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  Salomon X Ultra 3 Mid GTX Wide Hiking Boot - Women's Salewa Firetail 3 Approach Shoe - Women's Oboz Sawtooth Hiking Shoe - Women's KEEN Oakridge Hiking Shoe - Women's Salomon X Ultra 3 GTX Hiking Shoe - Women's Vasque Inhaler II GTX Hiking Boot - Women's Scarpa Mescalito Shoe - Women's Vasque Sundowner GTX Backpacking Boot - Wide - Women's
  Salomon X Ultra 3 Mid GTX Wide Hiking Boot - Women's Salewa Firetail 3 Approach Shoe - Women's Oboz Sawtooth Hiking Shoe - Women's KEEN Oakridge Hiking Shoe - Women's Salomon X Ultra 3 GTX Hiking Shoe - Women's Vasque Inhaler II GTX Hiking Boot - Women's Scarpa Mescalito Shoe - Women's Vasque Sundowner GTX Backpacking Boot - Wide - Women's
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Brand KEEN Scarpa Salewa Vasque Salomon Salomon Vasque Oboz
Claimed Weight 11.8 oz [single, size 38] 11.5oz [single, size 8] 10.58 oz 2lb 10oz 11.6oz 14.7oz 1lb 10oz 13.8 oz
Closure lace lace lace lace Quicklace lace lace lace
Footbed EVA - Multi Fit polyurethane EVA Ortholite dual-density EVA O Fit insole, 3D molded heel counter
Lining mesh recycled polyester mesh - OrthoLite sockliner, Sensifit textile, full bootie construction - textile
Manufacturer Warranty 1 year 1 year 2 years 1 year 2 years 2 year 1 year 1 year
Midsole compression-molded EVA EVA - polyurethane, TPU shank injected EVA, Advanced Chassis injected EVA molded EVA dual-density EVA, nylon shank
Recommended Use hiking & camping hiking approach, hiking backpacking hiking hiking hiking & camping hiking
Sole non-marking rubber Vibram Dynamis LBT/ Megagrip Vibram Reptail, MegaGrip Compound Vasque Pyrenees - Contagrip Vibram Pneumatic with Megagrip, TPU shank Sawtooth (rubber)
Upper Material leather, mesh 1.8mm suede mesh, textile full-grain leather synthetic mesh water-resistant textile, PU coated leather leather, Air Mesh nubuck leather
Last - - 3F system Sundowner Classic - wide Equalizer board
Waterproofing - - - Gore-Tex Performance Comfort Gore-Tex Performance Gore-Tex membrane Gore-Tex -

Salomon X Ultra 3 Mid GTX Wide Hiking Boot - Women's

The Salomon Women's X Ultra 3 Mid GTX Wide Hiking Boot offers the same lightweight support on rugged trails as the regular version, but in a slightly wider fit. At a little over 14 ounces it won't weigh you down, but also doesn’t sacrifice weight for durability and lasting comfort.

Its Contagrip sole provides dependable traction on rough trails, while the EVA midsole and Ortholite footbed reduce shock and thus minimize foot fatigue. Salomon's Advanced chassis ensures you have lateral support on uneven terrain, and the Sensifit liner keeps your foot comfortably cradled as you pick your way through boulder fields or loose scree.

Just in case you accidentally slip during a stream crossing, or get caught in a storm, the Gore-Tex membrane will keep your feet dry, but remains breathable enough that you stay comfortable on warm, dry days. And—new in the X Ultra 3—Salomon added Descent Control technology, offering added traction and confidence on technical descents.

  • Tackle technical trails in this lightweight, wide-fit hiking boot
  • Waterproof, breathable Gore-Tex membrane keeps foot dry
  • EVA midsole is plush and comfortable
  • Heel and toe cap protect foot from rocks
  • Sensifit provides a secure, sock-like fit
  • Women-specific design for optimal performance
  • Advanced chassis offers lateral support on rugged terrain
  • Heel technology ensures optimal traction on tricky descents
  • Item #SAL01AH
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    Salewa Firetail 3 Approach Shoe - Women's

    Salewa's Firetail 3 Women's Approach Shoe is the latest offering in a long line of genre-blurring footwear, and this scree-conquering, rock-crushing, trail-smoking legend is just getting better with age. True to the Firetail's approach-first heritage, it comes with to-the-toe climbing-style lacing for a secure and precise fit when you're toeing in on tricky fifth-class pitches and a super-sticky Vibram Reptail sole with MegaGrip rubber that's optimized for traction on rocky terrain.

