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  Salewa Pedroc Hybrid Alpha Vest - Women's Nike AeroBill Elite Running Hat - Women's Nike Epic React Flyknit Running Shoe - Women's Helly Hansen Lifa Pant - Women's Under Armour Streaker 2.0 Racer Tank Top - Women's
  Salewa Pedroc Hybrid Alpha Vest - Women's Nike AeroBill Elite Running Hat - Women's Nike Epic React Flyknit Running Shoe - Women's Helly Hansen Lifa Pant - Women's Under Armour Streaker 2.0 Racer Tank Top - Women's Prana Momento Aire Legging - Women's
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Brand Under Armour Prana Salewa Nike Nike Helly Hansen
Fit relaxed fitted athletic - - form-fitting
Manufacturer Warranty limited lifetime 1 year 2 year limited limited limited lifetime
Material polyester 76% recycled nylon, 24% Lycra Polartec Alpha - [main body] 100% recycled polyester, [lining] 100% polyester 100% Lifa (polyproylene)
Recommended Use bouldering, casual, hiking, road running, sport climbing, trad climbing, trail running, training, yoga training, yoga climbing, hiking, trail running road running, training running all-mountain skiing, backcountry skiing

Salewa Pedroc Hybrid Alpha Vest - Women's

Some of Salewa's athletes who regularly train in the Alps needed something that would stretch and breathe well to keep up with their high-octane mountain pursuits, but that would also protect them from brisk alpine winds and unexpected precipitation. Salewa responded with the Women's Pedroc Hybrid Alpha Vest. Its Polartec Alpha fabric mitigates icy gusts and light rain while allowing excellent breathability, so you stay comfortable from the sheltered trailhead to the exposed peak.

  • Built for fast-paced movement in the mountains
  • Polartec Alpha blocks wind and insulates
  • Mesh lining enhances breathability
  • DWR coating repels light precipitation
  • Athletic fit maximizes efficiency and performance
  • Zippered hand pockets secure small essentials
  • Item #SFW006M
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    Nike AeroBill Elite Running Hat - Women's

    Your go-to running hat is far more than just a last-minute accessory you throw on before a run. No, the hat you reach for before every run, dark weeknight or sunny weekend, warm sun or a light drizzle, is a companion as important as your running shoes. If you're in need of a new one, look no further than the Nike Women's AeroBill Elite Running Hat. Light and pliable, this polyester hat will shield your eyes from sweat, while its dark brim reduces glare from a strong sun. Peel your bangs back and tuck your ponytail through the adjustable back hook-and-loop, and get out for that run.

  • Trust this hat to be your rain or shine running sidekick
  • Airy polyester construction keeps sweat out of your eyes
  • Hook-and-loop back adjusts to fit braids or a ponytail
  • Reflective brim and logo help you stand out in the dark
  • Item #NKE010V
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    Nike Epic React Flyknit Running Shoe - Women's

    The Nike Epic React Flyknit running shoe was designed to keep you comfortable as long as you can run. Packed with innovative technology from Nike, the Epic React underwent 17,000 miles of testing with elite and everyday runners globally before it was deemed worthy of the shelves. This shoe combines incredibly responsive cushioning, a hug-like feel, and lightweight comfort with performance.

    The Flyknit upper with its bootie-style construction conforms to the shape of your foot creating a hug-like feel while the tongue is seamlessly part of the upper to avoid hot spots. This, combined with the synthetic suede heel lining, helps prevent blisters so you can rack up the miles in comfort. As you run, the innovative Nike React cushioning responds to the impact of each step by snapping back for high energy return. This foam is also highly durable with testers reporting the cushioning still feels like new after logging roughly 300 miles. Essentially, the Flyknit upper with the Nike React cushioning give you the feeling of wearing slippers on a mattress.

