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Vans HI-Standard Snowboard Boot - Men's ThirtyTwo Lo-Cut Sexton Snowboard Boot - Men's Flux DSL Snowboard Binding - Men's Ride Triad Snowboard Boot - Men's ThirtyTwo Light Snowboard Boot - Men's Bataleon Chaser Snowboard - Men's Venture Snowboards Zelix Snowboard - Men's K2 Snowboards Ryker Boa Snowboard Boot - Men's United Shapes Cadet Series Snowboard - Men's
Vans HI-Standard Snowboard Boot - Men's ThirtyTwo Lo-Cut Sexton Snowboard Boot - Men's Flux DSL Snowboard Binding - Men's Ride Triad Snowboard Boot - Men's ThirtyTwo Light Snowboard Boot - Men's Bataleon Chaser Snowboard - Men's Venture Snowboards Zelix Snowboard - Men's K2 Snowboards Ryker Boa Snowboard Boot - Men's United Shapes Cadet Series Snowboard - Men's
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Brand ThirtyTwo Vans Bataleon United Shapes K2 Snowboards Ride Venture Snowboards Flux ThirtyTwo
Closure traditional laces traditional lace - - Boa Coiler standard, Tongue Tied - - traditional laces
Flex medium medium-soft (3 - 4 of 10 on Van's scale) medium-soft (3 of 10 on Bataleon scale) medium medium medium (5 of 10 on Ride's scale) medium medium-soft medium-soft
Footbed Team (molded EVA) V1 UltraCush - - 3D-formed EVA 3D-formed dual-density EVA - - Comfort (molded EVA)
Liner Team V1 UltraCush - - Intuition Control 3D Foam Intuition Mobile - - Comfort
Liner Closure Team lacing harness V1 harness - - 3-point liner harness Lock Down Turbo - - internal lacing
Manufacturer Warranty 1 year 30 days 2 year - 1 year 1 year 2 years lifetime 1 year
Recommended Use park & freestyle snowboarding all-mountain snowboarding all-mountain snowboarding, park & freestyle snowboarding all-mountain snowboarding all-mountain riding, park & freestyle riding park & freestyle snowboarding all-mountain snowboarding all-mountain snowboarding, park & freestyle snowboarding all-mountain snowboarding, park & freestyle snowboarding
Sole Performance Rubber Reverse Waffle - - Phylight Flex Light - - STI Evolution Foam
Thermo-moldable Liner yes, Intuition Foam yes - - yes yes - - yes, Intuition Foam

Vans HI-Standard Snowboard Boot - Men's

You won't always find the best product in the highest price bracket. The minds and feet behind the Vans Hi-Standard Snowboard Boot apparently didn't feel it was necessary to charge extra for almost 20 years of innovation and time-proven performance. The Hi-Standard meets the standards of the 100-day riders, resort parking lot attendants, and aspiring rippers looking to get their feet wet (not literally, though). The traditional lacing system features double-posted gripping lace hooks that prevent the laces from slipping so your boots stay tight from first run to last.

A heat-moldable V1 UltraCush liner gives nailed-in heel hold and the cushy feel of soft interior cushioning foam. An internal web harness keeps your heel locked down for superior response and less fatigue, and a heat-retaining temperature shield that reflects body heat back to your feet for extra warmth without added weight. The V1 UltraCush footbed features high-rebound impact relief pads at both the forefoot and heel to absorb harsh impacts and smooth out vibrations in choppy terrain. It's finished off with a Reverse Waffle outsole that's made with EVA to reduce weight while improving cushioning, and strategically-placed rubber in the most high-wear area ensures long-lasting durability and traction.

