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  DPS Skis Zelda T106 Ski - Women's Dynafit Beast 98 Ski - Women's K2 Talkback 88 Ski - Women's DPS Skis Yvette T112 Ski - Women's Dynafit Tour 88 Ski - Women's Scarpa T2 Eco Telemark Boot - Women's Prior Flute XTC Carbon Ski - Women's La Sportiva Maximo LS Ski - Women's
  DPS Skis Zelda T106 Ski - Women's Dynafit Beast 98 Ski - Women's K2 Talkback 88 Ski - Women's DPS Skis Yvette T112 Ski - Women's Dynafit Tour 88 Ski - Women's Scarpa T2 Eco Telemark Boot - Women's Prior Flute XTC Carbon Ski - Women's La Sportiva Maximo LS Ski - Women's
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Brand Dynafit Prior DPS Skis Scarpa La Sportiva K2 Dynafit DPS Skis
Claimed Weight [158cm] 5lb 5oz, [166cm] 5lb 11oz, [174cm] 5lb 15oz [pair, 169cm] 6lb 14oz [pair, 168cm] 6lb 11.2oz [single, size 25] 3 lb 6 oz [157cm] 2lb 5oz [164cm] 2lb 6oz [pair, 160cm] 5lb 1oz [163cm] 5lb 13oz, [170cm] 6lb 3oz, [177cm] 6lb 8oz [pair, 168cm] 5lb 14.5oz
Construction 3D tech (half-cap) sandwich Tour1 - Piuma Quadriaxial half-cap sandwich Tour1 (cap)
Core Air Core (paulownia and poplar wood) maple, carbon balsa wood - wood Paulownia-Tour-Lite (Titanal spine, carbon and fiberglass laminate, paulownia wood) Air Flex (ash and poplar wood) balsa, carbon laminate
Dimensions [158cm] 121 / 86 / 105mm, [166cm] 122 / 87 / 106mm, [174cm] 123 / 88 / 107mm [163cm] 125 / 105 / 113mm, [169cm] 127 / 106 / 115mm, [175cm] 129 / 107 / 117mm 141 / 112 / 128mm - [157cm] 121 / 94 / 110mm [164cm] 121 / 92 / 110mm 121 / 88 / 109mm [163cm] 123 / 95 / 114mm, [170cm] 124 / 96 / 115mm, [177cm] 125 / 97 / 116mm 130 / 106 / 120mm
Length 158cm, 166cm, 174cm 163cm, 169cm, 175cm 158cm, 168cm - 157cm, 164cm 153cm, 160cm, 167cm 163cm, 170cm, 177cm 158cm, 168cm
Manufacturer Warranty 2 year 3 years 2 years 1 year 1 year 2 years 2 year -
Profile tip and tail rocker, camber underfoot Hybrid Rocker (rockered tip and tail, camber underfoot) rockered tip and tail, camber underfoot - camber All-Terrain Rocker (rockered tip and tail, camber underfoot) Double Elipse (full rocker) rocker tip & tail, camber underfoot
Recommended Use backcountry skiing, alpine touring all-mountain skiing, backcountry skiing, freeride/powder skiing all-mountain skiing, backcountry skiing, freeride/powder skiing all-mountain, telemark touring backcountry skiing, randonee, ski mountaineering backcountry skiing backcountry skiing backcountry touring
Turn Radius [158cm] 14.5m, [166cm] 16m, [174cm] 18m [163cm] 17m, [169cm] 18m, [175cm] 19m [168cm] 15m - [157cm] 17.8m [164cm] 18m [160cm] 16m [163cm] 16m, [170cm] 17m, [177cm] 18m [168cm] 18m
Base - 4001 Durasurf (sintered) World Cup - sintered sintered - World Cup

DPS Skis Zelda T106 Ski - Women's

The Women's Zelda 106 Tour1 Ski is DPS' best option for backcountry skiing in the widest range of snow conditions. Its 106mm waist width ensures proper flotation when you're skiing the goods on a mid-winter powder day, and a narrow turn radius assures solid edge hold when you're making hop turns down icy couloirs.

DPS shaped the Zelda with a rocker tip and tail to help you navigate powdery fields with ease, while camber underfoot ensures excellent edge control in corn and on hardpack. The ski's Tour1 construction includes a superlight balsa core, a speedy World Cup race base, a stiff carbon/glass laminate, sharp yet narrow Rockwell edges, and a textured top that prevents snow buildup from weighing you down.

