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  ION Rascal Cycling Shoe - Men's Lake MX241 Endurance Cycling Shoe - Men's Pearl Izumi ELITE Road V5 Cycling Shoe - Men's Five Ten Freerider Cycling Shoe - Men's Lake CX237 Cycling Shoe - Men's Five Ten Hellcat Pro Cycling Shoe - Men's Fi'zi:k R1B Uomo Boa Cycling Shoe - Men's Shimano SH-RP5 Cycling Shoe - Men's Giro Terraduro HV Cycling Shoe - Men's Giro Cylinder Cycling Shoe - Men's Five Ten Maltese Falcon Cycling Shoe - Men's Scott MTB RC Lace Cycling Shoe - Men's Lake MXZ400 Winter Cycling Boot - Men's Sidi Dominator 7 SR Mega Cycling Shoe - Men's Shimano SH-MW701 Cycling Shoe - Men's Lake MX332 SuperCross Cycling Shoe - Men's Ride Concepts Wildcat Shoe - Men's ION Raid AMP II Bike Cycling Shoe - Men's Gaerne G. Kona Shoe - Men's
  ION Rascal Cycling Shoe - Men's Lake MX241 Endurance Cycling Shoe - Men's Pearl Izumi ELITE Road V5 Cycling Shoe - Men's Five Ten Freerider Cycling Shoe - Men's Lake CX237 Cycling Shoe - Men's Five Ten Hellcat Pro Cycling Shoe - Men's Fi'zi:k R1B Uomo Boa Cycling Shoe - Men's Shimano SH-RP5 Cycling Shoe - Men's Giro Terraduro HV Cycling Shoe - Men's Giro Cylinder Cycling Shoe - Men's Five Ten Maltese Falcon Cycling Shoe - Men's Scott MTB RC Lace Cycling Shoe - Men's Lake MXZ400 Winter Cycling Boot - Men's Sidi Dominator 7 SR Mega Cycling Shoe - Men's Shimano SH-MW701 Cycling Shoe - Men's Lake MX332 SuperCross Cycling Shoe - Men's Ride Concepts Wildcat Shoe - Men's ION Raid AMP II Bike Cycling Shoe - Men's Gaerne G. Kona Shoe - Men's
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Brand ION ION Lake Ride Concepts Gaerne Five Ten Fi'zi:k Pearl Izumi Giro Lake Five Ten Scott Shimano Shimano Giro Five Ten Lake Sidi Lake
Claimed Weight 938g (pair, size 42) - - 482g [single, size 43] 270g [size 9] 480 g [size 42.5] 227g - - - - [size 8.5] 350 g [size 42] 450g [size 42, single] 275g 315g (size 42) - - - -
Cleat Compatibility 2-bolt mountain - 2-bolt - 3-bolt road 2-bolt 3-bolt road 3-bolt road 2-bolt mountain 3-hole road - 2-bolt MTB 2-bolt 3-bolt 2-bolt mountain - 2-bolt 2-bolt 2-bolt mountain
Closure lace up, hook-and-loop strap lace Dual Side mounted Push/Pull IP1 BOA lace dual hook-and-loop straps lace, hook-and-loop Double Boa IP1 dials Boa IP1 reel, forefoot strap MR-2 ratcheting buckle Boa lace lace speed laces, hook-and-loop straps Boa dial, hook-and-loop boa, hook and loop straps lace, hook-and-loop 2 Boa IP1 dials Soft Instep Closure System with Caliper Buckle, High-Security hook-and-loop straps 2 side mounted IP1 BOAs
Footbed 2K insole - - D3O High Impact Zone Insoles Transpirant - sculpted - - - - adjustable ErgoLogic removable insole insole with fleece liner EVA die-cut dual-density TPU shanl - - -
Recommended Use downhill, enduro, trail cross-country, downhill, enduro, trail cross-country, cyclocross, trail downhill, enduro triathlon mountain bike road cycling cycling mountain bike road racing enduro, trail cyclocross, cross-country cross-country, downhill, enduro, mud/sand/snow, trail road cycling cross-country, enduro, trail mountain biking cycling mountain biking, cyclocross, gravel cross-country, cyclocross
Sole 30% rubber, 55% EVA, 15% polyamide rubber Lake Race 100% carbon fiber, Mountain Race X real rubber [outsole] Rubber Kinetics DST 6.0 High Grip Rubber EPS Light Evolution Stealth S1 uni-directional carbon vented 1:1 integrated Carbon Power Plate, replaceable heel bumper nylon shank, Vibram outsole carbon fiber Stealth S1 HMX carbon fiber rubber nylon resin plastic, carbon co-molded nylon and rubber full dotty C4 Ice Grip (rubber compound) MTB RS17 (nylon with polyurethane inserts) carbon fiber
Upper Material 70% polyurethane, 25% mesh, 5%TPU 80% polyurethane, 15% mesh, 5% TPU Helcor abrasion resistant leather, full grain leather synthetic, anti-abrasion mesh microfiber [upper] leather, PU coating Microtex laser-perforated 3-layer seamless composite microfiber full-grain leather, mesh suede, mesh microfiber, 3D nylon airmesh synthetic leather synthetic leather, polyurethane [body] synthetic leather, [heel/toe] microfiber synthetic, DWR Pittards WR100 Microfibra Microtech, mesh kangaroo leather, Thermaform carbon fiber
Lining - - Nufoam padded - - - - - leather heel polyester - waterproof Gore-Tex insulated comfort liner nylon mesh - - 3M Thinsulate (400g), Outlast padded Outlast
Manufacturer Warranty - - 2 years 1 year limited 1 year 2 years lifetime 1 year 2 years - 2 years limited 1 year 1 year 1 year 1 year 2 years 1 year 2 years

ION Rascal Cycling Shoe - Men's

The Ion Rascal Mountain Bike Shoe is for those ready to charge over the whole mountain, who want the support and pedaling efficiency of a clipless shoe, with the look and tread of a flat. Built with SupTraction, the Rascal offers more than power transmission onto your pedal, it's designed to combine stiffness, lateral flex, and torsional control to prevent your foot from tilting on the pedal. The tread is constructed with specific zones for pedaling and hiking, ensuring the most control on the bike, and grip when you have to climb a bit.

