Top 12 inexpensive Ski Helmets & Goggles for Ladies

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  Giro Terra MIPS Helmet - Women's Anon Griffon Helmet - Women's Bern Monroe Goggles - Women's Bern Brighton EPS Thin Shell Helmet - Women's Smith Vantage MIPS Helmet - Women's Smith Virtue Chromapop Goggles - Women's Smith Compass Helmet - Women's Electric EG2.5 Goggle - Women's Sweet Protection Trooper II MIPS Helmet - Women's Salomon Icon2 Helmet - Women's Uvex Skyper LM Goggles - Women's Giro Facet Goggles - Women's
  Giro Terra MIPS Helmet - Women's Anon Griffon Helmet - Women's Bern Monroe Goggles - Women's Bern Brighton EPS Thin Shell Helmet - Women's Smith Vantage MIPS Helmet - Women's Smith Virtue Chromapop Goggles - Women's Smith Compass Helmet - Women's Electric EG2.5 Goggle - Women's Sweet Protection Trooper II MIPS Helmet - Women's Salomon Icon2 Helmet - Women's Uvex Skyper LM Goggles - Women's Giro Facet Goggles - Women's
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Brand Smith Uvex Smith Electric Bern Anon Giro Sweet Protection Bern Salomon Smith Giro
Manufacturer Warranty lifetime lifetime lifetime 1 year 1 year 1 year 1 year 2 years 1 year 2 years lifetime 1 year
Recommended Use all-mountain skiing, all-mountain snowboarding skiing, snowboarding all-mountain skiing, all-mountain snowboarding, freeride/powder skiing, freeride/powder snowboarding, park & freestyle skiing, park & freestyle snowboarding skiing, snowboarding skiing, snowboarding, mountain biking all-mountain skiing, all-mountain snowboarding all-mountain skiing, all-mountain snowboarding all-mountain skiing, all-mountain snowboarding, backcountry skiing, backcountry snowboarding, freeride/powder skiing, freeride/powder snowboarding, park & freestyle skiing, park & freestyle snowboarding, ski mountaineering skiing, snowboarding all-mountain skiing, all-mountain snowboarding, freeride/powder skiing, freeride/powder snowboarding all-mountain skiing, all-mountain snowboarding, freeride/powder skiing, freeride/powder snowboarding, park & freestyle skiing, park & freestyle snowboarding skiing, snowboarding
Audio Compatible - - yes - yes yes, compatible with aftermarket audio - yes - yes yes yes
Certifications - - ASTM F 2040, CE EN 1077:2007 Class B, CSPC, CE EN 1078 - ASTM F 2040, EN 1077B, CPSC, EN 1078 ASTM 2040, CE 1077B - CE EN1077 class B, ASTM2040 - CE-EN1077 / ASTM F-2040 ASTM F 2040, CE EN 1077:2007 Class B, CSPC, CE EN 1078 CE EN1077
Fit Adjustment - - Boa FS360 - Boa 360 Boa Fit System - Occigrip turndial - custom dial Smith x Boa system In Form 2 Fit System
Shell Material - - Aerocore - ABS thinshell In-Mold construction (polycarbonate shell) - thermoplastic laminated carbonfiber (TLC) - in-mold - polycarbonate
Ventilation - - AirEvac 2, 21 vents - - Passive ventilation - 3D shaped vented lining - active ventilation AirEvac 2, 20 vents Passive Agressive system, Stack

Giro Terra MIPS Helmet - Women's

The new Giro Terra MIPS Hemet is sleek, lightweight, and has all the necessary features to keep you comfortable when you're out on the mountain all day. The MIPS technology works by allowing two liners to move independently of each other when the helmet is subject to force, reducing rotational energy during certain impacts. An in-mold construction, which fuses the outer shell to the foam liner, keeps the Terra lightweight and allows more thorough ventilation. Giro's Passive Aggressive Venting System adds to this by combining the exterior vent design with interior channeling that lets cool air flow when you're in motion, and lets warm air escape through the top of the helmet if you're standing still. A low-profile dial adjustment ensures you can easily customize your fit on the go for a solid, performance-oriented feel.