    The Firetail loves steep rock, but it's also plenty capable on loose dirt and slippery roots. Salewa's famous 3F flexible fit system connects the heel, laces, and sole to provide unparalleled support without limiting mobility, and the EXA shell boosts stability, improves balance, and protects the breathable mesh upper. Better still, the Multi Fit footbed lets you adjust the volume of the shoe to perfectly adapt to the shape of your foot.

  • Breathable mesh and textile upper
  • Breathable mesh lining
  • 3F flexible support system
  • EXA shell
  • Multi Fit footbed
  • Vibram Reptail sole with MegaGrip rubber compound
  • Climbing-style lacing
  • Item #SFW003B
  • So hello my name is its an assumed and. Welcome in the saliva spring summer of. 14 area and i will introduce you the new. Item for spring summer 14 and just to. Begin the new fire tell evil so it's the. New version of our very well-known fire. Tale a best-selling item it's an. Approach shoe and the new one is even. Lighter and with a mini rip stop on the. M on the shoes and inside you've got the. Ability of changing the volume inside. The shoe with the multi fit footbed up before we add the simple version so. Changing the insole you change the. Volume inside the shoe with your foot. And now we've got the multi fit footbed plus you can change the yellow parts so. A complete footbed or just a small part. To have the ability of changing the. Volume inside the shoe the price is always the same is 129 euros retail. Price for the non gore-tex version and. 149 euros for the gore-tex version.

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    Oboz Sawtooth Hiking Shoe - Women's

    The Oboz Women's Sawtooth Hiking Shoes are so rugged and comfy that they’ll probably spend more time on your feet than in your closet— but we don’t suggest wearing them to bed. A tough Sawtooth sole offers ridiculous traction over various terrain so you don’t lose your footing over tricky routes. These hiking shoes also feature a board last, O Fit insole, 3D molded heel counter, a dual-density EVA midsole, and a supportive nylon shank.

  • Nubuck leather
  • Textile lining
  • Board last
  • O Fit insole
  • 3D molded heel counter
  • Dual-density EVA midsole, nylon shank
  • Sawtooth (rubber) sole
  • Item #OBZ000G
  • You guys since i finished the georgia portion of. The appalachian trail it's been raining almost non-stop it's finally. Right now just drizzly so i just came. Out to walk around the neighborhood and i found this really cool old fireplace. That i don't know. Must have belonged to some kind of home. And look at that's like the biggest. Rhododendron i have ever seen at least. I'm pretty sure it's a rhododendron and right now of course it's starting to. Rain hopefully i won't get soaked but i have. Been going stir-crazy so i wanted to. Tell you about the new shoes that i got. From rei gosh i think i got them maybe. Like a month ago over six weeks ago i. Can't even remember now oh hey. I found what appears to be a bit of. Betrayal If my suspicions are correct if this. Should be going the link might be for. Launching back to the shoe story i. Picked up a pair of oboes and. I have been toying with the idea of trying ovo's ever since i came down with. The plantar fasciitis in my right heel. And let me tell you seven months later. My heel is one well. Not 100% but i want to say like 90%. Pain-free finally and the minute that i. Put the oboz on and walked in them like. Five steps. I knew that my foot was gonna feel. Better because the arch in it is just. Like the arch and my choco sandals and. Those were the only other shoes that. Allowed my foot to feel okay. We are These shoes have been a lifesaver and. The best part is that i found out that. Oboes the insole that goes with the shoe. Phobos makes the insole as a standalone. So i was able to buy a set of insoles to. Put in my work shoes my hope does and. Between using the new hiking shoes and. Using the insoles in my hoe cos my foot. Is finally better and it is so exciting. it's raining harder and i have no umbrella or hat but. Assured you love the way the brain. Well i came back to the road and i have. My improvised makeshift costume to keep. My head and shoulders dry. In other news four weeks from now i will. Be hitting the road heading south to. Florida thanks for praying for me and I'm really. Excited because i found out that I'm. Gonna be living like less than a mile. From a section of the florida trail so. That's exciting funny story i lived in south florida for. 11 years and had no idea there was a. Long trail in florida because i mean. When you say florida what do you think. You think beach you think palm trees. Umbrella drinks nobody thinks about. Hiking in florida that's like not my. Goat like it's not a go-to thought like oh yeah i bet the trails in florida are fantastic so. When i moved to arizona three years ago. And discovered the arizona trail that's what i discovered the florida trail and i was like what like wait really i could. Have been hiking in florida all those years that's my life. Tends to be ironic. Oh and a rainbow look at that. Right okay the rain has stopped again. And i am going to head home. And take a hot shower. And watch Christmas shows anyway i was. Good to catch up with you and i will see. You all again hopefully tomorrow. For a real hiking adventure thanks for. Watching

