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  Norrona Unstad 20in Board Short - Men's O'Neill Basic Skins Rash T-Shirt - Men's Matuse Hoplite 3/2MM Full Wetsuit - Men's Reigning Champ Swim Short - Men's Vissla Lucid Dream 17in Board Short - Boys' Under Armour Shoreman Board Short - Men's Reima Sea Board Short - Boys' Billabong 2mm Revo Interchange Jacket - Men's Rip Curl Dawn Patrol 3mm Round Toe Bootie - Men's Rip Curl Dawn Patrol 3/2 Back-Zip Full Wetsuit - Men's Rip Curl E-Bomb Pro 3/2 Zip-Free Full Wetsuit - Men's Volcom Quarta Static Stoney 20in Board Short - Men's XCEL Drylock 3/2mm Wetsuit - Men's
  Norrona Unstad 20in Board Short - Men's O'Neill Basic Skins Rash T-Shirt - Men's Matuse Hoplite 3/2MM Full Wetsuit - Men's Reigning Champ Swim Short - Men's Vissla Lucid Dream 17in Board Short - Boys' Under Armour Shoreman Board Short - Men's Reima Sea Board Short - Boys' Billabong 2mm Revo Interchange Jacket - Men's Rip Curl Dawn Patrol 3mm Round Toe Bootie - Men's Rip Curl Dawn Patrol 3/2 Back-Zip Full Wetsuit - Men's Rip Curl E-Bomb Pro 3/2 Zip-Free Full Wetsuit - Men's Volcom Quarta Static Stoney 20in Board Short - Men's XCEL Drylock 3/2mm Wetsuit - Men's
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Brand XCEL O'Neill Rip Curl Reigning Champ Rip Curl Billabong Norrona Reima Under Armour Vissla Rip Curl Volcom Matuse
Manufacturer Warranty 1 year 1 year [stitching] 3 years, [materials] 1 year - [materials] 1 year, [seams] 3 year 1 year 5 year - limited lifetime 90 days 3 months 90 days limtied 1 year
Material limestone nanoprene 6oz nylon, spandex E6 Thermoflex neoprene nylon [body] Freeflex neoprene, [arms] E5 neoprene Super-flex stretch premium neoprene stretch synthetic 100% polyester 85% nylon, 15% elastane, UA Storm coating 36% coconut fibers, 34% recycled polyester, 20% cotton, 10% spandex neoprene 32% Repreve polyester, 62% polyester, 6% elastane Geoprene (3/2mm)
Recommended Use surfing surfing, watersports surfing beachwear, swimming surfing surfing beachwear, surfing beachwear beachwear beachwear, swimming surfing beachwear surfing
Thickness 3 / 2mm - 3/2mm - 3/2mm 2mm - - - - 3mm - 3/2mm
Fit - - - regular - - regular regular regular modern - regular -
Pockets - - - 2 hand, 1 hook-and-loop rear - - 1 thigh zip 1 cargo 2 hand, 2 zippered side 1 side - 2 hand, 1 back -
Waist - - - elastic drawcord - - drawstring adjustable adjustable adjustable drawstring - surf-style tie -

Norrona Unstad 20in Board Short - Men's

When the surfers at Norrona leave the frigid shores of their native Norway for more tropical climes, they wear the Men's Unstad 20in Board Shorts. These lightweight performance board shorts stretch effortlessly for uninhibited mobility, and they're constructed with laminated seams that are taped internally for maximum durability. Of course, these board shorts aren't restricted to white sandy beaches—they're just as at home swimming in mountain lakes and floating down desert rivers, too.

