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The 10 Best Splitboards for Men: Reviews

Choosing a splitboard is a determinative decision. It is an extension of your body while you are overcoming snow-covered hills. No matter what terrain you ride, it’s imperative that you perform your tour and make it back to the trailhead safely. Riding the splitboard which is appropriate for the terrain and your size will allow you to move up or down successfully.

The best model of splitboard for you depends on your riding style and the terrain you ride. Different model has design features that are developed to offer the highest possible performance in specific conditions. Here is an overview of 10 top-rated models.

Top 10

Jones Snowboards Storm Chaser Splitboard - Men's K2 Snowboards Split Bean Package - Men's Lib Technologies Split Brd Splitboard - Wide SnoPlanks Model A Splitboard - Men's SnoPlanks Model A Splitboard - Men's Venture Snowboards Euphoria Split Snowboard - Men's Rossignol XV Splitboard Voile Kit - Men's Venture Snowboards Euphoria Split Snowboard - Men's Voile Revelator BC Splitboard - Men's Slash Brainstorm Line Hiker Splitboard - Wide - Men's
Jones Snowboards Storm Chaser Splitboard - Men's K2 Snowboards Split Bean Package - Men's Lib Technologies Split Brd Splitboard - Wide SnoPlanks Model A Splitboard - Men's SnoPlanks Model A Splitboard - Men's Venture Snowboards Euphoria Split Snowboard - Men's Rossignol XV Splitboard Voile Kit - Men's Venture Snowboards Euphoria Split Snowboard - Men's Voile Revelator BC Splitboard - Men's Slash Brainstorm Line Hiker Splitboard - Wide - Men's
Rating ★★★★★ ★★★★★ ★★★★★ ★★★★★ ★★★★★ - - - - -
Base Evil Twin, sintered sintered sintered 9900 sintered sintered 7500 Evil Twin, sintered TNT (extruded) 4000 sintered traction pattern sintered
Brand Venture Snowboards Slash Jones Snowboards SnoPlanks Rossignol Venture Snowboards Lib Technologies K2 Snowboards Voile SnoPlanks
Edge Cold-Rolled High Carbon Ultimate Traction Inside & Outside Traction Tech 1.0 steel serrated Cold-Rolled High Carbon Magne-Traction - full-perimeter steel steel
Effective Edge [156cm] 1050mm, [160cm] 1090mm [159cm] 1180mm, [162cm] 1210mm [147cm] 1040mm, [152cm] 1090mm, [157cm] 1140mm 1170mm [159cm] 1170mm, [163cm] 1230mm, [167cm] 1270mm [156cm] 1050mm, [160cm] 1090mm [162cm] 1190mm, [167cm] 1200mm 1015mm [154cm] 987mm, [159cm] 1037mm, [162cm] 1067mm, [165cm] 1097mm, [169cm] 1127mm 1170mm
Flex medium (4 out of 10 on Venture's scale) medium (6 out of 10 on Slash scale) 7 out of 10 medium-stiff (8 of 10 on SnowPlanks' scale) stiff (9 of 10 on Rossignol's scale) medium (4 out of 10 on Venture's scale) medium-stiff medium-soft - medium-stiff (8 of 10 on SnowPlanks' scale)
