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Best Military Discount on Optics – 18 Riflescopes

Choosing a riflescope totally depends on your needs. Whether you're a target shooter or a hunter, there are hundreds of different scopes to choose from. If you choose a scope for hunting you may need additional stability and waterproof. In case of target shooting, you need more adjustability and sensitivity.

You also should considerate weather conditions. Humidity, extreme temperatures are some of the environmental conditions to keep in mind as well because they influence your scope accuracy.

Here we present you 18 inexpensive but high-rated riflescopes which you can use with your Sage EBR or another rifle.

Top 18

Nikon® Black FX1000 Riflescope Swarovski Z3 Riflescope Athlon Talos SFP 1" Riflescopes Leupold® VX®-Freedom™ Riflescope Trijicon® AccuPoint® Riflescopes Leupold® VX-R CDS Riflescope Nikon Force XR Handgun Scope Vortex® Viper® PST™ Gen II FFP Riflescope Leupold® VX-6HD Riflescopes Leupold® VX-5HD Riflescopes Vortex® Strike Eagle® 30mm AR Riflescopes Leupold® VX-3i LRP Riflescopes Nikon® Prostaff® P3 Predator Rifle Scopes Leupold® FX-2 Ultralight Riflescope Athlon Argos BTR FFP 30mm Riflescopes Mueller Tactical Riflescopes Kahles K Series Riflescopes EOTech Vudu Riflescopes
Nikon® Black FX1000 Riflescope Swarovski Z3 Riflescope Athlon Talos SFP 1" Riflescopes Leupold® VX®-Freedom™ Riflescope Trijicon® AccuPoint® Riflescopes Leupold® VX-R CDS Riflescope Nikon Force XR Handgun Scope Vortex® Viper® PST™ Gen II FFP Riflescope Leupold® VX-6HD Riflescopes Leupold® VX-5HD Riflescopes Vortex® Strike Eagle® 30mm AR Riflescopes Leupold® VX-3i LRP Riflescopes Nikon® Prostaff® P3 Predator Rifle Scopes Leupold® FX-2 Ultralight Riflescope Athlon Argos BTR FFP 30mm Riflescopes Mueller Tactical Riflescopes Kahles K Series Riflescopes EOTech Vudu Riflescopes
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Brand Leupold - Vortex Leupold Swarovski - Leupold Vortex Leupold - Nikon Leupold Nikon Nikon Leupold EOTech - Trijicon
Eye Relief Low/ High(in.) 4.9 3.54 4.1 - 3.5 / 3.5 3.8 / 3.8 / 3.8 / 3.8-3.7 / 3.8-3.7 / 3.7 3.54 / 3.54 - 3.8 / 3.8 / 3.8 / 3.8 3.2 / 3.4 / 3.4 4.17" - 3.74" / 6.9" - 6.0" / 3.40" - 3.10" / 4.17" - 3.66" / 4.17" - 3.66" / 4.17" - 3.66" 3 - 4.5-3.6 / 4.4-3.6 22.4-9.7 / 30-12 4.0 - 3.5 / 4.0 - 3.6 / 4.0 - 3.5 4.2-3.6 3.15-4 - 3.6-32 / 3.8-4.1
Finish Matte Matte Matte / Matte Matte / Matte / Matte / Matte / Matte / Matte Matte / Matte Matte / Matte / Matte Matte / Matte / Matte / Matte Matte / Matte / Matte Matte / Matte / Matte / Matte / Matte / Matte Matte - Matte / Matte Matte / Silver - Matte Matte Matte / Matte / Matte Matte / Matte
FOV Low/ High @ 100 yds. (ft.) 39.5 - 34.5 - 5.7 / 116.6-14.4 114.6-22.5 / 57.5-11.7 / 57.5-11.7 / 38.2-7.9 / 38.2-7.9 / 38.2-7.9 33-11.7 / 29.1-9.9 24.1-6.28 / 16.8-4.5 / 34.1-8.9 57.5-10.2 / 38-7 / 38-7 / 28-5 58.3-11.7 / 41.2-8.6 / 24.1-4.8 74.2 - 29.4 / 41.7 - 17.3 / 35.7 - 13.6 / 33.7 - 13.6 / 33.7 - 13.6 / 33.1 - 13.6 11.1 - 4.2 - 19-7.6 / 14.3-5.5 20.5 / 13.1-4.1 18.0 - 4.7 / 27.2 - 6.8 / 18.0 - 4.7 33.6-13.6 105.8-17.7 112-27 / 112-27 / 12.5-3.0 33.8-11.3 / 19.1-5.1
Length (in.) 8 15.9 13.5 / 10 11.2 / 12.5 / 12.5 / 13.5 / 13.5 / 13.5 12.7 / 13.78 12.9 / 13.9 / 12 12.5 / 12.5 / 13.5 / 12.5 12.75 / 14.3 / 16 9.35" / 11.20" / 11.43" / 12.39" / 12.39" / 12.10" 15.87 - 12.6 / 14.6 8.2 / 9.8 15.2 / 14.8 / 15.2 12.3 10.63 9.5 / 9.5 / 15.5 12.2 / 13.6
Objective Diameter (mm) 20 56 44 / 24 24 / 42 / 42 / 44 / 44 / 56 42 / 50 40 / 50 / 40 42 / 44 / 50 / 52 32 / 44 / 50 20 / 28 / 33 / 40 / 40 / 50 44 40mm 50 / 50 20 / 28 50 / 50 / 50 40 24 24 / 24 / 56 40 / 50
Power 2.5X 6-24X 3-18X / 1-8X 1-5X / 2-10X / 2-10X / 3-15X / 3-15X / 3-15X 3-10 / 4-12 4-16 / 6-24 / 3-12 2-12X / 3-18X / 3-18X / 4-24X 2-10X / 3-15X / 5-25X 1.5-4 / 1.5-4 / 3-9 / 3-9 / 3-9 / 3-9 8.5 - 25X 3-9X 4.5-14X / 6.5-20X 2 / 2.5-8 6x-24x / 4x-16x / 6x-24x 4-12 1-6X 1-4 / 1-4 / 8-34 3-9 / 5-20*
Reticle Wide Duplex SKMR3 EBR-4 MOA / AR BDC2 Duplex / Duplex / Fire Dot Duplex (Illuminated) / WindPlex / Impact-29 MOA / Fire Dot Duplex (Illuminated) BRH / BRH MilDot / MilDot / MilDot Fire Dot Duplex / Fire Dot Duplex / Varmint Hunter Illuminated / Varmint Hunter Illuminated EBR-4MOA / EBR2C MOA / EBR2C MOA AR Ballistic / Duplex / Duplex / Duplex / Duplex / Duplex MilDot BDC Predator Front Focal TMR / TMR EER Nikoplex / EER BDC IL FX-MOA / FX-MOA / IL FX-MRAD FireDot WindPlex SR3 AHSR14 IR FFP MOA / AHSR14 IR FFP MIL / ATMR IR FFP MOA Green Triangle / Green Mil-Dot
Tube Diameter 1 in. 34mm 30 mm / 30 mm 30mm / 30mm / 30mm / 30mm / 30mm / 30mm 1 in. / 1 in. 1" / 1" / 1" 30mm / 30mm / 30mm / 34mm 30mm / 30mm / 30mm 1" / 1" / 1" / 1" / 1" / 1" 1 in. 1" 30mm / 30mm - 30mm / 30mm / 30mm 30mm 30mm 30mm / 30mm / 30mm 1 in. / 30mm
Weight (oz.) 6.5 33.5 23.9 / 16.5 13.1 / 16.4 / 16.4 / 19 / 19 / 22.3 12.7 / 14.5 19.1 / 23 / 16.2 16.8 / 16.8 / 20.4 / 23.4 26.3 / 28.1 / 31.2 9.6 / 9.30 / 12.1 / 12.2 / 12.2 / 14.6 19 - 20.3 / 21.7 7.4 / 11.5 24.5 / 23.3 / 24.5 16.6 19.75 20.5 / 20.5 / 32.2 12.8 / 26.9

Nikon® Black FX1000 Riflescope

  • Excels at dialed-in, long-range accuracy;
  • FX-MOA and FX-MRAD reticles for ranging, holdover and windage corrections;
  • Proprietary glass-etched tactical reticles maintain color and contrast;
  • High-speed turrets for fast, repeatable distance corrections;
  • Return-to-Zero integral zero-stop in the elevation turret.

Extend your range with confident precision using the competition-ready Nikon Black scope FX1000. Its superior optical clarity combines with Nikon's first-focal-plane system integrating proprietary reticles for dialed-in control and on-target long-range accuracy. The FX-MOA and FX-MRAD reticles optimize the sight picture, delivering the tools necessary for ranging, holdover and windage corrections. Illuminated reticle models with side-mounted control offer red illumination with 10 intensity levels. An off switch between each level allows quick, easy brightness adjustments. Proprietary glass-etched tactical reticles maintain color and contrast in all light conditions and come paired with precise, high-speed turrets for fast, repeatable distance corrections (10 MRAD/25 MOA per revolution) and intuitive hold-off points. Nikon's Return-to-Zero integral zero-stop in the elevation turret speeds setup and retains your zero point until you change it. Windage turrets tell the direction and amount of movement with easy indicators. Multiple layers of anti-reflective coating on all air-to-glass surfaces maximize light transmission, brightness and contrast. The 4X zoom ratio offers maximum magnification versatility. Constructed of aircraft-grade aluminum with Type-III hard anodizing, the 30mm main tube offers a superior strength-to-weight ratio, withstanding the recoil of large calibers. Use the side parallax knob to adjust focus without changing shooting position. Includes sunshade.

Hey! What's up, everybody? Welcome back to the Moon Channel. So today I want to go over a new rifle scope from Nikon. It's got the black X 1000 and sure you guys - it's hard. These scopes are so blackout. It's kind of hard to show you, guys. Like the logo on them, whatever, but Nicon scopes do look very nice.

This is a precision kind of long-range rifle scope. This is a six to 24 by 50. A pretty good size scope. You can see, it looks pretty much at home on top of this AR 10 for lack of a better term. You know, it's a Smith & Wesson M&P 10. This is a 308 caliber. AR-15 will bite bigger than a normal AR. I used a p-series mount 30-millimeter tube and fits on their pretty nice. You know just a little bit of gap in between the hand guard. This is not a single piece mount, you look. This is two separate pieces but they fit on the tube nice and fit on the gun nice. The only thing I would say about these mounts though is you have to slide them on from the end and sometimes that can be a challenge. You know like I had to take the rear backup iron sight off to do this like I said 6 to 24 by 50-second focal plane.

