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  Norrona Fjora Equaliser Lightweight Short-Sleeve T-Shirt - Men's Under Armour Tech T-Shirt - Men's Rab Flashpoint Pull-On Jacket - Men's Quiksilver Waterman Sea Hound Long-Sleeve Crew Shirt - Men's NAU Randygoat Pant - Men's La Sportiva Velocity Tank Top - Men's Arc'teryx Motus Comp Shirt - Men's Columbia Titan Ultra Running Tank Top - Men's
  Norrona Fjora Equaliser Lightweight Short-Sleeve T-Shirt - Men's Under Armour Tech T-Shirt - Men's Rab Flashpoint Pull-On Jacket - Men's Quiksilver Waterman Sea Hound Long-Sleeve Crew Shirt - Men's NAU Randygoat Pant - Men's La Sportiva Velocity Tank Top - Men's Arc'teryx Motus Comp Shirt - Men's Columbia Titan Ultra Running Tank Top - Men's
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Brand Quiksilver Waterman Norrona Columbia La Sportiva Rab NAU Under Armour Arc'teryx
Fit regular regular active regular slim regular regular athletic trim
Manufacturer Warranty 1 year 5 years 1 year 1 year lifetime lifetime limited lifetime limited
Material 47% cotton, 46% modal, 7% elastane Equaliser synthetic 100% polyester, 86% polyester, 14% elastane 92% polyester, 8% spandex [membrane/laminate] Pertex Shield (3-layer), [face fabric] 100% nylon 51% recycled polyester, 49% merino wool polyester Phasic FL (100% polyester), Reza (100% polyester)
Recommended Use casual hiking, trail, trail running road running, training running backpacking, casual, hiking, sport climbing, trail running, ultralight backpacking casual, road running, trail running, training fitness -
Style crew crew crew - - - crew crew
Reflective - - details yes yes - - yes
Claimed Weight - - - 2.4oz 4.6oz 5.5oz - 3.2oz

Norrona Fjora Equaliser Lightweight Short-Sleeve T-Shirt - Men's

Representing premium technical mountain biking wear, the Norrona Fjora Lightweight Equaliser T-Shirt works to keep you dry so you can focus on navigating treacherous vertical and single-track. With synthetic Equaliser fabrication, the Fjora manages temperature and moisture to keep you as cool and dry as possible while you cruise mountain trails. UV protection fends off harmful rays so your ride can't be spoiled by a day full of sun. Whether you're gunning for the finish line and champion's purse or just riding for fun, the trusty Norrona viking wants to lead you to glorious mountain biking victory.

  • A lightweight shirt for tearing up trail on your bike
  • Equaliser fabrication regulates temperature for cool wear
  • Moisture-managing properties wick moisture for drier riding
  • Crew and short-sleeve design offer protection and coverage
  • UV protection fends off harmful sun rays
  • Item #NRA00DD
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    Under Armour Tech T-Shirt - Men's

    Under Armour's moisture-wicking, quick-drying, and odor-fighting Men's Tech T-Shirt's perfect for taking your workout to the next level.

  • Polyester
  • Regular fit
  • Moisture wicking and quick drying
  • Anti-odor technology
  • Item #UND009L
  • You what's up youtube you ever use here you. Do a review here on the enormity i. Didn't wear a short sleeve and these are. Now pretty common this is pretty much the basic tee from armor it's looking. Like cotton but it's you know it's nothing like cotton that get the it's. Like it's like 95% polyester you know. It's its very loud what's right on here. A second just give you see what looks like all of me and you know it's pretty. Much just like just a normal shirt and i. Like partly is just for everyday use and. So let's see what looks like. All right that's the underarmor tech t. You know i think how they recommend this. If you're in do you had to work it. Out it's good work out here if you're. Any type of in athletics or have like. Top person perfect for you it's a nothing like a cotton t-shirt but it's. Feels like it but it's so much better. It's so much worth it the price range from about i think $20. To about $25 you know $25 would be a. Long sleeve i don't have at this time but uh they're like i wear these a lot. Just for you know going out i just. Pretty much my t-shirt you know i mean. They fit great for you know all sizes of. People no matter if you're and you know. You're getting in want to get into shape you know this is the first thing you're clothed and thanks a lot for watching. This video if you want anything reviewed. Or leave a comment and I'll try to do my. Best to get into that car review it. For you my community of viewers is very. Small right now you know make sure your thumb up this video and you know the. I'll keep cranking out videos here so thanks for watching.

