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  Craft Active Extreme 2.0 Windstopper Crewneck Baselayer - Men's Louis Garneau Course Elite Bib Tight - Men's 100% Celium All Mountain Jersey - Men's Assos iJ.intermediate_s7 profBlack Jersey - Men's Assos T.tiburu_s7 Bib Shorts - Men's Giordana Lungo Jersey - Men's Castelli CW 6.0 Cross Glove - Men's Shimano S-PHYRE Short-Sleeve Jersey - Men's Castelli Evoluzione 2 Short - Men's Castelli Free Speed Race Tri Jersey - Men's Etxeondo Entzun Short-Sleeve Jersey - Men's 2XU Core Compression 3/4 Tights - Men's Capo Citizen Camo Wind Vest - Men's Castelli Prosecco R Long-Sleeve Base Layer Top - Men's Castelli Evoluzione 2 Bib Knicker - Men's Club Ride Apparel Shift Denim Pant - Men's Santini Trek Fan Line Classe Long-Sleeve Jersey - 2019 - Men's
  Craft Active Extreme 2.0 Windstopper Crewneck Baselayer - Men's Louis Garneau Course Elite Bib Tight - Men's 100% Celium All Mountain Jersey - Men's Assos iJ.intermediate_s7 profBlack Jersey - Men's Assos T.tiburu_s7 Bib Shorts - Men's Giordana Lungo Jersey - Men's Castelli CW 6.0 Cross Glove - Men's Shimano S-PHYRE Short-Sleeve Jersey - Men's Castelli Evoluzione 2 Short - Men's Castelli Free Speed Race Tri Jersey - Men's Etxeondo Entzun Short-Sleeve Jersey - Men's 2XU Core Compression 3/4 Tights - Men's Capo Citizen Camo Wind Vest - Men's Castelli Prosecco R Long-Sleeve Base Layer Top - Men's Castelli Evoluzione 2 Bib Knicker - Men's Club Ride Apparel Shift Denim Pant - Men's Santini Trek Fan Line Classe Long-Sleeve Jersey - 2019 - Men's
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Brand Castelli Etxeondo Shimano Assos Castelli Giordana Santini Castelli 100% Craft Castelli Louis Garneau Assos Castelli Club Ride Apparel Capo 2XU
Fit form-fitting Regular form-fitting form-fitting - regular form-fitting form-fitting regular form-fitting form-fitting form-fitting Form-Fitting Form-Fitting relaxed Form-Fitting compressive
Manufacturer Warranty 1 year 2 years 1 year limited 1 year 1 year 1 year 1 year 1 year 30 days 1 year 1 year limited 1 year 1 year 1 year 1 year
Material [front] SpeedFreak, [back] Velocity MicroSystem Endurance 75% polyester, 25% elastane 79% polyester, 10% nylon, 6% polyurethane, 5% elastane - synthetic Hotwind, thermofleece ProDry Soft 2-layer polyester [main body] 100% polyester, [front panel] 92% polyester, 8% ePTFE ProDry Soft (polyester/nylon blend) [front and back panels] Super Light Dry, [knees] HeatMaxx (86% nylon, 14% spandex), [upper] Carbon-X Mesh (62% nylon, 36% Lycra Power, 2% carbon), Power Mesh (80% polyester, 20% spandex) 59% Nylon, 21% Polyester, 20% Elastane Prosecco (100% polyester) cotton poly stretch denim [membrane] 3-layer Windtex, [rear panel] V Mesh [front] 70D PWX (72% nylon, 28% elastane), [back] 105D PWX (65% nylon, 35% elastane)
Pockets 2 rear 3 rear, side zipper Green Eco 3 rear 3 rear, 1 rear zip - 3 rear, 2 side, 1 zippered rear 3 rear - - - - - - - 2 front, 2 back, 1 side zip 3 rear -
Recommended Use triathlon road cycling road cycling cycling, mountain biking cycling road cycling road cycling road cycling mountain biking cycling road cycling cycling cold-weather cycling road cycling casual, commuting gravel, road cycling fitness, running, cycling

Craft Active Extreme 2.0 Windstopper Crewneck Baselayer - Men's

You can hear the wind howling from inside the house next to the fireplace, but your spring goal race will be here before you know it. Plus, the sun is shining. When you're braving wind and cold to log base miles, layering the Craft Men's Active Extreme 2.0 Windstopper Crewneck Baselayer under your thermal jersey or jacket will make a big difference in comfort on the bike.

