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  Syncros Belcarra V 1.0 TRI Saddle - Men's Brooks England Flyer Saddle - Men's Selle SMP Lite 209 Saddle - Men's Selle Italia C2 Gel Flow Saddle - Men's WTB Pure Pro Saddle - Men's Supacaz x S-Works Power Saddle - Men's Fi'zi:k Antares 00 Versus Evo Saddle - Men's Selle SMP Blaster Carbon Rail Saddle - Men's Selle Royal Forum Moderate Saddle - Men's SDG Components Radar MTN Cro-Mo Saddle - Men's Selle SMP Glider Saddle - Men's ISM PN 3.0 Saddle - Men's Brooks England B17 Imperial Saddle - Men's Selle Italia SP-01 Tekno Superflow Saddle - Men's Fi'zi:k Gobi M1 Carbon Braided Rail Saddle - Men's Selle SMP Composit Carbon Rail Saddle - Men's Selle Italia Novus SuperFlow L Saddle - Men's
  Syncros Belcarra V 1.0 TRI Saddle - Men's Brooks England Flyer Saddle - Men's Selle SMP Lite 209 Saddle - Men's Selle Italia C2 Gel Flow Saddle - Men's WTB Pure Pro Saddle - Men's Supacaz x S-Works Power Saddle - Men's Fi'zi:k Antares 00 Versus Evo Saddle - Men's Selle SMP Blaster Carbon Rail Saddle - Men's Selle Royal Forum Moderate Saddle - Men's SDG Components Radar MTN Cro-Mo Saddle - Men's Selle SMP Glider Saddle - Men's ISM PN 3.0 Saddle - Men's Brooks England B17 Imperial Saddle - Men's Selle Italia SP-01 Tekno Superflow Saddle - Men's Fi'zi:k Gobi M1 Carbon Braided Rail Saddle - Men's Selle SMP Composit Carbon Rail Saddle - Men's Selle Italia Novus SuperFlow L Saddle - Men's
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Brand SDG Components WTB Brooks England Selle Italia Fi'zi:k Selle Royal Selle SMP Syncros Supacaz Selle Italia Brooks England Selle Italia Fi'zi:k Selle SMP ISM Selle SMP Selle SMP
Claimed Weight 245g 263 g 510 g 220 g [Large] 159g, [Regular] 153g 521g 270g 180g [143mm] 159g, [155mm] 161g 260 g 860 g [L3] 145g, [S3] 140g 155 g 190g - 310g 220g
Cover [top] microfiber, [sides] Kevlar microfiber - Fibra-Tek Vacuum applied texturized Mokka soft-touch [black] leather, [vintage brown] microfiber microfabric synthetic leather leather Fibra-Tek perforated Microtex and Cordura leather - leather/Lorica black
Manufacturer Warranty 1 year 2 years - 2 years 2 years - 2 years limited 2 years 2 years 2 years 1 year 2 years 2 years - 1 year 2 years 2 years
Rails chromoly steel Cro-Moly steel TI 316 Mobius Carbon - steel carbon (7 x 9mm) FACT 7x9mm Carbon Manganese Tube 7mm steel high-modulus carbon fiber (7 x 9mm oval) braided carbon unidirectional carbon fiber Stainless steel steel unidirectional carbon fiber
Recommended Use enduro, trail mountain biking cycling cycling cyclocross, gravel, road cycling commuting, road cycling cross-country, cyclocross, downhill, enduro, gravel, mud/sand/snow, road cycling, trail, triathlon trail, triathlon cross-country, cyclocross, gravel, road cycling, triathlon road and mountain biking Touring, long distance road cycling mountain biking commuting, road cycling, trail, triathlon road cycling, trail, triathlon cyclocross, gravel, road cycling, triathlon commuting, cross-country, road cycling, trail
Seat Length 270mm 273 mm 10.7 in 278 mm 275mm 271mm 266mm 245mm - 276 mm - 286mm 285 mm 263mm 255mm 273mm 266mm
Seat Width 138mm 148 mm 6.5 in 146 mm [Large] 146mm, [Regular] 139mm 180mm 136mm 140mm 143, 155mm 136 mm 175 mm [L3] 145mm, [S3] 130mm 126 mm 129mm 120mm 139mm 131mm
Shell glass-filled nylon Flex-Tuned leather 30% carbon High Modulus Carbon - composite Light PU foam FACT Carbon carbon-reinforced nylon - carbon fiber carbon composite carbon-reinforced nylon - carbon-reinforced nylon carbon-reinforced nylon

Syncros Belcarra V 1.0 TRI Saddle - Men's

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Brooks England Flyer Saddle - Men's

Add vintage flair to your new touring bike with the Brooks Heritage Saddles Men's Flyer Saddle. The two springs absorb road and trail vibration the old-school way to reduce fatigue after hours in the saddle. The leather cover is comfortable and durable. Aside from its performance advantages, the Flyer adds classic vintage style to your rig to make it as fun to look at as it is to ride. Well, almost.

