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Every year the trend in the field of sports shooting is growing. To small arms manufacturers every time I offer a wide selection of riflescopes in any price segment. From the mass of the range of optical sights, we can not give advice on all products, but we can advise the best optical sights for shooting over long distances for money. You will find reviews of such rifle scopes as Nikon Prostaff scope, Vortex Viper, Leupold Wind Plex, Cabela sights, Styrka optics, Swarovski.

Best RifleScopes in 2019 & 2020

Leupold® Mark 5HD™ Riflescopes Vortex® Viper® HS Long-Range 30mm Riflescope Swarovski Z6 Riflescopes Cabela's AR Riflescope Cabela's Covenant 7 FFP Riflescope Vortex® Diamondback™ Tactical FFP Riflescope Nikon® Prostaff P5® Rifle Scope Vortex® Crossfire II Riflescopes Leupold® VX-R Riflescopes Cabela's Muzzleloader Riflescopes Bushnell® AR Optics 30mm Riflescopes Nikon® Prostaff® P3 Predator Rifle Scopes SIG Sauer® SIERRA3BDX™ Riflescope and KILO BDX™ Rangefinder Kit Firefield Barrage Riflescope with Red Laser TRUGLO® Rimfire/Airgun Scope Burris 1" Scout Riflescope Leupold® VX-R Scout Riflescope Burris XTR II FFP Riflescope Schmidt & Bender 5-25x56 PM II Riflescope UTG 2-7x44 30mm Long Eye Relief Scout Riflescope UTG Tactical 30mm Riflescopes Styrka S5 Riflescopes Styrka S7 Riflescopes UTG Tactical T8 Riflescopes
Leupold® Mark 5HD™ Riflescopes Vortex® Viper® HS Long-Range 30mm Riflescope Swarovski Z6 Riflescopes Cabela's AR Riflescope Cabela's Covenant 7 FFP Riflescope Vortex® Diamondback™ Tactical FFP Riflescope Nikon® Prostaff P5® Rifle Scope Vortex® Crossfire II Riflescopes Leupold® VX-R Riflescopes Cabela's Muzzleloader Riflescopes Bushnell® AR Optics 30mm Riflescopes Nikon® Prostaff® P3 Predator Rifle Scopes SIG Sauer® SIERRA3BDX™ Riflescope and KILO BDX™ Rangefinder Kit Firefield Barrage Riflescope with Red Laser TRUGLO® Rimfire/Airgun Scope Burris 1" Scout Riflescope Leupold® VX-R Scout Riflescope Burris XTR II FFP Riflescope Schmidt & Bender 5-25x56 PM II Riflescope UTG 2-7x44 30mm Long Eye Relief Scout Riflescope UTG Tactical 30mm Riflescopes Styrka S5 Riflescopes Styrka S7 Riflescopes UTG Tactical T8 Riflescopes
Rating ★★★★★ ★★★★★ ★★★★★ ★★★★☆ ★★★★☆ - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Eye Relief Low/ High(in.) 3.9 / 3.8 / 3.8 4 4.10-3.7 / 4.2-3.8 / 4.2-3.7 / 4.2-3.7 7.1-6 5 - 3.35 - - 4 4-3.7 / 3.43 - 2.87" - - - 4.5 - 3 9.2-12 11 - 9.5 3.5 3.46 / 3.46 3.7 / 3.74 / 3.74 / 3.74 / 3.74 / 3.7 / 3.7 4.1-3.8 - 3.9-4.7 / 3.8 / 3.9-4.4 / 3.7-4.3 3.5-4.2 / 3.5-4.25 / 3.5-4.25 / 34mm 3.54 3.5/3.8 / 3.6/3.8 / 3.6/3.8 / 3.5/3.8 / 3.6/3.8 / 3.5/3.8
Finish Semi-Gloss / Semi-Gloss / Semi-Gloss Matte Matte / Matte / Matte / Matte Matte Matte - - Black Black Matte / Black Matte - - - Matte Matte Matte Matte Semi-Gloss / Semi-Gloss Matte / Matte / Matte / Matte / Matte / Matte / Matte Matte - Matte / Matte / Matte / Matte Matte / Matte / Matte / Matte - -
FOV Low/ High @ 100 yds. (ft.) 41.5-6.8 / 107.1-17.8 / 107.1-17.8 17.8 - 5.1 75-29 / 74-30 / 33.4-13.8 / 33.4-13.8 43.4-17.6 99.5 - 13 - - 24 102.25 / 103.15 - 19.9 - - - 108-28 21-7 32 - 10 - 23.4-7.5 / 23.4-7.5 75.6-12.6 / 48-4.8 / 23.7-3.9 / 63-10.5 / 49.5-8.1 / 49.5-8.1 / 49.5-8.1 31.3-9.6 - 42.0-12.6 / 32-12.9 / 24.7-8.4 / 15.2-5.3 52-10.5 / 36-7.5 / 25.8-5.4 / 21-4.3 24.9-3.6 28.3/5.8 / 20.4/4.2 / 20.4/4.2 / 28.3/5.8 / 20.4/4.2 / 28.3/5.8
Length (in.) 13.69" / 10.31" / 10.31" 15.5 9.5 / 9.4 / 12.6 / 12.6 12 10.2 - 12.6" / 14.25" 10 10.08 / 10.87 - - - 8.8 9.7 11.5 16.38 13.44" / 13.44" 12.6 / 14.02 / 15.67 / 13.62 / 14.45 / 14.3 / 14.3 12.5 - 11.3 / 12.7 / 13.6 / 13.5 13.5 / 14.13 / 14.9 / 16.31 15.4 12.1 / 15.7 / 15.7 / 12.1 / 15.7 / 12.1
Objective Diameter (mm) 50mm / 24mm / 24mm 50 20 / 20 / 40 / 40 33 28 40mm 44 / 52 32 24 / 30 42 / 42 / 42 40mm - 28 32 44 56 44mm / 44mm 42 / 44 / 50 / 50 / 56 / 56 / 56 40 44 / 50 32 / 50 / 40 / 44 42 / 50 / 50 / 50 56 44 / 56 / 56 / 44 / 56 / 44
Power 2.5-15x / 1-6x / 1-6x 6-24X 1.25-4X / 1.25-4X Patrol / 3-9X / 3-9X Patrol 1.5-5X 1 - 8 3-9X 4.5-14 / 6.5-20 - 1-4X / 1-6 2.5 - 10 / 3 - 12 / 4 - 16 2.5-10x - 1 - 4.5X 2-7 2 - 7X 5-25X 4.5-14x / 4.5-14x 1.7-10 / 2.5-15 BT / 5-30 / 2-12 / 2.5-15 BT / 2.5-15 / 2.5-15 3-9 4 - 16X / 6 - 24X 2-7 Rimfire / 3-9 / 4-12 (AO) / 6-18 (AO) 2-10X / 3-15X / 4-20X / 5-25X 5-35 3.6 - 18 / 5-25 / 5-25 / 3.6 - 18 / 5-25 / 3.6 - 18
Reticle Plex,SF, IR / Plex, SF, IR / Plex, SF XLR MOA FireDot Duplex / FireDot Special Purpose / FireDot Duplex / FireDot Tactical Milling Fire Dot Duplex - BDC Predator BDX-R1 DBR / BDX-R1 DBR - Cabelas 1-4 .223 / AR .223 BDC / BDC / MK1-MOA Mil-Dot, w/Red,Green,Black Color - Etched Circle Dot Ballistic Plex - P4FL Mil-Dot, SF / Plex, SF BRH / 4A Illuminated / BRH Illuminated / BRH / 4A Illuminated / Plex / 7A Powderhorn EXT EBR-2C MOA / EBR-2C MOA V-Plex / V-Brite / Dead-Hold BDC / Dead-Hold BDC G2B Mil-Dot / G2B Mil-Dot / SCR™ MOA / G2B Mil-Dot - TMR / Tremor 3 / H59 / CCH / CCH / H59
Tube Diameter 30mm / 30mm / 30mm 30mm 30mm / 30mm / 30mm / 30mm 30mm 30mm 1" - 1 in 30mm / 30mm 1" / 1" / 1" 1" - 30mm - 30mm 34 1" / 1" 30mm / 30mm / 30mm / 30mm / 30mm / 30mm / 30mm 1 in 30mm / 30mm 1" / 1" / 1" / 1" 34mm / 34mm / 34mm / 34mm 34 35 / 35 / 35 / 35 / 35 / 35
Weight (oz.) 23.8 / 19.3 / 18.6 4 11.5 / 12.0 / 15.3 / 15.3 14.2 18 - 23.2 / 25.9 11.4 17 / 16.23 - - - 16.8 13 25.4 38.5 19.1 / 19.2 16.6 / 20.3 / 22.6 / 19.8 / 23.8 / 22.4 / 22.4 14.8 - 14.3 / 18.4 / 19.2 / 19.6 22.7 / 30.9 / 30.9 / 32.10 - 26.0 / 32.0 / 32.0 / 26.0 / 32.0 / 26.0
Brand - Vortex BDC Leupold Leupold - Nikon SIG TRUGLO Cabela's Nikon - Bushnell - Burris - - - Swarovski Cabela's Vortex Vortex Burris Cabela's Leupold

Leupold Mark 5HD Riflescopes

  • Twilight Max Light Management System maximizes brightness;
  • First-focal-plane reticle maintains suspensions throughout the magnification range;
  • Dial illumination control;
  • Rugged 6061-T6 aircraft-grade aluminum;
  • Waterproof and fog proof.

See the difference with Leupold's Mark 5HD Riflescope. Twilight Max™ Light Management System maximizes brightness, especially during those crucial hours of dawn and dusk, when the game is most active. First-focal-plane reticle maintains suspensions throughout the entire magnification range for accurate holdover at any power. Dial illumination control allows you to match virtually any lighting condition. Also features 5:1 zoom ratio, generous eye box, side focus, and high-speed throw lever. Robust 6061-T6 aircraft-grade aluminum construction can take a beating in the field and come out on top. Second-generation argon and krypton gas purging for waterproof and fog-proof performance. New M5C3 ZeroLock adjustments provide precise tracking and return to zero. Three-turn dial with 1/10-MIL click windage and elevation adjustments and tactile revolution indicators. 35mm tube. Includes flip-open lens covers.

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You Loup holds a household name amongst hunters. And shooters around the world it's the name that's tied to craftsmanship an American company. And steeped in the tradition so. You hear that name. You expect the quality you pick up. One of their top quality scopes like the Leupold Mark 5 HD. You expect to be wowed the scope didn't disappoint in. Any aspect of our testing it's extremely high in scope. And is packed with features. And benefits that consistently delivered quality results throughout the testing a quick overview of the rifle scope. This is a front or first focal plane scope which means. That the sub tension measurements are the same throughout the magnification range. It comes in a five to. One zoom ratio and our test models bottom. And is five power at the low end. And at the top in its twenty-five power giving you a great field of view at the bottom.

And a high-quality zoom for those long-range shots It comes in a 35-millimeter tube 56-millimeter objective. And the high-quality lens coatings in the Twilight Max HD light management system on. This scope provides a tremendous amount of light transmission for any shooting situation the adjustments on the scope are. And mrad for both elevations. And windage that 35-millimeter tube gives. You a lot of room for elevation. And windage adjustments making this an ideal super long-range scope the DES 34 point nine mils of elevation adjustment which is equivalent to 120 Moas which means a scope like. This mounted with a 20-minute rail will likely have the adjustments.

You need to dial out past a mile with a relatively fast caliber like. This 300 Win Mag one of the key factors. I love about this scope is the weight. It just under 30 ounces it's nearly a half a pound lighter. Than its nearest competition. Some cases almost a full pound. Now let's discuss the functionality of. This exact set up being a 35-millimeter tube does have limited options for mounts. However, Leopold delivers. Some great options are as tough as nails. And combat-ready if the need arises you zero your scope with elevation. And windage just as. You would with any other MOA type of scope. You just need to know. That the measurements for a mil are three-point six inches at 100 yards.

And the adjustment for. Both windage and elevation on. This scope is one-tenth of a mile. Or 03 six inches for. Each click at a hundred yards having the ability to get three full revolutions out of your elevation adjustment makes the m5 c30 lock extremely important. When at your zero the lock button protrudes at the completion of the first revolution. It sucks into flush with the surface. And goes below the surface on the final revolution. It pops back out and locks. You get back to your zero the windage knob is capped but. Another great feature. When is removed is the marking setup. It allows you to barely get out of the scope to make quick. And precise adjustment. It shows both left. And right mill markings using the range finder like the Luo pulled R X 1600. Iwhich will give you mil holdovers allows. You to quickly take a range to adjust for yardage. And make accurate shots without having to have a pre-cut turret the side focus parallax adjustment will help provide.