  • Versatile snowboard boot for park, pow, and big-mountain
  • Traditional laces are convenient, easy, and reliable
  • Mid-soft flex is forgiving and great for loose, freestyle riding
  • Custom liner is heat-moldable for the perfect fit
  • V1 EVA Footbed UltraCush absorbs shock and cuts down chatter
  • Item #VAN00Z7

What's up this is jordan with tactics. Calm and right here we have the 2016 vans high standard snowboard boot so. This boot right here is gonna be a perfect beginner and intermediate boot gonna be great for someone who likes ride in the park someone who likes a softer boot van's rates this as a flex. Rating of a 3 so this boot features a traditional lace system it's gonna really allow you to be in control of how loose or tight you want your boots it has double posted lace hooks on these. Rivets right here that's just gonna add increased durability so you can really crank down those boots and get them really snug on your foot this boots gonna feature a classic lite outsole gonna be really light give you good grip in case you're hiking around or you know walking around the parking lot on some of those icy days so taking a look at the interior of this boot it's gonna feature a tri fit x liner and a v to. Ultra push insole so the tri fit x liner featured in the. High standard is gonna be heat moldable it's gonna have an ace in design which is gonna hold your heel in and give you. Ultimate heel hold no heel lip in this boot it's also going to feature the v2. Ultra cush insole just giving you a little bit outer protection here in the heel you know some of those flat impacts. You know shooting off the cat track or something like that and keep your feet feeling pretty solid and that's pretty much it for the vans high standard just. Your classic you know classic looking vans snowboard boot comes in this cool black color right here really classic also comes in this grey and brown. Colorway if you have any more questions. About the vans high standard to drop them in the comment box below or head over to tactics calm.

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ThirtyTwo Lo-Cut Sexton Snowboard Boot - Men's

Inspired by classic skate kicks, the ThirtyTwo Lo-Cut Sexton Snowboard Boot brings park rats and handrail heads a low-profile skate feel and mid-level flex that's ideal for getting creative on freestyle features, but without being too loose when riding the entire mountain. Traditional laces provide ample support for riders who'd rather lace their own boots than mess with quick-lace systems or unnecessary dials.

Keeping it cushy, the Team liner with Intuition Foam provides a plush, custom-molded fit on the mountain. By wrapping your foot precisely, the Intuition Foam Liner alleviates the pressure points inherent to cheaper, ill-fitting boots. Following suit, the molded EVA Team footbed cushions your feet from heavy impacts with its molded EVA. For solid grip, the rubber sole features aggressive traction, but without the bulk of traditional snowboard boots. This low-profile design mimics the vulcanized sole found on your favorite skate kicks for a cleaner overall aesthetic.

  • Joe Sexton's skate-inspired, park and freestyle boot
  • Traditional laces puts a secure fit in your hands
  • Custom-molded Intuition liner conforms to your foot
  • Medium flex blends park playfulness with reliable response
  • Molded EVA in the footbed absorbs heavy impacts and chatter
  • Grippy, lightweight rubber outsole adds traction on icy slopes
  • Vulcanized sole models itself after classic skate shoes
  • Item #TTW00C7

I'm here with the joe section and Mike Seville from 32. They walk me through the 2018 line. There's a lot of really great boots. This is Joe's tenth year with like officially on right yeah officially on 32 good job man. Okay, it all started back one day with mike Seville.

I'm kind of getting hooked up through them and in call and yeah I was on slow for metals for like we met at a contest or something like that, and then he gave me boots for twenty-two or three years. Yeah, something like that, just flowed. I just worked my way up and then I'm sure it's true calstrs but how long could be with it, and then he introduced me to the then team manager.

Do you kind of all spiral them and worked out and here? We are, yeah. Ten years later feels like yesterday. You can suppose like yesterday um so. This is the Linnaeus boot. Well, this is a new 18 Woke Up. This is your signature series. Yeah, awesome colorways.

Thank you freestyle deck or freestyle boot for intermediate to advanced computer super probably right again. I mean I really can't it just kind of falls into that line of like I had that boot last year then the years before called amazing yeah and then just through sort of maturing and growing a little bit. I wanted something a bit more beefy that's not been gme's with just like a more supportive boot and with jumping more with just the way snow where he's going. It's just kind of that with the way it's like so this is the new version of that and i really like it kind of did a sort of inspired golden gophers colorway.