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Selle SMP Lite 209 Saddle - Men's

Built to relieve the pressure that many race saddles place on the pudendal nerve and surrounding soft tissue, the Selle SMP Lite 209's pronounced central channel eliminates numbness to reduce fatigue. The unique beak shape provides a flat base while sitting, but reduces pressure on the genital area. It's designed for pants ranging in size from medium to extra-large, the rear of the saddle has been raised to provide an optimized position during hard pedaling. The Lite 209 is made with a nylon/carbon composite shell for efficient power transfer and an engineered flex for comfort. The stainless steel rails also provide mild shock and vibration absorption. Cushioning over harsh terrain, the saddle's foam elastomer padding is wrapped in supple leather or microfiber (depending on your choice) to deliver all-day comfort.

  • Cushioned, comfy saddle for riders with medium-wide pelvises
  • Significant elastomer padding smoothes out bumpy rides
  • Steel rails add strength and long-lasting durability
  • Plush saddle cover offers soft comfort
  • Designed for M, L, XL size pants
  • Item #SLL0019
  • Yeah I'm here with dave from smp saddles. And he's gonna tell us about a great new triathlon saddle they're pretty well. Known for the road saddle and once you. First just explain leave the difference between your road family saddles and the. New try family saddles sure and how that perhaps compares to the competition sure well stella smp has been making. Saddles 100% in italy since 1947 and. Since 2004 most people no sell a snp for. Their very curved patented design that. Cradles the entire pelvic structure offering 100% blood flow related. Elimination of pain numbness there's no. Impingement of the pudendal nerve and a very distinct unique shape in the road. Mountain bike cyclotrons travel world. And a few years ago the project was. Undertaken to bring all the health comfort and performance benefits from. Their patented saddles in the road world. Of mountain bike world and offer those same benefits in the triathlon world in the time trial world and the t series or. Triathlon series of saddles was introduced with t1 through t5 saddles. Now offering the optimum size of saddle. Level of padding in the saddle for each. Individual rider and in comparison will. See that the t series saddles appear. To be much flatter in profile versus the. Curve bruce impose however the. Technology of the foam and the. Creation of the foam or the padding that's used specific for the needs of the triathlete or the aero bar athlete. Once they're rotated forward moving forward sliding forward in that arrow position offers the same pelvic. Stability seen elimination of numbness. Because there's no compression of soft tissue which is the same for men and. Women it's not a male or female specific. Saddle it's a human specific saddle and. The scene whose benefits apply we want. To support the weight of the rider completely on the bone structure and. Illuminate any contact to the soft tissue optimally size and fit the rider. Depending on if they're you know very small. And petite or on the other end of the. Size scale, so we can support that but dave i think we're all familiar with. Most triathletes the is and the da mo's saddle which has really no support on the front of it and the beef most. People have is that it's wide in the. Nose and it rubs on some people's v so how does this compare the tri saddle to. The highest sense though well i think the most important thing to understand. Is that there's two standout features. That separate you know what is become a. Very popular saddle in the triathlon world to new technology and benefits the. First being the series of saddles that. Run from the t3 which is going to be. This saddle which is the smallest narrowest in the line and all the way up. To the t1 which is the other side which is the largest so each individual. Rider can find the saddle that fits them. Proportionally that's optimum meaning we. Don't want to put the very large athlete. On the very narrowest saddle or vice versa because they interact with the saddle differently there the proportions aren't the same between. Those two athletes so we can optimally. Match the size of the athlete to the size of the saddle level of padding. Whether you prefer a little bit more minimalistic level padding to a greater. Degree of padding a little bit softer. Level the other most important thing is that the saddle itself is connected both at. The front and at the back so the shell of the saddle continues and the easy to. See on the road line the eagle beatin design which is very distinctive continues the shell of the saddle and. Gives you greater pelvic stability because you don't introduce the chance of the saddle becoming out of plane. Whether that's from rider weight from pedaling from the forces of the seat post. Causing the saddle to separate or to. Move and so by continuing this shell it. Bends out of the way so there's no contact with the body same thing applies from the road line to the tribe line that you still get a modified eagle beat. Design so this is bending out of the way but the shell continued so you keep. Pelvic stability and pelvic integrity both at the front of the saddle the back. Of the saddle seat post clamping forces. Can't distort the saddle pedaling forces can't distort the saddle so you maintain optimum stability optimum comfort optimal performance well that's awesome. I got just one question though did they only come in these colors well the very. Distinct red and yellow are our test saddles so you can come in and try them out for yourself and then, and then we know if we lost our tests out that's right can't get mixed up in the studio and then as far as regular saddles they. Come in black white or the fluoro yellow. Fluorescent color ok thanks a lot dave, so we're gonna have these test saddles at our trek locations, and we do pro bike. Fitting that's all part of getting set up correctly on the bike having the right saddle as well so come on in. Check out these new saddles, and we hope to see you soon thank you.

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    Selle Italia C2 Gel Flow Saddle - Men's

    The Selle Italia C2 Gel Flow Saddle blurs the lines between a firm race saddle and a comfort-oriented setup. The anatomic cutout and gel padding reduce the incidence of hotspots, while the manganese rails and leather top ensure that the C2 Gel Flow is built to put in the miles. So, if you find a rock-hard racing saddle to be too minimalist, but you still want a supportive saddle, you've just found a match.