  • Snug road running shoe for comfortably logging extensive miles
  • 10mm drop is comfortable for runners who midfoot and heel strike
  • Flyknit upper seamlessly hugs the foot for chafe-free comfort
  • Stabilizing heel shelf helps keep heel from rocking through steps
  • Nike React foam provides high energy return by snapping back
  • Durable React cushioning can still feel like new after many miles
  • Rubber sole offers reliable traction across various urban surfaces
  • Lace closure offers classic running shoe aesthetic and custom fit
  • Item #NKE01VS
  • What's up everybody it's a girl jam cam I'm here I'm just here to make a video to talk about these shoes they are the. Nike epic react fly net running shoe. These shoes are coming out on February 22nd i actually had the opportunity to go to new york recently to go to the. Shoe launch for these and after i posted it on my Instagram tons of people were asking me questions about the shoe so i thought i would just make a video i don't normally do videos like this but i thought it would be like the fastest and easiest way to kind of like address a bunch of questions that i had about the. Shoes so yeah I'm gonna do that right now. My first impression of the shoe when i saw them is that they're not exactly the most aesthetically pleasing shoe especially when you compare them to something like you know the Adidas ultra boost which is very loved for its style but i actually think they look really. Cool up close they're pretty minimal they're dropping in a couple of different colorways these i thought. They were black when i first saw them, but they're actually more of like a navy, and they have some sort of bright color. Accents on the battle overall i think. Aesthetically they're maybe not super pleasing, but they're not super ugly either and i do yeah like the colors that they're dropping in. First impressions when you pick up the shoe is they're super duper light this reacts foam this is really what the shoe. Is built around its kind of chunky in. Terms of the design but its superduper light and when you put them on to they feel like really light on your feet i. Would say that they are true to size i do have a bit of sort of like a narrow. Skinny foot and they were a snug fit on. Me so yeah maybe look at going half a. Size up but i would say that they're pretty true to size the react foam which. Is makes up sort of like the mid sole and the outsole is really the key thing on. These shoes this is nikes new technology at the launch they went through a bunch of different things that they've done to develop this foam it's pretty fascinating I'm not gonna go through it all here today but i would definitely look it up to see sort of the process. That they went through in order to develop this yeah basically they the shoes was designed with the help of algorithms that would analyze test run. Data and then make adjustments to the design based on what those algorithms. Found so yeah it's pretty fascinating its you know definitely really interesting use of technology and aiding design in new york we wore these for an. Activity that we did i wouldn't call it really a workout it was more of like a. Game a group game i definitely broke a sweat i was sweating more than i thought i was going to but yeah not a full workout but. She was held up really nicely and all the activities that were doing that included you know running sprinting jumping, and they were super duper comfortable the whole time. I think that these are a way better shoe for running than the vapor max i was. Actually kind of surprised at how much nike was pushing the vapor max as a running shoe when it first released i think that these are a much better option i actually hate the feeling of. The boost find it to be pretty like kind. Of bouncy and almost like springy feeling these don't have that feeling at all i found that the react was actually like the perfect marriage of being. Flexible but still actually being supportive and normally when you think. About those two properties they're kind of they're competing essentially but. Nikes figured out a way to make a shoe that you know is both supportive but. Also flexible and very light so very. Awesome. Also another great thing about these shoes is the price point is going to be you know pretty proper I'm not really sure where they're going to be in canadian but i know they're going to be 150 u.s. so I'm hoping that they're you. No 180 to 200 canadian which is a. Pretty good price point when you compare them to both ultra boost and the paperbacks. Overall i really like these shoes i definitely you know if you're a runner or if you're into like performance footwear i would definitely recommend checking them out you know go and trying them on and be open to trying them they're great i personally can't wait to. To wear them again and try them out for. A few different leg workouts and maybe take them for a run yeah that is my super quick review of the nike epic. React fly net running shoe weekend.

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    Helly Hansen Lifa Pant - Women's

    Whether you're off to the slopes for a day of skiing or just need a little extra warmth on your morning jog, the Women's Helly Hansen Lifa Light Pant provides lightweight insulation for all your winter activities. Constructed entirely with Helly Hansen's signature Lifa fabric, these lightweight leggings are super breathable and wick away perspiration, ensuring that you stay comfortable while you're getting after it, snow or shine.

  • Lightweight baselayer leggings for high performance activities
  • Lifa fabric provides quick-drying breathable performance
  • Flat lock seams reduce chaffing and hot spots for all-day comfort
  • Low-profile fit reduces bulk and feels like a second skin
  • Item #HYH00JG
  • This is our legend pent and it's a. Really popular pad for us because it offers a lot of value for the dollar this pad features heli tech fabrication. Which means it's waterproof breathable fully seam sealed and guaranteed for. Life it also features 50 grams of insulation. In the seat to keep you warm during the chairlift ride up the pant is fully featured with articulated knees for mobility water resistant zips mechanical. Venting for regulating your body temperature a reinforced hem to keep the. Bottom of the pant from fraying boot gaiters to keep the snow out and as well. Features a waistband adjustment with up to 2 inches of micro adjust ability for you to customize the fit making this legend pant a great all-around pant for. Skiing or riding.

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    Under Armour Streaker 2.0 Racer Tank Top - Women's

    The Streaker 2.0 Racer Tank Top is suitable for most physical activities, and is cute enough to wear out afterward too. Under Armour built this top with synthetic material that wicks away perspiration to keep you feeling fresh, and gave it a mesh rear panel to ensure you can get plenty of airflow. From the cinched racerback to the scalloped hemline, this top has obviously been constructed with style in mind, but doesn't sacrifice performance, as it's designed to ensure you can move freely throughout your workout.

  • Flattering tank for training and casual wear
  • Synthetic material wicks away moisture and dries quickly
  • Mesh rear panel enhances breathability
  • Cinched racerback keeps the fabric out of your way
  • Scalloped hemline adds a sophisticated touch
  • Relaxed fit provides plenty of space to move
  • Item #UND02KE
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    Prana Momento Aire Legging - Women's

    The Prana Women's Momento Aire Legging is a great companion for challenging yoga classes or lifting sessions. Its soft, stretchy material moves when you do, while a high, flattering waistband stays securely in place as you move. Mesh panels at the lower leg give this legging a unique, modern aesthetic, and also work to increase ventilation when you're working hard on the mat.

  • Comfortable legging for the gym or studio
  • High waistband stays securely in place as you move
  • Stretchy material moves when you do
  • Mesh panels at lower leg improve ventilation
  • Hidden key pocket keeps tiny essentials close
  • Gusset provides unrestricted range of motion
  • Item #PRA01DQ
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