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  K2 MindBender 98TI Alliance Ski - Women's Rossignol Experience 76 CI Ski - Women's Salomon X Max 110 Ski Boot - Women's Salomon QST Lux 92 Ski - Women's Scott Strapless S Ski Poles - Women's Nordica Santa Ana 93 Ski - Women's Salomon Angel S3 Ski Poles - Women's Tecnica Cochise 105 Ski Boot - Women's DPS Skis Zelda 106 Alchemist Special Edition Ski - Women's Tecnica Mach1 95 MV Ski Boot - Women's Blizzard Alight Pro Ski with TPX 12 W Binding - Women's Rossignol Trixie Ski - Girls' Salomon X Pro 100 Ski Boot - Women's DPS Skis Zelda 106 Alchemist Special Edition Ski - Women's K2 Minaret 100 Ski Boot - Women's Armada Victa 93 Ski - Women's Line Honey Bee Ski - Women's Liberty Genesis 96 Ski - Women's Kerma Legend Pro Poles - Women's Tecnica Mach1 95 LV Ski Boot - Women's
  K2 MindBender 98TI Alliance Ski - Women's Rossignol Experience 76 CI Ski - Women's Salomon X Max 110 Ski Boot - Women's Salomon QST Lux 92 Ski - Women's Scott Strapless S Ski Poles - Women's Nordica Santa Ana 93 Ski - Women's Salomon Angel S3 Ski Poles - Women's Tecnica Cochise 105 Ski Boot - Women's DPS Skis Zelda 106 Alchemist Special Edition Ski - Women's Tecnica Mach1 95 MV Ski Boot - Women's Blizzard Alight Pro Ski with TPX 12 W Binding - Women's Rossignol Trixie Ski - Girls' Salomon X Pro 100 Ski Boot - Women's DPS Skis Zelda 106 Alchemist Special Edition Ski - Women's K2 Minaret 100 Ski Boot - Women's Armada Victa 93 Ski - Women's Line Honey Bee Ski - Women's Liberty Genesis 96 Ski - Women's Kerma Legend Pro Poles - Women's Tecnica Mach1 95 LV Ski Boot - Women's
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Brand Salomon Kerma Nordica Tecnica Line Salomon Tecnica DPS Skis Liberty DPS Skis Scott Rossignol Armada Salomon Rossignol K2 K2 Tecnica Salomon Blizzard
Manufacturer Warranty 2 years 1 year 1 year 1 year 1 year 2 years 1 year 2 year 3 years 2 year 2 year limited 1 year 1 year 1 year 1 year 1 year 3 years 1 year 2 years 1 year
Recommended Use all-mountain skiing, freeride/powder skiing all-mountain skiing, freeride/powder skiing all-mountain skiing all-mountain skiing, freeride/powder skiing park & freestyle skiing all-mountain skiing all-mountain skiing, backcountry skiing, freeride/powder skiing all-mountain skiing, freeride/powder skiing all-mountain skiing, freeride/powder skiing all-mountain skiing, freeride/powder skiing skiing all-mountain skiing all-mountain skiing, freeride/powder skiing all-mountain skiing all-mountain skiing backcountry touring, freeride all-mountain skiing, freeride/powder skiing all-mountain skiing, freeride/powder skiing all-mountain skiing, freeride/powder skiing all-mountain skiing
Length - 115cm, 120cm, 125cm, 130cm, 135cm 153cm, 161cm, 169cm, 177cm - 144cm, 155cm, 166cm 100cm, 105cm, 110cm, 115cm, 120cm, 125cm - 158cm, 168cm, 178cm 158cm, 165cm, 171cm 158cm, 168cm, 178cm 105-130cm 138cm, 146cm, 154cm, 162cm, 170cm 151cm, 159cm, 167cm 153cm, 161cm, 169cm 138cm, 148cm, 158cm, 168cm - 161cm, 168cm - - 153cm, 160cm, 167cm
Claimed Weight - - [pair, 169cm] 8lb 4oz - [pair] 6lb 9.6oz - - [pair, 168cm] 7lb 2oz [158cm, pair] 6lb 9.8oz [pair, 168cm] 7lb 2oz - [pair, 154cm] 5lb 15oz - [pair, 161cm] 6lb 6oz [pair, 158cm] 10.8lb - [168cm, pair] 8lb 1.3oz - [26.5] 4lb 9.19oz -
Construction - - sandwich - cap - - Alchemist Pure Carbon sandwich Alchemist Pure Carbon - cap sandwich sandwich Rossitop cap - sandwich - - Alight WSD
Core - - Energy 2 TI Balsa (poplar, beech, balsa I-Core, Titanal, carbon prepreg laminate) - aspen wood - - aspen wood bamboo, poplar, carbon fibers aspen wood - poplar wood, carbon Power-Lite inverted 3D wood core, CFX superfiber carbon laminate poplar - aspen, Titanal Y-Beam - - C-spine (poplar, beech, carbon)
Dimensions - - [153cm] 123 / 93 / 111mm, [161cm and 169cm] 124 / 93 / 112mm, [177cm] 126 / 93 / 114mm - 120 / 92 / 116mm - - 130 / 106 / 120mm [158cm] 130 / 96 / 117mm 130 / 106 / 120mm - 123 / 76 / 109mm [151] 129 / 91 / 119mm [159] 130 / 92 / 120mm [167] 131 / 93 / 121mm [153cm] 127 / 92 / 110mm, [161cm] 128 / 92 / 111mm, [169cm] 129 / 92 / 112mm 110 / 80 / 103mm - 134 / 98 / 120mm - - [153] 120 / 69 / 104mm [160] 122 / 69 / 106mm [167] 122 / 69 / 106mm
Profile - - early rise tip and tail, camber underfoot - rockered tip and tail, camber underfoot - - camber underfoot, rocker tip and tail Stealth Rocker (early rise) camber underfoot, rocker tip and tail - All-Terrain Rocker (early rise tip, camber underfoot, flat tail) AR Nose Rocker All-Terrain Rocker 2.0 (rocker tip, camber underfoot) 100% High camber - All-Terrain Rocker (early rise) - - camber
Turn Radius - - [153cm] 12.5m, [161cm] 13.5m, [169cm] 15.5m, [177cm] 16.5m - [166cm] 14m - - [168cm] 18m [158cm] 14m, [165cm] 15m, [171cm] 16.5m [168cm] 18m - 14.5m [151] 16.5m [159] 17.5m [167] 18.5m [153cm] 15m, [161cm, 169cm] 16m [158cm] 17m - [168cm] 15.6m - - [153] 10m [160] 10.5m [167] 11.5m

K2 MindBender 98TI Alliance Ski - Women's

Aptly named, the Mindbender series is all about becoming one with the mountain, being in tune with creamy turns and pow-slashing runs that leave your heart racing and your mind soaring. Get ready to rip, because you've got the K2 MindBender 98TI Alliance Ski strapped on and there's almost nowhere this stick isn't willing to go.

