The Best Camping Pocket Knife

  1. Smith & Wesson Extreme Ops
  2. Victorinox Swiss Army Huntsman Pocket
  3. RoverTac Pocket Knife Multitool Folding
  4. KINGMAX Pocket Knife, Multitool Tactical
  5. Multitool Knife, POHAKU 13 in 1 Portable
  6. Spring Assisted Knife – Military Style
TOP #1
Smith & Wesson Extreme Ops Camping Pocket Knife
Smith & Wesson Extreme Ops Camping Pocket Knife

  • Dimensions: 7.1 inch (18 cm) overall length with a blade length of 3.1 inches (7.9 cm) and a weight of 3.5 ounces
  • Durable: Blade is made of reliable 7Cr17MoV Black Oxide High Carbon Stainless Steel with a black, aluminum handle
  • Dependable: Quick and easy access with the convenient pocket clip, finger flipper and ambidextrous thumb knobs making it ideal for everyday carry
  • Secure: Have confidence that the blade will not slip with the security of the liner lock
  • Camping Pocket Knife
TOP #2
Victorinox Swiss Army Huntsman Pocket Camping Pocket Knife
Victorinox Swiss Army Huntsman Pocket Camping Pocket Knife

  • Made in the USA or Imported
  • A CUT ABOVE THE REST: Compact, agile and ready to face any adventure head-on. Our range of Swiss Army Knives have been established since 1897 and continue to be an icon of utility and smart design.
  • DURABLE CONSTRUCTION: Swiss made stainless steel construction encased in our popular scales offers a slimmer profile and is extremely resistant.
  • TRUSTED QUALITY: Made in Switzerland; Victorinox provides a lifetime guarantee against defects in material and workmanship
  • Camping Pocket Knife
TOP #3
RoverTac Pocket Knife Multitool Folding Camping Pocket Knife
RoverTac Pocket Knife Multitool Folding Camping Pocket Knife

  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee: WE STAND BEHIND OUR PRODUCTS AND WARRANTY
  • The 9-in-1 screwdriver bit set guarantees a multi-purpose using
  • Safeguard Locking Mechanism: Discretely integrated safeguard prevents the blade from accidentally closing on your fingers by requiring you to push inwards to fold it.
  • Comes with a durable nylon pouc
  • Camping Pocket Knife
TOP #4
KINGMAX Pocket Knife, Multitool Tactical Camping Pocket Knife
KINGMAX Pocket Knife, Multitool Tactical Camping Pocket Knife

  • Save Money & Space-Just one durable, sophisticated, compact multi tool with a folding design
  • 9-in-1 bit set.It is your preferred tool for projects at home, at work, or at camp sites
  • Stainless Steel Multitool-The multitool pocket knife is made of 440C stainless steel with premium hardness and rust resistance
  • The multi tool knife weighs 7.7 Ounces. Black oxide multifunctional knife sports a sleek, stealth look
  • Designed for Safety
  • Easy to Carry-
  • Camping Pocket Knife
TOP #5
Multitool Knife, POHAKU 13 in 1 Portable Camping Pocket Knife
Multitool Knife, POHAKU 13 in 1 Portable Camping Pocket Knife

  • Bigger Blade Knife. Larger blade over 3” gives you more of a cutting edge as well as a more secure and comfortable grip during heavy duty cutting
  • It has a lock function to keep the blade from causing accidents.
  • One Hand Operation. With a simple push, you can easily slide out the large blade knife in a second
  • Each tool can be opened and used separately without opening the entire pliers
  • 13-in-1
  • Camping Pocket Knife
TOP #6
Spring Assisted Knife - Military Style Camping Pocket Knife
Spring Assisted Knife – Military Style Camping Pocket Knife

  • Knife with folding spring assisted opening blade and pocket clip has a simple and reliable liner-lock 
  • Perfect tactical knife for everything
  • Black coated 440C stainless steel – excellent balance of hardness and corrosion resistance ensures proper operation without sharpening
  • Perfect gift idea
  • Camping Pocket Knife

Smith & Wesson Extreme Ops Camping Pocket Knife

Smith & Wesson Extreme Ops Camping Pocket Knife

Smith and Wesson focuses on creating knives that are ready for all situations. Whether you are a knife collector, survivalist or a first responder, you can trust that your S&W knife will be the tool you can rely on in any situation.

  • Dimensions: 7.1 inch (18 cm) overall length with a blade length of 3.1 inches (7.9 cm) and a weight of 3.5 ounces
  • Durable: Blade is made of reliable 7Cr17MoV Black Oxide High Carbon Stainless Steel with a black, aluminum handle
  • Dependable: Quick and easy access with the convenient pocket clip, finger flipper and ambidextrous thumb knobs making it ideal for everyday carry
  • Secure: Have confidence that the blade will not slip with the security of the liner lock
  • Camping Pocket Knife

  • Product Dimensions: 4 x 0.3 x 1 inches; 2.4 Ounces
  • Item model number: SWA24S
  • Manufacturer: Taylor Brands LLC
  • Type: Camping Pocket Knife

Victorinox Swiss Army Huntsman Pocket Camping Pocket Knife

Victorinox Swiss Army Huntsman Pocket Camping Pocket Knife

Victorinox Swiss Army Huntsman Pocket Knife, Red

  • Made in the USA or Imported
  • A CUT ABOVE THE REST: Compact, agile and ready to face any adventure head-on. Our range of Swiss Army Knives have been established since 1897 and continue to be an icon of utility and smart design.
  • DURABLE CONSTRUCTION: Swiss made stainless steel construction encased in our popular scales offers a slimmer profile and is extremely resistant.
  • COMPACT CARRY: Bring this knife with you on your daily adventures without sacrificing space. It makes a great gift for any occasion or stocking stuffer for Christmas.
  • FIT FOR ALL TASKS: At their heart, all our pocket knives are a survival tool; multitaskers that deliver in any situation. At their most evolved they have surpassed basic function to pioneer space travel and restart engines.
  • TRUSTED QUALITY: Made in Switzerland; Victorinox provides a lifetime guarantee against defects in material and workmanship. Making a lifetime commitment has never been so easy. No assembly required, money back guarantee.
  • Camping Pocket Knife

  • Product Dimensions: 3.58 x 1.04 x 0.83 inches; 3.36 Ounces
  • Item model number: 1.3713
  • Manufacturer: Victorinox
  • Brand: Victorinox
  • Color: Red
  • Item Dimensions LxWxH: 3.58 x 1.04 x 0.83 inches
  • Item Weight: 0.21 Pounds
  • Blade Material: Stainless Steel
  • Blade Length: 2.5 Inches
  • Type: Camping Pocket Knife

Versatile sidekick, whether you’re an the three six inches huntsman, is a cut above the rest, featuring 15 tools, stainless steel, construction, swiss made precision and a leather clip. Pouch you’ll want the huntsman by your side when you’re ready to go offline or off the beaten path, features 15 functions, large blade, small blade. Corkscrew can opener with small screwdriver, also for phillips screws bottle opener with large screwdriver wire stripper reamer key ring, tweezer toothpick scissors, multi-purpose hook, wood saw or tips for your swiss army knife.

The steel is tempered, annealed and polished to achieve the necessary hardness and provide optimum resistance to corrosion sharpening to re-sharpen. Your knife use a wet stone at an angle of 15 degrees to 20 degrees. When you hear the word swiss army knife chances, are you think of the legendary officer’s knife and that legend continues with the huntsman pocket knife with the addition of scissors and a wood saw you’re ready to cut through just about anything when it’s time to go offline and off the beaten path? You’ll want the huntsman in your pocket check the link in the description below to get the most updated price in real time.

You never know when these things might go on sale. What makes this product a smarter choice? Number one a cut above the rest, compact, agile, and ready to face any adventure head-on. A range of swiss army knives have been established in 1897 and continues to be an icon of utility and smart design. Number two durable construction, swiss-made stainless steel construction encased in our popular scales, offers a slimmer profile and is extremely resistant.

Number three compact carry bring this knife with you on your daily adventures. Without sacrificing space, it makes a great gift for any occasion or stocking stuffer for christmas number, four fit for all tasks at their heart. All our pocket knives are survival tools, multitaskers that deliver in any situation at their most evolved. They have surpassed basic function to pioneer space, travel and restart engines.

Number five trusted quality made in switzerland. Victorinox provides a lifetime guarantee against defects in material and workmanship. Making a lifetime commitment has never been so easy. No assembly required money-back guarantees. Number six functions: large blade, small blade, ken opener screwdriver three millimeters bottle: opener screwdriver, six millimeters wire stripper reamer punch and sewing awl corkscrew scissors wood saw multi-purpose hook, toothpick tweezers curing number 7 iconic design in 1891 carl elsiner.

The owner of victorinox, was under contract by the swiss army to produce a folding pocket knife to be suitable for use by soldiers for opening canned food and disassembling. The swiss service rifle elsinore, invented a special spring mechanism allowing him to attach the tools on both sides of the handle using the same spring, to hold the tools in place.

This innovative design meant elsinore could put twice as many features on the knife, which included a blade. A second smaller cutting blade. Reamer can opener screwdriver corkscrew and wood fiber grips number. Eight innovation is our tradition. Innovation is our tradition and has been ever since we patented the first swiss army knife in 1897.

Here in the swiss knife valley. We take lumps of molten steel and blend with generations of experience to forge knives that are loved all over the world, as we continue to find new ways to improve our knives. We also strive to apply better solutions that meet new requirements and our customers unarticulated needs number nine functionality. The swiss army knife is the ultimate multi-tool, whether you need a magnifying glass to read the fine print or a metal saw to cut through iron.

The swiss army knife has your back. In addition to a blade, these gadgets include various implements, such as screwdrivers bottle, openers and scissors number 10, the four cornerstones of victorinox. The various tools of a swiss army knife are manufactured from high quality steel with precisely tuned features that are essential for the particular application.

The steel is tempered, annealed and polished to achieve the necessary hardness and provide optimum resistance to corrosion and so much more thanks for watching. I leave my affiliate links down in the video description below click on those links and they’ll give you most updated prices in real time. You never know when these things might go on sale.


Started over a hundred and thirty years ago, Victorinox is one of the most recognizable knife brands on the market. Today, stick around and I’ll give you a history and go in a full review of one of my favorites, the Huntsman Swiss Army knife hi. It’s the OCD hunter, bringing you tips, tricks, DIY, hacks and other useful ways that my OCD can help make your life a little more simpler Victorinox was all started in 1884 by Carl Eisner to the first in a Cutler’s workshop in a small village called Ibaka, which is in the district of sweets Switzerland there.

His background was in making surgical tools at the time from there. In the late 1800s, he established the Association of Swiss master cutters, which resulted in him delivering the first major supply of soldier knives to the Swiss Army, who at the time, was getting their knives from Germany. Then in 1897 he patented the original Swiss officers and sports knife, which is known around the world.

Today, as a Swiss Army knife, his mother Victoria always actively supported Karl in his efforts and in the early 1900’s. After her passing, he decided to choose her first name Victoria as the brand name and registered the emblem with the cross and shield as a trademark. But later in 1921, with the invention of stainless steel or Enix, he decided to change the name to the Touareg Knox, which is now what it’s known for today and in the 1900s.

The company still continue to grow and with developments of several new technologies, Victoria Knox is processes of reproducing their knives got easier, while keeping consistency and maintaining quality throughout the product. Then in 1945, the good old US of A is economy hit the scene. The US soldiers stationed in Europe after the world war ii started buying them in large quantities, making it a popular souvenir to take home and yet another interesting fact bawls, the.

