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  Mammut Alnasca Knit Low Approach Shoe - Men's Arc'teryx Arakys Approach Shoe - Men's Adidas Outdoor Terrex Swift Solo Approach Shoe - Men's Evolv Zender Approach Shoe - Men's Arc'teryx Acrux SL Leather Approach Shoe - Men's
  Mammut Alnasca Knit Low Approach Shoe - Men's Arc'teryx Arakys Approach Shoe - Men's Adidas Outdoor Terrex Swift Solo Approach Shoe - Men's Evolv Zender Approach Shoe - Men's Arc'teryx Acrux SL Leather Approach Shoe - Men's
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Brand Arc'teryx Adidas Outdoor Mammut Evolv Arc'teryx
Claimed Weight 1lb 5.2oz 11.5oz 12oz 7oz (single, size 9) 9.5 oz
Closure lace lace lace lace webbing strap, buckle
Footbed Ortholite adiPrene anatomic microfiber-lined foam leather
Manufacturer Warranty limited 6 months lifetime limited lifetime limited
Midsole EVA EVA TPU, SofTech EVA EVA injected EVA
Recommended Use climbing, hiking casual, climbing, hiking & camping hiking hiking climbing
Sole Vibram Arc'teryx Light Approach (sticky climbing with mountaineering heel tread) rubber Michelin OCX Approach Trax Vibram Light Approach
Upper Material split-suede leather, DWR treatment high-abrasion mesh 3D-knit mesh, textile leather [main] PU coated ripstop nylon, [overlays] TPU film, [toe cap] sticky rubber

Mammut Alnasca Knit Low Approach Shoe - Men's

As time goes on, approaches are getting the trail maintenance they need to avoid erosion, but there are still plenty of unkempt trails with slippery scree, roots to trip over, and large boulders to hop over. When an approach like that is standing between you and your climb, the Mammut Men's Alnaska Knit Low Approach Shoe prevails. It has the lightweight flexibility that demanding terrain calls for, so you can land on one foot and dodge a root with the other. Underfoot, the Alnasca has a stable platform with cushy SofTech and an anatomic footbed to keep you moving for miles. The Michelin Rock Tech was specialized for alpine terrain.

  • Lightweight, flexible approach shoe made for demanding hikes
  • Base Fit lace closure wraps around the heel for a secure fit
  • Anatomic footbed with heel stabilizer and SofTech EVA underneath
  • Michelin Rock Tech rubber sole assures offroad traction
  • Item #MAM00YN
  • Hi I'm john i have in my hand here a. Mamet ridge low gore-tex approach you so. What's this design for well it's got a very stable sole unit so it like. Lengthwise it will flex but not overly but torsion ally it's very stable this. This shoe has been designed for steep. Rocky rugged terrain so that's why it's. Called approach for approaching cliffs it's also got a really clever outsole whether the lugs are designed to grip really well going uphill and grip. Equally, well going downhill to give you a great anchor on the surface and. It's also high friction in terms of the. Sole unit it's a double density and then. It in a shoe like this you don't want a squidgy sole unit because you want the shoe to feel stable but you still have. To have enough shock absorption to take the impact out of your joint which this will do beautifully the upper is then. Very robust this is built to last so that the nose is rubber all these. Materials are designed to protect you. And hold you anything that laces down to. The toe like this does always fits really nicely over the metatarsals because you can adjust it so this will be very comfortable and in the heel to give you even more comfort and a better fit they put memory foam which will shape and customize to your fit over time so this shoe is designed to last. It's designed to give you sensitivity it's designed to go where the ground is rough it is fully waterproof it has a. Full gore-tex sock inside it and it's a. Really highly competent well engineered. Piece of kit for a mum who excel at making footwear for mountaineers but. Don't just think this is from out in ears anything that's designed to do what this will do will just make a great everyday. Shoe for outdoor use so i give you the. Mum up route low cortex thank you for watching have a lovely summer and have lots of adventures thank you. You.