Hardware Included yes, Voile clips - - Karakoram clips Plum hooks/locks, crampons, interface parts yes, Voile clips Karakoram Ultra Clips, Karakoram tip/tail clips yes - Karakoram clips
Length 156cm, 160cm 159cm, 162cm 147cm, 152cm, 157cm 154cm, 158cm, 162cm 159cm, 163cm, 167cm 156cm, 160cm 162cm, 167cm 144cm 154cm, 159cm, 162cm, 165cm, 169cm 154cm, 158cm, 162cm
Manufacturer Warranty 2 years 2 years 1 year limited 1 year 2 years 1 year 3 years 1 year limited
Mount 4-hole 4-hole 4-hole 4-hole 4-hole 4-hole 4-hole 4-hole channel puck system 4-hole
Profile Straight-Line Rocker (flat with early-rise tips) Backseat Camrock Christenson Surf Rocker (custom tip and tail rocker) camber Amtek Elite (rocker tip & tail, camber underfoot) Straight-Line Rocker (flat with early-rise tips) C3 BTX (camber-dominant with subtle centerline rocker), rockered nose K2 Directional Rocker (flat with rocker tips) early-rise camber camber
Recommended Use backcountry snowboarding, freeride/powder snowboarding backcountry snowboarding backcountry snowboarding backcountry snowboarding backcountry snowboarding backcountry snowboarding, freeride/powder snowboarding backcountry snowboarding backcountry snowboarding backcountry snowboarding backcountry snowboarding
Shape directional swallowtail (7mm taper) directional twin directional directional directional directional swallowtail (7mm taper) directional directional twin directional
Sidecut Radius [156cm] 6.9m, [160cm] 7.1m [159cm] 8.1m, [162cm] 8.3m [147cm] 6.8m, [152cm] 7m, [157cm] 7.1m - [159cm] 8m, [163cm] 8.7m, [167cm] 9.4m [156cm] 6.9m, [160cm] 7.1m [162cm] 8.3m, [167cm] 8.4m 7.5m [154cm] 8.4m, [159cm] 8.8m, [162cm] 9m, [165cm] 9.2m, [169cm] 9.4m -
Stance Setback 1.3in 20mm 0.8in 1in [159cm] 1.2in, [163cm] 1.2in, [167cm] 1.2in 1.3in 2.5in custom 1.2in 1in
Waist Width 270mm [159cm] 259mm, [162cm] 263mm [147cm] 275mm, [152cm] 275mm, [157cm] 275mm [154cm] 250mm, [158cm] 260mm, [162cm] 265mm [159cm] 253mm, [163cm] 253mm, [167cm] 253mm 270mm [162cm] 265mm, [167cm] 268mm 281mm [154cm] 248mm, [159cm] 257mm, [162cm] 261mm, [165cm] 263mm, [169cm] 265mm [154cm] 250mm, [158cm] 260mm, [162cm] 265mm
Wrap triax (45-degrees) triax, biax biax triax - triax (45-degrees) triax/biax biax double-carbon fiberglass triax
Core - Forever Wood (paulownia, spruce, beech, poplar) Control Split Core (paulownia, poplar) bamboo, carbon fiber FSC certified THC2 CBF2 - paulownia with birch along rails BAP (three species of renewable wood) paulownia bamboo, carbon fiber
Stance Width - - 22.8in 19 - 25in 20.4 - 24.4in - [162 - 167cm] 19.5 - 25.5in 21in [154cm] 23.5in, [159cm] 25.5in, [162cm] 25.75in, [165cm, 169cm] 26in 19 - 25in

