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  Arbor Swoon System Rocker Snowboard - Women's Vans Ferra Pro Snowboard Boot - Women's Burton Chicklet Snowboard - Girls' Never Summer Maverix LT Snowboard - Women's Salomon Snowboards Hologram Snowboard Binding - Women's Niche Minx Snowboard - Women's DC Search Boa Snowboard Boot - Women's Now Vetta Snowboard Binding - Women's Rome Guild Snowboard Binding - Women's Bataleon Love Powder Snowboard - Women's Gnu Asym B-Nice Snowboard - Women's ThirtyTwo Zephyr Snowboard Boot - Women's Nitro Cuda TLS Snowboard Boot - Women's Burton Limelight Snowboard Boot - Women's Rome Sentry Boa Snowboard Boot - Women's Burton Supreme Snowboard Boot - Women's Flow Omni Hybrid Snowboard Binding - Women's
  Arbor Swoon System Rocker Snowboard - Women's Vans Ferra Pro Snowboard Boot - Women's Burton Chicklet Snowboard - Girls' Never Summer Maverix LT Snowboard - Women's Salomon Snowboards Hologram Snowboard Binding - Women's Niche Minx Snowboard - Women's DC Search Boa Snowboard Boot - Women's Now Vetta Snowboard Binding - Women's Rome Guild Snowboard Binding - Women's Bataleon Love Powder Snowboard - Women's Gnu Asym B-Nice Snowboard - Women's ThirtyTwo Zephyr Snowboard Boot - Women's Nitro Cuda TLS Snowboard Boot - Women's Burton Limelight Snowboard Boot - Women's Rome Sentry Boa Snowboard Boot - Women's Burton Supreme Snowboard Boot - Women's Flow Omni Hybrid Snowboard Binding - Women's
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Brand Burton Nitro Now Vans Never Summer Flow Rome Salomon Snowboards ThirtyTwo DC Burton Rome Bataleon Niche Arbor Gnu Burton
Flex Stiff (7 on Burton scale) medium medium (5 of 10 on Now's scale) medium-stiff (5 - 7 of 10 on Van's scale) medium medium medium medium Medium-soft (4 out of 10 on Thirty-Two's scale) medium (6 of 10 on DC's scale) medium, 5 on Burton scale medium medium-soft (4 of 10 on Bataleon scale soft (4 out of 10 on Niche scale) medium-stiff (6 out of 10 on Arbor's scale) [139cm] 4 out of 10, [142cm] 4 out of 10, [145cm] 4.5 out of 10, [148cm] 4.5 out of 10, [151cm] 5 out of 10, [154cm] 5 out of 10 medium
Manufacturer Warranty one year 2 years lifetime 30 days 3 years 1 year 2 year 2 year 1 year 1 year one year limited lifetime 2 year 2 years 3 years 1 year 1 year
Recommended Use all-mountain snowboarding, backcountry snowboarding, freeride/powder snowboarding all-mountain snowboarding, park & freestyle snowboarding all-mountain snowboarding, park & freestyle snowboarding all-mountain snowboarding, backcountry snowboarding all-mountain snowboarding all-mountain snowboarding all-mountain snowboarding all-mountain snowboarding, park & freestyle snowboarding all-mountain snowboarding, backcountry snowboarding, freeride/powder snowboarding, park & freestyle snowboarding all-mountain snowboarding all-mountain snowboarding, backcountry snowboarding, freeride/powder snowboarding, park & freestyle snowboarding all-mountain snowboarding, park & freestyle snowboarding all-mountain snowboarding, freeride/powder snowboarding, park & freestyle snowboarding all-mountain snowboarding, freeride/powder snowboarding, park & freestyle snowboarding all-mountain snowboarding, freeride/powder snowboarding, park & freestyle snowboarding all-mountain snowboarding, park & freestyle snowboarding all-mountain
Mount - - 4-hole - 4-hole universal - universal - - - 4-hole 4-hole 4-hole 4-hole 4-hole 3D

Arbor Swoon System Rocker Snowboard - Women's

Designed for women who don't let park lanes and resort boundaries restrict their riding, the Arbor Women's Swoon System Rocker Snowboard is a responsive yet smooth all-mountain dream machine that goes from park and groomers to pow without missing a beat. Already a beloved board by hard-charging ladies everywhere, the Swoon now comes in this rockered version for the first time.

System rocker uses several different design elements to provide true rocker performance while maintaining an incredible amount of edge hold and pop. It features a parabolic arc that is more rockered between the bindings and less rockered at the tip and tail to give it float in powder and a catch-free feeling on hardpack. The Grip Tech sidecut uses two additional contact points along each edge to allow for reliable edge hold on a rocker profile. A mid-stiff flex offers the stability and response you want for shredding big lines and steep slopes, while remaining playful enough for mellow pow runs and the occasional park lap. It's finished off with a beautiful bamboo topsheet that not only makes the board stronger and snappier, but eco-friendlier to boot.

  • Built for ladies who ride without restrictions
  • System Rocker provides true rocker performance
  • Mid-stiff flex is powerful, responsive, and stable
  • Grip Tech creates extra contact points at inserts
  • Poplar core is lightweight and lively
  • Mixed glassing strikes a balance between response and play
  • Sintered base glides quickly across flats and deep snow
  • Arbor snowboards are produced in way that's easier on the environment
  • Item #ARB00CK
  • hi my name is tony perez I'm the rocky. Mountain sales rep for arbor snowboards and here I'm holding the swoon women's. Specific board made for the woman that wants to go do everything on the mountain riding powder riding trees doing big lines awesome board comes with. A sustainably sourced bamboo top sheet a sustainably source of wood core recycled steel ledges based on our system rocker. Parabolic rocker with grip tech great. Board for doing everything the arbor swoon comes in multiple sizes all the way from a 40 all the way up to 156.

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    Vans Ferra Pro Snowboard Boot - Women's

    Lace your feet into the Vans Ferra Boa Snowboard Boot and enjoy the secure fit and cushy feel underfoot all over the mountain. Its medium flex pattern is ideal for the aggressive rider seeking a one-boot solution for riding everything the mountain has to offer, from dialed terrain parks to fresh pow in the trees.