That was kind of like the idea behind it same-same solos before and it has like. That kind of vulcanized look and feel and some soul you've been riding on every signature colorway or boot that yeah since the 30s check i had the. Same exact soul you know so i really like that and I'll always change like a couple of things that like i think stuff like this will just never change that's just what i like and i like the lacing system yeah it's the maiden was below. Was like a shorter cut you know this one is higher and just because it's kind of like the same way you grow a lot of certain things you know i just kind of moved on to something else and sure been writing this on all last year and i really liked it so I'm happy with everything yeah awesome and you're right though like with that soul you know with the type of ride and then you have been doing is you like. That board feel yeah and that's in. Your soul and come makes it happen.

Yeah, it does and I think I always compare it to like the fact that it's flat and it's like truly flat. I just feel like if you're putting that on a board you're gonna be able to feel every kind of little thing. I mean when it's in my head or not it works, you know. I like it and if I had a bunch of thread or a bunch of other stuff here i. Just don't think i would have that same feeling yeah so it works for me and I think it's awesome for that they do it on their groups awesome man and this was kind of like a step up in the liner series to still intuition. Heat-moldable liner but this is the. Team fitters all right that's correct so moving into the team fit line you're out of here which is going to be a dual density foam that we're doing on here you have built-in j-bars on the inside that's going to be a little more of the dense foam.

This is a moldable liner so after you ride this boot five or six times your body heat will make it take shape around your foot which is different than everybody else's foot. You can see we got the power strap up on top to hold you all in place down. Here you have some little pockets on the side which is for the heel hold kits that you can put these a little basically doughnut looking pieces in there that'll take up some space and just adjust your fit to make it fit even better than what they already do and then down on the inside.

You have your molded footbed with the heel crater cradle which is a little harder piece around your heel area to hold you in place and give you some nice stability and support yeah ah that's anice then great colorway awesome. Insole as long as you need a little bit more support you can do it some bomb drops and things like that yeah just kind of that's the way it goes or even like jumping a little bit more just the waist nobody's going you just keep going maybe faster than you used to things like that yeah the window you get that so yes cool it's nice too involved with. A boot to andr sort of outgrow and just kind of progressed in what I want to design and what I want to see in boots and things like that.

Here's a question for you. When you're in the suite do you prefer bungees drop-in ramps or winches? I was in the street, prefer natural speaking like I had a snow hill behind it like they don't prefer that. Yeah, I guess and I had to choose over that and depending on what your kind of hitting like dropping around school. If you're hitting a hand of it between bunny and wind should stay wench for sure good, but she's just like a pain just so much work yeah i mean like a lot of like i just try to find natural sweet spots and try to find me.

We won't just find something that works just because we have a winch they hear something like yeah oh yeah so and mike how does it. Feel to have a guide you know had on. Your wing for so long like be in. His 10th year including powers how is. That you know what's guide you through i was amazing i mean and obviously joe is sitting here with us today and do you. Know him and i do a lot of things together he's a huge asset to 32 in our territory out here in the midwest, and he's always coming around he's at local events he's doing clinics with us and it's amazing to have him in her backyard and the amount of stuff that he does to. Come and do it and even down to the 18:17 park that he's contributed here in everybody's backyard in minnesota so. It's a great asset to have somebody like him living in my territory to help me out and bring the brand of you know where it's been over the last ten years.

So, absolutely good job. I think that this is part of mission. If you guys have had and wound 32 is like it's done really well for really long time. I'm always so bad both you guys in it like joey you've done some really cool stuff man anything up thank you for laughing. Awesome guys thanks so much for watching make sure to check out the new 2018. Three-cheese low cut the joe sigma2 audio sex and fixer series when it drops. Explore argos september yep it'll be at the house comm coming in for september. That's right awesome thanks so much for watching guys I'll leave a comment or question below remorses subscribe to the channel and hopefully I'll see you guys around whoa.

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Flux DSL Snowboard Binding - Men's

When your whole day is spent working on proper presses and tweaked-out grabs in the park, then you'd do well to upgrade your kit with the pop and playfulness of the Flux DSL Snowboard Binding. This mid-soft-flexing binding offers the flexibility you want when throwing down on jibs, but is still responsive enough for carving out corduroy like a boss.