Probably the most versatile women's ski K2 has ever designed, the 98TI features the perfect width underfoot for tackling low-snow groomer days, full blown powder panic, and every day in between. While it might not be the best choice for waist-deep days, it will hold its own after a fresh six inches, then take you down the groomers like a champion once your legs are aching at the end of the day. Early rise in the tip sails effortlessly through the soft stuff, helps you dodge crud, and initiates turns on fresh corduroy; classic camber underfoot pops effortlessly from one turn to the next, with a flat tail for added stability at high speeds.

At the core of the Mindbender Collection lies K2's Torsion Control Philosophy, the idea that edge grip and powder performance need not be mutually exclusive. With this in mind K2 developed a few tech solutions, including the Titanal Y-Beam laminate—which makes an appearance in the 98TI. This metal laminate brings precision and stability to the lightweight aspen core, dampening vibrations when you encounter chopped pow, and creating a stable platform for zipping groomers at top speed.

  • A daily driver for exploring every inch of your favorite resort
  • 98mm underfoot delivers versatile performance on- and off-piste
  • Early rise tip floats like a dream and initiates turns with ease
  • Camber underfoot with a flat tail enhances control at high speeds
  • Short turn radius helps you zip through trees with full control
  • Aspen wood core keeps the ski lightweight, poppy, and playful
  • Titanal laminate dampens vibrations and adds stability on the steeps
  • Item #K2S00JF
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    Rossignol Experience 76 CI Ski - Women's

    Rossignol's Women's Experience 76 CI Ski loves to zoom down steep, firm groomers, but has the profile and the personality to get you through a variety of conditions. Its 76 millimeter waist and generous underfoot camber is undoubtedly frontside oriented, yet the progressive, freeride-inspired sidecut and tip rocker can tackle softer snow, too.

    Rossignol's Line Control Technology keeps the Experience 76 CI impressively stable and easy to control at speed, while the poppy poplar wood core and carbon reinforcements add energy, responsiveness, and an quick, snappy feel. Air Tip VAS boasts integrated dampening filters in the tip of the ski, which offers a more consistent power transfer and an overall lighter swing weight for a confidence-inducing ride that you'll enjoy virtually any day of the season.