Jones Snowboards Storm Chaser Splitboard - Men's

Packing ridiculous float into a short, stubby swallowtail, the Jones Storm Chaser Splitboard excels at surfing across the deepest powder in low-angle trees, wide open bowls, and mellow backcountry terrain. Based on the surfing premise that shorter shapes can be significantly widened for exemplary float and faster glide, the Storm Chaser Split planes across powder like a much larger board, but without the truck-like turning radius in tight glades.

Designed in collaboration with legendary surf shaper Chris Christenson, the Storm Chaser Split features a Christenson Surf Rocker that maximizes float in snorkel-deep powder, yet still performs admirably when you're carving up springtime corn. This custom-shaped rocker profile features an accentuated nose rocker that starts just inside the front inserts, combined with a subtle tail rocker behind the rear inserts. Factor in the tapered swallowtail shape for a board that naturally sinks the rear end, keeping the big nose skimming across the deep stuff with an almost weightless sensation.

Considering its dramatic rocker profile, it's nice to see Traction Tech on both the inner and outer edges of the board. This subtle edge serration dramatically increases edge hold and side-hilling competency, should you encounter a sketchy snowpack in the backcountry. Bolt-less Bridge construction does away with base bolts while tightening the connection between each half with upgraded Karakoram Ultra Clips. The Quick Tension Tail Clip attaches to Jones' climbing skins (sold separately) for better security without having to use traditional tail clips.

  • Pow-loving split for surfing frozen waves;
  • Continuous rocker helps it float in deep snow;
  • Softer flex surfs through pow slashes;
  • Control Split core is ultralight and lively;
  • Durable sintered base is infused with Wend wax;
  • Recycled edges and sidewalls reduce waste;
  • Eco-friendly topsheet made from castor beans;
  • Includes Karakoram Ultra clips and tip and tail hooks;
  • Item #JSB007B.

We have the Storm-Chaser. We collaborated with Chris Christensen who's a renowned surfboard shaper in San Diego. We were finally able to bring in the bottom contours of a surfboard into this, so we have the spoon nose. Like you'll find on a surfboard winged tail and then a speed channel out the bottom.

The deal of the spoon is we have what is known as the entry point and that's where it's spooned out and then as we get into the main contact point under the feet. It's a totally flat like a traditional board and then at the very end just to kind of free the tail a little bit with wings. It's not quite as sticky in the corners of the tail and then the speed channel. What that does is it takes the snow and pushes it out the back of the board. It creates a faster glide.

These are bottom contours, that surface been using for a long time. New for this year, we had a 140 to actually ride the 142 with tunning hard pack early season. Smaller mountains the 47s might go to full cowboy and also enjoy that on smooth groomers.

First thing in the morning due to the width of it and the nature of the rocker, you ride this board a lot shorter. The more time I spend on this board the more I realize the diversity of it. Also knew when the Storm-Chaser series is comes and split. It's such a fun board. It had to be a split works great skinning uphill and you got plenty of grip because of the width but having the shorter length is nice for kick turns. This features the boltless bridge and the new k-clip but what has really blown me away is the torsional stiffness of the board. One thing it doesn't have is 3d bottom contours of the traditional one the Spoon and the Wings.

K2 Snowboards Split Bean Package - Men's

Built for those days when avy conditions steer you towards low-angle tree surfing, the K2 Split Bean Package is heckuva good time jammed into a small pow package when steep, exposed terrain's out of the question. It also comes standard with skins, risers, pucks, and mounting hardware to eliminate the extra hassle of piecing together your setup. The splitboard version of the Cool Bean snowboard, this short, stubby swallowtail offers incredible float and a surfy feel with a shockingly small shape.

Using a wide design, The Split Bean lets you size down 10-15cm from your normal board length to create an insanely nimble feel without sacrificing float in deep powder. As previously mentioned, there's no need to worry about struggling to find skins to fit this board, because K2 threw some in for you that are already pre-cut to fit this unique shape. The Z-Clip system makes it easy to securely attach your skins to the split skis and ensures the maximum amount of adhesion for reliable traction. A mostly flat profile with a large rockered nose keeps you on top of the lightest, deepest snow, and the short swallow-tail helps you surf through tight trees. If you'd rather surf mellow pow than nag gnarly descents, then the Split Bean is the splitboard for you.

  • Small but mighty splitboard for surfing untracked powder;
  • Volume Shift wide design offers insane float in a small package;
  • Flat profile with large rockered nose floats effortlessly;
  • Swallow-tail shape offers nimble maneuverability and tight turns;
  • Z-Clip system for easy, secure attachment and maximum adhesion;
  • BAP core feature 3 types of lightweight sustainable wood;
  • Sintered 4000 base glides quickly and resists impacts;
  • Includes skins, risers, mounting pucks, hardware, and board;
  • Item #K2S00FP.