I kind of mentioned on my other videos, you'll see here on the adjustment knob. The other 18 power has an underline. That's the magnification. You should be using your calculations at one has an XML. A reticle and the XML. A reticle looks like I believe I've got the reticle in focus but not anything in the background but anyhow that's what the reticle looks like. And like. If you're doing any MOA calculations with a scope it should be on 18 power for those calculations. To be accurate, it is a second focal plane scope. I believe I've got the skill pointed at something far enough away. This is six power and I'm just trying to show you guys what the glass looks like. You know this is tough to do. If you've ever tried to do this for the camera. It's really hard to do but, honestly, the edge blurriness. There is exaggerating a little bit by the camera. It's actually very clear. All the way out to the edge of scope has excellent glass.

Here's kind of look at the other side of the scope. Another interesting thing about the X 1000 is that the parallax adjustment is here on the side. It's a turret mounted so you can see just kind of crank that knob up to whatever approximate range you're shooting at. That adjusts your parallax instead of being out. On the end of the bell, you know, out on the end of the scope like a lot of them are eye relief is good. You know I don't have any trouble at all fine nice spot on the AR -. You know get a good sight picture it which sometimes you put magnified optics like this on a are you know depending on the amount you have everything. It can be kind of challenge to get your eye relief good but it seems to be pretty generous and the reticle is also illuminated.

You look at one up here. These are your different. You know brightness levels. One through ten one thing. I will say about all the knobs on this scope is that the way these are cut like this pattern. Whatever, it's a very positive engagement. These things are stiff. You know they're not going to bounce around. Whatever, especially like the parallax that's not just going to like flop around but the purchase. You get on this style of knob with. These serrations whatever is really good your hands do not slip whatsoever on these. I am actually really impressed by. They have that sort of pattern on. All the turrets it works. It feels very nice it's too bright out here today too really. Even show or comment on the illumination of the reticle. I was in my house I was looking at it like yesterday it poured.

It was very nice. As you know, it's very bright looking. It's a nice red illumination out here in the Sun-like this. Today it doesn't really show especially on camera, doesn't show up that well but you know, when you've got this kind of like you don't really need an illuminated reticle. Alright, about a few different types of ammunition out, just to shoot a few different groups with it.

I'm not really going to spend a lot of time trying that Maximizer. Shoot the absolute best group but I just wanted to bring a few different kinds of ammo. These MMP tents have been proven to be pretty accurate. I don't anticipate really having any trouble there but I just kind of want to get a feel for you know shooting some groups with the scope. You know how does the glass look it at different magnification levels and stuff like that.

So, I'm going to set up a target and I'll probably shoot. I don't know you just at least one group with each of these types of ammo but shoot a few groups in general. I just kind of get some rounds through the gun with the scope on and kind of see it looks. See, it works. As you can see from me shooting it wasn't exactly taken all day — and get the absolute tightest group. I was just kind of getting a feel for how the scope looks. It works. You don't have any trouble shooting a few two-inch groups. One may be slightly important too but these other ones are right about two inch groups which you know for the amount of time I put in.

I think it's pretty respectable but I can't say this the scope is clear enough. It zooms in far enough. One of these shots like take. For example, these five DRT shots. Ican see like I was right here. When the trigger broke. And then you look back that's exactly. Where the hole is so. It did seem to be extremely accurate especially with the better ammo. You know that American Eagle stuff is so-so but. These two are very accurate but the point isn't so much about. How the gun shoots at ammo it's. More about how the scope looks that's kind of hard to really demonstrate in a video. You know I don't have a good way of putting the camera behind the scope while I'm shooting.

I can tell you from my experience looking through the glass. It is crystal clear. It's very impressive so I think it's going to went over all the features of the scope like this is the MOA radical but they have an EM rad. You can look on their website to see the difference between the two-second focal plane. I pretty much covered. You guys have any questions about the scope. I don't think it's going to live forever on this rifle. I just thought it'd be kind of good host to do a little bit of shorter range shooting with. I kind of just approve you know most people are going to put this on a bolt gun but you know you do have an ar-10 pattern rifle.

Maybe, something chambered in 65 whatever these 308. You know this will reach out pretty dang good so if you're looking to do some precision shooting with a semi-auto platform like this it'll fit no problem. You guys have any other questions about the black X 1000 long-range precision rifle scope. You can leave me a comment. I answer all the comments. I'll put a link in the description of Nikon website so you guys can see more information and photos, and about the scope over there. I appreciate you guys watching the Moon Channel, we'll catch.

You just get an absolutely excellent purchase on the knobs so. We got one click quarter MOA adjustments on the up-down. And left-right got your brightness settings over here on the left. Where you put the battery behind here. And then the parallax adjustment is. This knob here on the left which is a little different from. Some other scopes. You know a lot of times you've got the parallax adjustment out here in the front like a ring on the front of. It and this has a knob right here on the side so that's pretty cool. These also have the return-to-zero style turrets so try. And show you guys that right here so let's say you've made your scope adjustments. And you're all sighted. And ready to go now. You can just pull up on the knob like. This and turn it into the others no clicks ok it'll fall back down so here the clicks. You can just pull up on. It turns it and then drop.

That right down on to zero. And now you can make your adjustments from there. And you don't have to worry about trying to unscrew. And anything take any screws out. Or whatever to reset the turret adjustment ring is here in the front like. You would expect and like. Isaid this is a 6 to 24. And it's pretty stiff. Imean it's not like it's impossible to turn but. You can see the gun moving a little. When I do that it is pretty stiff but. It you know it's gonna stay. Where you want however. One of the things that I'm very excited about to try. This time is their switch view zoom ring extension also from the black line. And just like it sounds it's a little ring extension. That you can clamp on to the adjustment knob. One little wrench their clamp. This onto the adjustment knob. And then it'll kind of stick up a little bit. And give you something to grab on to so let's go ahead.

And install that now the switch views installed. And like I said this cuts on the knobs really helped with. It bite in and they want. You to Center it which. Imostly did but really in reality as long as. It doesn't hit anything it's fine. And having that on top is a huge difference. Iwould like to see. This included with the scope. You know I don't think. It would be that much. More to attack on but it's certainly a nice upgrade so. We got it on six power right. Now and I'm just you know it's really it's really hard to show. You guys through the scope like. This but I think we're doing okay right. Now that's six power. And then we'll try to crank. It up here a little bit yeah the higher magnifications are really hard to do with a camera through a scope like. That but hopefully that gives.

You some sort of indication. And let me back this back down. And you guys can get better look at the reticle. Because if I do that. Iknow I can show it there. We go I can show it a little bit better on the lower magnification but trees you're looking at are about well let's use the rangefinder. And find out that the monarch 7 vibration reduction here. And we'll just go ahead. And raise those trees real quick. Where we had the scope pointed. And we're looking at about 315. You go up a little bit higher on the tree maybe 320 but right there at about 315 yards for those trees right there which is. What we were looking at going to show. You guys the illuminated reticle it's actually on right. Now it's on full power but. They don't it doesn't show up very well.

Because it's really not meant for bright sunlight like. This you know it's meant. You can kind of actually see. It there a little bit so. That works see the difference but anyway that's the illuminated reticle. And you can see it like in person it's fine it's hard to pick up on camera but like. Isaid it's more meant for low-light. You know in the early morning hours. Or whatever when you need a little bit of extra illumination that's. More like what it's for it's not really like a red dot. Or anything but I'm glad. That goofy camera angle kind of shows. You the difference they use the monarch 7 to get. These targets set up at 100 yards. And then we'll go ahead. And shoot some groups with the X 1000. And see how this X MOA reticle. And adjustments do first group. Ishot was the Winchester 150 green PowerPoint. Iwanted to do a hunting load just to kind of show.

That off so he saw 225. And really that one. Idon't know this one up here was the second shot I'm not sure why it was high but. It was the rest of them were pretty solid. And then we shot one with the federal gold medal match. These 168 grain sierra matchking is very good 1125 probably would have been stellar. If it wasn't for my. One on the right there but. That seems to always happen. And then the best group. That I shot was actually under an inch. It was 875 from DRT. And this is not the first time I've shot an exceptional group with. That ammo that stuff is really accurate hundred fifty grain 2950 feet per second frangible ammunition from DRT butI've always shot really good groups for. That stuff that about wraps. It up for the X MOA version of the black X 1000 like. Isaid the cantilever mount is very nice. These Black Series mounts are really nice mounts. And the adjustment knob. You know the switch youth extension thing is really cool to return to zero turrets are great.

This thing has really clear glass. Ihope it comes through on the camera as much as. It does in person the glass on these black series of scopes is just really clear to clear. All the way out to the edge too so. If you guys have any other questions about the scope. Or the installation. Or anything like that just go ahead. And leave a comment. You guys know I try. And answer all the comments. Ido appreciate you guys watching the wind channel we'll catch.

Swarovski Z3 Riflescope

  • Slim, lightweight, 1" design;
  • Waterproof and fogproof;
  • Large field of view;
  • Tough and scratch-resistant exterior.

The Z3 scope offers superior optical performance in a slim, 1" design. Lightweight, waterproof and fogproof, it delivers a large field of view, 3X zoom, rapid diopter and quadratic adjustment and has an anodized-aluminum exterior that’s tough and scratch-resistant. The Z3 is versatile and available in a variety of models suited to fit a variety of rifle hunting or shooting applications.

The Ballistic Turret model allows you to “stay on the spot” when sighting in at various distances, regardless of the set magnification. It assembles in a few easy steps and adjusts accurately to your firearm.

It's Dude. This thing is nuts like it's weird Jake Took. This morning he was like this is the future no but seriously I was a little skeptical about they. First said they're like oh yeah that's a range-finding riflescope. It gives all your ballistic calculations. Everything and I was like I can dial better any rifle scope. And no, I absolutely cannot. I mean it's like you can't dial faster within good conditions with anybody who can you know, who can dial a rifle scope extremely well.

I can sit there and put two rounds on target before. They can you know put. One it's its that fast. You don't have to be good at dialing anymore in perfect wind. It reads I mean barometric pressure elevation. You know drop and compensate. It's everything. The only thing you have to read is wind. If you've got no wind you just click the button shoot stuff at 1100 yards. It out at 1100 they were dialing at. Ihad my I had my speed off by just a little bit but at 1100 yards. Iwas within six to eight inches on target there's just a little bit low that's. It was crazy yeah. I shot my deer with that wen,t really well, 725 with this rifle.

This exact setup at the in the best scenario. You have it printed out. You know on your card but at. That point you still have to buy a nice rangefinder. That can read but atmospheric conditions so. You have to have a seven $$600700 rangefinder with. You at the cheapest. Ithink so and then. You gotta have a rifle scope. You trust the clicks on. You trust the calculation out to 500 700. You know 500 700 yards pull the trigger get the button pull the trigger that's. It peoples hi I'm Marc Durham with outdoors man's. This is the Swarovski optic ds5 225 by 52 a range-finding ballistic ally compensating rifle scope.