Its front panel of Gore Windstopper fabric acts as a lightweight, flexible shield against harsh gusts, keeping them away from your hardworking lungs and allowing you to retain a layer of warm air next to your skin as you pedal. The baselayer's polyester main body, cut in a form-fitting silhouette, wicks moisture away from your skin as you sweat to ensure you stay warm and dry when you're working hard in the cold.

  • Brave howling wind gusts with this wind-blocking baselayer
  • Form-fitting cut allows baselayer to rapidly wick moisture
  • Windstopper front panel protects lungs from cold wind
  • Stretchy main body keeps you warm and dry as you ride
  • Item #CRA008H
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    Louis Garneau Course Elite Bib Tight - Men's

    Pairing warmers with our favorite bib shorts is an easy solution to the mercurial conditions of fall riding, but when the icy weather really settles in, a lightly insulated pair of bib tights becomes a mainstay in our cycling wardrobe. Louis Garneau developed its Course Elite Bib Tights with several of its top element-blocking fabrics for cold-weather rides, which means that you're able to stay warm, dry, and comfortable throughout all of your winter training sessions.

    For the bulk of the Course Elite's leg panels, a fabric known as HeatMaxx was employed. This is a Roubaix-type material with a smooth outer-surface and a brushed micro-fleece lining. It's also a stretchy fabric that strikes a fine balance between keeping you warm and not restricting movement with bulky materials. A second layer of HeatMaxx was added to the knees, which provides additional warmth and ease of movement at this flex point. The material's composition works to keep your legs warm, while at the same time, ensuring that you stay dry through its exceptional wicking capabilities.

    For additional protection against the elements, Garneau strategically placed its Super Light Dry material to the tights' front and back panels. Super Light Dry provides a light layer of wind and water-repellency through its stretchy, yet breathable, polyester composition. For the bib tights' uppers, Garneau used a blend of its Power Mesh and Carbon-X Mesh. These fabrics introduce a heightened level of ventilation around your torso for general breathability, while also providing a great deal of stretch and adaptability to the straps. The tights feature nine panels in total, stitched together with friction-minimizing flatlock seams.

    Garneau included its 5Motion insert with the Course Elite bib tights. This chamois uses a 3D, pre-shaped wing design that moves in unison with your body. After all, a non-conforming insert is one of the leading causes of abrasion. So, to guarantee flexibility, the 5Motion chamois uses a variable-density, perforated memory foam that's been shaped objectively towards every direction of movement and pressure. And unlike other forms of variable-density padding, the 5Motion shape ensures that height transitions flow smoothly from region to region. This means that pinching and chafing are nearly eliminated. Garneau also included a center channel, much like your favorite saddles, that relieves pressure on the urethra and pudendal nerve.

    The bib tights were finished off with a four-inch flap-backed front zipper at the top of the waist, making those "pit stops" a simple affair. Along these lines, nine-inch ankle zips were added, ensuring shoe and bootie compatibility with the tights' cuffs. The tights were also treated with reflective accents throughout to keep you seen by motorists in low-light conditions.

    The Louis Garneau Course Elite Bib Tights are available in the color Black and in five sizes from Small to XX-Large.

  • Avoid the indoor trainer with winter cycling protection
  • Strategically placed weather-resistant paneling
  • Brushed inner face for thermal insulation throughout
  • Includes the same chamois as LG's summer race bibs
  • Lightweight bibs don't interfere with layering
  • Zippers at cuff and stomach for a sleek fit and pit-stop compatibility
  • Item #LGN0935
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    100% Celium All Mountain Jersey - Men's

    Though the big tires and bigger travel of enduro sleds might suggest otherwise, we like a little comfort during shuttle laps. The 100% Celium Men's All-Mountain Jersey provides, well, 100% comfort with a four-way stretch, breathable material that sits light and includes laser-cut ventilation to promote cooling airflow. The raglan sleeves promote bar reach and an engineered neck line prevents too much body English from roughing up your neck up top. Downstairs, an extended rear hem provides coverage to prevent any unfortunate exposures while you're exposing your DH aggression.