The Ultima Wing highback features wings on the outside for greater leverage when pressing and buttering, and it's cored-out in strategic areas to decrease weight without sacrificing support, while the Alpha baseplate is lightweight and focused on softness for added forgiveness. Flux constructed it with a dual-density footbed that's harder on the outside for enhanced response without sacrificing cushioning, as well as a Honeycomb Strap 2.0 that provides a seamless fit for enhanced energy transfer.

  • Proper freestyle flex for tweaked-out tricks and fun all over
  • Medium-soft flex provides a fun feel from park to peak
  • Ultima Winghighback offers targeted support and flex
  • Alpha baseplate provides lightweight, soft comfort
  • Dual-density footbed is harder at outside for better response
  • Adjustable heel and toe ramps for custom fit
  • Honeycomb straps offer seamless connection for better response
  • Item #FLX002M

The TT is the middle-of-the-road binding. In the line and it's guaranteed to get the job done our genetic base sits flat. And uses a performance blend of nylon and fiberglass for a secure ride the. Alpha high-back is made with a super tough nylon blend giving it a solid feel. All levers are completely tool less for. Easy on-the-go adjustments.

The TT comes standard with our f text reading ankle strap and patented ftm versatile cap all. Straps come equipped with l guides for a clean look our alpha ratchet buckles are. Smooth and lightweight for an easy in and out the patented u you fit. Alleviates pressure points making for a comfortable ride it also features customizable heel and. Toe adjustments to ensure there is no lost leverage the tt is a solid choice. If you need a binding that can perform in all conditions now available in navy. Black and white.

Ride Triad Snowboard Boot - Men's

The go-to choice by riders everywhere from local terrain parks to those adorning mag covers, blogs, and videos, the Ride Triad Snowboard Boot delivers long-lasting, mid-flexing freestyle performance and a level of comfort that won't pack out. The Triad uses an Intuition Mobile liner for its heat-moldable properties to conform to your foot's shape, and provide a supportive, yet light feel, while the articulating cuff won't hold you back on presses or tweaked tuck-knees.

Then, the combo of traditional lacing and a Tongue Tied Boa closure blends the reliability of lacing up yourself with new-age comfort and precision fitting. Dual-density EVA in the midsole soaks up hard impacts from flat landings and reduces chatter at high speeds, while the Aegis anti-microbial coating fights the funk that usually accompanies lesser boots at the end of a hard day of shred. Plus, a FlexLight outsole comes to you with an incredibly low weight, yet holds up through the seasons with reliable traction and comfort.

  • Park-focused, mid-flexing boot for all-mountain shred
  • Traditional laces and Boa system secures a precise fit
  • EVA midsole absorbs harsh impacts and chatter
  • Internal and external J bars deliver support you need
  • Thermo-moldable liner conforms to the shape of your foot
  • Anti-odor coating keeps nasty smells at bay
  • FlexLight outsole sheds weight while maintaining grip
  • Item #RDE00FT

I'm jim with right snowboards I'm here today to talk to you about the 2015-2016. Ride triad this is an intermediate to advanced level boot it's gonna be for that customers looking for something a little bit softer flexing a little more freestyle focused so it's going to be a medium flexing kind of freestyle boot really cool feature here we got our standard lacing system so if you're usually regular laces you haven't gotten a ball boot before you just like the way that those feel we've got that here we've also got a boa reel on the side. And that that operates our tongue-tied system so with the tongue-tied system is its a this boa reel is tied in to. The tongue at the two side points here and as you tighten this reel down what. It does is pull the tongue right over the top of your forefoot so it just gives you a little bit more customizability of the boot and the. Lacing system so it's also got out. Intuition liner so full intuition liner let's heat-moldable that's gonna increase the comfort you can take that. Into your local snowboard shop they can shoot hot air into this thing the foam will expand you put your foot in there as it cools around your foot it gives you a really custom fit we've got two colorways here this is a camo and the black this is a 2015-2016 ride triad. Justin bieber wears 32.

