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  Sidi Dominator Fit Cycling Shoe - Women's Giro Sica Techlace Cycling Shoe - Women's Giro Riela RII Cycling Shoe - Women's Giro Terradura Mountain Cycling Shoe - Women's Mavic Sequence XC Elite Cycling Shoe - Women's Giro Rev Cycling Shoe - Women's Sidi Drako SRS Push Cycling Shoe - Women's Pearl Izumi Elite Road V5 Cycling Shoe - Women's Mavic Sequence Elite Cycling Shoe - Women's Pearl Izumi X-Alp Flow Cycling Shoe - Women's Diadora X-Phantom II Cycling Shoe - Women's Shimano SH-ME3 Cycling Shoe - Women's Shimano SH-XC5 Cycling Shoe - Women's
  Sidi Dominator Fit Cycling Shoe - Women's Giro Sica Techlace Cycling Shoe - Women's Giro Riela RII Cycling Shoe - Women's Giro Terradura Mountain Cycling Shoe - Women's Mavic Sequence XC Elite Cycling Shoe - Women's Giro Rev Cycling Shoe - Women's Sidi Drako SRS Push Cycling Shoe - Women's Pearl Izumi Elite Road V5 Cycling Shoe - Women's Mavic Sequence Elite Cycling Shoe - Women's Pearl Izumi X-Alp Flow Cycling Shoe - Women's Diadora X-Phantom II Cycling Shoe - Women's Shimano SH-ME3 Cycling Shoe - Women's Shimano SH-XC5 Cycling Shoe - Women's
Rating ★★★★★ ★★★★☆ ★★★★☆ ★★★☆☆ ★★★☆☆ - - - - - - - -
Brand Pearl Izumi Sidi Diadora Pearl Izumi Giro Sidi Giro Mavic Giro Shimano Shimano Giro Mavic
Claimed Weight [size 40] 240g - - - 285g (size 39) - 330g (size 39) - - 381g [single, size 40] 287g [size 39] 410 g -
Cleat Compatibility 3-bolt road 2-bolt 2-bolt flat pedals only 2-bolt MTB 2-bolt mountain 2-bolt 3-bolt 2-bolt mountain 2-hole mountain 2-hole mountain 2-hole MTB 2-hole MTB
Closure 1 Boa 1P-1 dial, 1 hook-and-loop strap ratcheting buckle, hook-and-loop 2 hook-and-loop straps lace with lace keeper hook-and-loop Tecno 3 Push Buckle Techlace, Boa Ergo Dial QR, 2 Ergo Straps hook and loop straps low-profile reverse buckle, Cross X strap laces 2 hook-and-loop straps, 1 ratcheting buckle [upper retention] Ergo Dial QR, [mid and lower] 2 Ergo Straps
Manufacturer Warranty lifetime - 1 year lifetime 1 year 1 year 1 year 2 years 1 year 1 year 1 year 1 year 2 years
Recommended Use road cycling mountain bike mountain bike trail road cycling mountain bike cross-country, trail cycling cross-country, trail cross-country, enduro, trail cross-country, cyclocross cycling mountain bike
Sole 1:1 Integrated Carbon Power Plate MTB Competition Sport MTB CR dual compound rubber co-molded nylon, rubber SRS Carbon Ground Sole Easton EC70 carbon fiber, molded Vibram rubber Energy Carbon Comp injected nylon rubber rubber nylon shank Energy Grip Terra Carbon Comp
Upper Material 3-layer synthetic Technomicro Suprell-Buk, Air Mesh, Morpho Cage synthetic synthetic Lorica Vernice microfiber, [vents] ballistic mesh Evofiber microfiber synthetic microfiber, mesh synthetic leather synthetic leather, polyurethane microfiber synthetic
Footbed - - EVA - EVA - SuperNatural Fit Kit with adjustable arch support Ergo Fit 3D molded EVA cushion insole EVA EVA OrthoLite

Sidi Dominator Fit Cycling Shoe - Women's

Sidi’s long-running Dominators were starting to look a little long in the tooth, by modern standards, so the Italian shoe company has refreshed them, updated the look, and kept everything you know and love about the Dominators. They still feature a nylon sole that gives just a bit to keep you feet comfortable, and they're studded with lugs that make wandering through less-than-ideal places a little bit easier.

