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  Salomon Snowboards Gypsy Snowboard - Women's K2 Snowboards Belief Snowboard Boot - Women's Arbor Swoon System Camber Snowboard - Women's Capita Space Metal Fantasy FK Snowboard - Women's Salomon Snowboards Lush Snowboard Boot - Women's Burton Talent Scout Snowboard - Women's Burton Stiletto Re:Flex Snowboard Binding - Women's Vans Encore Pro BOA Snowboard Boot - Women's Salomon Snowboards Lotus Snowboard - Women's Ride Cadence Focus Boa Snowboard Boot - Women's Ride Fame Snowboard Binding - Women's Nitro Victoria Snowboard - Women's ThirtyTwo Zephyr FT Speedlace Snowboard Boot - Women's Ride KS Snowboard Binding - Women's Bataleon Love Powder Snowboard - Women's Never Summer Aura Snowboard - Women's Jones Snowboards AirHeart Snowboard - Women's Burton Limelight Snowboard Boot - Women's
  Salomon Snowboards Gypsy Snowboard - Women's K2 Snowboards Belief Snowboard Boot - Women's Arbor Swoon System Camber Snowboard - Women's Capita Space Metal Fantasy FK Snowboard - Women's Salomon Snowboards Lush Snowboard Boot - Women's Burton Talent Scout Snowboard - Women's Burton Stiletto Re:Flex Snowboard Binding - Women's Vans Encore Pro BOA Snowboard Boot - Women's Salomon Snowboards Lotus Snowboard - Women's Ride Cadence Focus Boa Snowboard Boot - Women's Ride Fame Snowboard Binding - Women's Nitro Victoria Snowboard - Women's ThirtyTwo Zephyr FT Speedlace Snowboard Boot - Women's Ride KS Snowboard Binding - Women's Bataleon Love Powder Snowboard - Women's Never Summer Aura Snowboard - Women's Jones Snowboards AirHeart Snowboard - Women's Burton Limelight Snowboard Boot - Women's
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Brand Vans Burton ThirtyTwo Salomon Snowboards Never Summer Salomon Snowboards Nitro Ride Ride Salomon Snowboards Bataleon Burton Arbor K2 Snowboards Capita Burton Ride Jones Snowboards
Flex medium (5 - 6 of 10 on Van's scale) medium, 5 on Burton scale medium soft medium-stiff medium medium-stiff (7 of 10 on Nitro scale) soft (2 of 10 on Ride's scale) medium (6 of 10 on Ride's scale) medium medium-soft (4 of 10 on Bataleon scale medium-soft medium-stiff (6 out of 10 on Arbor's scale) medium-soft medium-soft (4 out of 10 on Capita's scale) medium - stiff (5 - 8 on Burton's scale) medium-stiff (7 of 10 on Ride's scale) 7 out of 10
Manufacturer Warranty 30 days one year 1 year 2 years 3 years 2 years 2 years 1 year 1 year 1 year 2 year [baseplate] limited lifetime , [all other parts] 1 year 3 years 1 year 2 year 3 years 1 year 1 year
Recommended Use all-mountain snowboarding, backcountry snowboarding all-mountain snowboarding, backcountry snowboarding, freeride/powder snowboarding, park & freestyle snowboarding all-mountain snowboarding, park & freestyle snowboarding all-mountain snowboarding all-mountain snowboarding all-mountain snowboarding, park & freestyle snowboarding all-mountain snowboarding, freeride/powder snowboarding all-mountain snowboarding, park & freestyle snowboarding all-mountain snowboarding, freeride/powder snowboarding all-mountain snowboarding all-mountain snowboarding, freeride/powder snowboarding, park & freestyle snowboarding all-mountain, freestyle all-mountain snowboarding, park & freestyle snowboarding all-mountain snowboarding park & freestyle snowboarding all-mountain snowboarding, park & freestyle snowboarding all-mountain all-mountain snowboarding, freeride/powder snowboarding
Base - - - extruded Durasurf XT sintered 5501 sintered Speed Formula II (sintered) - - - Super Slick (extruded) - sintered - XXX[truded] sintered - sintered 9900
Core - - - aspen NS Superlight wood Aspen Select Koroyd (balsa), Reflex - - - Light Core (paulownia, poplar), Dual Super Tube - Single Malt (100% poplar wood) - FSC-certified Select Core FSC Certified Super Fly II 700G Core with Dualzone EGD, Off-Axis Squeezebox - Power Core (bamboo, paulownia)
Effective Edge - - - [135cm] 990mm, [138cm] 1020mm, [142cm] 1065mm, [146cm] 1100mm, [151cm] 1145mm, [155cm] 1175mm [146cm] 1120mm, [148cm] 1140mm, [150cm] 1160mm, [152cm] 1180mm, [155cm] 1200mm, [157cm] 1220mm [138cm] 1075mm, [143cm] 1115mm, [147cm] 1150mm, [151cm] 1170mm [149cm] 1120mm, [152cm] 1140mm, [155cm] 1160mm - - - [148cm] 1177mm, [153cm] 1221mm - [143cm] 1062mm, [147cm] 1098mm, [151cm] 1134mm, [155cm] 1170mm - [141cm] 1081mm, [143cm] 1097mm, [145cm] 1113mm, [147cm] 1129mm, [149cm] 1145mm, [151cm] 1161mm, [153cm] 1177mm [138cm] 1015mm, [141cm] 1045mm, [146cm] 1095mm, [149cm] 1125mm, [152cm] 1155mm - [146cm] 1090mm, [149cm] 1116mm, [152cm] 1142mm
Length - - - 135cm, 138cm, 142cm, 146cm, 151cm, 155cm 146cm, 148cm, 150cm, 152cm, 155cm, 157cm 138cm, 143cm, 147cm, 151cm 149cm, 152cm, 155cm - - - 148cm, 153cm - 143cm, 147cm, 151cm, 155cm - 141cm, 143cm, 145cm, 147cm, 149cm, 151cm, 153cm 138cm, 141cm, 146cm, 149cm, 152cm - 146cm, 149cm, 152cm
Mount - - - 4-hole 4-hole 4-hole 4-hole Compact Disc Micro Disc - 4-hole universal 4-hole - 4-hole Channel - 4-hole
Profile - - - Flat Out Camber (flat, camber underfoot) Ripsaw Rocker Camber Rock Out Camber (rocker tip & tail, camber underfoot, flat between the bindings) TRUE (traditional camber) - - - Mellow camber, Pow 3BT + SideKick - The System Camber (parabolic camber with lifted contact points) - Freedom V2 Camber - Power Camber (rocker tip and tail, camber underfoot)
Shape - - - directional twin directional true twin dirctional - - - directional - twin - true twin twin - directional twin
Stance Setback - - - 0.4in 1.9mm centered 0.6in - - - centered - centered - - centered - 0.7in
Stance Width - - - [135cm] 15 - 22.8in, [138cm] 15.4 - 22.8in, [142cm] 15.4 - 23.2in, [146cm] 15.7 - 23.6in, [151cm] 16.1 - 24in, [155cm] 16.9 - 24.8in - [138cm] 17.3 - 22in, [143cm] 17.7 - 22.4in, [147cm] 18.1 - 22.8in, [151cm] 18.5 - 23.2in [149cm] 18.1 - 22.8in, [152cm] 18.1 - 22.8in, [155cm] 18.1 - 22.8in - - - [148cm] 18.9 - 22in, [153cm] 19.3 - 22.4in - 20in - [141cm, 143cm] 22in, [145cm, 147cm, 149cm] 23in, [151cm, 153cm] 24in [138cm] 18.9in, [141cm] 18.9in, [146cm] 19.9in, [149cm] 20.9in, [152cm] 20.9in - [146cm] 20.0in, [149cm, 152cm] 20.8in
Waist Width - - - [135cm] 233mm, [138cm] 235mm, [142cm] 239mm, [146cm] 243mm, [151cm] 245mm, [155cm] 246mm [146cm, 148cm] 235mm, [150cm] 237mm, [152cm] 238mm, [155cm] 239mm, [157cm] 240mm [138cm] 238mm, [143cm] 240mm, [147cm] 242mm, [151cm] 247mm [149cm] 238mm, [152cm] 242mm, [155cm] 244mm - - - [148cm] 246mm, [153cm] 257mm - [143cm] 233.5mm, [147cm] 235.5mm, [151cm] 237.5mm, [155cm] 239.5mm - [141cm] 231mm, [143cm] 233mm, [145cm] 236mm, [147cm] 239mm, [149cm] 241mm, [151cm] 243mm, [153cm] 245mm [138cm] 235mm, [141cm] 237mm, [146cm] 240mm, [149cm] 242mm, [152cm] 245mm - [146cm] 240mm, [149cm] 242mm, [152cm] 244mm
Wrap - - - BA LD (biax) Carbon Max Laminate, Bi-Lite fiberglass, RDS 1 damping system BA MD (biax) diamond - - - biax - Mixed Glassing (triax over biax) - Special Blend fiberglass (biax), Magic Bean resin women's specific triax - triax

