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  Atomic Vantage 90 Ti Ski - Women's Rossignol Spicy 7 Ski - Women's Nordica Promachine 95 Ski Boot - Women's Scott Strapless S Evo Ski Poles - Women's Salomon QST Stella 106 Ski - Women's Black Crows Daemon Birdie Ski - Women's Atomic Vantage 97 C Ski - Women's Full Tilt Plush 6 Ski Boot - Women's Salomon X Pro Custom Heat Ski Boot - Women's Rossignol AllTrack Pro 100 Ski Boot - Women's Line Honey Bee Ski - Women's Head Skis USA Nexo LYT 110 Ski Boot - Women's K2 Style Composite Ski Poles - Women's Rossignol Electra Carbon Ski Poles - Women's Bern Camina Zipmold Helmet - Girls' Nordica Speedmachine 95 Ski Boot - Women's
  Atomic Vantage 90 Ti Ski - Women's Rossignol Spicy 7 Ski - Women's Nordica Promachine 95 Ski Boot - Women's Scott Strapless S Evo Ski Poles - Women's Salomon QST Stella 106 Ski - Women's Black Crows Daemon Birdie Ski - Women's Atomic Vantage 97 C Ski - Women's Full Tilt Plush 6 Ski Boot - Women's Salomon X Pro Custom Heat Ski Boot - Women's Rossignol AllTrack Pro 100 Ski Boot - Women's Line Honey Bee Ski - Women's Head Skis USA Nexo LYT 110 Ski Boot - Women's K2 Style Composite Ski Poles - Women's Rossignol Electra Carbon Ski Poles - Women's Bern Camina Zipmold Helmet - Girls' Nordica Speedmachine 95 Ski Boot - Women's
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Brand Salomon Full Tilt Rossignol Scott Nordica Atomic Rossignol Bern Head Skis USA Salomon Nordica Line K2 Black Crows Rossignol Atomic
Claimed Weight 8 lb 10 oz 3lb 15.1oz (Men's 27.5, Women's 24.5) - - - [pair, 169cm] 7lb 7.7lb [half pair] 4lb 6oz 13.1oz - [pair, 167cm] 7lb 11oz - [pair] 6lb 9.6oz - [pair, 170cm] 7lb 13oz [pair] 6lb 2.7oz [pair] 7lb 9oz
Manufacturer Warranty 2 years 1 year 1 year 2 years limited 2 years 2 years 1 year 1 year 2 years 1 year 2 years 1 year 1 year limited 2 years 1 year 2 years
Recommended Use all-mountain all-mountain skiing, freeride/powder skiing, park & freestyle skiing all-mountain skiing, freeride/powder skiing skiing all-mountain skiing, freeride/powder skiing all-mountain skiing all-mountain skiing skiing, snowboarding all-mountain skiing all-mountain skiing, freeride/powder skiing all-mountain skiing park & freestyle skiing all-mountain skiing, freeride/powder skiing all-mountain skiing, freeride/powder skiing all-mountain skiing, freeride/powder skiing all-mountain skiing
Length - - 105cm, 110cm, 115cm, 120cm, 125cm [44in] 110 cm, [46in] 115 cm, [48in] 120 cm, [50in] 125 cm, [52in] 130 cm - 153cm, 161cm, 169cm - - - 159cm, 167cm, 174cm - 144cm, 155cm, 166cm 40cm, 42cm, 44cm, 46cm, 48cm 157cm, 164cm, 170cm, 177cm 154cm, 162cm, 168cm, 176cm 156cm, 164cm, 172cm

Atomic Vantage 90 Ti Ski - Women's

The Atomic Women's Vantage 90 Ti Ski craves firm, fast snow and impressive speed. Its 90 millimeter waist and gently rockered tip makes for easy handling on hardpack, but can still float you through deeper snow on an unexpected storm day. Underfoot camber adds a confidence-inspiring edge hold on really firm snow, and the flat tail locks you into each turn for added stability.

Atomic kept the Vantage Ti relatively lightweight for a more enjoyable, less fatiguing ride, but didn't sacrifice any strength and power either, thanks to its Prolite construction, which builds the ski around a slim, light profile and then adds reinforcements where they're necessary. An ash and poplar core dampens vibrations to keep the ski smooth and progressive at speed, while a full-length helping of Titanal mesh is to thank for the Vantage Ti's impressive power and strength as you lay it from edge to edge.

