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  Adidas Outdoor Terrex Agravic Boa Trail Running Shoe - Men's Adidas Club Jersey - Men's Saucony Kinvara 9 Running Shoe - Men's Salomon X-Mission 3 Trail Running Shoe - Men's Marmot Windridge With Graphic Long-Sleeve Top - Men's La Sportiva Akasha Running Shoe - Men's Nike Air Zoom Terra Kiger 5 Trail Running Shoe - Men's Salomon Sense Ride 2 Trail Running Shoe - Men's HOKA ONE ONE Bondi 6 Running Shoe - Men's Outdoor Research Echo Short-Sleeve T-Shirt - Men's Pearl Izumi Flash Insulator Run Jacket - Men's Adidas Outdoor SuperLite Visor - Men's Pearl Izumi Flash Insulator Run Jacket - Men's Adidas Insley Crew Sweatshirt - Men's Vuori Ponto Performance Pullover Hoodie - Men's La Sportiva Odyssey GTX Jacket - Men's La Sportiva Blizzard Windbreaker Jacket - Men's Adidas Outdoor Stockhorn Fleece Hoodie II - Men's Vuori Fields Packable Pullover - Men's La Sportiva Blizzard Windbreaker Jacket - Men's Merrell Agility Peak Flex 3 Trail Running Shoe - Men's Adidas Outdoor Terrex Agravic Speed GTX Trail Running Shoe - Men's La Sportiva Auster Short - Men's
  Adidas Outdoor Terrex Agravic Boa Trail Running Shoe - Men's Adidas Club Jersey - Men's Saucony Kinvara 9 Running Shoe - Men's Salomon X-Mission 3 Trail Running Shoe - Men's Marmot Windridge With Graphic Long-Sleeve Top - Men's La Sportiva Akasha Running Shoe - Men's Nike Air Zoom Terra Kiger 5 Trail Running Shoe - Men's Salomon Sense Ride 2 Trail Running Shoe - Men's HOKA ONE ONE Bondi 6 Running Shoe - Men's Outdoor Research Echo Short-Sleeve T-Shirt - Men's Pearl Izumi Flash Insulator Run Jacket - Men's Adidas Outdoor SuperLite Visor - Men's Pearl Izumi Flash Insulator Run Jacket - Men's Adidas Insley Crew Sweatshirt - Men's Vuori Ponto Performance Pullover Hoodie - Men's La Sportiva Odyssey GTX Jacket - Men's La Sportiva Blizzard Windbreaker Jacket - Men's Adidas Outdoor Stockhorn Fleece Hoodie II - Men's Vuori Fields Packable Pullover - Men's La Sportiva Blizzard Windbreaker Jacket - Men's Merrell Agility Peak Flex 3 Trail Running Shoe - Men's Adidas Outdoor Terrex Agravic Speed GTX Trail Running Shoe - Men's La Sportiva Auster Short - Men's
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Brand Marmot Salomon La Sportiva La Sportiva Adidas Outdoor Merrell Adidas Outdoor Saucony Adidas Adidas Outdoor Vuori Salomon Outdoor Research Pearl Izumi HOKA ONE ONE La Sportiva La Sportiva Vuori Adidas Outdoor Adidas La Sportiva Pearl Izumi Nike
Claimed Weight 10oz 9.87oz 3.5oz 3.5oz (single) 10.1oz 11oz - 7.9oz - (single) 9.7oz - 9.52oz [large] 3.1oz 12 oz 10.9oz 11.35 oz 4.9oz - - - 7.5oz 12 oz (single, size 10) 9.75oz
Fit semi-fitted - regular regular - - - - regular - athletic - trim regular - - regular athletic regular regular regular regular -
Manufacturer Warranty lifetime 1 year 1 year 1 year 6 months limited lifetime lifetime - - 6 months 1 year 1 year lifetime lifetime 45 days 1 year 1 year 1 year lifetime - 1 year lifetime -
Material [main] polyester jersey, [panels] polyester mesh - [face fabric] 100% polyamide, [back] 100% polyester [face fabric] 100% polyamide, [back] 100% polyester - - Climalite (87% polyester, 13% spandex) - 100% polyester - 88% polyester, 12% spandex - AirVent (100% polyester) 100% polyester - - [face fabric] 86% polyester, 14% elastane, [brief] 96% polyester, 4% elastane, Bluesign Approved 88% polyester, 12% spandex [body] 100% polyester, [sleeves, side] Polartec Power Stretch Pro (52% polyester, 31% nylon, 17% elastane) 95% cotton, 5% elastane [membrane/laminate] Gore-Tex Active Shell, [face fabric] 100% nylon, [lining] 82% nylon, 18% spandex 100% polyester -
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Adidas Outdoor Terrex Agravic Boa Trail Running Shoe - Men's

You don't like to slow down for anything on the trail—not unexpected obstacles, slippery conditions, or loosening laces—which is why the Adidas Terrex Agravic Boa Trail Running Shoe is the shoe you need to keep distractions to a minimum and speed to the max. This shoe is designed for faster paces in almost every way, starting with its Boa-dial closure system. Adjustable with a simple twist and delivering a more secure hold than traditional laces, the Boa dial will make adjustment easier than ever and eliminate the need for lace-tying stops. Outfitted with Boost midsole cushioning, this shoe delivers top-of-the-line energy return with every step, ensuring that you'll still have some kick to your stride when you start to fatigue late in the run. And you won't have to slow down in less than ideal conditions either thanks to the Continental Rubber outsole, which delivers unflinching traction on everything from slick creek-side rocks to steep and dusty summit trails.

  • Speed-minded trail runner with an easy dial adjustment system
  • Boa dial adjusts in a flash and keeps its hold through your run
  • Boost cushioning delivers spring energy return with every step
  • Continental Rubber outsole grips the trail in wet and dry conditions
  • Sock-like construction offers a snug and supportive fit on the trail
  • Abrasion-resistant upper can handle rugged mountain terrain
  • Item #ADA00DF
  • Today we're going to be talking about the tareq's to boa so i feel like. Innovation and running shoes is somewhat. Rare now so i look to see shoes that are challenging what's normal because of that innovation this review might take a little bit longer than the other ones because i want to cover that innovation in depth and that innovation is obviously the lacing system so let's just jump into it i believe they call it the boa system it is advertised as a. Finely tuned secure consistent hold it. Looks cool and i was super excited to try it and i have some complaints but i also have some things i like about it so let's talk about the complaints first the first thing isn't really a complaint. But it's a potential complaint I'm worried about the durability of the clicker I've been on a couple dozen runs and I'm about around 150 miles in these. Shoes and it shows no sign of wear and tear but if i happen to smash this. Clicker onto a rock is it gonna hold up or well break or will the clicker just. Wear out over a year of continual use i. Assume that Adidas took that into consideration and made a good product but that's something that only time will tell but if anything does happen in these shoes that i feel like you guys should know i will let you know in the comments below my second complaint is I'm not really a. Fan of how the shoe tightens since the clicker is at the top of the shoe the top of the shoe tightens quickly and the. Rest of the shoe doesn't adjust equally think about when you tie a normal shoe you usually grab the laces in the middle. And tighten those so that you get a nice snug fit in the forefoot and then you grab the ends of the laces and tighten that top section with this shoe it. Doesn't work like that with these shoes the string has no friction so you can't tighten the bottom half of the shoes with your fingers because as soon as you let go it loosens this is slightly. Frustrating but i don't feel like it's a deal breaker especially since I've noticed that as I'm running the tension. Distributes more equally throughout the shoe and then i can tighten it again one thing i do really like about this lacing system is how quick it is it's so easy. To loosen and tighten these shoes whether you're just putting them on or you want to crank them down a little bit tighter on the fly you don't have to take the time to untie and then retie these shoes for just minor adjustments with this new lacing system. The strengths are significantly thinner than normal shoelaces so to protect the. Top of your feet they incorporated a slightly thicker evie a tongue even though the tongue is slightly thicker than other similar tongues its still breathable one huge improvement that they made to the tongue is the notch that they put at the top of the tongue almost every shoe that I've. Had that edita makes with an levee a tongue the tongue will slide to one side while I'm running exposing my socks which allows more dirt and sand and rocks to get in there but with this notch it prevents that from happening as an important side note though with this tongue i have heard people complain about the tongue irritating that top. Section of their foot but i run in crew length socks so i don't have that issue but if you do run in low-cut socks that's something you might want to take into consideration along with the tongue being breathable this shoe has meshed in the areas that also need to be breathable and you can see the plastic welding in the front for protection and across the top for that solid fit that. You want the top box on this shoe is actually significantly wider than the other Adidas shoes that I've worn and i actually like that but some people like the narrow width of normal Adidas shoes. So if that applies to you might want. To keep that in mind when you're thinking about buying this shoe the cushioning in the shoe is eve ea and i have no real complaints here i feel like it is the most cushioned Adidas shoe that I've run in that uses eve ea for its cushioning the eve ea seems to be quite a bit lighter than the boost material so that makes the shoe a lightweight less clunky running shoe but. It still has a lot of cushions the traction on the shoe is made with the usual continental rubber that Adidas uses I've always found it to be durable and long-lasting and I've found no difference in this shoe i do wish the lugs were a little bit longer on this shoe they're not as aggressive as i like the lugs to be on my running shoes but that probably won't bother most people. Some trails i run have rock slides you have to cross, and they have jagged rocks and on those sections i found. Myself wanting a bit more protection on the forefoot but besides that on any normal section 90 percent of the time i have liked the protection and the cushion that these shoes provide coming in at 11 and a half. Ounces for a size 9 the shoe is mid. Weight leaning to the heavy side and the heel to toe drop comes in at 6 millimeters which is also pretty average in terms of looks i think I'm somewhat biased here because i like anything that looks different and these shoes are no exception i was lucky enough to get a limited edition no dye all white version and you don't see all. White trail shoes very often together with the lacing system i get quite a few people staring at my shoes on the trail i have heard some people complain online. That they look like golf shoes but that doesn't really bother me overall i think the shoe is a good choice for an everyday moderately aggressive running shoe i feel like this could also be a great shoe for someone who runs on the road to get to the trail or does a combination of both or someone wanting a lightweight shoe with a decent amount of cushion deciding on a trail shoe is ultimately a very personal decision but i hope this review helps you decide whether this shoe is a good fit for you if you have any additional questions or need clarification on something i talked about let me know in the comments I'll get to those as soon as i can and don't forget i will be updating you in the comments if anything happens to this shoe that i feel like you guys should know about don't forget to. Subscribe to my channel and thanks so much for watching.

