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  Nikon P-Tactical SPUR Reflex Sight Barska® AR-X Prism Sight SIG ROMEO1™ Mini Reflex Sight Aimpoint® Hunter H34 Red-Dot Sight Sightmark® Ultra Shot™ Plus Red-Dot Sight
  Nikon P-Tactical SPUR Reflex Sight Barska® AR-X Prism Sight SIG ROMEO1™ Mini Reflex Sight Aimpoint® Hunter H34 Red-Dot Sight Sightmark® Ultra Shot™ Plus Red-Dot Sight
Brand SELLMARK NIKON Braska SIG Aimpoint

Nikon P-Tactical SPUR Reflex Sight

  • Fully multicoated optics maximize light transmission
  • TRUCOLOR lens and lens coating minimizes blush tint
  • 10 brightness settings and two are nightvision compatible
  • Wide field of view and unlimited eye relief
  • Shockproof, waterproof construction
  • Nikon's P-Tactical SPUR Reflex Sight provides extreme clarity, a crisp sighting dot, a lightweight design and all of the cutting-edge features you need to aquire your targets with split-second accuracy. Fully multicoated optics maximize light transmission for brilliant images in low-light conditions. Trucolor lens coating minimizes the blush tint found in many reflex sights. Not only does it offer 10 brightness settings, two of these settings are 100% compatible with nightvision. Wide field of view, 1X magnification and unlimited eye relief. Extended battery life and low-battery indicator. Shockproof, waterproof construction. Lightweight alluminum-alloy body with a removable Picatinny mount.

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    jeremy bentham manager with nikon support optics division here 2018 shot show where we are having a quite finished up yet we are debuting two new products this one is in the pea tactical family we're calling it our P tactical

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    Barska® AR-X Prism Sight

  • Black, red, blue and green dots get you on target quickly
  • Brightness adjustment for changing conditions
  • External turrets for hassle-free windage and elevation adjustments
  • Featuring black, red, blue and green dots, Barska's AR-X Prism Sight gets you on target quickly. Four dot colors and brightness adjustment ensure you have the perfect type and amount of light to center the illuminated cross-dot reticle on your target. External turrets for hassle-free windage and elevation adjustments. Multicoated lenses produce vivid, clear sight pictures. Durable rubber coating provides shock resistance. Waterproof and fogproof. Runs on one AAA battery (included). Manufacturer's limited one-year warranty.

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    SIG ROMEO1™ Mini Reflex Sight

  • Superior light transmission and zero distortion
  • MOTAC illumination powers up when it senses motion
  • 3-MOA red dot with multiple intensity settings
  • Strong, lightweight housing with IPX-7 waterproof rating
  • SIG Sauer's ROMEO1 Mini Reflex Sight boasts a molded glass aspheric lens with high-performance coatings to deliver superior light transmission and zero distortion. MOTAC™ (Motion Activated Illumination) powers up when it senses motion and powers down when it does not, which helps optimize operational safety and improves battery life. 3-MOA red dot with multiple intensity settings ensures rapid target engagement under a range of lighting conditions. Manual illumination controls remember your last-used settings. Top-loading CR-1632 battery allows for quick battery replacement. Strong yet lightweight aircraft-grade CNC-machined magnesium housing with an IPX-7 waterproof rating. SIG Sauer's Infinite Guarantee™ and limited electronics warranty.

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    Aimpoint® Hunter H34 Red-Dot Sight

  • Multicoated 39mm objective lens for superb light gathering
  • Can be used with both eyes open, leaving your field of view unhindered
  • 2 MOA dot allows for precision accuracy, even at a distance
  • Runs for 50,000 consecutive hours on one CR-2032 battery
  • Thanks to its multicoated 39mm objective lens, Aimpoint's Hunter H34 Red-Dot Sight gathers light exceptionally well so it is bright even in low-light situations. Can be shot with both eyes open, is parallax-free and has unlimited eye relief so your field of view is unhindered and target acquisition is fast. 2 MOA dot covers very little of the target so you can be precise even from a distance. 12-position digital push-button intensity adjustment lets you easily adjust the dot's brightness to match the conditions. Fully waterproof and unaffected by extreme weather conditions. One CR-2032 battery (included) provides up to 50,000 hours of constant operation. Adjustment turret caps are the only tools required to zero the sight. Easily mounts on your favorite gun using 34mm rings. H34S(short) is perfect for rifles with standard length actions, hunting shotguns and magnum handguns. 34mm tube diameter.
    Available: H34S, H34L.