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ThirtyTwo Light Snowboard Boot - Men's

A proven favorite year and again, the ThirtyTwo Light Snowboard Boot retains all the features and freestyle-friendly flex that built up its cult-like following in the first place. Living up to its name, the Light uses STI Evolution Foam on the outsole for featherweight shock absorption, while the heat-moldable Comfort liner uses Intuition Foam for total foot comfort and an exact fit. Heat mold these for an instant custom feel or break-in over time while riding. Take your skate moves to the terrain park and get your presses on lock down with the tweakable, medium-soft flex and skate-inspired feel of these boots. An articulated cuff and 3D molded tongue keep your boots fitting snugly and flexing smoothly.

  • Perennial favorite of freestyle and comfort-driven riders;
  • Traditional lacing puts fit in your hands;
  • Thermo-moldable liner conforms to the shape of your foot;
  • Internal harness secures the fit and prevents heel lift;
  • Impact-absorbing footbed dampens flat landings;
  • Foam outsole is grippy, cushioned, and lightweight;
  • ThirtyTwo is rider owned, tested, and approved;
  • Item #TTW00C5.

What's up, guys? We're here - Milo in Salt Lake City and this is the 2015 32 light snowboard boot shown here in the JP walker signature color. The name says it all. This thing it's one of the lightest boots out there but unlike a lot of like super light boots out there. This thing can actually retain its flex and actually perform super well.

Also it's got a one-to-one last which means that the liner and the shell are the exact same size. A lot of companies will have like an eight and a half liner and a nine shell and a 9 JH liner with the nine shell, so they share the same shell size here each individual liner is made for the shell so at eight and a half liner eight and a half shell 9 line, or nine shell and that just makes it so that it fits better in there but also you don't have added bulk on your boot when you don't need. It's got the 32 level one liner so it's a full-on heat foldable liner pretty basic it's got this nice little velcro here so that it sticks in the boot and it helps with preventing Hewlett coming to check this. Think out support the dawn so for my. Love it's for 32.

Bataleon Chaser Snowboard - Men's

Fuel your progression on a snowboard this season by strapping in to the Bataleon Chaser snowboard. This 99% twin board is built to boost confidence and reward proper technique for beginner and intermediate riders, or for a forgiving and fun board park board for higher skilled riders who prefer a soft flex.

To further inspire confidence and reward proper technique he Chaser is equipped with a mellow camber profile and Freestyle 3BT. This combination creates a powerful edge underfoot as well as forgiving, catch free edges that will not punish slight edge mistakes to help you avoid day ending edge-catch slams. Additionally the soft flex is easily manipulated for turn initiation and stylish presses and butters so that you can start to express yourself as a snowboarder.

  • Beginner-intermediate all-mountain board for progressing on a board;
  • Soft flex is easily manipulated for proper turn initiation;
  • 99% twin can be ridden regular and switch and holds an edge;
  • Mellow camber offers forgiveness and powerful energy transfer;
  • Poplar and beech core provides a responsive and powerful feel;
  • Shock walls make for a smooth and chatter-free ride;
  • High density extruded base is easily repaired and durable;
  • Item #BAT005J.

In this video we're gonna talk about the new Bataleon Carver. It's a board for the guy that's a sophisticated rider that understands the nuances of laying a trench on the mountain. It's a board that harkens back to stiffer more aggressive carving boards.

It does have traditional camber coupled with their three bt and sidekick technology but that doesn't matter. It helps this board engages more. This is a board for turning. This is a carving man's carving board. This board. Features battalions dynamic camber which. Is a more aggressive camber.  It really lets you load it up and spring out of turns. I't still traditional camber. It still has battalions three bt and Sidekick technology on. It's just more aggressive traditional camber.

This board is unique. I mean it's a carving board obviously so the flex pattern is very directional, slightly softer nose, stiffening up back through the tail with not a lot of torsional give to it. This board is stable though if you want to go mach 10 down a groomer go for it. If you want to race boarder cross go for it.

This board is designed to go fast as and absorb any chatter or micro vibrations that you could feel. It's one of those boards that's very specialized and it's very itchy. This board does have snap and it's really designed to snap out of turns but that translates over to pop and holly's for this board. You have to aggressively load it up and when you do you're gonna feel that snap coming right out of this board. It's designed to pop when it needs to. You're coming through the board across course the guy in front of your fault awliyas as that's what I would do. Don't forget to tail tap his head too, just to let him know he's a bitch. This is a board that you can snap and pop with when you need to.