The Rascal is constructed with a synthetic leather upper, and like its sibling, the Raid, it uses a lace up closure, however the Rascal is also reinforced with the SerpenTie hook and loop strap that helps you cinch down the upper with the perfect amount of support across your foot. The sides of the upper feature JetStream laser cut ventillation, to keep you from getting hot-foot, and mesh across the toe box. The toes are reinforced twice for ultimate protection and durability; they first see a burly strap of rubber across the front, for protection from impacts against big rocks and roots, and a secondary reinforcement strap with no-sew construction to protect from abrasion. Speaking of reinforcements, the ankle also features a hit of padding on the inside, so you're protected from unwieldy crank arms or your frame, in the event of a crash.

  • Clipless shoes for freeride shenanigans
  • Synthetic uppers support and shed mud
  • SerpenTie strap dials in your fit
  • Ankle pad protects from stray crank arms
  • Reinforced toe cap keeps your little piggies safe
  • SupTraction sole adds grip for hiking a bike
  • 2-bolt MTB cleat compatible for clipping in
  • JetStream laser cut ventilation for breathability
  • Item #INB001N
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    Lake MX241 Endurance Cycling Shoe - Men's

    So you've discovered that your taste in off-road riding borders on all-day epics over rugged terrain. Good news, the Men's MX241 Endurance Cycling Shoe from Lake is specifically designed to give you comfort and efficiency in the backcountry with impressively durable elements that can handle the abuse with aplomb. Lake wanted to meet the needs of cross-country riders competing in endurance events, that value an efficient comfortable shoe and cannot afford to have issues with their footwear during an event and demand long life from their footwear.

    The MX241 Endurance Cycling Shoe is built on Lake's MX Competition last, which has an impressive hold on the heel to prevent any slippage while trying to keep a smooth pedal stroke when negotiating steep, ledgy climbs. A wider toe box gives your feet some much-needed real estate as they will inevitably swell after many hours in hot and humid trail conditions. Anyone who has experienced hotspots and generally uncomfortable feet by subjecting them to carbon planks with off-road lugs, and yearns for a more comfortable shoe with virtually the same efficiency should check these out.

    The other features are what you would come to expect from a quality off-road shoe. A full grain leather upper wraps your feet with a supple feel and the reinforced anti-abrasion panels help out in areas where you're most likely to scuff the shoes. This supple leather upper is cinched down with dual Boa IP1 dials allowing for a micro-adjustable fit while tightening and loosening. The full carbon sole provides efficient power transfer through the pedals and the grippy rubber lugs dig in for traction as your calves burn while the eyes look for the end point of the hike-a-bike.

  • Comfortable, efficient shoe built for off-road abuse
  • Abrasion-resistant elements add durability
  • MX Competition last is snug in the heel, wider in the toebox
  • Dual Boa IP1 dials provide secure, micro-adjustable fit
  • Full grain leather upper is supple and mold to the foot
  • Stiff carbon fiber sole maximizes power transfer
  • Rubber lugs add grippy traction while off the bike
  • Item #LKC001U
  • Hi this is my and city will have the lake cx 241 road cheese lakes. Police the cx 241 that suited the power and performance for road cyclist looking for an edgy shoe on race day. The cx 241 is made from synthetic leather rubber that molds around your foot the competition last features a curved profile that allows the foot to expand under high peddling pressures it. Comes with the two boa closure system that dials you into the perfect fit the. Lake race full carbon outsole is stiff and durable transferring all your power to the road and accepts three boats sbds l style cleats this is available in. Multiple sizes and cover options along with the wide version featured in this video at bite

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    Pearl Izumi ELITE Road V5 Cycling Shoe - Men's

    Taking design cues from the podium-crushing P.R.O. Leader Shoe, the Pearl Izumi Men's ELITE Road V5 Cycling Shoe maximizes power transfer while maintaining a supple, foot-conforming fit. Eliminating the lasting board of traditional cycling shoes, Pearl's Unibody construction drops the stack height to a mere five millimeters, which is beneficial for transferring every watt of available energy into forward acceleration.

    As the stiffest sole in Pearl's line, the Carbon Power Plate delivers unwavering power transfer when you're sprinting forward and chasing KOMs on alpine passes. The 3-layer seamless composite upper maintains a supportive, glove-like fit. Ventilation ports increase air flow on summer rides when the tarmac radiates with fiery heat.

    One of the ELITE Road V5's biggest selling points is the ultra-precise fit its Boa IP1 dial complemented with a supportive forefoot strap. The micro-adjustable Boa IP1 dial gives you the ability to fine-tune its fit and feel to your exact preferences, virtually eliminating pressure points and excess slop. And when it's time to bail from your shoes, simply pull up on the dial to quickly release the lacing system.

  • Maximize pedaling power with unrelenting stiffness
  • Unibody construction drops the stack height to 5mm
  • Carbon Power Plate is the stiffest in Pearl's line
  • Boa IP1 dial delivers a secure, micro-adjustable fit
  • Seamless composite upper wraps your foot like a glove
  • Ventilated ports prevent overheating on hot rides
  • Item #PLZ00HT
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    Five Ten Freerider Cycling Shoe - Men's

    Known for its rock climbing shoes, Five Ten made the Freerider Shoes with the same grippy tech to create a shoe that is ideal for platform pedals. Stealth Rubber is not only grippy, it is also durable, designed to withstand the demands of long hours adhering to granite rock. This means that it won’t blink at the prodding of your metal pedal spikes, and it will outlast even the most expensive gum rubber soled shoes. The uppers are constructed of brushed nubuck leather and breathable mesh to keep your feet cool.

