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Leupold® Marksman™ Spotting Scope BSA® 20-60x60mm Spotting Scope Kit Vortex® Diamondback Spotting Scopes Vortex® Razor® HD Spotting Scope Vortex® Viper HD Spotting Scope Leupold® SX-1 Ventana 2 Spotting-Scope Kit Leupold® VXSS 15-30X50 Golden Ring Compact Spotting Scope Leupold® Golden Ring® Spotting Scope Leupold® 12-40X60 Golden Ring HD Spotting Scope Swarovski ATX/STX Modular Spotting Scope-Ocular Lens Nikon MONARCH® Spotting Scope Vanguard Endeavor HD Spotting Scope Swarovski® STR Spotting Scope with Illuminated Reticle Burris Signature HD Spotting Scope Leupold® Mark 4 Tactical Spotting Scope SIG Sauer® Oscar5™ Spotting Scope Styrka S7 Spotting Scope Swarovski Modular Spotting Scope Bushnell® Silver Reflector Telescope
Leupold® Marksman™ Spotting Scope BSA® 20-60x60mm Spotting Scope Kit Vortex® Diamondback Spotting Scopes Vortex® Razor® HD Spotting Scope Vortex® Viper HD Spotting Scope Leupold® SX-1 Ventana 2 Spotting-Scope Kit Leupold® VXSS 15-30X50 Golden Ring Compact Spotting Scope Leupold® Golden Ring® Spotting Scope Leupold® 12-40X60 Golden Ring HD Spotting Scope Swarovski ATX/STX Modular Spotting Scope-Ocular Lens Nikon MONARCH® Spotting Scope Vanguard Endeavor HD Spotting Scope Swarovski® STR Spotting Scope with Illuminated Reticle Burris Signature HD Spotting Scope Leupold® Mark 4 Tactical Spotting Scope SIG Sauer® Oscar5™ Spotting Scope Styrka S7 Spotting Scope Swarovski Modular Spotting Scope Bushnell® Silver Reflector Telescope
Brand BSA SWAROVSKI Swarovski Leupold Leupold Nikon Leupold LEUPOLD Vanguard Swarovski Vortex Burris Leupold Vortex Leupold SIG Sauer Bushnell Vortex -
Objective Diameter (mm) 60 80 - 60 50 60 / 60 60 60 / 80 65 65 85 / 65 85mm 60 60 / 80 60 65mm - 85 / 85 80mm
Power 20-60X 20-60 - 12-40X 15-30 16-48X / 16-48X 20 - 60X 15-45X / 20-60x 15-45A 25-60 27-60X / 22-48X 20-60x 12-40X 20-60 / 20-60 12-40 15-45x - 20-60 / 20-60 20-60x
Eyepiece Type - Straight - - Straight Angled / Straight Angled Angled / Straight Angled - Straight / Angled Angled Straight Angled / Angled Straight Straight - Straight / Angled -
FOV @ 1,000 yds. (ft.) - 108-60' - - 136-89 135@16X / 135@16X - - 144-68 124-68 117-68 / 138-84 117-60 - 114-51 / 105-51 168-52 141.0-73.0 - 101 - 50 / 101 - 50 105-47 ft.
Length (in.) - 16.6 - 12.4 11 10.6 / 10.3 14.4 13.5 / 17 13.6 13.3 16.2 / 14.8 - 12.4 14 / 14.8 12.4 15.8" - 17.5 / 17.5 16.8
Weight (oz.) - 70.4 - 37 21.5 44.1 / 44.4 37.2 30.6 / 51.1 55.9 65.6 / 56.8 67.2 37 33.8 / 47.1 37 53 - 76.6 / 76.6 61.8

Leupold® Marksman™ Spotting Scope

  • Lightweight streamlined design
  • Twilight Light Management System
  • Nonslip armor coating
  • Polycarbonate housing
  • Waterproof, fogproof design

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The Leupold Marksman Spotting Scope combines a streamlined design with high-quality Leupold glass to give you great optical performance at an affordable price. The angled body design allows for a lower mounting height and is compatible with smaller, lighter tripods. Twilight Light Management System delivers optimized light transmission, as well as enhanced brightness, clarity, contrast and color fidelity. The precision-focus dial delivers sharp focus all the way down to 20 ft., and is easy to adjust when wearing gloves. The lightweight, ergonomically designed polycarbonate housing comes with an armor coating to provide a comfortable, non-slip grip and long-lasting durability. A twist-up eyecup accommodates shooters with eyeglasses and a retractable lens shade accommodates a wide spectrum of light conditions. Waterproof and fogproof and features a tripod adaptable mount. Includes lens covers, view-thru soft case and neoprene neck strap. Manufacturer's limited lifetime warranty.

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BSA® 20-60x60mm Spotting Scope Kit

  • Fully multicoated lenses
  • 20x to 60x magnification
  • Built-in sunshade
  • Includes tripod

The BSA 20–60x60mm Spotting Scope Kit gets you close enough to count the whiskers on a walrus' chin. Fully multicoated lenses provide sharp, true-to-life images. This spotting scope has no rolling distortion and is aberration free. The focus wheel features a secure gripping surface that can be easily focused with or without gloves. The magnification zooms from 20X to 60X to provide you with optimum glassing versatility; and a built-in sunshade facilitates viewing under bright sunlight. The BSA Spectre Spotting Scope comes with a tripod, cleaning cloth and carry case.

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So big ad here today. We are looking at the Simmons spotting scope that's the pelican style case right here it's got a rubber gasket it's very nicely made I'm sure it's not quite as expensive as a pelican but well you're on you're in the ballpark here but very nice mark Simmons. And I'm sure it's made by. Another company you can see it's a foam line it's got a nice divider in here. And inside this case. We have a Simmons spotting scope right here. This is brand-new and Hertz the tripod court tripods are not just taking it out briefly. And looked at a tripod looks pretty nice but. It is a shorter tripod which. It should be for a spotting scope. And I'm gonna talk today about basically. This spotting scope works. What you can do with. And why you need and the other thing I just wanted to say about. It quick it is the magnification the objective lens is 60 millimeters the magnification is 20 by 60 so there's a lot of zoom on. This thing so it's basically like a small telescope. Iwas a kid I used to have a swift telescope actually my mother still has. It a 20 by 60 telescope. Iused to love to look at the Stars especially the moon with. Icould really pull up the moon with. This could also be used as telescope. You could stargaze with. You know and definitely you're gonna get.

Some great shots in the moon with. We have deployed the Simmons spotting scope right here. And comes with that we've unscrewed. It just a it comes with. All lens covers you know that's for the eyepiece. It comes for there's the objective. This is the best thing about. This scope and we've basically deployed. It on my portable camera tripod right here just. Idon't feel like sending up a 60-inch by pot a tripod. And 10 inches snow came down to look through. It so we'll just go over the quick functions of. This is your focusing knob right here so. When you're looking through. It you're just gonna spin. That to focus this is your magnification right here on the top of. And Basie you're just gonna rotate. That dollars twenty thirty forty-five. All the way up to 60.

One thing to know about the spotting scope right here is. You look through it on twenty magnification it's really easy to look through. You dial up the magnification the the your pupil. You can see through. It gets smaller and smaller. And at sixty you've got a later. Even on twenty you've got to get your eye right up to. This it's like binoculars. You basically putting your eye right up to. It so on a tripod like. This is a flimsy cheap tripod but. It is light I don't care. It gets banged up or fried destroy. It's difficult to look through. This scope right here. You know on sixty magnification. You really have to have. It on a stable tripod. This neck down it would be better. You know even your eye bumping into. It moves all around on sixty so much easier at twenty but it's nice to have. That extra magnification. And we're gonna try to see. We can get this is very difficult to do.

Idon't know if that's going to come out but that's on twenty magnification. You can see what we're looking at right here. All the way down there yeah that's a little bit so. You can see and I've got. It focused on and those birch trees down there so basically. What I really wanted to talk about today is why you need. This spotting scope right here basically I've wasted a lot of time. And money on ammunition my brother. Itrying to cite in rifles with scopes just shooting and. We don't know where the bullets hitting we don't. Even know where it's going I mean. It was fifty I think two dollars for this on eBay brand-new shipping was like thirteen bucks the total purchase price to. This was I think the $65. You know it came with. This beautiful case right here.

That I'm really happy with the divider it's nice and cushioned it's waterproof it's got a rubber gasket in here. You know for the money. This is gonna save me a lot of time right here. And provide good accurate rifle shooting and the other thing about. It can be used as a telescope too. You know you wanted to zoom up look at its mountaintop. Whatever let your kids use. It excellent fields. You know spotting scope also just for nature lover so. You just want to walk around. And carry something and. You know look at wildlife from a distance. You know what you want right here. You know excellent and the other cool thing about. It's light and that's a big plus um I'm definitely in the habit of. Whatever I like to buy. Something big I like to buy.

It heavy I like long barrels. Ilike heavy barrels like big blocks. And cars it's uh it's tough. You know but this is light. This is very cool right here too to have around so go out. One stop wasting your time at the range it's not billed to spot your shots I'm amazed. That people and ranges. That you'll see like 50 guys lined up. And like you'll see two spotting scopes. You now and then you see a bunch of guys standing behind him just. You know be asking and doing nothing you know put them on a scope. You know it really has been way too long for me to. You know to waste time — did. Ibought one of these but I'm happy. And the other thing I like a lot is look at the leopold's -. Ithink a Leopold's are really cool. You know great bang for your buck the Leopold's they'll probably work better on the eye thing and. That is a little tough right there but. Ibet an you know good prone position of sitting down on a chair on a bench tripod.