Lib Technologies Split Brd Splitboard - Wide

When fresh snow is measured in feet along the local pass, grab your backcountry pack, snow safety tools, and Lib Tech Wide Split Brd before skinning up and ripping lines worthy of a magazine cover. Tailored to the needs of bigger riders seeking a bit more stability and float for devouring the steep and deep, the Wide Splitboard comes in longer and wider shape outlines to provide unflappable confidence in the backcountry.

Lib Tech designed the Wide Split Brd to make bagging descents down drool-worthy lines easier than you've ever imagined, thanks to its lightweight construction, C3 profile for skinning ease, and directional shape for surfing pow on the way down. This early-release model is the result of Lib Tech's extensive focus on a split that skins uphill just as competently as it rips down, making it an excellent choice for long days in the backcountry where saving energy is crucial to making one more lap of your favorite stash.

C3 camber is ideal for a splitboard, as the touring brackets have camber directly underneath to help you gain confidence and control on the uphill skin. Another benefit of C3 is the excellent edge hold afforded by a predominately camber design, especially considering its use with serrated Magne-Traction edges. And because it's not as floaty as more rocker-dominant profiles, Lib Tech adds a bit of rocker to the large nose, so you can float across powder without helplessly bogging down.

  • Lib Tech's touring machine tailored to bigger riders;
  • C3 is camber-dominant for powerful response and edge hold;
  • Directional shape with large, rockered nose for enhanced float;
  • Medium-stiff flex pattern maintains stability at higher speeds;
  • Karakoram Ultra Clips eliminate centerline slop and excess flex;
  • Lightweight paulownia core reinforced with beech along rails;
  • Triax/biax fiberglass lay-up for torsional responsiveness;
  • TNT base is extruded for easier maintenance and repair;
  • Item #LBT008P.

SnoPlanks Model A Splitboard - Men's

The SnoPlanks Model A Splitboard sports the same shape, camber, and flex as the all-mountain Model A Snowboard from SnoPlanks, with an exception for its ability to tour the backcountry. Incredibly versatile, the Model A is shaped with fun, user-friendly, directional profile that glides powder with ease. Alternatively, the soft camber can edge firmer snow for locked-in stability on bulletproof ice.

SnoPlanks built the Model A with a stiff, poppy bamboo core strung together with carbon filaments that drastically increase stiffness without adding much weight. Its topsheet boasts a more-complex triax weave for greater torsional flex, resulting in a much more responsive ride. Full sidewalls and steel edges maximize durability that should keep you hucking off cliffs and jibbing fallen trees for seasons.

  • SnoPlanks' premiere splitboard for backcountry touring;
  • User-friendly directional shape glides powder and edges ice;
  • Soft camber and 1-inch setback styled for steeper lines;
  • Moderately stiff flex ideal for intermediate to advanced riders;
  • Solid bamboo core with carbon stringers a triax wrap;
  • Full sidewalls with steel edges for long-lasting durability;
  • Karakoram clips keep your board together for the ride down;
  • Item #SNV0005.

Venture Snowboards Euphoria Split Snowboard - Men's

Made for the deepest days of the year, the Venture Euphoria Splitboard is a powder hound with an appetite for untouched, waist-deep snow. It has a reverse sidecut and a swallow tail to keep it effortlessly afloat in the deepest pow imaginable. A flat profile with rockered tips combines with the reverse sidecut shape for insane float and surfy turns in bottomless snow.

Precise craftsmanship and attention to detail prevents sloppiness in the seam so the board rides more like a solid snowboard, allowing you to shred with confidence. Aspen sourced from within 100 miles of Venture's Silverton factory keeps the core lightweight, and ash and poplar stringers maintain strength and snappiness. Triax glass gives it pop and responsiveness while maintaining torsional flex for smooth turns. The castor bean topsheet reduces the need for petroleum-based products to boost eco-friendliness, and the sintered base is fast and hard to resist damage from hidden rocks.