As you can see, this rifle scope is a little bit larger. Most conventional rifle scopes. This is a 40-millimeter tube as opposed to your. One inch in your 30 mils the reason for this is it's range-finding capabilities so. This rifle scope does range find on the center crosshair. And then it will also apply a drop reticle to your exact ballistic load. It comes with the app from Swarovski called the DES configuration. You can adjust for your exact hand load. You can pick from a very long list of box loads out there Winchester Hornady browning pretty much. Anything you could ever imagine. You can dial in your speeds ballistic coefficient. Everything like and then simply put. It into pairing mode by pressing the plus. And minus button at the same time. And downloading everything on the app into the rifle scope. You get to that point. It is as simple as putting the center crosshair on your target clicking the back rangefinder button and then it will display your drop reticle.

You simply adjust up to display the drop reticle on your target. And pull the trigger. It will do everything for you without wind. And with no windage correction. You will have a dead-on hit at. It pretties much any yardage up to eleven hundred. And thirty yards every single time unlike other rifle scopes the DES is top turret right here does not house. Any impact correction. It is actually the housing for the battery which is a cr123a very common battery the tool to make your elevation. And windage adjustments. And then also the little allen wrench. Or a hex head you will use to unscrew the caps to reveal those elevations and windage adjustments after you've ranged your target and your D s is now just playing the drop LED reticle.

Feel free to move the magnification. Wherever you'd like to display the reticle. Wherever you'd like. This reticle in there is actually first focal plane as. You change your magnification the reticle will adjust in. That field of view it adjusts at a 120th MOA increment so you're not gonna be ever find yourself in. This situation where your shot is for some reason ending up between. One of its adjustments. You hit the range-finding button. You find yourself at a yardage closer to its eleven hundred. And thirty yard max distance for ballistic calculation. And the reticle displays below your field of view you'll actually see. It sees a little red arrow pop up pointing downward in the rifle scope that will tell you to decrease magnification.

You can actually see your drop LED reticle thank. You for watching and. You have more questions please feel free to give. Is a call one 800 to 900 6/5. Or visit us online at outdoors man's calm. And remember we are your only tripod backpack. And optics Authority see. This here laser tube point shoot things see the folks back home by. One frickin laser beams out of. These rifles go screw normal rounds. Now shoot deer with laser beams.

And thickness throughout the power range. This is important when you're shooting longer distances the smaller. And thinner the reticle is the. More accurate your shot placement should be remembered aim small miss small the main difference between the z3. And the z5 scope is the lateral parallax adjustment it's not available on the z3 model. It is a great added feature on the z5. And well worth the few added dollars. When taking those long-range shots. This feature allows. You to get a crisp focus on your target regardless of distance. Both scopes feature. Several reticle options to guarantee. You find the proper reticle for your shooting style on our z3 test model. We had the 4w reticle which is perfect for shooters who are used to using horizontal hash marks to adjust for wind age the hash marks are placed in two Moas.

Or minute of angle increments. And by using this Ross key optics ballistic calculator you'll know exactly. Many moas to adjust for the ballistic calculator inputs the velocity. And ballistic coefficient of the cartridge you're using in conjunction with wind speed. And direction to tell. Many moas to compensate for it's also important to note. That because of its second focal plane design the scopes got to be in its highest magnification to properly compensate for wind. Although the ballistic turrets. You see on our test models don't come standard. We highly suggest getting them. They allow you to set. Several predetermined distances on your elevation turret. If you're going to shoot at ranges out past four hundred yards the old Arkansas witness theory isn't a good practice precision.

And practice get it done right. That trophy deserves your best effort the setup on the ballistic turret is very simple. And doesn't take long first go to the ballistic calculator. And enter the scope here using all of your load information. What distance you are zeroing for once you've inputted. This information the calculator will compute values for the colored dots based on 50 yard increments to change those values simply click inside the box. And put the distances. You want you have that information it's time to hit print. And head to the range. Once there you're good to disassemble the ballistic turret using the key. Provided unscrew the top cap next remove the three color-coded marking rings. And the coupling at. This point you'll see two gears the top here is. What you'll use to sight in the scope. You have your zero rotate the bottom gear clockwise to lock your zero in next put the coupling back on making sure to line the triangle on the coupling with the dot on the scope.

Now good to set the colored mark rings for your downrange distances start with the green dot first according to the information from the calculator. We need to adjust seven clicks up. Now place the green color-coded ring on the coupling insuring. That the green dot lines up with the white dot on the scope from here. You simply repeat the process for the yellow. And red color mark rings. Once you've set all the Rings rotate. It back to the zero position. And screw the cap back on the last thing you need to do is shoot at. Each distance to validate the ranges like. All its röszke scopes the Z series come with see-through lens covers to help protect your scope from scratches when walking through thick rush. Swarovski is a leader for a reason. One of these great scopes work hard to get it done for you this hunting season.

Athlon Talos SFP 1" Riflescopes

  • Wide-band fully multicoated lenses;
  • Second-focal-plane reticle maintains size through magnification range;
  • Durable aircraft-grade aluminum tube;
  • Nitrogen-gas purged for water- and fogproof performance.

Pick your target out of the twilight and fill your tag with Athlon's Talos SFP 1" Riflescope. Wide-band fully multicoated lenses deliver top-tier light transmission, allowing you to squeeze more visible light out of early-morning and late-evening hours. Second-focal-plane reticle maintains the same size throughout the magnification range. Also features 4X magnification range. Generous 3.82” eye relief. Durable aircraft-grade aluminum 25.4mm tube is nitrogen-gas-purged for water- and fogproof performance. Side-focus parallax adjustment. Exposed turrets.

Athlon scope review

Welcome to Optics Trade YouTube channel. We'll be reviewing a phone Talos 1 to 4 by 24 BTR. Athlon company is located in USA. More precisely, in Kansas. In recent years they became perhaps the most renowned and recognizable for their customer support service and warranty services. A phone manufacturers binoculars spotting scopes range finders rather sites rifle scopes. Some other corresponding accessories Talos BT are the first from Talos series in terms of turrets and radical BG R stands for bright tactical reticle. These rifle scopes are designed with tactical turrets. And of course, tactical radicals whilst Talos series is designed with hunting and hunting radicals. And capped hunting turrets Talos BTR serious are of course an enterprise class of rifle scopes. We can quickly say in the introduction of. This review that our model 1 to 4 by 24 is. One of the best rifle scopes in. This enterprise class we've seen. This rifle scope is two hundred. And thirty-three millimeters long. Or should I say short. This rifle scope is. One of the shortest rifle scopes amongst wide-angle rifle scopes it's quite heavy actually with 510 grams.

As we can see, it's designed with made black collar scope features 30 millimeter objective 2 diameter rifle scope is designed for tactical shooting and perhaps. Some competitions at close range. It can also be used for during hunts build quality is great as. You can see it's purely made of steel. Or metal which adds to the tough look of these rifles. And greater damage resistance magnification ring runs very smoothly very nicely the same goes for diopter adjustment ring additionally magnification adjust wearing can attach. And install I trow switch lever zoom range of. This rifle scope is. One to four times wait four times on factor. And twenty millimeter lens diameter at the highest magnification the field of view is nine meters on 100 meters. While at the lowest magnification the field of view is 37 meters on 100 meters which is considered as a good field of view rifle scope offers very good eye relief of 150 millimeters on the highest magnification and 8089 millimeters on lowest magnification.

There is no present tunnel effect. Any magnification setting overall quality of. This rifle scope is good the image is sharp. And clear rifle scope can withstand a shock of at least 308 Winchester calibers perhaps. More product is filled with nitrogen it's. One proof and the fog proof as. You can see here it's made in China with full unlimited f1 warranty. We forgot to mention. This rifle scope has a fixed parallax of 91 metres of. Or 100 yards next we're going to talk about reticle properties. And turret rifle scope is designed with a HSR 14 illuminated tactical reticle.

Unfortunately, this radical is not bright enough for close quarter battle competitions. Any other daytime tactical competitions well. It offers good usage during low-light the elimination control system as. You can see is located on the riflescopes ocular here illumination is usable during low-light. It has no auto turn off function on how to install the battery. You simply have to remove. This cap and insert a CR to treat the battery here. You close it back up with its knob it's as simple as. We can see illumination has 11 brightness intensity levels perhaps a bit negative feature is. It has no turn off function in between.

As we can see, however, Taarabt is very easily usable in general illumination is good but it's--how are not bright enough for any serious close-quarter competitions. Or other tactical competitions riflescope is designed with tactical turrets with 150 mil radians of click value. And multi number of turns. It also has they also have the turn indicator which is not very good total travel is 40 milli radians. Or elevation and wind age adjustment. And 12 minute radians travel per turn turrets are not resellable. And don't have any locking function which is desirable for 4i tactical rifle scope with tactical turrets but however as we mentioned, this rifle scope is of enterprise class mechanical characteristics of these rifle scope starts are one of the best in this price class.

As we can hear they are nicely audible, feel is nice. It's also crisp and well-defined as for the ease-of-use. They are appropriately hard to use perhaps. They could be a bit a little bit harder but it's okay for this price class overly. This riflescope features. One of the best tactical charts in. This price class for certain but of course. We can also feel some deviation between turrets but. This deviation is really minimal so again. We are at the conclusion of our review. We are going to start with. Some good features of. This rifle scope feel the view of. This rifle scope is very good should. Isay good eye relief of. This rifle scope is very good warranty of course warranty services biathlon are second to none build quality.

As we can see, rather the scope is made purely of metal. We named mechanical features of these rifle scope starts as a good feature for bad characteristics. These turrets this rifle scope starts should certainly use a turn indicator. And a locking function. And for the last bad feature of. This rifle scope we named not bright enough illumination control system. This rifle scope is designed for close quarter battle competitions. And other tactical competitions but frankly rifle scope is not bright. Even illumination is not right enough.

In general, this rifle scopes optical quality is to be commended image is very clear. And sharp both at the edges. And at the center of the image for this prize class our illumination is not bright enough for close quarter battle as we mentioned but of course, that's also not expected from a rifle scope of enterprise-class. This really does not diminish the overall performance of. This product riflescope includes CR to treat a battery lens covers lens cleaning cloth. And rifle scope manual so. All for this review for today. You enjoyed watching it pleases subscribe to our channel. Or leave a comment below.

Leupold® VX®-Freedom™ Riflescope

  • Twilight Max Light Management System;
  • Versatile 3:1 zoom ratio;
  • Rugged 6061-T6 aircraft-grade aluminum;
  • Scratch-resistant lenses;
  • Waterproof and fogproof.