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    Rab Flashpoint Pull-On Jacket - Men's

    When weight is at a premium and the weather ahead changes in the blink of an eye, packing the Rab Men's Flashpoint Pull-On Jacket for your alpine adventure is a no-brainer. Incredibly light, waterproof, and breathable, the Flashpoint's 3-layer Pertex Shield construction shields you from rain, sleet, and snow while allowing internal moisture to escape easily as you make your way up the mountain. A semi-elasticized hood with a stiffened peak and rear volume adjustment guarantees customizable protection for your head as the heavens open up, and waterproof AquaGuard zippers throughout do their part to prevent any unwanted moisture from seeping in. Plus, Rab included a lightweight stuff sack that makes packing a breeze, and when paired with the jacket tips the scale at a meager 4.6-ounces.

  • Exceptionally light rain and wind jacket for fast adventures
  • Waterproof, breathable fabric protects against the elements
  • Slim fit reduces bulk and restriction
  • Semi-elasticized hood and cuffs customize your protection
  • Reflective branding give you extra visibility
  • Included stuff sack makes for easy packing
  • Item #RAB00H1
  • Let's talk about this point scoop it. Simple wurde prüft barry green jacket. First of wrong but as usual in the. Things that everyone is considered eyed. Peas nord deswegen to use in. Grint snowboarding is something of. Course it's a heartache das intro. Lightweight mit very good die afa und. Julia winter der ist pittl s used for. Advanced theft protection wenn ihr du. Nie der harte part von news is what you. Get to micro exploration in going. Somewhere in may be the change of. Getting up in samurai ins tor. You want to have something with you if you're going back into you can't keep. Just in case beware ministerin dass cdu. Und oboist fli into the next big thing. And sometimes i just want to be out and about the Kennedy training zum rangers. Obliege doch equipment vor allem rsn. Definition obligatorily been waiting on. The pics of love and the storm update. Protection for the wind if there's. Anything caught up im urin bevor ende. Kennen ja you have to use as long as. Your loving you are going to be mine. Wird jetzt auf den hafen es ist ja. Ritual bit more protection add in my. Case with the counter clancy sei würde. Man joseph saunders anthony Davidson. Eaton protection gehen wenn der erste. Teil in affoltern form in der 2. Christoph sec dieses extra disney und. Die autohändler in der politic. Die greater protection against the. Machine head of capital one of them. Wind prüfen weil die anlagen enough to. Be nice to protect ii weiter nach fette. Henne lässt das heißt haar zurückgekämmt. To watch as long as you that were too. Much on the wall closing nicely. Protecting neiße polen ist oft groß und. Erst von dem mädel of your typical war. Kaka gab citys noticias genus hf. Aktuelle manage to look to you once and. Hat die politic in bussi not what you. Want to have to und putsche dann complete löschen und größeren haustür. Mingled der avantgarde Nassau von. Switch reloaded die protect ergänzt. Ratings and that may be right to cover. So der miete behandelt wizard of the. Storm von denise even for some extra. Protection against the music one giant. Leap for you want you back and politics. Of the border prüfte ist ein. Gartencenter und gedys interwar eines. Fades kloses realer so der juso way. Of green jackets yukon puller johann. Josef kloster ich permitted. Take it with you can sieht klose kein. Oswald kenntnis da kann auch Bowie zwei protected der. Ist ein händedruck ort in der bergkirche. Mit opern ist Judith hesse patients with. Vintage mode politic lemgos exactly what. To do thi fleiß protection exklusiven. Begetter sein berliner solon se. Protected vom gooiest rango the brain. Ort interviews and the dream her ist. Really like particle in der combination. Musste droht bitterste bream heiße bit. Of metal inside so if you put into the. Things and the dreams mhz bands auto. Show must go on bandit back into the way. You want to have and is perfect erkennen. Das ist denn holding ab nice to have not. For modern trotzdem steht der after some of my way. Ramsdorf visit wenn etwas weiterhin auf. So weiter und wird machetes jahr still holding ab nicely protective lightweight. Something for you need to know where to. Use it like it's nothing for supporting. Ice climbing like that should be pretty. Offers ins nordend offiziell wurm base. Layer bis Samsung a der university. Gips ist hat ich Bunche es mir um. Shorthanded need you can read in honking die endet will be ok in der down for you. Need to have some think will protect. Most of your hands on most definitely be. Ok her der handybauer sony lässt das heißt es. Kann keiner misslingen droht ja wort und. Strop Gorbachev ist das sony move up. Overtime endlos man mit diesem Morgan. Das ist noch so hefting wie riesen boni. Twitter base layer anatom slk fi und. Wendi sch evern alternative scene in. Review auf der auto research. Intellectually in bad aibling klerikers. Und ja denn etf städtischen ein bit of. Force stationiert so olin irgendwie. United wäre wasser teil very nice to. Have a very lightweight watchers bring. Just in case ist warren hughes inc. Attackiert bevor in der auto- research. At alpha structure and replace decide. Between the difference vom different. Manufacturers weil dennis basically. Tessin der fcb tv spot jug end feind mit. Schwas du bist du you know what did he. Put into you how to do something new. Something cine city bei drei auto eine. Sing and some of the time the very nice. Lee may all no interest to seeing the. Difference between different user mit. Der materiel ins weingut bekommt die tri. Gottesgeschenk 3 des technology sounds. Brille interest in bis der firmen speeding in terms of water pruning wind. Prüfen ascent of the ability der täter. Gezielt hess hält auf dem mainboard. Backpacker definitiver running west /. YouTube so gut wie verges sen. Die förderung kann pdfs darf die. Apothegm zwei hdmi-1 baby gibt. Flash point project to make nice thing. City.

