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  DPS Skis Zelda T106 Ski - Women's La Sportiva Sparkle 2.0 Alpine Touring Boot - Women's Hagan Ski Mountaineering Core ST Ski Boot - Women's DPS Skis Yvette 112 Tour 1 Ski - Women's Dynafit Hoji Pro Tour Ski Boot - Women's
  DPS Skis Zelda T106 Ski - Women's La Sportiva Sparkle 2.0 Alpine Touring Boot - Women's Hagan Ski Mountaineering Core ST Ski Boot - Women's DPS Skis Yvette 112 Tour 1 Ski - Women's Dynafit Hoji Pro Tour Ski Boot - Women's
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Brand DPS Skis Hagan Ski Mountaineering La Sportiva DPS Skis Dynafit
Claimed Weight [168cm] 2lb 14oz [pair, 24.5] 5lb [27.5, single] 2 lbs 12 oz [pair, 168cm] 5lb 14.5oz 2lb 13oz
Manufacturer Warranty 2 years 1 year 1 year - 1 year
Recommended Use backcountry touring, powder backcountry skiing, randonee, ski mountaineering alpine touring, ski mountaineering backcountry touring backcountry skiing
Binding Compatibility - tech alpine touring (s3 insert sold separately), tech, Trab TR2 - TLT (tech)
Buckles - 2 4 - 3
Liner - Memory Fit 3D EZ Thermo - Custom Plus
Shell Material - Grilamid [shell, tongue] Grilamid, [cuff] Pebax, [vertebra] carbon-reinforced Grilamid, [spiler] Marfram - Grilamid
Sole - M-Grip Vibram - Formula Pomoca Climb
Walk Mode - Easy Slide Lock, 60-degree range of motion yes, 60-degree rotation - 55° of rotation

DPS Skis Zelda T106 Ski - Women's

The Women's Zelda 106 Tour1 Ski is DPS' best option for backcountry skiing in the widest range of snow conditions. Its 106mm waist width ensures proper flotation when you're skiing the goods on a mid-winter powder day, and a narrow turn radius assures solid edge hold when you're making hop turns down icy couloirs.

DPS shaped the Zelda with a rocker tip and tail to help you navigate powdery fields with ease, while camber underfoot ensures excellent edge control in corn and on hardpack. The ski's Tour1 construction includes a superlight balsa core, a speedy World Cup race base, a stiff carbon/glass laminate, sharp yet narrow Rockwell edges, and a textured top that prevents snow buildup from weighing you down.

  • Backcountry touring ski rides the widest range of conditions
  • 106mm waist width floats powder and cuts through the crud
  • Rockered tip and tail is easy to turn and provides float
  • Camber underfoot ensures excellent edge hold
  • Balsa wood core keeps this ski light for touring
  • Carbon/glass Tour1 laminate assures torsional stiffness
  • World Cup race base stays speedy on the downhill
  • Item #DPK000Q
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    La Sportiva Sparkle 2.0 Alpine Touring Boot - Women's

    Sure, you don't have much trouble smoking everyone in your group on daily dawn patrols and all-day backcountry missions, but if your boot can't stand up to your aggressive skiing style, what use does it serve? For women who like ripping the descent as hard as they charge up the skintrack, the La Sportiva Sparkle 2.0 provides the optimal balance of lightweight functionality and expert downhill performance.

    The reshaped shell now accommodates a far wider variety of feet and has a beefed up flex. Four Pegasus buckles with an optional power strap allow you to dial in your fit so you can capitalize on every ounce of that stiff flex in techy couloirs and wide-open powder fields. 60-degree cuff rotation and a comfortable EZ Thermo heat-moldable liner keep feet moving comfortably on long days, and the three preset forward lean positions can be selected according to your preference. The bottom line is that this boot is perhaps the stiffest, most responsive boot in the lightest, fastest package you can get—oh, and by the way, your friends might appreciate a head start on both ends.

