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Ramcat Diamondback Broadhead Cabela's Copperhead Broadheads Cabela's STK-3 Three-Blade Broadheads NAP Thunderhead Broadhead Blades – Per 18 DirtNap Gear DRT Double-Bevel Broadheads Slick Trick Standard Broadhead Muzzy Trocar HB-TI Broadhead G5 Small Game Head - Per 3 Cabela's Bullet Points – Per 12 NAP Spitfire Maxx Broadhead Slick Trick RaptorTrick II Mechanical Broadhead Rocky Mountain Bullet Point Field Points
Ramcat Diamondback Broadhead Cabela's Copperhead Broadheads Cabela's STK-3 Three-Blade Broadheads NAP Thunderhead Broadhead Blades – Per 18 DirtNap Gear DRT Double-Bevel Broadheads Slick Trick Standard Broadhead Muzzy Trocar HB-TI Broadhead G5 Small Game Head - Per 3 Cabela's Bullet Points – Per 12 NAP Spitfire Maxx Broadhead Slick Trick RaptorTrick II Mechanical Broadhead Rocky Mountain Bullet Point Field Points
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Ramcat Diamondback Broadhead

  • Offset-blade design delivers true field-point accuracy
  • Patented Airfoil System reduces wind planing
  • Reduced friction down the shaft results in deep penetration
  • One-piece stainless steel construction

The first fully fixed-blade broadhead from Ramcat, the Diamondback Broadhead features an offset-blade design that delivers true field-point accuracy. Its concave design and the patented Airfoil System found on the ferule combine to reduce wind planing. They also reduce friction down the arrow shaft, resulting in deep penetration. One-piece stainless steel body. Blades sharpened front and back. Firenock Aero Concentric technology and Back-Cut technology. Per 3.
• 100 gr., Cutting dia: 1-1/16".
• 125 gr., Cutting dia: 1-1/2".

 Cancer and Reproductive Harm-

You're full draw all your hard work sweat. And determination it's for this moment. You press the trigger make. One shot Karen shoot the. Most accurate deepest penetrating fixed-blade broad head in the world. Any speed with patented airfoil technology the diamondback is the first fixed blade broad head to deliver field point accuracy with a shortened ferrule design in surgically sharpened blades carving a devastating wound channel on impact. And exit with bat set slaves plus your broad head. It stays on tight with fire not arrow concentric technology terminal performance rapid blood loss quicker recoveries diamondback hits like a ram cuts like a cart.

That has made it through the backside so that's saying a lot of right there the penetration of. This arrow is by far exceeded every other broad head. We have tried on the same as egg set up. Now like I said the blades did shear out but. We got a nice three blade entrance holes here. Ican pull this out so. Ican't really get this out in. One piece but we have three blades. That opened it punched a nice hole in. And I'm pretty impressed with. This broad head so again. This is a ranked RAM cat Diamondback a hundred grain. They also make it in a 125 grain which is an inch. And a half cut these in the store come on in. And check and thanks for watching I'll see.

Another video here in just a. Few minutes we're gonna step back to 80 yards. And see yes even hit the target.

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Cabela's Copperhead Broadheads

Just like its namesake, the Copperhead will strike quietly and fatally from where you're hiding. The Copperhead is built on a rock-solid 17-4 PH stainless steel ferrule using Monoflow™ technology with a black oxide finish from tip to thread. The blades are the sharpest German blades available. They are .030" thick, made of 420 stainless steel and covered with a special proprietary coating to keep them sharper for a longer period. The three-blade design has a 1-1/16" cutting diameter and 100-grain weight. The proven trocar point is molded into the broadhead to provide amazing strength and accuracy, while the blade retention system has been proven under the harshest hunting conditions. When combined, the Copperhead will provide you with bone-crushing strength and surgical sharpness. Each broadhead is rotationally tested to ensure the strictest quality in straightness to yield unmatched accuracy. Cabela's urges all customers to handle these Copperheads with extreme caution – they might bite back. Per 3.

