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The best bicycle clothing for men from OutdoorMiks

We as a whole realize an ideal bicycle ride needs the correct rigging. You might be prepared to put the pedal to the metal, however, your cycling attire may require a total check up. That is the reason OutdoorMiks offers a broad determination of bike apparel for men.

Picking the correct bike clothes for the correct ride may fluctuate from season to season, yet our assortment of clothes and accessories guarantees you'll discover useful, specialized fits streamlined for even the most troublesome of conditions. Long rides, night rides, and even heavy downpour rides- - you may need to go through a slurry of slush to make it to your goal, yet your bike clothes can keep you secured ride after ride.

  Giordana Wool Blend Short-Sleeve Baselayer - Men's Pearl Izumi P.R.O. Pursuit Softshell Jacket - Men's Assos Rs.sturmprinz Evo Shell - Men's
100% R-Core-X DH Pant - Men's Assos LL.milleTights_s7 Bib Tights - Men's Castelli Giro Race Full-Zip Jersey - Men's Giro Arc Short - Men's Louis Garneau Wapiti Glove - Men's Craft Verve XT Jersey - Men's
  Giordana Wool Blend Short-Sleeve Baselayer - Men's Pearl Izumi P.R.O. Pursuit Softshell Jacket - Men's Assos Rs.sturmprinz Evo Shell - Men's Castelli Idro 2 Jacket - Men's 100% R-Core-X DH Pant - Men's Assos LL.milleTights_s7 Bib Tights - Men's Castelli Giro Race Full-Zip Jersey - Men's Giro Arc Short - Men's Louis Garneau Wapiti Glove - Men's Craft Verve XT Jersey - Men's
Rating ★★★★★ ★★★★★ ★★★★★ ★★★★★ ★★★★★ ★★★★★ ★★★★★ - - -
Brand Giro Craft Castelli Castelli Assos Giordana Pearl Izumi Assos 100% Louis Garneau
Fit regular regular semi-fitted Form-Fitting form-fitting form-fitting regular Assos comfortFit tapered legs -
Manufacturer Warranty 1 year 30 days 1 year - limited 1 year lifetime limited 1 year 1 year
Material ripstop polyester, DWR finish 100% polyester Gore-Tex Shakedry (2-layer) SITIP active fabrics Triton Mimosa (merino wool, nylon, spandex) P.R.O. Softshell (39% polyester, 39% nylon, 22% elastane), P.R.O Thermal (95% polyester, 5% elastane), [back pockets] Softshell Lite (100% polyester) 80% Nylon, 15% Elastane, 5% Polyester [body] 4-way stretch ripstop (polyester, elastane), [crotch] mesh (polyester, elastane), [back] stretch Cordura (nylon, elastane) [palm] 100% polyurethane, [upper hand] 100% polyester spandex
Pockets 1 zip security, 2 hand 1 media - 3 rear, internal radio 1 back zippered - 1 open rear, 2 zippered rear - 1 zippered pocket -
Recommended Use mountain bike road cycling road cycling road cycling road cycling cycling cycling cycling downhill mountain biking

Giordana Wool Blend Short-Sleeve Baselayer - Men's


Thermal jersey season is upon us, as is the time-honored tradition of dusting off our cold-weather gear and assessing our needs to comfortably survive another winter of training. If you don't have one already, Giordana's Men's Short-Sleeve Wool Blend Baselayer should be at the top of your list. It's made from Mimosa fabric, a blend headlined by time-tested merino wool and incorporating nylon and spandex to keep you warm, comfortable, and dry.

Merino is a cycling staple that may no longer define the top racing jerseys and shorts as it did when all bikes were steel and cassettes were nowhere near the double digits, but there's a reason we continue to turn to it when the weather turns toward winter. It's breathable, it's the original hollow-core fabric, it stays warm if it gets wet, and it's naturally odor resistant. Every material used in cycling kit breathes and chances are good that you'll be wearing an anti-weather top in inclement conditions, so the real standout qualities for wool are the way it insulates and resists odor.

There's a pile of synthetics in the base layer industry described as hollow core yarns, and wool is the reason why. They're all trying to mimic wool's ability to trap countless tiny pockets of air in order to create a microclimate of warmth. It also stays warm if it gets damp, so you won't pay as steep a price if you are over-layer and overheat during winter climbs. This timeless material is supplemented with nylon, which holds its shape and offers more support than wool, and spandex, which helps the four-panel construction disappear under mid and outer layers by stretching as appropriate.