  • All-mountain ski for hard-charging ladies
  • 90mm waist craves hardpack but can handle softer snow
  • Rockered tip provides a nimble, easy to turn feel
  • Underfoot camber and flat tail holds a reliable edge on groomers
  • Ash and poplar core delivers stability at high speeds
  • Titanal adds full-length strength to optimize power transfer
  • Item #ATO00B3
  • hi I'm sean with atomic skis and I'm. Here today to talk to you about the atomic vantage 95 c for women the. Vantage 95 c is lighter and stronger and more capable than it's ever been thanks to carbon tank mesh and an all-mountain rocker profile making the ski versatile and soft snow and incredibly fun on hardpack snow the. Firewall sidewall gives you good edge grip and confidence while skiing all over the mountain it's a to time magazine test winner and the all women's all-mountain category and the perfect one ski quiver for the undecided skier out there it's perfect for all ability levels and this is the atomic managed 95 c.

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    Rossignol Spicy 7 Ski - Women's

    Remember that time your friends thought you wouldn't eat that ultra-spicy pepper? It went a lot like that time they thought you wouldn't hit that ultra-steep tree line. Keep silencing the doubters with the Rossignol Spicy 7 Ski. The lightest and thinnest member of Rossignol's 7 series, this versatile all-mountain ski is sure to put some spice in your shred.

    Its 86mm waist provides stability and edge control when you're ripping the groomers, with enough width to hold its own when you get a bit of fresh snow. Especially so with Rossignol's freeride rocker, which balances a rockered tip and tale with a stable camber underfoot, giving you the best of both worlds as you float better in the soft stuff and get a smoother hold when you're charging it. With Rossi's Air Tip you'll get stability at speeds and lightweight maneuverability and float at the tip, letting you bounce through moguls and fresh woods with ease. A lightweight wooden core offers versatility for use as a touring ski, letting you explore further and ensuring that your lines will stay as hot as a habenero.

  • Kick up the heat this winter with this versatile all-mountain ski
  • 86mm waist holds a stable edge on groomers and shreds in deeper snow
  • Freeride rocker balances float and stability for all-condition shred
  • Air Tip technology absorbs shock and increases maneuverability
  • Paulownia core keeps it light for easy riding and touring capability
  • Item #ROS00EL
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    Nordica Promachine 95 Ski Boot - Women's

    The Nordica Promachine 95 Ski Boot is a lightweight, low-volume powerhouse of a boot, so strap it on and make some big mountain turns through crust, crud, or powder. The medium stiff flex provides just the right amount of response for intermediate skiers, or hard-charging ladies who happen to be of smaller stature; the 98 volume last gives you that tight, performance fit you crave when making quick turns through the trees.

    Never fear, though, comfort is also at the forefront of the Promachine's mantra. The liner is fully moldable if you decide to take it to a boot fitter with an oven, but it also comes with cork panels that mold into a natural fit straight out of the box. The liner features PrimaLoft insulation for lightweight, low-bulk warmth, with an Isotherm face that keeps the heat in and wicks moisture away from your feet. Also customizable, the shell is made with infrared technology at common hot spots for simple punching by your boot fitter. To top it off, softer plastic at the entry points makes it easier to get the boots on in the morning, and off after last chair.

  • A powerful boot for riding anywhere on the mountain
  • Medium 95 flex ideal for intermediate skiers
  • Low 98mm volume great for narrow feet or a high-performance fit
  • Fully customizable liner and shell help you eliminate hot spots
  • Insulation adds warmth and moisture-wicking comfort to your runs
  • Micro-adjustable buckles and 35mm Powerstrap ratchet down the fit
  • Item #NOR003X
  • Grabbed hold of the new boot from nordica here it's the pro machine launching 2018 19 winter seasons oh it's. A step up from the speed machine it's it. Looks great start with there're two men's. Boots there's a 130 flex and a 120 flex and there're a women's version as well cool thing about it I'm just going to undo the clips here typical classic four. Clip boot really nice feel to it I'm. Just going to work out the liner gonna. Take the liner out you can see here it's. Got this really nice custom quart. Fit so it looks great but actually what. The court does is it supports the ankle here it adds to the performance you've. Also got this foiling the spoiling is exactly the same foiling that they use for marathon runners when they finish their race that adds strength and lightness to the inner sole or to their. To the inner yeah it's a really nice. Looking boot in terms of weight they've. Managed to shave about 25% off the. Weight from the speed machine so it's a much lighter boot but it still has the performance especially in the 130 flex. That you want if you're a high-end piece performance ear so i think the expert. Skiers who like to ski on the piste of course you can get off piece as well it's a strong boot for good free ride. Skiers you could use this it's not a ski touring boot but it's still pretty light at around 175 kgs depending on you know. The size of the boot and it features on. This boot you've got the grip walk system here and quite nice and me it's. The mitchell insole so a little bit like a vibram rubber sole but it's a made by. Mitchell in quite like the look of that so yeah looks really interesting the new. Nordica pro machine launched in 2018 19. Winter season retail price around 530.