  • Nubuck leather uppers with reinforced toe box
  • Stealth Rubber soles
  • Item #FVT2008
  • Hey what's up guys welcome back to another episode today's episode i quickly want to discuss the importance of having the correct protection for your feet in my case i ran with the 510. Freebie pros so stay tuned it's coming up so let's quickly discuss why you. Would be wanting to ride with a mountain bike specific shoe well number one it's. Got quite a bit of rigidity in the sole. I used to ride just in normal sneakers. But going from sneakers to this. Massively grippy like rubber compound. That's on here i mean my life has totally changed this guy you stick it. Down in your pedal you really have to look at your foot off the pedal and put it back down on the pedal to actually readjust your foot because once this is done and the grub screws have dug into the base of this these guys aren't going. Anywhere the one thing that I've noticed to three days after the famous crash. Yes yeah that crash right there I've. Noticed that if i was not wearing the. Shoes because of the rigidity of the sole my foot i don't know exactly what happened but if this was my foot it kind. Of rolled something to that extent. So i think if it was not full for these. Shoes i would have most likely broken about two or three of my toes yeah. Luckily i didn't break anything my foot is blue slightly swollen but. Right after the crowd so i could walk it off i think if i wasn't wearing these free ride shoes the damage could have definitely been a hell of a lot worse cost a bit of money these shoes are expensive but if you. Think about how long they're gonna last if you think about how much money in the long run these will save you in hospital bills broken bones that kind of thing the. Issues are definitely worth it i think. They come in today at about two and a half thousand ram but it's a one sort of purchase and you can ride for several years with these shoes considering you. Now if you're an adult and you're not still young lad or lady out there these will. Definitely work yeah if you're a parent watching this you have a kid out there on the trails riding well. Mom and dad i think if you can kind of. Like you gets a bus together get the youngsters some good solid protection because it will save you down the line. And some hospital bills yeah as always. Say if you treat the sport with a little. Bit of respect in the right kind of gear you can make it a very safe sport. So this is the 510 free ride pro chute i. Will leave a link down below in the description you can definitely go ahead and check these art if you would like some more information about those the shoe has definitely changed my life. Added grip added power delivery because. There's no real give in the sol compared. To a sneaker these guys are a monsters. Out on the track this brings me to the end of my protection series for this week next week I'll be back with a fortunate designing of that kitchen at. The back getting ready for easter weekend to hit the trails so that's it. For me for this week guys so as always stay safe on the trails look after yourselves and I'll see you guys next week peace out

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    Lake CX237 Cycling Shoe - Men's

    Lake’s CX237 Road Shoes are designed to be both comfortable and brutally efficient, a line not often walked this gracefully in the footwear department. To close the shoes, you’ll find two Boa reels, able to be adjusted independently so you can lock in your heel without strangling your forefoot. But the upper that closes around your foot is made from full-grain leather, a choice made for comfort and a supremely personalized fit. It’ll only get better the more you wear it.

    The sole is Lake’s Race Carbon. It’s a carbon fiber sole built on Lake’s Competition last, which is designed to direct all of your power output through the ball of your foot, but still allow a bit of wiggle room when your feet swell.

  • Full grain leather uppers mold to your foot over time
  • Race Carbon sole
  • Competition last
  • Dual-boa closure
  • Two-hole cleat compatibility
  • Item #LKC000J
  • Hi this is my and city will have the lake cx 241 road cheese lakes. Police the cx 241 that suited the power and performance for road cyclist looking for an edgy shoe on race day. The cx 241 is made from synthetic leather rubber that molds around your foot the competition last features a curved profile that allows the foot to expand under high peddling pressures it. Comes with the two boa closure system that dials you into the perfect fit the. Lake race full carbon outsole is stiff and durable transferring all your power to the road and accepts three boats sbds l style cleats this is available in. Multiple sizes and cover options along with the wide version featured in this video at bite

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    Five Ten Hellcat Pro Cycling Shoe - Men's

    Built for battle on the trails through rain or shine, the Five Ten Men's Hellcat Pro Shoe barrels around berms and flies through pump tracks with confident comfort and protective performance. A lace and hook-and-loop closure combo cinches down the perfect fit quickly and easily, while its synthetic upper with DWR-treatment helps keep your feet dry when splashing through creeks or facing light rain storms. Meanwhile, the 3/4 dual-density, chatter-dampening TPU shank flexes when you want it for walking and then stays rigid when you need it for pedaling. Comfort and support is further bolstered by the compression-molded EVA midsole without adding weight, and the Stealth C4 rubber outsole absorbs shock and reduces vibration while staying grippy on and off the bike.

  • Protective, comfortable bike shoe for long days on the trails
  • Synthetic upper is water-resistant for dry comfort
  • Compression-molded EVA midsole supports without adding weight
  • TPU shank flexes off your bike and stays rigid on it
  • C4 Stealth rubber reduces chatter and absorbs shock
  • Dotty tread grips both pedals and terra firma in slick conditions
  • Item #FVT002E
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    Fi'zi:k R1B Uomo Boa Cycling Shoe - Men's

    Warning: if you upgrade to the Fi'zi:k R1B Uomo Boa Shoe, there's a good chance you'll be so spoiled by the sumptuous uppers and irresistibly second-skin fit that you'll never be able to go back to another shoe. That being said, if you have a penchant for clean, minimal aesthetics and pro-level functionality, you'll have a hard time finding fault with the R1B Uomo. As the top-of-the-line shoe from a brand that prides itself on simplicity over excessive extras, the R1B Uomo relies on fit and high-end materials to become an indispensable part of kit.

    This year, Fi'zi:k replaced last year's kangaroo leather uppers with its trusted microtex material. If you're a loyal R1B fan, don't worry; the synthetic material has already earned its stripes on Fi'zi:k's extensive line of saddles and other shoes, so rest assured that it's worthy of a shoe of the R1B's caliber. With an asymmetrical cut and dual Boa dials providing limitless potential for fit adjustment, the shoes' one-piece uppers will wrap around your feet in a way not unlike the post-ride burrito you dream about to get you through your last climb of the day. Plus, Fi'zi:k took the time to carve tiny, precise pinpricks throughout the shoes' uppers to let the shoes, and your feet, breathe on hot days.

    Fi'zi:k didn't stop there either. Other fit details, like an adjustable heel cup for more consistent power transfer and Fi'zi:k's careful Volume Control design work to achieve a nearly custom fit that goes beyond simpler, less precise models. Along the bottom, a uni-directional carbon fiber sole anchors the shoe, promising the kind of snappy power transfer that has earned the R1B Uomo its well-deserved presence in the peloton. Take a closer look at the soles and you'll notice a complex, and meticulous arrangement of vents, capably managing airflow without inhibiting your aerodynamic efficiency.

  • Carbon-soled, top-of-the-line road cycling shoe
  • Highly durable, ventilated synthetic uppers
  • Adjustable heel cup improves power transfer
  • Streamlined, next-to-skin fit from dual Boa dials
  • Stiff, responsive carbon sole with cooling vents
  • Fizik designs show artful restraint and uncompromising fit
  • Item #FIZ003Q
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    Shimano SH-RP5 Cycling Shoe - Men's

    The Shimano SH-RP5 Men's Cycling Shoes feature a light, carbon-reinforced nylon sole, upping the stiffness factor to an 8 out of 12 on the Shimano scale. This provides higher pedaling efficiency then the models it supersedes and positions it perfectly for all-day comfort and competition-ready stiffness. A versatile shoe for the cycling enthusiast, it suits a wide range of cycling adventures. The shoe is compatible with three-hole cleats and offers and extended range of adjustment so you can dial in your fit.