  • Dominate the frontside with this capable all-mountain ski
  • Nimble 76mm waist is easy to get from edge to edge
  • Underfoot camber holds a reliable edge on firm snow
  • Rockered tip floats you through softer snow
  • Power rail from tip to tail offers power transfer and stability
  • Carbon reinforcements add torsional strength
  • Poplar wood core is poppy and responsive
  • Air Tip VAS for a lighter swing weight and better initial shock absorption
  • Item #ROS00ER
  • Huh skiers jeff from ski essentials calm. I'm here on a tuesday morning at stone. Mountain resort skiing these new 2018. Sorry it's not not 2018 2019 rossignol. Experience 88 ti really exciting we've. Had same shape in the experience series. For a long time now and i think most of. Us were ready for a new one and we got. It finally so that's pretty exciting slightly smaller turn radius or rocker. In the tip a lot earlier taper in the. Tip you remember on the old ski and had that extended side cut profile so the. The Widest point on the ski was way up at the end and that's not quite true anymore now you get this nice early tapered tip so still rips on groomers. You know the experience 88 it's always been kind of carving ski oriented. All-mountain ski definitely. Constructions a little different this year and i think that that retains kind. Of the improvements in construction retains its performance on groomers. Maybe even a little bit more energetic probably definitely a little bit quieter. At damper and you know i think it's a. Lot more manageable in soft snow i think. The old ski was at times a little catchy and soft snow and this new one kind. Of cuts through the snow a little better so I'm gonna head into the office, and we. Will finish this review back at the ski essentials warehouse talk a little bit more about construction all that. Type of stuff and for now we'll say goodbye to your snow mountain resort for the day but you know we'll be back. Tomorrow so no big deal. Hi skiers jeff from the ski essentials comm we're here today to do another 2019. Skier review this time it's the 2019. Rossignol experience 88 ti pretty. Exciting stuff they've changed the. Experience line we're doing another review of the experience 94 so check. That one out too kind of new waist. Width with the 94, but we're gonna focus on the 88 here. Let's talk there's quite a lot of. Changes to this ski and I'm gonna run. Through them fairly quickly as quick as. I can while still covering or doing them all justice so to speak so let's start. With shape, and then we'll go into construction changes some significant. Changes to the shape of this ski so rossignol calls it progressive side cut. In this ski and they also have an. All-terrain rocker in it now too. But let's talk first let's just talk about kind of the noticeable differences in the ski to me the first. Noticeable difference is this tip shape you can see this is the 2018 experience. 88 you can see how wide this tip was. Used what rossignol called extended side cut this new progressive side cut much. Earlier taper in the shovel of the. Ski which corresponds to rocker as. Well so longer rocker these are two. Different lengths but i think you can see the difference so longer rocker in the new experience 88 much. Earlier taper so way different tip. Shape there the tails there's some. Difference in the tail shape too i would say it's not as pronounced as the. Difference in the tip shape but a little bit earlier taper in the tail and a little bit more tail rocker as well but. That tip shape is way different you can. See the influence from the sky 7 models they're more. Freebie oriented models like this one 7. So definitely they've taken a little bit of influence from that ski and given it to this new ski construction then so. This ski used what rosman called carbon. Alloy matrix you can go back and look at. This review if you want to learn more about carbon l and matrix as a material it's basically a carbonyl carbon. Application that it's kind of proprietary to rossignol we've talked. About a lot in the sole 7 and sky 7 reviews too so carbon alloy matrix. Remains in this ski and the a8 as well. And the difference here is that they now. Have what rossignol calls line control. Technology which is a theme and. Technology that's carried through a lot. Of their skis with some different materials so basically I'm going to do a close-up image of this ski but the. Big the key difference here there's now. A vertical strip of metal that runs. Through the ski which you can actually see in the top sheet so if you can. Imagine a core you know like that that metal is basically in the middle of the. Core vertically so you know we see a lot. Of horizontal metal laminates really. Don't see many vertical pieces of metal in a ski so pretty cool so the point of it rossignol says that. It reduces counter flexing of the ski which is basically another term for just. Decreasing unnecessary movement stays a. Lot quieter kind of gives it that. Stability definitely some extra vibration damping in this ski from the metal compared to the old experience 88. Which always kind of felt not chattery. But not like not excessively damn. Or not not very damp compared to some. Skis with more metal even just this single strip on that single vertical. Strip not much metal but it went a long. Way and quieting down the ski and then. Going back to kind of the shape of the. Ski and what it does to performance i. Always thought of the previous experience 88 as a wide carving ski with. Those extended tips and tails it always held an edge really well really long. Effective edge is. Something that we kind of is becoming a key topic when we're talking about skis due to the amount of rocker and early. Taper those things both go into effective edge but very long effective. Edge on the experience 88 which sometimes made it hard to make different. Turn shapes this new ski it's got. Progressive side cut instead of that. Extended side cut does have any tip. Construction to which also quiets down the ski because it is rocker. In the tip, so they need it to kind of strengthen this ski and there're some reinforcements much like this guy seven. But the tip shape the rocker profile the. Early taper everything all works. Together and this new experience 88 and. Allows you to release your tail edge much easier i think you can manipulate. Turn shapes was easier on this ski if. You want a skid or smear or pivot of. Turn it lets you wear the previous. Version took quite a bit of skier. Input to get it to do that and then didn't do it easily it wasn't always easy to get the tail of the ski to swing around you can definitely do that. A lot easier on the new version which in my opinion makes it a lot more fun and a. Lot more rewarding to ski in groomed. Snow conditions so moguls trees back. Bowls that kind of stuff a more forgiving fun feel in this new. Ski and i think because they have this. Line control technology which really. Focuses on kind of the center the cambered portion of the ski you still. Have a really high performing. Ski when you're trying to just lay down carves and it almost i think it actually. Links carves better kind of to focus on. A rocker in the hips a little bit here this new ski has a lot longer rocker. Profile where the previous version of. The experience 88 pretty short rises. Rocker and you really had to deke amber. The ski if you can see me d cambering it. The tip starts to rise off the snow a lot more so when you were linking turns. You had to de camber the ski too really. Get it into the next carving turn and. This new experience 88 it's. Basically doing that first bit of d. Camber and for you because the tip. Rocker exists without d cambering the. Ski it enters into a turn a lot easier. So totally new ski definitely some. Significant changes from the old 88 to the new idiot but i think they did a. Really good job and i think. Pretty much anybody that skied an. Experienced 88 will prefer the new. Version and in my opinion the small. Percentage of skiers who might not you. Could make the argument that that skier it is probably better off on a carving. Ski because if you're if you're. Basically spending all your time on groomed snow you might not need the. Ability to release your tail edge or maybe you really focus on linking. Carving turns like gs style carving. Turns to that skier i think there's. More appropriate skis out there's there's carving specific skis even from. Rossignol there's some more carving specific models and i think that would. Be my response to down the road if anybody excuse the new ski and doesn't. Like it as much as the old ski they're probably really focusing on carving for. Their own skiing you can still. Absolutely carve on the new experience 88 still really feels like a. High-performance carving ski when you want it to but it's so much more. Versatile now i think a little bit. Easier to ski overall not that the. Experience 88 was challenging really to. Ski but smoother turn initiation is. Smoother a little quieter i think it. Inspires confidence a little bit more. Then the old experience 88 because it's so easy to release the tail edge or are. Easier than the old version so pretty. Cool i think it was time for a new experience 88 i think they're they're. Really following the demands of skiers. Nicely the modern skier most skiers. These days want more a shape like this. Then the previous experience 88 because. Of that versatility you can do a lot. More with one ski or do a lot more. Easily with one ski compared to the. Previous version definitely i brought. This guy 7 up here because i think. There's definitely something to be said. About how these new ski is kind of blend. The performance of the whole experience and the free ride line the sky and the cin7 sky and install 7 that's been a few. Years since uh since 7 existed but yeah. I think they did a really good job definitely was more versatile ski. High-performance feel still but they got. Away from kind of that extended side cut. Which i think was a smart decision i think most years will really. Appreciate the increased versatility and. In this new experience 88 so yeah that's. The experience 88 like i said this is the 94 there're more skis within this line you may see us do some additional. Experience reviews many more of those. Excuse will be included in our 2019 ski. Test that's happening in march and the. Results of that will be released in the summer so if you don't see a more. In-depth review like this on the different experience keys you will see a. Lot of results from the 2019 ski test so it's gonna be a lot of information there and in the meantime we'll do our best to. Get on some other new Ross's and. Let you know we think but pretty exciting brand-new experience 88 check them out if you haven't already will be. Skiing them a little bit more there's a loon demo coming up so if are our opinions change or if we try them a new terrain and have something to add we'll certainly let you know but thus far we're pretty darn impressed by these new. Skis so thank you we appreciate it and. We will see you guys on the slopes.

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    Salomon X Max 110 Ski Boot - Women's

    The Salomon Women's X Max 110 Ski Boot has all the elements of a performance-first boot, but throws a generous helping of comfort into the mix so you can ski fast and hard from first to last chair. A stiff 110 flex is suitable for advanced to expert lady shredders, and the 98-millimeter last, while narrow, can be expanded to about 104 millimeters, thanks to Salomon's easy heat molding process. Salomon designed this boot with an oversized pivot, which reduces play and increases precision and power transmission.