 Cancer and Reproductive Harm-

Everyone this is fishing gamer. And we're doing some tests today on a. Few out pumpkins some broad heads really haven't used before current oneI'm using here is the it's Cabala's Copperhead it's a hunter grain selection. One to 1/16 cutting diameter the broad head saw. Ican see has replaceable blades just. Some pros and cons to. That the one thing I didn't like about necessarily compared to. Some other broad heads is. That why you put these blades into the grooves here. You have is this wash. Or the hold in place. These other broad heads will have. Something it's rubberized so. You take this isn't easy to flush against. This neck here the blades will fall right out that's actually happened to. Me a couple times already just a bit annoying fired. This broad head off on the crossbow. Imentioned earlier. Ijust fired it off at. This pumpkin here it's about 25 yards away I'm walking towards. Now ok the entry wound it's probably about maybe an inch. And a half off of where. Iwas aiming 25 yards again. This is the crossbow bolt. This is probably a broader design for your bow is supposed to a crossbow. This is the exit wound actually has a nice exile in there poking through those stopping the back stop here. And we're about you know four inches penetrated into the backstop overall. You know it does its job. Ican't complain about. One thing I mentioned the washer has a bit of an annoyance.

You know that's not gonna affect. Everybody obviously overall yeah. What needs to do it penetrates pretty well. One issue with the amount of deflection that's prob about two inches off. And we're hos aiming so. Ididn't move that much no I'll give. This guy about three out of five rating you know it'll do the job but I'm not really. You know jumping up. And down screaming the joy. What great how great. It is that's my review we'll catch. You next time all right take care.

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Cabela's STK-3 Three-Blade Broadheads

Don't let the Cabela's STK-3 broadhead's small stature fool you. What it lacks in length, it makes up for in flat-out deadliness. The compact design provides field-point accuracy even from some of the fastest bows. Built with a solid steel ferrule, the STK-3 easily withstands hard-bone impact and continues to penetrate. Ultradeadly .035" stainless steel blades slice through vitals with ease, putting game down quickly. Per 3.
Cutting diameter: 1-1/8".
Available: 85 gr., 100 gr.

 Cancer and Reproductive Harm-

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NAP Thunderhead Broadhead Blades – Per 18

Be sure you have extra blades for your Thunderhead broadheads. These .027" stainless steel blades are ground, honed and stropped to surgical sharpness. Per 18.
Available: 85-grain, 100-grain, 125-grain.

 Cancer and Reproductive Harm-

You know let's talk a little bit about bran heads. You know I know you're big fan of the Thunder head oh yeah you've got. You know shooting that about a year. And a half or so ago. And at first I was a little skeptical bill. That have always been mechanical Wow. Iknow listen you know we've shot a lot of fixed blades up to. That point in where you know not really satisfied with the flight. That in the consistency but. Ihave to say that Thunderhead shoots very well. You had a ton of success well. Istarted shooting it over 20 years ago. You know immediately realized. How straight they shot. You know how consistent. Inever had you know. Any kind of issues with my arrows. Anything yeah shootin thunderheads. You know they kind of spoiled. Inever got away from yeah. They got extremely sharp blades as of a couple years ago. They were the only broad head in the country. That sharpened their blades here in the US. You could put them under a microscope. They were just a lot sharper. Any other broad heads. Ibelieve that so that's why I've stuck with them know.

You know and they've taken. You know the technology from the original Thunderhead into a couple of other. You know broad head designs in 2010. They came out with a Thunderhead edge. That had the offset blades. And the serrated you know edges on the blade. You know I went to. One just you know something new. And to see it would fly. Iwas like really pleasantly surprised of just. How well even in comparison to the Thunderhead. It flew great this flew just as well but. You know some of these additional features as far as. You know the blades being a little. You know different and maybe. Even a little easier to replace. You don't have some of the rings but. You have the same you know durability with the tip the shaft.

And then as far as the flight was there. And then this year they'd come out with the Thunderhead razor which. Iguess is a combination. You could think of I the original Thunderhead in the Thunderhead edge. You know you're going to have the same sharpness. And blades the same does is the Thunderhead edge but just an all-around. You know highly durable product. That aircraft aluminum but. You said super sharp blades with the razor well. Ican personally guarantee they're going to be sharp. And they're going to shoot straight. You know what they're going with. That they're gonna leave massive blood trail so. If you're interested in. Any of the N AP broad heads come to stick em archery calm. We carry the original Thunder head of the edge.

And we'll have also the new Thunder head razor you.