Leupold's VX-Freedom Riflescope gives you best-in-class optics that produce a crisp, clear image with repeatable accuracy. Twilight Max™ Light Management System maximizes brightness, especially during those crucial but dim hours of dawn and dusk, when game is most active. Equipped with 3:1 zoom ratio for versatility. Robust 6061-T6 aircraft-grade aluminum construction pairs with scratch-resistant lenses to create a solid scope that can take a beating in the field. Water- and fogproof. 1/4-MOA finger-click adjustments for windage and elevation. 1” tube.

What's up YouTube welcome back to the channel todayI'm going to be unboxing the new Leopold vx-3 'dom riflescope. These sent to us a couple weeks ago. And I'm just gonna do a little unboxing video so let's do. It okays first look in the box here is the scope very nice finish that's little pole logo it's a 3 by 9 by 40 should be a good all-around scope very price friendly. I think Leopold has this scope listed at 269 just a really good-looking scope I'm sure it'll be good for anything from 22 rifles clean up to big guns. I guess 7 millimeters. Or 300 Win Mag something I'd say. It ought to be able to hold up to. Anything you want to do to. It just by looking at. It's a very light. I think it's only 12 point 2 ounces is what the spec said and first thing I noticed is the eye relief is really good. As soon as you put your eye up to it just opens up full view very nice.

This scope has the duplex reticle in. It which is kind of just their basic reticle but it'll definitely get the job done, so I'm very impressed with. This scope so far other. That there's some paperwork in here. Some other paperwork nice little pulled sticker. And other that she's ready to mount up. And take to the gun range so. If you're in the market for a nice price friendly scope. Idefinitely give this freedom a look so. You found this video useful hit. That like button and subscribe to the channel you want to follow along. We roll our two videos a week. And we'd love to see. You back we do tips tricks gear reviews hunting tactics so thanks for watching guys. And we'll see you next week

And a little bit nastier but. It weighs nothing the reticle is spot-on. It is bright as you like actually. It is very bright. And clear and not a lot of money. Isuppose that's pretty much. Ihave to say for it is a beautiful light was crystal clear rifle scope but. Although there are parts of. You can see they've cut corners it's slightly cheaper machined. You can see that from a mile off it's not quite as sleet. Or well-designed as the others but. What scope so. Isuppose what we really have to do is look at what else. You can get this sub 400-pound mark hook em axe brilliant scope lots. And lots of toys hawk Sidewinder again lots. And lots of toys glass quality. And book quality does not stand up for this.

They do not offer a lifetime warranty a lot of other substandard scopes are also available. Isay substandard these guys got probably the hardest built scopes out on the market yes sometimes the glass quality isn't quite there but. One genuinely really is. And they're all built like tanks ok scope. You can use and abuse. And give back when it's broken at. Any time I can't say. It enough for less than 400 pounds so quick sum up. It is tiny it's got great light transmission. It doesn't weigh anything yes it's not gonna tackle your tactical Sinful it's not gonna make. You look like sniper. One but actually you don't. You don't need to this is a real nice purist scope don't think. It would have been nice to see would be illumination but. You can't get a scope. That weighs this much. This price with illumination with a lifetime warranty that's built. This well we weren't.

Even you're probably never actually going to have to use. It is built that well that's pretty much. Ihave to say about. It so who you guys have actually bought the. How a package these cheaper packages. This would be a really good reasonably priced way to upgrade your package. This is probably one of the best budget scopes on the market. And having literally just got. And played with it I'm shocked they've managed to bring it into. This country at this price that's a pretty. He genuinely is brilliant. It walks circles runs circles around. Everything else in the sort of budget end competition don't get behind on having a look. And I'm sure you'll be absolutely amazed thank. You very much for watching take care good bye.

And get her a test it alright so then. All matted up using the Springfield Armory st edge as a test platform today. One thing I immediately noticed mounting this thing up the clicks feel really positive especially for a scope in. This price point which is. You know actually kind of rare, so we'll get down well zero. This thing up then we do a little baby box drill to make sure their tracks correctly be in business for ammunition your date were using already black which traditionally has been. Some very accurate ammo so we'll see. This does out of the old edge as well. All right moving up two inches. And back down two inches hey good return to zero let's try right three inches. And back alright looks like.

She trash let's go look at our target okay well. That could be mistaken for a hot mess. It just shows that our gun does track like it's supposed to so guys zero up well. We had to the right came back Chuck that's been a little bit. And that's probably. Than on the gun then on the Gunners go came back to zero left fine down five alright so there. You have it Leopold vx-3 done three to nine quarter MOA adjustments which proved is. They are they track correctly glass is very clear especially for the price point stuff in the market for more. You know economy a are hunting scope low polls got.

Or custom dial system with the CTS system. You can receive a free turret engraved to the exact ballistic of your rifle just go to loopholed comm. And enter your information custom turrets like. These are usually only available on scopes. That are 2 to 3 times the price of. This VX freedom made of a durable. And lightweight 6061-t6 aircraft quality aluminum the VX freedom is built to be a workhorse rifle scope. That you can depend on season after season the main tube is one-inch so. It will be a lightweight workhorse the VX freedom is waterproof. And fog proof meaning you don't have to worry about inclement weather or unexpected accidents. One of my favorite features of. This rifle scope is the 1/4 MOA finger click which allows for quick adjustments for wind age. And elevation not only is. This finger click absolutely accurate.

And reliable but the repeatability. And dependability that. This brings to a rifle scope of. This class is unbeatable the obvious elephant in the room is the price for this piece of hardware. And loophole has made. That the absolute easiest part of buying this product the VX freedom line starts with an MSRP price of only two hundred. And thirty-four dollars. And ninety-nine cents up to three hundred. And eighty-nine dollars. And ninety-nine cents depending on the model. You pick if you go to your local Sportsman's Warehouse. You can likely find prices are a little bit lower. Than that with the new VX freedom rifle scope line Leopold has made. It easier than ever for the unsure shopper to find a quality piece of glass. That they can afford check.

It out today your local sportsmen warehouse. Or online at Sportsman's Warehouse com.

Trijicon® AccuPoint® Riflescopes

The newest innovation in riflescopes, the Trijicon AccuPoint features illuminated reticles for fast target acquisition in any light condition. Trigicon rifle scopes are illuminated through the use of fiber optics and tritium – no batteries required. These innovative scopes are available in magnification ranges from 1.25-4 to 5-20 with objective lenses from 24mm in diameter to 56mm. Choose from three reticles: Amber triangle-post, Red triangle post or the crosshair reticle in Amber or Green. The triangle post reticles are very useful for hunting dangerous game or in situations where fast target acquisition is essential. Amber is a color that's superb for low-light hunting conditions, and Red helps you pick up a target fast in sunny or bright conditions. The illuminated crosshair-dot reticles make long-distance shots easier. Choose the Amber crosshair reticle for low-light applications and the Green reticle for bright shooting conditions. Lenspen and cover included.

Leupold® VX-R CDS Riflescope

  • Exclusive FireDot Wind-Plex illuminated reticle;
  • Eight illumination intensity levels match any condition;
  • Automatic reticle deactivation conserves battery life;
  • Index Matched Lens System for astonishing clarity;
  • Extreme fast-focus eyepiece.

Leupold's-exclusive FireDot® Wind-Plex™ illuminated reticle gives you a bright, clear aiming point in any lighting condition as well as easy-to-use hash marks to compensate for crosswinds. Eight intensity levels provide the precise illumination you need to match the conditions. Proprietary motion sensor automatically deactivates the illumination after five minutes of inactivity to conserve battery life and reactivates as soon as motion is detected. Fiber-optic light pipe eliminates the need for an eyepiece-based control module. Leupold's legendary Index Matched Lens System™ combines with edge-blackened, lead-free lenses for astonishing clarity and light transmission. Extreme fast-focus eyepiece ensures optimal diopter adjustment in the field. 30mm main tube and finger-click adjustments assure maximum adjustment precision. Second-generation waterproofing resists fogging more effectively than standard nitrogen. A single CR-2032 coin-cell battery provides a remarkably long run time. Backed by Leupold's Full Lifetime Warranty.

To take full advantage of the CDS System, contact the Leupold custom shop after your purchase (800) LEUPOLD, and provide the technicians with the ballistics of the load you shoot.  The more accurate the information you provide, the more accurate the dial will be.  Bullet weight, ballistic coefficient, muzzle velocity, elevation/temperature of your hunting grounds—all this information can be utilized to provide pinpoint accuracy.  Even if you only have your factory ammunition box, the Leupold Custom Shop can create an exquisitely accurate CDS dial that will provide the accuracy needed for first shot stops at extended range. Made in USA.

The Leupold Quantum optical system has revolutionized clarity and light transmission. In a rifle scope, they use lead-free glass coatings and other environmentally and ecologically friendly composites. They are helping to preserve our outdoor traditions for many future generations additionally. This technology has resulted in a. Than 90 percent improvement in resolution. And color fidelity resulting in razor-sharp images. And common hunting conditions from dawn to dusk to further improve the image seen through the scope loopholed uses their index match lens system coating different lenses with different materials depending upon the refraction index of. Each piece of glass. It relates with other lenses in the scope. Each coating and lens is layered in such a way. It maximizes the light throughput in magnification without destroying color. Or clarity the next innovation with this scope is the fire dot duplex reticle using an emitter diode an intensity adjustable red dot is projected in the center of the crosshairs to improve target acquisition in a variety of lighting conditions.

The cr2032 battery powered fire dot is turned on by pressing the loop hold logo on the side and will inter standby mode after 5 minutes turning off until the rifle is raised to the shoulder again. It will instantly come back on. This prolongs the battery life. And gives you an instant sight picture. You need it without losing time looking for the switch the hard-anodized 30-millimeter tube weighs just fourteen point three ounces. And provides excellent IRA leaf 42 inches at low power. And 37 inches at maximum magnification allowing you to easily mount. It on top of the majority of rifles. Even those with shorter stalks the field of view on. This scope is exceptional for a 40 millimeter 33 point six feet as for power and thirteen point six feet at nine power with sixty Moas of adjustment. And quarter minute per click for elevation. And wind age there is plenty of room to allow. You to use rings of varying Heights. And still get easily dialed in our test model is the three to nine by 40 millimeter with the fire dot duplex reticle, but they're available in five different reticle configurations including ballistic drop compensation custom turrets are available to further customize your scope rifle ammo combination the scope also comes in. One point two five two four by twenty millimeter. One point five two five by thirty-three millimeter two seven by thirty-three millimeter three to nine by fifty millimeter four to twelve by fifty millimeter. And four to twelve by forty-millimeter magnifications with various special feature configurations including customized dials.