    The SH-RP5's closure system consists of a lower hook-and-loop strap that passes through a D-ring for stability and adjustability while minimizing tension across the lower foot. A micro-adjustable Boa L6 dial with hidden wire routing crosses the mid and upper foot, and allows for quick and easy customized fit and even pressure distribution.

    You'll appreciate the durable, wide heel pad as it provides excellent walking stability while heading into a country store at mile 60 to stock up on calories. Keeping your feet cool and comfortable during the summer months, the upper, insole, and outsole are optimized for passage of air through the shoes. The one-piece upper provides extended comfort and a clean design, delivering pure, functional performance.

  • Versatile shoe ready for touring, base miles, or racing
  • Stiff carbon reinforced sole offers power to the pedals
  • Outsole, insole, and upper built for breathability
  • Soft synthetic leather one-piece upper with airy mesh paneling
  • Boa dial and hook-and-loop strap for secure fit
  • Item #SHI00FF
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    Giro Terraduro HV Cycling Shoe - Men's

    Your MTB shoes could have the best cushioning, incredible traction, and a lightweight design, but if they don’t fit your feet, you’re going to hate them, at best. At worst, an ill-fitting set of kicks will ruin a weekend of riding in Moab or Bend, leaving you standing forlornly at the trailhead while your friends pedal away. Instead of risking that, house your wider-than-average feet in the Giro Men’s Terraduro HV Shoes and enjoy a responsive shoe that fits your foot as well as it transfers power.

    HV, in this case, refers to High Volume. Revel in the extra space your instep will enjoy on each ride with the Terraduro HV, and pedal without tingling or numbness interrupting your rhythm on the up or the down. As you sweat it out on a long, winding climb, perforated uppers maintain airflow, while rugged Vibram outsoles keep you moving as you step over fallen trees. When speed’s your goal, the rigid sole delivers your hard-won watts towards the pedals in a way befitting a true XC shoe.

  • Beloved XC shoe adapted to fit higher volume feet
  • Synthetic leather uppers are pliable and soft
  • Ratcheting and hook-and-loop straps ensure a precise fit
  • Vibram rubber sole keeps you steady on uneven ground
  • Aegis-treated footbed wards off offensive odor
  • Item #GIR005P
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    Giro Cylinder Cycling Shoe - Men's

    Your riding takes you all over the mountain, so why wear a shoe that limits you to one discipline? In the Giro Cylinder Mountain Bike Shoe you'll find versatile comfort that offers lightweight breathability for banging out miles of XC singletrack, and stiff, rugged support that has no problem blasting through rock gardens and weaving through techy tree lines. New to Giro's lineup, the Cylinder takes queues from the Privateer, utilizing a co-molded nylon and rubber outsole for superior grip that doesn’t weigh you down, and stiff responsiveness that doesn't bend under pressure.

    Unlike the Privateer, the Cylinder is created with a lighter weight upper construction. It features a combination of synthetic leather and mesh, allowing for unsurpassed breathability for moisture transfer and ventilation on warm days. The toe and heel feature reinforcement to protect you from trail debris when the singletrack gets a little wild. The upper secures your foot into place with an L6 Boa system, offering 1-millimeter adjustment increments when tightening, so you can perfectly dial in your fit, and a macro-release function for easy removal. On the inside, a die-cut insole adds just the right amount of cushion to your arch and heel, keeping you comfortable during long miles in the saddle.

    The co-molded nylon and rubber outsole accommodates steel toe spikes for solid grip on foot in variable conditions, if the beefy lugs aren't enough to keep you planted on the trail. While admittedly less stiff than a carbon fiber outsole, the nylon provides significant rigidity for committing power, but allows just a touch of flex where you want it when you have to hike a bike. The outsole is graced with additional guard to shield your arch from chunky rocks and fallen branches in the mid foot area, so you can stay confident when the singletrack starts to get a little hairy, and the trail ahead offers little forgiveness.

  • Lightweight trail shoe for ripping down singletrack
  • Optimize pedaling efficiency with co-molded nylon sole
  • High-traction rubber lugs provide grip on foot
  • Synthetic uppers are incredibly breathable and supple
  • Boa closure optimizes fit with micro adjustments
  • Hook and loop toe strap secures your little piggies
  • Item #GIR00IE
  • Gyro cylinder cycling shoes men's blue /. Black 45 your writing takes you all over the mountain so why wear a shoe that limits you to one discipline in the gyro. Cylinder mountain bike shoe you'll find versatile comfort that offers lightweight breath ability for banging out miles of xc single track and stiff rugged support that has no problem. Blasting through rock gardens and weaving through tetchy tree lines new to. Garros line up the cylinder takes cues. From the privateer utilizing a co molded. Nylon and rubber outsole for superior grip that doesn't weigh you down and stiff responsiveness that doesn't bend under pressure unlike the privateer the cylinder is. Created with a lighter weight upper construction it features a combination. Of synthetic leather and mesh allowing for unsurpassed breath ability for moisture transfer and ventilation on warm days the toe and heel feature. Reinforcements to protect you from trail debris when the single track gets a little wild the upper secures your foot. Into place with an l 6 boa system offering one millimeter adjustment. Increments when tightening so you can perfectly dial in your fit and a macro release function for easy removal on the. Inside a die cut insole adds just the. Right amount of cushion to your arch and heel keeping you comfortable during long miles in the saddle the co molded nylon. And rubber outsole accommodates steel toe spikes for solid grip on foot in. Variable conditions if the beefy lugs aren't enough to keep you planted on the trail while admittedly less stiff than a. Carbon fiber outsole the nylon provides. Significant rigidity for committing power but allows just a touch of flex where you want it when you have to hike a bike the outsole is graced with additional guard to shield your arch from chunky rocks and fallen branches in. The mid foot area so you can stay confident when the single track starts to get a little hairy and the trail ahead offers little forgiveness upper. Material body synthetic leather heel /. Toe micro fiber closure boa hook and. Loop straps footbed die cut sole co-molded nylon and rubber cleat compatibility tubule mountain for more info and special discounts please click the link below.