    The comfort of the C2 saddle starts with its nylon shell. It's designed to provide plenty of support for pedaling all-day, but it has enough flex built-in to cancel out most chatter and road vibration. The targeting padding tells a similar story -- it's supportive, but with plenty of give. It starts with an extra dose of foam as compared to Selle Italia's race-driven saddles, and it's topped off with a thin layer of gel. The gel used here is a far cry from the seat covers that you've seen. Instead of feeling like a bar stool, the C2 uses just enough padding to take the sting out of the roughest roads and bumpiest trails. However, it's still firm enough to protect you from hot spots. Additionally, the shape of the saddle naturally directs your body weight towards the rear of the saddle where your sit bones are able to take the brunt of support. And to make this more comfortable, the C2 features a 136mm width -- that's around 5mm wider than the SLR linen of saddles.

    Differentiating itself from the standard C2 Genuine Gel saddle, the Flow features a respectably sized cutout. As a result, that pressure is directed to your sit bones (ischial tuberosity), which are far more adept at supporting your body weight. Additionally, they're able to do so without causing numbness during long rides. This principle is further supported by the wide cut out, as it removes pressure from the pudendal nerve. Essentially, this is a nerve that runs from around the third vertebrae, all the way down towards your foot. And when compressed at the perineum region, it is one of the major contributors to numbness. So, by relieving the very threat of pressure, your blood flow remains consistent, eliminating numbness.

    Supporting the saddle itself are Selle Italia's Manganese Tube rails. These rails are lightweight, but they're also strong enough for off-road use. And on the topic of durability, the perforated leather cover not only breathes to keep you cool, but it's hard wearing and naturally abrasion-resistant.

    The Selle Italia C2 Gel Flow Saddle is available in a 136x276mm size and in the color Black.

  • Extremely light, comfortable saddle for both on- and off-road
  • Breathable cover helps prevent hot spots
  • Targeted padding with gel inserts cushions where you need it
  • Manganese tube rails are light, yet tough enough for off-road
  • Item #SEL0101
  • Welcome back fellow subscribers and other you tubers in this video I'm going to do a review of bs le italia max slr. Gel flow seat now this seat i recently. Got to replace my previous bicycle seat was just a stock seat it didn't really fit me too well and i felt really uncomfortable riding the bicycle over about i want to say like 45 minutes and about an hour mark it would get really painful so i decided to stop by my local bike shop and pick this guy up now the. Primary reason i picked it up first of all is of course this thing is bedded so it's got some gel and just got a little bit on the back and then also some towards the middle right here but the most important part actually is the channel that you see right here it's a pretty big channel makes it so that basically your prostate doesn't hurt nearly as much when you're riding but also it puts much less pressure on your cheeks so that helps quite a bit it's. Also kind of wider seat so if you're a. Slightly bigger guy this might be the seat for you i am smaller but i. Do need the extra width on the seat on the back to make it you know a lot better now something else is really great about this seat is that it's got binocs rails I'm probably completely butchering that but these rails right here you can hopefully see it says faint ox right there they basically absorb a. Lot of vibration while you're writing as you can see it's a really slim profile seat there's not a lot of padding to it and if your bike is a standard road bike like mine then chances are you probably don't have much of a suspension on and going so any bump that you take on the road is probably going to be absorbed by these rails most likely now. The reason why I'm going to be actually. Selling this seat is because for me personally it didn't quite match up to what i wanted my seat to be meaning that. It does get quite uncomfortable still after a little bit but with seats like this if you're not used to a road-going seat then basically you have to kind of give yourself some time you have to. Basically break the seat in for a couple of weeks also kinda have to break your butt in as well so that's something else to look to when buying a road-going seat like this now the build quality is really great even though this isn't genuine leather it's put together really. Well and you've not only been riding for about a week it doesn't look like there're any scuffs on the seat at all really good build quality really fairly comfortable seat actually and it's got a great profile so if you have aerodynamics in mind this seats definitely the way to go now something else i got to mention the see this is really light it's only 250 grams so. That's something that you might want to keep in mind as well and last but not least if you're looking for a seat this size this one is in all three now they. Do have a bunch of them they have the l 2 they have the l 1 the s3 s2 and the. S-1 all of which kind of in descending. Order from this one this is if you're a smaller person might want to look to a smaller seat and again you can check for the specifics on the assembly italia site but basically this is what it is i. Give the seat probably a good 8 out of 10 for overall build quality and comfort. It's not quite this seat for me I'll be getting a different one and doing a review of that later on but hopefully this helps those of you guys out shopping for a nice bicycle seat for this summer thank you guys and I'll see you in my next video.

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    WTB Pure Pro Saddle - Men's

    The Pure Pro Saddle is a little bit plusher than most of WTB's other offerings, but it doesn't have a significant weight penalty as a result of the extra cushioning. With its Cro-Moly steel rails, the Pro weighs 263g, which isn't featherlight but won't slow you down on cross-country or all-mountain rides. It's dropped nose and rising whale-tail back prevent short hang-ups and give you a platform to push against when you're climbing, and the Flex-Tuned shell blends suppleness and responsiveness so you have great feel without getting hammered to smithereens on rough trails. WTB also outfitted the Pure Pro with its DNA padding, which conforms to your anatomy almost like memory foam to relieve pressure points and keep you feeling fresh for the long haul.

