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  Adidas Outdoor Terrex Climb The City Wool Hoodie - Men's Oakley 3rd-G Zero Form 2.0 Jacket - Men's Prana Zion Full-Zip Hoodie - Men's Black Diamond Cold Forge Hooded Down Jacket - Men's Mountain Hardwear Castil Convertible Pant - Men's Salewa Ortles Hybrid TW CLT Jacket - Men's KUHL Alloy Shirt - Men's Ortovox Swisswool Zebru Jacket - Men's Fjallraven Bergtagen Lite Insulation Jacket - Men's
  Adidas Outdoor Terrex Climb The City Wool Hoodie - Men's Oakley 3rd-G Zero Form 2.0 Jacket - Men's Prana Zion Full-Zip Hoodie - Men's Black Diamond Cold Forge Hooded Down Jacket - Men's Mountain Hardwear Castil Convertible Pant - Men's Salewa Ortles Hybrid TW CLT Jacket - Men's KUHL Alloy Shirt - Men's Ortovox Swisswool Zebru Jacket - Men's Fjallraven Bergtagen Lite Insulation Jacket - Men's
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Brand Black Diamond Adidas Outdoor Salewa Fjallraven Mountain Hardwear Ortovox Oakley KUHL Prana
Claimed Weight 1 lb 4 oz 12.1oz [large]14.2oz 15oz - 9.2oz - - -
Fit regular regular slim regular regular slim performance regular regular
Hood yes, helmet-compatible, adjustable yes fixed fixed - elastic shaped, fixed - yes
Length hip - hip hip - hip hip - -
Manufacturer Warranty lifetime lifetime 2 years 1 year - 5 years 1 year limited 1 year
Material 20D Pertex Microlight, DWR treatment [main body] 93% polyester, 7% wool, [overlay] 100% polyester [face fabric] 100% nylon ripstop, DWR finish, [stretch panels] 63% nylon, 27% polyester, 10% elastane, DWR finish, [lining] 100% 40D nylon 100% recycled polyester - Tec-Stretch (100% polyamide) polyester 100% polyester [upper] 97% nylon, 3% spandex, [lower] 88% polyester, 12% cotton
Pockets 2 hand, 2 internal 2 zippered hand 2 zippered hand, 1 zippered chest, 1 zippered interior 2 zippered hand - 1 zippere chest - - 2 hand
Recommended Use climbing, skiing hiking, training backcountry skiing, hiking, mountaineering, sport climbing, trad climbing mountaineering, hiking - backcountry skiing, backcountry snowboarding, backpacking, hiking, mountaineering backpacking, casual, hiking, road running casual, hiking & camping, climbing, running all-mountain skiing, all-mountain snowboarding, backcountry skiing, backcountry snowboarding, backpacking, bouldering, casual, freeride/powder skiing, freeride/powder snowboarding, hiking, ice climbing, park & freestyle skiing, park & freestyle snowboarding, road running, sport climbing, telemark skiing, trad climbing, trail running

Adidas Outdoor Terrex Climb The City Wool Hoodie - Men's

Should you wake one morning to frost on your grass, you know its time to start dressing up for your trail runs and morning jogs. The Men's Adidas Outdoor Terrex Climb The City Wool Hoodie can be pulled on for extra warmth in the cool forest or for breathable performance when you pick up the pace. Wool lends its natural touch to this performance layer, helping to wick away extra body heat and ward off odors, and a polyester overlay at the front helps block extra chilly gusts, so you can keep up your daily workouts even on the windy days.

  • Performance hoodie for mountain trails and cold morning workouts
  • Wind resistant overlay blocks wind when you pick up speed
  • High neck and fitted hood great for colder temperatures
  • Natural wool fibers lend a soft, breathable touch
  • Pockets secure personal effects while you're active
  • Item #ADA0082
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    Oakley 3rd-G Zero Form 2.0 Jacket - Men's

    Hit the ground running on cool days with the Oakley 3rd-G Zero Form 2.0 Jacket. This lightweight windbreaker is the perfect companion for spring mornings on the road and foliage-filled trail romps in the fall. It's made with a lightweight polyester fabric and features low-profile laser ventilation holes to keep you cool when you're all zippered up. Meanwhile, the shaped hood offers protection against blowing winds on exposed mountain trails, and snug coverage during chillier neighborhood runs.

  • Lightweight running jacket for cooler shoulder season runs
  • Polyester fabric wicks moisture and blocks the wind
  • Tiny laser perforation under the arms provide ventilation
  • Shaped hood for coverage in inclement weather and cool conditions
  • Full-zip design makes it easy to access your baselayers
  • Item #OAK01RA
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    Prana Zion Full-Zip Hoodie - Men's

    Unless your everyday consists of rainy walks through the woods, then the Prana Men's Zion Full-Zip Hoodie isn't really an everyday sweatshirt. Prana built it for those dedicated to the outdoors, with its classic Stretch Zion fabric that repels raindrops, durably resists abrasion, and stretches for a phenomenal performance on the trail. The rest of the hoodie is soft fleece that keeps you warm even if it gets wet.