  • Performance board shorts for surfing warm waters
  • Stretch fabric flexes easily and dries quickly
  • Laminated, taped seams are durable and flexible
  • Zippered thigh pocket with internal key leash
  • Item #NRA00G9
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    O'Neill Basic Skins Rash T-Shirt - Men's

    From SoCal to Costa Rica to the Caroline Islands, the O'Neill Men's Basic Skins Rash Long-Sleeve T-Shirt offers you quality, affordable coverage. Constructed from a soft and light stretch nylon with built-in UV protection, it's a slightly looser cut than your standard rashie, but still athletic. Save your cash for Cloudbreak.

  • Nylon-spandex blend with 4-way stretch
  • UPF 50+ protection
  • Quick-drying
  • Flatlock stitched
  • Item #ONE007J
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    Matuse Hoplite 3/2MM Full Wetsuit - Men's

    Warmer, lighter, faster-drying, and longer-lasting than most of the competition out there, the Matuse Men's Hoplite 3/2MM Full Wetsuit is the perfect companion for gray days and chilly waters (ranging from 58-66F) that are bound to scare away the less dedicated and ill-prepared. Crafted from the incredibly innovative Geoprene (which is actually made from limestone, hence the name GEO), this suit's material is over 30% more water-impermeable than petroleum-based neoprene suits, way less water-absorbent for a lighter and quicker-drying performance, and offers 400% greater stretch than your own skin for an unbelievably flexible design that never gets stretch marks. Since Geoprene is naturally warmer than neoprene, less of it needs to be used, resulting in not only a lighter design, but also a far smaller impact on the environment when manufactured. And worry not about a single scratch destroying the suit's integrity, Geoprene rubber has a uniform microcell structure that, when scratched, allows new independent concave cells to be exposed for continued functionality and warmth. Plus, a rear zip entry system makes for exceptional comfort when waiting for your drop-in.

  • Full wetsuit made of limestone-sourced Geoprene
  • One of the few 3/2mm suits suitable for 58 - 66F waters
  • Satin seal taped with Hydrasilk gaskets to keep water out
  • Hidden air chambers lighten weight, amplify stretch, and warm up
  • Item #MSJ0010
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    Reigning Champ Swim Short - Men's

    You like to keep it simple when it comes to your swim trunks, which is why the clean minimalist style and everyday comfort of the Reigning Champ Swim Short is just right for you. Made with a durable and quick-drying nylon fabric that withstands endless trips to sandy beaches and secluded swimming holes, this short will easily step in as your go-to option whenever you jump, run, or dive into cool refreshing waters.

  • Classic swim trunk with stripped-down style and modern performance
  • Durable nylon fabric is made for long summers of aquatic adventures
  • Comfortable elastic waistband adjusts easily without feeling pinchy
  • Mesh-lined hand pockets drain easily when you leave the water
  • Draining rear pocket provides added storage for smaller items
  • Item #REI005A
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    Vissla Lucid Dream 17in Board Short - Boys'

  • A stylishly unique board short made for the waves
  • Coconut husk yarn combined with recycled plastic polyester
  • Four-way stretch for a wide range of motion
  • UPF 50 rating protects the skin from harmful UV rays
  • Item #VSL00CC
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    Under Armour Shoreman Board Short - Men's

    When the day ahead calls for some surfing, lounging, and fishing from the shore, it only makes sense you bring along the Under Armour Shoreman Board Shorts. These hybrid shorts are made from a lightweight, stretchy nylon fabric and coated with UA Storm to keep water beading off and ensure you stay quick on your feet in both the sand and the waves. An adjustable waist helps customize the fit just to your liking, and built-in UPF30+ sun-protection adds some defense against harmful UV rays in the middle of summer.

