5 The Best Shoes For The Desert

  1. Under Armour Men’s Valsetz Rts
  2. Clarks Men’s Chukka Boot
  3. Saucony Men’s Cohesion TR13 Trail Running
  4. Mephisto Men’s Match Walking
  5. Durango Desert Camo Pull-on Western Boot
TOP #1
Under Armour Men's Valsetz Rts Shoes For The Desert
Under Armour Men’s Valsetz Rts Shoes For The Desert

  • Textile and Synthetic
  • Imported
  • Rubber sole
  • Shaft measures approximately 6.75″ from arch
  • Boot opening measures approximately 10.5 around
  • Perfect Outdoor Boots: Made from 100% Fabric or Textile with a leather sole that measures approximately 1.5 inches”
  • Lightweight, Durable Men’s Boots: Wear as work boots, tactical boots, or even for hunting, hiking and construction
  • Shoes For The Desert
TOP #2
Clarks Men's Chukka Boot Shoes For The Desert
Clarks Men’s Chukka Boot Shoes For The Desert

  • 100% Leather
  • Imported
  • Synthetic sole
  • Heel measures approximately 1″
  • Platform measures approximately 0.5″
  • Imported
  • Crepe sole
  • Shoes For The Desert
TOP #3
Saucony Men's Cohesion TR13 Trail Running Shoes For The Desert
Saucony Men’s Cohesion TR13 Trail Running Shoes For The Desert

  • Synthetic-and-mesh
  • Imported
  • Rubber sole
  • Shaft measures approximately mid-top from arch
  • Heel grid system offers stable cushioning shoe
  • Category: neutral
  • Shoes For The Desert
TOP #4
Mephisto Men's Match Walking Shoes For The Desert
Mephisto Men’s Match Walking Shoes For The Desert

  • 100% Leather
  • Rubber sole
  • Soft-Air Technology for soft walking comfort–provides affective shock-absorption and protects your joints, and vertebrae
  • Caoutchouc rubber outsole retains flexibility – will not harden or crack over time
  • Shoes For The Desert
TOP #5
Durango Desert Camo Pull-on Western Boot Shoes For The Desert
Durango Desert Camo Pull-on Western Boot Shoes For The Desert

  • Full-grain leather
  • Imported
  • Synthetic sole
  • Shaft measures approximately 12″ from arch
  • Boot opening measures approximately 15″ around
  • Square toe
  • Cushion Flex insole
  • Shoes For The Desert

Under Armour Men’s Valsetz Rts Shoes For The Desert

Under Armour Men's Valsetz Rts Shoes For The Desert

Perfect Outdoor Boots: Made from 100% Fabric or Textile with a leather sole that measures approximately 1.5 inches”. Lightweight, Durable Men’s Boots: Wear as work boots, tactical boots, or even for hunting, hiking and construction. Full Support During Use: UA ClutchFit ankle support system contours & supports. Men’s Military & Tactical Boots: Thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) toe cap for added protection. Long-Lasting, Resistant Boots: These Under Armour boots for men have a welded polyurethane (PU) film that surrounds the perimeter for abrasion resistance.

  • Textile and Synthetic
  • Imported
  • Rubber sole
  • Shaft measures approximately 6.75″ from arch
  • Boot opening measures approximately 10.5 around
  • Perfect Outdoor Boots: Made from 100% Fabric or Textile with a leather sole that measures approximately 1.5 inches”
  • Lightweight, Durable Men’s Boots: Wear as work boots, tactical boots, or even for hunting, hiking and construction
  • Shoes For The Desert

  • Product Dimensions: 15 x 11 x 6 inches; 2.5 Pounds
  • Item model number: 3021034
  • Manufacturer: Under Armour
  • Type: Shoes For The Desert

Yeah god, what’s up guys, welcome back to another, can we say show show another show on the tactical agent today we’re going to be going over the under armour valve sets. I guess that’s how you pronounce it. Biosets v-a-l-s-e-t-z, 1, 5 tactical boots, love these things before we get into it number one. Please do listen to the podcast, the tactical agent podcast links will be in the description. Follow me on pinterest.

Follow me on twitter. I greatly appreciate it and if you would like to get one of these ronin tactical shirts, I will leave a link into the description. Dude’s got a great channel, very helpful information. Please do check him out as well subscribe to his channel y’all. Let’s get into this all right, so guys we’re going to give you um a closer up view of these shoes um. Once again, these are the under armour. Vial sets 1 5, and I can tell you right now I had I had a pair of under armours back when I was in law enforcement.

I don’t think it was the same model shoe, but they were enormous and they were some of the most comfortable pair of boots. I’ve ever put on my foot um. The first thing that I like about them is the comfortability of walking with these shoes, and I had to walk a lot hitting clocks in the hallways. When, when I worked inside the jail facility, um jailhouse, I could wear these 12 hour shifts and these never hurt my feet.

They are very, very comfortable as these particular boots. Here you can see the near material here. The cushion down there is very, very comfortable. The second thing that I like about these boots are effect of how lightweight they are, when I say, extremely lightweight, extremely lightweight these may these may be maybe a pound if that, together, you may be talking about. If you said a pound and a half a piece, a purse shoe these shoes.

These boots may be three pounds all together. The grip on the bottom see almost like a diamond looking texture to them. Very when I say grip, you ain’t, you aren’t slipping with these shoes. You’re not slipping at all the grip is, is amazing um I’ve these a couple of times already, since I got them in um, you can see the the foam padded cushion here seems very durable as far as the um sewing goes and the stitching it looks very doable this.

The shoe strings are um extremely well made um. No, that you ain’t gonna worry about those gotta worry about those friend or uh tearing or breaking there. It’s very a very well made boot um. As you see I got some. I got some dirt in there from doing some walking around these are the camo boots here test it. This is considered a tactical boot. I wanted something to go with my that I could go to the range with I can wear on a daily basis and be comfortable.

Now I never wouldn’t been one to sweat much but last few years as an insurance agent out in the field summer, hot even with I guess you could say, church shoes on you know nice church, attire, slacks. My feet would sweat a lot in those shoes, even with the then church shoes on oh church socks on, but these I have right now. I have a pur pair of thick red skin socks, they’re very big. My brother bought them for me for christmas last year and they’re thick on top of this shoe and my feet have not sweated at all.

In these shoes, not sweaty at all, they’re, very breathable, extremely lightweight and they’re very well made like I see the shoe strings and, of course the color um is right on point um. Let you get to see the normal side here, where the logo is located. One of the most comfortable pair of boots that I have on have ever worn. I’ve worn the 511s I’ve worn some of the other name brands out there and they could not even come close to these under armour valve sets 1 5 tactical boot, telling you guys if you’re looking for a tactical boot that is comfortable.

That is breathable that is well made and it is extremely light. You don’t have to feel like you’re walking around with those water boots on that. Just clog you and clog you down and weigh you down. This is the boot for you, I’m telling you this is a boot, for you I mean for a hundred dollars. You can’t beat a boot of this quality 400 bucks um when I got the on armors back in the day when I were when I was in law enforcement, you know those those will set you back anywhere from 150 to 170 bucks, but these 100 bucks and I’m good to go.

I hope you enjoyed this video um. If you would please like comment subscribe share this video, if you got any friends in law enforcement military, do share this video with them extremely extremely comfortable. Now these are size 11’s, oh another thing before I let you guys go, I like a boot or shoe, because I have big feet. I wear size 11’s in some shoes, um 11 and a half and others depending on how to made have two purple timberlands.

That’s that’s the boost that I normally wear is tumbling boots. I have one purse 11 and have another pair, that’s a 11, 5 or 12. So, depending on where it’s made determines um how well it fits my foot, but I love a boot or a shoe that makes my foot smaller than what it looks smaller than what it actually is. The timberlands don’t do that for me, but these boots definitely do that for me that it makes my foot look smaller and I absolutely love it.

I’ve worn these uh, like I said a couple of times out in the field working as an insurance agent, going to see my clients, which means getting in and out of my car walking up to the houses in the neighborhood door, knocking and never a problem whatsoever with these boots feet. Don’t doesn’t hurt my feet’s not sore. At the end of the day I can come home and my feet are fine, as if I haven’t hadn’t even been at work. So once again hope you like this video links, will be in the description.

There’s a detective wager telling you train hard, train smart stay in the fight.

In today, agf you guys can see another pair of andere arme boer en dit is wel vet rts one point for now. If I do have time to waste over, you understand it: moeder tennis, lang manager, zul, je wanting zo dus geen, be quickly euphoria, the feeling to buy this button. You looking ahead and grey boots, dergelijk door hen en bij een, but keep in mind this book and running bolero bit chesten little bit.

Small zo uit devil recommend you to get gave site dikker en normale you we, they have’ size, vegan, ready for de boot, zo voor, dit boek go for full 5, bigger, then make sense, lamy quickly, clare, finally, mixen oké, zo, mijn provider, forenst tome. I am highly go and really good advice to get online hiking boots online, minuten, reboot, botsing general would have some have site.

Nou een gave site bigger, then use them. Enorm of sucesso voor, zappen, mijn, oom of hoe, cijfers, mijn, een, half zo. My boots, ijs hoe bied hem bad. But how is this book massages en en hackers die? Doe een looks more than you oké douwe tijd dus under armour wel set archie s, one point: faisel of green twitter journaal. This review die specifiek leave for our ultimate survival, boet section with a tactical flash minuten reboots zo weduwe heftig eric doet chanson des lys, dikke, said you’d.

Think your ultimate survival situations and I ving dit, is in volgens for rumble. Moet bief staf daar is onze in bolt in tactical and military, je noodsituatie tactical een, militaire keer, goed, 4, applicable zo lets sokken banden kree theorie, yes, vetarm clickable to really any body, but specifiek lead to our ultimate survival. Brute seks oké number one of the level of kamfer zo to test uit de level of kamper op de voet, hij deed er, vijf mijl wolk en driemaal rond de toren, werd hij was about seven two towers, wit ouch in this brutal, complete laat me jullie, weg, dit, doet of fury, vericon verbod, in fact uit dit de reviews.

If you, if you add your subscription de shell uit dit de review of teller tag van under armour dozer onze tactical boots from under armour in they were not ask of voetbal is dus. Woensel dus was of devil ik de familie en improvement day of light weight. So I was very easy to run in them for free maals, moet uitstappen in juli van dit de taart mijn feed budget haar in die.

Krullen de barrel is weer flexible. I was very naast nou en anders vinden ramone toen mensen hier dat des contribute to become for global op dat bloed die thumping der I’m not put met before it’s pretty cool nou ik us know: er is n special innersoul other special innersoul technologie kultur volgt moet, je suis soort hoedjes na is om. Uw feed, wil, dus, moet, doen, advies gedempt gedemonteerd heb de ridderzaal is kamfer-boom.

Hier is zo’n, idee. Sorry jelly na this crazy jelly, leuk, voor, drempels, catchers, coaches, aan de vleugel, be too much. I know after after weer in je bloed voorbeeld, yellow flowers, je start feeling, like you were inger kkn dior, santing skills, hoe, je zo dus innersoul is good, but what under armour dit is d&ad het vet cotton, candy, texture, om de trap of you to use of this area, rivier feels green eyes and soft om.

Your feed and hefbed spongy feel to which I’m not seen in a feeling at in other boots, zo worden de ethiek rieten sofa wraparound feeling around you feel it is really nice one. Ever you running whenever wanneer je working for a very long time, duffeling mix dit difference and contribute to become verloop en zo over rol eijsink. If you get them in the right size, dus boots, you will, you will really really loved them.

Whenever I kan slapen der lilac zijden parasol is flexibel de herder extra cool feature, om de trap, op het, zo, kritisch, awesome, oké trio’s, onze over uw app die. We sallied mijn aan het zijn, we never comes to recover. Oké is zo weer daan trokken. We de cover was ook een rollerball, proving en voor zullen deze machine zeebad, proving’ dus doe daarna worden proef, je bent dat ik doe hem dus xtandit is u kunt zie klaas acteurs chef, chef, bij de biomass, er, soms eventjes niks point-7 die vijf soldeer na tutorial, not like your een inch shabu der schüler, but never les dit doel heavily doofheid moet, je snijdt ik nu die extra protection for your feet.

Budget en voorstelling proving dus nog maar checken, vind ik, als de arena, toren proef die arnoud, je nou daarna der tijden, really any team zelf was moe van axel nummer drie is de kolonie en de de war, nee tussen de bollen hij won toen mensen bontinck you you’re, going to amazon en en de link is, is een descried level. I recommend you to go and check out chica de reviews check on request.

You will find a deur en ladder reviews. There are complaining about de beeldkwaliteit dat dat, moet doen dat last night. I guess I keep in mind that happens to everybody. Oké many features the facts: heb een to ever by joseph f accidentally. Er was een allah en nep bloed pull up kilo in die, serie a busy de serie is gonna be within. It should be no ik dasn’t, minder de boost en zelfs al ghul quality, or that under armour mix propeller ebook over dus particulier nadeel is propeller.

Je deze minder under armour is de shows company and, of course, they have huge amount of project en bandje de fun, factory, sologirl zo. Of course, je noden de beagle, your de moeders chant of loafing schuur en dare to go zo doen josh de boetes is je derde minder santing in in in de few days. After a few words, you notice that there something I don’t get the idea that there something with de boer, just exchange for the fair and ensure your problem will be.

Your I zal did is een obama jong en experience agenda bloed en wil expressive, elina, sp, robot, frome, red wing shoes oké en us know, which you can be en de met. Meezingen meting product en duwen, redder tas is waterproof en de burgers. Waar, je moet, je snappen de macho word er. Is you think about it? Ddb start het league en trudy bed lig en na het hiernamaals ook in about door een in de regering in trok, hier, nooit, ook een about the no one.