  • Hybrid hoodie protects from moisture and warms the body
  • Stretch Zion fabric shields shoulders, hood, and chest from rain
  • Lower body fortified in fleece for warmth
  • Item #PRA011N
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    Black Diamond Cold Forge Hooded Down Jacket - Men's

    In the bleakest hour of bitter cold conditions, there is a light—the Black Diamond Cold Forge Men's Hooded Down Jacket. The Cold Forge throws down serious warmth with a packable, low-bulk design, which makes it ideal for snowy and rock-bound pursuits. Primaloft Gold consists of 70% down and 30% synthetic insulation, so you get the lightweight, high-loft properties of down with the water-resistant warmth of synthetic—meaning you'll stay as warm in soggy conditions as you would on perfectly dry days. Even so, Black Diamond treated the Pertex face fabric and lining with a DWR treatment to repel water, because you don't want to get wet if you can avoid it.

    The Cold Forge is also cut slightly longer than most of Black Diamond's jackets, so you'll have extra coverage against drafts, snow, and nasty alpine cold. A drawcord hem gives you a further draft-defeating boost, and the adjustable, helmet-compatible hood keeps you cozy whether you're skiing on a frigid January morning or hunkering down in a snow cave. Additionally, this season's edition is equipped with gusseted underarms, which directly translates into unimpeded, overhead mobility. Not to mention, the Cold forge is equipped with a bevvy of pockets that keep all of your small necessities or snacks close at hand.

  • A versatile, hard-wearing insulated jacket for cold weather
  • bluesign-approved Pertex exterior is lightweight and durable
  • DWR treatment sheds light moisture and precipitation
  • Synthetic insulation offers warmth even when wet
  • Down insulation is RDS-certified
  • Underarm gussets provide unimpeded, overhead mobility
  • Bevvy of pockets keep necessities close at hand
  • Hood is helmet-compatible and adjustable
  • Item #BLD00JQ
  • Well hey everybody i just stopped for lunch so I'm gonna get some water on the. Boil and then we're gonna talk about the black diamond hot forge jacket I've just. Got a bunch of small twigs I'm gonna put. In there and on my way in i collected a. Bunch of this cedar bark just gonna use about half of it there. Rough it up a little bit things like a. Jet engine. Already boiling in about four minutes with just that much wood just a couple. Chunks and you're good. So whenever i wear a new coat in one of. My videos you guys always ask what code is that so today we're gonna look at this one this is the black diamond hot forged jacket now i believe they make this jacket for 2016 in four different versions you can get it in a non hooded version like I'm wearing a hooded version you can also get it in a down blend or in all down i went for the down. Blend because it is lighter weight and more pack able now with a jacket that's. This pack able something that i can shed as an actual layer i didn't go with the hood i like to sometimes throw a jacket on over it if it's really cold i can wear this jacket down to about maybe 20 25 degrees with something as small as just a t-shirt or in this case just a long-sleeve shirt underneath and I'm quite warm today the temperatures right around 30 degrees if it got any warmer i could just shed this layer off throw it in my pack very easily and continue on. Generally the coat that i would throw over this would have a hood so it doesn't bother me not to have a hood in this style jacket the black diamond hot forged jacket comes at a bare minimum weight it only weighs 13 ounces and you. Get maximum insulation value it's got a pertex quantum shell with a dwr coating I've worn this in the heavy wet snow. I've worn it in the rain and it does shed the water quite well and does dry. Relatively fast the jackets got to fleece lined pockets on the side very. Large for things like keys phone they do zip which is nice you can zipper in your. Contents to keep them from falling out when you're hiking for example is this. Jacket also has a nice pocket here something that you could throw maybe a compass a snack bar in or your keys your phone something like that what i really like about that pocket up front is that. It rides below the sternum strap so when you're wearing a backpack your sternum strap goes right about here and you could still access that pocket that's a problem on some other jackets that I've tried where it's up a little bit higher and the sternum strap gets in the way you have to unstrap and access the pocket that was another thing i really like about this jacket is that the collar area is a felt line so that when. You zip it up it doesn't scratch your. Face or anything like that it's very comfortable to wear even when you have it zipped all the way up it's got very nice cuffs on it they are elastic, so they fit right down around your hands if you wear a glove you can simply just stretch that over the glove and you don't get the gloves overlapping with the coat it's very comfortable right down into the sleeves inside each pocket. There's a little tab that you can pull and you can shorten the short cord with. This cord lock here and what that does is it basically just draws in the bottom. Of the coat i leave it wide open and i find that it's got a great form-fitting shape without having to mess with it on. The inside on both sides you do have a large dump style pocket there for stashing more things and then you have a single ykk zip very easy to zip and it. Is seam sealing here so that it does come together when you zip up the jacket absolutely no wind gets through this coat and it maintains its warmth when it's hugged right against your body the best feature of this coat is that it's really lightweight and really small. But still packs a lot of warmth as you. Can see you can take it off and you can stuff this thing right down too almost. Nothing take up takes up no room in your pack if. You put it in a dry bag you can even get it a lot smaller but that's great it's. Ash edible layer that's actually quiet. Warm and can actually be worn on its own now this jacket is a down blend so it. Has 70% goose down in it and then 30% primal opt fibers which gives you good. Durability it maintains its warmth when. Wet and it also gives you that super light capability of being able to pack it down and be very minimal and when. You're wearing it this is a great jacket for hikers backpackers even camping or. Even people like me that just go out in the woods everyday on a day hike i can wear it even when the temperatures are very cold and don't have to worry about getting it wet and i stay warm all day. With just a t-shirt on the inside now. Of course, you could layer up on the inside and take this coat even warmer again in the really cold i throw a jacket on over it works great for when your hammock camping you can take this off you can maybe wrap it around your head you can wrap it around your feet and give those areas where it's needed a little bit extra warmth they also sent along one of their balaclavas this thing is awesome it's very lightweight it's made out of a very comfortable material i use something like this when i am at camp give my head and face a little bit extra warmth need it the balaclava can also be worn several ways including just like this as a neck gaiter so it's very versatile with this stretchy material alright guys so hope you've enjoyed taking a look at the black diamond hat for jacket awesome jacket from black diamond I'm gonna leave a link below to their website where you can check out this jacket and other items that they. Carry I've reviewed head lamps from them i reviewed hiking poles, so they do have a bunch of different outdoor products and you should definitely check them out I'm also gonna leave a link below to amazon where you can pick up one of these anything that you purchased through my amazon link does help support the channel again i hope you guys give this video a big thumbs up for me leave me some comments below make sure you share this to your friends and family who might be interested on google+ facebook and other social media you can follow me on my social media as well and as always guys there's a big red subscribe button down there make sure you click it and subscribe for more videos biscuits and gravy slamming, and they. Make a hot forged hoodie which has the hood now i don't really like to have a hood on what i consider to be sort of mid layer especially in the really cold. Weather. Really.