  • Ultra-light freestyle-oriented helmet for lady shredders
  • MIPS technology works to reduce rotational forces on impact
  • In-mold construction provides a lighter, better ventilated helmet
  • Auto-venting technology manages airflow whether static or in motion
  • Stack Ventilation prevents moisture from fogging up goggles
  • Low-profile dial adjustment provides a customizable fit
  • Item #GIR00JF
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    Anon Griffon Helmet - Women's

    Equipped with a 360 Boa Fit System and In-Mold construction, the Anon Women's Griffon Helmet provides a truly customizable fit and low-profile protection for more confident riding or skiing all across the entire mountain. The 360 Boa Fit System locks in a secure, yet comfortable fit with the simple twist of a dial. In-Mold construction keeps it incredibly lightweight and low-profile, while serving up certified impact protection from impacts.

    Passive ventilation ports expel built-up heat, so you won't succumb to excess warmth on those sunny spring days. The silky fleece liner and ear pads won't snag longer hair and cause significant discomfort, especially when you're pulling it off at the end of the day. Rounding things out, you'll find a Fidlock magnetic buckle for one-handed fastening and audio-compatible ear pads for integration with your favorite speakers.

  • Lightweight, low-profile protection for progressive ladies
  • 360 Boa Fit System dials in a secure, customizable fit
  • In-Mold construction for lightweight impact protection
  • Passive ventilation ports prevent overheating issues
  • Fleece liner and ear pads won't snag on long hair
  • Fidlock magnetic buckle for one-handed fastening
  • Audio-compatible ear pads for aftermarket speakers
  • Item #ANO003X
  • Hi I'm royal with anton here to talk to you about the gryphon helmet this is a women's specific in mold helmet ladies. If you're sick of having that helmet drag your head around go ultra lightweight in mold it also features fid lock so magnetic. Closure on the chinstrap for ease of use and full 360 degree boa fit system.

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    Bern Monroe Goggles - Women's

    As the first soft-foam goggle on the market, the Bern Women's Monroe Goggle with Bonus Lens conforms to every contour on your face with its ultra-supple, incredibly lightweight Plusfoam frame. This recycled frame material virtually eliminates pressure points, allowing for an unprecedented fit over widely varying face shapes. It features a larger size with its spherical vented lens for uncompromising peripheral clarity when you're bombing steeps and negotiating crowded weekend slopes.

    Facilitating on-the-fly lens swapping, Lens Pop tech features seven retention points for quick-and-easy lens changes. Additionally, the included bonus lens adapts to widely varying lighting and weather conditions. Keep the bonus lens handy in high-alpine environments where it's often bluebird one minute and socked-in the next. Another thing to note, the Monroe Goggle's larger size integrates nicely with Bern helmets without the dreaded "gaper gap," also working well with other popular helmets on the market.

    Proposition 65 Warning for California Consumers: This product contains chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer and/or birth defects or other reproductive harm.

  • Spherical vented lens
  • Plusfoam frame (100% recycled)
  • Lens Pop tech with 7 retention points
  • Bonus lens included
  • Goggle bag included
  • Item #BRN001R
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    Bern Brighton EPS Thin Shell Helmet - Women's

    The Bern Women's Brighton EPS Thin Shell Helmet is here to help your head whether you're skiing down Pioneer Peak or mountain biking the Lakes Loop. Certified for both sports, the Brighton uses a thin ABS shell that feels good in summer and winter, and you can switch out the included EPS Winter Liner for Bern's EPS Summer Comfort Liner. Boa's adjustable dial ensures a secure, wraparound fit. There are slots inside each ear pad for audio compatibility.

  • ABS thin shell
  • EPS foam
  • Removable EPS Winter Liner
  • Boa adjustable dial system
  • Audio compatible ear pads
  • Item #BRN002G
  • You. Sup ladies have i got the helmet for you. Right here this is the burn brighton bike helmet it's got a really core skate. Inspired look that's going to be the. The Best style for riding around the city or riding around your neighborhood it's got a clean profile on it with our shine line right here which separates the top from the bottom of the helmet which results in a really low profile look so this helmet isn't going to look like a big goofy dome on your head it's got an adjuster on the back which really brings the helmet into back of your head which results in a really great fit as home it's not going to go anywhere on your head it's got a visor on the front here. Which is kind of track inspired style flips up and down so you can rock it. Either way you want and yeah check it out the burn brighton bike helmet here at the house boardshop.