It comes with probably about 12 at 16 inches tall. When he things all deployed it's probably pretty stable so thanks for watching folks go buy a spotting scope period.

We go unlatch it poor camera work on my part. And then this is the scope so hopefully. We can see a little bit of somewhere I'm had to try. Another way I also got. This on Amazon the same time. Igot my um tripod for the scope. This is a ghost guy cellphone attachment for spotting scope. You can use it for a telescope. Or for scope on a rifle I'm attached. This set up the scope the right way. And give you an idea of what it looks like with the ghost guy attached the sentence 20 by 60 by 60 millimeter spotting scope. This tripod is not as heavy-duty as. Ithought it was going to be but. It was $12 I don't care I'll do. What I wanted to do. We have to do is send. Some rounds downrange. You can see homes All right so part of the review. While taking their shots. Iwas actually trying to cite in my Strike Eagle 1 by 6 on my JD machine Tech Frank.

And rifle I just got new scope rings from night force for the strike eagle so. Iwant to test you know. What we could do with. Iactually kind of like. It I'll take a look at the target coming up on the target so tell. We went start off in the center. We went to the head made. Some adjustments then. Iwent over here fairly quickly didn't give a shit went down here realize. That just a little bit too high came down here centered. It up a little bit and finished with my final three shot group. Iknow it's not impressive but it's. What I can do with the rifle. And the ability this is actually. One of those things I'm planning on working on quite a bit. This Cup coming year to get. More proficient at but. Ifeel like the scope on the big target. You could see everything fairly quickly on a little target.

It was hitting on green. Ihad a hard time seeing it my first impression the Simmons 20 by 60 by 60 millimeter spotting scope. Or decent I mean it's gonna do. What I want to do I don't went on sighting in. Any scopes any further. Then 100 yards so for what I need for it's going to work just fine after thinking about. It for a second I was actually looking through my cell phone attached to the ghost guy for the scope in order to see those holes. Iactually just looked at. It with my bare eye. It was actually a lot easier to see so. Iwas surprised how much of a difference. It made have factored. That into my thinking when.

Iwas down there showing you guys the targets but yeah. You can see it fairly well for the money. Imean it's gonna cost. Me fifty-three dollars with tags after my rebate comes in its worth. If you're looking for a low-cost option for a spotting scope with decent glass I'm not going to say the best glass with decent glass the Simmons scope Pro Sport is Simmons Pro Sport is going to be a fairly decent option for you hope. You guys enjoyed the video. You have any questions leave them in the comment box. Iwill reply as smart-ass Utley as.

Vortex® Diamondback Spotting Scopes

  • Heavyweight performer in a light, compact package
  • Multilayer coatings
  • XR anti-reflective coatings
  • Porro prism
  • Fogproof, waterproof
  • ArmorTek ultrahard, scratch-resistant coating

Find the Vortex Optic that is right for you.

Vortex Diamondback Spotting Scopes deliver outstanding performance when you need a heavyweight performer in a light, compact package. The Diamondback guarantees a bright image throughout the magnification range, and the rugged construction stands up to rough use in the field. Multilayer coatings provide the clearest, brightest, most color-accurate images possible. Vortex proprietary XR anti-reflective coatings, fully multicoated on all air-to-glass lens surfaces, increase light transmission for maximum brightness. Porro prism gives maximum image quality and performance in a traditional design. Angled scope is valued for allowing an overall lower mounting height, which maximizes stability in wind, offers greater comfort when glassing for extended periods and permits the use of a smaller, lighter tripod. It's the most compatible design for use with car window mounts. Straight scope provides speedy target acquisition and ease of use. Optics are sealed with O-rings to prevent moisture, dust and debris from getting inside the spotting scope. Nitrogen gas purging delivers fogproof, waterproof performance. ArmorTek™ ultrahard, scratch-resistant coating protects exterior lenses from fingerprints, scratches, oil and dirt. Eyecup twists up and down for comfortable viewing with or without eyeglasses. Sunshade reduces glare and shields the objective lens from raindrops and snow.

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This is showing or I'm the gun guy thank. You very much for watching my videos. Ireally do appreciate. You have no idea how important your viewership. And your support is to. Me by the way I do want to let. You know with all the hubbub going on with YouTube. We have taken the step of distributing the videos to a lot of other platforms so you'll see. All of these platforms here not just on YouTube. And we're continuing to look for new ones so as. We find new ones we'll start distributing the show there too so. We would go away on YouTube you're gonna find us on. One of these places currently we're uploading things to Facebook. And as soon as we have the entire channel copied there then we'll start working on Vimeo with channel is already entirely copied on daily motion. And bit shoot as well as YouTube so. Wherever you'd like to watch. This please do or kind of urge. You to subscribe to. One of the other ones just in case.

It goes who and YouTube. You never now and then. You can figure out we are maybe Facebook but. Whatever is easiest for you alright. Iwanted to tell you about. Something I'm very grateful I've gotten I've used over the years. Some really funky kind of cheapy spotting scopes. And it's been a desire of mine for a long time to have a good. You know there that you've got to save up for them. You get them you kind of want to take care of them they're a very integral part of what you're doing if you're shooting with rifles particularly. You like to go out to the desert like. And shoot at long distances. When you're sighting in your rifle at 100 yards. Or 200 yards with strainers yards it's just so much easier to be able to see. Where you're hitting and. You can't always see. That through the actual scope on the rifle in fact frankly. Most time you can well. Icontacted OpticsPlanet.

You know they give. Me a discount on stuff. Iwanted I wanted they sent. One which is a vortex diamondback spotting scope. This little block we came in the box obviously but it's in. This little package. And I've got it the package for a reason I've been using it a lot. I am extremely impressed I'm impressed with the packaging I've seen. This kind of stuff before but it's still very cool. I like the fact I can leave. It in the package I can attach. It to the tripod down here. While it's in the package. And then I can unzip. While it's on the tripod peel. These back and just their velcro there's velcro on. Both sides and stick them together. They just stay that way. And then I open up the front here. You have a pack you access to the objective lens. You can use the scope. While it's still being protected somewhat in its little case that's appealing to.

I shoot out in the desert a lot. And then you know that it's the sand starts kicking up. Whatever I know we're not using it for a. While it's really easy to quickly close. It back up again while it's on the tripod it's still in a case. Ican protect the spotting scope so. Ithink that's really neat. I honestly in practice that's the way. You can see it on the range. Iwas actually using it. That way it wasn't dusty. Now it's kind of become a habit but let. It out of their entirely for you. This is the spotting scope itself which honestly. They don't look like much. You know they're just kind of generic simple devices they're really not. That big a deal but. Some really neat aspects to. Ithink are kind of cool for example.

I like the fact you take off the cover off the objective lens. Ilike the fact this hood will slide out so. If you're facing the Sun. Or the sun's coming in. Where it's kind of messing things up. You can slide that out. That will protect your lens. This in photography a lot. Because I'm a photography buff. One of the reasons why I'll keep. These on a lens sometimes is. It keeps fingers away from the lens as well. I mean it's just harder to get your finger in there. Or for people you know to mess up the lens. If you've got a little cover on the front that's a Sun cover. Or Sun cowling and that's. What that's for and then on the back. This big thing here which. You could almost use with a shot glass. Isuppose you wanted to. And thought about that till just.

Now covers up this part we're. You know the of the scope. You get to look through. What you want to see focus which. Istarted to say and misspoke is here. This is the focus knob allows. You to focus and then. This is a zoom which takes. You from 20 to 60 it really cranks. And gets really close. Now there's also the neat part here is depending on your tripod. Some tripods are tougher to level. Then others and your. You may want to look at. You may want to use the scope. And look at this way. You may want to look at. That way you may want to turn. It a little bit because of where maybe you're laying down you're prone. You want to just reach over. And look at you want to have. More aimed toward you turn. This little knob on. This collar on the side. And then you can rotate. It around wherever. You want and then when it's its locked in the center again see.

It snaps into place. And then you just tighten. And it's locked down there again so it's made very well I'm very impressed with. It I've used it a lot. One of the things I've discovered too is. Iordered online some years back for another. Iordered online a little clip. You can see right now with my cell phone on. Iwas using it at the range. You just attached to the lens on the back. Where you're looking and. And then put your cell phone on there. And then you don't. Even have to look in the lens. You just look at the cell phone. You can see where the rounds are hitting on the larger screen of your cell phone. It works really brilliantly on. This thing so I've been using.

That a lot too it just makes. It easier for me at the same time. Ican also shoot video of what I'm hitting as. You can see it's not the sharpest video in the world part of. That frankly is not the scope it's the crummy cell phone my cell phone's getting old. And the camera is not as good as. Once was and it's not as good as. It could be but. It serves the purpose for me but. You can see it actually got video through the spotting scope. And then although I've got a 400 millimeter lens for one of my cameras. This thing still reaches out there farther. And sharper that way. Ican shoot video with the cell phone. Ineed to shoot video for you on what I'm able shooting at. Now the tripod this one obviously is a gigantic tripod. Ibought for it you know.

I generally have an understanding up position. Where it's up here I bought. That tripod specifically for it. I know people are gonna ask. Me about the tripod so. Iwill put the name of the tripod in the description. If other than YouTube. Ican't put links for products in there for whatever reason I'm still not sure. What I can link to what I can't. Idon't have links for the products in there. Because YouTube gets weird about. It to search shutting things down. Idon't want that to happen. However the description of these things will be in there. And then this from OpticsPlanet. Idon't remember I got the tripod. You probably could get. That from OpticsPlanet as well but check. It out on OpticsPlanet. This is the vortex Diamondback 20 60 60.