  • A mountain bike jersey with functional details
  • Raglan sleeves and bike-specific collar
  • Drop tail (literally) covers your ass in gnarly situations
  • Goggle wipe for when you don't emerge clean
  • Item #OHP003H
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    Assos iJ.intermediate_s7 profBlack Jersey - Men's

    As Assos glibly puts it, "summer is pretty mindless when it comes to apparel choice." That's because the typical temperatures of grand tour season are high enough to impose mandatory minimalism in terms of cycling clothing. But the advent of changing leaves and falling temperatures gives the committed kit hound an opportunity to dip into the cycling wardrobe without going full mindless in the winter jacket direction. That means thermal jerseys, and—as frequent visitors to our site will know—many of us have an obsession with thermal jerseys that borders on a fetish. Of course, not everyone in the Competitive family loses their minds over basic, brushed thermal jerseys, but even the most function-first cyclists here feel a tinge of longing for the impressively articulated Assos iJ.intermediate_s7 profBlack Men's Jersey.

    If a standard thermal jersey is an object of moderate idolization for the kit-conscious cyclists among us, than the iJ.intermediate_s7 is the heavily gilded calf that threatens to pull any cyclist into the idolatrous fold that fetishizes long-sleeve tops in the shoulder seasons. The metaphor isn't just hyperbole, as the jersey actually does feature gilding of a sort.

    First, this edition of the iJ.intermediate_s7 is a vehicle for Assos' new profBlack look, which privileges understated subtlety over the look-at-me aesthetics of most race kit. Given the fact that Assos recommends it "for when you want to ride under the radar," this juxtaposition with loud racing strips is especially apt. The jersey is a nod to the tendency for European professionals to train in the cooler months with nondescript jerseys in order to avoid constant interruptions by starstruck fans. By which we mean: cyclists like us.

    We're pretty sure we'd recognize Nibali's distinctive barrel-shaped torso or Aru's spectacularly violent pedaling style even if they were riding naked, but eliminating the bright team colors is an obvious plus for the less immediately recognizable guys like like Ulissi, who—if he weren't in his Lampre-Merida kit—might be able to pass as an unbelievably strong Italian recreationalist putting on a climbing clinic in the Swiss Alps. That's where profBlack comes in, as it allows guys like them to put in their winter base miles and springtime intervals unmolested by fans and constant selfie requests.

    Of course, the implications of riding in profBlack jerseys aren't nearly as duplicitous for we mere mortals. When the professionals do it, it's both a dereliction of duty to sponsors who pay you to ride in their colors and an attempt to avoid exactly the kind of attention from the cycling public that those sponsors are hoping to generate; when the self-sponsored cyclists go all-in on black kit, it's just a timeless, tasteful expression of style.

    The second "gilding" is much less focused on style. The iJ.intermediate_s7 is embellished with a windproof panel of stratagonUltra airBlock fabric across the front, so it leads into the crisp autumn air with a little extra core protection that still stretches so as not to inhibit the body-mapped fit and a free range of movement in the saddle. The material is also low volume and highly breathable, so it won't weigh you down but will help you enjoy the changing landscape in peace by preventing the accumulation of internal moisture.

    For the sides, proximal portion of the sleeves, and across the rear panel, Assos opts for the Type.v X121 summer textile. Since these areas tend to not take the brunt of cool fall and spring mornings, Assos lightens things up to let your body's temperature self-regulate and further boost moisture management. After all, this isn't a winter jersey, and we find that cutting wind chill at the leading edge tends to be sufficient to keep us warm in temperatures ranging into the mid- to high-40s. Even the most cold sensitive among us can comfortably brave the 40s with some light layering and that windproof panel, but keeping the sides and back light means the iJ.intermediate_s7 can also comfortably accompany us on the warmer days of October and April. The key to cool-weather kit is versatility, and the combination of materials used here means you'll be reaching for the iJ.intermediate_s7 in all manner of conditions and temperatures.