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    Adidas Club Jersey - Men's

  • Performance top for training sessions and workouts in warm weather
  • Moisture-wicking fabric helps keep you cool and dry as you exercise
  • Classic Adidas stripes give you subtle athletic style
  • Item #ADD00XC
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    Saucony Kinvara 9 Running Shoe - Men's

    Quite frankly, unless you require a stability shoe, it's near impossible to not fall head over heels for the Saucony Men's Kinvara 9 Running Shoe. As one of Saucony's fan favorites, the Kinvara features a low-drop (4mm) construction and lightweight constitution that's akin to your favorite race shoes—but without the boa constrictor sensation. The agility-oriented Kinvara 9 is ideal for just about any run you throw at it: daily runs and tempo or half marathon training alike.

    To reinforce such a claim, designers at Saucony outfitted the Kinvara with a newly redesigned, seamless mesh upper, complete with minimal FlexFilm overlays for subtle structural support. The mesh not only prevents the build up of hot spots and chafing, but it also promotes on-the-go breathability, ensuring a comfortable climate for your foot. Additionally, Saucony listened to your reviews and tossed out the ole Pro Lock feature, in turn promoting a more comfortable, pressure-free fit. However, the Kinvara 9 is still equipped with an internal strap system to keep your foot secure. An Everun topsole and midsole is proven to be more durable and cloud-like, so you can trust it to attenuate shock, enhance energy return, and maintain cushion underfoot—even throughout cold temperatures. And, in keeping with the Kinvara 8, the Kinvara 9 touts an extremely flexible outsole for unencumbered dexterity.

  • An agility-oriented shoe fit for all runs
  • Seamless upper maintains ventilation
  • Internal strap system assures a secure fit
  • Everun midsole is more responsive and plush than before
  • Flexible outsole promotes smooth transitions and dexterity
  • Item #SAU00BI
  • What's going on guys governor is 26.2 here and today I'm going to be reviewing. For you the saucony can vara nines so this is. The saucony conveyor 9 quick breakdowns. Of the shoe it is a four millimeter drop neutral shoe so for those of you who. Like to have stability in your shoes this is not the shoe for you i do not. Believe vest ability is required if you. Can make the necessary changes to your form but that is for a different video. Like i said for millimeter drop neutral. Through that formula meter drop however. Is self reported by the saucony website. By a runner's world a third-party website they claim this to be a six. Millimeter heel drop it gets a little chunky and it kind of looks like it in there but it does not feel like a six. Millimeter drop it hardly feels like four if we're being honest here I've loved saucony for a long time i had the. Nine i also had the eight and also the. Give twice i love these shoes really. Cool note those of you running fans out. There this one has been signed by matt. To play skee he signed it two times there's one right there too i think he was kind of weirded out by me. Bringing my really beat-up old smelly. Running shoe for him to sign but i as. All i had oh this will forever be my favorite you. Forever so as far as the weight goes the. Sock unique in vara nine comes in at anf. Ounces and that's at my shoe size eleven. And a half so obviously if you're bigger smaller that weight varies but eight and a half ounces is pretty like to compare. It to the conveyor eight c8r eight point. Eight ounces the conveyor eights are eight point eight ounces got that they. Actually shaved 0.3 of an ounce props to. You celica neat i love life shoes and the lighter the better as long as you're. Not sacrificing things which they did. Not to put that in perspective this song. Can you can buy eight compares to this. Brooks adrenaline. Brooks adrenaline gts 18 i don't usually. Wear anything fused it's more of a stability to it's a hefty hue this to. Shoot that i used for walking because it's so comfortable this shoe comes in at twelve point eight ounces for ounces. Heavier than this guy is point. Three ounces heavier than this guy so a. Lot of numbers going on and very boring. Stuff let's get into it start with the bottom the soles of the shoe i did. Clean up the sides it would just look. Nice for the video it's nice and white but i promise I've been running in it I'm at about a hundred miles on this shoe right now which is what i want to do this review i feel like I've been riding in it long enough to give it accurate review as you can see compared to this akihabara ate they did change. A little bit on the bottom of the queue they took out this rubber from the eights and it is no longer in the ninth and instead they added it rights up here. On the nine which is not there on the. Eight and as you can see on my conveyor. H i land right there and i feel like a lot of runners land right in that spot. So having that little piece of rubbery. Doesn't look like much but it does make a difference attraction wise as far as the overall. Traction this is a shoe specialized for. Road running i would now recommend it in wet conditions like wet grass it's not. Good trail running don't even think. About it you are out of your mind this is a road to its light it is soft. And it is great at running down the road don't take it on the trail please you. Might die it has a lot of exposed tva. Foam it doesn't really wear down like. You think it would though like when i see this shoe i get very paranoid that if i like hit a rock or something a. Little scrape out a chunk of that foam but this foam was actually pretty durable and i liked it. That is a awkward segue into the next. Topic durability like i said i am 100. Miles into this shoe right now it's. Holding up fairly well the purpose of this shoe is to be a light training shoe I'm comfortable running in this shoe in races as fast as five k's and i take it. With me on my speed workouts on track it's very light and responsive more. (Responsive) than the conveyor hates which we're a little more plush and. Comfortable this is a little more responsive and a little stiffer it seems. To be a little more built for speed durability wise I've got to a hundred miles it is not showing a lot of. Wear but as i said before it is a. Light cue there is not a lot to issue so. I'm expecting it to last around 300. Miles as a daily trainer i don't know. That it can handle beating of the is mid-to-long runs on a. Daily basis for those types of runs i. Usually like to pick a little bit heftier of a shoe it can make it a. Marathon i've run my 20 mile training runs in. This shoe and it's done just fine so it. Can make it but because it can make it. Doesn't mean that it should be traveling those distance all the time of course this depends on your foot strike how. Heavy you are and your feet i try to stay light on my feet and it can make it. That distance for me but on a daily basis that she will wear out fast on you. If you're putting in 50-mile weeks. Hundred-mile weeks this is a good. Complementary shoe for those faster runs but it can now be a go-to shoe for that volume of mileage it has mostly epa foam. It does have if you can still read that. Ever run which is right underneath this. Sock liner it has a thin layer of every. Run which is sake knees premium. Cushioning in fact they do have the. Freedom iso that they made that is made. A completely all the way through of everyone and i don't know how much you can tell by this but it is like there's. More like a bouncy ball feeling and. Though i love these shoes the fact that. Base is made completely of every run. Seems kind of like overkill is not as. Comfortable not as plush i do think having just that like layer right at the. Sock liner right under the sock liner is. Perfect for this shoe moving on to the. Upper part that fit i love the. Fit of this shoe the saucony can borrow five were my favorite shoe the fit of that she was better than any fit of any. Shoe that I've ever worn i didn't wear the sixth or the seventh but the eight seemed to be getting a little loose and. It felt almost sloppy to me the nine. Cleans it up this top portion. It seems a little bit more stretchy, and they did narrow this mid foot to heal. Area so you're not getting any heel. Slipping here we've also added a lot. More reinforcements here in the heel you can feel the physical heel cup but in. The eights it kind of squishes in there's not not much there i didn't get heel slipping in. This one but it just feels a lot more snug here a lot more solid in the. Nines which was one of their criticisms i like the more snug fit i don't like. The more loose free feeling it to me to. Feel sloppy that's personal preference it's just a little closer fit to the. Conveyor 5 so it's for my favorites one thing that i think is unnecessary is. This prologue that they have you can see. It right here the laces go through it. And these run all the way down to the. Base of the shoe on both sides the mid-foot is already very snug and i. Think that the prologue is kind of overkill i don't have a problem with it i did have a problem with that in the. Fives because it was a little rigid this one feels a little more flexible i just. Think it's kind of unnecessary again not. A deal-breaker but you don't need it. Talking you don't need it you have the perfect cue just take that thing off going over the four main categories that. I picked for the shoes starting from the bottom up the ride it's more responsive. Then the conveyor eight but still comfortable enough to make it through a. Marathon for me a perfect marathon race. You again if your lighter on your feet. You can pick a lighter shoe be a little heavy on your feet maybe this is not enough to make it through a marathon for me this is perfect marathon thank you it is however a bit stiffer. Then i would like it's still a very flexible shoe as you can see I'm just. Pushing with one finger very easy to flex but in this area right here where. You see this chunky foam it's kind of. Trade-off like it there's a lot of cushioning for when you're getting a little sloppy on your hitting your heel a little bit too much it can save you. There at the same time it can't do that. And be flexible that would be my drawback running the longer slower. Distances not this shoes forte but it. Can absolutely get you through that this. Forte is faster distances and when you're running faster you're landing right up here you don't feel that you. Don't feel that stiffness at all so the ride give it a 4 out of 5 going to the. Durability it is i mean for the weight. Of the shoe the durability is great this. One is made it 100 miles no major signs of wear I'm not busting. Through the shoe that the upper is very flexible and i don't see myself. Ripping through this like i have in other shoes durability i would give just because it. Is so light and it cannot be your overall daily training cue I'm gonna give it I'm gonna give it a 3 out of 5 but again for the weight the. Durability is great the fit is. Everything about the conveyor you put them on and sometimes you forget that you're wearing them it's like you're wearing a sock almost i have absolutely no complaints about the field i do have one actually this pro lock what is that. But besides that fit is just. Ride on it five out of five for the fit. Perfect the last one i if it looks the. Looks are part of the shoe and this it makes me cringe to say this because i try so hard to not think about the looks. Of the shoes and it has resulted in me. Getting some weird shoes at times i try. To take into account only categories that i said earlier the right the durability the fit and if they do well in those three categories i try not to worry about the looks but like i said i mean sometimes i end up with shoes like these which are really cool i love i. Love ugly shoes i don't know why but it makes it hard for these to become my walking shoes later on looks they are a. Think they are a thing for this agony on. The looks i mean i like this shoe and. Pretty basic i like the black and the speckles and some gold in it and I'm not. Really sure what else to say. Because i don't really get into this but. The looks are very really nice and. Good four out of five so i give these. Saucony kinvaras a grand total 16 out of 20 bottom line. Is what i recommend this to a friend if. That friend was a brother and had a. Preference for neutral shoes and like to. Go fast i would say buy these shoes. Their simplicity is their strength so. Absolutely i would recommend this to a. Friend and that's about it for the sake knees guys so i hope you enjoyed the. Review leaves a like a comment on what. You thought thank you guys for watching regular vlogs back on tomorrow that's it. The first inaugural shoe review has been. Completed.