Salomon Snowboards Gypsy Snowboard - Women's

The deck of choice for laying down clean tricks in the park and streets is the Salomon Women's Gypsy Snowboard. The Gypsy sports a redesigned shape based off the freestyle-favorite Villain. Its mid-level flex brings a playful vibe for jibbing and jumping without feeling overly loose on the mountain, plus it's loaded with pop-enhancing features for heightened ollie power.

The Gypsy's freestyle domination starts with a Rock Out Camber profile, which is flat between the bindings for high-speed stability and smoothly stomped landings, with camber near the inserts for added response and edge hold, along with rockered tips for a bit of forgiveness and float. Popster core profiling maximizes the natural snap of the Aspen Select Core, making your ollies feel extra poppy without making the board feel stiff.

Slingshot carbon inlays (within the sidewall) enhance energy transfer for quick edge-to-edge transitions and snappier ollies. Pre-beveled Freestyle edges are ready to jib right out of the plastic, so you won't have to take a file to 'em in the garage. New for this season, the Gypsy's Quadralizer sidecut locks into long, drawn-out carves without feeling washy like a typical park deck. It's rounded out with a sintered base to give it the durability and speed required to withstand thrashings in the streets and clear bigger park jumps without worry.

  • Park board that encourages clean presses, and stylish tricks
  • True twin shape rides both ways for ultimate trick freedom
  • Medium flex is responsive and easily manipulated
  • Rock Out Camber features large rocker sections for presses
  • Aspen Select Core is durable and extremely poppy for ollies
  • Freestyle edge bevel creates smooth board slides on all rails
  • Sintered base will have you clearing jumps in all conditions
  • Colors on die cut bases may vary from the depicted image
  • Item #SAL01GG
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    K2 Snowboards Belief Snowboard Boot - Women's

    You'll be a believer in the K2 Belief Snowboard Boot after one run, thanks to its easy-going flex and out-of-the-box comfort. Perfect for beginner-to-intermediate riders who love cruising groomed runs, exploring in the trees, and taking the occasion park lap, this boot is focused on warmth and comfort to keep your feet happy all day long.

    A softer flex lends a forgiving feel that makes it easy to initiate turns and surf through fresh snow. The Comfort Foam liner feels plush and broken-in straight from the box, and it holds in heat for happy toes on cold days. Boa lacing lets you lock in the perfect fit in seconds with the simple twist of a dial. Die-cut EVA footbeds smooth out the ride and reduce fatigue, and the Low-Pro outsole is thinner for better board feel and control.

  • Warm and comfy boot for mellow all-mountain riding
  • M1 Boa lacing locks in the fit with the twist of a dial
  • Comfort Foam liner is plush and comfy right out of the box
  • Softer flex for easy control, forgiving feel, and all-day comfort
  • Die-cut EVA footbed absorbs vibrations and impact
  • Low-Pro outsole is lightweight and offers great board feel
  • Item #K2S00FM
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    Arbor Swoon System Camber Snowboard - Women's

    If the entire mountain is your playground, then the Arbor Women's Swoon System Camber Snowboard is your new favorite toy for riding hard and having fun in any conditions. With an innovative camber profile and mid-stiff flex, this board was built for hard-charging ladies who live for high-speed carves, deep powder, and towering peaks.

    System Camber starts with a parabolic camber profile that's less cambered towards the tip and tail to create a low-profile arc, so you get all the pop and power of traditional camber, but with a smoother feel. This profile also angles the contact points so they sit slightly off the snow, giving the board a cleaner, less-catchy feel and better glide in deep snow. A mid-stiff flex offers the stability and response you want for shredding big lines and steep slopes, while remaining playful enough for mellow pow runs and the occasional park lap. It's finished off with a beautiful bamboo topsheet that not only makes the board stronger and snappier but eco-friendlier too.

  • Shred hard and fast across the whole mountain
  • Camber with lifted contact points blends pop and forgiveness
  • Mid-stiff flex is powerful, responsive, and stable
  • Grip Tech creates extra contact points at inserts
  • Poplar core is lightweight and lively
  • Mixed Glassing strikes a balance between response and play
  • Sintered base glides quickly across flats and deep snow
  • Arbor snowboards are produced in way that's easier on the environment
  • Item #ARB00CJ
  • hi my name is tony perez I'm the rocky. Mountain sales rep for arbor snowboards and here I'm holding the swoon women's. Specific board made for the woman that wants to go do everything on the mountain riding powder riding trees doing big lines awesome board comes with. A sustainably sourced bamboo top sheet a sustainably source of wood core recycled steel ledges based on our system rocker. Parabolic rocker with grip tech great. Board for doing everything the arbor swoon comes in multiple sizes all the way from a 40 all the way up to 156.