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    Arc'teryx Arakys Approach Shoe - Men's

    Getting to crag isn't as always easy as it sounds, so Arc'teryx designed its Men's Arakys Approach Shoe to be as comfortable navigating steep, rocky scrambles as it is at the crag. Arc'teryx made the Arakys with a lightweight ripstop nylon upper with laminated TPU film overlays for extra protection from wear, and integrated a sticky rubber toe cap for extra bite on small edges and chips. Switching between climbing shoes and the Arakys is easy, courtesy of the one-handed memory buckle closure and the collapsible heel that quickly converts the shoe into a comfortable slipper when you're on belay. The Arakys is built on a TPU chassis to keep it stiff and stable when the terrain is anything but mellow, and has a lightweight Vibram sole with a Megagrip compound for sure and solid footing during those more questionable approaches.

  • Seamless ripstop nylon upper
  • TPU film overlays
  • Sticky rubber toe cap
  • One hand memory buckle closure
  • Collapsible heel
  • Leather footbed
  • Injected EVA midsole
  • TPU chassis
  • Vibram Light Approach sole with Megagrip
  • Item #ARC00HY
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    Adidas Outdoor Terrex Swift Solo Approach Shoe - Men's

    With the Adidas Outdoor Terrex Swift Solo Approach Shoe, you absolutely have no more excuses for not going out and testing your limits on the trail this summer—just like you've been talking about wanting to do for years now.

    Built to log miles on the path not taken by anyone else, this approach shoe features a durable, grippy toe for sure-footed scrambling over rocks and logs, and a shock-absorbing AdiPrene insert for impact protection when you're going downhill and trying to control your legs. The breathable mesh upper helps prevent swamp-foot on hotter days, and the asymmetrical heel loops allow easy attachment to your backpack or harness when you want to take them off for a bit. Oh, and the 2mm lugs on the rubber outsole help you chew up wet, muddy terrain when rain interrupts your day.

  • Approach shoe that's equal parts comfortable and durable
  • High-abrasion mesh upper breathes well and maintains durability
  • Adiprene insert cushions your steps with impact protection
  • EVA midsole brings lively energy return for reduced fatigue
  • Grippy rubber outsole with 2mm lugs offers traction on slick surfaces
  • Item #ADA006A
  • Well cushioned and still supportive the Adidas men's Tarim swiss are is a great. Lightweight abrasion resistant trail. Shoe this shoe is built with a fully. Synthetic upper and it is a weather resistant but not fully weatherproof. Upper you've got highly abrasion resistant materials along there with. Some durable overlay to provide a little bit more structure and a little bit more support so the foot won't move laterally. While in the shoe you've got a really. Nice design throughout again with that abrasion resistance it's going to shed most light precipitation but it is not a. Completely waterproof upper so keep that in mind with the terek swift are the. Lacing system on the shoe is really nice you've got a deed at this speed lacing system so it's a really simple single. Pull lacing system you've got a lace. Bungee here to keep everything in place so it's not flopping around on you while you're on the trail or on your hike and it just makes for a convenient and easy way to put on and take off the shoes you. Do have some reinforcements around the front of the shoe so you've got kind of rubber toe bumper they're just going to protect the front of the toes from. Any rocks or anything sharp on the trail can the heel is a little bit reinforced as well so you've got a nice heel counter built in there that's going to keep everything in place and again prevent your foot from shifting and moving all around you've got padding inside the collar of the shoe so you've got a nice moisture wicking material in there with padding so it's going to provide that extra comfort and a padded tongue as well so overall you're going to stay nice and comfortable it's a very soft riding shoe. The mid sole of the shoe is built with an. Adi preen mid sole it is a really well. Cushioned and pretty beefy mid sole in there so it's going to provide a lot of shock absorption a lot of comfort throughout the entire mid portion of the. Shoe and it's going to really reduce the impact that you'll feel from the rocks and the roots and all those sharp things along the trail the outsole is Adidas. Traction outsole so it's a high friction. Rubber outsole — really durable it's going to provide great grip on all kinds of trail surf. You've got pretty deep directional lugs in here so it's really going to help to bite down and a pretty cool feature is. Back in the heel of the shoe you've actually got a really aggressive he'll stop there so if you're going downhill or if you're trying to stop quickly it's. Really going to help to bite and dig into those trail services to help stop. You while you're on the move overall. It's a really simple but well-built trail shoe it's lightweight it's comfortable its supportive it's the. Adidas men carrick twists our trail. Shoes thanks for watching if you have. Any additional questions about the gear that you just saw feel free to visit back country edge comm to get in touch. With me or one of our other gear specialists we have detailed product. Descriptions and specs and often for a. Lot of our products we have additional bonus videos and if you like what we do here on youtube please subscribe.