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    Scott Strapless S Evo Ski Poles - Women's

    You've never really been a pole strap kinda gal, not relishing skier's thumb or the feeling of your arm being jerked around when your pole is snagged by a tree. That's why you rock the Scott Strapless S Evo Ski Poles, which feature a strapless grip that you can't get enough of.

  • Strapless ski poles for skiing simplified
  • Lightweight shaft material won't drag you down
  • Ice tip ensures a steady pole plant
  • Item #SCO00IZ
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    Salomon QST Stella 106 Ski - Women's

    Like you, the Salomon Women's QST Stella 106 Ski craves powder, but it can still handle its own when you're forced to ski groomers when everything's tracked out. Given its 106mm waist width, this QST undoubtedly hovers over the sweet soft stuff with ease, and a rockered tip and tail only enhances its performance down untracked goodness. Expect a playful pivot and a surf-like feel when you turn down the steep and deep.

    Unfortunately, all good things must end, and just like the inevitable changing of each season, a massive powder dump is bound to bring hordes of skiers, which indubitably changes the softest terrain into tracked hardpack faster than you can look up the definition for "indubitably." Fortunately for you, the QST 106 Ski still thrives on firmer snow, too, thanks to Salomon's new patented C/FX³ technology that harnesses a unique blend of carbon, basalt, and flax for an impressively damp, stable ride at speed that doesn't compromise the ski's lighter-weight, approachable nature. Koroyd honeycomb inserts at the tip also increases dampening, while a helping of Titanal adds excellent torsional stiffness and enhanced power transfer as you dance from edge to edge.

  • A powder-loving ski with on-piste reliability
  • 106mm waist width hovers over powder with ease
  • Rockered tip and tail add maneuverability and soft-snow flotation
  • Koroyd tip enhances steering and overall control
  • Poplar wood core is light and poppy
  • Titanal insert adds torsional stiffness and quick power transfer
  • Carbon, basalt, and flax layer increase stability and dampening while keeping weight impressively low
  • Item #SAL01I9
  • Hey what's up everybody I'm here with carrie smith mount hood local born and. Raised former racer ski coach now. Globetrotter ski bum extraordinaire had. You ski down a bunch of skis today. Including the salomon qst stella 106 and. You seem to be enjoying yourself tell me why yeah i actually really. Enjoyed skiing on this ski today i skied. On 174 having a race background i enjoy. A longer ski that has a lot of. Sturdiness to it and this being a bit. Shorter i didn't know but i think just. Because of the build had a lot of. Structural integrity throughout the. Entire length of the ski so you could stand on a nice platform bring this. Around definitely so it has a lot of features to it has a layer of t channel sheet. Of metal carbon flax and a wood core so. It's pretty light and so you've done. Some mountaineering recently done some touring you mentioned earlier that you might like this ski as a touring ski in. Addition to an all-mountain ski because it is felt pretty light yeah i mean i. Think for me just a an everyday resort. Ski it could definitely work maybe for. This day so you just want to go a little straighter might want to be on something. A little bit bigger but touring ski i think i would definitely consider and. Because of your race background you ski pretty aggressively like you really when you step on this ski you want to go and this has an abs sidewall abs sidewalls in a 20-metre radius. Who else like what other what female. Would benefit from purchasing this ski i think yeah definitely someone who. Wants to step it up a little bit and ski. A little bit more aggressively but if you're out there and. You want to point them straight all the time this is just a good step back go. Ski some trees and make some nice gestures right on so that is the salomon qst. Stella 106

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    Black Crows Daemon Birdie Ski - Women's

    The Black Crows Women's Daemon Birdie Ski is a hard-charging daily driver that has your back any day of the season. Although it may not be a burly boat that surfs over snorkel-deep blower, the 99mm waist keeps you afloat in the soft stuff while remaining solid and responsive while you're carving hardpack.

    The poplar wood core is light and playful for when you feel like giving it a good huck, and a layer of Titanal under two thirds of the ski combines a stiff and stable flex underfoot with a more progressive flex in the tip and tail. The full reverse camber makes for quick and easy turn initiation while you're dodging tight trees or maneuvering through a tight entrance, while semi-capped sidewalls combine durability with a low swing weight.