It is a terrific spotting scope it's not. You know they're not the. Most exciting thing to shoot a video about. You go use them you realize. How much time they save. How little work they are. This thing is just built like a. You know tank it works extremely well. And it's very sharp clear images. And I've been extremely pleased with. It very grateful to have. It the other thing is. This just built really nice it's built really strong anyway there. You are there's the diamondback it's a terrific spotting scope from vortex a great company I've got. Some vortex optics vortex copse. And other things and red dots. And magnifiers and I've been very happy with.

Everything they build, so I'm not surprised at. That I'm happy with. This spotting scope. Iam very happy with. It again it from OpticsPlanet check them out on OpticsPlanet. Anything from OpticsPlanet. Something else whatever. You purchased there remember to use gun guy five that's gun guy with the number five. And that's the code. That will save some money on your purchases there. It also lets them know. That we're doing a good job for them in talking about the products. They sent us to review. You know I do not charge to review products. Ionly post product reviews. Iunpredicted I send back a lot of products. Ithink are trashed so. Ijust don't want to trash product so.

I send them back up their trash so. You see them on this channel it's. Because I've used them a lot. Ireally do like them. Ithink they're excellent. That is certainly the case with. This so check them out on OpticsPlanet. That is again the vortex diamondback thank. You very much for watching have a great week. Iappreciate all of your support.

Vortex® Razor® HD Spotting Scope

  • No fringing, degradation or dilution at longer distances
  • High-definition extra-low-dispersion optical glass
  • ArmorTek coating resists scratches, dirt and fingerprints
  • Large center-focus wheel for quick adjustments, even with gloves
  • Argon-gas-purged and O-ring sealed for water- and fogproof performance

Find the Vortex Optic that is right for you.

Experience clear, crisp views with Vortex's Razor HD Spotting Scope that delivers superior image quality and color fidelity. A sophisticated, high-definition, triple-apochromatic lens system almost completely eliminates chromatic aberration across the entire field of view – no fringing, degradation of resolution or dilution of color fidelity at longer distances. XR/Plus multicoated lenses on all air-to-glass surfaces and multilayer dielectric prism coatings provide bright, clear images. ArmorTek™, an advanced exterior multicoating, protects lens surfaces from scratches, dirt and fingerprints. Large center-focus wheel makes for quick adjustments, even when wearing gloves. Straight-body design offers quick target acquisition. The compact, die-cast magnesium-alloy rotating body is purged with argon gas for fogproof integrity. O-ring seals keep moisture out. Twist-up eyepiece for use with or without eyeglasses. Built-in sunshade reduces glare and shields the lens from moisture. Enjoy adjustable viewing angles with the rotating tripod ring that allows you to move the eyepiece to a sideways position. Backed by the vortex VIP unlimited lifetime warranty.

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With a very competitive marketing quality glass vortex optics continues to up their game at producing one of the finest spotting scopes on the market today the new razor HD is setting a new standard in high-end optical technology precision craftsmanship. And ultra sleek functionality. They looked as shine as. One of the top choices in the market today so what's different about the new 2016 vortex razor HD versus last year's razor HD definitely a valid question since the name remains the same well the answer is practically.

Everything here are a couple key features to make note of the changes in 2016 available in 22 to 48 by 65. And 27 to 60 by 85 models. These spotters boast an. All new wide-angle design. That serves up a much greater field of view throughout the zoom range to give an example at 27 power. This year's razor 85 millimeter spotter has the same field of view as its predecessor on the 20 power from last year. This is really an area of improvement for me personally. This is huge so you really are not missing out on the low-end magnification. Anything lower you might as well use your BIOS. Another item to note is the smooth as silk. And ultra sleek helical style focus. You will easily dial in on subjects with razor sharp focus for optimal viewing while keeping the body of the spotter trim for easy packing the glass. And prisms are improved on. This year's model with the edge going to the new 2016 razor HD for finer viewing quality. They have upped their game there as well bringing you. Even better brilliant true to life views. It has remarkable clarity resolution.

And color accuracy while keeping great distortion-free images with unmatched edge to edge sharpness throw in the superb quality features from last year's razor HD like the XR plus coatings for maximum light transmission plasma Tec armor tech argon gas. And dialectic coatings. You have the new-and-improved 2016 vortex razor HD. One spotter that will definitely be in. Many packs in the years to come. You are a hunter marksman. Or observation enthusiast. It is certain to bring you years of quality use. And as with all vortex products. It is covered by their legendary lifetime unconditional no-fault warranty so next time your local Sportsman's Warehouse check out the new vortex razor HD in angled.

This year they rounded out the line with two smaller versions of the razor spotter the new 16 by 48 by 65 come in. Both straight and angled models. And the super compact 11 by 33 by 50 for those of. That are concerned about every ounce the sixteen by 48 by 65 model is a great full size HD spotter. That packs the same characteristics of its bigger brother the 85 millimeter. It has Triple A pro chromatic lens system which provides high-definition views across the entire field of view. This means there's no chromatic aberration making all colors very clear. And vivid all the way out to the edges. It has proprietary XR anti-reflective coatings. And is fully multi-coated on.

All air to glass lens surfaces which increase light transmission for maximum brightness the coarse. And fine adjustment knobs allowed. You get on target quickly. And then fine tune for crisper edges the unit is fully waterproof as well as fog proof due to the o-ring seals at argon gas purging this model is a full 17 ounces lighter. Than a larger version. What makes it a great scope for those of. You look for a larger field of view without packing the excess weight for those of. You hardcore back country hunters who count every gram of weight before leaving the trail head the new compact 11 by 33 by 50 is the answer. It allows you the ability to evaluate trophy quality at a good distance without packing your full-size spotter. This scope tips the scale at just over a pound. And a half and there's only ten point three inches long. It comes in both angled. Or straight versions. All the features in. This little raise are the same ones found in its larger version.

All pack the same vortex VIP warranty we've come to know. And depend on the vortex razor HD line of spotting scopes covers. Everything you could need. Or desire when looking for a spotting scope the vortex brand. And the razor HD line specifically the Sportsman's news is preferred line of spotting scopes. Because they're top-of-the-line they're quality. And they're built to last stop by your local Sportsman's Warehouse. And check out the vortex razor HD line of spotting scopes for yourself.

Vortex® Viper HD Spotting Scope

  • Exceptional clarity and resolution let you pick apart the hills
  • True-to-life color means you can distinguish lines with ease
  • Super-smooth helical-style focus ensures tine-counting sharpness
  • Sleek design for simple packability

Find the Vortex Optic that is right for you.

Get the high-end performance you want without the discouraging price tag with Vortex's Viper HD Spotting Scope. Exceptional clarity and resolution team with true-to-life color so you can pick apart distant hillsides with ease. Helical-style focus is a smooth operator and lets you dial it in for tine-counting sharpness. Sleek design makes it easy to pack on backcountry hunts.

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Yeah they're crispy here. And did a little video on the vortex Viper HD see here the 15 to 45 by 65 spotting scope. They do really like. It got a great deal on OpticsPlanet on. It — just some coupons stuff. They had I found it's a really good success with getting stuff from them. I paid just an on sale price for us so anyway so pretty cool scope like. Some things I don't like. This here it's a I think it's the last year's model. This is a fast zoom on. And then to fine-tune. This additional zoom on. It here there's lots of videos on the vortex Viper spotting scopes out their great coatings. Everything I really like. It I've got some other videos.

I will post I'll probably put a link in just up here on the top of the video lots of other reviews out there so. Idon't go into a lot of detail but. This cover here I guess is the main thing. That I'm looking at. And see my other videos. When I'm actually using it's got. Some great video footage of. That looking at elk. And deer and whatnot so. One of the things I wanted to mention here is. This got a good durable neoprene scope it's got a cover it's got cutouts it's got. These attachment points here for the top. And for the bottom my only complaint.

I don't only wanted to a complaint film but. Idid want to identify. This a couple points here. Some good and bad of the cover itself. I may be looking for another cover. Or vortex it as a heads up here on. One thing I do like is on. This front cover here. It is got this here. This slips on the end. And a really good durable thing easy to take off put back on it's got a little ring here for you to be able to attach. Something to you don't lose. It but on this cover. One things I do like about. This slips right over here pretty easily pretty durable then. You actually go to take. It usually off it actually takes off. That cover as well this comes off inside so in. Some ways it's a good thing cuz. You don't lose you take. It off in some ways every time. It back on you oh yeah. You could just slip. This cover over and just use.

This will just rattle around on the inside but. You take this off the problem. Ihave is that whole thing comes off just like on the front. This whole cover here comes out. And it's I just get tired of taking the cover off there. And then having us flip. This thing on it's not hard to slip on. And off but it's its fairly easy to slip on. And off so it's good it's easy to get back on there really easily. You can see this here. One of the IRA leaf things. That pulls out those. All the way around here see it's a little bit tricky with. That it's its notched. It makes it really durable but that's kind of that's designed to give.

More eye relief there. When it's on it's a lot easier to twist. This thing up and down so that's a good thing there. Irelief there bad thing is. This thing comes off so easily. And comes off in this comes off into cover. They designed this thing the stretch in. This thing is so tight. That like right there. It fits pretty good out of the camera view there but right there. It fits pretty good a little bit loose but it's just too strong. I mean there's even put the other there's. Another clip right here. Even put it is very durable. Everything that's good there but. It pulls I relief cover off every single time. Ido like and vortex. If you're listening your watching you.

One thing if there's a new cover. That you'd recommend. Anybody else has knows of a new cover. That would work better for this I'd like to hear about. Ido like everything about. It except for this you pull. This off again it pulls the eye relief cover right off. You got to dig it out to use. It back on and then you're. All good so anybody got tips at theft that's the only thing I don't like about. This otherwise fantastic scope. And really durable of course they've got their lifetime warranty on these it's called the VIP warranty. And so especially for the price. These are one for 600 bucks. Something like they retail normally regular price for more. That got a really good deal on. That so great products only thing I don't like is. This cover right here so. You know any better covers in. That please post in the comments below. Many covers that you've had a better experience with. That the vortex cover. This cover does come in the package with.