Ever you working through one inch’, the quarter, which is not flink de woorden gettin troep in zei dat de innersoul, many features the fact a cold and red wing shoes. They they were placed in bad en brood oké, jane oké dan was de kwade de wijn icing dus er borrel wie best morgen nog be back luke tactical fles military bloed, 30 ouder driving dus blue caps en door de ven tijd zo of rollende qualie en de wijn aws alles van haar het en hi cookiewet morag met een, barbie girl.

You know some negatieve reviews, hij ging, ander, marmer, niet te tikken looked into their je nou mijn vectoring kent tikje, rolde van middelbrand dat de emmer en de oké zullen zoeken waarbij elk soort trucs en een stabieler I en de a soul. Hier is uw. Vakantie is creed ii, junius free the interesting die of ander boerderij zien outsole ik dit was actually the under armour feller tag: ja.

He zoals ik, nooit, eerder, bod, zo, lekker ze, the council is very flexible, is green eyes, door. Rubber is very soft own. It which final crisis en question to know about the protection 3d view from penetration. If you step en thumping sjerp en dan 1000 zien, like schoon rubber case als, je kunt, je eventjes simpele cruise mij samoerai en je promo’s vroeger waar, we get up a of rol en functie die series.

I know which uniek in die die spray die, borsato, oké nou, my task force, om antarmana’, faalt owner at rotom, redgrass onder zijn en zo nieuws nieuws over place en in en dus dus, warm soul. The sourcing microfoon very well and older than this special ieper van realy londen sent a problem. I koos de rivier il a of aggression and this little group a progressive but never letters de school views, flat service, moet, overhelt, om een, shiny services like for simple tile, decor gigi, onder, tellers, wel zo, you know for security officers deadline.

Greenport moment 18 dit is dit, is een, pretty good hoe to go for web artikel. Oké sal nummer vijf is de temperature, nou subs probably already know my test. Heb een boel in een floor de giet, je was bar en riep de global warming, hele straf bad bad dit bos, dit doel, heftruck, moet, men selection, het diana barry. You know there is no insulation. Wind alicia insulation, deur dicht en er, is het waar of really een.

I feel so you, your feed, devil, ik, viel mij, is in cool en andere dingen mannen te mensen dus bully feel more like na reboot. Dit is more sneaker. Whenever you were no one ever you groningen, menso live in de depri godin der de bar oké zo number six mile is is de sizing. I’m already mentioned above running in lobith small zo get half-size bigger. Then you’re already has a bigger boat, chauffeurs apple of your normal to spice heeft, nine, je moet woont.

U hier de boel. Dit is mijn een, hp, motul, binnenwerkse space for your toes wildeman hebben you going down de heel. Your to do is naar banking, om de france, pike’s ik get en hoynck and painful agenda. Hoe is dus, doet reviewsites is nou. We recommend him at henricus detail en hoopt mxs nummer zeven is de balance of application. Overvol een, single bosolifant eerder very light de barrel is weer flexibel, which I’ve really like the artwork geen verbod toe weer dus koeltechnologie dit is onder.

Trap is grigio, so you know my life time ever experienced experience and ever more info zoals brunette designer of van de look great dit is easy to put them om na ideal gebulder of compleet regarding the dus tricks en na de big fan of vier streams en is you can see this of creatief in bad ik in das. Help with china was de timing. Proces makes it easier to page which can come play in a day door.

Jullie over ella dapper technologie die nodig dat het zo is very soft. Zoals je draw something you to be prepared for stap, 1 de really know protection de bek voor 105 dat, look like dit, doet, gapless design, drawing by polder, is really is jesse. Design is, is literally barry’s of en hij moet noemen sailors en u projectie van de bar hem op de voet iedere week is de barrel is premies of zo skibrillen mijn oogbol do anything they are pretty.

Bird zal in de bells of application can serie that there could provide good work. Chocolade die fanservice en dat, je kin work and then for long time you can run een thumbs up en whatever arie kievit en aan het hem artikelnummer under armour usa, oké nou nobel number, eight is de laat van dus is de prijs. Aan de price is for the comparative die er ruim honderd en terry daders, curly opnames, onlogische de link is een.

Discussie below you can check rising hadden dat er is prediking, pdf, aangeeft, right and view boots and actually really cute, which were definitely worth wanneer. We ricaanse tactical boots, decor harrier, they were less kan, freubel balkhi and they were more fashion. Show live in under armour is doen reboot your support and, speaking of quality, be the level of some thing coming out.

Hier een under armour je geest niet het zeker lukken. You know: perfecte recensie was korner kinder boots, verdriet maar de beeldkwaliteit, nice to the greater oké zolang en reis wordt, je vink over rol in de conclusie aanbod say: yes, you looking for your ultimate survival bord a would say you know check out my other okay, but if you’re in a police officer security guard and you looking for good fod boots, there would be very comfortable to wear daily light.

Dat. Je doet die van links, je kunt draaien kunt job you have to you know en de natuurlijk, wel er is truc de moment. Ik is dus boots doen net absoluut doen adres krukje moment en robotjes en testen icing, absolutely fantastic: dit, om field, bal, kerel, dit, ongeveer, hebben eyes, that’s great zal, ik, dit york, j size, you! You might like this book, god folder. If you get them hoe daad en niet direct voor, je nou van me vector hoopvolle vet ik, even though you can come back’ un, blaine, er amerika site, where you’d like to go and by buying good guys were my for watching.

You have any suggestions or any request for use carefully. Luminale de comment below. If this review useful, please subscribe ff scrabble account, aan will see reis in de nexe media.

Welcome back this Oh essence that song about ice and today, I’ve got a boots and boots are important when it comes to survival gear and clothing, the whole nine. What are you gonna wear? You know, what are you gonna wear? What are you gonna walk in your feet are the most important part of your body, especially if your car goes broke and you’ve got to walk it. So you got your two pair of Cadillacs I like to refer to my boots. As my two pair Cadillacs or my feet is much of Birkhead legs, but today, I’ve got the list is from Lyons tactical supply.

Survival supply and I will have a link to their website. My friends over there sent me these boots and these are the Under Armour UA ver Stiles RTS one-point-five boots, and these are very breathable and I’m. Gonna I’m gonna be I’m. Gonna, be hiking in these things today and doing some footage of just what they overall look like on a human body. You know most folks when I do these shoe videos and I show you a boot or a shoe. It’s they just show you this and they go hey check me out of my boot.

You know, and then they don’t take it for a spin, but I’m gonna be doing that today. Overall, let’s go ahead and a start kind of in the front here. We’ve got some synthetic leather, and this this whole thing is breathable ankle support and you got these tabs here for pull strength and inside here you’ve got your microphone mesh and that’s that just spells breathable of this. You can see it in there. It’s got a lot of that. Basically, to sum it up, it keeps you from getting a lot of fungus and things growing inside your boot and that least athlete’s foot.

Your foot breaking down and fall apart on you and your foot falls off and you foot rots and everything else. They might remember. Korea anyways, you don’t want that to happen, so take care of your feet, and this will help you do that with it’s inside here and right here in the front, you’ve got your your TPU toe cap for a little added protection here in the front, you’ve got some your micro mint sole and that’s. This is very lightweight very, very lightweight.

It feels like a sneaker more than a boot and a lot of added traction down here at the bottom or forgetting it is it great for running and I guess if you got a kick somebody in the face right anyway, let’s take these for us being and see what they look like. What do you think about my manly pose wearing some tactical pants? Well, your modeling and tactical pants. You got some skinny pants to go with those next where’s. Your tactical boots, Doug see any now you’re just being ridiculous, so the web sites in the drop down below and if you want to pick up a pair they’re regular price is one $49 99.

But if you use code SOS, you get them for 125 and they do free shipping so, and they also give up morale patch we’re supposed to be a al patch involved in this one. I think and that’s what you get if you visit the web site and you enter the code SOS to pick up a pair of the boots. You might see me on there anyway. Please like share the video, so go check them out. Tell them I said hi and thank you guys for watching and God bless.

Hey everybody: this is Jay Jay Johnson, your Washington reality survivor. So today what I have for you is a real quick review of the underarmor valve is seven so I’ve had these boots for several weeks and I can tell you that I really really like them, I’ve had them out. Hiking and I’ve also been wearing around the house immediately shop. They feel like you’re, holding a pair of tennis shoes in your hands. The only way about I think 15 ounces, and when you put them on your feet, it’s really kind of hard.

They do a really great job on traction. So it’s a good-looking boot. You know, like I, said: I didn’t have any problem with like the a fairly aggressive. As you can see, it’s kind of uh got a blended or a hybrid type construction. Where you’ve got. You know leather and synthetic kind of welded together in the patterns on the side of the boot. The laces are good. They stay tied, good I didn’t have any issues with that. You can, you know, do it with a single or double knot and it seems to be fine.

You’ve got a nice little toke up there with a little added protection same thing on the heel here, sharp boot I think the downside. The one downside that I would say is I would like to see the tread pattern. Maybe just changed up slightly and I, don’t know exactly how, but what I will say is is that when wearing these inside and outside of the house you do tend to, if you don’t take them off when you come inside, you do tend to leave some additional. You know little tracks the little pieces of dirt and stuff falling off as you’re walking around now.

That’s unavoidable, but I’m kind of lazy in some respects and I like to leave my shoes on when I come in the house. If I can so, if there’s a way to change the pattern without sacrificing the traction which I know is kind of contradictory to one another, then that might be a good thing. The only other thing I can think of that I didn’t like about the boots was that the very top bootlace couldn’t be moved to down towards the bottom of the foot and they live in it.

Just to give you a little bit more room during your time, but this is a really minor issue and it’s really not anything that bothered me at all overall guys, I think it’s a fantastic suit. The MSRP on it is about 119 and I. Think it’s worth every penny of it. I give it about a four and a half out of five. So I really can’t say it’s a really anyway guys. As always, it definitely appreciate when you click the thumbs up button when you share it with your friends on Facebook, Twitter and Google+, and don’t get a little sixteen proper prior preparation, one of my biggest time wasters is driving to and from work every day.

I can’t text, I can’t email, it’s more and it wastes my time but I started using audible listening to audiobooks as I Drive audible gave you back two hours per day and I loved. It click the link in description below to get 30 days, free, plus a free audiobook from audible com. When you sign up for the service.

They I’ll be doing a review on this Under Armour gotta blow boots, I, wear a size, eight and a half. This ones are the Under Armour about sets. Rds 1 5 I got the zipper version and the one that doesn’t have the zip on the side as well. Now, I started with this one’s the ones that don’t have the zipper on the side. Then I for my second pair I went ahead and got the ones with the sights it I’m, showing your team side zipper look at.

They had a bottom soul, okay. So this booth, if you’re looking for comfort on your feet, you’re gonna meet on your job, eight ten hours, 15 hours or more hours on your feet on the top. This are going to keep your feet. Comfortable, they’re gonna, keep your feet happy. Originally I came across the first ones, with no sip on the side. They don’t differ in indifference at all, they’re, the same same exact thing, the only thing the difference with this one: it has a sipper or EC on and off here, why’s everything to see now this once they have here.

On top a little mesh on top little rubber tip the outsole, it’s nice and soft I’m, not even putting pressure on this one, and you can feel it’s super soft. It’s comfy this one has the little pull tap on the the back, so it’s easier for you to put it on and off, because you took the zipper down the reason. I went with the zipper: it’s because you don’t have to keep tying your shoelaces untying them.

This the first time adjust them to. However, you feel comfortable and that’s it- you don’t have to look, keep doing the laces every single day prior to putting them up all right. This one’s you have to keep on tight, um and tighten them every day, and this one that’s why this one’s they don’t have to tap this one started. The bow sets Under Armor one rps 1 5 class.

Well, as you can see, there are their warrant. Now again, this ones are super lightweight comfortable. This ones can compare like a sneakers, your running shoes, whatever you want to call them. Tennis, shoes, Skechers Nikes, if you looking for something, that’s gonna, match the comfort of your running suit. This boot right here, they’re super comfy.

This was a run at 129 plus tax, so they’re not that cheap, now I’ve tried so many goods out there that are in that market. Bible, Evans, magnums, Bates, Danner’s Rivard, all the tactical boots brands are out there, I had Kyle. You know I spent quite a bit of money, trying different rats, but they cannot compare to this one. This one’s are like my number one go-to.

If I’m going to be on my feet, the whole thing they’re comfortable lightweight. Now the only downside that this boots have that they cannot compare to other one, it’s a material that they use the material that they use can definitely use a improvement as I’m about to show you after purchasing this boots, using them everyday out on the dock. The material-wise give it five six months, they’re gonna start tearing, as you can see right here, close see this right here, starting to care also and uh in ER.

It’s gonna be a little harder for you to see, but here on the where the heel goes, it’s starting to tear as well. That’s the inner liner that wraps in the back of your heel, it’s starting to tear same with this one see where the shoelace goes, where, where theis here get it up close, see that right there starting to turn this one? It’s when you tie up your shoelaces and when you’re walking it keeps rubbing.

So that’s the only problem with this boots, the quality, the materials that they use on this boots. I wish they’d use a better material that last summer, even though they’ll from a little bit on price, if they’re comfortable, it’ll be worth it now. The rubber outsole here, as you can see five months and it’s worn out as it gets in here, it’s quite out the other side and plus I, had to walk on even two, but you can see where my heel puts pressure on and it’s wasted down here.

Another thing: this boots: they are not oil resistant and, if you’re walking on tile slippery cows and it’s wet, they don’t have a kick. But other than that they have any other dry floors. You’re gonna have a good grip. That’s the only downside, I wish they can do an update on the bottom of the soul or slipper assistance on wet surfaces. It’ll be a new, see, know better material it’ll be perfect, but putting that aside, after crying other brands, the reason that I’m sticking with this loop- it’s because it’s lightweight and it’s comfortable.