You with a crystal-clear image. And a fast-focus eyepiece will make the crosshairs crisp. And sharp as well this scope comes with. Several reticle options as well as illuminated. And now illuminated like. This test model also comes in a lower magnification model in the 36 to 18 by 40 for a visit to the Leopold website we'll give. All the specs and options for. Each model it comes to high-end rifle scopes the Leupold mark 5 HD by loophole is pretty tough to beat. It through its rigors here at Sportsman's news. All the testing and. It performed absolutely flawlessly. It tracked both vertically. And horizontally to an extreme position, it's.

You would expect with a name like a mil fold

The more elevated movement inside for the erector to have. More room so you're lifted by the dial but. You can get 30 one-and-a-half mils of elevation up dial is a three revolution dial. It has three distinct dictators for which revolution you're on. And it's a zipper-lock with dial system so it's locked push the button here. You spin off zero you hit your second revolution. That button actually sinks in flush. You hit your revolution. That button resets in an indicator Dow will pop up on top letting you know. That you're on your third revolution the other nice thing about. This dial system is. Once it's locked back into place. You can push the button. And go a half mil below your zero for any ship. You might have at zero for night vision.

Or thermal any of the inline accessories. You might be set up with your optic. We took your windage indicator laser mark. It about the 11 o'clock position. That way when you're behind scope instead of having to come off of the weapons system to come around. And look around the ring to find out. Where you're at on your windage. You can simply lift your head slightly see right over the top know exactly. Where you're out on your windage moving forward put a 56-millimeter main tube on. It with a very gradual Bell on the objective housing that's a very slow refraction rate for bending. That light in that color. It gives you a very good resolution in your image edge to edge clarity is phenomenal. This scope right here with the TMR the milling reticle from Lupus stevens non-illuminated is gonna be a price point street price right around 2 grand a very portable optic. And its little brother here under my arm the 36 to 18 would be right around $1800.
This is eleven point nine inches long 26 ounces very lightweight optic. This would be kind of prime choice for a gas gun option. One thing scope this is going to be my new hunting scope same features as far as the main tube diameter three revolution elevation dial indicators up at the 11 o'clock position/size power selector ring and the 12 starts fast focus after adjustment aside from. That it's very compact with a magnification range of 26 to 18. They are a little bit heavier. Then a lot of hard commercial hunters right so guys building mountain rifles super lightweight stuff for cheap on. This might not be there off to good choice. This might not be the scope for them but the target market. You can hit with these scopes is very broad so military law enforcement PRS NRL shooters bright blinkers players — hunters the answer is yes you.

Vortex Viper HS Long-Range 30mm Riflescope

  • 4X zoom range ensures magnification versatility;
  • Ultrastrong 30mm one-piece machined-aluminum tube;
  • Extra-low dispersion XD glass maximizes resolution and color fidelity.

Find the Vortex Viper 4 16x50 Optic that is right for you.

The Viper HS’s scope advanced optical system, highlighted with a 4X zoom range, ensures magnification versatility. A forgiving eye box with increased eye relief gets you on target quickly and easily. Built on an ultrastrong 30mm one-piece machined-aluminum tube, the Viper HS delivers increased windage and elevation travel for optimal adjustment. Extra-low dispersion XD glass maximizes resolution and color fidelity, resulting in crisp, sharp images. Vortex proprietary XR fully multi-coated lens coatings increase light transmission for the brightness you need in low-light conditions. The ArmorTek ultrahard, scratch-resistant coating protects exterior lenses from scratches, oil, and dirt. Waterproof, fog proof and shockproof construction. 4-16x50 Dead-Hold BDC reticle model has a second focal plane reticle while the 6-24x50 XLR MOA model offers a first-focal plane reticle. Backed by Vortex’s VIP unlimited lifetime warranty. 30mm main tube.

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Hey, I'm Jimmy with Vortex Optics HS and we're here today to have a look at the Viper HS series of our rifle scope line. The Viper HS is available in a wide range of configurations including this 4 to 16 by 50 that we have with us today. The term H s stands for hunting and shooting.

These scopes are packed with features that avid hunter is sure to appreciate in the advanced optical system. There is XD glass which renders an image that's sharp and clear from edge to edge so that you can tell the difference between those times and the twigs. There are XR fully multi-coated lenses that capture lightest helping you make the most of those important moments at dusk and dawn.

There's a powerful 4-time zoom range that really pulls you close to your target. The Viper HS also features capped quick reset turrets which help you quickly reindex your zero after sighting in and they're built on a 30-millimeter main tube which increases the amount of elevation and windage travel for optimal adjustment.

Other significant features is the ultra-hard scratch-resistant armored tech coatings on the exterior lenses argon purged body for fog proof and waterproof performance in the hard anodized. Matte black finish that's not only extremely durable but looks awesome.

Whether you're making short work of whitetail here in the Midwest are going after world-class elk in the Rockies the Viper HS is designed to be your all-around workhorse optic. Check one out at your local dealer or online. When you choose to purchase a Vortex, you can rest assured in knowing that you're covered by our unlimited unconditional lifetime VIP warranty.

Vortex Viper Hs long-range 30mm riflescope.

Swarovski Z6 Riflescopes

  • 30mm tube;
  • Large field of view and crystal-clear imaging;
  • Legendary Swarovski glass delivers exceptional performance;
  • Waterproof, fog-proof and scratch-resistant.

The Z6 riflescope was developed to accommodate hunters from Africa to Alaska and everywhere in between. This innovative breakthrough in optical engineering provides a complete overview of the terrain, thanks to the larger field of view while allowing you to accurately identify details at high magnification. Plus, you'll enjoy the highest level of image quality and eye relief ever offered in a Swarovski scope. Available in both illuminated and non-illuminated models. Like all Swarovski scopes, it is waterproof, fog-proof and has a scratch-resistant finish, and each scope has Swarovski's patented four-point coil-spring system. HD Lenses in illuminated models 2.5-15x44, 2.5-15x50, 3-18x50, and 5-30x50.

Best price on Swarovski scopes.

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It's Dude. This thing is nuts like it's weird Jake Took. This morning he was like this is the future no but seriously I was a little skeptical about they. First said they're like oh yeah that's a range-finding riflescope. It gives all your ballistic calculations. Everything and I was like I can dial better any rifle scope. And no, I absolutely cannot. I mean it's like you can't dial faster within good conditions with anybody who can you know, who can dial a rifle scope extremely well.

I can sit there and put two rounds on target before. They can you know put. One it's its that fast. You don't have to be good at dialing anymore in perfect wind. It reads I mean barometric pressure elevation. You know drop and compensate. It's everything. The only thing you have to read is wind. If you've got no wind you just click the button shoot stuff at 1100 yards. It out at 1100 they were dialing at. Ihad my I had my speed off by just a little bit but at 1100 yards. Iwas within six to eight inches on target there's just a little bit low that's. It was crazy yeah. I shot my deer with that wen,t really well, 725 with this rifle.

This exact setup at the in the best scenario. You have it printed out. You know on your card but at. That point you still have to buy a nice rangefinder. That can read but atmospheric conditions so. You have to have a seven $$600700 rangefinder with. You at the cheapest. Ithink so and then. You gotta have a rifle scope. You trust the clicks on. You trust the calculation out to 500 700. You know 500 700 yards pull the trigger get the button pull the trigger that's. It peoples hi I'm Marc Durham with outdoors man's. This is the Swarovski optic ds5 225 by 52 a range-finding ballistic ally compensating rifle scope.

As you can see, this rifle scope is a little bit larger. Most conventional rifle scopes. This is a 40-millimeter tube as opposed to your. One inch in your 30 mils the reason for this is it's range-finding capabilities so. This rifle scope does range find on the center crosshair. And then it will also apply a drop reticle to your exact ballistic load. It comes with the app from Swarovski called the DES configuration. You can adjust for your exact hand load. You can pick from a very long list of box loads out there Winchester Hornady browning pretty much. Anything you could ever imagine. You can dial in your speeds ballistic coefficient. Everything like and then simply put. It into pairing mode by pressing the plus. And minus button at the same time. And downloading everything on the app into the rifle scope. You get to that point. It is as simple as putting the center crosshair on your target clicking the back rangefinder button and then it will display your drop reticle.

You simply adjust up to display the drop reticle on your target. And pull the trigger. It will do everything for you without wind. And with no windage correction. You will have a dead-on hit at. It pretties much any yardage up to eleven hundred. And thirty yards every single time unlike other rifle scopes the DES is top turret right here does not house. Any impact correction. It is actually the housing for the battery which is a cr123a very common battery the tool to make your elevation. And windage adjustments. And then also the little allen wrench. Or a hex head you will use to unscrew the caps to reveal those elevations and windage adjustments after you've ranged your target and your D s is now just playing the drop LED reticle.

Feel free to move the magnification. Wherever you'd like to display the reticle. Wherever you'd like. This reticle in there is actually first focal plane as. You change your magnification the reticle will adjust in. That field of view it adjusts at a 120th MOA increment so you're not gonna be ever find yourself in. This situation where your shot is for some reason ending up between. One of its adjustments. You hit the range-finding button. You find yourself at a yardage closer to its eleven hundred. And thirty yard max distance for ballistic calculation. And the reticle displays below your field of view you'll actually see. It sees a little red arrow pop up pointing downward in the rifle scope that will tell you to decrease magnification.

You can actually see your drop LED reticle thank. You for watching and. You have more questions please feel free to give. Is a call one 800 to 900 6/5. Or visit us online at outdoors man's calm. And remember we are your only tripod backpack. And optics Authority see. This here laser tube point shoot things see the folks back home by. One frickin laser beams out of. These rifles go screw normal rounds. Now shoot deer with laser beams.

And thickness throughout the power range. This is important when you're shooting longer distances the smaller. And thinner the reticle is the. More accurate your shot placement should be remembered aim small miss small the main difference between the z3. And the z5 scope is the lateral parallax adjustment it's not available on the z3 model. It is a great added feature on the z5. And well worth the few added dollars. When taking those long-range shots. This feature allows. You to get a crisp focus on your target regardless of distance. Both scopes feature. Several reticle options to guarantee. You find the proper reticle for your shooting style on our z3 test model. We had the 4w reticle which is perfect for shooters who are used to using horizontal hash marks to adjust for wind age the hash marks are placed in two Moas.

Or minute of angle increments. And by using this Ross key optics ballistic calculator you'll know exactly. Many moas to adjust for the ballistic calculator inputs the velocity. And ballistic coefficient of the cartridge you're using in conjunction with wind speed. And direction to tell. Many moas to compensate for it's also important to note. That because of its second focal plane design the scopes got to be in its highest magnification to properly compensate for wind. Although the ballistic turrets. You see on our test models don't come standard. We highly suggest getting them. They allow you to set. Several predetermined distances on your elevation turret. If you're going to shoot at ranges out past four hundred yards the old Arkansas witness theory isn't a good practice precision.

And practice get it done right. That trophy deserves your best effort the setup on the ballistic turret is very simple. And doesn't take long first go to the ballistic calculator. And enter the scope here using all of your load information. What distance you are zeroing for once you've inputted. This information the calculator will compute values for the colored dots based on 50 yard increments to change those values simply click inside the box. And put the distances. You want you have that information it's time to hit print. And head to the range. Once there you're good to disassemble the ballistic turret using the key. Provided unscrew the top cap next remove the three color-coded marking rings. And the coupling at. This point you'll see two gears the top here is. What you'll use to sight in the scope. You have your zero rotate the bottom gear clockwise to lock your zero in next put the coupling back on making sure to line the triangle on the coupling with the dot on the scope.

Now good to set the colored mark rings for your downrange distances start with the green dot first according to the information from the calculator. We need to adjust seven clicks up. Now place the green color-coded ring on the coupling insuring. That the green dot lines up with the white dot on the scope from here. You simply repeat the process for the yellow. And red color mark rings. Once you've set all the Rings rotate. It back to the zero position. And screw the cap back on the last thing you need to do is shoot at. Each distance to validate the ranges like. All its röszke scopes the Z series come with see-through lens covers to help protect your scope from scratches when walking through thick rush. Swarovski is a leader for a reason. One of these great scopes work hard to get it done for you this hunting season.

Cabela's AR Rifle scope

  • Etched-glass BDC reticle with precise hold over for .223/.308 ammo;
  • Red/green illumination with five intensity levels;
  • Guidetech multicoated lenses for optimal clarity;
  • 30mm main-tube construction.

Optimized for AR platforms, our AR Riflescope matches rugged quality with accuracy-boosting performance. Guidetech® broadband fully multicoated lenses deliver excellent light transmission and color fidelity. Etched-glass reticle withstands the punishment of large calibers. Dual red/green illumination with five intensity levels for quick target acquisition. Bullet-drop compensation reticle ensures outstanding downrange accuracy for .223 and .308 ammunition. The 1-4x24 and 1-6x24 scopes have yardages marked in 100-yd increments out to 700 yds. and the 3-12x44 model has yardages marked in 100-yd. increments out to 800 yds. for simple hold-over adjustments. The 3-12x44 model has side-focus parallax adjustment beginning at 15 yds. The 1-4x24 and 1-6x24 scopes have a fixed 100-yd. parallax. 30mm main-tube construction has a matte-black anodized finish. Includes scope mount, lens cloth, neoprene cover, and user guide.