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    KEEN Oakridge Hiking Shoe - Women's

    Unless you're shouldering a heavy pack or tackling seriously rugged terrain, you probably don't need a big, bulky boot for your everyday treks. The Keen Women's Oakridge Hiking Shoe is a perfect go-to for light-and-fast summer ascents and mellow hikes enjoying the fall foliage. Made with a durable leather and mesh upper, these boots combine the durability you need for committing trails with all the breathability you crave on a hot day. A stability shank provides additional support when you're scrambling over scree, and the sole of the shoe assists with stability thanks to 4mm lugs with multi-directional layering that will hold tight on greasy trails and slippery sandstone.

  • Lightweight hiking shoes for day hiking and peak bagging
  • Durable, yet breathable mesh and leather upper
  • Treated hydrophobic mesh lining manages sweat and resists odor
  • Compression-molded midsole absorbs shock
  • Removable footbed offers a supportive fit
  • Shank and multi-directional lugs ensures stability and traction
  • Item #KEN00CQ
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    Salomon X Ultra 3 GTX Hiking Shoe - Women's

    Designed to handle any terrain in any condition, the Salomon Women's X Ultra 3 GTX Hiking Shoe helps you get out and stay out. Gore-Tex's Performance Comfort membrane guarantees waterproof, breathable protection for year-round climates, and the SensiFit upper cradles your foot for a stable, precise, and snug fit. An OrthoLite sockliner and two layers of EVA give plenty of cush for days spent maneuvering over rock-strewn trails. Underfoot, the X Ultra 3 GTX features Salomon's Advanced Chassis midsole for the stability, foot control, and protection necessary to handle harrowing descents. Then, a protective rubber toe cap protects your foot from rocks, while the mud guard keeps the boot clean after wet-weather excursions. Rounding things out, a non-marking ContaGrip rubber helps the sole stick to just about any surface that you'll find outside.