U s is in 1977 the original Swiss Army knife became an exhibit for design at the Museum of Modern Art New York. Finally, in 1979 the company switched from a sole proprietorship to a family-owned company, but toward Knox AG and in the late 1980s. Until today, the company continued to grow and expand going into different markets such as selling watches travel gear, clothing and fragrances.

Today, it’s a registered trademark in over a hundred and twenty countries and ten percent of the company is owned by a non-profit foundation which supports international charities. Also, they acquired the Swiss watch and knife maker. Winger Wenger remains and independently operated subsidiary of Victoria Knox, but is integrated into the Victoria Knox brand and in 2017 Victoria Knox produces its 500 millionth Swiss, Army knife and Wenger celebrates its 125 years.

Today you can find all kinds of sorts of variations of tools and sizes and with different artwork. My Victoria Knox at choice is the Huntsman in the traditional red scales made from selador, which I don’t know much about. But if you do leave a comment- and let me know more about it- its categories in the medium sized knife coming in at 3, 4, ounces and measures, an eighth of an inch by three and a half inches, and it’s stuffed full of tools, including a large blade, a small blade.

A can opener with a three millimeter screwdriver, a bottle opener with a six millimeter screw driver wire, stripper a reamer punch and sewing awl corkscrew scissors wood saw multi-purpose hook, toothpick tweezers and a keyring Victoria Knox states that and I quote, guarantees all knives and tools to be a first-class stainless deal and also guarantees a lifetime against any defects and material and workmanship.

But damage caused by normal, wear and tear misuse or abuse are not covered by this guarantee. If you want to support the channel and purchase your own look to the link down in the description, also, we just got in our new OCD hunter t-shirts. The link for that also is in the description. But if you buy one please let me know how the vendor does, because there’s plenty of different vendors out there and I want to make sure that you’re getting the best quality you possibly could get.

As for the field of knife, it fits in my hand nicely and I wear large to extra-large gloves. The scales can be a little slick in a hand and I found that the biggest problem with the slickness is when I have it in my shorts front pocket because I’ve actually found the knife will slide out of my front pocket when I recline in a chair. That is one of the reasons for my lanyard mod, which I’ll go over in a different video.

There should be a link at the top of the screen and there’s a link in the description if you want to watch it, but as for the knife getting wet, the scales actually become more grippy and locked pretty solid in the hand it has two blades which are very nice, because in one tool you get your redundancy, you have the main blade and a backup blade. Both are designed with the spear point.

With a sharpening angle, 15 degrees, the biggest has a 2 and 1/4 inch cutting surface and the other is just a little less than one and a half inches. They came razor-sharp out of the box and the stainless steel they use is called X 55 crm, o 1/4 with a rockwell hardness of 56/58 ention. It is not too terribly hard to sharpen. These knives are really good at corrosion resistance, and there are plenty of videos out there testing this.

The rest of the tools are made from a different type of metal, using what Victorinox labels x, 39, CR, 13 and iraq well hardness, ranging between 52 and 56. For example. The screwdriver bottle opener is a lower hardness, so it won’t break when putting torque on it to turn a screw. It is good to note that none of the tools on this knife lock, like some of the bigger multi tools they sell all items, work on a slip joint system with the springs listed at x20 CR 13, with a 49 rockwell hardness.

As you can see, it’s perfect size for several of those camping chores like cutting an apple, since the blade is nice and thin. It’s a great slicer for food prep like potatoes here I’m, giving it the sharpness test to see how thin I can slice a tomato. I purchased this knife over six months ago and I’ve yet to sharpen it. This is still the factory edge.

It’s offseason, so I don’t have any game to prep, but here you can see that it slices nicely through meat. Ask for wood. It makes great feather sticks or to Widow a spearpoint stick to cook on a fire or tent stakes. The spine of the knife is rounded, so it’s not good for striking fairer odds, but the song all make up for that, as well as they’re great for stripping bark or fat wood for tender.

This is not a knife that I would normally think of to baton with, as for other camp tasks, it does well cutting through rope and other food necessities. Even though the blades are corrosion, resistant I still put a light. Coating of food grade oil on them after I clean them. Just in case my oil choice is olive oil to give them that extra protection, just behind the two blades is a wood, saw with really aggressive teeth.

The cutting edge measures around two and a half inches, and the saw cuts, wood surprisingly well for its size, but it’s not something you’ll be cutting large logs and enjoying yourself. Next is the scissors which I love the overall size is about 2 to 5 inches with the cutting surface is about 3/4 of an inch super sharp great tools. Next, in line is a can opener with the 3 millimeter screwdriver I want to take a minute and say that what surprises me is how many people don’t know how to work a can opener on their multi tools.

For this Victoria Knox, you can see the blade is on the front, so you’ll move forward with the tool simply grab the outside of the can with the hook then push down then continue the motion to see one of the other types you can see how the design shapes are different. This particular design you will work towards yourself while trying to open the can ending off.

This side is a bottle opener with a six millimeter screwdriver and a wire stripper on the reverse side is a corkscrew which I’ve never used to open up a wine bottle, but can be handy for untying, really tight knots and then there’s one of the tools, I think is the most underrated tool on this multi-tool and that’s the partial hook tool it’s advertised as a partial hook, where you can carry packages bound and string.

But let me tell you there are so many other uses. I have a video describing just some of the many uses you can do check the link above or in the description to watch. Even though I love this tool. I do have one issue with the design and that’s where the keyring is I, find when I’m putting away the hook. It almost always catches and gets stuck on the ring.

Probably for most, though, who don’t use the tool as much as I? Do it probably wouldn’t bother them ending this side? Is the reamer punch tool great for punching holes or widening drilled holes Plus? That sharp edge is great for striking a fare rod and removing tinder off of wood or that wood? Finally, as the tweezers on the toothpick I replace my toothpick with a Ferro rod, if you want to see a video on that click, the link or in the description to find out more, this is a great tool in a moderately compact size.

You’ll, probably hear me say this again and again, but I’m not a huge folding knife fan, but Victorinox is one of the exceptions. This is my go-to EDC and I. Carry it everywhere, I’m allowed to carry. It has proven itself time and time again that it’s dependable once again, if you want to get your own and you want to support the channel check the link below in the description I’m, the OCD hunter and I hope that my continual painstaking practice of changing fixing and improving on ideas will help you out in your endeavors, don’t forget to Like and subscribe click.

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What’s happening gang, you know who it is Pauline from project prepper today, as you see before you I’m doing a review on the Victoria Knox forest of Swiss Army knife. Let’s get into it. The Forester is part of the victory Knox 111 millimeter line or locking models which are the larger lineup of Swiss Army knives. As the name suggests, the froster is geared up for outdoor use for wilderness tasks and as well as for my opinion, it has enough tools to being an effective everyday, carry for general day-to-day tasks.

The Forester is a three layer, Swiss Army knife. The overall weight is 126 grams. The Forester features a set of black scratch resistant nylon scales on one side of the scales is a Swiss Army knife logo of the cross and shield. Let’s look at the dimensions, starting off with the length with the tools in the closed position is a hundred and eleven millimeters, and the width is eighteen, millimeters time to dwell Vinh to the tools of the forester starting off.

As you can see here, the Forester has a decent sized liner, locking plain edge drop point polish blade, which makes it great for general utility purposes, bushcraft tasks or on the job tasks. The working edge, lengths from the toil to the tip of the blade is 18 millimeters or 3 15 inches for authenticity purposes on the tang of the knife has a stamped victory. Knox Swiss made stainless and the steel has a rockwell hardness of 56/58 hrc. Here, if you’re a left-handed person like myself, then you’re going to love the fact that this knife is a left-handed liner, locking system.

So it’s quite interesting how they have this sort of setup as opposed to predominantly. As we all know, a lot of liner locking setups are for right-handed people, so it’s a win for us lefty, so, but that doesn’t take away the fact that this is still a great Swiss Army knife. In my opinion, in regards to the main blade I feel as a victory. Knox made this knife with safety in mind, not only the blade locks out for added strength and security from it.

Moving on you, when you put this blade to work, it also uses the slip joint to snap the knife out at roughly 90 degrees. So you don’t run the risk of cutting or slicing your thumb or fingers when closing the knife to compliment the cutting ability of this knife, the thickness and the way the handles are contoured to fit your hand. I. Think, for my opinion, has a nice ergonomic feel about the knife. It has a good sense of control, as you can see demonstrated here as I’ve choked up on the blade to do some simple push craft tasks or peeling strips off this branch for kindling.

Moving on next is the wood saw. The wood saw is non-locking, however, it is held by resistance of the back spring. Using a slip joint the saw length is 90 millimetres or 3 5 inches. The best way I can explain the teeth. Are a tri edged, looking razor set of teeth, which come factory sharp and has great cutting ability, as you can see here in the demonstration I’m cutting through some hard wood, it’s a dream to cut through this bit of hard wood. Actually, it’s about 1 5 to 2 inches wide that I’m cutting down and clearly, as you can see here, it just gives a nice clean cut.

I mean this saw. Is why I’m glad I have the sack Forrester, especially in a survival situation? It can really come in handy, not to mention day-to-day tasks or, if you’re out, camping or hiking, just something that’s pocketable to be able to do this. It’s impressive. Finally, I like to also mention about this saw is that at the tip of the saw it protrudes at the bottom of the handle, so you can open the saw using your finger or thumb. Next is the bottle cap opener the bottle cap opener also uses the liner lock to hold itself in place.

It also features a large flat-head screwdriver measuring 7 millimeters in width plus a wire stripper. The lockout is great because it’s quite strong and can be used as a mini pry bar next is. The combination can opener and small three millimeters flat-head screwdriver I, like the style of can opener with a victory, knock Sachs for my opinion, just better to control and feels natural going forward around the can, rather than reverse, as I mentioned before, I’m left-handed and I find the process not too difficult to achieve at all for extra consideration with this style of can opener that has the small screwdriver on the tip.

It tends to limit your cutting stroke and can leave small jagged edges just something to be mindful of okay. Now, moving on to the small flat-head screwdriver, some of you may be aware of this already that the small screwdriver works on Phillips head screws, as demonstrated before you, you can see how effective this is and I feel as though it bites in the screw really well, when performing the task, as you can see here with the Rema, it has a sharpened edge, so can be used to punch your materials like leather and also it’s very useful for drilling holes into wood.

Just to note, the ream on this Forester doesn’t come with a sewing eye. It’s not only something! I’m too worried about personally myself anyway. Here now, as you can see, is the corkscrew. Some of you might not be a fan of the corkscrew, but, as mentioned before about the small flathead being useful as a Philips head, screwdriver I feel as though it’s probably not necessary to have a Phillips head screwdriver in replacement of the corkscrew. Because of that reason, but with the corkscrew I find it useful, especially being out field, not so much that I’m, a big wine drinker it’s more to the fact that getting into those real stubborn, tight knots on rope, so you can really get in there, as you can see here with the corkscrew and feed right in there to get into those really stiff, tight knots to undo it.

So that’s why I don’t mind having the corkscrew on the bottom of the Forester Swiss Army knife is the key ring. Lastly, are the scale tools that are typical with most Swiss Army knives, as you can see the tweezers and finally, the toothpick? If you do decide, however, to go with the one hand, opening model of the Forester the scale tools do not come with it. Overall I find the fit, and finish of the Forester is high quality in which you would expect from victory, knocks the slip joints, have a nice firm set of back Springs that sacks are well known for with no Google Play in them.

I, really like the idea of the liner lock system -, especially for the main blade. The knife seems to be very minimal, – no blade play as well in the knife, even after some field use also, as I mentioned, I really like how effective the small screwdriver on the can opener is when using it on Phillips head screws. Lastly, I feel as though that considering the length of the Forester it’s not too bad to carry on your persons as it’s reasonable in weight and comparison to size.