  • A wool base layer for cool- and cold-weather cycling
  • Merino wool blend is classic and time-tested
  • Infused with synthetics for stretch and durability
  • Manages moisture and resists odor while insulating
  • Item #GIO007N

Pearl Izumi P.R.O. Pursuit Softshell Jacket - Men's


A good jacket can make or break your cold weather riding experience, and the Pearl Izumi Men's P.R.O. Pursuit Softshell Jacket is in line to make it a blast. Its combination of streamlined fit, clean aesthetics and impeccable function make it a go-to choice when the mercury drops and the flurries begin to fly.

The P.R.O. Pursuit Softshell utilizes a mix of Pearl's P.R.O. Thermal fabric and its triple layer Softshell material throughout its construction, providing exceptional weather-resistance and warmth. The fabric provides an accommodating stretch, so your cold weather armor doesn't actually feel like armor, and it doesn't compromise breathability, either so water vapor will move freely from the inside out, even while the outside water is denied entry.

The jacket's construction incorporates a small armada of thoughtful details. A large open rear pocket and two zippered side pockets offer ample space to securely store essentials. From the collar, which accommodates an in-the-saddle posture, to the contoured sleeve to the shaped cuffs, the jacket is designed to provide a sleek, race-cut fit that minimizes excess material and flapping, even while you're stretched out on the handlebars. As an added bonus, reflective elements help keep you visible in low-light conditions.

  • A streamlined jacket for cold-weather rides
  • Warm fabrics block the elements
  • Contoured fit designed for the riding position
  • Dropped rear hem provides extra coverage from wheel spray
  • Three rear pockets securely stow essentials
  • Item #PLZ00EO


Assos Rs.sturmprinz Evo Shell - Men's


It was a dark and stormy night, and through your den had a roaring fire, and a glass of scotch was more than enticing, your bike gave you a longing gaze when you pulled into the garage, and you knew at that moment that you couldn't leave it hanging in a gloomy corner among camping gear, and lawn care equipment while you indulgently sipped away in your leather armchair. And so you stepped inside, but just briefly, to change from your work clothes into your Assos Rs.sturmprinz Evo Shell so you can embark on a blustery ride through the countryside, protected from harsh elements, and illuminating the road with bright reflective pops to keep you and your trusty steed safe as motorists bustle down the road.

When Assos set out to create the Rs.sturmprinz the task wasn't taken lightly. It needed to be a jacket that could withstand wind and rain, maintain lightweight packability, exceptional protection, and perhaps most importantly, fit flawlessly. The result of their high demands was a rain jacket designed to be waterproof and work with cyclists who are riding in nature's harshest conditions. To make the Rs.sturmprinz the engineers at Assos created two new fabrics, the Triton V1 and Triton V2. Triton V1 is the tougher, heavier, more waterproof fabric, and it was used for the front panels. Triton V2 is lighter, more breathable and was used in back. The Swiss-made Triton fabric is a temperature-sensitive waterproof-breathable membrane. This means that when it's cold, the membrane is less breathable, which is good, as it will help hold in your body heat. When it's warm, the membrane is more breathable, and it reacts by increasing moisture transport for better breathability.

Like previous years, the Rs.sturmprinz Evo features an air vent system to continue ventilation of perspiration to keep your core primed at the perfect temperature for riding. On the inside, the seams are sealed to reinforce waterproofing, ensuring no water can creep its way in through joints and seams. Another vent is located parallel with the shoulder blades to keep heat expelling through this zone. Both the wrist and neck have adjustable seals that you can tighten down to keep out moisture and frosty breezes or loosen it when you need additional venting. This allows you to create your own microclimate that best fits your needs.

Adding the support you need for a ride to the microclimate, the jacket features a center back pocket for storing essentials. The pocket is sealed with a reflective zipper that tackles both keeping moisture out for protecting valuables and boosting visibility when the cloud cover and downpour lead to dim lighting. On both sides of the jacket, you'll find pocket flaps that work as vents, or access to the pockets of your inner jersey underneath.

  • Exceptional rain protection for wet winter rides
  • Form-fitting performance that earns the Assos badge
  • Elevated fabrics react to the elements to wick and dry
  • Stay as dry as a prohibition fight with waterproof materials
  • Sealed seams keep moisture outside no matter what
  • Adjustable neck and wrists seal out precipitation
  • Zippered back pocket with reflective accents for visibility
  • Item #AAS008J

Castelli Idro 2 Jacket - Men's

Back for its second generation, the Castelli Men's Hydro 2 Jacket retains the legendary waterproof protection and outstanding breathability of Gore-Tex's Shakedry membrane, but it's lighter than ever and features a subtle redesign in graphics along the backside. The Idro 2 Jacket builds on the successor's ultra-lightweight, highly compact shell by shaving approximately 16 grams from its design and taking up only half the space of a rear jersey pocket when it's folded inside.