The Dominator Fits close via Sidi’s famous Caliper Buckle and two High Security hook-and-loop straps. They’re compatible with all two-hole mountain cleats, though if you’re using Crank Brothers pedals, you’ll want to make use of the reinforcement plates that are included with the shoes.

  • Updated Dominator
  • Two-hole cleat compatibility
  • Caliper Buckle and High-Security hook-and-loop closure
  • Softer tread compound than Genius line
  • Item #SID005H
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    Giro Sica Techlace Cycling Shoe - Women's

    It's been all too long that we ladies have been put on the backburner by brands in the biking world. Fortunately, it does seem that slowly (but surely) slack is being picked up, and we are being offered gear that's built for those of us reaching for podiums, pushing ourselves to the limit and charging into terrain that the world of shrink-it-and-pink-it doesn't dare to dream of. The Giro Sica Techlace, while offering a pink option, isn't one to fall into soft and frilly category, and certainly doesn't treat us like delicate little flowers. These shoes are made to be tough, with stiff carbon soles that commit maximum power to your cranks, and rugged vibram lugs for charging up the mountain with a bike over-shoulder.

    The Sica Techlace Shoe is built just as burly as its male counterpart, the Giro Code, featuring the same Evofiber Microfiber uppers that wrap your foot in snugly, and wick away perspiration through perforations throughout the entire shoe. The toe and heel are reinforced with rubber for protection against chunky rock gardens and trail debris, with a stretch paneling through the arch to shield you from unwieldy cranks.

    The enclosure system includes an L6 Boa dial, which offers micro-adjustments in 1mm increments, and two Techlace straps that provide an enhanced, supple feel across the forefoot. Inside, the shoe features Giro's SuperNatural FitKit with adjustable arch support, and Aegis odor-fighting fiber. This insole molds to your foot with a series of inserts for enhancing comfort whether you're flat-footed or have arches steeper than the mountains around you.

    The soles of the Sica Techlace feature Easton's EC70 carbon fiber for ultimate stiffness and power, eliminating flex that can cost you watts when you're fighting for a virtual QOM or an actual podium on race day. This ultra-stiff sole is backed up with Vibram rubber, known for its tacky grip and durability, with aggressive, directional lugs that keep your footing sure if an off-bike section is a must. The sole has a mid-foot scuff guard for on-foot protection, and a recessed 2-bolt cleat mount for clipping into your favorite mountain pedals.

  • Race-ready shoes for podium-hungry cyclists
  • Ultra-stiff carbon sole maximizes power to the crank
  • Breathable microfiber uppers wick away sweat
  • Techlace and Boa come together for supple, secure fit
  • Grip the trail on foot with Vibram rubber lugs
  • Reinforced toe and heel stand up to trail debris
  • Dial in your fit with adjustable arch support insoles
  • Compatible with steel toe spikes (included)
  • Item #GIR00GU
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    Giro Riela RII Cycling Shoe - Women's

    Hit the trails for a day of rolling singletrack or push it even further to full-blown backcountry adventure in the Giro Riela RII Shoes for women. Built with tough uppers, rugged outsoles, and footbeds that keep you comfortable from first to last mile, the Riela RII's are hungry for the trail, and with Giro's sleek styling, you don't have to stress hitting the brewery for a post ride pale ale with the ladies.

    The Riela RII uses the same over all construction as her predecessor, the Riela R, with three hook-and-loop straps securing your foot in, and microfiber uppers, but those of us who get a wicked case of hot-foot on most rides get a big win with the addition of large mesh panels along the toe box and lateral portions of the shoes. The microfiber still uses perforations, just as it used to, to help with venting, but the added mesh aids in moisture transfer, helping your feet stay cool and comfortable all day long. A comfortable EVA footbed gives you the support you need inside of the shoe to stay comfortable, and underneath, a nylon injected outsole stiffens things up, so you don't waste your energy on a shoe flexing under your pedal stroke, and instead transfer that power directly to the bike.