  • Hybrid board shorts for durable comfort on summer outings
  • UA Storm technology repels salt water and stays breathable
  • Regular fit provides an easygoing range of motion
  • Adjustable drawstring cinches down an exact fit
  • Item #UND02I8
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    Reima Sea Board Short - Boys'

  • Classic board short for comfort and style by the water
  • Synthetic material is lightweight and breathable
  • UV protection helps shield you from powerful rays
  • Classic fit is comfortable and nonrestrictive
  • Item #RIM001T
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    Billabong 2mm Revo Interchange Jacket - Men's

    You're an easy-going guy who loves chasing swells all summer, but it can't always be sunshine and warm weather. That's where the Billabong 2mm Revo Interchange Jacket comes in, with just the right amount of insulation for the days that are slipping into fall. It features all the stretch you need for balancing on your board, and is built with glued and blindstitched seams to prevent flushing as you paddle. An elasticized waist provides a secure fit when you're out, but it also comes with a board short fastener to keep it in place. Billabong was thoughtful enough to make it reversible as well, so you can switch between solid and print depending on your mood.

  • Surf jacket for mild weather and cool waters
  • 2mm thickness adds just enough warmth
  • Glued and blindstitched seams reduce flushing
  • Elastic hem provides a secure fit
  • Board short fastener attaches to your swim trunks
  • Reversible design offers twice the style
  • Item #BIL02TO
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    Rip Curl Dawn Patrol 3mm Round Toe Bootie - Men's

    From first light to sunset, the Rip Curl Dawn Patrol Round Toe Booties will keep your feet functioning in the cold. Constructed entirely from glued and blindstitched Superstretch neoprene, they're snug, strapless, slip-on booties with a sensitive, griptastic E4 Flight Super Soft rubber sole for board feel and performance. Additionally, they'll keep your toes protected from potential hazards that come with surfing such as glass, coral reefs, or urchins.

  • Neoprene booties for warmth and protection in cold water surfing
  • 3mm thickness keeps your toes warm through the winter swells
  • Glued and blindstitched seal minimizes water intake for warmth
  • Strapless slip-on style minimizes pressure points for comfort
  • Sensitive E4 Flight Super Soft Sole provides great board feel
  • Item #RIP00W8
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    Rip Curl Dawn Patrol 3/2 Back-Zip Full Wetsuit - Men's

    The rising sun reveals a perfect break with no surfers in the lineup, so it's time to break out the Rip Curl Men's Dawn Patrol 3/2 Back-Zip Full Wetsuit and enjoy the empty waves while you can. You won't mind the early morning chill thanks to this suit's Flash lining, and it's built with many of the same features as Rip Curl's high-end suits in order to provide performance and durability without making you go broke.

    Freeflex neoprene is light and warm, and E5 neoprene in critical flex zones enhances stretch where you need it for unrestricted paddling and surfing. Glued and blind-stitched seams are flexible without being frail, and the zippered key pocket allows you to stop worrying about thieves messing with your gear pile on the beach. So, when you're ready for comfort and durability that won't cost an arm and a leg, give this suit a try.

  • Full-body wetsuit for comfort while surfing in chilly waters
  • Warm, E5 Flash lining at chest wards off the early morning chill
  • High-stretch E5 neoprene in the arms enhances your mobility
  • E5 tape throughout body delivers ultimate in seam seal and stretch
  • Glue and Blind stitched construction offers durable, flexible seams
  • Item #RIP00VZ
  • Hi and welcome to the board shop wet suit. Review today we're looking at the rip curl spring/summer 15 range, and we're looking at the dawn patrol the most. Popular suit in the whole group car range we sold loads and loads of this and it's got all good feedback so it's a. Chest entry zip you can see the zip pulls across there you step into this. Aperture or a hole to get the suit on. Pull it up it's much easier than it looks and the material here is their eve. For elasto max neoprene so it's very stretchy so this suit is glued and blind. Stitched throughout that means it's got. Watertight seams so there's less water. Ingression which means you stay warmer for longer it's also taped here on the. Stressed areas the critical areas where the suit is under pressure with your pulling and tugging on and off and this. Suit also features the legendary rip. Curl panel flash bomb panel at the back. Of the suit around the kidney area which is where you're going to lose most of your heat over your head so it keeps you. Warm for longer and stay in the water for longer surfer longer have more fun. Have a better life have more success with women etc so this suit is. Completely made from elasto max e for. Neoprene which means it stretches really. Really well so it's super comfortable it's throughout the suit so it's very. Easy to get on and off and it's very comfortable to wear mesh panel on the. Back there the flash bottom panel keeps. The wind chill to an absolute minimum on your kidneys way maximum heat loss occurs from so it's very comfortable don't worry about this little holes here look that's a drainage. Panel so water can freely run out when you get a flush over the top of your head finally hard-wearing durable knee. Pads all add up to this suit being. Incredible value for money for a chess if suit and rip calls bestseller that's. It the rip curl dawn patrol chess it. You.