  • Powder-hungry split destined to surf the great white wave;
  • Wider shape lets you ride shorter deck without losing float;
  • Straight-Line Rocker profile is floaty, yet stable;
  • Triax glass offers responsive and powerful feel;
  • Directional tapered shape enhance float in deep snow;
  • Carbonium topsheet prevents snow buildup;
  • Cold-Rolled High Carbon edges for superior durability;
  • Die-cut base reduces waste during production;
  • Item #VTS001C.

I'm Lisa with Venture Snow Horse Clear Fief, Silverton, Colorado, and we built all our force from scraps right there in the heart of San Juan mountains. What we're looking at right here is the paragon. This is a newer board in the line. It's all-mountain and intended to kind of be a quiver at one.

You can ride it anywhere and like all the ports in our line. You can see, it's available both solid and slit so if you're venturing out of bounds or want to get into the backcountry we have your cover there. Next up we have the felix a directional twin so those that are a little more freestyle oriented will find this is a really good choice that they like to ride switch and the graphic on. This is featuring topo map of the Silverton area so this is actually sultan peak right outside of Silverton that you see here just tying it together a little bit with where the boards are actually made.

Next up we have stormed which is our flagship freeride board. Probably, our most popular model. This has some paper and stance offset a nice wide shovel so really pops out the snow and does great in a variety of different snow conditions.

This is probably my favorite board in the line. The one that I write about and here we have the Odin. This is a big mountain board so if you want to make three turns top to bottom, if you like to go at much speed this is the board for you. Really excels in steep terrain. I have a shallower sidecut than the rest of the boards in the line. So it's going to make big wide arcing parents.

This one here is our Euphoria and this is a powder surfer and a powder specific shape. As you can see, it's got a super wide nose, a cool little fishtail that helps your back leg thank you and it's 27-centimeters wide so lots of surface area for slope nation and then over here we've got our women's offerings on the Oracle and a tempest. And these are the women's versions of the Paragon and storm that we talked about over there. More of an all-mountain shape for just riding in bounds with the resort or you know a variety of conditions and then a pretty rad shape for ladies that want to take it into bigger terrain. So, that's the Venture Lineup

Rossignol XV Splitboard Voile Kit - Men's

Designed to access and ride the gnarliest, steepest, and most remote big-mountain lines, the Rossignol XV Splitboard Voile Kit features high-powered construction and a nearly unsinkable shape to push freeriding to the next level. This board is built to handle Xavier's aggressive riding style, featuring a tapered directional shape so you can point it down steeps without the nose diving under icy crusts or submerging in waist-deep powder. As expected, its stiff flex ensures maximum stability at speeds that would simply overwhelm other boards.

Tailored to Xavier's riding style, the board's flex pattern is inverted, meaning it's stiffest along the nose and slightly softer along the tail. This inverted flex pattern delivers the stability needed to charge over chop without being bucked off balance. The XV is predominately camber along the board's effective edge, with rocker at the nose and tail for increased float and catch-free turns across hardpack. Roller Tip upturns the base along the nose, subtly redirecting snow for smoother tracking. Magne-Traction serrated edges grip onto ice and bulletproof snow without slipping out. Other notable features include basalt fibers for increased pop and damping, and an Aramid reinforcement that smooths out unnerving chatter when you're hauling at serious speeds.

  • Aggressive split for charging big-mountain lines;
  • Hybrid profile for balance of power and float;
  • Stiff flex offers unmatched stability and response;
  • Tapered directional shape keeps the nose from submerging;
  • Basalt fibers increase snap and energy transfer;
  • Aramid reinforcement dampens high-speed vibration;
  • Sintered 7500 base resists damage while remaining fast;
  • Includes Voile clips and split kit;
  • Item #ROS00DN.

The Rossignol XV Magtec split board is the pro model of split border and big-mountain pioneer. Xavier de la Rue. This board is designed for powder. It is a directional split board that really loves to rip pow.

