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  Shimano SH-RP7 Cycling Shoe - Women's Sidi T-4 Air Carbon Composite Cycling Shoe - Women's Louis Garneau Tri-400 Cycling Shoe - Women's Giro Terradura Mountain Cycling Shoe - Women's Giro Techne Cycling Shoe - Women's Louis Garneau Urban Cycling Shoe - Women's Pearl Izumi Tri Fly Elite V6 Cycling Shoe - Women's Giro Gauge Cycling Shoe - Women's Louis Garneau Mica II Cycling Shoe - Women's Mavic Sequence Elite Cycling Shoe - Women's Shimano SH-RT400 Cycling Shoe - Women's
  Shimano SH-RP7 Cycling Shoe - Women's Sidi T-4 Air Carbon Composite Cycling Shoe - Women's Louis Garneau Tri-400 Cycling Shoe - Women's Giro Terradura Mountain Cycling Shoe - Women's Giro Techne Cycling Shoe - Women's Louis Garneau Urban Cycling Shoe - Women's Pearl Izumi Tri Fly Elite V6 Cycling Shoe - Women's Giro Gauge Cycling Shoe - Women's Louis Garneau Mica II Cycling Shoe - Women's Mavic Sequence Elite Cycling Shoe - Women's Shimano SH-RT400 Cycling Shoe - Women's
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Brand Pearl Izumi Giro Louis Garneau Shimano Mavic Giro Louis Garneau Giro Shimano Sidi Louis Garneau
Cleat Compatibility 3-hole road universal 2-bolt 2-bolt 3-bolt 2-bolt 3-bolt road 2-hole MTB 3-hole road 3-bolt road 2-bolt mountain bike
Closure Anatomic Tri Closure 3 hook-and-loop straps 2 hook-and-loop straps, 1 ratcheting buckle lace Ergo Dial QR, 2 Ergo Straps ratchet buckle, hook-and-loop BOA IP1, Power Flex strap 2 hook-and-loop straps, 1 ratcheting buckle Boa dial, hook-and-loop 2 hook-and-loop straps laces
Footbed dual-density EVA die-cut insoles EVA - Ergo Fit 3D - Ice Fill Ergo Air EVA EVA - EVA footbed
Manufacturer Warranty lifetime 1 year 1 year 1 year 2 years 1 year 1 year 1 year 1 year 1 year 1 year
Recommended Use triathlon road cycling cross-country, trail commuting, road cycling cycling cross-country, cyclocross, downhill, enduro, mud/sand/snow, trail triathlon, road cycling cycling road cycling triathlon road cycling, trail
Sole Carbon Power Plate injected nylon Ergo Grip 2 (nylon/fiberglass) full-length rubber Energy Carbon Comp EC70 carbon composite Carbon HM X-Lite nylon shank carbon fiber Twelve Carbon Composite T-Flex rubber
Upper Material 3-layer seamless composite synthetic synthetic leather, mesh synthetic leather synthetic rubber microfiber, mesh microfiber synthetic leather, polyurethane microfiber PU leather, breathable mesh
Claimed Weight - - - 254 g - [size 42.5] 1lb 8.3oz [single, size 38] 195 g [size 39] 410 g [single, size 40] 217g - [size 38] 295 g (10.4 oz)

Shimano SH-RP7 Cycling Shoe - Women's

The Shimano SH-RP7 cycling shoe is the premier women's specific road performance shoe from the Japanese brand. These shoes deliver superior all-day comfort and efficient performance on fast paced group rides and races. Starting with the upper, the supple, perforated high-density synthetic leather offers a superior fit and is lighter, stronger, and more durable than natural leathers. An external curved heel cup secures the rear of the foot and prevents heel lift when pulling up on the pedals on double-digit grades and county-line sprints. The shoe is built on a women’s specific last and it offers a more natural, and comfortable fit on the female foot. A micro-adjustable Boa dial with hidden wire routing offers quick and easy adjustments so you can tighten the shoes and prepare for the final kick. Combined with the hook-and-loop lower strap, pressure is evenly distributed without any pinch points or hot spots. A lightweight carbon composite outsole for optimized for stiffness and scores a 9 out of 12 of Shimano's stiffness scale. You can bolt any 3-hole road cleat to the sole and it offers increased fore and aft range so you can dial in your fit effectively.

