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  Giro Riddance Cycling Shoe - Women's Louis Garneau Actifly Cycling Shoes - Women's Pearl Izumi SELECT Road V5 Cycling Shoe - Women's Scott Road Comp BOA Lady Cycling Shoe - Women's Giro Petra VR Cycling Shoe - Women's Shimano SH-GR7W Cycling Shoe - Women's Shimano SH-MT3W Cycling Shoe - Women's Pearl Izumi X-Alp Flow Cycling Shoe - Women's Giro Savix Cycling Shoe - Women's Shimano SH-ME2 Cycling Shoe - Women's Pearl Izumi X-ALP Canyon Cycling Shoe - Women's
  Giro Riddance Cycling Shoe - Women's Louis Garneau Actifly Cycling Shoes - Women's Pearl Izumi SELECT Road V5 Cycling Shoe - Women's Scott Road Comp BOA Lady Cycling Shoe - Women's Giro Petra VR Cycling Shoe - Women's Shimano SH-GR7W Cycling Shoe - Women's Shimano SH-MT3W Cycling Shoe - Women's Pearl Izumi X-Alp Flow Cycling Shoe - Women's Giro Savix Cycling Shoe - Women's Shimano SH-ME2 Cycling Shoe - Women's Pearl Izumi X-ALP Canyon Cycling Shoe - Women's
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Brand Shimano Giro Pearl Izumi Giro Pearl Izumi Pearl Izumi Scott Shimano Shimano Louis Garneau Giro
Cleat Compatibility 2-bolt - 2-bolt mountain, 3-bolt road no flat pedals only 2-bolt mountain 3-bolt road - 2-bolt 3-bolt road, 2-bolt mountain 2-bolt
Closure hook-and-loop straps Boa dial (1mm), hook-and-loop 3 hook-and-loop straps lace lace with lace keeper lace-up 1 Boa dial, 1 hook-and-loop strap lace lace 2 hook and loop straps lace
Manufacturer Warranty 1 year 1 year lifetime 1 year lifetime lifetime 2 years limited 1 year 1 year 1 year 1 year
Midsole glass fiber reinforced - - EVA EVA EVA, nylon composite shank - EVA - - EVA
Recommended Use cross-country, cyclocross, enduro, trail road cycling road cycling cross-country, downhill, enduro, trail trail enduro, trail road cycling mountain biking, trail, enduro cross-country, trail road cycling, spinning commute, gravel
Sole rubber injected nylon Composite Power Plate with nylon reinforcement Vibram Megagrip ISR dual compound rubber carbon rubber fiberglass-injected nylon, polyurethane MICHELIN rubber rubber lugs injected nylon/fiberglass molded shank, Vibram rubber
Upper Material synthetic leather synthetic synthetic water-resistant microfiber synthetic synthetic polyurethane, nylon airmesh perforated synthetic leather synthetic leather synthetic leather, mesh, anti-odor treated synthetic, mesh
Claimed Weight - 310g 248g (size 40) 400g (size 39) - 347g (size 40) 270 g [pair, size 40] 1lb 8.6oz 330g 250g (size 38) [size 39] 405 g

Giro Riddance Cycling Shoe - Women's

Clipless shoes may have their place on the trail, but that place isn't on your feet. You prefer having extra mobility, freedom, and comfort when you hop off and shoulder your bike through overgrown sections of backcountry dirt, and we don't blame you. Designers at Giro seem to understand as well, which is why they crafted the Riddance Women's Cycling Shoes. These sleek flats pack in ultra tacky Vibram Megagrip ISR rubber to keep you glued to the pedals when you hammer through rugged rock gardens, and EVA to soak up some of the rough trail vibrations as you charge further down the trail.

The Riddance shoes feature synthetic uppers with plenty of perforation to let fresh air in to keep you cool, and water-resistant protection to keep your flippers dry through the muddiest corners. Inside Giro aims to support your arches with an EVA footbed that dampens pedal strikes and brake bumps. But the star of the show isn't the upper, instead its the newly developed Vibram Megagrip ISR rubber outsole. This rubber was designed with input from Giro to land you with total grip that sticks to your pedals through jarring corners and tire-gobbling technical sections, while adding an additional layer of vibration damping to keep you comfortable through all day rides deep into the backwoods, diving into the trails less traveled.