Besides being lighter than an afternoon snack at a mere 107 grams, the Idro 2 Jacket retains the Gore-Tex Shakedry membrane, which places the waterproof, breathable membrane on the outside of the jacket, thereby preventing the chance of it wetting out when it's subjected to hours of heavy rain. And because Shake-dry is one of the most breathable constructions in Gore-Tex's line, you'll enjoy won't feel like you're wearing a sweaty garbage bag, especially on long climbs where overheating is commonplace. It's rounded out with a waterproof YKK Vislon zipper, plus reflective highlights that pop on those dreary days with rain and ominous clouds.

  • Ultra-lightweight, highly compact rain shell
  • Sits close to body with the dropped rear for protection
  • Takes up only half a jersey pocket when folded inside
  • Gore-Tex Shake-dry won't wet out like traditional jackets
  • The shake-dry membrane is reliably waterproof, highly breathable
  • YKK Vislon waterproof zipper won't allow water to leak in
  • Reflective rear elements pop when visibility is limited
  • Item #CST00L4


100% R-Core-X DH Pant - Men's


Pilot your slacked-out downhill rig with precision and unflappable confidence while wearing the 100% Men's R-Core-X DH Pant. This downhill-specific pant is constructed of burly fabrics with a breathable mesh crotch to prevent overheating when you're riding and racing in sweltering conditions. Tapered legs won't snag in your drivetrain while providing a full range of motion required for blistering downhill courses and bigger jumps. It's reinforced in the seat with stretch Cordura fabric that prevents ripping and fraying where abrasion is common.

Instead of the normal buckled ladder strap used by 100%, they've moved to Cohesive technology at the waistline, which is comprised of an integrated shock cord adjustment that tightens precisely for a fine-tuned fit without slipping. Additionally, you'll find a hidden snap closure and zippered fly for making bathroom pitstops in the woods if necessary, as well as a convenient zippered pocket for storing an extra energy bar to fuel your downhill runs and training laps.

  • Ready for blistering downhill laps and monstrous jump lines
  • Tapered legs for optimal pedaling without drivetrain snags
  • 4-way stretch ripstop withstands punishment and flexes freely
  • Reinforced with Cordura along seat panel to prevent ripping
  • Mesh crotch panels for greater breathability in hot weather
  • Cohesive shock cord at the waistline for a secure, slip-free fit
  • Zippered pocket stores snacks and riding essentials
  • Item #OHP006E

Assos LL.milleTights_s7 Bib Tights - Men's


The hardest part about getting out for winter base miles is often just that — summoning the motivation to get out the door. When motivation is in short supply, excuses never are, and the time required for gathering and donning the necessary kit for temperatures around 30 degrees Fahrenheit can occasionally be enough of an inconvenience that we leave the wheels hanging for the day. The LL.milleTights_s7 Bib Tights for men are Assos' thoughtful solution to the lazy kit syndrome, designed to pull on fast to eliminate as many barriers between you and your base miles as possible. By extending considerations of craftsmanship beyond the act of riding to include the time before you're in the saddle, the LL.milleTights may represent a first for even the innovative Swiss manufacturer.

We love the indescribably perfect fit of Assos' top-end LL.bonkaTights, which virtually disappear once you pull them on, but achieving that disappearing act requires a lot of patience and a little bit of struggle to situate the bibs just so. The LL.milleTights, in contrast, feature what Assos describes in typical, camel-case style as comfortFit. Near as we can tell, comfortFit means a slightly more forgiving cut, especially through the bibs and rear yoke, which makes for a much quicker application that you don't necessarily need to be 100% awake for. While this may seem like a minor luxury, it certainly appeals to us on frigid winter mornings when we're already fumbling at the coffee pot and the floor pump and one more impediment may spell a preemptive end to the ride.

Of course, this is still Assos, so comfortable it doesn't mean club fit. The attention to detail that made Assos' name is evident in details like the articulation down the back of the leg, which strategically tapers and combines panels of material for a fit through the back of the knee that's every bit as bunch-free as the LL.bonkaTights. Even the reflective strips on the back of the legs are only attached at the ends, as sewing, the lengthwise sides to the tights would compromise the stretch and fit of the fabric.

The materials themselves are both of the RX genus, which hits the usual cold-weather benefits of a brushed inner face for insulation and rapid moisture transfer. The leading panels are RX Heavy, an all-new material that doubles up on thermal protection with two layers at the knee, thigh, and hip, and doubles down on moisture control with Assos' water-resistant treatment. The back of the legs is made from the lighter, more breathable RX Light in order to regulate the microclimate's temperature while evacuating sweat and water vapor to ensure that a single hard interval won't condemn you to a clammy chill for the rest of the ride.