The shoe is offered in whole sizes from 36 through 44 and in the color Gray.

  • Shimano's premier women's road shoe
  • Carbon composite sole puts power to the pedals
  • Dynalast construction for efficient pedaling
  • Synthetic leather upper for excellent fit and durability
  • Boa dial and hook-and-loop buckle closure adjusts the fit
  • External heel cup anchors the heel
  • Item #SHI00FH
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    Sidi T-4 Air Carbon Composite Cycling Shoe - Women's

    The Sidi women's T-4 Air Carbon Composite Shoes are built with a host of features designed to transform your transitions. The opening allows for easy entry and exit, and the tri-specific enclosure design makes adjustments mindless enough that you can focus on dodging sloughed-off wetsuits and other athletes lurching to wobbling starts as you exit T1. Once on the road, the women-specific last provides a more race-worthy fit for athletes with more petite feet — after all, you've already cleared the swim leg; no need to make your feet swim in their shoes.

    From a purely functional standpoint, we can agree that rigidity is key. That's why Sidi uses a multi-step system to reduce the dissipation of your power output in the shoe/pedal interaction. To achieve this, Sidi incorporated its new Twelve Carbon Composite sole, a carbon-reinforced nylon matrix that delivers stiff power transfer with long-mile comfort and durability. Sidi estimates that the new material is less susceptible to temperature extremes and wear than traditional nylon models, so the soles are predicted to retain their rigidity over multiple seasons of use.

    For fit, Sidi understands that triathlon plays by another set of rules. The brand's hallmark ratcheting system and Ergo Buckles aren't relevant to your discipline, so Sidi incorporates a two-strap closure system mated with a 'burrito-wrap' upper, with one layer of the upper wrapping over the other. This allows you to quickly dial in the volume of the shoe while rolling out of T1.

    The large top strap opens away from the drivetrain to allow a quick and seamless securing of the shoes from the saddle. As for the bottom strap, you'll find that this is used less for transitions and more left alone once you've established your desired volume and fit. However, the gripper tabs placement on the strap simplifies any adjustments that you might need to make while on course. For extra time savings at T1, Sidi has also included a durable pull-tab at the heel.

  • Sidi's tri shoe helping you transition to a fast bike split
  • Vented Politex upper dumps heat and allows water to escape
  • Twelve Carbon Composite Sole transfers power and is lightweight
  • Heel cup keeps foot stabilized for efficient pedaling
  • Heel pull tab speeds up your transition time
  • Replaceable heel pad ensure that the T-4s last for several seasons
  • Item #SID0088
  • So last video review was on an unboxing. Of these bad boys and i said there that. I would do another video just to let you. Know how I've got on with them so that's this video it's been probably month a. Month and this is about these on a. Couple of times it's been a bit where there's been absolutely rubbish so I'm being out much but I've been on the indoor trainer and I've been out a couple of times as these are travel. Tools they are very open so speak quiet. Cold so I've been wearing some over shoes with them we just kept them warm but still I've got a good and feel on. How they've been performing and stuff so. What are my thoughts i gotta say they. Are very what you very good. Hello different since my last ones which. Was some g raw ones pros plastic bottoms. But these like a totally different level. For a carbon sole and i felt the. Difference in that so when i first had them it did take a while for me to get. Used to that had bought them but I'm. Used to that know my feet kind of gone into it so that's really good and you. Can feel when you put a pedal stroke down you can feel there's no flex in it. Well i can't feel any flex in their anyway so it does feel as if I'm pushing all my power through the paddles and. Regarding the fit yes Lydia right when you book and a. Couple of the reviews i read is go half size up because they are they do run a. But tight so these are perfect for me. These are 43 and a half's i think so. They bang on the same sides of me and i. Have got kind of narrow feet but under. Standard feet they're not overly white so that's okay because they are quite narrow these but my feet are okay in. Then i am seen any suit all just a. Few things to note as well is when i had the first of all round here where they. Attack where they kind of touch your. Skin and things or your socks that was tight and can stiff right at. The start but since I've had them they've opened up a bit, and they're more flexible now so i don't really notice them on my feet and that's probably one. Of the good thing is i do wear socks. With these when i side know when is cold and on the bike and i have got it is my. Foot is kind of clumped in there so i think there will be a bit more room when. I go sock less for races and stuff like. That but other than that they've been a. Great shoe like i said i doz like. This yet because it's quite cold so i don't know if they're gonna be running hot or running cold yet in the summer it. Is not summer yet and but I've been wearing over shoes of them, and they've been fine no problems whatsoever walking. In them is quite good as well because they've got this rubber sole on which. Takes some of the way you can just hop. On you know as you walk so they be. Really good and i found the the velcro straps to be really easy to put on so the issue in you get your foot in there quite easy strap them down and you're good to go i haven't had to use this yet which is the when you pull them up in their race and stuff I'd probably use that when they start practicing my running jumps and stuff. About so that's pretty much it so yeah. Being a very good shoe for me how you recommend them and i had a bag in like i said they were kind of 18 pounds i bought them on wood glue yeah and. They've been great, and they do stay quite clean, and they quite easy to clean as well so that's another good positive. And since I've had them my cycling come. On actually I've gone my ftp is. Increased or a bit since having them. Trained and I'm doing but i like to. Think that these would have had a little bit of an impact on it as marginal gains. Yeah so that's pretty much it so stay. Tuned for the next review depends on what I'm going to do probably do the carbon we is about last year so thanks.