  • Flats for forging new trails and rallying rock gardens
  • New Vibram Megagrip ISR rubber is extra grippy
  • Dampen rough trail vibrations with EVA midsole
  • Smart tread design keeps you glued to the pedals
  • Hug your feet with supportive and durable microfiber uppers
  • Reinforced heel and to protect you from trail debris
  • Lace keeper holds your laces neatly out of the way
  • Item #GIR00IB
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    Louis Garneau Actifly Cycling Shoes - Women's

    We live for the miles we spend on the bike, but sometimes the weather outside just doesn't permit us to hit the road. When trainer season rolls around, we find that we always drench our favorite gear in sweat, and while we can toss jerseys and shorts into the wash, shoes are not quite that easy. That's why Louis Garneau offers us the perfect, extra-breathable option for hitting spin classes or spending miles on the trainer inside with their Actifly Cycling shoes for women. With more vents than you thought you could need, these keep sweat pulling away so that you can keep feeling fresh, even if you're in a dingy basement staring at a computer while grueling through your training routine.

    Since the emphasis of the Actifly is breathability, Louis Garneau opted for an almost entirely mesh upper, with some synthetic leather holding the shape together and adding support. The internal lining is also mesh, with a honeycomb construction designed to, you guessed it, breathe. Collectively with both a mesh upper and lining the shoes continually wick away sweat and dry to keep you feeling fresh, but if that wasn't enough, they are also treated with anti-odor technology to help you feel clean from start to finish. A nylon-injected fiberglass outsole provides you with the stiff support you want when you're putting down the power, but does offer a bit more torsional flex than a carbon fiber sole does. The outsoles also feature a breathability boost, with ventilation throughout to keep your feet cool and dry, avoiding the dreaded hot-foot.

    Not all of us are blessed with the same pedal setup indoors and outdoors, and if we're heading to a new spin class who knows what they be running on their bikes, which is why Louis Garneau designs the Actifly to be compatible out of the box with nearly any clipless pedal you'll find on the market. The shoes come along with steel inserts that allow you to run either 2-bolt mountain cleats, or 3-bolt road cleats, and with just a few turns of a hex-key you can swap from your favorite SPD's to Look Keos in minutes.

  • Wick the sweat away with shoes for maximum breathability
  • Perfect for spin class, training, or hot-weather rides
  • Mesh uppers pull sweat away and dry quickly
  • Honeycomb mesh insole keeps air moving inside
  • 2-hook-and-loop straps secure your foot in place
  • Ventilated outsole keeps your foot breathing
  • Feel fresh all day thanks to anti-odor treatment
  • Compatible with 3-bolt road and 2-bolt mountain cleats
  • Item #LGN00IG
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    Pearl Izumi SELECT Road V5 Cycling Shoe - Women's

    Minimalist, but not lacking, the Pearl Izumi Women's Road V5 Cycling Shoes make for the perfect partner on all-day weekend cruises, and after work group rides alike. That's because they pack a good punch in their simple profile, with three hook-and-loop straps to enclose your foot with a customized fit, and synthetic uppers that support you through the longest miles. The sole might flex a touch more than the Road Race model, but they still push forward with a good degree of stiffness thanks to a composite matrix reinforced with nylon, landing it right in the middle of Pearl's stiffness scale, so you have a little forgiveness when you head for your first century, when comfort is a bit more important than pedaling efficiency. The sole is finished with traction at the heel and toe to help you keep upright when those long days in the saddle are punctuated by refueling stops at convenience stores with slippery linoleum floors.

  • Comfort and support combine for all-day comfort on the bike
  • Synthetic sole reinforced for stiffness that doesn't punish
  • Seamless upper breathes and maintains a sleek, modern profile
  • Closure reduces instep pressure by pulling around rather than across
  • Bumpers maintain traction of slippery store or café floors
  • Item #PLZ00OV
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    Scott Road Comp BOA Lady Cycling Shoe - Women's

    Making the jump to clipless pedals doesn't have to mean investing in pro-level kicks right off the bat. If you're ready to move past riding with sneaks and pedal baskets, look to the Scott Road Comp BOA Lady Shoe to give you a comfortable and accessible introduction to the improved power transfer and ride quality of riding clipped-in. With clean, breathable uppers and a Boa dial and strap closure, the Road Comp allows you to fine-tune tightness along the length of your foot, without having to put up with numbness in your toes for a slip-free fit along your instep. Though the fiberglass-reinforced nylon sole doesn't rank as high in stiffness as a top-tier outsole, it provides reliable power transfer for entry-level and intermediate recreational cyclists who aren't worried about the peloton just yet.