    The liner is thermo-moldable, too, with thermo-moldable inserts that prevent pressure points and ensure a secure fit, and is women-specific, meaning that it has a slightly lower cuff and volume to give you the best possible fit and feel. Fuzzy material on the inside of the liner delivers plush comfort and warmth, which you'll appreciate on the coldest days of the season.

  • Performance-oriented ski boot that makes room for comfort
  • Stiff 110 flex is suitable for advanced to expert lady shredders
  • Narrow 98mm last offers a performance-first fit
  • Thermo-moldable shell for a wider last and customizable fit
  • Women-specific liner is anatomically shaped
  • Liner features soft, plush lining for added warmth and comfort
  • Oversized pivot reduces play and increases precision and power transmission
  • Item #SAL01IY
  • Okay so this is gary gannett realm of sun valley in san mateo california helm sports calm and in this video i want to cover the sum and xmax 90 this is a boot. For or for women and it is a ninety. Eight millimeter last boot which is going to fit a b with two ac with kind. Of foot very well but more importantly. This boot hat is custom shall it's a. Different kind of material where we heat. The shell up in an oven to about 200 degrees and then put it on your foot and wherever you have a bony prominence or if your foot or four foot is wider or any part of your foot is wider the shell physically moves out and takes the shape. Of those wider areas or those bony prominences and you're on your foot so. It's quite an advancement in boot up in. Boot technology it's really amazing not. Only that it has some thermal moldable. Materials in the liner too and what that is an intuition like material. Closed-cell foam that gets heated up also during the customization process and it further does some sculpting to. You to your foot so it really is quiet. A good fitting boot and fits many types of feet because of that custom show this is not a walking boot so it's. A little bit less of money because of that typical sole that sort of thing but. A great boot for a lady who is a good. Intermediate to advanced level type of. Skier and it's been extremely popular here at home so yeah if you found this. Video helpful please give me the big thumbs up down at the bottom and if you have any cuts any questions or comments you can comment down in the comment section that would be great, and we'll get back to you alright thanks for watching and I'll see you next time.

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    Salomon QST Lux 92 Ski - Women's

    The Salomon Women's QST 92 Ski will be your go-to whether you're railing groomers first thing in the morning or exploring some new terrain days after the last storm. With a 92mm waist width, this all-mountain ski cuts crud and chop with ease, but still rolls from edge to edge like a champ. Its All-Terrain Rocker 2.0 profile lives up to its all-terrain status, with camber underfoot that ensures excellent edge grip on firm snow and a rockered tip that navigates stuff with ease.

    Salomon's Spaceframe 3.0 AMB construction starts with an inverted 3D wood core that filters vibration and optimizes stability when you're speeding down the mountain. The CFX carbon superfiber laminate and Koroyd honeycomb tip also increases dampening, while the power platform underfoot enhances your edging on hardpack. No matter what you're riding, the ski's full sandwich sidewall construction increases snow contact so you can ski your hardest.

  • All-mountain ski for exploring terrain and ripping up groomers
  • 92mm waist is quick edge to edge and can hold a solid edge
  • Rocker profile mixes edge hold with float and maneuverability
  • Short turn radius enhances tight turns and navigating trees
  • Lightweight construction keeps you riding all day
  • Titanal layer dampens and smoothes the ride while adding power
  • Koroyd Tip cuts swingweight and prevents chatter at high speeds
  • Item #SAL01IA
  • Rob with Solomon here talking about the new Solomon alpine ski collection for 28:19 and in my hands i have the newest. Version of the salomon lux 92 the qst. Lux 92 has been in the market for a couple of seasons but for this coming year we've done some significant improvements to the interior with a new. Laminate layer the laminate layer and this uses our patented cfx or carbon and. Flax laminate technology and the new cf x3 improves the stability and edge hold. By not only using stringers that run tip to tail but also flax fibers that run. Edge to edge this flax dampens vibration while still providing the carbon performance and high-energy rebound that. You come to expect from a free ride all-mountain ski like the lux 92 the rocker profile through the tip means that this thing transitions from soft snow to hard snow very comfortably it's going to provide you float on the deep days but nice carvable edge grip on the. Days when you're out there enjoying the groomers this is a ski that has been. Loved for years and the newest version is sure to expect.

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    Scott Strapless S Ski Poles - Women's

    The Scott Women's Strapless S Ski Poles almost feel like you have nothing in your hands, thanks to their lightweight yet durable construction. With a strapless design to make it easy when it's time to hop back on the chair and a strong tip to punch through icy and firm snow, you'll wonder how you ever skied without them.

  • Lightweight ski poles for lady shredders
  • Strapless design for convenience and comfort
  • Ice tip punches through crusty snow and firm ice with ease
  • Item #SCO00UR
  • This is the scott strapless pole as its. Name suggests its strapless so the idea. Of this pole is instead of having a webbing strap that's really fiddly to get your hand in especially when your hands are cold or straps frozen the idea. Of this is its all integrated within the handle so literally just slide your hand in there it gives you a nice easy. Grip you haven't got mess about but as well. You're not going to drop the pole it is super comfortable all shaped and molded to fit your hand it's lightweight it's. Just a super easy to use pole this is. The scott strapless pole available at. Ski Bartlett in hillingdon or you can also buy it online at ski Bartlett comm. Don't forget to also check out the other. Reviews on in the snow tv.

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    Nordica Santa Ana 93 Ski - Women's

    As the slimmest ski in Nordica's Santa Ana Fleet, the Women's Santa Ana 93 Ski is a great choice for ladies who love to rip down pristine groomers, but desire the freedom to venture to the backside on occasion. The 93-millimeter waist is nimble and fast on hardpack and corduroy, but won't leave you thinking you brought the wrong skis when an unexpected storm dumps a foot of fresh. Thanks to the early rise tip and tail, each turn you make is easy to initiate and easy to release for a smooth, maneuverable feel, while underfoot camber enhances edge grip for confidence and control.

    A lightweight wood core sandwiched in between layers of carbon and Titanal gives the Santa Ana 93 a perfect blend of pop, stability, and edge-to-edge power transfer for a smooth, stable ride. And, to top off this balanced package, an impressively short turn radius means you can dance through tight trees and down wide open bowls with effortless agility.

