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  Pearl Izumi SELECT Road V5 Studio Cycling Shoe - Men's Sidi Ergo 4 Carbon Cycling Shoe - Men's Lake CX402 Wide Cycling Shoe - Men's Giro Privateer R Cycling Shoe - Men's Pearl Izumi X-Project P.R.O. Cycling Shoe - Men's ION Raid AMP II Bike Cycling Shoe - Men's Lake MX332 SuperCross Cycling Shoe - Men's
  Pearl Izumi SELECT Road V5 Studio Cycling Shoe - Men's Sidi Ergo 4 Carbon Cycling Shoe - Men's Lake CX402 Wide Cycling Shoe - Men's Giro Privateer R Cycling Shoe - Men's Pearl Izumi X-Project P.R.O. Cycling Shoe - Men's ION Raid AMP II Bike Cycling Shoe - Men's Lake MX332 SuperCross Cycling Shoe - Men's
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Brand Lake Lake Pearl Izumi Giro Pearl Izumi Sidi ION
Cleat Compatibility 2-bolt mountain 3-bolt 3-bolt road, 2-bolt mountain 2-bolt mountain 2-bolt 3-bolt road -
Closure 2 side mounted IP1 BOAs dual Boa hook-and-loop N-1 ratchet, 2 hook-and-loop straps 2 BOA IP1 dials Tecno 3 buckle, hook-and-loop strap lace
Manufacturer Warranty 2 years 2 years lifetime 1 year lifetime 1 year -
Recommended Use cross-country, cyclocross road cycling road cycling mountain bike mountain bike, cyclocross cycling cross-country, downhill, enduro, trail
Sole carbon fiber Custom Fit carbon fiber - co-molded nylon and rubber carbon composite, [outsole] molded carbon rubber tips on TPU lugs Twelve Carbon Composite rubber
Upper Material kangaroo leather, Thermaform carbon fiber kangaroo leather synthetic leather microfiber Advanced 3-Layer Seamless Composite synthetic microfiber 80% polyurethane, 15% mesh, 5% TPU

Pearl Izumi SELECT Road V5 Studio Cycling Shoe - Men's

You're committed to cycling now and short days and bad weather won't keep you from getting on your bike even if that means indoors on the trainer or rollers or a spin class session. Pearl Izumi's SELECT Road V5 Studio Cycling Shoe for Men lets you keep your expensive cycling shoes for longer rides when the weather breaks and provides a set of dedicated shoes for the gym. The materials and construction itself are specifically built to endure the challenging environment, such as hot and humid conditions, of indoor cycling. It's equipped to handle three-bolt road and two-bolt mountain cleats so it'll work with virtually any cleat you're currently using including those popular on spin bikes.

The synthetic collar and closed cell foam padding on the Select Studio V5's help shed sweat, and the anti-microbial upper mesh helps resist odor-causing bacteria and fungus. Inside the shoe, a PE sockliner with Silvadur anti-microbial material adds durability and additional bacterial resistance. Added ventilation holes in the last board add more breathability during those long intervals. You won't feel bad leaving these shoes in a locker or gear bag as you save your high-end kicks for better days.

  • A cycling shoe designed for indoor riding and spin
  • 2- and 3-bolt cleat mounting for maximum versatility
  • Synthetic leather upper and foam padding shed sweat
  • Hook-and-loop closure ensures a secure custom fit
  • Item #PLZ00OY
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    Sidi Ergo 4 Carbon Cycling Shoe - Men's

    Sidi's Ergo 4 Carbon Men's Cycling Shoes are an investment, but the iconic brand hasn't earned its reputation making overpriced, overhyped shoes. With replaceable parts and thoughtful construction, Sidi shoes are made to last you seasons of hard riding. The Ergo 4 is a newer offering from the classic brand, and its carbon composite sole and incredible range of adjustability from Sidi's Tecno 3 buckle system promises to keep your feet happy and your hard-earned watts delivered on-time to the pedals with every turn of the crank arms.

    Sidi shoes are known for being built with a range of small extras that make life a lot easier in the saddle. In case you don't dial-in just the right fit from Tecno 3 before you clip-in, the buckles are easy to reach for and adjust from the saddle, and while you're mashing the pedals down to reach the crest of a climb, Sidi's Adjustable Heel Retention Device will keep even the boniest heels locked firmly in-place so you don't waste power. The padded tongue keeps your instep free of frustrating pressure points, and the ventilated uppers keep air flowing freely between your toes.