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    Supacaz x S-Works Power Saddle - Men's

    Enjoy a comfortable perch and add a bit of pizzazz to your bike with the lightweight x S-Works Power Saddle from Supacaz. Sporting a stiff and strong FACT carbon shell and rails for excellent support and ride compliance, this high-performance saddle drops grams and is tuned to help you ride at tempo comfortably for hours on the hoods or in the drops. Using a Body Geometry design and featuring a tough, lightweight, and water-resistant cover over a light level of PU padding, the saddle's unique shape is honed through blood flow testing and pressure mapping, for both men and women. It achieves proper sit bone support while its extra minimize and elongated Body Geometry channel relieves pressure on arteries and sensitive soft-tissue areas. The icing on the cake is the signature Supacaz colors and graphics that perfectly match its bar tape, ensuring your bike always looks great.

  • An ergonomic saddle for putting out the power
  • Light PU padding for comfort and support on long rides
  • The tough, lightweight, and water-resistant cover is durable
  • Carbon FACT shell and rails minimize weight
  • Wide Body Geometry channel relieves pressure
  • Item #SZZ0014
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    Fi'zi:k Antares 00 Versus Evo Saddle - Men's

    The Antares 00 Versus Evo Saddle from Fi'zi:k represents the firm's top-tier saddle for riders who match it's Chameleon Spine Concept with a pressure relieving channel. Its full carbon construction drops grams and delivers stiffness while still offering all-day comfort. Thanks to the Versus Evo full channel, Fi'zi:k is able to focus on pressure relief at soft tissue areas while the high modulus full carbon shell is tuned for maximum power transfer.

    Its close relationship with the pros led the firm to the realization that there was a critical link between saddle shapes and profiles, spine flexibility and pelvic rotation, and comfort. Using its Spine Concept Evo fitting system, the Antares is a slightly waved profile saddle designed for Chameleons, meaning riders with a medium degree of body flexibility and low pelvic rotation while pedaling.

    Its Mobius carbon rail is a single, proprietary closed-loop design providing balanced weight distribution that further contributes to its stiffness and eliminates any pressure hotspots on the ischial bones. The cover is applied over the padding with a vacuum process that enables a more progressive cushioning, while the surface texture provides more grip so you stay put while pushing a big gear.

  • Fi'zi:k's lightweight saddle with Versus technology
  • Versus EVO channel relieves pressure on soft tissue
  • Mobius carbon closed-loop rail offers balanced weight distribution 

  • Full carbon shell is stiff and supportive
  • Vacuum applied texturized cover offers progressive cushioning and added grip
  • Designed for riders who fall into Fizik's Chameleon classification
  • Choose between Regular and Large widths
  • Comfortable, slightly waved profile for riders with lower flexibility and low pelvic rotation
  • Item #FIZ008K
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    Selle SMP Blaster Carbon Rail Saddle - Men's

    Pressure-relieving cutouts are nothing new when it comes to road saddles, so Selle SMP figured that trail riders might want the comfort of its signature cutout channel too. The Selle SMP Blaster Saddle blends the company's renowned pressure-relieving design and a durable nylon/carbon composite shell for a resulting versatility to span both road and mountain applications. Not to mention, this saddle uses unidirectional carbon fiber rails for an ideal blend of impressively low weight and top-tier strength.

    Like the all-rounder Stratos and Dynamic, the Blaster is best suited for cyclists with average-width pelvises, as it features a moderate profile and a fairly minimal amount of padding. At the nose, there's the characteristic "beak" shape designed to provide a flat base while sitting that minimizes pressure. Down the center, SMP's pronounced central channel further reduces pressure on the pudendal nerve and surrounding soft tissue. The back of the saddle is raised for an enhanced seated pedaling position, where body weight is divided between the rear and lower part of the ischial tuberosity region. This shape also helps reduce overall pressure on the coccyx while riding over rough surfaces.

  • Durable saddle with pressure-relieving design elements
  • Carbon fiber rails offer strength at an ultra-low weight
  • Large center cutout reduces pressure on sensitive tissues
  • Shell construction is both light and durable
  • Minimal padding provides support without excess bulk
  • Recommended for cyclists with average-width sit bones
  • Item #SLL000W
  • I'm here with the coiler from sell s&p;. And he's gonna talk about a new race saddle in their range yeah for 2017 we. Have a new item which is the blaster. Model this is the new model within the professional range of salus mp this model is perfect for mtb and world bike. As well, it's a kind of composite but with a very. Light padding throughout the whole sorrow like all sp assembly for bike. Models its unisex so it's perfect for both women and gentlemen the philosophy of these saddles of this specific model. Is the same as all the other models the most important thing is regarding the ergonomy of the saddle so you can. Easily see that it's a kind of different. Shape compared to traditional saros available on the market yeah i mean i can say that the odinson see that there's a quite a big dip in the noise there isn't and kind of sweep up at the back it's a kind of s line it perfectly matches the shape of. Any kind of ischial generosities social. Signals and it's very important to avoid. Any kind of pressure on the perineal. Area and genital parts especially thanks to the complete open channel starting. From the back up to the nose and especially this part is the most. Important one because when you are sitting on the bike while pedaling. Especially in very upfront position most. Of the compression is concentrated here. So this is the most critical part in the interaction between the human being and the saddle this is the longest rail available on the market which is very important in order to find the right position in term. Of back and forward adjustment so if. You've got a very extreme position if you rise and you like this at a very far back or very far forward you should be able to find on those rails yeah exactly that's the that's the main point and this is one of the most important factors why many bike fitters suggest. Smp within their bike fitting service. And package. So that was a road race version but you. Also do triathlons saddles and time shadows and stuff like that yes of course starting from few years ago we developed a smp 4-bike range of shadows dedicated specifically to try them we have five. Different models the philosophy is quiet. Similar because the complete open cutout. And the rail is the same but it's a. Little bit flatter in order to get the chance to slide forward and backward and. It's a little bit more padded because. You know much better than me the travelers they don't use the padding inside the bit shirts and it's shorter. So it allows strategists to find the. The Best position for them and we have five. Different models in terms of dimensions. So it depends on the width the subtle so. In this way with these five models we. Can say that everybody can find their own saddles based on their body features. And personal preferences with the smp. 4-bike philosophy the saddle has to. Adapt to the cyclists and not the country not the opposite so it's like. Everybody can find his or her own. Customized sorrow which is very important in terms of comfort and performance as well which is related together good chess.