  • All-mountain ski for shredding any type of snow
  • Adaptable 93mm waist can handle a variety of conditions
  • Early rise tip and tail ease turn initiation and increase control
  • Underfoot camber ensures reliable edge hold on hardpack
  • Wood core is light and poppy for a playful, responsive feel
  • Titanal layers dampen energy vibrations for an even ride
  • Carbon prepreg laminates increase stiffness without excess weight
  • Item #NOR004Y
  • Hey guys michelle here from the house comm and today I'm talking about the 2018 nordica santa ana 93 women's ski so. Just to jump right into it this is really a do-it-all ski for a girl that knows what she's doing it's for an intermediate to advanced level rider for a couple reasons that we'll get into and it's great for all-mountain specifically but it's gonna have a lot of floats and powder and if you want to do some freestyle moves or hit the park a little bit its diverse enough to take you there and let you be successful as well so the profile of. This as you might be able to see on the video it's kind of hard to tell but there's a pretty heavy camber right in the center here it's called the all-mountain cam rock nordica calls it. So it's gonna push the contact point of the rocker in the front back 25% with. The way that they're doing it now in the tail five percent so it's gonna give you. With the rocker in the front and increased float while the camber care is gonna give you increased velocity and. Maneuverability and powder as well as. Just on groomers too so and it's gonna have a turn initiation too, so we have cambered underfoot here and then a really early rise rocker in the nose so you'll notice if you push here is if your weight is on the ski the contact point is extremely early rise um so the. Contact when is getting really far back pretty far back especially since this is considered an all about in ski that's that's more of a classic powder. Ski i would say so for that reason with. These skis you'll notice that your contact points are a little bit shorter in general even in the back of it here too, so we would recommend that you do size up just a little bit compared to what you might normally be used to in other skis so to get into the specs of. This it's 1:24 width under nose 93. Underfoot and then one 12 in the tail. The base of these skis is centered and the edges are full steel so it's a very. Well-made ski and it does have a really. Really cool design on top i really like the top sheet it does feel super high-quality we also have some interesting technology with these skis, so we have a hammerhead nose and that's gonna maximize the contact and it's also kind of gonna reduce some vibrations that you might experience at high speed so it's a very high quality and very well-designed ski now we do have a. Partial twin tip and in the core we have poplar beach and. Balsa icore so it's gonna make it very lightweight but still super high. Performing board we have a lot of materials going into this board now with the flex of this kind of experimenting with it myself i would definitely say that's a medium flex so it's gonna be a little bit softer in the nose and a little bit. Stiffer in the tail so and obviously when you manage keys it's a little further back so it's gonna give you that. Turn initiation that you need but it's gonna be a little bit softer in the front so you can get up and powder and it's easy to maneuver still so with the laminate of this we have sheets of carbon along the edges and it gives you really good edge hold an edge grip now if you have any problems with this ski you have a one-year warranty through nordica so you can contact them with any problems that you run into now you can find the 2018 at nordica santa and a 93 women's skis at the house calm.

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    Salomon Angel S3 Ski Poles - Women's

    Your grandma's old ski poles are dope, but the wrist straps broke off two seasons ago, and that bend on the right pole isn't for racing, so it's time for the Salomon Women's Angel Ski Pole. The Angel has a classic look that will match your retro vibe perfectly, and a thoroughly modern 16mm aluminum shaft that will handle everything from pillow lines to groomer hot laps. The wide faux-fur strap is a hell of a lot better than the corroded leather you're used to, and the leather grip won't slip out of your hand at inopportune times.

  • Solid ski poles point and plant all over the mountain
  • Alloy construction is durably rigid
  • All-mountain basket, tip, grip, and strap
  • Item #SAL013Z
  • The Solomon brigade pole this is a. Aluminum pole from our friends at. Salomon this comes in some kind of in-between sizes for those guys that want to use a little bit smaller pole that aren't into the old standard size. It's got an oversized grip nice round almost kind of bmx bike style grip i. Guess you could call it very clean very basic a nice soft oversize strap on this. One and it comes with again a nice versatile utility size basket no need to. Switch it out for a powder basket it'll do the trick in soft snow as well again the salomon brigade pool check it out a level 9 sports.

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    Tecnica Cochise 105 Ski Boot - Women's

    The Tecnica Women's Cochise 105 Ski Boot doesn't shy away from charging big lines in or out of the resort. With a design that boasts Tecnica's anatomically shaped shell for a precise and comfortable fit, and tech fittings that allow you to use your lightweight pin-style AT bindings, the Cochise is a true quiver-of-one boot you can use both in bounds and out.

    Tecnica has carved out a reputation for building some of the highest performing all-mountain and race boots on the market, and the Women's Cochise 105 Ski Boot is no different. Boasting a C.A.S. shell with a consistent, predictable 105 flex, a ski/walk mode for easy touring, and a powerstrap with a buckling mechanism, this boot caters to the woman who more often than not leans towards a men's boot to find the performance she needs.

    Great attention to detail was paid to every aspect of the Cochise. Its C.A.S. technology includes a solid shell with a dimpled pattern that allows for a more precise boot-fitting process. The C.A.S. UltraFit liner is thermo-formable so the shell and liner conform to the contours of your lower leg, ankle, and underfoot. Tecnica lined the liner with merino wool for enhanced thermal regulation, smooth softness, and natural odor-resistance.

  • Versatile freeride boot for adventurous all-mountain skiers
  • 105 flex ideal for intermediate to advanced lady rippers
  • 99m last provides space for most average volume feet
  • Hike mode offers impressive range of motion on the skin track
  • Tech inserts and rubber soles work with tech bindings
  • CAS liner and shell are fully customizable fora precise fit
  • Merino lining offers warmth and odor-resistance
  • Item #TEC003N
  • What's going on I'm hunter from technical and I'm here at tahoe mountain sports to show you the women's Cochise 105 it's a. New boot offering from technical this year is our same Cochise lower you have. In the whole line this is a plug version that it comes in at a ninety-eight millimeters last so a little bit narrower still uses lightweight triax plastic. Triax plastic guys above twenty percent lighter than standard polyurethane has a. Totally new redesigned liner in here neoprene back behind the sixth toe right. Here and interchangeable souls you get. On all the Cochise boots so you can buy a tech compatible soul get down on their go to run edina fit setup as with all. The Cochise boots you have a metal-on-metal coupling walk feature in the back creates a nice stiff and. Responsive spine in the boot that you want when you're going downhill boot comes with a nice ultra fit liner nice. And plush on the top gravel off toe box. In the toe here keep your toes nice and warm this boot is the only women's boot that comes with the power lock strap you find all the men's boots makes it really easy to go from ski to tour mode and gives you a great range of motion once you unlock these two buckles here again. This is hunter from technical and come. Find the Cochise 105 women's at tahoe mountain sports.

