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  Cabela's Thundor Recurve Bow – Muddy Girl® Camo Primos® Double Bull Surround View 360 Ground Blind Bear® Archery Species RTH Compound-Bow Package Diamond Archery Edge SB-1 Black Ops Package PSE Ramped™ RTS Compound-Bow Package Vista Mega Tuff Glove Vista® Hair Tab OMP Remedy – Two-Pack Bear® Archery Cruzer Lite RTH Compound-Bow Package –Yellow Cabela's Ranger 62" Recurve Bow OMP Shooter's Glove OMP Flex Pro Longbow Stringer
  Cabela's Thundor Recurve Bow – Muddy Girl® Camo Primos® Double Bull Surround View 360 Ground Blind Bear® Archery Species RTH Compound-Bow Package Diamond Archery Edge SB-1 Black Ops Package PSE Ramped™ RTS Compound-Bow Package Vista Mega Tuff Glove Vista® Hair Tab OMP Remedy – Two-Pack Bear® Archery Cruzer Lite RTH Compound-Bow Package –Yellow Cabela's Ranger 62" Recurve Bow OMP Shooter's Glove OMP Flex Pro Longbow Stringer
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Cabela's Thundor Recurve Bow – Muddy Girl® Camo

  • High-strength cast-aluminum riser
  • Comfortable, ergonomically correct grip
  • Maple laminations and strong fiberglass limbs
  • Precise and stable, our 66" Muddy Girl Camo Thundor Recurve Bow combines strength and performance in one value-driven package. High-strength cast-aluminum riser sports an ergonomically correct grip that makes it a dream to shoot. Maple laminations and strong fiberglass limbs power arrows with amazing authority. Muddy Girl camo riser and black limbs. Includes rest. Right hand only.
    Draw wt: 25 lbs., 29 lbs., 35 lbs.

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    Primos® Double Bull Surround View 360 Ground Blind

  • See-through fabric for maximum visibility
  • Completely opens field of view to surroundings
  • D-door for easy entry and exit
  • Deer, turkey and other game can't sneak up behind you unseen in the Primos Double Bull Surround View 360 Ground Blind. No other blind series on the market has blind material that allows hunters to see directly through material from inside the blind while being completely concealed from the outside. It completely opens your field of view to your surroundings. In all, there are four one-way see-through walls combined with one moveable interior blackout wall. Design boasts one Silent Slide Closure full-front 180° shoot-through window and five shoot-through ports. D-door for easy entry and exit. Manufacturer's limited lifetime warranty. Imported.
    Footprint: 60"L x 60"W.
    Hub-to-hub: 77"L x 77"W.
    Ht: 70".
    Wt: 23 lbs. with bag.

    Stream the language hey folks Rory was here from primo hunting I'm sitting here in. One of our surround view blinds the new surround view 360. All the hype is out about. This blind coming to the market. All the testing that we've done there's a lot of questions. And misconceptions about the blind especially. It has holes in you can see out but deer. And critters can't see in. And the biggest question is will the blind stop. How does how much wind will go through the blind well. Is a Kestrel and the monitor here. Iwanted to show you guys. This we're dealing with a. Idon't know you can see. That side a to and a half to two mile an hour wind here mostly a breeze right it's actually 19. Now let's take it inside the blind. And hold it right here. And we're dealing with. You watch the fan yourself the fan is basically stopped so does the blind stop. When absolutely now let's take for granted. That it's a very windy day 15 to 20 mile an hour winds I'm going to say. That there's going to be a little bit of wind that's going to come through the blind. It doesn't matter if it's a full blind. This blind here's another thing let. What the winds doing here's. One of our wind checkers right that's outside the blind. You can see the wind here's inside the blind I'm going back up winds blowing across.

    This like this here's inside the blind it's in the blind doing this right here so outside. We had a pretty light wind so. We decide we're going to come inside. And make our own wind. You can tell from the wind indicator right here. Anything from about a nine to a 10 mile an hour wind. And then you can tell it's pretty it's pretty stiff so. Now let's climb into the blind. How much it cuts down so. Now we're sitting in the center of the surrounding you were trying to sit like. You would you were actually hunting and as. You can see you can look at the fan right there. Imean it's not even reading any right. Now just barely under yeah not. One mile an hour wind checker so a little bit of breeze but significantly cut down what's happening is majority.

    That wind is getting pushed around the blind you're looking at a ten mile an hour direct wind blowing right at. And it's significantly cutting it down so. What you can expect out of surround view is. Imean ten mile an hour direct win. And we're getting less. Then a mile an hour in here so it's not going to be a hundred percent no wind whatsoever but. It is going to cut it down significantly.