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Cabela's Covenant 7 FFP Riflescope

  • Wide magnification range;
  • Transitions well between close- and long-range shots;
  • Low-profile turrets with 1/10-Mil adjustments;
  • First focal plane ensures consistent reticle subtensions.

Wide magnification range of the Cabela's Covenant 7 FFP Riflescope gives you increased flexibility when transitioning between close- and long-range shots. First-focal-plane design scales throughout the zoom range, ensuring reticle subtensions remain the same regardless of what power you've selected. The 34mm main-tube construction comes machined from high-grade aluminum for lightweight, rugged strength. Low-profile exposed turrets with 1/10-Mil adjustments to ensure smooth, precise adjustments. Elevation turret includes an adjustable zero stop. Side-focus parallax allows correction from 20 yds. Christmas-tree-style hold-over reticle for quick target acquisition at all distances. Nitrogen-filled for waterproof, shockproof and fog proof performance. Includes lens cloth and user guide.

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Today on the Yamaha whitetail Diaries Jeremy Boone from Cabala's has been invited to deer camp. This week and he's brought along. Something new from Cabala's the Cabala's Instinct line of rifle scopes so the instinct line is Cabala's premium line of optics. They provide the highest end performance. You can get at a price point. That it was previously unattainable for. That kind of product so it's its European made optics comparable to your other high-end European optics but at far less of a price it's really a value proposition. And for the whole system, it's. All you know HD optics great lens coatings extreme durability it's its. Something you can count on no matter. Where you're hunting or. What you're hunting but. Something we're pretty proud of it's a program we've had around for a. While now, we've made. Some tweaks to. It over the years and really happy with. Where it's at and it's performed great. And I can tell you. That a lot of people have taken a lot of great animals with. It it's proven itself in the field time. And time again you know Cabala's has long been known as the world's foremost outfitter. And when you look at the halls of the people. That work in Cabala's. I mean there are people.

That they get outdoors. You know they don't just sit behind. That desk and look at numbers. I mean there are some die-hard hunters. And that company die-hard outdoors men die hard sportsmen people. That not only know that the products specifications from a retail standpoint but. They know from experience. How it works in the field. And the optics is one of those areas. And areas that to me. That's just so important. Because when I look at optics. Demand performance. I demand something that's gonna be able to withstand a harsh environment. And use not looking for something I don't care. How pretty it is I want the inner workings to be there for me. I wanted to perform. When I need them no matter. What I've put it through leading up to. That time the instinct scopes are great for a. Few reasons and one being, of course, the price point yeah to the quality. And really the optical quality is.

What stands it out as top-of-the-line the low light performance really is almost unmatched. And you know you have no worries. That you'll be able to see your target. When it's the most important time of day. And then you've got other features just like we've done with. If knows the outside of its just a good-looking scope it's sleek. It looks good on the gun. And it's not something that's gonna get in the way it's but it's a good complement to. Any good rifle knowing. That this line is the top of the heap. When it comes to optics but. More consumers can afford. It that's something. That we're really excited about. You want to learn more about Cabala's Instinct line of optics head on over to your local Cabela's or visit their website.

Vortex Diamondback Tactical FFP Riflescope

  • First-focal-plane EBR-2C reticle;
  • Tall, exposed tactical turrets;
  • Zero-reset feature;
  • Fully multicoated lenses;
  • XD lens elements.

Find the Vortex Optic that is right for you.  

The Vortex Diamondback Tactical FFP Riflescope utilizes a first-focal-plane reticle, a feature ordinarily reserved for four-figure-priced optics. The FFP reticle allows full use of the EBR-2C reticle for range estimation, holdover or windage correction at any magnification power within the zoom range. A 30mm main tube and tall, exposed tactical turrets provide a broad range for dialing in shots. Zero-reset feature gets you back to original zero quickly and consistently after a long shot. Side parallax focus adjusts from 20 yds. to infinity. XD lens elements with full multicoating maximize clarity and brightness. Waterproof and fog proof.

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Welcome to another installment from long-range productions. Today we will be doing a budget scope comparison. We have the intent originally to compare five budget-minded scopes with. Some excellent features directly against a Bushnell elite tactical 35 to 21 DMR scope which has over the years proven to track true and be darn near bulletproof stay tuned to see the results and back to zero next scope up for testing is the Athlon Argos BTR in six to 24 by 50 with Milla justments the scope overall is quite nice with a lot of features. That usually find on much. More expensive optics such as reticle illumination. And being first focal plane MSRP is $445 with the street prices being closer to 330 at the time of filming the turrets on this optic feels quite good overall but the magnification adjustment is very stiff. And somewhat of a painted turn the illumination also leaves. Something to be desired. I like the fact it has the ability to illuminate the reticle but the execution was poor at best with tons of light pollution spilling out of the crosshairs. All throughout the image on. All but the lowest of settings. I also want to mention. This optic does not have a true zero stop. You can add a makeshift zero stop. And Athlon will provide. You with the necessary shims free of charge which is a very nice bonus overall this optic but I do want to give a fair and honest review.

The Cabela's covenant is a bit of the unknown in this test at a defined price point. Some great features including a really nice reticle. Some very excellent glass the glass clarity at least to my eye during these tests was on par with optics costing many times. Then the scope did one is the four to fourteen by forty-four-millimeter model featuring a 30-millimeter main tube. And a reticle situated on the first focal plane the Turks feel good. If not a tad bit mushy the magnification ring moves freely with just enough tension to trust. It will only spend you want. It to no zero straw for illumination available.

It is only available in MOA but. It really does have the best optical clarity out of. Any of the budget scopes compared today. I would put the clarity on par with the Bushnell DMR. That is our baseline for this test yes. It really is that good so. One is MOA it's not Mills, so I'm gonna want to go up the next scope in the lineup is the all-new Vortex BDC reticle Diamondback tactical FFP. One is in mils and like the name suggests. It is a first focal plane scope. One is for two sixteen by forty-four. And features exposed target turrets with a really excellent layout easy to read nice feel the turrets.

However to not lock. And there is no zero stop available the reticle is the EBR to see reticle which has proven itself to be an excellent reticle design over the years the turrets. And the magnification ring has great tactile feedback. And the glass is quite good but the eye box at a full sixteen power does get awfully small. You have a good ergonomic set up on your rig there shouldn't be an issue but. It could catch some people out with a subpar setup the last cup in our lineup today is the Bushnell engage the engage is a newer line of optics from Bushnell. That incorporates some nice features for not a lot of money well. You can only get them to engage in MOA. And the second focal plane.

It is still a very usable optic. One mounted on my very favorite hunting rifle Browning ex Bolton seven millimeter Remington Magnum the engaged scope is held upon this light rifle with a pretty stout loading in this cartridge but 162 grain Hornady LDX moving along at three thousand one hundred and seventy feet per second has nothing to sneeze at. And the engage handles. It well the deploy MOA reticle is a very usable reticle. Though in order to use. It as designed for range estimation. Or measuring you do have to be at a full sixteen power. This can be a hindrance in. Some situations the optics are very good. And the turrets are of a pull to unlock design. They have good tactile feedback in the power ring is easy to adjust overall. I give it good marks five minutes outs of. One two three all right. That we're back home. What does this tell? I think the most important thing. It tells us is don't go out. And shooting on a day as windy as. And expect to shoot from a platform without major shot disruptions that wind was actually physically blowing my truck around to the point.

I was shooting off the tailgate. It was blowing it to the point. Whereas you can see from the groups down here. That gun is it's accurate. And consistent enough. This should one ragged hole. It typically is I was laying down prone. It probably would have been but because of the wind conditions. That head-on wind it was hitting my truck broadside. It was moving the truck twists in the truck the suspension was moving around. And bouncing around. I could not get a super steady shot just from the wind gusts so. You can see everything is kind of spread around. I did get lucky a couple of times the bush. All engage were pretty close the Cabala's covenant was pretty close time back tactical had a little bit of spread on.

These are the three shots from the DMR the Bushnell DMR here's. Another Athlon down here so a lot of. This may not be scope tracking so scientifically. This doesn't give us a great data set but it's. Something interesting to look at so. I went through I did the math on. Everything and you can see. This was the aiming point on the target. I tried to get a video of the bullet impacts but again. It was so windy it was pushing the camera around on the tripod really badly so from point of impact. Or from point of aim. This was a constant point of aim. I never deviated from. That point of aim we can look up here the Diamondback tactical.

That was two point nine mils. I dialed three so two-point nine that's pretty darn close the Athlon is as well as two-point nine. One mil so both of those almost exact. You know exactly the same. I did dial 329 two-point nine. One so it's a tenth off. And again that could be the truck getting blown around here's the Bushnell engage. That shows up at ten point five Moas. That was 11 inches so. That is ten point five Moas. I did dial ten so that's pretty darn close the DMR three point two six mils so 1/4 mil high from. What I dialed and then the Cabala's covenant. I dialed 15 total I ended up with fourteen point eight Moas so that's pretty darn close so again the room for error there is probably in the windblown the gusts.

That so then let's see so the DMR was the first scope. That was again three point two six miles from point of impact. Or from point of aim to point of impact three point two six mils then. We went right that was. One point eight mils was the impact. And then we went left. That was two point five mils then. We shot the Athlon right here. That was two point nine. One mil I dialed three total. We went right that was two point three six mils right. And left one point eight seven five mils after. It was the Cabala's covenant. I dialed fifteen points. Or 15 mils or 15 MOA excuse. I ended up impacting fourteen point eight Moas so. I actually wrote this out as mils but. That is the correct conversion for MOA so dialing right.

That came out at six point six nine MOA dialing left five-point. One three Moas and then came back down. You can see the impact number. One impact number two so. That actually worked out pretty well that's fairly consistent coming back to point of the original point of aim from there. We did the Diamondback tactical. You can see this was shot placement number. This was the follow-up shot so Diamondback tactical. We dialed three mils. We ended up 29 mils in elevation dialed right Diamondback tactical was 18 mils right next to the DMR dialed left the Diamondback tactical is. One point five nine mils. And then back to complete zero. You can see the second impact right here right on the line so. That was actually fairly consistent again. When definitely played a factor their last. One was the Bushnell engage. I believe this was shot number. One then we dialed up Bushnell engage ended up hitting at 105 Moas dialed right.

We ended up at 57 Moas. And then we dialed left at 43 Moas. And then back down you can see the shot number. And then shot number two here. And then I dialed down 5 Moas. I ended up impacting almost 6 MOA lo so. This was shot number 3. That was the only that with so. This here is you know just basically with. That wind that shooting platform. What does that tell? You know it does the show. That dialing back down to zero after cranking the turrets. All were fairly consistent so that's a good thing they were also fairly consistent with my shooting dialing up as. You can see they're. All kind of grouped here dialing left. And dialing right all fairly consistent so. Some of these shots were definitely thrown. Some of these shots were moved around from my shooting platform being moved by the wind but overall. I would say they were.

All good performers. I would trust any of them. I will definitely get back out. More testing and calmer conditions. And from a more stable shooting platform. I was shooting it's a little too dusty to be shooting from prone on the ground it's. All very fine silica type moon dust dirt. And shooting headlong into the wind is just a way to a good way to sandblast your teeth your rifle. And your optics, so I didn't want to do. That anyways this was informative too. You have any questions comments. Or concerns please feel free to put them down below in the comments. I will be than happy to answer them.

I wanted to film these shots impact the target. And also back at the range at the bench I'm sorry. Iwas not able to do. That I only have footage of the shots down at the target before. We roll into the shots at the range I'll go over the target board here on the tabletop so. You guys can kind of see. And get an idea of how. Everything happened. And then we'll roll the video of the range okay YouTube so here. We are looking at the target tracking target. That I made for this test as. You guys can see here. I have this one labeled vortex Diamondback zero. This one labeled Bushnell elite zero. This is where I started. And finished the tracking test for. Both scopes originally. I started with the Vortex Diamondback. You guys will see its first shots printed over here. And then adjusted dials. And got it on paper. And then started the box test took my first shot at the start. And then couldn't read my own handwriting so. I only dialed one mil instead of two.

And this shot printed here at. That time in the video you'll see. That the target had come loose. And I had to run down there. And secure it runs back down at the bench. And get started shooting again so. I dialed another motivation. And printed on the target dial two. More mils which put. Us at four mils of elevation. And the shot with the vortex landed off to the right side. I don't know which was the first. One which was the second. One but it landed off to the right side initially. I thought that I pulled. It so I took another shot. And they stacked upright against. Each other so what I conclude is. That the target backer wasn't necessarily Square to. Me when I put my level on. It and made sure that. It was level I don't think the target backer was necessary a hundred percent squared to.