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    Louis Garneau Tri-400 Cycling Shoe - Women's

    Humanity has a rich history of causing pain and suffering in complex ways, but triathlons have to be one of the more convoluted and exquisite methods we've devised, particularly for your feet. As it turns out, though, performance and pain don't have to go together, so Louis Garneau designed the Tri-400 Women's Cycling Shoes to offer a combination of comfort, power, and low weight that'll have you ripping across the line without sacrificing your feet.

    Comfort and power start with the fit, which the Tri-400 dials in using a combination of a BOA IP1 closure and a reverse Power Flex hook-and-loop strap. BOA provides an infinitely adjustable and pressure-point-free fit, and the Power Flex passes from the outside of your foot to the inside, locking your foot in place and allowing easy adjustment while you're in the saddle. At the heel, Garneau's HRS-400 membrane features a thin, one-way neoprene membrane that lets your foot slip in but doesn't let it slide out, and the Ice Fill Ergo Air ventilated footbed works with the shoe's air channels and partial mesh upper to keep your feet cool and dry. Ice Fill is also antimicrobial, so your shoes won't take on unpleasant odors while you pile on the miles.

    To be an effective race shoe, comfort has to go hand-in-hand with power and low weight. In the Tri-400, the Carbon Composite HM X-Lite outsole is rigid, thin (just 4.3mm), and ultra-light, giving you a pedaling platform that doesn't waste any of your energy output. The rigid microfiber upper helps eliminate flex and wasted energy, too, so you can conserve more energy for the run.

    Hey guys been up at try shop today we're. Looking at the new track 400 shoe from. Louis garneau on the bit side this shoe. Uses a boa ratcheting system versus a velcro strap that allows you to literally dial in the fit you prefer the. Power strap on the upper is fully adjustable it allows you to cinch up the shoe as tight as you like utilizes a low. Pull tab that doesn't rub up against your heel once your foot is already in the shoe unique to the shoe is the anti slip heel that utilizes material that. Really holds your foot into place once your foot is in the shoe on the. Performance side this shoe is all about keeping your feet cool and dry with serious venting on the outsole as well as the insole the outsole of the shoe is. Comprised of carbon with titanium inserts making it one of the stiffest shoes on the market and new for 2015 lg. Has provided additional cleat adjust ability in the outsole for those who want to be able to pull their cleats further back another cool feature is the. Loop lg is provided allows your shoes to. Stay more level while you're running through transition lg has really. Delivered with the tri 402 shoe jam-packed with some pretty unique features for those racing hot weather races like buffalo springs iron man texas. Or kona this shoe will go a long way in. Keeping you a little bit more comfortable on race day. You.