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    Mountain Hardwear Castil Convertible Pant - Men's

    Ideal for hiking and traveling, the Mountain Hardwear Men's Castil Convertible Pants are made from a lightweight and tough nylon ripstop fabric, and are finished with a DWR coating to help repel light precipitation through your adventures. Multiple pockets safely stash your essentials out on the trail, and you can zip off the legs for on-the-fly shorts when things heat up.

  • Tough, lightweight nylon ripstop fabric
  • DWR finish
  • Water-resistant
  • Convertible
  • Regular fit
  • Multiple pockets
  • Item #MHW00QK
  • There's no need to pack shorts and pants when the mountain hardwear men's matterhorn convertible pants can offer both the easy to remove zip off legs. Convert these full-featured hiking pants in the equally versatile shorts the lightweight 100% nylon hardware. Cloth offers durable breathable performance for extended hiking trekking. And adventure travel reinforced knees. And seat speak to the rugged personality of these two-in-one pants mountain. Hardwear understands fit and comfort are equally as important as durability so there's a micro chamois lined waistband. With integrated belt for comfort as well as a full length inseam gusset in articulated knees for maximum mobility without a doubt the coolest part of these pants is their zip off leg feature that leaves you with an 11-inch inseam short lower leg zips run from hem to. Need to accommodate easy transitions over your hiking boots in addition to. Their convertible design mountain hardwear includes other trail friendly features including adjustable draw courts to cinch pant legs over boots a durable water-resistant finish to shed. Moisture and a upf 50 sun protection rating clean casual style finishes off. The long list of features just think you. Can cross two items off your packing list when you grab the mountain hardwear men's matterhorn convertible pants for. Your next adventure.

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    Salewa Ortles Hybrid TW CLT Jacket - Men's

    Built for tackling high alpine pursuits where you often find yourself pushing hard one moment and stopping the next to regroup, the Salewa Ortles Hybrid TW CLT Jacket is all about climate control. Its hybrid design only places insulation where it's most needed—at the chest, shoulders, and hood—while leaving the lower arms and sides more ventilated with soft, stretchy panels. Tirolwool insulation uses the air-trapping, moisture-wicking, and odor-eating benefits of Tyrolian wool, enhanced with thermo-reactive minerals that allow moisture to escape while reflecting body heat. Soft, wind resistant, and treated to shed light precipitation, the Ortles Hybrid is the perfect addition to your alpine arsenal.