    The Hybrid Boa closure brings you the locked-down heel hold essential for charging at higher speeds, using a side-mounted Boa dial that tightens the instep area and teams up with traditional laces for the time-tested fit you've come to expect from laces. Inside the boot, a heat-moldable V2 UltraCush liner wraps your feet for a secure and supportive fit without pressure points, while the V2 harness customizes the heel hold and support to adapt to the terrain. Smoother landings and vibration-free riding come to you thanks to the V2 UltraCush footbed, especially when you're blasting over choppy snow at higher speeds. Rounding things out, you'll find a V2 Waffleflex sole with aggressive traction lugs for traction and flex grooves for sure-footed dexterity and enhanced board feel.

  • Confident support and comfort meet in this aggressive boot
  • Hybrid Boa closure prevents heel lift at high speeds
  • Medium flex is ideal for hitting big jumps and cruising
  • UltraCush liner with heat-moldable foam for custom fit
  • V2 footbed of UltraCush Lite for impact absorption
  • Waffleflex sole with grippy lugs and flex grooves
  • Item #VAN00Z1
  • Hello I'm matt guff from the house calm and this is a pair of 2019 vans implant pro snowboard boots. Therefore all mon freestyle used for inter me to advance all level riders that want something with a traditional style lace a lightweight appeal in a. Very cinched down heel pocket there's a. Really great book it's one of the team favorites has great innovative technology and of course it's a super comfortable or right out of the box this is a boot that you can ride groomers with and take in the park that's like a unique appeal to it because it has a. Flex zone of about five to seven. Depending on how you adjust a power cuff. And if you decided use the ex cage or not on the liner this is a pretty cool. Boot but overall it does feature that a traditional lacing system and as like the major thing about this traditional. Lace it's easy to replace if you have enough like splinter lace or so has flex notches on the shell but the thing you may be wondering is it what the heck is this bulk oil or there's ball really. Doing on the side of the boot this. Boa real actually has a custom kind of like a slide guide to it as well but it. Actually fits on cyst within the midst. Of that tongue so when you crank down. That boa this tongues custom slide. Section actually is drawn into that heal. Pocket you'll notice that once i click. It in start turning it that custom slide. Guide actually push it pushes the tongue. Into that pocket that is remarkable one of the biggest problems that snowboarders have rather than be freestyle free riders was that when they get out of toe side edge sometimes their heels will lift up if the heel pocket isn't nice and snug with that bowl you. Have the ability to keep that nice and snug another cool part actually about it too is like when you have it tightened down so you rip a groomer you know super tight when you get down to the bottom of the lift and you you might get a little bit of low circulation or something you can just UNPO that and you give yourself a little bit of wiggle room to which is actually pretty nice there's a nice external style backstage. Synthetic style material cannibalistic style nylon and then on the medial side there's actually a breathable of. Ventilation too so if your feet get really warm you know he can escape there. But one other thing about the boot is. That it has a heat retention later on the bottom or underneath your foot bed. Above your mid sole and that's been. Actually upgraded for 2019 to kind of encapsulate that toe box so where do you. Need wool the most i don't need to. Defeat on your toes you'll have it and actually keep the cold out so heat will rise if your feet get too hot of course that those side bets actually help to. Relieve some of that sin that heat the tongue has like a 3d style shaping a little bit of padding to it I've been a nice little gusset but again that custom slide guide with that boy is real nice too because if you get it like a weird pinch you can move that to wherever you. Want to go so you don't feel it underneath your ankle strap the outsole. And missile are great the mid sole is actually an ultra cush that absorbs tons of impact of course and then rubber outsole is in those high abrasion and wear areas this is called v2 waffle flex. Actually flexes just a little bit better you get great amount of board feel and. Then inside this thing is like a couple of different things the first one is actually the v2 harness v2 harness actually just kind of wraps around this v2 liner there's a liner. Locking lace down system and then. There's the power cuff i haven't i don't really have the power cuff setup right now but the power cuff that can be worn. Basically three different ways you don't have to wear it you can actually cut it off if you like it can be worn across the front and the exterior of the tongue. And then it could be also worn underneath the tongue but over the top of the liner so that's one way that this boot actually has five different feels. If you want to be the stiffest most reactive the way that i like it in the upper section put the power cuff around the top section of that tongue if you wanted to lose us don't even where you could cut it off if you'd like inside of. The show is this awesome v 2 duo density. Ultra cushion foam heat moldable. Liner this co2 veto it's really great has it kind of soft top touch same thing with the coughing on the outside of the show do you not get a lot of harsh bite on your calf there's. A comfort fit kind of toe box so if you bottomed out on a jump you have a little bit of five there and then a dispersed pressure pad for your ankle strap but the cool thing that you'll see is this x cage the x cage is actually kind of less. Support or less heel down if you want and of course you can cut it to you can cut it to customize to how the. Shape of your foot actually yes and then. Of course in there and under directly underneath your foot is this v2 footbed it's a dual density you ultra cushion has a moisture wicking style top a. Little bit of arch support a nice little heel cradle but overall this is a really. Rad overall look it looks really good it's. Actually surprisingly lightweight because there's not a full rubber outsole weight appeal but if you need. Your ankle or your heel lock down and. You like the top section your boot really tight you have that option and women with a custom heat moldable liner you have a boot that's gonna fit. Really good you didn't even have to custom heat morning the foam will actually just kind of conformed your foot after you know a couple of hours so here it is this is a in a plant pro and. Awesome boot from vance and of course you can check out here at the house calm eye selecting the link below in the description leave a comment or question let me know what you think of this thing here subscribe to the channel there check out more vids there hit the little bell submission button to get. Notifications to watch more bids thanks. For watching hope you guys are on and hopefully.

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    Burton Chicklet Snowboard - Girls'

    The progression-friendly flex and catch-free feel of the Burton Girls' Chicklet Snowboard will have your future shredder hooked on the shred after her very first run. Built for beginners, this board features a stable, learning-friendly flat profile and twin shape that lets her ride both ways with ease, especially when she's working on mastering the falling leaf technique on the bunny hill.

    Easy Rider provides catch-free convex base edges to prevent her from hooking an edge unexpectedly when she's learning to turn. Less edge snagging equals less falling, allowing her to quickly progress with tons of confidence. The board's full tip-to-tail wood core provides a super-soft flex for lighter riders, helping her initiate turns without the board being too stiff and unruly. Throw in torsionally-soft biax fiberglass and an easy-to-maintain extruded base for a board that's perfectly suited for beginners.