With this in mind, if you’re, considering for both a practical sized working blade and saw that is pocketable, then this may be a viable option. Alright, folks. That concludes the review on the victory knocks for us to Swiss. Army knife: thanks for sticking around and watch the video hope you enjoy it. If you enjoy this video and other videos on our channel, please don’t hesitate to hit the subscribe button. We do appreciate your support like share comment and until next time, guys, thanks for watching.

Like to show you the gift that I’ve got from my brother and his new wife were a shelf, they got married at the end of September. James asked me to be his best man and as a gift. He gave me this, so what we got little bag and the Victorinox Huntsman Swiss Army knife personalized it from a nickname and it’s James on Michele 30 of them 9th 2016. Congratulations to both of you by the way, as you can imagine, I was overwhelmed to get this as a present.

I know how good the Huntsman knives are, though, because here’s one I had earlier so I thought it’d be a really good time to show you. The features of the knife, see it in action and give you some of my thoughts. So here’s a knife comes with several tools: I’ll go, furthermore, one by one. First of all, we have a long plate on the opposite side of a secondary blade, which is a bit shorter. We have a wood saw. This is the tool I’ll probably use the most.

It’s really sharp excellent for going through small branches. Now, if scissors, these are pretty good, actually trimming nails, no problem at all cut bandages plasters. That kind of thing we have a small flat, bladed screwdriver, the hook or bottle opener and the wire stripper there. Besides, we have the tin opener. We also have a bottle opener and the small flat bladed screwdriver on the end there moving on to the other side of the tool of corkscrew, which I’ve never used to be honest, I’m, not a wine drinker.

We have a hook, use that for carrying you, carry your bags or if you are lashing something you need to pull some some cords really tightly. It’s really handy for that, then we have the reamer or needle you can you need a makeshift needle, so things or if you need to put a hole in some wood. This is really good for that used it a few times on the ends. Now we have over toothpick, never used it. To be honest with you, and here we have some tweezers, get a splinter, probably really good for that, but I’ve never had to use them really good piece of kit and I’ll show you it doing a few tasks.

It’s a reasonable size. Bunch we’ll see how the saw copes with it he’s gone through that hardwood in no time at all, as you can see, the saw works really well. The knife is shaving through this very nicely. Let’s see how the knife fare is making a tent peg. So it’s made short work of that. Well, now cut a notch into the other side. So there we go one quick, ten peg I’ll just put a couple of flats on this stick now and then we’ll show you how effective the rumor is at putting a hole through, let’s just taking that off in no time look really sharp right out of the box so take out the reamer you have it I’m, just going to put a hole through the center of this would need to be careful that this doesn’t lock.

So you don’t want to trap your fingers in there all I’m going to do, keep turning it around it’s time to come through the other side. That’s about half inch thick! So now we’ll go through from the back there. We go very effective drill press with that nice and clean edges. Look so that’s just a quick review of the Swiss Army knife, Victorinox huntsman as you’ve probably seen, there’s loads and loads of different types of Swiss Army knife I chose this one for a number of reasons.

There’s a decent price point, I think I paid about 25 pounds for it and he had all of the tools that I really needed. I needed a saw decent knife and I want to be able to drill holes using the the reamer or the all. So scissors were a bonus because they can come in really handy while you’re out in the field. Don’t really use a corkscrew I’m not going to use a magnifying glass and things like that, so I found that this tool was was perfect for what I needed.

That was just a quick one today, thanks for watching, don’t forget to click the like button and subscribe to my channel I’m heading off to the lake district to the weekend, so hopefully they’ll be a really good video out for you on Sunday, thanks for watching bye.

Oh yeah, what’s up youtube marvin for here with another great american survival and in this week’s episode we’re going to be doing another swiss army sunday today we’re going to be talking about my victorianox huntsman guys this thing’s awesome, I really enjoy it. I hope you guys do will too and guys stick with us I’ll tell you all about it. This video is intended for all ages. All right! Well, today, we’re doing another swiss army sunday and today we’re going to be reviewing the victorian ox huntsman.

Now this is an amazing knife. This knife is part of the 91 millimeter series knife, meaning it’s three and a half inches in length. When it’s closed, that’s pretty nice. It also weighs three and a half ounces ironically, and is 98 grams if you’re breaking it down that way. This is a wonderful knife. Most of the components are all stainless steel. The liners are stainless steel and the blade wonderful, wonderful, the main blade I’ll get to that in a second but uh the scales.

The tools built into this wonderful knife are the proprietary tweezers. We also have a proprietary toothpick and we have the key ring. The keyring I personally like to keep these little pulse. Tab lanyards, which allow me to attach this is a fire tinder. Very nice works comes in really handy. As I said, this is a knife I like to use when I’m backpacking camping, hiking. Anything like that. I like a knife that can do a lot of things, and this one is exactly that.

Let’s get to the tools on the back of the blade on the back of the knife, we have three tools: we have a awl which a lot of people don’t like the all, but I like it. I do a lot of wood carving. I also work with the scout troop and we have boys mess up tents all the time. This works wonderful for working through heavy canvas, working with leather, any type of material you’re trying to sew through without it, leaving a big frayed edge, has the sewing eye and also works really well for pouring out holes that intended we’ve used it to to poke through with uh.

What do you call it with our gas stoves to allow us to poke out eyelets that have been built up with carbon? There’s lots of different things that these things come in, really handy with just it works really really well now, a lot of people don’t really care for the parcel hook, but the parcel hook when you’re working with wire or doing any type of tool, repair being able to use a gauge wire and being able to twist it tighter.

The parcel hook works really really well for that also carrying anything whether it’s we wrap our firewood with uh cordage, and then they can wrap pick it up with this, and it allows them to just give one-handed and not just grab ropes. Not all our boys are the biggest boys. Some of them are, you know 10 and 11 years old, so this works really really well for them. Also, you are then, on the back. We have a corkscrew. Now the corkscrew is personally something I really enjoy.

I especially like using it when I’m working with ropes and I’m breaking knots down. It works great for that now if you’d rather have the phillips head. I understand that, but personally, when it comes to camping and backpacking, I don’t see the phillips head being any more useful. That’s just me most of my. I understand it could come in handy for tool repair, but that’s you know, that’s not what I’m looking at. I like this knife for what it is on the front of the blade of the knife.

The layer tools are a can opener and a small phillips or a small flathead. I’m sorry can opener works really well now a lot of people have never used one. I have done videos where I’ve shown how to use the can opener to actually open can, and this is for, like soup cans, vegetable cans, you know food cans and it works really really well for that. On the other side of it, we have a bottle opener with a wire stripper and a larger flathead.

The wire stripper works really well works with your flat blade your large blade and allows you to strip wire if needed, I’ve liked it. It’s come in really handy for that. I’ve. Only had to use it that for that one time, but I have used it one of my biggest things I like about this knife is the wood saw, that’s when you’re coming down and you like to do whittling and wood tasks and wood crafts. The wood saw comes in very, very handy, it’s very aggressive, but yes, it’s a very small blade.

We’re talking about just under. I think it’s just over three inches, but it works really really well. Let me see if I can get the teeth to show up on this they’re offset trying to get that better. Sorry, very nice, see what I mean there you go, you can see it there and it’s just very aggressive. Also on this knife on that side is the scissors. The scissors come in handy for dealing with fabrics also for fishing lines. It works great for that they’re not the best, far from it, but they do work really really well, you can.

There are a couple models where you can swap that out and you can get the little pliers those work really well. I think the mechanic is that model has that that one works really well for that, and also we have our large blade grab the wrong one. That’s the tweezers where’d it go. Oh I’m facing the wrong way. There we go. The large blade is 2 6, inches long, stainless steel. With a spear point. I like these knives. These blades come in really handy they’re, easy to sharpen just running a stone over them a couple of times and they take an edge really well.

These things have been abused. I’ve had boys use them to baton, stuff and it held up um. It does add a little bit of wobble, but this one right here, there’s no wobble in this blade. It’s very very nicely done. I like it. I think, if you’re looking for a knife, if you’re looking for a single knife for a backpacking outdoor, camping, whatever it might be- or if you have a boy, that’s wanting to join boy scouts or a girl, that’s wanting to join scouts.

This could be the best knife for them. It has so many different options, and it does so many wonderful things that once you start using it for different things, you’ll get more creative and be able to use it to solve lots of different problems. But personally I really enjoy this knife. I think this knife is an awesome option. I think it covers a lot of bases and the tools combined inside this knife are just perfect. For me. I, like it, there are a few out there.

I actually am preparing to review the field master. I’ve had it for quite a few years. I haven’t reviewed it yet, but it’s an awesome option, but I hope you guys enjoyed this video if you did give it the old thumbs up and if you have any comments or want to share it with us comment down below I’d love to hear from you guys. I try to get back to everybody and comment on your video that comment on these videos, and we also do some random giveaways and we’d love to hear from you guys make sure you go check us out.

We are on social media, we’re on facebook and on instagram and guys whatever you do, don’t spend your day inside get outside and explore this wonderful world. That god’s created for us hope you guys have a wonderful week. Make sure you take time get out there enjoy yourself enjoy nature, be prepared and stay safe. God bless guys, we’ll see you soon.

Pocket knife or pocket knife slash multi-tool that I carry daily. This is the Victorinox silva Tech Huntsman I’ve been carrying this for at least a year. I believe daily. This does not come out of my pocket. It’s not something I rotate with any other any other item. My pocket knives change, pretty much daily flashlights I change through, but I always carry this no matter.

What usually always carry this with it, but as you’ll notice on my other video that reviewed this, this is now broken, so it doesn’t it carry it anymore. I’m gonna be ordering a Leatherman squirt to replace that here in the next week or so give that a try but yeah. This is always come to my pocket with that gerber dime usually and a Ferro rod, so that plenty of pocket time I feel I can give a fairly good review on on the fit and finish usefulness all that kind of stuff.

As far as couldn’t finish, it’s a Victorinox I, don’t think anybody’s, really questioning their quality uh. That’s it’s a Swiss Army knife. How can you go wrong with us? Was army knife but I walked into a jewelry store that we have here and and a whole selection of Swiss Army, and it was, it was nice it was. It was a big selection. I’d, never seen a silver, a clear acrylic, finished silver Swiss Army knife before I’ve seen the ones that are actually a little doing room scale in the texture, but this is has the same feel as your classic red swiss army handle.

But, as you can see, it has essentially aluminum on the back of the clear finish: give us a pretty cool look now. This has about a year’s wear, including other tools rubbing up against it constantly in my pocket and I’m impressed. It’s still at first glance, it looks nice and shiny and techie I guess and it’s the silver tech, Marvel name.

But again, this is the silver Tech Huntsman I wasn’t sure if the finish would get all yellowed or or how it would hold up to daily carry, but I certainly wasn’t going to throw a Swiss Army knife in a drawer and leave it there after purchased and I’m happy it’s coming out pretty well. It’ll have many years of wear left to to be pounded into it and I’m sure it’ll take it like a champ, but let’s dive into the knife, multi-tool of course, corkscrew I have used it.

We do drink wine on occasion and I have been caught without a decent corkscrew around, so it comes in handy, sometimes definitely not daily, but this has this little hook. No I apologize I did not do any searching on the websites for the names of these different tools that might be on here. This hook, I’m not sure what it’s intended for, but it reminds me of a crochet hook.

I’ve used it for air cord work, I’ve used it to get knots out of rope string whatever it may be. It’s a handy tool. You can get some good leverage on it, so whatever the intended purpose might be, it’s obviously a hook, so I find it nice for getting in there and grabbing on to things that I, maybe can’t get with my fingers for portage goes.