  • Carbon-reinforced nylon sole
  • Microfiber upper
  • Tecno 3 buckle system
  • Adjustable Heel Retention Device
  • Soft Instep 3
  • Replaceable heel pad
  • Item #SID007T
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    Lake CX402 Wide Cycling Shoe - Men's

    Finally: you can stop lamenting your relatives for passing on the paddle feet genes to you and ride with the same opulent cycling shoes as your slender-hoofed ride buddies. Sure, not every cycling shoe comes available in a wide width, but the Lake's enviable CX402 Wide Road Shoe does, and you won't feel like you're missing out on a thing when you slide your foot into this slipper.

    Hailed across the industry for its luxuriously soft kangaroo leather uppers and heat-moldable carbon fiber outsole, the CX402 might be the most comfortable shoe you've ever put on. Yes, that's right: the outsole is heat moldable, which means the CX402 won't force you to try and cover up an unyielding, and uncomfortable, carbon fiber sole with an ill-equipped EVA insole. The uppers are highly customizable as well, with a dual BOA dial closure giving you infinite adjustment possibilities as well as the promise of kangaroo leather gradually molding to your foot over time. With the well-placed mesh inserts and perforations along the uppers, your foot will still be able to breathe as you test the carbon fiber sole's impressive power transfer at the end of a brutal climb.

  • Accommodate your wider foot in a top-end racing shoe
  • Durable, soft kangaroo leather uppers mold to your foot
  • Perforated kangaroo leather liner ensures air reaches your feet
  • Heat-moldable carbon sole for uncompromising power transfer
  • Dual BOA dial closure delivers infinite fit customization
  • Item #LKC000Q
  • Hi this is my and city will have the lake cx 241 road cheese lakes. Police the cx 241 that suited the power and performance for road cyclist looking for an edgy shoe on race day. The cx 241 is made from synthetic leather rubber that molds around your foot the competition last features a curved profile that allows the foot to expand under high peddling pressures it. Comes with the two boa closure system that dials you into the perfect fit the. Lake race full carbon outsole is stiff and durable transferring all your power to the road and accepts three boats sbds l style cleats this is available in. Multiple sizes and cover options along with the wide version featured in this video at bite

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    Giro Privateer R Cycling Shoe - Men's

    The Giro Privateer R Men's Shoe fulfills the duty of hardworking trail blazer within Giro's line, offering the rugged durability, micro-adjustable fit, and grippy traction desired by singletrack connoisseurs. Functional updates improve the shoe's traction when you're forced to dismount and hike over unruly stretches of trail. Most notably, the previous sole featured harder lugs that felt slippery across slick rocks, roots, and steep inclines. Completely overhauled, the redesigned sole uses high-traction rubber lugs that are much softer, so you'll have no trouble gripping onto a variety of terrain features in the forest, desert, and mountains.

    The remainder of the shoe stay's true to the original Privateer, and that's a good thing if you're seeking a well-rounded performer that eagerly accompanies you on singletrack adventures and weekend races. Plenty stiff without being unrelenting like a race-specific shoe, the co-molded nylon sole efficiently harnesses your power into forward locomotion. And for racers dismounting on mucky courses, the sole accepts toe spikes that prevent slipping on mud and wet ground.

    Along the shoe's upper, supple microfiber wraps your feet in cloud-nine comfort, with perforations throughout for ventilation. Two hook-and-loop straps secure tightly, with the mid-foot strap offset to relieve pressure points. The upper strap sports a micro-adjustable buckle that prevents heel lift for greater pedaling efficiency. As a fresh-wearing bonus, the shoe's interior benefits from Aegis antimicrobial, which keeps funky odors from taking residence.

  • Grippy trail shoe for singletrack adventures and racing
  • Co-molded nylon sole optimizes pedaling efficiency
  • High-traction rubber lugs provide aggressive grip
  • Microfiber upper is pleasantly supple and breathable
  • Dual-strap lower with micro-adjustable buckle at upper
  • Aegis antimicrobial promotes freshness after sweaty rides
  • Giro's sleek styling gets a rugged makeover for the trail
  • Item #GIR00AP
  • Hey guys this is dan from level 9 sports. Calm today have here the giro privateer. Our mountain biking shoe tell you a little bit about it this kind of falls in the middle of the range as far as shoes go they're not super lightweight leather tons of ventilation a nice grip. See anything you do get off your bike. You can walk a little bit two velcro straps and snowboard style ratchet strap. To lock in your ankle all around a great. Shoe from zero alright so this is the giro privateer our shoe from zero great. Mountain biking shoe if you're looking to get into clip less and can check out these shoes and more at level 9 sports puck.