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    Giro Terradura Mountain Cycling Shoe - Women's

    The Giro Terradura Women's Mountain Shoes strike the perfect balance between super stiff-soled shoes that transfer all the power but aren't great for walking and soft-soled shoes that walk well but feel squishy on the pedals. Giro uses a strong and durable nylon shank that's stiff enough to get down the trail fast and just flexible enough to keep your heels in your shoes when hiking your bike up a steep incline. A Vibram lugged outsole also grips rocks and other obstacles that you come across on the trails better than shoes that come outfitted with plastic lugs.

    Even with all that attention to the outsole, Giro didn't ignore fit. The Terradura's upper is designed to fit a narrower foot, with a ratcheting buckle and two hook-and-look closures for a comfy and secure fit. Perforations in the microfiber upper let feet breathe, and toe box reinforcement provides durable impact protection.

  • Microfiber upper
  • Nylon shank
  • Vibram rubber outsole with forefoot flex engineering
  • Antimicrobial footbed
  • Ratcheting buckle with two hook-and-loop straps
  • Compatible with 2-hole mountain bike cleats
  • Item #GIR003O
  • Oh hey I'm going to do a clicker review. Than normal of me giro teredor oh. Mountain bike shoes for a second. I normally wait a lot longer before i do. Before i do a review of something just to make sure i get a really good feel for it but i didn't have to return. These because it's fitting other issues so I'm just going to be giving this. Quickly before i condemn it from the back so essentially these are good shoes. Overall from my experience the tread is. Nice and grippy and is recessed enough. So that you don't have so when you're. Walking with cleats on your shoes you. Don't hear too much grinding of them here a little bit but not too much the. Sole material is very solid and doesn't. Move very much the whole way through but unless these shoes don't feel as stiff. As based walking as you would imagine. From house if they kill peddling um the. Closure mechanism is three velcro straps. On top with their goes my cat knocking. Over stuff and although the bottom. Closure right here i would say is sort. Of more appearance than useful middle. Want to start with it'll lift top to. Really would be the bulk of the work with velcro and a ratcheting. System that lets you pull up on this little lever and how to tighten up and just click this button to loosen up so. That's the overall just impressions the. Challenges with these shoes is one like. A lot of cycling shoes has the problem of experience the cult knocking overs done like a lot of. Cycling shoes have the problem of these are pretty narrow if you don't have. Narrow segment seat and I've got ten and. A half wide eye size up on these shoes. To a forty-six after trying a forty-five first and even the 46 and such we're on. The outside on a size hour in florida a. Half five dollar ride the outer edge of. My foot ends up sort of getting a key. And um and next later in that week when. I was writing it was hurting the same way so unfortunately with that in. Mind i wasn't able to keep holding on to these especially since I've done it twice already and on top of that a. Second issue that i couldn't get to stop. Happening about halfway through my ride. It became really noticeable that the tongue was dragging downward and then. Bunching up against the against my foot. Against the top of my foot leading to. The seraph it was uncomfortable and not. A real problem yet but considering how i. Like to do like all-day rides pretty. Frequently something like that really is. A problem in the long term especially because i think i probably loosened. All the buckles and pulled up the tongue. And tightened everything back down a. Half-dozen times both I'll do that on and off the bike. And still didn't end up getting it to. Where i wanted it to be it wasn't for that i proud i might actually try to. Make it go these another size up because. While there's just still too skinny for. How they are not as law over long from. My foot as i would expect for being size. Up from what i put on the cake so i. Would say if you're getting these shoes. Do a test drive on one of our distances. You generally do just to make sure that tell me shoe doesn't happen to you maybe that was because of me because it's it but elsewhere i saw good reviews of. These and that's why gave them a shot and unfortunately not all shots work out so that i hope this has been useful for. You and let me know if you have a question thanks bye get up girl.

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    Giro Techne Cycling Shoe - Women's

    Breathable, lightweight, and convenient, the Giro Women's Techne Shoe gets you out on the road and riding in comfort quicker than ever. The classic synthetic upper provides lasting durability through the seasons, while the three hook-and-loop straps give you versatile range of different fits that lock you in with snug security in a matter of seconds. Mesh panels strategically-placed on the upper keep cool air flowing through for warmer rides, while the universal cleat-compatibility on the outsole lets you ride road or mountain bikes.