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    DPS Skis Zelda 106 Alchemist Special Edition Ski - Women's

    The DPS Women's Zelda Alchemist Special Edition Ski is ready to take on powder days in the backcountry or late-season days skiing crud in the resort, all with ease and marvelous versatility. DPS makes its women-specific skis the exact same way as its other hard-chargers, only with a slightly altered mounting point to harness a more engaged feel. Underneath the unique, special-edition top sheet is a lightweight, fun-loving, stable ski that's built to charge.

    Its versatile 106mm waist comes in handy when the powder is deep, but the Alchemist Pure Carbon construction, which features a pre-impregnated carbon fiber laminate, also offers a damp, smooth feel when you're skiing corduroy or chunder at lightening speeds. The slightly rockered tip provides effortless float on the deepest days of the season, while the camber underfoot adds reliable edge hold on harder snow. Whether you're skiing through tight trees or laying on your edges on groomers, the lightweight aspen core adds responsiveness and pop, making each turn feel energetic and powerful.

  • Powerful, versatile ski with a special-edition top sheet
  • 106mm waist takes on hard pack and powder with ease
  • Rockered tip and slightly rockered tail offer float in deeper snow
  • Camber underfoot provides reliable edge hold on hardpack
  • Carbon construction dampens vibrations for a smooth, powerful feel
  • Lightweight aspen core adds energy and responsiveness to every turn
  • Shifted mounting point offers a more engaged feel
  • Item #DPK0025
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    Tecnica Mach1 95 MV Ski Boot - Women's

    Tecnica designed the Mach1 95 MV Women's Ski Boot to be comfortable, but that doesn't mean it lacks the chops to satisfy adventurous intermediate skiers. It features a moderately wide 100mm last with plenty of room in the toe box, but Tecnica's anatomical and heat-moldable CAS liner, eminently grindable CAS shell, and C.A.S. Ultrafit Pro heat-moldable liner are also designed to be customized to your feet, so comfort doesn't have to mean slop. Even the CAS bootboard is designed to be ground down to help you achieve the perfect stance, so you can enjoy efficiency and comfort that you thought were only in your dreams.

    The Mach1 95 is comfortable and customizable, but it can hold its own when the skiing gets adventurous, too. The 95mm flex strikes a balance between firmness and comfort, and the four micro-adjustable buckles allow you to make tiny changes to the volume and snugness, so you can enjoy comfort and control. Tecnica also built in a flexible Quick Instep panel for painless and easy entries and exits, and finished the Mach1 off with a hook-and-loop power strap that gives the cuff a smooth, reliable, and strong feel.

  • A comfortable, high-performing resort boot
  • Medium 95 flex is forgiving
  • 100mm last for average sized feet
  • CAS shell and liner are easily moldable
  • Thermoforming collar maintains blood flow and circulation
  • Quick Instep makes for easy entry and exit
  • Upright stance helps eliminate quad fatigue
  • Item #TEC002N
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    Blizzard Alight Pro Ski with TPX 12 W Binding - Women's

    The Blizzard Alight Pro Ski with TPX 12 W binding features a thin 69mm waist, traditional camber profile, short turn radius, and a construction that enhances control. This combination allows you to confidently carve up groomers and firm pack with tight turns and excessive control that will make even hard charging slalom racers jealous.

    The thin 69mm waist of the Alight pro allows you to get from edge to edge quickly and easily for smooth turn transitions and nimble control. Working with that thin waist, the traditional camber and tight turn radius create powerful energy transfer to the edges as well as confident edge hold at any speed. To ensure you can properly control the ski and benefit from its shape these sticks feature a responsive and powerful C-spine, a lightweight layup, and a damp IQ suspension. This combination will have you enjoying every turn you make from first chair to last run.

  • Traditional all-mountain carving ski with integrated bindings
  • 69mm waist transfers from edge to edge quickly and easily
  • Traditional camber enhances power transfer to your edges
  • Short turn radius encourages tight turning for maximum control
  • IQ suspension smooths out your ride by boosting dampness
  • Full sidewalls enhance torsional rigidity and stability
  • C-Spine core adds carbon to a full wood core for response
  • Item #BLZ003L
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    Rossignol Trixie Ski - Girls'

    Designed for the progressing young shredder who's looking to take their talents to every corner of the map, the Rossignol Trixie Ski is a versatile all-mountain ski that performs everywhere from the park to the bumps. Its nimble 80mm waist easily rides groomers and performs well on park features, helping your young skier get comfortable all over the mountain.

    The traditional camber profile provides plenty of grip and stability at speeds, perfect for rocketing into their first big airs or racing parents back to the lodge. Rossignol's Jib Tip technology gives you plenty of pop for more energized takeoffs, and shock absorption for smoother landings, ensuring that learning in the park can be as painless as possible. The tips are also rounded for backwards landings and approaches. Rossitop cap sidewalls offer an increased resistance to chipping for early attempts on rails and in the woods. The Trixie also comes with Look bindings so these skis are ready to go right away.

  • Gives your progressing young ripper all-mountain capability
  • 80mm waist is perfect for shredding the park or the groomers
  • Cambered profile provides grip and stability for growing speeds
  • Rounded Jib Tips allow for backwards skiing and smooth airs
  • Cap construction saves weight and resists chipping
  • Lightweight poplar core allows for playful maneuverability
  • Look bindings are included to save money and add convenience
  • Item #ROS00EQ
  • Hi I'm kylie I'm from evo and in the. Hand i have the rossignol trixie jib this key is a lightweight ski full wood. Core great for beginner to intermediate skier looking to get into park skiing. It's a full cap construction and full. Camber underfoot so you can see here in. The middle of ski quite a bit of camber a great rebound extra energy added pop. This is. Rossignol gave the ski a more rounded. Tip and tail an overall profile great. For riding switch almost true twin a. Little wider in the nose though and yeah. It's overall great fun ski for the park.