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    Capita Space Metal Fantasy FK Snowboard - Women's

    The Capita Space Metal Fantasy FK Snowboard comes to you with a buttery flex, forgiving profile, and twin shape to help you step up your freestyle game, whether you're lapping the park or throwing down in the streets. 

    The rockered portion extends from under the bindings out to the tips, giving it a loose, catch-free feel that's a blast to jib with, while a flat section between the inserts makes it stable enough to take through the jump line and stomp urban drops. Special Blend biax glass gives it smooth, forgiving flex for easy turn initiation and tweaked butters and presses. Blunted tips reduce swing weight and allow you to ride a slightly shorter length than before. The FCS-certified Select core increases strength and pop, yet still provides a smooth flex for tweaked presses, while the XXX[truded] base proves to be harder and tougher than standard extruded bases, yet is just as easy to repair after you ding it up.

  • Versatile freestyle deck based off the top-selling Horrorscope
  • True twin shape and mid-soft flex caters to freestyle progress
  • hybrid rocker profile makes pressing and turning easy as pie
  • Select Core offers poppy power in a lightweight package
  • Special Blend biax glass maintains smooth, consistent flex
  • Extruded base is ultra-tough against abuse in the park
  • Item #CPT008I
  • You. What's up my name is Jessica mira and. This is the 2012-2013 space metal. Fantasy it's modeled after the number. One selling horoscope and it's for the park and jib girl who wants to up their game on a reverse camber board so this. Boards a twin tip freestyle fk camber. Configuration and what that means is that it's flat between the inserts for stability and then there's a bit of rocker on the tip and tail so it turns super easy as well so this board has a. Wdt engineered wood core and it's got a. Pre cured 420 fiberglass configurations. There's anchor mat tip and tail. Protection so that it stands up to impact and high transparent extruded. Base just top and durable stand up to a. Beating in the park or in the streets. This board looks pretty bad ass ride. Super bad ass and you can take it from your first days on the hill into the park progress into the streets and even. Floats nice in the pow so it's one of my. Favorite boards so that's it for the. 2012-2013 space metal fantasy fk. You.

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    Salomon Snowboards Lush Snowboard Boot - Women's

    The snow is deep and fluffy, the sun is shining, and all your friends are riding with you—but it's hard to enjoy another lap when your feet are killing you. So eliminate potentially painful feet with the Salomon Lush Snowboard Boot. The Lush features Mutation Construction for uncompromising comfort, not to mention the performance and support you need for shredding around the entire resort.

    Its medium flex is suited to everyone from riders who like cruising groomers to powder hounds and park rats. The Shadowflex Zone is a neoprene gaiter around the ankle that relieves pressure points while allowing your ankle to flex freely. Heat-moldable foam in the Shadow Flex liner conforms to your foot for a comfortable custom fit, and the Ortholite C3 footbed offers support and cushioning underfoot. EVA construction keeps the Hifive EC+ outsole lightweight and provides plenty of rebound for a cushy, yet responsive feel. And to ensure the flex remains consistent throughout the season, Salomon added a Springback TPU spine that won't break down over time.

  • Plush comfort meets responsive all-mountain performance
  • Zonelock lacing allows quick tightening and zonal control
  • Comfy Shadow Flex liner is heat-moldable for custom fit
  • Shadowflex Zone relieves pressure points around ankle
  • Springback TPU spine maintains flex and support
  • Ortholite C3 footbed provides cushioning and support
  • Lightweight Hifive EC+ outsole offer excellent rebound
  • Item #SAL01HN
  • What's up everyone this is straitjacket. Technology from solomon straight jacket technology is a fit feature we utilize on our boots to ensure that your foot does not lift or slide around throughout your snowboard day the way that it works is with this handle lace and lock and this harness. Right here all you have to do to get in or out of the boot is brought it to the toe lift up on this harness step right. In then when you want to tighten the boot down make sure the harness is lined. Up pull up slide it to the back this clip will holster it right here on the side of the boot to complete the lacing process just finish closing up the outside of the boot that's straight jacket technology you can find it at your favorite retailer.

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    Burton Talent Scout Snowboard - Women's

    You're sure to make your mark when you hit the park on the Burton Women's Talent Scout Snowboard. This twin board is designed to make you fall in love with camber all over again. While it's built with perfectly-sculpted jumps, smooth rails, and pristine pipes in mind, the Talent Scout holds it own when you venture off to explore the rest of the mountain.

    A crucial piece to the Talent Scout's freestyle dominance is the Off-Axis construction. It starts with an asymmetrical sidecut that's deeper on the heel side to make heelside carves feel as confident and powerful as toeside turns. Burton then took things a step further by incorporating an asymmetric flex and asymmetric Frostbite edges in order to make riding this board feel as natural and instinctive as possible. The result is greater confidence and control, whether you're taking your talents to the rail line or just lapping groomers. Off-Axis Squeezebox profiling makes the core thinner where you want flex and thicker where you need strength.

    Your aggressive approach to park laps and high-speed carving demands the power, pop, and edge hold that only camber can provide. Lucky for you, this board's camber profile blends the two by adding subtle, flat-to-rocker zones just outside the bindings, giving you a classic camber feel that won't punish you for slight under-rotations. The Superfly II core uses lightweight woods that specifically target strategic areas to drop weight and increase pop, and Dualzone EGD adds edge control by placing perpendicular strips of wood along the edges. And for extra grip on those bulletproof East Coast days, Frostbite edges extend out from under your bindings to create extra contact points so you can hold an edge on icy halfpipe walls and sketchy steeps.

  • A powerful board that provides hard edging and solid park prowess
  • Camber profile is powerful and poppy for ultimate control
  • Twin shape excels in the park with switch landings and takeoffs
  • Medium-Stiff flex is powerful and responsive to inspire confidence
  • Super Fly core is durable to hold up to a season worth of rails
  • Channel mounting system eliminates dead spots for a smooth flex
  • Sintered base keeps you moving quick for clearing big jumps
  • Item #BUR02IP
  • Hey ladies my name is lindsay I'm coming. To you from the christie sports up and dillon today I'm reviewing for you the burton talent scout this board is pure. Pop camber so it's got camber throughout. The bindings and then turns into early rise tip and tail so that means it's a really stable ride for a girl who really likes to rip but yet it still is super. Surfy when you get into that deeper snow so it's not gonna sink on you makes it a really fun ride for pretty much all the terrain on the mountain depending on what you like to do sport is definitely gonna be better for somebody who's a little more intermediate to address it rider bands it's a little stiffer flex if you like to do park it's great for that it's a true twin obviously it looks. Pretty sweet with the flowers and the skeletons you can't go wrong with a great graphic channel system on burton boards creates a better board feel but. Don't feel like you're limited to just buying a burton binding if you've got a different manufacturer that you really like most likely that binding we could find you one that would be compatible with the channel system here from burton.

