It so that's called ghost text. This fuel cell has the same. It actually looks more hectic on. You look the fuel cell. And gas can have almost the exact same weight to them but. You look the lenses also the same width to them but the main difference is the nose bridge is a lot wider for the fuel cell. And also the lens is a lot taller in the fuel cell the guest can also the lot. More boxier look. And the fuel cell is a little bit. More to the lens so again the fuel cell has a curvier lens has a taller lens. And a wider nose bridge but the actual width of the lenses themselves are pretty similar. You look on the Sun give the arms are very similar but just like before just like. Imentioned with the lens the gasket has a little bit. More of a busting wing here. And the wing for the fuels is a little bit.

    More streamlined so. Ireally prefer the fuel cell just. We could have a larger head but. You know I also have a taller head but. If the gas can is something. That will work better for you. You have a smaller head definitely go for the gas can but. You have a larger head fuel cell right so that's a nice segue into my to. More subtle phrase so. Iput subtle in quotes. Because then race on a guy but. This isn't settled I'm going to get. Ihave here the Oakley ghost text. You look at the icon it's got. This Eagle this red eagle with white star. You don't get the blue background. This is called the Matco sunglasses as a special edition. Ireally like because they're subtle at the same time they're not. You know big fan of like. When it's subtle you have your own unique thing going on so. This kind of reminds. Me of like kind of like a good all-american pair it's got the blue it's got the red white.

    And blue here it's also got the crazy ghost text so. It looks really cool but. It doesn't scream out. And look at one thing to keep in mind is. These arms here right they're really wide so there are. Some pros and cons to. How wide these frames are so. These lights are really wide. You can get a lot of artwork on them so. Ithink it's actually better to look at the multi cabin. Yet to see how much heart work. You can get on them so. They had something called an artist series actually which had artwork. All over these arms. It was able to fit so much pattern on. It so fuel cell is great for fitting on pattern. That sort of thing so. You look at the legs they're very thin so. Though they're wide they're not very thick at. They rest on my head. What I really like is. Because the frame is so wide here. You it's also think the pressure distribution is really well-balanced so.

    Ifeel no pressure back here. One of those people who's very sensitive to pressure here. Or at my temples and with fuel cells. Ihardly feel any pressure at. This is a lightweight frame but well-balanced as well so that's the great thing about having these wide legs the drawback to. It is um you're going to get. Some serious tan lines so. You wear these too often. Because it's so thick here you're gonna look like. You have like basically you're gonna look like. You like cyclops goggles but there's actually your tan line so yeah the tan line situation. Something to keep in mind. You know what it looks like cyclops from the x-men except with the tan line so the last frame.

    Iwant to show you is my. One of my favorites actually. One of my favorites actually of. All time it's called. Me Steven Murray edition. You look here you got the silver lines with the black polished black frame. You got like this like design here that's supposed to be matching his tattoo so for people who don't know Steven Murray so Steven Murray on the inside here. It says stay strong here um. Ireally like this frame. It reminds me to stay strong for people who don't know Steven Murray's story who's a BMX biker. He was really famous. He injured himself he paralyzed himself. And lost all feeling from the neck down just look at. This name and youtuber Steven Murray's a really inspiring guy. This guy he showed. Us to get out of bed. And he's still rocking it with BMX riders he's still going out there promoting it he's still talking to kids about like.

    You know giving them like opportunities. And cabs and stuff. And he's raising awareness. And money for people who have paralysis to help them walk again not just himself but a whole organization so that's great, so he's just rocking with. Whenever this frame. Ithink about Steve. And Marie and the fact. You know he's staying strong. And he's supporting the community of people who are paralyzed. Or staying strong what we're fighting to walk again. Or force have opportunities. They didn't have before so. Whenever this pair. Ithink about staying strong so. This frame actually used to come with um black iridium lenses but. Iswitched some chrome to make.

    It flashes a little bit. More so again just to summarize fuel cells are great for medium to large medium large spaces. You like this design but your head is too small I'd go for the gas cans. You want to go for the shield version I'd go for the bad wolf. Although the bat wolf has. More wrap from the fuel cell, so I'd really try. It on before checking it out. If you're looking for a great classic pair with good rep the fuel cell is for you. You have any questions let. Me know in the comments below. You liked this video hit the like button. Or the subscribe button thanks a lot.

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    Costa® Whitetip Polarized Sunglasses

  • Polarized lenses reduce glare and eye strain
  • Block 100% of UV light
  • Durable nylon frames
  • Learn more about Costa Sunglasses Learn More Button

    Costa's Whitetip Polarized Sunglasses aren't fancy, they're just eye-catching. The hardworking frames are made of durable TR 90 nylon with sturdy integral cam-action pin hinges. The comfortable frames have either 580 glass or polycarbonate lenses. Polycarbonate lenses are lightweight and impact-resistant while glass lenses have greater clarity. Both feature scratch-resistant C-Wall technology, block 100% of UV light and are polarized to kill reflected glare and reduce eye strain. Gripper temple holes and hydrolite rubber provide a nonslip grip. Hard case included. Built by hand and backed for life, Costa sunglasses have a limited lifetime warranty. 