  • A playful daily driver for ripping freeride skiers
  • 99mm waist can handle a variety of conditions
  • Full reverse camber for easy turn initiation
  • Poplar wood core is lively and playful
  • Titanal laminate for a solid flex underfoot
  • Sitting in the shadow of Mont Blanc, Chamonix-based Black Crows knows a thing or two about big-mountain skiing
  • Item #BKC003F
  • This is the black rose damon it's a new. Ski for this season this is the women's version but it's also available for guys it's an all-mountain ski but with some. Beefiness too it is definitely not a ski. That you'd ski as an intermediate level ski you do need to be a good skier to ski this but when you are you will. Absolutely love it's going nufs i cut on piste you'll get a really turn you feel more of like. A gse type feel longer turns but you'll. Have stable feel you'll get amazing grip. On ice but with the width of the skier. As you can see kind of more from the base there the width of the ski is wide. So you're going to have a lovely feeling. Off piece, it will be a charger so if you. Like skiing fast you want to keep up with the guys black crowes damon is. Definitely the one you want to go for.

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    Atomic Vantage 97 C Ski - Women's

    Atomic's Women's Vantage 97 C Ski is the perfect blend of lightness, strength, and versatility. Perfect for intermediate to advanced lady shredders who want one ski to do it all, the 97-millimeter waist and rockered tip and tail thrives when the snow is deep and fresh, and underfoot camber and an approachable shape makes it charge like a champ on hardpack when the storm doesn't deliver.

    To construct such a light, approachable ski, Atomic started with a minimalist profile and added strength in the areas of the ski that need it the most. The poppy poplar core keeps the Vantage 97 damp and stable, and carbon mesh from tip to tail ensures full-length stiffness for a smooth feel. Complete with full sidewalls for extra stability and superior edge hold on hardpack, this ski is your key to unlocking all-mountain fun, no matter what the conditions.

  • All-mountain ski for powder days and all the days in between
  • 97mm waist is nimble on firm snow
  • Rockered tip and tail offer float in powder
  • Underfoot camber for reliable edge hold on hardpack
  • Lightweight poplar wood core is damp and stable
  • Full-length carbon mesh adds strength without compromising weight
  • Full sidewall adds stability and efficient power transfer at speed
  • Item #ATO00B2
  • hi I'm sean with atomic skis and I'm. Here today to talk to you about the atomic vantage 95 c for women the. Vantage 95 c is lighter and stronger and more capable than it's ever been thanks to carbon tank mesh and an all-mountain rocker profile making the ski versatile and soft snow and incredibly fun on hardpack snow the. Firewall sidewall gives you good edge grip and confidence while skiing all over the mountain it's a to time magazine test winner and the all women's all-mountain category and the perfect one ski quiver for the undecided skier out there it's perfect for all ability levels and this is the atomic managed 95 c.

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    Full Tilt Plush 6 Ski Boot - Women's

    If you see no reason to give up comfort in exchange for performance (why not have both?), then it might be time for you step into a pair of Full Tilt Women's Plush 6 Ski Boots. We've all heard of Full Tilt's customizable flex, forward-flexing ribbed tongue, and innovative three-piece shell, but what you probably don't know is that Full Tilt is producing boots to accommodate wider feet, so you don't have to try and cram your flipper-footed self into a narrow 99mm lasted boot, just to get the performance of a Full Tilt boot. In fact, the Plush 6 comes with a spacious 102mm last, giving your toes plenty of wiggle room while maintaining all the same performance features we've all come to expect from Full Tilt.

    The boot comes with Full Tilt's medium flex tongue, but it can be fitted with stiffer or softer tongues (sold separate), depending on what you want from the boot. The free flexing cuff and ribbed tongue are designed to never bottom out, so you won't have to deal with day-ending shin-bang after a big landing, and the shock absorbing foot board works to keep the soles of your feet happy after stomping big landings and skiing on chunder and boilerplate. Full Tilt threw in its Intuition liner that can be molded over time by the heat of your feet, or heat-molded by a shop for an instantly precise fit. And since the liner is designed by Full Tilt, it's specifically designed to work with the shell to optimize performance with varying amounts of foam used throughout the liner to maximize warmth, responsiveness, and an overall better fit and feel from the boot as a whole.