You need a dependable and rugged scope for your rifle make sure. You look for the tell-tale gold ring. That symbolizes the best of American manufacturing and design. It tells that your scope will get the job done without question look for the loophole VXR rifle scope at your local sportsmen warehouse store.

Nikon Force XR Handgun Scope

  • Ultra ClearCoat optical system;
  • Shockproof optics;
  • Extended eye relief;
  • Quick-focus eyepiece;
  • Waterproof and fogproof.

Built with shockproof optics and extended eye relief, this scope handles recoil from the most powerful handgun calibers. Ultra ClearCoat optical system promotes up to 95% light transmission for maximum brightness from dawn until dusk. Quick-focus eyepiece makes adjustments on the fly easier. Available with Nikon's patented Nikoplex reticle or trajectory-compensating BDC reticle. Waterproof and fogproof for reliable performance.

When I'm testing a handgun testing accuracy is a big part of. I usually like to test out to about 25 yards depending on the specific handgun. Itried to take as much of my human error out of the equation as. I possibly can using a good rest having a consistency of method. And so forth but one of the things I've been wanting for some time is to be able to bring. That target into better view for my vision so. That I'm giving the handgun the very best opportunity to always have a precision aim point so. We can shoot tighter groups. Or at least as tight a group as the ammunition. That gun combination will allow well. What really helps to do. That is a good optic a good magnification optic so. I had looked around at different ideas. And different scopes. That would be specifically purposed for handgun. I really kind of settled on the Simmons model as the. Iwanted to try I reached out to my friends. And partners at OpticsPlanet. Provided this scope for me. This model is the Simmons pro hunter is a 4 X 32 millimeter front objective lens. It is a fixed focal length at 4x it's not adjustable. It is specifically designed for handguns. And as the name suggests it's designed for handgun hunting well. Ifigure if it's designed for handgun hunting it certainly ought to be pretty good for me trying to shoot groups at 25. Or 50 yards the reticle is. What they call true Plex it's a nice quality reticle. It is your standard crosshair with a very narrow. And precision crosshair at the center the eye relief on. This scope is about 20 inches. That is just about perfect for a handgun.

If you're holding your handgun in the common type of stance. That puts your eye about 20 inches rear of the lens scope weighs 8 ounces actually doesn't. Even feel that heavy. Even with a good set of rings on. And it's only 8 and 3/4 inches long so. It is well-suited for mounting on a handgun. One of the things I really liked about. This was the adjustments on. This scope are made to be toll free. We just take a look at the windage adjustment the adjustments are. One quarter MOA per click. You don't need a tool. You basically can just grab. That with your fingers. It turns pretty easily until. You start getting at the outward edges of the adjustment. And then yeah I have to admit a couple times I did actually put like a plier on it just to get it to turn a little easier the caps are nice the threading is good the entire scope is waterproof. It is fog proof and shockproof. I will say that with everything I've shot so far using this scope including some very potent 10 millimeter loads. It handles the recoil really well. It does not lose its 0. It does not seem to have. Any ill effects at all from recoil on a handgun the optics are fully coated the visual quality is very good through. This scope it is crystal clear to the target. It seems to be already optimized at about a 25. Or 30 yard view the parallax is published to be set at 50 yards the rings. You see here do not come with the scope. It does not come with. Any set of rings you can buy Simmons rings of course. Ihappen to just get. This set of utg relatively heavy-duty rings. Iwanted a sort of low to medium height mount. These brings provide. That pretty well so.

You have windage adjustment. You have an elevation adjustment for your reticle there is again no power adjustment. It is fixed at 4x you do have a focus adjustment ring back here toward the eyepiece just to give. Some realistic scale here's a look at the scope mounted on the Springfield Armory XDM 525. You can see that the scope is just a little bit longer. Then the but not by a lot. If it's really well. And mounts actually pretty nicely using this universal mount. This is a actually a very nice quality handgun scope so far I've gotten excellent use out of. This scope it's just about perfect for what I wanted. It for and it fits a lot of different handguns using Universal mount there are other mounting options available of course depending on what you want to do. You know for hunting for example.

You might want you know a big bore revolver with a nice set of rings mounted on. This optic would be great from anywhere from 25 yards. You know how to 100 the quality. And consistency of this scope has impressed. It keeps its zero all day long. It also keeps a very close to zero as. One gun to another using this Universal mount. And that's been very helpful to. Me as well see the other thing that's really nice about. This scope is its price $7999 is the price which is a pretty darn good price at OpticsPlanet. That includes free shipping and. You use the discount code opinion 5 OpticsPlanet will take. Another 5 percent off of. And your entire order. Whatever you order. That information will. All be below as well as links to the page. You can go see this scope. It for yourself so definitely check that out.

Vortex® Viper® PST™ Gen II FFP Riflescope

  • Matching turret and reticle measurements;
  • First-focal-plane reticle maintains subtensions throughout magnification range;
  • Illuminated reticle with 10 intensity levels;
  • Extra-low-dispersion glass for crisp images;
  • Fully multicoated XR lenses for optimum brightness.

Quickly and accurately dial in your shots with Vortex's Viper PST Gen II FFP Riflescope and its matching (MRAD or MOA) turret and reticle measurements. First-focal-plane reticle maintains subtensions throughout the entire magnification range for accurate hold over at any power. Illuminated reticle with 10 intensity levels provides precise aiming under low-light conditions. Extra-low-dispersion (XD™) glass ensures superior resolution and color fidelity for crisp images, and they're fully multicoated with an XR™ lens coating for superior light transmission and optimum brightness. ArmorTek coating protects lenses against scratches, oil and dirt. Precision-glide erector system for smooth magnification changes under the harshest conditions. 30mm main tube is constructed of aircraft-grade aluminum with a low-glare hard anodized finish. O-ring sealed and argon-gas purged for water- and fogproof performance. Shockproof design withstands recoil and impact. Fast-focus eyepiece. Tactical turrets CRS Zero Stop. Includes CR-2032 battery, 2mm hex wrench, 3" sunshade and lens cloth. Backed by Vortex's VIP Unconditional Lifetime Warranty.

Hello, guys! Jordan again long time no see. Today we are going to make a Vortex PST scope review. We've had this for a little and we've got to. It sooner but what it is so. Some key differences. That you'll notice first off is. That the dials are much larger. And the illumination dial is integrated into the parallax adjustment so that's nice. It gets rid of the you know giant blob. That sits up here as. You can see on the genoise. This is a 4 to 16 that's the new 5 to 25 the key with the bigger wind age adjustments. And elevation adjustments is the old. One didn't get 12 minutes for rotation. And the new ones you get 24 yeah 25. Iguess technically minutes for rotation which is pretty handy. You don't have to sit there. And spin or three times around to. You know get to what you want. And then it's you know handy having the illumination dial not into the rear bells scope — it's just.

One less thing you have to actually look over around. You run your bubble level. I like to run mine on the front left-hand side of the scope. Because then you can crack your left eye open. When you're behind the gun without lifting your head up. And still see your level. Some other big differences. They there is a little bit better glass in. I will not say it is a make. You know it's not razored glass but. It is mostly better. Than the gen ones the. They did still stick with 30 millimeter tube which is a frustration of mine it's still in the 5 to 25 limits. I think 65 in the way of elevation which is only 5m away. Than the previous model so essentially you're going to run elevation. You know you get out there to range.

I was like you know the Burris XDR which Lance has here in the bunch -. That will get 90 minutes of elevation out of. This similar like 25. Or 26 X scope whatever. It is so and that's that's a 34 ml tube so that's really. That bigger tube comes into play it's also going to add a lot of weight which may be why you know vortex stuck with. This size but you know the PS TSR are not their flagship line it's. More of an economy line. What else do we have the other thing. That the Gen 2 PS 2 s PS incorporate are the razor 0 stops. They have the same zero stops as the razors the old gen ones use the shims. You stack underneath. And the new one has a secondary dial inside. You adjust and tighten up with set screws the same. We adjust the outside. Iam NOT method enough to really give it a full shot but. Ihad no complaints with. You know just turn them until. They tighten up and turn them back to zero.

I will say it's an improvement it's a slight improvement which is reflected on its price tag. Iwill say it a lot. More comparable to like the ex TR which the XP are still. More expensive but I will say the glass as close to the XT are. Some features as far as like. You know the dual dials on the left-hand side. More rotations for more MOA pro rotation is there but. Iwould say that the ex TR with a 34 millimeter tube is awesome just for the sheer fact. That I'm now running a 30mm away rail on. This to squeeze out to hopefully a mile but that'll be a later date with that's. All that's some of the biggest key differences between the scopes.

It is a noticeable difference. It is an awesome provement. You will see it immediately. You decide to pick one of these up does. It ships with these covers. These are defenders raised a defender cover like the best covers. You can get pretty scope ever yeah they're really nice they're the rubber back. And then not only do. They flip up, but they also lock down which like the butler creaks. Many have those is ability put three. Or four steps not we listen. You mostly be yeah they don't flip. All the way up and only time. It gets cool they just like the falling out push them. They stand out here. They will say they fit like crap on the gen ones so. You build a set for the gen ones. And they're loose they feel like. They want to come off.

I don't seem like they push. All the way on these are much tighter like. I can flip up they don't go anywhere on the Jen. One side like flip and the thing kind of wanted to walk a little bit of fitted issues. These are fantastic but. They don't they didn't come with. This you're saying no okay but highly recommended highly recommend yeah awesome. Iwill also say that I've had the d7 set a night for spring down here. Now I'm running the vortex pm our precision match rings. And they're they're a really nice ring I'm pretty impressed they're real beefy. You know they've got a two on. Each side and no complaints there. I would definitely you know save the money. And go out the side of these they're just nice as. Anything else I've ever used I've never.

I would say in between the two. You don't think it's quite as hot as quiet as so no. It is a little shorter. Then the tv9 yeah and it's aluminum so writing the loons not as dendrite okay so real quick give. Is a quick rundown on the bolt-gun. I know somebody's going to ask about the specs on. This guy this is a list our former thousand our project gun it's been kind of modified so quick run. Now for anybody who hasn't really seen. It yeah just a little bit of a repeat of the SUP originally started off as the 1000 yard. You know project is just a range of 700 a CSD. And three wait we did a couple upgrade stock things like. And just kind of like ran its course. I think pushed it about as far as.

We could decide upgrade the caliber to a six by three. More which is you're considering you know to do. Anything similar you know outside of. You know the cost the freeway. Idon't think there's. Any other reason to go a three-way. Even so the 65 Creed animal is pretty cheap. Now it's a the same action. They flew to the bolt did a m16 style extractor on to upgrade. That those 700 kind of struggle with the factory extractor. They did the bolt handle so it's got a threaded bolt handle. Now same Tim knee trigger. And then the barrel is a McGowan. Ican't remember the contour but it's a grant with Alliance said. That it's one of the thickest barrel. They use and honestly we've shot the crap out of. And not really noticed. Any stringing of any sorts. It doesn't get that hot Rheem shooting and suppressed today. And it's not really getting. That hot what I said eight fortieth muzzle.