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    This is going to be a video review. Or a short overview of. Each 34s red dot sight made by endpoint is currently the. Most famous company. That produces strictly only the red dot sights with normally with accessories. And they're doing this for more. Then 40 years now they're they're hard to say almost the inventor of a red dot sight the H models are meant for hunting. That means this is also the H stands for a hunter. And thirty-four means. That the tube of this red dot sight its. It has a diameter of 34 millimeters. One of their best models for hunting application. They also offer the same version in 30 millimeter tube so H 30. And there are two versions the L. And S which generally differ between themselves in length. You can see here this is the L version. This is the S version optically. They are totally the same the difference in length is only for mounting purposes. You have a longer action a Magnum action then. You need an L you have a shorter action. You have a Pirating rail on the right.

    Something similar then. You can have the S version the shorter. One like this video hmm as. You can see this is a big device for a red dot sight it's almost looks like a classical rifle scope but at the same time. It weights only 250 grams. And in length one is 20 centimeters long. It offers one time magnification. That means no magnification at. You can always aim with. Both eyes open which gives. You full field of view. And really the best rapid target acquisition. You can have it's a perfect optics for driven hunts. And of course for close range there is no parallax error. That means all the time. You see the red dot they would impact will be. Where the red dot is. You see the red dot totally in the corner of the aim point so. If it's not in the central position. You will still have your bullet impact. Where the red dot is. This is really great.

    It means that there is no sensitivity to eye position. This optics also have an unlimited eye relief. And immediately as you see a red dot. You can shoot it doesn't really it's not important. Where your eye is this is the biggest advantage of red. All sides against classical rifle scope. You compare the age 30. And age 34 the price is the same for. Both red dot sights but the H 30 is probably easier to mount. While the age 34 gives. You a little bit better. Even not better but less sensitive it's its less sensitive to eye position so the H 34 is in my opinion the best option. Either short it depends on the rifle.

    While the H 30 it's a little bit. More sensitive to eye position but. It offers easier mounting but. Ialso need to tell. You about n points is. They are made very robust very reliable. They work at all temperatures. You can see videos made by endpoint but. They are covered with ice. It really extreme load Pettersson. They still work this is true. They work in any kind of condition. You can imagine they are fully waterproof for proof. And totally recall proof for any kind of caliber. You can use this age 34 s on. Any African Magnum caliber. Something similar the reticle inside as. You can see and it's not turned off it's a it's a red dot in the center of the field of view but. You move the red dot also moves but there is no parallax error the dot is 2 Moas in size.

    That means 2 minutes of angle translated to centimeters. That means the dot covers 6 centimeters at 100 meters. This is not too much experience shooters can use. This dot side even on distances longer. Then 100 meters and every tutor can probably use. It without any problems — 70. Or 80 meters but the real joy is. How to use this red dot sight on close range. You have to shoot at 10 meters on a driven game which is really fast there is no other optics. That would be equally good as. On the intensity level of the dot can be adjusted on these two buttons +. It has 12 different intensity levels so for any kind of light condition. What is also what I also need to mention is. This extremely efficient electronics. Or the electrical system in the side offers. You 50000 hours of operation on.