Me so that's why that shots went off to the right dialed windage. And then back down in elevation. And it came right back to zero next. Ithrew the bush snow Don. And I chased the euro around for a little. While I didn't know. What was going on and? I hadn't torqued everything down correctly so. I had taken the scope back off out. It back on torqued everything down right. And then I just threw. Another pasty over the existing one got. It zeroed and started the box test. And as you guys can see the shots pretty much followed. Each other around the target board. I'm pretty pleased with the results of the track game for the vortex for three hundred. And fifty dollars I think you're getting a heck of a deal. And a heck of a scope I'll roll into the footage of the shots downrange. Now and then we'll talk a little bit. More about the scope at the end so there.

You have it YouTube very pleased with the way. That this scope tracked in comparison to the Bushnell elite again for $350. I think more text has knocked. It out of the park the only other budget first focal plane scopes. That I've seen out in the market. That I think would maybe come closer compared to. This is the new Bushnell nitro line but. Even though scopes for this magnification range the middle mill the first focal plane is a couple of hundred dollars. More I want to say somewhere in the $500 price point which is still very affordable for a first focal plane nil-nil target scope but for three hundred. And fifty dollars it's tracking right alongside my Bushnell elite which.

I paid three or thirteen. Or fourteen hundred dollars for and. Icouldn't be more pleased with. This little scope so. If you're on the fence about. These don't pull the trigger go. Get one and thanks for watching.

Nikon Prostaff P5 Rifle Scope

  • Spring-loaded turrets with Instant Zero-Reset;
  • Knurled, aluminum turret caps, zoom ring, and eyepiece;
  • The fully multicoated optical system;
  • 1-piece aluminum main tube;
  • 4-time zoom range.

Nikon has a complete line of optics

The Nikon Prostaff P5 Rifle Scope features spring-loaded windage and elevation turrets that adjust with 1/4-MOA clicks, and the Instant Zero-Reset feature easily resets to zero after sighting in. Aluminum turret caps, zoom ring, and the quick-focus eyepiece all feature ergonomic knurling for enhanced control. A 4-time zoom range provides tremendous versatility for hunting multiple species of game in varying habitats. A fully multicoated optical system produces sharp, high-contrast images, and enhances the brightness at dawn and dusk when the game is most active. Generous and consistent eye relief protects the shooter's eyebrow from recoil. All models except the 2.5–10x42 utilize a side-focus parallax turret that can be reached by the shooter without the target leaving the field of view. The Nikon Prostaff P5 Rifle Scope is constructed with a 1-piece aluminum alloy tube and is nitrogen-filled and O-ring sealed to ensure waterproof and fog-proof performance. Full manufacturer's lifetime warranty.

 Cancer and Reproductive Harm-

Big scope features with a small scope price tag is what the Nikon pro staff seven with BDC reticle delivers housed in a 30-millimeter tube for superb light-gathering this long-range scope offers 4 to 16 magnification side focus. And a 42-millimeter objective tube the suckin light like a black hole a fully sealed nitrogen gas purged anodized aluminum housing keeps. It dries and fog-free on the insides. And will even take being submerged in 3 feet of water fully multi-coated lenses resist dust. And scratching while optimizing clarity. And brightness finger adjustable target turrets with spring return-to-zero adjustment dials allow easy zeroing of your rifle. And a quarter MOA adjustments for elevation. And windage can be quickly made screw-on covers protect your turrets. And avoid accidental movement our test model is a 4 to 16 by 42. And offers exceptional clarity without adding a lot of additional weight.

It weighs a mere 19 point 4 ounces. And at 13 points 6 inches long. It is a small enough package to be barely noticeable on top of your rifle the side focus knob is adjustable from 50 yards to infinity. And can be used to estimate the distance to target the BDC reticle allows easy adjustments at various ranges out to 500 yards without making changes to your turret just line up your shot. And the various distance rings in the scope for elevation adjustments out to 500 yards for standard velocity rifles in 600 yards for magnums for more exact adjustments input your load data. And variables into the Nikon spot-on ballistic match technology available on the Nikon website. This will allow you to create the ideal dope for your rifle optics ammo combination with a price tag of under four hundred. And fifty dollars the Nikon Prostaff 7 scope offers amazing value for the money cramming features usually reserved for much pricier scopes into an everyman price point quality glass rugged tube.

And packed with features the Nikon Prostaff 7 line of scopes allow. You to reach out without digging deep check them out at your local sportsmen warehouse store as. This scope is so new. They are one of the. Few retailers who are selling them just. Yet be one of the first to get the power. And the value of the Pro Staff 7 from 9 guns.

Vortex Crossfire II Riflescopes

  • Fast-focus eyepiece;
  • Fully multicoated lenses;
  • Waterproof aluminum tube construction.

Find the Vortex Optics Crossfire II that is right for you.

Upgrade your hunting rifle to the clearer, tougher, brighter line of Crossfire II riflescopes. Fully multi-coated lenses increase light transmission for less haze and extra-vibrant colors. Fast-focus eyepiece for quick and easy reticle focusing. Reset turrets can be re-indexed to zero after sighting in the scope. Capped turrets reduce the risk of damage. Crafted of premium, aircraft-grade aluminum, the waterproof one-piece tube delivers optimum visual performance and strength. O-rings prevent moisture, dust, and debris from getting inside the tube. Nitrogen-filled tube inhibits internal fogging. Durable hard-coat-anodized finish reduces glare. Backed by Vortex's VIP unlimited lifetime warranty.

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Welcome back to 13C! Today we're going to take a look at the Crossfire 2 from Vortex. We've got this optic in for testing from our friends at OpticsPlanet and right now they're extending it off of the 13C subscribers and get 5 percent off your entire order with code gun reviews.

There'll be more information in links in the description down below so goes ahead and check that out. This is a Vortex Crossfire. It is a 1 to 4 power optic 24-millimeter objective. I've reviewed some Tru 1 Powers in the past. One of ultimately the question always comes up: - Why would I want a 1 power optic like this as opposed to just going with the standard red dot? There are a number of reasons why, especially, if you're looking at getting into something like a 3-gun competition. You want something like a red dot up close but you also want the ability without having to change optics or rifles to be able to reach out to further targets.

If you're doing some of these competitions. And whatnot they have targets placed out to 3 400 yards. If you're lucky enough to have ranges. That sort of thing in your area so there's definitely. These optics fill a niche. And the crossfire 2 here fills a great. I don't necessarily want to say entry-level optic but it's definitely an entry-level price point. I wouldn't say entry-level optic simply. It does come with vortexes a lifetime unconditional warranty on. And design the vortex cantilever mount on here as well the 2-inch offset. That comes with their lifetime unconditional warranty so it's. Something that's nice to see from vortex. And you've seen me review vortex optics in the past maybe not standalone but in different reviews, I've done with.

I think scar 17 the DPMS g2 recon stuff like. This optic comes in about nine point eight inches long weighs about 16 ounces horses got your various multi coatings on there. You would expect as well as anti reflective coatings on. Anything that's air to glass contact. This optic, unlike some others I've done in the past really been keen on first focal plane. This is a second focal plane reticle which is. More traditional something you'd see normally. These optics price point. You definitely would not see a first focal plane optic reticle. Ishould says so why would. You want one over the other in a 1 to 4 power. You really don't need. That first focal plane. Or front focal plane depending on your preference.

That means is the second focal plane reticle is. That reticle is fixed. And no matter what you zoom between. One power through 4 power. That reticle will stay the exact same so. This has their V Plex reticle so you're really not going to get a lot of range estimation out of. This guy but then again in a 1 to 4 power. It seemed probable not. Something you're looking for anyway. These do have a center illuminated red dot. You can use this red dot is. More for low-light purposes. It has settings all the way from 1 to 10 10 is bright enough. You can see it in the daylight but. If you're on a very bright sunny day it's going to wash out on. This so that's something to keep in mind excuse.

I mentioned earlier. I was hesitant to call. It an entry-level optic-based solely upon its price point. I was doing that's because. It does have some of the features. You would expect to find in a higher-priced optic being waterproof shockproof. And fog-proof recording vortex. It also has your sighting your optic. It zeroed you want. You can reset these turrets so. That they'll go back to zero as well so. That way you make modifications to. It later you can dial. It right back to zero. That original you had set it's got the fast focus eyepiece on the back as well as being a single piece 30-millimeter tube of aircraft-grade aluminum. That covers most of our basics at this point. Let's get back out. Put a more round downrange so an example what I was talking about earlier was maybe engaging a larger target close ring and then needing to engage a smaller target further out. It's nice to have that ability to go from something that's true. One power uses it similar to you. Would a red dot. And then be able to zoom in. And have that little bit. More to be able to get a. More accurate shot at further ranges. Or maybe you're just trying to shoot smaller targets closer in. One power just isn't quite enough be. It at 100 yards or 200 yards like. Most War Tech's optics my initial impression of. This guy is very positive. You get a lot of value for the money in. Most of the vortex line. And unconditional warranties on. Both the optic and the mount that's hard to be. You don't even need a receipt just. You have a problem you call them up send it back. They'll fix you a new one that's really hard to be the less. You know you abused. Something like that.

Of course, it looks right at home here on this mark for recce upper from CMM G. That I've got this quick detaches from good American armament rail. Thanks again guys for your comments. It wasn't for some of your comments. Some of these reviews may not be quite as in-depth as. They are because I'm answering a lot of your questions. That comes from social media like Facebook comm forward-slash gun reviews. I get a lot of feedback from. You guys there as well as Instagram. Or at 13c gun reviews. You give a little bit of guidance in direction as to. Where we're going with some of these reviews.

Some things you'd like to see, some reasoning behind I have for some of the reviews, some thoughts I had behind it. So please keep that information coming, it's been absolutely valuable. And thanks to OpticsPlanet again for. That gun reviews code we'll put. More information and links in the description down below to get five percent off your entire order from them thank. You to the channel and to the subscriber so thanks again, guys. We really appreciate. It stays safe talk soon you.

It apart so here this the way. It comes packaged let's take. These off right here it's very interesting I got. This from OpticsPlanet. It came from I love OpticsPlanet actually via Amazon. Though OpticsPlanet probably delivers faster. Anybody on the planet. You get them from Amazon. It delivers even faster. That so let's see he make sure. That I'm Senator for this camera here. We are take that off just like. And we'll slide it out alright so. It comes with the comes with a bikini lens protector settled bikini lens protectors right here I'm not a big fan of those. They kind of just like. You know like where do. You put them you take them off. You scope you know like. You do with them and then. This one here like this let's put. This backs down right here. This is reading it upside down um to properly mount your rifle scope. I recommend using an inch-pound torque wrench do not exceed 18-inch pounds of torque alright so it's good to have a like a phat wrench. Something like when you're installing these.

And do not exceed according to manufacturer's specifications 18 pounds of torque. All right I'm not sure. This is the I ordered. It could be oh no this is the four to 12 by 44. How crazy is I am very oh no? It over here Oh 389 by 40 model shown. This is 4 to 12 by 44. It no does it alright so here. We have crossfire for 212 crossfire 245 vortex for 212 by 44 alright we've already been that's written on. Both sides what else comes in here let's see. What else we got let's put. This down right here okay good. It is fully multi-coated with anti-reflective coatings for brighter views nitrogen gas purging with a rings yo ring seals libelous fog proof waterproof performance shockproof construction which stands recoil. And impact single-piece aircraft-grade aluminum alloy construction. And it's got a one-inch tube alright with. That hard anodized matte finish long eye relief with forgiving eye box fast-focus eyepiece finger adjustable. That he's a finger adjustable zero turrets so.

When he's come off their finger adjustable. And zero-reset turrets we're gonna get to. And their MOA turn reticles. And it's got a 3x zoom range alright so comes with let's see. It has the dead I ordered the dead hole BDC reticle on. This alright so it comes with a little book. That explains the dead hold beat BDC reticle. How to use it which is really cool so that's pretty that's pretty good right there. It also comes with your instruction manual. I will be nurses that right comes with the instruction manual. And the notices you have the illumination. I gotta is honest with. You um I've got illuminated scopes. I use them sometimes.

Most of the time I don't alright so. They have it explains. All about like that so that's pretty cool well uh we'll come back to. And explaining you know. How Howard it breaks. It down maybe not. Idon't know so it doesn't need a battery. Because it's not illuminated which is really cool. This is a pretty cool chick. This out so we'll take. We will put this like. And we'll open that off there. You go so how nice is. That okay what the heck is. That is their maybe. It came upside down on. I don't know alright can. You guys see that absolutely look at. That okay so here's your diameter right here which is kind of tight be honest with. You um I'll get to that sorry my dirty fingernails. I was working in the yard earlier um. We have four wow this is tight okay that's not listened up a little bit four to twelve magnification right there.