And his 20 inches long. I will say everything. That aligns to that isn't fantastic. And having gone this route. II would be hesitant to buy ever buy. Another factory rifle to Goss with. You consider what the actual burial costs. What it costs have a good barrel fitted it's so worth the money colors Patriot Brown got in the flr element chassis I've been very happy with the chassis still it's the folder. And it's still locked lips extremely tight the Alliance also did a fitted break its. Even know what you want to call. It but it's fitted to the gun so. If there're no shins no. Anything it just index perfectly straight on does a fantastic job quad would blast a little bit of weight but overall not Boone Harris FBR m59 Harris low Ruby Rinna that's right pistol grip that's a cuff.

That comes with the chassis. And then you've got the 20 around the FES mags right. He won the other two ones. We grabbed from Brownell yeah. They come in at you can get in ten 20s right. They come in two five. They come I think did. You come in a five you know the ironic part about. These is uh there's my fans. I am y'all see runner b5 in the custom breakers similarly yeah so here are curious so. Iwould definitely go. This route because felt recoil is similar lineup priced a little different but uh definitely go with the suppressor option.

Leupold® VX-6HD Riflescopes

  • High-Definition lenses deliver even sharper, crystal-clear images;
  • Twilight Max Light Management System;
  • CDS-ZL2 dial locks at zero;
  • Dial up the elevation with the press of a button.

Leupold's VX-6 HD Riflescopes equip your hunt with industry-leading clarity and more image illumination when light is scarce. Decked out with High-Definition lenses, you'll enjoy a sharper, clearer look at your next monster buck. The advanced Twilight Max® Light Management System gathers even more light for a noticeable advantage during dusk and dawn – the times of day when game is most active. The CDS-ZL2 dial locks in place at zero, keeping it from inadvertently rotating off zero, and allows two full revolutions for increased elevation adjustment. The simple press of a button allows you to dial up the elevation as needed. Other features include an in-scope cant indicator for leveling, a throw lever for fast magnification changes and an erector system. Illuminated reticles on all models. Includes one free Custom Ballistic Dial (to be ordered from Leupold) and Alumina® flip-back lens covers in the package. 1/4-MOA click-adjustable windage and elevation. 30mm main tube (4-24x52 has 34mm main tube). Covered by Leupold's Gold Ring Full Lifetime Guarantee. Made in USA.

Whither man who hunt and fish scout look withered. Everybody Josh Dahlke here from Scout. Lookin what I'm holding in my hands here today is a Ruger American rifle chambered in 270 Winchesters. I was able to kill a whitetail last year in Missouri with. This rifle I gotta say I'm really impressed with. Now not just me but a lot of other folks. I know who have shot. This rifle from 100 yards. All the way out to a thousand have been really excited about its performance especially considering the fact. That it's only a 350 to 400 dollar rifle on the shelf but. What I'm here to talk to. You about today actually is not the rifle but it's. This loopholed vx6 what I've got is the 3-2 18 X by 50 millimeter configurations with a duplex fire dot reticle today was my first chance to be able to shoot. This rifle with this vx6 on top so.

I stopped by Cabala's picked up. Some rings I was there. I had to mount it for me cuz. They do a real nice job. I met my friend Goldie Kron out of his local shooting-range Gordy's been shooting and hunting for years so. Any areas I needed to fill. Some gaps of my expertise. I could count on Gordon. We were on paper shout out to a hundred. And two hundred yards my hundred yard group was. You can't beat it basically. It was same hole at a hundred yards. That 200 I was about two. And a half inches all off the bench with sandbags so real life shooting scenario obviously I'm probably not going to be able to achieve those sorts of results.

However, I'm not complaining 200 on the other hand with. That two-and-a-half-inch group. Ican probably improve. It a little bit so I'm going to try. Some different cartridges. This Ruger American likes. Something different but in terms of the scope performance. This thing rocked it is their flagship line the vx6 so. You would expect that it's going to do real well but. Iwas very impressed not only is. It got the smooth focus eyepiece but. You got quarter MOA click adjustments for. Both the wind age and elevation side parallax adjustment. Each of these VX sixes come with a CBS certificate. You find that preferred cartridge. That matches your rifle. You send Lupus the ballistic information along with. Some of your other shooting characteristics. And they're going to send. You back the custom dial system turret with. You need to do is dial the turret to specific ranges and it'll be based specifically on your cartridge so you're not going to get more accurate that.

The other real cool part about this scope is the fact this version has the fire dot illuminated reticle. You touch this button right here. And you're going to get a red dot in the center of your duplex reticle. And by the way the duplex reticle has been proven over decades by serious hunters. And shooters as one of the best. Most accurate reticles on the market so you're not going to go wrong with the duplex but. You combine that with the fire dot. And you're going to get excellent low-light performance. Now speak in a low light. This glass is coated with. Some special sauce from loopholed that's going to give.

You really great light transmission. All throughout the day especially into those low-light hours. We know a lot of the mature big-game animals. We want to kill are moving this particular vx6 is going to go for about $1300 so you're going to have to pull out the wallet. And drop a decent chunk of change but. This is a sculpt that you're going to have for the rest of your life. And loopholed does guarantee. That with their warranty. You have any issues with. This thing you talk to their customer service department. I can guarantee you having been to their factory and met their people they're going to take care of you.

Leupold has been building their optics in America for over a hundred years. That the only major optics company. That actually builds their rifle scopes in the United States it's a real impressive operation with great people and you're really not going to go wrong with the gold ring whither man hunt and fish Scout look withered like.

Leupold® VX-5HD Riflescopes

  • High-Definition lenses deliver sharp, crystal-clear images;
  • Twilight Max brightens your view in low-light conditions;
  • Available CDS-ZL2 dial locks in place at zero;
  • Dial up the elevation with the press of a button;
  • One of the best model of Leupold hunting scopes.

Leupold's VX-5HD Riflescopes equip your hunt with industry-leading clarity and more image illumination when light is scarce. Thanks to the High-Definition lenses, you'll enjoy a sharper, clearer and more vivid look at your next target. The advanced Twilight Max™ Light Management System gathers even more light for brighter images with pronounced clarity during dusk and dawn – the times of day when game is most active. Some VX-5HD models feature the CDS-ZL2 dial, which locks in place at zero, keeping it from inadvertently rotating off zero, and allows two full revolutions for increased elevation adjustment. The simple press of a button allows you to dial up the elevation as needed. Extreme fast-focus eyepiece delivers a generous eyebox, a large field of view and a super-fast diopter adjustment. Blackened lens edges reduce sun glare and improve color contrast. Guard-Ion lens coating sheds water, dirt and oils for quick and easy cleaning. 100% waterproof and fogproof. Strong 30mm main tube. Illuminated reticles on some models. 1/4-MOA click-adjustable windage and elevation. Backed by the Leupold Gold Ring Full Lifetime Guarantee.

You Loup holds a household name amongst hunters. And shooters around the world it's the name that's tied to craftsmanship an American company. And steeped in tradition so. You hear that name. You expect quality you pick up. One of their top quality scopes like the mark 5 HD. You expect to be wowed the scope didn't disappoint in. Any aspect of our testing it's an extremely high in scope. And is packed with features. And benefits that consistently delivered quality results throughout the testing a quick overview of the rifle scope. This is a front or first focal plane scope which means. That the sub tension measurements are the same throughout the magnification range. It comes in a five to. One zoom ratio and our test models bottom. And is five power at the low end. And at the top in its twenty-five power giving you a great field of view at the bottom and a high quality zoom for those long range shots.

It comes in a 35 millimeter tube 56 millimeter objective. And the high quality lens coatings in the Twilight max HD light management system on. This scope provides a tremendous amount of light transmission for any shooting situation the adjustments on the scope are. And mrad for both elevation. And wind age that 35 millimeter tube gives. You a lot of room for elevation. And wind age adjustments making this an ideal super long-range scope the DES 34 point nine mils of elevation adjustment which is equivalent to 120 Moas which means a scope like. This mounted with a 20-minute rail will likely have the adjustments.

You need to dial out past a mile with a relatively fast caliber like. This 300 Win Mag one of the key factors. Ilove about this scope is the weight. It just under 30 ounces it's nearly a half a pound lighter. Than its nearest competition. Some cases almost a full pound. Now let's discuss the functionality of. This exact set up being a 35-millimeter tube does have limited options for mounts. However, Leupold delivers some great options which are as tough as nails. And combat ready if the need arises You zero your scope with elevation. And wind age just as. You would with any other MOA type of scope. You just need to know. That the measurements for a mil is three point six inches at 100 yards.

And the adjustment for. Both windage and elevation on this scope are one-tenth of a mil. Or 03 six inches for. Each click at a hundred yards having the ability to get three full revolutions out of your elevation adjustment makes the m5 c30 lock extremely important. When at your zero the lock button protrudes at the completion of the first revolution. It sucks into flush with the surface. And goes below the surface on the final revolution. It pops back out and locks. You get back to your zero the wind age knob is capped but. Another great feature. When is removed is the marking setup. It allows you to barely get out of the scope to make quick. And precise adjustment. It shows both left. And right mill markings using the range finder like the Luo pulled R X 1600. Iwhich will give you mil holdovers allows. You to quickly take a range adjust for yardage. And make accurate shots without having to have a pre-cut turret the side focus parallax adjustment will help provide.

You with a crystal-clear image. And a fast focus eyepiece will make the crosshairs crisp. And sharp as well this scope comes with. Several reticle options as well as illuminated. And non illuminated like. This test model it also comes in a lower magnification model in the 36 to 18 by 40 for a visit to the Leopold website we'll give. All the specs and options for. Each model it comes to high-end rifle scopes the mark 5 HD by loophole is pretty tough to beat. It through its rigors here at Sportsman's news. All the testing and. It performed absolutely flawlessly. It tracked both vertically. And horizontally to extreme position it's you would expect with a name like mil fold.

Vortex® Strike Eagle® 30mm AR Riflescopes

  • Targets from point-blank to extended ranges;
  • High quality, fully multicoated lenses deliver clear, crisp sight pictures;
  • 11 illumination intensity levels for varying light conditions;
  • Raised ribs on the magnification ring for fast target acquisition;
  • 3.5" eye relief at maximum power provides stress-free sighting.