  • Backcountry touring ski rides the widest range of conditions
  • 106mm waist width floats powder and cuts through the crud
  • Rockered tip and tail is easy to turn and provides float
  • Camber underfoot ensures excellent edge hold
  • Balsa wood core keeps this ski light for touring
  • Carbon/glass Tour1 laminate assures torsional stiffness
  • World Cup race base stays speedy on the downhill
  • Item #DPK000Q
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    Dynafit Beast 98 Ski - Women's

    Finding the best snow a week after the last storm requires some additional effort. When those sheltered north-facing couloirs seem like the best bet, step into the Dynafit Women's Beast 98 Ski as you get ready for the long skin into your line. The ski is built around a stout ash and poplar wood core that helps save weight during the skin up and maintains stability when you're skiing aggressively on bigger terrain. The ski's 98mm waist puts an emphasis on versatility, so it'll handle everything from windboard at the top, sheltered pow in the middle, to a little bit of the crusty stuff when the apron starts to twist to the east. The Beast isn't your typical backcountry ski, though—its Double Elipse profile consists of a full rocker profile to give the ski a predictable and playful feel as you enter and exit a turn.

  • Versatile backcountry ski ideal for powder-seeking tours
  • Midfat 98mm waist makes the most of variable conditions
  • Full rocker profile has a floaty and predictable feel
  • Full sidewall construction is durable and stable
  • Ride Tip helps reduce chatter when conditions turn firm
  • Carbon and fiberglass laminates increase torsional rigidity
  • Item #DNF00CO
  • Hi this is hub with back country calm out. Enjoying a beautiful spring day and the Wasatch mountains here near our home base in park city utah I'm standing here with the beast 16 binding we alluded to this a little bit earlier in the year that we are going to be one of the few actually the only online retailer in. North america that's going to be allowed to carry this binding we're gonna have. Roughly a hundred pairs for the fall winter 13-14 season it's a very limited. Release there's 2,500 worldwide 850 in north america and a hundred of those are gonna be here at back country calm i want. To go through a few of the technical aspects of the beast binding because it's obviously quite a bit different than a lot of the dena fit products that you've seen in the past first thing I'd like to kind of mention is obviously you can tell it still has the tech inserts that we've come to know and love from the dena fit brand which allows you great freedom of motion when you're hiking uphill there's nothing there's no resistance points as you're climbing also you're climbing more off the ball of your foot as opposed to having a pivot point that's a little further in the front which feels like more of a natural walk motion so as with a lot of. The other dena fit bindings this button is going to allow you to enter the binding by simply pressing down on it the teeth will open up and then you'll allow you to sit into the tech inserts in the front of your boot now when you're actually going into walk mode this throw would go forward which. Prevents the toe piece from actually pivoting now when you do go into ski mode and you put your throw back in place here you will actually have the binding that's gonna pivot laterally in the front which is something completely new for dena fit and it's going to allow you a lot better release in terms. Of lateral release as well as vertical release from the binding now on the heel. Of the binding obviously this looks quite a bit bigger than anything that we've seen from dena fit in the past and as i mentioned before the dena fit. Binding even though it's quite a bit burly are looking it still is keeping the weight you know shaved down at night 35 grams is still a really lightweight binding for the amount of safety. Protection and performance that you're going to get out of this piece now the first thing that obviously you're going to notice is the pins have changed from a round pin they've had in the past with all the dena fit tech bindings to an oval eyes pin now the oval eyes pin is going to have more surface area so it has greater contact with the boot and with greater contact with the boot you'll be able to transfer the energy a lot easier to the ski and it's going to give you a lot more lateral rigidity on the downhill now when you're actually going to go you know if i was going to step into this binding and go into ski mode all i would simply do is step in you'd be locked in and ready to go now when we're gonna go into tour mode you would engage the front of the binding and then all you do is pull this first throw down and it's going to lock out. Both the brake and put in your primary climbing post for your uphill mode now. You have a secondary climbing post which. Actually will flip over and you can easily flip it over with a pole and it locks into place on top of the secondary climbing post it's easier to just you can pop it out with your pole get it back in place like that the other things that you're going to notice right off the bat is the increased size of the. Spring in the rear of the binding now this does have a release value of 16 as I've mentioned before which is not dim standard because no tech bindings at this point are actually din released standard but what is known as its release value so it's going to be very comfortable to that if you're familiar with a din setting the other thing is obviously it does have two points of adjustment here for your din which is going to adjust the upper spring and then as well as your lateral release which is going to be adjusted from the rear of the binding now when you want to go out get your skins off and everything you're done at the top all you do is pop this right out-of-place click it back step in and you're ready to go now the. Other really important factor here is the elasticity of the entire binding in the past a concern has been the people you know if they were coming off a large air or really compressing on the tail coming out at a high speed turn but the pins can actually move a little bit in the back of the boot which generally speaking is not a problem with this new rear piece and front pivoting a toe piece it. Actually has an elasticity to the entire binding that will keep the pins at a constant pressure with the rear of your boot so you never have to worry about pre releasing from this binding this is the beast 16 binding we're really excited to be the exclusive online retailer for dena fit in north america to offer this to the consumer if you. Have any more questions about the binding about the process of mounting the boots and bindings and skis together feel free to call our gear heads, and they can answer any questions that you may have on this any dena fit product or any other product that we have a back country comm.