And let's take these caps off. One of the reasons I bought. I thought maybe another scope. I ordered I can't remember that's. Something else I would wear. It comes with on the other side. It was my uh it was a hall a son. I had just stored in a red dot. Something like that that had the little indents on the caps which is a great idea a lot of companies are moving to. You can turn this but. This is a finger turn, so I'm not worried about. I just got thrown off. That little screw head right there. That little flat head screw head. One-click is one-quarter MOA which is um. And down one quarter obviously MOA right. And left it has a forty-four-millimeter lens objective. And kind of lightweight.

I think it's like 18 ounces. Something like it feels very light I'm gonna I'm pretty excited about. What we'll do is we'll just we'll take a look through the do the scope. She looks looking at looking outside. What you're seeing here is my boggled up view of China takes. This scope and hold. One hand and use the iPhone in the other hand but. You could see the white frame windows. All the way across the street at the house since prior around 65 70 yards away maybe 60 yards at best. This is on 4x power for the scope. I am 1 X Powell for my iPhone so. You see you'll see the difference in. I finally get him you know kind of settled. And I'm sorry I'm holding it with two different hands. Now before I went out there. Is the diameter I adjusted the eye relief. Is the diameter you kind of wouldn't know. Because I'm shaking all over the place but. I really really like the eye relief on.

This I'm very excited by. It on for power I didn't sue min. I didn't have a third hand to zoom. I was doing it I was kind of messing it up enough. These are one-quarter MOA so four at a hundred yards every click will move the reticle. Either to the left or right up. Or down 1/4 of an inch. They are audible and tactile they're very kind of make. More maybe it's just. Me with the way I'm turning it but. They kind of he could hear them. And it'll read you notice it'll read oh it's. One two three four fives. All the way up until seven. And then it'll go negative seven six five four three twos. One zero down there so. You have the negatives on. One side positives on the other. It does not work that way for your elevation. It just goes 1 through 14. All the way up to what you would be 0 again at 15. You could hear them as.

They move you can feel them just fine seeing. What vortex considers to be a low power scope ok there is no parallax setting. Either on the side or on the front so. It has a set parallax of 100 yards so just. You know one thing to remember so. If you're a person I like to set the parallax on my scopes especially. You know when you're looking downrange. And you're looking further. Then 100 yards but I'm gonna put. This on there our PR. That a lot better than saying Ruger precision rim fireman that's a mouthful I'm gonna wind up putting this on our PR. I have a Nikon BDC on their right. I just threw on there to see. She shoots and we're gonna get into. That I'm gonna do the. I just literally got out like four. Or five days ago three-four days three-four days ago. I got the are PR so. I want to show and share. That with you guys but it's got. That 30-millimeter rail. And the night hunt sits right on the front handrail um. I could change the rings on. And bring it up a little bit.

I have low rings on there but. I just might put one on there. I don't know I'm kind of planning like. It was the reason I purchased. I could put the RP r on. Imean the Nikon on. Something else so my thoughts are. That it's really worth the money uh three to nine runs. You about $139 it Amazon. I think I'm paid around 169 179 for this. One right here oh it came through OpticsPlanet. I got delivered within a. Few days I do not have Amazon Prime. It came with this really nice cloth right here which is very cool did not come with rings. These were some rings. I bought I'm gonna try. These out I'm gonna do a review on these rings. I have right here I'm looking for rings. You can horizontally tighten up instead of going down vertically. And camped in your scope to the left of the right. All I'm very pleased with. I'm very pleased with the way.

She looks, and we're gonna see obviously there's no doubt. That she's gonna handle find on an are PR. I mean maybe I should throw on. This is avoided sex crossfire it's but it's been proven already but. I want to prove myself. I want to prove for you guys give. Something new instead of looking at videos a tattoo three years old. Something that's right. Somebody who's out there right. And doing it nobody's reinventing the wheel on. This channel I just like to share. All the shit I buy man practice proper firearm safety techniques be good too. Another Charlie Mike Charlie.

And close range physical design looks very nice because of its very very slim. And short structure it's lightly light with the nice and looking finish. This riflescope is perfect for compact hunting levels zoom range on. This rifle scope is two to seven times with zoom factor three times lens diameter is 32 millimeters at the highest magnification the field of view is four point two meters on 100 meters. And at the lowest magnification field of view is 14 meters on 100 meters the riflescope also features a very long IRA leaf with 19 991 millimeters a positive factor is a tunnel effect which doesn't change with magnification change considering the price of. This rifle scopes optical qualities decent. And light addition to the scope is certainly a long IRA leaf but lies boost would also be achieved with a better field of view next we're going to save.

Some general things about. This rifle scope is shockproof up to 308 Winchester caliber scope is purged with nitrogen cantilever screws waterproof. And for poor performance, the scope is made in China. The great feature by the vortex is certainly its full lifetime warranty with magnification change the scale of radical standard the same. This means this rifle scopes reticle is a second focal plane the reticle optical extends the same size no matter. How magnification changes as. We previously mentioned scope is designed for hunting, therefore. That holds BDC reticle is ideal for shooting different hunting distances as. We can see our this riflescope has no illumination control system, therefore, has no elimination BDC reticle consists of three drop hash marks it's a problem besides it's not very thin.

And not too thick at the same time the reticle is a good compromise between being sin accuracy. And thick enough for using low-light his rifle scope features kept hunting turret click values. Or MOA turrets are of multi-turn type with no turn indicator turn direction is counterclockwise total travel is 60 ml a that's 60 ml for windage. And 60 M way for elevation adjustment turrets presents 15 MOA travel in. One turn starts a resettable here by a simple coin. Or a special tool key setting a new setting Leta rte should be made by a skilled gunsmith. This rifle scope also has no locking function direct as. We can hear adequately audible. Although we can say. They still have some space for improvement click field could be a bit. Crispier and also a little bit. More easily usable we would compare the scope to other crossbars two serious scoops. We can conclude this scope starts could be. More audible with crispier. And it's easier to use so with always in the conclusion of our review we're going to talk about.

Some good and bad features of our rifle scope. We start off with the good ones. We can certainly mention. I release a very long. Released with 991 millimeters price glass build quality warranty small mass. And size, as we mentioned tribal scope, is perfect for compact hunting rifles bad feature is certainly a field of view which should be made bigger as. We mentioned in our previous videos. This is the case with. Some other products from crossfire to rifle scopes generally. This entry price class cope is good for an unpretentious shooter which values mostly good price decent optical performance. And great customer service scope includes lens clean cloth landscapes.

And reticle and instruction manual thank. You for watching this review. You find it useful and helpful please subscribe to our channel. Or leave a comment below to have a nice day. And we'll see you next time you.

Leupold VX-R Riflescopes

  • Exclusive FireDot illuminated reticle;
  • Eight illumination intensity levels match any condition;
  • Automatic reticle deactivation conserves battery life;
  • Index Matched Lens System for astonishing clarity;
  • Extreme fast-focus eyepiece.

Experience vastly superior optical quality

Leupold’s-exclusive FireDot® illuminated reticle gives you a bright, clear aiming point in any lighting condition. With eight intensity levels to choose from, it provides the precise illumination needed to match the conditions. A proprietary motion sensor automatically deactivates the illumination after five minutes of inactivity to conserve battery life and reactivates it as soon as motion is detected. A common CR-2032 coin-cell battery provides a remarkably long run time. Plus, fiber-optic light pipe eliminates the need for an eyepiece-based control module. Leupold’s legendary Index Matched Lens System™ combines with edge-blackened, lead-free lenses for astonishing clarity and light transmission. Extreme fast-focus eyepiece ensures optimal diopter adjustment in the field. 30mm main tube and finger-click adjustments assure maximum adjustment precision. Second-generation waterproofing resists fogging more effectively than standard nitrogen. Backed by Leupold’s Full Lifetime Warranty. Made in the USA.

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Cabela's Muzzleloader Riflescopes

  • Built with precision-machined components;
  • Ballistic Drop EXT reticle;
  • Smooth magnification system;
  • Coated lenses for high light transmission;
  • 3.8"-4.1" of eye relief;
  • Nitrogen purged.

Built with precision machining for tight tolerances, our high-performance Muzzleloader Riflescopes will help you enjoy better consistency from your muzzleloader. The highly precise, smooth magnification system ensures reliability and predictability shot after shot. Multicoated lenses guarantee high light transmission. Plus, crisp edge-to-edge clarity ensures you'll see your target clearly across the full spectrum of available shooting light. The 3.8"-4.1" eye relief keeps going while maintaining a wide field of view. All are nitrogen-purged for protection against fogging. In addition, they're fully shockproof and waterproof. Windage and elevation adjustments are smooth, precise and clear. Hard-coat durable anodizing protects the scope and will not fade. Ballistic Drop EXT reticle.

Bushnell® AR Optics 30mm Riflescopes

  • 30mm AR riflescopes;
  • Target turrets;
  • Fully multicoated optics;
  • Ultratight tolerances.

Bushnell AR Optics 30mm Riflescopes offer optical precision, rugged reliability, and uncompromising performance. Target turrets for pinpoint-precise adjustments, plus caliber-specific reticles to deliver every round with unparalleled accuracy. Cabela's offers this AR Optics Riflescope to equip 223/5.56mm firearms in two configurations: 1-4x24 featuring outstanding close-quarters accuracy, with Drop Zone-223 BDC reticle for mid-range precision, and 1-4x24 with first focal plane Illuminated BTR-1 reticle providing outstanding low-light performance and accurate holdovers to 500 yards. Make lightning-quick power changes with the Throw Down PCL lever. The Bushnell AR Optics feature fully multicoated optics for incredible brightness. Forged to ultratight tolerances. The Bushnell Throw Down PCL lever included on Illuminated BTR-1 Scope.

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What's up YouTube shooting people here's a really quick unboxing of an optic. I bought for the AR build it's a Bushnell AR optic a part of the AR optics line AR two to three rifle scope here's the information right here on. This is a BDC reticle so it's got drop points on. It multi-coated black it's waterproof. That stuff this scope is. This is basically a scope that's going to be used for initial sighting in. And testing of rifles. I actually have another higher-end scope coming in so. This is a sub $200 scope. You can buy an Amazon. It consistently gets good ratings. And well people tend to like the people a lot of people call them the working man's rifle scope. They're inexpensive. They function pretty well. You know for a low recoil rifle like an ar-15. Ithink for the purpose, I'm going to be using it for this testing so. This will be on a rifle. While I'm waiting for the other optic to come in. Or figuring out what optic. I want to get this will be on there. And then I'll get this place too. Another rifle etc Cetera alright so let's open up. Some got all the kind of standard stuff in. It goes ahead and take a look at. It Package is sort of pretty nice the little pro12 for it's a little bit bulky but that's okay. That by bulky you know it's got welds bulky. You know much higher power scopes on deer rifles had. That seems less bulky. This but it's not bad the field of view.

I guess is 20 millimeters. Or so what's it say on here 24 millimeters to 1 to 4 X. I doubt you'll be able to see the radical through there of course not seems to be well-made it's got. One-click is the point you know looks pretty good vertical adjustment set cetera et cetera. And made in Korea so that's. You save some cash there's a. Some stuff on the bottom here it's a little sticky. I think it's for the packaging there it's off. Now so decent rifle scope for the money comes with a. You know one of these lens caps so should be. All set let's see it seems to rotate pretty well it's anti-fog. That stuff it's got the drop radical functions as so. You guys are probably familiar with. That so there you go wow. This is a just a really short video I'm going to go ahead get. It mounted on the AR. I'll talk to you later.

Nikon Prostaff P3 Predator Rifle Scopes

  • BDC Predator reticle;
  • Spot-On Ballistic Match technology;
  • Instant zero-reset turret;
  • 1/4-MOA windage and elevation;
  • Fully multicoated lenses.

The Nikon Prostaff P3 Predator Rifle Scope is specifically designed to engage small targets at maximum ranges. The BDC Predator reticle provides a clear view without covering the target with cluttered reticle designs to facilitate long shots and shots on moving targets. The BDC Predator reticle is also compatible with Nikon's patented Spot-On™ Ballistic Match Technology, which allows you to discover the exact holdover points for various yardages with specific loads. Windage and elevation adjustments hand-turn with 1/4-MOA clicks and have spring-loaded, zero-reset turrets. A fully multicoated optical system provides tremendous light transmission for maximum brightness, extending the time you can shoot during the critical minutes at dawn and dusk. A quick-focus eyepiece lets you focus sharply at various ranges, and a generous eye relief keeps the eyepiece away from the shooter's forehead during recoil. Matte-finished, 1" aluminum tube and is waterproof and fog proof. Manufacturer's limited lifetime warranty.

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SIG Sauer SIERRA3BDX Riflescope and KILO BDX Rangefinder Kit

  • BDX-capable KILO rangefinder and riflescope combo;
  • Riflescope produces an illuminated auto-holdover dot on your target;
  • Ballistic Data Xchange shares data between rangefinder and riflescope;
  • LevelPlex Anti-Cant System with integrated digital level;
  • Rangefinder ranges to 1,600 yds. on reflective targets – deer to 750 yds.