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    Salomon X-Mission 3 Trail Running Shoe - Men's

    Just like how you chow down on a hearty bowl of chili after a long, cold run,  the Salomon Men's X-Mission 3 Trail Running Shoe gobbles crusty trails for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Built to crush the inclines and ensure steady footing on the descent, this reimagined trail runner features a dual compound Contagrip outsole with both high abrasion and wet traction rubber. Strategically placed lugs and mutli-density tread give you stability, all-surface grip, and long lasting performance.

    The breathable open mesh and Sensifit design provide a comfortable, locked down fit that minimizes friction hot spots and unsavory blisters. Salomon's Quicklace drawcord adjustment system lets you easily adjust to changing terrain, while Sensiflex technology supports a natural foot flex for comfort and performance.

  • Get dependable traction and a comfortable fit with this trail shoe
  • Contragrip outsole features high abrasion and wet traction rubber
  • Sensifit upper gives you a secure fit that minimizes discomfort
  • Open mesh material gives you enhanced breathability
  • Quicklace adjustment system is easy and effective
  • Sensiflex technology allows for a comfortable footflex
  • Molded EVA midsole gives you soft cushioning
  • Item #SAL00M1
  • Hi this is aj from chora today we're looking at the salomon x mission 3 this. Men's trail running shoe is very lightweight features a can't grip outsole mesh upper and remove orthotic. Insole has a quick lacing system so you don't have to tie laces, and they tuck right into this little locker under the. Tongue here, so they stay out of the way when you're on the trail very lightweight very breathable dries really quickly excellent trail running shoe from salomon we're looking at the x mission three here at charm.

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    Marmot Windridge With Graphic Long-Sleeve Top - Men's

    Whether you're winding up the mountain on a sun-dappled path or racing down dusty ridges, the Marmot Men's Windridge with Graphic Long-Sleeve Top keeps you comfortable as you feed your trail running passion. Made from a performance knit fabric with mesh side panels, this shirt wicks sweat and dries quickly to keep you cool and comfortable whether you're just starting your run or closing the last few yards to the car. Built-in sun protection withstands the sun's dangerous rays so you won't have to worry about sunburn if you decide to extend your run by exploring a side trail.

  • A lightweight performance top for trail running and training
  • Breathable fabric wicks sweat and dries quickly
  • Mesh side panels increase ventilation
  • Provides UPF 50 sun protection
  • Flat-locked seams for added comfort
  • Marmot logo at center front
  • Item #MAR010I
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    La Sportiva Akasha Running Shoe - Men's

    There are miles of rocky, challenging terrain between you and the summit, and you couldn't be happier, because you have the La Sportiva Men's Akasha Running Shoe. The Akasha boasts plenty of protection, from the breathable airmesh upper reinforced with flexible, PU leather ProTechTion, to the Impact Brake System for downhill performance.

    La Sportiva equipped the Akasha with a Memiex midsole made of double-injected EVA for stability and support, and there's an additional layer called the Cushion Platform for long-lasting comfort. The grippy Frixion XT rubber sole has a Trail Rocker profile that offers excellent transition from heel to toe.