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    K2 Talkback 88 Ski - Women's

    As the middle child in K2's women's backcountry-specific ski lineup, the Talkback 88 Ski has the versatility to tackle long alpine missions or quick spring laps with equal zeal. Its narrower 88-millimeter waist won't weight you down on the skintrack, and, when paired with the rockered tip and tail, offers up just the right amount of flotation in softer snow. Since every backcountry adventure isn't always powder-filled, underfoot camber gives this ski a reliable edge hold on any firmer snow you may encounter.

    K2 shaved some weight of the Talkback 88 this season, yet managed to maintain excellent downhill performance when it comes time to strip skins. A Titanal spine and carbon reinforcement is to thank for this ski's impressive power and stability, while the paulownia wood core is responsible for its efficiently light weight on steep ascents. K2 completed the Talkback with snow-shedding topsheets to ensure that you aren't weighted down by piles of powder as you head back up the skinner for lap four of the day.

  • Lightweight touring ski to crush steep ascents and style steep lines
  • 88mm waist for quick ascents and fun, nimble descents
  • Rockered tip and tail add float in softer snow
  • Underfoot camber reliably holds an edge on unexpected ice patches
  • Titanal spine and carbon reinforcement delivers power and stability
  • Paulownia wood core is efficient on ascents and strong on descents
  • Hydrophobic topsheets dump snow when you're skinning
  • Skin grommets help keep climbing skins securely in place
  • Item #K2S00HJ
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    DPS Skis Yvette T112 Ski - Women's

    DPS's Yvette shape, the fattest of its women-specific line, is now offered with the backcountry-specific Tour1 construction for a ski that's incredibly efficient on the uphill, yet slays big lines and powder with absolute ease. A 112 millimeter waist easily keeps you afloat on the deepest days of the season, but the rockered tip and tail, underfoot camber, and generous sidecut keep you content on days spent skiing hardpack in the resort. DPS's women-specific line isn’t simply a watered-down version of its hard-charging skis, either. The Yvette is built with the exact same construction, only with a slightly shifted mounting point for easier turn initiation.

    The Tour1 construction keeps the Yvette lightweight enough to compete with other backcounry-specific skis on the market, but also boasts features that makes the ski perform impressively well on the descent. The carbon fiber laminate dampens vibrations for a smooth, stable ride, and maintains torsional stiffness for effective turns. A lightweight balsa wood core further dampens the ski, yet makes each turn poppy and playful for a smile-inducing ride that will have you wishing winter lasted all year long.

  • Shred big backcountry lines with this lightweight, versatile ski
  • 112mm waist floats you in waist-deep powder
  • Rockered tip and tail keep ski easy to maneuver in tight trees
  • Underfoot camber provides excellent edge control when snow is firm
  • Carbon laminate construction ensures an energetic, stiff ride
  • Balsa wood core keeps ski responsive for fun with every turn
  • Item #DPK001T
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    Dynafit Tour 88 Ski - Women's

    Slogging up a steep skintrack with a heavy set of boards attached to your legs will turn your quads to mush before you can get to the top of your line. Strap Dynafit's Tour 88 Women's Ski to your legs, though, and you'll be fresh and ready to center punch your line with a lively pair of gams. Dynafit designed the Tour 88 as an efficient backountry tool that will handle long tours and variable conditions with aplomb. The skinny 88mm waist keeps the ski light for the ascent and nimble when you're making hop turns down a narrow couloir or icy face. Dynafit surrounded the sturdy poplar and paulownia wood core with layers of fiberglass and carbon to balance weight and torsional rigidity, and even through in mini sidewalls so it won't be game over when you eventually tag a death cookie or rock with one of the edges.