  • A hard-charging boot that doesn't skimp on comfort
  • Stiffest Plush available with replaceable tongue to change flex
  • Roomier 102mm last ideal for skiers who want a comfier fit
  • Three-piece construction delivers a progressive forward flex
  • Thermo-moldable Intuition liner offers a customized feel
  • Adjustable lateral angle and forward lean customize performance
  • Item #FLT002A
  • Hey guys michelle here from the house comm and today we're talking about the full tilt plush six boots or I'm here with the full tilt rep john schmoke thanks for being with here with us today thank you for having me in the show so I'm super exciting to talk about these boots um to start i will talk about the liner in these boots, so we have a wraparound intuition liner so what can. You tell me that's kind of just one of the better features of why it's a wraparound and what intuition liner really means well here's another example of it the wraparound intuition liner is. We use more interest intuition on this. Particular liner so it's gonna be the warmer liner that we have our there and because it's more intuition it's gonna be more heat moldable for that customer but intuition liners are the lightest weight liners out there other the warmest liners out there and are totally heated moldable and if i like the. Wraparound feel better because i feel like it covers more different sizes of. Calves and ankles and stuff like that. Super hot which is super important and as super important on the ladies but on the ladies liners that you can see we do have a it's cut out so it's lower so. It's gonna encompass more of their it's gonna be less problem with any kind of ankle or calf pressure and women coming. It's kind of complaining about that a little bit experiencing that with their ski boots, so they look nice a very nice solution to that to jump into the next. Thing is we're gonna talk about this ribbed tongue so it's super different from what any other company is doing what can you tell me about that well the rip tongue that we the reason we put a rib tongue on there is because has a. More consistent flex out of the tongue and it's like ripped straws that you can. Buy at the girls shoe store totally when you flex that straw the diameter stays the same and that's what this the theory behind this is that when you flex it stays the same shape so you're not deforming the boot or anything and then it gives you a progressive flex all the boots so you can always keep your. Ankle engaged and you can engage it more or less or anything like that you know when you're out skiing so it's gonna give you a better performance just because you can keep that ankle engaged and keep all the muscles in the foot working and stuff it's not going to change the shape of the you'd have to deform the boot or anything like that everybody hung on it so it's way more responsive is what you're saying — yes which is super helpful because you know with the warm liner a comfortable liner and a responsive tongue that doesn't make you work harder than you need to you can ski much longer than you would in another ski boot, so we also have some adjustable features on here i know that full tilt boots are super customizable so with this boot here we do have the six flex which is about a 90 mm know kind of average scale there so it's a little bit of a stiffer flex but i know that we can adjust that the tongue is that right yes. The tongues we have a flex four. Tongue we have a flex six we have a flex ate a 10 and a 12, so we'll just. Replace the 12 is a stiffest so if you. Buy this boot and you want a softer flexing tongue maybe for a certain type. Of skiing style you can have that for park riders and i think that and then if you want to upgrade that tongue into a stiffer boot for our free riding you can buy that as another tongue you. Can just replace them very easily and then you can go out and you can have a stiffer feel to the tongue and so you can get more response better power and. Performance all the boot with a different drama tour tongues that we have our there that's awesome i think it's really nice to have that kind of feature that customizable is just. Absolutely amazing — and i know some of the straps and about calls and everything are replaceable as well — yes all the buckles are replaceable they're screw onto stuff, and we use as you can see we use the cables on here the cables. Give it less pressure so the service of. Pressure more evenly out on the boot itself so you don't have all the pressure right over the buckle and the. Buckles have micro adjustments on them so you can micro adjust those so you can get their best custom fit that you want. Out of the boot for whatever kind of. Writing you're gonna do we do it on this particular boot — we do have a stiffer material we put at the bottom of the boot so it's gonna have better edge in side-to-side edge had better control. And then we have a softer drummer. Up in this part of the boot so it rapture on your foot and gives you more comfort yeah super comfortable and then. As you mentioned too if you want to change out the flex um just because if you want to ride park or if you want to do some kind of trick skiing we also have that's a shock absorbing it's a. Foot board everywhere okay and yes this. Foot board in this particular boot is made out of a rubber material so it's gonna if they're doing jumps or anything daft a more freestyle right it's gonna give a better feel and a softer landing. On it let's shock to him or if you're. Out and you put a ten flex tongue on air and you're out and you're aggressive skier it's gonna be more dampening out there so it's going to be less fatiguing for you on your boot on your feet and. More comfort that's awesome these are a truly supreme ski but i know one other. Think that women's super appreciate with these is just how easy they are to get on and off yeah we have with the tongue. That we have on earth when you unbuckle the boot and take it apart the whole. Tongue basically will flip up and. Totally flips all the way so it's very. So that's crazy like that's super. Awesome i think these are absolutely stellar i know whenever i go with my girlfriends, and they want to get in their ski boots like be right back in 10-15 minutes i gotta go for my ski boots on it really shouldn't be that much of a process and i think you guys are really eliminated that that problem. For people one other thing is we do have a portion here where you can actually. Change the forward lean is that right this is a four lead mechanism we. Have what are on the back of the boot you can just loosen it up so if you want more for lean or less depending on what. Your skiing style is you can make dam adjustments so even more customers right, and we do have replaceable foot soles. Out of two so you the boot sole can be. Replaced where is dollar i think that from walking you can easily replace that — that's super long it then that definitely helps with the um the longevity of your boot so it's really awesome to have that feature as well um thank you for being here with us today i mean can find the full-tilt plush 6 women's ski boot at the house calm and don't forget to drop a comment or a like below and subscribe to our youtube channel thanks for watching today guys.