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DirtNap Gear DRT Double-Bevel Broadheads

  • Razor-sharp 1-3/16” blade with 5/8” bleeder
  • Cut-on-contact design for deep penetration
  • Can be shot at 100 or 125 gr.

Take down your quarry fast with the DRT Double-Bevel Broadhead from DirtNap Gear. Razor-sharp 1-3/16” main blade with 5/8” bleeder teams with a cut-on-contact design to maximize penetration for quick, humane kills. Double bevel is engineered to fly with field-point accuracy. M.W.S. (Modular Weight System) allows the head to be shot at 100 or 125 gr. Teflon-coated 420J2 stainless steel blade and 7075 aircraft-grade aluminum ferrule ensure long-lasting durability.
Wt: 100/125 gr.
Colors: Black, Green, Red, Orange, Blue.

 Cancer and Reproductive Harm-

This right here is the dirt nap dead right there broad head double bevel as soon as. Ifind me a cooler I'm gonna fill. It fulls of awesome stuff shoot. It with this awesome broad head. And I'm gonna see which awesome is. More awesome you stay tuned we'll find out soon Smita Logan got together. This morning we got our brand-new broad head in the mail the dirt nap dead right there double bevel. We were so excited to get. It we threw it on an arrow. When we got to thinking to ourselves. What exactly do we want to see. This go through and tear up our first choice was a deer but seeing is it's not deer season. We were a little disappointed on. That we couldn't put. One through a deer our second choice would have been a turkey scene. That is his opening day of turkey season here in Mississippi. We went out we hit the call a. Few towns and we could never get. Any talk back to us. Because as you can tell the weather is not going to cooperate today it's raining so. We are we decided to get a cooler. And just some random stuff. That we thought would make a good test for this brown head we're gonna feel. This cooler full of. All what you got there got. Some great stuff literally great stuff foam spring got a book in here that's full of sand water leaves. And ain't no telling what else got. It out of my little boys sandbox so ain't no telling what's in there. We don't really wanna dick there we're just gonna pour. It in mix it in we're about to make.

This thing as hard as. You can to go through we're about to put. This arrow this broad head through. It and show you what kind of damage. It does well like we said. We feel the cooler fullest. And stuff that we just talked through together the end result is actually. It looks a little soft on the top but in the middle of. This hard is a brief so. This is gonna be a good testament to the durability of. This bra here so let's get. It down as you can tell from the little tests. We have just run the dead right there broad head can pretty much take. Anything that your arrow can say. If your arrow doesn't break broad heads going to go through. It's right here is possibly.

One of the best-built broad heads I've ever shot in my life it's got a hole in your actual arrow it's got a little modular weight system it's a little ring. That you can screw on. And off if you shoot a hundred grain screw the ring off. If you choose 125 grain. You just screw the little ring off. And you know it makes. It where you know. If you're sharing broad heads with a buddy. You don't have to buy through the professor brought in. Or you're shooting two different weight systems. You don't have to set up. You know two different boats dude. And brought it so I gave. You about one broad head screw the ring home it's good living off the butt the blade itself has a 05.

One blade thickness old. It comes out of the package super sharp. We put it through we put. It through a lot of today so it's still pretty sharp but. When it comes out of the package it's very sharp but be careful with. It's also sports a 184. Each cutting width puts a damaging hole on our homemade little target here. And as you could tell on a piece of metal. That we shot it through puts a pretty big hole through. It so with the broad head. It comes with a lifetime guarantee also which is. One of the best thingsI've learned about. These broad head, so I'm really happy about. That but it's just all around a great feel of a broad head. It comes in different colors which is. Another thing if you're trying to match your setup for shooting and stuff like.

That you can get it in different colors. If you're out shopping for a new fix broad head. Iwould definitely recommend the Dirtnap DRT not only does. It looks wicked and shoots awesome but. It puts out a hurtin on our homemade target. It puts out a hurtin on. Anything you put this through it's very durable. And the arrow that. Ishot this with is actually to be honest with. You three arrows I shot. This with are gone but my broad head still intact. Now with hunting tomorrow. Ihope you're able to get out. This week shoot your boat get. You some dirt not broad head. And try them out for yourself. We love them here at our to our but. Most importantly I hope. You will go with God. And may all your hunts be safe.