  • Efficient backcountry skis for long tours and big objectives
  • Skinny 88mm waist ideal for variable alpine conditions
  • Tip rocker with slightly raised tail to ease turn initiation
  • Camber underfoot offers reliable edge-hold on firm snow
  • 3D Tech construction balances strength and weight
  • Poplar and paulownia wood core has a light and stable feel
  • Carbon and fiberglass laminates increase stiffness and save weight
  • Item #DNF00CL
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    Scarpa T2 Eco Telemark Boot - Women's

    If you love a wide-open vista full of pristine bowls and undisturbed glades, you'll embrace the resource-conscious Scarpa Women's T2 Eco Telemark Boot, which is made from organic, plant-based Pebax Rnew plastic. Thanks to the T2's triple-density, uber-stable construction, there's more to love about this versatile all-terrain boot than its reduced carbon footprint. The last and cuff are designed with the female foot in mind, and it features a narrow heel, lower calf, and higher instep. This year, the T2 Eco got an upgrade to the warmer-than-ever Intuition Performance Flex G Women's liner. After a quick heat-molding, it forms to your foot so precisely that it may be more apt to say this boot will embrace you.

  • An iconic telemark boot with a women-specific design
  • Pebax Rnew shell is plant-based and resource-conscious
  • Stable flex with unparalleled lateral stability
  • 102mm width provides room for long climbs and fast descents
  • 3 buckle design with Booster Active Power Strap
  • Replaceable edge guard protects bellows
  • 30 degree range of motion for touring and walking
  • Heat-moldable Intuition liners are toasty warm
  • Item #SCR003O
  • Hey this is desiree at tahoe mountain sports in truckee and I'm here today to talk about scarpa boots teen to echo. Which is the best-selling telemark boot of all times pretty traditional telemark include three buckles the echo is because tomato that pea backs were new which is made of castor oil so it's renewable and uses less petroleum to make the product you think they say it's 32 percent fewer emissions and. Material we have that instep buckle that we talked about earlier which is really good at keeping your heel in place comes with additional scuff guards 75 no fit. In the line for 20 years there have been a lot of changes is just the best-selling weed of all times.

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    Prior Flute XTC Carbon Ski - Women's

    The Prior Women's XTC Flute Ski was born to farm cold smoke, but possesses the ability to tackle all the hardpack and chunder that you're left with in between storms. Thanks to the lightweight construction and mid-fat 105-107 millimeter waist, this plank a solid daily driver, in bounds or out.

    With a rockered tip and tail, these sticks have no trouble sailing through the deep stuff, and camber underfoot lets you rally groomers when you pop back into the resort at the end of the day. Unlike the traditional Flute ski, the XTC construction features a carbon laminate to shed weight without losing strength. A pair of the XTCs weigh in at just over six pounds, making them ideal for backcountry exploration. The XTC uses the same poppy and playful maple core, making it a delight to jump, slash, and huck your way all over the hill.

  • A ski to take your freeride pursuits to the backcountry
  • 105-107mm waist floats pow and conquers crud
  • Rockered tip and tail surfs the steep and deep
  • Camber underfoot lets you rally hardpack
  • Poppy and playful maple wood core for a fun, responsive feel
  • Carbon laminate sheds weight without losing strength
  • Item #PSA002I
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    La Sportiva Maximo LS Ski - Women's

    Your penchant for human-powered descents may lead some to call you a glutton for punishment, but that could have something to do with the fact that they've never skied the La Sportiva Women's Maximo LS Ski. With a lightweight construction that will fly up steep skintracks like you're on an escalator and a fun-having progressive shape, this ultralight offering from La Sportiva will keep a smile plastered on your face whether you're skinning to the base of a steep couloir or making hop turns down a line you've been dreaming about skiing all season.

    La Sportiva teamed up with with Italy's Ski Trab to produce the Maximo LS. Building its skis in Italy, Ski Trab specializes in ultralight backcountry skis that inspire confidence on the descent. Utilizing Ski Trab's 14-layer Technology, the Maximo is home to a wood core with air canals to save weight and a stiff-but-light construction to keep the Maximo responsive when you're confronted with less-than-ideal conditions. Adding to the ski's overall skiability, La Sportiva commissioned the Maximo to be built with the Low Omega Profile, which makes initiating turns a breeze and reduces the chance of hooking up edges as you exit your turn, giving the skis a fluid, easy-to-ski feel when you're making your way down techy lines in the alpine.

  • Touring ski that rocks the uphill and doesn't skimp on the downhill
  • 92mm waist offers plenty of float in pow and is quick edge to edge
  • Camber profile gives you good edge hold on exposed faces and ice
  • Short turn radius boosts control in tight trees and rocks
  • Wood core with air canals is lightweight, stable, and responsive
  • Carbon reinforcements boost torsional rigidity and stability
  • High quality sintered base easily glides across flat areas
  • Item #LSP00JD
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