  • Airmesh upper with ProTechTion reinforcements
  • Memiex EVA midsole
  • Cushion Platform
  • Frixion XT rubber sole
  • Trail Rocker
  • Impact Brake System
  • Item #LSP009Z
  • Hoy os presento las edades esportiva a. Casa. Zapatilla de 150 euros de precio venta. Recomendado y un peso de 330 gramos en. Talla 42 y medio aproximadamente zapatilla de la casa italiana que rompe. Un poco con todo lo establecido dentro. De la de la casa y que ahora se explicó el porqué bueno pues esta casa de horma. Ancha destinada sobre todo para entrenos. Largos para correr ultra maratones carreras largas y cómodas y que como se. Decía que rompen un poco todo lo establecido dentro de la casa italiana porque no sé si sale escola esportiva. Para mí y para muchos de nosotros son como una especie de pie de gatos con los que correr un ajuste preciso que encajan. En el pie perfectamente bueno pues está esa casa un poco se quitan de todo esto y lo que. Nos proponen es otro tipo de correr con. Mucha más dijéramos comodidad con una. Forma más ancha especialmente delante y que nos da pues es un poco más de libertad que en declinen cierres del. Ajuste de la precisión y de otras características os voy a empezar enseñando la suela de estas a casa fijaos dos zonas clarísimamente. Diferencias la parte delantera tacos tenían la prominencia destinados. Básicamente al agarre hacia adelante. Fijaos con esta especie de v grados como. El taco así pues agarrar perfectamente y. La parte trasera aquí lo tenéis con el. Dibujo la está v invertida que lo que hace es evitar sobre todo el derrapaje en las bajadas una suela que como estáis. Viendo aquí es de la propia casa. Italiana un sistema friction y que en este caso es existe en el sistema rojo. Aquí lo tenéis la x en rojo que eso quiere decir que incorpora dos compuestos el negro que estáis viendo aquí uno un compuesto con más grip de hecho la. Casa italiana dice que un compuesto para. Que agarre tiene que ser negro por tanto. Aquí aquí lo tenéis el negro y después. De esta parte en rojo que es el otro compuesto que es un compuesto más duradero vale por tanto en estas zonas del talón donde. Salimos donde tenemos el último ese empuje donde damos la último empujón en. Cada zancada bueno pues esto tiene el. Fricción en el en el material esté más. Duradero está todo este conjunto es la. Sportiva nos llama la suela trae el rocker vale más que ya por la distancia. Fijaos también el rocker es elevado no sé si estaremos incluso por aquí fijaos. En la parte trasera también sino por el conjunto básicamente de entrar con la zona más interior del talón vale fijaos. Como perdón la zona más exterior del. Talón esta zona de aquí al final. Nosotros pensamos un poco más del este y cuando entramos en el talón y hacemos como una diagonal y salimos con la parte más interior de. La zapatilla que es donde están fijados esta zona roja de la zapatilla vale como. Veis ésta es la diagonal y esto es lo que intenta darnos estás acá ya con esta. Parte de la suela redondeada para favorecer todo el tema del del. Aterrizaje de la transición y del despegue vale el este con están dándole. Este plus también de durabilidad a esta. Suela de las a casa salimos de la suela y vamos ahora con la. Media suela fijaos un detalle importante. Temas como el flare para muchas de las veces que voy en el tema la blas últimamente no bueno pues eres una palabra nueva que he aprendido y la tenemos que ir diciendo los la tengo que ir soltando bueno el flip al final es el. Dijéramos nosotros tenemos la vertical del pie y luego la la media suela está. Como más dimensionada lo utilizan varias. Marcas ahora bastante para dar más estabilidad que según nos dicen bueno pues éstas a casa lo incorporan fijaos cómo no sé si se llega a ver pero. Nosotros tenemos aquí la vertical y la. Media suela está como sobredimensionada está más hinchada vale dando sobre todo. Estabilidad y también ese plus de amortiguación la estabilidad al final. Viene también dada por estas piezas negras que estáis viendo aquí es el htv system para el control system stability. Más o menos control el sistema vale para. Que os hagáis una idea ésta pieza dura en en otras modelos de la sportiva iba de. Lado a lado se veía un poco más está parece que está un poco más integrada en la media suela y luego hay otra pieza ya. Me estoy yendo un poco acá pero fijaos cómo esta pieza de aquí que ya me incorpora en algunas bushido vale es. Esta pieza de aquí que viene la el upper que también lo que hace es dar estabilidad a esta media suela. No me quiero ir de la media suela tienen un drop de tan solo 6 milímetros y un. Drop que no es muy habitual para correr. Distancias largas pero que la casa italiana ha querido incorporar en estas. Zapatillas que como los distintos he dicho antes rompen un poco con todo lo. Establecido en esta ocasión bueno os voy. A enseñar ahora el upper de estas a casa también un tanto peculiar pues voy a. Deciros primero que está hecho con dos partes una parte es toda esta parte de. Aquí que estáis viendo fijaos aquí hay una costra bien marcada estos nervios sellados y toda esta parte que va hasta. Está hasta el interior de aquí para esto. Sería una parte físicamente una parte y después hay otra parte que es la zona. Está delantera y la parte de la lengüeta. Bueno pues esto serían dos partes que van cosidas y son un poco diferentes la. Parte trasera da más estabilidad y con. Estas zonas que os he dicho antes que se meten en el puente dan estabilidad de la zapatilla estos nervios de aquí es dar sujeción tampoco necesitamos. Tanta estamos hablando de una zapatilla que nos deja ir un poco más libres correr distancias más largas y la parte trasera del chasis también un. Chasis bastante rígido vale si me pongo. A hacer fuerza a los dobles o tampoco es plano de desplazar la zapatilla vale. Pero como veis también bastante protegido toda esta zona de aquí esto. Sería una parte como veis las zonas estas de aquí transpiran bien puedo. Mirar y ver hacia el otro lado vale no tengo problema en la vista no digo nada. En la zapatilla y luego esta zona de. Aquí delantera que como veis tienen estos sellados que le dan consistencia. Le dan protección sin entidades mucho. Peso y luego fijaos esta puntera de. Caucho bien marcado bien potente con. Estos faldones una especie de piel sintética fijaos aquí en la parte. Exterior también tiene un poquito de faldón que le das a toques de calidad con este mes muy agradable un mes. Agradable y cada vez transpira bastante. Bien para acabar de rematarlo estos cordones planos como veis fijados. Perfectamente perfectamente en estos nervios para fijar toda la zona del empeine sin ningún problema y luego una lengüeta que os quiero enseñar una vez. Tenga abierta la zapatilla. Bueno pues ya tengo abierta a la zapatilla soy rápido y lo que os que. Enseña la lengüeta un material. Como algo más duro del neopreno vale lo. Que va a garantizar sobre todo que adaptar los cordones no se nos claven y. No añade mucho peso y la verdad es que. Es un material bastante como habrá que ver qué tal funciona sobre el terreno y esas horas y horas que podamos a darle nos va a dar de diversión está esa casa después fijaos como la lengüeta va a. Cada directamente a la base de la. Zapatilla cosa que nos hace y evitarnos todas las zonas más duras de. La zapatilla y es un material hará silla algo más fino y este sí ya más parecido. Para que os hagáis una idea sería como una especie de neopreno un tres milímetros vale pues aproximadamente eso fijaos o son materiales aquí vuelven a. Ser neoprenos materiales muy amables. Pensados para hacer kilómetros y. Kilómetros a la zapatilla deciros que la lengüeta no se va a mover no tiene pasador pero imposible que se mueva se puede alargar un poco pero no se va a torcer en exceso os la voy a abrir por dentro fijaos cómo está constituida por. Dentro los acolchados no son excesivos. Es más son como de esta toalla pero no. Es aquello que me estás el dedo y segunda mucho sino bueno acolchados. Entremedio son cómodos yo tuve la oportunidad del otro día de ponerme las la edad que es una sensación rara no es no es la típica zapatilla de la sportiva. El drop el 6 minutos estelares que se. Nota vale para lo bueno y para lo malo. Para que me guste esta construcción fijaos que estáis viendo aquí una especie de olite el fútbol fijaos aquí. Es el curso platform en una especie de. Plataforma con un extra de amortiguación. En esta zona de aquí para acabar de. Sumarle aún más amortiguación fijaos. Como la sportiva ha montado aquí una. Plantilla el gordo little a m arregla monta en running vale que monta bola roja o la. Ola azul bueno pues en este caso contamos la azul creo que la roja tiene un poco más de milímetros se creó recordará no no no lo hagáis mucho caso en este caso es la azul como sabéis. Gordo lite muy buena calidad no se deforma con el. Paso de los kilómetros no huelen y proporcionan ese extra de amortiguación y al final es la primera capa que está. En contacto con el pie por lo tanto la plantilla de élite con él con el curso en platform o en esta parte aquí amarilla yo creo que es muy parecido el. Material estamos seguros que va a esa. Primera sensación va a hacer de zapatilla muy amortiguada. Los interiores. Meto la mano me todo el pie meto la. Tibia y el peroné como decía que perfectos sin ninguna postura. Seguro seguro kilómetros y kilómetros de. Diversión asegurada. Bueno amigos pues esta es la casa 330. Gramos 150 euros forma ancha. Especialmente delante no tiene esa sujeción típica de la sportiva que vamos. Embotellados para lo bueno y para lo malo zapatilla para larga distancia. Tanto competición como por ejemplo. Entrenos largos. Podéis utilizarla para competir depende. También de vuestro peso todos sois pesos pesados perfectamente para competir con. Otras raptor también puede ser dentro de la misma casa italiana si sois algo más ligeros pues podéis utilizar algo. Más liviano dentro de la misma casa y. Tenían hay diferentes modelos y ya está utilizarla por ejemplo pues para hacer esos entrenos más largos esta es la casa. Muchas novedades en esta zapatilla que. Habrá que probar al milímetro nosotros lo vamos a hacer y como siempre os vamos a contar que talan al nido sobre el. Terreno en nuestra página web trayectoria interior puntocom. Mientras animaros a seguirnos en nuestra página web y en nuestras redes sociales hasta la próxima. I.

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    Nike Air Zoom Terra Kiger 5 Trail Running Shoe - Men's

    When you're looking to go fast on the trail, look no further than the Nike Air Zoom Terra Kiger 5 Trail Running Shoe. It's built for speed with a comfortable and lightweight design, and now features an updated outsole for improved performance on wet and variable trail conditions. Previously known as a shoe that stuck to mostly dry trail surfaces, the Kiger 5 now features a sticky midfoot rubber compound for improved traction on slick roots and rocks. The front and rear of the outsole still feature high-abrasion rubber and a lugged design to dig into the trail, but you'll now have a more reliable center grip when dealing with slippery conditions.