Take the guesswork out of long-range shooting. This ground-breaking kit pairs the BDX-capable SIG Sauer SIERRA3BDX Riflescope and KILO BDX Rangefinder together to make everything from ranging to calculating holdover easier. Paired with the KILO BDX rangefinder, the SIG Sauer SIERRA3BDX Riflescope produces an illuminated auto-holdover dot on your target. Simply range a target, put the holdover dot on the target and you're ready to shoot. The SIERRA3 calculating for ballistics and environmental conditions using Integrated BDX Ballistic Data Xchange accessed via Bluetooth®. The OLED-illuminated ballistic holdover dot automatically scales with zoom to subtend on targets at any magnification level. LevelPlex Anti-Cant System boasts an integrated digital level accurate to +/- 0.5°.  The blue LED on the SIERRA3BDX power selector flashes when it receives new ballistic holdover data from a KILO BDX rangefinder. Motion Activated Illumination (MOTAC™) powers up when it senses motion and powers down when it doesn't, conserving battery life. SpectraCoat™ highly efficient, ultra-wide broadband, anti-reflection lens coatings reduce surface reflections to extremely low levels across the entire visible spectrum promoting superior light transmission. SIG SAUER's innovative kinetic energy transfer indicator alerts you when energy on target drops below a predetermined threshold that can be set using the SIG BDX app. Auto LevelPlex automatically increases digital level sensitivity on longer shots. Dependable waterproof and fog-proof performance (IPX7 rated for complete immersion up to one meter). Covered by SIG SAUER's INFINITE Guarantee™ and electronics limited warranty.

Ideal for hunting in any terrain from open country to heavy timber, the KILO1400BDX Rangefinder ranges deer up to 750 yds. and reflective targets up to 1,600 yds. Revolutionary LightWave DSP™ technology delivers fast and long-distance range finding at an affordable price. HyperScan™ technology produces four range updates per second in scan mode. RangeLock™ reports the last range result when ranging distant targets. Low-energy Bluetooth 4.0 creates up to 25 custom ballistic profiles in the free SIG BDX app and syncs with your rangefinder at Embedded Applied Ballistics Ultralite engine with bullet database and support for G1/G7 curves simplifies shotmaking. The 6x20mm monocular with SpectraCoat™ antireflection coatings and High-Transmittance LCD delivers superior light transmission and optical clarity. LCD uses a small, extremely precise targeting circle with ballistic information including elevation and wind holds, angle of incline, target mode and Bluetooth connectivity status. Modes of operation include Line of Sight, Angle Modified Range and Applied Ballistics Ultralight with ballistic results in MIL or MOA. Compact, lightweight polymer housing with binocular-style eyecup and diopter adjustment. Covered by manufacturer's INFINITE Guarantee™ and electronics limited warranty.

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Firefield Barrage Riflescope with Red Laser

  • Multicoated, scratch-resistant AR green glass lens;
  • 5mW 532nm Class-IIIA red laser;
  • Illuminated red/green mil-dot reticle;
  • Weatherproof IPX4 rating;
  • The long-lasting battery life of up to 100 hours.

Capable of handling tough engagements, Firefield's Barrage Riflescope with Laser excels at the close- to midrange situations. Fully multi-coated, scratch-resistant, anti-reflective AR green glass lens delivers crisp images without sacrificing durability. Precision 5mW 532nm Class-IIIA red laser teams with the illuminated red/green mil-dot reticle to keep you on target, even in low-light situations. Precision windage and elevation adjustments. Aircraft-grade anodized-aluminum construction sports a weatherproof IPX4 rating. Nitrogen-filled for water- and fog-proof performance. Shockproof. Two-piece mount fits Weaver- and Picatinny-style rails. One CR-2032 battery (included) powers the scope for up to 100 hours. Integrated sunshade.

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TRUGLO Optics Rimfire/Airgun Scope

  • Duplex reticle is ideal for small game and plinking;
  • Fully-coated lenses provide maximum brightness, clarity, and contrast;
  • Durable scratch-resistant and nonreflective finish.

Equipped with a duplex reticle for accuracy, TRUGLO's Rimfire/Airgun Scope is ideal for small game and plinking. Fully-coated lenses provide maximum brightness, clarity, and contrast. The scratch-resistant and nonreflective finish add durability. Rubber eye guard assures proper eye-to-lens positioning while reducing glare and protecting your eye. Made of a one-piece aircraft-quality aluminum tube. Water-resistant, shock-resistant, and fog proof. Includes 3/8" rings for .22 and air rifles. 4 x 32mm.

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Burris 1" Scout Riflescope

Because Scout rifles are growing in popularity as a solid home-defense option, ranch gun or even an enjoyable plinker, Burris has introduced their cutting-edge line of Scout riflescopes. Specifically designed for Scout rifles. They produce intermediate eye relief, low mounting capabilities and variable power for versatility with enhanced durability. Bright, crystal-clear multicoated optics make acquiring the target an effortless affair. And 7X magnification, you'll get greater accuracy and precision downrange with the Ballistic Plex reticle.

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Leupold VX-R Scout Riflescope

  • Push-button-activated illuminated FireDot reticles;
  • Mounts forward of the receiver for exceptional eye relief;
  • Quantum Optical System delivers brightness, clarity, and contrast;
  • Abrasion-resistant DiamondCoat lens coatings;
  • Finger-adjustable 1/4-MOA windage and elevation adjustments;
  • Shockproof and argon/krypton gas-filled waterproofing.

Experience vastly superior optical quality

Leupold's VX-R Scout Riflescopes deliver the clarity, durability and variable magnification you need when your winter's supply of meat depends on it. Illuminated FireDot® reticles are activated with the push of a button and feature multiple brightness levels so you're ready when that big buck steps out during the first or last minutes of shooting light. Designed to be mounted forward of the receiver for exceptional eye relief, allowing you to shoot in the steep country without the worry of being marked forever. Leupold's Quantum Optical System™ uses Index Matched Lens System™ with lead-free edge-blackened lenses for exceptional brightness, clarity, and contrast. DiamondCoat™ lens coatings on exterior lens surfaces provide the kind of abrasion-resistance your hunting setup needs, plus it boosts light transmission to 94%. Lockable, fast-focus eyepiece. Finger-adjustable 1/4-MOA click windage and elevation adjustments. Tactile power indicator with easy-to-read numbers lets you see your magnification at a glance. Argon/krypton gas-filled waterproofing. Shockproof construction handles tough hunts and heavy recoil. Backed by the Leupold Gold Ring Full Lifetime Guarantee.

The Leupold vx 6 3 18 quantum optical system has revolutionized clarity and light transmission in a rifle scope. They use lead-free glass coatings. And other environmentally. And ecologically friendly composites. They are helping to preserve our outdoor traditions for many future generations additionally. This technology has resulted in a. Than 90 percent improvement in resolution. And color fidelity resulting in razor-sharp images. And common hunting conditions from dawn to dusk to further improve the image seen through the scope loopholed uses their index match lens system coating different lenses with different materials depending upon the refraction index of. Each piece of glass. It relates with other lenses in the scope.

Each coating and lens is layered in such a way. It maximizes the light throughput in magnification without destroying color. Or clarity the next innovation with. This scope is the fire dot duplex reticle using an emitter diode an intensity adjustable red dot is projected in the center of the crosshairs to improve target acquisition in a variety of lighting conditions the cr2032 battery-powered fire dot is turned on by pressing the loop hold logo on the side.

And will enter standby mode after 5 minutes turning off until the rifle is raised to the shoulder again. It will instantly come back on. This prolongs battery life. And gives you an instant sight picture. You need it without losing time looking for the switch the hard-anodized 30-millimeter tube weighs just fourteen point three ounces. And provides excellent IRA leaf 42 inches at low power. And 37 inches at maximum magnification allowing you to easily mount. It on top of the majority of rifles. Even those with shorter stalks the field of view on. This scope is exceptional for a 40 millimeter 33 point six feet as for power.

And thirteen point six feet at nine power with sixty Moas of adjustment. And quarter minute per click for elevation. And windage there is plenty of room to allow. You to use rings of varying Heights. And still, get easily dialed in our test model is the three to nine by 40 millimeter with the fire dot duplex reticle, but they're available in five different reticle configurations including ballistic drop compensation custom turrets are available to further customize your scope rifle ammo combination the scope also comes in. One point two five two four by twenty millimeter. One point five two five by thirty-three millimeter two seven by thirty-three millimeter three to nine by fifty millimeter four to twelve by fifty millimeter. And four to twelve by forty-millimeter magnifications with various special feature configurations including customized dials.

You need a dependable. And the rugged scope for your rifle makes sure. You look for the tell-tale gold ring. That symbolizes the best of American manufacturing and design. It tells that your scope will get the job done without question look for the loophole VXR rifle scope at your local sportsmen warehouse store.

More for the three denying version they're shipping now. And we're pretty excited about. This product bright wide field-of-view on low power. And enough just discrimination to hit targets at a longer distance on high magnification.

Burris XTR II FFP Riflescope

  • Front-focal-plane reticle changes in size with magnification;
  • Hi-Lume multicoated lenses optimize target resolution;
  • Precision adjustment knobs and Zero Click Stop technology;
  • Shockproof triple-spring-tensioned internal assemblies.

Burris' XTR II FFP Riflescope boasts a 5X zoom system and 25% thicker tube construction than the original XTR Riflescope, making this an excellent choice for competitive shooters and tactical operators. Front-focal-plane (FFP) reticle changes in size as the magnification is increased or decreased. Hi-Lume® multicoated lenses optimize target resolution, contrast, and low-light performance. Dimensionally matched precision adjustment knobs and Zero Click Stop technology allow you to quickly and easily revert back to your original sight-in setting without counting revolutions. All hand-fitted internal assemblies are triple-spring-tensioned for shockproof performance.

Burris Xtreme tactical rings.

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What's going on guys. This is bears I want to talk to your day about the Burris xtr -. This is their 1 to 5 power scope. Something that you're gonna want to replace your red dot. And magnification systems with. If you're gonna save weight. And get less bulky and clunky. Whatever else you got on their well. You got a cappuccino maker etc. You want slim down this is definitely. Something you want to look at so the latest craze. And it's actually something that's well worth talking about in the red dot game is having a red dot in a three power magnification system the. One thing that's a downfall. It is clunky it's bulky. You don't kind of have. Something hanging off the side there. You know there are better options out there's plenty of places. That is doing a true. You know zero magnification to four. Or five six tons of different scopes out there the Burris is. One that's in that game. This is the one-two five power so. What you're getting there is the ability to go out to longer distances but a crank. It down to know magnification so. You can use it as a true red dot so the configuration. I have here is in the mill. You know mrad what this has is per click you're gonna get point. One mill adjustments which is great fine adjustments. You can do with all have liked. This scope I haven't really had.

Many problems there are. One problem they can improve. That would really make. This scope worth the purchase price. And we'll talk about. That a little bit later but let's talk about just the basics here so. You got your focus down here. You have your power adjustment here the great thing about. That power adjustment is the fact. Some great and early on. It so it's really easy to grab. And turn whatever magnification. You want to turn it Slims's down here. You have your knobs. You have your turrets. I will say that not sure. If it's gonna be picked up. One audio but it does have audible. And tactile feel to. It as far as the different adjustments. I wouldn't call them always.

You know as far as the top. One where you can definitely feel. It moves to different adjustments. You can take that off right here. And then move this turret to zero. It out so as you can see here bumping the camera like a professional as. You can see here you know I've been screwing around. These butts move this back to zero. It zeroed out I move the turret back to zero so. This does get bumped in my case. Whatever I just get out. It back to where the zero is. And I'm zeroed out so. You have your two turrets here. And then you have the illumination knob right here. This is they can definitely improve on the illumination knob. Some issues with not necessarily. You know getting a battery in here. And such which is relatively easy. You just go ahead and take off. This cover you got a twenty thirty-two battery right there that's. What you're gonna use two for the illumination but um. What I've had a problem with is I've had the illumination die on.

You know as I was using it so. I don't have it on at the moment. Because it's dead and what's happened to. I am I've put this in the off position which is right there. You can also have an off position in between. And illumination so I've had. It is the off position. It is a box outbox in a case went to maybe like a class. Something and take and it's dead. It got bumped whatever. What I think they can do here is. You take a normal red dot. You feel how difficult. It is to move settings like my aim point. I always leave it on but. I always leave it on the same setting which is a lower setting because I'm not sure.