So, how does this board turn? Well, it makes right turns. It makes left turns. You could even try to switch turn it although I wouldn't recommend it because their tail kick isn't that high. This is a board for card. It's at home on edge. You want to set it. Rip the turn transition over to set it. Forget it. This is a board for layin trenches. You want to eurocar. Get down as low as you can. Really drive that nice center flex that board and push it to where it needs to go.

This is possibly one of the best Carving boards I've been on in years and with that 3 BT technology you get an easier entry into a turn it transitions in smooth and then you drive that board and then you transition over and drive it again. This is a board that doesn't want to be flat based. It wants to be on edge. It wants to aggressively drive through turns. There's only one person that I would recommend this board. For the guy that wants to go fast and turn hard. This is for someone that's doing usasa events and railing board across. This is a guy that's he might be in the beer league of boardercross but he wants to win go for.

It's a board for seriously carving and that's it I can't stress that enough. This is a word that's a in a super niche and it's designed to just be in a person's quiver. This is not a daily driver. I can't stress that enough. All right, so now you've decided what snowboard you're gonna get and you're going to decide where you're gonna buy it. If you shop at local awesome slap your local shop guys a high-five and tell them they're killing it but for those of you that are buying online why don't you shop for one of the links we have?

Venture Snowboards Zelix Snowboard - Men's

After winning nine different awards, it's easy to see why the Zelix Snowboard is Venture's most celebrated deck. Starting with the Straight-line Rocker profile, the Zelix is flat underfoot to provide stability and edge hold on hardpack and steeps, with rocker at the tip and tail for float and forgiveness. Then, the directional tapered shape and slightly offset stance provides nimble control and powerful drive, while still allowing you to ride switch without missing a turn.

Aspen harvested from within 100 miles of Venture's Silverton factory gives the core a lightweight feel, and ash and poplar stringers throughout maintain strength and snappiness. TX30 triax glass provides pop and responsiveness while maintaining torsional flex to ensure you grip icy slopes. The castor bean topsheet reduces the need for petroleum-based products for a more eco-friendly design, and the sintered base is fast and hard to withstand bonks from hidden logs, rocks, and snowguns.

  • Venture's most celebrated board for all-mountain ripping;
  • Straight-Line profile is floaty, yet stable;
  • Triax glass offers responsive and powerful feel;
  • Directional tapered shape enhances float in deep snow;
  • Castor beans topsheet is eco-friendly;
  • Sintered base keeps you fast and is durable;
  • Item #VTS000V.

In this video we're gonna talk about the Ventures Zelix. Their quiver of one board. If you will from their lineup it's got a slight setback and a slight taper to it but not enough that it's overwhelming or you're drastically gonna notice. This is a board that you go from the peak to the park although I really wouldn't recommend going in the park of this board and everything in between.

This is a board that is their quiver of one and they cater more to a niche market, they cater to that guide that's going to be out there chase and pow that one that's you know weekend warrior trying to get in as many laps as they can. The person that's just out there regardless of conditions and that's where the zeal extends its that board for that guy that can only have one board, but they have more of a focus on free ride or putter chasing.

This board features Ventures straight-line rocker which is a flat in the rocker so outside the insert packs there's a mellow rocker in the tip and the tail which gives this board stability underfoot better floating pout and easier turn initiation. Seelix comes in with just above. Middle-of-the-road all-mountain freestyle flex to it you've. Got play in the tips and you've got a decent amount of torsional flex by-and-large this board is very stable especially underfoot there's a little bit of chatter and the tip in the tail but it doesn't resonate back underfoot.

