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  Pret Helmets Lyric Helmet - Women's Smith Mirage Helmet - Women's Anon Insight Sonar Goggles - Women's Bolle Duchess Goggles - Women's Anon WM1 Goggles - Women's
  Pret Helmets Lyric Helmet - Women's Smith Mirage Helmet - Women's Anon Insight Sonar Goggles - Women's Bolle Duchess Goggles - Women's Anon WM1 Goggles - Women's
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Brand Anon Smith Bolle Anon Pret Helmets
Frame TPU, dual layer foam - polycarbonate thermoplastic polyurethane -
Manufacturer Warranty 1 year lifetime 1 year on paint/decals 1 year 1 year
Recommended Use all-mountain skiing, all-mountain snowboarding skiing, snowboarding skiing, snowboarding snowboarding, skiing all-mountain skiing, all-mountain snowboarding
Ventilation - slider Flow-Tech - VTT1 vents along front, top, and rear

Pret Helmets Lyric Helmet - Women's

Ready to rip, no matter the conditions or terrain at hand, the Pret Women's Lyric Helmet offers a sleek, minimalist design with certified protection from nasty spills along the way. In-Mold construction keeps it noticeably lightweight and low-profile on your noggin, allowing this helmet to blend into your everyday skiing and riding routine without getting in the way or feeling heavy and tiresome.

Pret's RCS fit system dials in a truly custom fit that wraps around your head without excess slop or movement at higher speeds. It's packing VTT1 intake and exhaust vents to keep air flowing nicely through the helmet, which is especially helpful on those warmer spring days. Plus, you have the option to cover up the top and front ventilation holes with the liner on the coldest shred sessions of the season. Other noteworthy features include an EcoSmart liner of recycled fleece for extra coziness, as well as audio-ready ear pads that work with the latest speakers from Outdoor Tech (sold separately).

  • Lightweight helmet for anything the mountain throws your way
  • In-Mold construction keeps it low-profile and lightweight
  • RCS fit system with control dial for a customized fit
  • VTT1 intake and exhaust ports for greater ventilation
  • EcoSmart liner of recycled fleece for extra coziness
  • Compatible with Outdoor Tech speakers (not included)
  • Item #PRH000W
  • The lyric is pressed no frills women's. Specific helmets featuring passive ventilation it's perfect for hiking the park or cruising the resort it uses a super light in-mold construction and comes in a variety of colors for safety that complements everybody's style.

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    Smith Mirage Helmet - Women's

    Whether you're ripping groomers, exploring the backcountry, or playing in the park, the Smith Women's Mirage Helmet offers up performance and comfort for all-day shredding. Its lightweight shell combined with a foam liner provide protection without the weight, and the unique honeycomb-looking material, Koroyd ®, further enhances impact-resistance while keeping the helmet's weight low and promoting ventilation. Multiple vents equipped with an adjustable slider system makes it easy to dump hot air if the day heats up and close the vents again when the temperature drops and the wind starts to whip. The fit is easily adjustable, too, thanks to a dial at the back of the helmet, providing a secure, comfortable feel.

  • Comfortable helmet for adventures on the snow
  • Lightweight construction offers comfortable, breathable protection
  • Multiple vents provide adjustable climate control
  • Dial fit system for customized fit
  • Item #SMI00IV
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    Anon Insight Sonar Goggles - Women's

    For clear views of the fresh snow, grab your favorite powder skis and the Anon Insight Sonar Goggle and get after it. This stylish snow goggle features the new technology of Sonar, a joint endeavor between Anon and Zeiss, delivering increased depth perception and enhanced contrast. While you're enjoying your crisp, colorful views of the winter wonderland around you, you'll also appreciate the natural ventilation and comfort that's built right into the Insight's frame. Full perimeter channel venting helps bring fresh air into the goggles while pulling water vapor away, and the moisture-wicking fleece foam provides a perfect goggle-to-face fit. Anon designed the lens with Integral Clarity Technology (ICT), which combines a porous inner lens with anti-fog treatment, helping shed moisture before it has a chance to ruin your next run. And—of course—the Insight features Anon's easy-change magnetic lens system, with a bonus lens to boot.

  • Enjoy crystal clear views of your favorite snowy mountains
  • Sonar lens created to enhance contrast and depth perception
  • Anti-fog technology keeps your lens clear from pesky moisture
  • Well-ventilated frames enhance goggle's anti-fogging nature
  • Moisture-wicking fleece foam offers good fit and comfort
  • Magnetic interchangeable lens system is oh-so-easy to maneuver
  • Item #ANO004K
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    Bolle Duchess Goggles - Women's

    The new Bolle Women's Duchess Goggle offers a wider field of vision characteristic of spherical lenses while being sized to fit smaller faces. In addition to this, the goggle has a number of features that enhance vision and comfort while protecting the eyes from harmful rays and tear-inducing wind. The goggles offer 100% UV protection, and the Vermilion and Aurora lens tint options increase contrast to provide excellent optical clarity in conditions that range from cloudy to sunny.