    The shoe has also been updated with a full React foam midsole, which delivers a smooth and responsive ride on hard trail surfaces, as well as forefoot rock plate that offers protection from sharp rocks and other trail hazards. A snug lacing system gives you a comfortable and supportive fit for rocky and technical trail sections, while a special Zoom Air unit in the heel provides added cushioning to accommodate the heel strikes that you often see on long runs and variable terrain.

  • Lightweight trail running shoe with a smooth and responsive ride
  • React cushioning returns energy for a springy stride on the trail
  • Updated outsole features a sticky center for wet-trail traction
  • Multi-directional lugs offer grip on both hard and soft trails
  • Forefoot rock plate keeps your foot guarded from underfoot hazards
  • Snug lacing system keeps your foot supported for rough terrain
  • Engineered mesh upper is flexible, breathable, and supportive
  • Item #NKE026P
  • Today we're doing something a little bit different I'm hitting the trails in. Arizona testing out the new tara tiger. Five hale run up that hill. I'm in town for work on a conference in. Scottsdale and I've been on this. Conference before it's here every year. Last year i came out this way and i. Ended up finding this place and running. Up this peak I'm gonna call it a mountain I'm not sure if it qualifies as a mountain or not I'm currently at about 1,000 feet of elevation i think I'll. Make it up to 2,000 feet of elevation by. The time I'm done here but i ran it last year in that big react. Which goes to show you how much trail. Running i do but this year with a tear. Keg of life with a react mid sole in. Addition having super gnarly nubs and a. Rock plate i knew i get to have the shoe and try it out when it came back out. Again 8.02 miles 1662 feet of vert in that. Nike terra Khyber five today we're. Definitely not in chicago anymore as you could tell from the video footage that you saw today and from my surroundings in here I'm currently in Scottsdale arizona on a work trip but while I'm out. Here I'm taking full advantage of the. Wonderful running that there is in this part of the country before i get to my. Thoughts on the nike terracotta 5 i want. To go over some disclosures the terek i grabbed is a pair of shoes that was given to me by roadrunner sports when i was out there in san diego a couple of weeks ago but neither roadrunner sports. Nor nike is paying me to make this video they certainly didn't find me out here for making this video no one is going to get a chance to see any of my footage or hear any of my thoughts before you guys. Get to hear about it on youtube so what do we have here with the disclosures out of the way what we have here in the shoe is a fantastic shoe made out of react. Foam as the mid sole there's a separated. Rock plate in here and there are super. Gnarly lugs on the bottom that are made. Out of rubber the upper is a mesh. Material that's really stretchy covered with a little bit of a toe cap and you've got a little bit of a Pegasus 35. Ask flair in the back here as well overall i think they just nailed it with. The colors and the design of this shoe. It's just absolutely beautiful never have i wanted to run in a trail. Shoe until this and i especially wanted. To run in this one to take the same run. The same route using react film again. But this time in a trail shoe and as far as i know this is the first nike trail shoe that has a react foam in it and it's absolutely marvelous running in this shoe felt really fantastic and I'm. Seeing kind of design cues technology. And other just language from other shoes. That I've run in this shoe and it's just a really great way that they've put all these things together and so the. Design of the mid visually reminds me a lot of the Pegasus. 35 but the material the all react. Midsole certainly reminds me a lot of the epic react that i ran this same I'm. Going to call it a mountain i don't know if it's technically a mountain but i ran the same mountain in last year but. Because it's react it does also remind. Me a lot of the Romero of 14 and i think. Part of it is the lugs that are on the bottom now the Romero 14 for a road shoe has pretty nubby lugs and you definitely. Can feel it as you're running on pavement in the Romero 14 i had this on. Pavement for a little bit towards the end of my run today and it definitely felt the same there now in addition to. The blue a metaphor team in terms of the bottom feel on the outsole the tongue is pretty much the exact same tongue on the. Romero 14 so if you thought the Romero 14 tongue was too small or uncomfortable you might not like this one but for me i. Thought it was just fine i had a pair of. Nike elite no-show socks on and this. Came up above the front of my sock and i. Thought i might be getting some chafing there by the end of the run but it turned out being fine it reminds me a lot of like a soccer cleat in the way it fits and feels it's a little bit padded. So you can tie the laces down a little bit tighter so you get locked down on the foot now the way that the lacing. System kind of berries into the shoe at the forefoot and this x paradin also reminds me of the gaku so turbo that i. Ran and a shoe that i think is beautiful. But not the most ergonomic shoe that. I've ever run in so i was a little bit concerned about that in the terek eiger but in the way that they use it in this. Shoe it just feels fantastic i didn't. Have any of the issues that i had in the gecko so turbo that i had here so it definitely felt good there in terms of. Where the shoe hugs your ankle and heel. This felt snug enough for me as my ankle was kind of moving all around all over the place running up and down. The hills today so absolutely felt. Fantastic in this shoe i already beat it up a little bit I've got some scuffs and dings in here already to prove it but. Feeling really good about it I'm going to be here for another couple days so i should get at least two more runs while I'm out here in arizona and I'll be putting the terek agri 5 through some. More paces I've a feeling that it's gonna fare a lot better on these hills than i do like i mentioned earlier in the video got 1600 feet of vertical. Climbing in today my typical run as i. Run along the lakefront in chicago it's. About 20 feet and so this is quite a. Departure from what I'm used to i still. Having a really hard time figuring out how to kind of pace myself going up these really long steep inclines but I'm. Having a good time messing it up and figuring it out and taking breaks and just going at it and. Having a fantastic time out there on the trails the miles flew by and I'm just. Absolutely loving running in the terek eiger 5 and also just being out in this. Absolutely beautiful spectacular scenery. So those are my thoughts on the terek hiker 5 after just my first run I'll be putting more miles into it later and giving you more detailed thoughts kind of as we go but if you've run in the terra cotta 5 or previous iterations of the terra cotta let me know what you think in the comments down below i would love to talk to you guys down there but. Before i go today i do want to remind you guys about the chair turner for this week it's Courtney smith who ran the london marathon in 2 hours and 54 minutes and raised money for severn hospice the hospice that took care of his stepmother before she passed I've donated 70 pounds to Courtney's fundraising efforts and i post links in the description in case you'd like to learn more that's all i have for today's video everybody thanks so much for making it to the end and i will see you guys tomorrow

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    Salomon Sense Ride 2 Trail Running Shoe - Men's

    Whether you're out for a quick afternoon trail run or training for your next ultra, the Salomon Sense Ride 2 Trail Running Shoe is designed to keep you comfortable through the miles. Salomon outfitted the shoe's upper in 3D stretch mesh encapsulated by Sensifit overlays and Endofit's sock-like technology for a secure, comfortable fit. Adding to this comfort is the Vibe midsole that balances long-lasting cushion and ground feel for your long-distance runs. Vibe combines lightweight, long-lasting EnergyCell+ foam with soft Opal inserts that add responsive cushioning in high-impact zones to disperse shock more comfortably. Cinch up the QuickLaces and head for the trails and the Contaggrip rubber sole will provide you with reliable traction across the trails you decide to run.

  • Every day running shoe for comfort across a variety of trails
  • 8mm drop offers a comfortable platform for midfoot strikers
  • Seamless, flexible mesh upper offers a great fit for each foot
  • OrthoLite sockliner keeps a dry, cool environment in the shoe
  • Vibe midsole delivers long-lasting cushioning on longer runs
  • Profeel Film chassis offer protection against sharp trail debris
  • Contagrip soles deliver traction on a wide variety of surfaces
  • QuickLace system allows fast and easy on-the-go fit adjustments
  • Item #SAL01LE
  • This is the salomon men's sense ride trail shoe the shoe delivers elite level. Running performance at a price that won't break the bank it borrows design features and tech from salomon's elite s lab line but uses. Materials that allow it to be more reasonable on the wallet this shoe isn't designed for any specific objective it's. More of an all around a trail runner a. Lot of folks might look at this and see a perfect everyday trainer the upper is. A flexible mesh with a welded synthetic. Overlay you get plenty of structure around the middle of the foot to keep you in place and the toes have all open. Mesh to breathe and move around freely. Without restriction, it has salomon's endo fit construction. Which basically mimics a sock all the. Way down it wraps around your foot and provides a nearly seamless fit there are. Friction free lace eyelets so durability. Is enhanced there the quick lay system. Also makes the shoe much easier to put on and take off so you don't have to waste any time tuck away the excess lacing right in the. Lacing pocket in the tongue you can see just by looking at the shoe that it's got tons of cushioning the compressed. Tva mid sole gives you plenty of comfort. And cushion and there's also a dampening. Compound in the mid sole as well the combination of these really protects the. Feet well after a full day of rock hopping on the outside you get a con to. Grip rubber outsole this sole provides a. Great balance of grip and stability on variable terrain wet dry rocky or. Groomed trails the grip is just enough without being overly clunky and route to. The trail head if you like to warm up on. Pavement before hitting the dirt these can suffice for that as well the logs. Are multi-directional so you get good braking power and acceleration without being too slippery definitely suitable for most trail running objectives or training runs before a big race the salomon men's. Cents ride strikes a great blend between. Performance and price thanks for. Watching if you have any additional questions about the gear that you just saw feel free to visit back country to get in touch with me. Or one of our other gear specialists we. Have detailed product descriptions and specs and often for a lot of our products we have additional bonus videos and if you like what we do here on youtube please subscribe.