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    Salomon X Pro 100 Ski Boot - Women's

    You've been looking for that all-mountain ripper that's comfortable enough to cruise groomers with the family, but aggressive enough to hold its own during a few backside laps. The Salomon X Pro 100 Ski Boot accomplishes just that. Its medium 100 flex offers stiffness and performance when you need it, without feeling overly aggressive.

    Salomon knows you shouldn't have to sacrifice comfort for performance, so their 360 degree Custom Shell and Cuff is fully moldable, accommodating lasts from 100 to 106mm, to help keep your feet happy while you ski from first chair to last call. TwinFrame technology gives the boot rigidity where it's needed and softness for easy entry so you can slip your shiny new shoes on with ease, even if you forgot to set them by the heater last night.

  • High-performance resort boot for both groomers or backside laps
  • 100 flex comfortably accommodates intermediate to advanced skiers
  • Average last fits most normal width feet right out of the box
  • 360 Custom Shell and Cuff are fully moldable for a custom fit
  • TwinFrame Technology balances rigidity and softness for easy on
  • Oversized pivot increases edge grip and power transmission
  • 4 aluminum buckles are easy to adjust and create a snug fit
  • 35mm Power Strap locks in the foot for a day on the slopes
  • Item #SAL01J0
  • Hey this is garrigan from home of sun valley in san mateo california and in. This video i want to go over the salomon pro 100 boot the pro boots have been. Around for a couple years now and really a proven success this happens to be as. Are all the pro boots a 100 millimeter. Lasted booth which means that it's going to fit an average foot quite well right out of the box that being a c width to. Ad — with foot quite well and one of the. Things that Solomon has done in the last couple years is really concentrated on unfit they're engineers have put a huge. Amount of effort a lot of dollars in. Getting the fit right there's sort of two ways to make it the one you can make it with lots of soft cushy foam and the. Liner is just like a marshmallow you put your foot in there and you get a sense of how this fits fantastic the problem with that soft cushy foam is that when. You go skiing it just allows your foot to move around and then you over buckle. Up buckles and you start to get lack of circulation lots of other problems for the boot and plus to the fit of the. Boot packs out sooner and it becomes useless sooner the other philosophy is you're gonna put some firm dense foam. Inside the liner and but when you do. That you have to know what the foot looks like and so some has done a really. Good job of that in engineering that firm foam but at the same time contouring it in a way that's gonna fit. The average foot really well and. Then when you do that it holds your foot. Very firmly you don't feel a need to buckle the buckles down really tight you. Have maximum circulation and better overall fit and great control because you're holding that so that's the pro. Boot the pro boot is also custom shell. And custom shell is the ability for the. Shell to conform to your foot so the way we do that we do it up in an oven to 200. Degrees put it on your foot and the shell material the heart counterpart physically if you have a wide foot or bony prominence shell moves. Out and conforms to those parts of your foot and then cools in that position so. It will actually fit a foot that's much wider than a d by doing that custom fit. Process and then the liners also heat. Foldable foams in there, so we eat the liner up and it further details to the two curvatures and nooks and crannies of. Your foot the pro boot is the typical. Two-piece overlap she'll design alpine. Replaceable sole like most other typical. Boots and it's been around for quite a. While it's one of the most popular boots and that is the 100 pro so if you found. This video helpful i mean the big thumbs up and if you have any questions or comments you can comment the comment section down below make sure you subscribe to our channel for more informative videos thanks for watching see you next time.

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    DPS Skis Zelda 106 Alchemist Special Edition Ski - Women's

    The DPS Women's Zelda Alchemist Special Edition Ski is ready to take on powder days in the backcountry or late-season days skiing crud in the resort, all with ease and marvelous versatility. DPS makes its women-specific skis the exact same way as its other hard-chargers, only with a slightly altered mounting point to harness a more engaged feel. Underneath the unique, special-edition top sheet is a lightweight, fun-loving, stable ski that's built to charge.

    Its versatile 106mm waist comes in handy when the powder is deep, but the Alchemist Pure Carbon construction, which features a pre-impregnated carbon fiber laminate, also offers a damp, smooth feel when you're skiing corduroy or chunder at lightening speeds. The slightly rockered tip provides effortless float on the deepest days of the season, while the camber underfoot adds reliable edge hold on harder snow. Whether you're skiing through tight trees or laying on your edges on groomers, the lightweight aspen core adds responsiveness and pop, making each turn feel energetic and powerful.

  • Powerful, versatile ski with a special-edition top sheet
  • 106mm waist takes on hard pack and powder with ease
  • Rockered tip and slightly rockered tail offer float in deeper snow
  • Camber underfoot provides reliable edge hold on hardpack
  • Carbon construction dampens vibrations for a smooth, powerful feel
  • Lightweight aspen core adds energy and responsiveness to every turn
  • Shifted mounting point offers a more engaged feel
  • Item #DPK0025
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    K2 Minaret 100 Ski Boot - Women's

    Switching between skis as conditions and objectives change is nice. Switching between boots isn't quite as great, especially when your feet have made a cozy little niche for themselves in your go-to boots. Luckily for your feet, K2 has built the Women's Minaret 100 Ski Boot to do it all, so you can wear the same pair of boots when you take your lightweight touring set up out to the backcountry, load up your mid-fats for a little all-mountain slaying.

    Modeled after the K2 Pinnacle, the Minaret houses all of the same features, but sports a roomier 100mm last and medium flex for a more forgiving feel. It utilizes the same Synchro Interlock walk mode as the Pinnacle, which forgoes rivets in favor of an interlocking wedge and V-lock mechanism to lock the shell and cuff together once the boot is in ski mode, eliminating play. Adding to the overall stiffness of the boot is the Powerfuse Spyne, which extends from the cuff to the shell to deliver a more responsive and confidence-inspiring feel during the descent. The Minaret comes ready to step into just about any binding you might own with a DIN-compatible sole attached and tech fittings installed. K2 also offers a lugged Vibram sole (sold separately) if you're planning on spending a lot of time in the backountry.