  • Comfy, versatile, and performance-oriented cycling shoe
  • Synthetic upper with hook-and-loop straps keeps the fit snug
  • Die-cut insole offers support and comfort
  • Mesh panels keep breathability levels high
  • Universal cleat compatibility provides options
  • Item #GIR00GT
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    Louis Garneau Urban Cycling Shoe - Women's

    Sometimes you just want to take in the sights of a new city on a rental bike or take an idyllic spin through the park with the sun shining overhead and birds chirping in the distance. For these instances where go-fast efficiency is trumped by comfort and walkability, the Louis Garneau Women's Urban Mountain Bike Shoe certainly fits the bill with its casual disposition and flexible sole that allows you to walk off the bike.

    Durable synthetic leather uppers withstand all the abuse you can dish out around town, plus there's breathable mesh inserts to keep your feet from overheating. And despite being similar to a standard sneaker, it does retain the 2-bolt compatibility you've come to love from mountain bike footwear, so you can use it with a number of popular mountain bike pedals, including Shimano SPD and Crank Brothers. And for those who prefer to wear flats, you'll enjoy the grippy rubber sole with longitudinal lugs to keep you glued to the pedals.

  • Casual cycling shoes excel on commutes and urban tours
  • 2-bolt compatibility for use with mountain bike cleats
  • Rubber sole excels at pedaling and walking around town
  • Traditional lace-up design for security and comfort
  • Durable synthetic leather and breathable mesh uppers
  • EVA-padded footbed for support underfoot
  • Item #LGN00K0
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    Pearl Izumi Tri Fly Elite V6 Cycling Shoe - Women's

    You train obsessively for your upcoming triathlon and refine your gear to maximize speed at every race stage. Give yourself speedy transitions and powerful pedaling in the cycling stage with the Pearl Izumi Women's Tri Fly Elite V6 Shoe. This race-specific cycling shoe is best suited for demanding triathletes with its Carbon Power Plate, which is the stiffest in Pearl's line. Paired with Unibody construction for an ultra-low stack height of 5 millimeters, the Carbon Power Plate delivers unwavering power transfer when every second is counting against you.

    The Anatomic Tri Closure ensures speedy transitions without fumbling with complicated lacing systems, allowing you to quickly hop on your race bike without distraction. Because you'll probably be wet from the previous swim stage, the seamless composite upper remains comfortable without socks, in case you don't want residual moisture in your shoes. Large mesh vents disperse any sweat or excess moisture, so you don't succumb to irritation as you're pedaling briskly down the road.

  • Race-specific shoe for demanding triathletes
  • Anatomic Tri Closure for speedy transitions
  • Carbon Power Plate maximizes power transfer
  • Unibody construction lowers the stack height
  • Seamless upper is comfortable without socks
  • Mesh vents disperse sweat and residual moisture
  • Dual-density EVA footbed provides arch support
  • Item #PLZ00HW
  • Hi greg here with one try calm and this. Is the pearl izumi men's try fly for this is made specifically for triathlon you can see here with the quick closure. One velcro strap on the outside it also has really good ventilation and drainage. For those wet feet stiff the soul and it's got the pull tab here on the back of your fast transitions and putting the shoe on while you're on the bike you can find out more about it at one tricom.

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    Giro Gauge Cycling Shoe - Women's

    The Giro Gauge Mountain Bike Shoe is burly, yet comfortable, and ready to take on intense terrain in a wide range of conditions. The EC70 sole uses a carbon composite material to provide excellent rigidity at a low weight—offering a high rate of power transfer without adding to your fatigue. Dual-density lugs help your feet find purchase in slippery trail conditions, and if things get really crazy you can add toe spikes (included) for additional traction on snow or mud. The SuperNatural Fit Kit works with a cycling-specific footbed and an adjustable arch support kit to help you find the most ergonomic position for your foot. To help you find the perfect fit, the Gauge features a ratchet strap and two hook-and-loop straps that allow you to adjust each part of your foot separately. The lining has an Aegis treatment that reduces the buildup of odors, helping you feel fresh every time you get ready to ride.