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    HOKA ONE ONE Bondi 6 Running Shoe - Men's

    You've tried marshmallows, pillows, whisps of puffy clouds—nothing gives your feet the underfoot comfort they need for your long days on the road. Okay, maybe you haven't tried all those, but if you had you'd find that the HOKA One One Bondi 6 Running Shoe beats them by miles. The most cushioned shoe in HOKA's line up, the Bondi returns in its sixth generation to keep you cruising in comfort on longer runs and recovery days.

    With all its cushioning you might think that the Bondi would be clunky and burdensome, but thanks to HOKA's Meta-Rocker system, you've got a super smooth and easy ride. The early stage Meta-Rocker, combined with a beveled heel, provides a soft landing and a quick and smooth transition to toe-off, giving you a feeling of foot control that's easily lost in max-cushioned shoes. The upper has been redesigned with an open engineered mesh construction to enhance breathability, while still providing the support and secure fit that you need with all that cushion underfoot. The sole also went through a makeover, now offering more flex and durability for long journeys far from home.

  • A max cushioned trainer to make your long runs a little softer
  • EVA cushioning offers lots of plush as you grind out long miles
  • Meta-Rocker design delivers a smooth and quick gait transition
  • Mesh upper breathes and supports as you build speed
  • Redesigned sole has plenty of durability for endless miles
  • Item #HOK0041
  • I check it out it's time for another shoe review and today we are reviewing the hulk up all night on a bondi six. All right some out here it's cold I'm. Wearing my jacket in my hat but i wanted to do this review outside so that's what. We're doing this is the one i don't know. If I'm pronouncing it perfectly but cocka cocka okay i don't know. Hoka all name only i know that part is. Right though because it's not one it's only on a moon eight on a i. Don't know it's a difficult name to. Pronounce but the bomb died six anyway so the bondi six is the latest bondi. Model from hoka it came out this year. Just a few months ago just a month ago or something like that and so it's fairly new the bondi is historically the. Most cushion chui in the whole car range possibly even the most cushioned shoe in the world i don't know it is very. Cushioned this is the number six and. I've been wanting to try hocus for while. Now I've done i run mostly just an ultra. O exclusively in ultra shoes and I've. Done a lot of those reviews I'll put a link to one of them here and i love ultra shoes but I've always been intrigued by hoka i guess I'm also a. Think that affect a little bit by the marketing i think they do a great job marketing, and they do a great job. The signing the shoes i mean they look. Really cool so i wanted to try them i. Also like to the idea i like the idea of maximum cushioning — you know it just it. Makes sense to me for a lot of reasons that i will probably get into in another video maximal versus may not want all that but i bought it i try them. These are actually the wide model the. The bondi wide because i have so wide. Feet and that's why the ultras are most. Of the time good for me but even them are actually quite narrow sometimes in the middle there so i went for the wide. Model and it's its just wide enough for. Me it's not perfect this all it's almost perfect so. I enjoy them first time i headed out on. The on the run with them it was just like what that felt good. Okay that was nice just having that. Cushion it was just like heading out on the forest floor on the trail even. Though i was on the pavement and you know the less cushioning i have when i head out on a payment the more i feel like it's difficult to enjoy the road. You know i mean like it's just so hard. With these though i can head out and i can actually enjoy it all the way through so i would say that this is obviously a shoe that you would use. Probably no longer road runs like your. Long run or is a volume shoe whereas if. You're doing a speed workout you're. Doing a temp around even you probably want to consider doing it with a slightly lighter shoe right a little bit less cushion to have a little bit more contact maybe with the ground a little bit more control but most of all the weight because let's talk about the weight i don't know the exact specs but. I think i weighed this one this is a 46 this is size four six and two-thirds. European size which is a pretty big shoe. I have big feet and i think it weighs something like 350. Grams which is a lot okay that is a lot. So they're pretty damn heavy and you notice as well when you're running in, and they are heavy but it's not a problem i mean you do get used to it and. It's sort of it's just like it's fine it's fine but it's not it doesn't feel like a fast shoe but it because of the cushioning and the sort of springiness of the shoe you still feel like your sort of floating along fairly nicely so i would. Say they're heavy but it's not a problem. I was actually originally wanting to try the clifton's which are slightly less cushion, but they didn't have them in the wide size so i helped iowa for valen dies and it's pretty firm i can't. Really twist it much so not very. Flexible but f very comfortable still. The upper is also very comfortable i. Don't know it's its fairly sometimes i. Can't find the right words to describe what I'm trying to explain but let's. Just say it's comfortable the upper is comfortable and feels pretty sturdy i. Like the laces i like these kinds of laces two flat ones they just feel like they're easier to tie up, and they're a. Little bit elastic which is nice as well. What i do is that i loosen the laces. Down here to make my foot more. Comfortable there at the widest point and then i tighten it up here the outer. Sole looks a pretty sturdy yeah it's it. Doesn't look like it's gonna break down too quickly but then again about we only. Run about oh i don't know 50 kilometers. Or something in them so far so it's difficult to say the fit was quite nice. In terms of like how to fit it around my ankle and stuff it felt comfortable. I wasn't slipping out and in and out of the shoe or anything i its firm i have one big issue with it though i do have. One big issue my big toe keeps bumping. Into the upper around here and it feels. Really as though it's made for people. With hallux vagus is that what it's. Called i think where the big toe is sort. Of going inward like that you know. That's a problem with a lot of shoes they sort of force your toes together and that's what i love about ultra the ultra branded it they have wide toe box allows your close display so most shoes. They force your toe in like that and the same is true for this they will force your toe a little bit in and i don't think it's a healthy. By mechanical thing and also when your. Toe is forced in like that you're missing out on having that big toe. Stabilized and and when you're. Towing off you should really get some of your power going through the big toe but. If it's forced in like that your sort of missing out on that so i think that's a big problem that a hoca should. Definitely attend to creating a little bit of a larger toe box especially around the big toe the other toes were. Fine though i can't remember exactly how many millimeters of drop i think there're five millimeters of drop. And the cushioning is something like thirty millimeters i can't remember exactly but there's a link in the description to the shoe it's actually an affiliate link it will take you to amazon where you can buy these shoes if you want them and if you. Do click that link we will get paid for sending you there if you choose to buy but the price remains the same for you anyway so if you do that to be way to support the long trail but you can as well. Read there about the specs etc I'm not. Used to running with a drop I've run in all structures as I've mentioned a few times now, and they have zero drop meaning it's a completely flat shoe from heel to toe i prefer that but i wanted. To try how it feels with a little bit of heel to toe drop anyway so these have a. Five millimeter drop as i said i think and that i can feel it i can definitely. Feel it was kind of strange it makes. Me run slightly differently and i know i don't know if that's a good or bad thing yet i haven't filmed myself and studied. How my running style is altered but. That's something i will do so i think this particular color isn't almost awesome one i would prefer the blue on the typical hoka you know. Light blue type color but this was all they had in the white model so that's what i had to do anyway that's it super. Awesome shoe I'm enjoying the cushioning I'm experimenting with different types of shoes and this is a very interesting one i dig the brand check out the. Affiliate link that i just mentioned it in the description and let me know in the comments have you tried them are you fan of hookah have you which models have. You tried pros/cons if not hookah or. Ultra at all what brand do you run in let me know in the comments i want to know and of course check out some of my other shoe reviews on ultra shoes I'll. Put a link to them somewhere here thanks. For watching please subscribe and quick. Little bell button as well so you get notified whenever i upload a video hope. You're having a good day bye-bye.