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    Evolv Zender Approach Shoe - Men's

    The Men's Zender Approach Shoe is Evolv's beefed-up version of the classic Cruzer designed for longer hikes to climbs. Its perforated leather upper feels as breathable, soft, and ultralight like the Cruzer, but the rubberized toe and heel pieces ensure long-lasting durability in rocky situations. Smooth foam and soft EVA assure underfoot comfort, while Evolv's climbing-tested Trax rubber gives the sole plenty of friction anywhere on the mountain.

  • Casual approach shoe revamped for more technical performance
  • Perforated leather upper with rubberized toe and heel for durability
  • Smooth-lined foam footbed and EVA midsole for cushy comfort
  • Trax high-friction rubber sole assures long-lasting traction
  • Item #EVL001B
  • Evolve men's cruiser approached shoe. Canvassed rubber soul barefoot friendly moisture wicking microfiber lined memory foam insole for lasting comfort thin koushik minimal drop flat eva mid sole folding heel for slipper like convenience heel pull tab for clipping to harness or backpack sitting at the. Intersection of performance and casual the cruiser is a versatile minimalist tool that will challenge your imagination the cruiser can be worn laced up or slipped on for quick / casual missions. You can scramble up slaps or clip them. On your harness when climbing a multi-pitch route to cruise down sketchy descents in comfort a wolf sports and designs co is. Dedicated to creating cutting edge performance climbing shoes and high traction footwear of the highest quality their climbing shoes are assembled in. Usa and they are proud to sponsor world-class athletes like chris sharma chris linder and many more they as well. Take pride in their world-class research and development team who thoughtfully design innovative products while continuously improving on existing models they also offer more veg and. Friendly styles than any other climbing shoe company in the world. I walk around barefoot everywhere and. Wear shoes only when i have to my. All-time favorite shoes are the new balance minimalist tr 1-0 trail runners can i own for almost dead from constant. Outdoors use pairs of those my feet are extremely wide ex strong and. I have fantastic arches so when i buy. Shoes i look for three things comf orta. Ble cmi ni mal c durable bre thought the. Evolved cruiser approach shoes would fit these three requirements read my review. Below br - - - - - br sty le 5/5 br -. Br p ro s pre wear these shoes to. Most places have worked at the club and. When i go out and i always get complimented on them i love the ease. With which i can adjust the stretchy shoelaces which have yet to come undone by themselves i can't stay on the floor too long so these shoes take care of my. Frequent cravings to climb stuff with confidence, and they do it in style brb rcon sbr none really dig the. Minimalist elegant look the rbr - - - -. — prsti ckin ess 3/5 br - - - - - brb rp. R os br when shoe is clean and dr yc it. Lose to cement and asphalt however br co and sb are they perform. Horribly on wet or dusty surfaces like gravel playgrounds the dust covering most of the soul and rendering its grip useless to jump on metallic or painted /. Chrome surfaces they may perform better. On granite eck which my rating does not yet reflect the rbr — — br durability 4/5 br br. Pr os br i ve had the shoes for a few. Weeks in the soul and fabric show hardly anywhere they get dusty really quick lit. But a few pets on the shoe clears it rights out br co ns bri I'm afraid to. Use these for any actual climbing outings because i don't think the canvas will hold that's how i destroyed my saucony bullet veg and shoes see but I'm. Reluctant to get a pair to kill given the issues I've had so far other users. Aren't having problems in this regard br. Br — br design 4/5 br — br pr os br. Very sturdy not sure about abrasion. Resistance haven't taken it to the cracks yet the shoes can be squished it. Taking up almost no space inside bag otherwise the heel pull tab was a most welcoming addition and shoes are very light heel folds and can wear shoes as. Slippers br see ons br the length of. The shoe is true to size x y some. Reviewers recommend going one-to-one see five sizes larger on this shoe the. Microfiber lining is slippery when wearing polyester based socks not good. For the ankles when jumping up rock hillsides see and cotton socks are too thick for this shoe which is a bummer because cotton socks provide me with better grip and keep my feet drier the. Right shoe felt much smaller than then left i also did not like the split. Tongue field but wearing socks makes it bearable brbrbr fit one v br — br pr. Os br none br co ns br out-of-the-box. They were horribly tight the only way i could fit my feet was by taking off the. Insole and stretching the guts out of the fabric the length is true to size x. Is not a shoe for those of us with really wide feet my foot spread is wider. Then the shoe itself my feet suffered quite a busy and just when i thought it was paying off the paper like mid sole started peeling away i thought removing the bottom part of the insole would help but my feet were exhausted and achy after weeks of trying to stretch the shoe and i was forced to find the most minimalist insole i could find after trial and error see i went. For the super feet carbon insole which took virtually no space inside the show yet provided outstanding protection this. Will cost these shoes between one and two stars i shouldn't have to go buy insoles. That are more expensive than the shoe itself br fi nal verdict brits a good. Pair of shoes minimalist ish and seems. Durable but in my case eket was definitely not comfortable and i had to go through more time and money in order to make my monster feet feel like home in them i like the lucy and the fact. That i can feel the terrain with more grip than other shoes i own except my 510 war hawks.