    The outsole is also topped off with hearty portions of rubber lugs that add traction to the shoe, so when you have to make your way through river beds or up steep, rocky faces, you'll have the grip you need to do it safely. To cap it off, there is a large recessed cleat pad underneath your foot, so you have plenty of room to lock in any 2-bolt mountain cleat, so you can clip into your favorite pedals and ride off into the sunset.

  • Your new go-to XC shoes for miles of rolling singletrack
  • Microfiber uppers have tons of perforation for breathing
  • Additional mesh panels aid in moisture transfer
  • EVA insole supports your heel and arch
  • Nylon-injected outsole prevents flex under pedal power
  • Beefy lugs help you hike it out through bouldery river beds
  • 2-bolt mountain cleat compatible
  • Item #GIR00GW
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    Giro Terradura Mountain Cycling Shoe - Women's

    The Giro Terradura Women's Mountain Shoes strike the perfect balance between super stiff-soled shoes that transfer all the power but aren't great for walking and soft-soled shoes that walk well but feel squishy on the pedals. Giro uses a strong and durable nylon shank that's stiff enough to get down the trail fast and just flexible enough to keep your heels in your shoes when hiking your bike up a steep incline. A Vibram lugged outsole also grips rocks and other obstacles that you come across on the trails better than shoes that come outfitted with plastic lugs.

    Even with all that attention to the outsole, Giro didn't ignore fit. The Terradura's upper is designed to fit a narrower foot, with a ratcheting buckle and two hook-and-look closures for a comfy and secure fit. Perforations in the microfiber upper let feet breathe, and toe box reinforcement provides durable impact protection.

  • Microfiber upper
  • Nylon shank
  • Vibram rubber outsole with forefoot flex engineering
  • Antimicrobial footbed
  • Ratcheting buckle with two hook-and-loop straps
  • Compatible with 2-hole mountain bike cleats
  • Item #GIR003O
  • Oh hey I'm going to do a clicker review. Than normal of me giro teredor oh. Mountain bike shoes for a second. I normally wait a lot longer before i do. Before i do a review of something just to make sure i get a really good feel for it but i didn't have to return. These because it's fitting other issues so I'm just going to be giving this. Quickly before i condemn it from the back so essentially these are good shoes. Overall from my experience the tread is. Nice and grippy and is recessed enough. So that you don't have so when you're. Walking with cleats on your shoes you. Don't hear too much grinding of them here a little bit but not too much the. Sole material is very solid and doesn't. Move very much the whole way through but unless these shoes don't feel as stiff. As based walking as you would imagine. From house if they kill peddling um the. Closure mechanism is three velcro straps. On top with their goes my cat knocking. Over stuff and although the bottom. Closure right here i would say is sort. Of more appearance than useful middle. Want to start with it'll lift top to. Really would be the bulk of the work with velcro and a ratcheting. System that lets you pull up on this little lever and how to tighten up and just click this button to loosen up so. That's the overall just impressions the. Challenges with these shoes is one like. A lot of cycling shoes has the problem of experience the cult knocking overs done like a lot of. Cycling shoes have the problem of these are pretty narrow if you don't have. Narrow segment seat and I've got ten and. A half wide eye size up on these shoes. To a forty-six after trying a forty-five first and even the 46 and such we're on. The outside on a size hour in florida a. Half five dollar ride the outer edge of. My foot ends up sort of getting a key. And um and next later in that week when. I was writing it was hurting the same way so unfortunately with that in. Mind i wasn't able to keep holding on to these especially since I've done it twice already and on top of that a. Second issue that i couldn't get to stop. Happening about halfway through my ride. It became really noticeable that the tongue was dragging downward and then. Bunching up against the against my foot. Against the top of my foot leading to. The seraph it was uncomfortable and not. A real problem yet but considering how i. Like to do like all-day rides pretty. Frequently something like that really is. A problem in the long term especially because i think i probably loosened. All the buckles and pulled up the tongue. And tightened everything back down a. Half-dozen times both I'll do that on and off the bike. And still didn't end up getting it to. Where i wanted it to be it wasn't for that i proud i might actually try to. Make it go these another size up because. While there's just still too skinny for. How they are not as law over long from. My foot as i would expect for being size. Up from what i put on the cake so i. Would say if you're getting these shoes. Do a test drive on one of our distances. You generally do just to make sure that tell me shoe doesn't happen to you maybe that was because of me because it's it but elsewhere i saw good reviews of. These and that's why gave them a shot and unfortunately not all shots work out so that i hope this has been useful for. You and let me know if you have a question thanks bye get up girl.