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    Everyone this is sunglass rob from sport Rx. And tyler and just regular Tyler from. We are here to talk about the best polarized sunglasses of 2018 but. Ithink first we should just talk about. What polarized sunglasses bar yeah it's a it's an important thing to know. It has an actual function it's a filter in the lens. It cuts glare off of other objects not to be confused with anti-reflective coating which is cutting a layer off of the surface of the lens. This is actually cutting glare off of other objects so vehicles in front of. You the asphalt water is a big. One obviously fishermen no got out polarized on the water yeah so the way. It works is when the sunlight comes down from the Sun. It comes in a vertical wavelength. It bounces off anything flat. Or shiny it comes back. And vertically and horizontally. That vibration is that really hard to look at glare ball that's just like almost blinding now polarized lenses actually filter out the horizontal wavelength that's. They reduce the glare so much so it's pretty important it's pretty awesome. You hear it a lot I think a lot of people know. They want polarized glasses but. They don't know why so. You know why now we're gonna go over. Some of our favorite polarized glasses. We got to start with. Some costa's right over here. Everything Costa is polarized which. We love throw the slack tight on that's the slack tide dude that's Costa slack tide throw.

    He is a larger face. Ihave a little small. Or a medium face you can get a frame of reference. That way I really like the slack kite it's. One of their newer ones works off the water really well we're on the boat really well. They work on your face really well thank. You sir yeah I feel good yeah. They feel good I like so. All the Costa lenses are 999 percent polarized efficiency. All have a color enhancing contrast enhancing property which is pretty amazing so Costa lenses are for real. One thing I love about AOSIS as well is. That they're available in glass lenses. You want them in prescription oh by the way. We can get all of these for you in prescription in polarized but what's cool about the coasts is. We want a glass lens polarized. And prescription I think that's the only company.

    That does it is yeah definitely the only company. We work with it was maybe. One offs here there but. All right book goes on that's the thank. You link on this guy is big yeah it's a little bit really big for me but a good frame of reference. You know if you're a. You know small the average fit. What you would expect he's got the spring hinges yeah. Ihave a pair of these in my prescription actually thanks trying to make some good styles for sure yeah. And then the next Costa is. That our Nan's is this is from the Del Mar collection which. We have a whole video series on. This is a little bit. More dressed up from Costa so. You know them only as fishing glasses they're branching out.

    And making some off the boat glasses. And that's a little bit. More buttoned up there. That color so that's the Arne ANSIs. And again I think they're a little bit on the bigger side. Ifelt like they felt good wearing them. Ididn't see them on. Ithink the real win of these are the colorways it's really cool colors alright. We got to go to you know everyone's well-known Ray Ban before so Ray Ban uses. That g15 polarized lens it's also a glass lens but. You hit them in prescription they're no longer glass but that's just the classic new Wayfarer. You can't go wrong with. Isaid classic new Wayfarer. You want to know the difference between the new Wayfarer. And the original Wayfarer guess. What we have videos on. That too so one thing to note I'm wearing the 52. Iam a small to medium fit but. They have three different sizes there's a 50 q of 55.

    And a 58 so he's gonna put. These on there no liberal oh. Iwas in I wasn't even gonna do. It just doesn't do it justice but. Where the 5850 is perfect for Hannah did. You know we have a video on. That to do we yes alright. You we're gonna move on to chrome pop so. This is the outlier 2xl. Ireally like this frame the outlier XL always did great but. Now the outlier XL to. This is the new one with the chrome pop polarized lens is. This just an amazing technology super comfortable frame it's got the excel on. It so it's big even know she's a trying mind just to show people there's a non Excel version too but. That chrome pop lens technology is pretty amazing is well. We really like the outlier. What they did with this outlier too. They did some minor cosmetic adjustments. And made even cooler. Ithink it's a little bit. More comfortable — yeah.

    Iwould agree except for it's a little big on. Because it's the XL but really good high prescription solution piece here. Ithink that's a good go-to for us. We got next is the Maui Jim Red Sands. This is a like a nanomaterial. Ibelieve what's what it's called it's unbelievably thin lightweight durable. II'm in love with this frame to be honest with. You vary is pretty ridiculous flexible yeah. We have those in prescription as well just call. You need those in prescription. And that's the matte black color. Iactually have a matte black with the rose prescription lens. Another map line with the great prescription lens just. Ilove them and your glass Rob. Imight as well another cool thing no. This is the adjustable nose yes. Ireally like that's because they're. You know he's a little bit of grip on the ear a little bit of grip on the nose. They really stay on well. What I also like about.

    Ifeel like you dress them up. Or dress them down I create the red sands from Maui Jim yes. And then that's the Rambler it's not. You the glasses Wow is a really good price point yep. One of the real wins for these guys really good quality frame polarized lens obviously but also really 50 bucks man that's crazy 50 bucks polarized. They fit me well let's heart. That yeah I love them a little bit of grip. You need them nice pair of glasses I'm climbing so want your different styles. If you're looking for bang for the buck. You might have just found. It outside cloud and then. If you're looking for durability. And safety rating and the. Most impact resistant. You could get this is the Wiley X Omega. These are actually a z rated safety glasses.