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    Bear® Archery Species RTH Compound-Bow Package

  • Single-cam system slings arrows up to 320 fps
  • Easy to set up and shoot, making it great for new bowhunters
  • 80% let-off makes it easy to hold at full draw
  • Lock Down pocket system ensures accurate alignment
  • Compact 31" axle-to-axle design is easy to maneuver
  • Easy to set up and easy to shoot, the Bear Archery Species RTH Compound-Bow Package makes a great bow for adults getting started in the world of bowhunting. High-performance single-cam system helps this bow offer great performance that's easy to shoot, firing arrows up to 320 fps. 80% let-off takes the work off of shoulders as new archers develop the finer points of shooting technique. Lock Down pocket system combines four separate elements to offer the most accurate riser-to-pocket-to-limb alignment you can get on a bow, holding the bow's powerful and reliable Endurafiber™ limbs securely. Lower string suppressor works with Shockwaves limb dampeners to reduce and absorb vibration and sound. A solid hunting bow at a great price, this 31" axle-to-axle bow weighs just 4 lbs. for easy handling. 6-3/4" brace ht.
    Camo pattern: TrueTimber® Kanati.

    Bear Archery Species RTH Compound-Bow Package includes: bow, Trophy Ridge® four-pin sight, Whisker Biscuit® arrow rest, Trophy Ridge® five-arrow quiver, peep sight and nock loop.

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    Alright, so I just unbox the bear archery in the box cool hat little hand loop comes of. This card another quality check card a nice little car decal your counter balance a little allen key for adjusting it quivers that's attached. And here's the bow it's got four pins in. It a little level it's awesome. It also has a light on. This light came with a little plastic separator for the batteries it's kind of pain in the ass to get out. Ihad to use a little tick but. That lights up then your pins light up so. Ican't focus but yeah it's pretty nice bow. It was $400 at best Photoshop. It comes maxed out at 70 pounds but. It has a range of 55 to 70 that's it.

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    Diamond Archery Edge SB-1 Black Ops Package

  • Ideal for archers of any size or experience level
  • Fires arrows up to 318 fps
  • Synchronized Binary Cam system with rotating modules
  • Diamond Archery offers a complete line of bows Learn More Button

    Whether you're picking up a bow for first time or are an experienced bowhunter, Diamond Archery's Edge SB-1 Black Ops Compound Bow is ideal for archers of any size or experience level. Super-accurate Synchronized Binary Cam system with rotating modules provides extreme adjustability and a super-smooth draw, along with a draw length that can be adjusted from 15" all the way out to 30". A simple turn of the limb bolt on the EZ Adjust Pocket system easily changes the draw weight from 7 lbs. to 70 lbs., making this bow the perfect tool for hunting, target shooting and bowfishing. Left- and right-hand models available.
    Color: Black Ops.
    Diamond Archery Edge SB-1 Black Ops Compound-Bow Package includes: bow, three-pin TRUGLO® Apex Tundra sight, Octane™ Hostage XL arrow rest, Octane DeadLock Lite quiver, bow sling, carbon peep sight, Octane 5" Ultra-Lite stabilizer and BCY nock loop.

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    Hey guys Dave Thomas surfboard plant calm on today's show we're showing you the brand-new never-before-seen edge sb1 from Diamond archery the new edge is not your normal bow. This ball has a lot of capabilities to. One of the biggest ones is the adjust ability. This ball can fit pretty much. Anybody from a youth hunter a woman hunter. Or a man hunter this boat can fit a person. Any size pretty much the bow goes 70 270 pounds. It also has a 15 to 30 inch draw length so. You think about it's pretty amazing to have. That capability one package as. You can see the bow comes in a package. And so give you your stabilizer your rest your sight. And a quiver one package. One of the best parts is. You have all the capability in your camp system here to make the adjustments to do your draw links. You don't know how to do. It no big deal diamonds got. You covered in this new bow they're launching a whole new system adjust my bow comm in. This place you'll be able to see the proper shooting stance. How to grip your bow anchor point 101. How to adjust the draw length on the edge sb1 adjusting the draw weight on the edge sp1. And adjusting the arrow rust on the edge sp1 so the boat.

    This bow is very simple to use. It features a bunch of cool technology but. One of the coolest parts. Ilove about this min/max concept here on your weight. You make your adjust ability on the limbs. It tells you right here the min. You can go a lot of times. When you're working with kids bows. And get a kid involved. You don't know you can go before the pin is going to come out. It kind of makes you nervous so. This is a great ability to make sure you're on the same spot on. Both top and bottom of your limbs so the edge SP features draw weights of 70 to 70 pounds speed is 318 feet per second axel 31 inches brace height is 7 inches draw lengths range from 15 to 30 inches.