So yes, after five six months of use, if this doesn’t bother, you sing with the inner liner of the heel, it doesn’t feel comfortable or if you don’t mind the feeling of the inner liner rubbing here, you’re the back of your heel, then I guess you can still have some wear on this more users like this, once I put a super feet, insole in them and I use them to you.

Do your work on my hands, get dirty or do some maintenance on the car. So that’s why I keep them, but I had to buy my second pair. That’s how comfortable those boots are putting the material that they use on the side and that in the semester-long six months, they’re gonna start hairy. I mean as long as my feet are happy I’m willing to buy this boots twice a year, because they’ll only last, you six months so expect to be purchasing in a year two pairs of this boot, but they are worth it.

On my opinion, they keep your feet comfortable after a ten-hour shift on your on your job. On being on your feet of walking standing, you come home and trust me. You do not want to take this. If that’s how comfortable it is. When you take off your boob, you don’t get your feet. Pumping the two to do um. This one allows for your feet to expand to get rolling throughout your day that you’re walking man when you’re walking your feet.

They don’t stay. The same thickness are throughout your day. They they will fall because they’re putting pressure on your penis, this one’s will allow your PQ expand. So the toe box is roomy. It’s comfortable. The mesh is comfortable, the width, it’s perfect. They have a little bit extra room for your feet to breathe, they’re, not warm. They have good breathability the material here on the side, and we passed like some pepper by noon.

Those rubbery it has some heel support. Yes, well, as you can see, it’s a nice looking now for the insert got in. So let me show you here and you sent this here on the side. This boots they come with. This insult my hand show em up now the insults, what I do pretty much with all my boots, all the shoes that I will I bind I, get him out, throw him in the trash their trash their.

They don’t had a most support. Once I put light pressure with my fingers, I’m a will to press them into like super thin. Are they cause paper thickness in here, so they’re, not good nanopore? My inserts I have this once I’ve tried this once the he tricks, l 2200 I come in different sizes, as you can see this one’s with this boot perfect now another thing with the insults: if you’re going to be swapping the instance insults this boots, definitely give you the room or your feet even stay comfortable, because the insults that they come with their things, though, if you’re gonna be using another insults, your favorite, and so sometimes they can come a little bit bigger and other group rants.

Once you swap your insoles in putting your feet, it’s gonna be tight. They don’t allow an extra room or other insults that are not meant for those boots. There’s boots you’re able to swap the insoles thicker once thinner ones, this ones. They will still give you enough room for your feet to have that space now also I have super feet. This is my second pair of super feet as well.

This one’s there’s a little bit on the thinner side, they’re, not too cushiony, but for some reason today, they’re comfortable, they are really comfortable. This one’s they were unlike 50 dollars. This part. My second pair on my first pair right here, I, have this scene once get them out, for you see, as you can see, I’m trying to get that pencils here on my old boots and due to the liner that is staring I’m unable to get them out, because it’s a it’s broken liner liner, so I have my second pair in Canada, the worn out, but they’re, really good insoles, so I’m gonna be wearing this one.

All night come here whenever I do yard work. Now my favorite is art. This one’s this one’s I found from my local podiatrist, powerstep Pro. That’s what I currently have this I have to get two pairs of this ones as well. As you can see here, they’re the power step, it’s a little hard to see, but pretty much. This was power step this one’s it’s one of the best and Sousa have ever worn I’m ice.

It’s super comfy I, really recommend this one over the Atrix over the super v-ne and sold out there that when you really get it’s, not the one that you buy it for – on the power step as those ones they’re, not the protec Pro. This ones you can only get them to the diet is so if you’re gonna get power step get the protec row, they have the cushion number on the bottom and that’s how the a boxer looks safe and again, I have more in societal super-comfy one to have little bump towards the bottom of your toe from, but they they don’t work so back to the booth.

This one’s all about sets I their 7-inch I’m super comfortable. Super lightweight I, definitely recommend this one again, I wish they would put more better materials in this booth, something that will last at least a year. Then it would be like the perfect come people, even though they have to point the price a little bit higher. Personally, I was definitely not the money as long as the quality gets a little bit better kind of my name, but for now for what it is, it’s not bad.

120, super-comfy change the whole site. Now I did put the powerset row and this boot it’s like stepping on memory foam. If they’re standing on hard floors, you don’t need a cushiony man. It’s like standing on a fishing mat and a hard floor wearing this really comfortable. Now this one’s they have another booth that looks similar. It’s called the Under Armour stellar tactical boots.

I have those ones as well. Now those ones are tolerable on top, but they use the same bottom. So it’s comfortable now, don’t think with the stemmer compared to the bow sets. The stellar are a little bit more warmer. They don’t. They have less room on the toe box. I was trying to find my matrix and my power step pro on the stellar ones and after putting them on I didn’t had enough high on the toe box.

So they started to bug me I’m, the friend of mine token, so you again, if you’re gonna be swapping your insults, the about sets, it’s a better way to go now. Spellers the they are a little bit stiffer this one has more flexibility. I, definitely recommend this food comfortable, wife’s, really really good with. We are your Peter Peter that we’re gonna be happy with the school hold down the door.

Oh, they can, with their next version, they can use better materials, keep the same comfortableness on the outsole, but with better grip, but for now yeah this boots were in last two five or six months, and by your second pair you don’t mind that being more comfortable, it’s important to you then definitely go with this way, so stay tuned I’ll be doing some more.

We use another attack of tactical boots. Don’t forget to Like comment subscribe to my channel now. Also, our one thing I forgot to mention this boots on the website: they they come in different colors. So if you’re equally or a walk on the trail or camping, they have the light tan color boots. So you don’t have to be getting the black boots.

It’ll, be a perfect mood for you to be going out on your trail. Walk hiking this this whoo, so stay tuned I’ll, do more reviews on other boots, I’ll catch you guys later again. My name is Charlie.

What’s, going on folks? My name is Jeff from zappos com Now. This tactical boot here is made from a synthetic leather and textile upper You’re, also going to get a welded abrasion-resistant film around the bottom of the shoes And. That’s that rough looking stuff. That’s all on the perimeter of the shoe there And, that’s gonna, add another layer of protection to the shoe, so you could wear this for a longer Now up front.

You also have a TPU toe cap and much like that film, that’s gonna, add some protection, but this time for your toes Now up front. Of course you have your laces for a nice secure fit on the medial side of this boot. You have a zip closure with a hook-and-loop, strap right at the top, making it easier for you to get these shoes on to your feet and to assist with that even get a pull tab around the back Now.

The interior of this shoe is lined with a smooth and breathable textile lining. Exactly that’s gonna feel great against the foot And. This is going to be standing on top the Ultralight Micro G™ EVA, midsole, tons of underfoot support and shock absorption through that And below that you have the high traction rubber, lug outsole, that’s gonna, grip onto all sorts of different surfaces in a variety of conditions.

Now. This boot right here is almost as tough as the person wearing them from Under Armour.

And your question is: is why would a like me, obviously, I got broken wings, but I’m still come on with a lot to say: I’m still trying so anyway, if you’re new to my channel, welcome and I do a little bit of everything on my channel, apparently I used to do product reviews on my own channel and I like doing those. So I decided to pick that up again, if you guys are here for the boot review, that’s what we’re about to get – um I do toy videos all kinds of stuff like that.

So if you want to subscribe you’re more than welcome to it, has to support my channel and to keep me making awesome videos like this or like my little special videos and yeah. So basically, I got asked on some social media where I shared my youtube. Video of me talking about these boots and people are basically saying I, don’t believe a woman wears men’s boots like this every day.

I, don’t think. You’re gonna like on and I, got a bunch of negative feedback off of one social media site, and then one of them was actually really nice. Some people were really nice about it and they wanted an updated review of these. So that’s what I’m here to do today. So basically I want to talk to you a little bit about the boots and if you guys have not seen my other video where I review these then I will leave the link to that.

Video in the description box below I also want to tell you guys, I’m, not good at making reviews of stuff. So oh they’re just overcast right now. Sorry guys if it’s dark, I’m, not good at making product reviews at all, I get sidetracked away from the main point of anything but you’re more than welcome to go check that video out. So let’s go ahead and get started in this I’m going to show you guys my everyday wear, um! So yeah, you guys can clearly tell I’ve been wearing these every day since I’ve got them, they’re, muddy, I, just got done, pulling rocks and bottom, please so I’m going to ask a lot of questions.

The smaller size, I found these in and I mentioned it in my other video is actually an A in men’s um. Also I got asked a lot. What was the price you get for these boobs? What was the price? The lowest price I found for these boots were $119, and that was on. That was out of a magazine or actually from the Under Armor store online store thing website, whatever I actually found them on there and yeah.

So I ended up ordering these from a magazine called Mason’s um, so yeah and I’ve ordered information um. If you’re a woman and you’re watching this video and you’re curious about these boots, the smallest size in women’s you’re going to be able to get is it’s basically a 10 which is an 8 in mint, which is the smallest. This boot offers if I’m wrong, and you guys have seen some other place.

You can get these boots with a smaller size. Please let me know, because I don’t want to tell you guys that and obviously be wrong. So I got asked a lot of questions about these and I’m going to answer your got. You guys questions and then I’m going to post this video on all my social media. You guys can check it out. All up, so I got asked rosanell. What kind of socks do you wear with these boots? I tried boot socks, that’s what I call them they’re.

Basically, above your ankle, you know on your leg a little further and I also tried long socks. I did not like either one as they were too hot. These boots have like zero breathing to them, they’re really really hot. The other thing I want to say, which is these are the only two things that I had an issue with with these boots, there’s basically no spots for them to breathe.

The only airflow that gets in is up here, which, therefore, is what I’m about to tell you guys the socks I wear with mine are ankle. Socks I got these from Walmart and they’re like yeah. They have hole in them, but anyway they’re. Basically the athletic socks from Walmart I think they’re. Danskin I can’t remember that maybe Hanes I don’t know so. Yeah I wear those with them.

So that’s what I wear over these boots? I’m up in the woods getting bushes, that nurseries want selling bushes. It’s hard work, you you’re, basically a day’s hike in the woods. So you want things to be very comfortable. Your boots are your main thing. They can protect you from snakes. They can get you in get you out and also when I’m in the woods I want to feel safe in my foot area when I wear a sneaker, teeny shoe or flip-flops in the woods, I do not feel safe at all, so you’ll slip now you’re stuck and you guys get to see basically my whole day just members.

So let’s go okay, so I’m wasting these kinds of now I’m sure you guys are going to my car for a little kiss when lacing these up to help with air flow is leave the top kind of loop. So we want to tighten your bottom and your mid stirring, but you want to leave your fault open. You want to leave the top. We do with a loss of a scaler on got there real, tight radios for me now, because I will turn up on the mic ever the rap of them.

I think give it like so much but I. Give apart, like that, real look, how you feel independent cuz I, don’t need a deal, take the mic and not just on the pill, pick up the fight. They don’t care. How I feel remember my grandpa passed away and they killed my dad. I saw it like I, said promised one minute promise not pursue my dreams, no matter how they feel and I can’t check out the pita stupid we killed it.

Make sacrifices, always working no see when they call it over Linda spotlights on me when I decide to step in the building for their radio music. You listen to that. In high school, I was unpopular, never fit in with the cool they were busy partying and making a bunch of excuses. I stood home built in Minecraft I. Had a dream I’m pursuing it’s hard to have these hopes dream, especially when I Oh you don’t have to predation.

You don’t have to have hay for me. You don’t have words to say to me: you don’t even have to pray for me. Do you cuz I’ll, do me until today they don’t through remember back there back seven friends told me to not to primitive. She said that if you need me, then I got you when I needed, you most we’re ghosts and you left me for the empty and I lost hope you want me to fight.

How can I cope slowly, realizing I first come and go find them myself at the end of the world. I’m Dinah, sighs but live like I. Won’t the top is getting closer or those beneath me are getting farther every day. I’m growing, closer I see that I’m, not a part of society, they’re high and me dying for me to fall apart. Cause I have a chance to admit there, because I’m working, harder, I was a part of the kid.

That’s who asking. Why don’t they like us? It’s like, we don’t exist. We’re there, but they do not mind us I’m a little men. So it’s okay to dream. What you are my spread imposed on my way to wanna fly.

This is Lauren with tactical gear, comm, unarmed, ER, booth and I’m joined by Adam, and he’s going to show us the new update to a popular shoe Adam what he had for us. So this is the update to the iconic Val sets RTS is the vow. Sets are TS 1 5 made some really really great updates to this boot, starting with the outsole, so we updated the lug design on the outsole. We’ve deepened the lugs a little bit more to give a little more bite to those off-road surfaces. We also expanded the surface area, the lug as well, and change the compound of the rubber.

So it’s a lot stickier than the previous version. It still has the same great micro, G midsole, so it’s really comfortable underfoot for all day long wear and then we also updated the textile pattern. So this textile is going to be super. Durable, really wanted to just give it a little more BER leanness, but still create the lightweight breathability that we had in the bow sets RTS originally same boots same guts. To this thing it still fits the same. The only thing we added on the interior is a Cooper on top sheet to the sock liner.

It’s proven to kill 99 9%, the bacteria that causes athlete’s foot, so lots of great updates and the valve sets are TS. Can you tell me a little bit more about these laces? They seem a little unique. So the lace pattern on this boot allows you to really be unique, and if you have different volumes of feet, you can actually switch the lace pattern and augment it in order to be able to fit either. You know you can skip one. You can skip to really just fits a wide variety of feet. Well, thank you.

So much Adam. This has been Lauren attacked with your calm.

America and today, as you guys, can see, I have not one but two pairs of Under Armour boots for a comparison review. Now this video has been requested already so many times on both of these boots commands because they’re so similar, and it’s really hard to make a decision, so I decided to finally go ahead and do that now. This is the first comparison review that I’m doing so.