Speed and versatility when shooting – exactly what you'll get from the Vortex Strike Eagle 30mm Riflescope. The strong, rigid aircraft-grade aluminum single-piece tube is constructed to maximize alignment for improved accuracy and optimum visual performance. High quality, fully multicoated lenses deliver clear, crisp sight pictures and optimal low-light performance through increased light transmission. True one-power on the low end of its zoom range provides quick target acquisition in close-quarters scenarios. Illumination dial features 11 intensity levels to accommodate varying light conditions. Raised ribs on the magnification ring facilitate fast magnification adjustments when the action heats up. 3.5" eye relief at maximum power for stress-free sighting. Reset turrets allow re-indexing to zero after sighting in the scope. Nitrogen-gas purged and O-ring sealed for water-, fog- and shockproof protection. 1/2-MOA elevation and windage adjustments. Includes turret caps. Operates with one CR-2032 battery (included).

Leupold® VX-3i LRP Riflescopes

  • Twilight Max delivers sharper images in low lighting;
  • First- or second-focal-plane reticles;
  • Included throw lever makes it easy to adjust magnification;
  • Elevation adjustment with travel indicator and adjustable zero stop;
  • Available with TMR or CCH reticles.

Leupold's VX-3i LRP Riflescope delivers the pinpoint accuracy you need for long-range shots. Twilight Max® light-management system ensures sharper images in low-light conditions, so you can hunt longer into the twilight hours. First- or second-focal-plane reticles in MOA or MIL feature matching adjustment increments to match your shooting style. Available with TMR or CCH reticles. Included throw lever attaches to the magnification ring, making it easy to adjust magnification without lifting your head up to find the magnification ring. Elevation adjustment with travel indicator and adjustable zero stop. Windage dial with protective cover that can be replaced with included thread protector. 30mm main-tube design. Leupold Gold Ring Full Lifetime Guarantee. Leupold 2.5 8. Made in USA.

Leupold vx 3i review

Nikon® Prostaff® P3 Predator Rifle Scopes

  • BDC Predator reticle;
  • Spot-On Ballistic Match technology;
  • Instant zero-reset turret;
  • 1/4-MOA windage and elevation;
  • Fully multicoated lenses.

The Nikon Prostaff P3 Predator Rifle Scope is specifically designed to engage small targets at maximum ranges. The BDC Predator reticle provides a clear view without covering target with cluttered reticle designs to facilitate long shots and shots on moving targets. The BDC Predator reticle is also compatible with Nikon's patented Spot-On™ Ballistic Match Technology, which allows you to discover the exact holdover points for various yardages with specific loads. Windage and elevation adjustments hand-turn with 1/4-MOA clicks and have spring-loaded, zero-reset turrets. A fully multicoated optical system provides tremendous light transmission for maximum brightness, extending the time you can shoot during the critical minutes at dawn and dusk. A quick-focus eyepiece lets you focus sharply at various ranges, and a generous eye relief keeps the eyepiece away from the shooter's forehead during recoil. Matte-finished, 1" aluminum tube and is waterproof, and fogproof. Manufacturer's limited lifetime warranty.

Leupold® FX-2 Ultralight Riflescope

  • Multicoat 4 lens coating reduces reflections on eyepiece;
  • Xtended Twilight Lens System for detailed low-light scenes;
  • Blackened lens edges reduce glare and diffusion;
  • DiamondCoat 2 lens coating for incredible abrasion resistance;
  • Waterproofed with argon/krypton gas blend;
  • 1/4-MOA finger click adjustments for windage and elevation.

Lightweight and high-powered, Leupold FX-II Ultralight Riflescope is absolutely a must-have on your next hunt. Multicoat 4® lens coating increases the amount of all available light that reaches your eye while minimizing reflections on the outer eyepiece. This keeps image quality pristine. Xtended Twilight Lens System™ uses index-matched glass with wavelength-specific lens coatings to give you detailed low-light scenes in unsurpassed clarity and quality. Blackened lens edges reduce unwanted glare and diffusion. DiamondCoat 2™, an ion-assist lens coating, delivers incredible abrasion resistance while improving brightness, clarity and contrast. This riflescope is waterproofed with Leupold's exclusive argon/krypton gas blend, which virtually eliminates the effects of thermal shock and reduces the diffusion of gases sealed inside the scope. Fast-focus eyepiece with low-profile lock ring. 1/4-MOA finger click adjustments for windage and elevation. Adjustable objective. Made of 6061-T6 aircraft-grade aluminum. Includes bikini-style lens cover. Backed by the Leupold Gold Ring™ Full Lifetime Guarantee.

Athlon Argos BTR FFP 30mm Riflescopes

  • Fully multicoated lenses for bright images;
  • XPL coating resists dirt, grease and harsh weather conditions;
  • First-focal-plane illuminated reticle;
  • Parallax adjustment from 25 yds. to infinity;
  • Argon-gas purged for water- and fogproof performance.

Make your best shot with the Athlon Argos BTR FFP 30mm Riflescopes. Fully multicoated lenses deliver bright images, while XPL lens coatings guard against dirt, grease and harsh weather conditions. Glass-etched, first-focal-plane illuminated reticle allows you to easily pinpoint your target, even in low-light conditions. Improved parallax adjustment yard markings go from 25 yds. to infinity. Aircraft-grade 6061-T6 aluminum construction with a matte finish ensures long-lasting performance. Exposed turrets. Argon-gas purged for water- and fogproof performance. Manufacturer's limited lifetime warranty.

Here is Athlon Argos BTR review from the customer:

Mueller Tactical Riflescopes

  • Mil-dot reticle for long-distance accuracy;
  • Fully multicoated lenses for superior brightness;
  • Nitrogen-filled for fog-, water- and shockproof performance.

Thanks to the Mildot reticle, Mueller's Tactical Riflescopes deliver enhanced accuracy at longer distances. Plus, fully multicoated lenses offer superior brightness, contrast and edge-to-edge clarity. Also features fast-focus eyepiece. 1/8-MOA windage and elevation adjustments. Nitrogen-filled for fog-, water- and shockproof performance. Manufacturer's limited lifetime warranty.

  • 8-32x44 – Fully exposed target turrets. 30mm tube. Includes one 3” sunshade.
  • 8.5-25x44 – Large dia. ocular lens for wide field of view. All-weather, high-torque power change ring. Finger-adjustable target-style turrets. 1” tube.

Kahles K Series Riflescopes

  • Top-notch performance;
  • Edge-to-edge clarity;
  • Superior light transmission.

Kahles' K Series Riflescopes deliver unmatched optical performance. High-quality lenses provide edge-to-edge clarity and superior light transmission. Oil-repellent coated lenses repel smudges and fingerprints.

  • 16i – Illuminated reticle in the second focal plane. Large field of view and true daytime illumination. Integrated magnification throw lever allows for instant magnification changes.
  • 624i – Illuminated reticle in the first focal plane. Unique parallax adjustment integrated into the elevation turret and has adjustments from 50mm to infinity. 26 mils of overall elevation adjustment in just two rotations. Hardened-steel construction resists wear. Right- and left-hand version available.

Kahles scope customer review

I'm John McCoy with 85 41 tactical. And we're here today to talk to. You guys about this guy right here. This is the Kahles scope k-6 24i. Now HPS is the us distributor for Collis. They were nice enough to send the scope over to. And let's have a little bit of time shooting it playing with. They wanted to know. What we thought about. It so we're bringing our impression of. This scope to you guys. Now the K 624 eye is a six to twenty-four power first focal plane rifle scope with a fifty-six millimeter objective so. That really places it kind of in the upper end of the magnification range. We commonly find in precision rifle competition scopes usually they're in the 5 to 20 power range there are. That venture as far up as 30 power like the Bushnell x RS. And there are other scopes. That tend to stay on the lower end. And the 3 to 15 power range but. One is kind of in the middle 6 to 24 is a comfortable range for what you would use for most of the stuff. You find at a precision rifle competition. You have a low 6 power. You can use you have closer up wider spread targets to give. You a wider field of view. And the 24 power really allows.

You to get up there in the magnification range. You have to find small targets on a target board. You have to identify target before. You fire on you just have a really long range smaller target so. It is a very useful magnification range. And with the glass in the K 624 eye. That 24 power is fully usable. Some scopes they will kind of fudge. That magnification we'll throw a really high top-end magnification in there but. You start to lose optical clarity. You get up to that high magnification range. We really didn't have a lot of (drop-off) with the clarity in K 6:24. That 24 power range so. Iconsider that fully usable. If the Mirage and the environmental conditions will allow. You to use you can stay up there. Or the 24 power range without getting really irritated about.

One of the marquee features of the K 624 eye is the placement of the parallax turret normally. You would find the parallax turret on the left-hand side of the rifle scope. This can be a little bit an issue in. Some situations for a right-handed shooter to go to adjust. That parallax while they're on the gun. You are using your left hand. Or for a right-handed shooter your support side to support the rifle in. Either a prone position. Or against a barricade. Something then it's kind of pain in the butt to try to reach over an across with your firing hand to adjust. That parallax and to get a solid enough position to make a good parallax adjustment with the K 624 eye. They put the parallax ring at the bottom of the elevation turret so. You can actually reach.

Either hand just as easily. You can really quickly get your parallax dialed in. It moves very smoothly. And very easily it doesn't bind. We didn't have any problems at. All getting things dialed in so it's a really neat arrangement. We do still have a turret over here on the left-hand side. This is the illumination turret so. That controls the illumination for your reticle. We didn't have any problems with the illumination. We didn't do a lot of night shooting but. It put into a lot of different lighting environments throughout the city. And the illumination worked just fine. You need an illuminated reticle. One will do you fine. Now the model we have here has a new reticle in. It for kalus it is the skimmer 2 reticles. It was a reticle design by Shannon K.

It was really one of two versions. He designed the skimmer — is my preference for the reticle in. This optic it is a mill based reticle. What we generally call a Christmas tree in. You come off the center of the reticle. You have whole points. That go out into what is normally dead space in the reticle so let's say. You were in a no dial stage. You couldn't dial elevation. You don't want to dial wind age then. You can take your elevation. And your wind age call. You will have a definite point — hold on say. You need 2 mils of elevation well. You just come down your reticle to your 2 mil point. And say your wind call is 1 point 5 mils well. You can hold off 15 mils. You can actually have a definite point on the reticle to hold off of you're not just holding out into dead space.

Where there are no markings so. It allows you to get holds for elevation. And wind age much. More precisely you can with a standard crosshair. You don't like the Christmas tree the skimmer reticle does not have a Christmas tree the skimmer too has the Christmas tree. Iwas able to use it very quickly to get quick hits without dialing I. More recently the I start to work. These stages with lower. And lower time limits. Ijust leave the turret to zero down. Everything I need to do through the reticle. It just works a little bit easier for me they're guys. That like to do mix dialing they'll dial a course elevation adjustment on. And then they'll hold for the fine elevation between targets.