I have to use if it's in a house. Something you want to have. It a lower setting for nighttime etc. I always have the same setting and. I never have all of a sudden jacked up to a different setting and. What they can do here is make the resistance on these knobs. This turret here for the illumination. We could definitely make. That a lot more resistant to movement it's a little too easy to move. This back and forth so. I think that's one improvement. They can make that would definitely assist people with putting these in cases etc like. I said I've had my battery go dead of multiple times. And that's the one thing. That really stood out to. You know I would call. It an irritation factor. You got to either replace the battery. This was in a situation. You need to use your scope in a self-defense situation your illumination wouldn't be on so. They can definitely improve on. That as far as the clarity of the glass there's.

Nothing wrong with I haven't really noticed. Anything where I couldn't see. Anything where things weren't clear. You know focusing it out. And the such I've learned. This is the freezer as. I did with my previous scope review with the SWF an I've thrown in a bucket of water did. Some box drills everything checked out well the thing I did notice was after. It is the freezer it in there for a. Few hours maybe like four hours. Something like everything it was nice and frosted the adjustments were still moving in. And out relatively well so. You might see some other ones. You get the knob after it's been. You know either outside. Or in the freezer for a. Few hours and you're really trying to crank down. And get on the move the still out its pretty smooth action with being in the freezer for about four hours so. Iwas really impressed with the turrets. They felt after being in the freezer as far as the performance of the scope. You know I've been hitting sub MOA with. This scope, for the most part, depending on the ammunition but using match ammunition I've had no problem hitting sub MOA groups 100 yards.

And I've gone ahead. This is their f LT SPR scope mount. And I've taken and I've had no problems with keeping it at an MOA grouping at a hundred yards. You know it's been consistent for me over the last priced six months. That I've had you know I've used. It in placing my red dot on my 16-inch AR. And I've been really pleased with the performance the weights not too bad it's around 17 ounces for this so you're really not adding. That much more weight. You were to have a red dot with a magnification magnifier on. You guys are looking for something to replace your red dot. And the magnifier system. You just have a red dot. And you're looking to. You know put something in place. You know you want to get. More magnification you were looking to maybe get a magnet magnifier etc. You know this might be. Something you want to look at so.

If you're interested in. This is worth the look the quality of the workmanship of. It being built is exceptional I've had no problems with. I think it's well worth a look so. You guys have any questions go ahead. You guys have a burst xtr — of. Any sort goes ahead and puts your experience in the comments down below. Or better yet make a video about. It until next time later.

I mean there's some pretty firm resistance um. You know which you know. I personally think is good. I felt other scopes. Where the resistance has been so much. They my mind it's like wow. You know maybe it shouldn't be. That much there's clearly firm resistance here but. I don't think it's too bad. You know I it's again everybody's got their own preference but. I don't think it's too bad it's clearly. Something when whatever. That power is you're not going to tweak. Or adjust that power accidentally it's going to be. Something you do intentionally. Something I want to point out about the battery cap for the elimination feature is. You know what you're going to. What you're going to see is. You know for you to screw the battery cap off the caps actually. This whole piece here that's on top you're going to have to go through. And dial all the way in. One direction okay before. You know on the switch until. It stops and then at.

That point you know you're going to be able to start screwing your battery cap off. You can see it's a single CR 2 O 3 2 battery. It looks like there's an o-ring that's sitting in the bottom of the cap there that's going to seal right around the surface. You tighten it the verse states. That you know the riflescope comes waterproof shockproof fog proof. You know I haven't done. All those things but. I have no reason to believe. That it's not you know. You tighten the cap. Iscrewed it back on the switch had to go. All the way in the other direction again before. I could actually tighten. It down further you know it's a.

You know when. You tighten I mean it's there. I wouldn't over the crank. I would just tighten. It down enough to you know. You know it's in good contact. You can feel you reach. That good contact point I've already talked a little bit about the side focus. Or parallax adjustment of knob right here. And just real quick I'll cover it's a. You know it's set at 50 yards. And it's a very smooth resistance. And turning it you know. And then the knobs actually got indication marks at 50 75 100 200 300 400 800 infinity turns. It back to a hundred. I want to point out. That your windage turret cap. You know is indication marks on. That is going to show like 1 R 2 R 3 R which is. You know if you're dialing in a right adjustment there. You know you can see. That you're going in the right direction. Or left adjustment you can also see you're going in the right in the correct direction.

Now for you to know. Where your zero location is in the event. You get a full turn away from zero. You know vs put an indication mark here a vertical mark on the side of the turret housing itself so for example. Ideal in you know right adjustment which ends up being you know will say 25 MOA right. You can see clearly. That I'm far away from my zero marks. Or my zero reference line right there so. You can quickly know. If you're you know. Where to go to get back to your zero from a windage perspective so in. This case right here I'm already back to my zero. I wanted to dial in. Some type of left adjustment. You can see how the lines covered up. And to make the line visible you're going to go back in. That direction as well. You can hear you know about turning this.

You know there and I'm going to turn. And stop talking here but. You can hear that there are very audible clicks. You know it's got a very firm resistant resistance. I mean you're not going to in. Any way bump a click box. I don't know you can tell. You know I am putting some pressure on. It takes you've got to grab. That knob to be able to turn. It so it very takes a very positive. Or a significant amount of effort to turn. And the clicks are very distinct. Now for your elevation turret cap. What you're going to see is. You know you start out with zero. And then directly above zero is also the 25 number so. You can go drue and dial-in let. And keep all in focus you're going to dial in.

You know you can dial in a full we'll say 25 MOA right there. Now you're referencing. That 25 ml a mark now I'm going to try to get. You can see under on the underside right here of the turret cap. You can see there's a line on the turret housing which is giving you a visible indication. That you've already made. One full revolution alright we'll go ahead. And make a second full revolution alright so at. This point I've made. Another full revolution. You know, so I've gone a total of 50 Moas. You can also see a little bit better. How the turret housing itself. You know the first line indicates there's a. One to the left which indicates. One full revolution there's. Another line of a wider line there. That then there's a two beside. It indicates you know a second full revolution. And I'll turn it a little bit.

You can see I turned. It to the point to it stops. And that's about 66, so I'm sorry 62 Moas of adjustment. You know the way it came to set. It looks like to me there's probably. Another line above that that represents three full turns. Now I'm going to go ahead. And take it back to its zero again. While I'm doing you can clear. That there are very positive audible clicks. You know it's got a very positive feel. You know you couldn't hear. Anything it's got a very positive feel. That you're making those clicks. You can just you know close your eyes basically. And dial all the way back down to your zero position because of the zero stop feature that's been set. I finished range testing the Ruger precision rifle. And with the Burris xtr — rifle scope. I ended up with an about 16 Moas of elevation adjustment.

And about 5 Moas of right adjustment — to get at zero so. I need to go through. And reset my turret caps back to their zero marks. And the first turn cap I'm going to do is going to be my windage adjustment cap. And so Burris gives. You an Allen wrench here. And the cap actually. Each cap has two set screws in. It so the first thing I'm going to do is loosen the set screw here. And the other set screw there for windage. Now with those loose. You can actually just smoothly rotate the windage elevation turret cap I'm gonna try to get. It lined up right there. You can rotate it to its zero position lined up with the index mark right here let. I get over there they can see a little bit better like.

You can see the cap came out a little bit. I loosen the set screws. And the reason is. That I've actually pulled. This cap offs now I'll go ahead. It here just to show. And the cap itself the inside of the cap is. All smooth if there's. Some grease on it there. And there's an o-ring around here. And then there's grease. What happens is you put your cap. You pull it back on what you're going to find is. You know there's actually it's like a little pressure vessel. You know you've got a little air in there that's going to have to compress so you're going to have to push. It in — to compress the air that's in there.

I wouldn't recommend pulling the cap off only because of. That situation right there. I pull removes one of the set screws completely out right there then. That provides a little tiny path to allow. That air to bleed out but. Because there's so much lubrication in there. I mean it's extremely small so. I actually had to sit here. And hold it in position for a. While is you know the molecules of air escaped out until. It kind of held in place. Now for the purposes of what I'm doing here, I'm really just showing you. How to reset your windage turret cap. And I'll go ahead and screw. That set screw back in. And then screw the other set screw back in. And I'm assuming that it's pushed it back into the right location in.

And also that it's truly at zero marks which actually it's not but you'll just need to make sure it's at zero marks. That adjust more time here okay. It adjusted back to its zero marks. You can hear how firm the clinks are. You know it's very positive. You know clicks whenever you're making your windage adjustment as well. Whenever you're making your elevation of judgment. Now similar to that for the elevation adjustment. I want to reset that I'm going to go through. And loosen these two set screws here. One there and the other ones further around there go ahead. And loosen those now I'm going to dial my knob. And then there's just it's just a smooth turn right. Now there're no clicks. That is happening back until. It says zero when it's in the zero position you're going to have to go through.

And push it down tight. And hold it firmly in its lowest position. Because that's required to make sure. That the stop actually stops at the right location so. I mean I'm holding that cap down pretty firm right. And I'm re-tightening these set screws here go ahead. And do a little bit. More tightness on them see it's pretty good there. And here also all right so. It rights it's on zero here. If I'm dialing in some elevation. You know you can hear very positive clicks there. When I'm through going back to zero. It turns around and goes to zero. And just stop firmly at. That zero position you were signing it in. You needed to change your zero slightly. You needed to go negative. Or in a downward direction then. You would basically just loosen your cap here give yourself. You know a certain amount of MOA offset. That would allow you to actually to dial. You know in the down direction. You know you'd loosen it upturns it over donít. You know tighten it back down.

And out in the down direction which would allow. You to actually zero. And then when you're through. You would go through. And reset your turn cap okay I'm going to make an attempt on the video to show. How the reticle changes size as. You increase the power. Or zoom in it is a first focal plane reticle right. Now I'm at 5x you can see. I start increasing the magnification. You can see how the reticle starts zooming in. More alright that's 12x so that's about 15 X right there come on around here as 20 X right there. And at 25 X we're at. That location right there. You can see you know your field of view basically is about 24 MOA low but a little over. That may be close to 25 Moas. You know up down left. And right now I'll go ahead. And zoom back out all right see back out like. And I'm going to zoom in. More time but before. I just want to point out. You can see how the reticle itself. You know when you're zoomed out it's really thin then set of crosshairs.

You know it for me it's difficult to really pick up the fidelity of the sub-tensions in there but as. You zoom in you know like there for example at 12 X. You know it really starts looking good. You know that's at 20 X right there. You know again it really. You know it's very easy to read. And then as you go ahead. And zoom on ending them further again there's 25 X right their go. All the way out like. That 5 X and I'll just see them. All the way back in 25 X right there alright. I think I've got everything in focus. What I'm trying to show here I'm at 5 X right. Now on the scope and I'm going to dial through the illumination settings. And so I'll call them off as. I get to each setting right. Now the eliminations off, so I'm at 1 2 3 4 five six seven eight nine ten eleven.

And then I'm going to go back off again. All right I'm going to do the same thing and. Now summed into 25 X so here. We go again one two three four five six seven eight nine ten eleven okay. What you probably just noticed is. That is bright light the low-level settings. You really can't even see the illumination in the scope. You know it clearly takes getting probably to an intensity level of six. Or seven or eight you know in. That range before you can really start seeing a difference in bright light. Now I've got the intensity set on eleven. And I'm at 25 X now, so I'm just going to zoom out that's about 15 X that's about 9 X. And that's at 5 X right. Now I'm going to zoom back in. All the way to 25 X right there. Now in this case. What I've done is some dark material back there in the background. And I've turned the lights off on my bench.

You know it's trying to simulate not a night at. All but maybe like the dawn. Or the dusk type of situation. Or maybe looking into. Some shadows right now I'm at an intensity of 11 I'm in at 25 X. And I'm going to go ahead. And go down to two. One of the intensity so. I met eleven ten nine eight seven six five four three twos. One okay now I'm going to go ahead. And zoom out back and I'm at the elimination level of. One two three four five six seven. I can start picking it up on the viewfinder right there eight there's a big difference between seven. And eight nine ten and eleven. This is probably where the greatest value of the illuminated reticle comes into play is.

When you're in and getting into lower light situations. And you're really zoomed out. And the reticle crosshairs are very fine. You turn the illumination on. It really helps. That Center aiming area stand out. All right I'm still at five X. Now I'm trying to simulate a nighttime situation. You probably can't see your target but. I just wanted to go ahead. This anyway, so I'm going to the intensity level of eleven. And I'm at 5x zoom power so ten nine eight seven six. You can see it's really there's a big difference. You get down to six five. You can just barely see. It in there for I can't really see. It on the screen three two. And that's of what I'm going to do is. I want to zoom in to 25 X so. That the theoretical appear is much larger zooming in.

Now the reticle is turned off. Now I'm going to go through. And start stepping up intensity levels so that's intensity level of 1. And I'm not sure if it's coming up at. All 2 3 4 so alright. You can really clearly see. It there at 4 just for kicks I'm gonna go back down to 3 3 yeah. You can faintly see. It is there now 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11. And then back off again, so I'm just going to go. All the way back down to 1 11 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1. You know I don't know. If those intensity levels are. Or so low some type of night vision device. It might make this scope usable. I don't have I really can't check. That way but clearly. You know it's got a wide range of intensity levels I've got the burst xtr — rifle scope installed on my Rubra precision rifle.