Let’s see how it goes. We have today, Under Armour Val sets one of the most popular tactical boots from Under Armour, and we have Under Armour stellar tech, one of the most popular tactical boots from Under Armour, and you will see why it is so hard to make decision on which one to buy now, let me get both of them out of the box and let me get the boxes out of the way.

Usually I keep the box around just in case, but this time we will go ahead and leave it out. So if you don’t have time to watch the whole review, which really you shoot, if you want to make decision, you should watch the whole review anyway. Brief overview. Under Armour val, set excellent comfort level, I, absolutely love it very comfortable, very lightweight, currently running about a hundred and thirty dollars on Amazon Under, Armour, seller, tech, I, absolutely love the comfort level of this boots as well, very lightweight, very good, balanced outsole, just like here that provides good traction, good stability currently about $90 on Amazon.

So, yes, stellar tech are a bit cheaper, but, however, keep in mind what I’m reviewing right now is the Val says here they do have the side zip. Now they have both both of them available with the side, zip and without the side. Zip. With the side, zip is going to be a little bit more expensive, probably 1020 dollars. So the stellar tech wiz decide zip, which these ones are not with the side zip.

They actually do go for about 110 120, so very similar pricing right, very similar pricing very similar looks and let’s go ahead and start a review. So, as some of you already know, this review is specifically for my ultimate survival boots section. Basically, if you had these two pair of boots right laying around in your house and something terrible happened, you know war natural disaster and you had to choose between the two put them on and then go and walk for extended periods of time run.

Fight jump climb do whatever needs to be done to survive right, which one would you choose? It’s such a tough choice. Well, let’s try to figure this out. How do we make the judgment? Usually I judge by a different criteria and we will stick to them and go kind of along the way and see where the path leads us. The criteria. Number one is the comfort level, as I said already in the beginning.

Both of these boots are absolutely great. I love the comfort level of this boot, but let’s dive into the details. First of all, the weight. Let’s take a look at the weight and see who wins this category. The lighter boots obviously wins. Both of these boots are size, 10 and just keep in mind, and both of them know their different feet, but I, don’t think it really shouldn’t matter anyway.

Other are Merville. Sets 15 3 and there is nothing inside nope, nothing inside 15, 3, Under, Armour well set Under Armour stellar attack, 17 3, so 2 ounce difference 2 ounce difference. We have stellar tag 2 pounds heavier than Val sets, so Val sets do win in the weight category. Honestly, 2 ounce is barely anything really whenever it comes to your boots. I always because I personally prefer to have lighter boots so that I can move faster, run job whatever needs to be done right, no restriction of the movement, and if you prefer that you should be looking at anything under 20 ounce, so both of these boots are definitely well under 20 ounce, but you know a little bit lighter still a little bit nicer.

Okay, so, let’s get into the inner sole now. Another factor that contributes to that amazing comfort that these boots do provide all right. Let’s take out the inner soles from both of them. Val sets. First, we have the inner sole from Val set, which is actually not a very basic, not your average inner sole. This is actually from Capron, which is the company that works with Under Armour.

That makes these special inner soles. Basically, this has this anti antibacterial qualities right. If you know your feet are sweating or something like that, it will keep the order and they will keep the bacteria from spreading, and then we have the inner sole from stellar attack, which is just a basic, nothing, special, inner sole. But here’s one main thing that I wanted to point out.

There is some extra cushioning here on the heel whenever it comes to the val set inner sole, there isn’t any on the stellar tag. Also, as you can see, there is some arch there’s a nice shape to it. That gives you extra support for the heel as well as for the for your, you know, for the arch. So here, however, on the stellar tag, this one is just flat. So keep that in mind whenever it comes to.

However, however, one very important thing to point out whenever it comes to the inside, though of the boot, if you take out the inner soles val set, it goes straight into that hard rubber. If you touch it without the inner sole. However, however, the stellar tag, they do have some extra cushioning in there. They have that nice jelly cushioning before it gets in all honesty, you can wear this boots without the inner sole and they will still be nice and soft and comfortable, unlike with these ones, so I just made it harder for you.

I know you are like oh yeah. This is definitely better, but then, if you look on the inside without the inner sole stellar, tech are actually a little bit better. So keep that in mind both of them feel very comfortable, but keep that in mind. Okay. So next thing, let’s talk about is the toe box, alright, so the toe box in the stellar tech. We have obviously you know leather outside there isn’t much cushioning from the inside.

If you do prefer a more spacious toe box, I think you might appreciate stellar tech a little bit more because the tool box in the val sets boots they it does have that cushioning on the inside, which kind of gives you that wraparound feeling right whenever you put your foot in it, sort of hugs your foot I do personally prefer that much more because whenever you are running it prevents your food from wobbling back and forth right in especially in the toe box area.

I like that, but some people do prefer that extra spacing, and here, if you put your hand inside which I am struggling because I couldn’t put inner sole properly. If you put your hand inside, you will feel that cushioning in the toe box, which feels really nice I personally, do like that. But keep that in mind. Okay, another factor that contributes to the comfort is, of course, the flexibility of the outsole, and both of these boots are practically exactly the same.

This outsole is kind of very flexible. This outsole is very flexible. This one, however, is a little bit more flexible. As you can see, they are very similar. This one is a little bit thinner than this outsole on the stellar TAC, so it obviously has a a little bit more of the flexibility personally I like the flexible, outsole, the more flexible. It is the easier it is to run properly without putting too much stress on your ankles and obviously on your knees.

Okay, so whenever it comes to the comfort level, you know, I can’t really put one above over. The other I personally would pick Val set on the comfort level because of the toe box and the way it fits. But again, this is not because they’re better. This is just my personal preference. This is more hugging toe box. This is more freer toe box here, other than that, both of them have these great factors and all that sort of stuff.

The only thing that is really kind of different if two ounce of weight right okay, so that was a comfort level. Hopefully that will help you to kind of be the deciding factor. Let’s move on to the criteria number two, which is proofing and protection. Now both of these boots are not advertised as waterproof, so don’t think about them as waterproof. They are advertised as water-resistant, both of them have gusseted tongue.

However, one important thing to point out stellar tag: they do have gusseted tongue going higher than Valse at valses. As you can see, it only goes about probably about three and a half four inch. However, here in the stellar, techs is more like four and a half five, maybe even five and a half inch you know from the from the ground. So again, if you’re, if you’re planning to treat them, you know for waterproofing this, the the stellar tack, they might be a little bit better option.

Now, whenever it comes to the protection, there isn’t really much of the difference between the two. There is some harder rubber here on the front on the Val’s house, as you can see on the toe, there isn’t any here, however, the toe itself is a little bit harder on its own plus it’s a leather, so it has those durable qualities of the leather on the stellar tack. Whenever it comes to ankles, Val sets has a little bit more protection on the ankles, not much, but they do have this rubber design that is going and that kind of adds up to that protection heel both of the heels are reinforced.

They are hard so keep that in mind. Okay, so down with the proving and protection. Let’s talk about the criteria number three, which is the quality and design features now both of these boots have a lot of reviews and Amazon. Like I said. These boots are some of the most watched reviews on my channel here now: I review them both with the side zip without the side zip both of them and people do like that people do buy them, people stay faithful to them.

You know some people just use them for work and they’ve been using them for years and years and years- and this is like their fifth or sixth pair- that they’re buying quality wise. There are some complaints here and there for both of the boots. You can find them on my channel on the reviews, individual reviews and also on Amazon. You know some people complain about the you know little things failing here and there something some glue on sticking.

It happens really. You know it really depends on the quality control whenever boot comes out of the factory, sometimes because Under Armour is such a big company, it happens if you do have a defective pair, just replace it. I had mine for more than a year now and neither of those fail. These are obviously brand new for the demonstration, but I do have my personal ones that I keep wearing on a daily basis and they do just fine okay.

So, let’s talk about the design features, which is very important, as you can see, the lacing system is very, very similar. It’s practically the same. We have the same clothes hooks on both three pairs of clothes wounds on both honestly I am NOT. A fan of the lacing system on both of these I think it’s bad, it’s very hard to tighten them. The strings do not slide around very easily I’m.

Not a big fan of this now, obviously well says they do have the side zip here, which makes this particular pair easier to put on, but again, like I, said stellar tech. They do have the option with the side zip as well, which is exactly the same, just the rest, decisive and they are obviously easier to put on as well other than that. There is really not much to talk about here whenever it comes to the lacing system now another one thing that I wanted to point out here in the design feature.

Since we are talking about design and the differences, as you can see visually the boots are different. Now we have a clearly tactical boot, a very standard look of a good tactical military boot and we do have sort of a hybrid between a sneaker and a tactical boot. Now some people for some people, the more of a standard tactical look, might be more appropriate, especially if they’re, if you, if you’re getting it for your work right, this might be more appropriate.

This might be the way to go for you keep this in mind. This is probably one of the main differences is that this do look more like a sneaker sneaker boot compared to this ones that have more standard look okay. So let’s talk about the criterion number for the outsole traction and stability, and this one is one of my favorite parts in both of the boots both of the boots.

They do have distinctively different design of the outsole, but both of these boots perform absolutely amazing on literally anything you throw at this boot because both of them are very nicely balanced. Now this is stellar tag, and this is val set. As you can see, the idea is kind of the same. There is a very similar amount of aggression, but there’s also a very similar amount of flatness.

So this boost from very well on surfaces like tarmac asphalt, rocky road, wet grass, dry grass, wet sand dry sand flat surfaces. They performed very well like tile marble. You don’t slide around on those surfaces and I know it can be very important, for you know a lot of people who are getting this book for work so I do absolutely love the outsole of this boat. So very nicely done.

They kind of look very similar. The design is different, but the idea behind it is very similar. Uh there there are some grooves again on this side as well that help you with some climbing. If you need to climb a rope or anything like that, I think other armor could have done a better job on both of them by going kind of in a little bit to give you that extra ridges here on the sides right but not are not a huge huge deal now very similar structure of the outsole.

In general. We have a softer rubber here on the top, which is a little bit thinner on the valve, set a little bit a little bit thicker on the stellar tack, and we have this very thin layer of a very hard rubber. That kind of gives you that protection for penetration and also gives you that those grooves necessary for the traction and stability all right. So let’s talk about the next criterion, which is very quickly it’s the temperature.

Basically, both of those boots are very similar whenever it comes to the temperature. I was testing them both in Florida about 95 degrees, weather and they’re. Very breathable I do like both of them. There isn’t really any any preference which I would pick one over the other whenever it comes to the temperature. Now, if you do have experience with any of these boots in the snow, let me know guys in the comments below it will be very, very helpful for everybody else.

Now. Let’s talk about really quickly, the sizing both of those boots are definitely true to the size. My normal shoe size is nine and a half and I always get my boots in half a size bigger. So these are size 10 to give you that extra space really good advice that I got from one of my hiking friends. Basically, what that gives you is. It gives you that little bit of extra space, if you’re going down the hill, your food is not sliding forward and banging on the front of the toe box, and that can really save your toe.

You know definitely a good advice, all right, so that was the sizing. Let’s talk about the criteria, number seven balance of application. So if this really one of these was your last boot, you know which one would you pick for your survival honestly huge, huge, very, very tough question, as you can see, because this boot are both great they’re, both very similar I would say.

If you want more of a tactical look, a standard tactical look, you probably want to go with stellar tag. If you are fine with your boot, looking a little bit as like a sneaker boot and not like a standard tactical boot, you can probably go with val set. If you prefer a little bit more spacious toe box, you probably want to go with stellar tag. If you do like, like myself, that wraparound feeling you probably want to go with val cells, because this one they just nicely wrap around the your food I I do like now.

If you do want more protection in the toe, you probably want to go with the stellar tag, because this toe is harder. If you don’t really care about protection in a toe, but you do want a lighter boot. Even if it’s just a little bit lighter, you probably want to go with val set if there isn’t much protection here, but they are two ounce lighter overall. Both of these boots I think would be an amazing option for your survival as you’re surrounded, honestly I’m glad I have these, because you know, if anything happens, I know I’m prepared.

The only thing I wanted to recommend here. My myself good recommendation is get yourself a version whether if whether you’re getting stellar, tack or valses get yourself a version with the side zipper, because you will think it’s so much easier and so much faster to put the boot on when you have that side zipper other than that all the survival. You know these both of these definitely make my top ten of all the boots that I have reviewed on this channel and I reviewed a lot of boots.

These are definitely both of them on the top ten I do absolutely love both of these books, personally, which one I would pick of both of these before we get into the next criteria, which kind of helps determine things too. I would personally pick Val Seth, because I prefer more mobility. Although this provides you plenty of mobility, they don’t restrict your movement at all and they are very light, but these are just a little bit lighter and I also do like their fit, because they give you that wraparound feeling that’s really it and I don’t care about the standard.

Tactical look! That’s really it that’s it, but both of them are absolutely amazing. Okay, so the criteria number eight, the last one also good deciding factor, which is the price and, like I said, the price is very similar. This do run at hundred and thirty. These ways the side zipper do run at about hundred hundred and ten hundred and twenty, depending on the size, depending on where you’re buying them from so very similar pricing.

These ones are a little bit more expensive, but as you as you notice, they do have some extra things like this copper on inner sole, which makes adds up to the expensive Ness. But you can get this cheaper too, if you will find them without the side zipper without the side zipper, they run cheaper whenever it comes to the price, for both of these are definitely a fair price and really anything out there that I’ve tested so far in this price range.

It’s really hard to compete with what these boots offer. So I think the price is very fair. These ones are a little bit more expensive, this one a little bit cheaper, so guys. Thank you very much for watching I know, there’s been a long review. I think I was able to help you. You know whenever it comes to making decision between the two, because, as you can see, they’re very similar same brand and the price is very similar.