That’s handy. His next tool, see which side there we go. Oh I would know to call that as a reamer, it’s uh, it’s cupped and and and sharpened, looks like it has a hole for threading something, but again, I probably should have done some research before doing the video, but I just wanted to give a quick and dirty overview, and review of this I have used this actually for punching holes in leather on occasion, whether it be a belt or or some leather that I’ve got a patch made out of or whatever the case may be, has been used before and a little tool, I’m, probably not using it for the intended purpose.

But what else is new and like most Swiss Army knives that I’m aware of comes with your little blade and it’s very sharp, even after fair bit of use, it’s held up quite nicely. I actually tried to close that little blade backwards. One time didn’t work out well for me, cuts very easily and you got your full size blade Susy do there, we go Swiss made stainless, throw knocks after that we have a saw, which is actually very sharp and does a really nice job of cutting one inch, little trees, I guess or sticks I, don’t know that you’d ever be able to resharpen the thing if it was worn down.

But it’s it’s done pretty well for me, I, don’t use it often. Obviously, I’ve got an axe and stuff I would usually take with me. Camping, but I have I have used this a couple times and it works quite well after that we have your classic Swiss Army scissors again they’re quite sharp got quite a bit of stuff with them as well. Never have a problem cutting paper if I’m gonna cut string or anything like that, I’m not gonna, use that I’m gonna use one of the blades or my pocket knife, but as far as you know, cutting a little bit of cardboard or that you want delicately cut and not just torn up or a piece of paper.

Some fine work. It works for you all the nice and sharp, very handy. Of course we have bottle opener, flathead screwdriver and on the other side we have it can’t opener and I believe this would be considered. A two dimensional Philips is what that’s meant to be worst case scenario: it’s a smaller flat head, but it’s fairly sharp on the tip I think they would.

They would intend that to be a two dimensional Philips but and of course the military style can opener I’ve used this multiple times we’ve got a nice KitchenAid can opener that seized right up. So, even though those was a fairly pricey can opener I still ended up resorting to this cuz I got fed up with fighting with the tooth and gear on the actual kitchen, one making some spaghetti one night and opening up some Tomatoes I used this instead of that, and it worked quite well I’m I’m happy with that, but that’s uh, sorry and of course, toothpick and tweezers.

Now I had mentioned once before the tweezers on this item and actually the time I’d mentioned it. I was comparing them in a video about my gerber done. It just happened to have it here, so I can show you the difference. As far as the tweezers go find the tip on the tweezers from the dime. There we go to be a fair bit more precise and it closes tighter I have a little more leverage on it and I’ve shown you some fine detail here and my camera’s having a hard time focusing but yeah I might not be able to show it to you as much as I’d like to all right.

Well, sorry about that guys, but yeah a long and short of it as much as I like the Victorinox I wish they would have done the tweezers like Gerber did the Gerber has the angled tip on it and it’s more precise. They also feel a little more rugged, a little more eat, a little more torque on them, but I digress. Throw this back in and of course it has a lanyard hoop, which I just got a paracord LAN you put on yeah, that is the Victorinox silver Tech Huntsman rave reviews I’ve had no issues with it.

I expect to have no issues with it. I expect to hand that, down to my kids someday as with most knives, you would hope an equality knife is gonna. Last you a lifetime, but usually I, think is probably the case with with something like a Victorinox, so so uh yeah thanks for watching. If you have any comments, questions feel free to put them in the comments below or send me a message and have a great day.

In this video we’re going to be taking a look at the Victorinox Swiss Army knife huntsman, and this is kind of a nifty knife. Now this particular model is in black as opposed to the more traditional Swiss, Army knife, red and Huntsman. There’s a couple of neat things going for it now. This is a huntsman. Has the usual toothpick weight, tweezers and toothpick like you, would expect from most US Army knives and it has a corkscrew which you know, cork screws are not uncommon on Swiss Army knives and then you have, and you have the multi-purpose hook and the reamer /all I believe yep and again, if you want to drill a hole in something or use this for a little bit of I, guess leather.

So in yeah, on the other side, you have the large Swiss Army knife blade, which is just super super sharp. Then you have the smaller blade which I inevitably used to open packages. You’ve got the Swiss Army knife can opener with a little mini screwdriver a little mini. Regular screwdriver and you’ve got the ubiquitous bottle, opener with a larger, regular screwdriver, and this little nubby thing and that’s supposed to be a wire stripper, and you got a pair of scissors and I have seen a lot of people say how much they thoroughly love Swiss, Army knife, scissors, I’m kind of lukewarm toward him, but I’m I, don’t hate them I, just I! Think generally I would rather have a different tool than scissors, but anyway and I think the thing that makes the huntsman huntsman is you get the saw blade and I can tell you with 100% certainty as someone who, when they were a kid, had a Swiss champ with the saw blade on it and was in the Cub Scouts we blows and Boy Scouts that this thing will cut some wood.

If you want to cut mmm piece of wood, that’s about this big around there’s! No, it stands no chance against the Swiss. Army knife saw blade anyway, it’s kind of a cool look at knife. Um I’ll put all the stats on the knife over there like right. There case you’re interested it’s not a super heavy knife, but it’s I, don’t know it might be verging on bigger.

Then you might want to carry in your pocket. I, don’t I’m again, I’m a bad example for this, because this is my so sorry knife did not carry everyday. So you know I might be a bad example for what is pocket knife a bull but well I. Don’t carry my pocket knife that I carried on my keys so but the thing is this: is it feels like this is on the edge of what you would want as a pocket knife like it might be a little over the edge or it might not depend upon what you like in your pocket knives and how wide of the pocket knife you want to go with? No, it’s hard to say what do you think? Let me know in the comments cuz, it seems like it seems like okay, if you’re gonna carry a pocket knife, this like footprint is pretty standard.

You know something about this size as a pocket knife. The big question is the width. It’s like how much how much width is your knife gonna cost you to carry I, don’t know I’m kind of curious about that anyway, let me know what y’all think and if you want to follow us on Facebook or Instagram or Twitter I’ve included links to that in the description, and if you have any suggestions or comments or there’s something that you would let me to take a look at.

Let me know in the comments and if you’ve enjoyed this video, please like and subscribe and I hope you all have an excellent day.

Hello, everyone, this is going to be the Huntsman helping me with the unboxing, is going to be my climber with sapphire scales, so yeah just do it to it. Okay, so the Huntsman is basically the same as the climber, except for one specific tool which I’m very excited once again. I do not know why Amazon insists the large box, but okay, so here we are the Huntsman in white. I thought the white collar would be good because essentially, it’ll show less cracks or that cracks for scratches all right.

Excellent I think this is actually the first time in a rush. You see one of these booklets they decide. Actually, no, when I got my first climber in Switzerland, I did get one of these inside the box, but yeah. So here it is. This is the Huntsman alright. Now the difference between the Huntsman and the climber, okay, they’re the same length, 9 91, millimeter, I hate. The difference, though, is the layers all right there. There are three layers here on four layers here. On the back end, you still get the same.

Exact tool set still got the all okay or punch still get the parcel hook, which I love. If I actually use this yesterday, I still get the corkscrew which again I love so get this the toothpick as well as the tweezers all right. The difference is okay, and this is the big one it’s the saw now I’m gonna give a small demonstration on the cardboard in just a moment all right. Obviously you get your rain blade I, actually like the heft of this. Obviously you get your small blade, still get your scissors, which I use almost every day, if not every day, a bottle opener with a half stop, as well as the wire stripper and, of course, the can opener, which I used yesterday to actually peel an orange actually was very effective all right, but the whole reason why I got this was for the saw now I’ve seen multiple videos in which can actually use the back end of the saw as a way to scrape shavings for a fire as well as to inflict in order to start that fire you.

Could you also use all for that? What I saw videos for that too? So there’s a lot of different uses for this saw instead of just simply saw, but let’s try here yeah that bites right in okay, okay, yeah I can definitely see how that on the quick work out of wood, these serrations are severe. Just get a closer look in that there we go yeah. Those serrations are severe. Those will definitely do some work. So that’s that’s really. The whole reason why I got the Huntsman was in order to get that saw and once again the white skills.

You know I feel like they’re not going to show scratches or wear quite as easily as they would on the red scales or even on my saw fire transmission sapphire scales. You could already see some sort of scratches and somewhere I mean I, basically wear them like badges of Kurds. You know obviously, I use it quite often. So that’s the reason why, but ya know the Huntsman I’ll probably use as kind of my outdoor piece like when I go fishing or when I go camping or something of the sort.

You know that’s where the Huntsman will really really come into play, see if I can get closer here. Okay, as you can see the layers, this is four layers because it incorporates that saw. The climber has three same exact tool set, except the climber obviously doesn’t have the saw so I’m definitely gonna put that sort of really good use firewood and you know getting kindling going and things of that sort- and you know I’ve heard you know like you- could even use a saw. You know in terms of you know, ripping into the flesh of you know be it.

You know some really tough, jerky or you know say like a face or something like that, although it’s got a fish, I would probably use the large bleed or the the smaller blade. Just simply because it’s a it’s a edge, and this would probably I, don’t know kind of mutilate it. To be honest, I mean this Easter Asians are so here they are they’re. Looking like zombie killers, maybe that is just Wow but yeah. So yeah I just got this in the mail today, guys all right after taxes from Amazon I would say that the price for the Huntsman was about thirty thirty one dollars all right, which is comparable to the climber and I thought.

I got a great deal Amazon. It took a little while, but only because it came from Canada and obviously because of this Kovan nonsense that everything is taken a while to deliver but I’m thoroughly pleased with the heft. It’s obviously not gonna be too big of a deal to precariat, as it’s only one layer larger than the climber, so the climber is obviously my everyday carry. This will definitely be my outdoors workhorse, alright, guys so yeah. If you liked the video feel free to like and or comment and everybody have a great day.

Okay, stay safe out. There.

Good afternoon YouTube we’re out here on a beautiful, warm sunny Florida afternoon to talk about my favorite piece of woods or field equipment. Actually, probably my favorite everyday carry piece of gear or two. So here it is. You probably saw the title. It’s my Swiss Army knife, and this is the Huntsman model, which is my preferred knife.

So without further ado, let’s get right into it. So there’s a ton of videos on YouTube about Swiss Army knives. Already that’s why I kind of deliberated about whether or not I was going to do one in the end. I decided to go ahead and do it because it’s my favorite piece of equipment and I have so much experience with it that a what could it hurt right if you’ve already seen videos on YouTube? That’s: what’s army knives or you already own one hey, you don’t have to watch it.

So here’s mine I’ll just go through the features, real, quick and maybe demonstrate some of what the knife can do. So you get an idea of how I use mine and if you’re a Swiss, Army knife, user or lover, you can comment below talk about your favorites model and why you liked that one, the best cuz, that’s a big debate right.

So there’s all different Swiss Army knife models. This is the Huntsman model. The reason I like it is the features it has seemed to fit what I do and that’s the thing with Swiss Army knives, if you’re into let’s say cross-country, skiing or I, don’t know you’re a computer, a computer guy or you’re a fisherman. You might have a different model preference than me.

So for what I do this is a my favorite model and we’ll go through the features one by one. I guess one of the first things I could bring up was a aftermarket replacement that I did for the toothpick, which is this is called the Firefly, so I took out the toothpick got rid of it, never really understood the need for a toothpick and a Swiss Army knife anyway, because if you need a toothpick, you got a Swiss, Army knife: it’s not it’s not too terribly difficult to make one.

So I didn’t need to be carrying one around, and this is a ferrous cerium rod. So what that means is you make a spark with it that can ignite a fire and what that does is give my Swiss Army knife, the capability of not only having a cutting tool with me at all times, but an emergency I always have a way to make fire and how you would use that with tonight.