    The top of the arms and shoulders are the only occurrence of a traditional, brushed thermal material in the jersey's lay-up schedule. This material strikes a balance between the windproof core protection and superlative breathability of the other two materials, protecting the outer face of your wingspan with a bit more insulation but also maintaining the jersey's overall focus on stretch, moisture management, and fit. And if there are two things we expect from any Assos garment, it's a complicated, laboriously detailed material sheet (see above) and a fit that makes almost any other manufacturer's clothing feel like dingy bath robe.

    Combining what Assos calls its Advanced Ergonomic Pattern Design (AEPD) racing cut with its cycling-specific body-mapping pattern design, the profBlack iJ.intermediate_s7 benefits from what may be the most thought-out design process in the business. Assos is the first to tell you that high-end materials mean nothing if the cut is bad, and we're happy to be second that assertion in order to give it the emphasis it warrants: High-end materials mean nothing if the cut is bad. (We'd even type it out with Caps Lock on if we thought it would pass the editors' scrutiny.) That's why Assos has spent a maddening amount of time studying how the body is shaped, and how it changes throughout the movements of cycling. The AEPD cut is the result, and it means the iJ.intermediate_s7 is made for cycling, not standing—an important fact to keep in mind when you try it on. The cut greets the contours of your body with a form fit and gentle compression to aid in muscle recovery and stabilization.

    The AEPD sleeves terminate in Assos' WristWrap cuffs and their raglan shoulders culminate in a windproof collar to help keep the transitional chill at bay. For storage, Assos provides three ample rear pockets with a fourth pocket that zips closed for added security. The zippered pocket is also reinforced with a water-resistant membrane to protect snack cash or whatever other personal effects you'd rather not expose to capricious spring weather. In a final touch of typical thoughtfulness, Assos finishes the full-length zipper with an underlying draft flap, so the zipper doesn't compromise the windproof panels core protection.

  • A long-sleeve jersey for transitional season cycling
  • Windproof front panel takes the bite out of fall and spring air
  • Thermal insulation on arms and shoulders
  • Breathable paneling throughout maintains comfort
  • Form-fitting silhouette built to "click-in" on the bike
  • Standard pocket count supplemented with a zippered security pocket
  • Silicone grip hem and elastic cuffs maintain coverage
  • Assos' profBlack aesthetics celebrate cycling with simple style
  • Item #AAS006U
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    Assos T.tiburu_s7 Bib Shorts - Men's

    Autumn riding is fraught with peril. We don't mean sudden storms, buffeting winds, and less daylight. Rather, we're talking about the dangers of over- or under-dressing for a bike ride. Assos helps to address this problem with its new thermally insulated T.tiburu_s7 Bib Shorts, which you can wear alone on days in the 50s or pair with leg warmers on days that are cold enough to warrant full coverage.

    The shorts' main fabric is the all-new 610.RX, developed exclusively for the T.tiburu_s7s and their knicker and full-length counterparts, due out in 2015. 610.RX has a brushed lining for warmth, comfort, and wicking, and the exterior is treated with Assos' own water repellent technology. The shorts also incorporate a panel of wind resistant Stratagon Ultra fabric in the front crotch and lower abdomen. Assos is calling this feature BlasenSchutz, which translates literally to "blow protection," suggesting windproof qualities, but which Assos translates more playfully as "bladder protection." Assos claims that the extra protection keeps you from having to urinate while riding in cold weather, but we can't repeat that in good conscious without acknowledging that we're not sure if it's true or not. What we can say about BlasenSchutz is that the extra panel protects your core from wind chill — a feature that needs no additional bladder-related justification.

    The insert is the same featured in the race-level T.equipe_s7 shorts. It boasts the same eight millimeters of memory foam, which "fill the gaps" while your body moves through the pedaling motion, and it incorporates the perforated waffle layer, which provides ventilation and a more forgiving ride. It also has the goldenGate feature, where the center sides of the chamois aren't stitched to the shorts' body. This means that the chamois has that much more freedom to move with you while you pedal rather than staying stationery while you move across it. The chamois also benefits from another Assos invention, integrated front pad protection, which means that the chamois isn't sewn into the front but actually extends to the end of the panel, eliminating seams in what we can all agree is a very sensitive area. Chapeau, Assos.