This so you're not buying an extra cover. Ireally like their scopes. And their binoculars. And stuff so anybody has. Any recommendations for. That would be cool. Anything that might work better. This so appreciate your time appreciate your watching the video here. And give me a like. You liked it open to your feedback on the videos here. And go ahead and hit the subscribe button there too as well. And hope you like my other videos. And again I'm also commuter feedback to. You but appreciate you

Leupold® SX-1 Ventana 2 Spotting-Scope Kit

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  • Guard-ION lens coating repels water and fingerprints
  • Rugged waterproof, nitrogen-filled, armored body
  • Easy-to-use focus dial located forward of the eyepiece
  • Includes tripod, shoulder strap, soft case and hard case

Available with a straight or angled eyepiece and in 15-45x60 and 20-60x80 models, there is Leupold's SX-1 Ventana 2 Spotting-Scope Kit to meet your viewing needs. Fully multicoated lenses ensure superior light retention and clarity, while the proprietary Guard-ION lens coating repels everything from rain and snow to fingerprints. A wide field of view and variable magnification make it easy to get on your object and bring out the details. Rugged waterproof, nitrogen-filled, armored, body stands up to years of use in any conditions. Focus dial is conveniently located forward of the eyepiece. Twist-up eyepiece accommodates use with or without eyeglasses. Kit includes: spotting scope, sturdy tripod, convenient shoulder strap, soft case and rugged hard case. Leupold's Full Lifetime Guarantee.

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They what's going on YouTube. That should boy newly in 1911 coming to. You saw earlier today. We put up the video of the r-25. You saw the scope I got a couple of PM's asking me. What kind of spotting scope was. We were using the day. And picked up the Leopold spotting scope 15 by 45 by 60. You guys to check what we got here as. It came with nice little Leopold bipod there little tripod rather. And it's one hell of a scope here doing this with. One hand so give me a second. And I'll pop Leopold's scope here.

I mean spotting scope. This scope was pretty much spot-on the day. Ididn't shoot 600 yards. It down to the 600 yard portion of the range. Iwas able to read the maker of the plates. That were down at the end of the 600 yards it's crystal clear it's my first Leopold period. You know I really enjoy. It look forward to getting out get. Some hunting in this weekend hopefully. Some good stuff coming up. You guys tell what you think about. Ijust wanted to show. You a little bit of. And of course any questions just leave. Me a message once again. This is your boy Newby in 1911. And always remember guns.

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Leupold® Golden Ring® Spotting Scope

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Leupold's Golden Ring Spotting Scopes deliver an incredibly bright, high-resolution image across a wide field of view – all with best-in-class eye relief for easy full-field viewing with or without eyeglasses. Nitrogen-filled magnesium housing is water- and fogproof. Leupold Gold Ring™ Full Lifetime Guarantee.

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  • 20-60x80mm Spotting Scope – Prism-less Folded Light Path (FLP) system uses mirrors to compress a long optical system into half its length.
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Everybody Jason ballast without — a product to be calm. Iwant to welcome you guys back to. Another review today. What we're gonna be covering I got a spotting scope from Leopold. And I've actually utilized. All throughout elk and antelope season. This year something. That was just really cool. Iwanted you guys to go over. Me first of it arrived. Iwas pretty shocked. It comes in like its own little briefcase it's really nice. You know especially for traveling with optics. Because it's important. You take care of your optics just like you're gonna take care of a rifle scope. Whatever the case but. You know this is just a handy little briefcase. You will and let's open. It up it's got a nice Leopold logo on there so that's. That steel look finish on there but let. Something I thought was just really cool. All right you opened. It up it's got a nice rubber grip here for holding it so. You don't drop you open up the case. It comes with its own tripod. All right you just sort of set. That up like normal tripod. You could set that up on the hood of your car.

Whatever you want to set. It up on a rock but anyway it's an adjustable tripod. It goes out just like a camera. One would or just like. Even the one we're using with our camera today right here's we're filming alright comes with. That a detachable little adapter for the spotting scope itself but then. You slide it into the let. You here just like a regular camera. You just slide it in there with the scope on. You can leave this attached. You want and move this out of the way. All right has this little bit little plastic thing was actually in the in a spotting scope itself. And it's this not on. This adapter threads to but let. Me pull out the spotting scope. They have little keys here. You can lock the case. You need to the carrying strap see. How the carrying straps is léopold on.

This nice cushion case I'll show. You on the inside everything's pre fit. And cut so then it sits in their just perfect on scope here. You have your information on. It with the registration. All the good stuff you need okay so let. Me just show you here I'm going to set. This case to the side we'll go over the spot. And scope itself just locks easy set. That over to the side alright spotted scope comes with its own little case like. Isaid before the cool things is. This pod scope here it's a 15 by 30 by 30 millimeter. One comes in a brown sort of dark brown color. One of the cool things. Iwant to cover though is. It has an end cap on. It so you're covering your rear eyepiece which is very important. You have to do is flop. That portion out right there for sort of sudden guard. You can put your forehead against there. And block out all the light in the back. You can't adapt cameras to. These as well it tells. You the zoom I zoom in on an animal. Ialways started at 15.

This elk season during archery. I was watching a bull with a bunch of cows. They were moving through the Aspen's probably about five miles away. And I'd look for him. And look for him and put on 15. And then zoom in on him. It was a nice big 7 by 7 bull. Ialmost got him didn't happen but. You know that's why they call a hunt. And not just killing so uh anyway so. You know you zoom in 15 by 30 power that's pretty powerful then the end cap has a screw end cap here which. I really like you know we're really rugged on our optics out there. When we're hiking around. You have to do is you unscrew. And there you have the end of the in the spotting scope right there. Now to attach this little rubber piece. Or plastic little screw was actually in here there's a separate attach here. You have to take off there's a little screw here.

That on the spotting scope itself. And then this portion attaches to. This right here so you just put. This one will do it I'll show. You guys just so you can sort of see. What it looks like it's very simple like camera tight. And a good thing is too is you're up there hunting elk. Whatever you're hunting let's say. You actually get a trophy. Something you want to take a picture well. You could just use this little tripod. That comes with it with your camera. And take a picture of yourself. You don't have to worry about setting your camera on a rock. One of those little wraparound tripod things. That doesn't really stay on the tree. That well so you just tighten. This on like we said open your tripod up slides right in to the groove.

And there you're ready to you're ready to spot do. Whatever you got to up on the mountain. That way it's hands-free there's no shaking you can look at the animals from a good distance away. You know you shouldn't have. Any issues now the picture is crystal clear in. We were at a little hunting this year. We were watching antelope over three miles away. It was really nice midday a lot of light. You could see things perfectly. We did have a little bit of the Mirage coming off the ground just. Because the heat transfers but that's normal with. Any optics the one thing I must say is. Iwas watching elk this year like. It was getting close to dark.

When the light really started going down. Igot to you know it was really sort of hard to see. You had a full magnification at 30 at a. You know 2 miles they could be. You know closer you probably see them better. However low-light it's 50 millimeters which is pretty good. You know but the low-light. It get tough to see. Now I'm not talking low light like it's almost dark it's about. This is about a half an hour before dark. When the animals were moving but. Idid see you know crystal clear. And in the full sunshine. If you're spotted and say you're milled you're hiding up on the mountain. You want to watch where they're going up to bed so.

You can make a stock on them great little product its real light easily pack able. You know it's got a little loop here. You can put it on your pack on the outside of your pack out the puts a spotting scope inside the pack here. And then just stick the tripod in there. And you're good to go as well. You guys saw that review on. That steady stalk you could use. This with the steady stockist has the same attachments so that's. Something that's really good too. You hunt out west you need to have a spotting scope especially. If you're scouting like way up there in the high country you're gonna be looking for or five miles away in an animal. And then try to plant a stock on them possibly, so I'll tell. What Leopold it is the 15 by 30 by 50 millimeter gold ring series. And definitely a great product I'm just happy to have. And be using it quite a bit here in the near future we're already getting ready for the ETA show into here in two weeks, so we'll be going to the ATA show.

And a shot show and I'll be talking to the folks Ill ya Poland. Iwant to get maybe a little bit bigger objective. One just to sort of see the difference between the light. And we'll show you guys. One as well but you guys don't have a spotting scope. Irecommend you go out. And check out Leopold's line. They definitely have. Some great spotting scopes so for outdoor product reviewI'm jason ballast we're gonna see. You guys on our next review.

Leupold® 12-40X60 Golden Ring HD Spotting Scope

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  • HD lenses with vivid color and sharp resolution
  • Long eye relief for forgiving head positioning
  • Fog-, shock- and waterproof and nitrogen-filled

Backed by Leupold's Gold Ring full lifetime guarantee, the 12-40x60 Golden Ring HD Spotting Scope features crisp resolution in a lightweight package that's perfect for the field. Folded Light Path system folds entering light in a Z-shaped path to achieve exceptional magnification in a compact design. HD lenses deliver superior images with vivid colors and incredibly sharp resolution. Long eye relief offers more forgiving head positioning. Carbon-fiber housing ensures lasting durability. Nitrogen-filled and fog-, shock- and waterproof. Made in USA.