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    Five Ten Maltese Falcon Cycling Shoe - Men's

    When you and your go-anywhere trail bike head out for a day of quality one-on-one time, you don't place any limits on where the day might take you. Enter Five Ten's versatile Maltese Falcon Shoe. If you and your machine happen to discover miles of tacky singletrack begging to be torn up, you'll want a shoe you can slam into the pedals and not think about again as you sweep through corners and rally over rollers. Then again, if the day's adventures find you pedaling over rocky cruxes then hopping off your bike to escort it along the side of a serious cliff, the lightest, most speed-focused shoe on the market won't help you much. Five Ten strikes an admirable balance with the Maltese, whose name suggests that—like the plot of a certain classic novel—there's more going on than meets the eye.

    Regardless, the shoe's sleek leather uppers and simple, effective design make it a trustworthy companion on fast rides and technical days alike. Five Ten designed the lug pattern on the rubber sole to make clipping in and out quick and easy and give you grip on treacherous sections of trail. It's got a soft EVA midsole for cushioning as well as a combination lace-up and hook-and-loop closure to allow you to customize the fit of the shoe, ensuring security without undue restriction. We can't promise the Maltese Falcon will give you the moody confidence of a 1930's detective, but it might come close.

    What up everybody my name is andrew and today i will be reviewing the 2016 510. Maltese falcon so guys i just want to. Start off by saying my opinion it comes. From weekend warrior i'm not pro in any. Way shape or form but if you want to read a pro review i left some links in the bottom check that out so first off i wanna start off by saying that these shoes are super light they're. Not as light as my my vans but they're. Still pretty good now they're not nikes. Or anything but anyways second comfort. These things are pretty damn comfortable they have a lot of padding on the inside. A lot of padding around the toe area as well and they feel real firm when your. Foots inside as far as sizing goes i got. A 10 normally like a nine and a half nine nine and a half ten i always get i. Was worked in these are a little bit snug if you loosen up the laces a lot. Loosen them up real good and then don't time all the way hard they they don't. Feel real good and they you know they hug your feet so they don't even if they're loose your heel doesn't pop out the back so as far as a breathability. Goes they're not nike running shoes or anything but they're they're pretty they're alright i mean they got the. Holes and stuff on here but you know. There's stuff your feet still got might be good hot if your feet are gonna get hot also i found i'm sure a lot of you guys know all about already foot wearing thin thin socks like thin running socks. Like nikes pumas or whatever you guys. Were those feel great they're you know they're a thin soi the still feels comfortable inside so as far as a grip. Goes these things are super grippy. Hookup on the flat puddles real good even with the pins halfway engage soar all the way engaged they there's still they grip once you. Once your foots locked in it's real hard to move you have to like raise your foot up and then adjust to just your footing as far. As i'm like down hills go my feet didn't come off the pedals like they do with my. Vans over with my running shoes or once they hooked up they were they were in there especially with the pressure with your foot dude they don't move their clipless also. But i write them on flats only bad thing. Is that uh it's kind of coming apart. Well you see is kind of getting chewed. Up right here i was looking on the. Online like before i bottom and said i'm jensen they had to have a video and has a cover but mine didn't come with that. And even on their on their 5/10 website. It says that they have a cover i emailed jensen and they got back to me i said that 5/10 doesn't ship the shoes with. With that cover anymore i don't know why it'd be cool if they did because then you wouldn't get all this stuff you can jacked up that's the. One bad thing about these shoes just that part another thing about these. Shoes that's really sick you can walk in them and they're comfortable look yeah. See that they bend if you're anything. Like me weekend warrior you know you're not all that good at mountain biking you have to get off and climb you know hike a bike so these things are good for. Climbing they flex that's the best part. So when you're walking up the freakin hills you got grip they grip in the dirt and they grip on the rocks i think that's the best part in my opinion so finally these shoes they looked sick i. Mean so the one drawback i already. Talked about is the clean part and then. On some of the other sites i was reading. Like the other poor writers they said that the the rubber is kind of soft so a the kc no way it's almost guys i was watching i was looking at their pictures and they were like all ground down right here this is. About two months of writing you see it's. Getting beat up but i mean tread still there right that still looks. Pretty good i guess we'll see how long they last i'm gonna give it another i'm saying yeah all right like i don't know. Two or three times a week probably about ten miles each ride so i got these on. Sale from jensen for 65 bucks i definitely recommend you guys get these either grippy they're comfortable solid. A lot of padding they hold your foot in place they don't get too hot it's about a guy's i hope. You guys liked the video if you did please give me that thumbs up stop a comment i like questions put them in the. Comment section i'll try to answer them as best as i can i'll leave the links to the reviews from the pros i'll leave a link to the amazon site and then to jensen yeah dude or people youtube i am these are bad you. Won't regret it i promise. Again my name is andrew i'm the san diego mountain biker you guys like my channel please subscribe and leave a. Comment and that thumbs up we're gonna help alright guys i'll catch you guys next

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    Scott MTB RC Lace Cycling Shoe - Men's

    Now that laces are back in a big way, Scott believes roadies shouldn't get to have all the fun. Whether you race on smooth singletrack or run your kicks up stairs and through sand pits, you'll enjoy fast power transfer and a secure, adaptable fit with the Scott MTB RC Lace Shoe. This lightweight shoe adapts equally well to the rigors of XC rides or 'cross races, using laser-cut microfiber uppers cut in an asymmetrical pattern to provide a contoured, wrap-like fit around your foot that stays glued in place during a race.

    Racing's a sweaty venture, so Scott also integrates breathable mesh along the shoe's uppers to keep air moving while you grind it out. Inside the shoe, Scott's adjustable ErgoLogic footbed makes an appearance as well, allowing you to fine-tune the arch support the shoe gives you, or remove it entirely if you prefer. Tasked with delivering your hard-won watts to the pedals, the HMX carbon fiber outsole provides uncompromising stiffness and rigidity when you can't afford to waste energy. While it doesn't suit the shoe as well to long trail rides and hike-a-bikes, the carbon fiber sole is exactly what you want on your side when you're two laps from the finish and can feel your energy waning heading into a brutal climb.