  • Beginner friendly twin board for quick progression and fun
  • Soft flex and twin shape is conducive to nailing the basics
  • Flat profile with catch-free edges reduces falling
  • Wood core keeps the flex soft and playful
  • Extruded base remains tough for seasons of use
  • Biax glass is torsionally soft for easy turn initiation
  • Item #BUR01ZC
  • This is a 20-19 burton chiclets the. Chiclets is our kids board twin from. Nose to tail so symmetrical from nose to tail even before you know if your kids. Going to be regular or goofy you can set. Then up with a twin stance, and they'll have no issue going one way or the other the chiclets features our flattop ben. Shape so it's flat from contact point to contact point providing a really stable platform so just like any adult board. The chiclet features a full wrap steel edge however we have our ez bevel edge. Tune which provides a 3d contouring of. The base allowing the edges to rise. Above the snow and preventing edge catch the chiclet features redrilled. Mounting holes so if your kids not yet. Ready to ride the lifts you can attach a burton rig lit real and it's a retractable reel that'll allow you to pull your kid around and give them a sense for what it is to be on snow.

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    Never Summer Maverix LT Snowboard - Women's

    Taking inspiration from the legendary big-wave spot, the Never Summer Maverix LT Snowboard leads you into battle with all-mountain versatility and cushy, cruising comfort. Being the LT version, this deck has a narrower waist width to accommodate riders with smaller feet. NS gave the Maverix Fusion Rocker camber, which puts rocker between your feet and camber underfoot to fuse float and forgiveness with pop, power, and edge hold. A directional shape offers increased control and float when the sky refuses to stop dumping.

    The board's Carbon Max Laminate technology adds torsional control to the tip and tail, giving the board extra snap and response when initiating turns without stiffening its midsection. Elastomeric Underfoot Stabilizers and the RDS 1 damping system absorb vibrations from bumpy terrain to fight off foot fatigue, while the Vario Power Grip sidecut blends multiple sidecut radii to hold an edge on the iciest of slopes. Add that all together with the super-strong yet lightweight core and an ultra-fast Durasurf sintered base, and you're ready to drop in to any terrain.

  • Powerful all-mountain machine for charging in any conditions
  • Hybrid rocker profile balances power with playfulness
  • Medium flex is responsive, snappy, and fun
  • Carbon laminates enhance pop and response
  • Bi-lite wrap ensures smooth, even flex
  • RDS 1 system dampens vibrations for a smoother ride
  • Sintered base is fast and durable
  • Never Summer boards are handmade in Colorado
  • Item #NVS006T
  • So here is the 2019 never summer. Mavericks there's an all-mountain board that's ideal for carving on piece really good edge hold and the shape of it is gonna give it a surfy feel when you're riding off-piste as well it's directional any shapes you've got a slight setback with a longer knows it's gonna help with float it's gonna give you a ton of performance when you're on piste as well it flexes medium the. Medium to soft wet it's nice and playful. There is a little bit of response and snap in there as well because it helps with the surf you feel to it. The camber is fusion rocker camber so. You've got a rocker section in the center to help with flow and take away a kind of catchy feel and then you've got a slight camber under the front foot and. Then a more aggressive prominent camber. Under the back foot that's gonna give you a ton of a ton of performance and pop when you're riding around and it's. Gonna give you a lot of a grip and edge hold when you're carving and laying down new cards on the piste the base is a. Duracell xt wintered base really fast absorbs works really well really. Open pores and there yeah retains the way that you put on it for a long time and it will perform on. All conditions all snow types whether you're on piste or you're in powder keep you guiding all day long as. Always never saw my graphic serve pretty awesome so the top sheets pretty bright and vibrant really good kind of texture to it as well know it's kind of lifestyle imagery in there were really poppy kind of blues and green never summer logo up at the top pretty smart ish here so the mavericks has got never sort of super light wood core which is you can tell by the name of it's really light they've. Stripped away any kind of excess materials and source to really light woods that they've made very thin. So it just kind of strips away any excess weight it's also quite durable. And really lively as well you've as well. Got elastomeric underfoot stabilization. So you've got three different layers of materials within the board that over underfoot and. The idea behind that is it absorbs any chatter and increases the stability when. You're riding at speed you've also got a. Carbon max laminate layup see you got. Carbon strips that extend out to the. Edges of the board from the center it that increases the rigidity of the board torsion ally increases the response and. Also helps with energy transfer so for when you're going from one edge to the other it's gonna help you out in that. Respect it's gonna help you get from your heel to your toe and vice versa so. There marva ryx is aimed intermediate to advanced riders you're gonna get a ton of performance when you're riding off-piste or if you're laying down carves on piste not suited for beginners purely. Because of the camber profile it's very performance driven so there's a few other options, and they're never summer range that are gonna work a little bit better for you and help you progress it's also not ideal for gob and. Purely because of the shape it's really designed to perform on piste and off-piste not exactly a park focus board but. If you're looking for a directional all-mountain board to lay down curbs and slash them off-piste snow the 2019 never summer mavericks. Yeah.

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    Salomon Snowboards Hologram Snowboard Binding - Women's

    Thanks to the enhanced flexibility of ShadowFit technology, the Salomon Hologram Snowboard Binding offers a heightened degree of lateral mobility when you're lapping the park and cruising across the whole mountain. It all starts with Salomon's ShadowFit baseplate, which features a flexible heelcup that's supported with a Kevlar Quickwire, so you can crank into heelside turns without washing out. The flexible heelcup allows you to load up ollies and tweak out tricks without a traditional, motion-restricting heelcup getting in your way.

    The Hologram Snowboard Binding features a cored-out Hologram highback that's asymmetrically designed for the ultimate in comfort and control over your board. Aligning with your natural riding stance, the 2.5-degree canted footbed alleviates fatigue over your knees and ankles while increasing the control over your board's tip and tail, especially on decks with rocker profiles. Plush, 3D-formed Shadow straps allow you to ride for hours at a time without pressure points holding you back. These straps are complemented with Locked-Up Toe Straps that suck the tip of your boot back into the heelcup for greater responsiveness.