    And a mass weight is 36 pounds. You bow here one of the things. Iwant to say real quick before. Even get going with. This bow is that having. That adjust ability is critical in the field. And having the ability to set. This ball for someone else to. You need that is amazing and be able to shoot. This bow right and then adjust. It down to fit my seven-year-old son is actually amazing so let's take. Some shots it feels here so it's really smooth that's why I noticed about. It features the pioneer camp system 1-1. This Kansas has been very known by bo tech over the years. And people really loved. That are high in miles you're getting pretty much the same binary cam technology so really cool to have. That is Bo and cool remote. Ican use that technology across their platforms again very smooth for bolas not very expensive. This boat was really shook very nice and again.

    That ability to shoot. This thing in the field will honey with. It on take game big game with. This boat no problem. You really can't be done. All right so there you have the new diamond edge sb1 make sure. You guys check this box brand-new it's hot it's ready to go just hit in the market here. This bow again gives. You such capability with adjust ability. And having these little technical amazing features allow. You to really hone in on making sure. You understand what's going on with your bow. And also make you about Archer. Because you're going to know exactly. Where you're at your make sure you're in tune. You have the right exact adjust on bolt on. Both pockets again perfect bow for any archer who wants to get out. And test the waters. This year even the pro archer use. This bow and still shooting very good at a reasonable ft/s tonnage uh stability. And it's all around just a great bow. You know I guess the best thing about. Iactually kind of really enjoyed your shooting it's a shooting bow it's a lot of fun it's got a good look to it's got.

    Some cool cutouts to. It's a it's very light it's efficient easy to pack in easy to pack out your bill to get in. And out of your Greece. And no problem with. This bow it also like. You know I can adjust. And fit my son let him shoot. This Bala CI he does simply by making some adjustments on my mods. And also making the adjustments here on my pockets to get. It down just like that, so I'm doing Tolleson boner planet make sure. You check out diamond artery online. And check out the new edge SP one.

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    PSE Ramped™ RTS Compound-Bow Package

  • Zips arrows downrange at up to 318 fps
  • Smooth-shooting bow with forgiving 6-1/2” brace height
  • Draw length adjusts from 24” to 30”
  • Draw weight adjusts from 47 lbs. to 70 lbs.
  • Lightweight, compact design is easy to maneuver
  • Take down your quarry in the blink of an eye. PSE's Ramped RTS Compound-Bow Package sends arrows zipping downrange at speeds of up to 318 fps. It's an absolute pleasure to shoot thanks to the improved riser design, smooth-shooting short-limb platform, 80% let-off and forgiving 6-1/2” brace height. Versatile drive-style cam allows you to adjust the draw length from 24” to 30” and the draw weight from 47 lbs. to 70 lbs. Lightweight 3.5-lb. design teams with a compact 30-3/4” axle-to-axle length to ensure the bow is easy to maneuver, even in skinny timber. Ready to shoot.
    PSE Ramped RTS Compound-Bow Package includes: bow, Amp sight, Whisker Biscuit® rest, FX4 stabilizer, Hunter quiver, neoprene sling, Mongoose peep sight and nock loop.

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    Vista Mega Tuff Glove

    Features a wide, comfortable wristband and elastic over the knuckles to eliminate finger twist. Double-stitched seams at all stress points. Slick, long-lasting Mega Hide tips.
    Sizes: S-XL.

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    Vista® Hair Tab

    The Vista Hair Tab features a smooth hair face for a clean release. Reinforced backing provides additioal finger protection. Integrated finger spacer delivers a consisten hold. Right hand only. Made in USA.
    Sizes: M-XL.

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    OMP Remedy – Two-Pack

    A must-have for recurve archers, the OMP Remedy offers increased speed, reduced noise, shot consistency, reduced string oscillation and improved string travel. Also allows for bows to be easily removed from hooks. Per 2.
    Colors: Black, Red.