  • Dominate the 'cross course in this energetic, light race shoe
  • Classic lace-up closure allows for a nearly custom fit
  • Breathable uppers keep air moving as you race
  • Rigid carbon fiber outsole dutifully transfers watts to the pedals
  • Slightly lugged outsole provides extra traction without bulk
  • Item #SCO00K0
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    Lake MXZ400 Winter Cycling Boot - Men's

    The MXZ400 Men's Winter Cycling Boot is far and away the most wintery boot Lake produces. It's built-up to stand-up to the elements, and its moto-appropriate size hints at its 400g of 3M Thinsulate and generously capacious last, which allows for more insulation in the form of thick sock layering. The last is built to accommodate walking and pedaling, and its wrapped in a layer of Pittards WR100 for water-resistant breathability.

    That list alone is impressive enough to warrant the MXZ400's status as the greatest Lake of the winter cycling world, but the real magic is the inclusion of Outlast SmartFabric Technology. Outlast incorporates capsules of a phase-change material that shifts between a solid and a liquid state depending on conditions. This act of alchemy has the effect of either absorbing heat or releasing it, so Outlast serves as a smart solution to varying conditions on the bike by actively keeping warming or cooling your feet.

    The boots are finished with some hardcore winter details, including some armor in the form of Helcor paneling in order to protection the Pittards from the scuffs of bikepacking life. The extended cuff is also an obvious winter superstar, and it fastens with its own dedicated Boa dial so you can batten down the hatches against winter aggression. The rubber outsole sits wide to generate additional traction in slick conditions, and it's equipped with ice grip inserts in order to ensure that it does the job.

  • A winter cycling boot for extreme conditions
  • Outlast technology helps regulate foot temperature
  • Insulation traps warmth to maintain a barrier against the cold
  • Breathable, water-resistant upper keeps the elements at bay
  • Generous last allows for thick sock layers
  • Outsole grips ice for traction in slippery conditions
  • Extended cuff with a dedicated Boa dial
  • Abrasion-resistant paneling shields uppers from trail abuse
  • Item #LKC001A
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    Sidi Dominator 7 SR Mega Cycling Shoe - Men's

    Sidi's Dominator line of shoes have proven themselves to be worthy companions for everything from navigating backcountry singletrack to grinding out miles on gravel roads or hopping barriers at your local cross race. The Dominator 7 SR Mega Mountain Bike Shoe retains that versatility, as well as Sidi's renowned fit and quality, but features a redesigned sole as well as a new Stealth Black color scheme that omits flashy colors in favor of a more subdued style. This particular shoe is the Mega version, which is 4mm wider across the ball of the foot and has more volume, a higher instep, and a wider heel cup in order to accommodate cyclists with larger feet.

    Sidi reports that the new MTB RS17 sole is lighter and better performing, constructed of a stiff nylon composite that efficiently puts power to the pedals. The tread inserts provide grip on a variety of surfaces and also facilitate mud dispersion. If you need some extra traction in particularly sloppy conditions, the sole is compatible with toe spikes. For those times when you miss a clip-in, the central insert works as a traction pad to help prevent slipping a pedal. Perhaps the most exciting update to the sole is that the toe insert is now replaceable via screws. Considering this area is subjected to more wear, especially when walking, this is a simple and inexpensive way to prolong the life of these already durable shoes.

    The uppers are made of a composite microfiber Sidi calls Microfibra Microtech. These incredibly fine fibers act like a natural leather skin, but have advantages of increased strength, soft texture, and light weight. Being water-repellent, quick-drying, breathable, and permeable to water vapor, it's an ideal material for shoe uppers, and easier to clean than leather. Additionally, this material is resistant to stretching and deterioration from atmospheric agents. And to keep your feet from getting too warm, mesh inserts were added throughout the uppers. To cap it all off, the manufacturing process is environmentally friendly, using only water-based products instead of solvents.

    The retention system is built around Sidi's signature Caliper Buckle, a two-way ratchet that lets you micro-adjust the strap pressure in order to ensure that the fit of your upper won't be too loose or too tight. It's paired with the Soft Instep 2 Closure strap that evenly spreads the upward-stroke pedaling forces across the top of your foot. The buckle provides four-clicks per uptake along with half-click releases. Essentially, this means that you're able to precisely tension the pressure of the strap. No other system provides more of a gentle and precise customizable fit. You also get the precision of two High Security hook-and-loop straps for volume adjustability. Its padded tongue with fit "relievers" is one final small detail that helps deliver unparalleled comfort.