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    Selle Royal Forum Moderate Saddle - Men's

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    SDG Components Radar MTN Cro-Mo Saddle - Men's

    From hard-charging enduro stages to long and meandering trail rides, the SDG Radar MTN Cro-Mo Saddle provides the support needed for all-day comfort on the bike, without leaving a huge dent in your wallet. By combining design elements from their most popular models, SDG did their absolute best to cater to a wide variety of riding styles and preferences with the new Radar Saddle, making this a solid option for aggressive trail riders and newcomers alike.

    Key features include free-floating rail inserts to increase wing flex and comfort, as well as padding designed to distribute pressure evenly underneath your sit bones. The flat-forward shape allows free movement on the saddle in aggressive riding positions, while the wider nose platform offers extra support when shifting to the front of the saddle on steep climbs. The pronounced center channel and hidden undercut ensure adequate pressure relief, helping to relieve numbness and pain as you're racking up trail miles. There's even a rear cutout to help the saddle clear modern 29ers with low seat tubes when you bottom out your suspension.

  • Saddle offering all-day comfort for trail and enduro
  • Free-floating rail inserts increase wing flex and comfort
  • Padding distributes pressure evenly under your sit bones
  • Flat-forward design allows free movement on the saddle
  • Nose platform provides support on steep climbs
  • Rear buzz cutout clears 29er tires at full compression
  • Microfiber top with Kevlar sides resists tearing
  • Center channel and undercut relieve perineal pressure
  • Item #SDC000R
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    Selle SMP Glider Saddle - Men's

    Upon initial inspection, the Selle SMP saddles may not look like they would be your first choice in comfort. But, looks are deceiving, and once you try it, the Glider saddle may just end up being your favorite saddle. They aren't the lightest saddle on the market, but they have been developed and produced after careful consideration of how the body actually interfaces with the bike, and if you are going to spend countless hours in the saddle, comfort trumps weight. The Glider, as with all SMP saddles, features a drop beak-shaped nose which relieves pressure from soft tissue regions. This design also means that when you ride, it's easier to roll forward and keep a flat back.

    Ideal for pants ranging in size from medium to extra large, the paddle (widest part of the saddle) has been slightly elevated so that you have something to push on when you climb or take off in the break away. The center of the 136mm wide saddle features a wide cut out which eliminates pressure in the perineal zone. And with decent elastomer padding, it also keeps all your "bits" from getting crushed. That "highly technical" term is being used all inclusive of the male and female anatomy. The saddle is built upon traditional steel rails and a nylon/carbon fiber composite shell. You won't need to worry about your saddle being able to handle daily grind-fests without collapsing. Additionally, the padding is a foamed elastomer so that it holds its shape. The cover in black is leather and microfiber in the red and white styles.

  • Versatile road saddle for medium-large pelvises
  • Steel rails are durable and highly-resistant to stress
  • Composite shell bolsters stability without adding w3eight
  • Foamed elastomer padding balances softness with strength
  • Fixing plates are built for security and durability
  • Item #SLL0017
  • So these sounds are really specific. First of all they are to say we have a. Very special design patented. Design why we start from the assumption. That cycling must be a pleasure so we. Have very specific and exclusive. Features on all of our selves first of all there's the complete open cutout from the back up to the nose you can. Find many saddles with just a hole in the middle but the most important part where the carrot must be is the front why because most of pressure on your perineal area and private parts is concentrated here while riding and this. Is what this is one of the things that make our service different from the others another thing is the nose. Dropping down so it's very important to. Avoid any pressure on your private parts. And per unit area again so to get a better comfort and better performance as well as you can see maybe some of them. Some people they know our curved shape. Which features most of our models why. Because in this way when sitting on the. Saddle when riding there's a better. Match between the shape of the ischial generosities and the surface of the. Saddle so no matter we'll wash your. Pelvis rotation depending on your. Position on the bike but you can have a perfect match between them moving pressure from the private parts to the. Ischial generosities which is the only good place where pressure must be. But we're gonna launch a new. Concept a new evolution in the concept of smb which is yes 30c ok as you can. See first of all differently from our. Traditional concept is not curved but. It's flatter why because if some users. Need to get a better support thanks to. This shape so from between your ischial. Generosities and especially the back up back part of the saddle having a very solid position of the on the bike. Some others they need to be more. Especially mentally they wanna be more free to move by riding and in this way. They can have the maximum freedom of. Movement no matter what the position they assume on the bike, and we have two. Versions of these thank you very much is. The f30 so it's the same sub in two. Different lines, so we have all the options available for customers to. Get onboard on these new models and the. Main thing is that you have on both versions you have a wide sitting surface. On the back for easier to grow this but in the same time you have a very lean. Shape in the central part of the saddle and on front as well so you don't. Scratch with your lights against the saddle so everybody it doesn't matter what the body configuration can use these models with satisfaction so it's a kind. Of universal new concept which can fit. Everybody and it depends on if they prefer. A short or a long shadow.