  • Mountain bike shoes for slippery conditions
  • EC70 outsole provides excellent rigidity and power
  • SuperNatural Fit System improves fit and efficiency
  • Microfiber upper enhances breathability
  • Ratchet and hook-and-loop straps secure the fit
  • Dual-density lugs provide traction in dirt or mud
  • Toe spikes included for extra traction in mud or snow
  • Aegis treatment reduces the buildup of odors
  • Item #GIR00KO
  • Hi everyone its toby from levite. Chickaletta and today i want to talk to you about jiro cycling shoes now a bit. Of a backstory first eric horton used to have a specialized bg. Cycling shoe program and he thought that. While their shoes were really good for many reasons their design principles. Were a little bit too rigid for his liking, so he wound up in zeros hands and. They told him he can take whatever materials and whatever time necessary to make the shoe best to his liking so. These shoes their biggest selling points. Can be broken into three categories the first being engineering the second being the last and the third being support the. Big story with engineering of these shoes was that jiro teamed up with. Eastern harbin sports to design a carbon else'll specifically for this project. Now easton has a well-established and. Well-respected reputation for their design as well as manufacturer of carbon. And what they gave this project was a. Carbon outsole with the highest stiffness to weight ratio on the market one thing that strikes me about the. Soles is that the heel step as well as. The toe step are actually not replaceable so time will tell seeing how well they go about it with respect to. The upper it's made of tasia 100. Microfiber which you find in high-end nike whoo soccer shoes no what do we have to. Learn from soccer shoes well soccer. Players tend to kick run jump slide pivot go through mud basically there are. A lot harder on their gear than cyclists are so what we have here is a upper. That's actually overkill for a cyclist it's light weights very simple but. Strong and breathable the last point. With engineering is that if you look at the way the straps line up linearly. They're not in the same line so you'll never actually get hotspots to the same spot of your foot zero uses a mid volume. Last which is between the italian model on one hand which is typically very thin. Think seedy shoes and on the other hand you have the american japanese model. Which tends to have a big wide-open entry and then you have to mold the shoe. Down to your foot think of the shimano heat moldable shoes jiro went through 16 last revisions. Before they came out with launched at markets and the us comes in half sized. Greetings throughout the entire size and spectrum. The last big speaking points about these. Shoes is the support now your a-courtin. When he was with specialized thought that the foot beds did not automatically. Need a one-degree canting rather it. Would be much more important to address arch support issues so if you think about it makes a lot of sense most people have a natural arch to certain extensions and if this is your foot. Inside the shoe what's happening is when. You apply force to the pedal on the down stroke first the foot is pushing. Down to fill the volume with the shoe and. Potentially your toes move forward creating fictional hotspots and then only once the foot is completely collapsed you start applying pressure. Onto the pedals so power transference. Becomes a big issue so what they've done is with every shoe model you get a. Footed as well as three arch supports. High medium and low moving through the. Range of shoes on offer here at the top. Of the line we have the pro light sls and the idea was jira wanted to make the lightest cycling shoe on the market so. Notably they didn't actually put a buckle at the very top they found that a strap would. Weigh less and keep you equally as. Secure so the carbon outsole uses easton. Ici 90s lx carbon which is the lightest that they make yes the strongest uses the. Asian 100 microfiber upper the straps. Are all offset from each other to avoid hot spots they actually use titanium. D-ring loops as well as titanium screw. Threads for your cleats and it weighs. 205 grams next down the line we have the. Zero factor which uses easton's ec 90. Carbon outsole has the same offset. Straps aluminum dearing's. And steel screw threads but this time. They actually use an italian ratcheting. Buckle which moves one date science at a. Time so it's very good for being a micro. Adjustments well on the bike as well there's actually two positions which you can put the buckle on the shoe this shoe. Weighs two hundred fifty-five grams and almost the differences between the factor and the slx are pretty minor on. The good better massive spectrum zero. Trans represents a good it uses the east. And ec 70 carbon outsoles so it's a. Little bit heavier a little bit less stiff uses the same offset straps the. Same it's hollien ratcheting buckle with two positions but notably this is the. Aegis antimicrobial compound on his. Insole which will eventually wear off. Over time as opposed to in the upper two models there's the ecstatic antimicrobial threading the shoes weight. A little bit more to, but they have a sister model called me trane's hp which uses a high-volume. Glass and wood represents a double-wide. Shoe but not necessarily any longer zero. Cycling shoes over one year in the market have already jumped in the number three cycling shoe manufacturer, so we. Invite you to check out what it's all about.