The board is made to float on the pow surface. As you can see here I was able to kind of dig it in some of the lighter snow. It is a very poppy board which is really surprising because it's kind of on the stiff side but what I really liked about this board was the fact that when you want to go fast this thing can hold an edge.

It absolutely rips so if you're the type of person that finds yourself riding your split board on hardpack, or groomers, or any of that kind of terrain that Xavier de la Rue is famous for riding you're really gonna enjoy this board again.

It's a very fast, very stiff directional powder split board. Last year this board was only made in a size 167, this year they've made it a little bit more freeride friendly. As you can see here and I'm riding the 159 in this clip. It's also available in a 163 and a 167 sized but I found the 159 was great and honestly what I love most about this board was just how it actually planed on the tours with the pointed nose. That board just really floats nicely through the pow.

Voile Revelator BC Splitboard - Men's

The Revelator BC Splitboard by Voile enhances the skinning efficiency of the best-selling Revelator with its signature Traction-Pattern base. Inspired by the fish scale-like design found on cross-country skis, this base pattern delivers skinless grip when you're touring over flat-to-rolling terrain, such as open alpine meadows and low-angle tree runs. Ultimately, it's a great way to improve your touring efficiency when long, drawn-out approaches are mandatory to accessing the goods farther up the mountain. Take note, you'll still need skins for steep uphill travel, so please don't leave home without 'em!

You'll find the fish scale-like base blends into a traditional sintered base at the tip and tail, so you won't have to sacrifice much in the way of downhill glide when you're ripping steeps, open bowls, and pristine tree runs. The rest of the Revelator BC is based directly off the standard Regulator, and that's a good thing if you desire a stable, hard-charging split with ample float in the deep stuff. Its directional shape and cambered profile work in tandem, locking into carves and holding an edge precisely on steeps and dicey snow conditions. There's a bit of rocker in the nose, as well as subtle tapering going on in the tail, so you'll reap the benefits of additional float in powder.

Shaving weight without sacrificing structural integrity, the lightweight paulownia wood core is supplemented with two layers of carbon-infused fiberglass for enhanced responsiveness, lively snap, and greater vibration damping at high speeds. Voile's signature cap construction helps to further reduce weight, as well as reduce damage from impacts with tree branches and other objects lying underneath the snow. Moreover, you'll find Voile's Channel Puck mounting system, which gives you nearly infinite mounting options without the hassle of traditional splitboard systems. It includes Voile clips and hooks for a solid connection, as well as Voile pucks for easy binding mounting.

  • Innovative split saves time and energy on mellow approaches;
  • Fish scale base pattern for skinless touring on rolling terrain;
  • Directional shape with camber for powerful carves and stability;
  • Large, rockered nose and moderate tapering for superior float;
  • Cap construction reduces weight and prevents sidewall damage;
  • Lightweight paulownia wood core maximizes uphill efficiency;
  • Two layers of carbon-infused fiberglass for responsiveness;
  • Voile Channel mounting system with pucks included;
  • Item #VOL005D.

Welcome to Backountry Ski in Canada. My name is Bradley Moore. Today I'll be doing a split board review for the Volie Revelator BC, company based at a Utah. They've been around for a number of years. Arguably they started it all with the do it at home split kit. This is where you cut one of your snowboards in half and reattach it with the hardware. They provide turning it into a split board and getting you out in the backcountry.

The Revelator comes in a few different models. This is the BC which the biggest feature is the traction pattern located on the back of the board. This is right underfoot where your bindings will be in touring mode. The fish-scale pattern has been seen on cross-country skis before and works really well for low angle approaches. You get to a trailhead and you're gonna hit some roly terrain where there's gonna be a little bit up and down nothing to steep.

You might want to leave your skins off right away. Just carry them in your pack until you hit something steeper to throw them on. This fish-scale pattern works really well on low-angle approaches. I've used it a number of times and quite enjoy. It is tapered at the tail, a little wider at the nose. The early rise camber helps keep that pow beneath you and gives it quite a surfy feel to it. The Polonia wood core is durable and lightweight.