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    Quiksilver Waterman Sea Hound Long-Sleeve Crew Shirt - Men's

    Slip into the Quicksilver Waterman Sea Hound Long-Sleeve Crew Shirt before a day on the boat or a shoulder season walk on the beach. This shirt boasts an impressive moisture wicking fabric, classic crew neck look, and all the comfort you would expect for a casual shirt.

  • Comfortable long sleeve top built for the outdoors
  • Stretch fabric is comfortable, soft, and moisture wicking
  • Crew neck creates a timeless and casual look
  • Ventilation details keep you cool and breathing well
  • Item #QSE009Q
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    NAU Randygoat Pant - Men's

  • A do-it-all track pant for running the back roads then hitting town
  • Wool blend fabric wicks moisture during active wear to stay cool
  • Recycled polyester material adds stretch for comfortable mobility
  • Regular fit easily layers over a baselayer for cold weather workouts
  • Zippered back pocket keeps phone or wallet secure when running
  • Item #NAU008Z
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    La Sportiva Velocity Tank Top - Men's

    Lightweight, breathable, and cut to deliver a comfortable and chafe-free fit, the La Sportiva Men's Velocity Tank Top is a solid choice whether you're running a new trail or your favorite route around town. Its moisture-wicking polyester fabric has just a touch of stretch, while body-mapped venting helps keep a supply of cool air circulating through. La Sportiva even treated the shirt with a Polygiene anti-odor finish to combat post-run funk.

  • Polyester stretch fabric
  • Polygiene anti-odor treatment
  • Body-mapped venting
  • Regular fit
  • HeiQ chafe-free comfort
  • Reflective details
  • Item #LSP009H
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    Arc'teryx Motus Comp Shirt - Men's

    Out of Arc'teryx's entire collection of trail running tees, the Men's Motus Comp Shirt is certainly one of the more technical options to better prepare you for race day. It's made out of the same airy, breathable, and light Reza mesh fabric as the original Arc'teryx Motus, except Phasic FL fabric covers the shoulders for better durability against hydration packs. Arc'teryx also minimized the seams as much as possible to reduce irritation on long competitions.

  • Technical tee designed for competitive trail running
  • Reza mesh fabric is breathable, light, and airy
  • Phasic FL shoulders enhance durability against hydration packs
  • Minimized seams reduce chafe irritation
  • Item #ARC00XL
  • I'm adam campbell trail runner mount runner for arc'teryx we're here in southern utah checking us I'm the sweet single track trails it's been a really spectacular day I'm wearing the moto short sleeve shirt at the moment we're running in the desert right now so it's really lightweight really breathable it's really comfortable to weather I'm running with a packer just out for an easy cruise and the trails and it uses. The phasic fabric so although we're in a drier climate now we got two more humid spots it's really wicks the moisture nicely it spreads it across so the material dry is really fast and i really. I can't say enough about how much I've enjoyed wearing it all summer in the mountains that's been my go-to piece all year for sure. You.

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    Columbia Titan Ultra Running Tank Top - Men's

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