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    Burton Stiletto Re:Flex Snowboard Binding - Women's

    Step up to the slopes in supreme style and comfort with the Burton Women's Stiletto Re:Flex Snowboard Binding. A staple in Burton's ladies' line of bindings for years now, this versatile binding is trusted by legions of riders thanks to its easy-going flex, cushy comfort, and bombproof durability. From linking turns on the bunny slope to slaying the expert park, the Stiletto does it all.

    The Stileto's softer flex emphasizes comfort and easy turn initiation without excess stiffness holding you back from linking turns or getting creative in the park. The Single-Component Hi-Back is shorter for an optimal fit with female calf muscles without pinching or painful pressure points. Its canted design naturally aligns with your riding stance for seamless energy transfer when you're carving from edge-to-edge. Tool-less forward lean adjustment gives you the ability to dial in more responsiveness for high-speed carves and icy halfpipe runs.

    Soaking up nasty vibration underfoot, the FullBed Cushioning System absorbs flat landings and chopped-up snow at the end of the day. Looking to the ankle straps, lightweight Reactstraps blissfully wrap your boots for a locked-in feel. The Gettagrip Capstrap pulls the boot back into the binding for a better overall fit with increased responsiveness. Both straps are tool-less adjustable, meaning you'll be able to fine-tune the fit on the mountain.

  • All-mountain versatility for almost any type of rider
  • Mid-soft flex delivers a freestyle-focused feel
  • Highback offers women's-specific fit for superior comfort
  • Single-component baseplate is lightweight and responsive
  • Reactstrap offers pressure point-free response
  • Gettagrip Capstrap ensures secure, comfy fit
  • FullBED cushioning soaks up impacts and vibrations
  • Flex Slider keeps straps out of way when strapping in
  • Item #BUR022G
  • This is the women's stiletto binding this is a really great entry-level value. Binding so the sluta binding is nice and. Soft which gives a little bit of more surface kt and forgiving feel and. Because it is a great value you're. Getting the nice smooth glide buckles on. This toe strap it's the get a grip toe. Cap strap it's universal with all makes and model boots really a nice secure hold and helps to just lock in your toe. Into the heel so you get that good back and forth response.

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    Vans Encore Pro BOA Snowboard Boot - Women's

    While lesser boots may have you calling it a day at noon, the Vans Encore Pro Boa Snowboard Boot will always have you hankering for one more run thanks to its speedy, teched-out Boa Custom Focus closure system, medium flex pattern, and a bevy of other comfort-driven performance features. Comprising the Custom Focus Boa system, a high-power coiler reel and mid-power remote reel work together to control three independent zones and deliver a truly custom fit with exact heel hold.

    The medium flex makes it easy to initiate turns and get loose in the park, while remaining supportive enough to handle jumps and technical terrain. The V2 Waffleflex outsole features metatarsal flex grooves for an unreal feel and flex, alongside a perimeter lug pattern that bolsters grippy traction. A heat-moldable V2 UltraCush liner gives you a nailed-in heel hold and the cushy feel of soft interior cushioning foam, and the heat-retaining temperature shield reflects body heat back to your foot for extra warmth without added weight.

  • Comfort-focused boot for fun from the park to groomer laps
  • Medium flex balances support and response with playfulness
  • Custom Focus Boa system quickly tightens multiple zones
  • V2 UltraCush liner is heat-moldable for the perfect fit
  • Cushioned footbed absorbs shock, cuts chatter, and wicks sweat
  • Internal harness yields a custom fit to match your foot
  • V2 Waffleflex sole uses flex grooves for enhanced board feel
  • Item #VAN00Z2
  • What's up this is your with tactics in. Right now you were checking out the 2018 vans encore snowboard boot the encore. Has been in line for a number of years a great option for your entry level to intermediate level rider someone that wants a single bow closure system boot and someone that wants a boot that has a medium to soft level flex as you can see. It uses vans boil coiler right here single boa on the tongue which is going to adjust all the cables from the top of the foot all the way up to the ankle it does have this a little slide guide right here that allows you to adjust the pressure to the inside of your foot or to the outside depending on your preference just a really nice feature that really allows you to get the fit of this boot dialed in the outsole of this. Boot is a reverse waffle outsole single piece rubber are going to be really grippy really durable as you can see nice luggy pattern here the footprint of. This boot is also shrunken down a little bit which is just going to keep the overall volume of this boot down taking. A look at the interior of this boot it features a fan's flex level liner so that's going to be beginning entry level liner for vans it does feature a dual. Density material and is going to be heat moldable so gonna get a really nice comfortable customized fit with this the. Deal with the flex level liner for vans is gonna be it's gonna be good to go right out of the box you're not gonna have to wear these around your house to break them in straight from you know the. Shop to the mountain these are gonna be really solid i can attest to that i rode. These for a season and definitely a really comfortable boot right out of the box the insult is removable v2. Insole so gonna be a single density. Material does have some holes right here on the footbed that do allow moisture wicking and it has a nice articulation right here and the arch of your foot to just increase the comfort of this boot overall but like i said the encore been. In the line for a number of years really great boot single boa system really. Quick entry and exit on this boot i. Would recommend it for your beginner to intermediate rider someone that just likes to ride the whole mountain you can pretty much do anything in this boot if you have any more questions or comments make sure to drop those in the box below or check these out at tactics calm.

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    Salomon Snowboards Lotus Snowboard - Women's

    Go from linking first turns to bombing cruisers with the mellow flex, catch-free turn initiation, and stable feel of the Salomon Women's Lotus Snowboard. This soft-flexing directional twin is slightly set-back, allowing you to float through untracked snow and ride through chop without submerging your nose or being thrown off balance. Flat camber offers a stable, predictable feel that's ideal for beginners looking for solid edge hold without the catchy feel of fully cambered decks.

    Loaded with a full, tip-to-tail Aspen core, the Lotus delivers a smooth, consistent flex with high-density birch strips for beefed-up durability. BA LD fiberglass offers a mellow torsional flex for easy turn initiation, allowing you to hone your carving skills without the board being overly stiff or unforgiving. Add in a Bite-free edge tune for catch-free turn initiation and an extruded base for fast glide without regular waxing.