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    ISM PN 3.0 Saddle - Men's

    Here to help you achieve your newest PR comes the PN 3.0 Saddle from ISM. This sleek saddle is built with both speed and comfort in mind, letting you go faster with more comfort. The PN 3.0 uses ISM's Performance Narrow chassis, honed from the feedback gained from its sponsored athletes to create a unique saddle design that really works. Its slightly wider 120mm tail and tapered-edge mold design is extremely comfortable and ISM claims it will literally “disappear” underneath you.

    Like other saddles in the PN lineup, the PN 3.0 offers exceptional thigh and hamstring clearance. This allows for more rider body movement, as well as cutting down on chafing and excessive friction that can lead to irritation. You'll also appreciate the auto-racing inspired air vent chassis keeping you cool and allowing water to drain as you exit transition.

    All ISM saddles, the PN 3.0 included, is nose free and designed to remove pressure from soft tissue which ensures maximum blood flow, no numbness, and a healthier, more enjoyable ride.

  • A sleek racing saddle for triathlon, TT, and road riding
  • Designed for comfort in an aero or aggressive road positions
  • Offers superb thigh and hamstring clearance
  • Tapered-edge mold design yields incredible comfort
  • Nose-less design eliminates pressure on soft tissues
  • 30-series foam padding provide optimal cushioning
  • Auto-racing inspired vent chassis allows for air circulation and water drainage
  • Item #ISM000E
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    Brooks England B17 Imperial Saddle - Men's

    The Brooks England B17 Imperial Saddle brings vintage styling to any bicycle. With classic leather, metal rivets, and Brooks nameplate, this saddle harkens back to a more civilized time of tweed jackets and corduroy elbow patches. The comfort on this saddle jumps forward to current times with a cutout design to reduce pressure and numbness. Go for a ride to the coffee shop or tackle that mountain road you've been eyeing, knowing you'll get there comfortably and very fashionably.

  • Leather shell
  • Steel rails
  • Cutout design
  • Bag loops on rear of saddle
  • Item #BHS0005
  • Today let's talk about the brook saddle. And how has it been after a couple thousand miles. Picking a saddle for your bike is probably a more difficult decision than even picking the bike itself it's where you spend the majority of your time when you're on the bike you're sitting in the saddle and an uncomfortable saddle makes. For an uncomfortable tour and an uncomfortable ride it doesn't make you happy so when you're looking at saddles. There aren't either many people who go touring that haven't considered a brook saddle lots of people talk about them some. People love them some people hate them that's much the case with every saddle that's out there so what are my thoughts after a couple thousand miles I'm a fan. Of the brooks i think it's a great saddle it's been very comfortable for me. Did take about 500 miles before these. Sit bone locations kind of came into play hopefully you can see those right in here and here i did buy the proof I'd. That you get from brooks so listen let's. Talk about that just real quick here's the proof I'd write stuff right here. This stuff — brooks sells there's what. It looks like kind of looks like vaseline i don't know what's in it. Let me put the lid back on it here I'm. Not sure what's in it but it's what brooks recommend on their saddles and. If you're gonna spend the kind of money. A brooks saddle costs why wouldn't you buy the product they recommend putting on it so i put that on there everybody's. Got their own theory about how often for the first couple of weeks i would put it on there about once a week both top and bottom underside now i only do it about. I don't know probably once every three. Or four months the other question that i. Get a lot of times is what do you do about in the weather well if I'm biking in its weather i don't really worry much. About it if I'm honest there are a lot of folks who do cover that you know have the cover that goes over their saddle if it's raining but i. Don't spend a lot of time out in the rain and riding if you do perhaps. And you're on a tour and you're concerned by the cover i have heard of guys who take a shower cap and put over. Their seat while they're driving like if it's on the back of your car or in the back of your truck personally i just marked my seat posts with a white paint. Pen and then take this just take the. While seat off and throw it in the trunk it's not a big deal the way i don't have to worry about it so overall am i happy yeah I'm happy i. Don't have any major pain other than the. Normal pain you're gonna have because you don't often ride enough and no seats. Gonna stop that issue it's its still. Stiff but it has just enough give to. Take a little bit of the bounce out i did make some minor adjustments i am just a little bit above level and i. Found that to be more comfortable for me i also am a fan of the imperial with the. Slit here in the middle i think it's a. Little less painful in my experience i haven't had to make any adjustments here or anything and some people say well. Don't the rivets hurt no can't even tell. They're there it's been a great saddle i think you should give it a shot if you haven't i think you would find that you. Might enjoy a brooks saddle and that you. Now it's just becomes comfortable over time and this is a saddle that if you take care of it truly can last you a lifetime so there's a link in the. Description for the brooks saddle that i bought appreciate all the subscribers. And the views and the folks who watch the videos i hope you'll consider giving. It a thumbs up subscribe if you haven't. Folks talk to you again soon. Oh. You.