This part of the video review. I tried to really look closely at the features of the rifle. And the reticle. And an illumination feature in the next part 3 I'm going to go through. And take a close look at comparing this rifle scope against a couple of others which. I think might be you know somewhat comparable anyway as always. You like this video please like. Or subscribe and I'll try to bring more detailed reviews.

Schmidt & Bender 5-25x56 PM II Riflescope

  • Experience outstanding reliability and precision;
  • Huge magnification and comprehensive adjustment range;
  • For short- to ultralong 2,000-meter shots;
  • The indicator changes color during the transition from first to the second rotation.

Experience the same outstanding reliability and precision as elite police and military personnel with Schmidt & Bender's 5-25x56 PM II Riflescope. Huge magnification and comprehensive adjustment range allow you to dial in for short- to ultralong 2,000-meter shots. The visible rotation indicator on the Double Turn elevation turret changes color during the transition from the first to the second rotation. Subzero stop technology for an easy return to zero. Both the elevation and windage turrets have 0.1 MRAD adjustments, with a total of 30 MRAD of total elevation travel. Parallax compensation starts at 10 meters and reaches to infinity. Subtensions remain unchanged through the magnification range, thanks to the illuminated P4FL first-focal plane reticle. 34mm main-tube construction. Manufacturer's USA 20-year limited transferable warranty.

 Cancer and Reproductive Harm-

UTG scope 2-7x44 30mm Long Eye Relief Scout Riflescope

  • Completely sealed and nitrogen filled;
  • Shockproof, fog-proof and rainproof;
  • 30mm one-piece tube offers maximum light transmission;
  • EZ-TAP Illumination Enhancing system;
  • Illumination memory feature returns to last used color and brightness;
  • Precise 1/4 MOA per click windage elevation adjustment;
  • Emerald-coated lenses allow maximum light transmission and clarity.

Provides true, consistent extended eye relief for shooters on firearms where optics can't be mounted directly above the action. Built on a platform of strength, UTG’s rifle scopes 2-7x44 Long-Eye Relief Scout Riflescope is completely sealed and nitrogen filled, shockproof, fog proof and rainproof to boot. The 30mm one-piece tube offers maximum light transmission. Innovative and patent-pending EZ-TAP® Illumination Enhancing (IE) system offers both a red/green dual-color mode and 36-color multicolor mode to accommodate all weather and light conditions. One-click high-tech illumination memory feature conveniently returns to the color and brightness settings last used. Premium Zero-Locking and Zero Resetting Turrets with a consistent and precise 1/4 MOA per click windage elevation adjustment. Emerald-coated lenses allow maximum light transmission for the utmost clarity. Equipped with a unique six mil-dot tactical rage estimating (TRE) etched glass reticle for the optimum performance. Side wheel adjustable turret (SWAT) for parallax adjustments from true 10 yds. up while the ready-to-accept optional big wheel achieves finer parallax adjustments. Twist lock medium-profile Picatinny weaver rings and high-quality flip-open lens caps. Practical TactEdge Angled Integral Sunshade.

 Cancer and Reproductive Harm-

UTG Tactical 30mm Riflescopes

  • Completely sealed, nitrogen filled;
  • Shockproof, fog-proof and rainproof;
  • 30mm tube offers maximum light transmission;
  • EZ-TAP Illumination Enhancing system;
  • Precise 1/4 MOA per click windage elevation adjustment;
  • Emerald-coated lenses allow maximum light transmission and clarity.

Leapers’ UTG's Tactical 30mm Riflescopes are constructed on a platform for sheer strength. Completely sealed and nitrogen filled, not to mention shockproof, fog proof and rainproof, these scopes shed light and clarity on your target regardless of weather conditions. The 30mm tube offers emerald-coated lenses for maximum light transmission and clarity. EZ-TAP® Illumination Enhancing (IE) system offers both a red/green dual-color mode and 36-color multicolor mode to accommodate various weather and light conditions. 1-Click High-Tech Illumination Memory Feature returns the user right back to the color-brightness setting last used. Etched glass mil-dot, or circle-dot reticle for quick action in the field and precise aiming. Premium Zero-Locking and Zero Resetting Turrets with a consistent and precise 1/4 MOA per click windage elevation adjustment. Parallax presetting at 100 yards for multirange and competition applications. Large, wide field of view with accommodating eye relief for optimum critical CQB missions. Practical TactEdge Angled Integral Sunshade. Flip-up lens covers and Max-Strength QD lever lock Picatinny/Weaver rings.

 Cancer and Reproductive Harm-

Styrka S5 Riflescopes

  • SXL multicoating enhances image brightness, colors, and contrast;
  • Lens edges have been blackened to reduce reflection and glare;
  • 30mm 6061-T6 aircraft-grade aluminum tube provides strength;
  • Precision-machined, brass erector tube system ensures accuracy;
  • Fast-focus eyepiece and side-focus parallax adjustment.

Styrka optics crafted them to please even the most experienced hunter  S5 Riflescopes deliver field-proven durability, useful features, and crystal-clear optics. It comes equipped with Styrka's proprietary SXL multicoating. This anti-reflective lens treatment enhances light transmission for maximum brightness and sharper images with natural colors. All lens edges have been blackened for reduced reflection and glare. 1” 6061-T6 aircraft-grade aluminum tube provides strength and durability. Its rugged erector tube system has been precision-machined from brass to ensure accuracy in the most extreme hunting situations. Fast-focus eyepiece and side-focus parallax adjustment. Nitrogen purged and submersion-tested to be 100% waterproof in 1 meter of water for 30 minutes. 1/4-MOA click adjustments for windage and elevation. Covered by the Styrka Pride Warranty. Includes a neoprene cover and lens cleaning cloth.

 Cancer and Reproductive Harm-

Styrka S7 Riflescopes

  • SXL-MAX multicoating enhances image brightness, colors, and contrast;
  • Lens edges have been blackened for reduced reflection and glare;
  • 30mm 6061-T6 aircraft-grade aluminum tube provides strength;
  • Precision-machined, brass erector tube system ensures accuracy;
  • Fast-focus eyepiece and side-focus parallax adjustment.

Styrka S7 Riflescopes come equipped with Styrka's proprietary SXL-MAX multicoating. This cutting-edge lens treatment dramatically enhances light transmission throughout and enhances contrast and resolution for sharper images with natural colors. All lens edges have been blackened for reduced reflection and glare. 30mm 6061-T6 aircraft-grade aluminum tube provides strength and durability. Its rugged erector tube system has been precision machined from brass to ensure accuracy in the most extreme hunting situations. Fast-focus eyepiece and side-focus parallax adjustment. Nitrogen purged and submersion-tested to be 100% waterproof in 1 meter of water for 30 minutes. 1/4-MOA click adjustments for windage and elevation. Covered by the Styrka Pride Warranty. Includes a neoprene cover and lens cleaning cloth.

 Cancer and Reproductive Harm-

This is Brad with Optics Camp. And today we're going to look at the circuit s7 1 to 6 by 24 rifle scope we'll see what's in the buff usual. One of those really nice boxes. They really want to reportable packaging here magnetic closure nice touch. We have a sticker branded scope coat to protect your scope from dings dents scratches. And affect the glass 1 microfiber cleaning cloth the f7 series manual. And a magnet with warranty information to put on your safety. Now let's check out the scope. What we have here is the turcica s7 1 to 6 by 24 rifle scope say 1 to 6 power with a 24-millimeter objective. You may have seen this before. This is a kind of tactical option. Or a brush gun option a magnification ring feels very good very smooth tight, not loose not too tight. We have a fast focus for your reticle here a little bit tight. And loosen up over time ok side focus parallax adjustment from appears to be 20 yards to infinity.

We just earned we go that's tight that's not going anywhere. That back it up to hundred. This weighs about 18 19 ounces the official specs 186 so that's probably pretty close about 10 03 inches long. And 2 point 6 inches high to 41 inches wide. Or vice versa we have a 30 millimeter to here made. It at 6061-t6 aircraft-grade aluminum for strength. And durability and thirty milliliters for all the adjustment range. We have here the linear field of view of. One hundred and seven feet at low power which is pretty good. Anything over 100 feet at low power is good for a. One to six rifle scope. And it's a true 1x on low power meaning you have. One power you look through. It's going to appear exactly. You didn't have the stuff in front of.

You as long as you have the correct eye relief. And the correct cheek weld okay. Now the s7 1 to 6 by 24 has surface proprietary lens coatings steric XL max. That means that every lens the air service is coated multiple times. That does is it reduces glare increases like transitions. And therefore brightness. And along with black. And London just lens edges to reduce reflection. And glare that will help enhance your contrast. And improve your life transmission okay. That six is available in. Either area CLECs or an illuminated flex the eliminated fact. I believe has a dot in the center of the Flex reticle. I don't think we can really make. It out here on camera let's try there. You go there's your flex reticle okay.

Relief on this is three-point eight inches. Now four inches is the magic number which is considered a relatively long eye relief. That will help prevent scope fight that's. You get hit in the bridge of your nose from having your face too close to the ocular lens here okay turn adjustments here are. One quarter inch one-quarter MOA 1/4 of an inch at 100 yards okay see is there nicely labeled very clean okay clicks themselves. You can hear that audible very tactile very clean not mushy whatsoever okay it's a maximum adjustment range of 60 ml a. Both for windage and adjustment. One cool feature of the s7. One to six 5:24 is the zero-reset turret which means. You can set this turret at your zero at 100 yards let's say. And at 100 yards you're a. Few clicks in what you can do then take a coin. You unscrew the top of the turret here just a bit. You can pull up on the turret reset. It back to zero tighten.

It down so now you're zeroed in. And your turret is set at zero pretty cool feature so. You know you're zeroed at 100 yards. And you're for example 55 green to 23 Full Metal Jackets is going to drop at 125 inches at 300 yards. You know to turn to 125 on your turret. You should be zeroed in. We have a side focus here again from 20 yards to infinity. And actually, that back sorry. This is 10 yards to infinity. You can see it there on the side. And as well as a quick focus here to adjust your reticle focus. Now the s7 1 to 6 by 24 is rated ipx7 waterproof which means. It is waterproof to 1 meter for up to 30 minutes. And in fact, I've been told.

They test these at the factory before. They ship them out to make sure. They are 1-hour percent waterproof. That really means realistically is. You don't want to go swimming with. This scope but if you're on a trip hunting backcountry. And you're camping for a. Few days you get stuck in heavy rain. You don't need to worry. One bit about the internals of. This scope fogging or water getting into the system so overall the circle. One is 6 by 24 does feel really nice and solid it's not too heavy on paper. It looks good functionally. It feels great everything feels really tight build quality is up there the factor a couple of really cool features. I think it'd be perfectly at home on a nice brush rifle. Or possibly a 3-gun AR because of your true 1x magnification. And the 6 power for reaching out the medium distances so there's our quick look at the stark s71 265 24 riflescopes in stock.

And on sale with free same-day shipping at office camp calm.

UTG Tactical T8 Riflescopes

  • Cutting-edge optics in the form of 8x zoom ratio;
  • Completely sealed, nitrogen-filled tube;
  • Shockproof, fog-proof and rainproof;
  • Advanced multirange capabilities;
  • 30mm tube offers maximum light transmission;
  • EZ-TAP Illumination Enhancing system;
  • Precise 1/4 MOA per click windage elevation adjustment;
  • Emerald-coated lenses allow maximum light transmission and clarity.

Part of Leapers' acclaimed T8 Optics Series, UTG’s Tactical T8 Illuminated Riflescopes feature cutting-edge optics in the form a phenomenal 8x zoom ratio. Built on a foundation of strength, completely sealed and nitrogen-filled not to mention shockproof, fog proof and rainproof, in other words, they shed light and clarity on your target regardless of weather conditions. Boasting advanced multirange capabilities including close-quarter, mid-range hunting, reconnaissance and scouting operations as well as long-range precision aiming applications. The 30mm tube with multi emerald coated lenses offers maximum light and edge-to-edge clarity. EZ-TAP® Illumination Enhancing (IE) system offers both a red/green dual-color mode and 36-color multicolor mode to accommodate all weather and light conditions. Memory feature returns the user right back to the color-brightness setting last used. Etched glass mil-dot range-estimating reticle for optimum aiming and shooting performance. Premium Zero-Locking and Zero Resetting Turrets with a consistent and precise 1/4 MOA per click windage and elevation adjustment. Parallax preset at 10 yards for multirange and competition applications. Practical TactEdge Angled Integral Sunshade. Flip-up lens covers and Max-Strength QD lever lock. Picatinny/Weaver rings.

 Cancer and Reproductive Harm-


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