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Aspotting scope is the essential part of your arsenal especially. If you're a trophy hunter. And definitely if you're a sheep hunter. It allows you to judge your quarry from miles away as well as plan your stock. Some things you need to take into consideration before making a purchase of. This magnitude quality of glass as well as price we've tested the Leopold sx5 Santiam HD spotter for the past six months. And it's extremely high quality piece of glass. That completes at the top-level it's a relatively compact unit at fifteen point seven inches for the angled version. It does come in a straight version which is sixteen point four inches. Both units are sixty-eight point seven ounces. This is about four two quarter pounds. And definitely added weight but. It saves you time and effort of getting closer to judge the animal it's definitely worth. It thirty of glass low light performance. And overall image quality is. What really separates a quality spotter from. That isn't worth its salt the Leopold Santiam sx5 HD delivers on. All aspects of quality in. This area the advanced HD lens system. And twilight max HD light management system delivers a crisp clear image.

And edge to edge clarity from first light. All the way to the end of the day the large focus ring in the center of the spotter is very responsive. And smooth for getting quick. And precise focus and the sunshade pulls out extremely far to help reduce glare on sunny days the rubberized armor coating on. This unit allows it to take a beating and still look like new. It does come with a soft cover as well which will keep your unit looking new for years the power of magnification on. Both the angled and straight versions are 27 on the low end. And 55 on the high end. This was the only place in the testing. That delivered any sort of negative feedback middle of the day spotting is usually always affected by heat waves at the very bottom end of the range heat waves were still a problem. We were unable to be productive on these days a 20 power bottomed in might get. Us into usable territory having used. This product extensively over the last six months. And testing it in all sorts of can editions.

And only finding this. One area for improvement makes. This product extremely solid. And knowing that loophole does put the best. It has to offer as well as being backed by the best customer service. And warranty in the business makes. This a product that's definitely worth owning if you're looking to add a spotting scope to your arsenal you'll definitely want to consider the Leopold sx5 Santiam HD it's a great value at under $2000. And will definitely be a product. That will help you to become a. More successful hunter.

Swarovski ATX/STX Modular Spotting Scope-Ocular Lens

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With a reputation for precision, sharpness and world-class clarity, Austria's Swarovski has been a fixture of optical creations since 1949. Swarovski's Modular Spotting Scope Ocular attaches to your Swarovski Modular Spotting Scope and combines the eyepiece, prism system and zoom into one compact package that can be used with 65mm, 85mm and 95mm objective units. Along with impeccable eye relief, Swarovski incorporates field-flattening technology, allowing for razor-sharp clarity to the edge of the field of view. Eyepiece offers superior portability with ease of detachment. This innovative modular system allows you to purchase spotting scopes separately.
Available: Angled (ATX), Straight (STX).

Specs below include the Objective Lens.

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All right Cory Eric teen back country today. Iwant to talk about the swaro ATX BTX combination it's a modular kit with the addition of the BT XS last year. We get a lot of questions which unit right for you. How the whole system works so originally Swarovski came out with the ATX a standing for angle. And the STX which would be the same thing just in a straight piece I've owned. This unit for probably about five years. Now really enjoyed they make. This modular combination in three different sizes. They make a 65 millimeter lens an 85 millimeter lens which. I don't have but I have use. And a 95 millimeter lens.

I originally started out with this combination here. It was the cheapest way to get into the system on. This unit exclusively for probably about three years right before. We drew great late season muscle odor tag. Ipicked this up so. We could shoot more video through. It the obvious advantages. And disadvantages of a 65 85. And 95 is as you slide towards. That bigger unit it's gonna get heavier but it's also gonna pull. Lighter the 65 and the 85 are. Both gonna be a 25 by 60 power. Or the 95 there's gonna be a 30 to 70 the 95 pulls an amazing amount of light. Ido see especially.

I start raising that magnification. And shrinking my exit people. That the ability to pull light. That really go downhill quickly so really enjoyed. This it's a great backpacking unit. It still pulls light really well but. If you're shooting a lot of video class in a ton. And low light and 95 we'll definitely pull. Lighter if you're only gonna have. On the 85 is probably the right unit. This last year they did add the BT X unit. And so be I like to think. It stands for binocular but. It is a 2 I am view unit I've had. This for eight or nine months. We got to take it up in April on a bear hunt April May we've taken. It on a couple scouting trips. I plan on buying a set of 15s for glassing in Nevada for big open country.

They release I opted for this unit instead. Because Jason Dustin already have. Some 15 s this will clip on to. All of the same modular pieces. Ireally like to refer to. This as a system you know. Me close to six years to get. None of its cheap but the fact. You can piece it together over those years start adding the units is a really a cool system. And its unique to Swarovski. When you're on the BT X. It is going to be a fixed 30 power on the 65. And the 85 it's gonna be a 35 power on the 95. That doesn't sound it sounds like a big drop back a lot of people in their spotting scope shopping they want to see those bigger numbers it's a completely different experience. When you're looking through. Both eyes you're it allows your brain to really consume.

And understand and dissect what's in front of. It doesn't feel like. When you've got that at 30 power. One at 60 it doesn't feel like you're giving up. That much a couple things I've noticed about. One of the prose of the ATX. They released they did post-war Oh vision which is. That field flattening lens for camera people which I'll get into that's a huge benefit. Ithink it's the best edge-to-edge quality of. Any spotting scope the market so but. Idon't believe I couldn't tell. You it's not on their website. Anything they must put. That swirl vision in. This half when I'm rolling across the hill on the BTX. Ifeel like you have. That pin cushion and bulge. It might have the swirl veg.

I haven't seen whether it's listed. Or not but it doesn't feel like. Me it's not that big a deal for me it'd be nice to have. I don't take pictures through. This anyway if I'm gonna take pictures I'm going to take pictures through the ATX I've also noticed. Irun the same I hooked up. You know 285 to 265. Whatever you held the objective the same. Itruly think you pull. Lighter through that 80 X then. You do the BTX you know. Whatever system they have in there to run. Both eyes through it diminishes. That light a little bit maybe not enough to matter. Because your exit people it's gonna be pretty. You know a little bit larger. Because you're a fix 30 power buts.

It definitely does subtract from light. Ithink being able to use through. Both eyes you know adds back into. That but you know you're spending a lot of money on spotting scope. If you're looking for the best light poling spotting scope out there the BTX probably isn't. These shines is big open country. If you're glass in a hillside 600 yards away you're gonna feel like it's too close to 30 power. You feel like that field of view is almost too small but. When you're glass and stuff a mile plus it's pretty awesome. When you're trying to dissect country. And you're really just looking for bedded mule deer. You know David long goes into the four stages of glassing and. This would equate over to. You know that last stage. Where you're just picking you're trying to find a near flicker you're trying to find a tie-in on a mule deer buried in a bush.

I think that's this shines. And that's that's what we've used 15 powers for in the past. Istill think that there's an application. These beats are where a 15 power would beat out. This but I'm gonna use. It for glass in that fourth stage of glassing big open country. Where I'm trying to find just. You know small pieces of them you're not gonna see them yield you're out in the open during the day in Nevada so that's. This shines we're gonna take. This first mule deer hunt I'm pretty excited about. It is the first you know. Ithink a mule deer hunters really who's looking at. This the this will be our first mule deer hunt with. It we're really excited. That being said a couple drawbacks of. Once again wait it is gonna be heavier. You compare it to like. You know koa Highlander it's a lot of lighter. Even with the 95 on there. It also has I haven't.

I don't know how to maybe explain. It but the depth of field of view feels really deep. What it is I think your eyes will adjust just like a prescription. And I'll be glass in a hill. And say I'm going uphill. I start at the bottom. And it's only 800 yards away. And then you get to 1200 yards. Ihaven't adjust the focus. Yet which is you know. I would have adjusted 10 times on a single eye piece. Ithink your eyes will start to make up for. That's because you're looking through. Both of them you could get. Some added eye strain not. This isn't clear enough but. Because you're not focusing it along the way.

And then there's there's a kind of trippy phenomenon. Iusing this you have say a tree at the bottom that's pretty tall. And the hill goes up. And away from and so the tree might be 500 yards away but right behind the tree is 800 yards. You know whatever it'll try to focus in between. Or like your eyes will go back. And forth it looks a little bit goofy. I wouldn't say it's a negative. It was just definitely. Something to get used to. Because normally you know the tree would be completely out of focus but. Ithink you're looking through two eyes but only through. One objective some distortion for your depth of field of view. You can't tell what's closer. And what's not so you know. Something to look at. When you're checking them out. If you're considering getting one. I still think if you're gonna start you're just gonna have. One unit this comes out to be. More versatile this is super comfortable for you know extended uses.

If you're gonna sit behind. It for a few hours that's the reason. We went to 15s is just so. Idon't have to wear a pirate patch. Iget a headache from just closing an eye. And so definitely extended glassing sessions. You get up past an hour. This is gonna really do well for us. We watched a bear for 45 minutes just on a hillside just chewing its cud. Ithink also long-range shooters are really gonna enjoy. This our OS at like PRS matches sitting spotting for guys it'd be cool. You could integrate a reticle. And there somehow but sitting and glassing. And watching guys shoot targets. This is phenomenal for they also have for this system be modular. This piece is three. Or four hundred bucks it's a one-point seven magnifiers. It will turn the 65. And 85 on an ATX into a 40 by 100 the 95 it'll turn into a 50 by 120. And then it'll turn the 65 85 from a 30 fix power up to a 50. Or the 95 up to a 60 power. You definitely lose a little bit of clarity. Iactually expected to lose.

More clarity you do lose a little bit of light. Because you're adding a couple. More pieces of glass to the system but. That will literally just pop. It in here this the other day for checking out. We have paper at 3 or 400 yards. We shoot two calibers into. We were just looking for real small holes. This was pretty awesome for it so. It really adds a lot to. That system probably not. Something I'm gonna drag into the field Dustin had. It out on a scouting trip. We were glass in a hill at Prai a mile. And a half or two miles away. He made the comment. He felt like he was too close with. That 30 power while guys get caught up. Because we're used to. You know 20 to 60 power spotting scopes guys get caught up with.