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    Mavic Sequence XC Elite Cycling Shoe - Women's

    After riding for a few years, you're finally ready to step up to a responsive shoe that transmits power into rapid acceleration while retaining a secure, foot-conforming fit. The Mavic Women's Sequence XC Elite Shoe fills this niche quite nicely, thanks to its Energy Terra Grip Carbon Comp sole paired with supportive, micro-adjustable lacing. It represents a definitive step-up from Mavic's entry-level offerings, yet still leaves room in your wallet for weekend riding trips and entry fees to your local race series.

    Dialing in a micro-adjustable fit along the shoe's upper, the Ergo Dial maintains the support desired for riding on flowing cross-country loops. Its quick-release functionality also makes removal a painless affair, which is especially nice after a punishing day on the trail. The Ergo Dial is paired with two Ergo Straps along the mid-foot and lower for easy adjustments on the trail.

    Standing out as its most notable feature, the Energy Terra Grip Carbon Comp sole maintains the dependable strength and rigidity desired by cross-country riders and recreational racers alike. Its mid-level stiffness efficiently transmits power during training rides and races, but without being overly aggressive when you're riding for fun on the weekends. The sole is outfitted with aggressive traction lugs of Contagrip rubber for terrain-chewing grip when you're dismounting across rocky trail sections.

  • Hits the sweet spot between pedaling power and comfort
  • Streamlined upper maintains an aerodynamic profile
  • Ergo Dial provides micro-adjustments and quick removal
  • Ergo Straps make re-adjusting the shoe a painless affair
  • Energy Grip Terra Carbon Comp sole transmits power efficiently
  • Traction lugs with Contagrip rubber for trail-clawing grip
  • Item #MAV00GT
  • Hi this is my and today we have the baby sequence x ee elite women's mountain bike shoes the mythic. Sequence xc elite is a shoe that lets you transmit power into rapid acceleration while retaining a secure. And comforting fit for rides on the trail it features a thin upper construction. That gives the shoe a nice aerodynamic profile an americorps just McDowell of. Two herbal straps for fast and easy adjustments inside the shoe that high-quality insole designed to prolong comfort and performance in a contra grip. Rubber outsole for traction on the trail for those hiker bikes situations the. Shoe accepts to build spd style cleats and is available at multiple sizes at bike shoes calm.

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    Giro Rev Cycling Shoe - Women's

    Tackle any discipline you fancy with comfort and control in the Giro Rev Cycling Shoe. These kicks are built from the ground up with co-molded rubber and nylon outsoles for stiff power on the bike, and grip off of the bike, that's partnered up with a die-cut EVA footbed to elevate comfort when you're spending long days in the saddle. The uppers are crafted from supple and supportive synthetic that's decked out with ample perforations and mesh panels to boost breathability, helping to prevent the ever-dreaded hot-foot. To help you secure the ideal fit, Giro equips the Rev Cycling Shoes with three large hook-and-loop straps that stay put while you're riding, but are easy to adjust.

  • Reliable road kicks for supple support
  • Stout nylon outsole is stiff for power transfer
  • Grippy co-molded rubber keeps your footing secure
  • Let your feet breathe with perforated synthetic uppers
  • Mesh panels elevate airflow to avoid hot-foot
  • Elevate comfort on the long-haul with EVA footbeds
  • Three hook-and-loop straps offer supportive fit
  • Item #GIR00KM
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    Sidi Drako SRS Push Cycling Shoe - Women's

    The Sidi women's Drako SRS Push Shoes aren't for most cyclists. Hell, they're not even for most racers. They're for the competitive ladies whose engines outstrip virtually every other shoes on the market, the cyclists who want to have the same confidence in their gear as they do in their legs. The women's Drako SRS is built on the same platform that first made its name under the likes of Absalon in the men's racing world. The only difference is that the last in the women's version is sized down to fit more slender feet. In short, when you're ready to race at the highest level of competition, the women's Drako SRS Push will be ready to accompany you.