  • Updated Sidi Dominator for MTB, gravel, and cross
  • Higher volume Mega last fits cyclists with larger feet
  • Redesigned sole saves weight and improves power transfer
  • Toe inserts are now replaceable to extend the life of the soles
  • Proven Caliper Buckle lets you precisely adjust strap pressure
  • Soft closure strap applies even tension across the foot
  • Durable microfiber uppers resist stretching and abrasion
  • Reinforced heel maintains optimal foot position and prevents shoe deformation
  • Item #SID00AG
  • Ok ladies and gentlemen welcome to the show and you can see i got another product here for you to review so i have. Some cd shoes all right here these are. The cd nominator sevens so if you look. On the si website you have the nominator sevens and then you have another shoe. That's just like this but for the road. Side let me see here we're gonna bring. That up real quick look at it so you. Have the nominator sevens and then you. Have the genius 7 so nominator sevens. Genius ooh so both 7 have in the name. Both are constructed pretty much the same except for the soul is what's. Different in fact they both look the. Some they both feel the same the uppers both very both of them have extremely. Broken feel to them seedy used to make. These with leather but they've since. Gone to since gone to a synthetic a lot. Of the vegans out there that absolutely while these shoes because they're i don't say they're a budget. They're still very expensive shoe but. Compared to other seedy shoes that run. You upwards of $500 these are their more. Budget orientated shoes okay and these. Are what all the cyclotrons guys are. Wearing just because of how light. They are and how breathable are they are so I'm going to go over some of the features on these guys and talk about them so at first glance these are they. Almost look kind of like on i want to. Say a knockoff because cdr known for a couple different. Things they're known for the piece. On the heel that pinches in the heel they're known for their special boa. Dials and things like that but before they are doing that cd started off they were using crow, and they were using these normal ready to ratchet straps these ratchet. Closures okay and that's what they were. Using they just had a slightly different they had they started with the micro release it's not the kind where. You actually have to pull to release the micro leaves you just click on it once and it pushes up and then you pull this. Here hold a now the other nice thing. About it they have this in step because. Cd doesn't make super ridiculously. Expensive insoles they don't really. Feel the insults have to be crazy expensive, and they make because these. Are so plush what they do is they make it so that this piece here pulls and gives you pull up gives you more of an. Instep you're not really whole point of a cycling shoe is not to be running with them is to give stiffness here in the. Foot area for pedaling efficiency okay. So because these are a cyclotrons shoe there's their lightweight they don't. Put emphasis on replaceable lugs but. These lugs are extremely hard. In fact, they're they're like five times. Harder than your standard mountain bike logs, and they're closer to that of like. A soccer cleat and when you look at some. Of the prices of soccer cleats these are actually you know about the same so the. Nice thing is with your cd you're gonna get your this ratchet by the way. Everything is replaceable pretty much with these you can buy new of. This these straps this buckle here this. Whole buckle is replaceable you pop it. Out and then of course even the velcro i. Think you can come by and have it stitched back on so i think even the velcro but this this velcros this is what they call their high-security velcro so these red pieces here stick here and it prevents the velcro from wearing down if they use a slightly different type of velcro from lawdy or your other stuff cd by the. Way has pioneered and pioneering cycling. Shoes since the beginning their first company ever use velcro on us shoo so cycling shoes so pretty. Ingenious actually first once that buckles first once created bow a dial a dialing type cable system so, so they've. They've kind of been pioneering the thing the other thing is to that they have is they have this very stiff heel cup and so even though it's its not a. Bathtubs type skull you get this on even though it doesn't have a the adjustable. Clamp back here for the heel your. Heel fits as you can see this heel cups it's really extreme and your heel. Fits in the back here and really locks. Into place and then this type of system. Here really pulls in the foot to keep it. Back into your heel cup so your heel cup unlike a lot of other shoes is very stiff it's a big solid heavy police plastic that they put on their this hole. In so the whole shoe is made of this very soft material the entire in main. Part of the shoe even the insides everything let me open this up titanium. This metal here is titanium really high. Quality materials you got some padding here they put these. Little slits here so you can cut these as you want to they're all together when. You buy them and then it says in the when you have with the directions it. Says to find have this at the center. Point and they've cut these so that bends separately and conforms your to. Your foot so really nice the way they set it up as you can see unlike your. Your other most of your other shoes. They're very soft and very supple even. Though these aren't the road shoe they. Are extremely stiff these bottoms are extremely stiff they're extremely stiff sole this is the. Same material and this is a ballistic. Nylon that's used to make synthetic gun. Handles and then also your you're not the souls. But it's its used to make the bottoms for skates so ice skates and that. Really for the hockey skates that the. Ballistic nylon that they use that's the same material that city uses to make the. Soles for these particular set of mountain bikes now once you start getting it to higher and ones you then you're gonna get a carbon fiber of course you do have carbon fiber injected. On your genius sevens but the. Interesting thing is that carbon fiber this or is this ballistic nylon is. Just as stiff and just as hard as that. Carbon fiber is the injection ejected. Carbon fiber for the city geniuses okay. So don't be fooled that this isn't carbon fiber salt they are extremely stiff okay. So the reason i went with these is. Because on so you can see up there zoom. In for my content i went with the crank. Brother the crank butter egg beater. Threes absolutely loving those the. Reason why i went with them is because the shoes i had here or mountain bike shoes check out my shimano i was right. There and so i don't want to i want to. Reuse them but i want a little bit better see you a little bit more comfortable shoe so i ended up bone with these, and they had these out here had. Then on sale end up getting them for about 50 60 bucks off got military. Discount on their i was able too as well. From former forms bicycle i was able to. Also use my performance awards card that. I got so i had some money on their. Resume but he's for store credit so i got together i got these for a less than 200 bucks, so we're really happy about that so absolutely great shoe like i said. These aren't cheap but if you look. At a price of standard cd shoe which is about $500. These are their budget entry-level. Shoes okay but when you look at. Cyclotrons the guys are wearing these. Over their higher-end shoes because they want something that's a really hard bottom that doesn't wear really quickly and it's just i would say it's for. Then it's a little bit more comfortable also the other thing is its the only set of shoes that have this pad in the. Center here so that if you were to slip off and you'd hit right here and want it. Scratch up the sole okay so it's kind of nice little touch they got this okay. And then it's just an insert so really. Great shoe so far loving it absolutely loving these like i said the nice thing is city's shoes last forever they really. Really do they're paid $200 for these. But you probably get 20 years out of these shoes so, and they won't go out of style that's the cool thing about these people have them forever, and they really use them so well you guys enjoyed this video if you did give us a thumbs up. Click up here to subscribe if you look. Over here i got another video i have a. Video for one of my previous videos and. You click on that and see some other shoe videos there so hopefully you guys. Don't like to enjoy this as always keep. Riding.

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    Shimano SH-MW701 Cycling Shoe - Men's

    While most of your riding group starts complaining about the encroaching winter sometime around the end of October, you don't let cold temps and challenging precipitation get in the way of your riding, regardless of whether your vehicle of choice is a fat bike or an enduro rig. Late fall is mild by your standards, and when the snow, ice, and freezing rain arrive for good, you reach for something like the Shimano men's SH-MW7 Mountain Bike Shoes to protect your feet while you ride.

    Shimano starts by shaping the uppers with synthetic leather then adding an inner Gore-Tex Insulated Comfort Liner to block out snow and rain. A high-cut cover and fleece-lined insole work with the liner to keep your feet warm, and you're able to achieve a slim, contoured fit with the SH-MW7's speed-lacing closure.

    The Torbal mid-sole and a multi-density rubber outsole combine to earn a five on Shimano's stiffness index, equipping the shoes for high-speed, flowy descents by allowing the soles to flex sideways in the back while remaining stiff in the front, anticipating lateral movement and body english while barreling around slick corners.

  • A tough, insulated MTB shoe for riders with no off-season
  • Durable synthetic leather uppers withstand winter abuse
  • Gore-Tex insulated liner is waterproof, warm, and comfortable
  • High-cut ankle cuff adds protection from water, mud, and snow
  • Fleece lined insole delivers warmth and comfort in cold temps
  • Speed laces with strap provide adjustable tension across the foot
  • TORBAL midsole provides just the right flex while descending
  • Rubber outsole delivers grip for slick hike-a-bike sections
  • Item #SHI00JW
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    Lake MX332 SuperCross Cycling Shoe - Men's

    You spent your winter training hard, rotating between hours in the gym and hours on the rollers so you can steamroll into race season already in your prime condition. But your race-ready physique shouldn't end with your training routine — you'll surely need intensely stiff shoes that don't waiver under the power you put out, like Lake's MX332 SuperCross Cycling Shoe. Designed perform under heat, stress, and power, the MX332's feature featherweight carbon fiber soles that are intensely stiff under pressure, without a weight penalty, and pack in tacky tread, and replaceable toe spikes for off-bike moments, ideal for XC racing, or taking to the cyclocross season.