  • Explore the mountain on this forgiving and playful deck
  • Flat Out Camber offers a combination of control and forgiveness
  • Soft flex leads to easy manipulation for lighter riders
  • Directional twin shape creates easy turn initiation and playfulness
  • Full length aspen core is responsive and poppy for a fun ride
  • ABS strips reduce chatter and add dampness for choppy snow
  • Extruded base can take a beating while you explore the mountain
  • Item #SAL01GR
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    Ride Cadence Focus Boa Snowboard Boot - Women's

    Progress your all-terrain riding with the responsive control and fine-tuned fit of the Ride Women's Cadence Focus Boa Snowboard Boot. Slightly stiffer than Ride's pure park offerings, the Cadence Focus Boa is designed for the hard-charging lady rider looking to sample everything the mountain has to offer, transitioning from morning pow laps to afternoon park hits without missing a beat. Offering more customization than single-closure Boa systems, the Boa Focus independently tightens the upper and lower zones for the utmost in response and power transfer. This system is exceptional at locking your heel down to prevent energy-sapping lift, especially when you're boosting from the pipe and laying into hard carves.

    Accommodating the lower positioning of female calf muscles, the boot's Calf Adjustment Tech provides an adjustable fit where your calf muscles enter the boot's rear cuff. Speaking of a custom fit, the boot's Intuition Mobile Foam liner conforms to your foot's every contour. You can choose to heat mold them for a near-perfect fit straight from the box or simply ride a few times to achieve the very same foot-wrapping customization. Plus, the Cadence features a Michelin Peak sole for tenacious grip and rugged durability.

  • Mid-stiff all-mountain boot for support and comfort
  • Boa Focus closure system gets you on the hill faster
  • Thermo-moldable foam liner delivers secure comfort
  • Zonal lacing allows you to adjust areas to your specifications
  • Impact-absorbing midsole eats up harsh landings with lots of cushion
  • Internal and external J bars offer support and stability
  • Rugged outsole grips icy, slippery surfaces all winter
  • Item #RDE00B2
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    Ride Fame Snowboard Binding - Women's

    You appreciate the finer things in life, so settle for nothing less than the premium comfort and uncompromising performance of the Ride Fame Snowboard Binding. Its women-specific design gives you the luxury treatment, and a stiffer flex makes it ideal for hard-charging ladies who demand the finer things in life.

    The Fame highback is stiff for tons of support and response when navigating chutes and dropping cliffs, but it still offers enough lateral flex for you to get loose in mellow pow and the park. An aircraft aluminum baseplate ensures lightweight strength and quick edge-to-edge response for a powerful and precise ride. The Wedgie footbed is angled to align your knees in a more natural position, which not only enhances leverage for better ollie power, but also reduces joint strain and fatigue. EVA padding soaks up shock and vibrations for a smoother ride when you're plowing through tracked-out snow.

  • All-mountain binding for freeriding at the resort or backcountry
  • Fame Highback is stiff for negotiating steep, exposed terrain
  • Adjustable heelcup is customizable for the perfect fit
  • Aluminum chassis is guaranteed for life, so you know it's durable
  • Forged aluminum Micro-Disc is compatible with 4-hole and Channel
  • Item #RDE00FG
  • Welcome to the 2013-14 women's division. Of the union binding company all union. Bindings come with a lifetime warranty base and union women's bindings are. Specifically designed for a woman's anatomy first up is the legacy the. Legacy is a hundred percent female specific version of the mint's atlas. Compared to the other girls bindings in the collection the legacy is overall the. Steepest and most responsive in allina here are some of the features stage 3. Atlas base injected with DuPont sitel st. Nylon strong and responsive asymmetrical. Symmetrical female-specific high backs allow for maximum comfort and optimal. Hillside control shift on the fly forward lean for fast and easy high back. Adjustment injected eba bushings for. Added comfort and vibration dampening. Extruded anodized aluminum heel cups are. The lightest and strongest on the market 3d direct connect strap system with a. Multi-layered tapered strap for evenly. Distributes pressure across the boot magnesium toe and ankle buckles with. Push pin quickly get you in and out of. Your bindings universal discs that can. We mounted to any snowboard on the market offered in metallic purple next. Up is the trilogy is a. Women's specific version of the men's force which is the best seller in the line and all-around do everything binding the trilogy is the favorite for team riders like Jessica kamara some of. The features specific to the trilogy are trilogy to base female-specific high in. Performance and the lightest on the market trilogy multi-zone high backs are. Tapered providing flex at the top for comfort support towards the bottom for. Maximum hillside control cnc machine heel cups. The lightest and strongest on the market. Increased ev a padding throughout for. Added comfort the trilogy comes in the following colorways black white and. Seafoam the milan is a women's specific. Version of the men's contact and is the. Ideal binding for girls who experience foot pain while riding and are looking for a more forgiving design some of the features specific to the milan art milan. Fusion high backs lateral freedom and. Comfort in any temperature milan-based. The softer and more forgiving design and. It comes with a lifetime warranty of course / padded ev a material throughout. For even comfort and true born flex only. Female-specific toke up design with. Pushpin buckles for easy entry and exit the milan comes in the following. Colorways white magenta and tiffany the. Rosa is a perfect blend of high value and low cost it is a great choice for all types of female riders in any type. Of condition entering some of the specific features to the rosa our rosa. Women's specific high backs a mid flex. Lightweight design for optimal comfort and board control injected dual zone eba. Bushings to separate zones provide. Improved dampening and flex injected. Aluminum buckles with push pin for an easy exit single layer 3d tapered strap. Pour evenly distributes pressure and provides fast turning response the rosa. Is offered in the following colorways silver cmyk and magenta last but not. Least a flight lady is a super lightweight freestyle oriented design offer at a price that can't be taught. Featuring fundamental features like extruded aluminum he'll cup contoured ankle and toe straps. Supercoach injected eba bushings and. Quick adjust forward lean offered in two. Colors blue and white the flight lady. Comes fat by lifetime warranty base and the price that can't be beat the women's. Collection from union focus on female specific fit and function.

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    Nitro Victoria Snowboard - Women's

    Aggressively tear up your local mountain no matter the terrain or conditions on the Nitro Victoria Snowboard. As the most aggressive women's board in the Nitro line this board cuts no corners to deliver high caliber all-mountain performance. The directional shape of the Victoria is easily initiated into turns and provides exceptional edge to edge control that induces confidence at high speeds. By bending that directional shape in a True Camber profile this board gains additional edge hold and responsiveness from the large true camber section, as well as float in pow and just enough forgiveness from the rocker out to the tip and tail. Finally a lightweight and responsive construction consisting of a futuristic super light Koroyd core with carbon reinforcements allows you to have fresh legs even on bell to bell days.