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    Selle Italia SP-01 Tekno Superflow Saddle - Men's

    The SP-01 Tekno Superflow Saddle is the lightest option in Selle Italia's Special Performance line of saddles. By using high-modulus carbon fiber rails paired with a full carbon shell, Selle Italia is able to achieve a feathery weight of 140g (S3 width) while retaining the adaptive rear frame design that allows independent flexing of the left and right sides of the saddle. This design allows the saddle to more comfortably support the alternating movements of your hips while pedaling, without compromising stability during more intense efforts. This technology is paired with a large center cutout that relieves perineal pressure and improves blood flow to the area, helping to reduce numbness or pain on big days in the saddle.

    Oval carbon rails offer some vibration damping to smooth rough roads, while the carbon shell provides plenty of support for hard intervals or sprints. The full carbon construction keeps the weight impressively low, but it does mean this saddle comes with an advised 90kg (198lb) weight limit and is recommended for road cycling use only. The SP-01 Tekno Superflow Saddle comes in two sizes to accommodate most rider's sit bone widths, and uses Selle Italia's signature Fibra-Tek microfiber cover that resists tearing and abrasion for outstanding long-term durability.

  • A sleek, featherweight saddle with a unique flex-engineered design
  • Tail flexes independently to support hip movement while pedaling
  • Center cutout relieves perineal pressure for comfort on long rides
  • Carbon rails are impressively light and help absorb road vibration
  • Full carbon shell provides a lightweight and supportive platform
  • Tough microfiber cover resists abrasion and is built to last
  • Recommended for road use only, max rider weight 198lb
  • Item #SEL002T
  • I'm here with massimo from cellar italia. And he's gonna tell us a bit more about some of their new saddles this year we present two important sellers the first one is the spc r1 is a new we say the. New year of the design because in this case we have a saddle with a flow system. Just go on the back and not on the one. The front as the other set off for sale italia our laboratory study allowed to. Have this saddle coming from the automotive designer so it's very cool in. Terms of style design very high in terms. Of material and technology and it's. Helped the rider to have two different kinds of comfort the first one is thanks to the super flow system sorry just to be clear the same price system is the kind of the cutout on the in the middle of the saddle besides the rider to spread out. All the pressure you can have on the perineal area the other comfort is the. Movement that the two wings out the. Rider to feel more comfortable even if. The body is a agnes a helping by the. Shape of the saddle moving a little. But when the rider's pedal it's now. Moved on something a bit different because this has got the cuts out down the front yeah exactly this is the novice booster it's coming from the novice and run super floor it's perfect. For the rider that want to have a performing product in a comfortable. Product that the comfortable elements are the double padding coming from. The back up to the nose and even the nose has the padding t in the front so. Even if the rider say on the front of. The saddle it feels very it feels a good sensation. And then there is the super flow cut out. And as for the especially one and the. Other shadows its absolute right to don't feel so much pressure on the perineal area and its helps rather to. Think about only about riding pedaling. And not about any possible pain or. Critical elements and you feel like more of your customers are buying the saddles with cutouts now. Most of the riders now is moving from. The classical settle without the cutout. Or a field shape to this kind of cell so. A big cut out that is the rider to feel. More comfortable in this case we create a compact product with this kind of. Elements if you move forward you feel. The two elements of comfort but you can. Push very hard on the pedal this is the. Right shadow for the amateur rider for. The gran fondo rider that i want to have a very good comfortable performing. Product we give the possibility to all. The customer to find the right saddle in. The right size and to find the price that is suitable for the pocket of every. Single customer so we are working for. The riders not only working for the performing now on something a little. Different I'm here with luke the creator of any clip facing system our system. Have a new idea that's to fit to. Adjust cleat under the foot we put the. Shoes in the system that's position. Permit us to have a fix at the shoes on. Our workstation we choose the. Characteristical cleat, and we use the goniometer that have the same shape of the glitter. We put on the system and we can regulate. The distance to have the good fitting to. Individuate the right position we use. These instruments to measure the characteristic of food length width and. The position of the head of the first. Metatarsal these measurements we can put. In a web app that each customer can. Download the system inside have an. Algorithm that calculate the right. Distance from the internal heel of the. Shoes to the point on the axis of the. Pedal we replicated this distance. This scale we can put the right position. Cleat in terms of distance and rotation. Inside or outside for the road. Shoes is possible to determine a the. Inside or outside position of the click. Under this shows so the algorithm is. Likely going to make sure that you can get the perfect click position on any show you with any clay yes absolutely. Nice jess

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    Fi'zi:k Gobi M1 Carbon Braided Rail Saddle - Men's

    The Gobi is a mountain-specific saddle for riders who fall in the middle of Fizik’s flexibility range. The shape is relatively flat with pedal-friendly WingFlex technology. The shell has a built-in, controlled flex designed for both comfort and pedal efficiency. Tailflex works the same way, with an engineered flex zone that’s anatomically designed for comfort. The majority of the support is located beneath the sit bones, and a subtle hollowed area relieves pressure on the soft tissue areas.

    The Gobi M1 is built with braided carbon fiber rails and then wrapped with another layer of carbon fiber cloth for additional durability. The rails are oval—9mm tall by 7mm wide. This strengthens the rails while assuring compatibility with almost any seatpost. They are also roughly 80 grams lighter than their Kium siblings. Fizik finished the saddle with its tough Microtex cover, then added slick thigh glides that make position adjustments easy.