  • Make the leap to clipless without emptying your wallet
  • Hook-and-loop and Boa dial closure for a precise fit
  • Nylon sole earns a 6/10 on Scott's stiffness index
  • Removable insole provides arch support
  • Breathable uppers provide consistent ventilation
  • Item #SCO00KN
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    Giro Petra VR Cycling Shoe - Women's

    Adventure cycling presents its own host of requirements for a shoe that leave traditional road and mountain options sorely lacking in functionality. Giro's Women's Petra VR Shoes let you get the walkability and stiff power transfer you need in a package that'll blend in easily at the pre-ride brunch gathering. Classic lace-up styling offers massive adjustability, and a grippy sole with two-bolt cleat compatibility means these shoes are up for everything from around-town noodles to epic gravel adventuring in the desert wilderness.

    Giro fashions the Petra VR's uppers from a mix of synthetic fabrics and mesh, blended to provide a balance of protection and breathability that'll have your feet turning in comfort through dusty side roads, rocky access points, and cloud-clearing sunbursts. The lace-up closure system isn't just there for style, but also offers precise adjustability for an impeccably customized fit that minimizes pressure points.

    Underfoot, a molded shank gives the sole needed stiffness to efficiently transfer power into speed while leaving enough flex for comfortable walkability during hike-a-bike and coffee shop situations. To cap things off, a Vibram Rubber Outsole provides sure-footed grip while an EVA midsole offers comfortable support.

  • An adventure-worthy cycling shoe
  • Molded shank provides stiffness without sacrificing walkability
  • Grippy Vibram rubber outsole
  • Lace closure for a customized fit
  • Tongue loop holds laces in place
  • Compatible with two-bolt cleats
  • Item #GIR005V
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    Shimano SH-GR7W Cycling Shoe - Women's

    Is riding with platform pedals is where you find your heart is content? Do you want a ladies specific shoe that can dominate every part of the mountain? Are you tired of the world of Shrink-it-and-Pink-it? If you said yes to any of those questions, take a gander at Shimano’s SH-GR7W women’s specific flat pedal kicks. From the reinforced sidewalls and EVA midsole, to perforated synthetic leather uppers and stretch mesh ankle collar, there’s an acute attention to detail and precision that we’ve learned comes along with the Shimano name. Finally you’ve found a pair of shoes that can give you the power and support you need, with the fit you’ve been looking for.

    Built on a narrower last than their men’s shoes, Shimano aims to hook us up with the perfect fit for narrower ankles and the more slender forefoot we ladies often possess. Despite the difference in profile, burly materials are thrown into the shoe, making sure that you have a tough shoe that has no problem keeping up with you as you barrel past the guys on the downhill.

    Downhill and Enduro riding often kick up excesses of rocks and debris, so you’ve got a stretch mesh ankle collar holding tight against your sock, reducing the need to stop to get that rock out from under your foot. Durable perforated synthetic leather uppers repel water and help to aid in heat dissipation, reducing the dreaded hot-foot that many other burly shoes bestow upon us. A heavy duty molded toe cap protects your little piggies even the gnarliest downhill trails. Speaking of downhill, Shimano uses their AM footwear technology, originally designed for Downhill and Gravity riders, to ensure that you’ve got the technology needed for a solid sole. A pro rider-calibrated shank plate delivers rigidity, EVA midsole reduces weight and increases comfort, reinforced sidewalls provide your feet with the armor they need, and the cherry on top (or in this case, bottom) is the rubber outsole. Michelin proudly makes some of the tackier rubber we can get our hands on, and Shimano throws their own tread patterns on it before planting it on the outsole of the shoe. Aggressive lugs cover the toe and heel for when hiking a bike is necessary, and a lower profile tread lands itself on your contact patch, ensuring you’re just as connected to the pedals as riding clipless, but have a bit more flexibility to float your foot around to your own sweet spot on the pedal.