  • Hiking shoe designed to efficiently tackle technical hikes
  • Gore-Tex membrane offers waterproof, breathable protection
  • Quicklace ensures you secure a snug fit in seconds
  • Sensifit and Advanced Chassis stabilizes and supports your foot
  • OrthoLite sockliner and EVA footbed cushion over rocky terrain
  • Toe cap and mud guard defend against debris and dirt, respectively
  • Non-marking rubber outsole grips slick rocks and muddy trails
  • Item #SAL016H
  • So this is a review of the second pair. Of these shoes which i bought this is the salomon x altra 2 gtx hiking shoe. And this is like i said the second pair over owned i bought the first pair a couple years ago and i did a comprehensive review on them then that can be you can find out the link below and so this is my review of the second. Pair of shoes which i absolutely love i can't say enough about issues they are fantastic one of the features i love. Most about them is the comfort a of them. I'm straight out the box no issues at. All the original pair I've got I've had maybe two and a half years I've walked literally thousands of miles in them and. Not just a casual flat walking, and we're talking to the mountain walking here up and down huge hills and really. Really testing them out and I'll show you in fact I'll show you know this is that this pair here have probably done a couple hundred miles I'll just put this to one side this is one of the original. Shoes which i did my review of a couple. Years ago and that's that's their net and i still use them everyday they're sort of left by the front door i just jump in them i don't even bother doing the laces up there's a big entry here jump in these hack out into the guard and you can see they're covered in mud and all sorts of stuff but if you look now that is a tread that's two years old and it's not a couple thousand. Miles it's pretty worn down there's not a lot in there's only maybe two or three mils of tread left here but at the back totally worn down the hill here but. Realistically that is still a totally usable shoe and very comfortable and if. You look at the things like areas that we're around the inside of the heel at the back here the small area of we're just on the inside here but apart from that the rest of the shoe has shown brilliant strength I've had to. Replace the laces on these once the. Locking mechanism just broke but this is easy to do i bought this online for a few pounds and you can buy this new. Locking mechanism the salomon one with the laces it's fine but anyway that's you there that's the old version try to. Get the same color again couldn't quite get it got as close as i could that's the new version there i think i. Prefer the old colors a little bit more i like the highlighted green details here i think that's that really sets the shoe off a little bit not so sure about the little sort of orangey inserts in here a little bit of color detail it's nice i did prefer the old colors but this is about as close as i could get so anyway this shoe lets's talk about it quickly like i say some new shoes are. Fantastic this one is a probably one of their top of the range hiking shoes and what makes this great is if you look at the shoe from the outside we'll start with the sole it's got the contra grip. So which solving use on a lot of their shoes but this is a fantastic design it's diamond pattern design great for. Downhill great for uphill there's really good traction on it you're not going to. Slip and it's the whole way along the sole you've got a really good heel area and a really good toe area and if you look around the back of the heel here it's quite a bit of an overhang so you're getting a lot more traction a lot of sole on the ground here for the size of the shoe and if you look at the front now this is one my favorite features this box section here is absolutely. Brilliant you can kick rocks all there you want with this is so built up all around the front here really heavy-duty box section on it and it's. Almost it almost feels it's so hard you. Can't press it in it's almost like a construction boot where it's so. Tough you can't push it in the rest the shoe is very soft obviously this is where canvas shoe but this box session really tough great a great feature on this shoe i always go for the. Gore-tex ones they sell this without gore-tex and this shoe retails for about. 85 pounds and that's in the go tech version my trail running shoes i don't generally go for gore-tex because of a mount running and i run through water what happens is the water fills the shoe as you're running through deep water and then can't come out so you actually run around with wet with feet soaking in a wet shoe walking not so. Much i can be a little bit more precisely where i put my feet and i don't generally get the shoe getting. Water going into the top where you're running you can't really be that choosy but trail walking i can be a bit more choosy and i mean these shoes will take water right up to the edge of the heel cup here before they get wet this is the other feature that the salomon do is they do this integrated tongue so you can see all the way to here the tongue. Is all one piece and if you look inside the shoe i mean they you can wear issues out of socks if you want to insert here this is in a zener mesh here it's almost like a sock as you see the tongue comes all the way up to the top and is really totally watertight. Up until here and being gore-tex as well it does hold the water out um solid features okay right well first. Of all i mean if your room is you're familiar with the solon range of shoes you'll be familiar with they're they're quick tile a system i mean it's really it's very strong you can replace them. And i have broken a couple of these mechanisms before these are the plastic mechanisms i have broken a couple of these, and they wear out a little bit they start to creak after a while as well which is a bit annoying