How I like to use it I guess everybody’s got their own way, but I use the back of the saw, and then you generate your spark like that using the back of the saw and it can actually I guess, I can actually demonstrate I got a little wood. Gasifier stove here, let me get my full-sized ferrocerium rod and I’ll demonstrate how to light this up, stand by okay, so here’s my ferrocerium rod that I use in the field my preferred method for using it is to just use this striker.

That comes with it’s very efficient with that, but in this case we’ll just try to use the back of my Swiss Army knife saw, which has a sharpened 90-degree edge. So you need that you need a sharp edge, I, don’t like or I, don’t recommend using your the blade of your knife for striking a ferrocerium rod, because I feel, like you, just unnecessarily, wear out your knife, but you do have to exercise some caution with using the saw, because, obviously, this ends kind of pointy.

My hands are kind of rough, so I don’t mind some marginal contact with that pointy edge, just some side pressure on it to kind of hold it in place and keep it from folding up and then I will just simply strike down into my fire now like to try to pull the rod back like that. There we go a little more fat wood on top there get this sucker going, so yeah it’ll be a little a little fireside chat with this.

So that is one feature of my Swiss Army knife that I really appreciate out in the field, which is the ability to strike a fairer cerium around with the saw and then the saw can obviously also saw wood. So here’s- probably the typical sized piece of wood that I’d want to be using this saw and anything bigger than this and I think you’re really trying to bite off more than you could chew.

But this is about perfect for feeding this stove here so demonstrate that real quick. So that’s breaking something like that by hand, maybe just a little bit too much to bust off by hand. But if you have a knife like this, where you can take it down, that makes it very manageable. So now I could feed my stove or my fire or whatever I’m doing with my knife.

So a lot of guys got on leather means I own, a Leatherman right, a Leatherman, Wave I, have great tool, has a lot of the same features that this Swiss Army knife has. So why do I prefer the Swiss Army knife to the Leatherman? For me, it’s all about portability, so the leather man is just probably about three times as heavy.

It’s just bulkier doesn’t sit in my pocket. Well, this thing here, I put this in my pocket just disappears. I forget about it’s like it’s, not even there I think it weighs 3 5 ounces or something the way you see here. 3 4 ounces. It’s just much more convenient and Carol. It’s an everyday carry item for me. This knifes in my pocket every single day in my front left pocket.

So that’s why I’m not a Leatherman guy! Now, if you are a Leatherman person, god bless you I, don’t know, I, don’t hold anything against them. I own one I just find them a little bit too bulky for for everyday carry and then, as far as regular, jackknives or other other type of knives. There’s just no comparison.

This hat is so feature-rich. This has so much more utility to it. Then then, a regular jackknife, there’s, there’s no way I would carry for the same weight and size jackknife to this. So anyway, moving on with the other features. So we talked about the ferrocerium rod. We talked about the saw on the other side. I have a pair of tweezers.

This doesn’t get used too much once in a while I’ll pull a tick off or something with it. It is convenient to have, and they just came out with a Swiss Army knife just came out with a farmer X model which is an aluminum scaled knife with a lot of the same features as this one and I just put an order in for it. We’re gonna try it out see if I like it I, always like the farmer model, but I never bought it because it didn’t have scissors on it and I think the scissors are an indispensable option, but anyway, this one does we’ll try it out, but I am definitely gonna miss the ferrocerium rod and the tweezers and some other functions if I do end up going with that model as it daily carry.

But anyway, moving on on the back, see, there’s an awl and it also has a small hole in it. And all this is a misunderstood feature. This all that’s actually a sewing needle, so I’ve honestly never used it. I’ve never used it, but it’s always been comforting to have, because if you, if you’re out in the field- and you have some dental floss with you- just watch some YouTube videos on how to use this sewing needle because you could let’s say you blew out the zipper on your backpack or something and any kind of heavy material.

You could actually use this to sew the thing back together and just keep your keep your gear in tact until you get back to civilization and then the all feature I’ll use that once in a blue moon. But honestly, this is probably the this and this next feature here. This parcel hook are probably the least used features of my Swiss Army knife.

I used to use the parcel hook, a lot for picking my pot up off the fire, but honestly I’ve, just gone too I just gone to the can opener or the bottle cap opener, which both of those work just as well, that pick grab it by the Bale and pick it up off the fire. So the parcel hook is probably the least used feature of my knife.

I’m still, you know, I use it once in a blue moon like if I’m helping my daughter, grab hay bales by the strings. This comes in handy for that just helps you from wearing out your hand, but I, don’t know I guess I could get by without that the corkscrew. On the other hand, it’s used all the time, not because I’m a drunk.

This thing is super handy for untying knots. So if I get a knock and a piece of string or something I’ll work, this corkscrew in there and just basically pull that thing loose, I use it all the time out in the field. For that and of course, I do open occasional bottle of wine with it. So there’s the corkscrew, indispensable and I’ll definitely miss that on the farmer X model, if I choose to carry that alright next step, let’s see I guess we’ll work from this side over.

So this is the flat head, screwdriver and bottle cap lifter. So, like I, said honestly, I’m I, don’t do a whole lot of screwing screws into stuff out in the field where that comes in handy is like around town carry or like at my house. You know you’re just tightening down, let’s say like a light cover or something, and you don’t want to run all the way out to your shop and get us go, get a retriever screwdriver, it’s nice to have that feature, but out of the field I don’t use it.

This gets used to pull pots off to fire more than anything out. There is like a little pry bar or something, and it also has that that notch in there and what that’s actually used for is cutting wire. So what you do is you you take your piece of wire and you lay it up against that notch and then your take your the blade of your knife, bring it down, and then you basically either spin your wire or you spend your knife and that kind of like cuts, the sleeve of the wire and then you pull it off and it strips the wire, maybe used it for that twice in my life, I, don’t know not a feature: I use a lot.

The can opener I have opened a can, or two I’m, not big, on canned foods out in the field. Pretty much freeze-dried everything gets a little boring after a while, but again just taking my pot off the fire. That’s what I use it for now we’re getting into the meat of it the scissors. So you get a lot of guys. That’ll will say scissors, you never use them.

That’s not really! You know a manly useful function. Look at that wood, gas stove just going at it! I love that I love how those things work, beauty of Miss Lee, just emit very little smoke or embers come off the top, it’s so efficient. Let me saw some more wood up for that thing, while we’re sitting here, yeah I’ll use that saw for making notches or mostly I, do a lot of whittling.

So you’d be surprised how much you use a saw when you’re whittling most people think it’s just all knife work, but there’s a lot of soft stuff happening here. Okay, moving on, where was I scissors yeah, so I use these scissors for all kinds of stuff out in the field. I hate it for wrong. You know cutting fishing line, trimming finger and toenails I kind of gross, but just cuts him right off me and I got I, got thinner, nails in my fingers and toes I know some of you guys got some real Eagle talons.

But for me this thing works great and then finer cutting, like let’s say, you’re cutting some moleskin for a blister, and you got to cut that circle in the middle man, a pair of scissors, real handy for that I’ve tried it like cut duct tape, you ever try to cut duct tape with a knife. It’s hard enough with a pair of scissors so stuff like that man.

These scissors really come in handy and I’m. Super glad. I have that feature on here and that’s what kind of turned me on to that farmer X model. Next up is the saw we talked about that then you get. Your main bleed does not lock and I wish. It did be honest with you, but it’s very usable, as is you just have to understand the limitations of the knife not having a lock on it and honestly, once you get used to it.

Not having a lock on it, you just kind of um just get by just fine. You operate okay and it’s a good size. You just rip out this super rough pint or feather. Stick here boom, so very handy, sighs, I’ll use this for my rougher whittling course. Any cutting tasks I got to do food, whatever works great and then for me, as an avid whittler.

The small bleed is is money for that. It’s exactly what you want to have for whittling and I. Actually, man almost cut myself right there I think is so sharp. Keep it like a razor but mine. Well, all Swiss Army knives come from the factory with a like a little carrying piece over here. It’s like a hook with a grommet on it and I actually ground that off on mine, so that it’s more conducive to whittling, because that piece kind of gets in your way when you’re trying to do fine or work so yeah, my whittling blade.

So there’s my Swiss Army knife, like I, say one of the most useful tools. I own and you’ll never see me out in the woods without it just ends up it’s kind of like the pickup truck of knives. You just you, don’t think you need it until you got one and then you find yourself using it all the time and I can’t imagine getting away without it getting by without it out in the woods.

I use it that much the scales. This one has plastic scales on it. I’ve actually got a crack in this one right here: it’s starting to crack down it’ll. Eventually, chip out I ordered some new scales. 10 bucks on eBay about every 5 years. I got to rescale this thing. Cuz it rides in my pocket. It gets dropped. These skills will break rescaling.

It is like an eight-year-old could do it. You just pry these off with with another knife and then pop your new ones. Back on, you could pick all different colors. The ones I got coming in or yellow I wanted something high visibility in case I put my knife down: I, don’t walk away from it! Forget it. A lot of guys will complain about the scales on them.

They want the a locks version cuz. The scales aren’t tough, like I, said I get about five years out of a pair of scales and they’re they’re, just fine, nothing wrong with them, and it’s easy as heck to rescale the knife itself, I get them on eBay, like the Huntsman model. You just go on eBay search, Victorinox Huntsman and they get these Airport seizures where I know, whoever gets them from the airport, but they sell them in bulk, but you can get them a knife like this one right here, great shape, 15 bucks don’t go to you know, don’t go to the store and buy one new for $40.

No, my phone timed out because of high heat too hot for the phone, that’s Florida for you, man anyway, I was saying you know by your fire Swiss Army knife used on eBay. You can get great deals there. So one feature I forgot to cover that is often overlooked right on the tip of the can opener is a Phillips head screwdriver, so that is designed to hope to unscrew and screw in Phillips head screws.

Even though it’s only good. You know the flathead pattern: it’s not the cross pattern that you’re used to for Phillips heads. It works just fine in a pinch for getting a Phillips head in or out and that’s what these knives are for. Therefore, you know small stuff just to get you through. It’s not a complete replacement for a hatchet, a big knife and all that, but you know you’re just going out a weekend camping or a long-distance truck where weight is an issue you can definitely get by with just one of these now guys do it without any knife at all.

So yes, there you go, but that’s my review of my Swiss Army knife Huntsman, indispensable tool for me, like I, say my favorite piece of equipment, cuz I, just use it so much I appreciate it and you know: I didn’t really even get into like specific tasks that I do with mine. I. Could? If you followed me around for a year, you could see all the stuff I do with this thing and put together with it to me.

It’s just the right size, not too big, not too small. It’s really the Goldilocks of knives hope you enjoy. The review have a good one.

Fred here welcome back to your obsession channel in this episode. We will be so stay tuned, so I came across this at Target for $33 yeah I think it was about 33 online prices, centered around $35, and that’s the one that comes with this pouch or this sheath and we’ll take a closer look at it in a moment. What really attracted me to this specific Swiss Army knife is that it’s, the smallest one that you could get to that has both the scissors and the saw and I like having those two tools on me all the time.

So this is a four-layer designed. It has four layers of tools in there has 13 tools and it’s very highly rated. It’s one of the most highly rated Swiss Army knives out there. You know I know a lot of people like the Swiss champ, but for a lot of people, that’s getting kind of thick and I think really going anything more than the four layers which is about 5/8 of an inch thick is more that and people don’t want to go much more than that, and this is a three and a half inches long.

So let’s go ahead and take a close look and see what we get. This is what came in the packaging. You get a sheath. It says it’s leather, it feels kind of thin for leather but says it’s leather. The snap is a a button. The snap is a button. It’s not velcro, in other words, which I do like, and I actually had a comment in my last video. That’s it oh well a button so much quieter than velcro, because I despise velcro because it makes noise.