  • A platform shoe for the enduro, trail and downhill enthusiast
  • Perforated synthetic leather keeps out water and keeps your feet cool
  • Molded toe cap protects your toes from rock bashing
  • Narrower women’s specific fit
  • AM footwear technology dials in a solid and reliable sole
  • Michelin rubber sole to keep you planted on your pedals
  • Item #SHI00F5
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    Shimano SH-MT3W Cycling Shoe - Women's

    You don't need the stiffest, lightest, or most technically flashy shoes if you're a recreational or bikepacking cyclist just looking for something that stands up to off-or on-road abuse and blends in when off the bike. Instead, lace up the Shimano SH-MT300 Cycling Shoes for a pair that's compatible with two-bolt cleats, features the casual-look security of laces, and is finished downstairs with a lugged, rubber outsole.

    On the bike, the stiffer-than-sneakers sole transmits power while doing more to absorb trail chatter and road noise than stripped-down, super-stiff carbon soles. Off the bike, the sole's engineered flex and recessed cleat construction help facilitate walking. The lugs also provide traction so every convenience store floor or dirt trail doesn't become an ice skating rink. The synthetic uppers are secured with laces, which have proven their utility on everything from mountaineering boots to the latest generation of road race shoes because they provide five points of contact per side for a more customized fit.

  • Versatile cycling shoes for commutes, XC tours, and walking
  • Walkable soles feature recessed cleat mounts and rubber lugs
  • Lace enclosure is casually stylish and effective
  • Synthetic leather uppers outlast real leather
  • Item #SHI00JR
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    Pearl Izumi X-Alp Flow Cycling Shoe - Women's

    Designed to meet the needs of trail riders who push the boundaries of their riding, the Pearl Izumi Women’s X-Alp Flow Cycling Shoe delivers uncompromising grip on your platform pedals. The dual compound sole features sticky siped rubber at the ball of the foot to create positive pedal pin engagement and optimal grip, while chevron-shaped lugs made from more durable rubber are used at the toe and heel for hike-a-bike durability and scrambling confidence. The seamless upper uses minimal overlays for a lightweight feel that molds to your foot shape, eliminating hot spots and providing all-day pedaling comfort when you're on a big ride deep in the mountains.

  • A flat pedal shoe built for long-term durability and grip
  • Lightweight upper with minimal seams eliminates hot spots
  • Traditional lace closure for a precise fit and all-day comfort
  • Dual compound sole for confidence-inspiring traction
  • Tacky rubber in pedaling zone offers positive pin engagement
  • Harder rubber in heel and toe area for hike-a-bike durability
  • Lace lock keeps your laces away from the drivetrain
  • EVA midsole absorbs the shock from hard landings
  • Item #PLZ00RU
  • Hi I'm tony torrence I'm the cycling footwear product line manager here at lulu's me dad i could talk to you a bit about our health category of cycling shoe this category really came about. Through our european office they saw a. Need to have a cycling shoe where a. Cyclist could wear it all day long they could pedal over a mountain pass and then keep it on and you know go into a. Market or go to a restaurant really a shoe when you have it on it feels like you're wearing a running shoe or a Marquette a casual shoe but then when. You're on the bike it transfers power. Really well across oak elite it's really. A high-end shoe or cross-sell category. It's made from mom i could love to ride it's got a really good micro just buckle. With our pro level instep strap it's got. Three adjustments on the medial side a really center of the eba strap it's got. Our one-to-one nylon power band so. Really holds your heel down for great. Power transfer and then it's got our. Brand-new cross help bottom unit which. Has dual density eva a foam in the forefoot, so we can put a firmer, or we do. Put a firmer foam between your. Forefoot and your pedal so you get great power transfer we put our one-to-one energy foam in the heel which is a high. Rebound rubberized foam great off the. Bike shock attenuation cushioning the. Shoe you can be worn it can be worn all day long you feel like you have a running shoe on or a casual shoe and on the bike super. High performance across helped seek for. It's really a go-to shoe for mountain. Biking lace up kind of run shoe inspired. But it's got our brand-new cross tile bottom unit on it which is a full-length eba foam mid sole with a dual density. Forefoot so we can put a firmer stiffer foam between your forefoot and. Your pedal for power transfer then the heel we've got a rubberized 1/1 energy. Foam so off the bike you get great rebound from the heel so when you're wearing this shoe off the bike it feels like you've got a running shoe or very nice casual shoe on but on the bike great power transfer great style i think it goes really well with. Today's baggy mountain bike clothing.