    The MX332 feature Lake's signature K-Lite kangaroo leather uppers that hold up to serious abuse, while claiming to breathe better than traditional leather. The heel is crafted with internal Thermaform carbon fiber panels that contour to your foot for a snug and precise fit. The uppers are finished off with an Outlast temperature regulating liner, and two IP1 Boas to secure you in with the perfect fit. Lake implements its MC Race last on the MC332's, with a narrower toe box, and tighter heel than the Competition last, and much less volume overall than the Sport last, instead opting for a fit that's slimmer, and suitable for racing.

  • Race-hungry kicks designed for power and precision
  • MX Race last is narrow and snug for racing
  • Carbon fiber sole is feathery light and intensely stiff
  • Rubber lugs and replaceable toe spikes offer off-bike grip
  • Hold up to abuse and heat with Kangaroo leather uppers
  • Dial side mounted IP1 Boa system secures the perfect fit
  • Outlast insole regulates temperature to keep you cool
  • Heel contours to the ideal fit thanks to Thermaform carbon panels
  • Item #LKC001H
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    Ride Concepts Wildcat Shoe - Men's

    The Ride Concepts Wildcat Shoe is a mid-height flat pedal brawler with a sticky rubber outsole. Blending tough-as-nails construction with a casual street style, these shoes easily transition from burly DH lines to post-ride beverages and hang outs. They have a similar design as the Livewire shoe, but with cranked up stability and ankle protection thanks to the taller cuff. They feature durable synthetic uppers with anti-abrasion mesh that withstands loose rocks and stray branches, as well as tacky DST 6.0 rubber tread that keeps your feet firmly in place on the pedals when you're smashing rock gardens and navigating steep chutes.

    As far as protection goes, The Wildcat Shoes have anti-abrasion toe guards, as well as a fully gusseted tongue that prevents the intake of dirt and debris. These are nice features, but we're most excited about the D3O High Impact Zone Insole Technology. D3O is highly shock-absorbent padding that's commonly used for knee pads and elbow guards. By incorporating D3O into the insole, the Wildcat significantly reduces the impacts sustained from harsh landings and big days in rough terrain.

  • Mid-height, sticky-soled, flat pedal mountain bike shoes
  • Taller cuff enhances stability and ankle protection
  • Tacky DST 6.0 rubber keeps you glued to the pedals
  • D3O padded insole absorbs big drops and hard landings
  • Durable synthetic uppers withstand on-trail abuse
  • Anti-abrasion toe guards protect against rock strikes
  • Gusseted tongue keeps out dirt and debris
  • EVA midsole adds cushioning to your step
  • Item #RPT0004
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    ION Raid AMP II Bike Cycling Shoe - Men's

    You like to ride on flats, but you don't want to sacrifice performance. The grip, power transfer, and durability of the Raid AMP II Bike Shoe balances the needs for usability and style. Underfoot, Ion's Pin Tonic technology combines a soft EVA midsole with a durable, grippy rubber outsole. The outsole features changes in tread that optimize zones for pedaling and walking. ToeTal Protection forms a barrier between your toes and the rocks on the trail that threaten you with painful stubbing, while the pre-shaped heel cup helps hold your foot in position. The asymmetrical shaft features an Ankle Pad on the inside of the ankle to protect you from your cranks.

  • Shoes grip flat pedals for a confident ride
  • EVA midsole absorbs shock and provides stability
  • Rubber outsole grips pedals and other surfaces
  • Tread optimized for on- and off-pedal traction
  • Longitudinal stiffness transfers power effectively
  • Lateral flexibility allows for precise balance
  • ToeTal Protection defends your toes from rocks
  • Ankle Pad protects your ankle bones from your cranks
  • Item #INB0035
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    Gaerne G. Kona Shoe - Men's

    Call us biased, but we think the best leg of a tri is between T1 and T2. The cycling portion is where a race can be won or lost, and if you're looking for some lightweight, tri-specific kicks, have a look at the G. Kona Shoe from Gaerne. The brand was founded in Italy in 1962 by Ernesto Gazzola and Gaerne still builds its shoes in the old world way using the skills and traditions of expert craftsmen while utilizing modern materials. Its shoes are renowned for their durability, high quality, and technical innovations which have made it a favorite amongst triathletes.

    The G. Kona is Gaerne's only tri offering, however it shares similar details to its road offerings. It uses double hook-and-loop closures for quick adjustments on the bike and makes getting into and out of the shoes quick and easy during transitions. Additionally, a rear loop allows for quicker entries and exits and comes in handy after the swim and before the run.

    For breathability and water evacuation, the upper is crafted of a soft microfiber with laser-drillings. The one-piece frontal section also minimizes stitching for a more comfortable fit. On the internal in-step, a mesh insert provides additional ventilation without sacrificing stability and support. It's all-new injection molded anti-slip heel-cup anchors your heel in place during out of the saddle pedaling efforts and will not deform or weaken over time. It claims that this anti-tendonitis form allows for the best foot stability and control. For the footbed, Gaerne uses its lightweight Transpirant Insole which offers great comfort and is replaceable. Like the upper, the insole is perforated for maximum breathability.

    For the sole, the G. Kona uses its EPS Light Evolution Sole made of nylon for cost savings and achieves a 6.0 out of 12.0 on its stiffness scale. It's light and thin, so your foot sits close to the pedal spindle for maximum pedaling efficiency. And to keep you from slipping anytime you're not clipped in, the sole has an anti-slip insert at the toe and heel. Lastly, reflective inserts provide maximum visibility in low-light conditions.

  • Gaerne's tri shoe helping you set a PR on the bike split
  • Handcrafted in Italy and built to exacting standards
  • Perforated upper ventilates and allows water to escape
  • Injection-molded heel cup anchors the rear of the foot in place
  • Anatomic insole conforms to the foot for exceptional comfort
  • Nylon EPS Light Evolution Sole saves cash without sacrificing stiffness
  • Double hook-and-loop closures allow for quick adjustments and transitions
  • Item #GAE001L
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