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    Arc'teryx Acrux SL Leather Approach Shoe - Men's

    When tackling mountainous terrain, you can count on the Arc'teryx Men's Acrux SL Leather Approach Shoe to ensure precise footing and adaptive support, without feeling like you have lead weights attached to your feet. Touting that same minimalist and highly technical design you've come to know and love from Arc'teryx, the Acrux SL Leather Approach Shoe allows you to put your best foot forward with its seamless thermo-laminated upper and subtly aggressive outsole.

    To differentiate itself from the rest of the Acrux SL line up, this shoe features a leather upper that is not only durable, lightweight, and hydrophobic, but also prevents pressure points and hot spots. The Adaptive Fit Liner consists of a non-removable, internal stretch liner that promotes ample breathability and surrounds the foot for a sock-like fit and feel. Additionally, the Ortholite footbed and EVA midsole deliver arch support, shock attenuation, and day-long comfort. The laminated heel and toe cap bolsters your defense against trail-side rocks or roots. A Y-Groove split heel is designed to improve your footing when trekking through loose terrain, which further advocates for the use of this shoe in diverse conditions. The Vibram Arc'teryx Light Approach sole features sticky climbing zone and smearing inserts for unimpeded grip, and the mountaineering heel tread to assure traction when you need it most.

  • Precise design meets technical performance in this shoe
  • Seamless upper is thermo-laminated for a pressure-free fit
  • Leather is abrasion-resistant, lightweight, and water-resistant
  • Adaptive Fit Liner breathes well and provides a sock-like feel
  • Ortholite footbed delivers subtle arch support
  • Cushioning midsole attenuates shock
  • Laminated heel and toe caps bolster defense against rocks
  • Vibram Arc'teryx Light Approach sole ensures traction and grip
  • Item #ARC00NR
  • What's happening everybody I'm joe from, and we're taking a closer look at the crux sl gore-tex approach. From arc'teryx now these approach shoes. Have been designed to be very lightweight and pack able they've got a seamless upper design here with a gore-tex membrane on the inside to keep your feet completely dry while still allowing them to breathe you have a little bit of extra rubber then reinforced up around the toe area it has. A bootie construction it's all one piece all the way around there just use those pull tabs to slide it in and those laces to snug it up now the bids removable. It's got really nice cushioning there's some arch support as well then they put the boom rubber on the outsole super. Rugged design and be great on the technical trails or on the flat so if you're in the market for a lightweight pack able approach shoe this is a must-have it's from arc'teryx.

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