  • All-mountain board built for riders looking to push themselves
  • Directional shape allows for excessive edge to edge control
  • True camber profile is ultra-responsive, poppy, and powerful
  • Medium-stiff flex holds up at high speeds for confident control
  • Carbon fiber Diamond Laminates add torsional rigidity and snap
  • Koroyd Core in the tip and tail greatly reduces swing weight
  • Sintered Speed Formula II is super fast and reliable day after day
  • Item #NTR00D2
  • You. Hey guys I'm jeff richards we're up here at brighton resort here i have the 2015. Nitro victoria this has a directional. Shape and it's a your mountain flex. Which is going to be a stiff free ride. Flex great for charging down the mountain for any women who like to go fast carve do big lines right a lot of. Powder the victoria is a standard camber. Which is great for holding a good edge and gives it a little bit more responsive flex it's got nitros power. Light core which is the highest grade of. Poplar wood from tip to tail super. Lightweight pretty responsive nice clean. Flex this has the reflex core profile. Which is going to be thinner in between the feet just giving it a little better torsional flex this board has diamond. Laminates which is a carbon fiber top. Sheet layer making the board a little more responsive it also has nitro wintered speed formula to base which is. The highest end wintered base holds rack wax really well and is extremely fast. Here you have it the 2015 nitro victoria. I'd recommend this board for any. Experienced women riders who like to go. Fast charge the whole mountain and have a lot of fun. It's adventure time boys russia fun air. Time next I'm gonna get upside down slam. Down what.

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    ThirtyTwo Zephyr FT Speedlace Snowboard Boot - Women's

    They're so comfortable that you'll feel like you're floating on a magic carpet when you fly around the ski resort in the ThirtyTwo Zephyr FT Speedlace Snowboard Boot. With a buttery flex and super-convenient lacing system, this boot is the perfect option for freestyle fiends who lap the park all day or for all-around boarders who prefer a surfier feel when they're slashing powder and carving groomers. Fast Track lacing lets you lock in the perfect fit with the flick of a wrist, and it lets you fine tune the upper and lower zones so you can get it dialed to your exact specs. The lightweight and cushy STI Evolution outsole offers a featherweight feel while soaking up impacts when you start launching off features. Intuition foam conforms to your foot for all-day comfort, and the internal harness prevents heel lift so you can keep riding until the lift stops spinning.

  • Fun-flexing boot for surfy turns and dominating the park
  • Medium flex offers supportive, yet surfy feel
  • FT lacing lets you fine tune upper and lower zones in seconds
  • STI Evolution outsole is lightweight and cushy
  • Internal Harness keeps heel locked down for better response
  • Articulating cuff prevents the shell from breaking down
  • Performance liner is thermo-moldable for the perfect custom fit
  • Team footbed offers arch support and heel cushioning
  • Item #TTW00D0
  • Hello I'm matt guff from house comm and this is a 2000 1832 zephyr jones. Snowboard boot this is jeremy jones is. Come like in resort and in bounds boot that he likes riding with his kids it's an all-mountain boot the zephyr also comes in a regular zephyr that doesn't. Have the lace gator and you could ride. These basically anywhere if you want to take them in the park you probably could but i consider this to be a little bit softer of an all-mountain just kind of cruising boot for beginner to advanced level rider sure jeremy jones is one of the most epic big mountain riders in the world but if you want a comfortable soft boot with traditional laces and you're a beginner you could you can definitely ride this thing it does feature traditional laces down the front and. It's part of the team fit collection so there's gonna be a little bit more performance in this than you would you find in the comfort fit collection but overall that's a feeling flex rating of a for a little bit softer than your average boot and that has a lot to do with get a limited amount of access panels on the lateral medial side of the upper section with shell and articulation that means that this upper. Section actually gonna flex independently of the lower zone because there's a these little zones so there's less material pinching directly underneath your ankle strap another cool. Part about but does that for jones is that well there's this lace gear there's. Like this abrasion resistant style material that covers those laces, so they. Don't get iced up there's a little boot gator or a pant gator loop there so you. Can connect that to your pants which is actually really nice too and then basically kind of throughout is this abrasion resistant material on this lower section so if you're in and out of your bindings a lot you're not you're gonna get a lot less wear and tear from your bindings new boots rubbing against each other there's a 3d molded tongue even flexing tongue so when you over-the-top your toeside edge you're not gonna get like these weird kinks in the flex and then of course is this. Outsold this is a sti evolution outsole. I'm kind of surprised that they you know 30 to put the evolution also a foam sold. On this one it's a super lightweight which i absolutely love it absorbs tons. Of impact in shock but it does wear out a little bit faster than what you find in regular rubber that happens to get boots a lot of you know like it makes me heavier but if you. Want your boots and be ultra lightweight you have a good amount of board feel you put this on and that's what the jones zephyr has one thing that 32 is. Well known for is their liners this is a dual density intuition foam liner it's. Custom heat moldable but your body heat can activate it to you if you don't have access to a custom heat moldable liner this is a team fit liner another cool. Part about is that the upper sections of both the liner and the shell are a little bit softer so you don't get that high back or boot bite when you're on that heel side edge it just adds a little bit more comfort to the ride the. Liner does feature a heel hold kit on both the lateral and medial side there's actually sections of the liner around her ankles where you can add in different thicknesses of these he'll hold kits each boot comes with these and. This one's five millimeter sick this one's three millimeters thick so if you have odd shape anko's if you have ankle problems or issues and you want better heel hold you just slide one of those babies into that little pocket one. Of our team riders kyle kennedy puts the heel hold kits in his. Only his right ankle because he has a right ankle problem but overall. This is a really nice liner it does have upper support panels on both the lateral media side too so a little bit more supportive but overall the flex over the top of that toe side edge on this effort is gonna be just a little bit softer this thing also features this is a. Teen footbed it's a dual density there's a 3d molded can nae arch support moisture. Wicking style top it's just a big actually a pretty big step up from the standard evm older that you find in the comfort fit from 32 this is a rad boot you know if you're a dad or a guy who. Just likes cruising around in bounds maybe dips to the trees a little bit below its something that has a little bit softer reflects with a traditional ace this is some really good mom that's are the 32 is that for jones came up one. Of the pro model boots that jones has from 32 that you can check out at the house comm by selecting the link below in the description leave a comment or a question let me know what do you think of this thing here i think it looks good you know this is a nice sort of colorway to subscribe to the channel there check out more vince air, and we all see on stone.

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    Ride KS Snowboard Binding - Women's

    Push your park progression with the fluid feel and mellow flex of the Ride KS Snowboard Binding. This park and jib-specialist prefers the company of park fiends and rail junkies, thanks to its tweakable Slimeback Lux highback and flexible Spectrum chassis. Its Wedgie footbed offers a cushioned feel that absorbs flat landings and unwanted chatter, plus its subtle canting helps you boost ollies while aligning your knees for reduced fatigue. Additionally, Ride outfitted the KS with a comfortable RAD ankle strap and boot-conforming ThinGrip toe strap for a plush, dialed-in feel with just enough support to cruise the entire mountain, should you venture beyond the park.