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    Louis Garneau Mica II Cycling Shoe - Women's

    Louis Garneau's Mica II Cycling Shoe goes a long way to dispel the notion that you have to spend a fortune on riding shoes in order to keep your feet happy. As a good option for everything from big cross country rides to everyday trail riding, the Mica II keeps your feet comfortable on long rides while helping you put power to the pedals efficiently. And while they may be on the more budget-friendly side of the spectrum, these shoes don't skip out on features or quality, as they come with Garneau's award-winning X-Comfort Zone technology trickled down from top-tier models.

    When cycling, feet tend to swell due to the increase in blood flow to the muscles. This can lead to numbness and hot spots that could potentially cut your ride short. Garneau addresses this issue with their X-Comfort Zone technology, an integrated stretch panel on the outside of the toe box that allows the foot to swell up to 5mm while riding, thus eliminating hot spots and discomfort. It also allows the shoes to comfortably fit riders with average and above average forefoot widths, taking some of the guesswork out of shoe selection.

  • A performance MTB shoe that's friendly on the wallet
  • X-Comfort Zone eliminates numbness and hot spots
  • Power Zone increases arch support and power transfer
  • Outsole balances power transfer with off-bike walkability
  • Closure system provides an adjustable and secure fit
  • EVA insole for improved comfort on the trail
  • Abrasion-resistant toe box holds up to rocks and roots
  • Item #LGN00M8
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    Mavic Sequence Elite Cycling Shoe - Women's

    You've got a new bike, a MIPS helmet, and a closet full of kit, and all you need to live your road riding dreams is a pair of shoes that affordably balances comfort and efficient power transfer. Mavic's Sequence Elite Women's Cycling Shoes tick all those boxes with a streamlined profile that will make any kit look pro. With a carbon reinforced composite sole and supportive, micro-adjustable fit, the Sequence represents a definitive step-up from Mavic's entry-level offerings that still leave room in your cash flow for weekend ride adventures and local race fees.

    Dialing in a micro-adjustable fit along the shoe's upper, the Ergo Dial maintains support while its quick-release functionality makes removal a painless affair, which will be much appreciated after a long day in the saddle The Ergo Dial is paired with two Ergo Straps along the mid-foot and lower for easy adjustments on the fly.

  • A road shoe that hits the sweet spot between power and comfort
  • Carbon reinforced composite sole transmits power efficiently
  • Streamlined upper maintains an aerodynamic profile
  • Ergo Dial provides micro-adjustments and quick removal
  • Ergo Straps make re-adjusting on the fly a snap
  • EndoFit tongue sleeve comfortably hugs the foot
  • Compatible with three-bolt cleats
  • Item #MAV00GQ
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    Shimano SH-RT400 Cycling Shoe - Women's

    After hopping on your old cruiser to get to and from class through college, you've realized you miss commuting by bike. Now that you've upgraded the now falling-apart cruiser for a newer, more reliable steed, don't stop there. Invest in a real pair of cycling kicks, (no, not the battered sneakers you wore through college), like the Shimano SH-RT400 Cycling Shoe, and make commuting a habit that sticks.

    As part of Shimano's new commuting line, the SH-RT400's clean, minimal aesthetic is a departure for a brand more known for performance-focused road and MTB shoes. With sleek synthetic leather uppers free of overlays, the SH-RT400 feels light and breathable as you navigate bike lane traffic. Designed with everyday practicality and comfort in mind, the SH-RT400's fiberglass composite soles provide a healthy dose of flex for when you're stuck in traffic, while its full-length rubber outsoles keep you stepping confidently on sidewalks and office floors.

  • Make commuting a habit that sticks with this sleek shoe
  • Sleek synthetic leather uppers are easy to care for
  • Composite midsole earns a 5/12 on Shimano's stiffness index
  • Subtle 360-degree reflectivity keeps you visible on dim rides
  • Full-length rubber outsole provides traction off the bike
  • Item #SHI00CU
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