The features are very similar, but it’s just you know little thing here. Little thing there so pointing out this little things, I hope I was able to help you make. You know the decision for yourself and make the right decision for yourself, and let me know in the comments below if this review was helpful. Let me know I I, always I, always read all your commands. If you think it was helpful and you say it, you know, I definitely appreciate it.

It helps me, you know, keep keep on going with this channel and also, if you do have criticism and if you would suggest something you know it should have done differently. Definitely let me know in the comments below as well. I would I read all of them and I consider all of them requests. Let me know, thank you very much guys for watching. This was a comparison review of Under Armour stellar tag and Under Armour Valse at, and this was firearms of america and I’ll see you guys in the next video.

Marketplace here and today, we’re going to review and talk about the Under Armour valve sets RTS 1 5 when searching a lifer reviews about this boot I couldn’t find a lot more other than what Under Armour had announced, and there were no objective reduce about the boot and considering that I’ve been using and wearing the old version for a couple of years now, I decided to get this one and give it a fair review for anybody who’s. Considering the new boot.

Anyone who used a previous version of the VATS. It knows that this is an extremely comfortable boot. You feel like a sneaker does not mean a break-in period and it’s extremely comfortable for people who have to perform their duties on their feet for a long period of time. Some of the updates on the RT is 1. 5 are the following fabric on the upper side of the boot has been improved and it is now more assistance to puncture and a little bit more water resistant.

It’s not waterproof and you can operate and work under the rain without much issue. The outsole pattern has also been improved with bigger knobs and a little bit deeper to improve traction over a number of different surfaces, especially when working on gravel roads. The inside of the boot now has a coupe run, insole for inter microbial purposes and also to prevent odors. It’s been at least. The protection on the heel and itself has also been improved for more durability.

These boots are known for coming apart on the junction of the sole in the boot itself. So supposedly this is going to solve that problem and also, but take your fee for many elements that can harm it other than that. This boot is really not that much different compared to the previous version. It is ten dollars more in the US market, I’m, not sure why maybe they change manufacturers, we never know sometimes when they release a new version.

Maybe a one-point 500 2 0 version it’s not because the product is actually improved, but it is because maybe the end of the relationship with a previous supplier, they needed to find a new supplier to produce their product either way. This is an excellent product at 129 dollars in the US market. It’s a great buy that I’m, not a lot of shoes that you can buy for that kind of money that will perform as good as this one. One last thing and it’s a common question is: what do you compare it with? There are not a lot of things that you can compare with the vasant’s, because it’s in an inch of its own there, not a lot of boots that are this light and this comfortable for military and law enforcement.

Maybe salomon will have a couple of models that are competing with the val suits, but this is a pretty unique product and definitely worth their money. Alright, guys things are for spending this time with me, I’d like to keep review so much short just because I have a TV, so I can not pay attention to somebody talking for long periods of time, just as a personal opinion. Now there are more about since it’s indubitably a good purchase for the money.

If you’re looking for a comfortable shoe that can operate in most environments, it is lightweight, don’t hesitate in purchasing this product. You can find this and many other products, a tactical marketplace, that net or tactical – marketplace calm. As always any questions. Any comments are welcome. Just please feel free to share. In the comment section don’t forget to subscribe to my channel, I’m going to be doing a lot more videos in english.

The marketplace is going to expand more in the united states, given that there’s an actual need for unbiased reviews and product tougher I’ll, be taking charge of that, making sure that I provide you guys with that content. Once again, thank you for spending this time with me and watching this video hope you helped you guys, don’t forget to leave me. Your comment. Send me an email shoot me a message. I’ll be happy to respond to all of you, and this is Victor and I’m out.

Hey guys is Jessie with J and J outdoors you on a pair of my under armour tactical boots. These are called the val seats or val sets one thing that underarmour really went for with this boot. They made these to be lightweight, and that’s really. The first thing I noticed when I put them on is it feels like you’re wearing a pair of tennis shoes they’re that lightweight that it’s so comfortable that you feel like you’re wearing a pair of tennis shoes.

One thing I will say when I first put them on I noticed that the soles on these boots were so squishy and I was kind of concerned that these might not hold up, but for the year that I’ve had them. They’ve held up pretty good I wear these boots every day during work hours and they’ve held up pretty good for the price at around $100. Occasionally you can find them for 85, and then you see them on other stores for about 120, but they can be found for around the hundred dollar price range if you’re lucky and you find a good deal, if you found them for $80, I, say pick them up, they’re, a good boot and if you’re someone who’s just going to be wearing these on weekends or just occasional, hiking trips, or things like that, pick them up.

They’re, going to last you a long time if you’re like me, you’re going to be wearing them every day, I want to say that you can expect one to two years, depending on how hard you are on the boot, what type of surface you’re on asphalt, if you’re on concrete or, if you’re, off-road in the dirt and rocks just depending on what kind of surface you’re going to be on I, will say that if you’re going to be on asphalt, I I’m not sure how these things are going to hold up that sole is really soft.

Hopefully you guys that already own these other people can down in the comments. Let us know what you think of Under Armour’s boots me myself, I pretty good for the price $100 for a set of boots, not that bad and for me to get a whole year out of it I’m pretty happy. The the boot has a side zip and a velcro strap here, which is held up. I was a little concerned with that that the zipper is going to wear out.

It’s held up good. Thus, the strings have held up good. The only thing that’s wearing out on mine, this liner right here is breathable liner is starting to tear and the soles are starting to come apart from them at the bottom of the boot. They have really good ankle protection and they have a composite speedlace system right here on the sides. They have really good traction.

Mine are starting to wear a little bit and have your strap back here to help pull them on. They have an added cap here on the front for toe protection and these boots they are 15, 5 ounce and seven inch on height, like I, said I. Think a lot of you guys can find use for these if you’re, especially those who are only going to be wearing them on the weekends or when you go to the range or when you go.

Hiking I think these I don’t know if they’d be good for hardcore hiking, but like a little weekend, hike I think they’ll hold up pretty good I’ve wore these hiking a couple times and they’re very comfortable and, like I said they feel like a pair of tennis shoes, and then you got that ankle protection I think it’s a good option for a hundred dollars, guys that’s just one of my little reviews here of the Under Armour val seats, tactical boots, thanks for watching guys, god bless america, y’all be safe.

Clarks Men’s Chukka Boot Shoes For The Desert

Clarks Men's Chukka Boot Shoes For The Desert

Inspired by the crepe-soled boots worn by British officers in World War II, this handsome chukka delivers comfort and a classic look.

  • 100% Leather
  • Imported
  • Synthetic sole
  • Heel measures approximately 1″
  • Platform measures approximately 0.5″
  • Imported
  • Crepe sole
  • Shoes For The Desert

  • Item model number: 6562
  • Manufacturer: Clarks
  • Type: Shoes For The Desert

Guys, what’s going on in a minute, welcome, would discuss the Clarkes desert boot, the boot that I’ve been wearing for quite a long time and there’s actually my second pair of them and so yeah. Let’s just get on right into it, we’ll flip the camera around and get into it alright. So what we’re looking at is a Clarke desert, boot and beeswax leather. This is a two eyelet chukka boot, otherwise known as an ankle, boot, very flexible, very low-maintenance and I think very stylish.

It’s got this really comfortable, really flexible, crepe, rubber outsole. It’s got this leather that you guys can kind of probably see on this boot. It lightens up as you wear it. Take a look at this one see I got some scratches on them too. These are pretty much I. Don’t wear these everyday, but I wear them. You know sometimes I do maybe like four or five times a week depending on the weather, when I first got this shoe, there’s a lot of buzz about it.

You know. Oh it’s! You know it’s it’s the gateway shoe. Yes, there are other more better quality shoes, probably more comfortable shoes, there’s more shoes that are that are just more durable, especially when it comes down to the water resistance aspect, but I still think it’s one of the most versatile shoes. Any guy can wear casually speaking. That is I’ve worn these with shorts I’ve worn these with jeans, I’ve worn these with chinos and a sport coat moto jacket.

Anything basically with a button-up like I’ve, got on right now, my blue one, the other thing that’s good about it is you can wear it every day and if you don’t really dress up a lot, you just want to get into dressing up. No one’s really gonna say: oh, what are you so dressed up for it just matches, so style is very simple, very unoffensive you’re talking about mostly casual, then yeah I mean there’s.

You really can’t go wrong with them if you’re going from, if you’re, constantly wearing or if you’ve been wearing most of your life, your basic tennis, shoes, Skechers, Nikes edita, is whatever stuff that you find at DSW. This is a very easy transition. It’s not going to feel a whole lot different. It’s gotta feel like you went from one end in spectrum all the way to the other end of the spectrum like you went from I, don’t know: white New Balance to like a black cap, toe Oxford that you’re wearing with suits and tuxedos.

It’s pretty much just like a small step up from your basic trainers and basic running shoes that you’re wearing around going to the grocery store it just. You know my opinion, I think a lot of people share it. It just looks a lot better. You know, you’re gonna get a lot more style points. If that’s that’s what you’re going for you can kind of see. I’ve got a couple of scratches on this one, a couple of wear marks, and this one too, like a pair of jeans, it just kind of gets better with age.

I think this. This is kind of like this color I think this is a natural color of the shoe. It gets dirty really fast. Some people might not like that. There you go, there’s a natural color. Somebody might not like that. I personally I think it looks pretty cool. You know it gets better with age. You don’t need to worry about. You know, conditioning them. You don’t need to worry about.

You know it’s not a lot of upkeep with these boots. Overall, it’s it’s. Basically, it’s like a pair of jeans pair of jeans, a pair of Converse or vans canvas sneakers. If you wear those things you know they get better with age or a leather jacket too. These boots have zero zero arch support. There’s no shank in there. As you can see, it’s just super super flexible. You know, there’s not a lot to them.

There’s not a lot to them. I will say that this crepe rubber outsole is very very soft. Pricey I mean, and that makes it extremely comfortable. I would say it’s almost me about this shoe not that everyone asked me about these shoes, but very few people asked me about these shoes, but I always I always think that it’s almost like walking on a gym mat you’ve got no support. It’s like you’re, walking, barefoot, but you’ve got a whole bunch of cushion and I can say that these shoes have become extremely comfortable there, but, like I was saying before they become one of my go-to shoes, if not my go to shoes, so initially, not really that comfortable, but now, like I, said we’ll just put to fix that looks better.

Like I said they’re one of the most comfortable shoes I on I’ve always liked shoes that are super flexible shoes that are like kind of rigid and rough like like a like a running shoe type, not really my thing. I’ve had a couple in the past: I’ve had a couple of black ones. You know I, try to wear them, but I’m always just more comfortable in a pair of vans or these where you know, especially if you’re bending down a lot like a baseball catcher.

You know this thing’s not really gonna, fight your feet and I just find it’s gonna, be a heck of a lot easier to to live with. So that’s just me, you may not like that. You may want something that has a little bit more support me. Another thing too, with the comfort is, this is more with a fit that fit is Comfort it’s hard to get a good closure on these, because there’s only two eyelets right here: there’s those four eyelets two eyelets.

So if you tie this too tight, it ends up. For me at least, it ends up hurting the top of my foot. But if you leave it too loose, you almost get a flip-flop effect. It’s it’s really weird when I first put them on, if I’m not wearing them for a few days, let’s say like I’m, not wearing the three or four days the fit super loose, but then, as I go about my day, I just stop thinking about it.

It just kind of moves with your foot. It’s kind of the best way I can say it for the price of a hundred and thirty dollars. Full full price haven’t really found these on sale, although I think they’re, they might be on sale on Amazon I think they held up great, like I said. This is my second pair. My second pair of them, my first pair wore out and I, remember when I first got them, because this crepe sole is so soft I was like oh geez, I’m gonna wear through these in six months and two years later, they were still going on strong I mean obviously two years into it.

There weren’t as comfortable as bad you’ve got a new pair once this gets kind of smooth. You lose a lot of cushion under here on the ball. Your foot and under, like your toe knuckles. If you would I, have had some instances of my first pair, where this part comes up, not really worried about it too much. It’s not they. You know. For me, this is not the type of shoe that I’m gonna go take to the to the shoe cobbler, the shoe repair person and get new soles on them.

Just do a new pair, especially if I’ve had them for over a year this one yeah, you can kind of see you get a little bit right there that may affect rain rain might get in there. But these really are not the best shoes to wear in rain. That’s another thing too I wanted to discuss. Everyone says these shoes are horrible, horrible horrible in the rain, I, don’t think they’re horrible! Obviously, disclaimer I’m not recommending anyone go walk around these things and in the rain, if you fall, you know you could always fall and slip and hurt yourself in the rain me if it comes down to walking on concrete or asphalt.

I have no problem with these I don’t slip in them when it comes down to walking like New York City has some sidewalk that are smooth almost like a smooth marble. That’s slippery sewer caps, slippery metal grates very slippery in the rain. These things do then. It feels like you’re walking on ice everything else. I mean as far as the traction of walking. It’s really not as bad as my experience, maybe I, just maybe I’m just more careful again, not my first choice for if it’s gonna rain all day, I don’t want to wear these, but if it’s only raining in the morning and I’m, only walking from my house to my car, my car to my office, my office to another, you know I’m only walking outside for like less than five minutes, I, don’t necessarily know that I’d want to wear a big bulky pair of rain boots.

I’d rather just deal with my feet, getting a little bit wet and it depends on the temperature outside too. After all, they are desert boots and our rain boots. In conclusion, I think that these shoes are a really good value. I think they’re, really comfortable I think for 130 bucks. They do wear well and I. Think that, because of how versatile they are, you can wear them pretty much and just swap out your regular white New Balance shoes and your tennis, shoes and you’re good to go with these.