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    Salomon X Pro Custom Heat Ski Boot - Women's

    Contrary to popular belief, your foot actually doesn't have to hurt with hot spots and numb coldness halfway through a day filled with skiing groomers. Salomon outfitted the Women's X Pro Custom Heat Ski Boot with its heat-moldable Custom Shell, heat-forming Custom Fit 3D liner, and electronic Heat 3D Pro technology, so you can ski in a boot that mirrors your foot's shape and adjusts its warmth according to the day's temperatures.

    With a fully charged battery, the X Pro's Heat 3D Pro technology assures adjustable warmth for up to eighteen hours. A Twinframe chassis grants the X Pro with enhanced control and sensitivity, so you can feel the corduroy underneath your skis while you bank turns with precision. The Oversized Pivot makes sure you get the most out of the boot's moderate 90 flex when you're skiing with wider skis.

  • Customizable all-mountain ski boot for all-day comfort
  • Moderate 90 flex for beginner to intermediate skiers
  • Wide last assures a comfortable fit
  • Heat-formed 360 degree Custom Shell and Custom Fit 3D liner
  • Electronic Heat 3D Pro technology customizes warmth
  • Twinframe chassis enhances control and sensitivity
  • Oversized Pivot helps drive wider skis
  • Item #SAL00UM
  • The ex-pro custom heat is a 110 flex 102. 106 millimeter last performance food for. The intermediate to advanced level skier the custom heat technology is an on one. Heated liner with batteries it's a twin frame construction efficiently transfers energy from skier. To this case the 360 shell allows the shell to be custom molded to eliminate pressure points the custom sean cuff allows for the cup to custom mold the 3d. Pro liner is 60% thermoform oval foam. Aligned for a custom fit in the shin angle pocket and toe box an oversized pivot improves lateral stiffness increasing response and control and a plexi juster allows for the flex to be softened by up to 10 points for more. Info on the x pro custom heat please visit us at

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    Rossignol AllTrack Pro 100 Ski Boot - Women's

    Waking up early and being first in line when the lifts open is awesome, but having to steer clear of certain zones or take an early pit stop because your feet hurt puts a cramp in your morning. There'll be no stopping or shying away with Rossignol's AllTrack Pro 100 Women's Ski Boot, a warm and comfortable boot that truly embraces the do-it-all versatility that all-mountain boots are meant to deliver. This AllTrack boasts a reasonable aggressive 100 flex suitable for the beginner to intermediate skiers or riders on the lighter side, and the comfortable-but-precise 100mm last includes a lower cuff and a slimmer footbed to better accommodate women's natural proportions. 

    The best way to use a boot like this would be to ride first chair to last; that way you can ski fresh tracks in the morning, choppy leftovers around lunch, and whatever you'd call what's left at the end of the day (garbage?). If properly molded by a boot professional, the Optisensor 3D liner will press warm Thinsulate Platinum insulation lined in smooth, soft merino wool. Merino has natural antimicrobial properties for reliable odor-resistance, and it helps with thermal regulation to keep you comfortable on brisk bluebird days and freezing power days.

  • All-mountain ski boot fuses power, precision, and hiking
  • Moderately aggressive 100 flex suits intermedaite riders
  • Comfortable-but-precise, women-specific 100mm last
  • Thermal moldable Optisensor 3D liner customizes the fit
  • Merino wool and Thinsulate Platinum ensure insulation
  • Hike mode makes the walk to the car a little easier
  • Compatible with Walk To Ride heel pieces (sold separately)
  • Item #ROS00BS
  • So we've got the rossignol pure pro 100. Here it's a medium-sized fit and a. Women's boot obviously pretty nice and. Very lining which is they're always good to keep the tours warm and with that it's an op t sensor liner and it's got. Merino wool in there as well so your. Feet will get toasty warm in these now. With the pure pro 100 and it's got. Award-winning power and precision within. The boot the sensor blade technology reduces the weight so it makes them a. Lightweight boot meaning that the energy isn't lost through the foot and it. Drives straight into the ski giving you more position when you're skiing so. That's the resin your pure pro 100 the. Retail price for that is about 335 pound. And you can get those in snow and rock.