  • Responsive and fluid binding for freestyle and all-terrain
  • Medium level of response for park and all-mountain riders
  • ShadowFit baseplate for heightened fluidity and flex
  • Flexible heelcup with Kevlar Quickwire for greater support
  • Hologram highback balances heelside response with tweakability
  • 2.5-degree canted footbed naturally aligns with riding stance
  • Universal disc works with all mounting systems (4-hole, Channel)
  • Item #SAL01GN
  • What's up this is Jordan tactics for shopping right now you were checking out the 2018 Solomon hologram binding the. Hologram features a middle-of-the-road flex for Solomon going to be good for a. Beginner starting out all the way to you know someone who is more advanced writing a lot of parks great binding for that really lightweight binding features the shadow fifth technology so that's the Kevlar strap that runs on the heel cup here which allows the heel cups to be really soft and loose but from two. Back really stiff to tie back us different things up and you're going to have a lot of response out of these bindings it features the all-new shadow. Strap from salomon so what that is the thin down ankle strap got these holes in it which allow for a more ergonomic fit natural flex over your boot not going to get pressure points in these that's all. Falls and bindings that features a tool adjustment here on the toe and ankle strap that's going to allow you to micromanage your set up on the fly get things really dialed in you know lift lines that's even on the list really quick and easy way to micromanage your set up aluminum buckles really smooth. Really good Gracchus on these guys never. Had a problem with salomon bindings i got a chance to ride these a couple weeks ago up in mount bachelor and i would say these a feel pretty similar to. The new trigger binding the salomon release this year kind of middle-of-the-road flex great for someone who likes to write a lot of parks pretty much this road park in a lot of slushy soft conditions that day and these really allowed me to have the drive i needed like making deep turns and a lot of choppy snow really great. Binding my favorite thing about solving bindings is just how lightweight they are you know you can throw these on any board and it's just going to make your setup feel super light that's. Definitely one outside of these bindings really lightweight construction it's like super noticeable how light your setup is with these yeah I'm great. Binding for beginner intermediate rider advanced park rider salomon hologram if. You have any more questions or comments make sure to drop those in the box below or check these out fall 2017 at tactics. Calm.

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    Niche Minx Snowboard - Women's

    The Niche Women's Minx Snowboard loves to get frisky in the park, but it isn't afraid to test the waters around the rest of the resort, either. With a stable profile and a press-friendly flex, the Minx is ideal for riders who shred everything from jumps and jibs to tree runs and pow fields.

    A mostly flat profile keeps it stable for sending jumps and locking onto rails and rocker at the tips provide a catch-free feel on hard pack and enhanced float in powder. The easy-going flex helps you perfect your presses and is still responsive enough for hitting jumps and laying down carves. Speaking of carving, 2X Traction bumps along the side on the board add extra grip when you and the crew decide to go for some high-speed groomer runs.

  • All-mountain board for freestyle minded riders who love to explore
  • Twin shape provides ultimate freestyle freedom in or out of the park
  • Soft flex allows easy turn initiation and stylish presses on rails
  • Flat to Early Rise Camber is loose, floats in pow, and holds an edge
  • Flax stringers create a consistent and responsive flex
  • Paulownia and flax core is lightweight while remaining poppy
  • Sintered base carries speed across the flats with ease
  • Item #NCH000Z
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    DC Search Boa Snowboard Boot - Women's

    Ditch those old, worn-out shred boots and turn to the fresh style and all-mountain versatility of the DC Search Boa Snowboard Boot. It offers lightweight comfort with the convenience and security of Boa lacing at a price that leaves cash left over for post-shred pizza. Normally only found on the most high-end boots, the Search's Boa H3 Coiler reel lets you fine tune the perfect fit in just seconds, and it won't slip no matter how hard you ride. The Red liner features memory foam and a cozy fleece lining for out-of-the-box comfort and all-day warmth, and the EVA Unilite outsole provides a lightweight feel and responsive cushioning.

  • Affordable convenience and comfort for all-mountain riding
  • Boa reel allows you to dial in perfect fit in seconds
  • H3 Coiler offers total security and micro-adjustability
  • Medium flex handles everything from park to peak
  • Memory foam liner for a comfy, foot-conforming fit
  • Fleece lining adds warmth and manages moisture
  • Snow Basic insole eases impacts and absorbs impacts
  • Unilite outsole is extremely lightweight and cushy
  • Item #DCS00Z6
  • The search comfort and convenience combined standing on a foundation unis. Light outsole the search features the fast and easy security of boa coiler closure and cozies at lightweight. Construction for all season all mountain actions inside you'll find the thermal. Regulating red liner paired with the snow basic insole which is covered in moisture wicking cloth the search.

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    Now Vetta Snowboard Binding - Women's

    The Now Vetta Snowboard Binding is built for slaying steeps, slashing powder, and hot-lapping the park. It's essentially the same binding as the all-terrain-slaying IPO, only with a flex and sizing that's fine-tuned to suit female riders. Now's Skate Tech features a Hanger 1.0 base connected to a hinged Kingpin at its center. The hinge acts like a fulcrum, allowing you to rock the binding back and forth with a subtle amount of play, much like you'd experience when turning on a skateboard truck. Soft bushings soak up chatter from tracked-out slopes and harsh landings.

    Women's calves typically sit lower on their legs compared to men, so Now equipped the Vetta with a Flex Hinge highback that flexes in the middle to prevent calf bite. Sieve ankle straps feature single-injected EVA construction for a boot-conforming feel that locks down comfort and response. Flushcup technology makes the highback sit above the heelcup, allowing your boot to sit flush with both pieces for improved heelside response. This technology also allows you to ride the binding highback-less with the Highcup insert (not included), lending a surfy sensation to your powder days and park laps.

  • Intuitive response and control for ladies who rip
  • Baseplate with 15% fiberglass blend for female-specific flex
  • Skate Tech promotes fluid turns and reduced vibration
  • Flex Hinge highback won't pinch calf muscles
  • Sieva ankle strap with single-injected EVA
  • 3D Minimal toe strap snugly fits over boot's toe
  • Tool-less strap adjusters for on-mountain fitment
  • Burton Channel compatible (separate disc through Now)
  • Item #NOW001A
  • Hello I'm matt guff from the house comm I'm here in denver colorado at the 2016. Si a snowsports trade show in the now. Booth I'm with legendary rider jf couchette jeff how you do today man I'm nearing fabulous and you uh you know i feel good that I'm kidding it I'm able. To shoot a video with you we have some awesome bindings behind me and in your hand is the women's specific ivetta that. Has scape tech technology walking to tell us about this awesome women's mining well last year we had the ipo we. Had a smaller size and a small size in a colorway for the woman and it just went off the shelf, and we sold out, so we were in there were like okay let's do let's do something a more woman specific, and we brought the letter which is a woman specific and you have a lower fiberglass. Content in the anger at fifteen percent versus thirty percent in all the other men's you know in the lineup and also a software i back for girls because their calf are a bit shorter so you don't do a no pressure no cash back, and we have. This pattern siva strap which is a new this year really comfortable doesn't back down durable and it's like so this i can say about the ivetta really cool. Dining and we have two colorways there you have it ladies if you want a very comfortable running there has dampening properties awesome skate tech a technology to help you ride even better than you are right now make sure to check out all now snowboard bindings at. The house comm.