    And they're polarized which is super rad. They make everything bunch of different styles. We just grabbed they fit. Me really well so that's why I grabbed. This is the Omega they have a whole series. Iwould encourage you to take a look at them but. You need safety rated but you're out in the Sun. You really have a lot of glare protection needs. You can they're a little big not was an awkward they're a little big but yeah. We love Wiley X they're an amazing brand again like. You said safety rated. Everything is safety rated so you're gonna be safe alright we're gonna move on to the ever-popular best-selling Oakley holbrook. These come in a bunch of colors with a bunch of different polarized lenses. One in here's got the prism deep water lens which again. You can get in prescription. That exact combination ultimate glare protection. And contrast on the water.

    One also comes in an XL which is. What I normally well but. Ifeel like the regular whole look. Ijust barely get away with a lot of Holbrook's out there too so that's. It yeah probably like. Even probably like 5 colors to choose from the 5 models. And 5 models so like about. One color per model but like maybe. Idon't know we're not on the Ramble yeah. And then this is actually a best-selling frame for support our X. This is the Oakley Flak 20 XL. And again comes in a bunch of different colors. And a bunch of different versions of polarized lenses with prism. This is a little bit. More of a sporty frame really good for cycling of golf things like. Ifeel a lot of people wearing them out. And about just everyday but. Ifeel like even won an award Oh a 1-1 the best all-around sports eyewear from the sport rxo words. What the winner XE so. That was fun yeah this is your great sport piece but like.

    Isaid lots of people wear. All around I see people just walking around. All around wearing them it's good. And then we got the cane in Canaan recently they've always had an amazing lens technology called SR 91 but recently they've upped the game. Now there's a certain 91 ultra which is a really good material hard to scratch unbelievable clarity but as well. Now how's that color enhancing technology. That people are starting to expect so it's a lot of pop. One comes in a few different sizes that's the normal right. This is the original Burnett okay so the original Burnett is. More of a small to medium fit perfect for my face then. They had the Burnett XL which is a big. That fits him really well. And then you can see. And is a reference these are pretty small on the XL is perfect but then there were people. That were in the middle.

    They came out with one called the brunette mid. This is the spy Dysport. This is oh yeah this score -. This is from our friends up in Carlsbad the happy lens polarize happy lens probably the best lens ever that's their tagline. You know what it would be pretty hard to argue. That it's a great lens with clarity really good clarity also our exa bowl. You can still keep that happy lens technology with the prescription just the clean nice everyday pair of sunglasses. This soft matte black frame finish it's just really nice got a little texture to. They don't slide off. You get a little bit hot so that's the that's. It that's those are. That our favorite those are the best polarized sunglasses of 2018 into 2019 there's a lot. More polarized sunglasses out there. You need help choosing the best.

    One for you in particular please feel free to contact. Us here at sport rx. You can call you can live chat with is. You can email we have friendly certified opticians. That would love to help. You get the exact right pair glasses with. Or without a prescription. This video was helpful. We would love it thumbs up. And please subscribe to the channel later

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    Beretta® Performance Shooting Glasses

  • Comfortable all-day fit
  • Lightweight frame
  • Wide polycarbonate-injected lenses
  • Anti-slip tips and a comfortable nose rest
  • Color choices to match your shooting conditions
  • Beretta's Performance Shooting Glasses come in your choice of multiple lens colors to perfectly match your shooting conditions. Wide polycarbonate-injected lenses allow for a greater field of vision and increased eye protection. Lightweight plastic, frame with anti-slip tips and a comfortable nose rest to ensure you will keep them on all day long. Comes with a soft cleaning bag. Imported.
    Colors: Purple, Blue Smoke.

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    Beretta® Dedicated Metal-Frame Shooting Glasses

  • Extra-wide lenses deliver unobstructed field of view
  • Dedicated metal frame with wrapping tips keep glasses in place
  • Polycarbonate-injected lenses
  • Beretta's Dedicated Metal-Frame Shooting Glasses are crafted for shooting with e­­xtra-wide lenses that deliver an unobstructed, high-quality field of view. The dedicated metal frame with wrapping tips keeps these glasses securely in place. A comfortable nosepiece allows for all-day wear. Polycarbonate-injected lenses. Includes cleaning soft bag and hard case.
    • Clear – for indoor use or low light
    • Yellow – for dull, low light
    • Purple – enhances orange clays against a green background
    • Orange – for bright days, highlights the clay against a light sky
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    Sunglass Hut® HU2004 Sunglasses

  • Casual elegance augments your personality
  • Suitable for wearing anytime, anywhere
  • Lightweight nylon frame with bold square lenses
  • Shatter-resistant polycarbonate lenses
  • On-trend and perpetually in style, Sunglass Hut Men's HU2004 Sunglasses feature a casual elegance that fits your personality anytime, anywhere. Bold square lenses provide plenty of face coverage, and the slick, free-flowing nylon frame delivers the lightweight comfort needed to maintain focus in all situations. With shatter-resistant polycarbonate lenses, these Sunglass Hut sunglasses can handle whatever comes your way.

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