They are fantastic they fly incredible. Ireally can't say enough about. This broad heads and. Ican't be prouder to be part. This teeny blades are Teflon coated. They come in varying colors. They come in red in a single bevel. And I don't know it kind of orange. It kind of pink for you ladies. Or you've been and are extremely comfortable with your sexuality. These projects have a lifetime guarantee brake band red. Any problems with any part of. This rugged send it back Tom Robin red dirt nap here. And it will replace for you watch the brought to be put to the test are the first test for the day a little. More realistic test. We got some pork ribs over there we're going to shoot the single bevel dr t see. What kind of damage. They do, and then we'll do a comparison with the double bevel dr t 100-grain.

You the double bevel DRT 100 grains single bevel versus double bevel into pork ribs. This is one of our realistic tests here. You can see the entrance here on. This on the double bevel a single bell. You can see the entrance. It kind of did a little. More damage a little. More rotation on that single bevel coming through a little. More tear but definitely. Both leave a pretty devastating hole. If you want to come around. And see the exit hole here's the exit of the single bevel DRT 100-grain. You saw going in that. It created more of a spin going through a little. More cut into the wound channel a double bevel pretty much a clean straight through shot but. Both left great wound channels. Imean you can see right through. It you know the kind of blood trail that's going to leave is going to be incredible test we're gonna be shooting into.

Some blood-red jugs here we're going to demonstrate the single bevel. And double bevel comparison on what kind of blood trail would lead. How fast these things will drain things like. That so we'll start off first with 100-grain DRT double bevel here's a double battle entrance here. You can see the plastics a little. More resilient than muscle so it's going to kind of go back to its form but. You can see the entrance a little to the side but here's the exit quite a bit of difference on the exit but. You know as the deer is walking his muscles are moving you can kind of see. What it's going to do. And that deer will pretty much be dead right there same scenario blood-red water jugs with the single bevel 100-grain DRT. You all right single bevel again entrance. It cuts this way exit the cuts. This way you can definitely see the rotation going through the wound channel there on the single bevel here today with horn star outdoors a little broad head test on these new dirt.

And abroad heads I'm shooting a double bevel 100-grain broad head out of an Athens conviction set at twenty-nine. And a half inch and seventy pounds I'll see. What this thing does single bevel 2x4 there's the entrance Center the board didn't get complete pass through on the 2x4 the single the double. We did, but we did hit a little high that's at seventy pounds for the twenty-nine. And a half inch draw same test two-by-four for about eighteen yards double bevel DRT. One hundred grains I'm shooting a matthews helium twenty-seven. And a half inch draw at 63 pounds 63 pounds 18 yards to by forbes the solid wood got about half penetration no exit double bevel. Ireally wouldn't expect. Any broad head to penetrate the solid wood hitting a dead center but for testing purposes we're giving it a go again that's the hundred grain DRT double bevel single bevel dr t 100 grains two-by-four. Now just as I anticipated.

This single bevel you see. Where it starts to splinter the wood right here. It kind of has a shattering effect shoot a deer in the shoulder it's going to kind of shatter the bone has a spiral wound channel. That it creates double bevel great penetration on. Both consider we're using a 2x4 saw wood got to love. It we're going to show the rotation with. Both a single bevel compared to the double bevel through. This can will see our entrance going through. When it comes out we'll see. Where the blaze line up in. That way we can see our rotation as. It goes through quote-unquote the cavity of the deer. You double-double DRT entrance blades line up. This way exit almost the same slight rotation but definitely awesome wound channels. We can compare here.

We have the exit of the single bevel the exit of the double the entrance of the double bubble the entrance of the single bevel. Iwould just ranged. It we have a hips target set out there 70 yards. This is my first attempt at long-range shooting with a DRT 100 grains I'm going to shoot the single bevel see. How she flies at 70 yards for a shot 70 yards hopefully. You can see the flight of the arrow is. This coming towards the camera, but we're about a little over 2 inches off our mark. And a little low winds blowing about 10 miles an hour maybe not bad for the first shot. It either way performance of a DRT at 70 yards with no tuning it's a seem to fly pretty true 70 yards Justin's going to shoot for the first time long range with the DRT let's see. How well he can do here's the first shot. We got seven yards 70-pound Athens ibex. Imean you asked me it's right on the money take. That all day watch as the single bevel DRT spins as. It passes through the half-inch plywood.