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    Line Honey Bee Ski - Women's

    If the park were a fresh, doughy roll, then the Line Women's Honey Bee Ski would the sweetest glaze to smear all over those rails and jumps; just don't forget to butter before you take off. The early rise tip and tail encourage buttering all over the park, and also work to provide you with enjoyable float in deeper snow while still maintaining easy engagement on hardpack. Line's Symmetrical Flex provides an equally balanced feel whether you're riding switch or not, and the lightweight aspen wood core keeps the ride soft, playful, and responsive, also makes the ski easy to throw around. Fiberglass near the core along with thicker edges and bases add durability to the mix, increasing the tuning life so you can spend more time perfecting your 360 and less time in the shop.

  • Dominate the park with this women-specific park ski
  • Skinny 92mm waist speeds up spinning on and off jumps
  • Early rise tip and tail float in deep snow and engage on hardpack
  • Lightweight aspen core is nimble and responsive
  • Symmetric Flex feels the same when you ride switch
  • Thicker edges and base increase durability and tuning life
  • Fiberglass near core enhances durability without adding weight
  • Item #LIN005H
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    Head Skis USA Nexo LYT 110 Ski Boot - Women's

    You like to drive your skis hard and fast down the steepest runs in the resort, and the Head Women's Nexo LYT 110 Ski Boot speaks your language. The stiff 110 flex is ideal for expert lady shredders who carve up the whole mountain, while the 100-millimeter last blends comfort and performance.

    Head used Graphene in the construction of the shell, which is a strong yet impressively lightweight material, to give the boot a damp, stable feel without breaking the scales. The Nexo LYT boasts a customization technology called Liquid Fit, which, through a fast and easy process, fills thin packets around the ankle and heel area with a syrup-like liquid until you decide it feels perfect. This ensures a snug, secure fit that delivers anatomical comfort and performance so you can ski hard until the chairs stop spinning.

  • Performance ski boot for hard-charging ladies
  • Stiff 110 flex is suitable for expert skiers
  • 100mm last blends comfort and performance
  • Graphene in shell keeps boot damp and stiff without adding weight
  • Liquid Fit liner is fast and easy to customize
  • Women-specific fit allows calf to widen by movement of rear spoiler
  • Item #HEA004I
  • Hi I'm cooped with head Tyrolean here today. With christy sports talking about season 2018-19 a new boot for us a head called. The nexo line of boots these are lightweight boots this boot in particular is the nexo 120 light this. Boot weighs in about 3 pounds 12 ounces. Per boot so it rivals a touring weight. Type boot and this is meant for all. Mountain resort skiing so what does a lightweight boot do for you on a resort it makes you more efficient and it allows you to have more fun and extend your day longer the fit of this boot is 100 millimeters last through the forefoot so it's a nice open forefoot a real nice. Open toe box so that you can let those toes spread out, but we taper it into a. Nice narrow heel pocket you can see the v-shape to that boot to add to the. Precision of the heel pocket we use a liquid fit liner where we can inject or. I should say the christie sports boot technician can inject a paraffin based. Wax material down into the heel pocket and really personalize the fit around. The heel in the ankle so no more wrapping foam and material around that liner when you first get into the boot we can solve it for you in about five minutes this boot utilizes a really thin. Walled shall we use a smart frame technology which increases the lateral stiffness of the boot, and we actually use graphene which we started with our skis to strengthen that thin walled. Shell and add dampness to it so the boot. Gives you that for the precision and the performance of a thick pu wild shell but. Will package it in a real lightweight. Performance enhancing fit with the neck. So 120 check it out of christi sports. You.

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    K2 Style Composite Ski Poles - Women's

    It might be a groomer day, but you're taking those turns at blazing speeds and you need poles to match. The K2 Women's Style Composite Ski Poles have more than enough eye-catching graphics to keep up, and their lightweight composite construction has the perfect swing weight without slowing you down.

  • Women's specific all mountain ski poles, with style
  • Lightweight, durable construction keeps up with your speed
  • Performance rubber grip assists with pole plants
  • All-mountain basketa won't trip you up on the flats
  • Item #K2S00J0
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    Rossignol Electra Carbon Ski Poles - Women's

    On a busy day it can take hours of navigating state highways and lift lines to get to the top of the mountain, but once you're up there it's as simple as can be—just plant that pole, turn, and repeat. A simple but elegant philosophy needs equipment to match, and you've got it with the Rossignol Electra Carbon Women's Ski Pole. It's got the durable performance you need to shred all day with a lightweight yet sturdy carbon-composite shaft, with a comfortable bi-material grip that fits snugly in your hand for all-day comfort and performance.