Well, you can carefully carefully open that up with a lot less noise than velcro. As you can see there, you can carefully, which is a lot quieter than velcro anyway, the the sheath is made in China and you get a nice belt. Clip I like these kind, a lot better in that you don’t have to take your belt off in order to get the belt or it you just clip it on. Just like that, really nice. As a matter of fact, let’s go ahead and see what this looks like when you put it inside, make sure that we don’t have any kind of weird fitting problems, and if it’s nice and tight just like that anyway, I did say that this has 13 tools.

Now a lot of you might say: oh you made a mistake. It says: 15 functions, yes, 15 functions and 13 tools. That means that some of the individual tools in here have more than one function. So I did not make an error. Now. Victory Dux has been around for a long long time. According to the back of the package, it’s 1891 and it’s one of the two famous finger quotes Swiss Army knives from Switzerland, here’s, the other one which is Wenger and the one thing that makes a big.

You know that you could see a difference in is the shield. That’s what the languor shield looks like that’s what victory knucks you’re, not going to see this on nice much longer, victory, not support Wenger a couple years ago, and now they’re phasing out the Wenger knife division, so I’m incorporating it into the victory Knox, because it’s kind of redundant and in this day and age we need to save money every which way we can so, let’s go ahead and go over the tools.

The most important tool, of course, is the knife, which is your typical spear point knife that you get now I. Do have a note here about blade steel, because a lot of people don’t know what the blade steel used in these Swiss Army knives is and what what I had finally found out after much searching the Internet is that it’s X 55 CR M, o 14, and it has a HRC rockwell hardness of 56/58 son, the medium of the hardness scale. You don’t want to get too hard with a blade this thin, because, as you get harder which improves the edge retention, it also gets more brittle.

And when you have something this, then you’re gonna end up. Breaking it really, quick, so I think it’s a good balance. It has pretty good corrosion resistance. There’s a lot of videos and information out there on how well these really do as far as resisting corrosion, so I think it’s a good balance and a you know to keep the price down. You got a lot of steels in here and you’re. Getting all of this relatively cheap I think as far as cost and performance, it’s really a good deal.

The steel is soft enough, where you can put a really good edge on it, really, quick and, and it holds up pretty pretty decent. So that’s all I got to say about that. The only other thing is I. Don’t remember off the top of my head, the the blade size here. So let me go from the usable part of the blade. It looks like about two and a half inches right there as far as user usable. If you want to measure the shoulder it gets to about two and three quarters, so what else do we get I’m gonna go ahead and put this in you get a smaller blade right there.

Now the other materials it. The other tools in here will be different metals, of course, and you’ll have. Most of these. Other ones are x, 39, CR 13, which go from an HRC of 52 to 56, and then the springs in here are X 20 CR 13, which is a 49 HRC. One. One thing to note is that you know you do have Springs back here, so these are all slip. Joint, nothing locks on this particular model. Okay, so next is the corkscrew. Now this is the tool that I think is the most useless.

Personally, there’s a not to you know, unless you’re drinking all kinds of wines out there, while you’re hunting, since this is the function, is hunting, but you know it’s EDC, also but uh. Unless you drink wine with with the Cork’s which a lot of people would consider fancy wine, you know the this is so specialized that you’re, probably not going to use it too much. They do sell those screwdriver set the type that you would use like for your glasses to tighten them up that sort of screws into this corkscrew.

So it gives it a purpose to hold that which is pretty neat now. Another thing that’s hidden way down in here I might have to put my autofocus on. Let me go ahead and do that there we go and there is a hole right down in here. As you can see that hole, you could put a straight pin in there just stick the straight pin in there and then close this up and that’ll hold it in that’s one of the little secrets, I. Just let you in on a huge secret these these guys here.

Ok next is the can opener. Let me see if I can find that this is gonna, be a long video. So if you don’t like long videos I understand, alright here is the can opener and now this is the first tool that is a multi-function tool, because you have the can opener I need to see the blade is on the front. So as you go, you’re gonna move forward, not back because there are different types and on the end, you have a flathead screwdriver.

So you have two tools in one right there, and this can also be used for some Phillips screws by the way, if you notice one thing about these Swiss Army knives is that everything is very shiny. That’s one of the things one of the in the metallurgy I think they leave in a little extra sulfur which helps you know it enhances the ability to polish very nicely, I believe metallurgy, at least whatever you want to call it next. Is your bottle? Opener bottle opener bottle opener Wow getting lucky and pulling out the right ones every time.

So here’s your bottle, opener and I think this is also sorta has multiple functions. Just besides opening your bottle tops. You have a larger flat-head, screwdriver and I. Think this little neck here is can be used as a wire stripper I believe yeah. So you can just go ahead and get your wire in there and strip the noodle off the wire. Next is the reamer the reamer found on the bottom see if we can go ahead and find that there we go: here’s your reamer and the reamer head.

It’s sort of a little sharp here, it’s kind of pointy here and you have a hole here, so you could use it. You know to pull thread through holes like if you’re threading, some you know putting thread through leather or something like that. That’s what that could be used for next thing, that they’re counting is a tool which I always find hilarious. Is the ski ring right there for Swiss Army knives that I usually carry usually take this off.

You can, you know, put some 550 cord on there and make it easier to pull out of your pocket. So there’s a good purpose for that. Next is tweezers. You have tweezers right here and there they are really nice tweezers and on the other side, you have a toothpick right. There, I don’t use I, don’t like using a toothpick sticking this in my mouth and then putting it back in my Swiss Army knife personally, but what it is good for is you know once this is in your pocket for a couple of weeks and you get a lot of lint and all kinds of other crap inside your Swiss Army knife? This is kind of good to get the dust in and dirt and lint and everything out, so that that’s a really good thing to have good purpose, because if you notice no flow flute, no flow flu no flow through design.

Here everything is closed on the back, so everything just end up getting stuck in there. All right next thing you get is scissors, but I love having scissors in my Swiss Army tool right there, and these scissors are very good. We could go ahead and do a quick test. If you like just come over here- and you can see it does a very good job. Cutting paper could also cut your nails things like that. Unless you bite your nails, then you don’t need to worry about cut your nails with scissors.

Next thing is the saw and again I pointed out that this is the smallest tool that you could get that has built the saw and the screwdriver I believe I believe I mean the saw and the scissors really nice saw as a matter of fact, really good aggressive teeth there. It uh definitely pulls you can see and I’ve tried. This out on some twigs and and whatnot, and it does a very good job and the last thing, which is another tool which is borderline useless.

Most people don’t even know what it’s for. They usually get it wrong in their reviews, and that’s this hook right here and that’s called a parcel hook. So I want you to do. Is you know if you have some, let’s say, you’re walking out of Walmart there’s a lot of some of us. A lot of us go to Walmart for all crap and you had those plastic bags. Well, you could hook a couple of those and then sort of carry it like this along just like that.

That’s a parcel hook, I’m sure there are other things you could use it for I had watch one video. This is out of the box, creative thinking. You could use it to help display your knife just like that. That’s funny. So if you want to display your knife, it’s sort of like a kickstand that that’s out of the box, thinking right there so see, and this is why I don’t like the ski ring and I usually take them off. So I love this now for just about everything.

There’s not too many things. I, don’t like the amount of tools you get for. The thickness is amazing. You know here is a knife that I reviewed a while back and which I absolutely love, and it’s the electrician’s knife- and you can see you only get like two tools in this thing and you could see the difference in thickness there, let’s bring in the? U s: utility knife there that have been made for years also called the camping knife, and you can see you only get two layers of tools in here and but you could see thickness wise, it’s not making as efficient use of space as the Swiss Army knife.

So there you go what do I not like about the Swiss Army knives. These scales right here, which are iconic I, mean when you see this, you think Swiss Army knife. Unfortunately, these scales are nice and shiny and pretty, but they also scratch. The plastic is relatively soft, and if you have anything else in your pocket, they will get scratched up rather quickly, so you’re not gonna, keep it pretty. However, you can actually pull these scales off and replace them if you’d like- and there are some Swiss Army knives.

I do have a a metal type scale. Similar similar in looks to this, and I would love it if they had the the Huntsman with those aluminum scales, that that would be the perfect tool and they could do away with the corkscrew and I would be in absolute heaven. So there is the close look at the Victorinox Huntsman I’m gonna give the Victorinox Huntsman a 9 out of 10. It is a awesome bike. You can’t go wrong. All the reviews out there on the interwebs is 5 stars.

The only reason why he doesn’t get a ten out of ten for me, I did say 9 out of 10. You know the only reason why it doesn’t get a 10 out of 10 is because the scale scratch easily so either make it something that doesn’t scratches easily and really that’s it. The the only thing that I sort of feel like I’m, you know wanting more out of this- is to maybe somehow squeeze pliers in here, but it’s kind of hard with everything else that it has.

If you do want something that has this + pliers, you either got to carry a separate small little tool or you have to move up to something a little thicker, a little bigger, a little more expensive like the Swiss champ, okay. Well, thank you very much for joining me here at the gear obsession channel I really appreciate every trend, your subscribers and you and I hope you have me really thank you by.

Juggle knives with another multi-tool Monday today, I have the Victorinox Huntsman light, it’s a huntsman with a Philips screwdriver and a small LED light added. It is a very thick knife, five layers, yeah, it’s a five layer knife and it’s got translucent handle scales and they are the plus type scales that have a pen. You can see the increase in thickness there right between this and the Huntsman. Adding that light and the screwdriver really makes it much bulkier right are those implements worth it.

Okay, let’s check out the toolset, there’s three longer tools right, the standard blade and then the wood saw and then the scissors the shorter tools. Well, you got the two openers right: the bottle opener can opener the screwdrivers and then the Phillips screwdriver. Then you get a pen. Knife blade nicely stone washed, and here is the light which gives the knife its name. It’s not very bright, looks to be about 5 lumens. Maybe alright, you can see it a little better close-up there.

So that’s the light more tools. You got a corkscrew with a micro driver and there’s a straight pin underneath there got another screwdriver, the multipurpose hook and a reamer and also in the scales you’ve got a pen. You’ve got the toothpick and you have a set of tweezers. One interesting thing: I want to point out. It has five screwdrivers right, the two flat heads on the opener, then the inline Phillips, the micro driver and another screwdriver on the back. So this really does have a lot of tinkering around capability.

Alright, here’s a size and thickness comparison with two other epic Victorinox knives. You have the Ranger, the Huntsman light in the middle and then the craftsman. The Huntsman light is the same number of layers as the Ranger, but it’s a little thicker. Alright, it’s almost as thick as the craft men, which is basically like. If you added mini pliers to the Ranger, you get the craftsman. This is where the huntsmen light runs into a lot of trouble, trying to compete with Victorinox knives around the same thickness.

It’s very difficult to think of a time when you would prefer the Huntsman’s light tool set to the Ranger. The craftsman or many other thick Victorinox ha’s and the tool set, it looks even worse when you consider that the light is underpowered by today’s standards. Okay, this is a nightcore tube light and it’s about 45 lumens, even just like a photon light, you can get for free, sometimes is about 25 lumens. So it’s very difficult to see why you would choose a thick knife with that five lumen light when you could just attach like a photon or tube light to a Rangers keyring.

So this tool set has a coolness factor, but it’s so random. You know: when are you going to need five screwdrivers, a wood saw a pen and an underpowered light. It’s very hard for this to compete with other tool sets that are more focused and efficient. In fact, even the cyber tool light, which has the same light, tends to beat this because on the cyber tool light, the light is aligned with a bit driver. So you can turn things in the dark and also because the cyber tool light has a bit driver.

It even beats this, even though this has five screw drivers. Cyber tool light beats it out in the screw driver Department with the bits and the reach. So in the end, I really don’t think it’s worth the added thickness to have included those two implements. It’s got coolness factor, collectible factor, I got it because of that and hey I just wanted to check it out. It was I got this a while ago. I was like oh cool. They added a light. Let me check it out, but in terms of efficiency, I can’t really recommend it, as one of my top picks hope you enjoyed this multi-tool Monday.