Like I, said it’s a little bit easier if you’re transitioning from wearing sneakers all the time. All day every day, this is gonna feel a little bit easier. It’s just gonna, be it’s gonna, be soft. Like a sneaker, it’s gonna be more casual like a sneaker, it’s just gonna be an easier. It’s not gonna, be like I said from one extreme to another cons about these shoes. You know. Sometimes it does bother my arch because there’s no litter, we know our support.

Lately, they’ve been pretty comfortable in there. I’ve had any issues at all. They one of my go-to shoes I, also don’t like that. It’s just a very loose fit. It just kind of feels really weird at first once you get used to it. You get used to it, though, if I could fix one thing about this shoe to make it almost. The perfect shoe for me would be give me a shoe that I’m not gonna, be scared to walk around in the rain for I know, I said they’re, versatile, but they’re, a casual shoe, really can’t dress them up very much.

If you’re wearing an oxford shirt and a pair of khaki, chinos, khaki, colored, chinos Gracie knows blue chinos. Blue jeans, like I’ve, got on right now. Yeah, it’s gonna, look great! You try wearing a sport coat on there, you’re kind of getting to their limit I, wouldn’t wear them with the suit I’m sure someone out there does and sure it looks great. It’s just they’re more of a casual shoe.

It’s not really something, and even if you work in a business, casual environment or professional environment, where you got to look good, there’s, probably a lot more other options out there with a smooth leather non, contrasting sole type like that. So that’s it guys! That’s my little! That’s my little review on the Clarks desert boot thanks for tuning in and see you next time, everyone have a good day stay healthy.

There is nothing quite as versatile as the desert boot. The desert boot was originally worn by the British Army, but we quickly came a cult classic as it was the perfect casual dress shoe. The go-to brand for desert boots has always been Clarks, a classic British shoe company that was founded in the 1800s. Unfortunately, the boots are no longer made in Britain, as Clark’s has, since outsourced most of its production to Asia, while construction and most materials have been outsourced, Clark’s most affordable desert boot still uses suede and leathers from the Charles F stead tannery the same tannery that supplied materials for the original boot.

The upper is composed of two pieces of suede that are joined together with a double stitch. The suede is thin and there isn’t much structure but durability of the upper has never been an issue. The unlined toe box can also be a little roomy, so for sizing I would suggest sizing down at least half a size. The weakest point in the shoe is going to be the crepe outsole.

While it is comfortable the soft rubber wears away quickly. The good news is, the outsole does have a recraft able stitch, but the cost of a result is around $75. The beauty of the Clarks desert boots is the simple construction. The upper has no branding, and the overall silhouette is sleek and clean. These shoes work well with trousers denim and, of course, chinos I wouldn’t recommend wearing them with shorts, but I have seen some guys pull it off.

If you’re looking to add some variety and texture to your outfits for the fall winter season, the Clarks desert boot is my go-to boot I hope you enjoyed the quick look at the Clarks desert boot. As always, thanks for watching and I’ll see you in the next one.

Coming out each day, what’s up fellas, it’s your boy, gasps come back again with another video, so today’s video we’re doing a quick unboxing review of the clock, desert, boot or choco pool if you’re wondering what the difference between a choco put in a disabled they’re. Both the same thing is just like a sports jacket and a place. So this is my fifth pair I actually can’t believe it I mean, as I started filling up.

My wardrobe I notice that the chocolate is my favorite little that I know and I have like five pairs. I got. My rock sports I got my New Republic and I had to Pershing little bit. You know, I was wondering you know collage this, which are the originals. Why don’t I always so you know I finally went online. Look for that cheapest, Paris I got mine, so I can order. My first Amazon I got in a really sweet deal and I’ll explain more of that a little bit later, so here it is get to get so before we begin.

We cannot start a tug of boot without their history and of the reason why they got their name. The desert boot is because they have a little absurd history, and so yes, they were made for war. So back in World War two, the British. When we’re going to North Africa, you know they needed some nice clean shoes because a lot they took. You know the word, the debtor. You know they have sand and sand getting all over their shoes just like when you go to the beach.

You know when you go to the beach in your thong check your shoes, you get sand all over it spray people. You know they needed some of this, that they were easily. You know able to move around and you know just and we just slide off and that’s how the desert boot was created. Okay, so, like I mentioned earlier, it came with a white bag. I order in Amazon and I managed to get mine for so I fight, look for $84 right and then so.

I was like all right. So that’s the cheapest I found so far so I added to card. So when I was already like, you know continuing to proceed, my check out, they added an extra. You know eight dollars off so I I mean I, thought I was cool and they don’t show that when you’re like check the shoes out, they actually give you the apply that promo discount. Once you, you know as two card in your proceed. Checkout so I’ll have a link in the description.

You have to go check it out yourself, but I still managed to get this one for $65, because I have a mess up, I’m at some store club, and that’s like you know, every time you buy on their store to give you like point points point so I like an extra $10, so I managed to get my for $65. So, let’s begin so here it is Clark’s original. Finally, some clark lizardy here is such a beauty. So another way where you could tell in this chat that the desert put because of the dumb soul or the craic.

So wherever you want to call it and what makes the original clock district was so interesting is that you know they’re well made because they have the stitching on top of the leather. You know that makes it a really good quality shoe. So before I share the experience and the quality and the durability compared to my other boots, imma go ahead and try them on go over it and see how they held up in a weekend.

You’ll see in a couple of minute you all right, so we finally made it back to the spot here to boot. Let me know what you guys think. Let me know if you guys, like the office for all what you guys think about this boot, if you guys like it but um so I want to begin with the fit it actually did not fit it fit me like if it was a ten and a half an hour and nine and a half and certainly think maybe they stamped it wrong.

Maybe it is a ten and a half and you know set it as a nine and a half because uh you know for sure they make mistakes -, it’s just like when you go to a fast-food restaurant and you order of burgers window pickles, but these still poop pickles, normy, so anyways and another thing that I person a person is didn’t like about it is you know when you look at it and that Eagles iPhone of you, it looks like – flat, like you know, I guess I’m just not used to it very much and I, don’t like it! Well, you know one of my friends really did like it and he actually you know it doesn’t like this or boot, but you actually put interest on this one on the side like when you’re looking at from the side, I I like it actually in title but anyways.

If you’re planning of getting this shoe- and maybe you should like just half size down like half a size. Maybe you know that worked but, like my brother did order some desert boots. He order the black ones and he order it. You know it’s actual site and it fit so you know I, don’t know how it happens, but it happens so anyway. This is it for today’s video and if you’re new to this channel, don’t forget to hit the subscribe button for more videos like this one.

They will really help me out and, like always, it’s your boy, gas coming at you gained from HD SNS and when you a good tip and lifestyle Asia peace.

Saucony Men’s Cohesion TR13 Trail Running Shoes For The Desert

Saucony Men's Cohesion TR13 Trail Running Shoes For The Desert

Tackle any terrain with confidence in the all new Cohesion TR13. Featuring a reinforced upper for added protection and durability, versafoam midsole technology and a rugged outsole, This neutral trail running shoe lets you tackle the toughest of trails and beyond, mile after mile.

  • Synthetic-and-mesh
  • Imported
  • Rubber sole
  • Shaft measures approximately mid-top from arch
  • Heel grid system offers stable cushioning shoe
  • Category: neutral
  • Shoes For The Desert

  • Manufacturer: Saucony
  • Type: Shoes For The Desert

There is a lot to like for an amazingly low price in the silk Nikki Heejun 12. What these shoes lack in technology they make up for in a consistent and comfortable ride. The cohesion checks in as the cheapest neutral shoe offered by the brand and is designed for beginner and budget-minded runner. They compete against other brands, such as the adidas, durham, o nike, wind blow acids, gel contends and many others.

When the shoe arrived, we’re impressed by the overall design, they’re, obviously not as flashy at the triumph iso, but a solid looking shoe. One of the first things we noticed was that the upper had a lot of easy, visible stitches. The colorway is subdued and when looking at other offerings in the shoe they’re, all pretty driving, colorings, myoma, gray and navy blue the other to pull away is a good metal, so dark gray and black and silver and red.

So if you like, grey, then great, when putting on the shoe we’re in very impressed by the feel the cushion was impressive and the shoe incredibly comfortable for standing, it did really well on the old day test. Beyond that. We’re impressed at how nice the cushioning felt during the first run, so overall, a really positive.

First impression: the keynesian uses a single layer, a versa, foam, cushioning on the top and midsole they use 29 millimeters of foam under the heel and 17 millimeters under the forefoot, so a 12 millimeter drop, which provides ample cushioning for most runners. The material have a very nice soft feel, however, is lacking in the responsiveness you would get from soft knees ever run material.

What you get here is a cushion that a something they can lock the miles, but it gets sluggish when you do turn up the pace, the outsole, it is durable, rubber, material decently flexible. However, this layer of rubber ended up being one of the pieces of the shoe that left us most disappointed. The outsole is solid on most of the runs and when on dry surfaces, however, it lost most of its grip on surfaces, and it was pretty concerning when we took it out on snow or ice, but then again, what regular road shoe isn’t.

With this concern laid out, the overall impression was positive, considering the price and the technology use, the ride was smooth and consistent. If not amazing, we love runs of 10 12 and 13 miles in them, and we’re really happy to keep on going beyond that. We wanted to see how well it lasted, so we actually ended up logging more than 135 miles before writing the review over those miles.

We wounded out wounds about how the cushioning would hold up and they do feel just as fresh. Today as the day we took them out the box. The offer fits true to size, but it is quite narrow. All the way around the heel is narrow and feel secure in locking the heel in, but it doesn’t seem to widen out too much over the length of the shoe.

The mid foot stays pretty narrow and the forth it’s quite narrow, although not painfully so Socony still uses some of the rubber overlays to keep your feet locked in and add, structure and protection. The upper feel first constructed using all the methods in a way to keep costs down and because of that, the offer is fully seen and doesn’t include an interior supply.

Now this is not a pair of shoes. You’d want to run in without socks. However, the offer does use some nice breathable materials that keep your feet at a cool temperature. Overall. This shoe really surprised us. It’s by no means the best shoe in which we’ve learned. However, it is solid and knows what it is. The shoe was designed to lob miles and just keep rolling.

They weren’t designed to pick up the pace and when we did, they felt sluggish, although they have their negatives so being a little narrow, the midsole lacking responsiveness and the slipperiness of the outsole, those negatives weren’t enough to make us question to whether to put them on for a run or not, we loved more than 135 miles and they’re still holding up their punishment, just fine.

They keep taking every punch which we throw at them. We’re honestly pleasantly surprised by a shoe with a list price of just $60 I’m, all about the combination of price and value, and this shoe definitely delivers that the Socony cohesion 12 is a daily trainer that can log a lot of miles despite a low price tag, the shoe feels sturdy and holds up to some miles.

It’s designed for budget-conscious runner or the beginner for anyone looking just to love miles and who isn’t worried about speed. Could you see.

Okay, so I’m got a pair of silk Oni brand new about 3 8 kilometers ago, so I just did it 3, 8, walking them and a 1k run. You know here’s the box, so it’s just so Coney excursion, TR, 13, size 10, so the box there’s no frills, it’s just that’s all that comes in the box. It’s a bit of paper! That’s the receipts, its $119 from 100 1998, it’s 120 from Kathmandu brought in store in Western Australia, okay, my first set of trail runners, I’ve, never owned any now. I just brought cheap ones, cheap, hiking, running shoes from the White Rabbit supermarket and they last about five K’s.

And then my feet were just going straight for the foam through the heel and I could feel every rock on the ground. So this is my first set of decent trail runners. I suppose you would call a mid range because you can pay up to $300 for trail runners, I’m not going to spend any more than say a hundred more. What I did basically on shoes because I don’t run enough I’m, not after name brand I’m, just after running so I already looked dirty. What I found I’m trying on trail runners? Is you get cheaper ones, and these that, like a d-des and stuff like that and virtually just the sizes, aren’t right, I’m, a ten and a half and a work boot and ten in a decent brand running shoe if I for trying to running shoe and I’m size, nine and a half and I’m? That means IRA, cheap sure and I’m, not getting him.

So these? Actually, after just trying on around that mid range, where the best shoe I’ve tried on, they feel really good like a glove they fit. My shoe I’ve got Flyers biting at moment, March for some dancing around a bit, yeah I know a star attractive in the way they’ve got. The grip saw like a crocodile grip on them. That looks really sturdy. The tip that’s my main thing: cuz I go up steep hills and worrying about that splitting off it’s a big thing and they got the back so I’m, gonna, cheap ones, and these shoes I’ve noticed, don’t have a curve underneath there fully flat, that’s a big no-no, rockin, and these feel really good that they just feel like a shoe.

That feels good, something that I put on and just felt like. No, that fits like a glove I’m, getting them they’re, really light when I picked up the box and in the bag or forgot how light they were I thought there’s just no way to them. It’s got that old-school mesh, which really I think dries out. Quick and apparently these are good for wet weather because they dry, quick and I think that the water doesn’t get in them very easy, but flatness the comfortability is fantastic.

The tread felt good and I ran on the road with them a bit to find you could feel the difference. How chunky the treatise on the main road I wouldn’t like to walk on a long distance in row on row down or pathways, but apart from there, I found them just to put them on, say, yep, I’m, definitely getting and then perfect, fit lightweight and just feel like they’re meant to be on your feet and that’s when I think it should be that you know you found the right shoe for yourself without having to go silly and just pay I’m a two to three hundred for a pair of Nike or something like that just because of the brand.

So they look I think that’s how you pronounce it so Kony or ciccone or saucony so yeah. That’s my review on them say that, there’s that versa foam thing in the middle, they feel good and I. Suppose now it’s just to see how long they last I don’t do massively on a trail running. So I should get a fair few years out of them.