You we shot the DRT into quarter-inch steel three times upon the third time. We could not extract the broad head from the steel the blades were chipped the Theron was a little crooked but the DRT held up using the. Most popular broad heads in today's industry. We did a comparison test shooting through. This steel on comparison test number. On the broad head bounced off. And broke into pieces test number two broad head broke into pieces upon removal on our final test the broad head bounced off on shot number two you.

This side is honed on. This side and not down here. That does is as this broad head goes. You know it's flying through the air. And it's its its rotating just simply due to the fletching and. Everything but it impacts the deer. Most heads now will instantly kind of stop twisting in. That deer though they've got. That spin going that actually will slow down your penetration just a hair again probably not measurable to the point. It makes a huge difference but. It would you think about. That arrows gonna be twisting it's going to slam on its brakes. Now it's going straight through a deer. This head it hits naturally by design is gonna keep twisting and it's gonna keep rotating as. It enters into that deer. That rotating factor actually will grab soft tissue.

And kind of twist and snap. It flies through it do a ton of damage to soft tissue but. These heads really shine is impacting a bone. What happens is when the tip gets into the bone. Or makes contact with. It unlike a normal head that's going to try to push its way through just by force. This head will actually get in there. It acts like a wedge. And just it'll pop that blade. That bone and just crack. You look up some videos of single bubble heads dr Ed Ashy. Ithink it's dr ed Ashy yeah does. Some awesome videos on shooting these into like steer shoulder bones. And things of that nature a single beveled head not. This exact head but basically the same design. Iwas exceptionally excited. These new heads you followed. This small acre hunting endeavor long enough you've already seen the video.

Iwas gonna try these heads last year mighty actually. It was two years ago. Icouldn't even get him to fit my gold tip arrows. Now I've switched the Black Eagle carnivores. This year but they do fit. Idid try it in my gold tip arrows from last year. They sent me a couple new packs. Igot two new packs. This year basically. Iwas like I'm gonna try them out. And I'm telling you right. Now guys they fly straight. They don't make the loud noise. Some people claim I have not noticed. That the dough that died 40 yards away didn't seem to mind. Any noise at it blew through her. It was a hard quartering away shot. Ido kind of now the video makes. More quartering away. What it really was but. She was pretty hard quartering away but. Ihad a really good shot at 24 yards. She was pretty occupied with a buck. That was chasing her.

It blew through her. And probably stuck in the ground a good 4. Or 5 inches so it had enough energy. Ionly shoot about 62. And a half pounds it flew through her blew her wide open. She bled like somebody was pouring a water bottle out. And died seconds after the shot. These heads do seem sharper. They came in the pack. That was one of the things. Now granted I'm spoiled. Ithink slick tricks have. Some of the sharpest blades out there out of. Any head but these were much sharper. They came in the packet. Iwas very impressed with. That they're solid this head actually was the. That went through splits. This year for the follow-up shot. It went through his left front shoulder. And then slammed into his right shoulder on the offside. You can kind of see it's still for the.

Most part in good shape I'll try to throw. Some pictures up close but there is. Some Knicks laid a little bit. That could be honed out easily enough the bleeder blade is is rough there's a chunk of. It out rights there kind of Bennett but still. Imean you're talking about hitting bone. These bleeder blades. You know are rather small they're not the same thickness as the main blade. That can be expected. It impacted it to your bone so but overall the heads still in amazing shape I'm actually going to clean. One up hone and it's gonna become a practice head so. Iwant to probably take. It apart cleans because there is dirt.

And grime and stuff on. It but it's actually. These calm as 100-grain heads. They do have you can see. This silver weight screws on before. You screw it in the arrow. And that's 25 grains basically making you're heading out 125. You shoot 125 grain field tips. And that's what your setup is. Iactually then even have 50 grains added to the back of my insert so. Ishould a really high heavy front. And for a high FOC but yeah. These heads guy check them out the company is great the owners are great. Nothing but good things to say about. These heads I will for sure be testing these out. More hopefully on a late season dough I'm gonna shoot. This the rest of the year. Idid shoot my first shot. This year on splits with a slick trick just so happened my quick follow up shot.