  • Send skimo missions with these stiff and light women's boots
  • Grilamid tongue with Vertebra tech provides 115 flex
  • 102.5mm last and reshaped shell for a more comfortable fit
  • Rugged Vibram sole provides traction while scrambling
  • Walk mode offers a whopping 60 degrees of cuff rotation
  • 4 buckles and 3 lean settings let you dial in your fit
  • Weights in at a hair over 2.5lbs per boot
  • Item #LSP00BG
  • Hey it's brad from back country skiing canada calm and today we're going to talk about the last sport team of specter 2.0 alpine touring boot this. Replaces the original spectrum boot which we reviewed a few years back that can be found over here this is still the. Lightest 4 buckle boots on the market it weighs in at 1400 45 grams or about. Three pounds three ounces that's four half pair size 27 and a half sizing. Comes in from 25 all the way to 35 sorry 31.5 in half sizes the boot is a little. But stiffer this year it's got a 115 flex rating which is about five percent stiffer than previous version the shell. Is made of grille made and the cuff is p back so that's what makes this boot so light again it's four buckles so it's a pretty light boot considering it's a four buckle boot it's also now compatible with alpine bindings tech. Bindings and tr2 bindings so that's a new feature as well what is the same on. This boot is the low profile Pegasus. Buckles really simple easy cam device to use they don't pop out when you're using the boot takes a little bit of getting used to using them because they are so innovative but once you get used to using them they're pretty easy to use. On a day-to-day basis thermo moldable. Easy liner is the same as well and also the 60-degree cuff rotation so a really huge range of motion in walk mode and. What i love about the less marked eva's in the original version in this version is you don't have to unbuckle the boot to get that range of motion i keep the boot totally buckled up i might open this one up just to get the blood flow again but in fully buckled mode you can. Get that sixty degrees which is pretty incredible the sole on the 2.0 is a. Vibrant sole it's got the harder the. Harder sole in the yellow locations and the softer soul in the black location so that you can grip on a rock better and not wear down the tip and toe what is. New is well in the 2.0 version is a roomier toe box the last sport team has always had a really roomy toe box this time it's even roomier I've had to put an insert in to take up some of that room because it was just so much room for me but nice feature because you can. Wheel the toes keep them warm the pivot point as well it used to be removable with an allen key now it's built-in it's fixed which is great because i did lose the pivot point once at a lodge which was not the most opportune time so now that's a solid feature which is great color scheme is. New as well I'm digging it i think it's. A great color scheme for the boot nice and vibrant and lots of fun to wear it's also 5% stiffer as i said before. And you can definitely feel that when. Ski touring and it's a nice feature price on this is 779 canadian 679 us so. It's a pretty reasonably priced boot considering it's such a lightweight boot and it's got all these great features and yet it still skis the hill so I've. Ski turret in this the previous version the last 14 is spectre original promote. Two and a half three years i think now on the version 2.0 and it's a I'd say better than the last version they've they've improved some features but you can tour in this you can ski the hill and it kind of does it also it's one of my favorite boots that I've ever toured in or skied in period the women's. Version is the sparkle and it's got a nice color colorway as well if you're. Looking for a really light boot and you. Don't want to compromise anything on the down you want a good fit you want huge. Flex range you want a lightweight boot and optimal performance then I'd highly recommend the last sportive spectre and the last 14 of spectre 2.0 which is the new version so highly recommend this boot check it out if you're in the market for an 80 boot that you also wanna ski the resort and occasionally for more bug reviews go to. Backcountry ski in canada calm and everything else back country you'll find it there as well thanks.

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    Hagan Ski Mountaineering Core ST Ski Boot - Women's

    There's no time to dilly dally when you've got multiple peaks on the agenda for the day—good thing you've got your Hagan Ski Mountaineering Women's Core ST Ski boots on your feet to set the pace. These lightweight kicks boast a stiff yet manageable 110 flex and an ultralight Grilamid shell that delivers power and response on spicy descents.

    When you're striding across sparkling glaciers or powering through arduous approaches you'll be psyched on the efficient 60-degree range of motion that you get when you flip into walk mode. The Easy Slide Lock mechanism is reliable and quick to lock down when you top out on your third peak of the day and get ready to crush another steep pitch, and the grippy rubber soles feel secure and stable while you're cruising up an icy bootpack or navigating surprise scree fields.

  • A lightweight touring machine of a boot
  • 110 flex is responsive yet forgiving
  • Grilamid shell is powerful and stiff
  • Heat-moldable liner lets you customize the fit
  • Easy Slide Lock mechanism flips quickly between ski and walk
  • 60-degree range of motion in walk mode for an efficient stride
  • Grippy rubber soles feel solid on icy terrain and scree fields
  • Item #HSM000G
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    DPS Skis Yvette 112 Tour 1 Ski - Women's

    The DPS Women's Yvette 112 Tour 1 Ski is a lightweight fatty designed to help you set the skintrack on a deep powder day, and enjoy the fluffy ride back to the car. Its wide waist keeps you afloat only when you want to, since you also prefer sinking down into snorkel-like depths about half the time on the downhill. You like sinking down on the downhill almost as much as you dislike sinking down on the uphill, which makes the Yvette's rockered, shoveled, and wider tip all the more enjoyable. It keeps your nose above the snow so you can navigate switchbacks a little easier. This Yvette comes with DPS's lightest construction to keep you nimble on you feet, and considering each ski weighs less than three pounds, you might end up one of the lightest skier in the backcountry.