  • Hybrid midlayer for active pursuits in alpine conditions
  • Wool insulation traps your warmth with odor-eating performance
  • Celliant treatment traps body heat and lets water vapor escape
  • Ergonomic sleeves and stretchy sides leave you free to move
  • Elastic bindings on cuffs and hem help seal out the chill
  • Interior pocket doubles as a stuff sack between use
  • Slim fit can easily be used as a midlayer in wet weather
  • Item #SFW0091
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    KUHL Alloy Shirt - Men's

    Be more comfortable than the rest of your friends on your next big hike in cold weather with the Kuhl Men's Long-Sleeve Alloy Shirt on your back. We mean, it's not a competition, but the moisture-wicking, stretchy polyester fabric brings you lightweight, breathable warmth that's impossible to ignore on colder days, while the DYNAMIK stitching delivers more stretch and strength than traditional seams for easy layering and chafe-free performance. Then, a five-panel sleeve design enhances your range of motion when the days activity goes from hiking to climbing, and integrated thumbholes lock down your fit for easy layering and added protection against wind. Plus, Kuhl reinforced the panels at your shoulders for resilient durability under heavy packs.

  • Comfortable, sporty performance shirt for cool days in nature
  • Stretchy, moisture-wicking polyester keeps up with your adventures
  • Regular fit balances warmth and mobility
  • Integrated thumb loops keep your fit secure and comfortable
  • DYNAMIK stitching stronger and stretchier than traditional seams
  • Draft flap and chin guard prevent chafing on your face
  • Item #KUH00B2
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    Ortovox Swisswool Zebru Jacket - Men's

    The lightweight, insulated Swisswool Zebru Jacket from Ortovox will keep you warm and comfortable on ski tours and high alpine summits. The Zebru is part of Ortovox's Naked Sheep line and is designed to offer you maximum freedom of movement so you can perform at your best in demanding conditions. Its ergonomic cut, elastic cuffs, hem, and hood create the feeling of ultimate freedom while you ski, backpack, or climb.

    The Zebru features no-bulk Swisswool insulation that provides excellent warmth even when wet. This is ideal as an alternative for down in stormy conditions as down loses its insulating properties when wet. Additionally, Swisswool can absorb and release large quantities of moisture, more than synthetic fibers, keeping you warmer and more comfortable with less insulation that if it were insulated with synthetics. Ideal for stormy conditions in the mountains, the insulation is enclosed in Ortovox's Tech-Stretch material that provides breathable, water and wind resistant protection and high mobility so you can get after your goals in comfort.

  • Insulated lightweight jacket for touring and high alpine adventures
  • Wind, water-resistant stretch fabric provides freedom of movement
  • Swisswool insulation offers light warmth in cold, wet conditions
  • Stretch fabric, no-bulk Swisswool, ergonomic fit give high mobility
  • Elastic cuffs and waistband keep jacket in place during movement
  • Elastic hood stays in place while you take in the high alpine view
  • Backpack accessible zippered chest pocket holds snacks or phone
  • Jacket packs into pocket for convenient carry in milder conditions
  • Item #ORT00BH
  • I'm not the esper ward section here and. I've found another winner it's a mid. Layer jacket from otter box it's called the swit wall tech the swiss wall is the insulation that they put inside these jackets and what auto bots have done for 2018 is innovated that fabric even more. By creating air pockets with inside the. Insulation so that's very light i mean it weighs virtually nothing doesn't even feel like it's insulated but. According to otter box it's also very warm, so they're just trying to balance that weight with walt's, and they've. Obviously achieved it and won an esper award here with the swiss wall tech. Jacket.

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    Fjallraven Bergtagen Lite Insulation Jacket - Men's

    As part of Fjallraven's mountaineering-specific line, the Men's Bergtagen Lite Insulation Jacket is a packable piece to provide versatile warmth, perfect as a mid-layer under your shell or as a standalone in drier, milder weather. Its minimalist design keeps it easy to stuff into your pack, with dependable synthetic insulation to deliver warmth, even when it gets wet. A fitted hood with elastic edging stays securely in place under the hood of your shell, while elastic edging at the cuffs and hem make the jacket seamlessly easy to layer. Fjallraven finished off this alpine-oriented piece with a two-way zipper to provide you with easy access to your belay device and harness.

  • Light, packable jacket for alpine pursuits
  • Synthetic insulation traps body heat and insulates when wet
  • Fitted hood with elastic edging stays securely in place
  • Two-way zipper for easy access to your belay device
  • Elastic edging at cuffs and hem seamlessly fits under shell
  • Item #FJR00G4
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