That number I just don't think it's. That important to get. Any higher than 30 power. You just see so much. You can understand so much. Or what's in front of. Anything further you're just you're magnifying too much dust particles. He waves that sort of stuff. That you're just gonna have the physics of distortion in front of. You so definitely a cool system don't know. How much you so get out of. Ithink that'll be more for long-range shooting target shooting I think I'll enjoy. That at times but kind of unique thing Bryce stay at home. And it's just you know we're trying to save weight. When you're packing this much weight around. You just you know you gotta call out certain stuff. That you're not gonna use so going back to between deciding which. You want the ultimate digit scoping set up. Idon't think you can beat. This ATX they make what's called a TLS APO adapter. This will go on any interchangeable lens camera.

You have what's called a t2 after. They make them for Canon. Or Nikon Sony the email pretty much. Any interchangeable lens camera. You can mount it to the Micro Four Thirds system. It just screws on the t to mount. You take your Nikon camera that'll thread on. This Swarovski one it'll actually time. It which is kind of nice and then that's just gonna pop right on your camera lens. And then when you're on a target you'll put your whole camera. That will just slide on you've got a set piece there. They do make three different sizes of the TLS APO adapter. They make a 23 millimeter. They make a 30 which was the original. And then they make a 43. That just refers to. What size of camera. You have so the 43 millimeter.

You have a full frame camera DSLR the 43 is definitely. You know what you'll want for. That the 23 is really designed for. That Micro Four Thirds. And then the 30 is kind of in-between. Istarted out with the 30. Because that's they made. Ireally enjoyed we picked up the 43 no. This year Jason's got. Some really nice cameras. He shoots some really good pictures. And video so I'm excited to see. What he'll do with you can't do your scope with. Ibelieve this is SL 42 eyepieces. And so basically you buy the same adapter. You would for SLC binocular. You hook a phone up to. It doesn't have like a great camera did your scope. And adapter that I'm aware of so.

You can't take pictures you're just not gonna get as good of quality pictures as. You can out of an ATX. Or an STX so definitely beats. It out there this is between. It being lighter it's a little. More versatile we can zoom in. And out on I still think. This is the go-to when you're starting your system. This is a great additional piece. Ijust think that it's a little too heavy. We really like taking pictures. And video through our ATX so for us. Iwas starting all over again I'd do. It the same way I didn't have option cuz. This didn't the BTX didn't exist at the time but. This is to go ahead. You have it looks through the BTX. Though yeah you own an ATX it's worth looking through.

You will use that btx as. That system I know a lot of guys have. You know a 65 or two of these are considered. It was a no-brainer for me. Ihad two objectives. And an ATX, so we have two working spotting scopes which is pretty cool it's a unique system. That only Swarovski does. This system is hands down the best spotting scope system on the market. You compare their ATX to their old spotting scope which would be the 80s. Even the 65 Dustin's got an old 80 HD it's a great spotting scope but. They change this eyepiece. This is just it's a much better system it's a better mousetrap, so I'm pulling lighter with the 65. Than an old 80 they're really happy with. You know the cheapest setup. They make in that ATX system.

You can move forward. You have any questions feel free throw them in the comments hit. Is up on Instagram thanks for watching guys.

Nikon MONARCH® Spotting Scope

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  • Extra-Low Dispersion glass delivers a color-faithful field of view
  • Multilayer coatings add image illumination and rich contrasts
  • Reflective porro-prism design ensures bright, vivid images
  • Eyepiece provides a wide field of view and long eye relief

Nikon's MONARCH optics have delivered outstanding optical clarity, coloration and brightness for years, and now you can have this reliable performance in the MONARCH Spotting Scope. Equipped with Nikon's Field Flattener Lens System, you'll enjoy an edge-to-edge sharpness that will have you counting your next trophy buck's tines with ease. Nikon's Extra-Low Dispersion glass combines with multilayer coatings for rich contrasts and a crystal-clear color-faithful field of view, one without color fringing or the flares and ghostings that occur in backlit situations. Its straight, total-reflection porro-prism design eliminates loss of light, which ensures bright, vivid images. Eyepiece provides a wide field of view, sharp clarity and long eye relief. Plus, the eyepiece can team up with many compact digital cameras for long-distance photography. Waterproof aluminum-alloy body is great in wet-weather conditions. Nitrogen-filled, O-ring sealed for fogproof performance.

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Vanguard Endeavor HD Spotting Scope

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  • Rubber-armored magnesium body
  • Fully submersible, nitrogen filled and fogproof

The most technologically advanced spotting scope developed by the innovators at Vanguard. Extra-low dispersion glass ensures each scope produces accurate color rendition and virtually eliminates color fringing. The BaK-4 roof-prism lenses are fully multicoated to maximize light transmission. The eyepiece zooms from 15-45X on the 65mm models and 20-60X on the 82mm. All models are built on a rugged rubber-armored magnesium body and are fully submersible, nitrogen filled and fogproof. An extendable rubber-covered eyepiece makes them easy to use even when wearing eyeglasses. Plus, all Vanguard Endeavor spotting scopes have impressive eye relief, even at the highest zoom settings. A built-in sunshade eliminates glare in direct sunlight. Fine and coarse focusing wheels make precision focus quick and easy. Each spotting scope either mounts directly to Vanguard tripod heads or is equipped with a universal mounting plate.

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Swarovski® STR Spotting Scope with Illuminated Reticle

  • Exceptionally bright, even in low-light conditions
  • Reticle is easily activated and deactivated
  • Accurately ranges distances

When you're hunting the backcountry, optics can singularly make or break your hunt. Swarovksi's STR Spotting Scope with Illuminated Reticle delivers super-bright images, even in poor light conditions, so you can pick out that bedded buck two ridges over and plan your stalk. Reticle can be easily activated for accurate distance estimates or deactivated for unobstructed viewing. Available in MOA and MRAD models, letting you adjust shots in 1-MOA or 1/10-MRAD increments at long range. Powerful HD optics with fluoride-containing lenses. One CR-123 battery (included) delivers up to 1,300 hours of runtime.

Burris Signature HD Spotting Scope

  • HD lenses and apochromatic lens system
  • Armored, die-cast magnesium body
  • Angled eyepiece and rotating tripod mount
  • Coarse and fine focusing adjustments

Evaluate that prospective trophy from great distances with Burris' Signature HD Spotting Scope. HD lenses team with an apochromatic lens system to virtually eliminate color fringing while maintaining superior clarity and resolution. Lightweight, yet durable die-cast magnesium body is armored for long-lasting performance in the field. Angled eyepiece and rotating tripod mount deliver fatigue-free viewing. Forward-mounted focus knob features coarse and fine focusing adjustments. Adjustable eyecups accommodate eyeglasses. Optional fixed-power 30X eyepiece with a variety of reticles also available (sold separately). Compatible with the Burris FastFire Red-Dot Sight. Includes neoprene cover, removable lens covers and carry strap.

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Take glassing to a higher level with the signature HD spotting scope from Burris save time. And boot leather by finding and evaluating trophy animals from a mountain away the twenty to sixty times magnification 85 millimeter objective. And HD lenses deliver the clearest picture at. Any distance integrated mounts provide fast. And easy target acquisition with the fast fire red dot sight Burris find what matters.

Both relatively about the same size same weight. Both have a really excellent eyepiece adjustment here. Both have any logistical slide for the shade. And pretty much the basic functions of. It the other thing both do well is they're the lifetime warranty VIP warranty. You know some kind of thing no question asked. And that's that's such a huge thing when you're. You know I use mine for hunting and. Ijust get worried about scratching it. Or dropping it and so forth. Both have a really good warranty with. You know vortex obviously has been has a great name Burris also as well so. You still have backed up by. Both good companies so real quick.

Some things I dislike about. One is the other you know the vortex the thing I like about. It over the Burris is. It is pretty slick it doesn't have the adjustable knob. You have that adjustable knob it's which is right here. You lose the fine tune which I've noticed. Iactually like more but. It is a little bit sleek on. That side I like the color it's a pretty. You know dark green kind of earthy tone. And it's you know it's a little bit lighter. Ithink it's like it shaves off like 2 ounces so. This is 65 ounces this is 67 ounces. It comes to the purse the things. Ilike a lot about the Burris is. You know it's also rugged as well but. Icompared the glass. And compared it to low light conditions.

Idid on day conditions kind of. That falls into sea. You know if there's. Any distortion both doing really well but the low-light is. Where you'll find the. Most changes and there wasn't a lot on. Some areas but as far as clarity from edge to edge. Ithought the Burris did a better job. And is just a little bit sharper at low light. And the colors were just a little bit. More vibrant, and so I'd give the edge on the glass versa. Iwas actually really surprised. You know by shocked on how sharp. That was the both are great. One of the functions. Iwant to point out here. That Burris has is this fast fire red dot. And the reason why I like. When I'm looking through my binoculars. Or I'm looking at a canyon. And I'm looking I want to look at like a goalie.

Something of an animal moving its kind of hard to find it on the spotting scope quickly. And so with this red dot. Ipretty much put the red dot on the animal. You know whatever you know want to put on. It is exactly you know. Where my spotter is. That is a huge advantage. It comes especially to hunting when bottom line. Both great spine scopes. Ido have to say give the edge on the birth. Ithink the best thing for you to do is. You go to a sporting goods stores. That sells you know spine scopes. These are high-end spine scopes so like. Isaid find one you can test in your budget but to try them out. That low conditions. And you'll find one. That fits you best it's. You like and hopefully you'll see. Something good and it's a great investment.