    The shoes feature Sidi's newly improved Tecno 3 Push fastener. Like its predecessor, the Tecno 3 Push system involves two ratcheting dials, Sidi's proprietary, non-stretch wire, and a customizable fit at the instep and forefoot. The Push in the shoes' title refers to the incorporation of a red button on the buckles' faces that releases the ratchet's lever for quick adjustment, saving you the onerous task of flipping the lever up yourself. At ride's end, pinching two release buttons on either side of the dial loosens the wire. As with all of Sidi's fastening hardware, you can easily fiddle with the Tecno 3 Push buckles in the saddle.

    The Drako's SRS Carbon Ground Sole and replaceable cleat wear plate return unchanged. This sole shaves 100 grams off its predecessor's weight without sacrificing comfort, efficiency, or durability. The sole comprises a medium-modulus carbon body supplemented with SRS tread blocks and a cleat wear plate, the latter two of which are replaceable. Using a medium-modulus carbon as the base provides a slight flex along the length of the foot with no compromise to the overall rigidity of the sole, a delicate but necessary balance for top-level off-road shoes.

    Sidi's Heel Security System (HSS) also makes an encore appearance, using an adjustable, rigid composite band that closes the shoe more securely over your heel to anchor it in place around your Achilles. No matter how much power you're pouring into the pedals, your heel will stay in place inside the shoe, even if you leave a bit of slack in the Tecno-3 lines in order to alleviate pressure across your metatarsals. The shoes are finished with Sidi's synthetic Lorica uppers inset with ballistic mesh panels and capped with a rubberized toe shield.

  • Top-end mountain bike race shoe with full carbon sole
  • Breathable, weather-resistant synthetic uppers
  • Tecno-3 Push system for incredibly precise fit
  • Adjustable heel cup locks heel in place
  • Rigid carbon sole flexes along the middle for comfort
  • Replaceable SRS tread blocks for traction
  • Sidi shoes enjoy a legacy of longevity and superior fit
  • Item #SID008A
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    Pearl Izumi Elite Road V5 Cycling Shoe - Women's

    If you're looking for an upgrade from your worn, nylon-soled road shoes, but aren't crazy about paying pro-level prices when you're footing the bill yourself, consider the Pearl Izumi Women's Elite Road V5 Cycling Shoe. Aimed at self-sponsored cyclists who log serious miles, on their own or in races, the Elite Road V5 doesn't sacrifice on much compared to Pearl's top-end P.R.O. Leader Shoe, but it'll leave a little something left in your wallet for race fees and future upgrades this season.

    Brand new this year, the Elite Road V5 comes with a newer unibody construction, which eschews the traditional lasting board in favor of an integrated carbon sole. While this construction method allows the shoe to achieve an admirably low weight at 240g, its greater purpose is positioning your feet as close to the pedals so that the uncompromisingly stiff carbon fiber sole is able to whisk power to the pedals almost instantly. On top of the shoe, a Boa dial and hook-and-loop strap position the breathable bi-directional uppers as close to your foot as possible for a secure, second skin fit that leaves no room for slipping or pressure points on your all-day rides.

  • Upgrade to carbon and impeccable fit with this smart design
  • Integrated carbon sole earns Pearl's 13/13 stiffness rating
  • Bi-directional closure achieves a second-skin fit
  • Pliable 3-layer upper lets your foot breathe as you ride
  • Low, 5mm stack height positions your foot close to the pedals
  • Item #PLZ00HU
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    Mavic Sequence Elite Cycling Shoe - Women's

    You've got a new bike, a MIPS helmet, and a closet full of kit, and all you need to live your road riding dreams is a pair of shoes that affordably balances comfort and efficient power transfer. Mavic's Sequence Elite Women's Cycling Shoes tick all those boxes with a streamlined profile that will make any kit look pro. With a carbon reinforced composite sole and supportive, micro-adjustable fit, the Sequence represents a definitive step-up from Mavic's entry-level offerings that still leave room in your cash flow for weekend ride adventures and local race fees.