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    Smith Vantage MIPS Helmet - Women's

    You're probably not thinking about how your Smith Women's Vantage MIPS Helmet looks, feels, or protects your head when you're skiing pow, but you can rest assured that it does all three damn well. For starters, Smith equipped this helmet with a Multi-directional Impact Protection System, more commonly known as MIPS, that uses a thin inner layer that rotates ever so slightly in order to disperse impacts across the whole helmet instead of the point of contact.

    MIPS isn't the only innovative technology that makes the Vantage one of the best helmets on the market. Its Hybrid SL shell places bombshell ABS on top and lightweight, in-mold PC around the sides for a low-profile fit. Aerocore construction uses specialized Koroyd foam for improved airflow, ventilation, impact-resistance, and fog-free vision. Boa's FS360 adjustable system has a wrap-around halo design for a truly secure fit. AirEvac 2 ventilation uses a low-profile dual regulation that lets you open and close the front half, back half, or all 21 vents for optimized climate control. The goggle lock and Snapfit SL2 ear pads are removable, and you can insert Skullcandy audio systems into the ear pads for a musical fiesta in terrain parks and powder-filled bowls.

  • Ski or snowboard in this stylish and protective helmet
  • MIPS disperes energy and protect against rotational forces
  • Hybrid SL shell reduces weight without sacrificing protection
  • Adjustable Boa fit system ensures a snug and secure fit
  • Women-specific X-Static lining with Nanosilver performance lining
  • AirEvac 2 ventilation keeps cool air circulating through
  • Low-profile dual regulator adjustable climate control
  • Skullcandy audio systems available (sold separate)
  • Item #SMI00AL
  • Hi my name is matt here at powder seven and I'm going to talk about the smith bandage helmet the smith managed helmet is incredibly popular and has been an industry favorite for several seasons smith incorporates all the most up-to-date safety technologies to make sure you're as protected as possible on the mountain the hybrid sl shell utilizes choroid. Construction to provide impact resistance while reducing weight and improving air flow at the same time the helmet I'm showing includes the available mips option which is designed to disperse rotational impact in the fall but the bandage is also available without mips for a lower price with 21. Adjustable vents you will always be able to find the right temperature and the removable ear pads are soft and warm and can be easily washed they also feature drop-in compatibility with outdoor tech chips so you can ride with music a bow. Adjustable fit system lets you dial the fit to exactly your head shape the vintage works well with most goggles on the market today but is designed to integrate perfectly with smith goggles to provide fog-free days on the hill and it will also help you avoid the dreaded goggle gap I've been using the smith vantage for the past two seasons its just one of those pieces of kit you don't have to worry about keeps you warm keeps you cool has all the safety features you could want and it's a great option

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    Smith Virtue Chromapop Goggles - Women's

    It's hard to enjoy a full day of skiing when you can't see. With a low-profile, women-specific design, the Virtue ChromaPop Goggles boast a small fit without sacrificing peripheral vision. Thanks to Smith's ChromaPop lenses, these goggles allow you to enjoy clear details and colors all day long. Anti-fog technology fights off condensation when you work up a sweat ripping bumps or charging up a quick bootpack above the chair. The QuickFit system makes it easy to adjust the size, and a silicone-backed strap holds these goggles on your head if you catch your tips and yard sale under the chair.

    Proposition 65 Warning for California Consumers: This product contains chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer and/or birth defects or other reproductive harm.

  • Ski or snowboard goggles keep your vision clear all day
  • ChromaPop lens enhances color and detail
  • Anti-fog technology fights off condensation
  • Low-profile fit for smaller faces
  • QuickFit system is easy to adjust
  • Silicone-backed strap holds goggles on securely
  • Item #SMI00GF
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    Smith Compass Helmet - Women's

    When you're headed true north, let Smith's Compass Helmet lead the way. Made for navigating those magic powder moments, this lightweight helmet has a sleek low profile design with polished, creamy contours—not so different than lines you've been eyeing up.