but realistically they are absolutely brilliant so easy to do up and once you do tighten them up you pull them through you can then feed all the excess into. This little pocket underneath the tongue so just underneath the tongue here a little pocket you can put all the bits of laces in so that it doesn't get in the way at all so there you go so once you're out hiking walking through undergrowth and stuff you're not going to catch a lace um you know normal lace-up shoes you walk through the undergrowth you can catch it on a twig and it will undo it so if it'll pull you back so that they're now really nice little feature everything sucked away and it keeps the keeps a lot more streamlined um a decent pull tab at the. Back getting the shoe on and off generally don't really need that because once the shoes undone the opening is so large on these it's brilliant you can just literally like i say with the old ones i just slipped them on and off like slippers and well you're out camping a nice feature is obviously you don't want to wear your shoes inside a tent or inside a hut that you're staying in you leave them by the front door they open up so large with this area here you can literally just slip them on and off so if you're for example you're going outside and you're carrying some pots and pans you're gonna wash up you don't know then put those down to then put your shoes on and all the rest you leave these by the door slip them on and you can walk around like slippers as long as you want in that do your washing up outside come back in and kick them off again so really easy to get on and off and that makes these really convenient. Shoe not just a decent walking shoe but really convenient as well and if you are going to be out camping you know a pair. Of these is actually brilliant they used. To be you know people used to wear high. Boots and that was there was brilliant you know the high boot was a great shoe really stable and supported the shoe, and they do this actually in a high boot version as well but more people are now going for the straight walking shoe and i don't know if stability is as much. Of a feature now these days as people thought it was obviously if it's really rugged terrain you're carrying heavy packs maybe that's more important but see the great thing with this shoe is that i can wear this on the plane I'm going somewhere i can when i get there i can wear it around town i can wear out hiking is just a really nice looking shoe so it's not a boot definite issue. And that i think is a nice feature that it's it you can wear at any point during. Your holiday um this i could go on about. This shoe forever but you know a couple of other features which obviously make this really important it's got this porthole insert now all the salomon shoes have this shoe insert in that comes with them and it's a sort of. Orthopedic insert it doesn't really do a. Lot it's got a little bit of a raised cup at the side and some air vents at. The front i they're nice they're comfortable what is good though is if you do have inserts where you do have orthotics that you prefer to put into the shoe this comes out really easily i know some shoes have these sort of stuck in a little bit more in the hard to get in and out this comes out really easily and also for cleaning the shoe i mean i use these all the time i regularly clean them you know want to keep them looking good and usable so you can take the insert out but once it takes it out you. Have a good idea of the build quality inside this shoe you can see that the stitching in there is really precise the. Shoe is there's not a seam inside that's. Going to get in your way all round the inside here there're no seams there this is also a one continuous piece and this material is a really lovely material it's very. Very soft hard wearing doesn't cause any blisters I've never had any problems with issues at all i suppose I'm quite lucky I'm normally i can normally get away without too many issues with most shoes I'm not prone to blisters some people are but i have to say this is probably one of the most comfortable shoes I've ever worn so. Realistically that's it i mean it's a it's a it's a brilliant shoe i think it looks great they sell this in so many colours now I've seen this online in about 30 different colours they've got a new version now which is a nubuck leather and i can't remember they call. That one but it's its a leather version of this shoe which is really smart they do it in a tan leather and a black leather obviously highlighted details around the. Lace pulls at the front here which are in the in different leather colors as well which is really nice i personally like the canvas ones the gore-tex material. Probably less upkeep every so often i put in your gore-tex. Spray coating on just to keep the gore-tex breathing in the right direction leather ones may be a little bit more work but if you're suddenly looking something a bit smarter maybe the leather one would suit and be a better shoe this for me though is. Possibly the most perfect walking shoe. There is and you know little features. Like i say like the i then the metal. Lace pulls through here very strong and. You can see how the material is stitched how it pulls through from all these different angles so you're going to get a really tight shoe some people feel that you can't get these lace locks tight enough oh god i can get these so tight that my feet hurt so there're no issues with that and the heel cup it's a it's a slightly dumb race heel at the. Back here holds the foot nice and tight but not so high that you're going to get kitty's problems on a know some people cut slightly cut down the back here just to leave the pressure don't need to do that with a shoe it's a really nice fitting shoe so there we go so that is the salomon x altra. — second variation of its — gtx possibly. My favorite shoe and I'm definitely. Going to give this one a 5 star rating.

