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  SDG Components Radar MTN Cro-Mo Saddle - Men's Ergon SR Comp Saddle - Men's Ergon SM3 Pro Saddle - Men's Fi'zi:k Antares 00 Versus Evo Saddle - Men's Selle SMP F30 Carbon Rail Saddle - Men's
  SDG Components Radar MTN Cro-Mo Saddle - Men's Ergon SR Comp Saddle - Men's Ergon SM3 Pro Saddle - Men's Fi'zi:k Antares 00 Versus Evo Saddle - Men's Selle SMP F30 Carbon Rail Saddle - Men's
Brand Ergon Ergon SDG Components Selle SMP Fi'zi:k
Claimed Weight [small/medium] 260g, [medium/large] 270g [small] 255 g, [large] 265 g 245g 245g [Large] 159g, [Regular] 153g
Cover microfiber synthetic leather [top] microfiber, [sides] Kevlar [black] leather, [white] microfiber Vacuum applied texturized
Manufacturer Warranty 2 years 2 years 1 year 2 years 2 years
Rails TiNox Tinox chromoly steel Carbon Mobius Carbon
Recommended Use road cycling mountain biking enduro, trail cross-country, gravel, road cycling, triathlon cyclocross, gravel, road cycling
Shell nylon composite Flex Optimized GFK glass-filled nylon Carbon reinforced nylon High Modulus Carbon
Seat Length - 287 mm 270mm 295mm 275mm
Seat Width - [small] 135 mm, [medium] 145 mm, [large] 155 mm 138mm 149mm [Large] 146mm, [Regular] 139mm

SDG Components Radar MTN Cro-Mo Saddle - Men's

From hard-charging enduro stages to long and meandering trail rides, the SDG Radar MTN Cro-Mo Saddle provides the support needed for all-day comfort on the bike, without leaving a huge dent in your wallet. By combining design elements from their most popular models, SDG did their absolute best to cater to a wide variety of riding styles and preferences with the new Radar Saddle, making this a solid option for aggressive trail riders and newcomers alike.

Key features include free-floating rail inserts to increase wing flex and comfort, as well as padding designed to distribute pressure evenly underneath your sit bones. The flat-forward shape allows free movement on the saddle in aggressive riding positions, while the wider nose platform offers extra support when shifting to the front of the saddle on steep climbs. The pronounced center channel and hidden undercut ensure adequate pressure relief, helping to relieve numbness and pain as you're racking up trail miles. There's even a rear cutout to help the saddle clear modern 29ers with low seat tubes when you bottom out your suspension.

  • Saddle offering all-day comfort for trail and enduro
  • Free-floating rail inserts increase wing flex and comfort
  • Padding distributes pressure evenly under your sit bones
  • Flat-forward design allows free movement on the saddle
  • Nose platform provides support on steep climbs
  • Rear buzz cutout clears 29er tires at full compression
  • Microfiber top with Kevlar sides resists tearing
  • Center channel and undercut relieve perineal pressure
  • Item #SDC000R
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    Ergon SR Comp Saddle - Men's

    Ergon has been making mountain bike grips and saddles for a number of years now. Their designs put a strong emphasis on comfort and ergonomics, and have received considerable recognition among professionals and enthusiasts alike. The SR Comp Men's Saddle brings their expertise to road bike saddles, and is designed to complement male anatomy in the low, forward-leaning riding position that's typical for road cycling. With it's flat shape, supple padding, and deep pressure-relieving channel, the SR Comp Saddle brings comfort to your every day rides. And while it may be the entry-level option in the SR Road lineup, you'll still enjoy the same level of comfort as the premium options, albeit with a bit of a weight penalty.

    Due to their specific pelvic anatomy, men generally sit more upright on the saddle. This creates a higher pressure in the perineum area, which can lead to discomfort, numbness, and in some cases considerable pain. Ergon addresses this issue by incorporating a deep relief channel with a cut-out, helping to focus the pressure back onto the sit bones and part of the pubic blades. And to ensure comfort for these bony structures, Ergon incorporates Orthopedic Comfort Foam with OrthoCell Padded Inlays for the best possible pressure distribution in these areas.

  • Men's road saddle with ergonomic design features
  • Pressure relief channel alleviates perineal discomfort
  • Orthopedic foam provides cushion for your sit bones
  • OrthoCell inlays distribute pressure evenly to improve comfort
  • TiNox rails made of a titanium and steel blend for durability
  • Microfiber cover withstands wear and tear
  • Y-shape ensures maximum freedom of movement
  • Item #ERG002B
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    Ergon SM3 Pro Saddle - Men's

    When you're pushing hour six into an endurance race, 20 millimeters might not seem like a great distance. But, that's the difference between a Small and Large Ergon SM3 Pro Saddle. And when it comes down to determining long-term comfort on the trail, it's a significant factor. That's why Ergon saddles comes in three different sizes.