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    Outdoor Research Echo Short-Sleeve T-Shirt - Men's

    There's nothing like a good echo off the mountains from your favorite peak, and whether you're hiking, biking, or running up there, you'll be traveling in comfort with the Outdoor Research Echo Short-Sleeve T-Shirt. Made with OR's Airvent fabric, this shirt wicks moisture, breathes well, and dries quickly as you move, offering comfortable multi-sport performance in hot weather. Raglan sleeves ensure easier and more comfortable movement for any pursuit, while flat seams ensure that you won't chafe as you start to work harder. You've also got ActiveFresh anti-odor technology making sure that all those miles of adventuring don't result in a smelly car ride home, as well as UPF 15 sun protection to for skin protection on long days in exposed environments.

  • Lightweight performance for active adventures in hot weather
  • Airvent fabric wicks moisture and breathes to keep you dry and cool
  • UPF 15 sun protection keeps your skin safer in exposed conditions
  • Anti-odor technology keeps your shirt fresher in between washes
  • Raglan sleeves enhance your mobility on trail runs and bike climbs
  • Flat seams prevent chafing as you pick up your pace
  • Reflective details help keep you visible on low-light road runs
  • Item #ODR00WC
  • I'm beth I'm a member of the outdoor. Research ambassador team this is the long-sleeve version of the new echo collection the echo collection is. Awesome for any high exertion activity from long approaches in the mountains to runs to backpacking the air vent fabric. Is really nice and lightweight and durable but it also is awesome for. Wicking so it takes all the moisture from your skin and moves it to the surface of the fabric and evaporates really quickly. It's also treated with poly gene which really helps reduce odors so I'm always. Welcome back in the tent at night another awesome feature is it has this. Stow pocket i usually just stash a gel or my car keys in if I'm out for a run echo piece is my go-the shirt from being. A base layer on a long climb to all i need if I'm out on a run it's just awesome.

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    Pearl Izumi Flash Insulator Run Jacket - Men's

    Don't let the winter months sideline your running habit—run through the year's coldest months with the Pearl Izumi Men's Flash Insulator Run Jacket. The Flash is insulated throughout the body with Primaloft insulation to keep your core warm, and it has a weather-resistant polyester fabric throughout the rest of the jacket to combat wind and moisture. Two zippered hand pockets give you a place to warm your hands or stash a few energy gels on those longer runs. Reflective details provide an extra touch of visibility when light is limited.

  • Polyester
  • 40g Primaloft synthetic insulation
  • Regular fit
  • Zippered handwarmer pockets
  • Reflective details
  • Item #PLZ00AD
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    Adidas Outdoor SuperLite Visor - Men's

    Running and training in hot weather is tough, but the Adidas Outdoor SuperLite Visor is here to help. Its light and stretchy Climalite fabric wicks sweat to keep you dry and cool, as well as shields your skin from the searing UV rays beating down overhead. Adidas also added a non-glare lining under the brim to reduce eye fatigue and help you focus on the road ahead.

  • Light and breathable visor for warm weather runs
  • Climalite fabric wicks sweat and dries quickly
  • Climacool technology helps you stay cool
  • Non-glare lining under visor for clearer vision
  • UPF 50+ sun protection shields skin from UV rays
  • Adjustable strap for comfy and secure fit
  • Item #ADA0086
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    Pearl Izumi Flash Insulator Run Jacket - Men's

    Don't let the winter months sideline your running habit—run through the year's coldest months with the Pearl Izumi Men's Flash Insulator Run Jacket. The Flash is insulated throughout the body with Primaloft insulation to keep your core warm, and it has a weather-resistant polyester fabric throughout the rest of the jacket to combat wind and moisture. Two zippered hand pockets give you a place to warm your hands or stash a few energy gels on those longer runs. Reflective details provide an extra touch of visibility when light is limited.

  • Polyester
  • 40g Primaloft synthetic insulation
  • Regular fit
  • Zippered handwarmer pockets
  • Reflective details
  • Item #PLZ00AD
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    Adidas Insley Crew Sweatshirt - Men's

  • Cozy cotton sweatshirt to rock after grueling gym sessions
  • Midweight cotton blend offers light stretch for active pursuits
  • Ribbed cuffs and hem keep your warmth sealed inside
  • Sporty Adidas stripes provide an athletic look
  • Item #ADD00X5
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    Vuori Ponto Performance Pullover Hoodie - Men's

  • Performance pullover keeps comfy during the warmup and cool-down
  • Stretchy fabric wicks moisture, dries quickly, and keeps comfy
  • Zip pouch pocket secures valuables during workouts
  • Item #VUO003R
  • Today's video is about some new pants. That i have purchased that are from a. Company and I'm not going to say the name correctly but it's but spelled vuo. Are i worried. I'm guessing its bori so it's a brand. That i don't have any items from it is. Athletic apparel men's pants here. They're a nice fabric that is stretchy. You could use them for weight lifting. Yoga running whatever they're not super. Tight in there, and they're not too hot i. Have some under armour pants that are nice, but they are a little hot for. Different sports these are a good. Lightweight they are stretchy you can. See their pockets in front one pocket. And back and they have a drawstring. That's exposed you could find these ins. Different places online rei is one place I've seen them I'm. Wearing a medium and they're pretty. Comfortable and i don't feel like they're too big and or too small at the. Same time the length is good highly. Recommended on these a bit surprising very small logo on the sides. There just a little button it's really. Hard to see so that's good i don't like logos everywhere zipper in the back so. Check these out highly recommended.

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    La Sportiva Odyssey GTX Jacket - Men's

    The wind picks up, the light rain turns heavy, and your face is getting pelted with stinging drops of water so you pull up the Odyssey GTX Jacket’s hood and keep running into the rain. Designed as a jacket for those who don’t shy away from their pursuits when the weather takes a turn for the worse, La Sportiva uses Gore-Tex Active Shell technology to keep water out while still providing breathability. When the harsh weather subsides, the jacket can be packed into its own stowable pocket for easy storage.

  • Lightweight shell for aerobic activity in inclement weather
  • Gore-Tex Active Shell provides breathable, waterproof protection
  • Store jacket away when weather clears with integrated stow pocket
  • Jacket-to-pant connection system for full body weather protection
  • Item #LSP00IP
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    La Sportiva Blizzard Windbreaker Jacket - Men's

    The La Sportiva Men's Blizzard Windbreaker Jacket is so light and compact that you can pack it into its own chest pocket for simple storage when you're running. Its fabric blocks wind and resists moisture for light protection from weather. There are mesh panels at the rear and under each arm to amplify airflow, and the hood is articulated to move with your head for unencumbered vision.

  • Ultralight windbreaker designed for running
  • Wind-blocking, water-resisting fabric for weather protection
  • Articulated hood maintains eyesight no matter which way you look
  • Mesh panels under sleeves and at the rear for ventilation
  • Jacket packs into stow pocket for compactness
  • Item #LSP00GB
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    Adidas Outdoor Stockhorn Fleece Hoodie II - Men's

    When you're running, hiking, or climbing in a wide range of weather conditions, the Adidas Outdoor Stockhorn Fleece Hoodie II keeps you comfortable. Its four-way stretch fleece construction keeps you mobile and sheds light moisture when you encounter a surprise storm during your workout. A high neck offers protection from wind and rain while the long sleeves have banded cuffs to stay put while you run, hike, or climb.

  • Hooded fleece jacket for training during cold weather conditions
  • Fleece construction sheds light moisture in unexpected storms
  • Four-way stretch fabric moves and stretches with your body
  • High neck offers protection from the elements when fully zipped
  • Long sleeves have banded cuffs for a stay-put fit during activity
  • Regular fit is easy to layer over your performance tees and tanks
  • Item #ADA00AU
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    Vuori Fields Packable Pullover - Men's

    The Vuori Men's Packable Pullover is a lightweight hoodie suitable for working out that you can pack into its own pocket when the warmup is over and it's time to really train. It provides a four-way stretch for freedom of movement, and it wicks moisture and dries quickly to keep comfy when you work up a sweat.

  • Performance pullover keeps comfy during training and packs away
  • Four-way stretch fabric wicks moisture and offers anti-odor
  • 1/4-zip offers ventilation while hood provides coverage
  • Zippered pockets with extra pocket for packing pullover away
  • Item #VUO003Q
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    La Sportiva Blizzard Windbreaker Jacket - Men's

    The La Sportiva Men's Blizzard Windbreaker Jacket is so light and compact that you can pack it into its own chest pocket for simple storage when you're running. Its fabric blocks wind and resists moisture for light protection from weather. There are mesh panels at the rear and under each arm to amplify airflow, and the hood is articulated to move with your head for unencumbered vision.