It was a DRT and like. That doe that didn't go very far was a DRT head. It performed so probably gonna slap. It on again and go with the rest of the year try to get. More doe down see it performed. And check back in with. You guys anything changes but dirt nap gear DRT single head check them out definitely can throw my support behind him. Now as far as being making a good high-quality head. And they're a good company. This is ty god bless. And good luck out there you.

And with what they're made out of your gonna have. That you're not going to have to worry about leaving a blade in the height. Or leaving a blade and rib you're gonna have the whole broad head inside of him cut him up that's. Something really cool. Another thing about. These is you can get them in a single bevel. Or a double bevel that is the double bevel is. This broad head right here it's ground on. Either side of the blade the single bevels. They are ground on one side like. This opposing like this on the other side with. That does is it creates a true s pattern. It goes into the animal it's a true spiral in there really it's a matter of opinion. You want to shoot a single bevel order double level. Ishoot the double bevels. Because that's what I like. Another cool thing about.

These broad heads is. They come with what's called a module weight system. That is it's a hundred. Or a 25 grand collar. That goes on the back of the broadhead is naturally a hundred grains. You put the collar behind the broad head. And into your shaft. It makes it 125 grains. That does is it allows. You to have multiple shooters. You shoot the hundred grains. And your buddy shoots 125 greens. Both shoot same broad hits that's really cool so. You haven't had a chance to check out dirt nap broad heads go to dirt nap gear calm click on the dirt nap gear store. And it'll take you to their DRT broad heads as well as shirts hats. And a sharpener they're really cool products get online.

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Slick Trick Standard Broadhead

  • Incredible aerodynamics, accuracy and penetration
  • Patented Alcatraz Bladelock system
  • Four razor-sharp Lutz Solingen German stainless steel blades

No other fixed-blade broadhead can rival the Slick Trick's combination of aerodynamics, accuracy and penetration. What's more, these mirror the flight of field points. The patented Alcatraz Bladelock™ system securely interlocks the blades inside the ferrule. This setup ensures the four razor-sharp Lutz Solingen German stainless steel blades fly straight and true to punch lethal wounds through flesh and bone. The 100% steel construction maximizes durability afforded by the .030" blade thickness. Per 4 unassembled.
Cutting dia: 1".
Available: 85 gr., 100 gr., 125 gr.

 Cancer and Reproductive Harm-

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Muzzy Trocar HB-TI Broadhead

  • Streamlined titanium ferrule for hard-hitting strength
  • Serrated fixed-blade edges rip deep into your target
  • Two expandable wing blades maximize damage

Not only does it fly as true as field point, the HB-TI Broadhead adds a whole new level to the deep-penetrating, bone-shattering damage you've come to expect from Muzzy Trocar. Its design features a streamlined titanium ferrule for hard-hitting strength. Its 0.05"-thick one-piece single-bevel and serrated fixed-blade edges rip deep into your target. A pair of 0.039"-thick expandable wing blades maximize damage and create easy-to-follow blood trails. Per 3.
Cutting dia.: 1" fixed blade.
Cutting dia.: 1-5/8" expandable.
Wt: 100 gr.

All right we are going to take a quick look at the mudsy TroKar HD hybrid broad head. Iwant to throw out real quick. Ipersonally think the concept of a hybrid broad head is brilliant. If you're not familiar with the concept of. It is basically a combination of a fixed plate broad head. And a mechanical broad head. This point I mean the mechanical broad head market is huge. And tons of people use them. And of those shooters there's always. That lingering fear. That really rare possibility. That their mechanical broad head may fail to deploy. It actually you know gets to. Where it's going it's extremely rare but. It has happened and it's not there's. That happens I'm cheaper drug has. It could happen on any mechanical Brocket. What you stress that that is extremely rare but. It has popped up before so. If you're a shooter. That uses mechanicals especially. You have seen one fell before there's always. That lingering possibility. And fear in the back of your mind. That as rare as it could happen so. You have a hybrid mechanical broad head. It really takes care of. That fear if the mechanical portion of the broad head besides the cell. You are still going to get the fixed blade cutting diameter of the broad head which in. This case is a 1-inch cutting manager which is still a great cutting diameter so again.