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    Bear® Archery Cruzer Lite RTH Compound-Bow Package –Yellow

  • Shoots up to 290 fps
  • Adjustable draw wt. from 5 lbs. to 45 lbs.
  • Adjsutable draw length from 12" to 27"
  • LIghtweight bow goes with you anywhere
  • Offset string suppressor reduces bow noise
  • Includes everything young shooters need to get started
  • Axle-to-Axle is 27-1/8”
  • The Bear Archery Cruzer Lite RTH Compound-Bow Package fires bolts at up to 290 fps and adjusts to grow with your little hunting buddy, ensuring years of excitement and use in the field. With an adjustable draw wt. that ranges from 5 lbs. to 45 lbs., and a draw length that adjusts from 12" to 27", it's incredibly user-friendly for kids of all ages and sizes. Weighing in at 3.2 lbs. and with an axle-to-axle 27-1/8” measurement, the Cruzer Lite can be packed without hassle through the woods and is easily carried up into their treestand. Offset string suppressor minimizes string vibration and bow noise. Ultradurable forged-aluminum riser with a forgiving 6" brace ht. Compression-Molded Max-Preload Quad Limbs deliver proven power and feature zero-tolerance pockets for a solid fit. Advanced grip design eliminates torque for enhanced accuracy shot after shot. Right hand only. Made in USA.
    Color: Yellow.

    Cruzer Lite RTH Yellow Compound-Bow Package includes: bow, Trophy Ridge® Whisker Biscuit® rest, Trophy Ridge three-pin sight, Trophy Ridge stabilizer with sling, Trophy Ridge four-arrow quiver, peep sight and nock loop.

    Hi I'm Patrick May teen senior editor at inside archery. And today we're having a look at bare arteries Cruiser light our th. And our T H stands for ready to hunt. This boat truly is ready to hunt. It goes up to forty-five pounds five to forty-five pound weight range twelve to twenty-seven inch draw links at the upper end of. Both of those very easily could kill a deer with. This boat I just think overall really nice a little bow for if. You have a kid or a girlfriend. That wants to shoot a bow. That doesn't do't have a long draw length. Or doesn't have a lot of muscle. This is perfect bow fit just about. Anyone from 10 year olds on up. This little thing I mean. Ireally wish they would have made bows like. Iwas a kid of course there wouldn't have been. Any rabbits left in the neighborhood but a lot of. That has a lot of this adjust ability has to do with the MBL cams 75% light off system.

    You remove these screws loosen. These screws and twist the module. It actually has a circle here. All the draw links each dawn here. You just circle the draw length. You want on each end put the screws back on tighten. Everything back down you're ready to roll couldn't be easier. Ididn't even have to look at the directions there ready to hunt package it's that's really nice bonus here. All factory installed has a nice streamlined whisker biscuit. It doesn't even have the bracket here. It goes right into the bow comes in a lot of cool colors. All the accessories match we've got a whisker biscuit factory installed peep factory installed string loop. And got a 3 pin sight. This two piece quiver that's actually a nice little quiver nice solid. And quiet overall its bow pretty zippy with. Some test arrows. Iuse but for my wife's hunting there shot up to 246 feet per second. And real quiet it's got parallel limbs it's got the string stop.

    And it's got the combination to speed button silencers here so. You know nice quiet zippy little rig real maneuverable 27. And 1/8 inch axle to axle 6-inch brace height that's part of what gives. That zip and the whole bow only weighs 32 pounds so really easy to handle. And for all this for the whole package of the bow. Everything less than $400 so really good deal for free. Or youth or woman shooter. And learn more cww bear archery calm bear archery Cruiser light rth.

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    Cabela's Ranger 62" Recurve Bow

  • Built with traditional style
  • Designed for beginners
  • Beautiful hardwood riser
  • Wood core and black fiberglass limbs
  • Cabela's Ranger 62" Recurve Bow is built with traditional style and designed for beginners. Beautiful hardwood riser features a comfort grip and is warm in the hand. Wood core and black fiberglass limbs power arrows with amazing authority. Ready to shoot out of the box with the nock set and rest installed.
    Draw weight: 25, 29.

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    OMP Shooter's Glove

  • Soft, premium cowhide construction
  • Three-finger design with reinforced tips
  • Adjustable Velcro strap for a custom fit around wrist
  • Long lasting and built for the hunt. Made of soft, premium cowhide, OMP’s Shooter's Glove offers a three-finger design, reinforced tips and adjustable Velcro® straps for a snug yet comfortable fit. Sleek design ensures a smooth release and provides increased sensitivity. Imported
    Sizes: XS-XL.

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    OMP Flex Pro Longbow Stringer

  • Flexible design won't damage your bow's finish
  • Grippers deliver a secure grip to eliminate limb twist
  • Narrow design ensures correct placement
  • OMP's Flex Pro Longbow Stringer boasts flexible grippers that won't mark up your bow and deliver a slip-free grip to eliminate limb twist. Two narrow grippers for correct placement.

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