  • A touring-specific ski designed with powder in mind
  • Wide waist assures proper flotation in soft snow
  • Rockered, shoveled tip navigates powder on uphill and down
  • Camber underfoot employs a surprisingly tight turn radius
  • Tour 1 construction keeps each ski under three pounds
  • Item #DPK001B
  • Hi it's andrew from back country skiing. Canada.com we're here at boulder hut adventures you can see the hut behind us here. Just wrapping up a week of fun ski touring and want to talk to you about the tour one waner 112 we've been. Checking out for the weekend for. Most of the season actually the tour one. Is one of three constructions options. Offered by dps you also have a pure. Three which is a stiffer somewhat heavier ski and a hybrid which is has. Some carbon but more traditional construction as well this is new this year I'd have to say the most remarkable thing about the thing about it is its weight the weight for the tour one is. Only one thousand five hundred and. Fifty grams and that's for 184 ski this. Is the 184 ski that we have here let's remarkably light especially with a benefit binding as we have them here just saying a little bit about the dimensions 141 at the tip 112 here and. 126 excuse me 128 here we've also reviewed. The regular construction of the winter. 112 if you'd like to see that review check it out right here so what's. Different about the tour one construction is its it's also a prep reg. Carbon glass fiber laminate construction. Unlike the regular winter 112 there's a. Full cap here you can see here and there's a balsa core and textured. Polymide talk is what the top sheet is. And also like many dps skis they call. This paddle tech which means it's wider. At this point here so we've had a. Variety of conditions here at boulder. Hut over the week and this is a perfect. Ski for good conditions it's outstanding. On the up track because it's remarkably light like way lighter than anything. That i personally have ever skied. But when you get into hard pack. Conditions or gender. You know breakable cross stuff like that it might not be the ski to go with but. In the powder that we've had this week it was awesome and it's a great. All-around ski so again this is the dps. Winner 112 tours one and just saying now. It comes in a 168 a 184 and a 190 cm i. Wouldn't recommend this as a one quiver. Ski its kind of specialty ski because. It's its so lightweight it's not really. You can't really ski it very effectively on the area but it's the perfect tool. For good conditions back country missions. Especially long ones that's it. Andrew from back country skiing canada if you'd like to see more reviews and read trip reports and read the forum's go to. Backcountry skiing canada calm thank you.

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    Dynafit Hoji Pro Tour Ski Boot - Women's

    Designed for aggressive backcountry skiing, the Women's Hoji Pro Tour Ski Boot balances a light weight with a progressive performance for riders who value downhill riding as much as easy skinning. Its wide last creates an incredibly comfortable fit for skiers who like to layer socks, or women with wider feet, but regardless of your foot shape, the straps, inverse buckles, and various micro-adjustments will ensure a secure fit. Dynafit's remarkable Hoji Lock system that quickly switches the boot from walk mode to ski mode with a quick flip of a switch. Recent updates include a narrower toebox with the TLT inserts set closer to the front in order to maximize the boot's walking efficiency, and it eases your ability to step into tech bindings a lot easier than before.

  • Alpine touring boot is both light and aggressive for backcountry
  • Wide last creates an incredibly comfortable fit for wider feet
  • Master Step eases attachment to TLT tech bindings
  • Walk mode goes from ski to walk mode with the flip of a switch
  • Speed Nose narrows the toe box for a more efficient skin
  • Item #DNF00EF
  • I'm here at the spl ward section this is. The new touring boot from dena fit really lightweight super lightweight touring boot apparently very. Comfortable to wear when you're touring but has that alpine flex that stiff flex. You need once you get to the top of the mountain you switch down to the alpine section and you want to ski down hard and fast this boot could be for you so a. Very new system called the home key lock system boots called hoji and it. Looks really neat as well Dina fit you know been around for a long I'm a really innovative boot. Company making a comeback with touring boots at the moment, and they've won an award here it is spurt it's really nice to see that look forward too hopefully. Trying this boot out this winter.

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