Leupold® Mark 4 Tactical Spotting Scope

  • Compact Folded Light Path design fits in your hunting pack
  • Xtended Twilight Lens System provides clear low-light viewing
  • DiamondCoat 2 lens coatings protects lenses from scratches

Experience vastly superior optical quality

Leupold's dependable Mark 4 Tactical Spotting Scope allows you to zoom in on your target downrange. Xtended Twilight Lens System provides clear viewing in low-light conditions when animals are on the move. DiamondCoat 2 lens coatings protect lenses from scratches. Rugged, waterproof, fogproof, shockproof construction stands up to years of use in any conditions. Compact Folded Light Path (FLP) design fits easily in your hunting pack. First-focal-plane reticle. Allows users to easily call shots or estimate range. Leaupold Gold Ring Full Lifetime Guarantee. Includes a soft carry case.

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SIG Sauer® Oscar5™ Spotting Scope

  • BaK-4 prisms and HDX advanced optical system
  • High definition and high-transmittance (HT) glass
  • Spectracoat eliminates reflection across the visible spectrum
  • Lensarmor abrasion-resistant coatings
  • Magnesium housing with rubberized armor

Boasting the tactical quality SIG Sauer is known for, their Oscar5 Spotting Scope will stand up in the most demanding conditions. BaK-4 prisms with the HDX advanced optical system composed of high-definition extra-low-dispersion and high-transmittance glass allows incredible viewing at impressive distances. Spectracoat™ eliminates reflection across the visible spectrum of light. Lensarmor™ abrasion-resistant coatings ensure unobstructed views. Magnesium housing with rubberized armor. Straight eyepiece allows fast, easy target alignment. Two focus speeds for fast and fine target acquisition. IPX7 waterproofing is submersible to 1-meter deep. Adjustable eyecups for use with or without glasses. Sunshade reduces glare. SIG Sauer's INFINITE Guarantee™ and limited electronics warranty. Includes a view-through soft case, lens covers and cleaning cloth.

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I'm richer man this is empty cases sixty seconds. You know I just returned from a big-game hunt. Where my god did not have a spotting scope. One instance this cost. Us three miles of walking in three hours out of her hunt. Ishould have made sure upfront. He had a spotting scope. He didn't I should have taken. One like this new Oscar 7 from Sig Sauer optic. This is a 20 to 60 power spotting scope that has a lot of features that you'll appreciate on a hot.

It has a Sun Shade up front. You can rotate the scope on the tripod. This is helpful for hunting because. You stand and look for hours through a spotting scope like. This you're going to end up walking around with your head like. This rotation also works really well. When you're shooting from the bench. This has a course focus function here. And a very fine focus function here allow. You to dial in on the target to get a perfectly crisp image. It also has a removable eyepiece check out the sig sauer oscar 7. And remember it's all about the shot but to make a shot. You got to find something to shoot.

Styrka S7 Spotting Scope

  • Extra-low-dispersion (ED) lenses dramatically enhance image quality
  • BaK-4 prisms for bright, high-contrast images
  • Fully multicoated lenses with SXL-MAX anti-reflective coatings
  • Rubber-armored housing withstands tough hunts
  • 100% waterproof fully sealed housing

Easily locate that trophy animal you've been hunting for with Styrka's S7 Spotting Scope. Premium extra-low-dispersion (ED) lenses dramatically enhance image quality, providing exceptional clarity even when wildlife is viewed in low-light conditions or at a long distance. BaK-4 prisms increase the resolution for bright, high-contrast images. Fully multicoated lenses with SXL-MAX anti-reflective coatings maximize brightness, sharpen clarity and boost color. Rubber-armored housing withstands tough hunts and provides a secure nonslip grip, even when wet. Nitrogen purged for fogproof performance. Fully sealed housing was submersion-tested for 30 minutes in 3.3 ft. (1 meter) of water to ensure 100% waterproof reliability. Other features include a twist-up eyecup, rotating tripod mount, sunshade and dual focus – coarse and fine. Includes a deluxe custom stay-on case and custom Spudz lens cleaning cloth. You can send your product to Styrka once a year and they'll clean and tune it for you for free. Manufacturer's limited Styrka Pride warranty.

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This is Brad with optics camp calm. And today we're going to look at the circuit s7 1 to 6 by 24 rifle scope we'll see what's in the buff usual. One of those really nice boxes. They really want to reportable packaging here magnetic closure nice touch. We have a sticker branded scope coat to protect your scope from dings dents scratches. And affect the glass 1 microfiber cleaning cloth the f7 series manual. And a magnet with warranty information to put on your safe. Now let's check out the scope. What we have here is the turcica s7 1 to 6 by 24 rifle scope say 1 to 6 power with a 24 millimeter objective. You may have seen this before. This is kind of tactical option. Or a brush gun option a magnification ring feels very good very smooth tight not loose not too tight. We have a fast focus for your reticle here a little bit tight. And loosen up over time ok side focus parallax adjustment from appears to be 20 yards to infinity.

We just earned we go that's tight that's not going anywhere. That back it up hundred. This weighs about 18 19 ounces the official specs 186 so that's probably pretty close about 10 03 inches long. And 2 point 6 inches high to 41 inches wide. Or vice versa we have a 30 millimeter to here made. It at 6061-t6 aircraft grade aluminum for strength. And durability and thirty milliliters for all the adjustment range. We have here the linear field of view of. One hundred and seven feet at low power which is pretty good. Anything over 100 feet at low power is good for a. One to six rifle scope. And it's a true 1x on low power meaning you have. One power you look through. It's going to appear exactly. You didn't have the stuff in front of.

You as long as you have the correct eye relief. And the correct cheek weld okay. Now the s7 1 to 6 by 24 has surface proprietary lens coatings steric XL max. That means that every lens the air service is coated multiple times. That does is it reduces glare increases like transitions. And therefore brightness. And along with black. And London just lens edges to reduce reflection. And glare that will help enhance your contrast. And improve your life transmission okay. That six is available in. Either area CLECs or an illuminated flex the eliminated fact. Ibelieve has a dot in the center of the Flex reticle. Idon't think we can really make. It out here on camera let's try there. You go there's your flex reticle okay.

Irelief on this is three point eight inches. Now four inches is the magic number which is considered a relatively long eye relief. That will help prevent scope fight that's. You get hit in the bridge of your nose from having your face too close to the ocular lens here okay turn adjustments here are. One quarter inch one quarter MOA 1/4 of an inch at 100 yards okay see is there nicely labeled very clean okay clicks themselves. You can hear that audible very tactile very clean not mushy whatsoever okay it's a maximum adjustment range of 60 ml a. Both for wind age and adjustment. One cool feature of the s7. One to six 5:24 is the zero reset turret which means. You can set this turret at your zero at 100 yards let's say. And at 100 yards you're a. Few clicks in what you can do then take a coin. You unscrew the top of the turret here just a bit. You can pull up on the turret reset. It back to zero tighten.

It down so now you're zeroed in. And your turret is set at zero pretty cool feature so. You know you're zeroed at 100 yards. And you're for example 55 green to 23 Full Metal Jackets is going to drop at 125 inches at 300 yards. You know to turn to 125 on your turret. You should be zeroed in. We have a side focus here again from 20 yards to infinity. And actually that back sorry. This is 10 yards to infinity. You can see it there on the side. And as well as a quick focus here to adjust your reticle focus. Now the s7 1 to 6 by 24 is rated ipx7 waterproof which means. It is waterproof to 1 meter for up to 30 minutes. And in fact I've been told.

They test these at the factory before. They ship them out to make sure. They are 1-hour percent waterproof. That really means realistically is. You don't want to go swimming with. This scope but if you're on a trip hunting back country. And you're camping for a. Few days you get stuck in heavy rain. You don't need to worry. One bit about the internals of. This scope fogging or water getting into the system so overall the circle. One is 6 by 24 does feel really nice and solid it's not too heavy on paper. It looks good functionally. It feels great everything feels really tight build quality is up there the factor a couple of really cool features. Ithink it'd be perfectly at home on a nice brush rifle. Or possibly a 3-gun AR because of your true 1x magnification. And the 6 power for reaching out the medium distances so there's our quick look at the starka s71 265 24 rifle scope in stock.

And on sale with free same-day shipping at office camp calm.

Swarovski Modular Spotting Scope

  • High quality HD optics
  • Allows you to interchange eyepieces and objectives
  • Flexible deployment options
  • Zoom and focus with one hand
  • Lightweight and compact

This lightweight, reliable spotting scope combines superior performance with innovative versatility. HD lenses deliver outstanding detail and amazing color reproduction. The slim, ergonomic design has a durable aluminum housing with protective, noise-absorbing rubber armor to deliver reliable all-weather performance. This innovative modular system allows you to purchase the eyepiece and objective lens separately.
Available: Angled.

 Cancer and Reproductive Harm-

Whether you're a trophy hunter. Or just a person who wants to increase your success a spotty scope is essential to your gear list being able to observe animals at miles in their natural environment will leave them undisturbed. And allow you to cover. More ground than just walking the woods. And hoping to run into. Something knowing what spotting scope to purchase can be a daunting task but investing in high quality optics is always worth every penny Swarovski is known for its top-of-the-line optics. And high in glass the new ATX STX modular system is just. That kind of spotting scope. Each scope is equipped with swirl vision. And field flatterers. This means they have high definition glass which provides excellent clarity color. And contrast field flattener lenses creates a flat image which allows for razor sharp image. And great edge to edge clarity in laymen terms. That means you'll be able to extend your spotting time well past. And before legal shooting light.