  • Shell with targeted flex
  • TailFlex
  • WingFlex
  • Braided carbon fiber rails
  • Item #FIZ002M
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    Selle SMP Composit Carbon Rail Saddle - Men's

    While most of the cycling world can recognize Selle SMP saddles at a glance, there's still something that's just so distinctive about their appearance. Selle didn't design the beaked nose, high back, and large central channel for no reason, after all, and while all the above are common features on Selle saddles, each has been tailored to fit specific riding styles, anatomies, and disciplines. The Composit Carbon Rail Saddle, for example, employs the same shape and materials as the SMP4BIKE series, but it ditches the foam to better suit aggressive road riders with narrow to average pelvises.

    The lack of foam makes the Composit slightly less cushy, but that's not a racer's primary concern. More important are support and stiffness, which the Composit delivers via unidirectional carbon fiber rails, and an elastomer nylon and carbon composite shell. The beaked nose provides more space where you need it, and the pronounced center channel relieves pressure on other soft tissue areas so you can sit comfortably without loading up on padding. The raised "whale tail" back gives you something to push against, and the ultra-light, yet impressively strong unidirectional carbon fiber rails handle years of hard riding without getting loose or losing strength.

  • Top-tier performance saddle for road, mountain, and tri
  • Leather cover with no padding ensures consistent comfort
  • Carbon fiber rails delivers strength at supremely low weight
  • Carbon-reinforced nylon body enhances support
  • Item #SLL000Y
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    Selle Italia Novus SuperFlow L Saddle - Men's

    Selle Italia's reputation for durability, comfort, and style has long stood nearly unparalleled by any other saddle manufacturer in the industry. The Novus SuperFlow L Saddle falls right in line with this tradition, boasting impeccable comfort and timeless style to shepherd you through any cycling adventure. Say goodbye to numb nethers and hello to many miles of comfortable pedaling.

    The SuperFlow L gets its name from the noticeable cutout down the center of the saddle that lets cooling air flow through and helps relieve pressure on your perineal artery and surrounding sensitive tissues. In comparison to its cousin, the Flow, the SuperFlow L's cutout is longer and wider to amplify its benefits. This cutout also increases comfort by shifting the contact points to your sit bones, which are much better equipped to handle the weight without discomfort.

    Selle Italia adds just a bit more padding to the Novus SuperFlow L Saddle than it does for the top-of-the-line SLR saddles, allowing it to maintain comfort across a wide range of cycling endeavors. Whether you're tackling trails, climbing a pristine mountain pass on tarmac, or wrestling gravel and mud on a cyclocross bike, this saddle can handle it all and keep you comfy throughout.

    The Selle Italia Novus SuperFlow L Saddle is available in a long, generously wide profile to provide a range of positioning options to riders of all levels and disciplines. Riders with narrower sit bones may prefer the Novus SuperFlow S with its narrower, 137mm stance.

  • A an all-purpose saddle for multiple terrains and disciplines
  • Classic Selle Italia style with long-mile comfort and durability
  • Long, wide center cutout reduces pressure
  • Wide profile for ample sit bone support
  • Item #SEL002J
  • Hi i'm rob with me. And today the cell italia slr superflow. In both the 130 and the 145 the. Superflow might be cell italia's most. Revolutionary saddle since the creation of the flight in the early 90s it. Signifies a change but just five years. Ago the company was on the fence as to whether sit bone with mattered when it came to saddle fit and there was a lot. Of discussion internally as to whether cut outs actually made a difference for. Numbness or soft tissue pressure we now have one model available in two. Different sizes we have the 130 and the. 145 this signifies that the company has. Finally caved to the notion that not one. Size for every rider but that one model. Should be made in a variety of sizes to. Provide comfort for different riding positions and different sit bone widths it also comes with their largest cut out. They've ever made it starts just behind. The nose and goes almost all the way to. The rear the cut at the front is just under 19 millimeters wide and gets as. Wide as 34.7 at the rear and is a. Whopping 194 millimeters in length it's. Almost the entire length of the saddle and it's a first for them it's covered. In their standard high density eva padding so while it's firm it provides. Just enough sit bone support and give so. That as not to fatigue you and it's wrapped in genuine leather the shell. Features their 30 percent carbon. Composite with titanium rails connected. So there's a little bit of give which provides additional comfort and it's extremely lightweight in the 130 we see. Most riders with an aggressive position or narrow sit bones and this is going to. Standard for the slr shape now if you. Need a wider saddle slightly more upright position or slightly wider sit bones and previously weren't able to fit on the slr you have the 145 it's 15. Millimeters wider and it is intended to meet the riders who other i found the smaller slr shape of the past to be too narrow and didn't provide. Enough sit bone support for them the additional width is made up with a larger wing section here the cutout itself does not change in proportion to. The width keep in mind it does keep the. Slr hallmark characteristics it's flat. Across the top here it's got a gentle. Give for the wing but it's a largely. Flat saddle at the rear and it has a get out of the way nose so it's a little on. The narrower side in both sizes i'm. Going to tell you that while you're hanging off the front of the saddle that cutout is not so effective i'm rob if we. Keep you cycling and this is sell italians slr superflow in the 130 and. The 145 with you have any questions. About these saddles or any of the saddles we carry drop us a line or email us info at we keep you cycling calm.

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