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    Rome Guild Snowboard Binding - Women's

    Show off your skills all over the mountain with the lightweight, yet powerful feel of the Rome Guild Snowboard Binding. This super-light bindings offers a supportive and responsive, yet tweakable feel, along with tons of customization so you can fine tune it to match your riding style and stance. Groomers, powder stashes, and park hits are all in the cards for the Guild.

    AsymWrap technology improves edge-to-edge response while maintaining lateral flex and board feel, meaning you get quick turning power and maximum board control. PivotWrap technology lets you adjust the strap position to customize how responsive you want your binding to be. Run it looser for mellow park laps and surfy pow days, or go ultra-responsive when taking on big mountain lines and railing carves on groomers. Its mid-stiff flex offers support and response for going big and fast, but it still allows enough flexibility for tweaking methods thanks to the women's-specific Guild highback.

  • Super-light performance for ripping the whole mountain
  • PivotMount lets you control response with strap position
  • V-Rod baseplate offers ultralight response and strength
  • Asym Vice is supportive, yet tweakable
  • EVA SubBase pad soaks up chatter and impacts
  • ContourBoss 2.0 ankle strap provide secure comfort
  • Full highback rotation matches highback to your stance
  • Item #ROM00E9
  • Blackman's I'm justin ware for roma's snowboard this is the new deal that we have for 2018 is an all-new little. Sister to the Katina which is our highly successful flagship women's binding so the guild has a new am hi back it. Features the acm wrap that the Katina is known for this is going to under up at your toe on the lateral or the medial side and at your heels you're going to. That tone heel response and that natural board flex with the mini disc as well as the v-rod in the base plate very conform will toe strap to any boot you can ride it over the top of the boot, or we can write it over the toe cap traditional stock construction ankle strap it has a downgraded or streamlined pivot mount in. Terms of it's got four positions instead of the Katina which has eight you have full high back rotation with this channel here you loosen up two screws rotate the high back and why. That's important is because you angle your binding you want your pry back to be following the board really get that toned heel response into the board edge that's the guild and as you can see. We've matched it up or merged it with the women's height high sport and this. Is the other colorway here the black with some of the rose gold hits. That's the guild 2018 hey brad buckman. Here thanks for checking out our video I'm coming to you from one of our six area locations in the Philadelphia region we are skiers and snowboarders just like yourself family-owned company. Start a 1971 by my grandfather so next. Time you're looking for ski and snowboard products check out bachman calm.

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    Bataleon Love Powder Snowboard - Women's

    Pick up the Bataleon Women's Love Powder Snowboard and let yourself relish in its versatility. Built to surf through the deepest days and lay out massive carves on fresh corduroy, this women-specific, fish-shaped board has a setback profile and large nose for unbelievable float on days when the refills just keep on coming, and boasts a soft flex to keep you maneuvering around the mountain with a playful, forgiving feel underfoot.

    Focusing on deep days when they came up with the Love Powder, Bataleon equipped this board with a Pow 3BT profile. This profile features a narrow center-base and wide angled side-base (with accentuated tips) to keep you floating easier than ever before, and it even allows you to downsize a bit. Under the hood of this pow fiend, poplar wood keeps the Reactor core lightweight and snappy, and beech hardwood reinforcements running down the insert rows increase strength and channel energy to deliver more pop. Biax fiberglass ensures this board's flex stays consistently smooth for easy maneuvering, while the Super Slick X extruded base combines both lasting high speeds and resilient impact-resistance.

  • Surf pow or lay some hard carves on this versatile snowboard
  • Directional shape is easily turned and stable at high speeds
  • Mellow camber adds edge hold without limiting float in pow
  • Soft flex makes for easy turn initiation and stylish presses
  • Pow 3BT enhances deep snow performance for dream like pow turns
  • Light Core keeps the weight down without sacrificing response
  • Sintered base keeps you cruising across alpine lakes with ease
  • Item #BAT004Y
  • Bei größter ich bei prieto meter ich bin. Ja björn von kano trading wir sind hier bei uns im schauraum in innsbruck stellt. Euch heute kriterien snowboards vor wir sind jetzt beim love kauder für die tage, wo es nur richtig was runtergehungert im schnee auf die wir. Und natürlich alle freund jeder mag es. Live powder heuer neu für die saison auch für die mädels, also 148 153 des. Eises also die größten powder bereich. Bei dem board besonders man sieht dass. Er gleich ist es hat so ein bisschen diesen surfboard drei sehr directional. Cut also directional heißt ein bisschen. Weiter längeres kürzere stay was bei dem. Board natürlich sofort auffällt von der. Trip besser die ja ganz besonders bei. Kriterien sind du hast wirklich so eine löffel artigen. Hausse kann zu vergleichen mit einem. Schutzburg der wasser verdrängt genauso ist es beim bei der not hier bei dem. Lauf oder analog natürlich auch zu dem. Burschen bretter des camps diesen. Auftrieb effekt verstärken durch diese löffeln los du musst nicht mehr so weit. Auf dem hinter verstehen kannst relativ zentral stehen und hast aber trotzdem. Diesen power upload effekt es käme tovey. Gesagt heuer neu super schönes design. Von batterien snowboards zwei. Verschiedene längen du kannst es eigentlich kürzer fahren, als du gewohntes sei jetzt mal da oder halt. Genau dieselbe länge fahren wie du auch regulär vielleicht fährst amberg du musst es nicht länger fahren kannst es. Ein bisserl runterabgehört downgraden sozusagen ja wie gesagt mit der puppe. Base directional cut super geeignet für. Die vip days on the mountain eine ganze. Design von der basic standard base also. Das heißt doch leicht zu pflegen leicht auszubessern sollte. Doch einmal rock oder irgendwas hippen. Sowie alle snowboards von bethanien natürlich hand made in austria größten. Hochwertige geschichte beim lauf powder, also viel spaß damit. Weitere features gerne auf der website. Also check des aus lauter liebe mädels.

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    Gnu Asym B-Nice Snowboard - Women's

    Based on the progression-friendly B-Nice, the Gnu Women's B-Nice Asym Snowboard takes things a step further with its intuitive asymmetrical design. Whether you're still perfecting your carving skills or already letting loose in the park, the B-Nice Asym makes it fun to shred any type of terrain.