You like to do that's great. You can still do that with. This scope I just prefer to do a hold off of a zero. That way I know in my brain. Where I'm supposed to be automatically in the reticle without having to think about. This scope supports. That really well. We do have 14 mils per Rev turrets so. One Rev of the turret gives. You 14 mils in elevation which is a massive amount. This little red dot on the top here is a second Rev indicator so as. You get up here on your second Rev the little red spot will pop up. You have a visual and tactile indicator. That you're on the second revolutionary scope. You come back down the turret is set up to allow. You to swing in this case three mils. Or three tenths of a mil below zero so. You can go through tenths below.

And then come back up three tenths. And you're dead on your zero. You can't go than three tenths below zero. Now the wind age turret is marked just like. Ilike to see wind age turrets marked here. We have 1 R 2 R 3 R indicating your going right. And 1 l 2 L 3 L etc indicating. That you're going left. All the way around to 7 so. You do have 14 mils per Rev on the wind age as well but 7 is your center point. And 7 is not marked. Because it's the center so. You got 6 R and then. It starts the other way 6 L etc. You can zero this turret out just like. You can the elevation turret so. You can get that right back on 0. And of course zero is marked zero. Now let's talk about the zeroing of the elevation turret real quickly. Ididn't feel this was covered really well in the manual. Ialways read the manual through before. Igo to zero one of these rifle scopes sometimes.

If I'm doing stuff just for myself. I don't necessarily do. I just kind of monkey through. It to see how hard. It is to figure it out in. This case I did read the manual. This is going back to HPS. When we're done with. I want to break their scope breaking it was not the concern but. It was a little bit confusing to me to figure out how to get. This zeroed out we initially went to zero. We needed to go below. Where the zero stop was set from the factory. And in the manual there is initially no really easy way to figure out. How to do because the clicks. And the zero stop is. All in the turret you don't mess with. All the only adjustment. You have is to be able to loosen up the set screws. And slip the turret back to zero so. This scope you drop the scope on your rifle. You need to zero you find yourself hitting the zero stop. And still needing to dial below the zero dot. What you do is you hit the zero stop. You loosen up the set screws. And then you slip the turret forward so slip the turret like you're going up.

And then tighten your screws back down again. Now you'll be able to dial below. That stop was set because the zero stop. And the click mechanism is integrated into the turret cap not in the stem like. We see a lot of other scopes so. You figure that out it's very quick to zero it's very simple to zero in fact. One of the simplest scopes to have an integrated zero stop. And second rebbe indicator. That I've used to zero is really simple. And really easy you figure. That out and again. I didn't maybe it's just my reading comprehension but. That was not clearly spelled out in the manual. Me a second reading it took. Me actually loosening the cap up. And playing with it a little bit before.

I figured and then. I figured I was good to go the second issue. We ran into on when you're reading through the manual. It makes it very clear. They don't want you to tighten down those screws too tight so. What I normally do they supply a very small allen key with the scope. That small allen key. I grab the small end of the allen key so the long end was going into the screws. I tightened it down until. That key really started to flex. I felt like I was putting a lot of pressure on there so that's. I stopped well the first competition. I shot with it was a local competition thankfully the Scopes sat in the Sun for quite a bit during the competition partially on purpose. And partially just because that's. I set my rifle apparently. That warmed up the turret. And gave just a little bit extra slack. I went to dial a stage. And grabbed and turned. And the turret slipped. One disadvantage of having the zero stop integrated in to the turret cap. It slipped the zero stop slipped as well I've had scopes before.

Where the cap has slipped. And the zero stop has stayed on there so. It makes it very quick. And easy function to slam the turd against the zero stop. And then slip it back to. You know the zero stop was set. And you're good to go couldn't do. I was kind of out of the game for the last couple of stages on. That spoke with HP s. And HP s said not to worry. You can go ahead and put a good deal attention on those set screws. And not worry about damaging the inner turrets. That can be an issue on. Some scopes because the inner turrets may be brass in the set screws maybe steel. And putting a lot of tension on them can dig into those stems. That apparently is not a concern with. They said you can put a lot. More tension on I went ahead. And did before any of the tracking drills. And we've had no problems since, so I'll go ahead. I didn't tighten down the set screws tighten up. I won't ding the scope for. That but it's something. You guys you purchase the scope need to bear in mind. You may need to put a little bit.

More tension you think. You need on the set screws to hold the adjustments. We took the scope out. It mounted on our accuracy international 80 with the proof carbon fiber barrel. And the Thunder beast 30 p1 suppressors on. And the scope performed excellent. We went ahead and did a vertical tracking drill. And the scope tracked true attract vertical. We didn't have any track out. And that's one of the main things. I will watch for what I'll do is I'll put a board out. Iwill take a carpenter's level. I will write a I'll draw a vertical in a horizontal line. And with the rifle mounted on there the scope mounted on the rifle.

I will set the reticle plumb to those horizontal. And vertical lines I do the vertical tracking drill. I will dial an adjustment on the scope. I will keep the reticle centered in the center of the horizontal. And vertical lines I drove my target so. That the scope is being held in exactly the same horizontal plane for every shot. I shoot I'll dial up fire. Another shot dial up fire. Another shot in this case. I dialed two mils for every shot. I really didn't want to spend a lot of ammo. I wanted to get a decent amount of elevation. And the shots tracked true. I went ahead and shot. One shot for every two mils tracking up. And then came back down firing one shot for every two mils. And the shots tracks straight along the vertical line. That tells it tells. That the adjustment mechanism for the turrets is true to the reticle inside of.

It so as long as you mount your scope. You level the scope to the reticle then you're going to be good to go. This case we actually did. We with the Alamo forced our D lock mount here. I set the scope in with the bottom of the turret housing plumbed to the reticle. I mounted it up I'm sorry the bottom of the turret housing plumbed to the mount. We dropped it on the rifle. Everything lined up. We were good to go so vertical tracking was great. We also ran a return to zero drill on. Where I'd fire a shot. And crank all the way up to its vertical limit of the scope crank. All the way back down hit the zero stop come back to zero. And then fire a shot again. Several times shooting groups. And the groups I was able to get shooting like. That dialing all the way up. And dialing all the way back down we're within the mechanical accuracy of the rifle with the previous rifle scope.

That was on and within the mechanical accuracy of the rifle with. This scope mounted on. And having it just held zero no turret adjustment so. That worked very well didn't see. Any change of point impact with the adjustment of the magnification on very low-quality scopes occasionally. You can find you shoot a group with the scope set it's a 24 power. And then you dial this go back to 10 power. You shoot a group you can see. That the point of impact shifts slightly. That is an indicator. That scope is broken. It is a very low-quality scope didn't expect to see. Any issues with the scope at. We didn't but it's a nice thing to check anyway to make sure. Everything is going well with the scope overall. I was very pleased with the scope.

It acted exactly like. It would expect it to with. That with the exception of the two little issues the turret slipping and trying to figure out. How to get the zero stop. How to dial below the zero stop on. Everything else was good to go the only thing. That is lacking is the scope doesn't have. Any way to lock the turrets so the turrets are always free spinning I don't really hold. That against the scope there's a pretty good amount of pressure before the turrets start to move so. You don't really have to worry about the turrets just spinning freely. While you're carrying or. While you're moving from stage to stage. You do still want to make sure.

You check the turrets as soon as. You pull the rifle out of the bag. It can roll one you're throwing it in the bag. Or pulling it out of the bag etc so that's. One of a few things that's missing off the disk oped. That is on some of the other scopes in the same range such as the Bushnell ers. Or xrs scopes but not a big deal the turret feel on the scope is really nice for 14 mils per Rev. I expected to have one of the buzz saw turrets I'll column. One of the ones you dial the turret. And it's just like it just is very hard to hit specific points. When you're dialing quickly. You can get to the points the clicks are still a little bit closer together.

I would like, but they still feel very nice and really shouldn't be a problem for you to get your zero dialed in quickly with the larger diameter the turret. It makes it a little bit easier to hit the stop exactly. You want it to be same thing with the windage turret. We didn't do a lot of dialing with the windage turret but. It is just true it dials true overall really. I like the scope one of the larger scopes. We use looking at the specs here the length overall is fifteen point nine inches so. One of the larger scopes. We see in PRS type competition I've got the specs over here the weight on. We didn't throw it on a scale but the listed weight on. It is thirty-three point five ounces so. If you're trying to look. That compares one sits on the rifle. We really didn't notice. It to be an overly heavy scope. We didn't notice that the rifle trying to roll over on.

That is good to go we've got 25 mils of elevation listed for the scope because of the way the turrets are set up. We didn't test the extreme elevation of the scope. We tested it to the extent. We would need to use. It for any regular short action calibers. It worked just fine within those distances with. Many Mills on tap you should be good for a very wide range of calibers again overall the scope performed very well. We can definitely recommend the Collis K 624. We will leave a link down below to. You can go pick up your scope. And we'll leave a link to HBS's website. You can get more details we'll also throw a slide up here at the end.

That gives all the specs. I didn't think you guys wanted to hear me run through one of the specs for the rifle scope so. We had a great time using the scope. I didn't have really any issues with it again other than the two I spoke with. And I'm kind of being a little bit sad to see. This go back to HBS. I really wish we could have shot. It in a couple of more matches so. You guys have any questions for the Collis K 624 eye please leave in the comments section below. Us on Facebook or Twitter. If you've liked this video please make sure. You like share and subscribe. And until next time get out shoot you.

EOTech Vudu Riflescopes

  • Built to exceed the expectations of the serious precision shooter;
  • First focal-plane design maintains reticle subtensions;
  • Anti-reflection lens coating for exceptional image illumination;
  • Push-button reticle illumination ensures your aim is true;
  • Main tube crafted from a solid piece of aircraft-grade aluminum.

Built with durability, accuracy and versatility, EOTech's Vudu Riflescopes exceed the expectations of the serious precision shooter. First focal-plane optic design delivers split-second target ranging at all magnification levels. Broadband anti-reflection lens coating creates exceptional image illumination, especially during the low-light conditions of dawn and dusk. Push-button reticle illumination ensures your aim is true. Two-hour auto power shut-off conserves battery life. Ultrastrong main tube is crafted from a solid piece of aircraft-grade aluminum and coated with a type-III, anodized, flat-black finish. 30mm main tube on 1-6X24 model and 34mm main tube on 3.5-18X50 model. Windage and elevation adjustments available in both MRAD and MOA. Runs on one CR-2032 battery (included). Backed by manufacturer's lifetime guarantee.


Always test out a rifle scope on your gun before shooting. Ensure that it properly mounted.

Do not put your eye on the scope unless if your gun is a gas blowback: The recoil system can make your scope hit your eye.
Choose a magnification range that is suitable for you.

Lastly, keep in mind that any gun can be dangerous. Be careful and attentive.