  • Park-focused all-mountain bindings with playful soft flex
  • Flexible highback promotes tweaked-out grabs and slides
  • Wedgie footbed align your knees for natural comfort
  • EVA footbed absorbs harsh impact and chatter
  • Astroglyde OG ratchets provide smooth, secure operation
  • Ankle and toe strap provide a comfy, locked-in fit
  • Item #RDE00FJ
  • Hello I'm matt guf from the house comm and this is a ride chaos snowboard binding designed for freestyle riders that are in-between beginners and advanced level they're for pretty much everyone out there ladies this does have a women's specific design to them so the high-back is quite a bit different and the baseplate all. The components are very much different designed just for the ladies overall it does have a softer flex rating of a 2 and that's because of the spectrum poly carbonate baseplate which is a lot different than rides traditional aluminum base by its combine that with a slime back locks well win a specific high back and you have a very soft. Binding now there's high backs great because well it's very tweak able notice. How it just molds as i flex it one great. Think about your thing is that it doesn't become brittle when it gets cold outside so then this is going to flex the same way as it does here in studio as it does on snow there's a full levee. A pad wedgie footbed that's canted that aligned your ankles your knees and your hips one problem because of you know how. Women are designed the way that there. Hips and their knees and their feet are sometimes their knees go in you it causes a lot of stress on mcl ligaments. Having cants having a canted footbed is. Going to be a very good thing for you it's gonna help you riding you're gonna be able to ride longer and it's gonna line your hips your knees and your. Ankles quite a bit better so keep that in mind when looking at in at pioneer. Babies there's a rad strap it's a plain and simple strap and then there's a thin grip toe strap and i really like that because it's lightweight it's cord out has like this rubbery gel to it and you can wear it on top of your foot or on the front of your toes like that both straps do have the original astroglide buckles there they have huge aluminum. Ratchets quick release the levers of. Course and you know overall this is a great binding there's lots of tooless adjustments on both straps and on the high back and it does feature a micro disk that helps these bindings become mounted tube 4x4 in channel. System boards this is pretty much the women's specific version of the ride k-x. Binding for men that does very well. Again this is awesome freestyle binding check it this is a ride ks and you can see it at. The house calm.

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    Bataleon Love Powder Snowboard - Women's

    Pick up the Bataleon Women's Love Powder Snowboard and let yourself relish in its versatility. Built to surf through the deepest days and lay out massive carves on fresh corduroy, this women-specific, fish-shaped board has a setback profile and large nose for unbelievable float on days when the refills just keep on coming, and boasts a soft flex to keep you maneuvering around the mountain with a playful, forgiving feel underfoot.

    Focusing on deep days when they came up with the Love Powder, Bataleon equipped this board with a Pow 3BT profile. This profile features a narrow center-base and wide angled side-base (with accentuated tips) to keep you floating easier than ever before, and it even allows you to downsize a bit. Under the hood of this pow fiend, poplar wood keeps the Reactor core lightweight and snappy, and beech hardwood reinforcements running down the insert rows increase strength and channel energy to deliver more pop. Biax fiberglass ensures this board's flex stays consistently smooth for easy maneuvering, while the Super Slick X extruded base combines both lasting high speeds and resilient impact-resistance.

  • Surf pow or lay some hard carves on this versatile snowboard
  • Directional shape is easily turned and stable at high speeds
  • Mellow camber adds edge hold without limiting float in pow
  • Soft flex makes for easy turn initiation and stylish presses
  • Pow 3BT enhances deep snow performance for dream like pow turns
  • Light Core keeps the weight down without sacrificing response
  • Sintered base keeps you cruising across alpine lakes with ease
  • Item #BAT004Y
  • Bei größter ich bei prieto meter ich bin. Ja björn von kano trading wir sind hier bei uns im schauraum in innsbruck stellt. Euch heute kriterien snowboards vor wir sind jetzt beim love kauder für die tage, wo es nur richtig was runtergehungert im schnee auf die wir. Und natürlich alle freund jeder mag es. Live powder heuer neu für die saison auch für die mädels, also 148 153 des. Eises also die größten powder bereich. Bei dem board besonders man sieht dass. Er gleich ist es hat so ein bisschen diesen surfboard drei sehr directional. Cut also directional heißt ein bisschen. Weiter längeres kürzere stay was bei dem. Board natürlich sofort auffällt von der. Trip besser die ja ganz besonders bei. Kriterien sind du hast wirklich so eine löffel artigen. Hausse kann zu vergleichen mit einem. Schutzburg der wasser verdrängt genauso ist es beim bei der not hier bei dem. Lauf oder analog natürlich auch zu dem. Burschen bretter des camps diesen. Auftrieb effekt verstärken durch diese löffeln los du musst nicht mehr so weit. Auf dem hinter verstehen kannst relativ zentral stehen und hast aber trotzdem. Diesen power upload effekt es käme tovey. Gesagt heuer neu super schönes design. Von batterien snowboards zwei. Verschiedene längen du kannst es eigentlich kürzer fahren, als du gewohntes sei jetzt mal da oder halt. Genau dieselbe länge fahren wie du auch regulär vielleicht fährst amberg du musst es nicht länger fahren kannst es. Ein bisserl runterabgehört downgraden sozusagen ja wie gesagt mit der puppe. Base directional cut super geeignet für. Die vip days on the mountain eine ganze. Design von der basic standard base also. Das heißt doch leicht zu pflegen leicht auszubessern sollte. Doch einmal rock oder irgendwas hippen. Sowie alle snowboards von bethanien natürlich hand made in austria größten. Hochwertige geschichte beim lauf powder, also viel spaß damit. Weitere features gerne auf der website. Also check des aus lauter liebe mädels.

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    Never Summer Aura Snowboard - Women's

    As one of the original women-specific boards to harness Never Summer's aggressive Ripsaw Rocker Camber, the Never Summer Aura Snowboard transmits its hard-charging capabilities all over the mountain, mowing over choppy snow, floating through fresh powder, and dissecting tight tree runs with equal parts power and precision.

    This all-mountain directional board is super stable at high speeds, thanks to the Ripsaw Rocker Camber, which gives you camber underfoot for snappy response and powerful edge hold, but with catch-free playfulness and added float of rocker between the bindings. When it hasn't snowed in a while, the Vario Power Grip sidecut helps you hold an edge on icy runs, and a Carbon Max Laminate adds significant stiffness to the torsional flex pattern at the tip and tail, which is especially useful for boosting off side hits and powering through choppy snow. The RDS1 system soaks up chatter for a damper, smoother ride when busting through choppy snow, while the elastomeric Underfoot Stabilizers help keep your composure when you're towing the line between control and chaos.