    The asymmetric design features a deeper heelside sidecut, a shorter heelside contact length, and an asym flex to make your heelside turns as powerful and natural feeling as your toeside turns. In other words, it makes shredding feel easier and more natural. Banana profile features rocker between the bindings with subtle camber towards the tip and tail for a catch-free, forgiving ride that floats in powder but still packs plenty of pop. Magne-Traction technology features multiple contact points along the running edges to help you navigate icy parks and slippery slopes without sliding out.

    It also has a medium-soft flex that makes it easy for beginners to initiate turns and provides a playful feel for jibbing, while the beveled edges reduce hang-ups when you want to slide your favorite park feature sideways. The lightweight, crisp-feeling aspen and golden poplar wood core is made from sustainably harvested trees, and the extruded base is easy to repair when you ding it up. If that's not enough to convince you, then you should also know that this board was built in the USA by snowboarders with jobs.

  • Playful park board for freestyle riders
  • Rocker and camber hybrid profile makes for easy jibbing and float
  • Asymmetrical shape is easy to maneuver through trees or the park
  • Multiple serrated edging gives exceptional edge and hold on ice
  • Aspen and golden poplar wooden core is lightweight yet responsive
  • Medium-soft flex is playful and easy to learn on or try new tricks
  • Made with sustainably sourced materials in the USA
  • Item #GNU006W
  • hi ladies and gentlemen matt with canoe. Here and what i have in front of you is the all-new 1718 asymmetric be nice. The be nice has been our number one selling women's board since we came out with it's been probably 1012 years and you know as far as the camber rocker combo goes this is what we call just standard btx or banana rocker strictly. Between the feet and then it's flat more or less flat out underfoot that's going to give you that nice maneuverable easy jimy floaty feel great board for. Beginners ready to you know learn on this board and not and be very catch-free but it can be taken really to. Any skill level it's obviously gonna float really well in powder because of that rocker between the feet and being made by mervin you've got your magna. Traction on both sides additional contact points seven total actually and. You know a very environmentally friendly. Material story so again be nice. Introductory price point number one. Seller great beginner intermediate board with a gorgeous graphic to. You.

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    ThirtyTwo Zephyr Snowboard Boot - Women's

    Carve big flowwy turns, slash piles of snow, and find the most creative line down the mountain in the Thirty Two Zephyr Snowboard Boot. This medium-soft snowboard boot focuses on creating a customizable fit with heat-moldable Intuition liners, and a team internal harness. This combination locks your foot into place with your heel all the way back in your boot for top-notch control and comfort. To boost longevity the Zephyr features an articulated cuff that eliminates shell distortion so that you can ride all season. Finally a cushioned high performance Evolution foam sole provides traction while boot packing and adds cushion for big hits to flat.

  • Trusted all-mountain boot for surfy and creative riders
  • Traditional lace closure provides trustworthy security
  • Articulated cuff prevents shell distortion during deep flex
  • Heat-moldable Intuition liner creates a custom fit
  • Medium-soft flex encourages creativity while providing stability
  • Fleece collar traps heat for bell to bell comfort and warmth
  • Evolution Foam Sole grips in parking lots and adds padding
  • Item #TTW00D1
  • Hey guys michelle here from the house comm and today I'm reviewing the 2018 at woman's 32 zephyr snowboarding boot one of my favorite snowboarding boots in the 2018 lineup it's a medium flex so it's gonna be super comfortable but very responsive so it doesn't lose the. Playfulness of a soft flex but it does kind of amp it up too close sitter stiff. Flex which is going to give you a little bit more response or quicker response within your riding this is definitely. For really any rider a beginner would. Have you know no trouble at all learning on this boot and a more advanced rider would be very impressed with this boot as well, so we have a cozy cuff up top we. Have a nice fleece lining, and we have an intuition liner which is heat moldable so you can bring it to your local shop, and they can heat mold it for you we also have a velcro power cuff in the top so that also helps kind of just make it super tight and very responsive up top that's gonna really help with initiating turns as well you're not gonna have to push too hard into it as i said we. Have a medium flex on this one, and then we have a traditional lacing system so with that being said its kind of just. The no fuss no muss of the lacing system so you're never gonna have any breakage is really it's super easy to always just replace just a single lace on these. Now in this we also have some dampening. For if you land you know after a jump um. You're gonna have some vibration dampening in these, so they're really nicely engineered boot, and they're also extremely lightweight, so we have a lightweight evolution outsole and that's just. Gonna make for all-day wear and comfort so thanks for watching guys you can find these boots at the house calm and don't forget to subscribe to our youtube channel these are the 2018 women's 32 zephyr snowboarding boots.

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    Nitro Cuda TLS Snowboard Boot - Women's

    A mid-flexing profile and comfortable fit make the Nitro Cuda TLS Snowboard Boot ideal for ladies looking to progress in freestyle and all-mountain riding. Simple to use, the TLS 5 lacing system speeds the process of tightening your boots and taking them off. The Cloud 2 liner is made of comfy and lightweight EVA foam, and it provides plenty of padding where you need it most—throughout the ankle, heel, and toes. From back bowl powder runs to sunny park sessions, the Cuda TLS Women's Snowboard Boot delivers all-day comfort and plenty of performance for shredding the entire mountain.

  • All-mountain boot with ideal mix of support and comfort
  • TLS 5 Twin lacing system secures an exact fit in seconds
  • Thermo-moldable liner conforms to the shape of your foot
  • Bail Out system allows you to kick the boots off easily
  • Internal harness and lace locker bolsters support
  • EVA footbed absorbs harsh impact and soaks up chatter
  • Rubber outsole is as durable as it is grippy
  • Item #NTR00E8
  • What's up ladies nulastic dimensional works apparently you're looking to get yourself a new pair similar boots number. Eight spot because this is the 2017 nitro cuda it's our entry-level very. Affordable for the comfort perfect good. Store good going personnel removed you. Want to save a buck or two on it this one's better than anything else out there super comfortable a lot of support. It has our new rubber outsole right here which is super durable and has lots of grips really slipping and going to the mountain, and they're gonna it's gonna last a long time not gonna wear the eba. The kuna has our tos lacing system which. There are quickly system it's super easy to use all you do is you pull on the two. Thirty forty dollars so you're putting the boot first and then two handles you. Pull up lock it into the tos component. Don't put the handles into the respective places your abs comfortable. And it's just as easy to take off the to. Is because of our bailout system is super quick all you do is unlock the tos. Component up top boom pull it forwards take the bailout tab right here pull that as far out as you can pull the tongue down take you can do this in less than 30 seconds. It's super quick within the kudo ever. Cloud one-liner which is this right here super nice leonard's heat-moldable fits any kind. For to take your foot warm and give you a lots of support it also has our interlock system which is this velcros piece on the back there's about where piece inside the shell on the food as well so when you put your minor in its gonna lock into place you're not gonna get any heel slippage it's gonna be in there the cuda uses our gos lining. System and that's this right here secret your foot in then you pull it down and then you lock your foot into the my nerves gives you great foothold and support no pressure points which is a. Nice solid so if you're looking for a. Boot that's affordable and as a really. Good snow boot it's gonna be comfortable give you lots of support year after year come to the right spot because this is a response rating at four it's a medium flexing boot good for any type of snow hoarding it's not gonna cost that much it's very affordable and if you know. You're gonna be stoked you're gonna want to go somewhere in today to day after day at school at work we can't do that and be bombed they feel good happy because they're in.