Top features, it is an excellent combination of durability and comfort, durable outsole design lets you grip, even wet surfaces. It has padded tongue and collar feature breathable mesh upper with supportive overlays. The seamless construction lets you go. Softness upper construction, a breathable mesh material makes up most of the upper unit of the Saucony cohesion 9.

This material is more tightly woven in this model, but it still delivers a well ventilated and comfortable coverage. The synthetic overlays on top of the upper unit are able to adjust the fit as they are directly connected to the lacing system. In this model. They’re, thinner and more lightweight, therefore, making the upper slightly more unrestricted, the plush tongue and collar secures the foot while providing additional comfort.

They’re meant to lock the foot down, but they’re also that to keep the fit snug and reduce skin irritation. Sole construction, armor or injection molded eva, is a full length foam that provides shock management when landing the foot on the ground, as well as responsive, cushioning and long-lasting structure. The geogrid system in the rear section of the shoe, carries the foot well and prevents injury and discomfort.

The added cushioning offers more comfort and responsible cushioning, because the heel is the one that mostly carries the weight of the body. An insole has been included and it increases the cushioning it can be removed to follow the preference of the runner when it comes to the thickness and robustness of the under foot platform. The xt 600 outsole material is made of high-quality components that ensure durable protection against wear and abrasion.

The rubber present in this technology is also meant to attraction over the roads. The material doesn’t shed off easily as it’s durable and dependable. The flex grooves on the outsole are visibly seen. There are more of them in the sole commit cohesion. 9 they’re meant to provide flexibility to the wearer, especially in the forefoot area, pros very affordable.

It is extremely lightweight. Breathable mesh on the top layer allows for air to flow easily through the shoe very flexible. She, the midsole has the heel edge system that stabilizes the heel by gripping it well cushioned by advanced cushion integration system, provides good traction heel grid system to support and stabilize the heel. Cons may not be as durable as more expensive running shoes.

Arch support varies by user recommended. If you are looking for very affordable, flexible and extremely lightweight shoes, please check the description below for details and prices, so we will be.

And today we’re going to be taking a look at the Versafoam Cohesion 12 from Saucony This great running shoe from Saucony features. A breathable mesh upper Synthetic overlays are placed in key areas for structural support and added durability. A traditional lace-up design provides a nice secure, fit Padding on the tongue and collar for added comfort. A removable, cushioned footbed is gonna, help absorb shock All on top of the VERSAFOAM shock-absorbing midsole It’s, a lightweight It’s, flexible and, of course, a durable rubber outsole on the bottom as well.

A lightweight, stylish shoe that has plenty of comfort, Pick them up today, They’re from saucony.

Hi I’m Sarah from running shoes guru and today we’re taking a look at the Saucony cohesion 13, so other in lockdown and the gyms are clothes can’t literal normal classes been running a lot more than normal and I’ve just finished testing the Nike reactor, my lab before I switch straight into the cohesion 13 and I was a bit apprehensive at first, because it was a lot. Cheaper, training shoe felt a lot less cushioned and this one with the science specifically for long runs, which I was doing quite a lot of.

It massively exceeded my expectations to start with, and it was immediately comfortable. The fit was really good plenty of room for your toes to move around good cushioning under the foot and this padding around the heel cup and the tongue really impressed me really good and it really performed exceeding my expectations on the first run. So first impressions of the shoe it doesn’t look particularly premium or modern I.

Think if you asked someone to describe or draw a traditional running shoe, they do this and the overlays over the cinema. Sh are just like a printed pattern and the eyelets just sort of punched in, and so these might suffer a little bit over time. Just doesn’t look as premium as some of the shoes running in, however, when you put it on, it does feel comfortable straightaway and the padding is really good. The tongue stays in place and it basically does the job.

It doesn’t feel too heavy underfoot as well, and the outsourced got this durable, thick and rubber on the bottom tort persisted grip, but it stayed quite flexible as well and doesn’t feel heavy and overall reading press to start with the outsole is also identical to be in 1812, and it’s got these flex grooves. It flexes really well underfoot. I had no problems with it. Moving with the shape of the foot, and this or PowerPoint as well means that the heel to toe transitions and good in it as well.

I had no problems with grip, I ran on grass and asphalt on concrete and, and it was totally fine there, the midsole. This is made from Japanese versus run foam when you’re going a bit slower feels pretty cushioned I. Just found when you went a little bit, it felt quite hard underfoot there, but Heejun 13 looks and feels like previous models. I tried, the collegian, 12 and I couldn’t reach help a difference between the two of them.

So if you’re someone that’s looking to replace your 12 in the new model, then great and their heels todra in the asian 13, in the same as previous versions with 12 millimeters, which is pretty high and the higher end of running shoes, and if you’re, someone that lands on your heel first or you can get tight cars and you’re running this heel drop, the extra height is actually really good and off ride with a little bit more support there.

It’s a neutral running shoe, and so there isn’t extra stability. If you’ve got a super high arch, your tend to pronate, probably not the shoe for you and there’s other shoes in the softening ranges the guide and their Liberty ISO that have got a lot more structure and stability in them, but they do come at a higher price tag. -. If this is your first venture into buying a running shoe and you buy this, one I think you’ll be really pleased.

It does the job that it’s made to do it’s way better than wearing any of the track type of training shoe of running in as well. Similarly, if you’re looking to a place, an older version of the cohesion and or a similar entry level and price running shoe, this is a really great choice. However, if you looking something, that’s got low technology super cushioned, super lightweight or bright flashy. Talking point, probably up the shoe for you.

So overall, really happy with, has the Sheep bombed it exceeded my expectations and first impressions right through to when I was doing longer mileage in it really happy with it? Probably not my favorite running shoe out there, but if you don’t know, spend loads of money. One of your first thing that you buy when you starting running this would be a great shoe. Like oil actually reviews on running shoes guru we buy and review the shoes ourselves.

We don’t get free bits and brands and it’s our own money and we run in there at least 50 miles or training them for at least a month before we submit our reviews. If you enjoy our videos, click like and subscribe to our YouTube channel. This way we can continue to keep doing them any comments or feedback or videos you’d like to see hit the comments below.

This, fantastic outdoor running shoe from Saucony features a breathable fabric upper along with abrasion resistant synthetic materials throughout the entire shoe to protect the foot and also provide excellent durability. The shoe itself does feature a GORE-TEX® membrane, so it’s gonna be waterproof, while allowing the foot to breathe You’ve also got a unique lace-up design that provides a secure, fit Gusting on the tongue, to keep out debris, And a padded tongue and collar for additional comfort, A pull-tab, that’s gonna, have with an easy on and off, and a removable cushioned.

Footbed is padded right where you need to be to keep you comfortable on your runs. It works great with the grid and Versafoam system here in the heel and forefoot to keep you comfortable on your runs and to absorb shock. It does have a flexible sturdy design on the shoe itself. And. Of course, the rubber features an XT-900 premium, carbon rubber to keep you stable and protect the feet.

Make sure you protect your feet this season and keep them stylish and comfortable with this great shoe from Saucony.

And this is the Versafoam Excursion TR13 by Saucony These running shoes have a trail specific knit mesh upper with supportive overlays that walk the foot into place and protect against debris. They have a sock like padded tongue and collar for that extra comfort in that lightweight, feel They have a lace-up closure for that secure and custom fit, and they have a pull tab at the heel to easily slip them on and off.

They have a Heel Grid system that offers a stable cushioning for a smooth ride. They have VERSAFOAM midsole technology, which delivers increased, cushioning for ultimate comfort and responsive, feel for each and every step. They have a rubber outsole the offers enhanced traction and long-lasting wear with triangular-shaped lugs that provide rock-solid footing and increased grip over the terrain.

Go. The distance with these amazing shoes by Saucony.

Hey guys! In this video. We will review the top five trail running shoes for men available on the market. Today, We made this list based on our own opinion, research and customer reviews, We’ve considered their quality features and values. When narrowing down the best choices possible. If, you want more information and updated pricing on the products mentioned check. The links in the description box below So here are the top five best trail running shoes for men.

The fifth product on our list is the La Sportiva Men’s Bushido II The La Sportiva Bushido II is the perfect trail running shoe when looking for the perfect combination of swiftness, sturdiness and comfort with excellent protection and superb traction, It provides an enhanced, cushioning a stable and lightweight outsole a tongue and heel suitable to provide you with better comfort and fit Thus making it. The appropriate shoe for mountain running Stability and traction are maintained during challenging terrain through the outsole lugs, which wrap the midsole The lugs’ distinct position in the shoe ensures they connect with one another and with the ground for maximum shock absorption.

The upper sole helps in abrasion-resistance because of its breathable Air Mesh with thermoplastic film, while the middle sole has a stability control system with TPU inserts Furthermore. Its high impact brake system has improved traction and downhill grip that ensures reduced unfavorable ground impact. As a result allowing you to explore – lets you go wherever you want to go, do whatever you want to do and live wherever you want to live.

The La, Sportiva, Bushido II is designed for unbeatable performance on technical terrain and offers creative solutions to solve the most demanding runners’ problem, blazing the trail with a design never seen before. In trail running shoes, Its pros, are:, * It is suitable for mountain running * It is lightweight, responsive and close-fitting;, and * It offers outstanding traction and a highly responsive ride.

However the cons, are: *, the heel fit, is slightly loose but is easily fixed. With lock-lacing; and * Some runners reported that the shoe has a narrow toe box. Bushido II is suitable for trail running on challenging terrain because of the peak of comfort and versatility Up. Next, in the fourth place, is the Salomon Men’s Speedcross 5 The Salomon Speedcross 5 is for trail runners who aren’t scared of passing through wet dirty terrain.

In. Other words, this shoe allays your fear of walking through water, because it protects your feet, Apart from being suitable for passing through wet terrain. It allows you to get rough due to its sharp lugs that provide an improved grip and a more dynamic upper for better fit and stability. Speedcross 5 features an aggressive grip, exact foothold and protection. If. You want to overcome soft technical trails.

The Speedcross 5 is the appropriate shoe for you because of the great benefits Whatever. It is that you love doing be it running on a measured course over an established road or running on an unpaved path outside in nature or something quite more rugged. Salmon shoes make you enjoy a smooth and enjoyable experience on any of these terrains Besides. The sole has more massive lugs with more area and an updated geometry, giving improved push-off grip and braking grip in different surface conditions.

Speedcross 5 allows you to give room to conquer a new distance, personal record or event whether trail running hiking, backpacking or mountaineering Its pros, are:, * It is cost-effective; and *. It has superior grippy traction on all terrain However. The cons, are: * The threads wear out a bit faster when you wear them on roads; and *. It lacks Gore-tex that prevents water, precipitation, The Salomon Speedcross 5 is a good buy for navigating dirty terrain because of its better stability and rubber sole Still haven’t found the trail running shoes that meet your needs? Well keep watching because we have more lined up for you Meanwhile.

If this is your first time visiting our channel be sure to subscribe and hit the bell icon to receive notifications of our next videos. The third product on our list is the Topo Athletic Men’s Runventure, 3 The Topo Runventure 3 is an advanced form of the Runventure 2, although both offer a close to zero-drop as you’ll find in a typical trail shoe Also. The reduced cushioning in both shoes makes them super lightweight and responsive You can enjoy your usual sizing expectations because they utilized the standard measurements.

When designing this running shoe’s sizing scheme However for comfortable, it is appropriate to test the use before use. The midsole is made of ethylene-vinyl acetate (EVA) that safeguards the foot from the impact produced by the pacing cycle’s landing phase. While the outsole is made of aggressive Vibram XS Trek EVO The Vibram XS Trek EVO is composed of a rugged rubber, sole that helps protect the midsole foam from the jarring nature of challenging terrain and plays a critical role in its durability and optimal traction.

Technical terrain, Aside from having a sticky nature present to help your stability during movement. There is plenty of room for your toes to spread and splay As a result. Your toes align in their natural position for better balance, stability and comfort. Also, the Topo Athletic Men’s Runventure 3 has a forefoot rock plate that offers you protection on rocky terrain. While the durable mesh upper features, drainage, ports for quick water release, Its pros are:, * It is compact and lightweight.

* It assists the toes to align in their natural position for improved balance, stability and comfort;, and * It is lightly cushioned and responsive However. The cons, are: * It, is inappropriate to run with on the road; and * It has a medium cushion effect. Unlike the MT-3 Running Shoe Above, all the Topo Runventure 3 is perfect trail running due to its lightweight pliability and responsiveness. The second product on our list is the Saucony Men’s Peregrine 10 The Saucony Men’s Peregrine 10 is one of the best men’s trails running shoe built to be fast and aggressive over different terrains.

This shoe is relatively light. (0 6, pounds) and comfortable It is the famous model of many trail runners and offers some updates as against the previous versions. Aside from having the right amount of cushioning and inherent stability and support, it is incredibly responsive providing energy return and speed However. It is relatively rigid and has less flexibility. It is worthy of note that the lugs could debase faster than the rest of the shoe affecting its durability and reducing its ability to deal with moderate terrain.

It has a full-length, PWRTRAC, outsole, (a, tacky, rubber compound) to adapt to various traction types, improved lug configuration for more versatility and a mapped outsole for drainage guidance. Holes, The midsole has new PWRRUN cushioning that is sensitive and protective to push uphill and return downhill. Plastic rock plates are also present for additional underfoot protection against trail hazards like rocks roots and other clogs Additionally.

The trail-specific FORMFIT design gives the perfect lock-down fit over uneven terrain and protects the feet from trail debris Therefore offering more protection However the tight heel fit serves as a drawback Its pros are: * It is relatively lightweight running shoes, * The, less aggressive outsole unit makes it possible to use this shoe on the roads. ; and * The midsole is capable of supporting the foot throughout an entire running session.