The LL.milleTights are finished with the long-distance Mille chamois, which has more surface area and less elasticity than Assos' summer-weight racing inserts. The Mille makes for a more stable pedaling platform across long base miles when your body position remains relatively static. It's still built with Assos' golden gate technology, so the unattached center sides allow the chamois to move with your skin rather than against it, and it's also got a supportive pouch-like construction at the front to prevent awkward podium moments while waiting in line for a mid-ride coffee.

  • Warm winter bib tights for year round riding
  • RX fabric provides cozy, insulating warmth
  • Water resistant DWR coating keeps you dry from road spray
  • Mille_S7 chamois offers 8mm of memory foam support
  • Reflective details boost visibility in low light
  • Assos signature fit and quality will have you motivated for those formidable winter base miles
  • Item #AAS005B

Castelli Giro Race Full-Zip Jersey - Men's


The month of May for most cycling fans signifies one thing, the start of the grand tour season, kicking everything off with our favorite of the three, the Giro. Castelli is the 2018 official race jersey sponsor and it's giving you the chance to own and don the identical jerseys worn by the four classification leaders including a tribute to the short-lived Maglia Nera jersey. That's right, the Men's Giro Race Full-Zip Jersey will have you inspired to ride a little longer, push a little harder on the climbs, and grab an extra gear in the sprints.

Built with the same dedication to a race-ready fit, quality materials, and extraordinary craftsmanship as all of the other Castelli jerseys, these leader jerseys are as light and breathable as they are aerodynamic, with some unique touches making them extra special. A few of our favorite details include the zipper pull that is a tribute to the gold Trofeo awarded to the overall winner, the Infinito Internal neck finishing with Giro infinity silk-touch ribbon, and the raised 3-D print Giro on the sleeves and the Trofeo on the back of the neck.

The jerseys are sold in 6 sizes from Small through 3X-Large and in the colors Rosa (overall leader), Ciclamino (sprint points leader), Bianco (best rider under 23), Azzurro (king of the mountains), and the aforementioned Nera (a hotly contested jersey presented to the last place rider that was only awarded between 1946-51).

  • The official leader jerseys of the 2018 Giro
  • The gold zipper pull is a tribute to the Trofeo Infinito
  • Based on the 4 leader jerseys plus a Maglia Nera tribute
  • Adorned with official sponsors and other neat Giro touches
  • Classic Castelli craftsmanship, materials, and fit
  • Item #CST00PG


Hey, it's Peter again over at Castelli showing off the new arrow race jersey. And I was a very original jersey that we created for the Garmin cycling team it was a revolutionary product in terms of. The pro peloton it nowadays we see quite a bit of our competition trying to emulate air race jersey is super light. Jersey that's very form-fitting to the body so if you like to ride and gain 8. Watts of energy output to help you on. Your rides this is the perfect kind of piece for you new for 2013 we loosen them. Fit up a little bit more on this garment we took some of the likers out of the garment so it's not so snug which makes. It a really nice consumer piece for you for the average rider so hope you enjoy it, of course, you can get this over at arts. You.

Giro Arc Short - Men's


There's a reason you're riding fifteen miles into the wild on a skinny dirt trail, and it's most likely to get away from annoying distractions of modern civilization. Helping you find your happy place without disturbance, the Giro Men's Arc Short opts for a clean, no-nonsense design that's purely focused on unencumbered comfort instead of flashy graphics and gimmicks.

Lightweight, tear-resistant ripstop fabric withstands the rigors of daily jaunts in the hills and rolling forests outside of town. Best of all, it's completely silent so you can tune out to the sound of birds chirping and tires rolling over trail impediments. For greater comfort on rainy rides and dewy mornings, the DWR finish repels outside moisture and flinging dirt from soaking through and staining this short.

  • Plot your trail escape in no-nonsense comfort
  • Slides over your padded liner short (not included)
  • Lightweight, durable, silent ripstop fabric
  • DWR finish repels light rain and flinging dirt
  • Adjustable waist tabs for a fine-tuned fit
  • Zippered pocket holds snacks and accessories
  • UPF 50+ ensures protection from harsh UV rays
  • Item #GIR00DV

Louis Garneau Wapiti Glove - Men's


Craft Verve XT Jersey - Men's


With regards to cycling in troublesome conditions, the correct clothes can have a significant effect in the solace of a bicycle ride, so OutdoorMiks offers a scope of defensive apparatus. To really sweeten the deal, intelligent components incorporated with a significant number of our bike apparel contributions guarantee higher permeability so you can zoom during that time securely.

You may simply need to voyage for the afternoon or you may live and inhale by the whoosh of the breeze as you streak down city roads. With bike apparel for men, you can prepare for an amazing ride.