    Forged with an in-mold construction, this technology combines the talents of a PC helmet shell and an EPS liner, ultimately providing lightweight protection without compromising on comfort. For optimal performance, the helmet is outfitted with AirEvac 2 technology—a mechanization ideal for steering warm air away from your goggles through its external vents and internal channels.

    While temperature regulation and melon protection is key, fit is just as crucial too—this piece is built with the women's specific X-static performance lining, Snapfit SL2 ear pads, and adjustable Smith x Boa fit system so you can fine-tune for a categorically faultless fit experience.

  • Ultra-light in-mold construction
  • Low-profile regulator adjustable climate control
  • 20 vents
  • Adjustable Smith x Boa fit system
  • X-static performance lining
  • Snapfit SL2 ear pads
  • AirEvac 2 ventilation
  • Skullcandy audio systems available
  • Item #SMI00AT
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    Electric EG2.5 Goggle - Women's

    A downsized version of the legendary EG2 goggles designed to fit smaller faces, the Electric Women's EG2.5 Goggle with Bonus Lens delivers an insanely wide field of vision without making you look like an astronaut. It has a low-profile fit and a wide spherical lens to give you an uninhibited view of your surroundings. Plus, Electric threw in a bonus lens that you can swap out when clouds roll in. Pick out hidden stashes, spot your landings, and avoid out-of-control tourists more easily than ever before in the EG2.5 Goggles.

    Proposition 65 Warning for California Consumers: This product contains chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer and/or birth defects or other reproductive harm.

  • Downsized version of the iconic EG2s for smaller faces
  • Wide spherical lens helps you see more of the slopes
  • Anti-fog coating keeps your vision clear
  • Contoured face foam delivers a comfy, ergonomic fit
  • Anti-scratch coating prolongs life of lens
  • Helmet-compatible so you can stay safe out there
  • Includes bonus lens for low light conditions
  • Item #ELC004X
  • Okay what's up guys i got another snowboarding overview for you guys today it is the electric eg 2.5 s and. These are a little bit smaller than eg twos what like just barely like i opened. Then up earlier i couldn't even tell the difference but these are the pat more. Edition which i thought was like the coolest design color like it was new. Like i never seen it before it was funny. But uh these retail like on the website. For about 185 like this particular one. But eg 2.5 this range anywhere from one. One sixty-two one nine i believe and. Well i got these off amazon for like 78. Dollars or something so buy a shirt off. Amazon you'll save a lot of money um the blends color is bronze slash gold. Chrome so it's got that nice little tint. To it um yeah let's get to opening it up. Alright so here's the case it comes in get to that in a little bit here's the box this plain box without a top and on. The inside and you got is that the right. Way now that's the right way got all the. Different lens colors and like that. Electric offers and all the different goggles and then right there it has like. I'm pointless is recommended use and. Like the fitting diagram i mean if you don't know how to wear goggles and mentally retarded so here's the case. Right it's nice and strong definitely. Feels like it's going to protect your goggles that's pretty much what it's all about right got the electric logo right there it's. Got a zipper doesn't get stuck or. Anything um then yeah there's the. Goggles you open it up comes in this. Little case tell most of the stecchino. Everyone loves stickers you know I'm just gonna throw them to the side I'm not really a big sticker. Kid but that's the case no nice and. Sturdy now to the goggles. Okay comes in like a nice little carrying case type thing it's soft so i. Guess it also protects is like a screen or lens cleaner so you get the guys out. And here they are eg 2.5 hat more. Audition and i don't know i just love. The whole they're called the beer. Goggles which i think is hilarious it's. Probably backwards for you guys out now. These beer goggles it's got the electric. Logo on the sides and i don't know if. You could see that's kind of like beer and then like the foam of thought. The lighting's kind of shitty but lenses. There's so much transparent now, but they do reflect the light but like you see my hand behind it the ventilation is real. Good so i mean you're not gonna be. Sweating so much you're gonna be getting some air oh you got a ventilations on. The bottom you got a couple on the top. So that's good it's real soft let's see what this says. It was kind of like the tag type things. As pat more and power signature it's not. Like a real soon as your it kind of has. All the stuff on any no electric visual. Writing inspired design series it's rides or ridge yeah you go just state. You know those are the easy twos. Twenty-fives uh see how they look real. Quick uh so like they're not they're not. Really that small actually like their perfect size for me like i don't really. Have that small of a head face or. Whatever so like it fits me well so i. Mean not like i did a review on the. Dragon ap x's last year which i love. Those guys they were the best but unfortunately they were stolen from me. Because i left them with my friends when i went to the bathroom or something i told him watch him, and they just left. Left my god was on the table and someone just came up and swiped them i mean there are nice pair of goggles, but they. Got jacked but so lock your up yeah. That's a lesson that i learned and you guys should probably listen boy what was. I am say oh yeah but those lenses on the. Jag and ap axes were huge right but like i mean they're understandably big you. Know cuz it's for greater peripherals or whatever but like they were big but it looks good you know, but they. Make they make these out to seem like. The little brother of the eg twos so. Like they say like it makes it seem like they're gonna be like a so much smaller like they're gonna be for like kids faces and stuff but there are good sized. You know like you can see it in my hands. I don't have huge hands but i don't have small hands you know but like you. Compare kind of it fit nice um to my. Face well they're curved to fit your. Face so it doesn't feel super uncomfortable um yeah it's the eg 2.50. Anything else oh yeah got spherical. Lenses and that's what allows for the peripherals or whatever peripheral vision so that way you don't like. Running the trees or anything and that's good because as you can see it's curved. This way and this. Was that's good so you can kind of see out the corner of your eye you know for. Those skiers that just cut you off you can see them coming a little bit faster maybe push them over and you know everyone hates skiers everyone um. I guess for except maybe other skews i. Would say there's a few that are cool though but yeah that's the easy to point. Five is the pat moore edition really. Nice if you're gonna get a pair game off amazon you'll save a lot of money that way and have a good day guys.