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    Vasque Inhaler II GTX Hiking Boot - Women's

    Leave it to you to go for a hike on one of the hotter spring days yet. Though, since you have the Vasque Women's Inhaler II GTX Hiking Boot laced to your foot, you'll be trekking in comfort. As its name suggests, the Inhaler provides passive, yet substantial ventilation that keeps your foot feeling cool, comfortable, and dry.

    To achieve this, the Inhaler features a generous helping of mesh inserts that promote ample breathability, in turn reducing hot spots and chafing often caused by the buildup of moisture and foot funk. Meanwhile, the Gore-Tex Extended Comfort insert provides waterproof protection and unencumbered breathability. So should that hot spring weather bring the rain, you'll be well protected. A dual-density EVA footbed and molded EVA midsole attenuate shock, offer day-long support and comfort, and touts just-enough stiffness underfoot to assure you stay well defended against trail-side obstacles. Additionally, the Vasque exclusive, Vibram Pneumatic Megagrip outsole touts some serious rip-and-grip, offering stable footing regardless of what kind of terrain or conditions lay ahead.

  • A slim, low-profile hiking boot for hot weather hiking
  • Mesh inserts provide unencumbered ventilation
  • Gore-Tex membrane safeguards foot from moisture
  • Low-profile lacing system assures a comfortable fit
  • EVA midsole and footed provide day-long support
  • Exclusive Vibram outsole maintains rip and grip
  • Item #VSQ001X
  • We're taking a look at the men's and women's taku gore-tex boots five ask. This is first and foremost a hiking boot. But i can see it performing well for. Shorter multi-day trips and under the. Weight of a lighter weight backpack so you've got enough stability and enough support but it's still a pretty lightweight shoe the men's and women's. Have a shared feature set, so we're gonna look at both but I'm actually holding the women's here like i said it is a. Gore-tex shoe so you have that waterproof protection all the way around and the tongue is attached most of the. Way up to the top of the collar of the boot so you've got confidence there with stream crossings and just in wet conditions in general talking about the. Upper part of the boot it's mostly leather so if you're gonna go on multi-day trips with this boot i would definitely suggest breaking it in allowing enough break-in time as with any other leather boot and looking at. The leather you've got some overlays in. Here that give added durability in you. No key areas that tend to have normal. Wear and tear other than that with the upper you've got a nice toe cap in the. Front so that's a nice rubber toe cap it protects your foot there and then you've got seven all metal eyelets on there so. You can really cinch down the boot you. Do have a little bit of air mesh so you. Have more breath ability you know in the top section and in some key areas where. The boot does need to breathe the mid sole is a molded evie a so you. Have a lot of cushioning throughout the mid sole of the boot but there also is a tpu plate in there that's just. Going to give more stability and you. Now a little bit more rigidity on the boot but in my opinion for how lightweight this boot is it does give a lot of support and it does give enough. Rigidity for under the weight of a. Backpack the outsole is made of vibrams. Neo day hiker rubber so you do have that. High-quality vibram rubber and looking. At the lugs you don't have super aggressive bugs or d plugs so that you would see on a aggressive back packing boot but. Certainly give you enough traction for day hikes and again like i said in you. Known under the weight of a light backpack starting down here you have. Some breaking lugs here at the heel you have a moderately sized heal it's a. Pretty low profile but you do have a little bit of traction there and then moving up through the top of the boot you know the same sort of lugs but you do have some breaking lugs there in the toe as well as far as fitting feel of. These boots and just my initial first impression i found them to be quite big. I wear an eight and a half in pretty. Much every backpacking hiking running a. Shoe and i would try on an eight and a. Half with these just with the lightweight wool sock and i found them to be at least half a size big especially in the toe box and in. The volume the actual volume of the shoe i had a lot of room right in here and. Felt like i could go down at. Least half of a size so if you have a higher volume foot or if you have a wider foot they might fit really well but other than that i would actually suggest sizing down a little bit all in. All it's a really great value boot you've got your gore-tex liner so waterproof protection there a mostly. Full leather upper and that high quality. Vibram sole you can have confidence in your next hiking or backpacking adventure it's the men's and women's taku gore-tex by vasc.

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    Scarpa Mescalito Shoe - Women's

    Scarpa equipped the Mescalito Shoe with everything you need to get into difficult to reach alpine destinations efficiently. The Vibram rubber sole gives sticky traction when traversing a steep rocky incline while you follow rock cairns once the trail disappears. The suede upper adds an element of durable comfort when the trail reappears and works with the rubber toe rand to resist abrasion when you end up kicking the occasional rock along the trail. Customize specific pressure points of the shoe by utilizing the lace-to-toe design and maximize performance during particularly difficult sections of the approach.

  • An approach shoe for hiking into remote alpine areas
  • Vibram sole provides traction over sketchy sections of rock
  • Suede upper adds bombproof durability when scrambling up scree fields
  • Rubber toe rand resists abrasion during alpine approaches
  • Lace to toe construction creates performance fit on long hikes
  • Item #SCR007A
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    Vasque Sundowner GTX Backpacking Boot - Wide - Women's

    The Vasque Women's Wide Sundowner GTX Backpacking Boot looks just like the boot your grand mommy used to wear back in the day, but modern updates bring this boot up to contemporary standards for the modern adventurer. Updates like a waterproof, breathable Gore-Tex lining or Vasque's rugged Pyrenees sole make sure you can reach your backpacking destinations whether you're trekking through rain or shine.

  • Traditional backpacking boot with modern updates
  • Full-grain leather upper with waterproof Gore-Tex backing
  • Stiff midsole with supportive shank insert
  • Vasque's Pyrenees sole with rugged lugs for reliable traction
  • Item #VSQ000Y
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