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    Burton Limelight Snowboard Boot - Women's

    Destined to shine in the terrain park and beyond, the Burton Women's Limelight Snowboard Boot delivers freestyle-focused performance that also gets down on groomers, side hits, and tight tree runs found on the rest of the mountain.

    The Limelight uses SpeedZone lacing in the upper and lower zones for independent tightening, which allows you to dial-in a precise fit for any riding scenario. Landing smack-dab in the middle of Burton's responsiveness rating, the Limelight is suited for freestyle and all-terrain riding, while its Medium-Flex PowerUp Tongue adds responsiveness for rallying in and out of turns.

    Inside the Limelight, you'll find a heat-moldable Imprint 2 Liner that's insulated with 3M Thinsulate for toasty comfort on some of winter's coldest days. Then, the boot retains even more heat with its Sleeping Bag Reflective Foil that's located beneath the footbed, acting like an emergency blanket to keep your feet warm during the coldest of shred sessions. Rounding the Limelight out, a low-profile DynoGrip sole that's cushioned with B3 gel helps absorb harsh impacts from overshooting jumps or particularly flat landings.

  • All-mountain boot for customized comfort from bell to bell
  • Medium flex combines power and comfort for all day performance
  • Imprint 2 Liner is thermo-moldable for a customized fit i
  • 3M Thinsulate keeps your toes warm for bell to bell shredding
  • Zonal lacing locks your heel in for maximum control
  • Medium flex tongue provides powerful turn initiation in the trees
  • DynoGrip Outsole grips snow and ice for finding powder stashes
  • Item #BUR02K5
  • Hey guys michelle here from the house comm and today I'm talking about the 2019 burton limelight women's snowboarding boat this is a great boot for an intermediate to advanced rider umm someone could definitely learn on this boot so don't be discouraged by that but just based on a couple features this is definitely for someone who's going out a lot more almond riding consistently every season multiple times so with this we have a level 5 flex so. It's pretty forgiving but also gives you a little bit of response it's definitely about a medium and that's 5 out of 10 so i could kind of get some get out of this boot even just holding it myself but it's not the stiffest boot on the market nor is it the softest what really makes. This boot to me is the quality of the. Liner so we have an imprint 2 liners in this boot and with that on the inside we. Have 3m insulate so it's gonna be warm and it's definitely gonna be comfortable as well up at the top here we have kind. Of a wraparound style almost like a. Power inducing kind of cuff with a. Velcro closure so what that does is just give you a more secure feeling up at the top you do get that from the lacing system of course always in either of these boots however with that velcro. Closure just a little bit more secure and kind of get some added response for. The rider of this boot now on the bottom here we have the dino grip outsole so it's gonna be kind of step up from that burton mint and with this if you just had to kind of get off your boot do a little hiking or really just for extra grip kind of moving around some icy parking lots this is gonna give you the added grip and also the added durability stepping up in that price point and also just stepping up in terms of the quality. Of the boot that you're getting now on the inside we have a snow proof internal gusset so that's gonna keep the snow out especially if you've got snow pants with the surrounding gator that's also gonna help keep snow out of the boot and also snow out of your snow pants so it's a great feature there and also underfoot. Or under the liner on the inside if you were to take this out you could see kind of shiny material on the base of this it's called the sleeping bag reflective foil and what it does is reflect the. Technology or the reflect the heat back up into your body or into your foot and. It'll keep you on the mountain for much longer especially if you're using these to do any kind of. Taking and you're out of your board and you're gonna be you know searching for those powder stashes in the mountain or anything like that now with these you will have noticed. That there is two different kinds of lacing system it is the exact same boot I've even had the same colorway today, so we've got the speed lace system which kind of targets each side you'll pull up a lace target to the top in the bottom portion so you can kind of customize it however the boa system is super easy to. Use you just twist it up and go there's no fussing with your laces so definitely a fantastic boot for those female kind. Of intermediate riders whether you're riding in the park spending all day on the mountain you'll absolutely love this boots you can find the 2019 at burton limelight women's snowboarding boot at the house calm.

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    Rome Sentry Boa Snowboard Boot - Women's

    If you're relatively new to riding, or you just want a no-frills, progression-friendly boot that won't break the bank, look no further than the Rome Women's Sentry Boa Snowboard Boot. Equipped with the highly functional Boa tightening system, the Sentry is easy to dial in to your preferred specifications quickly, so you won't get left behind on a powder day when you need to make a quick adjustment. The Fun F.I.T. liner includes heat-moldable foam that conforms to your foot, a TriZone lining that reduces chafing, and an Expand Toe Zone that allows more wiggle room for your toes and the balls of your feet. Plus, the low-to-moderate flex yields the comfort of a soft boot for beginners wanting to step to steeper terrain, park features, and riding more aggressively without getting rag-dolled.

  • Budget-friendly boot with an eye on progression and comfort
  • Boa single reel lacing system permits quick, easy tightening
  • Fun F.I.T liner has heat-moldable foam for the perfect fit
  • TriZone lining reduces chafing and keeps your feet comfy
  • Expanded toe zone permits more wiggle room for your toes
  • Low to moderate flex good for beginners and casual riders
  • Item #ROM00BE
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    Burton Supreme Snowboard Boot - Women's

    From intimidating jumps and monstrous pipe walls to towering peaks and endless untouched bowls, the Burton Women's Supreme Snowboard Boot thrives all over the entire mountain with exceptionally responsive flex, luxurious cushioning, and relentless support. Although it's stiff-flexing for unmatched power transfer, the Supreme's articulated shell provides enough flexibility for blasting tricks off larger freestyle features and cranking stylish methods in the backcountry. No wonder it's the go-to choice for riders looking to transmit every ounce of available power into technical tricks at gigantic amplitudes.