The board itself only weighs about 6 pounds 8 ounces, has a nice flex to it. A little more rigid because you're gonna be in the backcountry and shredding the power so that's what you want for surfing. The board itself is very easy to take apart and put together. You just undo the clips at the top and bottom comes apart to sides. You can throw your bindings on. You're ready to go putting the board back together is also extremely easy. You want to put them in on a bit of an angle slide it in flip it up the tip and tail. There you have it ready to go. When you throw your bindings on it's gonna help the board stay a lot more rigid. It's a great product.

This board comes in four different sizes ranging from a 159 to a 169. This is the 162 which is suited well for my height and weight. It retails for about 650 dollars and it has a lifetime warranty so the bindings are attached in a riding mode with these four pucks. You can set it up at home very easily with the guide that they provide for you. The pucks are slanted about three degrees. This allows for your knees to be slightly bent. This is going to give you a more powerful stance when you're strapped on your snowboard. Of course, you're going to be aggressively charging the mountains. If you want to a powerful stance that you're going to be stable and your feet the bindings.

I have been the light red rail. Very lightweight, about four pounds. The aluminum base has this pattern in it to help keep from icing up, snowing up. These are very lightweight and durable, and also very comfortable. I've really enjoyed riding with these. The rail system works fairly easy, just slides right in and then. You've got a pin on the toe side. It just slides up through and attaches here very sturdy, very stable. Really enjoy these bindings. You can set them up. Many different ways so that they're adjusted to your particular snowboard boot. You can put the toe piece over your toe or around it, however, you feel comfortable.

The adjustable heel cup is great for touring also. As you can make your stands aggressive for the downhill are very loose for long strides when in tour mode. A great feature with the light rail bindings is the avalanche ripcord. There are holes located on the flip side where it's a cord that attaches from both buckles and in the case of an avalanche. You can rip the cord and it will unlock your ladders. Slide the board off your feet and you can ditch it completely. This has been a product review for Backcountry Skiing Canada.

Slash Brainstorm Line Hiker Splitboard - Wide - Men's

If you go big on just about everything and enjoy a good pow slash, the directional flex and a slightly setback stance of the Slash Brainstorm Line Hiker Splitboard makes it, well, a no-brainer. Touting the right blend of ingredients, the Brainstorm has the versatility needed to crush technical terrain just as well as it slays the skin track. Backseat CamRock profile boasts mellow camber underfoot for pop and precision, with rocker at the tips for a forgiving feel (including a little more rocker at the nose to keep you afloat on pow days).

Alternating poplar and beech stringers in the Forever Wood core provide strength and a lively feel, and spruce inlays in the nose and tail increase pop and response. Triax fiberglass keeps the board's torsional flex consistent throughout for an even response and predictable turns. It's reinforced with Sweet Spot carbon fiber stringers to increase pop without adding weight or stiffness. Ultimate Traction uses one small, counter-radius bump at the center of the sidecut to create an additional contact point for reliable grip, and the sintered base will have your friends will be playing catch-up all day.

  • Backcountry splitboard for shredding pow, cliffs, and tree rails;
  • Directional twin shape turns like a dream without limiting freedom;
  • Backseat Camrock is powerful, nimble, and floats extremely well;
  • Medium stiffness is easily manipulated but stable enough to boost;
  • Forever Woodcore offers a responsive feel in a light weight;
  • Carbon, and Kevlar stringers add pop and stability;
  • Sintered base keeps you cruising across cat tracks with ease;
  • Item #SLH001M.


Manufacturers of splitboards are being very innovative and keep releasing new models and technologies. Most of them offer units that split in two while others stand out with a board that splits into 3 or 4 parts.

In addition to splitboard, you should consider purchasing reliable bindings, poles, and backpack. It helps you to get exciting splitboarding experience being well-equipped.