    Assos designs its clothing according to the dictates of their ALS (Assos Layer System), wherein it's divided the year into seven distinct cycling seasons, each season calling for a different type of gear. The T.tiburu_s7s fall into the median "Fall" range, meaning they're designed for use in 50 to 59 degrees Fahrenheit. (You can view the full ALS chart here. It's a helpful seasonal guide, even if you're not using Assos gear.) We find this to be pretty accurate, although you may find them getting too warm in the high 50s.

    The Assos T.tiburu_s7 Bib Shorts - Men's are available in seven sizes ranging from X-Small to X-Large and including TIR (X-Large Wide) and the color Black Volkanga.

  • Assos shorts for inclement conditions in the shoulder seasons
  • RX Medium fabric offers insulation in cooler conditions
  • DWR treatment keeps road spray from soaking in
  • équipe_S7 insert with 8mm thickness is supportive and comfortable
  • iceColor fabric treatment reflects sunlight, reducing heat absorption
  • racingFit is tighter and slightly more compressive
  • Y7 frame carrier bibTech uses a wider cut of elastic for less pressure
  • Ideal for when the weather is not cold enough to warrant full tights nor warm enough for regular cycling shorts
  • Item #AAS002L
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    Giordana Lungo Jersey - Men's

    Just like the favorite shirt or shorts in your dresser, the men’s Giordana Lungo Jersey is your essential piece for any ride. Designed to be slightly more relaxed fitting than some of the more revealing, race-cut jerseys, the new quick-drying and comfortable fabrics lay in a tailored manner with reduced bunching and flapping at the shoulders. As your ride heats up, the full-length zipper lets you keep cool, and the generous 3-rear pockets store all the snacks and tools you’ll need for the long haul.

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    Castelli CW 6.0 Cross Glove - Men's

    When it comes to the question of what to wear, cyclocross poses many challenges. You need clothes that are durable, flexible, breathable, and warm. In short, you need apparel items that do it all. The Castelli CW 6.0 Cross Gloves are designed specifically for water, mud, and the chilly weather associated with one of the craziest, least-predictable, and therefore most fun disciplines in cycling.

    The CW 6.0 Cross Gloves are intended to keep your hands warm even in the wettest conditions since—in 'cross—the longest races last little more than an hour and there’s no time for wardrobe adjustments once you're underway. A neoprene back, vented finger inserts, and a micro-perforated Clarino palm get the job done by shielding against the elements and shedding water and sweat to keep your hands insulated and warm.

    The gloves also feature a silicone print on the palm for grip, which is a small but important detail in a sport that requires constant shifting and braking without sacrificing dexterity. The embossed neoprene on the back is as warm when wet as it is when dry, and the cuffs are made with a hook-and-loop enclosure that creates a secure seal around your wrists. Lastly, a microsuede thumb panel is included to provide a safe landing pad for the inevitable, exertion-caused nasal effusion.

  • A cycling glove designed specifically for 'cross
  • Multi-material construction for warmth and function
  • Wiping panel is easy on your face when the weather isn't
  • Item #CST0675
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    Shimano S-PHYRE Short-Sleeve Jersey - Men's

    Shimano has jumped all in on the premium cycling clothing segment of the market and the first garment we have gotten a chance to check out is the S-PHYRE Short-Sleeve Jersey. Working with the professionals at Lotto-Jumbo, Shimano creates a racing jersey designed to improve aerodynamics by reducing drag with its seamless design.

    Shimano is quite aware that if you want to go fast in training or racing you have to be comfortable. That way, you can stay fresher longer and save energy for critical points of the ride or race. The S-PHYRE jersey utilizes a unique one-piece seamless design with a tight fit that reduces drag while still being incredibly comfortable. A lightweight fabric used in a 3D pattern around the shoulders reduces wrinkles so that the wind has less material to interact with leading to less turbulence. Anatomically placed pockets allow for easy access to food or clothing when you are on the go. The S-PHYRE jersey is available in three colors, stealth black, blue, and a high-viz yellow and it's offered in four sizes ranging from S to XL.