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    Pearl Izumi X-Project P.R.O. Cycling Shoe - Men's

    The new Pearl Izumi Men's X-Project P.R.O. Cycling Shoes perch atop the X-Project line with their efficient carbon composite sole and a comfortable upper that's more than up to your next XC or cyclocross challenge. The stiff sole is complemented by an outsole featuring molded rubber tips on hollow TPU lugs that lend enough traction to dig through mud, rock, sand, and any other challenging conditions you may encounter en route to the finishing tape. The EVA foam heel takes a cue from cushioned running industry technology, helping to reduce the impact on your joints if you end up having to hike or run repeatedly throughout a long ride or race.

    Pearl Izumi shapes the upper from its 3-layer Seamless Composite synthetic with a flexible fit that conforms to a variety of foot shapes, making hot spots and pressure points unlikely. It also allows for ample air transfer, helping to pull moisture from your feet and socks. The dual BOA IP1 dials give you extensive adjustability pre-ride or from the saddle, allowing you to achieve a secure fit that helps prevent numb feet in the middle of a trail.

  • A race-ready mountain bike or cyclocross shoe
  • Carbon composite sole efficiently transfers power
  • Lugged outsole provides grip and walkability
  • Seamless synthetic upper shapes to your foot
  • Dual BOA IP1 dials adjust the fit in 1mm increments
  • Adjustable 1:1 insole lets you further customize fit
  • Item #PLZ00HJ
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    ION Raid AMP II Bike Cycling Shoe - Men's

    You like to ride on flats, but you don't want to sacrifice performance. The grip, power transfer, and durability of the Raid AMP II Bike Shoe balances the needs for usability and style. Underfoot, Ion's Pin Tonic technology combines a soft EVA midsole with a durable, grippy rubber outsole. The outsole features changes in tread that optimize zones for pedaling and walking. ToeTal Protection forms a barrier between your toes and the rocks on the trail that threaten you with painful stubbing, while the pre-shaped heel cup helps hold your foot in position. The asymmetrical shaft features an Ankle Pad on the inside of the ankle to protect you from your cranks.

  • Shoes grip flat pedals for a confident ride
  • EVA midsole absorbs shock and provides stability
  • Rubber outsole grips pedals and other surfaces
  • Tread optimized for on- and off-pedal traction
  • Longitudinal stiffness transfers power effectively
  • Lateral flexibility allows for precise balance
  • ToeTal Protection defends your toes from rocks
  • Ankle Pad protects your ankle bones from your cranks
  • Item #INB0035
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    Lake MX332 SuperCross Cycling Shoe - Men's

    You spent your winter training hard, rotating between hours in the gym and hours on the rollers so you can steamroll into race season already in your prime condition. But your race-ready physique shouldn't end with your training routine — you'll surely need intensely stiff shoes that don't waiver under the power you put out, like Lake's MX332 SuperCross Cycling Shoe. Designed perform under heat, stress, and power, the MX332's feature featherweight carbon fiber soles that are intensely stiff under pressure, without a weight penalty, and pack in tacky tread, and replaceable toe spikes for off-bike moments, ideal for XC racing, or taking to the cyclocross season.

    The MX332 feature Lake's signature K-Lite kangaroo leather uppers that hold up to serious abuse, while claiming to breathe better than traditional leather. The heel is crafted with internal Thermaform carbon fiber panels that contour to your foot for a snug and precise fit. The uppers are finished off with an Outlast temperature regulating liner, and two IP1 Boas to secure you in with the perfect fit. Lake implements its MC Race last on the MC332's, with a narrower toe box, and tighter heel than the Competition last, and much less volume overall than the Sport last, instead opting for a fit that's slimmer, and suitable for racing.

  • Race-hungry kicks designed for power and precision
  • MX Race last is narrow and snug for racing
  • Carbon fiber sole is feathery light and intensely stiff
  • Rubber lugs and replaceable toe spikes offer off-bike grip
  • Hold up to abuse and heat with Kangaroo leather uppers
  • Dial side mounted IP1 Boa system secures the perfect fit
  • Outlast insole regulates temperature to keep you cool
  • Heel contours to the ideal fit thanks to Thermaform carbon panels
  • Item #LKC001H
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