    Revitalizing your comfort, the Life liner keeps the boot unbelievably light and supportive. Then, its PU-embedded tongue prevents breakdown over the boot's lifespan, keeping the flex responsive without it turning into a soggy noodle after 100 days of riding. As expected with top-tier boots, the Life liner's thermo-moldable design conforms to your foot's every contour for a truly customized fit. The DryRide Heat Cycle lining material is thermally activated, trapping precious heat during bone-chilling sessions, which pairs nicely with the Sleeping Bag Reflective Foil that bounces your own body heat back into the boot.

    Absorbing heavy landings and eating up high-speed vibration, ReBounce Cushioning is paired with B3 Gel embedded into the heel. This one-two cushioning punch provides unsurpassed impact dampening, all without the bulk that usually comes with other designs on the market. Continuing its plush feel underfoot, the PodBed dual-density sole features segmented zones for optimum response and high-impact cushioning where it's needed most. Plus, the Aegis anti-microbial coating in the footbed helps you out by fighting funky odors that usually accompany full days in the mountains.

  • A sturdy all-mountain boot for riders who demand high performance
  • Speed Zone Lacing keeps your foot snug for dream-like control
  • Life Liner is thermo-moldable for a custom, high quality fit
  • Stiff flex is highly responsive and supportive to inspire confidence
  • PU reinforced tongue prevents the flex from breaking down over time
  • Articulating cuffs adds flexibility to the stiff flex
  • PodBED outsole provides padding and traction on slippery surfaces
  • Item #BUR02KD
  • I'm coming to sign and I'm an evo team. Addict I'd have the supreme the burden. Supreme boots in front of me this suit. Is for the intermediate to advanced rider that wants a responsive boot for all-mountain eyes i love this suit. Because of the speed zone lacing system it helps me get in and out of my boots quick if i want to tighten them in between lap it's really easy in fact the. Liner is an imprint liner that also heat. Foldable so it makes sure that you have instant comfort it's also wired that you can have heated flip it over all that. Boot it's just the second you put it on it's an instant cell and i love being. Able to have the quick lacing system the speed zone really has changed the way i ride and knowing that i can adjust the top and bottom section separately make. This all work.

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    Flow Omni Hybrid Snowboard Binding - Women's

    Charge all over the mountain with the Omni Hybrid Snowboarding Binding, Flow's flagship binding for surfing through powder, bombing down black diamonds, and sending it in the park. Its stiffer-flexing highback offers the support needed for launching park jumps and dropping cliffs into powder, and the rockered baseplate provides a responsive feel for carving up groomers and navigating steep, technical terrain.

    The Rockered baseplate design makes minimal contact with your board to channel power directly where you need it, and it has rounded edges that allow your board to flex more naturally underfoot. Flow's rear-entry design makes it quick and easy to strap in. The highback actually folds down in the back so you can slip your foot in, meaning you just need to set the buckles once and you're good to go from there on out. This Hybrid version also sports a toe strap for riders who prefer the feel of a more traditional binding. Canted footbeds align your legs in a more natural position for reduced fatigue, and they're made with EVA to absorb vibrations for a smooth ride.

  • Versatile performance and comfort all over the mountain
  • Medium flex offers all-mountain versatility
  • Hybrid PowerCapStrap provides comfortable support
  • Grippy toe strap for a locked-in fit and feel
  • Rockered baseplate reduces board breakage
  • ATM.6 support panel enhances response and increases support
  • Canted footbed aligns joints in natural position
  • Flow revolutionized rear-entry binding technology
  • Item #FLO007S
  • What's up internet matt guf a mouse come. And this is a pair of flo 5 hybrid on. Long snowboard bindings designed for beginner to intermediate level riders flo has been in business for 20 years. Now always focusing their designs on innovation simplicity fun and of course. Performance driven products really when you look at a flow binding you'll notice three different things the first one is dual entry you can enter the bindings with ratchets or through a reclining style high-back the second thing is comfort in a one-piece kind of power. Strap this is called a hybrid power cap strap and then lastly is going to be connectedness with the board because with this power try and go through the cable that's connected from the high back to that one-piece molded base plate. The base plate is pretty cool because it does have rocker style corners the. Board's gonna flex it a little bit more naturally instead of having like really sharp hard 90-degree angles with the base plate this is a kind of composite. That's nylon and of course fiberglass making it very smooth and soft this oral. Have a flex rating of about a four or a feel rating before through the aging series style base but then discs that. Come with the flow v hybrid are called the combi discs they're compatible for whole and three hold patterns but not the channel system keep that in mind. There's give me a good amount of cushioning directly underneath your foot through this i do a componentry there's. One section in the heel and then of course one's gonna be in the toe of. Course it's better to keep those things in but you can remove them if you want to and then there's that high back now. This is that you know that you need back a high back it's just one piece you can. The human is kind of just part of the. High back there's actually no aluminum piece or an additional piece for the heel cup the high back of course is nice and tall it's super flat it has a big. Backing of eda style padding with a locking style number with the tooless forward lean adjustment now that high. Back is to that power triangle strap that connects actually underneath the base plate when you lean back on this high back there's gonna be a direct connection of transferring energy because of that triangle instead of loss. Energy from the high back through that but a heel loop and then to the base but it's actually a nice little concept and then of course it's gonna be this hybrid power cap strap now the power cap ship. Has a kind of little bit more traditional feel of a dual strap design. Instead of just like a one-piece strap like some of the other flo bindings have i do have to say that it does feel like. A just like a regular traditional strap snowboard binding and flo doesn't a phenomenal job and making their toe straps now this isn't a convertible strap you can't wear on top your foot can we wear on the front of your toes the mid step section of action of this. Kind of ankle section is very. Comfortable and it does just distribute a lot of pressure because it's actually quite a bit larger and it does fit. Really nice in the mid step of your boot you know kind of for like an entry style binding the flow v hybrid actually. Has a lot of technology and a really nice price point and then lastly it's. Going to be these locking levers now these ratchets actually how they go if they call it lock slapping so you they. Can be locked into place but again if you want to use these bindings like a. Traditional snowboard binding strap you can do that but you also have the ability to use the reclining style high. Back this is the flow v hybrid and. Awesome all-mountain binding for begin to intermediate level riders that you can check out at the house comm if you. Want a lot more flow videos make sure to subscribe to our youtube channel and I'll see you guys around.

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