  • A high-performance road cycling jersey for fast rides
  • Form-fit offers suburb fit in the cycling position
  • 3 anatomically placed pockets allow for easy access
  • Full-zip for ventilation on climbs
  • 3D pattern on shoulders reduces drag
  • Seamless design reduces drag
  • Item #SHI00HN
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    Castelli Evoluzione 2 Short - Men's

    In Castelli's world, entry level kit means something a bit different than what you might've been conditioned to think. Instead of ill-fitting garments made with low-end materials and few comfort-enhancing extras, kit like the Castelli Evoluzione 2 Short gives new riders a warm introduction to the world of cycling shorts. If you're self-sponsored and newly indoctrinated to the sport of skinny tires, the Evoluzione 2 will leave little to be desired as you build mileage and get to know your bike.

    The Evoluzione's Kiss Air chamois may not offer the same featherweight silhouette as its higher-end siblings, but its rolling topography and plush cushioning provide the support you need to tackle longer rides and new routes without compressing after only a few miles. Day in and day out, the short's stabilizing, breathable nylon and polyester fabric blend move with you without stretching or bunching in the saddle, as it employs the same impeccable fit used throughout Castelli's illustrious line.

  • An entry-level bib short that doesn't sacrifice in comfort
  • Form-fitting cut follows your movements in the saddle
  • 2-layer ProDry Soft fabric rapidly transfers moisture
  • Extra-stretch side panel rolls out to a 360-degree leg band
  • Airy mesh bib sits subtly under a jersey
  • KISS chamois cushions and supports your sit bones
  • Reflective accents help you stay visible to motorists
  • Item #CST00FY
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    Castelli Free Speed Race Tri Jersey - Men's

    Tri season is fast approaching, and face it: you're not sold on your racing kit. Too often, tri kit shines in one or two legs of a race, but falls short in another. We don't blame it; swimming, cycling, and running are three entirely different disciplines, all of which require specialized kit. It's not entirely surprising that Castelli has taken a big step closer to one kit that does it all with the Free Speed Race Tri Jersey. Replace your tired kit with this impressive new option and race with improved comfort in each leg.

    Designed with modifications to adapt it to each leg, the Tri Jersey is far from a typical sleeveless cycling jersey that's merely adequate for a swim and a run. Its highly mobile shoulders provide you with full range of motion as you fight for space in the water and pump your arms while clearing the crowd in T2. Castelli also used its wind-cheating Velocity mesh along the back of the jersey to limit drag on the bike, and departed from the classic sleeveless look of tri kit by adding sleeves for added sun protection. If you're worried about gaps in kit on the bike, just use the SnapLock fastener to attach the Free Speed Race to your short in T1. It'll ensure you have the coverage of a one-piece suit for a distraction-free bike leg.

  • Swim, bike, and run for the podium in this tri race jersey
  • Form-fitting cut tailored specifically for triathlon
  • Airy, highly breathable fabrics wick while reducing drag
  • Elastic around shoulders allows for full range of motion
  • SnapLock fastener clips to shorts to prevent riding up
  • Rear pockets are hydro- and aero-optimized
  • Item #CST00M6
  • I think for any endurance race. Particularly something like the iron man we're doing three different disciplines your kit choices is really important the jersey is really well thought through in terms of making it very usable it's not just for the race day it's something you can train in as well in the build-up to the race or in your new day to day training it's very versatile in the swim you have to have. That mobility you have that flexibility. Once of course you're on the bike you want everything to be as aero as possible and you want things to be streamlined good wicking properties. Which is you know really important here on the island as well is so hot and humid once you get on the run again you need to be able to sort of dissipate the heat as much as possible it's good if the fabric can hold a. Little bit of water you can put ice down your talk to keep yourself cool yeah it's its its important that you stay comfortable as possible so that you can perform at your best.