  • Aggressive freeride deck for gnarly, big-mountain riding
  • Hybrid rocker blends power of camber with playful rocker
  • Stiff flex is powerful, stable, and responsive
  • Carbon laminates enhance pop and response
  • RDS 1 system dampens vibrations for a smoother ride
  • DuraSurf intered base is fast and durable
  • Carbonium topsheet resists chips and enhances traction
  • Never Summer boards have been handmade in Colorado since 1983
  • Item #NVS007N
  • What's up this is Jordan with tactics right now you're checking out the 2019 never summer aura this is a women's board that features ripsaw rocker camber profile a medium to stiff flex and a twin shape the rocker camber profile on. This is gonna have rocker between your feet with a more aggressive camber underfoot that paired with the barrio power grip side cut is gonna really allow this board to have a lot of grip and response on groomers but also a ton. Of floating powder it's gonna be a good option for your intermediate to advanced level rider someone who's just looking to ride everything float through powder and charge fast on groomers but definitely for your more intermediate to advanced level rider it features a carbonium top sheet which is durable and scratch resistant and a deserve xt base. Which is durable and infused with graphite for extra speed like all their. Never summer boards is handmade in the usa and comes with a limited three-year warranty if you have any more questions or comments make sure to drop those in the box below or check this board out of tactics com

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    Jones Snowboards AirHeart Snowboard - Women's

    Hammer hard edging turns then take to the air on the Airheart Snowboard from Jones Snowboards. This all-mountain board features a directional shape and medium-stiff flex to inspire confidence in pow, on firm pack, and even in the park. A power camber profile provides the traditional edge hold and responsive pop you would expect from camber while short rocker sections at the tip and tail add maneuverability and edge catch forgiveness so that you can start expanding that bag of tricks in the park or smear stylish nose butters in deep fresh snow.

  • All-mountain board that can do it all in any type of terrain
  • Power camber profile blends responsive energy and forgiveness
  • Directional twin shape is versatile and easily controlled
  • Stiff flex is stable at speed and extremely poppy in the park
  • Triax fiberglass adds torsional rigidity for solid edge hold
  • Triple density core is lightweight, super responsive, and durable
  • Sintered base is extremely fast to get you out of flat sections
  • Item #JSB007I
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    Burton Limelight Snowboard Boot - Women's

    Destined to shine in the terrain park and beyond, the Burton Women's Limelight Snowboard Boot delivers freestyle-focused performance that also gets down on groomers, side hits, and tight tree runs found on the rest of the mountain.

    The Limelight uses SpeedZone lacing in the upper and lower zones for independent tightening, which allows you to dial-in a precise fit for any riding scenario. Landing smack-dab in the middle of Burton's responsiveness rating, the Limelight is suited for freestyle and all-terrain riding, while its Medium-Flex PowerUp Tongue adds responsiveness for rallying in and out of turns.

    Inside the Limelight, you'll find a heat-moldable Imprint 2 Liner that's insulated with 3M Thinsulate for toasty comfort on some of winter's coldest days. Then, the boot retains even more heat with its Sleeping Bag Reflective Foil that's located beneath the footbed, acting like an emergency blanket to keep your feet warm during the coldest of shred sessions. Rounding the Limelight out, a low-profile DynoGrip sole that's cushioned with B3 gel helps absorb harsh impacts from overshooting jumps or particularly flat landings.

  • All-mountain boot for customized comfort from bell to bell
  • Medium flex combines power and comfort for all day performance
  • Imprint 2 Liner is thermo-moldable for a customized fit i
  • 3M Thinsulate keeps your toes warm for bell to bell shredding
  • Zonal lacing locks your heel in for maximum control
  • Medium flex tongue provides powerful turn initiation in the trees
  • DynoGrip Outsole grips snow and ice for finding powder stashes
  • Item #BUR02K5
  • Hi I'm jenna this is the burton mint booth this is actually the world's. Best-selling women's boot for seven years running now and for a lot of. Reason for the money there's a lot of value to this boot and it's really your bouffier entry to mid-level rider who's. Looking for a very mid flex fairly soft. Flexing boot that'll really help them. Progress some other riding skills but offer some of the convenience that you. Wouldn't find that boots at this price level so to start off this is obviously. A women's specific boot meaning it has a women's specific fit what that means is. The cup of the boots it's a little bit lower than a man's what boot would because women's camp muscles sit a little bit lower on their legs it as well. Is a little bit narrower and it's a little bit softer flexing since it's a little harder for us to flex a boot the same way a man won next let's talk about. The lacing system on this boot what it offers is burton's speed zone lacing. System and what this is actually a. Zonal lacing system so what we have we. Really loosen this boot up is one string. That pulls the lower zone so it actually tightens up all down here and another. Core that pulled the upper zone so it tightens the cuff up there not only is a. Super convenient to really tighten your boots down and for them to actually stay locked but the zonal ability really. Allows you to get more of a customized. Fit if you're looking to really tighten up the top cup of the boot and leaves maybe the bottom of the boot a little bit loose or vice-versa so then of. Course when the boots as tight as you want to be he simply lock that into place and you tuck these pieces away. Next the liner that's featured on this boot is the imprint one very simple. Liner but very comfortable out of the box this wire is actually heat moldable which again sometimes you find out this miss Louisville boop. What that means is you can actually heat. This liner up heat it to your foot and your foot will actually mold the liner. So that you've got more of a comfortable more of a conform fit to the boot you've. Also got power panels throughout that liner and what those ours are actually panels that flex when you flex the boot, but they retract back to their normal position after being flexed so it holds. It holds up the rigidity of the liner. That the liner stays a little bit more durable you're not really breaking that liner down as much and you're still getting that flex with that support and that stability that you would need as an entry-level rider overall this boot is. Pretty soft flexing but again it's still very supportive so as an entry-level rider that's what you want something that will be a little bit more forgiving. But still provide that support so you can help progress you're riding a little bit you also have a molded tongue on. This which again actually it's a molded. Soft flex thin profile tongue so it's. Actually a little bit thinner and it's. Actually adjusted to the flex the boot so even the tongue kind of maintains. That softer flex with that added stability while minimizing some of the. Materials they're making it a very lightweight and again just a simple simple--. Durable stable boot now last you've got. The nice eba padding in the cushioning. Of the boot nice eba padded footbed you've got a two part outsole on the. Boot and you've got these rubber spikes and what these rubber spikes do is actually when they're cold and engaged they actually become a little bit more grippy and then you can actually grip. The ground a little bit better it's a little bit harder to slip so again this. Is the burton meant boot a really great. Boot for your entry-level rider who's. Looking for do something simple something to get them out on the slopes and to be very comfortable out of the box and throughout their. Progression of writing.

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