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    Giro Savix Cycling Shoe - Women's

    Serving up the comfort you'd expect from Giro, the Women's Savix Shoe delivers a quick-adjusting Boa dial and set-and-forget front strap to get you in your shoe and on the road quickly. The Boa L6 dial adjusts in 1mm increments to offer a precise fit, while the macro-release strap lets you escape the shoe easily at the end of your ride. An injected nylon outsole provides you with versatile options to mount either mountain biker or road cleats, while the die-cut insole locks in a comfortable fit.

  • Convenient, comfortable, and versatile cycling shoe
  • Boa dial and front strap provide a secure fit
  • Die-cut insole keeps your foot comfortable
  • Universal cleat mount works for both road and mountain bikes
  • Item #GIR00GS
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    Shimano SH-ME2 Cycling Shoe - Women's

    Whether you're racking up singletrack miles at your local trail network, or experimenting with cyclocross at a weekend race, the Shimano SH-ME2 Mountain Bike Shoe is versatile enough for any off-road adventure. With breathable synthetic uppers and a stiff midsole, you'll get the power and support you need along with elevated style and plenty of grip for those occasional hike-a-bike sections.

    A fine balance of glass fiber and nylon work together for a stiff midsole to push your power to the pedals instead of letting it flex away and be wasted. The sole is capped with aggressive rubber lugs that provide traction when you're hiking up an unrideable section of trail or hopping hurdles at your local cross race. The sole is also compatible with toe spikes for additional grip in particularly slick conditions. Up top, the durable synthetic leather uppers have perforations and a large mesh panel to keep your feet ventilated during intense efforts, with Shimano's Cross X-strap closure providing a secure fit with minimal wiggle due to the alternating direction of the straps.

  • Hit the trail or give cross a try with these versatile riding shoes
  • Synthetic leather uppers are durable and help your foot breathe
  • Fiberglass reinforced sole provides efficient power transfer
  • Grippy rubber lugs give you traction on hike-a-bike sections
  • Cross X-straps provide a quick, secure, easily-adjustable fit
  • Compatible with toe spikes for exceptionally slick conditions
  • Women's-specific fit for a more natural, comfortable fit
  • Item #SHI00JJ
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    Pearl Izumi X-ALP Canyon Cycling Shoe - Women's

    Your idea of a fun weekend ride might be a few laps at the local trail network— but sometimes you dive deeper, pack up your bike with a few days worth of supplies, and head beyond the trails most traveled. You know your riding is versatile, and with your feet being your biggest contact point with the bike, it's important that they are, too. That's why Pearl Izumi built the Women's X-ALP Canyon Mountain Bike Shoes with a beefy, reliable tread, and bonded synthetic uppers that let your feet breathe when you're lugging your bike over-shoulder across a river, or up through overgrown sections of trails long forgotten.

    The X-ALP Canyon shoes feature a bonded synthetic top with ample mesh panels that keep your feet from baking on hot trails. They are low-cut at the ankle to provide a light and fast fit that allows for natural ankle rotation off of the bike. While flex is good for miles on foot, a stiff sole is a must for power transfer on the bike, so Pearl equips the X-ALP Canyon's with a nylon composite shank to maximize power transfer to the pedals, without compromising torsional flex for hiking. Underneath the shank you'll find a lightweight EVA midsole that cushions your steps comfortably, and a beefy carbon-rubber lugged outsole that provides directional traction on foot. The center of the shoe is ready for clipping in with 2-bolt SPD compatibility that sits recessed and out of the way of your lugs, so your cleats don't get hung up on rocks when you're making your way up steep faces.

  • Take versatility to the max with these lace-up bike kicks
  • Bonded, seamless uppers deliver comfort and durability
  • Let your toes breathe with mesh upper panels
  • Low cut ankle feels lightweight natural on foot
  • Transfer maximum power to the pedals with nylon shank
  • EVA midsole cushions your stride off of the bike
  • Carbon rubber lugged outsole grips rocks and roots
  • Compatible with 2-bolt SPD cleats for clipless riding
  • Item #PLZ00ME
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