    One battery than five years it's its amazing all are there red dot sights eat battery quickly but with aim point. You can almost have. It for you for the entire lifetime to zero the same point. You can do this on these turrets just turn around the knob. And then you have really nice. They were clicks one click is 20 millimeters. And 100 meters to centimeters. This system really works nice and. You can be completely sure. It will handle any kind of caliber. You can imagine any kind of recoil to make a short summary. This is a really superb red dot for hunting because. It has a 34 millimeter cube it's really not sensitive to high position. It has no parallax error. Ithink probably for hunting this is the best red dot sight. You can buy but I also need to mention the downsides not really a downside but things.

    Ihave to mention is. That with 34 millimeter tube it's a little bit harder to mount on Sun rifles. And with the time with two MOA big dot long-range shots of course are not possible but. This is not the purpose of. This site so thank you for watching if. You need any additional information please do not hesitate to send. Is an email use comments. Or visit our web page.

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    Sightmark® Ultra Shot™ Plus Red-Dot Sight

  • Side-mounted Picatinny rail for accessory attachment
  • Quick-detach mount for fast installation and removal
  • Aluminum hood protects the sight
  • Reticle brightness, pattern and color are easily adjusted
  • Featuring a quick-detach mount, the Cabela's-exclusive Sightmark Ultra Shot Plus Grey Red-Dot Sight is easy to remove when changing conditions call for iron sights or other accessories. Equipped with an aluminum hood for added protection. Side-mounted Picatinny rail lets you mount a variety of accessories. Matte black finish eliminates reflection – ideal for tactical applications. Interlock™ internal locking system holds zero extremely well. Red and green reticle illumination and adjustable brightness and pattern let you customize your reticle to meet the situation. Wide field of view and unlimited eye relief aid in fast target acquisition. Parallax-corrected to aid accuracy. Weatherproof construction. Able to withstand heavy-recoil calibers. Mounts to Weaver, dovetail or Picatinny rails. Runs on a CR-2 battery (included).
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    Salut! Je m’appelle Kaitlyn et voici Idan Nous travaillons chez Sightmark et nous faisons une évaluation de produit sur le nouveau viseur Ultra Shot Plus de Sightmark il est disponible dans cette intéressante couleur kaki et aussi en noir une des choses que je préfère c’est sa légèreté grâce à l’aluminium Il a aussi un réticule rouge/ vert de 3 à 5 MOA Donc en tant qu’utilisateur quelles sont les caractéristiques que vous appréciez le plus sur ce produit ? D’abord il résiste au temps Il s’adapte parfaitement aux fusils qu’on range dans le camion Vous pouvez l’installer sur le fusil le jeter sur la banquette arrière il résiste à tout ! Aujourd’hui je l’ai installé sur le Frontier Tactical Il est équipé du système War Lock L’avantage c’est que cela permet de varier entre 223 et 65 Et il va jusqu’au calibre 50 n’est ce pas? Oui en effet Jusqu’au calibre 50 C’est plutôt pas mal Celui-ci peut aussi aller jusqu’à 458 Cela signifie que vous pouvez l’installer sur le fusil de chasse donc si le fusil est équipé de cette glissière vous pouvez l’installer juste ici Pour l’enlever il suffit de soulever ce petit levier l’ôter et le ranger dans une petite boite Vous pouvez aussi le remettre rapidement vous l’installez sur le dessus et il suffit de resserrer le système Quick Disconnect et le voilà à nouveau installé sur le fusil J’utilise aussi cette protection en néoprène pour protéger la lentille vous savez pour éviter que la poussière se dépose dessus c’est toute l’idée ici Mais en plus il a 4 réticules différents Prenez le premier réticule – c’est en fait un cercle avec un point au centre ce qui est génial Vous ajustez le cercle sur l’animal et c’est tout bon Le deuxième est une mire celle que la plupart des gens utilisent et que vous connaissez sûrement Le troisième a juste un point il suffit de bien le placer pour avoir une meilleure visée Enfin le dernier est en fait une combinaison entre la mire et le point Et tout cela avec en plus un champ plutôt large c’est une chose à prendre en compte Voilà en résumé les caractéristiques du nouveau viseur Ultra Shot Plus de Sightmark Pour en savoir plus sur nos produits rendez-vous sur sightmarkcom.

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