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    Etxeondo Entzun Short-Sleeve Jersey - Men's

    Hailing from the Basque region of Spain, Exteondo's Entzun Short-Sleeve Jersey is a handsome top that offers something just a little different than your riding buddy's attire. An outfitter to World Tour Team CCC, Etxeondo continues to make garments in the Basque region of Spain to the highest levels. The Entzun possesses finely crafted fabric with a cut that offers a bit more room and comfort than its aero-focused racing kit.

    The fit starts with Exteondo's proprietary MicroSystem Endurance fabric, a smooth, stretchy synthetic that possesses excellent breathability and the ability to manage moisture and transmit it away from your skin. It's simple, elegant design uses raglan sleeves to enhance your freedom of movement in the saddle while a non-slip waist gripper keeps the jersey locked in place as the miles tick by.

    Exteondo keeps the extra details understated on the Entzun, such as its vinyl logo and three rear pockets, including an Eco-friendly Green pocket for spent gel and bar wrappers, accented by reflective strips to enhance your visibility to motorists out on the road. And when the temps really skyrocket, a full-length zipper gives you the freedom to adjust ventilation as needed throughout your ride.

  • Etxeondo's summer jersey crafted of MicroSystem Endurance fabric
  • Full-length front zipper dumps heat on the climbs
  • Three back pockets store spare tubes and ride food
  • Raglan sleeves provide more freedom of movement
  • Reflective details increase visibility in low light
  • Anti-slip waistband keeps the jersey from riding up or sagging
  • Eco-friendly Green pocket stores spent gel and bar wrappers
  • SPF 50+ rating protects skin from the sun's rays
  • Item #ETX003U
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    2XU Core Compression 3/4 Tights - Men's

    Whether you're looking for added support during long runs or looking for a recovery aid after a tough training session, turn to the 2XU Men's TR2 3/4 Compression Tights. The PWX panels are responsible for the tight's supportive, contoured fit, and encourage better circulation to give you enhanced performance and boost recovery. Flatlock stitching prevents the seams from irritating your skin, even after hours of training.

  • Run, lift, or recover in these compression tights
  • PWX fabric supports muscles and improves recovery
  • Graduated compression encourages improved circulation
  • Manages moisture and dries quickly for lasting comfort
  • Provides UPF 50+ sun protection
  • Flatlock seams reduce chafing
  • Item #TXU005P
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    Capo Citizen Camo Wind Vest - Men's

    An invaluable piece of kit on shoulder season rides, the Citizen Camo Wind Vest from Capo provides cyclists with protection from the wind, chill, and light precipitation, keeping your core properly insulated during fluctuating temperatures and breezy conditions. Designed as a barrier for the cooler starts and finishes of rides, this vest offers lightweight protection and is compact enough to store in a jersey pocket when it's not needed.

    This vest features a 3-layer Windtex membrane for extra warmth, wind-resistance, and protection from passing showers. A V Mesh back panels ventilates your rear extremities preventing you from overheating and soaking in perspiration and the inevitable cold, clammy feeling that follows. Other key features include reflective tabs on the rear for boosted visibility in low light, Capo waist elastic for keeping the vest in place, 3 rear pockets so you don't have to go fishing for your jersey pockets when you want a gel, and a two-way YKK zipper with lockable slider letting you zip it down from the top conventionally, or zip it up like a cape for protection from the elements while still ventilating.

  • Packable cycling vest for the unpredictable shoulder seasons
  • Features a windproof, water-resistant membrane in a lightweight design
  • Compact enough to fit in a jersey pocket
  • 3 rear pockets allow for easy access or riding essentials
  • V Mesh back panel provides breathability
  • Reflective tabs enhance low-light visibility
  • Waist elastic keeps the fit in check
  • Two-way YKK zipper with lockable slider adjusts ventilation levels
  • Item #CAP00AD
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    Castelli Prosecco R Long-Sleeve Base Layer Top - Men's

    Designed to help extend the cooler weather capabilities of your favorite long-sleeve jersey or jacket comes the Prosecco R Long-Sleeve Base Layer Top from Castelli. Featuring a breathable, mid-weight fabric, it offers an additional barrier against the elements and an extra pocket of warm air to help insulate you against the cool without overheating. The Prosecco fabric also wicks moisture away from your skin for quick evaporation so you stay comfortable and dry through intense intervals and recovery or those early fall days spent exploring canyon climbs and descents with valley roads in between. This base layer is constructed with flat seams to prevent friction, irritation, and chafing that might occur with typical seams that sit close to your skin as well as reducing the bulk while layering.