However the cons, are: * The threads, wear out a bit faster when you wear them on roads, ; and *, At, prolonged usage. The foot might not breathe well. In conclusion this product is a good buy because of its lightweight optimized external pad and protection Before. We reveal number one be sure to check out the description below for the newest deals on each of these items, Be sure to subscribe. If you want to stay up to date on the best products on the market Finally, our top trail running shoes for men is the Hoka One One Men’s Speedgoat 4 The Hoka, One, One Speedgoat 4 features a uniquely treated fabric, that optimizes water drainage and a breathable for enhanced forefoot flexibility, In other words.

It is waterproof, perfect for wet conditions and has the upgraded GORE-TEX liner, unlike the HOKA’s Skyshell bootie, used in the 3s version that protects feet and socks from getting wet. The Speedgoat 4 has more features which makes it an improved version over previous Speedgoat iterations It comes with a better fit without changing its stellar trail running chops and has improved durability Besides having the right mix between flexibility and structure.

It has some inherent stability and support. If. You are thinking of getting a shoe for your day-to-day training session. Long slow training runs speed, work on flat surfaces or extreme distances. This shoe comes handy Also. If you want to go for regular trails, technical trails, wobbly areas, muddy areas through creeks and streams through snowy or icy sections, this shoe is suitable for such Aside from the excellent protection from the rock plate’s sharp rocks.

The lugs have excellent grip and traction on all kinds of terrains and surfaces. It has a Vibram MegaGrip outsole for superb grip and traction on all kinds of terrains and surfaces. Megagrip, a rubber manufacturer designed and developed Vibram to introduce traction on wet slippery surfaces, Similar to other shoes produced by Hoka, Speedgoat 4 uses midsole foam to ensure cushioning throughout your run. The cushioning provided can help alleviate some of the stress placed on the ankles toes and heal.

During a run, Its pros, are: * It can handle a wide range of trail from ordinary to technical *. It has an excellent toe. Bumper; and * It has a well-balanced, cushioning However the cons, are: * While it can handle flat trails. It may be too bulky for that. Use; and * Some may consider the shoe too heavy In conclusion. The Hoka One One Speedgoat 4 is a good buy for trail runners who visit moderate to technical trails because it combines strong protection and dynamic, cushioning There.

You have it. Top 5 trail running shoes for men on the market. Today, If you found the trail running shoes on our list that meet your needs and budget click. The links in the description box and catch it at its best price We are also always looking forward to seeing your suggestions and comments So. If there is a product you have in mind that would love us to review comment below in the comments section and our research team will be happy to review it for you Thank you all for watching and see you next time here at the Techs You Can’t Live, Without Channel your home of fair and square product reviews.

Mephisto Men’s Match Walking Shoes For The Desert

Mephisto Men's Match Walking Shoes For The Desert

Comfort walking shoes. Both feet should be measured, as most people have one foot which is larger than the other. It’s also a good idea to measure your feet at the end of the day as they are usually slightly larger at that time. Please keep in mind length is only one dimension. Feet are three-dimensional, so width and thickness of the feet should also be considered.

  • 100% Leather
  • Rubber sole
  • Soft-Air Technology for soft walking comfort–provides affective shock-absorption and protects your joints, and vertebrae
  • Caoutchouc rubber outsole retains flexibility – will not harden or crack over time
  • Shoes For The Desert

  • Package Dimensions: 12 x 8 x 4 inches; 1.11 Pounds
  • Item model number: Match
  • Manufacturer: Mephisto Footwear Mens
  • Type: Shoes For The Desert

Hi mr Podell, here at bogles comfort item from the feast. Oh, this is called a smith. A very good well-built French dress shoe for men, good depth on the instep Blut, your styles. It gives you a full cut on the instep good counter support. All leather line has a full length removal, try, cushion footbed, they use orthotics in 100% natural rubber outsole. That can be resold.

Very good. Fitting gives you a good looking or a dress suit, or you can wear a sport coat shirt and tie the shoes will give you years of well. Wear and I can tell you right now. If you’ve got issues like with plantar fasciitis, any kind of swelling issues on the instep, this shoe is going to be more than able to accommodate you on this Mike keep this in line. This is the Smith by Muffy styling, Thank You, mr boda boda is Comfort floor.

Hey there viewers, my name, is Brett and today we’re taking a look at Matt from quite flexible in construction with uppers crafted from lovely full grain nubuck leather, with detailed stitching throughout there’s a lace-up closure to provide a proper fit. Taking a look under the hood. You’ve got a completely removable insole featuring air jet technology to keep air moving in that shoe and keep it nice and comfortable for you.

Although that’s it’s very confidently, atop a super sticky and durable couch, chuck outsole for supreme comfort. That’ll keep you moving. Look for magnificent match. It’s from Mephisto.

Hola soy miguel, aquí están nuestros diez, superventas solo pulsa la señal de la pantalla, para conseguir, tu, producto, favorito, número 1 que me pisto observa estos productos y elige, tu favorito [Música] número, 2, otro, gran producto de metiste, la buena elección de nuestra colección [Aplausos] [Música] número 3 consigue tu, producto, ahora pulsa, esta señal en la esquina de la pantalla, [Música] número, 4, este es uno de nuestros, productos favoritos [Música] número 5 de algo, under by mephisto este es uno de los productos estrellas que guardamos para ti número 6, para seguir, comprando, nuestros, fantásticos, productos, número, 7 de mefisto, disponible ahora en amazon, [Música] número 8 una maravillosa, oferta de amazon, [Música] [Aplausos] número 9 de albader by mephisto selecciona otras, buenas, ofertas, [Música], número, 10, un gran producto que deberías tener [Música] [Aplausos], [Música] [Aplausos].

Si estabas buscando mephisto zapatos mejores productos en superventas solo pulsa la señal de la pantalla, para conseguir, tu, producto, favorito, número 1 de mefisto, disponible ahora en amazon, [Música] número 2, otro gran producto de mefisto una oferta que no debes dejar escapar número 3 consigue tu producto ahora pulsa, esta señal en la esquina de la pantalla, [Música] número 4 ahora por, un maravilloso precio [Música] número 5 de agua, un turba y magisto, este es uno de los productos estrellas que guardamos para ti y número 6 para seguir, comprando, nuestros, fantásticos, productos y [Música], número 7 de méxico, este es uno de nuestros, productos favoritos número 8 una maravillosa, oferta de amazon, 1 número 9 de la interna y esto selecciona otras buenas ofertas, [Música], número, 10, observa, estos, productos y elige, tu, favorito, [Música], [Música], [Música],.

Looking for mephisto women, sneakers anytime, you, like just click this banner and get real-time deal on your favorite products number one by mephisto. Our editor choice number two another great product by Mephisto a great deal you shouldn’t miss number three by all-rounder by Mephisto click. The link below for more info get your great new sneakers, now number four available now on Amazon number, five by Mephisto.

This is one of many great products we got installed for you number six get these great online offers now click this banner for real-time deals and updates number seven number eight a great deal. You shouldn’t miss by Amazon number, nine by all round the bimah Fisto number 10 by Mephisto. You.

Hey there folks, this is Bretton today we’re taking a look at the boating from features a fairly flexible construction. It has an upper crafted from beautiful new buck and features mock, toed stitching as well as decorative lacing throughout the collar to give it that maritime Flair that you so desire on the inside there’s a leather lining that feels great against your foot. There’s also a Mephisto’s Aero relaxed technology featuring in an insole filled with thousands of tiny air bubbles that provide excellent shock, absorption, cushioning and ventilation to keep your foot feeling fresh all day long on the bottom there’s an outsole that is crafted from 100% cow chuck.

Rubber also features a wave swiping pattern that is great for both wet and dry surfaces, and there is a shock absorber built into the heel. Do yourself a favor sail away with the boating? That’s from mephisto.

If you are looking for women’s sneakers name is Brian your personal guide welcome to our channel at any time. You can click this circle in the corner and get more info and real time deals on your favorite products. Number one buy Mephisto watch this video choose your favorite number two another great product by Mephisto number: three get your favorite women’s sneakers! Now just click this circle in the corner: number four by all-rounder by Mephisto number, five by Mephisto for more great related products, full details and online deals just click the circle.

Thanks for watching this collection, if you liked it subscribe to our Channel, you.

Durango Desert Camo Pull-on Western Boot Shoes For The Desert

Durango Desert Camo Pull-on Western Boot Shoes For The Desert

  • Full-grain leather
  • Imported
  • Synthetic sole
  • Shaft measures approximately 12″ from arch
  • Boot opening measures approximately 15″ around
  • Square toe
  • Cushion Flex insole
  • Shoes For The Desert

  • Product Dimensions: 17 x 15 x 6 inches; 1.5 Pounds
  • Item model number: DDB0166
  • Manufacturer: DURANGO
  • Type: Shoes For The Desert

Howdy I’m Warren West from gear world Z your favourite authorized dealer of Durango and other awesome brands. Now this is the rebel buy Durango camel pull-on western boot DVB zero one six six. Now these boots are men’s style, twelve inches in height. It has a full grain, leather, vamp, fox collar and pull straps with a 900 denier. Nylon desert, camo shaft they are built tough. These boots also have a brass bottle: opener on the right boots, right side pull tab, so you always be able to open your favorite bottles and have bottle caps when wearing these boots.

Something we know is important in our daily lives. Features that Western food enthusiasts like myself, love that are included are direct. Your suspension system, TDs, in which the combined components are designed to provide all-day comfort, flexibility and durability, yeah and oil and slip resistant. Leather outsole is designed to provide slip, resistance and traction even on slippery surfaces. Now that’s great on the farm with animals and even dancin. Here we go out dancing the Durango X band system, which is engineered to be the perfect Universal fit for all calf sizes.

So whatever calf size you are, these boots will expand because of the Durango X band system, you’ll be quite comfortable hidden under each pull. Tab is the elastic material that expands to give an additional two inches on each side for additional room, comfort and stability. Now, that’s really useful in western boots, along with the Durango expand system, is a Durango extreme comfort footbed, which is a removable, insole memory, foam there’s three times the flexibility cushioning and support and I can tell you we like to be comfortable on our horses.

Let’s not forget some of the stylish features on these boots that are in the square toe be one and a half inch rocker heel and a double row, sole stitch that you’ll definitely want to have in these functional and very, very stylish boots as a part of your collection. Now, let’s see gazing, I’d give it a four for style, a five for comfort and a five for all-around usefulness and usefulness is best for those of us in the West. Thanks for watching and for more gear world Z subscribe to our YouTube channel.

I got some more boots for you. Justin boots that I have on my channel to watch that, for some good still toe boots, I found around 80 bucks, it boot barn on clearance a while back. That’s not what we’re here to do talk about those let’s get into these my favorite boots. So far. These are the rebel boots by it’s, not even on the back anymore, but Durango. Maybe you can see him there Durango on the tag. I. Never really heard of the brand saw these boots with the American flag and the stars the star in striped boots.

That’s what I’m gonna call them I, don’t know the exact name. I know I’ve seen them. I got these at Boot Barn about 130 bucks, I, think I’ve found them cheaper on a site called work boots dot-com. They sell lots of work clothes, but I love their boots. There I’m learning some boots from there right now. I think I saw these for 110 if I’m not mistaken. Anyway, let’s get into the actual boot, it’s got a beautiful, beautiful, Stars and Stripes. These might actually be a more well-known boot because of the flag.

They also have the Lone Star boots in a kind of style like this, but but what really drew me to them at first was the flag. The they’ve lasted through a lot. They I started wearing them. A year ago, allowed have been Christmas of 2018 I got these and they held up very well while I cleaned them waterproof, dumb I, guess it’s clean lotion with leather conditioner and then waterproof and on they lasted a good long time. Then I graduated from high school and got a job a day.

Laborer job, blue-collar and I needed a book to work in, and these boots were comfortable man. I I would prefer these boots over tennis shoes and so I took them out to work where I would do things like jump and do a hole full of water because a main line broke and they would get soaked in water, which was very bad for the leather I, pretty much stopped taking care of them after I went into that job which they held up well in that water I probably didn’t get my feet soaked or even really a little bit wet five minutes.

I can’t really remember I’m, just kind of trying to get dirt out of the way. So we could get our piping also in what conditions, while I was doing my actual job at the wastewater treatment plant, they got wet there and splitted right there just straight from the leather there’s the leather there’s that you can see how it cracked again. This was my fault. I had been worked in there nine months and pretty much stopped taking care of them from right. There, god I’m soaking, wet all the time, dried out the leather and that’s what happened, but if I took care of them, these boots that have probably lasted a lot longer, I I, still wear them.

I’ll, probably still be learning them with duct tape around them, they’re they’re, the most most comfortable boots I own I, was in a hurry, shove, my heel in and split the seam in the back, but what Durango seems to claim with other boots is lightweight and they claim that they are comfortable and fit good. These boots fit good and they’re comfortable and they’re lightweight, like tennis shoes and more comfortable than tennis shoes that the soles of these things beautiful eye ups and other boots that I’m gonna review a little bit later heat the soles in them.

I love these boots. If you guys just want to look for a good stylish boot that, if you don’t turn into work, boots, would and took care of them would stay stylish for probably two years or longer, and then they just look worn out and you’d probably start wearing them in the fields or wherever you want to wear your cowboy boots. Another thing I love about them is right. Here, it’s pretty flat, bring up another boot, I’m gonna review their high heels right here straight down.

Slope junk I did not realize that or know that it bugged me so much when I bottom here, barely a down slope, barely just just a beautiful well-built boot, I love them quality. Get you some. If you want this design work boots calm, you can select the Durango category. If that’s what you want, I love these boots, that’s all I gotta, say: there’s the story and the review behind them subscribe. If you want to see more work, boot reviews, if you want to see me work on stuff, these six lawnmowers build stuff.

I weld I’ve lots of reviews because I’m a little broken, don’t have money for projects but like the video subscribe, I’ll, hopefully have some projects coming soon and thanks for watching clicking the video you see around me and have a good day.

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