    Dialing in a micro-adjustable fit along the shoe's upper, the Ergo Dial maintains support while its quick-release functionality makes removal a painless affair, which will be much appreciated after a long day in the saddle The Ergo Dial is paired with two Ergo Straps along the mid-foot and lower for easy adjustments on the fly.

  • A road shoe that hits the sweet spot between power and comfort
  • Carbon reinforced composite sole transmits power efficiently
  • Streamlined upper maintains an aerodynamic profile
  • Ergo Dial provides micro-adjustments and quick removal
  • Ergo Straps make re-adjusting on the fly a snap
  • EndoFit tongue sleeve comfortably hugs the foot
  • Compatible with three-bolt cleats
  • Item #MAV00GQ
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    Pearl Izumi X-Alp Flow Cycling Shoe - Women's

    Designed to meet the needs of trail riders who push the boundaries of their riding, the Pearl Izumi Women’s X-Alp Flow Cycling Shoe delivers uncompromising grip on your platform pedals. The dual compound sole features sticky siped rubber at the ball of the foot to create positive pedal pin engagement and optimal grip, while chevron-shaped lugs made from more durable rubber are used at the toe and heel for hike-a-bike durability and scrambling confidence. The seamless upper uses minimal overlays for a lightweight feel that molds to your foot shape, eliminating hot spots and providing all-day pedaling comfort when you're on a big ride deep in the mountains.

  • A flat pedal shoe built for long-term durability and grip
  • Lightweight upper with minimal seams eliminates hot spots
  • Traditional lace closure for a precise fit and all-day comfort
  • Dual compound sole for confidence-inspiring traction
  • Tacky rubber in pedaling zone offers positive pin engagement
  • Harder rubber in heel and toe area for hike-a-bike durability
  • Lace lock keeps your laces away from the drivetrain
  • EVA midsole absorbs the shock from hard landings
  • Item #PLZ00RU
  • Hi I'm tony torrence I'm the cycling footwear product line manager here at lulu's me dad i could talk to you a bit about our health category of cycling shoe this category really came about. Through our european office they saw a. Need to have a cycling shoe where a. Cyclist could wear it all day long they could pedal over a mountain pass and then keep it on and you know go into a. Market or go to a restaurant really a shoe when you have it on it feels like you're wearing a running shoe or a Marquette a casual shoe but then when. You're on the bike it transfers power. Really well across oak elite it's really. A high-end shoe or cross-sell category. It's made from mom i could love to ride it's got a really good micro just buckle. With our pro level instep strap it's got. Three adjustments on the medial side a really center of the eba strap it's got. Our one-to-one nylon power band so. Really holds your heel down for great. Power transfer and then it's got our. Brand-new cross help bottom unit which. Has dual density eva a foam in the forefoot, so we can put a firmer, or we do. Put a firmer foam between your. Forefoot and your pedal so you get great power transfer we put our one-to-one energy foam in the heel which is a high. Rebound rubberized foam great off the. Bike shock attenuation cushioning the. Shoe you can be worn it can be worn all day long you feel like you have a running shoe on or a casual shoe and on the bike super. High performance across helped seek for. It's really a go-to shoe for mountain. Biking lace up kind of run shoe inspired. But it's got our brand-new cross tile bottom unit on it which is a full-length eba foam mid sole with a dual density. Forefoot so we can put a firmer stiffer foam between your forefoot and. Your pedal for power transfer then the heel we've got a rubberized 1/1 energy. Foam so off the bike you get great rebound from the heel so when you're wearing this shoe off the bike it feels like you've got a running shoe or very nice casual shoe on but on the bike great power transfer great style i think it goes really well with. Today's baggy mountain bike clothing.