  • 100 flex
  • 100mm last
  • LuxFit Tour Intuition liner (thermo-moldable)
  • Powerfuse Spyne
  • Synchro Interlock walk mode
  • Integrated tech fittings
  • Interchangeable soles (Vibram soles sold separately)
  • Item #K2S008R
  • hey this is sarah from level 9 sports I'm here to review the k2 minarets this. Is an 80 flex suit which is ideal for our intermediate riders it does have the. Intuition liner super comfortable you can get it he molded or let it fold over time and it's an overall super comfy. Boot to wear all day whether your beginner or intermediate so with that 80. Flex can be a little bit easier flex more sauce you're not going to feel so tough and tighten it with the casey minaret it has a nice fit for a woman. Specifically with the wider calf and swimmer around the foot itself to curve. And keep you feeling supported while using so this boot features the syncro interlock so you can have a walk speed mode walking for around the resort then. You can lock that in as you head down the mountain so the k2 minaret is a. Great women-specific intermediate boot that's got great performance super comfy and you'll be riding it all day long this is the k2. Minarets women's ski boot check this out and more at level 9

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    Armada Victa 93 Ski - Women's

    Armada's Women's Victa 93 Ski is a versatile daily driver for the resort-lapping lady. The 93mm waist gives this ski all-mountain prowess that will have you railing groomers and sliding through soft snow with a smile on your face the whole way down. The ultralight wood core provides a smooth and consistent flex that will please skiers of all abilities. Carbon and KEVLAR stringers add a playful pop, and the fiberglass laminate increases torsional rigidity, keeping you stable and in control while you're bombing the resort at killer speeds.

  • Playful and forgiving all-mountain ski that can handle it all
  • 91-93mm waist is quick edge to edge and floats in new snow
  • Shorter turn radius encourages edge hold and eases turn initiation
  • AR Nose Rocker floats over new snow without sacrificing edging
  • Power-Lite core cuts weight for long days on the hill
  • Laminate Matrix provides a consistent and long lasting pop
  • Armadas fastest base, the Comp Series, glides exceptionally well
  • Item #ARM00JQ
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    Line Honey Bee Ski - Women's

    If the park were a fresh, doughy roll, then the Line Women's Honey Bee Ski would the sweetest glaze to smear all over those rails and jumps; just don't forget to butter before you take off. The early rise tip and tail encourage buttering all over the park, and also work to provide you with enjoyable float in deeper snow while still maintaining easy engagement on hardpack. Line's Symmetrical Flex provides an equally balanced feel whether you're riding switch or not, and the lightweight aspen wood core keeps the ride soft, playful, and responsive, also makes the ski easy to throw around. Fiberglass near the core along with thicker edges and bases add durability to the mix, increasing the tuning life so you can spend more time perfecting your 360 and less time in the shop.

  • Dominate the park with this women-specific park ski
  • Skinny 92mm waist speeds up spinning on and off jumps
  • Early rise tip and tail float in deep snow and engage on hardpack
  • Lightweight aspen core is nimble and responsive
  • Symmetric Flex feels the same when you ride switch
  • Thicker edges and base increase durability and tuning life
  • Fiberglass near core enhances durability without adding weight
  • Item #LIN005H
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    Liberty Genesis 96 Ski - Women's

    The Liberty Genesis 96 Ski is back on the slopes, with a new profile but the same playful attitude. On the slimmer end of Liberty's line of Genesis skis with a 96mm waist, these planks are well equipped for handling slick groomers and off-trail hardpack, with just enough fat to take advantage of hidden powder stashes. Like all Liberty skis, the Genesis 96 is made with a bamboo and poplar core, and it's been laminated with carbon fiber to knock your socks off with its snappy yet lightweight strength.

    The Genesis 96's new Stealth Rocker profile ditches the twin tips in favor of a flat tail and early rise in the shovel. This way you still benefit from effortless float over powder and crud, yet gain stability in choppy conditions. Camber underfoot keeps you in control with plenty of edge hold and quick response on the steeps.

  • An all-mountain ripper for any day of the season
  • Versatile 96mm waist is ready for anything
  • Early rise profile floats pow and carves hardpack
  • Bamboo core is light, strong, and eco-friendly
  • Carbon fiber increases strength without the weight
  • Sidewalls let you lay down turns on firm snow
  • Item #LBY001B
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    Kerma Legend Pro Poles - Women's

    The lifties sure don't appreciate you battling every single pole that makes up the chairlift, but it certainly is a fun way to pass the time. Most expensive, carbon-laden poles snap under the pressure of this seriously epic battle, but the Kerma Women's Legend Pro Pole stays solid throughout all your wars. This all-mountain pole has a bias for freeriding powder days just like the rest of the skiers at the resort. As for your chairlift battles, nobody has seen a war this epic since the windmill fiasco in the early 1600s. 

  • A legendary ski pole that can take a beating
  • Full aluminum shaft brings the durability without the weight
  • Freeride-friendly grip, shaft, and powder basket
  • Item #DYN005Q
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    Tecnica Mach1 95 LV Ski Boot - Women's

    No matter how pure your love for skiing is, it's hard to go on when your feet are screaming. Tecnica designed the Women's Mach1 95 LV Ski Boot for narrow-footed intermediate to advanced skiers who want to shred from bell to bell in comfort. The medium 95 flex isn't overly aggressive, and the narrow 98mm last keeps low volume feet from sliding all over the place.

    The CAS shell and liner work together to feel great out of the box, but are both easily customizable for a more precise individual fit. Tecnica went super techy with its Mach1 line and utilized Celliant and Lambswool Heat, which uses thermoreactive minerals to convert body heat into Infrared energy, increasing circulation, blood flow, and oxygen. Bottom line—no more numb feet. The Quick Instep makes it easy to slip this boot on and off, even if you were too lazy to bring them inside last night and they're a little frosty.

  • A high performing resort boot to charge the frontside
  • Medium 95 flex is forgiving
  • 98mm last ideal for low volume feet
  • CAS shell is easy to customize
  • Ultrafit Pro Liner is moldable for maximum comfort
  • Thermoforming collar holds in heat and maintains circulation
  • Natural Stance eliminates quad fatigue
  • Quick Instep makes it easy to step in and out
  • Item #TEC002M
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