This is due in part to the rocker profile. It's a slightly stiffer than middle-of-the-road all mountain freestyle flex that's stable the sweet. Spot that's in the tail is minuscule and. I mean minuscule you've got to know where it is to properly engage it but. When you do this board will lock into a. Butter it will lock into a press you can. Play around with it that if you don't. It's gonna be really soggy and you're not gonna like it's just how it is. The one thing i really liked about this board was how well it laid a trench when. I was driving it through a carve this is a board that just is super quick to. Engage super snappy and you can drive. Aggressively or be laid back on it does. What you needed to do and it's very damp underfoot you don't get bucked around you don't notice any chatter on edge it plows through everything with ease this. Is a board for the resort rider that's searching out pow and taking freestyle. To it someone that's sending it off a cliff dropping off cornice is buttering. And deep fresh snow someone that's really out there just pushing it to the limit and going for it.

It's one of those boards for the guy that's transitioning from being a park rider to a powder rider someone that just wants to go out and spin into fresh snow. So what other boards are out there like the see lix from venture let's take a look the ride timeless the rome saw tooth. The arbor sin hombre the capita navigator the endeavor maverick the yes. Standard.

Remember to comment, share, subscribe and like this video that way. You can see all the relevant fort irrelevant snowboarding content that we're putting out for you guys so smash that bell down below that way you're getting a notification and I'll see you guys in another video if you've been enjoying all these product reviews and you haven't been buying through our affiliate program which is down there why don't you check. Out our patreon this is a great way for you to get involved with us there's some great rewards on there and it helps fund. Is so we can do more product reviews for. You guys that enjoy what we're doing.

K2 Snowboards Ryker Boa Snowboard Boot - Men's

If you've been riding for a while, you probably remember the bulky monstrosities that passed for snowboard boots back in the day, leaving your feet tired, cold, and cramped after hours of continuous riding. If you're new to the sport, let's just say you're lucky to be entering snowboarding in this modern renaissance of technology and form-fitting comfort. Case in point, the K2 Men's Ryker Boa Snowboard Boot utilizes the very best technologies available for a lightweight, well-cushioned feel that's supportive without feeling stiff as a brick.

It's designed for all-terrain and freestyle riding, striking just the right balance for riding anything the mountain throws your way with its medium flex pattern. One of the most notable features, the Boa Coiler lacing system cranks down tightly to alleviate excess slop without creating nasty pain or hot spots, thanks to lacing guides along the tongue and forefoot evenly distributing pressure along the boot's shell. The articulated cuff gives the Ryker a bit more flexibility and freedom, allowing the boot to flex without distorting the shell.

The Intuition Control 3D foam liner customizes the fit of the boot with its heat-moldable foam that wraps your feet. This liner's 3-point harness that locks down your heel from lifting during hard turns for excellent power transfer. Moreover, internal J-bars clutch your ankle in place while carving. And to maintain a smooth-riding feel, the Phylight sole is paired with Harshmellow cushioning that absorbs excess chatter and flat landings from bruising your feet.

  • Smooth-riding boot for riding anything on the mountain;
  • Medium flex patterns lends versatility for peak-to-park;
  • Boa Coiler lacing with guides that evenly distribute pressure;
  • Intuition Control 3D foam liner with heat-moldable fit;
  • 3-point liner harness locks down heel for power transfer;
  • Harshmellow cushioning softens harsh landings and choppy snow;
  • Phylight sole is extremely lightweight and smooth-riding;
  • Item #K2S00DM.

Matt guf here! House Snowboard Shop. This is the K2 Ryker snowboard boot. This is an amazing boot. When I first pulled this out of the box I thought to myself no way that this boot at this price point has so many rad features. A lacing system, of course, is gonna be the BOA lacing system. You guys all know about works. Click it in, strap it down. Quick easy efficient. You know every once. In a while your laces get loose this. Think if it does which it won't pop it. Lock it tightens, it good to go.

It has the kandra interior lining system. Inside your boot there's a lining system that tightens from the outside of your boot .Every once in a while if you're in, if you're going inside, the silage got a long lift line or you just want to walk around without tightening or untighten in all of your boots well. Literally all you have to do release this lever and the inside of your liners are going to be nice and loose. You don't even have to undo the quick and easy BOA system.