  • Ultralight windbreaker designed for running
  • Wind-blocking, water-resisting fabric for weather protection
  • Articulated hood maintains eyesight no matter which way you look
  • Mesh panels under sleeves and at the rear for ventilation
  • Jacket packs into stow pocket for compactness
  • Item #LSP00GB
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    Merrell Agility Peak Flex 3 Trail Running Shoe - Men's

    The Merrell Agility Peak Flex 3 Trail Running Shoe is built for running on rugged trails. It features a durable yet highly breathable mesh jacquard upper that is treated with M Select FRESH to repel unwanted odors to keep your feet fresh through the miles. Its EVA midsole absorbs shock for a smooth ride while FLEXconnect technology delivers stability for agility across technical mountain terrain. An rock plate protects your feet from uneven trails and underfoot debris while the highly durable Vibram MegaGrip soles provide you with durable traction across the changing terrain of your mountainous run.

  • Durable running shoe for agility on technical mountain terrain
  • 6mm drop caters to your midfoot strike to help enhance your gait
  • Breathable uppers withstand the rigors of running on the trails
  • M Select FRESH treatment repels unwanted odors for fresh comfort
  • EVA midsole offers cushioning and absorbs shock for a smooth ride
  • FLEXconnect midsole technology provides stability and agility
  • TrailProtect protects your feet from underfoot debris on the trail
  • Vibram MegaGrip sole offers durable traction across varying terrain
  • Item #MER00M8
  • qué tal amigos de trail ánimo estamos en outdoor 2018 y en la casa americana. Merrell nos hemos encontrado una de las. Grandes novedades para spring summer 2019 el primavera-verano 2019 la gran apuesta yo creo de merkel para 2019 este es ágil y típico flex versión 3 ya. Llevamos 2 y esta será la tercera pero para mí es un cambio muy importante muy. Radical y es que han reestructurado toda zapatilla y os voy a ir explicando un poco paso por paso un upper que como podéis ver ha cambiado por completo si apostaban por el enginyer en mes en la última versión en este caso en apostado pero el jacquard además del jaguar yo creo que llevan unas implantaciones de tpv para darle más estructura y es que la verdad es que es un material bastante duro que yo creo que será muy resistente y además creará buen ajuste tendremos que verlo esto en la review también con su sistema de atado algo distinto para. Facilitar digamos el ajuste en todas las direcciones y si yo tiro de este cable fijaros cómo va tensando el otro lado es decir está conectado a un lado con el otro para ajustar digamos de manera más personalizada la zapatilla además de esto esqueleto con este material también yo creo que sí algo parecido más estructurado para reforzar dar protección y algo más de. Estructura a la zapatilla para evitar piedras etcétera etcétera y además con un talón con un material que dicen que es muy resistente y la verdad es que lo parece parece un estilo cordura veremos qué tal funciona además de esto no me quiero saltar un punto importante y es que la plantilla también ha apostado por una plantilla totalmente nueva y el material os puedo asegurar que dan ganas. De tocarlo y no parar de hacerlo porque es realmente blandito yo creo que en ese primer las sensaciones en primer fib se notará y mucho en estas zapatillas además de esto a ver si podemos mostrar. Esto fijaros como tienen una parte en la en el antepié si digamos sin el fútbol. Para tener esa sensación para seguir. Apostando por el flex con el que esa tecnología que tienen ellos para seguir. Con el área de merrill de buena flexión algo más de natural running acercarnos al suelo y ser amoldables al suelo y fijaros que la zapatilla incluso flexa en la versión opuesta no vamos a hacerlo mucho pero fijaros como flexa muy bien en esta dirección y también de manera vertical media suela 6 milímetros de. Drop estamos hablando de 285 la verdad es que parece más de lo que pesa serán algo más dinámicas de lo que parecen a simple vista y materiales muy. Muy agradables al tacto colchón arcos en la zona del talón y algo más quizá de. Firmeza perfiles más bajo algo más de dinamismo en la zona delantera por último y no por eso menos importante gran apuesta por esta suela que por. Primera vez será vibra mega grip pero siguiendo con este adn con este esta. Filosofía de pie de acuerdo para facilitar también eso la adaptación en el terreno s flexión que flex se muy. Bien que se adapte bien al terreno pero con la protección que lleva está una pieza en el interior para proteger de las piedras o irregulares del terreno a la hora de correr apostando por amortiguación y apostando más por protección en la zona delantera así son las primeras impresiones que nos hemos llevado de estas agility picks flex3d merrill yo creo que unas zapatillas más polivalentes que nos va a presentar merrell para competir media distancia maratones y hasta ultra resistencia. Ultramaratones yo creo que unas zapatillas protegidas dinámicas y con muy buena amortiguación como siempre las problemas dónde vuestra página web entre rangers y puntocom hasta la próxima.

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    Adidas Outdoor Terrex Agravic Speed GTX Trail Running Shoe - Men's

    Ideal for speedy workouts and trail-racing circuits, the Adidas Terrex Agravic Speed GTX Trail Running Shoe delivers lightweight performance and dependable protection from fickle mountain elements. Outfitted with an integrated Gore-Tex membrane, this speed-minded shoe gives you the waterproof and breathable performance you need to charge through sloppy mud and deep puddles without thinking twice. After all, your mind is focused on faster times and a higher finishing position, so you need to keep the distractions to a minimum. That's where the lightweight EVA midsole and Continental Rubber outsole also come in handy. Comfortable cushioning supports your feet through long miles without adding weight, while the grippy outsole compound ensures that you can dart through even the most rugged trail sections without losing traction or slipping out at high speeds.

  • Waterproof trail running shoe designed for speedy competitions
  • Gore-Tex membrane keeps the water out and breathes well as you run
  • Grippy rubber outsole lets you keep your speed on slick surfaces
  • Lightweight midsole cushioning won't weigh you down
  • Abrasion-resistant upper is designed for rugged mountain trails
  • Reflectivity keeps you visible when your trail feeds onto the road
  • Item #ADA00DG
  • Today we're going to be talking about the tareq's of gravid speed i put around. 250 miles on these shoes and from that. Amount of experience i can tell you this is a unique shoe these shoes have some big pros and some cons and hopefully by. The end of this review you'll know if this shoe is right for you first off you need to know that these are extremely light running shoes coming in at eight point eight ounces for a size nine you're going to have a hard time finding trail shoes that are lighter than these keeping in mind that there a light shoe let's talk about the cons first protection with such a lightweight shoe they had to take away material from every part of the shoe in doing, so they left a very low to the ground feel which is nice but there's no rock plate or a. Thick rubber for protection and honestly some people like to feel connection to the trail but i run on rocky technical terrain and personally i prefer a little. But more protection than they shoe offer second tread in my opinion these. Lugs just aren't aggressive enough they do use continental rubber which is a good material but i want more aggressive tread for the terrain where i run which. Is usually loose rocky terrain third i. Like a low heel to toe drop and this. Comes in at eight millimeters which is a little high for my taste i personally. Like to be around six millimeters and under alright and that's not a huge list. Of cons but let's move on to the pros first let's talk about the lacing on the shoe this is something that is often overlooked but in my opinion can make or break a shoe i was expecting the lacing to be a con because minimalist shoes usually don't get the lacing system right but when you tighten the laces on. These shoes right here it won't slip so you don't lose the tension while you finish tying the rest of the shoe on top of that they've incorporated a thin layer of eb a like cushion type stuff in. The tongue between the laces and the top of your foot allowing for maximum comfort and i absolutely love this minimalist lacing systems have cut off. The circulation to the front of my foot in other shoes but these shoes do not have that problem because of that cushioning material right there second the upper construction i love the. Sock like fit the rip stop mesh is. Surprisingly and this shoe is extremely breathable third the weight you honestly feel like. You can fly in these they are light nimble and fast i love running fast in. These shoes at around 250 miles that are. Still, things about the shoes that are to be determined for example i can feel where my forefoot has started to compress the eba and with the small amount of cushion that i started with I'm worried did a cushion won't last much longer and the tread on the bottom of the shoe is already showing some wear and tear as for the upper i am very. Impressed with the small amount of material they used it is holding up great just you know I'll be updating you. Guys in the comments down below so check down below for any updates also take a. Second head on over to my website buy a hat subscribe and check out some of the other videos I've made you can also connect with me on Instagram or facebook. Thanks for watching. Oh.

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    La Sportiva Auster Short - Men's

    The La Sportiva Men's Auster Short looks like a pair of standard running shorts, except it's more durable for longer use on the trail. Its stretchy fabric still breathes and dries quickly like you'd expect out of performance-oriented shorts—it even has a mesh brief—but it's even better when you're running through bushes with poking twigs.

  • Running short is durable enough for the trails
  • Stretchy fabric breathes and dries quickly
  • Rear mesh lining enhances ventilation
  • Elastic waist with adjustable drawstring
  • Two side pockets and zippered back pocket
  • Item #LSP00GG
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