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    Sweet Protection Trooper II MIPS Helmet - Women's

    The Trooper II MIPS Helmet is Sweet Protection's game changing freeride helmet with high-end safety technology so you can confidently ski or snowboard all season long. Its thermoplastic laminated carbon fiber shell construction combines the elasticity of injection-molded thermoplastic with the strength and rigidity of carbon fiber for optimized performance throughout the helmet. Impact shields inside the shell disperse and absorb shock and MIPS technology helps to reduce rotational forces on your brain when you take a tumble. Inside, a moisture wicking, removable, and washable 3D shaped vented lining helps to keep your head cool when you're tackling a technical descent and molded hearing ports keep you audio ready so you can jam to your favorite tunes on the slopes when you add Sweet Protection's Audio Chips.

  • High-end helmet with updated safety features for confident skiing
  • TLC shell combines elasticity and rigidity for high performance
  • MIPS technology helps to reduce rotational forces on the brain
  • Impact shields absorb and distribute shock when you take a tumble
  • 3D shaped vented lining helps to keep you cool and is washable
  • Helmet is audio system ready so you can jam while you ski or ride
  • Occigrip turndial fit system allows you to achieve a snug fit
  • Fidlock magnetic hook buckle is easily clipped with gloves on
  • Item #SET0032
  • My name is johnny we're here at a outdoor retailer snow show we're at sweet protection it's a norwegian company that's kind of just launching our snow helmets here in north america for 2018 we have the switcher just won. The espo gold award it's an advanced. Hybrid shell construction which means that it's part in mold and part she'll offer some unique protection. We like to balance rigidity with. Elasticity to dampen the energy of the impact we have multiple different densities of foam eps foam on the inside. We have a close working relationship with mips technology we believe in. What they're doing we have some unique one-turn ventilation. System audio ready retails for 219 and. Then to 49 for the mips version okay tell me what mips is a. Multi-directional impact protection system so a lot of impacts are linear. Right so a linear kind of direct on so mips solves for rotational impacts so a. Lot of a lot of the impacts that you hit when you hit snow or rocks or whatever it might be it might not be directly straight they'd be from the sides so what mips is a low friction layer. Between your head and the helmet that. Slides and allows for some of that. Rotational energy to get transferred to the helmet and not to your neck. And award if the advanced technology and. The attention to detail we recommend me to replace your helmet every three to five years due to uv breakdown yeah awesome and we've got some. Yes some nice colorways there you go but these one so you've got. A mips and a knot men non mips version correct yes so the ones with the shiny. Or the myths i know what you're looking for with the mips versions is you're looking for this little yellow dot okay that's kind of their trademark sign so are you going to be sacrificing safety if you've got a non mips version we. Believe in the technology yep and we. Think that it's worth you know save twenty or thirty bucks on your jacket or your socks and throw down for mips. Because it's technology that's data-driven and proven it's not subjective like how its key fields or snowboard fields its mips and collecting. Data on rotational forces for over twenty years, and they're experts and, and we believe in what they do i. Mean projectors kind of the high end for. Well it's because we're we're users we. Like to say we make products for people who really use them and it's its it's a. Very sort of data-driven business like you can actually measure the results we've had some good independent third-party testing that that shows that what we're doing is pretty unique, and we take head safety. Seriously yeah sweet protection calm.