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    Rip Curl E-Bomb Pro 3/2 Zip-Free Full Wetsuit - Men's

    Suit yourself up in the super-flexible Rip Curl E-Bomb Pro 3/2 Zip-Free Full Wetsuit the next time you head out for a cool-water session. Made with Rip Curl's most flexible E6 neoprene, the E-Bomb provides freedom of movement that surpasses industry standards. Additionally, the suit's lining takes the edge off chilly mornings while its glued and blindstitched seam construction with E6 tape at high stress points ensures you stay comfortable and mobile while you surf. Most impressively, the E-Bomb rocks a zip-free, chest entry system, which provides maximum comfort and mobility without sacrificing the waterproof protection of a traditional zipper.

  • Super stretch wetsuit for high performance surfing in cool waters
  • E6 Thermoflex neoprene surpasses industry standards for stretch
  • Glued and blindstitched seams are flexible and watertight
  • High-stress points have E6 tape for durability and longevity
  • Zip-free chest entry system ensures stretch, warmth, and comfort
  • Magnet key pocket keeps car keys secure while you are surfing
  • Item #RIP00WZ
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    Volcom Quarta Static Stoney 20in Board Short - Men's

    Some days the waves are begging for a good ride, and others call for a nap on the sands; either way, the Volcom Men's Quarta Static Stoney 20in Board Short feels just right. It has a four-way stretch to move with you through the tube, and the Repreve fabric comes from recycled bottles that you would be laying on if they weren't cleaned up.

  • Board shorts feel good for the surf or sands
  • Four-way stretch fabric with a DWR treatment to dry quickly
  • Repreve fabric comes from material partially recycled from bottles
  • Item #VLC02KU
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    XCEL Drylock 3/2mm Wetsuit - Men's

    Even if you can't afford to leave the cold waves of Long Sands Beach behind for Hawaii, the XCEL Hawaii Men's Drylock 3/2mm TDC Full Wetsuit offers the illusion of warmer waters. Lightweight Japanese nanoprene is thicker at the chest for extra warmth, and lined with this year's Celliant Black, which uses mineral-enhanced smartfibers to trap body heat to keep you warm during long sessions on overcast days.

    With a GlideSkin collar, DryLock seals at the wrists, and NexSkin ankle seals, this suit will make it so you don't have to worry about losing that warm boundary layer due to flushing or cold water surging inside the suit, and the waterproof chest zipper provides a secure fit as it's locking out the chilly waves. The engineered fit system feels like a second skin, while the lightweight stretch construction is durable and flexible enough to withstand wear from all-day surf sessions. A new sleeve design in this year's model improves your range of motion, and back knee flex grooves promote natural movement, having you feel like a fish in water in no time.

  • Full body wetsuit for cool days and hard surf sessions
  • Nanoprene offers soft, lightweight warmth and stretch performance
  • Power seams provide a skin-like feel and flush protection
  • New Celliant Black liner reduces weight and locks in body heat
  • Seals at the collar, wrists, and ankles protect your boundary layer
  • Back knee flex grooves prevent bunching and discomfort
  • Chest zipper offers simple entry and a secure, waterproof fit
  • XCEL's wetsuits are designed to handle Hawaii's challenging breaks
  • Item #XCL007P
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