When animals are most active before. You can harvest them you've got to find them. And the external lens are coated with swirl clean which creates a nonstick effect. This allows easy cleaning and helps to minimize scratching they come equipped with large zoom ring and focused out which makes getting on target. And focusing extremely quick. And easy this is especially helpful. While wearing heavy gloves on those cold winter outings. This modular spotting scope system allows. And match all the pieces necessary to provide. You with the perfect spotting scope for every situation. When weight isn't an issue in maximum light gathering ability is the key. You want the huge 95 millimeter objective combines. This with the STX or straight eyepiece. You have the absolute perfect spotter for your truck with. This eyepiece and objective. You have it 30 power. All the way to 70 power to observe your desired target the 85 millimeter objective pitch which is an option as well provide.

You with a 25 to 60 millimeter zoom. Once you've determined the target. And its go time you can remove the larger 95 mm your objective. And put on the smaller lightweight 65 millimeter objective for your pack which knocks off a full 20 ounces. Now have a 25 to 60 power compact scope. You can pack anywhere. You prefer an angled spotter. You have a shorter tripod. Or that's just the way. You like it in the field. This setup gives you the versatility to swap out the straight for the angle giving you a best set up for every situation for those of. That love to take photos of wildlife. This setup allows you to combine the high-quality photo. And video ability of your SLR camera with the adapter which.

Now turns your long-range trough the spotting scope into a high quality long-range lens. This is a simple to screwing on a different eyepiece on. This bottle replacing your camera lens with a different mount. And adapter and start taking photos. Or video of your favorite animals. And super high quality in my opinion owning a spotting scope isn't an option it's essential. You want to be successful in the field. And why not own the best. That money can buy and Swarovski with the new ATX STX system truly gives. You the best glass you can ever buy. It also allows you to buy. Each individual piece tailored to your hunting style so. You can never go wrong so stop by your local sportsmen warehouse. And check out the 80 X STX modular spotting scope system by Swarovski order. One of the pieces all of them online at Sportsman's Warehouse calm.

Bushnell® Silver Reflector Telescope

  • Bushnell Silver Reflector Telescope with remote
  • Automatically guides itself to celestial objects
  • 20,000 objects preprogrammed into its database
  • Real Voice technology describes what you're looking at

With the push of a button on the handheld remote, Bushnell's Silver Reflector 700mm x 3" Telescope automatically guides itself to any of the 20,000 celestial objects preprogrammed into its database. Real Voice technology explains what you're looking at. A finder scope allows you to disarm the computerized tracking mechanism for freely locating objects. A magnification-boosting Barlow lens works with the included 4mm and 25mm eyepieces for up-close observation. Quick-release tripod for easy setup and takedown.

Okay what's a reflecting telescope. This is a reflecting telescope a reflector is always been usually always whiter. Then a refractor with the reflecting telescope as opposed to the light coming in here. And you're looking at. It from the behind like. We did with the refractor the light comes in here. You can see is bounced off the mirror the primary mirror so. It comes in here is reflected that's. It gets its name and comes out your eyepiece here. Now a reflecting telescope is really the preferred style of Telescope for astronomers. You can get more aperture in other words. You can have a wider opening here the wider. This open the wider the aperture. Or the larger the mirror. You see down in there the. More like gathering ability. That telescope has so it's not about power as we've always said it's about. How big is the aperture so the wider the aperture is on a reflecting telescope the. Lighter you go to gather. What makes these preferable is you're dealing with a mirror. You grind a mirror for a reflecting telescope. You only have to polish. One surface with a refractor. You have to polish four surfaces which makes the telescope much.

More expensive so all reflect your telescope is going to offer. More like gathering ability for less money in other words you're going to get. More bang for your buck with the reflector telescope. If your main interest is astronomical you.

And the Jupiter I can get those easy. Ihaven't done a lot of studying of the star chart thing, yet I've looked at other constellations. Ihave no idea what the hell. They are but they're pretty cool. You can actually see stars. You normally can't see with your eyes. You can suck them up into. This thing quite nicely. You know we get a lot of nice starry nights out here so. We don't have hardly. Any light pollution whatsoever gets really nice and dark out here, so we're kind of like in the country but in the city at the same time. And but for setting this thing up to view step 1 take off the front lens cover large disk. You can just pop at the center. And view through it to a degree. Imean the lighter. You can allow more you're gonna see.

And the better but you can use just small. You got to find out what's there. Ibelieve it's the latitude of the longitude but. One of them anyways it'll be the smaller number in our case. Ilive in North Bay. And our cars is at 46 degrees so that's. This bottom part here with. This knob okay. You adjust it to 46 degrees. Or as close as you can get. You don't have to be dead nuts on. Because you're only gonna get. It so closes anyhow then. You thought these other two for your other adjustments there. They got a number their number. You know from one two zero two twenty-three top. And bottom I guess I'm not sure. Idon't understand this stuff. It was too like a newbie to. And then you've got. These others up here. That too anyway some basic idea I've got a tower out here so for setting this thing up to view.

What I do you need a solid target. That is non movable in my case is. This tower up here with the flashing red lights on. Igo to the very top light out. That in my view of my eyepiece first so. You got to screw around with a lot get the target set up okay. You want to get that target set up is dead in the center of your eyepiece as possible. When you're looking through. That up first and make sure. Everything is locked down. That set then go and turn on your finder okay which is the red dot in. This case this is a reflector not a refractor okay. Now the difference is a reflector. Everything you view is upside-down but at night. It seems a little right-side up kind of funky so. You use a red dot now on a refractor telescope waits for day. Or night so you look through. Everything is right side up but.

You look through the finder. Everything is upside down but I've seen refractor. Now with the red dots on them. Idon't think that really makes too much of a difference. Because you're still going to set up your target no matter which way. Iset my target up first by view through here getting my nice clean texture. Iwant then I set up the finder set. That my in this case my red dot in the middle of the dead of the middle of the target. That I've been going after. And then that set then. You can go to say the moon. And say set your finder up to the moon boom put. It in the middle of the moon right. Or a spot on the moon. And in theory okay that red dot winds up is. What you should be seen in here focusing is a whole other story The Closer. Something is to you the further down. This is going to be the further away. Something is the higher up that's going to end up being to see beyond.

Something closer like I've tried. This with the trees for instance. Some trees that are really close to the house. Igot them focused in an absolutely perfect here but then. Inoticed some blurriness in the background, so I'm like okay that's kind of stupid so but. Ibring the focusing up. Now I've seen stuff away in the distance. And it's being brought up. And the stuff that was up front is. Now being actually sucked in behind. Me type of thing so. Ican see more back its kind of weird. How telescopes work but. This controller up first to get your your latitude. Or your longitude whatever. It was can't remember off top of my head then. You get to play with the rest of. You have to balance out the tube in the mount as good as. You can for weight just distribution you've also got. This counterbalance weight as well so. This is basically all gonna straight up. And down is we're gonna get. This right now so loosen off the top skirt first.

And then we'll check okay that's that's fine so it's not falling that's okay, so we'll check our counterbalance weight. What we're looking for the track that's pretty well-balanced. You know you can bring the weight up bring it up the shot then again it's going to change. When you're setting up viewing for say. You want to something that's pretty well vertical. Ijust have to swing it to the right spot in between the tripod legs. Ican get stuff that's pretty much dead perfect 90 degrees okay. This was so it allows. You to different spots get. Something on now we're always moving around space as. You know you get the moon in to view perfect. You walk wait for a minute. And come back the moon is shifted so. What you can do is you play with. These fine-tuning adjustments to bring things back on target then. You can do your viewing smaller. You can use these to also scroll around your area cuz.

Iuse the two together. And I'll scroll around different parts of the Moon. Iwant to look at or just off the side of the moon maybe. Idon't want the whole moon in their then. Ican just fine tune in to fine tune out. What I don't want but that's basics on how. This thing works and like. They always tell you to start. It with your biggest ones first in. This case it's the 20 millimeter get your item set up then start magnifying from their use your Barlow lens which. You know gives you in my case. One came with a 2 x. You know may have a 3 x. They have a 4 x there's a lot of different ones out there. You can purchase you know aftermarket. And like I said the better the quality of the eyepiece the better the. This scope is going to be. Ithink I've already said. This but if not I'll say. It again the scope itself a $150 scope awesome scope. What I've been reading about. And watching videos on is. Even a 150 dollar scope can view pictures the same as a $2000 scope you've just got to have a good quality eyepiece that's key in.

Any scope and Department star scopes like. These Bushnells few others. That are out there some of the low end Meade telescopes cuz I've had a meet telescope before. They don't come with the high-end eyepieces. They cost money so you know for the type of eyepiece I'm after I'm gonna go inch. And a quarter I'm gonna be looking at probably about $100 a piece for them. You know you get a variety of sizes. You know 20 ml of beer millimeter for millimeter. You know whatever the lowest is. If they carry there're adapters. You can actually get into larger diameter eyepieces. You wanted to and there're adapters plus the camera adapter. Iwant to get the camera adapter kit. And put a an actual telescope camera on. This thing so I can do.

Some really cool videos with. That cuz right now I'm using the camera. Iactually operate over top of the lens. It can be a real pain in the neck so. Iwant to get a better quality camera but for. Ineed the mounting system to for the telescope. And then I got a lot of fun with. That better use that the summer. Though it's awful cold oh here. That stuff so anyway. This helps anybody who's just as new as. Or newer and you're having trouble seeing stuff through your telescope that's the basic way on how to set. This thing up it works just fine so. You have any other questions. Or comments whatever you've got. One of these things to. You know hey leave your. You know opinions on what you found with. This telescope you like. And anyways thanks for watching and.