That concept is brilliant to actually take. That idea it in motion. And make a product that works well. Ihave to have to thought. That that's awesome. Imean the trocar is an extremely popular. These a huge company the trocar there's no arguing whether. They are extremely popular they've got tons of people use them. All over the world so. They pretty well speak for themselves. And we'll talk about the actual function of. This broad head real quick the packaging tells a really good story so. This is the broad head. And the closed position. You can see right here the fixed blade portion no matter. What happens in the worst-case scenario here those mechanical brought the mechanical blaze decide to just not deploy for whatever reason. They will because of the way. This was but just for the sake of take his argument in. This scenario it didn't work for whatever reason.

You are still going to get. That pick blade cutting diameter which is. Imean the worst case you're still going to get a pretty good hole. You see here it makes impact. They will deploy this is just. This sort of in the middle of the deployment. That is film at full deployment. And actual deployment your full cutting diameter is 2. And 5/8 inches which is a huge cut so worst-case 1 inch cut best case which will happen. Ijust want to stress. These work great that pretty well the way. That is on they can't tell so. Iactually have oil in here so. You can get a better look at. It there's be 6 plate cut so again imagine. That those don't work for whatever reason you're still going to get. That but it will work. And then you're going to get a full size at 2. Or 5/8 inch cut, so they also took the click the chance with. These six blades they put the on offset on.

It actually says here on the packaging they put an offset to the fixed blade. That basically it works the same way. You put an offset on your vein like you're you're flexing it just helps give the arrow a spindle which helps stabilize I'm actually missing. That too it kind of helps provide. Idon't like when broad head use. This term but it helps provide supreme filled point performance at long-range distances. Imean still points kind of fly uniquely. All broad head sort of say. They fly like you know exactly like a pill tip there's always. You know a little bit of a at least a little bit of a side adjustment.

Some broad heads make. It easier than others but. Inever really like. That comparison but. These do fly really well so you'll have a small knowing especially. You have like a micro gel powder so. It will literally take. You second you make the small tile adjustment you'll be driving tax with. These things money doesn't go into a lot of manufacturer jargon which. Ido appreciate it just gives. You a good idea they think the cancers are packaging just to show off their product. What it can do that sort of says a lot about. They don't try to overwhelm. You with big words and promises.

They just order tell. What it does and give. You an idea and then it's true look you've tried out very sharp blades. All very well done I just want to give. You guys a chance to take a closer look at. It is an impressive broad head read up review. This got great reviews I'd have picked a minute to check them out so read up on them. You were in the market for a new broad head. You have never used a hybrid broad head report check them out. Imean it's definitely a work a look. They could be right for you but. When we're kind this is the Lizzie trocar HB it's a hybrid. It is definitely worth the look so definitely appreciate your time.

And from watching and. We will see you next time.

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G5 Small Game Head - Per 3

Dispatches down-sized critters with a mega dose of shock-and-tear trauma. Expect instant immobilization, rapid fatality and field-point flight. It thumps and grabs with authority thanks to three talon like prongs with sharpened inner surfaces and a rounded nose. Prongs flip the arrow upward at ground impact for easy recovery. Per 3.

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Cabela's Bullet Points – Per 12

Get some fun recreational shooting in with Cabela's Bullet Points. Each point is stamped with size for easy identification. Fits all standard carbon arrows with inserts. Per 12.

  • 18/64" – Available in 75 gr., 100 gr.
  • 20/64" – Available in 75 gr., 100 gr., 125 gr.
  • 21/64" – Available in 100 gr, 125 gr.
  • 22/64" – Available in 100 gr., 125 gr.
 Cancer and Reproductive Harm-

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NAP Spitfire Maxx Broadhead

  • Accurate mechanical design
  • Offset blades
  • No-O-ring design ensures blade deployment

NAP's Spitfire Maxx Broadhead uses the same blade retention as the standard Spitfire broadhead, but with a cut-on-contact point and offset blades. Per 3.
Cutting Dia: 1 3/4".
Wt: 100 gr.