This has been. We all juggle knives.

Hello and welcome to white glove reviews, the Victorinox field, master Swiss, Army knife, and this is kind of one of the mid-size Force Army knives. It’s not what you call an enormous one, but it’s also not really tiny either, and it’s got a couple of interesting features on it that set it a little bit apart from some of the other Swiss Army knives. So first thing: as with almost all Swiss Army knives, you have pair tweezers and you have a toothpick which is pretty pretty common.

Now this one has a large amount, the small knife blade which again is reasonably common, and this isn’t a huge knife. It’s one of the ninety one millimeter knives. It’s like, as you can tell it’s smaller than my my 84 millimeter, my 84 millimeter clock to a watch tool. So it’s the traditional size, Swiss Army knife, and it weighs about three and a half ounces. So I mean it’s not it’s not a tiny knife, but it’s also it’s not so big that it starts to get to be like a giant bulge in your pocket.

But it’s sort of on the edge of that I mean like it’s. Not it’s not like the cyber to light. I got carry on my keys. It’s still. It still feels like it’s sort of pocket carry Abul where it wouldn’t be too bad, size-wise Oh. Anyway, it’s got the small knife blade. It’s got the traditional large knife light and this one I think it’s two point four or five inches. Something like that: yeah yeah about two point: four or five inches so and as with all sermonize, they come out of the box.

Super sharp. Now this one, this one has the Swiss, Army knife. Wood saw and I can tell you from my very first Force Army knife myself. This was chap I had years and years and years ago that these saws will indeed cut down little trees and branches and whatnot, and they work they’re, pretty aggressive little saws. So you got that you got some scissors and every now and then it’s useful to have scissors or a Swiss Army knife, but they aren’t like the tool that I would just desperately like to have on every knife, and you have the can opener um yeah can opener a little regular screwdriver, and then you have the bottle opener and the larger screwdriver and a little highly questionable wire sugar and on the back and normally a lot of times with most of the knives right here.

You’d have a corkscrew this one, you get a Phillips head which, depending on what you’re, after might be better or worse, I, have never used the corkscrew on my Swiss Army knife to open something with a cork. I have, however, used the little micro screwdriver a little this little screwdriver. That comes with it, a bunch so mm that kind of just depends on what you want. You have your multi-purpose hook, which is useful and multi-purpose.

I guess, and then you have your reamer slash. All I can get it out. It’s got a little sharper edge here, poke some holes, a little hole for thread or whatever. If you want so and they’re, not terribly expensive, you get a decent number of features on this and they run thirty. Thirty-Five dollars I’ll throw the link in the description. If you want to check it out, but it’s really not a bad little knife I mean, and it seems like for the money.

It feels like it’s a better deal than some other knives you. It seems like you’re, getting a little more bang for your buck with this one anyway, let me know what you think deal like the Swiss Army knife filled master, or do you prefer a different one? Let me know in the comments and if you’ve enjoyed this video, please like and subscribe and I hope you all have an excellent day.

Hey y’all, so today I have the victor, take a look at it shall we we are on the bench and something I should mention before I get deep into the review is an eagle-eyed viewer. Let me know that I have a pre-1991 model huntsman now I knew it was not current, but they let me know it was a pre-1991. So actually I guess it’s about 30 years old, almost and because of that it does not have the parcel hook on the back and the awl here and I’ll show that later does not have the hole in it, as you would see, with a current production one, but other than that.

This is pretty much identical to current production huntsman’s. So I’m pretty fond of this knife um, it’s actually got a good bit of features on it for its size and its size is actually one of the things I really like about it now. I first will give a brief description of the tools on it. I won’t go super detailed because that’s all pretty much on their website and the tools for the knives are all pretty much the same. It’s just different uh assortment of tools depending upon the knife you get, so I’m not going to go super detailed, all right.

So, starting out on the left side, you have bottle opener bottle, opener actually works, pretty good. I’ve been using it a lot. Lately works pretty good as a bottle. Opener also has large flat head screwdriver here on the end and I’m going to close them as I talk about them, because it makes it easier so scissors. I’ve said several times. I really like the victorinox scissors. They are good and sharp they’re self-sharpening and they can cut through some pretty thick cardboard if needed, to and cut through paper.

It’s nice to have scissors on your knife, just because sometimes you want to be a little more precise than with a knife. Blade and scissors come in handy for that right. Next, we have the saw blade now the saw blade um. I know a lot of people, they question the saw blade because like well, you know, I’m not really an outdoorsman, I don’t need to cut wood, and this is technically a wood saw blade. It cuts a lot more than just wood. I’ve used this to cut plastic and different things, and it’s actually a really nice, pretty toothy saw blade so nice to have.

I basically consider this like a multi-purpose medium duty blade on here. So if there’s something a little bit thicker than what you want might want to cut with one of the knife blades, it gives you the option to have something a little more aggressive right that folds in real nice. Next, we have your smaller of the two blades right. This. The huntsman has two blades on here. The smaller blade does come in handy for, if you want to do smaller, detail, work and plus it it’s nice because uh, if you want to save one blade for say, letter opening and something like that and or opening boxes that you know is going to get dull uh a lot quicker.

You can use the smaller blade and then save your larger blade for different stuff. You might need it for so small blade again. Nice thing is these: come from the factory, pretty razor sharp, that’s one of the things I’ve always liked about the torque knocks knives. Is they come good and sharp from the factory? Moving over to the right side? You have your. Can opener really haven’t used? The can opener, but I imagine it works quite well. Also has the smaller flat head on there that could work in some phillips head.

I would imagine, if need be right, and then we come to the main blade. I really like the main blade. Uh locks in pretty good does not actually lock, but it is a slip joint, but you know has a good bit of resistance there. So as long as you’re, not going too crazy, you don’t really have to worry about that again. You know what you would expect from a good quality knife blade, good and sharp um. You know not not really any complaints, it’s a little smudged from my fingerprints, but you’ll notice it’s in pretty good shape, despite the fact that this thing- and this is a story- I’ve told uh before- is that when I got this knife it was covered in gunk.

It was completely seized up and covered in corrosive gunk, and you could see little tiny spots where there’s still the remaining pitting that I didn’t get off um and even after hosing it down with ballast stall. I was able to bring this knife back so quality really nice, alright. So moving on to the back now again, there’s no parcel hook, but I do have the wine opener for the emergency wine openings that you might encounter in your life never used it, but I imagine it works quite well, especially the feder.

Considering you basically have the knife itself as a handle. Imagine it would work pretty good. Finally, you have your awl good for punching through leather good for emergency sewing on different stuff again, because this is a older version. It does not have the hole here in the all, but overall basically the same thing you would get with a current knife in the scales it does come with the most like most like most swiss army knives. You get your tweezers, which I actually really like uh these tweezers.

They might be small and might be thin, but really come in handy when you’re trying to pull a splinter or something out of your hand or work with something really small, maybe put a tiny little battery back in something come in handy right and then your standard, toothpick um, you know again comes in handy for small little projects, nice little thing to have and it doesn’t really add any bulk to the knife. So that’s all the features um but yeah. So I guess now I’ll give my thoughts on the knife thoughts on the knife.

I really like this knife um, it’s it’s nice because it’s kind of the perfect size for a pocket knife and again I’ve always been a fan of the torque knocks knives because the outside is pretty smooth. So if you stick this in a back pocket, it’s not digging into you. You know like a lot of people. I know like like the tactical knives. Yes, this is a a knock off uh, not a real micro tech, but you know something like this and I’ll just use this as an example, you know with the big pocket clip and with hard angles in your pockets kind of annoying.

If you’re, if it’s in your back pocket, you go to sit down, something like this really nice and easy to uh walk around with all day. The other thing is you notice, uh. The other thing I didn’t mention is has a little hook here for a key ring um, I usually carry mine with a a little tab here I have a couple different ones right and the reason I do that is because this knife is a perfect size to fit in your watch, pocket or coin pocket or whatever. You want to consider that small little pocket on the front of your jeans that no one ever quite knows what to do with.

I usually stick my knife in there and it’s really nice because it fits in there real well and with having a pull tab on it like this. I’m able to you know if I need it, just pull tab knife comes out and I can get to what I need on the knife. So uh, like I said, really really happy with it, not too much negative to say about this knife. I think if I was going to change anything at all about it, I would probably- and this is just my personal uh thoughts- you know again- some people might uh disagree.

If I were to change anything on this knife to make it better. For me, I would probably take out the can opener and maybe the secondary blade and put in the the pliers um, but you know again that that would make it a different knife. So this is what we’re looking at today and but that’s about it. That’s probably the only thing I would change. I think it’s a really good knife, they’re, not terribly expensive. I, of course you know again uh. You know telling the story that I got this for a dollar, so I can’t really.

I can’t really go on about what I paid new, because it was a dollar uh, but yeah, so not really too much more to go on about because so funny thing about. Uh swiss army knives is they’re kind of like taco bell. Where you know the old joke is taco bell takes the same, the same 10 ingredients and just mixes them into different things. It’s kind of what swiss army knives are. Is it’s the same set of tools for the most part and they just rearrange them in different sizes and different combinations to make their different knives, and I think there’s nothing wrong with that.

I actually really like it, because the nice thing about that is it standardizes everything you know what you’re going to get, but that’s my thoughts on the victorinox huntsman swiss army knife. I really like it think it’s a nice knife and I recommend it, but if you have any questions, feel free to ask them and have a good day.

Hello and welcome to white glove reviews, look at the Victorinox Huntsman light and, as you can probably guess, from the name which hopefully isn’t super blurry. The light part means this. One has a flashlight on it, which is kind of exciting cuz. You got a figure you’re gonna have a knife never hurts to have a flashlight. Okay, China does sometimes, let’s not quibble too much about that one all right.

So let’s take a look at this thing: oh wow, that’s kind of cool, alright I’m, already kind of interested in this night, I looked at it, but the one I looked at didn’t have. This was different, so alright I’m excited now. Okay. So let’s take a look at this, so the Huntsman light has plus scales, which already has me a fan of it. It has the ballpoint pen, toothpick and tweezers.

As we’ve come to expect from plus scales, you get the unscrew it yeah, you get the little micro screwdriver in the corkscrew. You get the stick pin down here in the scale and for the back tools. You’ve got a small screwdriver small flat-head, screwdriver I think they call this. Like a fine detail, screwdriver something like that, I think it’s a fine screwdrivers, what they call it yeah, the multi-purpose hook or just carrying hook.

You’ve got an awl. Maybe you got no I’ve gotten all like so and on the front, you’ve got the usual small knife plate large knife plate. You know there’s something about like a brand new Swiss Army knife. It’s just like the mirror sheen on the blade. This looks kind of nice. All right. You got scissors and you have Philips head screwdriver, you get the flat head screwdriver and can opener, which works remarkably well, if you’ve had a little team in to practice with it, and you have the bottle.

Opener flathead, screwdriver wire stripper, you know, I know in a number of previous videos. I’ve complained a lot about bottle openers, but I. Don’t really feel like on a Swiss, Army knife. It’s something that’s worth complaining about, because I mean that’s kind of what’s. Our knife is supposed to do you’re supposed to get your bottle. Opener from that you’re not supposed to have the bottle opener built into the pry bar, you carry or something else, I mean it just.

It fits the Swiss Army knife I. Just don’t think it fits everything else like every other metal thing that is up in your pocket anyway, okay, so the last thing is the light and I’m gonna try not to shine it directly into the camera, but, as you can see, it doesn’t put out an enormous amount of illumination, but it puts out enough that if you need to find your keys or you need to eliminate a keyhole like I, think then it works.