On the outside it has a low pro harsh mellow outsole. Low profile. It's nice and thin. Saves a lot of weight and just like the K2 bindings and boards have. They have the new harsh mellow technology in the forefoot. You'll see like right here is a silence soft little padding is actually all throughout the forefoot and in the heel as well the footbed. On the inside is 3d form evie, a footbed with again harsh mellow. If I were to take that liner out on the inside it would be 3d formed which is definitely nice for comfort because if you have uncomfortable boot you're not gonna want to ride for a long time. I'm kind of guy that when you go on hill or when i go hunting heel I'm out there pretty much non-stop all day until the lips close down. So if you get it comfortable boot like this with levee a foot pad harsh mellow it back throughout the outsole and the footed.

This thing is gonna be comfortable all day long. The line of it. Is definitely rad it has a multiple J-bars. These bars are other small little inserts that you put around your ankle so you get a nice tight heel fit in your heel cup. It also has the power straps so it's inside. You'll see that you can ratchet this thing down a little bit tighter then you could most traditional cuffs in the liners. It does have a 3d moldable tongue so the things can be wrapped around your leg. It's not gonna feel like a big piece of plastic in front of you. It's going to be definitely comfortable. I'm nobody can see from there but this is pretty cush stuff. This is pretty soft and it does have an asymmetrical cuff so you know even though the outside of your leg and the inside your leg or shaped a little bit different around the calf area.

These things are going to be shaped for maximum comfort from the bottom of your foot basically to the top of the boot to on. The boot flex is about a six so it's a little bit stiffer than the average boot but once you break these babies in their pretty much can be bomb-proof. Let's get the K2 Ryker boa system, kandra system.

United Shapes Cadet Series Snowboard - Men's

United Shapes' original board that was built to charge like bat out of hell through any conditions, the Cadet stands at attention with speed, stability, and versatility in everything from knee-deep pow to sloppy chunder. Five years of refining the Cadet has brought United Shapes to this current and best model yet, what, with its subtle tapered shape that enhances float in deep snow without compromising your ability to ride fakie or land switch. Not to mention the mellow camber profile and medium flex that balances powerful snap and confident straight-lining with the ability to play around on natural features with a freestyle eye. The lightweight core uses bamboo and poplar to provide a lively feel without the weight, and the carbon backbone turbo-charges this deck to power through just about any conditions you come across on the mountain.

  • Nimble, powerful deck for blasting though all conditions;
  • Directional tapered promotes confident control at speeds;
  • Mellow camber profile adds power to your pop;
  • Bamboo, poplar core ensures lively response without bulk;
  • Carbon stringers and triax wrap maximize energy transfer;
  • Sintered base is tough and fast through all conditions;
  • 12+2 insert pack allows you to set your stance far back;
  • Item #UNS0003.

Whatever this is kind of syntactic sport shop right here. You're looking at the 2016 space cadet from United Shapes Snowboards.

United Shapes is a new brand for us this year. Really cool designs all their boards. Look really good. They're all gonna feature this positive camber profile so just lift in the center of the board. Keep it aggressive. keep it really solid. You know, all classic snow woods are built this way. It's the way a lot of people learn to ride. Personally, I'm a big fan. It's just gonna be really solid hold an edge. Really well when you're carving hard on icy day and also be really solid if you're leaning back too far when you go off a jumper you know right in that back country.

It's gonna feature a set back a little bit so the nose is gonna be a little longer in the tail. Got a nice lift on the nose to keep it up and out of the snow in the powder. It's also gonna feature this set back insert again so if you want to set it back even more and just have a lot of weight towards the tail your board in that deep pow day and just slash hard carve get real zip you feel. You have the option to do that. As well the base of this board is gonna feature a graphite wintered base so graphite is what basis for racers.

Usually use really strong really fast gonna want to keep it waxed up every couple times you go ride but the space is gonna keep you riding fast all season long that's pretty much it for the space cadet. Again, just a really cool board. You know, it's gonna ride really well. Switch especially for a tapered board. Really getting the power, really getting the whole mountain. I'm just kind of board. You can take everywhere but definitely gonna be super fun in the powder. If you have any questions about this board or any of the other United Shapes feel free to drop in the comment box below or child specs on