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    Salomon Icon2 Helmet - Women's

    Keep your pow turns deep and your resort look on point with the Salomon Women's Icon2 Helmet on your head. Salomon can't guarantee you'll ski bottomless pow all day with this all-mountain brain bucket, but they can assure you'll be ripping up the frontside in style. The in-mold design is lightweight and low-profile, while retaining the tough, durable properties you'd expect out of a helmet.

    The Icon2's EPS 4D liner helps absorb and distribute energy from angular and vertical impacts, and the custom dial system is quick and easy to adjust. The active ventilation and removable ear pads work to combat overheating during sunny springtime shred, and the climate control lining is not only plush and fuzzy, but it also wicks moisture to fight off noggin sweat.

  • A sleek helmet for ripping up the frontside
  • In-mold design is low-profile and lightweight
  • EPS 4D liner helps absorb energy from oblique and vertical impacts
  • Active ventilation keeps your head cool
  • Custom dial is easy to adjust
  • Climate control lining is moisture-wicking and breathable
  • Faux fur is soft and cozy on frigid storm days
  • Removable ear pads are audio compatible
  • Item #SAL014V
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    Uvex Skyper LM Goggles - Women's

    Style and function give each other a big hug in the Uvex Skyper Lite Mirror Women's Goggle, which sports a cylindrical double lens for optical clarity and a Supravision anti-fog coating to make sure your vision stays clear, even on soggy days. 100% UV and infrared protection keep your eyes safe and fatigue-free, while the extra-wide strap fits easily over or under your helmet, depending on your style.

    Proposition 65 Warning for California Consumers: This product contains chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer and/or birth defects or other reproductive harm.

  • Cylindrical double lens
  • 100% UV and infrared protection
  • Supravision anti-fog coating
  • Extra-wide strap
  • Item #UVX001V
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    Giro Facet Goggles - Women's

    Whether you're a seasoned local who's ridden every line on the mountain or a novice skier going on a ski vacation, the Giro Women's Facet Goggle delivers you to the goods with its maximum field of view and cutting-edge optics by Zeiss. Giro's signature Expansion View Technology ensures a massive field of view, so you can see skiers jutting into your path on crowded groomers and quickly negotiate around trees. And new for this season, it comes with EVAK ventilation in the frames, guaranteed to let moisture escape while keeping the snow out.

    The spherical Vivid lens by Zeiss provides a clear window to the alpine world, so you can make it down the mountain when blowing snow, incoming clouds, and blinding sunshine threaten your vision. It's finished with an anti-fog treatment, so you're still able to see clearly while your friends are constantly wiping their lenses on stormy powder days. Also, there's plush triple-layer foam that lovingly conforms to your face without creating irritation.

  • Clearly visualize your favorite alpine environments
  • Spherical Vivid lens by Zeiss for optical clarity
  • Expansion View Technology maximizes its field of view
  • Anti-fog coating keeps lens free of condensation
  • Triple-layer foam plushly wraps around your face
  • Ventilated frames offer additional defog assistance
  • Seamless compatibility with all Giro Helmets
  • Female-specific design with a medium fit
  • Item #GIR00J6
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