    The Prosecco R Long-Sleeve Base Layer Top is available in the sizes X-Small through XX-Large and in the colors Black and Mirage.

  • A mid-weight base layer that insulates and wicks
  • Cut to hug your body while in the cycling position
  • Flat seams sit comfortably under outer layers
  • Item #CST00NV
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    Castelli Evoluzione 2 Bib Knicker - Men's

    Designed for the needs of cyclists riding through chilly autumn and brisk springtime weather, the Castelli Men's Evoluzione 2 Bib Knicker locks in extra warmth when cycling shorts would leave you shivering-cold in transitional seasons. The Evoluzione 2 Knicker's anatomical patterning features extra-stretch side panels that conform brilliantly to your legs without pinching or pressure points sidelining you from ticking off audacious riding goals. InMold silicone leg grippers feature a clean-edge finish, as to not scratch or irritate sensitive skin.

    Castelli's Pro Soft 2-layer fabric provides high levels of moisture management and breathability, meaning you'll remain dry and comfortable, even while pushing yourself at a fast cadence while training and riding. Mesh bib straps stabilize the short in an upright position while breathing well underneath your favorite cycling jersey or long-sleeve baselayer. It's finished with Castelli's KISS Air chamois with infinitely variable thickness foam that's thinner along the edges for flexibility and thicker in the rear for plush, supportive padding. This chamois benefits from dimpled microfiber lining, which actively pulls moisture off your skin to facilitate a pleasantly cool, dry feel.

  • Supportive knickers lock in extra warmth on chilly rides
  • Pro Soft 2-layer fabric wicks moisture and breathes well
  • Mesh bib straps for breathable stabilization and support
  • KISS Air chamois balances flexibility with plush padding
  • Dimpled microfiber chamois lining for moisture management
  • Extra-stretch side panels and InMold silicone leg grippers
  • Item #CST00KA
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    Club Ride Apparel Shift Denim Pant - Men's

    Ride all day and night in the stretchy, relaxed comfort of the Club Ride Apparel Men's Shift Denim Pant. Built to wick, breathe, and stretch, the cotton/poly blend brings you the comfort you want through long hours spent on your bike. Then, RideLight reflective accents give your kit a boost of visibility for added safety on low-light rides, while the multitude of pockets bring along your phone, wallet, keys, and even some mid-ride snacks.

  • Trail-ready performance fuses with city-savvy style in this pant
  • Stretchy cotton poly blend wicks, breathes, and flexes with you
  • Relaxed fit adds a comfy range of motion
  • Reflective accents help keep you visible on dark rides
  • Multiple pockets safely carry your daily essentials
  • Item #CLB003M
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    Santini Trek Fan Line Classe Long-Sleeve Jersey - 2019 - Men's

    Here to keep you comfortably warm throughout long rides in chilly weather, not to mention while repping your favorite team, the Santini Trek Fan Line Classe Long-Sleeve Jersey is a pro-level technical piece that you'll definitely want in your arsenal. Its construction combines Hotwind fabric with thermofleece on the back, neck, and sleeves for both a sleek look and a soft fit and feel. The fleece traps in warmth without losing its ability to breathe, ensuring that vapor can escape as you work up a sweat. The full-zip design makes mid-ride layer changes a breeze, and allows you to vent the jersey as things warm up. Three pockets on the back hold your essentials, so you can feel prepared and pedal with peace of mind.

  • Long-sleeve, pro-inspired jersey for comfort in cool weather
  • Trek-Segafredo logo gives you the same jersey as the pros
  • Hotwind fabric stands up to chill and breeze
  • Fleece lining maximizes warmth and comfort in cooler temps
  • Full-zip design for easy on and off
  • Multiple rear pockets store your road cycling accessories
  • Item #SAN00E5
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