    The goggles' double lens construction, Anti-Fog coating on the inner lens, and Flow-Tech vents on the frame all work together to control airflow, temperature, and condensation to prevent fogging, while the Equilizer Vent in the lens stabilizes pressure between the front and back lens to prevent optical distortion and fogging at varying altitudes. Triple-layer, multi-density face foam is firm yet cushy, and along with the soft, moisture-wicking micro-fleece backing, provides long-wearing comfort as well as creates a secure seal that keeps wind and cold temperatures out. The silicon strap provides excellent grip to keep the strap securely on the helmet, and the Forestay system (swinging outriggers on the goggles' edges) enables the strap to move independently of the goggles for seamless helmet integration. The fun, nature-inspired print on the straps, unique vent detailing, and flattering goggle shape all add feminine flair. 

    Bolle's Sports Optical System (S.O.S.) adapter (sold separately) can be fit inside the frame if you prefer to make the goggles prescription-compatible.

    Proposition 65 Warning for California Consumers: This product contains chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer and/or birth defects or other reproductive harm.

  • Polycarbonate frame and spherical acetate lenses
  • Triple-layer face foam with micro-fleece backing
  • Double lens construction
  • Flow-Tech frame vents, Equilizer Vent, and P80 Anti-Fog coating
  • Carbo-Glas anti-scratch coating
  • 100% UV protection
  • Silicon strap and Forestay system for helmet-integration
  • Compatible with Sports Optical System (S.O.S.) prescription adapter
  • Item #BOL0034
  • I like unchristian cameras outdoors intro welcome to another one of our youtube product reviews today we're gonna be looking at google's in particularly bala duchess school. Duchess goggle is a lady specific frame so smaller and narrower faces and. Obviously ladies colors we've actually got four of them in our range there are. Lots of different colors and lots of different lens options we've picked the sort of the most fashionable and the most the nicest ones i would say that gives you a range of sort of low-light highlight and modulator so obviously. Lots different lens options but before we talk about that we're just going to talk about the general so duchess goggle itself and what it comes with so the frame itself is obviously a lot. Narrower than normal it comes with a curved lens so yet you'll basically it's. Just a shape of variable so when you're looking through it doesn't distort doesn't make any different sort of when you look it's the same shape as your eyeball these are actually a lot more difficult to manufacture because obviously they sort of cutting the lens as a spherical angle does deserts. The price but makes the skiing experience a lot better they have the. The new frame on them as well so obviously with all the helmets out there now these will fit the majority the helmet so you can see there how it just sort of comes out on like little wings. On the side of the goggle and that just adapts to most different sort of style of helmet so fit the majority of them. Loads and loads of anything in school so is plenteous or breath ability through the lens you're not going to get that fogging up firstly you've got this p80. On the inside which stops any water molecules building up on the inside so it stops any fourth fogging happening so. That's like a coating then it's got this little dot in there which again it draws. All the moisture — it's like a bit of a membrane and it draws all the moisture to it and stops any again sort of forming up from happening and then there're loads of ventilation so actually through the lens itself you're getting this double lens so there's plenty of circulation running through it and then as well you've got all these cutouts through the whole lens you can see it all through their almost like nine. Different areas for that for the lens just to take in loads of air and circulate it through so when you're skiing down and sometimes we're pulling. Up it will happen when you sort of get off the lift and it's warming the lift it's cold outside get out it fogs up and then as soon as you start skiing the ventilator just starts happening and the airflow just goes straight through the goal and d mists it and then on the top as well and over all the goal over all the. Actual cutouts it's got these little. Tiny layers of mesh like diamond mesh that just stop any of the snow from getting in and again creating more moisture in there so you know they thought about everything on the goals they were very well ventilated case of. The frame itself as well it's got a triple layer foam on it so majority of goal was I'd say in the lower end of the market would come with just a single layer or maybe even the double layer this is actually got triple s you've got a high density low foam just sitting against the frame itself then you've got a lower density which is a bit squid here again and then you've got a fleece layer over the top of that so fleece layer will actually take away a lot of the moisture from your face but it's also really comfortable so makes it just a really comfortable wear for all day the straps got like a. Siliconized layer on it as well this makes it really sticky so if you're wearing ever been your whatever helmet the strap isn't gonna slip everywhere and slip off that true lends itself as. This what they call a cabo glass over the top of it as well so in terms of strength and sort of like scratch ability it's its not going to get scratched easily it's got this real it's got this armour layer on it so just helps to stop any scratching from happening when it just makes it a bit more but proof obviously you know ice and sort of build up on it if you just scratch the lens sometimes it can scratch really easily so this is you know trying to stop it from happening so the duchess offers a real good range. Of different model frame colors and also lenses and here we've got a good offering for all the different sort of light conditions I'd say, so we start off. With the white doodle color series a full white frame white arms and then a bit of detailing on the straps a nice color detailing the actual lens itself is the aurora which is one of the really popular model of lenses for ladies. Just because it is a quite a nice looking color it's really good for low-light days because you've got that sort of personal flex you can see through the lens and when it does get sort of lower light you get to see the contours a bit easier let's in lighter and then moving on sort of. Slightly up the scale to sort of the more all-rounder so this is what they call the vermilion gun lens you see it's. A bit more mirrored but with a rose tint behind it so still lets in quite a lot of light so you can still see the contours but it does sort of shade you a bit from the brightness that's the black gold model. As well so you've got the gold detailing on the straps gold on the wings there and then the black full black frame it's really nice looking coral moving on from. That to the white pink duchess more so. Purple pink detailing on the air on the. Strap and then purple frame sort of arms. And then the actual lens itself is much more but i mean it's good the rose gold and this is more aimed towards brighter conditions to the category two like the other two but more towards the sort of brighter conditions doesn't let in as much light doesn't let in as much brightness it does shield you from those sunnier days I'd say for your confidence. Skier you could get away with wearing this you know even in the dollar days. Because you can sort of feel with your feet a little bit more but it's i mean it's a really nice looking goggle it does look really nice when it's on and. That's a real standout one and then the. Black they call this the nordic frame so. It's got basically the nordic detailing on there you've got the white arms and then the black frame and this is actually one of the modulator lens so this is perfect for all lights because. It basically goes from a category 1 up to a category 3 depending on the light condition so it will change dependent on the light I'm sure you've seen it on sort of vision glasses or sunglasses maybe, but they do it will basically if. It's a really sunny day it will be at category 3 if it's a really low light day it'll be a category 1, and we'll change dependent on the weather depending on the uv rays so this is a really good goal for all day if you. Don't want to be changing lenses or if you don't want to be changing to your goggles this is perfect for all day long it does it is obviously it does add to the cost a little bit but brilliant goggle for all-day usage ok so. Thanks for watching another one of our product reviews today we've been looking at a duck chest goal and all this different lens and not product options if you want any more details on it and. Please visit our website at.