The thing that got me excited about it is the clear light for quick comparison. Look at the light on my cyber tool, they’re a very similar design, but once too transparent you might cool I kind of want a transparent flashlight on my knife. Now, anyway, it’s kind of interesting. It’s a nifty little knife, I like it anyway. Let me know what you think you think it’s a good knife.

Do you think the transparent flashlight part is cool anyway, if you’ve enjoyed this video, please like and subscribe and I hope. Y’all have an excellent day.

RoverTac Pocket Knife Multitool Folding Camping Pocket Knife

RoverTac Pocket Knife Multitool Folding Camping Pocket Knife

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  • Safeguard Locking Mechanism: Discretely integrated safeguard prevents the blade from accidentally closing on your fingers by requiring you to push inwards to fold it.
  • Easy to Carry: Comes with a durable nylon pouch, convenient to wear on a belt loop. It’s a must-have in your daily life.
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  • Color: Gold
  • Item Dimensions LxWxH: 4.34 x 1.3 x 1 inches
  • Blade Material: Stainless Steel
  • Blade Shape: Spear Point
  • Type: Camping Pocket Knife

About this item, 100 satisfaction guarantee warranty. Your satisfaction is our top priority. We offer lifetime warranty and no reason return policy to guarantee you the best purchase. Experience compact, durable and practical. The nine in one screwdriver bit set guarantees a multi-purpose using it’s well built with full stainless steel and coated with durable black oxidation, perfect for camping fishing, hiking outdoor activities and home improvements. Safeguard locking mechanism, discreetly integrated safeguard, prevents the blade from accidentally closing on your fingers by requiring you to push inwards to fold it easy to carry comes with a durable nylon, pouch convenient to wear on a belt loop.

It’s a must-have in your daily life, a fantastic gift for adventure seekers. If you are looking for a special gift for your loved ones, who like exploring hiking fishing, camping or backpacking, then our multi-tool knife tool is a perfect choice, see more product details. You.

KINGMAX Pocket Knife, Multitool Tactical Camping Pocket Knife

KINGMAX Pocket Knife, Multitool Tactical Camping Pocket Knife

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  • ✔Stainless Steel Multitool-The multitool pocket knife is made of 440C stainless steel with premium hardness and rust resistance. The multi tool knife weighs 7.7 Ounces. Black oxide multifunctional knife sports a sleek, stealth look.
  • ✔Designed for Safety-To prevent from accidentally hurting your hands, The blade will be locked when it is open, and if you want to fold it, then you need to press the liner lock to unlock the blade then you can close the blade. Ergonomic Handle Design, Grooved handle design for easy grip, This equipment is designed for all use habits.
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About this item, save money and space, just one durable, folding design, can fully save your space and you spend very little money on just one pocket. Knife can achieve five functions. Knife flash saw pliers can opener opener and a screwdriver with a nine in one bit set dot. It is your preferred tool for projects at home at work or at camp sites.

Stainless steel multi-tool, the multi-tool pocket knife is made of 440c stainless steel with premium hardness and rust resistance. The multi-tool knife weighs 7 7 ounces, black oxide, multifunctional knife sports, a sleek stealth, look designed for safety to prevent from accidentally hurting your hands.

The blade will be locked when it is open, and if you want to fold it, then you need to press the lighter lock to unlock the blade. Then you can close the blade ergonomic handle design group handle design for easy grip. This equipment is designed for all use habits, easy to carry all little tools could be folded easily without taking much place, and there is a nylon cloth bag which can be directly stuck on the belt and the bag for easy carrying best gift for outdoor activities.

King max multi-tool is the best gift for adventure seekers. If you are looking for a great gift for that special someone in your life that loves to outdoors survival, camping, hiking and hunting, you.

Multitool Knife, POHAKU 13 in 1 Portable Camping Pocket Knife

Multitool Knife, POHAKU 13 in 1 Portable Camping Pocket Knife

POHAKU Multi-Tool
Tough, reliable, and easy to handle, the POHAKU Multi-Plier is engineered to tackle jobs in just about every situation. Featuring a sleek butterfly design, durable stainless steel construction, and all locking design, this affordable multitool packs 13 convenient tools that will quickly prove indispensable.

Starting with the multitool knife, you can slide out of the knife for only 1 second, quick and easy to operate. This multitool also includes a Phillips screwdriver along with large and medium flathead screwdrivers, as well as a dedicated wire cutter/stripper. Unlike bulky squared-off pliers on many multi-tools, the needle-nose pliers at the center of this multitool are designed for the tightest of spots. It also has a serrated knife, you can remove fish scale even outdoors.

  • Bigger Blade Knife. Larger blade over 3” gives you more of a cutting edge as well as a more secure and comfortable grip during heavy duty cutting. It has a lock function to keep the blade from causing accidents.
  • One Hand Operation. With a simple push, you can easily slide out the large blade knife in a second!! Each tool can be opened and used separately without opening the entire pliers.
  • Superior Quality. POHAKU multifunctional multi-tool knives are made of high-quality stainless steel with sufficient hardness and toughness. The rust-proof and anti-corrosion high-quality steel help it last longer.
  • 13-in-1. A variety of Needlenose Pliers, Standard Pliers, Wire Cutters, Multifunction Knife, Can Opener, Slotted Screwdriver (M), Slotted Screwdriver (L), Phillips Screwdriver, Bastard File, Second File, Rope Cutter, Saw and Serrated knife.
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About this item, bigger blade knife of a cutting edge, as well as a more secure and comfortable grip during heavy-duty cutting. It has a lock function to keep the blade from causing accidents one hand operation with a simple push. You can easily slide out the large blade knife in a second. Each tool can be opened and used separately without opening the entire pliers superior quality. Pohaku multifunctional multi-tool knives are made of high-quality stainless steel with sufficient hardness and toughness the rust proof and anti-corrosion high quality steel help it last longer 13 in one a variety of needle nose, pliers standard pliers, wire cutters, multi-function knife can opener slotted, screwdriver, m slotted, screwdriver, l, phillips, screwdriver, bastard file.

Second file rope, cutter saw and serrated knife gift for outdoor activities. Pohaku multi tool is a special gift for adventure seekers. If you are looking for a great gift for someone who likes outdoors survival, camping, hiking and hunting, our multi-purpose tool is a perfect choice, see more product details.

About this item, bigger blade knife of a cutting edge, as well as a more secure and comfortable grip during heavy duty cutting it has a lock function to keep the blade from causing accidents point one hand operation with a simple push. You can easily slide out the large blade knife in a second. Each tool can be opened and used separately without opening the entire pliers dot superior quality.

Ohaku multifunctional multi-tool knives are made of high quality, stainless steel with sufficient hardness and toughness the rust proof and anti-corrosion high quality steel help. It last longer point 13 in one a variety of needle nose, pliers standard pliers, wire cutters, multi-function knife can opener slotted, screwdriver, m slotted, screwdriver, l, phillips screwdriver, bastard file.

Second file rope, cutter saw and serrated knife gift for outdoor activities. Ohaku multi-tool is a special gift for adventure seekers. If you are looking for a great gift for someone who likes outdoors survival, camping, hiking and hunting, our multi-purpose tool is a perfect choice, see more product details.

Spring Assisted Knife – Military Style Camping Pocket Knife

Spring Assisted Knife - Military Style Camping Pocket Knife

  • Knife with folding spring assisted opening blade and pocket clip has a simple and reliable liner-lock that is resistant to dirt and prevents unexpected closure. Equipped with the thumb studs for right and left hand use.
  • Perfect tactical knife for everything – camping, hiking, backpacking, bushcrafting, hunting & fishing, military & army needs, outdoor & DIY Activities, survival, self defense, emergencies.
  • Black coated 440C stainless steel – excellent balance of hardness and corrosion resistance ensures proper operation without sharpening. Provides razor sharp cutting performance and high durability.
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  • Camping Pocket Knife

  • Brand: GRAND WAY
  • Color: Green camo
  • Blade Material: Stainless Steel
  • Handle Material: Aluminum
  • Blade Shape: Clip Point
  • Blade Edge: Fine
  • Type: Camping Pocket Knife

About this item, knife with folding clip has a simple and reliable liner, lock that is resistant to dirt and prevents unexpected closure equipped with the thumb studs for right and left hand use perfect tactical knife for everything, camping, bdc, hiking, backpack, bushcrafting, hunting and fishing. Military and army needs outdoor and diy activities, survival, self-defense emergencies, black coated, 440c, stainless steel, excellent balance of hardness and corrosion resistance ensures proper operation without sharpening provides razor, sharp cutting performance and high durability.

Black folding knife is made of durable, 440c stainless steel, blade coating black oxide handle material. Aluminum flip is available, blade length, 3, 42, total length, 7, 75, perfect gift idea, gifts for husband from wife, proving hugely popular as dad gifts, gifts for men, brother college, gifts for guys and even father-in-law gifts, perfect gift for christmas, graduation anniversary birthday, thanksgiving day stocking stuffers for men comes with a survival book.


About this item, black coated, acr 13, hcr, 13, mbov, stainless steel features, a clip point shaped blade for improved piercing power, excellent balance of hardness and corrosion resistance ensures proper operation without sharpening this pocket. Knife also provides razor, sharp cutting performance spring assisted and lighter lock knife with folding spring assisted opening blade and pocket clip has a simple and reliable liner, lock that is resistant to dirt and prevents unexpected closure equipped with the thumb studs for right and left hand use perfect pocket.

Folding knife tactical knife for camping, edc, hiking, backpack, bushcrafting, hunting and fishing, military and army needs outdoor and diy activities, survival emergencies, ideal gifts for men and women, gifts for husband, from wife, proving hugely popular as dad gifts, gifts for men, brother college, gifts for guys and even father-in-law gifts, perfect gift for christmas, graduation anniversary birthday, thanksgiving day, stocking stuffers for men, 100, satisfaction guarantee we offer lifetime warranty and no reason return policy to guarantee you.

The best purchase experience pick a few as gifts and enjoy the durability and sharpness. You.

Hey guys, I got this awesome pocket knife that I’d love to talk to you about couple days ago just came in, and I am so impressed by this pocket knife. I mean you can see the stainless steel right here and it is a beaut, and you also see the wood design right here, which is absolutely gorgeous so because of this stainless steel right here. It um provides a very fine cut and it also helps the knife from corroding.

So that is really awesome as well. Another cool thing about getting this product is that it comes with a sharpening block, which is perfect, because that way the knife won’t dull out, because you’re able to continue to sharpen it um. This knife is uh able to be used for a lot of various activities and one of those activities might be hiking or surviving or whether you’re at work.

You need a box cutter whatever that may be. Another great thing about this is that it’s a very safe knife. If you look right here, this is what allows you to press out and shut the knife right here, but once you bring all the way back, it locks right. So I can’t press this knife, so it’s not going to come out suddenly and it’s not going to come back in suddenly and cut yourself.

So that is perfect um. This knife is probably just over six inches about the size of my hand, right here, um again beautiful design, um and with the ability to have this sharpening knife. I’ll show you just how easy it is. So I was taught to always go diagonal from one side to the other when sharpening your knife and then flip it over and do the same thing that way it sharpens from the base to the tip.

So if I’m sharp sharpening it like this, I’m going to use it like that all right and if I want to flip it on the other side, do the same thing in that diagonal formation and again that stainless steel, you don’t see any markings on there. Do you so again, very sharp knife and beautiful and um also comes with a little sack here too. So, if you want to give it as a present, it’s going to look um, nice and thoughtful when you package it up and give it to your uncle or your cousin or wherever that may be um.

So I hope you guys, like this knife and um whatever you use this knife, for I know that will be great because of how great of quality this knife is so enjoy. It.

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