 Cancer and Reproductive Harm-

big debut outdoor adventures we're in the kind of bow workshop area right. Now I'm gonna see mr big bass there caught him quite a. Few years ago, but we're gonna do a review on the Spitfire okay. This is the Spitfire crossbow says per package but. Igot to looking and honestly. Idon't believe there's. Anything different any difference in between the crossbow. And the regular compound. One they're both 100 grains. Both have the same set screws. They look identical they're. Both an inch and a half cut so. If there is leave it down in the comment let. Me know guys what you guys think. You think they just kind of package. One for crossbow one for regular just to kind of get people to try to buy. Both but either way. Iwon't be doing a review on the n AP Spitfire broad head let's start by unboxing the hunter grain inch-and-a-half Spitfire my na P ok I'll butcher. It comes with a this package comes with a broad head wrench. What is referred to as a broad head wrench okay there's a three pack okay it's a three pack it's a friction style broad head okay which means. When closed and there's closed. It penetrates into something like. This the friction opens the broad head okay. What I like about so far there is sent screws to tighten up the blades but.

More importantly it looks. How does a fly. How accurate is all right let's install. This broad head into the arrow see. And we'll give it to good old spin test here okay wrench goes on that's pretty cool come nice little wrench let's give it a go. Ibeen checking what you want is a nice little circle. You don't want it wobbles. It wobbles out okay definitely pretty good definitely spin checks well only thing left for me to do. Now with these Spitfires is to practice shoot. How well they fly so let's go outside. All right guys we're outside got the impact cam in place let's go out to let's say 20 yards so. That way we're keeping everything super consistent everything's super reliable. That way all can be controlled trampoline with. All right so um do. You know but you guys here okay. This hundred grain Spitfire. Igot a hundred grain fill point so take the hundred grand Spitfire off until she's off let's put the hundred grain field point on check okay I'll bring you guys okay here.

We go that's it that's. How uh nocturnal flashing red-and-blue sea right here what's up pretty good shot okay let's go ahead. And pull it pulls the arrow out. All right now let's go back. And let's put d spitfire on just put spitfire background okay broad head wrench on their good-looking go came back on okay why you but. You can tell okay 20 yards dead on that's pretty accurate. You asked me pretty good so okay. We move back to let's say respectable distance of thirty yards I'm telling you so far. That was 30 yards right there. And look right their guys. Iwas aiming right here my fact we've got a big hole. Nothing there them Spitfires will tear up you're targeting well then left to do. Now guys it's to knock a deer down with. It she's accurate she's on. You guys haven't picked a broad head. Yet to use think about using a Spitfire so thanks guys. You like this stuff here to give a big thumbs up.

And like subscribe always check out my giveaways appreciate.

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Slick Trick RaptorTrick II Mechanical Broadhead

  • Durability of a fixed blade with the accuracy of a field point
  • Two razor-sharp .035" stainless steel blades
  • Solid stainless steel cut-on-impact ferrule

Slick Trick's RaptorTrick II Mechanical Broadhead features the durability of a fixed blade with the accuracy of a field point. Two .035" stainless steel blades and a solid stainless steel cut-on-impact ferrule slice through flesh and bone, creating a massive 2" cutting dia. Three kinetic-energy deployment positions for the O-ring. Includes a practice head. Per 3.
Cutting dia: 2".
Wt: 100 gr.

 Cancer and Reproductive Harm-

hey guys justin hays here with slick trick broad heads new for 2017. We have a open on impact called the raptor trick. It is a two-inch cut a stainless steel ferrule. We also offer a adjustable oring which is your high setting for a crossbow. Or high impact or high-energy compounds. All the way down to a lower setting which is good for ladies bows low impact bows things like. It comes in a four pack which. One of those is a practice head. And it's going to MSRP for 42. Or $40799 excuse me.

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Rocky Mountain Bullet Point Field Points

  • Dependable, time-tested practice points for bowhunters
  • Bullet-style field points
  • Wide selection of weights and diameters to match your preferred setup

Giving bowhunters rock-solid dependability for practice, Rocky Mountain Bullet Point Field Points help you stay ready for bow season. The time-tested standard for practicing and sighting your bow setup, these bullet-style points come in a wide selection to match your broadhead weight and arrow-shaft diameter. Per 12.
Sizes: 9/32”, 5/16”, 11/32”.
Weights: 100 grain., 125 grain.

 Cancer and Reproductive Harm-

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