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    Anon WM1 Goggles - Women's

    The Women's WM1 Goggles utilize Anon's Magna-Tech quick lens change technology so you can switch your bluebird lens out with your graybird lens at a moment's notice. Spherical Lens technology eliminates optical distortion by mimicking the curvature of your eye, and an Integral Clarity coating ensures crystal clear vision regardless of the conditions. Full perimeter channel venting provides channels at each side for maximum airflow, and three layers of foam keep a tight seal on your face. Anon also included a microfiber bag, a hard case, and a spare graybird lens for your convenience.

    Proposition 65 Warning for California Consumers: This product contains chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer and/or birth defects or other reproductive harm.

  • Magna-Tech quick lens change
  • Spherical Lens technology
  • Integral Clarity anti-fog coating
  • Full perimeter channel venting
  • Triple layer face foam
  • Goggle case and bag included
  • Spare graybird lens included
  • Please see size chart for more information on lens tints
  • Item #ANO000J
  • So here we have the brand-new and on wm. One goggle its brand-new for 2015 and it. Features one of the best things we've ever seen on a pair of goggles this has. A sparkle lens so it's cut from a sphere shape and that maximizes your peripheral vision and gives you really good optic clarity in all directions it's what we'd. Call a medium to a large sort of fit for a female face so you do get that. Slightly oversized look but it's super comfortable and it really fits well on most face shapes it comes with a micro. Fiber goggle bag so that case is useful for transporting it around and keeping. The goggle safe and also for cleaning the lens as well these also do come with a spare lens so you can keep the spare lens in the kit in the case when you're traveling around to keep it nice and secure the best feature on these goggles. Is the lens change system it is the fastest lens training system we've ever seen on a pair of goggles what it has is. It has 14 rare-earth magnets based. Around the inside of the goggles so you pinch the frame slightly off comes the. Lens pick up the other lens and let out. It back on like that and it snaps into position and you can change the lens on these things in a matter of seconds its unbelievable also means you don't get your fingers on the frame on the goggle as well so you keep your lens nice and clean fingerprint free the wm one also comes. With integral clarity technology so you get really good optical clarity and you get a spare lens as well with every single pair you get wall-to-wall vision. So again that's minimal frame intrusion around the side i mean that's maximized by the fact that this is a frame less design as well so that's the a non wm. One goggle.

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