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    Diadora X-Phantom II Cycling Shoe - Women's

    After finally listening to your friends' advice and hitting the trail last year for the first time, you've admitted to them that they were right: mountain biking is a lot of fun. If you're looking for an introductory pair of shoes to accommodate two-bolt cleats, Diadora's X-Phantom II Women's Cycling Shoes make an affordable, versatile option. You can also use the X-Phantom II on spin bikes during the off-season, which will help you stay used to the feel of clipless once the snow melts and it's time to get back outside on the trails.

    While you're spinning the pedals, your feet will be wrapped in Diadora's durable Suprell-Buk synthetic upper with breathable Air Mesh panels throughout to ensure they get some ventilation while you're riding. To provide you with a secure fit along your instep, Diadora adds two hook-and-loop straps for you to adjust so you can make sure your feet aren't shifting around while you're pedaling. Along the bottom of the shoe, a composite-reinforced nylon Sport MTB CR outsole guarantees reliable power transfer to the pedals, earning a stiffness rating of six out of 12 on Diadora's overall road and mountain stiffness scale.

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    Shimano SH-ME3 Cycling Shoe - Women's

    Give your feet something to be happy about by hitting the trail in the Shimano SH-ME3 Mountain Bike Shoes. Balancing comfort and performance, they feature a medium flex that offers the stiffness necessary for laying down power, but enough give to keep you comfy when you need to hike-a-bike. Two hook-and-loop straps over your forefoot and instep hold your foot in place, working in tandem with the reverse buckle that ratchets down a precise fit through easy tightening.

    Shimano's supple synthetic leather uppers wrap your foot securely, and use a mesh patch at the toes to keep things cool as you work up a sweat.The shoe is built on a women's-specific last, so it provides a fit tuned more towards narrower feet. This is especially prevalent in the ankle, where it's slim and hugs your heel into place to prevent slip when you're really pushing it on the trail. The lightweight sole employs rubber and an all-around tread for traction in all conditions when you're not on the bike, and a TORBAL midsole allows for your natural flow motion while in the saddle. Then, fiberglass reinforcement on the midsole helps you mash up punchy climbs without adding much weight while still allowing for comfortable flex.

  • Weave through trees in lightweight comfort in these trail shoes
  • Medium flex promotes a natural flow of motion
  • All-around tread with torsional flex offers off-pedal comfort
  • Cushion insole helps absorb trail chatter
  • Lugs lend traction when hiking a bike is a must
  • Women's specific last for more narrow heels and feet
  • Item #SHI00JL
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    Shimano SH-XC5 Cycling Shoe - Women's

    Shimano always delivers a consistent cycling shoe. We are always amazed with the features it packs into a shoe at every price point. We also enjoy the fact that they wear at a glacial pace. Shimano performance and reliability meets lace up convenience and comfort with the Women's SH-XC5 Mountain Bike Shoe.

    Shimano bills the XC5 as a shoe for cross-country, cyclocross, and gravel riding. The synthetic perforated leather upper is lighter and more durable than natural leathers so you get an easy to care for shoe that always fits consistently and dries quickly. On the front of the shoe, the sole has a reinforced threaded area for mounting spikes making it perfect for slimy, muddy CX run-ups or scrambling up loose terrain on hike-a-bike sections. Shimano rates the shoes as a 7 out of 12 on the sole stiffness scale and the lightweight and rigid carbon fiber reinforced sole offers plenty of efficiency when pedaling in earnest. This comes without being overly stiff for off-the-bike running between the planks or into a country store to fuel up for the last push home.

    We'll admit, we've become fans of laces here at headquarters. The design is light and it provides a near-custom fit. Shimano adds a Mini Power Strap mid-foot that provides additional support without losing any of the beautiful aesthetics of the shoe. The exclusive Michelin outsole adds remarkable traction when hoofing it on foot and the full-length coverage helps tremendously in the anti-slip department if you miss your clip-in on the first go-round.

  • Supple synthetic leathers with perforated venting provide comfort and breathability
  • Lace closures with miniature power straps ensure a secure fit
  • Lightweight and rigid midsoles are reinforced with carbon fiber for durability
  • Exclusive anti-slip Michelin® rubber outsoles shed mud and provide reliable traction
  • Reinforced spike mount is designed for extreme conditions, with an 18mm spike option
  • Includes additional laces
  • Item #SHI00FN
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