    The German-based Ergon always places its focus on comfort, and accordingly, its first handlebar grips gained a quick cult following because of their support and ability to reduce fatigue. And when those grips took off, instead of sitting on success, Ergon expanded its offerings to include more contact components like hydration packs, gloves, and now, even saddles.

    Using the same benchmark design principle, Ergon designed the SM3 saddle from the ground up. To start with, the the ultra-thin shell used an extensive finite element method analysis to map loads and areas of stress. This gives the saddle its distinctive shape, but more importantly, it allowed Ergon to tune the shell construction for optimized deflection.

    The shell has progressive dampening layers that are individual to the different saddle widths. Every size option gets its own layer for rider-specific compression. Adding to the SM3's trail taming, is a nose mounted micro damper. This damper, located in between the shell and TiNox rails, filters out smaller vibrations. The rails are hollow to reduce weight and allow 30mm of adjustment. The SM3 also has an easy-to-clean synthetic leather cover -- just wipe it off with a damp rag.

    After developing the SM3, Ergon enlisted the help of the saddle perfectionists at Selle Italia for production. So, every SM3 has been made in Italy by expert craftsmen. To size yourself for an Ergon SM3 Pro Saddle, you'll need to measure the distance between your sit bones. Widths between 9-11cm should ride a Small, 11-13cm medium, and 13-15cm should opt for a Large.

    The Ergon SM3 Pro Saddle is available in the colors Black and White and in the sizes Small, Medium, and Large.

  • Comfort-driven saddle for enduro and cross-country mountain biking
  • Padded nose offers comfort and support on steep climbs
  • Relief cup reduces pressure on sensitive areas
  • Ultra-thin shell tuned for optimal compression and deflection
  • Micro-damper in nose filters out trail chatter
  • Synthetic leather cover is easy to clean ultra-comfortable
  • Item #ERG0053
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    Fi'zi:k Antares 00 Versus Evo Saddle - Men's

    The Antares 00 Versus Evo Saddle from Fi'zi:k represents the firm's top-tier saddle for riders who match it's Chameleon Spine Concept with a pressure relieving channel. Its full carbon construction drops grams and delivers stiffness while still offering all-day comfort. Thanks to the Versus Evo full channel, Fi'zi:k is able to focus on pressure relief at soft tissue areas while the high modulus full carbon shell is tuned for maximum power transfer.

    Its close relationship with the pros led the firm to the realization that there was a critical link between saddle shapes and profiles, spine flexibility and pelvic rotation, and comfort. Using its Spine Concept Evo fitting system, the Antares is a slightly waved profile saddle designed for Chameleons, meaning riders with a medium degree of body flexibility and low pelvic rotation while pedaling.

    Its Mobius carbon rail is a single, proprietary closed-loop design providing balanced weight distribution that further contributes to its stiffness and eliminates any pressure hotspots on the ischial bones. The cover is applied over the padding with a vacuum process that enables a more progressive cushioning, while the surface texture provides more grip so you stay put while pushing a big gear.

  • Fi'zi:k's lightweight saddle with Versus technology
  • Versus EVO channel relieves pressure on soft tissue
  • Mobius carbon closed-loop rail offers balanced weight distribution 

  • Full carbon shell is stiff and supportive
  • Vacuum applied texturized cover offers progressive cushioning and added grip
  • Designed for riders who fall into Fizik's Chameleon classification
  • Choose between Regular and Large widths
  • Comfortable, slightly waved profile for riders with lower flexibility and low pelvic rotation
  • Item #FIZ008K
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    Selle SMP F30 Carbon Rail Saddle - Men's

    The F30 Carbon Rail Saddle is one of the newer models in the Selle SMP lineup and it provides the same ergonomic and anatomic benefits like the rest of its saddles with a shape that's a bit more conservative. That said, it still has the SMP DNA and it'll provide greater comfort in the drops than conventional saddles and allows plenty of freedom to move about without excessive pressure. Part of that has to do with the patented, ergonomic center channel that provides relief of compression in the perineal and prostate area that can often lead to tingling and numbness. Additionally, nerves in the area as well as the vascular region are protected and the entire area receives increased blood flow and better airflow.

    Towards the rear of the saddle, the tail kicks up for better pelvic support and stabilization. This yields a powerful foundation when throwing down the watts as well as a better position while climbing. The tail also gets a slight rear cutout to relieve pressure on the coccyx.

    This particular saddle gets covered in leather on the black version and microfiber on the white one. It receives a minimal amount of foamed elastomer padding covering a carbon reinforced nylon shell. The saddle uses high modulus, unidirectional carbon fiber rails offering a healthy fore and aft range, excellent shock absorption and it saves 50 grams over the stainless steel version.

  • A minimally padded saddle focused on riding comfort and lightweight
  • Carbon rails offer a strong foundation while dropping grams
  • Leather and microfiber offer durable covers
  • Foamed elastomer padding cushions impacts without adding much weight
  • The saddle is structured for those with small to large pelvises
  • Ergonomic and anatomic cutouts relieve pressure
  • Item #SLL001Q
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