  • Ski until last chair with this durable and lightweight pole
  • Carbon and composite make up saves on weight and takes a beating
  • Bi-material grip has a comfortable grip with a custom feel
  • Item #ROS00F4
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    Bern Camina Zipmold Helmet - Girls'

    Gear your little shredder up in the Bern Girls' Camina Zipmold Helmet and give her the same performance as Bern's adult helmets, only in a slightly smaller package. Bern's signature Zip Mold construction utilizes a combination of a micro shell lined with liquid-injected foam for a higher strength without bulk and weight. The cold-weather liner is soft and cozy to keep her head warm on the chilliest days on the mountain, and the micro-adjustable fit system ensures a secure, customizable fit for all-day comfort.

  • Comfortable helmet for mini shredders
  • Shell lined with liquid-injected foam is light and strong
  • Cozy liner keeps her head toasty
  • Micro-adjustable fit system for a secure, customized fit
  • Item #BRN005R
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    Nordica Speedmachine 95 Ski Boot - Women's

    The Nordica Women's Speedmachine 95 Ski Boot caters to skiers who are looking for a blend of comfort and performance during long, memorable days spent ripping the resort. Its forgiving 95 flex is suitable for intermediate or lighter-weight shredders, and a generous 100 millimeter last blends comfort and precise control so you can rip through bowls of fresh powder and down steep groomers to your heart's content.

    Nordica's anatomically shaped Infared Tri Force shell provides a lightweight, responsive feel. Stiffer plastic along the boot's spine effectively transfers power through your boot to your ski for powerful control, and softer plastic above the instep makes entry and exit a breeze. Both the shell and the liner are fully, easily customizable for a performance-enhancing fit, while the Primaloft insulation in the liner ensures your toes stay toasty on frigid days so you don't have to call it quits early.

  • Rip the resort in this all-mountain boot
  • 95 flex is suitable for intermediate and lightweight rippers
  • 100mm last comfortably accommodates a variety of foot widths
  • Anatomically shaped shell provides response and comfort
  • Stiffer plastic along spine efficiently transfers power through boot
  • Soft plastic above instep for easy entry and exit
  • Customizable liner and shell ensures comfort and performance
  • Primaloft insulation keeps toes warm on the chilliest days
  • Item #NOR004D
  • This is Dylan here from ken jong's scheme art in Manchester new hampshire, and we are here today to talk about the. New nordica speed machine series this is. A very popular name a name that a lot of. Our customers will remember speed. Machine was extremely popular in the 90s into the early 2000s one of the most popular boots on the market so now it. Has been brought back with brand-new technology brand-new fit new liners in a. Very cool new product or boot fitting. That we call infrared technology so. These boots have the ability in key points where customers generally will. Have fit issues these boots have the ability to stretch conform very easily. With a little bit of heat it's a very. Easy treatment and results in unbelievable fit characteristics. Extremely the ski ability is. Going to be through the roof on these boots classic nordica ski ability. Starting up at the 130 speed machine the head of the class resist for their. Series this is going to be your top-level skier who's looking for fit and. Performance we move down into the 110. Flex again higher-end boot still all the. Great features a little more forgiving flex slightly softer little cushier in. The liner still though gonna have great. Nordica performance rounding out our men's collection for the speed machine series is the speed machine 100 same. Great fit great infrared technology but. With more comfortable on the liner softer on the flex to allow intermediate. To a lower and advanced skier to feel confident be able to stay forward on his skis and have all-day comfort really. Exciting for the speed machine series on the women's side three beautiful. Boots distinctly different flexes for. Different skiers at the high end coming. In at the speed machine 105 performance. Fit all the bells and whistles that a high-end women's skier is going to need moving down in to the eighty-five flex. Level right in the middle of the market for your intermediate to low and advanced women's skier great fit great. Liners extremely warm on these liners too on the women's side of the liners they put an even more effort and newer. Technology to allow these to be warmer. For women and then coming in at the 75 flex this is actually a really great product it's really bringing all of this great technology down to a very affordable price and this we think is. Going to be a very popular booth for us this year so that's it for nordica speed. Machine get down in here to ken jong's ski mart try some of these new boots on for a lot of you people a lot of people out there have owned a nordica speed machine boot in the past and it's a great time to get back with the product so get down here try one on, and we'll see you next time with another product review.

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